The Sheik (1921) Movie Script

In this world of
peace and flame
Lies a palm garden
of the Sahara
A blessed oasis
of the sands.
Where the children of Araby dwell
In happy ignorance that Civilization
has passed them by.
Maidens chosen for the marriage market.
An ancients custom by which.
Wives are secured for
the wealthy sons of Allah.
Zilah, one of the prizes destined
for the marriage lottery.
Ruth Miller
A tribal chieftain protests the sale
of his sweetheart.
Youseef...George Waggener
The Sheik, Ahmed Ben Hassan,
upon whose shoulders has
fallen the heritage of leadership.
Rudolph Valentino
When love is more desired than riches,
it is will of Allah.
Let another be chosen.
On the way to the harems Of
the rich merchants.
To obey and serve like
chattel slaves.
Biskra, the Beautiful.
Gateway to the desert.
A city of adventure. Where the new
civilization Rubs elbows with the old.
Are you going to attend Diana Mayo's
farewell dance this evening?
I am not! I thoroughly disapprove
of this young madcap's wild scheme!
The idea of Diana Mayo planing a
tour alone into the desert,
with only native camel-drivers and Arabs!
The subject of all the gossip,
the orphan daughter
of an English peer,
Lady Diana Mayo. Agnes Ayres
Her brother, Sir Aubrey,
who for years has vainty striven
to curb Diana's reckless spirit
of daring Frank Butler
Diana's guide into the desert,
Mustapha Ali
Charles Brindley
I have a good mind to make
you give up this insane trip.
I've made up my mind,
dear brother.
Evening in the Monte Carlo
of the Sahara
Diana, I love you. Postpone this trip
and give me the right to go with you.
Marriage is captivity -
the end of independence.
I am content with my life as it is.
It is the great Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan.
He is entertaining at the Casino tonight.
Mademioselle will be disappointed-
the Casino is closed to all except Arabs.
And why should a savage desert bandit
keep us out of any public place?
Sheik Ahmed is not a savage.
He is a rish tribal prince,
who was educated in Paris.
In Biskra his slightest wish is law.
Go to the dancer and ask if I may
borrow one of her costumes for the evening.
Like a page from the Arabian Nights.
The marriage gamble Where bridge
are won On the turn of a wheel.
Oh, sons of Allah! Gaze upon
the charms of Halima,
loveliest flower of the desert.
To the cultured English girl this
marriage fair suggests the slave
of the barbarous past.
The pale hands and golden
hair of a white woman.
By whose invitation do
you come here?
I wanted to see the savage who
could bar me from this Casino.
With your permission, the savage
will escort you to the door.
It is the English woman whom
I am to guide into the desert tomorrow.
Dawn- with the Arab under the lure of
the defiant English girl.
Pale hands I love, Beside the Shalimar,
Where are you now?
Who lies beneath your spell?
Into the sand garden
of the sun.
with her brother accompanying
her on the first day's journey
Don't worry, Aubrey, I shall join
you in London in a month - goodbye.
Lie still,
you little fool!
Her exultant dream of freedom ended-
a helpless captive in the desert wastes.
Gaston, the French valet,
in the Sheik's service
since his school days in France.
Lucien Littlefield.
Why have you brought me here?
Are you not woman enough to know?
Do you know how beautiful you are?
I am not accustomed to
having my orders disobeyed.
And I am not accustomed
to obeying orders.
You will learn!
You make a very charming boy,
but it was not a boy
I saw two nights ago in Biskra.
Your luggage has arrived.
You will dress for dinner.
See that Mademoiselle is given every
comfort and attend to her luggage at once.
I speak French, Madame,
and come to serve my master's bride.
An hour of anguished revolt,
while a savage sand-storm
sweeps in from the fevered wastes.
Do you think can keep me here when I
am missed by my friends in Biskra?
You will not be missed
until it is too late...
too late for anyone to
learn your whereabouts-
the desert is a great hidingplace
Better remain here, for in that sand
fury you would not live an hour.
You are so pretty and if I choose,
I can make you love me.
I would rather you killed me.
Master, the horses!
They have broken loose!
Through the dull slumber of despair.
Until morning tempts back.
A desire to live.
For Madame to wear
the master's orders.
After a week of
sullen obedience.
To my friend, Ahmed Ben Hassan
from Raoul de st. Hubert
That I can at last make another
visit to you in the desert.
I count the days until you meet
me in Biskra. Affection stely Raoul
Pale hands I love, Beside the Shalimar,
Where are you now?
Who lies beneath your spell?
Pale hands, pink tipped!
Then it was you who sang
beneath my window in Biskra?
I always sing when I am happy
when events and things please me.
My friend from Paris is coming
for a visit Raoul de St. Hubert,
That is why I am happy that is why I sing.
Are you going to bring him here and
let him see me- like this?
You are here and so it is my wish that
you should cordially receive my guest.
You will return Mademoiselle's
possession to her at once.
I am leaving for Biskra to be
gone three days.
During my absence, amuse yourself.
You will have the saddle horses
and Gaston to keep you company.
Gaston will return your clothes.
You hate them so mush
my kisses?
As the hour approaches when Diana
must face the humiliating ordeal
of meeting a man from her own world.
The French novelist, Dr. Raoul de St. Hubert
Adolphe Menjaou
She is very fascinating, Raoul.
Be careful - she will surely bewitch you.
"Does the past mean so little to you
that you now steal white women and
make love to them like a savage?"
"When an Arab sees a woman
that he wants, he takes her!"
A desert bandit trespasses
In the domain of the Sheik Ahmed,
Under the guise of a holy caravan.
Omair, the bandit.
Walter Long
"Where is Gaston?
What are you doing here?"
I did not have the courage
to face the stranger.
Oh, be kind to me Ahmed, please!
If I had arrived a moment later,
you would have been
picked up by that caravan
and carried away from me.
At dinner St. Hubert reveals himself
as a chivalrous gentleman of tact.
If you will permit me,
I should like to retire, sir!
You might have spared her.
My presence here!
The humiliation of meeting
a man from her own world!
She is content.
Desert days bring to the captive
and the novelist a closer understanding.
Your story is wonderful,
but is it real?
Does there really exit such a
man as you have drawn.
As tender and faithful as your hero?
I do know such a man.
One who could develop into
such a character.
The men in my life have not known
the meaning of tenderness.
Have thought only of themselves.
Unfortunately, beautiful women
provoke in some men
all that is base in their characters.
And the women pays for
the beauty God has given her.
Excuse me. My ideals cannot
possibly interest you.
On the contrary, they
interest me profoundly.
As what. A subject for vivisection?
The victim is ready.
It will make interesting material
for your next book.
If you will honor me with your
friendship, my life is at your service.
Come quickly, doctor!
There been an accident!
One of the men.
A gun exploded in his hand.
You see, Mademoiselle,
it is all right!
In the harem of
Omair, the bandit.
The white woman of Ahmed Ben Hassan.
Bring me word of her.
Learn if she is guarded well.
I cannot ride today.
Gaston will accompany you.
You won't run away again?
I want you to carry this always.
The spies of Omair are
still in the neighborhood.
I trust you.
You have not changed your
mind about Mademoiselle?
Eventide, when the vast undulating
sand dunes throw their shadows.
A spy of Omair, the bandit.
One more reason for restoring
Mademoiselle to her people.
Let take her with me when
I return to Biskra.
Has she bewitched you, too?
You want her for yourself!
How I have made her suffer!
Merciful Allah, why does it
give me so little pleasure?
Because you love her.
Ahmed I love you
You are right. I cannot see her again.
Take her safely to Biskra.
Bid her goodbye for me. Then, my friend,
return to me in my loneliness.
Do not let me fall into their hands.
The stronghold of
the barbarous Omair.
Ahmed I love you
Madame - Omair!
Nightfall on the oasis.
Where the tribal clans gather.
At the call of their chiftain.
I have sent for reinforcements.
When they arrive let them follow.
Bring forth the white gazelle
and guard closely the jealous one.
Ahmed! Ahmed!
Call, beautiful one! Your lover
will not come! He has forgotten you.
Is he dying?
It rest with Allah.
We must get him away from here.
White tribal hearts
appeal to Allah.
He is sleeping.
There is still hope.
His hands is
so large an Arab.
He is not an Arab. His father was
an Englishman, his mother a Spaniard.
Twenty-five years ago the old
Sheik Ben Hassan found Ahmed's
mother and father deserted by their escort.
Left to die on the desert.
Growing to manhood as an Arab,
he was sent to Paris to be educated
and upon the Sheik's death,
returned to the desert to assume
leadership of the tribe.
Pray God, dear friend,
to save his life.
Oh, if He would only accept my life
in exchange for his!
Diana, my beloved!
The darkness has passed
and now the sunshine.
All things are with Allah!