The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie Prisoners of the Sky (2018) Movie Script

There he is!
Over there! Don't let him get away!
How dare he run into the Holy Grounds!
This area is off-limits.
Over there!
I'm not going to make it like this.
This is...
Stop there!
Give it up!
Vitolau Lahike Lisoyora Chidai!
No! You mustn't go through there!
Hello, everyone.
It's almost the birthday of
my father Bartra, the King of Liones.
Just three days left.
A celebration calls for
delicious cooking,
which is why we've come
to the borderlands,
in search of wonderful ingredients.
Oh, if only all of our trips
were so peaceful.
You're all back so quick!
Oh, where's the captain?
Hm, the air smells good here.
Great reaction, Elizabeth!
What the heck are you doing, you perv!
Didn't the captain say he was going
to go catch a flying fish?
A sky fish!
Really? I wanna see!
Where's this sky fish?
Yeah, well...
I can't find it anywhere.
You won't find it there!
Sky fish.
A creature only mentioned
in legends. A fish with wings.
We came because the captain
said we'd find them here.
Those rumors are apparently from a legend
from 1,000 years ago.
The captain just wanted to slack off.
That's just like him.
More importantly, Captain,
let's hurry and get to it.
Right, time to train.
Hope you're ready for this, Bartra!
I'm going to treat you to my best dishes!
You, who can only make food scraps?
You're going to learn to cook?
Please teach me, Master Ban!
You know what's what, Captain.
- Okay, we'll start with an apple pie.
- Great!
You can be my sous chef, Elizabeth!
You're Gowther!
You stole our uniform again!
You'd better pay for that.
First, we peel the skin.
Peel it, not destroy it!
No, don't pick it up!
And a pinch of salt!
That's not a pinch!
Then we stir...
You're supposed to add water first!
Then we stretch the dough.
It's not a pizza, Captain!
Then we wrap the apples.
You haven't cut them yet!
Now, let's bake!
- Good grief...
- That's the end of that.
What's going on here?
It looks delicious!
It's visually perfect.
I made sure to focus on that.
You should focus on all of it.
And now, it's taste test time!
How about it, King?
Um... I haven't been feeling well
all morning.
Uh... I just ate.
Master Ban?
I'm gonna kill you.
Nope, you've got no sense of taste!
How about you, Merlin?
You're telling me to eat that thing?
I shall eat it.
It is part of my duties to protect Merlin.
What's happening?
There's a spring just past the brush.
Why don't you head there?
How did I get caught up in this?
Man, that was horrible.
Don't be stupid!
Escanor's the one who got the worst of it.
Oh, that must be the spring!
Let's hurry up and wash this off.
Why don't you just eat it like usual?
I can't eat the stuff that's on my butt!
Hm? What's that?
Oh, wow!
Something's glowing in the spring!
What's going on?
Did you see that, Hawk?
There were fish flying in the sky!
Could it be?
Sky fish!
All right! Let's go catch them!
Yeah, I'll show you
my graceful pig-paddle!
What is this place?
I can't believe it!
A vast land!
The Great Oshiro must be here.
Hurry up and come back!
Wait, where are you going?
I can't believe they'd chase me here.
Why won't they understand?
Giving up already?
You're the one who said
you're going to train, Captain.
Cap... tain?
Whoa, you're flying without wings!
S-So what if I don't have wings?
What's it to you, Captain?
Who cares!
He's not after me?
Could it be... the Demon Clan?
What's all the ruckus?
Oh, where'd you get that outfit, Captain?
It's so cute!
Captain, are we continuing the train--
How could he?
The captain called me a monster!
Don't let it bother you, Diane.
Coming back on your knees is a good start.
What's going on here?
Huh, how should I know?
What's up with these guys?
Hair color, height, frame.
All of it matches that of the captain.
But there is striking difference in voice,
power, and the way he runs.
You're right.
Normally, there'd be no way we could
catch up so easily.
Right, Captain?
No way.
The captain...
grew wings?
Hey, wait!
I hope that wasn't too rough.
Now, let's see...
Where am I?
It's no use. We can't go back.
We went into the spring in the forest,
But that aside...
- I'm hungry!
- I'm hungry!
This way.
Did he really enter the forbidden spring?
There he is!
He came back?
There's a strange creature with him.
- Hey, who are those guys?
- Don't ask me.
Master Zoria.
Why, Solaad?
Huh? Solaad?
Take him.
Yes, sir!
Back off, you pigs!
Master Zoria, what should we do
with this creature?
Leave that thing be.
What? I'm not a thing!
These statues are weird looking.
By the way, where are we?
What are you doing?
Wow, what an amazing view!
Hey, look.
What are those?
Sky fish!
This must be...
Could it be?
We're above the sky!
Oh, you're awake. I'm so glad.
Ellatte? Why are you here, Elle?
And why are you dressed like that?
Hey, what'd you do with the captain?
Damn it!
Elle, hurry, run!
I'll hold off the Demon Clan!
I think you may have the wrong idea.
All of us here,
we may come from different clans,
but none of us are from the Demon Clan.
He's human.
He's a former human.
And, well, I'm something like that.
He's a doll, and he's from the Fairy Clan.
She's from the Giant Clan.
That can't be!
I thought that on Earth, the humans,
the Fairy Clan, and Giant Clan...
were all wiped out by the Demon Clan
during the ancient war.
Were the legends passed down to us
mistaken then?
Then you...
I'm Elizabeth.
A waitress at this pub.
- Oh, um, I'm a Celest--
- A Celestial. Solaad.
How do you know my name?
I peeked in your memories
while you were asleep.
What is the "Time of Ruin"?
Are they preparing for a festival?
Maybe it's a festival to eat you.
Don't let them put roast pig on the menu!
- Maybe they can just lick my feet.
- Coward.
What was he thinking?
To think he's to be our next
Head Warrior...
This is quite the welcome.
What's that? Looks like a fat pig.
So, it's just like you?
Don't be ridiculous! I'm much slimmer.
What are you going on about?
Now see here, Solaad.
You've committed a grave crime
by breaking the law.
The statue talked!
Look below!
You've got some nerve joking around
under these circumstances.
She's tiny.
Although you are the successor
to the Winged Sword,
I know too well how much
you hated your training.
But Solaad...
In order to protect our people
from the Demon Clan,
this Winged Sword has been passed
down for generations and used to fight!
That is the law for us Celestials.
Hey, are you mistaking me
for someone else, Granny?
How dare you address Mistress Vaness
in that manner!
What were you thinking, Solaad?
What was I thinking?
Solaad is back?
Meliodas, it's Elizabeth!
Let me go!
She's totally different.
Huh, really?
Now that you mention it,
her expression is harsh for Elizabeth.
But they look so alike.
Even her hair is the same color.
Oh, and on her back, there's...
Miss Ellatte!
Why did you do this?
He has no... wings!
His wings...
Solaad's wings have disappeared!
Mistress Vaness.
That's... impossible!
He's lost his wings?
Our pride...
Have you sunk so low?
So, I'm telling you...
He ran from the Succession Ceremony...
and now he's returned without the wings
of our people!
Any further discussion is a waste of time!
You can sit in a cell and reflect upon
your actions!
Please wait!
That's fine with me.
Just make sure to prepare
some food and sake.
I've lost all faith in you!
You are no longer my son.
Well, I'm not your son, so...
Sorry, Meliodas.
We can't afford for me to be captured too.
Until I come rescue you,
you can eat scraps in prison
while you wait.
You look just like the captain,
but your personality is totally different.
You've got the rudeness in common
with him too.
Just let it go, King.
I'm sorry about earlier.
I'd never seen a Giant before.
I'm... really sorry.
So, the captain went into the spring
and ended up in the Sky Temple
or whatever you call it?
That must mean Hawk is with him as well.
He probably jumped in without thinking.
Sounds like our captain.
You freaked at the idea
of the Demon Clan
being resurrected and ran?
I didn't run!
The seal that was used to trap
the Demon Clan 3,000 years ago
is about to vanish.
At this rate, the Celestials
will be wiped out.
So, that's what's meant
by the "Time of Ruin."
According to the legend, we need
the Great Oshiro.
No one will believe me, but...
I have to do something.
The Great Oshiro? What's that?
The Time of Ruin and
the Great Oshiro...
It's quite fascinating.
Tell us more.
These food scraps are pretty good!
It can use the human language?
What a fantastical creature.
Where in the world did you come from?
You're so smooth and round!
Stop that, Granny, I can't eat!
What's that, Granny?
Oh, that?
the legend of the Great Oshiro.
The Great Oshiro?
Three thousand years ago,
here in the Sky Temple,
there was a great war amongst five clans.
It's said that the evil Demon Clan
and Goddess Clan-led armies
of the Fairy, Giant, and Human clans
fought a terrible battle.
One of the Goddess Clan's companies
was surrounded by giant Demons
and was in danger of annihilation.
It was the Great Oshiro that saved them.
Large and grand in form,
it's been said that he shone
with a white light.
The Great Oshiro sealed away
the Demon Clan onCraggy Peak.
And Goddess Clan has been handing down
the Winged Sword through the generations
to defeat the Demon Clan.
We Celestials are descendants
of the Goddess Clan.
So, you're here to search
for this legendary Great Oshiro?
If the legends are right, the Great Oshiro
should be here on Earth.
But no one will believe me.
And it's forbidden to go to Earth
to begin with.
The Great Oshiro, huh?
Have you heard of him, Gowther?
Hey, let's help him look.
Even if we wanted to, there are no leads.
What can we do?
I wonder how the captain and Hawk
are doing? I'm worried about them.
Maybe they're on a vacation.
Ooh, I want to go too!
H-Huh? If Diane's going, I am too.
We'll drag him back and make him
continue the training.
We can get there through the spring?
Yes. I'm interested in this "Sky Temple"
as well.
But, what about the Great Oshiro?
Thank you, everyone.
But I'll be fine on my own.
I'll be going, then!
Wait, Solaad!
Hm. He's gone.
I can't depend on someone else.
I promised myself I'll find
the Great Oshiro here on my own.
these lands are so vast and
I have no leads.
Where do I start looking?
What's that?
You're mine now.
Who are you?
Celestials must all be sacrificed!
For the Time of Ruin.
It can't be! The Demon Clan?
What the hell are you doing?
What happened, Solaad?
The Demon Clan came through the spring!
You can leave this to us!
I'll turn you into sacrifices too!
These guys...
You're Gara from the Six Knights of Black.
How do you know that?
Who are you guys?
are the Seven Deadly Sins.
A nuisance either way!
So, here's a gift for you all!
The spring!
Now you won't be able to go
to the Sky Temple.
Soon, the Six Knights of Black
will annihilate the Celestials.
I won't let you get in the wa--
That was just a puppet.
Her real body is elsewhere.
I didn't think...
the Demon Clan
would be resurrected so soon.
Hey, what was that about?
The Six Knights of Black.
Demons that went on a rampage
during the war 3,000 years ago.
It's said that they were so violent,
even the Ten Commandments struggled
with them.
It's all over.
I haven't even found the Great Oshiro.
We can't just leave this be.
If we can't use the spring,
we've no choice but to go there directly.
Let's go, King!
Huh? Wait for me, Diane!
Let's go.
- You're coming too.
- But...
The Demon Clan has already been
resurrected, right?
And we're off to the mystical land -
the Sky Temple!
Hey, anyone there?
Nope, no one here.
Now, what to do?
I need to figure out which direction
the pub's in.
Guess I'll look for that damn pig first.
Hey, Granny.
I came from Earth.
Is there a way to get back?
Like I said...
Earth was conquered
by the Demon Clan ages ago.
And I'm telling you it wasn't.
You say the strangest things.
Not again!
What's your problem?
I'm sorry.
- What?
- You look like...
Could it be?
Yes, there's no mistake!
This is a Year of Doom.
We don't know how many
of the Demon Clan will appear.
It is our duty as Celestials
to stop them.
We must not let our guard down!
Yes, sir!
Man, the view is amazing.
I wish I could show Elizabeth.
How did you get out of the prison?
- You keep mistaking me--
- You had me worried!
Why'd you duck? Let me hit you!
I'm not obligated to let
a stranger hit me.
Sorry to have to tell you,
but I'm not Solaad.
What do you mean?
There he is!
Master Zoria.
Not only have you broken the law,
you can't even sit in prison to reflect.
I can't forgive this.
I'm not going to hold back
just because you're my son!
I'm not your son, so I'll hold back.
What happened to you?
- What was that?
- Over there!
If something happens to Egg Rock,
we're in trouble.
- Let's go!
- Yes, sir!
I want a detailed explanation
from you later.
What's happening?
Part of the rock broke apart.
Check the area!
Someone, help...
I'm going to die...
Are you all right? What happened?
I'm so hungry... So hungry...
I'm going to die!
"Hungry"? Hey, do you have anything
we can feed him?
What's wrong?
Feed me.
You're asking us to feed you
at a time like this?
Th-The Demon Clan!
What's happening?
We're gonna die!
Where do you think you're going.
You're my lunch!
The Egg Rock seems safe.
It must be a harbinger
of the Year of Doom.
Voltaic Whip!
I'm still hungry!
Master Zoria!
We are the guardians of the Sky Temple!
Now that I, the Head Warrior,
Zoria is here,
I won't let you have your way!
I'll go get the Winged Sword at once!
Let's go!
I have defeated 65 Demons to date!
Behold! My Celestial Spear Technique!
Celestial Spear Strike!
How's that?
Can't do... anything about it? Hm?
I don't care how many you've killed.
Don't think I'm like those
red or gray peons!
This can't be...
- Wait!
- Mistress Vaness!
The Demon Clan is here!
What did you say?
I have to go!
This can't be!
Get off your high horse!
Don't you know I am Neckless Dahaka
of the Six Knights of Black?
Or maybe you have a death wish?
Now, die.
So... laad...
That's about enough.
Unless you want to die.
You can't be serious, brat!
As a reward for making me laugh,
I'll kill you right now!
Solaad and Master Zoria!
Thunder Carnival!
I'm gonna borrow this for a sec.
Full Counter!
Master Zoria!
Looks like he's fine.
- Um...
- Hey, Meliodas!
There you are!
Hey, Hawk!
What happened to the Demon Clan?
What the heck is this?
Over there!
The fallen men...
I knew it!
The Great Oshiro!
The Great Oshiro has defeated
the Demon!
So this is salt-roasted sky fish?
I feel blessed to be able
to share a drink with my son.
Oh, this is pretty good.
It's your favorite.
Here, have mine as well.
Oh, well if you insist.
I didn't realize you've even
surpassed me as a warrior.
Let me guess,
you've been secretly training!
Listen up, everyone!
Now we can follow the Celestial Law,
and my son can continue
with the Succession Ceremony.
Succession Ceremony?
Go ahead, Ellatte, go to yourfianc!
The Great Oshiro!
The Great Oshiro!
Oh, how today...
What are you doing, Hawk?
I am the Great Oshiro, you rud-- Ow!
- Ow!
- Say that again, pig.
That was outstanding work, Solaad!
This esteemed creature you've brought back
with you turned out to be
the legendary Great Oshiro
that saved us 3,000 years ago.
Behold this lovable form.
It's exactly as depicted on our walls.
So smooth and round!
He's not white.
It's true, he is not white.
Is he an imposter?
Lo and behold! I am the blood descendant
of the Great Oshiro.
I am the Great Opink!
That's kind of a stretch.
Oh, the Great Opink!
All of you, this is the Great Opink!
Yeah, no...
Yahoo! This feels so good!
The land looks so small from here!
I love giant Diane...
but little Diane is cute too.
Who would've thought this would happen?
If I return empty-handed...
But I'm worried about everyone too.
What should I do?
The Great Opink?
Your mouth just runs, doesn't it?
I couldn't help it! This is so good!
This is the battledress
for Celestial warriors.
Thanks, I was feeling a bit chilly.
You're not Solaad, are you?
I told you that in the beginning.
A troublesome case
of mistaken identity.
Then who are you?
I'm just a pub owner.
And I'm Captain Leftovers!
What's that? What did you come here for?
We didn't come because we wanted to.
We don't know how to get back.
I want you to keep pretending to be Solaad
until the noon Succession Ceremony!
The ceremony is sacred to us,
the Celestials.
In order to stand against the Demon Clan,
for generations, the son of the
Head Warrior has inherited
the Winged Sword at
the Succession Ceremony.
This law has been followed
by the Celestials for thousands of years.
I understand it's law,
but that old man was really angry.
There's a reason why Master Zoria
despises the Demon Clan.
A hundred years ago,
during the last Year of Doom,
Master Zoria's wife,
Solaad's mother, passed away.
She got caught in the battle
against the Demon Clan.
I see. That's why he got angry
when his son ran.
He didn't run!
He left because he had a plan.
Solaad is kind.
Solaad is...
I know he'll come back.
Can't someone else do the ceremony?
It has to be Solaad! He promised me!
Promise? I thought it was law.
Wh-What's so funny?
If he's not back by noon tomorrow,
then you're on your own.
Leave it to us!
The Winged Sword...
You and I are inheriting this together.
Right, Solaad?
For generations,
our ancestors have passed down
the Winged Sword...
Including Mother and Father...
That's right.
This is a special Year of Doom.
No one believes it, but this is the year
the Great Oshiro's seal will break.
That again?
I've been studying it for years now.
This mural...
- But there are things I still don't--
- Solaad.
What are you doing there?
Listen, Father!
At this rate, we will all be destroyed
by the Demon Clan!
That is why you must train.
It's different this time!
I will not call a law-breaking coward
my son!
He abandoned the village.
How can he be the son of the Head Warrior?
What did he go to Earth for?
There was no Great Oshiro, was there?
He abandoned us.
No! Everyone, it's not true!
I never thought this would happen!
How are you feeling?
You sounded like
you were having a bad dream.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to know
what was in a Celestial's heart.
So, your Ellatte and I look that alike?
You're much more gentle, though.
you came here to find a way
to save your land, right?
But I'm heading back
without having done anything.
What you've started is not meaningless.
If Meliodas were here,
I'm sure that's what he'd say.
I wanted to save
the Kingdom of Liones too.
I journeyed on my own in search
of the Seven Deadly Sins.
You, too?
The journey was a reckless one.
But the one who saved powerless old me
was Meliodas.
Meliodas told me,
it's because I went on the journey
to try to save everyone
that I was able to find
the Seven Deadly Sins.
Nothing would have started,
if I had done nothing.
That's what he told me.
- Meliodas sounds like an amazing person.
- He is!
But I...
I can't be like Meliodas.
Ha! Of course not, coward.
You ran just because you thought
no one understands.
N-No! It wasn't like that!
You abandoned those tied down to rules.
I came because I want to protect Elle
and everyone!
Do you really think you have the resolve?
If it's to protect everyone...
I'll do anything!
It's easy to talk.
I thought you were...
The human heart is a mysterious thing.
Miss Ellatte, you look beautiful.
Master Solaad has grown impressive
as well.
It is time.
Ready? Let's go.
The apple pie is ready everyone!
It looks delicious!
Let's eat while we can.
It looks perfect...
Not bad.
This is really tasty!
Why don't you take this place over
since the captain's gone?
In which case, profits will increase
by 300 percent.
What happened?
- Merlin...
- I know.
I sense abnormal magic ahead.
It's coming from our right.
We will continue to charge ahead.
We're close to our destination.
Everyone, prepare to land.
Here and now,
our greatest treasure, which has long
continued to suppress the Demon Clan,
will now be handed down to my son!
This is...
Geez, what are you doing?
What is the meaning of this?
What's going on?
That huge egg just broke!
Was that supposed to happen?
The Demon Clan!
The seal has been broken!
There's so many of them!
But why?
The Resurrection Day was supposed
to be much later!
All of you, have no fear!
We have the Great Opink with us!
Are you serious?
This wasn't part of the deal!
The ceremony will have to wait.
This is the day we have trained for.
Now, we will follow the Ancient Law
and rid our land of the Demon Clan!
Celestial Sword Style,
Celestial Beast Slice!
Miss Ellatte!
Evacuate everyone!
You need to as well.
I am a Celestial warrior too.
They're too much for you.
It doesn't matter.
This is my home, and I will protect it!
Good grief. What a spitfire!
What a fine resurrection.
Oh, who's the nitwit who
got the head start?
I don't sense Dahaka anymore.
He must have been eliminated.
The power is weak, but this island
is full of it.
And that's not all.
I sense one huge power.
I'll take that one.
Tsk, that's not fair. Tsk!
You're telling us to be satisfied
with the souls of peons?
If we collect all of the souls,
we will be resurrected.
I will begin preparations for the
resurrection ceremony.
For our most precious wish!
Time for the festivities to begin!
What is that?
Oh, how lovely!
There's one with some potential.
Name yourself!
I am Gara of the Six Knights of Black.
Don't get ahead of yourself,
my sacrifical lamb.
Do you need someone to play with?
You can come in hordes,
but we will get rid of you all!
I'm sorry, but I don't like
hotheaded guys.
Why don't you play with them?
Descendants of the Goddess Clan!
You're just an appetizer
before the feast!
Your dirty little souls
will all be devoured by me,
Mr. Derocchio himself!
O great beast who has been sealed
alongside us,
I now offer you the souls
of the descendants of the Goddess Clan.
Awaken, O great beast!
Evacuate to the plaza!
Tsk! See, they're all peons.
And... there's another peon.
Should I kill her at once?
Or should I make her suffer first?
Hmm, how about this?
I know, you're the one Bellion wants
to play with.
You have to run!
Enjoying yourself, Pump?
If you let me fight him,
then I'd enjoy myself.
He's strong.
That bastard!
Most guys would die from that hit.
I'm impressed... human.
That's right, Bellion,
Six Knights of Black.
So you know my name!
Let me go!
Now, it's time to do your job,
Great Opink!
No way! I seriously don't wanna!
And you call yourself
the Great Oshiro's descendant?
What's this?
Hmph! How annoying.
A statue of that monster?
The fools who worship that thing
need to be obliterated.
He's huge! Let's run, Granny!
How dare you do that to the Great Oshiro,
you shameless heathen!
Come forth light,
and destroy the darkness!
What was that?
That crappy move is called Ark?
My Ark didn't work?
Buzz off!
Freeze Storm!
The Goddess Clan has fallen low
after 3,000 years.
Now, the finishing move!
Hey, hold on there, lion-faced old man!
You've angered the one guy
you shouldn't have.
I've seen this form somewhere...
No, it can't be.
Thought I might need this someday.
Merlin's special Monster Block!
Tyrant Dragon!
- Dragon?
- Dragon.
- Dragon?
- Yes, dragon! I keep telling you!
I'll roast you alive!
Dragon Breath!
How dare you make a mockery of Derocchio!
Sand Crawler!
Hey, Lion Man! You can't catch me!
Hey, that's cheating!
Devil Manta!
I'm gonna...
Hold on!
Playtime is over!
Ice Meteor!
Stop that!
Looks like I won't get bored
while the peon souls get cooked.
Until we've prepared
for the resurrection ritual,
you can keep me entertained!
Sorry, but...
it looks like we're one step ahead of you.
I'm back...
to the Sky Temple!
The Demon Clan!
Get the lead out!
You'll do anything to save them, right?
Then let's go!
We're coming too! Merlin!
Magic Cancel.
We won't let Solaad's friends get hurt!
I'll head to the top of Craggy Peak.
Let's see... Which one will make
an interesting opponent?
Oh, a flying Captain Leftovers.
Hawk! You're okay!
Hot, hot!
Glad you made it back.
We're saved!
What is that?
I will be your opponent now.
Fox Hunt!
Who are you?
The Seven Deadly Sins.
We're friends of Solaad.
- From Earth?
- We can talk later!
First, let's take care of these guys!
Let me play some more.
If I could just find an opening,
and get a hit in...
I know what I'll do.
That was nothing!
Huh, what am I doing?
If I land at a time like this...
I can't move.
My body... won't respond.
My needles will paralyze the spirit
of a living organism.
Now, come and give me a hug!
No! I can't die like this!
I don't want to die!
Solaad, help!
Sorry I'm late, Elle.
Solaad! Is it really you?
I'm sorry I'm late, Elle.
You idiot!
I was... I was so worried about you!
I'm not going anywhere.
Idiot. Of course you're not.
Tsk! Enough of that already!
Tsk! She was about to give me a hug!
They're having a heartwarming reunion.
Don't ruin it!
Is that all you got?
I thought you were strong.
Don't let your guard down!
See, aren't you starting to feel good?
You're going to play with me, right?
Then you can give me a hug in her stead!
That's one down!
H-How did you...
How can you still be alive
with needles all though your body?
Why don't you just shut up,
Sea Urchin Dude?
You wanted a hug, right?
For a brat like you to know my name,
I must have become famous
during the last 3,000 years!
The Six Knights of Black.
It's said you're as strong
as the Ten Commandments.
Yet, you're so lawless,
even the Demon Lord abandoned you.
Am I right?
You bastard!
I don't know who you are,
but you must want to die badly.
My skills have surpassed that
of the Ten Commandments!
The one who didn't choose me
to be in the Ten Commandments...
I will never forgive him!
Are you finished?
Is this the one collecting our souls?
How dare you hurt our friends!
My body...
Won't move...
Any filth that approaches the ceremony
will have their nerves destroyed
by my power.
You're up to no good, aren't you?
Goat's Sin of Lust, Gowther, has arrived!
Gattling Jack!
Fight Fire With Fire!
You're wasting your time.
I can't... control my body.
Truly like a puppet.
I will use you as sacrifices
for the resurrection.
Damn it! This wasn't supposed to--
There's nothing to be done.
I'm getting consumed! Stop!
Nightmare Terror.
So, it was an illusion.
Why weren't your nerves affected?
Unfortunately for you, I am a doll.
An attack on my nerves won't work.
Spirit Spear Chastiefol.
Third Form.
Oh, you're the true body!
Thank you for playing with my puppets.
I must give you a reward!
My whip will hold you in agony,
and you can dance to your death!
Fresh Crush!
Heavy Metal!
You little brat! It's not working on you!
Sorry about that.
I think I'm a bad match for you.
Don't apologize!
What a perfect look
for a giant dimwit like you!
What did you just say?
I won't let anyone badmouth Diane!
No Fire!
What's happening?
No Freeze!
H-Hot, hot, hot!
Fake Ball.
A combination of attack
and illusion magic.
I'd been wanting to test it out.
No Fire, No Freeze!
How about now?
It's not just fire and ice.
Then I'll just deal with all of it!
Four Element Zero Barrier!
Absolute Cancel.
Hey, that's not fair!
I hate annoying fights!
You guys can play with her--
Oh? You came to me to be defeated.
I applaud your attitude.
That can't be...
Hey! Gara!
In that case...
How about this?
There is no need to bother Merlin.
I will be enough.
You talk big for just a human!
You are no match for me,Derocchio,
the Lion King of the Six Knights of Black!
That you should call yourself the king
of the jungle in front of me...
is presumptuous!
What the heck, he's a monster!
Double Hammer!
Bumble Bee!
Ready, King?
Okay, Diane!
Cross Shooting!
They are the Seven Deadly Sins?
I'm glad they're on our side.
I cannot believe such people
were on Earth.
So, what Solaad said was true.
Master Zoria!
- Solaad is battling the enemy leader!
- What?
- Solaad!
- Master Zoria!
- Is everyone safe?
- Where did my father go?
Master Solaad?
We heard you were battling
the Demon Clan.
You're that upset about not being
chosen to be a Ten Commandment?
What would you know?
Someone who's still hung up on that,
will probably never be chosen.
What did you say?
I'm finishing you!
Guess you're not getting it.
a Demon?
Stop, old man!
I cannot let Solaad die!
Old man!
What is that sword?
For 3,000 years, it has been passed
down by our clan, this Winged Sword.
Against this sword, even the Demon Clan...
Don't push yourself.
You stand back--
What have I done?
I killed my son with my own hands.
A sword meant to kill Demons.
I see.
It works well on you.
How ironic.
You're going to die by the weapon
of those you wanted to protect!
What are you doing?
Damn it, he disappeared!
Over here!
Father! Father!
Master Zoria!
The captain can't be...
Captain! Captain...!
Is everyone okay?
Hawk, over there!
Meliodas! How can this have happened,
when I've finally found you?
I won't forgive you if you die.
Who'll give me leftovers if you die!
How could the captain lose?
Crap! Don't let a guy like that beat you.
He'll be okay, right, Merlin?
The captain won't die so easy.
But this sword appears
to be quite dangerous.
Do not fret.
This is due to the hidden power
of the Winged Sword.
Do something, Granny!
This sword can only be handled
by the Head Warrior.
As soon as Zoria's wounds are healed,
we'll bring him here.
- Master Zoria!
- Father!
You are all right?
I'm sorry I returned late.
What about your injury?
Huh, Solaad? And Ellatte too?
What is the meaning of this?
The one who looks like looks like Ellatte
is Elizabeth.
And the one who looks like Solaad
is Meliodas.
Around them are Meliodas's friends,
whom I met on Earth.
The Seven Deadly Sins.
It is hard to believe,
but it seems I must accept it.
During the fight against the Demon Clan,
I am embarrassed to admit as Head Warrior
that they were of great help.
Ellatte, my wounds are fine now.
Please save Meliodas.
Solaad, pull the sword from him.
Starting today, you are the successor.
I understand.
I'll help you!
- You're...
- I'm Ellatte!
I will pull out the sword.
- Focus your healing power on the wound.
- Okay!
In our time of need, there are two Solaads
and two Ellattes.
And the Great Oshiro's reincarnation
as well.
This must be by the hands
of the Great Oshiro!
This is...
The sword is shining white.
Can it be?
All of the Six Knights of Black
have been destroyed except for me.
Those damn Seven Deadly Sins!
I had planned to sacrifice all
of the Celestial souls,
but I have no other choice now.
Dahaka, Gara, Derocchio, Pump, Atra.
In order to fulfill our wish,
I will borrow your souls.
Break the seal on the Great Beast!
O maleficient star sealed by
Mother Chaos,
I offer you the souls
of the Six Knights of Black!
Indura! Your heavy chains shall be
completely unbound!
What sinister magic!
It's even affecting me!
Now, Indura, we shall ahhihilate
those odious Celestials
who have kept us sealed away for so long!
- What's that?
- The magical power is immense!
Merlin, what is that?
An Indura of Retribution.
They live in the Demon Realm,
where they roam wild,
controlled only by instinct.
It's said they even prey
on the Demon Clan.
If we are talking only about power,
it may surpass even that
of the Ten Commandments.
The Time of Ruin.
This is what Solaad was talking about.
We'd better revive the captain real quick
and stop that monster--
What are you guys...
You must not pull out that sword.
He is of the Demon Clan.
This sinister power and the mark
on his forehead...
He is a Demon!
A high-ranked one at that!
Is he really from the Demon Clan?
A Demon was pretending to be Solaad?
The Winged Sword is a sacred blade
bestowed upon us by the Great Oshiro,
he who sealed away
the powerful Demon Clan.
His body is rejecting the sword
and revealing his true form.
This man may be from the Demon Clan,
but he is not a bad person!
Master Zoria, Meliodas was the one
who saved you yesterday
from the first of the Demons.
And he saved our lives today.
Yes, that is true.
As Head Warrior,
I cannot thank him enough.
Master Zoria...
- But Demon Clans are a different story!
- What?
For 3,000 years, the Winged Sword
has been passed down so that we can fight
to protect the Sky Temple
from the Demon Clan.
That is our law.
Countless lives have been lost
in these battles.
We must obey the law.
We can never pull out that sword.
Do something, Granny!
Why won't you, Granny?
Master Zoria, the beast
is headed this way!
Those who can fight
will head there immediately!
I will follow suit!
They won't be able to stop that monster.
The desire to protect people
has nothing to do with laws.
I'm going too!
I don't want any more people to get hurt!
It's a bit late in the afternoon,
but I still have plenty of power left.
Let's go, Gowther.
I wanted to observe this exchange
a bit longer, but...
I don't know about this Time of Ruin
or Indura or whatever,
but all I know is that if we don't go,
then we all die.
Master, Princess,
I leave the captain to you.
- You can leave him to us!
- Understood!
Show me that you're a man.
With this power, I will become
the king of a new Demon Clan!
This is an Indura?
There's no way we can win.
You can leave it to us!
The Seven Deadly Sins!
You guys protect the women and children
in the plaza!
You guys are just irritating.
You can die alongside the Celestials!
Everyone, run!
No, the plaza!
Even the Perfect Cube could take
only one hit.
We can't let it get near the plaza!
We'll have to hold it off.
New Spirit Spear Chastiefol.
Second Form.
Fillet and Roast!
You've got some grit. I applaud you.
You're in the way!
As thanks for what you did
to our captain,
I'll beat you to a bloody pulp.
Master Zoria, the Seven Deadly Sins
are battling the Indura.
Why have you returned?
The law says Celestials must not run
from the Demon Clan.
That's wrong, Father!
You too...
You threw aside your pride as a Celestial
and ran!
I don't deny that I was a coward.
But we haven't been fighting
just to follow the laws!
I have paralyzed his sight.
It will most likely hold
for three minutes.
Meliodas fought to protect this village
and ended up like this.
But Meliodas is from the Demon Clan!
The Seven Deadly Sins came
to the Sky Temple for me,
no matter how weak and cowardly I was.
They're risking their lives to protect
my beloved village.
I believe in them!
Furthermore, this man they all believe in,
Meliodas, the captain
of the Seven Deadly Sins...
I believe in him!
Even if he's from the Demon Clan.
Even if it means turning my back
on our laws!
I... want to protect the Sky Temple!
It's a pleasure to meet you, Meliodas.
So, you're Solaad.
You're different from what I've heard.
You look good!
Thank you for protecting this village
while I was away!
Sure. I expect plenty of rewards.
After we get rid of that beast.
You're going to fight too, right?
With that scary sword.
- Right!
- Meliodas.
Thanks, Elizabeth!
Be careful.
Just leave it to me!
Everyone, I need you to listen!
This is the end.
Heya, Ban!
What the hell are--
What the hell are you doing?
You're getting slaughtered.
Shut up!
You're late.
You got beat, that's why I'm fighting him.
You're right. It'd be lame
if I kept getting beaten.
Okay, it's decided.
You're pretty confident for a guy
who almost died.
We've got that beast to deal with,
so I'm finishing you quick.
Hunter Fest!
- Get it together!
- Don't be unreasonable!
This guy's strength...
We have our limits as well.
What do we do?
What the hell is that?
I figured out the true purpose
of the Winged Sword.
Guide the injured and the children
to the plaza.
Those who can move, go support Solaad!
I'm scared.
It'll be okay.
Solaad and his friends are really strong!
I figured it out when you were stabbed.
This sword was meant to seal away
powerful Demons.
And so I will seal the Indura!
With this Winged Sword
from the Great Oshiro...
and the power of myArk!
You sneaky little...!
Doesn't matter how many
of you weaklings there are.
You're all just garbage!
I'm going to end you!
Playtime is over.
This power... It can't be...
You're... Meliodas the Betrayer!
He's too strong!
Damn you... You can all die!
Death Burn!
Full Counter!
I won't die for nothing!
I offer my soul to Indura!
Crap! I'll have to end it like this!
No... My Ark wasn't powerful enough?
Crap! It's headed for the plaza!
We won't make it!
Is this to be our doom?
It's all over!
Help, Mama!
Thanks, Mama Hawk!
We have to finish him now.
- Ready, Solaad?
- Of course!
Everyone, let's finish this!
Give me strength!
All of our power into one!
All of our power...
into one!
All of our power into one, huh?
Please let me help too.
Now, it should...
This is...
just like the legend of the Winged Sword!
The mural shows how it all began!
The legend was real!
The Winged Sword bestowed
upon us by the Great Oshiro...
gives us the power to seal!
I see it! Before it's sealed away,
we'll bash it in with the power
of the Seven Deadly Sins!
Let's go!
Hunter Fest!
Banishing Kill!
Spirit Spear Chastiefol.
Fourth Form.
Rush Rock!
Blackout Arrow!
Exterminate Ray!
Cruel Sun!
Lostvayne, Sacred Treasure Release!
Full Counter!
The Seven Deadly Sins Combo...
The Seven Deadly Sins!
We did it, Father.
We Celestials conquered the Time of Ruin!
You did it, Solaad!
Yes, thanks to you!
Thank you all for saving this village.
We didn't do much.
You should be thanking Solaad.
Oh, no.
All I did was go in search
of the Great Oshiro.
But it's because of your courage
that we met.
While we were too preoccupied
with fate and laws
and forgot what was truly important,
you went in search of ways
to protect our village.
Thanks to that, he met you,
the Seven Deadly sins,
and succeeded in protecting
this Sky Temple.
I had thought you were still a child,
but you had grown strong
before I even realized.
Your mother would be proud.
But what a surprise.
To think there was another creature
who could stand up to such a beast,
aside from the Great Oshiro.
We're preparing for a feast tonight,
so I want you all to relax until then.
All right, we're going to party tonight!
I get to eat food scraps again!
We don't have time for that, Captain.
Tomorrow is the birthday
of the King of Liones.
And you're the chef of the birthday feast.
Oh, right! That's why we were looking
for the sky fish.
If you want sky fish,
a ton of them are just floating around
after getting knocked out in the battle.
Here's one.
Got it!
Go, me!
See you, Solaad!
Take care, everyone!
Adios, Granny!
Have a safe trip!
Thank you for everything!
Hey, Merlin.
What was the Great Oshiro anyway?
It's most likely a name
the Celestials came up with.
But there are hints therein.
It seems there was once a huge creature
that shined bright and white.
It is said the creature possessed
darkness that even the Demon Clan feared,
as well as light that even
the Goddess Clan revered.
The people called this creature...
the Mother of Chaos.
Sorry to make you wait, Bartra.
Here's the main dish - sky fish pie,
a Meliodas special!
It looks delicious!
Father! Are you all right? Father!
What a mess.
I, Captain Leftovers,
will take care of it.
What the heck is this!
Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi