The Seventh Veil (1945) Movie Script

- Thank you. Some place we can talk?
- This way.
- She never attempted suicide before?
- No, never.
I see.
What is about the patient?
She is one concert pianist. I heard her playing for several times.
- She does not speak at all. If you question her?
- She doesn't answer. One will think she didn't hear if one doesn't know what she does
She would talk to me. I should like to
exame her under hypnosis.
- Rather she is not cooperating under narcosis.
- And you really thinking it will help?
It may do. At least it'll tell us the nature of the injury to her mind.
I know you fellows get remarkable results but I can't say I altogether like it.
It seems a little prying. You see what I mean.
Dr. Kendall. The surgeon doesn't operate without first taking off the patient's cloth. Or nor do we with the mind.
You know what the staple says:the human mind is like Salome at begining of her dance.
Hiden from the outside world by seven veils, veils of preserve, shyness, fear, that was friends.
The average person will drop first one veil, then another, maybe three or four together.
With a lover, she would take fiveth, or even sixth, but never the seventh.
Never, you see. The human mind likes to cover its nakeness too to itself to keep its privicy.
Salome drops some of hers but you never get a human mind to do that.
And that's why I used narcosis.
Five minitues on the narcosis and down to the seventh veil. Then we can see what is acturally going on behind.
Then we can really help.
I'll be back tommorrow at 3 o'clock. You have the patient ready please, goodbye Dr. Kendall.
- Well, how is the patient today?
- Just the same, doctor.
I would like to prepare an injection. It's just to put her sleep the first time.
Better on when she is cooperating then she should be able to get along without it.
I should start soon as you're ready.
Good afternoon. Miss Cunningham. My name is Larsen. I trust you sleep well?
Oh, you didn't. That is a pity, a great pity.
When one doesn't sleep, one isn't very happy.
Never mind, never mind.
We should give you a little sleep now.
I want you to breath deeply..
Now we have a little sleep, you are very tired, you like to go to sleep.
Relax now... that's right.. relax and close your eyes, gently, very slowly...
You're so tired, so terriblly tired, so lazy, and you want to go to sleep.
It's so nice to relax.. so nice to go to sleep, that's right, soon you would be asleep...
There, you are asleep.
Nothing can hurt you now because you're asleep, you understand, don't you? Nod your head if you do.
you can do what you like. And you can go where you please.
What would you like to do?Where would you like to go?
Would you like to go back to school?You were happy when you are little girl, weren't you?
Would you like to go back and happy again?
- School.
- Yes?
- School.
- Yes, tell me about it.
- School.
- listen, you are 14 years age now.
- How old are you?
- I am 14.
- You are 14.And you are in school.
- School.
Oh god, it is getting away mind.
Oh, look, it is escaping. Look out, you'll fall.
- How many?
- Six.
- No, seven.
- We can keep them.
Under the bed.
- She won't.
- Why?She is frightened to look under the bed.
- She is, I telling you
- Why?- Cause there is a man of course. -Susan, you're dreadful.
Susan, listen.
The bell. It's time to check already.
- So what?
- We must hurry, susan, we're terribly late.
What's the good if we take
at least ten minutes to come back, then we got to change.
- I mustn't, I mustn't be late.
- Why not, Miss will only give you a black mark.
She will sent me to Miss Dunken.
It's the third time I've been late this week already.
- You can say you feel sick.
- That was on Turesday.
- Say you lost your way.
Susan could persuade me to do anything. I'll do it because she asks.
And I was the one who got into trouble for it. I was punished.
Oh, I know I must be punished of course, but not my hands, please, not my hands.
Today is music scholarship.
If you can leave my hands... please.
That afternoon my hands were savor and blistic. I played so badly that I know I have no chance.
I set my heart on that scholarship. Music was the only thing I really cared for even then.
Next time you set for it then passed easily?
I never set for it again.
During that year, my father died.
My mother was dead when I was 6.
Now my father was dead too.
They told me that I must go and live wiht my uncle Nicholas. Uncle Nicholas wasn't really my uncle at all.
I believe he was my father's second cousin.
He was rich and he is the only relative I had.
Alright, let's look at you.
- Francesca, isn't it?
- Yes, uncle Nicholas.
Don't call me uncle.
I'm not your uncle. If you must call me something, call me Nicholas.
Turn around.
Take your hat off.
Yes, you're france's child alright.
Same straight back, same long legs, same nose
I suppose you got the same sanctimonious
- Well, are you sanctimonious?
- I don't know what the word means.
Let's hope you never will.
Come here.
Listen to me, listen carefully.
- This is a bacholar's establishment. You know what that word means?
- Yes, it means you are not married.
Means I don't like women about the place.
I came to live in this house.
I promise myself no woman should ever enter it.
- So far none of them has. You're the first.
- I see.
- What do you see?
- I'm to do my best not to intrude on your privacy more than I possibly do.
- Ring the bell. huh, please.
- Yes, uncle.. yes, Nicholas.
- Would you like to struck him?
- No.
- Why not?
- I hate cats. They frighten me.
Oh, well, you soon will get used to them in this house.
- Parker, this is Miss Cunningham
- How do you do, miss.
- Take her away, you know where to put her.
- Yes, sir, this way...
Parker, who is that?
Mr Nicholas' mother, miss.
- Is she dead?
- I don't think so.
- What happened to her then?
- I can't tell you that, miss.
- I should have ask that to Nicholas.
- I don't think I should do that if I were you, miss.
Mr Nicholas doesn't like this subject to be discussed.
Her name is never mentioned in this house.
- Do you really want to know what happened toer? to her?
- No... yes!
She left #.Run away with a singer
- How do you know.
- Everybody knows cause it's on the papers.
There was a divorce, Mr Nicholas had to give an evidence. He is only twleve then.
How beastly of her!
He might do it to himself sometime.
Can we takes?
How dare you!
- Sorry, miss.
- I'll jump to tell Parker what you said. Alright, I won't.
You may go now.
Thank you, miss.
- James
- Yes, miss?
- How long have you been here?
- Twelve years.
- Has he always been like this?
- Yes, miss, just like this.
Oh, dear!
Those first weeks with Nicholas
was the loninest I ever spend.
Sometimes I wouldn't speak #
for days # except to say "good morning".
Sometimes not even that.
Good morning, Nicholas.
- Good morning, James.
- Good morning, sir.
All of the servants were men.
They were very polite.
But I was felt they resent my being there.
Nicholas made me feel like that too, but he had a different way of showing it.
He would leap about the house,
leaning on his cane and look right through me as though I wasn't there.
On the rare occasions he did send for me. I was so nervous I could hardly speak.
- Mr Nicholas has been asking for you, miss.
- Where is he?
In the drawing room, miss.
You wanted me, Nicholas?
Do you recognize this?
Did you know this address is for me?
- Then why didn't you give it to me?
- I... forgot.
- Did you really forget?
- No.
I see. Did you know what's in it?
- It was a letter from Miss Dunken.
- What about?
- About me.
- Did you know what she says?
- No.
Let me tell you.
She says:you're intelligence, rather above
the average, do you agree?
I don't know.
- She also says you can sew. Is that correct?
- I suppose so.
Francesca is extremely well-behaved,
she has a charming friendly disposition..
when she can overcome the initial shyness
, which sometime prevent her making friends easily. Are you shy?
- Of me?
- A little.
It no need to be, I won't need you.
- I know, but... I..
- But what?
What else is in this encyclopedia...
She studied things:French, german
, elemantary mathmatics.. etc...
Francesca has an extraordinary talent
for music.
She plays the piano extremely well.
And has an appreciation of music advance others for years.
- Play something for me.
- I can't.
- Why not?
- You don't ask me. I can't.
Come here.
- Sit down, play something.
- I can't! I won't!
After that Nicholas made me practice for 5 hours a day.
He was always besides me now,
listenning everything I did.
It was terribly hard work.
But Nicholas thought that he wouldn't shrink every minute of it.
He was a slave driver.
He was a wonderful teacher too.
He knew instinctively how to get best of me.
He knew more about the spirit of music himself.
than than any man I ever met. He didn't play very well
He used to say rather bitterly.
Those you can do, those you can't teach.
I've tought you all I know. It's time to have you some proper train.
I've arranged you to start the college tommorrow. You'll find the details
Report to the secretary 10 o'clock.
- Oh, Nicholas!Thank you.
- Don't do that!
Don't do that ever again.
Next morning when I got up, Nicholas has gone away.
He didn't come back for nearly 3 monthes.
Meanwhile I started the college.
I was far too busy finding how little I knew to worry about Nicholas.
Those first month in college is the happiest in my life.
Though I don't suppose I spoke too sole all
Except to say good morning
or ask a teacher a question.
I don't care weather I have new friend
or not, I don't care.
- I didn't care.
- You didn't care because you are happy.
He took away my heavens.
- Who did?
- Nicholas. He hated me to be happy.
- Anyone else?No friends?
- Only Peter.
Peter?Tell me about Peter.
Where did you meet him?
At the little cafee where most of students
go for lunch.
It's kept by an old Italian who's played #.
I remmembered the date.
June 14th.
The dress I was wearing in my old #
I just finished eating.
I thought someone was staring at me.
I looked up... that was Peter.
- You know you're working too hard?
- I like work.
- I like # only but I don't need it all the time.
- I don't work all the time.
I bet you don't stop when even you
are asleep. You looked so serious.
And do you ever smile?
When there is something to smile at.
Come on, put that code away now.
I'll show you some.
Thank you, I...
Peter was like that.
I've seen him before in the college.
But I never spoke to him.
And I didn't think that he even noticed me.
He was an American walking his way
through college.
Play in the dance band at night and study
during the day.
You now it's actually nothing wrong with you
- Thank you.
You'd better pray but it's the way
you've been brought up.
And you're extremly rude.
I supposed that's the way you're brought up.
I was random.
I must go.
Why you always run away when
you're having fun!
I don't. I have more important thing to do!
That's the trouble with you!
How often you take the evening and go to
the movies?
- Never!
- Here you are!
I don't like films.
But you should!
- Why?
- Because it take off yourself out of the real lives of #.
Oh, that's a good thing.
Of course it is, now you look.
Suppose this is a film...
Poor, struggling musician, that's me,
meets a good looking rich girl like you
- You know what happened?
- What?
She is cold.
and stuck up and rather #.
- But underneath she is falling love with
Mr poor, you see?- No.
That's because you don't go to the films!
- You know what happened next?
- No.
He just leans forward and kisses her.
- You know what she does?
- No.
She pushes him away and walks out of
the place.
leaving him standing there looking
like a dummy!
But it's only in films.
In real life, it's quite different.
Yes, quite different.
In real life, I just lean forward and kiss
you like this.
Do you know what you do?
You know this happens in films too.
Will you please go away?
After this naughty rich girl walks out of
tbe poor, struggling musician
you know, when he kisses her,
They are both awfully unhappy.
And after a day or two, they both take to
a haunting spot for they first met.
Because We both are getting pretty hungry I guess.
- Mary, took me two # awalys.
- I don't want to eat. I have my lunch.
Don't worry, you don't get any.
They are both for me.
I want you to realize I've been so miserable
I haven't eaten for a week!
Good evening!
Good evening, Nicholas.
I didn't know you are back.
Yes, I'm back.
You're looking rather pale..
Have you been working too hard?
- No, I don't think so.
- You're not ill?- No, I'm quiet well, thank you.
- Aren't you going to play for me?
- Yes, of course.
Are you mad?
But you asked me to play.
I ask you to play!
If you can't think anything better to play, on chromatic scale or 5 fingers exercise.
But spare me some suburban shop girl trash!
- Peter?
- en?
Did you know why I didn't come up yesterday?
Uncle Nicholas.
No. I went to the pictures.
You dare?
- who with?
- only myself.
It is a interesting film that...
It's about a girl who
knew a boy loved her.
but haven't the courage to ask her to marry
so... she thought about it..
and decided if he didn't ask her
she have to ask him..
- so... are you listening?
- yeah, huh..
Well, this girl, in the film, I mean..
She decided that she have to ask him herself
- Did she?
- No.
At last minute, her courage failed.
- En?
- Do you remmember saying film is a little reverse of real life?
They are.
I mean my courage hasn't fail me.
Peter, I want you to marry me.
That night as I sat up and waited for
Nicholas to come home,
I thought it's nothing to be frightened of.
He can't do anything.
Peter would take care of me now.
And then I heared his key in the lock.
- Nicholas!
- Good evening, Franchesca.
It's rather late for you to be up?
Yes, I suppose it is, but I must talk to you.
- Won't you wait till the morning?
- No, it's important.
Very well.
- Nicholas!
- Won't you wait me inside?
I'm sorry.
Well, now, what was it you
want to say to me?
I don't know how to start.
Why not start from the begining?
Like the usual way, isn't it?
Well, it's nothing usual about this..
so I start from the end...
Nicholas, I'm engaged.
Oh, good night.
- Did you heard what I said?
- Perfectly!
But... don't you understand?
I found a man I love
...and I want to marry me
he asked me and I said yes. -Go to bed!
Franchesca, before you go to sleep
pack a bag, we're leaving for Paris
in the morning.
Paris?You mean you're taking me to Paris?
- Yes?
- But I can't go.
I won't go.
I want to stay here with Peter.
What can I do in Paris.
You'll carry on with your studies.
I won't!
I won't go I tell you!
You can't make me.
I don't care whether I ever play again.
If you take away me from Peter
I wouldn't play again, I mean it!
Why can't you be kind to me..
Why are you treating me as though I was a child?
- Because you are!
- I'm not!I'm a grow-up woman. I have my right to live my own life.
I know what I want.
You're just trying to take it away from me!
The only thing I really cared for!
- I won't go, I won't! I won't!
I said how old are you!
Exactly, until you're 21 you're
in my care.
I'm your guardian. Your legal guardian.
Do you understand what that means?
It means you can't marry without my
You can't even leave this house without
my permission.
If you do, I can have you brought back
by the police, if necessary.
It's my duty to seize you behave properly
and don't make fool of yourself.
Is that clear?
Go to bed.
Go to bed.
From that moment, Nicholas never left me
out of his sight.
Until seven years before I saw Peter again.
Seven years of music.
Paris, Vienna, Rome
Seven years of Nicholas planning my life.
Turning into his dreams for concert
We lauched and dined in crowded restaurants.
We're always alone.
Of course you can't play tennis.
It will ruin your hands.
Nicholas was always reminding me of taking
care of my hands.
Take care of your hands.
They're your only wealthy asset.
Nicholas was always at my #.
never left me alone for a day.
I don't suppose anyone never live such
a sheltered life with Nicholas?.
Always think of your hands.
They're your most precious possession.
Nicholas never let me forget to be a pianist
Never risk coming...
Always talk music and my hands.
Always look after your hands.
You must take care of your hands.
My precious hands.
Your hands, your hands...!
Take after your hands.
Spread your skirt!
Let the knee drop right down!
Now try it again!
Smile!For heaven's sake, smile!
And remmember, bow to the conductor first..
and to the audience, all of us.
At last, Nicholas desicded that I was
ready for my first concert appearance.
It's in Venice.
Everyone was very kind.
and sinerely only came all the way from Rome
to hear my debut.
They're lovely, thank you.
Your're ready?
Yes, Nicholas!
Don't forget you wait for #
in the platform.
Take your time
Don't give signal until you're ready.
- You've got a handkerchief?
- Yes.
Turn around.
And around.
Let me see the front.
No hems in the embroidery.
- Don't let happen again!
- Yes, sir.
I happen to be a very old friend of Miss
- Franchesca!
- Susan!
You're susan brook, isn't it?
Dear, how clever of you to remember me
after all these year.
Darling, I married.
Franchesca and I were in school together you know.
Darling, you haven't change a bit.
Now you're famous pianist.
I only saw your name on bills
this afternoon. I said to my husband
He's my second.
The first was #.
This one is arch treasures.
- so much nicer, don't you think?
- You are dreadful.
I said to my husband.
"I was in school with that girl!"
and he said "may not be the same one"
You know how silly men are I said to him
"Yes, it is!I may be a panist too"
Then I told him that screamly funny story
how you failed your music exam, remember?
It was when we were in school.
One day we go to catch frogs
and I falled in the water
We got found out. The whole thing was
my fault of course.
But the head miss was absolutely leave it.
and insist on caning her hands #
Darling, do you put that down?
Of course I couldn't be careless.
But the joke of the whole thing was
Franchesca was sitting for
a music exam that same afternoon.
She played nothing on earth.
Failed miserably.
Just thing Franchesca failing her
first music exam.
- Isn't do funny?
- what's the matter, Franchesca, is something wrong?
Nothing, Nicholas, thank you.
Oh, did I say something I should not?
Well, I mustn't interrupt you anymore.
I'll go front and listen.
Darling, you must call me one day.
I'll introduce you all my husband's relatives.
Terribly old people.
Quite frighteningly rich.
Goodbye, darling!Don't forget to ring me!
I shall never forget it, never.
That awful fear of my hands.
I could almost feel my finger swealing
as I played.
- I know it's nonsense but I really did feelit.
feel it. -Yes.
I'm sure you did.
You never saw Peter all these time?
I managed to write letters from Paris
but the letters came back marked "Gone away".
Somehow I didn't mind.
I knew it sounds foolish.
But in some strange way, I knew that one day I must
we must get back to London again.
And when we did, I'd find Peter waiting.
I knew exactly how it happened and sure
I was in my dressing room
in the opera house, Copenhagen.
I was going to play the show.
And the door opened, Nicholas came in
He always came in without knocking.
That's how short of him
Cable from London,
They want you for the ab'tour, do you want to go?
Why ask me?You usually settle this things
without consulting me.
If I intended to save your trouble.
You know you do excatly you please.
- Can I, Nicholas?
- Of course!
You mean.. I can refuse this offer?
- Any offer?
- Of course. If you wish to.
No, I think I should like to go.
I'll wire them now.
That night when Nicholas came to collect me
after the concert.
He knocked my door.
Come in!
It is the first time I ever remmber him
doing so.
You're ready?
If you like to down to the Viking?
If you like.
- We can go to the Retender, if you rather.
- No, the Viking will do.
Franchesca there is something I
like to say to you.
Yes, Nicholas?
You said tonight that I never consulted
you of anything.
It doesn't matter.
It does. If I have done so
because I want your life to be smoothest and easiest as possible.
to save your worry.
Enable you concentrate on your music.
Let me finish.
I've devoted years
to converting a very ordinary little girl
in pig-tail into a first class artist.
I've given up everything to be with you.
to help your career.
And yet I have no demands on you at all.
No demands of any sort.
Do you understand?
Yes, Nicholas.
You're completely free to do as you please.
to come and go you chose.
Yes, Nicholas.
Good, then I understood.
Now I improvise the #
princess to dine
They're waiting for us in the wiking.
Tomorrow, after lunch we'll go a little
reception on the burgermasters.
I'll tell them you ought to be tired.
We'll play once, no encores.
Well, on Thursday, we'll...
Are you ready?
Just a minute.
On Thuresday I've arranged you
to play for the patient in the national hospital.
- Yes, Nicholas.
- Now, smile
A hundred people are # you.
No autograph #
you might take this from the car.
Where's that smile?
- Nervous?
- No.
- I'll be alright!
- Of course you'll be alright.
For suprise,
they have not got anything like you for 20 years.
- Ready?Miss Cunningham?
- Thank you.
Good luck, my dear.
I'll stay back here and wait for you.
I've made up my mind that
when the show is over, I would go and look for Peter.
I supposed I mustn't have realized
that he probably wouldn't be in that club anymore.
But what I haven't bargained for
was the name of the club should have changed.
All I can find out was that Peter
had a vow with the management and gone to Golden Please.
At the Golden Flease someone remmembered
that they've seen them in the Monte Carlo.
At the Monte Carlo, nobody knew where he was.
Except those receptionists thought he'd gone
to some halls in a big stage band.
And then when I gave up all hope finding him
My taxi suddenly stopped and there
looking staight at me, was
Peter's face.
Well, what happened then.
I'd rather not talk about it.
You can tell me.
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Alright.
Tell me about Max.
Yes, you remmember Max?
Maxwell Leyden.
- Yes.
- Tell me about him.
I was outside the door, listening.
You didn't know that I listen to the keyhole
, did you?
that was Nicholas did for me.
The door was half open anyway.
I can hear anything they were saying inside.
- Excellence cigar!
- King #.
I keep them for my closest friends.
and those for them I have favor to ask.
And I'm coming to the second catagory.
I hope my power could grand it.
Let's come straight to the point.
For sevaral years I've given
great mind on your work, expecially your portraits
I don't forget that lovely thing you did
for American ambassador's wife.
- Thank you.
- Now I'd like you to paint my ward.
Will you do it?
I'm afraid that would be impossible.
May I ask why?
I don't paint people anymore.
Besides I never met your ward.
That can be remedied.
She is not unattractive.
Of course she is lovely.
But it doesn't interest me.
Maybe I met too many beautiful woman.
- I've set my heart on it.
- I just don't paint portait anymore..
It interferes with my serious work.
Very well.
It's the end of that.
Good evening!
Franchesca, this is Maxwell Leyden.
My ward, miss Cunningham.
How do you do.
How do you do.
I've often heard you play.
In my studio.
- I've bought your records.
- That's very kind of you.
And you're doing a portrait
that anyone exciting at the moment?
No.. no.
- Nothing exciting at the moment.
- I was just suggesting Mr Leyden should paint your portait.
Oh. I don't care to have my portait painted.
I beg your pardon?
May I ask why?
Certainly it interferes with my serious
work. Goodnight, Mr Leyden.
Goodnight, Nicholas.
I hope my being here doesn't
interfere with your playing.
Not at all. When I'm working
I lost all my contect with the outside world.
I sometimes go on long
pass meal time.
- Do you?
- En.
If you do that, dear, just sleep away.
You don't mind?
I merely concentrated to my stomach.
Can you really work as well when I
am playing?
- No!
- You terribly...
- Because I've bargained I'm
not interfere with your work. -Even if my playing interferes with your work?
That's what you agreed on.
You like me stood for you properly
upon a daze, wouldn't you?
with my hands, arms and head
all arranged in a striking pose.
I was strict to instructions not to move untill you say so.
Would you still like me to do that it
for you?
I would love you to do that.
- In spite of our bargain?
- In spite of our bargain.
I'm not going to.
- Can I move?
- In just one second.
My neck's getting stiff.
I'm getting crap in a
most peculiar place.
- May I look?
- Not yet. You're going dressed.
- I think you are most secretive.
- And you'll be most curious.
Oh, thank you.
- Would you like some tea?
- No, thank you. I'm sure you would like to get back to the piano.
No, I doubt but I
shall ever able to play again.
- No?
- My neck is stiff. I shall not able to see the keyboards.
I'm sorry, but I think I can cure
that, turn around.
Is that it?
Everything about you is lovely.
Why, but I was the ugly duck in your
gallery of beauties.
- No, you're not, you are...
- What?
- That's you really know?
- En.
You're the most beautifully woman I've
ever painted.
Not because you're beautiful,
but because I'm in love with you.
hopelessly in love with you.
Good night.
Leyden, I would like to have a word
with you before you go.
Do you mind if I ask you a question?
Of course not, as long as you don't move.
Last time you were here, you said
something to worry me very much.
- Did I?
- But you must know what you did.
Oh, you mean I told you I was
in love with you.
But why should that worry you so much.
Surely the most natural thing in the world.
Not for me.
I hate love. I hate being in love.
I never wanted love happened to me again.
If you deny yourself of love,
Your might would be dead.
I'd rather be dead than go through
what I've been through all over again..
I was happy in the life
built up for myself.
I put fairly high wall of
musical around me and nothing can touch me, I'm safe and secure.
Then you had to come along and lock it
all down. I hate you for that.
On the country, you love me.
Maybe I do.
Well, would you like to look at it?
It's very.. very good.
I hate to think of Nicholas
having it.
Cause he look right through me
I hate to think Nicholas being able to do that.
You're frightened of him, aren't you?
- Yes.
- Why?
He has some extraordinary
power over me.
You'll think it's absurd but he
knows what I'm thinking and what I'm going to do.
almost frighten myself.
He's quite determined that I shall not
do anything that interferes with his plans.
- Then why do you stay with him?
- I don't know.
I don't think I can help myself.
- Let's don't talk about it.
- Alright.
- I'll get you a drink.
- Yes, please.
What're you going to do when you finished
- Take a holiday, I suppose.
- Have I been such hard work?
It's perhaps you have.
- Where would you go?
- I don't know yet, Italy, perhaps.
A village with an old temple down on a hill
above the sea.
very quiet.
Sounds lovely.
- Will you paint?
- Not unless you come with me.
Franchesca, we mustn't keep on
I'm in love with you and you love me.
We could be very happy.
We're both tired and miserable.
and be both losing something we really want
only because you're frightened.
Can't you forget it, come away with me?
- To Italy?
- En.
I'll be a very poor companion.
I don't believe it,
but I'll risk it.
I like to, Max, very much.
What is it, darling?
I was wondering how is
going to tell Nicholas.
- Let me tell him.
- No, I'll manage somehow.
Max, it's not important,
but, just how do you arrange things?
- How do you mean?
- Do you want to marry me?
I never thought of that.
- I see.
- Do you want me to?
I'm not sure.
- You know if you want...
- No...
I don't think it matters.
I see.
And when do you think you're getting married
I don't know, probably never.
- You said you're going to Italy.
- I am.
- You mean you'll live with him openly.
- Yes.
How can you even think of such thing.
I won't let it even in another world.
- Nicholas, I don't care whether
you listen or not.
I don't care what you say or what you do.
It's my life I propose to live it
in the way I think...
It's no good, you can't bob me anymore.
I'm grateful to something you've done for me
But I will never forgive you for some the others.
Anyway, It's over now.
I'm going with Max next week.
Please don't try to stop me.
...or make me change my mind.
Because I won't change my mind.
Nothing's going stop me.
Is that clear?
I'll say goodbye too before I go.
Franchesca, I haven't deserved this of you.
I always treated you as though you're my...
my own daughter.
All the love and sympathy I've had I gave to you.
My life hasn't been happy
I never gonna tell you but I'll
tell you now.
You're the one beautiful thing
that made in my life.
I can't live without you.
You must know that.
I can't give you up.
I won't give you up you're a great
Great artist just don't happen to be
made. I happen to make you.
I spend 10 years training you motivating you
you'll be my life's work.
It's a absurd way you away with a man
who doesn't even want to marry you.
Franchesca, listen to me!
You can't stand up against me.
You don't got strength.
You do as I say.
I demand that you give up this man.
I demand that you sent him away.
Listen, we'll go to American.
They've been asked you for Newyork for monthes.
Now we can go, we'll go.
You and I together
This happened before once, you remmember?
Came with me away then, you weren't sorry
were you?
# love that boy You don't love him.
I'll tell you why.
You belong to me.
We must always be together. You know that, don't you?
Promise me you stay with me always!
Very well if that's the way you wanted.
You won't play for me you shan't play for anyone else again.
What happened, darling!
Get in car.
Max won't let me go back to the house
even to pack a bag.
He gave me his raincoat to keep me warm.
We drove to what seemed to be asked.
the coldest and darkest night.
I felt completely none.
All I could realized was that I was
completely free.
Free at last from Nicholas.
and everything he stood for.
Nothing could touch me again, nothing!
I woke up in the nursing home.
For a moment I couldn't think what
had happened.
I looked out at my hands.
They are bandaged and I couldn't
move them.
I knew then I shall not play again.
Thank you, nurse.
Hello, Franchesca.
Oh, that's nothing.
Hello, darling
Why didn't you kill me properly.
It was an accident, darling,
I couldn't help it.
I know you couldn't help it.
But I'd rather be dead.
- The Doctor say you'll be up one day or two.
- I don't want to get up.
- I want to die.
- Why?
Look at my hands.
They're only slightly burned.
no burns scar
nothing will be left
in a week or two. -I don't belive you.
But it is so!
Ask the doctor, ask the nurses.
I don't belive them either.
You all say it to keep me quiet.
I know I tell you I know.
She's never able to be used again. I'll never play anymore.
- Nonsense.
- Don't touch me!
I wish I were died.
I wish I were died!
Thank you, nurse.
Your coat, doctor?
I'll be back tomorrow at 5 o'clock.
Yes, doctor.
- Have another injection, doctor?
- No, it won't be necessary, Miss Cunningham and I are friends now.
So here we have Franchesca Cunningham's case
:the caning in school resulting her failure
of the music examination
and fear of her hands to be injured,
the attempt by her gardian to smash her hands
finally the car crash, the shock of finding
herself in hospital with her hands' bandaged.
All these things together
produced the fixation, barrier
in the patient's subconscious mind.
which preventing her full recovery.
It is the barrier we now have to break down.
I believe I have found a way to do it.
That's why I've put on the hypnosis.
With the help of the music,
Music will know who she loves.
I'm going to suggest to have the way to conquer this fixation.
If I can make her play the piano.
I shall wake her up why she is acturally
and she will no there is nothing
really wrong with her hands.
I've got some records here
made by Miss Cunningham a few years before.
I propose to play one of them
in a moment. You'll put this on, will you?
Now, Miss Cunningham,
I want you to listen to me carefully.
and do what exactly I tell you.
You understand, don't you?
Give me your hands and get out.
I want you to come with me.
I want you to sit down here at the piano.
That's right.
Now, would you like to hear some music
not to me if you want me to play you
some music.
There, there's your music
just as I promised you.
Isn't it beautiful?
Don't you want to play it yourself?
- Play.
- Yes.
- Don't you want to play?
- I can't.
Yes, yes, you can!
You can if you want to.
And you do want to, don't you?
Not to me, if you want to.
And play!
Your hands are on the keys now.
Your hands want to play.
You want to play, don't you!
Try, try!
Promise you stay with me always
promise me... very well
That's the way I wanted... very well..
If you won't play for me, you shouldn't play for others again
Take me away, take me away...
Oh, yes, will you take a seat please.
- I would like to speek to you for a moment.
- Certainly
I've just come from the nursing home.
They told me you have removed Miss Cunningham from their care.
- Is that so?
- Yes!
Mr Leyden I felt my duty to go on treating
I'm sorry, doctor, after what you said
treating, you will read that she had suffered enough.
She will go on suffering until she is cured.
- All she need is rest.
- Yes, but it's for her body not for her mind.
- Her mind will restore itself if left alone.
- No, her mind needs treatment.
Your treatment is likely to injure
her mind forever.
Are you aware of your responsibility
if you prevent me from finishing my treatment.
It's Miss Cunningham who will pay for it was
more suffering. One day you'll have to come back to me.
Only it might be too late.
I'm sure I can give result if we carry on right away.
I'm sorry, doctor.
Very well.
- How is she today?
- Fine, thank you.
I see.
Mr Leyden this is all wrong.
This is all wrong.
I do not want to fail
with this particular case.
Would you mind if I went to Miss Cunningham's
- And ask his permission to treat her?
- Not at all.
- Only he won't be her gardian much longer.
- No?Why is that?
We are to be married next week.
Oh, I see.
Excuse me, but have you get her consent?
- I propose to ask her.
- Mr Leyden that poor girl has no condition to make up her mind
at anything at the moment, I warn you.
What you are doing is very dangerous.
I'm preparing to take the risk, doctor.
Very well.
- Good day!
- Good day.
- Doctor Larsen?
- It's good of you to see me.
Take a seat.
Thank you.
- Your business?
- I've come to ask your assistants in a case which I'm working.
What is the case?
The name of my patient is Miss Cunningham,
Franchesca Cunningham.
- Well?- Miss Cunningham is your niece.
- She is my second cousin.
I see. But she has lived with you in
in this house. I take you often heared her playing the piano, practising and so on...
What's all this leading up to?
I have a record here.
It's assumed which has some importance in the case.
I wonder if I could play to you.
If you would be good enough to tell me whether you know
you know anything about it.
or some sentimental associations
or it's connected with everyone she knew.
- Go ahead!- Thank you!
Don't expect me know anything about her
private affairs. -It's all possible.
Get out!
You dropped you cane, Mr Cunningham.
Allow me to thank you
You have helped me out through.
I always knew of you about the power over Miss Cunningham.
But now I know why.
I know what she means to you.
- I wish to see Mr Leyden.
- Mr Leyden is out of home, sir.
I'll wait.
It's quite safe.
I shan't steal the pictures.
So you're still angry with me.
I'm not to be forgiven ah?
It is no consequence.
I'm not stupid enough to expect forgiveness
from anyone except myself.
And I'll never forgive myself if I allow
you to go on like this.
You know there is nothing
matter with you, don't you?
You know you can be cured quite easily
and play again if you want to.
No, I don't know. I don't think so.
Lawson can cure you if you give him
the chance.
I can understand Leyden don't want you to
get to better.
It means he loose you and of course
the last thing he want.
But you, can't understand you.
Don't you want to be the real Franchesca
I shall never play again, never.
- If you don't, it's your own fault.
- My fault?
It's no use bruting of the past.
It's your future you should be thinking
I have no future.
- Larsen can give it back to you.
- They couldn't ask him.
I see. Larson failed to work miracles
so he is not allowed to another chance, is that it?
- Won't you let him try again?
- No.
Not for me?
You're the most absurd woman I've
ever known.
You remmembered the first time I asked
you to play for me?
You're stubborn as same as you.
- I was frightened.
- Frightened?Am I such a frightening person?
- Yes.
- You're not frightened now, you're smiling.
- It's funny.
- What's funny?
It's so different when you're kind.
When you like this, I'll do anything for you.
Then you'll play again, won't you?
All you got to do is to make up
your mind.
- Larson will do the rest.
- I can't, Nicholas, I've tried.
Look at me!Look at me!
I tell you there's nothing to be
frightened of ever again.
Nothing... to be frightened of... ever again.
- You really want to play, don't you?
- Yes, I do, Nicholas!
- And you'll see larson.
- Yes, I'll see larson!
The clinic?
May I speak to doctor Larson please?
- You want me?
- Are you Mr gay?
- That's right.
- My name is Larson.
- How do you do?
- I'm a doctor. -I don't need a doctor, I'm pretty fit as I am.
Very good to hear that. But I
come here because I belive you know a patient of mine.
Miss Cunningham, Franchesca Cunningham
Sure, I do, but why?
Is she in any trouble?
In very great trouble, Mr gay.
I belive you can help me to put it right.
You knew Mr Cunningham very well
at one time, did you not?
Yeah, I did, but...
Then she went away to the continent.
When she come back, first thing she did
was coming to see you, here.
Mr gay, I want you to tell me what happened
that night.
- Nothing, nothing at all.
- Something must have happened.
Oh, I told her I was married.
That is what you mean?
How did she take it?
She just walked out of me.
She is like that you know.
Miss Cunningham have ever met your wife?
Not as I know.
We've divorced 2 years ago.
- I'm sorry.
- That's alright.
There is one more thing.
I was curious you used to dance to.
- Waltz?
- Yes.
They haven't got a gramma phone record
by any chance.
Oh, I'm afraid I haven't.
Could you get one?
Yeah, I'm sure I could.
It's all of course pretty corny but it still sweet if you like my way.
Yes, Mr Gay, I want you to get that
record for me, or rather for Miss Cunningham.
- I'll bring it to this address, do you mind?
- Not at all. -Tomorrow, tomorrow at 7.- OK.
- Thank you, Mr gay. -Goodbye, doctor.
- Anything I can do, bring my boys along her.
Your boys?
No, that won't be necessary.
Cause not your boys she was in love with.
This way, sir.
Who is that?
His name is Peter Gay.
He is the poster of new religion called swing.
What has he got to do with Miss Cunningham?
He is the man she wanted to marry.
I shouldn't do that. It won't help.
What's that music?
Called # if you like.
It's a tune used to dance to.
Why should it be played now?
- Won't you at the last experiment he made?
- Yes.
Then you ought to be able to imagine
what's going on?Whisky?
- Yes, please.
- Parka?Whisky for Mr Leyten.
- Well?
- Well what?
- Did anything happen?
- I shan't figure out myself
Is she alright?What did Larson say?
I guess I have to do something,
but it's a way ahead me.
What's good to turn the clock back anyway?
Never did anyone any good.
I wouldn't be too sure of that.
Have a drink.
Hadn't she played beautifully?
- Is she playing?
- Yes, that's my Franchesca.
Can I go up now?
It would be pity to interrupt her.
Doesn't she want me with her?
- Perhaps.
- What do you mean "perhaps"?
Forgive me, gentalmen. I'm afraid that
I should explain to you at once. But the music has put it out my mind.
Yes, I think I can promise you a complete
But... you have to prepare yourself for
a new Franchesca.
A new and very different person.
In what way?
You see the past is over for her now
Her mind is clear and the clouds have been swepetd away
She's no longer afraid. But you wouldn't
be satisfied with the change in her, I don't know
but might be wise not to expect too much.
- Are you trying to tell me she...
- I'm trying to tell you if you want to be
the one she loves
or the one she's being happiest with
or the one she can not do without?
or the one.. she trusts?
- And who is that?
- It's hardly fair for me to say.