The Shasta Triangle (2019) Movie Script

Journal entry, October 13, 1995.
All of my research has
led me to this day.
The sound events are not
uniformly spread out,
but my Tesla theories
have given me
a reasonably
accurate time table.
There'll be increased solar
activity in the next few days,
which should be powerful
enough for what I need.
It's ironic that the
ancient science I'm using
is viewed so skeptically,
since it's infinitely more
powerful than today's science.
The worst part of this is
that I know that all the time
that I'm spending
away is very painful
for my daughter Paula, but
I don't see any other way.
Hopefully I'll find
what I'm looking for
and be home soon.
I've spent ages going
over my dad's work
since he disappeared.
All the far-out, crazy theories.
And now, I have just
one last thing to do.
I'm going back to the one place
I swore I'd never
return to, my hometown.
Shasta, California...
'land of the weird'.
Well hey, can I help ya?
Can I help ya?
Honey, come here, come
here quick, come here!
This is Baker, show me
10-10 at Miller's Road
and Wood's Creek Line
by the snowplow shed.
Careful out there, Sheriff.
Copy that.
Checking to make sure you
weren't followed by Bigfoot?
Nice to see you - 'Pig'.
I was just about
to write you a note,
good to see you, Paula.
Good to be here, Sheriff Sam.
Yeah well, Unibomber called
and wants his clothes back.
No one knows, right?
And here.
Somebody at the newspaper
found this in the archives.
Hardly ever saw him smile.
How often?
Every four to six
hours, and getting closer.
So what's been happening?
Folks are scared, say
they're seeing things.
What do you mean?
It's complicated, I'll
save it for the walk.
Thank you for giving me a hand.
I've just been grasping
at straws here,
so I really appreciate your...
Bringing the whole
airy-fairy approach to this?
Yeah well, you know the town.
Half of them in yoga
pants on cloud nine,
the other half
loading their guns.
They need to rule out cloud nine
and get everyone
thinking logically again.
Look, before you say
anything, don't blame Sam
because she told me not to come.
But I had to see
you, I just had to.
I blurted something.
Paula, what happened?
You just left, and I'm sorry
but that was really hard for me.
So I had to see you.
What're you doing here?
Don't look at me, I didn't
tell anyone, really.
Someone told me you were dead.
Charlie, how did
you know we were here?
I saw Meredith drive
by and I followed her.
You what?
What, who comes
out here anymore?
Everyone thinks this
place is haunted.
It looked weird, and
yeah, I was worried,
so I followed you.
Why didn't someone tell me?
I swear to god, this town.
Look, we'll take off
and maybe we can hang out later.
Yeah, let's all go to Dino's.
No, Charlie, you
can come by the house
later if you want.
How could you just shut
out your friends like that?
It's been 10 years.
Really harsh, Paula.
What happened?
Anyway, we
intruded, we're sorry,
and we'll get out of here.
Right, Charlie?
What, why, no, we just got here!
Welcome back to.
"True Tales From the Darkness."
Our next story, a bizarre
tale of true identity theft.
Here's Rick Mos.
Is she doing the
pose from her TV show?
Kill me now.
Alicia Garcia, it
is so good to see you.
Your new show is amazing,
I've seen them all.
What're you doing here?
She's been listening
to the police band again.
Cops have to check in and
you gave your exact location.
Who are you working for now?
That 'Alien' whatever show?
Or have you moved
straight on to porn?
Yeah, now that you've been fired
by how many networks?
Lawsuits are expensive, huh?
What are you blogging now?
Vlogging, I'm self-funded.
So cute.
I have 12 million
followers and I do just fine.
But you wouldn't
understand that, would you.
Paula - my research team
told me I'd find you here.
Nice to see you, Alicia,
drive safely on your
way back to Hades.
Yeah, if you came
for another expose,
you're gonna have to
turn right back around.
I came for something
more important than that.
Which is?
You're learning to
color inside the lines?
You know, I've just been
following this 'Sound' phenomenon
all over the world,
and who'd have thought
that it would
bring me right back
to my cute little
hometown of Mount Shasta?
Home of - 'The Shasta Triangle'.
Has a nice ring to it, right?
I've heard you've met Shatner.
What is the strangest thing
you've seen with your own eyes?
Come on Charlie,
she's just here because
she wants something.
What is it, Alicia?
You know, quite a
coincidence Paula,
showing up exactly
23 years to the day
that your Dad disappeared.
Yeah, I checked, and word
on the street is that DARPA
didn't manage to get all of
your Daddy's research years ago.
I thought you said your
Dad didn't work for DARPA.
Wait, what's DARPA again?
It's the Pentagon's
secret think tank.
Their science is 20 to 30
years ahead of everything else.
They created the Stealth Bomber,
facial recognition, drones.
Yeah, they didn't
have time for cancer,
climate change, world hunger.
Anyway, there's a bunch of
data missing from this book
on meridian grids, timetables,
gravitational wave applications,
some Einstein-Tesla theory that
Paula's Daddy had combined.
Egypt and Atlantis stuff,
Carlos Castaneda, but.
A lot of it is
in some ridiculous 'code'.
This 'code' seems to have
some sort of connection
to the 'Sound' phenomenon but
it's impossible to figure out.
And there's this strange
cryptic 'timetable'.
Lay lines, hotspots.
These sacred places, Charlie,
are located where so-called
meridians cross, 'power points'.
And there's one right
here in Mount Shasta.
Isn't that right, Paula?
Anyone with Google
can find that.
And my source at DARPA
tells me that Paula's Dad
figured out a way to
combine these theories
and do some incredible things.
Look, I'm trying to be
nice here Paula but,
it's taking me forever
to put this all together
and I just want some answers.
Well, let me just
drop everything
and help you, your highness.
Come on, I
have been all over the world
with this data with
some of the best minds,
spent a ton of money, and
nobody can break this code.
You could probably unlock
this whole thing in an hour.
I don't have an hour.
And I don't know how
to tell you this but...
It's time you are going.
No, no, I'm not leaving.
Yes, you are.
Paula, give me one
good reason why not.
Your book - is a fake.
No, I know my source
is completely legit.
Okay. Paula - here's my offer.
I'll give you $25,000
of my own money
to decode and explain
this book on my show.
I'll black out your
face, warble your voice,
change your name, whatever.
No, why not?
100K, in cash, that's
everything I have, vulture.
This is a valuable opportunity
and I'm willing to go all in.
Why should I help you?
I came here to do
something with Sam.
I don't need you,
or your fake book.
I don't even want your money.
Oh please, take all her money.
And embarrass her while
you're at it if you can.
Come on you
guys, why not help her out?
Thank you, Charlie.
This could answer some
real questions for you.
And, make you a lot
of money on your show.
And put you back on the map.
Doing what you do best,
ruining decent people's lives.
Look, I'm completely
fascinated by all of this,
just like you, and I wanna
know how it all works
and share it with the world.
I can just follow you, you know.
This is public land,
you can't stop me.
We would get to make fun of her,
and it would give us someone
our findings - publicly.
No, I don't have
time for this so,
the price is 150,000.
And I'll split it with
Meredith, Sam, and Charlie.
What, that's outrageous?
Paula, you
don't have to do that.
Okay, 120K, it's a
nice, even number, good?
Great, it's settled.
And since you're
all taking my money,
you'll all be my witnesses.
We'll go and do whatever it is
that Paula and Sam are
here to do, together.
When we come back out, Alicia,
you can have a full,
exclusive, on-camera interview
with me and everyone
else, if they want.
And we all get paid.
And you'll explain the notebook.
I'll decode, explain
the setups, you name it.
All on camera.
Come on, we
grew up in these woods.
Grab some warm stuff from
your car and let's go!
Leave your phones
and cameras in your car.
What, you can't do that.
Do what, the deal was to
be interviewed for your show
'after' our time in the woods.
I didn't say you
could record it.
That's the deal.
Aw, and you got
yourself all camera-ready.
Disconnect for a few hours.
It's amazing to live
in the real world.
That is such crap, come on.
Phones don't work out there
and neither does my walkie.
What, no cavity search?
Aren't you gonna leave your gun?
No, why, are you
afraid I might shoot you?
I can't leave it unattended.
Hey Paula, where're we headed?
The hide and seek tree.
All the way out there?
Hey Alicia, how does all this
science stuff work anyways?
Well, since
you're a true fan, Charlie,
You remember that old board
game, 'Snakes and Ladders',
where if you landed on the
right spot at the right time
you could instantly move to
another square on the board?
Like where?
Exactly - 'where'?
All of these powerful
energy meridians
crisscross the Earth and
intersect at hot spots.
Priests and shamans used to put
big things at them
like pyramids.
I think they used to
use them as portals.
Do people actually
watch this show of yours?
You know,
just because I did better
than the rest of you, and
made something of my life.
Our problem is
what you made of yourself.
Things good with you now, Sam?
How's Rehab goin' for ya?
You can't blackmail me, Garcia.
Everyone who matters
already knows my story.
You shouldn't make
her mad like that.
Because I've seen her
break up bar fights before.
She can get nasty.
What makes you think
I can't handle myself?
Because you ran
from every fight at school.
I did not!
Uh, Joanie
Klumpers wanted to pound you
for stealing her math homework,
and you made me pick you up
at the back of the school
and cover you up in the
back seat with a blanket.
You ran from Klumpers?
That is completely false.
And maybe Charlie
should tell you
how she made out
with Ronnie Simpson.
The 'Mathlete'?
Oh Charlie, that's so cruel.
Be quiet, Alicia.
And then, there was
Tony, under the stairs.
Shut up.
The one that really
takes the cake...
Shut up!
Diane Smith.
I said, Shut up!!
Whatever happened to her?
How 'bout that abortion
that you got senior year
after Alders knocked you up?
The Gym teacher?
And 'boom goes the dynamite'.
There it is,
The Hide and Seek Tree.
Sam, can you put the
center stake here?
Are we seconds away?
From what?
The 'Sound'.
I thought that was debunked.
None of them have been debunked.
Not the one here or in
Russia, or Ayers Rock, Egypt,
none of them.
That was an hour early.
Is that on our time table?
Wait, what do you mean?
I don't feel so great.
Charlie, your ears.
There's something really
going on here, isn't there?
Let's look after Charlie,
then we can talk about it.
Take a minute to rest.
I think I'll catch my breath
and then head back guys,
I don't feel so well.
Are you sure?
Maybe just rest, huh?
Don't forget about the deal.
If you don't stay, you don't
get your share of the money.
That wasn't part of the deal.
Hey, it's my money, and I
agreed to the terms you set,
like no cameras.
Why don't you
just sit here for a minute
and see how you feel.
I really think I'll head
back slowly, I'll be fine.
I don't think you should.
Yeah, stay for a bit.
No, really, I, I
don't feel good here!
I promise I'll be fine.
I don't care about any
stupid deal, I'm leaving!
I'll sleep in my car
for a bit on my way,
no, leave me alone!!
What do you think?
I'll go
after her in a few minutes
to make sure that she made it.
You know how stubborn she is.
So what's new in
your world, Sam?
No expose for
you today, 'slick'.
What about all the bizarre
stuff happening around here.
When you're a Cop, bizarre
stuff happens all the time.
Like, people disappearing,
livestock missing
and showing up where
it shouldn't be?
A jail cell full of
mysterious vagrants,
strange lights in the
sky, crazy looking clouds?
Sounds like just
another day in Shasta.
Messed up people end
up in jail all the time.
And sometimes people
just leave town.
And ask any farmer,
there is no accounting
for what animals do.
And the lights in the sky
are airplanes, satellites,
and stars, and you can see
anything you want in a cloud.
Be honest, Garcia,
do you actually believe
any of this stuff, or are
you just here to make a buck?
I know we grew up
in the land of weird,
and when I started it
was just a cool job.
But, I've seen too much,
and I know that there's
more to our world
than meets the eye.
What do you think, Meredith?
I don't know.
How 'bout you two?
Do you actually think any of
this stuff is really possible?
No, no, I don't
think it's possible.
Everything has a
logic explanation.
Sometimes it just takes
a little extra effort
to figure things out.
Then what the hell is that!?
What's going on?
This isn't suppose
to be happening.
Meredith was just
gonna come get you.
It's all right, sit down
and I'll get you some water.
No, I, I, I'm, I
don't understand.
I'm just gonna go...
I'll take her back.
Are you sure?
It's all right,
we'll take it slow.
We'll keep setting up here.
You're probably just run down.
I was walking and then...
I know how scary
these woods can be.
Don't worry, Sam and I will
give you part of our share
so you'll still get
some of Alicia's money.
I don't think that's Alicia.
That's not her.
Wow, you must be tired.
She still seems like
the same self-righteous,
over-inflated jerk to me, right?
The sound is really nuts, huh?
Reverend Jones thinks it
has to do with The End Times.
Oh, you're going to church now.
Wow, it really has been a long
time since we've hung out.
And it's my fault, I'm
gonna do a better job
of staying in touch
from now on, okay?
You know, growing up was
really tough on Paula.
Yeah, what's with that?
She doesn't like
to talk about it but
Sam told me that, though
her Mother's death
was listed as a car accident,
it actually happened overseas.
No body was ever recovered,
so she doesn't really know
what happened to her Mom.
And back in elementary school
before we were all close,
her Dad used to travel a lot.
She'd be left with neighbors
for weeks at a time.
Where did he travel?
Actually, a lot of those
places in Alicia's book.
After her Dad disappeared,
the only silver lining
if there is one is that
after bouncing around
to all those foster homes
for all those years,
she ended up with
Sam and her Dad.
I think Sam being her big sister
was really good
for both of them.
Yeah, lucky it turned
out as good as it did.
Someone's watching us.
Charlie, you're freaking me out.
Oh great, you talked
some sense into her.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, this can't be happening.
- No, this can't be happening.
- Charlie,
- Charlie, you're okay.
- No, no, no, no.
- No.
- Look at me.
This doesn't make any sense.
- Look at me, Charlie.
- No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, and I
don't wanna be here.
I don't wanna, I
don't wanna be here.
No, I have to go the other way.
- Charlie.
- What happened?
We went straight back on the
path, that's what happened.
Obviously you didn't.
We did, and
we came back right here.
Oh, come on?
What do you mean, "Come on?"
We were walking back
towards the cars.
You used to get lost
here playing hide and seek.
I'm not playing hide and seek.
I was walking back to the cars.
Okay, stop it.
I can't have you guys
screwing around here, not today.
Okay, just relax.
Charlie and I can't
both be taking wrong turns.
Either we're both
messed up or there's...
Or, it's some sort of 'force'
orchestrating this whole thing,
some sort of intelligence.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
Then fill us in.
What's suppose to happen?
This is just like that vortex
place up in Washington state
but more powerful, right?
Or it's a DARPA experiment
and you're using your
Daddy's knowledge
to pull off some sort of...
I don't work at
DARPA and never have
so just drop that.
Paula, we need to use our heads.
Let's eliminate
some possibilities.
It could be a magnetic thing,
it could be a part of the
path that looks similar,
or just confusion.
A government experiment.
We don't have time for this.
Sam, we need a good idea.
Paula, you stay here.
Why me?
Just trust me.
Charlie, you go a different
way this time, Meredith too.
Alicia and I will both go
in different directions.
We'll all leave the center point
in four different
directions, simultaneously.
The first person back to
their car, or any car,
honk the horn once
every 10 seconds.
Listen for the sound of the horn
and then head that direction.
Once we're there, we'll
figure out what happened here.
You guys aren't messing
around here, right?
No one's messing around.
But what if it doesn't work?
It'll work, just get
ready for a beer at Dino's.
I'm buying.
We'll just use our heads and
we'll all figure this out
together like a team, right?
Paula is our anchor.
We're gonna scout our
way out of here together.
Just listen for the sound of
the car horn and head that way.
Great, fantastic.
Just keep walking straight,
it's all gonna be okay.
Straight ahead, it's just a
bad dream, straight ahead.
Oh, oh, okay.
Keep your head on straight.
I'm sorry Paula, I
tried, I really did.
Did you turn around?
No, I, I kept walking
straight, I promise.
What, no car horns?
Dammit, any car horns?
I kept straight the whole way
and by all rights I
should be way over there.
Not you too.
I can't believe this!
Paula, I don't know
what to say, except...
I, I, I, this is, I, Paula.
No this can't be happening.
What is going on here?
So this is for real now, right?
We're in some sort
of a, a vortex.
How do I know that this
isn't some big stunt?
That doesn't even make sense.
Well neither does this.
If you think we're
playing a joke here,
you are out of your mind.
This is me, Sam.
This is what we came here to
figure out, one way or another.
Paula, wait!
- This can't be right, can it?
- It's okay.
Something's happening
and we're gonna
get to the bottom of it.
There has to be an explanation.
We'll get to the bottom of it.
Okay, cough it up.
What did you come out here
to do, what is all this?
I'm paying for this
party and I want answers.
You knew this
could happen, Paula.
I don't think she did.
That's true.
I came out here to
prove all of this wrong.
And we will.
Come on, now what?
There wasn't suppose
to be a 'now what'.
But there is,
and now Paula knows
I was right and she was wrong.
And I'd say she's highly
motivated to figure it out.
Okay, we need the whole story.
Just tell them, Paula.
Paula, your
ears are bleeding too.
Okay, um,
the day my Dad went missing,
he had a talk with me.
Even at 7, I knew
this day was weird.
He said he had to go, which
you know, was upsetting
because it was
happening so often.
My Dad and I, we used to
camp out here sometimes.
He taught me how to use
the coat hanger here,
some survival
stuff, and his code.
Before he left, he gave me the
Notebook to keep it secret.
So I put it in my
jacket to hide later.
But when he left, I was upset
and I followed him on my bike.
And I never saw him again.
So, he disappeared,
like Charlie just did?
Paula and I have been in
contact for a few months now.
I reached out to her
for a number of reasons.
And you didn't tell me?
Paula is a private person.
And, around then, a lot of
strange things were happening.
I was getting a ton of calls.
While I was trying
to figure that out,
Paula was trying to sort
things out with her past.
I saw a shrink.
I was trying to come to
terms with my dad being gone.
I was deep in the rabbit
hole, hallucinating,
believing things were
happening that weren't.
It took years to
work through it all.
By the time we reconnected,
Paula wasn't so sure
of the brilliance of her dad,
and decided to come back here,
face her fears where
she last saw him.
And the 'Sound' had
something to do with it?
Yeah, when it hit,
I fell off my bike.
Yeah, I, I must've bumped
my head and when I came to
my Dad wasn't around.
And you brought us here?
And now we're stuck
and Charlie's gone!
We came out here to debunk this
so that Paula could
get on with her life.
It wasn't her idea to have
anyone else come along.
I knew if I followed all of
his directions to the letter
and nothing happened,
I would know for sure
that this is all a fantasy.
The delusions of the crazy
Dad who abandoned me.
But now we know it's not.
How could I have known that?
I'd rather believe
that he was some jerk
who took off on his
daughter than believe
whatever 'this' is.
You have to be crazy to
believe this is true.
Or me.
The point is, Paula
got specific information
from deciphering
her Dad's Notebook.
The real book.
Today's date, this location,
and a rough timetable.
Where did you
get your Notebook anyway?
My contact at DARPA who told me
that it belonged to your Dad,
who gave it to him 23 years
ago, before he disappeared.
Well, let's take
a look at both books
and see what they can teach us.
Maybe there's a
breakthrough in them.
You brought us out here to die.
It isn't exactly a fake.
We can fill in some of
each other's blanks.
Is this a map of our setup?
So what do we do with this?
I'll decode it all to be sure.
Just in case.
Can you grab mine out of my bag?
What is this?
And that one's Etnane.
The Eye of Horus is down there.
It says here, that the
'Sound' is created by
expanding and contracting
gravitational waves
passing through us.
Time speeds up...
And slows down.
Bands of charged particles
hit the Earth's
electromagnetic field
and cause the Northern Lights.
At auspicious times they snap
like giant cosmic rubber bands.
That's the sound.
So, the sun's rays
make big long strings that,
for whatever reason, break
and make a huge sound?
Yeah, so something
happens on these points
when the 'Sound' hits.
And it says here
that on those spots,
unless you're near
the center of this web,
you can be transported
somewhere else
and you can play, Snakes...
And ladders.
So, it's like a web, or
the points on a compass.
But you never really
know where you go.
And that's where
Charlie might've gone.
is a Timetable.
Once we get to here that sequence
will start with a 'Sound'.
And it looks like it
won't be long after that
until this is.
When it starts, it will
repeat itself 12 times,
every five minutes or so.
The timing's unpredictable.
The accounts I've read
of this are pretty insane.
Where are we on
the timetable now?
I'm sorry, you guys.
The number of times I told
myself this wasn't real.
You're gonna get us out of this
and we're gonna find Charlie.
Is there anything
else you remember
about the day your
Dad disappeared?
After I followed
him into the woods,
he was yelling my Mom's name.
And the 'Sound' hit,
really, really loud,
and I fell off my bike.
And I must've stayed on
the ground for a bit.
I got up and I ran
to where he last was,
but there was no one there.
But you don't
know if you were here
in the center.
Okay, everybody get ready.
Brace yourselves, everyone.
Was that it?
Does that mean we can
go home...
What's that!?
Too soon!
She's gone!
Time must be speeding up.
This isn't happening.
Meredith, what happened?
Tell me what you saw?
My Dad was right.
No, my Dad was right!
Sorry, I'm so sorry!
Guys, over here!
- Okay.
- What in the hell's...
Okay, everybody calm
down, just breathe.
What the
hell was it shooting at?
Just shut up!
All right, everyone
in one piece?
Nobody's been hit?
No, I think we're all good.
That was incredible,
that was whole other world.
It's real, with us in
it, can you believe it?
We literally
- just tried to kill ourselves.
- I can't believe
what just happened, did it?
- That was amazing.
- Why would we
try to kill ourselves?
And why would they...
That was real, we
have to do it again,
we've got to do it again.
Do it again, are you crazy!?
They had a whole system
set up with symbols on trees
just like ours.
And you wanna go back there?
No... somewhere else.
There're three other choices.
There have to be
other dimensions
that have us in them too.
They probably have webs
set up all over too,
and we could travel all
over if we wanted to.
You're crazy.
I bet all of these
places have versions of us.
And in this case
they wanna shoot us.
And the place I went to,
I landed on that
backward seven thing
and there was something huge
following me and no people.
I ran to the only
symbol I recognized.
It was a figure 8, infinity sign
that was just there somehow.
Wait, the infinity,
how did you know to try it?
That was my only
option, I just guessed.
So now, we know
what our symbol is.
We can do it.
Come on, there are other
versions of us in other worlds,
doing different versions of
what we're doing here, right?
Other 'Sams', other 'Paulas'.
And that just
might wanna kill us.
We stay here in the center!
We won't go anywhere, and we
ride this thing out, simple.
Why are you staring at me?
Paula, when you
fell off your bike,
you weren't near
the center, right?
Okay, so before you
continue to freak out,
just hear me out.
Paula, maybe it wasn't
your Dad who disappeared.
What if - you - disappeared,
and you ended up here.
Just, think about it.
I know it sounds crazy,
but it explains everything.
You came here to this dimension,
or whatever you wanna call it.
Does that make any sense?
There's something
you don't know, Sam.
Before my Dad disappeared,
there was no such thing
as The Hide and Seek Tree.
I've never been
able to explain it.
I just thought that I
didn't remember it right.
Because it wasn't
the same woods.
Then what about your
Dad from this place,
what happened to him?
And what happened to Paula
from here, where is she?
Who knows, they could've
disappeared to some other place
at the same time, I
mean, I know it's wild
but it explains everything.
You came here, and Dad
and Paula from here
went somewhere else, and
you still had his Notebook.
Nearly identical to the
one that I got from DARPA
that I know belonged to
your Dad in this world.
Two real books.
Two different worlds.
You guys.
Weren't really your friends.
I don't belong here.
I can't, I can't believe this.
Just take it easy.
By my count, there are
3 'Sound' events left.
Which means, we
can send you back.
One of the points on the compass
has to be where you came from.
Okay, can we just
go over this again.
The center is where we stood
when we came back from Omega.
And, the backwards
7 is where I went.
And I'm taking Alpha,
or the Eye of Horus next.
That's insane.
This is real, and
I'm gonna go somewhere
and bring back
something as proof,
and you'll all be my witnesses.
Bring back what?
Me, or another version
of me or one of you,
with knowledge of a
completely different world.
This is worth a fortune.
Except for the
part where you die.
I have a 50/50 chance.
I'll come back with
enough time left
for you to repeat the process
and make your way home.
If wherever I go doesn't
have a Hide and Seek Tree,
then we know that
that's your home.
If not, then we know that the
other choice most likely is.
You sure about this?
It's my party.
Look, I'm just trying to get
back to my place, my world.
No, no, no, no, please, please.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, please.
No, please, please, please,
please, please, please.
No, no, no, no, no!
Mysterious Horn Sound.
Oh no...
You should go.
What's your name?
What's your name?
Paula, it's Paula,
I'm your daughter!
I have your Notebooks.
It's her, it worked.
She found her way back.
There's someone here who's
been trying to meet you
for quite awhile.
Your Mother will
be very happy to see you.
The girls from Omega have used
the 'Sound' to cross over.
Prime the weapon.
Move towards me as
quick as you can.
Move, now.
Now! RUN!
Baker to dispatch, Baker
to dispatch, come in, over.
Sheriff, this is dispatch.
It's great to hear your voice.
It's been a Hell of a day here.
Someone walked in who
looked just like you,
said she was you and started
talking about triangles
and portals, and - do you have
a Twin we don't know about?
Breaking news from
Mount Shasta, California.
One person is dead
and two are missing
following weeks of bizarre
activity in the area.
Shasta's no stranger to
unexplained incidents.
Over the years, numerous
residents have vanished,
livestock have disappeared,
and people around here are
hearing a loud, ominous 'Sound'.
Some people are even claiming
to see a strange young woman
wearing what one local farmer
described as a glowing shroud.
That farmer is with me now.
Sir, can you tell
me what you saw?
I was pickin'
apples in the yard,
and that 'Sound' happened again.
It's been happenin'
a lot lately.
And then this woman
showed up out of nowhere.
I thought maybe she
was lost or somethin'.
I said, "Hello," and she started
to flicker, kinda 'glow'.
What happened next?
I've seen that
kind of thing before
so I got the Hell outta there.
That 'Sound' always comes
just before the weird stuff.
It was the same thing
20-some-odd years ago.
When those people,
they went missin',
and those other people just
showed up outta nowhere.
All kinds of government
experts and such,
they came out here
pokin' around,
they couldn't figure
it out either.
They all said I was nuts.
Now someone's dead.
People around here want answers
and they want 'em right now.
Well judging by the
number of incidents
in the Shasta area lately,
it doesn't look like we'll
have any answers any time soon.
Rick Mosier, Shasta County News.