The Set-Up (1949) Movie Script

Daily paper! Get your evening paper
with the complete fight card! Evening paper!
Daily paper! Get your evening paper
with the complete fight card! Evening paper!
City paper! Read all about it!
Evening paper with the complete fight card!
Get your Knockout here!
All the fight news and pictures!
Evening paper! Get your evening paper!
Complete fight card!
- Hey, kid! Hey, kid!
- Evening paper!
- I gotta make a buck too!
- Go take a walk!
Evening paper! Evening paper!
Get your Knockout here!
All the fight news and pictures!
Hurry it up, won't you?
The first fight's on already!
They put us back
in the eighth row!
Get your Knockout here!
All the fight news and pictures!
I couldn't find them anyplace!
Let's go on in!
Well, we'll give them five more minutes!
All right?
- All right!
- I don't know!
why I let George
talk me into coming!
Why, Harriet, I thought you liked
the fights!
Like them? Last time I kept my hands
over my eyes the whole time!
- Who do you like?
- Hawkins, for a sawbuck!
- You got a bet! How about the semi?
- I'll take Lopez! Even money!
Are you kidding? They're laying 3-to-1 !
- Even money by a KO!
- Forget it!
- How about Nelson and Thompson?
- Stoker Thompson? Is he still fighting?
- I remember him when I was a kid!
- Don't tell me you're that old!
- Where's Stoker?
- He's in the hotel getting some shut-eye!
Don't that guy get enough sleep
in the ring?
You ought to know!
You're his manager!
You wait here!
Come on, baby, and cough up!
I got it! I got it!
He'll give you an apple for an orchard
anytime! Hey, put a head on this!
- Hi, Danny!
- Hi, Tiny!
Everything's taken care of, Danny!
If it's all the same to you, Danny!
How do I know you'll deliver?
You and me has done business
a long time, Danny!
Yeah! But this deal ain't
between you and me!
It's between you and Little Boy!
It's his dough you're taking, not mine!
- I know it, Danny!
- Little Boy's got a lot of plans!
for young Nelson!
Little Boy don't like nothing
to interfere with his plans!
- You said yourself Stoker ain't got a chance!
- Yeah, that's what I tell Little Boy!
But he likes insurance
against accidents!
And when Little Boy buys insurance
- he gets his money's worth!
- My guy will deliver it, Danny!
Now you got the set-up?
Nelson will carry your guy two heats!
Anytime after that,
Stoker can go down for the count!
Eggs in the coffee!
Well, it's getting late!
I got to blow!
It's all there, 50!
Come on! Let's go!
I said, let's go!
- Did you get it?
- Yeah!
- How much?
- Thirty!
- Thirty? I thought you said 50!
- You know Danny!
- Only a fin?
- Don't you want it?
- What about Stoker?
- What about him?
- He's all set, ain't he? You told him?
- Why cut him in?
I don't like it, Tiny!
Stoker can still punch!
- Lf anything goes wrong, Little Boy's gonna...
- Don't be a meathead!
- Nelson will butcher him! It's 100-to-1 !
- That's it! There's always the one!
You gotta tell Stoker!
You give me a bellyache! He's blown
100 fights without anybody's help!
And he ain't gonna need none tonight!
- Did you sleep good?
- Like a top!
Yeah! I was watching you!
Wanna know something?
I'll take that kid tonight!
I can feel it!
- It's getting kind of late!
- Everything's packed!
Let's get going, then!
Come on! What's the matter?
I ain't going tonight, Bill!
I got a headache!
Well, they gave me a good seat
for you!
- Row four, section C!
- I told you, Bill, I got a headache!
I'll be here when you get back!
Julie, you always go!
Don't you understand, Bill? I don't wanna go
no more! After Middletown the other night...
That was different!
I was off at Middletown!
Off? Two hours after the fight,
you still didn't know who I was!
Look, Julie, I can take this kid
like I told you! I can feel it!
If I can belt him solid just once!
- What will he be doing in the meantime?
- You don't understand!
I understand that he's 23,
and you're 35, Bill!
Thirty-five in this business,
you're an old man!
Look, Julie, they're building this kid up,
feeding him a lot of pushovers!
If I get over him tonight,
that'll mean a rematch!
That's a semi wind-up, 150 guarantee!
Maybe a top spot even!
Top spot!
Yeah, a top spot,
and I'm just one punch away!
I remember the first time
you told me that!
You were just one punch away
from the title shot then!
Don't you see, Bill? You'll always be
just one punch away!
Oh, Bill, it ain't I wanna hurt you!
But what kind of a life is this?
Springfield, Middletown,
Unionville, Paradise City!
How many more beatings
do you have to take?
Yeah, but if I get a top spot again,
we'll get 500 bucks, maybe six!
Bill, it's been good a long time
between us!
I want to keep what we've got!
Don't you see what we could
do with 500 bucks?
I could get a piece of Tony Martinez!
Best-looking middleweight I seen
since Harry Greb! I'll train him myself!
Or we could get a beer joint or maybe that
cigar stand I told you about in Union City!
I don't care about Martinez
or cigar stands or anything else!
It makes no difference to me if you go back
to the docks or drive a garbage truck!
- Or go on relief even!
- Julie!
It's better than having you
with your brains knocked out!
It's better than having you dead!
Stop it, Julie! Stop it!
Oh, Bill!
Maybe you can go on taking the beatings,
I can't!
Well, that's the way it is!
If you're a fighter, you gotta fight!
Here's your ticket!
You can do what you want!
Get your Knockout here,
all the fight news and pictures!
Get your Knockout here!
- Hiya, Stoker!
- Hiya, Bat!
- Nearly a sellout!
- Good!
- Well, luck, Stoke!
- Yeah!
Get your Knockout here!
- Hiya, Thompson!
- Hi, Sam!
This Moore is murder!
Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!
Keep it up! Come on! Kill him!
Moore's got him on the ropes!
He's working on his middle!
Oh, another in the gut!
- The ref's gonna stop it!
- Let them fight!
- No, wait! He's gonna let them go!
- Good! Good!
That makes it 3 and 2, folks.
And the Sox have two on and two away.
It's still anyone's ballgame.
Come on! Come on!
Hit him! Throw that right!
Hey, Stoker!
- Where you been?
- Just got out of the kip! Hi, Tiny!
- How you feel?
- In the pink!
- You do?
- Wanna know? I'll take that kid tonight!
- I can feel it!
- Oh, take it easy, Stoke! Nelson's strong!
Don't slug with him!
Stay the distance!
Stay the distance?
I'm gonna take him!
- Sure, Stoke!
- I get a semi if I win, don't I?
Semi, nothing! I'll get you
a star bout, 25 percent!
Now, go on in, Stoke!
I'll see you later upstairs!
Look, look! Take it easy,
will you, Stoke?
- Hiya, Stoker!
- Hiya!
Hold still!
- Hiya, Stoke!
- Hiya!
- Mickey, better get the gloves on that kid!
- Yeah, yeah! Come on, kid, let's go!
Plenty of time, Stoker!
You're after the main event!
Yeah, I know!
- How come?
- The radio!
They got to go with the main early!
Turn your hand over!
- You sure this is tight enough?
- I wound bandages before you was born!
- Quit worrying!
- Who's worrying? I feel super!
- You said he was tough!
- I thought he was!
He laid down when I clipped him!
He was a sucker for a left!
Everybody's a sucker for something!
I knew I had him the first time
I hit him in the gut!
His belly was soft, like mush!
I kept hammering the same spot!
And every time my mitt sinks
deeper and deeper!
You should've heard him grunt the last time!
I thought I went right through him, like jelly!
Shanley, you're on!
- What's the matter with him?
- Got me!
First pro fight!
- I'll be right back!
- Okay, but make it snappy!
- Come on, come on! Let's have that Shanley!
- Okay!
Hurry it up in there!
You're holding up the show!
Don't let it worry you, kid!
It happens to everybody first time!
Don't it, Stoker?
Sure, sure! Done it myself!
- Okay, kid, hurry it up!
- Good luck!
Nineteen hundred and
Yeah, Trenton, New Jersey!
That was 20 years ago!
Okay, Tony, let's fix up the eyes!
That's it, Gunboat!
Give me a hand, will you?
I'm in a hurry!
- You ought to see the mouse I got outside!
- Mouse!
- Don't you ever think about anything else?
- What else is there?
- Ain't that right?
- Hold your hand still!
Wait till you see this one!
- Like a brick battleship!
- Mouse!
What's the matter with mice?
They're all for you
as long as you're in the chips!
I never seen a dame yet that's still around
when you hit the skids!
- Cut it out, you guys, will you?
- I didn't know you worried about dames!
I said, cut it out!
- Sell 17, 23, 29, 32!
- That's it! I'm out!
How much I owe you?
Gunboat, get ready!
Gunboat! I told you to get ready!
All right, hold it!
Take a deep breath!
Once more!
All right! Right there, son!
- How you feeling, son?
- Feel? Okay, doc! Okay!
Just like Frankie Manila!
Twenty-one times! It's in the record book,
ain't it, Stoke?
- What's in the record book?
- Twenty one times, that's what Frankie done!
Twenty-one times he got licked!
Couldn't get a fight!
Even here! 21 times!
Just a pushover! Remember?
Ain't got your gloves on yet, Gunboat!
Get up here!
Manila never had no chance, no!
He got dumped 21 times!
You better get your gloves on, Gunboat!
Your deal!
That makes it $2 you owe me!
Take it easy, take it easy!
Don't wear yourself out!
You got four rounds to do out there!
All the fight news and pictures!
Get your Knockout!
- Hiya, Julie!
- Hello, Bat!
- Ain't you going in?
- No!
No, sir! Frankie never had no chance!
Just a workout!
The champ wasn't even gonna
get up a sweat!
Twenty-one times, Manila got beat!
Yeah, and that's 21 times you told us
about it! So what?
So what? So he wound up middleweight
champion of the world!
He sure did, Gunboat! Sure did!
Can't you see me, Stoke?
First, I win the title!
And then the exhibition tour!
That's where the easy dough is!
I'll be in the movies, Stoke, with a line
of dames waiting for me a block long!
You need any help with those dames,
let me know!
Save it for out there, Pop!
You'll need it!
- Johnson and Joyce, get warmed up!
- Attaboy, kid!
- Good going!
- Thanks!
- You got the first one!
- Yeah, in the second round!
- Third spot, upstairs!
- Nice going, kid!
- Next bout!
- That's you, Gunboat!
I'm going!
Twenty-one times, and he winds up
champion of the world! Right, Stoke?
I guess you can only stop so many!
- Let's go, Luth!
- See you, guys!
Just a little cocoa butter, Gus!
I feel good tonight!
- Oh, Mickey! Get Tony ready!
- Yeah, yeah!
Come on! Right here!
- What good is that gonna do you?
- Never can tell! Might show me the way!
- To beat Lopez?
- No!
Oh, I get it! The way to go to heaven!
- You don't think there might be a heaven?
- How do you know there is?
I don't know about you, Mickey,
but me, I'm a gambling man!
I play percentages!
I say there's a price on everything,
even heaven!
You're punchy!
It's a short-ender, sure!
The odds are a million to one!
A guy would be a sucker not
to take them kind of odds, huh?
You kidding? Using the Bible
for a scratch sheet?
This ain't a scratch sheet, Mickey!
This is the future book!
How do you like that guy?
Making book on the hereafter!
Oh, I don't know!
Everybody makes book on something!
Hey, you like dancing?
Want a cigarette?
You know, you look like you like dancing!
- worn out from throwing those punches.
The old man keeps coming back for more.
- Bet you do a mean rumba!
- Beat it!
- Don't...?
- I said, beat it!
- to the jaw. It nearly tore
his head off. He's down.
He's out like a light. The referee is counting
him out. Four, five...
Aw, it's just a formality.
He might as well count up to 100.
Nine, ten, out.
That's it, ladies and gentlemen.
He still hasn't moved.
The time, one minute and 38 seconds
in the second round.
By a knockout, Tommy Joyce stops
Gunboat Johnson in the second round.
Let me tell you exactly what happened
in that round.
What's the matter, lady?
Too rough for you?
- last left hook of his had Gunboat
groggy at the end of round one.
So he just bored in,
throwing everything he had...
I read you're going East
if you beat Bastogne!
- That's no if, Gus!
- Supposed to be pretty good!
He won the intercollegiate
a couple years ago?
I never seen a college Joe yet
take a belt on the kisser
without phoning his mother!
He's a good man, but I'll take him!
I can feel it!
Yeah, Gus! The trip's all set!
I get a main go in Philadelphia
on the 15th!
After that, New York!
Then I want a crack at the title!
Over here!
Lopez and Souza, you're next!
- Mickey, get the doc!
- He's coming!
Easy, Gunboat!
You're gonna be all right!
- All right, all right! Let's have the next one!
- Okay, Tony! Let's go!
Come on, son! Wake up!
Your name!
- What's your name?
- Name?
- Yes, what's your name?
- Name?
That's right!
Frankie Manila!
I'm Frankie Manila, that's who I am!
Frankie Manila!
Middleweight champion of the world!
- Frankie Manila, that's who I am!
- I can't do anything here!
- You better get him to the hospital!
- Boys, give a little room, will you?
Mickey, grab a cab!
Tom, bring his clothes!
Frankie Manila is who I am!
Frankie Manila!
See the wonders of the world!
The mysteries of Paris!
A night in the limehouse!
Exotic Cairo!
You can't afford to miss it, folks!
There's no charge!
Come in and stay as long as you want!
You got nothing to lose but your worries!
Come on in and have fun!
It's free on the inside!
Lookie, lookie, lookie
what we've got!
We're having lots of fun in the Fun Palace!
Meet Madame Lorenza!
She tells your past, your present!
What would you like to know
about your future?
Step right in on the inside!
Come in!
Shoot down those little ducks and take
a kewpie home! Step right in on the inside!
- Your photo in five minutes!
- Now, look at each other! Hold it! Okay!
- Very nice!
- Never a dull moment at the Fun Palace!
There's something for everyone,
from 8 to 80!
Yes, sir! Something to surprise the men
and shock the women, or vice-versa!
Say, you in the blue serge suit!
You look like a man with sporting blood
flowing in your veins!
Would you like to see the forbidden quarter
of Algiers?
Gather around closer, please!
I've a little item to show you!
This is called the ever-writing ballpoint pen!
Sells for $ 15 in the leading stores!
Back up a little, please,
you bother me!
You can write as easy with your left hand
as your right! It doesn't make a difference!
You geeked it!
And I had a buck on you!
You're yellow!
You should've taken that with you!
- Maybe you could've hit him with it!
- Leave him alone!
He don't mean nothing, Tony!
I don't mind!
A fight's only a fight!
- I still got that million-to-one shot!
- Okay, boys! Main event on!
- Get ready, main event!
- Luth! Intermission's about over!
Hey, Mickey! Give Stoker a hand
with his bandages!
Main event in the ring!
I wish I had the champ in there tonight!
I know I'm right, Gus!
Tell you, I can feel it!
- Okay, boy! Now, let's go!
- Good!
- Luth, let's go home early!
- Why not? It only takes one!
I tell you, Tiny,
you got to let him in on it!
There's no percentage
in smartening up a chump!
- But what if he gets in a lucky punch?
- Stick to your buckets! I'll do the thinking!
- You ready, Stoker?
- Never felt better!
Good! Let's go!
Looks like we get home early, all right!
Hey, why don't you stop that?
Cheating on yourself!
Good crowd!
Make a showing and you're in!
- Watch out!
- What did I tell you?
- I knew I could take him!
- Nice going, Luth!
- Thanks!
- Swell fight!
Hey, Stoker!
Good luck!
Don't go home yet, folks!
There's another bout coming!
And don't forget,
Friday night is wrestling night!
The Lithuanian Angel
against the Masked Mastodon!
And for the first time in Paradise City
they will wrestle
in a ring filled with fish!
Fresh fish! Thank you!
- Red!
- Yeah?
- Where's section C?
- Oh, it's right over there!
Right over here, I've got delicious,
piping-hot Coney Island red hots!
Anybody else, now?
Folks, get your red-hot peanuts!
Five cents a bag! Here you are, folks!
- 2!5- to-1 on Nelson!
- Will you pass that?
I'll lay you 3-to-1 !
- Three-to-one, huh?
- That's right!
Well, I don't know!
- What do you want?
- I've seen these guys fight!
and I'll give you the draw!
Here comes Nelson!
Here he comes, Little Boy!
Sit down! You're making
too much noise!
Okay, Little Boy!
Hello, Little Boy! Hello, Bunny!
How are you?
- Hello!
- See you down in the ring!
I've seen that party!
Everything's under control!
Much action around here?
Even money now!
Nelson by a knockout!
How about putting up
a double sawbuck for me?
- I better get going!
- See you after a while, Little Boy!
All the fight news and pictures!
All the fight news and pictures here!
Hi, Stoke! You'll take him, Stoke!
You'll take him!
All the fight news and pictures!
All the fight news and pictures!
Get your Knockout here!
Now, remember,
stay away from him!
- Slug with him and he'll murder you!
- I know what to do!
That's right, Stoke, relax!
Fight your own fight!
Remember, take it easy for two heats!
Then you can finish him!
- That's the set-up!
- Okay, Danny! Okay!
Ladies and gentlemen!
The next and final bout
of the evening, four rounds!
In this corner, at 194 pounds
in purple trunks, Stoker Thompson!
- Give him a gun!
- Hey, Pop, where's your wheelchair?
And in this corner!
at 198 and 3/4 pounds,
in white trunks!
that promising young heavyweight
from Middletown!
Tiger Nelson!
Yeah, Nelson! Let's get it over with!
Don't hurt him, Nelson,
he's an old man!
Okay, you know the rules!
I want a nice, clean fight!
No heeling, rabbit punching, gouging!
Break when I tell you!
Go to a neutral corner in all knockdowns
and keep them above the belt!
The customers
came to see a good fight!
Shake hands now and come out fighting!
May the best man win!
Don't bend, Pop, you'll never get up!
Don't forget, stay away from him!
That's the stuff!
Stay with him!
Oh, quit stalling!
Let's have some action!
That's it!
- Don't worry, I ain't gonna finish you yet!
- You ain't finishing nobody!
Let him have it, baby!
Let him have it!
- Even money Stoker don't go the distance!
- Twenty says he does!
I'll take that,
and as much more as you got!
Break it up!
Come on!
Nelson's working on his belly!
Stoker don't like it there!
Who does?
- What you trying to do? Cop a Sunday?
- What's the matter? Can't you take it?
It looks like a home run,
and it is a...
No, it's going to fall inside.
- You're doing swell!
- How're you doing, Stoke, huh? Okay, fella!
Okay, let's see that!
That will be all right!
Take it easy, Stoke!
Take it easy! There we are!
Give them a show!
One more heat, and we'll call it a day!
Sure thing, Danny! Sure thing!
You're doing fine!
You're doing fine!
- I told you I'm gonna take this guy!
- He never laid a glove on us!
Ten seconds!
Don't forget, if you try
to slug with him, he'll kill you!
Hit him in the belly!
You got him, Nelson!
Knock him out!
- How do you like it now?
- I still say it'll go the limit!
- Little Boy, I need some more dough!
- All you want, baby!
We'll make it 100!
A hundred? Look, I don't want
to take your money, sister!
- Put your dough where your mouth is!
- Okay, okay! It's a bet!
Finish him! Come on, finish him, Nelson!
Nelson's opened up his left eye!
- It's bleeding!
- Good!
Come on, Nelson!
Get him, Nelson! Come on!
Stand up and fight!
Nelson's pounding his kidneys!
The sucker! Why don't
he work on that eye?
That's more like it!
Come on! I don't like this! I don't like it!
- Hey, what goes on here?
- Don't you like it?
You're trying to cross me!
You wouldn't listen!
I told you to tell him!
Keep your pants on!
All right, boys, break it up!
The other eye, Nelson!
Close the other eye!
Ten seconds, Stoke!
Get in your shell! Cover up! Cover up!
Break it up, break it up! Go to
your corners! Break it up, the bell rang!
- What's got into him?
- He's got to make it look good!
Yeah, yeah! But we finish him
the next heat, don't we?
Yeah, the next heat!
Here you are,
get your fresh-roasted peanuts!
Get all the peanuts you need
right now, folks! There's not many left!
I told you to get in a shell, didn't I?
You see his face
when I gave him that right?
- He'll murder you now! Won't he, Tiny?
- Red's got something!
- What do you mean?
- Play it smart!
Keep away from him,
and you'll go the distance!
My only chance is to deck him!
It's better to go the distance than get
your head knocked off!
Get your cold beer here!
Get your cold beer! Right over here!
I'll tell you when!
Come on, Nelson!
- Put him away, baby!
- Down in front!
Anything wrong with the view?
Break it up! Break it up!
All right, boys, break it up!
Get him!
I knew it, he ain't going! I knew it!
You fink!
Break it up!
Stoker, break it up!
Get away from there!
That's it! See you later!
Make him get up!
Get up! Make him get up!
Five! Six!
Eight! Nine!
Break it up! Go to your corners!
Break it up! The bell rang!
I'll murder that guy!
I'll murder him!
They're trying to pull a fast one!
We've been crossed!
I'll kill that tagger!
He called me a fink!
- What's he talking about?
- Tell him, Tiny! Tell him!
- It looks bad!
- Yeah!
- I can see all right!
- Okay, it's your funeral!
Hurry up and tell him, Tiny!
We ain't got much time, so listen!
You got to lay down, Stoker!
- Lay down?
- It's in the bag!
There's 20 bucks extra
in it for you! Maybe 30!
- But I can stop him!
- No, you can't, Stoker!
This is Little Boy's fix!
He's paying us to go in the tank!
You know Little Boy
if you cross him!
You gotta go down!
Go down on the first good punch!
- Take the count! Let's get out of here!
- Yeah!
Ten seconds!
Stay with him, Stoke, stay with him!
Oh, it's a high fly ball, folks,
right along third-base line.
Palmer is after it.
He's after it. He's got it!
Hold it! Hold it!
Let me see that cut!
Stoker's through! He's through!
How many more beatings
do you have to take?
Better lay down.
Better than having your brains
knocked out.
- Better than having you dead.
- You gotta lay down. Lay down. Lay down!
Six! Seven!
Let them fight!
What a switch! Stoker gave him
one under Nelson's chin!
- Knocked him right over the ropes!
- You got him, Stoker!
Hold on, Nelson!
Stop him, Nelson!
You got him, Stoker!
You got him!
Stoker! Stoker! Kill him! Kill him!
- Get him, Stoker!
- Cut him to pieces!
Kill him!
Let's get out of here!
Two! Three!
Four! Five!
Six! Seven!
- Forfeit! Forfeit!
- Eight!
Nine! Ten!
By a knockout, in two minutes,
58 seconds of the fourth round.
- Forget it!
- Pay him off!
- But he said...
- I said, pay him off!
I don't like anybody to welsh!
Let me give you a hand, Stoke!
You can still punch, Stoke!
I told you, you could take him!
Thanks, Bat!
Come on, take a deep breath!
Take a deep breath!
Come on, snap out of it, Nelson!
Come on, Nelson!
- Come on, open your eyes!
- Snap out of it!
Get your morning paper!
Read all about it!
Paper! Get your morning paper!
Read all about it! Paper!
- Holy Toledo!
- I took him, Gus!
I'll say he took him!
That last right hurt me!
On the table!
You missed a great bout, Gus!
Oh, you should've seen it, Gus!
Stoker hit him with everything
but the bucket!
- He was landing as often as the Marines!
- Boy!
- I'll take care of that!
- Stoker was sharper than eight razor blades!
- He got careless!
- After the third heat
I know the kid
is a gone gosling, an amateur!
Somebody yelled, "Yoo-hoo, Nelson,
you dropped your glove!"
He sure did,
and his duke was in it!
- There!
- How's that eye?
It's a beaut! I can't wait
to see Nelson's hand!
- Where's Tiny and Red?
- They ain't been in here!
You too!
Oh, turn the lights out
before you go, Stoker!
You made a mistake, Stoker!
A bad mistake!
I don't mean about Nelson! Three, four wins
and nobody will remember what happened!
But I paid for something tonight,
and I didn't get it!
I don't like that, Stoker!
I didn't know anything!
Tiny didn't say anything!
He know he was to go in the third!
I give Tiny the dough an hour ago!
- Fifty bucks!
- I didn't get any...
- I bet you didn't!
- Hold it!
You get dressed!
We'll talk about this later!
- Anything else?
- A couple of cans of soup!
- What kind?
- Vegetable!
Oh, and two bottles of beer!
That'll be $ 1 !13 with three cents
to the governor! That's $ 1 !16!
One-sixteen! You ought
to throw in a floorshow!
There he is!
All right, Stoker, we'll talk! Now!
That's it! Hold him!
I said, hold him!
You'll never hit anybody
with that hand again!
Boy, has he got a snootful!
- Julie!
- I'm here, Bill! Bill, I'm here!
- What's wrong here?
- Julie!
- What's the matter?
- What happened? What did they do to you?
- My!
- Your hand?
- Look at his face!
- Somebody call the cops!
- Call an ambulance! Please, hurry!
- Surely!
They busted it!
They busted it for good!
With a brick!
I wouldn't do it!
I wouldn't do it!
Oh, don't talk, Bill!
They wanted me to lay down!
I was taking that kid!
I should have gone tonight!
I should have been with you!
It's all right, Julie!
It's all right!
I can't fight no more!
I can't fight no more!
I know, Bill!
But you won't have to!
I can't fight no more!
You won't have to fight no more, Bill!
I'll make it up to you, darling!
We'll get that cigar stand
you were telling me about
or maybe even a piece of that fighter! It's
going to be all right, Bill! You wait and see!
I won tonight!
- I won!
- Yes, you won tonight, Bill!
We both won tonight!
We both won tonight!