The Shape of Things to Come (1979) Movie Script

This is Washington, New Washington,
a thriving colony on the surface
of the moon.
We no longer have need
of your intergalactic warship.
Not today, but maybe tomorrow.
For what purpose?
To wage war with the universe?
No, Senator Smedley,
for the defense of our moon colony.
John, this is total madness.
This creation of yours, Starstreak,
it hasn't even been tested.
We don't even know
if the damn thing will fly.
That's my responsibility, Senator.
And my responsibility
is to the Moon Council
and to the Master Computer.
I can reason with Lomax.
Cargo vessel Phobos 4,
you are entering Lunar Area 7-5.
Please confirm docking orbit.
John, I'm trying to do you a favor.
I'm telling you what the council
have already decided.
The Starstreak Project is dead.
Let's see what Lomax has to say, shall we?
Phobos 4, please acknowledge.
This is Lunar Space Control.
Phobos 4, confirmation
of docking orbit negative.
We are overriding and beginning
cobalt reverse drive in 10 seconds.
Master Computer Lomax,
this is Lunar Space Control.
We have an emergency.
Delta 3 cargo vessel on crash course.
Probable impact,
New Washington center port.
Master Computer confirms crash course
New Washington in 12 minutes.
Suggest full emergency procedures.
Your indulgence, citizens.
The New Washington Cultural
Exchange Committee...
is pleased to announce a performance
tonight at the Joey Ramone auditorium.
Jason Caball here.
This is Lunar Space Control.
We have an emergency. Please report.
Okay, on my way.
What's the problem, Kim?
The problem is Delta 3 cargo ship with
10 metric tons of RADIC-Q-2 on board
on crash course with New Washington.
- When?
- 8 minutes 52 seconds.
- Lomax confirms?
- Lomax confirms.
Emergency division, yellow alert.
Evacuate entire population to lower city.
Seal off access to main dome.
Look, you sure it's not some
sort of communication problem?
Jason, right now I'm not sure of anything.
I just don't want to take any chances.
Let's see what else we can do.
May I remind you that the council have
great influence with the Master Computer?
Don't fight it, John.
Don't make me ask for your resignation.
Yellow alert?
The whole city's on yellow alert!
Go to red.
Red alert.
- Impact?
- Six minutes.
This is not a drill.
This is not a drill.
All citizens proceed immediately
to emergency underground shelters.
Evacuate all surface dwellings.
Look at the weight distribution
on that cargo ship.
It's almost empty.
An empty cargo ship? Doesn't make sense.
Excuse me.
Master Computer Lomax,
this is Jason Caball.
ID confirmed. Go ahead, Jason.
Okay, I need a bypass circuit
to overload the Phobos 4 engines.
- State priority classification.
- Come on, Lomax.
Cut the read tape.
We have to destroy that ship.
Priority request acknowledged.
Two minutes to impact.
Phobos 4 engine circuit display available.
Okay, give me input control
for a bypass circuit.
Kim? Kim, do you have
this emergency under control?
We're working on it, Father.
Son, are you sure that none
of Niki's people are on board?
No life signs at all. Lomax confirms.
Red alert. Red alert.
Evacuate all surface
dwellings immediately.
Sectors one to six to shelter A.
Sectors seven to ten to shelter...
Come on, Lomax.
Stand by.
This is not a drill.
70 seconds to impact.
Procedure complete. Now you may activate.
Sensors indicate negative response.
Cargo ship did not destruct.
Repeat, did not destruct.
Impact 45 seconds.
Crash site on monitor two.
Master Computer Lomax,
request dome repair units
to begin work immediately
on Sky Dome breach.
Commencing restoration
of protective environment enclosure.
All residents to remain
in emergency underground shelters.
Lomax, status on dome repair, please.
Dome repair near completion.
Repressurization will commence
upon structural test.
Send search teams to damaged sectors.
All debris from cargo vessel
should be sent here for examination.
Sector 20, totally destroyed.
Area should be leveled.
Danger of falling debris.
Sector 18, minor damage.
Report assessment
to engineering and repairs.
All debris from cargo ship
to be sent to lab six.
Stand by, I have visual
communication with Delta 3.
This is Omus, Robot Master on Delta 3.
I would like to talk to Dr. John Caball.
Yes, Omus, this is Caball.
Ah, Doctor, you remember me.
Oh, yes, indeed. Now where's Niki?
I want to talk to your superior.
My superior?
Oh, yes, you mean
the former governor of Delta 3.
I'm afraid Niki and her followers
have fled the citadel.
I am in control now.
Well, in that case,
you know what just happened.
One of your cargo ships
crashed into New Washington.
But of course.
That was my plan.
This is Senator Smedley
of the Moon Council.
What is it you want?
I have made giant strides
in technology, Senator.
I can bring a new
and more efficient
way of life to the moon.
Well, that's certainly encouraging.
Omus, you haven't answered the question.
You mean, what do I really want, Doctor?
Your respect, of course.
And your support...
for my return to the moon colony.
Return? In what capacity?
As supreme commander
of the moon, the Earth,
and all the outposts in our solar system.
Well, that of course
is out of the question.
If that is your reaction, Senator,
then you will be hearing
much more from me.
Beginning immediately,
there will be no further
shipments of RADIC-Q-2.
This is madness!
You're talking more like a blackmailer
than a man of science.
- John, don't provoke him.
- Now listen to me, Omus.
We will never surrender New Washington
to you or anyone else,
even if it means war.
John, you don't have the authority
to make that decision.
Don't talk of war, my dear Doctor.
It would be disastrous,
as tragic as the robot wars
that devastated the Earth planet.
consider my proposal.
You mean your threat?
Lunar Control?
Lunar Control, this is Sector 20.
We found the pilot.
It's wedged in here.
May take a while to get it out.
- What do you mean "it"?
- A robot.
Send it to robot repair
as soon as possible.
See you later, I'm gonna go
take a look at this suicide robot.
Well, Senator, we've survived one attack.
We may not be so lucky the second time.
John, this man, Omus,
you said he was a student of yours.
Oh, yes, one of my brightest.
In fact, I recommended his appointment
to the Delta 3 unit.
Well, then you should be able
to tell us how to deal with him.
Well, he's a superb technician.
But I could never quite decide
what value he put on human life.
Sir? We have another problem.
What now?
How do we treat radiation
without a supply of RADIC-Q-2?
We have emergency supplies.
What we must do immediately
is stop shipments to Earth.
Even if it means people will die, Senator?
- Now, Jason.
- Jason.
My first responsibility
is to the Moon Colony.
Naturally, I'm concerned
about the Earth people.
But we have a greater responsibility
than just that to ourselves, Senator.
We've got to stop Omus.
We're gonna have to mobilize Starstreak.
John, we don't seem to be
able to agree on anything.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
Well, let's see if we can't
put you back together again.
Lomax, what is your opinion?
How do we handle this emergency?
From data stored in computer backfills,
it would seem that an act of aggression
on our part would be imprudent.
Lomax, you authorized
the building of Starstreak.
For exploration
and defensive purposes only.
Even so, the ship
has never been fully tested.
Her guidance system is not stabilized.
The spectrum drive...
g-forces may prove too intense
for the new alloy on the hull.
And certainly, the distance
to Delta 3 constitutes
an inhibiting factor to such a journey.
I suggest you extend
the early warning detection range
and carefully monitor
all approaching cargo vessels.
Senator, instruct the moon council
that no aggressive acts
are to be taken against Delta 3.
The council shall be so instructed.
Well, Kim, you were right.
There was something weird
about that circuitry.
The robot was programmed
to blow himself up.
This one will turn him into a pussycat.
- Okay, get the tapes, quick.
- Tapes.
- Here you go.
- Okay.
Okay. Let's give him a jolt.
Okay, I don't know what they
called you on Delta 3,
but I'm gonna call you Sparks.
- I am. I am.
- You're working!
I am... I am self-adjusting. New circuits.
I am self-adjusting.
New circuits, new circuits,
- Give him another jolt.
- N-n-new circuits.
Thank you.
You are the dark lady of my sonnets,
the lily of my valley.
Uh, yeah. You can call me Kim.
Looks like I made a poet
out of you, friend.
Son, Omus wants to control
all of our lives,
just the same way he controls his robots.
He sees himself as some
kind of benevolent dictator.
He wants us to respect him,
but at the same time fear him.
Well, our society has
no place for a dictator,
not even a benevolent one.
So what do we do?
Meet me in the space terminal, sector two.
Extreme radiation hazard.
This fuel chamber
is a class A prohibited area.
Okay, Sparks.
This should complete your history course.
Thank you, my dark lady of the sonnets.
Now I have something to show you.
I do have certain talents, you know.
Watch this.
How was that?
It's terrific. What do you call it?
Bi-Locational Transference.
BLT, for short.
Oh. Whatever you say.
Please be advised, sensors indicate
fuel rods are overheating.
Stability region has been surpassed
and spectrum drive fuel pile
is approaching meltdown point.
Emergency cooling system
must be reinforced
with auxiliary supply of moderator.
Sensors detect unauthorized
presence on Starstreak.
Determine whereabouts
of all senior personnel.
Kim? That's the pilot?
Yeah. Well, I've sort of
shored him up, reprogrammed him.
He really does some incredible things.
Hello, Jason.
So I see.
Listen, my father's up to something
involving Starstreak.
- I may need your help.
- Okay, what do you want me to do?
Just come with me. It won't take too long.
No. Sparks, you've gotta stay here.
Whither thou goest, I will go.
- He's sort of attached to me.
- Well, bring him along, he might be useful.
Fuel pile is cooling
and reactions decelerating.
Radiation reaching tolerable level.
Cobalt drive reactors
will achieve full power
in ten minutes.
You have been exposed
to extremely high radiation levels.
Immediate treatment
with RADIC-Q-2 imperative.
You have been exposed
to extremely high radiation levels.
Immediate treatment
with RADIC-Q-2 imperative.
Danger. You have been exposed...
Have you found Dr. Caball?
- No, Senator.
- Or his son, Jason?
- No.
- Lomax?
They're up to something.
You must shut down all launch
support systems immediately.
I am in full control
of the situation, Senator.
Be patient. We will locate Dr. Caball.
- Dr. Caball.
- Kim, what are you doing here?
What's this all about?
- I'm taking Starstreak to Delta 3.
- But we have orders from Lomax.
No, the Master Computer is wrong.
Soft words now could destroy us.
I'm going to stop Omus,
by myself if I have to.
You won't have to do it by yourself.
Well, I was rather counting
on your help, son.
- Thanks.
- I'm going, too.
I would like to help.
Oh, hello. Who's your shiny friend?
That's Sparks.
Oh, well. All right, the four of us then.
But we have to launch immediately.
No, we're not ready.
I gotta do a pre-flight check.
No, I'm afraid we don't have...
I've located Dr. Caball.
Visual scanners on Starstreak activated.
Lomax has tracked us here.
Son, we've gotta go now or not at all.
Yes, sir.
- Countdown to ignition.
- Now, Mr. Sparks...
Sequence for launch.
...this is a robot console...
similar to those on cargo ships,
but much more sophisticated.
Dr. Caball, I detect
a need for medication.
Yeah, well, you just keep that
to yourself, Sparks,
you understand? Now, that's an order.
Stand by for liftoff in 30...
- I'm going to the jump seat.
- 29, 28, 27, 26...
16, 15, 14, 13,
12, 11...
They're preparing for takeoff.
Lomax, you've got to stop them.
7, 6, 5, 4...
one, ignition.
My God.
what are their chances
of reaching Delta 3?
Percentages do not favor
a successful journey.
Disaster through malfunction predicted.
Oh, God, no.
Leveling out.
...3277. Course set for Delta 3.
Gylectron compass reading normal.
Well, we're on our way.
Out there is the vastness of space,
the unknown...
where all possibilities exist
and man's future is limited
only by his imagination.
And his vision of the stars.
Father, Starstreak
is everything you wanted.
Very impressive.
Correct pulse ratio,.004.
And how about you, Sparks?
What do you think?
It's better than a Delta 3
cargo ship, Doctor.
Delta 3.
Yeah, I wonder what happened to Niki.
I hope she's all right.
I think we're ready now, Niki.
Listen, everybody!
We must get back into the citadel.
We have to send a message out somehow.
We should get through the tunnels all right,
but the citadel itself is like a fortress.
I think that there's a way through the
abandoned caverns into the power plant.
Okay, come on. Let's go.
Robot master.
We've completed the mining
right through 2 and tunnel 4.
Request your immediate inspection.
Everything is falling neatly into place.
So far, no sign of Omus' robots.
I know, but you'll have to
move fast, Niki.
When I get into the center,
I'm not gonna need much time.
Tell them we can't hold out much longer.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Calling New Washington.
Calling New Washington.
This is Niki, the Governor of Delta 3.
Calling New Washington.
This is the Delta 3 citadel, Niki calling!
We need some assistance.
We need some assistance!
What's this?
The channels are open to New Washington.
This is New Washington. We hear you, Niki.
Proceed with your message.
Sound general alarm.
I couldn't get through.
Come on, move it! Let's go!
Two more dead. What now?
I'm not sure, Merrick.
We have malfunctions
of the gylectron compass,
auto guidance systems,
and the contra-flow units.
We're gonna have to set down.
Well, we can't go back to the moon.
There's only one place
we can go to make repairs.
Set coordinates for Vector 759.
There's an old emergency
tanker station there...
more or less abandoned now,
but the guidance beacon
ought to be in working order.
Is there anyone living in the area?
Yeah, Charlie Montgomery,
an old friend of mine.
Sort of a guard, caretaker at the station.
He's due to retire back to the moon in
a few years, but he'll be able to help us.
Coordinates set for Vector 759,
planet Earth.
Any chance Lunar Control
might have put out a report about us?
Possible, but we can trust Charlie.
It's gonna be strange being
back on the Earth again.
It's been almost seven years.
Seven years since the last
of the great robot wars
and the end of civilization
as we had known it.
It's funny, I still think
of myself as an Earth child.
You were one of the lucky ones
who escaped in time.
Estimated arrival, 0600 hours.
Good. I'm gonna strap myself in.
Approaching orbit altitude for Earth.
Locking into orbit coordinates.
Counter-gravitational control
set for tanker beacon YR321.
Gravity equilibrium confirmed.
Prepare for module separation.
Module separation confirmed.
Descent block to beacon YR321.
Shutdown completed.
I'll stay with you, Doctor,
and help with your repairs.
All right, Sparks.
We'll see if we can find
Charlie Montgomery.
Sure, give him my regards.
Tell him he owes me a rematch at chess.
- Okay.
- Bye.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
Well, come on. Let's take a look inside.
Charlie Montgomery?
He must be around someplace.
- How's the equipment?
- Seems to be all right.
I'm gonna go check the tower.
- Kim?
- Yeah?
- Mind how you go.
- Okay.
He must have some tools around someplace.
Charlie, is that you?
Kim? Kim?
Come in, please, Kim. Kim?
This is Jason calling Starstreak.
Come in, please, Starstreak.
Yes, what is it, Jason?
I found a dead body in the Earth station.
What? Charlie?
Afraid so, and that's not all.
I can't seem to locate Kim.
What do you mean?
I don't know. She disappeared.
- Disa...
- Oh, sir?
I've got a vehicle here.
I don't know if I can
get it running, though.
Well, it's rough terrain. You'll need it.
I'm gonna send Sparks to help you.
Okay, out.
Now, Sparks, I want you to check
radiation readings in the area.
Yes, doctor.
I want to know if Jason
and Kim are in danger.
- What about you, Doctor?
- Don't you worry about me, Sparks.
I've never had a nursemaid before
and I don't intend to have one now.
- Sorry, Doctor.
- That's all right.
So, why don't you just get on with it?
Precisely what I had in mind.
What took you so long?
I'm a little out of condition.
Detectors locate Kim's vital signs
three kilometers west two quadrant.
- Oh, yeah? Is she alone?
- I can't get an exact reading,
but I'm picking up a high
radiation level in this area.
Well, hop in, unless you wanna walk.
Gotta stop doing that.
Hold on.
I detect a malfunction
in the H2O containment system.
Now what?
I'm picking up Kim.
All life functions seem intact,
but she isn't alone.
Sensors also detect
higher radiation levels ahead.
Stop, Jason.
Let me lead the way.
Kim, get behind these cars!
- Jason, what's wrong?
- Come on, Kim!
They're not gonna hurt you!
They only want our help.
What do you mean?
They're children.
Oh, my God.
These children must be survivors
of the great robot war.
They must have been taken
from the city just before it started.
I don't believe this.
These kids must have been
living out here for years.
- You all right?
- Fine.
- I was scared.
- Yeah.
I found a dead body in the Earth station.
- It was Charlie.
- The children told me.
He was trying to help them.
Jason, they're sick.
- Very sick.
- Yeah.
Hey, don't be afraid!
Sparks is our friend.
I guess they still have a fear of robots
after what they did to this world.
These old weapons
are leaking toxic substances.
I suggest that children
be treated with RADIC-Q-2
as soon as possible.
I'll be going back to the ship now.
Jason, let's get the kids out of here.
- Let's get back to the ship.
- Come on, kids.
We must inform Jason
and Kim of your condition.
No, they've got enough to do
without worrying about me.
Anyway, I feel fine.
No, I... I've managed this far
and I'll make it through to the end.
This is Jason calling Starstreak.
Come in, please, Starstreak. Kim. We're on our way
back to the ship.
- Affirmative.
- All right, out.
Jason, would you just listen to me?
We've gotta get back to the ship
and back on our way to Delta 3.
These children need our help.
Look, we can't go back to the moon now.
We can't take these children with us.
Look, if we can get to Delta 3,
we can pick up a supply of RADIC
and be back here in a few days.
That's the best chance these kids
have got and you know that.
Listen, kids, I know you've had a tough
time of it, but, please, just trust us.
We won't let you down, I promise.
Okay, now, you kids just stay here, okay?
'Cause we're gonna come back and get you.
All secure here.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Correct compass ratio, point 289.
Initiating docking maneuvers
with mothership.
Airlocks activated. Docking completed.
Okay, set course, Kim.
Course set for Delta 3.
Sequence for spectrum drive.
Activate pulse generators
for force shield.
Pulse generator activated.
Initiating spectrum drive.
Force shield functioning as programmed.
What a strange experience.
I don't feel anything,
and we're approaching the speed of light.
It's just incredible.
As a matter of fact,
I feel very comfortable.
Well, just be glad the force shield
is fully operative
because at these speeds a particle of dust
could punch a hole
in the side of the ship.
I'm beginning to feel
a little less comfortable.
So am I.
Spectrum drive approaching control speed.
I'm gonna lock off now.
Well, that couldn't have been smoother.
Any course corrections, Sparks?
No deviation from
set flight path path path...
path path path path...
Okay, take it easy, Sparks.
I'll reprogram a better
self-adjusting tape for you
when we get back to the moon.
Path path path path.
- Thank you.
- Any time, Sparks.
Well, the ship's performing beautifully
and I'm beginning to feel
just a little hungry.
- You look a little tired.
- No, no, Kim.
I'm not tired, I'm just hungry.
Yeah, well, I guess we could all
use something to eat, huh?
- Sure.
- Nothing for me, thanks.
- Okay.
- Perhaps later.
I hope we have enough parts here.
It's our last hope to send
a signal out into space.
- Take cover.
- Come on.
Kim, look at this.
It's on replay.
It's unbelievable.
Yes, but I detect we are in some danger.
I suggest a course alteration.
Now, what's that?
Nothing serious. A minor malfunction
in the spectrum drive auto-locks.
I'm gonna make a systems check.
Not necessary. Everything's under control.
We've got to get our transistor activated.
If we send out a signal,
Omus could pinpoint our location.
Yes, well, we'll just have to
take that chance.
By the way, Kim, I am looking forward
to that new tape when we get back.
I don't know, Sparks.
Sometimes the way you look at me,
you give me the feeling that... forget it.
You are just a robot, aren't you?
I'm afraid so, but if there is any change,
you'll be the first to know.
- Hmm. Hi.
- Hi.
What's that?
Oh, this is a very old book
rescued from the Earth museum
many years ago.
- Must be very rare.
- Oh, yes, it is. Yes.
Most of them were destroyed, of course,
some of them survived in memory baffles,
but that... that's the real thing.
What's it about?
About? Well, uh...
well, it's about your people
and ancient country called Greece.
There were a bunch of philosophers,
and they... well, they...
they tried to understand
the nature of the universe.
Of course, they had only
their own imagination,
but what an imagination it was.
Their vision, their ideas...
never cease to amaze me.
Pay no attention.
I'm just a musty old professor
lecturing to myself.
No, you're much more than that.
Oh, you don't have to humor me
just 'cause I'm an old man, you know.
You're the youngest man I know.
Thank you.
I'm getting an intense gravitational
pull on my readouts.
Onboard computer reports proximity
of an enormous magnetic field.
What do you suggest, Sparks?
Counter with equal push.
We'll have to increase spectrum drive.
- 5.002.
- 002.
- Locked in.
- I've got 004, Jason.
- No, 002.
- It's 006, now,
and we're still increasing.
It just can't be.
We're going out of control.
Sparks, the switches are jammed.
Give me the manual override.
Negative. It won't release.
What do you mean, negative?
I can't bring the speed down.
Spectrum drive, we're locked into it.
Get back!
Closing rapidly on magnetic field.
- We're gonna break up.
- Just hold on.
What the hell was that all about?
I believe we have been
through time dilation.
We rode it out. We're still in one piece.
Correct pulse, point 004.
Decrease thruster level.
Drive control now reading normal.
Switching off force field.
Pulse generator deactivated.
Jason, look.
Delta 3.
Sparks, can we have an update
on our coordinates?
We're within the gravitational
pull of Delta 3,
but our excessive speed has used up
most of our nuclear power.
How bad is it, Sparks?
We'll be lucky just
to limp into orbit, Doctor.
Hold on. I have a monitor sighting.
A Delta 3 cargo ship,
the same as Phobos 4.
Robot pilot aboard.
Full explosive load in the hold.
No doubt on another collision
course with New Washington.
We don't have the power now
to catch up and destroy it.
We could try and fire a missile.
No, no. We haven't got
the maneuverability, Jason.
Even if we could get close,
our armament system hasn't been tested.
It means more destruction
to New Washington
and we just have to stand by
and do nothing.
I'm picking up radio signals from Delta 3.
It's a distress signal.
Can you get a fix on that, Sparks?
I have the exact coordinates.
All right, then. We're going down.
Prepare to disengage.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Approaching orbit altitude for Delta 3.
Docking into orbit coordinates.
Counter gravitational control
set for signal beacon WA3581.
Gravity equilibrium confirmed.
Prepare for module separation.
Anti-gravitational controls activated.
Well, well, what do we have here?
An expedition to our fair planet.
Niki, look!
- Someone did hear!
- Come on!
It seems to me we ought to send out
a little reception committee.
Well, someone seems to know we're here.
It can't be!
- Niki!
- John! John Caball!
This is Niki. Kim Smedley.
- My son Jason.
- Hello.
- This is Merrick, my deputy.
- Hello, there.
Welcome, friends,
but we'd better get away from here.
It's too late.
Run. Discharge the robot electro force.
I am Omus,
emperor of Delta 3.
Welcome, my dear Dr. Caball.
How marvelous to see you.
I wanna talk to you, Omus, in person.
Not just to a disembodied face,
however impressive your
holographic invention.
Ah, doctor,
I have many impressive things
to show you in my citadel.
All right, let's get on with it.
How do I get to the citadel?
It's nearby.
My guard robot will bring you.
John, this could be dangerous.
I'm aware of that, Niki.
Father, please, don't try it alone.
It's too risky.
If anyone can get to him, maybe I can.
Yes, perfect.
No better way to return to New Washington
than in Caball's pride and joy.
Well, I'm not waiting any longer.
- I'm going to the citadel.
- It's not that easy.
Show me the way, won't you?
Do you really want me to?
- Sparks?
- Go ahead.
- How's the power problem?
- Still working on it.
Okay, keep monitoring us, and maintain
sensors on Dr. Caball, all right?
- It's this way.
- Okay.
Dr. Caball...
my old mentor.
Considering our past relationship, Omus,
I think you owe me
some sort of explanation.
Wait until you see what I've accomplished.
It's astonishing.
Come here, Doctor.
Now watch this.
This is a RADIC-Q-2 factory.
My empire...
with a network of underground tunnels.
My mechanical warriors...
mining robots turned
into obedient soldiers,
with a new circuitry to handle
more sophisticated input,
and a capacity for independent thought.
But totally loyal to you, no doubt.
You spoke to us of a new technology,
of peace, not war.
Don't you understand?
Once you accept me as ruler,
there will be no acts
of aggression, only peace.
Under my rule,
the people will want for nothing.
Except freedom.
Well, the moon colony
will never accept a dictator.
That's one thing at least we've learned
from the history of the planet Earth.
You insult me, Doctor.
You are the one who inspired me,
taught me to place science above all else.
But never above humanity!
If I didn't teach you that,
then I failed you miserably.
Omus, give up.
Give up this insane plan of yours.
But I am Omus,
emperor of Delta 3.
- There...
- I don't want to hear anymore!
I don't think I even know you.
You're some sentimental old fool
who doesn't understand anything.
I... I am the world of the future.
You're back in some dark past!
People are no longer necessary.
Even I, someday,
may no longer be necessary.
And you, Dr. Caball...
are certainly no longer necessary.
Omus, you're a sick man!
- Let me help you!
- No, Doctor!
Let me help you.
Let me...
give you your last lesson
on the power of science.
Merrick, you stay here with the others.
Kim, Jason, and I are going in.
Where's your humanism now, Doctor?
Dr. Caball?
I'm not getting any of your vital signs.
Dr. Caball, do you read me?
This is not Dr. Caball.
This is Omus, your creator.
It's Omus, and he's alone.
Go ahead.
Omus, where's my father?
John! John!
I knew. He was wrong.
I knew he was too dangerous.
He knew the danger, Jason.
Get that cloak off him.
Be careful.
Over there.
It's a severe radiation burn.
He was dying.
But that isn't what killed him.
- It was Omus.
- You sure?
Sparks, do you read me?
He's not responding.
Let me try. Sparks, this is Kim.
Do you read me?
What's he doing?
Look the module's moving. What's he doing?
Sparks? Sparks, please!
Don't you remember?
Omus could be anywhere...
in the tunnels, the oil refineries,
the old staff quarters.
Get Merrick and the others.
- We're gonna need help.
- Okay, come on.
Sparks, come in, please.
Don't waste your energies.
- Omus.
- Yes.
And you're the son of John Caball.
I've been expecting you.
Starstreak module.
It will arrive at the citadel
any moment now.
What do you want with Starstreak?
It'll become my new flagship.
I'm saying a last farewell to this place
and to you and your friends.
Except, of course, Sparks,
who's now working for me.
You see, I am going to destroy Delta 3.
Why? For what reason?
Because I am returning to the moon
as spiritual successor
to the late Dr. Caball,
who, unfortunately, died heroically
along with the rest of you
in a tragic cosmic accident,
and there will be no one
to prove me wrong.
When I activate that switch, it will set
into motion the most incredible forces.
What is normally an evolutionary process
that could take a billion years,
I can speed up into a matter of minutes.
You'll destroy the entire planet
and our only source of RADIC-Q-2?
My cargo ships are fully loaded.
They will accompany me
on my mission of peace.
Starstreak has arrived.
- I must go now.
- Omus!
You murderer!
You're as big a fool as your father.
Come on, Niki.
- No.
- They're dead.
I must reprogram Omus' robots.
Come on!
Shut it off.
Shut it off!
Shut it off!
Turn it off!
The activator can't be stopped.
- It's too late.
- How long we got?
About ten minutes.
We've got to get back to Starstreak.
- The planet's gonna blow up.
- Merrick and the others are dead.
Come on. Let's go.
Jason, is everything all right?
Sparks, did you reprogram these robots?
Let's just say we speak the same language.
- Okay, where are you now?
- Aboard Starstreak, outside the citadel.
Sparks, Delta 3 is gonna blow.
Get to all the cargo ships.
We got to salvage the supply of RADIC-Q-2.
Why are you doing this to me?
I am your creator!
Niki, secure yourself
to the robot console.
- Okay, let's go.
- Let's go.
Sparks? Sparks, are you set?
All set, Jason. Suggest immediate launch.
Okay, starting sequence now.
Come on.
Sparks, the first priority is to get
this shipment of RADIC-Q-2
back to the Earth children.
Course set for planet Earth.
Out there is the vastness of space,
the unknown,
where all possibilities exist,
and man's future is limited
only by his imagination
and his vision of the stars.