The She-Creature (1956) Movie Script

Now, on this very night,
I have called her from the
unknown depths of time itself.
She is here, and
with her coming,
the world will never
be as it was.
Neither man nor animal
will be the same.
This, I, Dr. Carlo Lombardi,
have brought into being.
Enjoying your weekend
with the idle rich?
Pretty heavy stuff
for a professor of
psychic research.
Oh, you sound a little
Not at all.
I just don't feel I
belong in your world
of yachts and racing stakes.
Some of those tycoons in there,
including your father,
kind of frighten me.
Oh, come now, this type of
life shouldn't be too hard
to get used to.
Let's face it, I'm an farm boy
with a professorship at
the university,
but basically a farm boy.
I don't belong in all that.
Very well then, we'll get you
away from them for a while.
A walk along the
ocean will do it.
I'd like that.
I don't know how your fiance
will react to that idea.
Oh, Bob, my ex-fiance.
That makes quite a difference.
Come on, Ted.
So that hearty blonde
finally let you go, eh?
That hearty blonde drip is
in some investment portfolio
of half a million bucks.
Where's Dorothy?
She went for a walk with Ted.
Oh, I wish she hadn't.
Well, Dr. Lombardi said
something terrible
is going to happen along this
part of the coast tonight,
some visitation from
the occult world.
Ah, the occult world.
Oh no, really, seriously,
you must meet him.
He's wonderful.
Some women keep pets or
grow roses for kicks.
My wife supports crack
A couple of years ago, it was
that spiritualistic medium.
Last year, a swami or
something or other,
and now Dr. Lombardi.
Well, so long as it amuses you.
No, seriously.
He puts this girl into
a deep trance
and takes her back 300 years.
Now she tells about her
life in England.
I tell you, it's uncanny.
Yeah, yeah.
Looks pretty serious
between Dorothy and Ted.
She's falling for him.
I'm afraid it's pretty
one-sided so far.
Nonsense, if she wants
him, she'll get him.
What's the market price on
professors of psychic research?
Not very high, I imagine.
You goose.
Mother's a little
disappointed in you.
She thought you'd
liven up the party
with some of the tricks
of your trade.
You know, hypnotism,
of thought transference.
I know.
She thought I'd make it
an age regression party.
I told her that was Dr.
Lombardi's field, not mine.
He's an amazing man.
Do you know him?
Quite well.
He's challenged me
publicly and privately
to disprove the authenticity
of his experiments.
That sounds like King's bark.
Well, what's the
matter with him?
Maybe he's jealous of me.
You haven't given him
cause to be yet.
He wants us to follow him.
That looked like Dr.
Lombardi to me.
It was Dr. Lombardi.
Well, what it is?
Go on home and call the police.
The police?
I'll wait here for them.
Hurry up.
Never seen anything like it.
Neck's broken in two like
a pile driver hit her.
The man's too.
Why, there's $600 here.
That licks robbery out.
Here's something.
A piece of seaweed, all
the way to the door.
The carpet's wet here.
Might be a footprint.
Go into the kitchen and see if
there's any flour, will you?
You willing to swear
you saw Lombardi
coming out of this house?
Of course.
What would make a
footprint like that?
Clever man could have forged it.
You think a human could
have done this?
Oh, I almost forgot about
your firm belief
in Lombardi's black
magic and occult powers.
It's not me, it's my wife.
She swears by him.
What did he say was
coming to roll among us?
A creature out of time,
the first life form of
someone living today,
over a million years old.
You see, Doctor, that's
how civilized we are.
Scratch the Vermeer, and
what do you find?
A whole car load of
waiting to be catered to.
Vampires, witchcraft,
supernatural creatures being
brought back from the past.
He's got a lot of people
listening to him.
It's not me, it's my wife.
All right, it's your wife.
You willing to identify
Lombardi now?
Make things a lot simpler.
You wait here for the lab boys.
I want pictures, plenty of 'em.
You're gonna leave
me alone here?
It's not like it was an
ordinary stiff.
I can take that seven
days a week.
Come on.
But, but, it might come back.
Oh, but it's not you
that is superstitious.
That's your wife who's
the gullible one.
Come on, folks, come
on, take a chance here.
We'll make you, break you,
set you up on a farm out west.
10 cents, yes siree,
hello Lombardi.
Lousy night, no business at all.
I find it very pleasant.
I heard a scream from your
place about 50 minutes ago.
I thought it was Andrea.
I ran over to check up,
see if she was in trouble.
I've told you to keep
away from her.
I knew her long before you did,
I knew her when she was
a carnival follower.
Every time we hit a town,
she'd be there waiting for us.
I've asked you to forget that.
Well anyway, I heard the
scream, so I went over.
The back door was open,
I went in.
She was out cold.
Why do you keep her
under like that?
I thought she was dead.
I was gonna call the cops.
It's so tiresome
having to warn you
to mind your own business,
so very tiresome.
Well, I'm naturally curious.
Poor kid, she was out cold.
What's it all about, Doc?
Why do you keep her
under like that?
I have an idea you'll
find out soon.
You're in a deep sleep,
Andrea, a very deep sleep.
Now I will touch you,
and slowly you'll awake.
Now you'll come back to me,
You'll feel refreshed.
You'll remember nothing.
What time is it?
Shortly after midnight.
You've had me in a deep
hypnosis for more than an hour.
I asked you not to do that.
Well, you were tired.
You needed the rest.
I need to get away from
here, away from you.
I hate this place.
I hate the sound of the ocean.
I hate you.
You'll never leave me.
You can't.
I will, someday I will, soon.
As long as I'm alive,
I'll possess you.
It's something beyond yourself
that makes you need me.
You've taken my soul
away from me.
The door's open.
Come in.
I'm Lieutenant James.
Dr. Erickson?
Uh, yes?
Is this the man you saw coming
out of the Jefferson house?
There's no doubt in your mind?
Well, he knows me quite well.
I've been trying to interest
him in my work for some time.
And you don't deny you
were in the Jefferson house
approximately 50
minutes after 11?
Not at all.
I won't need you any
longer, Doctor, thank you.
Nor you, miss.
What's it all about?
Maybe we can talk about
it over a cup of coffee.
I'd like that.
What's the matter?
I can't go with you.
You say you knew they were dead
the minute you saw
the open door?
Yes, pity.
Nice young couple.
She came out of the ocean,
just as I said she would,
and she'll come again.
Look, I'm not a paying customer.
I'm a police officer.
She comes from the
beginning of time,
huge and indestructible,
and I'm the force that
gives her life.
All I know, you were seen
coming out of that house,
leaving two corpses behind you,
and the occult world
I think that I'll
take you downtown
and wait until the
reports come in.
Well I can tell you what
the reports will say,
that no living thing
killed them.
Yeah, I know,
it was the materialization
of the prehistoric female.
The transmigration of the
soul of a living woman
into her first life body.
Save it, save it for downtown.
Now come on, let's go.
Thank you, Olaf.
Oh that dog, he gives
me the jitters.
I get the nervous Adam's apple,
and that makes my tie jump off.
Good morning Mr. Chappel.
Good morning, Ted.
Dorothy will be down
in a minute.
Certainly not too popular with
that member of your family.
Take him to the kitchen and
get him something to eat.
The last time I took him
to the kitchen,
he nearly eat up the cook.
Come on, dog.
You're an early riser, Ted,
I like to see a man
get up early.
Shows he's aggressive,
wants to get ahead.
You're giving me too
much credit, Mr. Chappel.
This Jefferson thing
last night, pretty grim.
Kept them all buzzing for a
while after Dorothy came home.
It's surprising how many
of them think that Lombardi
had something to do with it.
Whole gang's been down
to see his show.
Mrs. Chappel tried to
fool me into going along.
Take a look at that front page.
I play a little game
every morning.
I call it my front page game.
I'm getting a little old
to play most of the others.
I read the front page
every morning and see if I
can pick out an item or two
that'll make me a lot of money.
Surprising how often
it's worked out.
You ever try it?
No, I can't say I have.
No, no.
You read about the
Jefferson murder?
There's a million
dollar idea in that.
Last paragraph, read it.
"One baffling aspect of
the case concerns
Dr. Carlo Lombardi, carnival
hypnotist and prognosticator.
Only last week he predicted
that such a murder
would take place,
describing it with
grisly accuracy.
He was questioned by the
police, but not held."
You see a fortune in that?
Yes, yes, and it's right
up your alley,
and yours as a wedding present.
You're serious, aren't you?
Couldn't be more so.
We'll take this two-bit
local sideshow man
and build him into the
biggest thing in the country,
build him up until his
name's on everyone's lips.
Lombardi books, syndicated
columns, lectures,
television show.
This prediction of his is
worth a million dollars,
and you and I can do it.
Where do I fit in?
Well, can't you see?
You can give him the
stamp of authenticity.
Doctor Erickson, psychic
research specialist,
says Lombardi's
experiment's amazing,
open new avenues in the
understanding of the
They'll swallow it,
and they'll swallow it
whole and love it.
This is the sort of escape
stuff the world's crying for.
Look at my wife and her friends.
It's unnatural.
It'll be a lark for me and
money for you and Dorothy.
I've been trained to fight
stupidity and ignorance,
not get rich on them.
Men like Lombardi put
hypnosis back 25 years.
They've taken a modern
tool of science
and made a plaything out of
it, worse than that a weapon,
and in the hands of
quacks like Lombardi,
a dangerous weapon,
and you want me to help
sell him to the public?
Wait until that loot
starts rolling in.
That'll take care of
your scruples.
What do you say?
Forget it.
I don't need that kind of money.
Yes siree,
try your luck, 10 cents,
one-tenth of a dollar.
Where's Lombardi's place?
Right next door, but
he's closed.
Been having trouble
with the police.
Yeah, I read about it
in the papers.
You want to get in?
Just jingle a couple of coins.
The doors open automatically.
Good evening, Mr. Chappel.
I've been expecting you.
How the devil did you
know I was Chappel?
What do you mean you
were expecting me?
I was communicating
with your thoughts
before you left your home.
Communicating with my thoughts,
I suppose you can tell me
what I'm doing here too.
You've come down here to discuss
a business matter with me.
Good guess, Lombardi,
remarkable guess.
I'm a remarkable man.
Won't you come in, Mr. Chappel?
Let's get to the point.
How would you like to
be a rich man,
as well as a remarkable one?
Well naturally, I...
Enough to get you out of
this crazy place.
You've got something to sell.
How can you expect to
get your price in here,
with facts about reincarnation,
35 cents?
I'll get you $3.50 for that.
Well, I'd be most grateful,
Yes, we'll make them pay
real money to see your act.
I have no act.
I have knowledge.
That's the boy, that's the boy.
Keep a straight face
and hit 'em hard.
I'm a businessman, Lombardi.
I can see money in this,
big money.
50/50, what do you say?
Well, I'm overwhelmed...
Okay, our deal starts as of now.
Come over to my house
tomorrow night.
I'm having some
people come over,
and it might do us some good.
Newspaper man, a book publisher,
a doctor of psychic
research, a Dr. Erickson.
Oh yes, I know him.
One of my most
outspoken critics.
Mm-hmm, and get him
involved too, if you can,
even if it's only to
call you crazy.
Make good publicity.
That's what we need,
publicity, and play it up big.
Give them everything you've got.
Some more of this
she-creature stuff,
some more predictions.
A murder next month, maybe.
Unfortunately, it may
happen sooner than that,
very much sooner.
I feel her presence even now.
She'll come out of the
ocean tonight.
That's the stuff, that's
the stuff, the big lie.
That's what sells.
I'll see you tomorrow night,
and remember,
play it up big.
We've gotta shake 'em.
We'll shake 'em.
See you tomorrow night.
You will go into a much
deeper sleep, very deep.
You will go back in time.
I command you, leave your body.
Who's that?
Oh, hello Lieutenant.
You killed Johnny.
Oh, did I?
Well prove that, and I'll
have to face a murder charge.
Can you prove you were
in here when it happened?
I can.
I don't see what
difference it makes.
I warned you she'd come
again, and you laughed at me.
Not as hard as you're
laughing at me right now.
I'm gonna book you.
Well, on what charge?
For being in
communication with a world
that you say doesn't exist?
You're a murderer, and I'm
gonna prove it.
Uh, Lieutenant, I urge you
to keep the beaches clear.
It's my civic duty.
Take it easy.
What's Chappel's interest
in this maniac?
I wouldn't know, I'm
only his lawyer.
Maybe he just hates to see
injustice done.
I'll bet.
Or maybe it's because
Lombardi is entertaining
at his house tonight.
Doctor, are you all right?
The next time this
man is pulled in
on some trumped-up charge,
we'll sue for false arrest.
A most interesting experience.
I'm quite certain I
made a few new converts.
Since when have you gone to
that spook stuff, Chappel?
There must be money in it.
Oh, no, no, you've got me wrong.
This man's sensational,
the genuine thing.
He's made a convert out of me.
Now I know there's a buck in it.
I'm so excited.
Dr. Lombardi, here in my
very own room.
And I thought it was going
to be a boring weekend.
If what you say is true,
I'm certainly going to
drop the Ali Binali group.
They're becoming quite ordinary.
Just about anyone can join.
That Bob, he's as drunk
as a lumberjack.
Yeah, he drinks like a fish.
Yeah, but not the same stuff.
Say, my feet's pooped just
keeping him filled up.
Feets is pooped.
For 18 years, I've tried
to teach you how to
speak good American.
Well, I speak just as good
broken American as you do.
Feets is pooped.
All right, then my
foots is peeped.
You're a million miles away,
and just when I thought
I was beginning to get
through to you.
Look Dorothy, I'm out of my
element in a place like this.
This preoccupation with
this talk about money.
I'm what you might call a
square, I guess.
I'm real, aren't I?
I don't know.
Sometimes I think you are,
and then I see you as part
of this elegant decay.
Well that sounds like
a high-class brush-off.
Is that what it is?
We've gotta.
Last night it was the
Jefferson place,
and tonight maybe here.
Nah, we stay here.
But Marta, the cook says
it comes out of the ocean.
It's tall, tall like a building,
and it has got the arms
like a pile driver.
I am not afraid.
For 18 years, I'm married
to you.
Nothing scares me anymore.
I don't know why you had
to import a hypnotist.
Why don't you get him to
perform for us, Dorothy?
I don't use hypnotism
to amuse drunks.
What's that?
No, Bob.
Why don't you go and
drink yourself up
a nice parade of pink elephants,
Last chance, Dorothy.
I'll give you one more
chance to marry me.
Thanks, Bob, we'll have
a honeymoon for three.
You, me, and a whiskey bottle.
It's so thrilling to
have you here, Doctor,
absolutely thrilling.
My pleasure, madame.
Beautiful, isn't she?
A strange beauty.
I met her the other night
at Lombardi's.
Evidently she made quite
an impression, didn't she?
Oh, uh, just a minute please.
Lieutenant James at
the front door.
Police, what can I do for you?
I'm very anxious to
catch Dr. Lombardi's act.
Do you mind?
Mind, no not at all.
Hiya, Doc.
An excellent idea, very good.
A nice little touch.
I see Dr. Lombardi's got
himself another follower.
I had him in jail once, but
Chappel's lawyer sprung him.
We didn't have enough evidence.
You're gonna have to
help me on this one, Doc.
It's more in your
line than mine.
You're not going for that
supernatural hokum of his?
I don't really know what
I'm going for.
I know he's a killer.
He doesn't really deny it.
He just laughs at me and
says prove it.
And keep your eyes peeled,
will you, Doc?
All right, folks, curtain time.
Take your seats, please.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it has been my good fortune
to find in this young lady
the perfect hypnotic subject.
Through her, I will
reveal to you
some of the hidden
mysteries of life itself.
Look at me, Andrea.
Are you ready?
I shall touch you, and
soon you will be asleep.
Now you can hear
everything I say.
Raise your right arm, please.
Lower it.
Now the left arm, please.
Put it down, please.
Now take your place
by the couch.
A little forward please, Andrea.
Sit down on the couch.
Sit down, Andrea.
She's trying to fight him off.
We are privileged to have
with us tonight
one of the country's leading
exponents of psychic research,
Dr. Erickson.
Since Dr. Erickson has called
me a fraud and a charlatan,
I invite him to join me
on this platform,
so that he may expose me,
so that he may show you why
and how I perpetrate a fraud.
If you please, Doctor.
If you don't mind,
I'll sit here with the
paying customers.
You refuse, Doctor?
Go on, Ted, get up there
and show him up.
Come one, Erickson,
that'll make two phonies.
Really Ted, you should.
Please, Ted, you've got to.
My next experiment is a most
interesting one, Doctor.
I shall prove that life
is an endless chain,
that we are given the gift
of it not for one lifespan,
but since the beginning of time.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I shall give you living
proof of reincarnation,
of perpetual life itself.
Andrea, you will go into a
deep deep sleep, very deep.
Your eyes are getting heavy,
You cannot open them.
Will you examine her, Doctor?
She's under hypnosis.
Go ahead.
Now you are traveling back
through time and space.
Farther, farther back.
Come forward, come
forward quickly.
That's better.
Now stop when you want to.
Stop when you see
something familiar.
You want to stop now?
Where are you?
In me home on Oxton
Road in London.
What is your name?
Elizabeth Ann Weatherby.
You're smiling, Elizabeth.
Is something pleasant
taking place?
I have brought Captain
Ernest Blythestone
to see me father.
He's going to ask for me
hand in marriage.
Dr. Erickson is going
to question you.
You will answer him.
What year is it, Andrea?
1618, the year of our Lord.
Who is the reining monarch?
James Stuart.
Who is Lord Chamberlain
of his court?
The Earl of Somerset.
What's his wife's maiden name?
Frances Howard.
You will, no doubt,
authenticate this information?
I will.
Now we are moving
forward in time.
You are older, much older.
You're in your last illness,
You're on your deathbed.
Me son David is at me side.
He said he would do as I ask.
Now he sits and waits.
What did you ask of him?
That I be buried in
Carrysbrook, near me husband,
and that Ernest's medallion
be buried with me.
What does that
medallion look like?
It is a gold shield
with one ruby set in it.
Is there an inscription on it?
"To me loyal subject,
Ernest Blythestone."
It is engraved with King
Charles's seal.
Thank you, Elizabeth,
that is enough.
You will rest now, sleep,
deep sleep.
You're putting her in a
cataleptic state.
That's dangerous.
She's survived the
danger before.
Excuse me please.
Where are you now, Elizabeth?
In space, floating in space.
Are you alone?
There are many others with me.
Can I summon you out of the
spirit world to be with me?
You can summon me.
I will come.
I call you.
I can see you, but I don't
believe the others can.
Those who believe can see.
I see her, I do see her.
Make your physical presence
known to those who believe
only what their eyes can see.
Open a window.
That one.
Now come back here, Elizabeth.
Close the drapes around Andrea.
King, come here.
No, no, leave him.
I'll control him.
Will you take him away please,
There aren't many who can
control an animal by hypnosis,
are there, Doctor?
He did what I told him
without a single word.
You may return, Elizabeth.
Why do you hesitate?
At this moment?
Ladies and gentlemen,
I regret to say that the
who has cost so many lives
is on its way here among us,
even now.
Oh, she's going to faint, quick.
You better get the water,
What do you mean, in this house?
I don't know, but she's
in the ocean now,
preparing to come out.
Well, Doctor?
You're a clever man.
I don't know how you did it,
but it isn't through
science as I understand it.
I have a way of proving
myself to you,
but it's going to be harsh.
Now you're going back in
time to the very beginning.
By the power that is mine,
I command you.
She barely has a pulse.
Take her out of this.
She stays as she is.
You have no right to
leave her like this.
I have my own right.
If you wish to try to
take her out of hypnosis,
you may do so.
You know I can't do that.
You induced this state,
you must release her.
Then she remains as she is.
Did you see which way
Lombardi went?
Out on the terrace.
You're not going out there?
Last night topped everything,
Lombardi and all that
creature talk.
He had us in a panic.
He did it deliberately.
He's aiming for the big circus.
You don't make much of him,
do you?
I only know he's an extremely
clever man, and an evil one.
I'm glad your dad asked
them to stay over.
I want to try to talk to
that assistant of his.
He's got her in a state of
complete hypnotic subjugation,
a virtual slave to his will.
I'm gonna try and break
that hold on her.
Good morning, Miss Chappel,
I've been thinking about
your work, Dr. Lombardi.
I think it requires some
serious study.
Oh good, I'm delighted.
I want to talk to
your assistant.
Of course, any time you
wish, perhaps this morning?
Fine, you set it up for me,
You really poured it on
last night, didn't you?
That she-creature stuff was
a stroke of sheer genius.
Everyone lit out like the
plague was after them.
They'll be talking it up today.
Yes, I've no doubt of that.
And that stuff on the
pier the other night,
the way you tied in with that.
That was a very fortunate
coincidence for us.
Yes, yes.
Oh, by the way,
I shall require more
suitable living quarters.
Now shall I stay here
until I find them?
Thank you very much.
What are you doing out here?
Thought I could get
away from you,
for a few minutes anyway.
Not even for a minute.
I'll never be free of you.
Why did it have to be me?
It was meant to be.
If you knew how I hated it,
hated you...
Come back.
You will do as I say.
Come here.
You're asleep, Andrea.
You can hear what I'm saying.
You can understand me.
You're relaxed, Andrea.
Dr. Erickson wishes
to talk to you.
He's going to try to
hypnotize you.
You must resist him, you
will resist him.
He is our enemy.
He is trying to destroy
us, you understand?
Beauty like yours must
not be destroyed.
It belongs to me.
I love you, Andrea, and
you love me too.
Just say it.
Say it.
I hate you with all my heart.
I could make you
grovel in the dirt.
I can turn you into
Elizabeth Weatherby,
but I can't make you love me.
Some day I'm going to kill you.
I should kill you, Andrea,
but the artist is vain.
He can't destroy the
beauty he's created.
How are you, Doc?
Oh, hello, come in.
Lombardi tells me he's
coming here today.
He's agreed to conduct
a demonstration
under clinical conditions.
Mind if I sit in?
I'd like to set up a
tape recorder.
I'm stymied, Doc.
Man is a killer, and I
can't touch him.
A statement like that
calls for some proof.
I've got none.
All I know is he hates the
world and everybody in it.
Man kills for love, for hate,
for profit.
Where do these killings fit in?
All three, and don't
forget the profit angle.
Lombardi's become quite a
national figure.
I don't know if he's responsible
for those murders or not,
but I do know he's a very
dangerous man.
Most of the occultists,
they're satisfied to make
one theory pay off for them.
He's lumped them all together,
hypnotism, spiritualism,
age regression, reincarnation,
and soul transmigration.
He's doing quite a selling job.
We all have a sacred
willingness to believe in some
of the things he's offering,
the passing of the soul into
another body after death,
that life is eternal, that we
can communicate with the dead.
And Lombardi fancies
himself the miracle man
who's been granted the power
to prove these things right.
He's an egomaniac playing God.
He claims that the life
process is continuous,
that he can take it back
to a former existence,
and not only communicate
with it but cause it
to materialize, to
become a physical thing.
According to Lombardi,
the she-creature was
the primitive life body
of somebody living today.
What do you make of that?
We'll still searching
for the answer.
Some of the details she's
given previously
have been proven
remarkably accurate.
That was the medallion that
was given to her husband
by King Charles.
It was found in a grave
near Carrysbrook.
The headstone read "Elizabeth
Weatherly Blythestone,
1600 to 1651."
Then it was planted there.
At all, this is preposterous.
Do you hold to this nonsense,
My mind is open.
Go on with your experiment, Mr.
Uh, Dr. Lombardi.
Of course.
You know it's quite simple,
to disbelieve anything that
shatters your smug concepts.
I've taken this girl back
to a time in her life
over 300 years ago.
Perhaps I can take her
back farther than that,
to the time of the pharaohs,
even to the beginning of
creation itself,
one soul traveling the
entire distance.
Utter nonsense.
I can materialize her
at any one of her lives.
I can transport her
from what she is
to what she was.
Really, Lieutenant,
are we supposed to watch
this penny arcade drama?
Doctor, have I ever
been alone in this room?
Then it would've been
impossible for me
to plant mechanical devices
in here to trick you?
I don't think so.
I'm talking to you, Elizabeth.
You're going into a deep sleep,
very deep.
She's not responding.
Someone in this room is
fighting me for her will.
Is it you, Doctor?
Yes, I'm sorry.
Deep sleep, Elizabeth,
very deep.
That's better.
You are now suspended in
time and space.
Now I'm going to give
you substance.
Not form, but substance.
You will take back the
soul that once was yours.
Andrea will give it to you.
Now, good.
You can express
yourself in movement.
Will you take Professor
Anderson's glasses off, please?
Put them back on.
That is enough, Elizabeth.
I think we've convinced them.
Would you return Andrea's
soul to her, please?
Thank you.
Those who believe can
actually see
the process of transmigration.
I saw nothing.
Nor I.
Very clever, Dr. Lombardi,
but absolutely meaningless.
You can't see because
you don't wish to see.
I thought I wanted
recognition from you,
but now I see it means
nothing to me.
Now you will awaken.
You will feel refreshed, Andrea.
You'll open your eyes.
You said before you were
giving her substance,
but not form.
What did you mean by that?
I could've brought her
to you in the flesh,
just as she was 300 years ago.
Come now, Doctor, we're
too old for fairy tales.
Do you seriously expect
men of science to...
I expect nothing, I
want nothing.
Come, Andrea.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
What do you make of it?
I don't know.
This belongs to the
police department.
I'd better take it along.
Book's passed the
million-sales mark.
Thank you, Olaf.
I've closed a deal with
the Beale Syndicate.
395 newspapers are
starting to serialize
"The Weatherby Affair"
next month.
How's that for a quick profit,
You're a genius, Mr. Chappel.
Oh, , yes, yes.
Well, now that you're in
the big chips,
you'll be able to find
yourself somewhere to stay.
You know the way women are.
Get yourself something
big, something nice.
You can afford it.
No, I'll stay right here.
If I decide to move,
I'll let you know.
King, King?
Where's King?
I haven't seen him since
early this morning.
I hardly see him since Dr.
Lombardi took over this place.
Unfortunately, Miss Chappel,
your dog and I are
not compatible.
"Lombardi warns of
more killings."
Don't press your luck, Doc.
Lay off the
predictions for a while.
One miss, and our
profits nosedive.
I'm certain our good
fortune will continue.
Sorry I've made it so
difficult for you to follow me.
What were you doing down there?
Oh, communing with nature,
but now I feel the need
of human company.
Shall we walk to my house?
I was walking with Lombardi
when I heard the scream,
but I knew he did it.
He's a murderer, and I
can't touch him.
That thing last night, I
didn't like it.
Such a nice couple.
I feel as though I've
killed them myself.
You, push a car over a cliff?
There are two bank books,
one in your name and
one in Dorothy's.
Oh yes, her dowry.
You will see that each
holds a deposit of $250,000.
Well, we've done amazingly well.
Hmm, we've only just started.
That should keep you in
style, somewhere else.
I want you to move out of here.
No, it's better that I stay.
Oh no, you can't stare me down.
I can look right back at you,
and I'll tell you what I see.
I see a dirty sideshow
fortune teller
with delusions of grandeur.
You're very foolish to
say those things to me.
You're an ignorant man.
I assume our business
relations are over.
What for?
I'm onto a good thing.
We'll continue our business
affairs at my office.
Fine, I'll move out tomorrow.
I understand you've invited
some people here tonight
for a demonstration.
Tomorrow will suit me fine.
You were expecting someone else,
Dr. Erickson, perhaps?
Well, no matter.
We're leaving the country
tomorrow, you and I.
I'm not going with you.
I love him.
You'll be with me on the plane.
You'll do as I say.
I've found the power
to resist you.
He's given it to me.
No one can take you from me.
I live only for you.
You're the light that
shines out of the darkness.
I love him.
You'll never have him.
I'll kill him.
You'll kill him.
This time, you'll do as I say.
I haven't seen you and
Dorothy together much lately.
What's the matter,
lover's quarrel?
Hmm, well here's something
that will help you patch it up.
$250,000, Dorothy's.
And yours.
You helped to set it up.
There's more coming in.
Go over and show it to her.
She doesn't know
anything about it.
This will help you to forget
Carlo's little girl, eh?
I don't think I could forget
where the money came from.
I told you I was a fool
about such things.
I'm sure I'll never have
another offer like that again,
but thanks for giving me
the first offer.
Hi, Ted.
Who are you looking for,
Andrea Elizabeth,
or Elizabeth Andrea?
I saw both of her down
near the ocean a while ago.
Ted, what's she got
that I haven't?
Money, breeding,
social position?
Some people have too much
of everything.
Guess I had that coming.
She's a nice girl, Ted.
Hi, beautiful.
Bob, what're you drinking?
That's a scotch, bourbon,
gin cocktail.
No vodka?
You must be tapering off.
Let me know when you get down to
the scotch and
bourbon cocktails.
There goes the gin.
Now I'm down to a bourbon
and scotch cocktail.
You taught me how to fight him.
His power is gone.
We'd better be getting
back to the house.
He'll be looking for you.
I don't want to go
through with it tonight.
You've got to.
Resist him publicly, and
he'll leave you alone.
What if I don't?
I'll fight him for you.
I think I'll win.
Just stay here a little
longer with me.
You can kill him.
I command you.
No, get away, he's gone crazy.
Get away.
Get away.
That voice didn't come from you.
Let's get away from here.
Hey, can I see you a minute?
I've formed a few
theories by now,
and I want to try
them out on you.
I'm listening.
Every time this
thing has struck,
it's been after one of
these demonstrations.
That's been the pattern,
I've checked it.
You think he has some way of
signaling his accomplices?
Well, if you can call them that.
Another thing I've discovered,
every time we find the
coming out of the ocean,
they go back, exactly
the same spot.
You're going on the assumption
that Lombardi's creature
is the real thing.
That's the only thing
I can go on.
Otherwise, it's the
psychopathic ward for me.
How about you, what
do you think?
As a scientist, I'm
hysterical with laughter.
As a man out for a social
evening, I'm not so sure,
in fact very unsure.
All right, folks, showtime.
House lights out, please.
Hey, send Olaf out here,
will you?
Lieutenant James wants to
speak with you,
out on the terrace.
Yes, sir.
Am I under arrest, I hope?
I sure would like to get
away from this spook shop.
Say, have you got a
tape recorder?
In Mr. Chappel's study.
Can you take me there
without going through
the living room?
Oh, yeah, sure, come
right this way.
Uh, right here, sir.
Thank you.
I will touch you gently,
and you'll fall into
a deep sleep.
Your eyes are getting heavy.
They're starting to close now.
So he's backfired.
I will count to four,
and you will fall into a deep,
deep sleep.
Ladies and gentlemen,
my subject is not
herself tonight.
She is too tense.
You will take your place
on the couch, please?
You have eyes only for mine.
You have ears only for my voice.
Now you're going into
a deep sleep.
Your eyes are heavy.
Close your eyes and go
into a deep sleep.
She's dead.
You said before you were
giving her substance,
but not form.
What did you mean by that?
I could've brought
her to you in the flesh,
just as she was 300 years ago.
I'm talking to you, Elizabeth.
Where were you born?
My subject is disturbed
tonight, ladies and gentlemen.
Her world is disturbed.
I feel a menace to the
people in this house.
I urge you all to leave
here at once.
Do as he says, everybody,
let's clear out of here.
No one puts me out of my home.
Get her out of it.
Perhaps you can.
Get her out of it.
You kill me, and you kill her.
Telephone for two squad cars.
Tell 'em to bring
high-powered rifles.
Where will you be, sir?
I'll be down on the beach.
Yes, sir.
Hurry up.
Step off the platform.
I'll do the best I can.
I'll stay here.
Then I'll do nothing.
I'll show my methods to no one.
Farther, please.
Now go deeper, deeper.
Time is an endless nothing.
You're falling through it.
Deeper, deeper.
She's in the recovery
process now.
She'll be all right.
It'll be coming back this way.
Lombardi was right.
He did it.
Did what?
Brought the girl back.
The girl?
Pete, you stay here with me.
We'll move him.
The rest of you get some
brush and driftwood,
anything that'll burn.
What're you gonna do with it?
Well, Ed said to put a circle
around all those prints.
Whatever killed him
will be back,
and we'll set fire to it.
Bring back some gasoline
from the car, will you?
Come on.
Now do you believe, Doctor?
Kill him!
You couldn't kill the
man you loved.
I mustn't let you die.
Your beauty must live.
I will touch you, and
you will awaken,
young and beautiful, freed
forever from the past.
What I have done, no
man can ever do.
There, fire!
I can't see anything.
Where I'm pointing at, hurry up!
I don't see anything.
You see anything?
No, how about you, Doc?
You still see something?
No, I was mistaken.
She was here, wasn't she?
She killed Carlo.
He forced her to come
out of her world.
He should have left her alone.
There are a lot of dark
corners we weren't meant
to pry into, I guess.
She'll never be back, will she?