The Shadow Effect (2017) Movie Script

MAN: So without further ado,
ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you the governor
of this great state of ours,
dare I say the future President
of these United States,
please welcome Governor John Francis!
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you all for coming out
on this very special night.
Ladies and gentlemen,
fellow Washingtonians,
we live in dangerous times,
times riddled with adversity.
But it is only through challenges
that great opportunities
present themselves
to change our very future.
Christ, I could use a stiff
drink and some SportsCenter.
These speeches are
starting to get a little...
Rote, sir?
Well, I was going to
go with soul-sucking,
but yes, now that I'm
running for President,
I guess "rote" does sound better.
Come on, guys, is this really necessary?
Do I know you?
If you pull that trigger,
I guarantee you
my guys will not stop,
not until you're found,
captured, and killed.
POLICE OFFICER: Police, move.
Move, move, move.
Hands in the air!
Hands where I can see them.
POLICE OFFICER: Hands in the air!
Watch out, he's got a bomb!
POLICE OFFICER: He's got a bomb! Down!
- (SWAT MEMBER) Everyone down!
- POLICE OFFICER: Move, move!
Jesus, baby.
Are you okay?
I warned you. You can't mix
the grain with the grape.
Were we drinking last night?
Yeah, with the Andersons.
We had wine with dinner, then
you drank whiskey with Phil.
I have this worst headache too.
BRINN: Oh, here.
Here you go, tough guy.
Dr. Connelly, it's a pleasure
to have you here to
talk about the brain,
the body, and the connections that
you have made between the two.
Now, I have read about identical twins
being separated at birth that grew up...
I hope Jesse got the register fixed.
Yet they have the same hobbies,
they wear the same clothes,
they have the same hair style,
even down to the same type of dog,
but you are suggesting
something so much more.
DR. CONNELLY: Well, something
deeper in their DNA.
My research has shown in some
cases, these types of twins
can share some of the same
emotions and memories
due to synaptic, possibly
even telepathic, convergence.
That's interesting.
What made you go down that path?
That aspirin actually helped.
BRINN: Good, you look better.
(SPEAKER ON TV) Oh, when you
were in Southern California.
There you go.
So have you been before?
Like, would you wanna go, or... ?
WOMAN: Ah, I'll check on my schedule.
Here, pancakes there,
um, scrambled, there.
- SARAH: Thank you.
- Sarah, I was thinking...
- No.
- Maybe when you...
No, Jesse.
- Just no.
- See what she does to me?
GABE: Jesse?
SARAH: It's 'cause you ask every time.
The bitch thought I wasn't good enough.
Do I look not good enough to you?
Jesse, honey, table six.
All right, I get it.
Wait. Uh...
Okay, all right, all right.
Good morning, Gabriel.
Morning, Sheriff.
Brinn, how's it going, darling?
Not bad.
Oh, Gabe, Jesse said that
he can take me home tonight.
I got my cooking class.
You know, before we kilt 'em all,
the Indians believed that when you died,
you were reborn
over and over and over.
Called it reincarnation.
JESSE: I think you mean Buddhists.
Well, either way,
it kind of makes you wonder
why that was ever the needle on order.
I mean, if you're just
gonna wake up again,
then why not kill your friend
and fuck his wife, heh?
Well, best be careful.
Buddhists also believe in bad karma.
You could come back as that fly.
Well, I was fighting in Iraq.
We were fighting for the right reasons.
To protect you and your flies.
Those for me?
Um, no, I was going to have a date,...
- Oh, heh.
- ...but they canceled.
I got a knife in my hand,
do not tease me.
I will keep that in mind.
Lucky number.
It's only the sixth.
My birthday's not for another week.
Well, consider it an early gift,
in case I forget, like last year.
BRINN: If you like the stew tonight,
we can put it on the new menu.
We live in the time
Where no one knows How to live
Just let them all pretend
Who they've never been Before
Who am I
Gabriel, honey, you're having a seizure.
Talk to me, baby, baby,
Talk to me, please!
Beer's nice and cold.
JULIA: Jack.
JACK: Yes, dear?
Why'd you have to become a politician?
You know why, dear.
Make a difference.
Then let's stop going to
those insufferable events
and go to Africa and
make a real difference.
I thought we were
still talking about beer.
JULIA: I don't know, Republic of Congo
is poverty-stricken, isn't it?
Maybe we should go to the Congo.
JULIA: Beer?
JACK: You know, I can't tell
if you are smart or naughty.
You'll have to find out, don't you?
Bring me some peanuts.
JULIA: All right.
Who sent you?
Get back.
Oh my God, Jack!
Julia, back inside.
Who the fuck sent you?
Who was it?
JULIA: Let us go!
Stop it!
Stop, or I'll shoot!
BRINN: You're scaring me.
You can't do this when
you wake up from dreams.
You gotta just try and forget about it.
It's so, it's so vivid,
every fucking scene.
Every heartbeat.
I have no control.
Something's fucking wrong with me!
I don't know what to do.
You're gonna be okay.
Dr. Reese.
My pleasure to finally meet you.
It's good to meet you.
Why don't you come inside.
Please, have a seat.
Well, it's...
Everything's white.
Very... comforting.
I've look at your medical records.
Brain scan, MRI's seem normal.
This seems psychologically based.
I'm really just here for her.
- REESE: Ah, Brinn.
- Yeah.
So tell me about these dreams
you've been having.
Sometimes they just
feel real, that's all.
Your wife said she found you
sleepwalking once.
This is more like, I wake up,
and I'm not really sure
if I was dreaming or not.
Gabriel, the unconscious
dream can become
borderline conscious.
Like, you're awake,
but you're still dreaming.
You want to wake up and get
out of there, but you can't.
To a certain extent,
we all have these...
So-called waking dreams.
In my waking dreams,
I'm chasing people.
I'm killing them.
The mind stores everything.
Television news, movies, billboards.
And these thoughts, these visual cues
can return to us quite
vividly in waking dreams.
How is your relationship with your wife?
What are you suggesting?
I don't make suggestions,
I ask questions.
I don't know, we fight,
I guess, sometimes.
Uh, she's shoved me a few times, but...
Am I going crazy?
You're a hard-working man, Gabriel.
And you're stressed.
When I wake up from these dreams,
I get terrible headaches.
If you can tolerate it,
aspirin would be best.
I'm also going to put you
on a mild sedative.
One tablet in the morning,
one tablet in the evening.
And that's it?
Just take a pill?
sometimes our problems are
not as complex as we'd hoped.
This should help with
the sleep and the anxiety.
(VOICE ON RADIO) Now tell me
that song doesn't make you
wanna dial up your
old high-school sweetheart.
Come on down to Estell's
Department Store,
where you're always treated like family.
Estell's, home away from home.
We live in the time
When no one knows How to live
Just let them all pretend
Who they've never been Before
Who am I
What is my destination
It seems I have reached
To the ends of my dream
Now stop
Don't forget who you are
Betraying yourself
Don't forget who you are
Now stop
Don't forget who you are
The investigation continues.
The murder-suicide came as a shock
to friends and family, stating,
Jack Kenneth and his wife...
That's not your job.
Look, you-you don't understand.
I don't care.
I don't care if they're
left, or right, or center.
It's all the same game.
I understand that you don't understand.
No. No look, that's not your job.
I'm catching a train.
I'll call you later.
- Hey officer, how you doing?
- Good.
See that guy at the vending
machine over there?
Little weird, just hope
you keep an eye on him.
POLICE OFFICER: Can I help you?
Yes, I'm late for a meeting.
Is it the yellow or
the red line to midtown.
- Yellow?
- Right over there.
I have a...
Bro, what are you doing?
Do not fucking touch me.
What the fuck are you doing?
Back the fuck off.
What happened to me last night?
What do you mean?
I want to know what
happened to me last night.
I don't know.
We went to work.
We served customers.
Jesse liked the lamb stew, we
decided to put it on the menu.
What, is that what you wanted to know?
Okay, what happened after?
- After?
- Yeah.
You stayed with Jesse.
I went home.
You guys talked about girls.
You came home, you went to bed,
I woke you up.
No, no, no, no!
That is not what happened!
Do not fucking lie to me.
That is what happened, Gabriel.
It is what happened!
Do not fucking lie to me.
- I'm not fucking lying to you.
- Bullshit.
- Why would I lie to you, why?
- Bullshit you aren't lying to me.
- Why would I lie to you?
- I don't know!
Because you think I'm fucking crazy!
No, I think that you're sick.
- And that you need help.
- Bullshit.
There's something wrong with you.
Jack Kenneth.
Jack Kenneth.
In my dreams, the man I killed...
I looked him up.
He's a fucking Washington, D.C. guy.
Look him up.
Look him the fuck up.
We all know that he
was murdered, Gabriel.
You're putting yourself in the news.
It's in your head.
You need to talk to
Dr. Reese again, okay?
You need to go see him.
'Cause I can't take this anymore.
Fuck it.
Um, I need to...
I need to wash my hands.
Something I can do you for?
Yes, um, is Sheriff Hodge in?
He's on a call.
Can I help you with anything?
No, I'll... I'll wait.
Well, he's kind of busy.
This is kind of important, so...
Sir, we said he's busy.
Right, and I said I'll wait.
What the hell's going on out there?
Can I talk to you for one second please?
SHERIFF: Get on in here.
Thank you.
Enjoy your doughnut.
Okay, what's so urgent?
This is gonna sound crazy.
Okay, just please bear with me.
Here we go, copies.
These two men, they were killed.
And they were killed while
they were doing something important.
Gabriel, we know they were killed.
You doing okay?
How's the Brinn?
She's fine, but listen.
These men, right, that were killed.
Someone benefited from their death.
Uh, that'll be all, deputy,
and shut the door on your way out.
Listen, both your parents
passing away last year,
you taking over the diner,
it's a full plate.
You're doing a hell of a job.
We're trying.
You and I, let's hunt some
deer this fall, like old times.
Truvio, he's having dangerous thoughts.
Keep an eye on him.
Hey, delivery come?
Yeah, it's in the back.
I also forgot to tell you that
the dishwasher's on
the fritz again, man.
Ugh, seriously?
It was working fine yesterday.
I don't know.
I think it's the hydro line, though.
If not, we'll have to
replace the whole damn thing,
and I just cannot afford that right now.
I'll run to the hardware store
after the morning rush.
Till then, we'll just have
to wash them by hand.
By "we," you mean me, right?
Underpaid and overworked,
Oh, heard it all before.
When you're all wrong You...
What the?
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, man,
what you doing, man?
Who do you work for?
What are you talking about?
Tell me, Goddamn it, tell me right now.
- I don't know.
- Bullshit.
- Who told you to play that song?
- Nobody!
Huh? Do not lie to me, Jesse.
Who do you work for?
- You?
- I swear to God...
Please, please don't hurt me, please.
I'm sorry.
You all right?
I'm sorry, I've had
a rough couple of days.
What was I supposed to do, man?
Y... You're scaring us dude,
you're acting insane, bro.
BRINN: Goddamn it, open the door!
Right now, open it!
Open the goddamn door,
or I'm calling the police.
What the fuck is the matter with you?
- What is the matter with you?
- Huh? Huh?
Am I so unbearable to live with?
You can't sleep one night
without having a goddamn nightmare.
GABE: Really?
What is wrong with you?
No, what is wrong with you?
There's nothing wrong with me!
It's you!
I found the fucking video camera!
What are you, a sick freak?
What are you trying to do?
- Film us or something?
- No.
- You...
- No, you need to stop!
Fucking kidding me?
What's it like?
I can feel my heart beat.
I just can't bring myself to
admit that it's just a dream.
And I want to believe you, I do.
But if what you're saying is true,
then none of this is real.
The diner, the town, our house.
Feel that?
That's real.
What we have is good
and worth fighting for.
The dreams, they're getting worse?
They're not dreams.
So they're reality.
Who do you work for?
If you allow me to do
my job, maybe you'll...
I want to know who you are.
I want to know the Reese
behind the smile,
the handshake.
Sterile white bullshit.
We're focusing on you.
Are you hearing voices now?
Right, go ahead, try to
make me doubt myself now.
Is that what you think I'm doing?
Are you still having violent thoughts?
GABE: I'm starting to
really enjoy killing.
The more I do it, the more fun it gets.
Do you want my help or not?
Where did you study psychiatry?
With the loss of your parents,
your long working hours,
your lack of sleep, the lack
of trust in your relationship,
the lack of children in your marriage,
all of this loss and
frustration in your life,
you may be unleashing all this
depression and frustration
by lashing out in these violent dreams.
I must say, I'm becoming very concerned
about your lack of progress,
and for the safety of your wife.
Brinn told me you threw
out your medication,
replaced it with ibuprofen.
Migraines got worse and
my dreams got more vivid.
Gabriel, you didn't take the pills.
You threw them out.
I'll be right back.
So, Gabriel.
This is a much higher dose of
sedative than the last time.
It should keep you from making
any dangerous decisions.
Thank you.
Just let them all pretend
Who they've never been Before
Who am I
And what is my destination
It seems I have reached
The ends of my dream
Now stop
Be yourself, don't forget
Who you are, what's your name
Betraying yourself
Be yourself, don't forget
Who you are, what's your name
Now stop
Be yourself, don't forget
who you are, what's your name
Being themself
Be yourself, don't forget
Who you are, what's your name
You will be reborn
Into the world
You cannot avoid
Sharing your life
With the people you love
And give them the home
Have you ever thought
That you don't exist at all
Everything you feel
Is just dust Flying in the wind
Who am I
And who knows What awaits me
It seems I have reached
The end of my dream
Track him.
Turn around.
I'm having another
violent dream, Doctor.
Brinn's been worried sick about you.
She's been looking for you
everywhere, Gabriel.
- Have you hurt yourself?
- Hm.
Do you want me to take you
to an emergency room?
Cut... cut the first do no harm
bullshit, okay? All right?
Who are the Sons of Liberty? Hm?
I'm just moving offices, Garbriel.
I only came here to collect
your confidential medical records.
No, it's not Gabriel.
I'm not Gabriel, and
you aren't Dr. Reese.
who am I?
Hmm, Dr. Anton maybe.
Does that sound right?
And this, this lady.
She was your wife.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Look, my arms are tired, can I?
Your denying this will
not save your life.
It was a car accident,
and I loved my wife.
Gives you no right to do what you did.
You didn't give me meds for anxiety,
you gave me meds because
I was remembering shit.
I didn't want to hurt you, Gabriel.
You've got to believe me.
You and Brinn are wonderful people.
I want the best for you.
I never wanted to do you any harm.
You and countless
others on a grand scale.
Now you're sounding crazy.
You were just a killing machine,
but this project is
independently funded.
The government.
No, not exactly.
But we're making great
strides in perfecting it.
You won't stop them.
And you will never stop me
from trying to bring back my wife.
Go around back, you come with me.
Get up.
BRINN: What are you doing?
Get the fuck up.
What are you doing?
I'm scared right now.
What are you doing, what are you doing?
What am I doing?
Are you in on it?
Stop, you're scaring me right now.
- Are you in on it?
- In on what?
- Are you in on it?
- In on what?
- Do not...
- Gabriel, stop.
Stop, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Don't lie to me.
I'm not really in the mood
for lies right now.
- I don't...
- Sit down.
- Tell me the fucking truth.
- I don't know.
- Bullshit!
- I don't...
Goddamn it, Brinn!
Hodge has been chasing me
all fucking day.
Put the gun down, you're
acting fucking insane.
I'm acting insane?
I just spoke with Dr. Reese,
and the doctor that
you fucking sent me to.
How much did you fucking betray me?
- I didn't, I don't know.
- Huh? Bullshit!
Goddamn it!
God damn it.
You're acting fucking crazy right now.
Shut up.
Gabriel, please, please
don't hurt me, please.
Gabriel, I'm your wife.
Tell me, I know you're my wife.
- Baby, it's me!
- Please tell me.
It's me, it's Brinn,
I didn't do anything!
Tell me everything that you fucking know
about Sons of Liberty.
- Tell me, I swear.
- You're hurting me.
I need to fucking know something!
- You're hurting me!
- I don't care!
I don't care.
You fucking ruined my life!
You fucking broke my heart.
What the fuck are you doing to me?
Okay! Okay.
I'm not your wife.
- What?
- I was...
...recruited a year ago,
but I didn't know
that I would meet you, and I didn't know
I would fall in love with you, and,
and I did it because they hired me.
Because I had legal problems,
I had money problems.
But it wasn't supposed to be like this.
I promise you, it wasn't.
And they're bad people,
and I realized it.
How could you do that to someone?
- How could you do that me? Why?
- I don't know...
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Don't fucking touch me.
I promise you, I just thought
that it was for the money,
but I didn't know that I would meet you.
I loved you.
You were my fucking wife.
Do you even know who I am?
Shit, window.
Window, window, window.
Brinn, that is in the sin.
It's your call, Gabriel.
Jesus, what the fuck took you so long?
We took a nice scenic river drive.
He's good, but he ain't better than us.
I've been waiting all day to do that.
What happened to you, soldier?
Let Reese know he's awake.
What happened?
Um, it's best if you just relax.
You've been here before,
nothing to worry about.
Stop struggling.
I'm trying to help you.
We live in the time
No! You mother fuck! Fuck you!
Motherfucking fucker!
When no one knows how to live
Just let them all pretend
Who they've never been Before
MAN: If it's any comfort...
Know that when you wake up,
you won't remember any of this.
What is my destination
It seems I have reached
The ends of my dream
Betraying yourself
Don't forget who you are
Being themself
You will be reborn
Into the world
You cannot avoid
Sharing your life
With the people you love
And give them the home
Gabriel, stay with us.
You motherfucker.
I want you to put your hands
behind your head,
interlock your fingers and turn around.
Is anyone else here?
I'm unarmed.
Where are we?
This is where you were born, Gabriel.
You won't get out.
Right now I just need
a reason not to kill you.
Because you can't live
without knowing the answer
to the question that's
burning inside you.
Let's take a walk.
That's an awful lot of
oxygen and air to run
an underground facility, huh?
Hold up there.
Really only gonna ask one thing.
Who are the Sons of Liberty?
An organization of American colonists,
a secret society to fight
British taxation
known for undertaking
the Boston Tea Party in 1773.
I have a feeling that they still exist.
Oh my God, I'm killing people
who are fighting
for real liberty,
so they can keep control?
Jesus, fuck.
Very good, Gabriel.
Get up.
Everybody get out.
Before you go too far,
I need to show you something.
I know they're coming for me.
We need to keep moving.
You still don't know who you are.
Initially, I grew skin for burn victims.
Then I started doing the
research nobody would dare do.
Limb reanimation.
Brain tissue regeneration.
Trying to figure out
how the human body works.
And then learning how to duplicate it.
So you could bring back your wife?
She was everything to me.
Then the fine people at the
American Medical Association
had me arrested for
unsanctioned research.
Sons of Liberty had the charges dropped,
faked my death, and
wrote me a blank check
to continue my research.
Meet Daniel.
Yes, it's you.
Daniel Lucas Forney, Navy SEAL,
noted for his exceptional
sharpshooting skills,
black ops in Iraq, Kuwait, Columbia.
First do no harm, that was my goal.
We cleared every room.
There were dozens of them.
But they were all just
mothers, trying to...
Trying to protect their fucking kids.
HODGE: Cut the camera.
Get a grip, boy.
Come on, sit up.
You're my bitch now.
No, I'm not your bitch now.
Okay, I volunteered for this shit.
HODGE: Welcome to the program, Gabriel.
Sedate him.
I'll fucking kill him.
Oh my God!
Daniel Forney
was the best assassin
the American military ever had.
You erased my fucking memory?
Programmed me like a fucking machine?
Triggered to be active,
kill on demand now.
Wow, that's fucking great.
Fucking great, Jesus!
Who the hell is Hodge?
Your commanding officer,
before he was recruited by SOL.
Her job was to be an emotional anchor
for the incarnations of Gabriel.
There are others?
REESE: We call them shadows,
but yes, they are clones.
Thirteen shadows,
thirteen elimination targets.
But not yet perfected, which is why
you had to create a false life
in between missions.
Keep the shadows from going mad, right?
We had to reanimate immediately
on the death of the previous.
I had no idea that the memory threads
would jump from clone to clone
like twins.
Really, I didn't.
But you see, this is a pilot program.
My ultimate goal is to
eliminate human soldiers.
I'm sorry, Gabriel.
HODGE: You go on back.
(VOICE OVER PA) the nearest exit or...
I see Reese showed you
your old self on the monitor.
But Gabriel, you're not Daniel.
There's more of you.
Your dream of freedom, it's over.
World's got too many people now.
Too few resources.
You're a damn good shot.
How many rounds you got left?
Twelve, maybe 15?
HODGE: The elevators are locked.
There's 300 feet of earth
between you and the sun.
What the fuck do you care about
the rest of anything, anyhow?
I'm done being your puppet.
The last person I'm gonna kill
is you, sir.
What are you doing here?
(VOICE OVER PA) this building.
Please cease operations
and leave the building,
utilizing the nearest exit...
I can handle it, sir.
Take Gabriel alive.
Once an animal escapes,
it'll never go domestic again.
I spent years of research on that boy!
I'm not allowing you...
(YELLING) Are you the hunter
or the scientist here?
Now get back to the surface!
(VOICE OVER PA) this building.
Please cease operations
and leave the building, utilizing
the nearest exit or fire...
Open this gate, you cunt!
Do not use elevators.
Repeat, do not use elevators...
Come on, Gabe, we've got to move.
Gabe, come on, we have to move, come on.
No, I can't make it.
Please, the gate is not gonna hold them.
It's not gonna hold them.
Look at me, I need you to do
something for me. Can you?
I need you to break him out, okay?
When one dies, the
other one's activated.
- Stay with me.
- Look at me.
I fucking love you.
I wish it was different.
Stay with me, stay with me.
Oh God, oh God.
Dr. Reese.
Everything's gone to hell.
MAN: I suspected.
And Hodge?
No one's getting out of there.
You did what you could.
Come on, Gabe, Gabe!
Gabe, Gabe!
Come on, come on.
Come on, two, three, four, five, six.
Come on, come on, Gabriel!
Come on.
Come on!
Oh, God.
You think I don't know every
trick you're going to throw?
Remember 15-year-old Malika?
Killed in Iraq?
I picked up that pipe.
She screamed, "What do you want?"
"Want me to tell you you can rape me?"
And I said, "We take what we want."
"And what we don't want, we kill."
Now I'm getting tired of this
cat-and-mouse bullshit.
We live in the time
Where no one knows How to live
Just let them all pretend
Who they've never...
Relax, I'm not going to kill you, Brinn.
He is.
On your feet, soldier.
HODGE: He couldn't deal.
- BRINN: Gabriel.
HODGE: Nightmares.
That's my only regret.
Gabriel, remember who you are.
HODGE: That I didn't kill him sooner.
BRINN: Gabriel.
- Gabe, Gabe!
- Pick up that gun.
BRINN: No, Gabriel, it's me, Brinn.
Go ahead, pick it up.
Gabriel, don't do it.
Gabe, please, remember who you are.
Please, Gabriel.
It's me, Brinn.
- Please remember who you are.
- Aim.
You're not a killer.
You're not a killer.
- Go ahead, aim.
- BRINN: Oh, no.
- Gabriel, please, please, no!
- HODGE: Now fire.
- Please don't, please!
- Go ahead, fire.
Gabriel no, please, please.
Shoot her, fire!
Gabriel, oh my God.
Shit. Oh, shit, there's smoke.
Shit, there's gas everywhere.
We gotta go.
GABE: Clothes.
Shit, it's not working.
All right, so listen.
Babe, listen to me, hold on, listen.
You need to hang on really tight, okay?
And then when you get to the top-
No, no, you're coming with me.
- I can't.
- No, you have to, please.
Please, I came back for you, Gabriel.
No, no, no, babe, I'm not afraid.
- I'm not leaving you down here!
- You have to.
- No!
- I'm a killer and this is where...
No, you're not a killer.
No, you're number 13,
you're my lucky number.
You're not a killer, you can go with me.
We'll start a new life together, please.
I can't.
This is the closest I've ever been.
- Sorry, I'm sorry.
- No.
Look, look, look, look, you have to
tell everyone what they did.
You have to make it.
I'm so fucking happy
you came back for me,
but you need to go, you
need to go right now, okay?
Okay, no please.
WOMAN: Darling, are you
feeling sick again?
We live in the time
When no one knows How to live
Just let them all pretend
Who they've never been Before
Who am I
And what is my destination
It seems I have reached
The ends of my dream
Now stop
Be yourself, don't forget
Who you are, what's your name
Betraying yourself
Be yourself, don't forget
Who you are, what's your name
Now stop
Be yourself, don't forget
Who you are, what's your name
Being themself
Be yourself, don't forget
Who you are, what's your name
You will be reborn
Into the world
You cannot avoid
Sharing your life
With the people you love
And give them the home
Have you ever thought
That you don't exist At all
Everything you feel
Is just dust Flying in the wind
Who am I
And who knows What awaits me
It seems I have reached
The ends of my dream
Be yourself, don't forget
Who you are, what's your name
Be yourself, don't forget who
You are, what's your name
Be yourself, don't forget
Who you are, what's your name
Be yourself, don't forget who
You are, what's your name
You will be reborn
Into the world
You cannot avoid
Sharing your life
With the people you love