The Sex Addict (2017) Movie Script

- Hey Rex! -It's me, your
buddy, Horatio Sanz.
This is Ken Davitian,
your... brothel buddy.
- It's Bryan Callen.
- I heard what happened.
- I heard about your accident.
- I'm sorry it happened.
I've been working
on making amends.
- And it's bumming me out, man.
- I don't know what to say.
Go fuck yourself,
you piece of shit prick.
I hope you die
and I hope you die slowly,
preferably of a horrible
disease in your face.
What doesn't kill you,
makes you harder.
All right?
High-five that.
But better it happened
to you than me.
Because you, fuck face,
piece of shit prick
that you are...
- I love you.
- You fucked my girl.
Then I hope you get help.
I actually stopped going
to the therapist.
And you know what?
I am having a ball.
I have unleashed the beast.
I was taking a pee
and it started to burn
what I did have was gonorrhea.
I met somebody
in San Bernardino.
Anal's only $200.
So, how can you beat that?
And guess who gave
it to my girlfriend?
You did,
you piece of cunt fuck shit.
When you get out of this
and you get better,
we're gonna take our tour,
Tijuana down to Portland.
Now, while we're broken up,
I'm moving out of this house...
And I'm gonna get you back some day.
Fuck you.
What? I'm coming, I'm coming.
No, I'm not "coming",
I'm coming.
I'm going.
Another high-five.
All right, buddy,
take care of yourself.
Hi, I'm Suzanna Murphy
and this is my dissertation
on sexual addiction.
- We own you, we own you.
- Turn around.
- Shut up.
Shut up.
I'm studying to become
a sex therapist.
I'm studying sex psychology
and the focus
of this dissertation
is to objectively document
a sufferer of sexual addiction
for the next ten days.
In order to do so, we sent out
an ad via Craigslist,
received hundreds of applicants.
There was a $3,000 incentive
for the subject to participate
in this dissertation
and we have gone through a few follow-up
phone calls, some questionnaires.
I think we finally
have chosen our subject.
So, we're gonna go down
the street to the coffee shop,
meet with them, I'm gonna
bring my cameraman along
just in case, as a precaution...
It is somebody
with sex addiction,
we wanna make sure
we're careful.
I also... more precautions...
Have my rape whistle.
Haven't had to use it yet,
so fingers crossed.
Also I made sure I didn't, um,
ladyscape underneath
the armpits,
didn't shave for
a couple of weeks as well,
make it unrapey down there.
Also, I can fake a lazy eye
that I found out
at a party one time in college,
to make myself more unattractive
to potential predators.
So, we're gonna go down there
now, meet with our subject
and get started, so, here we go.
Okay, so here we are
on Suzanna Murphy's dissertation
on sex addiction.
Right now, we're gonna go
meet my cameraman,
and it looks like
he's right over here.
- Hello! Good, how are you?
- Hey, how are you doing?
- You got the camera going, huh?
- Yeah. Can you do me a favor?
- Just introduce yourself before us here.
- Sure, sure.
- My name is Roger,
I'm gonna be your camera guy...
- That was weird.
- I guess someone's beeping, huh?
- Okay, I'm gonna give this over to you.
- All right.
All right, you ready?
Yeah, we're meeting him in here?
Um, we're gonna go meet Rex.
He's our subject
for the dissertation.
I've only been taking
to him via e-mail so...
So it's almost like
a weird blind date.
- Um, thanks again for being here.
- No problem.
Okay... um...
Why don't you post up
right over here?
I think that'll be good.
How you looking, okay?
- Suzanna?
- Hey... Rex?
- Yes. I'm Rex.
- Nice to meet you.
Good to meet you.
- I guess we'll get started.
- Okay.
As you know,
this is a dissertation
for my PHD for sex addiction,
and I really...
I just really want you to feel
like you are in a safe place.
You can be open and honest
with your answers.
It's really important,
'cause you know, the more honest
the better we're gonna be
this whole process, so...
Um, great.
I'm gonna get started
and just ask you
a couple of questions...
- Okay.
- If that's okay.
Can you tell me, around...
What the age was that
you first lost
your virginity and what that
experience was like for you.
It wa...
How old are you
in middle school?
- I'm sorry?
- Middle school?
About what age is that?
13, 14?
- Ish I believe, yeah.
- Yeah, let's go with that.
Um, locker room, classic,
you know, kinda story...
Walk in and... bam!
It happened.
I'm sorry, what happened?
Bam! It happened.
How did...
You can't just...
You're telling me that you
walked into a locker room
- and you just...
- And things happened.
- And you just...
- Yeah.
There was no love involved.
- You... -I was hoping
there'd be love involved.
- There was no affection.
- Okay.
- The coach was there, the students,
the teachers. -That sounds...
- Wow, that's...
- The whole team.
- Everyone was there.
- That sounds horrifying.
It was horrifying.
- Are you okay? Are you okay to
move forward with this? -I'm good.
- Yes.
- Okay.
Who was your first
sexual partner?
- Um, her name was Rebecca.
- Okay.
And she... wow!
It was like riding
a roller coaster.
- Oh.
- Hey! You fucking ape.
I told you never to fucking
speak about her.
- I'm sorry, sir, can you...
- She asked me the question.
- Who are you? -You were never
supposed to speak about Rebecca.
- I know.
- We talked about that.
- I know.
- We don't bring her up.
I know. I...
She asked the question.
I'm trying to answer it.
- Oh, okay. -Do you understand
what I'm trying to do?
Don't speak her name.
- I know.
- Hey, guys!
- All right, this is... I'm just..
- Hey, guys!
I'm working on my PHD, right?
Like, I'm not...
This is my first rodeo.
What's going on?
Clearly you are not Rex. Rex!
I don't listen to country music and
I don't know how to get to a rodeo.
- I got the answers.
- Just go, just get out.
- You fucked up. You don't have the answers.
- Please, leave.
- I got better things to do.
- The jig is up, good-bye.
- I don't need to be here. -We spent
two hours last night and you're done.
- I'm going home.
- You give shitty answers.
- Eh!
- Get out of here, Disney.
Hi, Rex.
We haven't been formally
introduced yet.
Why do you have a camera?
Why do you?
I could ask you the same.
- It's part of my dissertation.
- Little Ralph Macchio over here,
27 years ago before he broke
his ankle at the tournament.
No one cares who that is
and no one knows who that is.
Well, maybe you don't
because you're not American.
I'm Suzanna.
Nice to meet you.
Formal greetings. Is this the
hand you touch yourself with?
Excuse me, what...
God, what are you doing?
Hey, can you keep it
down over there?
I'm trying
to write my screenplay.
No one cares about
your screenplay.
Do me a favor
and take off your hood
and your glasses, please.
You're telling me
how to dress now?
I'm asking you to be somewhat
professional for this.
The unabomber look
doesn't do it for you?
Would you walk into
a interview like that?
- Don't answer that.
- Whatever.
Thank you.
Can we get started?
Yeah, we can get started by
putting the money on the wood
because I'm not gonna have
Ralph Macchio over here
fucking film me for free.
That's not the deal.
Huh, cobra Kai?
You still have nightmares
from that night, don't ya?
Oh, my god.
You get this now.
It's a quarter.
You will get the rest upon completion of
the dissertation, is that understood?
It is understood. Can you
now move your enlarged hand?
My hand is not enlarged.
- Yeah, it is.
- No, it's not.
You could grip
a fucking basketball.
Okay, that's not true,
and not to mention,
it's been really hot out, and
when it's hot your fingers swell.
It's not my fault.
- I want U.S. dollars. I don't...
- You're getting U.S. dollars.
I don't accept Saddam dollars.
What does that even mean?
That's not a thing.
Okay, I don't know
how you are a PHD candidate.
Okay, you know what?
Are we gonna be adults?
- Are we gonna be professional adults?
- I'm trying to be. I'm trying.
You are not trying to do anything
right now other than annoy me.
I really am. No...
Can you do me a favor
and please state your name
and your addiction
into the camera?
Rex... look, I know that you're
under a lot of emotional stress
right now and this is difficult for you,
but you're gonna have to get through it.
If we're gonna make it out of
this ten days alive,
you're gonna need to start.
Do this now.
We will continue tomorrow.
- I'm Rex. I'm a sex addict.
- Oh, my god.
And I will fulfill
Suzanna Murphy's destiny.
Call me tomorrow
when you can be an adult.
God, I hate you.
See you at 1:00.
All right, guys, so, you know,
I'm kinda particular
about my space,
so, just be mindful
of the environment.
I like... I kinda like my things
set as they are...
Okay, we won't touch anything.
How can I see...
How do I really... you know,
you know,
this small little place,
this is my Jergens right there.
Gotta have some Jergens.
- I think I use the same one.
- It's fun, it's fun.
- A bong, guy, right there.
- Please, do not smoke anything.
Do you need one?
I feel like she needs one.
- I think nobody needs any of
the pot right not. -Well.
- I'm digitizing my fucking porn.
- Okay.
- This is little Jabari's fun
little toy right here. -Great.
So, this is little Jabari.
He keeps the house
nice and neat while I'm gone
and I much prefer him
to my old Weiner dog, Stevie.
Don't you, Jabari?
Don't you?
I'm actually really thirsty.
Okay, yeah, help yourself.
- If you want anything, guy,
- okay.
- Then grab something.
- Guy?
- Okay.
- That's fine, So...
So, why did you decide
to do a...
You know, a dissertation
on sex addiction,
the recidivism rate?
Just what I wanted to do.
It's gotta be some basis,
some curiosity...
I don't think we need
to talk about me.
- This is about you, Rex.
- Was mom running around town?
Is that what mother was doing?
- What was the mother reference about?
- Papa?
- Where's papa?
- No one calls them that.
It's hot in here.
Getting tired.
Why don't you
come sit over here?
God. Ow.
Yeah, it's okay. Yeah, come...
I got you. I got you.
Suzanna, I'm gonna
go to the bathroom
- before we do this.
- That's a good idea.
Good timing, guy.
The juice
would wake me up, but...
- The juice?
- The sugar.
Mmm, I don't rec...
The juice.
So, this is my drink.
It's called seduce juice.
I've been trying to patent it
for the last year and a half.
They are giving me difficulties
saying it's pretty much
a mix of nyquil and Kool-aid.
It's not 100% accurate, though.
I think I'd love to take
this to "shark tank."
Mark Cuban, I think
this is exactly for you,
probably wouldn't sell in the
U.S. territories at this point
somewhere more where they
encourage rape,
like, I don't know,
Pakistan or NCAA sports.
Okay, you're gonna go to sleep
for a while now, okay?
Just go to sleep...
Yes, yes...
Look at this foot...
You gotta a pivot foot like
Vlade Divac in his prime.
I kinda like it.
Picking you
for my center position...
In rec basketball.
You know, the sock is never
really fully appreciated.
It's like the underwear
for the foot.
I'm back.
That was quicker
than I anticipated.
Mmm... what she was
saying before you left...
Um, she was telling me
to relay a message
tell guy to go ahead
and move on without me.
I'm gonna kinda hang out here.
Why is she asleep?
She's tired,
she's had a long day.
Why are you taking
off her shoes?
So she'll be comfortable.
I mean, I don't like...
Do you like sleeping
in your shoes?
- No.
- Okay, makes sense.
So go ahead. You can let
yourself out right now.
- And...
- -I don't know if that's a good idea.
Oh, I think it's a great idea.
Um, Suzanna?
- What, dude?
- -Suzanna, can you hear me?
Hey, quiet down
a little bit, okay?
What do you need?
What's your angle?
What's your angle?
I mean, do you need
to participate?
Do you wanna... do you wanna
shoot this shit?
What do you want?
I'm usually my own camera guy.
I kinda set up my own tripod.
That's kinda my thing.
But, um, you know,
if you wanna put a camera on me
to get this transaction rolling
I can work with it,
I'm not gonna make you
any promises, okay?
But if that's what you need...
Let me know.
I am so...
How long was I asleep for?
For like an hour.
Why are my feet so slippery?
Somebody put lotion on my feet?
You left me on the couch with...
With this sex addict?
You can't just leave me alone
in his lair.
Did you not see the things
that are around?
There's an axe on the table.
- I don't care...
- Hey!
Hey, I made omelets,
do you guys want omelets?
- No, we're fine, thank you.
- You don't want omelets?
I'm really super full...
From the juice.
- Okay, you want any more?
- No.
Hi, I'm Mary Carey,
former adult film star
and politician.
When I was 12,
I was jacking off to you.
I don't know if that's possible.
- Um, I would've voted for you...
- How old are you?
Umm, I mean, how old do I look?
Hmmm, I'm gonna go with 47.
I have a Benjamin button
thing going.
- 47 -do you think porn
desensitizes men?
Um, I do think porn
desensitizes men,
based off guys I've dated.
So you do...
You, being a former porn star,
you do take responsibility
for me having to...
Jack off to a Daniel Pearl
beheading video just to get off?
Um, I mean, well,
I don't think it's my fault,
- but...
- Apology accepted.
- Okay.
- I appreciate that.
- Hey.
- Hey, guys, how's it going?
Oh, man, good.
So this is it, huh?
It's where the magic happens.
This is my office and
I thought it'd be a good idea
to see me with human resources over here.
Don't mind her.
- Hi, I'm Suzanna.
- No, that's fine.
Don't make her feel
like a full human being.
That's terrible, Rex.
- Here we are, man.
- Yeah, welcome, welcome.
I'm so excited.
We get to see what you do.
- Yeah.
- What... is it you do, exactly?
What we do here, we sell
dreams, we sell aspirations
and treasure chests
full of love.
- Okay.
- And what that means is,
do you hate people
that abuse puppies?
- Yes.
- Great. Give us $30 a month.
We will work to eradicate
puppy abusers.
It's... it's a... we're a
non-profit organization.
What else do we do?
We... let's see...
What are you...
You into...
Um, "faces of death"?
You know those great DVDs,
"faces of death"?
They were for children,
I believe?
What? A children's DVD
called "faces of death"?
They're called "faces of death"
and you play them for children,
and you educate them
about how life happens,
and what happens if you take
the wrong turn, you might die.
Well, I'm working on...
With one of our investors
a series called
"faces of meth."
Much scarier.
We are looking at increasing
breeding of parakeets.
What do we have in this country?
- We've got too much violence.
- Yep.
- We have too much crime.
- Yeah.
We have too much seacrest.
I'll tell you that
much, my friend.
Yeah, he's been
all over the place.
But what do we not have
enough of?
- Parakeets.
- Exactly, my friend.
Do you wanna get some
of this on him, maybe?
Hey, guy... you...
You go ahead, come over here.
I gotta show you something.
Check that out.
- Oh, what is it?
- It's just a document...
Oh, is it parakeets mating?
No, it's something else mating.
- Oh.
- Right?
Okay, maybe we should
keep it a little...
Yeah, yeah, that's what
it's all about right there.
Hey, boss!
What's going on in here?
So, Guv'nor, good job on
this recruit report, huh?
- Way to sell that!
- Boss, what's up? Black power?
- Rex, how are you doing?
- Hi, I'm Suzanna.
- Who the hell are you?
- So nice to meet you.
I'm here to do my dissertation.
Wait... wait,
what's all this about?
Rex said that
you gave us permission
to be able
to come and film today.
Oh, to film.
Yeah, no. No.
Am I a valued member
of this company?
No. Honestly, no.
Just do your job. Get the
extra people out of here.
- It's a fire hazard, it's a work hazard.
- Sir, really?
If you wanna go back
to the homeland, keep it up.
I'll send your ass
back there. Work.
The homeland? Where does
he think you're from?
That had racial overtones,
did it not?
Yeah, it was a little weird...
Let's celebrate diversity,
why are we picking
on each other here?
Except for her. Socialism,
let's work to eliminate that.
Hey, Diego,
you're done with her?
- Yeah, I'm done. -Okay, cool.
So what I need from you, sir,
I need you to to get me
a partition right here.
So that I no longer
see her face.
- Okay, any color?
- That's maintenance.
Diego, you don't need to worry
about that, darling.
Well, go ahead and give
maintenance a call for me.
I appreciate that.
Thank you.
- He seems like a good guy.
- He is a good guy.
Her, not so much.
Okay, all right,
do we have written...
Authorization to be here?
Because I don't think
I have any, anywhere.
We have the verbal authorization
and you know what,
in this country,
the court of law, the verbal is just as
good. You can make verbal contracts.
I'm not really fussed about this
country and its verbal crap.
Okay, I need you to get out now.
Can we just stop the
socialist accent for a second?
I just need you to get out.
Yeah, well, I'll see you guys
back at the apartment. I'm sorry.
- Off you go.
- -You see what I'm dealing with here.
It's open.
- Hey. Is Rex home?
- Hello.
No, he's on his way
home from work.
You look really familiar.
Do I know you?
Aren't you the kid that tried to
tell me you were Rex the other day?
Is that where I know you from?
It was so long ago.
I couldn't even remember.
It was yesterday.
Anyways, he'll be home
any moment.
Okay, um...
Well, do you have a second?
I can talk to you.
- Are you getting this?
- Yeah.
What are you working on?
Oh, this... all these tapes,
this is Rex's sex box...
- Oh.
- With tapes.
Um, these are all the women
he's filmed having sex with.
I'm just going through,
I'm labeling them.
- They're all on VHS? -Yeah.
He's not really up to date.
He's not the smartest
or the brightest.
So my job, I'm taking everything
off VHS, running through it,
checking it over and I'm putting
it digitally on a hard drive.
And then I'm labeling it.
See this one?
"Squirting cum fart."
That's a completely
different category
then just "squirting"
and "cum fart."
It's "squirting cum fart"
all in one.
One hard drive.
- See where I'm going?
- Yeah.
- A lot of organization going on.
- Sure.
Could you print up
a label for me?
Yeah, what is this one
gonna say?
"Dick knocker."
- That's d-i-c...
- I know how to spell it.
So I've been interning
for him for I think...
Is it one word or two?
- One word. Yeah.
- Okay.
- You're in school right now.
- I am, I am. I'm a junior.
Oh, so you're how old?
Um, we don't need
to discuss that.
Just kinda working on
adult entertainment.
I think I'm an adult.
Legally, I'm not, but...
What are you... so you're doing
this for school credit?
Yeah, yeah, I need one more
credit to graduate and...
Well, Rex needed some help
with organization.
And he told me that there
is a credit in organization.
So I'm going to go
ahead and organize...
- Oh, I see.
- These tapes.
- You're here. What's up?
- Hey.
- Hey, Theodore, how are you doing?
- What's up?
How's the tapes coming along?
Good, I'm halfway through them.
I've only gotten
a few labels, though,
'cause I gotta learn
how to spell these things.
Well, learn how to spell 'em, man.
That's what Google's for.
I know how to spell, but you got
certain things like "squirt-ti-ting,"
like, it's more than
one squirt or something,
- like, how many "I-n-g's?"
- It's an emphasis.
It's more squirting
than regular squirting.
What the fuck is an emphasis?
It's an emphasis
in the squirting.
Squirting and then
like you just said,
it's double the squirting.
That doesn't work as a label.
We can have volume one,
volume two, volume three.
Put squirting squared,
I don't care.
I'm trying to organize
this for you,
- but you're not giving me any help.
- Don't be so hard on him.
He's an intern.
He's only working for credit.
Yeah, he's getting life credit.
Valuable life credit.
- That's not a thing.
- It is a thing.
When I was his age,
you know, 12, 13, 14,
I did the same type of task
for other people.
I told you my birthday like 10 times.
It was last week.
That was mlk day, I think.
I don't know what that means.
Am I gonna get a credit?
Am I gonna graduate?
You gotta ask yourself that,
I mean, I don't...
I don't have
your progress report
I'm not your teacher.
You're getting life credit,
which is more valuable
than anything.
That's not gonna help me.
It will, according to her.
It's not gonna help him.
- In life, it will.
- It's not gonna help him.
I gotta graduate
to make it in life.
I'm done.
I'm done.
Hey, you need to check
your tone, dude, seriously.
No, you've been having
me watch all this porn.
I've been teaching you.
There's a difference.
I hope you haven't been
teaching him anything.
I've been teaching you
how to be with women.
- You're young...
- I'm gonna go back to school
to learn how to do that
'cause this is a waste of time.
I've been watching you fuck for
hours and hours. I'm done.
I'm a fucking show stopper.
I don't care what
that even means.
- I'm taking this.
- You're not taking that.
Yes, I am.
I'm outta here, man.
- You need to do some soul searching, buddy.
- Shut up, Rex.
- You need to do some soul searching.
- Whatever, Rex.
Hey, do some fucking
soul searching.
Don't you ever show your face in
this town again, you hear me?
- You told him he was getting a life credit?
- Yeah, a life credit.
- That's not a thing, Rex.
- It is a thing.
- It's not.
- Google it.
There is such thing
as life credit, okay?
It's work for experience...
- Do you think... -...So you can
be a well-rounded person.
Really? Why don't you
try to tell him
that he's working
for experience?
I don't know what kind of deal
you have with him.
- He's getting paid.
- Okay.
In what, rubles?
Rex, can you tell us
a little bit
about your background, please?
Um, I am Persian.
Of course, there's no country
called Persia anymore.
Jake Gyllenhaal has fucked
Persians over
for his fucking
portrayal of Persians.
I grew up in a very
white-centric area.
I like to call them crackers.
I don't think that's
I think it is for the torture
that they put me through.
Well, let's just refer
to them as Caucasians
for the purpose
of this interview.
There's nothing Asian about
those Caucasians, miss.
I would get made
fun of for being
the skin color that I have.
I would get spit on.
I would get called
the n-word.
At least call me a sand...
At least be accurate,
is the point
I'm trying to make here.
I was an only child.
My parents had me,
probably in vitro.
- Um...
- Did you say "in vitro?"
Yeah. I'm just guessing,
because I was the only child.
So I'm guessing that they tried
exceptionally hard to have a child
- and they had to have some help through doctors...
- -I understand.
And the science community
and whatnot.
I had sex with
a family friend's daughter
which doesn't sound that bad
but she was set to get married
in the coming weeks.
How far away are your parents?
Um. About 50 minutes away.
No traffic, so, I don't know.
That's not bad.
What time is it?
That's not happening.
We're not gonna go.
I think we should go over there.
We're not gonna do that.
I think we should go
and try to talk to them.
I think this is
the perfect opportunity
- for you to make amends.
- I'm saying no.
You need to respect
my boundaries at this point.
You have to respect
that I'm trying to help you
and that this is part
of the process.
You're trying to help yourself
and your fucking documentary,
and your fucking dissertation.
I already told you
I don't wanna talk about it.
I'm not gonna go
see my parents, okay?
I've tried to talk to them.
You're not...
You guys can go ahead.
Go ahead. I'll be sitting here.
I'm not going anywhere.
I can definitively say to you
that I'm not going anywhere.
I'm telling you,
they're not gonna want
to see me.
They're your parents.
They probably miss you.
- Son?
- Hi.
- Is that you?
- Mom?
It's me.
It's your son.
You're my son? No!
We don't have a son.
We don't.
I am your son.
I made a mistake.
I made a mistake!
How many mistakes did you make?
Come on!
- Please!
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Come on, Rex, don't actually...
You just told me to die.
That's mean.
- Go to hell!
- Oh.
- Do you understand?
- You go to hell.
I'm in America.
I can stand wherever I want.
I told you we can't go in there.
Some people need
more time to heal and to...
It's been about a year.
11 months or so.
According to everything
I know thus far
I think it might take
a little longer.
Maybe you don't know that much.
What are you doing?
That's my stuff.
Do they normally
act this violent?
No, they're not violent.
I mean, I grew up
with guns in the house.
Wait, what?
Yeah, my dad. He hunts.
We used to eat
venison all the time.
Okay, that's not what
I thought you meant
when you said
"guns in the house."
Sometimes I wondered, though,
what I was eating, or... Who.
Rex, you stay here,
I'll go get it.
You are not welcome here.
You are not.
Fuck you guys.
Forget you.
- All right, whatever.
- I'm just gonna get the box.
I'll go find new parents.
Hurry up.
I'm going! I'm going!
Hey, guy, let's get outta here.
I'm going!
Rex, start the car!
We're sorry!
I just need a minute.
Yeah, yeah, take your time.
I know family issues are really
tough to deal with.
You know they're gonna
come around.
Yeah. I'm sure they will.
Let's see what I rescued,
shall we?
"My neck, my back?"
It was a hit.
I was listening to s club 7
when that came out.
I'm glad they returned it.
- Oh my gosh. Is that you?
- Yeah.
You're so cute.
See, I knew at a young age
what that tongue was for.
It wasn't for
the pleasure of foods.
It was to pleasure women.
Okay, I'm just gonna pretend
you were using it on ice cream.
- Sure.
- What is this?
What is this?
Is this an art project
that you did in school?
This is something
that I used to do as a kid.
I used to draw portals
all the time.
They're like my escapes.
Oh, were you
a big Sci-Fi nerd?
No, I just wanted an escape.
They're portals.
You could also replace it
with vaginas and assholes.
Those are also escapes.
It really is very deep,
when you think about it.
I think maybe we should
take that to the therapist.
He'd have something
to say about it.
I've always been drawing
that stuff as a kid.
Well, they're
not exactly ink spots,
but I'm sure they have meaning.
What do they mean to you?
That you really need
to see a therapist, Rex.
I mean, you've been dealing with
this addiction for a long time.
I'm surprised
that you made it this far.
Yeah... barely.
There's a mattress. Guys.
I think we're close.
Oh god, I hope
that's not the one she uses.
- Does look like slightly used. I think I
see her there... -Is that her right there?
Hey, how much for the back door?
- $7.50.
- $7.50. It's black Friday.
No, it's not.
You can roll with the joke,
Trudy, come on.
What's with the cameras?
- Oh, the cameras?
- Yeah.
Um, good seeing you.
Just ashed on you.
I'm sorry.
- You look good.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- This is Suzanna.
- Hey, nice to meet you.
- Hey, Trudy.
What's this about?
She's... yeah,
they're following us.
- She's doing a dissertation?
- A dissertation, yeah.
- Sex addiction.
- You know.
- Wow, okay.
- So...
Do you have a little time?
I'd love to talk to you.
You know him better than most.
All right.
How'd you guys meet?
He was dating a friend of mine.
A co-worker of mine.
She's actually the one
who got me started me in this.
Oh, did you intend to become...
I mean, this is your...
- Oh, god, no. I wanted to be a teacher.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- What happened?
Not a sex teacher?
Not a sex teacher. No, I
wanted to teach little kids.
It just kinda fell
into my lap and worked out.
Or you fell into their lap.
- Yeah.
- Um...
Still haven't gotten you
in my lap, though, not yet.
Oh, you guys haven't
slept together?
- No.
- No, we did not.
Oh, that was pretty definitive.
- No. I don't do ethnics.
- What? What?
- You know that. -Fucking racist.
That's racist.
No, it's not.
I'll do black people.
I just won't do ethnics.
We've talked about that before.
- Tiger Woods?
- Yeah.
- You would?
- He's black.
- Sure! -But he also has
other parts in him.
- He's Asian.
- But looking at him...
Looking at him, you would say...
I don't know what he is.
- I would say black.
- Yeah.
- Mulatto. Is that a cookie?
- Do we use that term?
- Is that a cookie?
- It's Milano.
To answer the question...
- Yeah.
- You're right, though.
- It probably has to do with...
- Yeah, yeah.
- Come on, really.
- Nothing weird about that.
- You wish.
- You're...
Any of you guys need tissues
or anything before we bounce?
Yeah, I feel like I have stuff on my face.
Bring me a napkin.
- You have a lot of stuff on your face.
- Can you get me a mint?
- Will you get me a mint?
- A mint?
- Or a lollypop. Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Why, thank you, kind sir.
That's what I do.
- Rex. Hey!
- Oh.
What are you doing?
- Come on, man.
- What?
Well, what did you think? We said
we were gonna come after you.
We're obviously gonna follow
you whatever you're doing.
Is there something going on?
Why are you guys running around?
Well, we're your best friends
for the next ten days.
Just stay away, please.
- Okay.
- Just, quiet.
- Like I don't even see you there.
- You won't even notice us.
Clearly I can see
this guy's fucking light
shining down
in my fucking fore...
- Can you kill the light?
- Fine, fine.
- Thank you.
- Thanks, dude. Thanks for...
- You know... oh, my god.
- Who are we gonna go see?
Um, some...
So, what brings you out tonight?
Yeah, I suppose.
You can pick them up.
- You wouldn't understand. -I'm
not here to judge anything.
You wouldn't understand.
Just make sure you wash those.
I have hand sanitizer
in my purse.
You guys, it's really not necessary
that you guys come with me.
It's... Suzanna.
- You signed up for this.
- This is my private hour.
- Doesn't matter.
- This is after 8:00.
- I told you.
- This is after business hours.
Open that door and let's
just get it over with.
It's really not... tell her
something or something, dude.
Oh, my god.
- Hey!
- Rexie!
Oh, you bring friend?
- My favorite.
- Hi.
A redhead, nice.
Wait, wait, wait.
What is with the camera?
- Oh, sorry.
- No. No, no.
It's fine, it's fine.
He, um... we're doing
a film for my school.
- Sex film?
- No, educational.
You're doing a porn
for a school?
- You're a teacher?
- Um... school.
She can join us, we'll go ahead.
Okay, honey, you come.
You're coming, you're coming.
Come in, hon, come in.
All right, camera boy.
You convince her?
She's gonna come through?
Oh no.
No, no, no.
Absolutely not.
Thank you so much.
Before you make
a definitive decision...
Before you make
a definitive decision...
It'll be so much fun.
Let me just tell you,
these girls will do to you
what you've never thought
was possible.
No, I'm really fine...
- You lie, you'll enjoy -I'm sorry, the
fluids that will run out of you are...
It's like the water
of the buffalo.
It would be like a...
The only fluid would be tears,
so, I'm... I'm okay.
- Oh, come on.
- No, you guys go have fun.
Don't be shy.
Girls! Stop it!
Suit yourself.
Yeah, you heard the man.
- Don't be shy, honey.
- I pay you girls by the hour.
Let's go. Suit yourself.
You're missing out.
Have fun you guys.
Have fun.
- Touch my breast.
- No, that's fine.
Touch her breast.
Touch her breast. Just once.
They're really not real.
They're so nice.
They look great.
- Oh, cool. Bye
- have fun, you guys.
- Holy cow.
- What country are they from?
Come on, you know
you wanna go in there.
I think I need a t.B. Test.
Don't be so prude. You don't
even wanna go in there?
I'm not being prude,
I just got manhandled
by three ladies of the night.
Again, we can always use
three more holes.
- No, I'm fine, Rex. -Are you
sure you don't wanna come back?
I'm fine. No.
Have a good time.
- Come on, sexy Rexie.
- Hear that? Sexy Rexie.
- Sexy Rexie. -I feel like Whitney
Houston in "the bodyguard."
Suzanna, how do you know
you're straight?
I touched myself
to Andy dick once.
Or was that Jane lynch?
I don't know.
How do you know you're straight?
I don't know.
- I just do.
- Yeah.
I just do.
What the hell was that?
I don't know.
I'm in Terri Schiavo mode.
I'm gonna be sleeping
for the next 30 years
at the very least,
let me just say that much.
Oh, my god.
Are you serious?
- Honey, you googled everywhere.
- Ew, you've gotta be kidding me.
- There has to be more.
- That is not normal.
Oh, come on.
I can't keep going like this.
One more time.
It's okay.
One more time.
- Why you not wear goggle?
- Oh, my god.
I hate goggles
because they're ugly.
What your problem?
It's in the eye.
You googled in her eye.
- Oh, no good.
- Listen, listen, listen.
I am like a young black child
receiving his first hand gun
with the serial number
scratched out.
I don't know where
it's gonna be shooting.
- You gotta wear the goggles. -I don't
wanna fucking wear the goggles!
It's my eye. Fuck you.
Fuck all of you.
Fuck you for coming in my eye.
I need my briefcase.
I need my briefcase.
It's very disrespectful!
I need my briefcase!
You're disrespecting my face.
- I didn't mean to.
- Get out, go,
- I need my briefcase.
- You get out of here.
Get out!
I hate black cock anyway.
- What...
- Can you get that?
- No, you can pick it up.
- We're leaving the briefcase.
- We're leaving all of it.
- Let's just get out.
Keep walking.
Come on, guy.
So then you gotta use condoms.
It's just not worth it.
- You shouldn't want... -well,
I don't, but if you do...
I don't want aids face,
I don't want meth mouth,
I don't want syphilis.
- Not at all.
- Or herpes.
No, "herps" would be a bad get.
Especially when you
get it on your mouth.
Don't... yeah.
I mean, anywhere.
I'll take anything outside
of the herps and the "HIVV".
Rex, a pleasure to meet you.
My name is
Dr. Michael Pariser.
I am a doctorate in psychology
and a licensed psychologist.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How are you, doctor? -Well, I'm
okay, but here's a better question.
How are you
and what brings you here?
Um, I have a bit of
an addiction to all things sex.
Can you tell me where you think
this all came from?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure, you know,
it stems from me being molested
when I was
about eight years old.
Hmm, how do you feel about that?
I mean, I felt awful.
When my parents came in,
they interrupted.
They didn't even ask me
if I wanted to continue.
I mean, they could've just...
When they came in,
they could've been like,
"son, do you wanna continue?"
Like, I have a choice
too in this matter, right?
- Hmm.
- Right?
Don't you think so?
So, it sounds like sex
occupies a large portion of
your at least available time?
And if you gave it up,
what else would you do?
Um, I mean, I enjoy drawing,
I enjoy reading.
Um, badminton...
Definitely underrated.
I don't know
if you've ever played.
I have.
It's a sweet deal.
I feel like it's just
so hard for me to...
To think of anything
outside of sex.
You sound really torn
about this.
Yeah, I mean,
it's tough when people,
you know, at work,
wanna go out for drinks
and you can't go out for drinks
because you have to get home
to get the demons
out of your penis, you know.
- You have demons in your penis.
- Yeah.
- Mmm.
- It serves as, so...
In order for you to...
Wrestle your way
through this issue
you're gonna have
to face the demons,
but not the demons
in your penis.
The demons in your mind.
Well, if I wrestle, I'll just get
more excited, that's the problem.
Well, it's gonna be a big price
you're gonna have to pay.
It's a whole different
way of living.
The question is, are you
willing to pay that price?
What do I have to give up?
Well, you may not want to.
Why give it up?
If you're happy doing it,
keep doing it.
I'm happy, but I also
acknowledge the fact
that is ruining
my relationships,
- my productivity at work.
- Yeah, uh-huh.
- My career...
- Yeah.
Um, the desensitizations.
Rex, you have a decision
to make.
There is no path that
you can take in life
that doesn't have loss.
You can have all the sex you
want, and no relationships,
no relationship
with your family,
no constructive
long-term relationship
and a deteriorating work life.
Or, you can have all
those other things
but you're gonna have to give up
compulsive masturbation
compulsive promiscuity
and salivating sex.
I don't know if I can
do that, doctor.
You are at a choice point.
So I'd like to make
a recommendation,
I think that with a case
of this extremity
that you're probably gonna wanna
go into a program,
something like sex and love
addicts anonymous or, uh...
You can help me, right?
- You know, this is...
- You can't help me?
Nah, this is a particular
and I really think you need
to be with somebody
who is really well trained
in this area.
Wanna talk about it?
No, there's nothing
to talk about.
There's a lot to talk about. I
mean, that was intense for you.
- You haven't said anything since we got back.
- There's nothing to talk about.
Why do you wanna always talk
about everything?
Because, Rex, that's how
people get through things.
That's how you get
through things.
- That's not how I get through things.
- Can we talk, please?
- There's nothing to talk about.
- Yes, there is.
There's plenty to talk about.
Put your phone away.
- No, that will not happen.
- Rex, give me your damn phone.
- Give me your phone.
- You need to back off of me.
You need to talk to me
and be an adult.
I have to go
get some relief now.
You're not going anywhere, Rex.
Rex, do not leave
this apartment.
You cannot make me.
I'm an adult,
and I will go do what I need to
do, which is get me some relief.
You think I'm just gonna stand
here and let you leave?
I have someone
to meet on tinder.
I don't care who you're meeting.
Come on, we're following him.
Well, don't you think...
No, we're not gonna
give him a minute.
You can hear him?
Yes, I can hear
everything he's saying.
Oh, god, he's so vile.
He's back here.
I... well, because...
His lav's still connected.
Rex left his apartment
in a huff a few hours ago
and we've been tracking him
because he left
his microphone on.
- Oh, no.
- Where is he?
Please tell me he's not
falling into his old habits.
Yo, come in.
Hey. Um, is Ashley here?
- I'm Ashley, what's up?
- Ash is a woman.
- That's all my photographs.
- You're not Ashley.
- Is that a dude?
- I had a different wig on.
Okay, on the tinder profile,
dude, it was a woman, okay?
A sexy light-skinned
black woman.
- Yeah, I'm light.
- But she was a woman.
It appears as though Rex
has found himself
- that's not you... -In a
room with a transvestite.
You said, "people say
I look similar to Beyonc."
Yeah, in the shoulders.
You don't look anything like...
You don't look like...
You don't even look like
a shit that Beyonc took.
You're not as cute as you said
you were in your picture.
Yeah, but it's fine
but I have my genitals
that I claimed that I do
and you clearly do not.
Did you get surgery,
do you have your vagina?
Do you have a penis,
what do you have?
I just have a penis. I am... I
did put a pussy on layaway.
I didn't come down here
intending to be with a man.
You're a man, dude.
First time for everything, man.
Oh god. I keep getting
crotch shots.
- You know...
- -All right, just give me a fucking moment.
Hey, I got some ecstasy
in there. It's in the cabinet.
Close your mouth.
Shut your mouth.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
He's fucking...
Oh no, he's going
through his list.
Sandrine, pick up the phone.
I need to see you right now.
I don't care
if you're seeing him.
No, you know, I can't pay
as much as him.
Fuck, fuck!
It's fucking over.
Oh, man.
Oh, god, I don't wanna have
sex with a tranny.
No way he's gonna do it.
it's like any addiction.
When you hit bottom,
you hit bottom.
Mr. Rex, welcome back.
- Get your mind right?
- Um... I'm... I'm trying.
Let's just get this over with.
- Just hurry the fuck up.
- Come relax here, man.
To be fair, he shaved his legs.
They've got a nice shape.
- Give me, like, six or seven drinks.
- I got you.
Don't... it's okay.
I'm gonna have to touch you.
Take the shirt off.
Okay, we're gonna have to...
Just don't touch me,
please, right now.
Yeah, whatever.
Put some pills in there too.
I wanna go out
like Heath ledger.
Get in here.
Turn that light off.
Yeah, throw it in there.
Oh, shit.
My fucking mic is on.
What do you think
a documentary is?
We have to get everything.
I got some codeine.
Throw that in. That's fine.
I called my boy,
I can get some Zoloft.
Yeah, just...
Just throw it in there...
Yeah, try that.
Try that.
Yeah, yeah, going down.
Hah, get it?
- Yeah.
- All right. Close your eyes
it... no, oh, my god.
Oh god, no.
- Oh, god, I can't.
- God, you are so...
Hey, we can't leave.
When Rex walks out of there,
he's gonna be going through
a lot of guilt
and we need to make sure
that we're here for him.
Oh, my god.
Rex, Rex.
Cigarette out on his nuts.
Hey, Suzanna.
Uh, Suzanna.
Come on, time to wake up.
I think he's been asleep
for a while.
Rise and shine.
Rise and shine, come on.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Those sedatives must have been
extra strong.
Come on.
Oh, thank god,
it was just a bad dream.
- Yeah.
- Are you sure about that?
Well, I hate to be the bearer
of bad news, but...
Look under your sheets.
Why does my dick look
like don Cheadle?
Calm down, Rex. Rex, so sorry.
I need you to calm down.
It's easy for you to say,
have you seen his nostrils?
We brought you some flowers.
And a card from the rest
of the team.
With the...
Just the flowers and stuff.
Oh, what's Diego doing here?
He's I.T.
You're the one who made
the discovery.
What... what discovery you guys
are talking about?
Well, Rex, while you have been
gone, the servers went down,
and me being
the I.T. Guy and all,
I made a little investigation
and I traced the cause
back to your computer.
Oh, okay, so...
Look, what he's trying to say is
we found the hardcore
pornography on your hard drive.
That's some really
disturbing shit, man.
Stuff we didn't even
know existed.
Speak for yourself.
I can hear everything
you're saying.
Rex, you're fired.
Just give him the papers.
I'm fired? How am I
supposed to pay my bills?
- He's in the hospital bed.
- My rent?
Maybe you should've
thought of that before
you downloaded "gangbang
bitches 8" on your computer.
How about don't be
so sensitive, Dennis?
Just 'cause your wife
got gangbanged
by a bunch of fucking Slovenians
doesn't mean we all have to
walk on eggshells for you.
- Why do you know that?
- They were Czechoslovakian.
- They were Czech.
- And you know what?
I'm not gonna discuss that
here with you, now.
Look, you're fired.
Just sign the goddamn papers.
I'm not signing shit.
That's just the folder.
Take that.
Okay, I want
my severance package
before I sign shit, Dennis.
Brat, you're not getting
a severance package.
- Fuck you, Dennis.
- Yeah, fuck you.
- Fuck your wife, too.
- Yeah, everybody else did.
Leave my fucking balloons.
And fuck you, Victoria.
You're nothing but a paid snitch
sitting in human resources.
That is true. I love my job.
Eazy-e would've been
displeased of you.
- Yeah.
- Can you take this?
Out of my face, all of you.
Great job and choice of porn.
Why are you petting me?
Why is everyone touching me?
Sorry. Sorry.
Rex, I didn't mean it.
I watch porn, too.
And I fucked his wife, too.
She's a whore.
- I love you, man.
- I like you, Diego.
I like your mustache.
You're good with me.
- Thanks, man. -Let's reach
out on Facebook, okay?
Yeah, I'll poke you on there.
How... how does
your penis feel right now?
I mean, I guess I don't
feel anything, doctor.
- It's good. -Mmm, you'd
better get used to it.
- Wait, what? -What's
that supposed to mean?
Well, evidence suggests
that it isn't temporary,
it's permanent.
What? You mean I can never
feel my penis again?
I'm afraid not. The burns, they
were just too significant.
I mean, the whole outer
layer was gone.
- It was gone before this.
- Oh.
Well, you can have sex,
but not in the same way.
What kind of sex
can I have, doctor?
Please tell me I can have sex.
Tell me I can have sex.
I wanna have sex again, doctor.
You can have sex again.
- I can?
- Sure.
You can have all the oral sex,
you can perform all the oral sex
you want with any woman
that you want or men.
- Listen, I have to run now.
- Husbands do it all the time.
Don't make that face.
Ew, what is that?
This could be a good thing.
You know, like...
You're, like, gonna be
the giver, you know.
I don't wanna be the giver,
I wanna be the getter.
You can't always get, Rex.
Listen, I can, like,
try to verbalize it
and tell you what would be
appropriate and it's really...
Well, it's complicated,
there's a lot of moving parts
Listen, it's...
Okay, what...
Doctor, this thing...
Unplugged and...
I think it's important.
I'm doing okay?
Let me grab your keys.
What's this?
What is that?
It's an eviction notice.
For what? Did you not
pay your rent?
I was in the hospital
the whole time.
I couldn't pay my rent.
30 days of notice
to vacate the rental unit?
What the hell?
I'm gonna be homeless.
I'm gonna be homeless. This is the
American dream everyone's talking about?
- Hey, hey, hey.
- I fell, okay, on hard times.
I just need a little bit of time
to get back on my feet.
They're kicking me out.
Come on, we're gonna
figure this out.
This is bullshit.
Come on.
Stupid notice.
All right.
You got it?
Come on.
- There you go. -I have to
learn to be independent
and work my arm muscles.
All right.
- What's this?
- What's what?
You're into tentacle sex, too?
That's not a thing.
It is a thing.
You spent time in the orient,
didn't you?
It was in Asia, and I did.
See, that's how
you learned about it.
You got the hat too.
Wait, I need to wear the hat.
- If I give you the hat...
- Give me the hat!
- I need the hat. Hat, me!
- Don't speak to me like that.
Me, hat!
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Please be careful with that.
You got a little lord Raiden
up in here, huh?
- I don't know who that is.
- Thunder god.
Sure. Um, I'm gonna use
the bathroom.
- You okay? You want me
to take these? -Yes.
Thank you. You hear me?
Thank you.
Can you keep an eye on him,
- Okay. Unpack.
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna go 'cause I wanna go.
- Yeah.
We don't take too kindly
to your kind around here.
Remind me I need to buy
toilet paper later.
What are you doing?
Why are you throwing stuff?
Suzanna, how's it been
since Rex moved in?
It's been good, surprisingly.
Um, he's had a much more
positive outlook.
He's been really
settling in nicely,
I think he's really trying
to open up his mind
and really accept and allow
as opposed to just seeing
things his way.
- Just gonna...
- What are you doing?
You don't need these reminders.
They're adding character
to the apartment.
- You're torturing yourself.
- They smell nice.
- No.
- What the hell?
Just his outlook on life,
really focusing on, you know,
the inside,
not as much as the exterior.
For so long he was...
Just so focused on his libido.
- What are you doing?
- Homework.
What kind?
The kind that's due tomorrow.
- What are you doing?
- Right there.
- Put that down.
- Open. "Ah." Say "ah!"
Rex, I'm trying...
I'm not saying "ah."
I'm not at the dentist.
Put that down.
- "Ah."
- Stop it. Stop it.
Okay, that's enough of that.
- "Ah." Where are you going?
- Gosh, stop.
You know, I'm really excited
about what we're doing.
I think that people
are really gonna see
another side to sex addiction
that they don't see.
We're covering ground that
has not been covered before.
We're Louis and Clarking
sex addiction
I'm really, really excited.
Dude, I will shove my fist
through your asshole.
It'll come out of your mouth,
then I'll stick my arm over
a hot flame and slow-roast you
before feeding you
to your own fucking children.
Learn how to fucking
play the game!
Hold on.
Rex, I wanna hear
your breath of fire.
Oh, you're hearing
my breath, all right.
Okay. Ready?
People who are in wheelchairs
can't play soccer.
You insensitive bitch.
Keep going, all right?
You're doing real good.
Real good.
Wake up.
Wake up.
I got nothing.
Rex, where are you going?
Pick up your fucking phone.
You think that you might
be able to... cure him?
I mean, I don't know...
He's not around right now.
Get out of here.
Um, I can try to talk
to him and see
if these are even options
that he wants to consider.
The nerve endings
in my cock are gone.
The nerve endings
in my cock are gone!
Rex! Oh, my god,
Rex, come on.
- Let me die. Let me die. -Get over here.
No, this is ridiculous, get up here.
- Rex, get up here. -Let go.
It doesn't work anymore.
- My legs.
- Give me your hand.
- Let me die.
- Rex.
- I don't deserve dignity.
- Look at me.
Oh, my god. Look at me.
Roll over. Jesus.
God, Jack, you're so brave.
You're stupid, rose.
You're stupid.
Why did you do it, rose?
You don't think.
You don't think 'cause you're
a stupid bitch, rose.
Are you okay, Rex?
Are you crying?
- Hey, what's going on?
- Hey.
Making dinner.
Stop it. I'm trying to cook.
Get out of here.
- What are you making?
- I'm making a tortilla soup.
- My mom used to make it all the time.
It's really good. -Yum.
That's good.
- Can you throw them in there please?
- Sure.
Thank you.
All right.
- Good?
- Hello?
Hi, doctor, yeah.
Okay... yo, Rex,
it's the doctor.
The doctor is on
the phone for you.
You need to tell him just
to call back later.
We're gonna do dinner now.
I'll be a minute.
- Hello? -Maybe it's
something important.
Yeah, something important.
Surprised to hear from you.
- Smells good.
- Yeah.
So, what's up?
- Interesting.
- You're what?
- I don't know what they're talking about.
- What's wrong with you?
- You can't give him the phone.
- Why can't I give him...
Because he can't talk
to the doctor right now.
- Why not?
- Because...
What's going on?
He said there might be
a way to fix it.
But I don't think he should
take that chance right now.
- But I mean, that's good news, isn't it?
- It's not good news.
It's experimental
and it's a bad idea.
He's not in the mindset to do
anything like this right now.
I don't know, I think this
is something that he wants.
No, I don't... maybe
it's something he wants,
but it's not something
that he should get right now.
He is fragile.
He is teetering.
I mean, I guess, but...
- Hey, guys.
- What's up, Rex?
The doctor has been trying
to leave messages for me.
And I've been wanting to talk to
you about it, but I thought...
You've been deleting
my voicemails?
- I think that maybe...
- Seriously?
- Rex... please...
- Suzanna.
You make bad decisions
when you think.
And you're mean when you're mad.
You know why?
Because you're keeping
medical information
away from me.
My cock, the most important
thing in my life,
and you're keeping
information away from me.
And you're being ridiculous.
The doctor has been
trying to get to me.
- I don't give a fuck...
- That's malpractice.
It's not malpractice.
No, it's not.
You're being a child right now.
I'm trying to do
what's best for you
and you're not
even paying attention.
All these books, Suzanna.
All these books and for what?
- And for what?
- To read, Rex.
Does this make you smart?
- Stop it! Stop it!
- Does this make you smart?
Does it make you fucking smart?
- Stop!
- No, you're just stupid.
- Oh, really?
- You're stupid just like rose.
- What? Who is rose?
- You're stupid.
You have red hair just like her.
Are you serious? We're gonna
reference "Titanic" right now?
Screw you. My doctor's trying
to get in touch with me
and you fucking delete
my voicemail?
- And this is how you react.
- Absolutely! It's my cock.
Thank you for proving my point.
You can't handle
this information right now.
What are you doing? Stop it.
What the fuck are you doing
out of the chair?
Dude, get out of my fucking
face with that camera.
- Seriously, dude.
- You can't walk right now.
What are you do...
Rex, listen to me.
Stop walking away from me.
My cock burned,
not my legs, idiot.
- I'm not an idiot.
- Okay?
Well, then you're an idiot
for not figuring it out by now
there could've been something
they could've done.
Yeah, 'cause somebody was going through
my phone and deleting my voicemails.
Because you're not an adult
and you can't handle it.
Don't put your hand on
my face like that. Really?
God, you're such
a fucking child.
Get the fucking
camera away from me.
I think that I was an idiot.
And I...
I shouldn't have lied
to him and...
I just...
I didn't think that
he would change and he did
and I...
The integrity of the research
has been compromised,
and we can no longer move
forward with the dissertation.
Do you miss him?
I want... I wanna say
I don't miss him.
But I do.
Hi, friends.
You may remember me.
I'm Theodore.
Remember me
from the coffee shop?
That's right, I think you do.
Yep, just got done spending
a long part of my life
wasting it away on that guy Rex.
Yeah, four months
I served as an intern
for that fucking choad.
But it's okay.
'Cause when I saw Suzanna
filming him for the first time,
I thought...
"What an opportunity.
This is my moment.
I'm gonna be okay."
She was doing what I've been
wanting to do my entire life.
Do documentaries.
And we found
the perfect subject.
You, Rex.
You screwed me over big time.
It's not gonna happen anymore.
'Cause I'm coming after you.
With footage of you, of course.
And it's gonna be good
'cause I'm gonna use you
to ruin you,
on you.
It's probably gonna be
one of the worst things
you've ever gone through.
You made me suffer
for a really long time.
It's implanted in my head.
It's because I had
to watch hours
of you fucking
over and over again,
and sometimes
in your p.O.V. Shots,
you didn't even
have a chick there.
You just held the camera,
staring down for hours.
And it was all brown
like the Sahara desert,
and it went on for miles,
and I can't get it out.
I had to look at your dick
time and time again,
but no more.
If any dicks are coming out,
it's gonna be mine.
You're gonna get fucked
hard, Rex.
So, enjoy the time
you have left,
because you're gonna pay up.
You're gonna pay up big.
That fucking airplane.
But it's okay.
So I'm coming for you, Rex.
She thinks she can just
give up on me?
Mm-hmm, that's not how we play
this filmmaking game.
I've got to be the best film
on the planet earth.
But what do I do about motives?
What kind of motives?
I don't know.
I'll think of something.
Su... Suzanna.
- Hey, how's it going?
- Hey.
- Fine.
- What happened?
- What are you talking about?
- With the dissertation.
We're not doing
the dissertation anymore.
- Why not?
- Because... it got compromised.
Is it... is it
a money issue?
- No.
- Tuition?
I'll pay.
You don't have any money,
How much time do you have left?
I don't know.
A month and a half?
We have time.
Let's you and me...
Let's team up
and let's finish this.
What are we gonna do it on?
Documentary on you.
We're not gonna talk about this.
It's so fancy, it's in a box.
The logistics...
Who was using it in store?
Ow! Seriously? Why?
Literally head to head.
You stay out there.
How do men out there
get their women
to have anal sex with them?
I don't know 'cause
men have not been successful
- in convincing me to do it.
- Really?
Yeah, I'm not really into
putting things in my butt
other than like a colonic tube.
Because on porn sets
when the girls to do anal,
a lot of times the girls don't
eat for, like, 24 hours,
- sure.
- They use an enema,
and then they do it.
In real life, most likely,
if you guys just choose to do it
the woman might've
ate some food,
and next think you know
she's gonna poop on you.
That's why I date bulimics.
Oh, that's a good idea.
That works.
Hey, sister?
I really like your anal beads.
Excuse me.
Yeah, how many can you fit it?
Is everyone else seeing
this shit?
Hey, ladies, how're you doing?
- Good, how are you?
- Just praising Jesus.
- Oh.
- You know, that's what I do.
- You guys love Jesus too?
- We do.
That's amazing. I was just looking at
his work in here and this is like,
"wow, this guy's done
some amazing work!"
- It's very deep.
- It is, very deep.
- He's our savior.
- I like Isaiah, 37:20.
- Yeah, um... -Did you grow
the beard to look like him?
I... exactly.
Do you like my beard?
I do, it's a good look.
Look, I think we should
go back to my place
and we should praise
Jesus together
and drink some wine.
Jesus turned
water to wine, so...
We can praise him here.
Yeah, but we don't have wine
here, unfortunately.
You know, they don't have
the license for it in here.
What do you guys think?
Do you wanna get some wine
and, you know,
sing some hymns together?
- Okay. We love to sing.
- Yeah? You're down for it?
- Amazing. Awesome. I'm not far from here.
- Okay, good.
What a beautiful home!
I am really blown
away right now.
Can't believe he scored this.
Ah, looks like
he has some company.
- Rex! -Hey, what's up, man?
How are ya?
- I'm good. -Girls, yeah. Yeah, here,
girls, you wanna keep yourselves busy?
I like the shovel to the back
of the head really.
- It's kinda my thing.
- Yeah, it is a style.
Not funny, just real.
Hey, man, how's it going?
- It's going good.
- Good, good, good, good.
- What's happening? -You know, the usual.
Just getting some footage.
- How do you like my house? -I think
it is beautiful. Good for you.
I appreciate that.
I worked hard for it.
Six bedrooms. I bet you have
the biggest one, right?
Yeah, man. Take a look
at the garage, dude.
And the coolest.
Hold on. Wait, you're living
in the garage?
Yeah. Yeah, what's wrong
with that?
Oh, you know
I'm into the weird shit,
the freaky shit.
We got... we got...
We got job ads, you know
I gotta be looking for a job,
we got coupons right there,
We got some... some... some
gasoline right there,
you know, we got a shovel.
We got... everything's...
That we need for
a good sexual time,
that's great, man, that's great.
- You're gonna stick around for
a couple of minutes? -Maybe.
I'll be quick, I'm not gonna
wear a condom this time.
So let me do my thing with them,
'cause this needs
to be fed right here,
and I'll check you
in a couple of minutes.
Let me do my thing.
You stay back over there.
- All right, man, good luck!
- Yeah, thanks.
Wishing you the best.
Rex keeps telling me to eat this
pineapple but I'm not...
Oh, wait, we're live.
We're live.
- Uh-oh.
- We just did all that.
You're gonna leave me right now?
- He did something wrong.
- We cuddle at least?
- Come on.
- Get a life.
Come on, let's watch some
"O'Reilly factor."
What's that?
It's a news program.
- What?
- And they're leaving.
Can i... can i...
Let me get in here.
- Memories.
- Great footage.
- Hashtag loser.
- Yep, he is a loser.
That's perfect.
Hashtag loser?
Whatever, man.
I don't feel good.
Okay, so here we are at
Suzanna's apartment.
Trying to finish
her dissertation.
She actually thinks
I'm gonna try and help her.
But it's not gonna happen.
Do I have time?
No. I do,
but I'm not gonna do it,
I have my own intentions.
I don't got time for this.
Is she home?
What's going on?
Oh, what is this?
What is this?
Is that a horse?
What the hell?
What is she...?
Wait a minute.
What's going on down there?
That feels funny.
What is happening?
What is she doing?
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
The problem is he's
ambivalent about changing.
- Right.
Yeah, he's not
a bit fan of change.
Right. And so, um...
It's gonna be very tough
and I think community support
and a specialist working
with him...
- can maybe overcome his resistance.
- -Okay.
Okay, so I don't really agree
with my choice to come down here
and actually try
and help Rex out.
But I hear he's in trouble.
I don't know if he's okay.
I guess I kinda care. I don't
really care but I kinda care,
so, we'll just see what
we come... up with.
What in the world is he doing?
Where are your clothes?
They're suffocating me.
I'm suffocating.
I feel like a gazelle, though.
Feel like a gazelle,
feel like a gazelle.
Look at these strides.
Are you all right?
The world, man.
Where's Suzanna?
- I... -I don't want the
rest of the girls.
I don't want them.
Get in the car.
Rex, you need to get in the car.
Watch out, watch out.
What happened?
Oh, dear.
Ah. You... you...
Fucking bitch.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry?
Control yourself.
Something seems different
about you today, though.
- Yeah.
- Is it your hair?
- No.
- No?
No, Rex.
You got that Rihanna
thing going.
- Rex.
- What?
Rex, I'm in a fucking
motorized wheelchair.
That's it!
That's right.
You ran over my foot.
I don't wanna pick that up.
Don't you wanna know
what happened?
Yeah, what happened?
I was in the heat of
the moment with a client.
Things got romantic.
You know how they do.
Can I touch myself?
- Stop touching yourself. I'm serious!
- All right, fine.
We were doing a standing 69
against the wall
and he climaxed.
My client climaxed and
I got dropped on my neck.
- Ah!
- Yeah.
I mean, he gave me a nice bonus
for it but, you know,
here I am, I'm paralyzed.
- You're paralyzed.
- Obviously.
My god.
I need to...
I need to sit.
I can't keep carrying on the way
I'm carrying on, Theodore.
If this happened to you,
this could happen to me.
I have to change my ways.
I have to look at
the man in the mirror.
We've gotta go, Theodore.
We've gotta stop this madness.
We've got to stop the madness.
What madness?
- This.
- Rex, I'm worried about you.
I'm worried about you.
You're the one that can't walk.
Don't worry about me.
Oh, yeah, run away
like you always do.
I'm stuck.
I'm pretty sure this is illegal,
but Rex doesn't seem to care.
Like, ugh!
Theodore, just stay in the
corner and stay quiet, okay?
We don't want to offend
these people.
Go over there.
Hey, is this sexaholics
anonymous, guys, anyone?
Sexaholics anonymous, anyone?
I'm gonna to rape you all.
I'm so sorry I'm late, guys,
I was watching beheading videos
from the latest terrorist cell
in the middle east.
You know what they say.
Mo-hammed, mo-problems, right?
We have a new addition
to the group today.
Your name, newbie?
- Rex. You can call me Rex.
- Have a seat, Rex.
Thanks, it's what Rosa parks
probably would've wanted, right?
Okay, let's start.
Who wants to share? Tinya?
Hi, I'm Tinya and I am really
into ass play.
Fuck, I just love sticking
shit up my ass.
Well, my name is Scott
and I guess my addiction
is masturbation.
My name is James
and I'm a sexter.
Your days are going to shit.
You just need a good fist up
your fart hole to keep going.
I remember having this really
bad addiction to sand paper.
I couldn't masturbate
without sand paper.
I pretended that I was a girl
a lot of times,
lesbian, you know, really
got into that sort of thing.
My mom wore my anal beads
around her neck.
And, you know, I still haven't
told her that that happened.
And of course,
I finished off myself
because I can't come
unless I masturbate.
Maybe if they had sex emojis,
you know, blojies or something.
Fuck, that would be
fucking cool.
Rex, Rex, Rex, Rex.
Rex, Rex, Rex, Rex, Rex.
- You don't trust this yet.
- No, not at all.
I'm sorry. I know it's hard
when you wanna change,
you really do, but something's
keeping your guard up
and you can't allow
the love and acceptance in.
- Would it help if I shared my story?
- Not at all, no.
- I was 26, and...
- Please, don't...
A student, young, idealistic,
protesting the war.
It was just an abstraction
until the unspeakable horrors
of the men and women
returning with missing arms,
legs and even feet.
I don't know, I guess
I just developed
an affinity for amputees...
And arousal.
This is getting weird.
I'll be honest with you.
Don't judge me.
- I'm not judging you.
- We were in the circle of trust.
I'm not in the circle of trust,
I just got here, okay?
I'm sorry.
My point is, every day
is a challenge.
Okay, I'm not gonna
lie to you and say
that I'm cured
of my addictions, I'm not.
Just last week, I hooked up with
this delicious little filly
and I had her in a
And she was doing something
magical to me
because I lost all control
of my muscles
and I dropped that poor
girl on her head
and I guess now she can't move,
or walk or something like that
for the rest of her life.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Was her name Trudy?
Yeah. How do you know?
- That's my friend, dude.
- Oh!
You paralyzed my fucking friend.
Ah, you associate
with a cripple?
She wasn't a cripple before
you paralyzed her, you asshole.
- You watch your tone with me.
- I'm not watching shit.
You watch your tone
with me, mister.
You watch your tone with me.
You watch your tone with me.
Don't let go.
I'm gonna come.
Are you okay?
Oh, there's wetness in my pants.
Ah, how'd you find me?
That's the man who paralyzed me.
- What?
- What are you gonna do about it?
You can't even walk!
Oh, my god.
You all are so dysfunctional.
This is gonna be great
footage for my film.
Your film? You're supposed to be
helping me with my dissertation.
Yeah? So?
Wait, you lied to her?
Yeah, I did and
I lied to you too, Rex.
I thought we had something
great going.
- What are you talking about, man?
- We have nothing great.
How many women
have you slept with?
How man orifices
have you gone into?
That's not important.
Theodore, I don't know
the number to that, okay?
What I know is that I'm here,
I'm trying to fix myself.
Now it's my moment.
- My revenge, my time.
- Where's Jerome?
- Oh, hell no.
- Go after him.
- Eat my dust, suckers!
- We're never gonna catch up.
Not through yet.
What are you gonna do with that?
The only thing I can do.
Throw it.
Man, that really
knocked him out.
The black ones always do.
Where'd you even get this thing?
I've been doing some exploring
of myself lately.
Good for you, girl.
That makes us even, Theodore,
you know that, right?
- I guess that's fine.
- Not me.
I never signed a release
for you to use my image.
You can't use me in your film.
What do you want?
I still have a dissertation
to complete.
Despite his many downfalls,
the subject has a remarkable
ability, much to my surprise,
to remain resilient.
And although he stays guarded,
his pursuit of the truth
allows him to confront his past.
His name is Rex
and he's a sex addict.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How'd it go?
- Good.
- Yeah? -Really good.
They really liked it.
- That's great news. -Yeah, I got
Theodore to let me use his footage.
That's... you know, we really
pushed him to do that.
- And I'm really glad that we did.
- Yeah, me too.
- Can you shut the door?
- Sure. I'm okay with that.
Okay, open your mouth.
- Oh, god. -Oh, god! I think
I shouldn't do that.
It was weird, right?
Of course I got ahead of myself.
I'm not meant for this stuff.
I tried to... I'm talking too much.
I'm sorry.
- No, I like the cut of your jib.
- Yeah?
Yeah, no, it really did it for me.
I like it.
- Okay.
- I like what you're doing.
- Baby steps. -We're gonna
make something out of this.
- All right.
- Yeah.
We're gonna make something
out of this.
Hi, where do I sit?
I'll show you.
I love you.
Where is she?
Jesus Christ.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Dressed for the occasion, I see.
- Shut up.
How was graduation?
Not to mention
the student loans.
Hey, listen, we need
to talk about last night.
What about last night?
Rex, you can't have sex
with me when I'm sleeping.
So it's my fault
you wanna be lazy.
I have to have sex.
It's not my fault you wanna
be lazy and go to sleep.
I'm not lazy.
Dearly beloved,
we are gathered together here
in this sight of god
and in the face of this company
to join together this man and
this woman in holy matrimony.
Padre, I'm sorry.
I've something I gotta say.
Trudy, when I first laid
eyes on you,
I knew I had to have
sex with you.
But more than that, I needed to
discover you, find out who you are,
understand why you love
Tyler Perry movies.
But more importantly,
I needed to find out
why you haven't had sex yet
with that handsome devil
friend of yours, Rex.
You see, me and him,
we had a little chat.
He made me realize how
important you are to me.
Hey, man, you're gonna get
pink eye like that.
Going from your nose
to your eye, man.
Your whole operation is nasty,
how you doing it.
Can I enjoy the wedding?
All right, man.
Ain't nothing wrong
with nasty, you know.
When I first met you,
I thought, "no more customers.
I've already had three today.
My fun box can't have any more."
Then we got to talking
and you told me that you wanted
to use lube and I thought,
"this is somebody that I need
to keep in my life forever."
And although
I'm forever paralyzed,
Jesus preaches forgiveness.
So I forgive you
for paralyzing me forever,
and more importantly,
I love you,
and I can't wait to spend
the rest of my life with you.
Do you, Jerome Gillespie,
take Trudy Garrett
- to be your lawfully wedded wife?
- I do.
And do you, Trudy Garrett,
take Jerome Gillespie to be
your lawfully wedded husband?
I do.
By the power invested in me
in the state of California,
you are now husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Whore of Babylon!
Not you. You are not
the whore of Babylon.
- I love you. Your wheelchair is
the whore of Babylon. -I know.
Just climb on over.
Yeah. Yep!
Thank you.
Should i...
Am i...
- Yeah?
- We're fine.
It is a beautiful day.
Yeah, I mean, just
to finally get married
after collecting all those stds
like they were Pokmon cards.
She's so lucky
to find a husband.
I kissed you.
And on the mouth!
It's off. It's off.
Whore of Babylon!
Are you happy now?
Stick your finger in my mouth.
Whore of Babylon!
I'm Theodore.
Let's not ruin this
with introductions.
We're gonna be happy.
It's gonna have a happy ending.
Why... why did you take
your pants off?
Why don't you leave
the questions to me?
Well, the question
that I wanted to ask you is...
Would you like
to sleep together?
No... no.
I didn't mean it like that.
I meant, do you wanna have sex?
Are you joking or...
That's what I meant.
That's why my pants are off.
No... no.
- I... I thought...
- No!
- There's something here...
- No.
I came here to do a serious
interview, I don't do porn,
I'm retired.
I'm a classy lady, so... no.
You're totally classy.
There's a bed right here,
there's a pretty clear message,
I think, right there.
I'm just saying,
let's take advantage
of the opportunity
while we're here.
- No.
- While there's a bed.
- No.
- I have a lubrication as well.
No, this isn't going well.
What's going on?
Oh, that's fine. Yeah, it's...
don't worry about that.
But, okay, fine,
we won't have intercourse.
That's fine. We don't have
to have intercourse.
Why don't you just sit there
and I'll just touch myself...
Until I finish?
You know what? This interview
is over, I'm sorry.
You're disgusting.
Mary, it's not
that big of a deal.
- It's nothing you haven't experienced...
- okay, I'm done!
I'm done, stop recording,
stop recording, I'm done.
- It's not that big of a deal.
- No!
- Leaving.
- Let's go.
- No!
- Oh, come on.
Go fuck yourself.
Well, I was trying to do that
but you got up.
I would like to have you here
while I do that.
- You're disgusting, I'm leaving.
I'm done. -Is that doable?
I don't...