The Sheriff In Town (2017) Movie Script

An aged trench coat, sunglasses,
a matchstick in his mouth...
He rescues his friend
while all bandaged up.
Chow Yun Fat. How could we forget?
Today's last song
is from the legendary Hong
Kong Noire on bromance.
Here's 'Mark's Theme'
from 'A Better Tomorrow'.
Not him.
Today's a bust too.
Will Il Sik really show up here?
This shit comes with the job.
Wish I could have some grilled eel
with So Ju before taking a nap.
Grilled eel sounds good!
Suspect Shin Il Sik located! Send backup!
Let's go!
Let's wait for backup!
We can't take them down
alone when they're high.
SIU will be here soon!
After all our hard work?
If we catch Popeye through Il
Sik, we'll go home in glory!
Let's go in!
Il Sik! Long time no see!
Put that down!
Put it down!
You brought an axe?
Il Sik!
Sorry, Detective Choi!
Maybe next time, alright?
Stay seated, you bastard!
But you see, I'm a little
too busy for a drink...
Gotta go!
Take care!
Stay still!
Sir! Il Sik!
Cuff him!
Detective Cho!
Hang in there!
I'm sorry.
Please don't kill me.
I'm sorry. I don't know anything.
Spare me...
Says he didn't know it was meth.
No criminal records.
He was on an ocean liner for 3 years.
The poor guy got unlucky.
You sure you never saw them before?
Never heard of Popeye, either?
I don't know anything, sir.
I was just told to deliver a bag...
Kijang is your home town?
I know everyone there.
I lived there till I was 7.
Two girls and a son...
Why so many when you can't earn much?
So that's 5 mouths to feed,
including your wife?
She left me 3 years ago, and
haven't heard from her since.
But my mother lives with us.
How old is she?
She's 72 years-old this year, sir.
She has diabetes and can't move well.
Sir... Could you help me just once?
If I go to prison, what
about my kids and mother?
I can't go.
Please help me.
I feel bad for you.
But a cop got stabbed.
This is serious stuff.
If you confess as I told you,
you'll be out in 2 years.
Yes, sir.
Don't say anything stupid
that'll get you a longer time.
- Yes, sir.
- Sir?
The transport bus is waiting,
and everyone's in a ruckus.
Come on. At least let the
poor bastard eat first!
Can't they wait 5 minutes?
It's okay. Eat up.
Yes, sir.
Go on.
Could I ask you for a favour, sir?
What is it?
I had no chance to say goodbye
to my mother and my kids...
Okay. Don't worry.
I'll never forget your kindness.
Thank you, sir.
How's Jong-chul doing?
He's out of surgery, but still unconscious.
The disciplinary committee wants you.
Inspector Choi Dae-ho ignored
the command system...
and lost a prime suspect
through arbitrary actions.
Thus, he is discharged.
To my beloved family...
I hope you are well, Mother.
I miss those times when all
seven of us were together.
I'm so sorry for not taking
better care of you and dad.
Something came up, and I
have to be away for 2 years.
Tell Seung and my 2 daughters
that I'm very sorry.
What a damn fine day.
The Sheriff In Town
What's that?
Let him ride.
It's a headache to mess with him.
- You should greet him later.
- Who is he?
Nothing gets done here
without going through him.
He's like our town sheriff!
Look, Chief Choi.
Kang-gon has it rough.
The parasol rentals last year and
now, the tube rentals this year!
The marine veterans took them all!
Of course he had to have a few
drinks, because life sucks.
Still, he said an hour
nap before he took off.
But a license suspension? That's too much!
He delivers water for a living.
How can he do his business now?
Since when did Kijang
people become so heartless?
You're in big trouble.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I did that.
Chief, I don't mean to burden you.
Lee Kang-gon.
Know what you did wrong?
You ran into a problem, and
you didn't come to me first.
That was your biggest mistake.
It's been a while since I
was last in a cop uniform,
but this I can still handle.
Cheer up, pal.
Yes, Chief. Thank you!
There you go!
He's finally smiling.
- You're our man!
- I'm off!
See you later!
What are you doing on someone else's car?
This car looked a bit
suspicious, that's all.
What's that?
Its knotweed extract. Prevent hair loss.
We should start preparing.
Not me, pal!
There are no baldies in my family!
Just wide foreheads.
Really? Then forget it.
Just leave it! I'll give it to Deok-man.
Okay then.
This is for your hair, and
not for your stomach!
NC has won 7 straight games against Lotte.
How can they lose this?
It's over for them this year!
Switch over to NC. That'll keep you sane.
If you don't want to, then don't!
The kimchi smells good!
I'm hungry.
Where's the boiled meat?
What meat! Forget it.
Where'd you run off to all day
without tending the shop?
He never helps out at the store.
It's not fair!
Why's it so hot today?
Honey? Any food left?
Dad! Go get dressed!
Watch out, pal! Boom! Pow!
Hold on!
- Will you save me like him?
- Of course! I'm a man!
Like hell...
Bang! Bang!
Bang, bang, bang!
Chow Yun Fat! Help!
Who dropped this big one?
Here! Nice catch!
What a big catch!
- Chief Choi!
- See you later!
Those anchovies are looking good!
Hello, sir.
Where's Deok-man? Why isn't he working?
He said he was going to
the bank a while ago.
That fool! Not again!
You can't get this anywhere. Try it.
No, you eat it.
Dang! Drinking in broad daylight?
Why aren't you watching the store?
I was about to go.
Kijang's Sophie Marceau.
What's with the long face?
Poor Hee Soon!
She started a bar with her
alimony, but business is way down!
I didn't ask you! Get your hands off her!
What's with you?
Why you...
It's the busy season. So what's up?
You know, I really wish I
had someone to help me out.
I'm going crazy!
Some new guy opened up a Karaoke bar.
They have Russian girls there.
He's got connections at City Hall, too.
So he gets away with everything.
He also stole all my regulars,
so how's a poor girl like me
supposed to compete against him?
Want a drink?
Room 9 at the back.
Your treat tonight, sir?
Mercy mission!
What the? Where's your warrant?
What warrant? Bastard!
- Detective Lee! Let's go!
- Come on, Detective Bae!
Yes, sir!
What a party!
Sit down everyone!
We're special detectives from Dept.
7 of Busan Police!
Found two here!
Go sit down.
Come on, what did you do in there?
Good evening, sirs!
Let's have a talk.
Aren't they illegal aliens?
No, they all have passports
and health cards.
Know Mr. Jang at City Hall?
Of course.
We're like brothers.
Hey, haha!
Violations of prostitution,
immigration, and bribery too!
You saw him give me money!
- Uh, that's...
- Right?
- Right?
- Yes...
While we talk, please
follow the detectives out.
Move, please.
Move it!
What's that? Go get it!
Just a moment!
Let's go, let's go!
- Shut up!
- Ouch!
Chief! I called you ages ago.
What took you so long?
I guess you got lucky
and found a big catch?
Lucky? It's all a cop's intuition, sir.
I'm a veteran at investigating drugs.
I'll send the evidence over to SIU.
For what?
It's Popeye's stuff! 100%!
Where's the bastard now?
Rumours say he works in Japan now.
But who knows? Meth goes around.
Who do you think you owe
it to on this case, huh?
I know, sir.
But if Chief Kang finds out, I'm dead.
It's Popeye's, right?
What are you looking at?
- Yes...
- I knew it!
They say the stuff is even
smuggled out to Japan and China.
Export to where it originated?
Creative economy, huh?
And Shin Il Sik, Popeye's
exclusive deliverer...
appeared in Incheon recently.
Did you say, Shin Il Sik?
Looking good today!
How's my big boy?
Are you sleeping?
Why you!
Stop wasting your stamina on others!
- Beach Town?
- Lift up!
Who's the owner?
A businessman from Seoul.
I heard he's loaded.
The building is remodeled nicely, too.
Like the new supermarket owner who
sold big and left in 6 months.
We're worried he'll suck
all our money then leave.
The mall will open eventually,
it's been decided.
But you should be the co-op
President to assure the retailers.
That should be a later option.
We can't just let him come
here all that easily.
- Right.
- Have a drink, sir.
You all know about the gangsters
breaking up protests, right?
They're not easy to deal with!
It's all about intimidating them!
Look them right in the eye!
Got it?
It'll be better than wasting your money.
Answer me, people!
Get your tools!
Hand them out!
What's this for?
These are all our men? What
can we do with just them?
And seniors in this heatwave?
We needed more people.
They came for their $10.
- Who told them that?
- Sun-chul.
Crazy fool!
Everyone's gone out to make a living.
This won't work!
The Beach Town folks are
coming through the back gate!
Damn! It'll be ugly.
Wait here people!
- Follow me.
- Yes, sir.
Let's go!
- The tension is crazy today!
- Shut up and stay back!
Choi Dae-ho!
Not you again!
We already have the permit.
Think this will work?
What the hell are you doing?
Shut up!
Forget the damn permit!
The people don't want it!
- That's right!
- Yeah!
Cut the bullshit!
- Get out of here!
- Scram!
Why you little...
You sucked back in school too!
Stop it! Don't!
Put the camera down!
What are you doing?
That's obstruction of justice!
- I said, stop it!
- Why you!
Yes, governor. Thank you.
Take care, sir.
- Wait!
- That's obstruction of justice!
I'm sorry. I should've dropped
by earlier to say hello.
Nice to meet you. I'm Koo Jong-jin.
It's hot out. Why don't we go in...
I'm sorry, but are you Detective Choi?
Detective Choi!
Let go!
To find you,
I searched all the police
stations in this country.
But we meet here?
First, allow me to bow.
What are you doing, sir?
Your suit will get wrinkled!
You must have the wrong guy!
Don't you remember me, sir?
5 years ago... In Daejeon?
How can I put this into words?
The beef soup.
You bought it for me, to cheer me up.
So... It's you?
The deliverer?
Yes, that deliverer.
All thanks to you, I'm doing well.
Oh my!
Dear god! Thank you!
How've you been?
You own Samho Food?
That's right, sir.
I studied Oriental medicine in prison.
Then my fermented soy bean
pills passed the FDA.
I sold big on home shopping.
I was lucky.
It's good to see you so successful.
Drink up!
You have dark circles and
your complexion is dark.
May I see your tongue?
Your tongue. Like this.
Could you stick it out?
I need to check, sir.
I need to see inside.
Just a bit more.
Hold on, sir.
- What are you doing?
- It hurts, right?
You've overworked your liver.
You're a lesser yin,
so food like this is poison to your type.
It's okay. It all comes with age.
You've aged so much, sir.
- Hey, hey...
- Your muscles are so tense.
- What are you doing?
- Chief,
I'll make sure you're healthy!
Don't worry, sir.
I just need to relax these muscles here.
Stop it!
One moment.
Wait, sir.
Yes, Mr. Gwak?
Oh, right! I forgot.
Okay, I'll be on my way.
I'm so sorry, sir.
What is it?
I forgot I had a meeting with some clients.
At this hour?
They're Japanese. It must be urgent.
They say the stuff is even
smuggled out to Japan and China.
I can come right back.
Would you wait for me?
Today's not the only day. Go on!
I'm so sorry, sir. I'll get going.
Meth is going around and a dealer is here?
What a coincidence.
So late at night?
Hi, Jong-jin.
Did you get home well, sir?
Leaving you like that, I
couldn't really focus on work.
Well, work is important.
I never thought we'd meet like this.
I'll repay you for your kindness.
- Okay. Uh, by the way...
- Yes, Chief?
I was sleeping.
Really? I'm so sorry, sir.
I woke you, did I?
Then I'll call you tomorrow, sir.
- Bye.
- Goodnight.
A building owner in 3 years from
selling fermented soy beans?
Only spies and drug dealers can
get that rich in a short time.
That's crazy. Just go back to your shop.
Deok-man can't tell pork and beef apart.
Forget my restaurant.
Meth is going around suddenly!
Isn't it fishy?
Why is he here?
He even had lunch with the
city assembly yesterday.
Why would someone like him deal drugs?
You saw him. Long sleeves
in this hot weather!
I bet his arm is covered with needle marks!
He's a businessman! Think
he'll dress like a bum?
Fine, I'll just report him to SIU.
Their policy is to always
answer drug tip-offs, huh?
Why you!
Then bring me the evidence!
Needle marks or whatever! I
need something to start!
Don't go back on your word.
- Hello.
- Hello, sir.
Thank you for your service.
Mr. Koo!
Detective Choi! You're still here?
- Busy?
- Just a bit.
How's Beach Town coming?
It's harder than I thought.
People don't trust me.
It's hard to earn people's trust.
How about coming out to
play soccer with us?
- Soccer?
- Yes.
Get to know our community.
Be one of the guys, you know?
We can kick the ball around,
then go to a sauna after?
- Sauna?
- Sure.
I'll go wherever you'll have me, sir.
Thank you for thinking about me.
I love you, sir!
- People should help out.
- Right.
See you on Sunday.
Yes, sir.
- Bye!
- Take care, sir!
It's hot out, so go on!
Have a nice day!
Breathe in, sir!
Why did that businessman have to come?
What the hell is he doing?
Bet Chief Choi told him to come.
I heard they had expensive
sushi last night.
- Sushi?
- Yup.
What's he thinking?
- Chief Choi.
- Yes?
I know you wouldn't, but
let me still ask you.
Are you teaming up with
him to sell Beach Town?
What are you on about?
I'm Choi Dae-ho, sir!
Stop the baldie!
That's it!
Go! Sun-chul!
Pass it!
Pass! You fool!
Don't keep the ball to
yourself, but pass the ball!
Pass it!
Go, Mr. Koo!
- Nice!
- Over here!
- Pass!
- Chief Choi!
Pass, pass!
Way to go!
What's a fullback doing out here?
- Goal!
- Sir!
They're a team, alright.
You saw Detective Choi.
He plays like Messi!
- You're pretty good yourself.
- Me?
So tall and fit.
- Do you work out?
- No.
An arm brace in the bath?
I do a little boxing as a hobby.
Boxing? That should come
handy in a real fight!
Judo is the best for fighting. Stupid!
If Chief Choi gets a hold
of them, they're all toast!
Of course, you're right.
Detective Choi is a known fighter.
I'd have no chance.
What's that on your arm?
Did something happen?
I have a bad elbow. This
helps with the pain.
I have a bad arm too. It helps?
Can I try it?
I'll get you one then, sir.
Let me try it on first,
to see whether it works.
What, you can't take it off for me?
It's just I sweat in it all day, sir.
- It's okay. Let's see.
- I'll get you a new one.
I have one at home.
- Wait! That tickles!
- Hold still!
That tickles!
- I'll give you one!
- Wait!
What a beautiful sight! Stop it!
Why are we in the same
tub with him, anyway?
I'm sorry if I've upset you.
I was so happy to meet you.
And we won the game...
May I treat you all to some drinks?
- Really?
- Let's take a quick shower and go.
Let's go. It's my treat.
- Mr. Koo.
- Yes?
I lived in Kijang my whole life.
Investors come, make money, then leave.
They never once did any good for our town.
You tell him.
I'm sorry to interrupt,
but I'm from Kijang, too.
This is your home town?
Yes. I lived here till I was 7.
Would you explain, sir?
Well, that's what it said on his documents.
So what if you were born here?
You have to live here to call it your home.
- Right?
- That's right!
And Chief.
Let's not mix business
with private matters.
Uh... Let's just stop here, alright?
I don't want Detective Choi to
feel awkward because of me.
If you don't want it, I'll
give up on Beach Town.
It's not my main business anyway.
I won't make much lotting out Beach Town.
I'll go to the governor tomorrow.
I'll cancel the deal, so
let's not talk about it.
Choon-mo? I heard you
install air conditioners.
That's right.
I need some for my factory. Could you?
Really? How many do you need?
My factory is not that big. Maybe 100?
Is that too little?
No, it's absolutely fine.
I'll write up an estimate.
- Here's my card.
- Thank you.
May I have yours?
It's in the car. I'll give it to you later.
100? Wow!
Choon-mo! You barely sold 10 this year!
Your factory must be pretty big.
It's not that big, sir.
Do you need water purifiers by any chance?
Of course I do.
Good! See, Kang-gon over here sells them.
I run a small water purifier shop.
I actually saw a client today,
but guess that doesn't matter.
I'll call you tomorrow about it.
Thank you.
- May I have your card?
- Of course.
Dang! I wish I ran a business!
Mind if I went to the bathroom?
Go on.
- I'll bring my cards.
- Sure.
Choon-mo hit the jackpot!
This is nuts! Blocking all the toilets!
What will you do with Koo's urine anyway?
If you suspect him, just report him!
I need evidence first.
It's a drug case.
Securing evidence is especially important.
We're a team, Deok-man.
Didn't you see Hee Soon's eyes?
She's all over Koo.
He's not her type.
Hee Soon loves the Seoul-type with money.
Don't you know?
Her ex-husband was like that.
Don't lose her this time.
I'll help you.
- Fine! Don't do it!
- Wait!
So you'll do it?
This means he's clean, right?
I know he's hiding something.
We need to change our strategy.
Let's get some coffee.
This is the best way to distribute meth.
A box of meth should be here somewhere.
I'll take this truck. You take that one.
Got it?
- Heading out now?
- Yes, sir.
- Drive safely.
- Thanks.
- Did you drink coffee?
- Yes, sir.
- Work hard.
- Yes.
Stay focused!
Don't ever get caught.
I'm losing it...
Are you nuts?
Where did you drink all night?
Where's Deok-man?
You fool!
What did you say to Mr. Koo?
The City Hall flipped because of you!
What are you yapping about?
We're not even open yet.
The governor begged Mr. Koo
not to cancel Beach Town.
Beach Town is a go?
This town needs Beach Town!
That jerk! Man...
That bastard is good!
If you do that again, you're dead!
- Hello.
- What brings you here?
- Here...
- Oh, right.
- 600?
- Yes.
If you look here...
It's already a big hit in Japan.
A massager!
I hope you like it.
Well, then...
I learned everything I could
to be a good, single father.
Thumbs up!
No premium and no tax to buy.
We can save money by
running a business here.
No-one comes to this dreary place, ma'am!
Your business will be easier
if you move to Beach Town.
It's a great deal. Most
merchants are buying.
Think it over, sir.
We can't lose with Beach Town.
- I'll do my best.
- We trust you, Mr. Koo.
Thank you for helping me.
- Thank you!
- Please!
- Let's do this!
- Great.
Charles Talleyrand of France
said this about coffee.
Black as the devil.
Pure as an angel.
Hot as hell, but sweet as love.
Hee Soon? Do you like teddy bears?
It's latte art!
Kijang, Now Going Global
So it's finally come to this.
I don't know what to say, Chief Choi.
Who knew people would suddenly all like it?
I wonder who helped change people's minds.
Probably the town ladies
who swooned over Mr. Koo.
Deok-man said he got some good meat today.
Let's finish this quick
and have a drink after.
Don't worry.
Alright everyone,
today we'll be voting for our
co-op President, as announced.
Any nominations?
What nomination?
Chief Choi should do it.
- Right!
- What?
No, stay still.
Who knows our town better than him?
And he helped us voluntarily
with all kinds of stuff.
- Right?
- Yes!
I nominate Choi Dae-ho to be the President.
- I agree!
- Me too!
Thank you. Chief Choi Dae-ho is nominated.
Anyone else?
Hold on!
- How about Mr. Koo?
- No.
He's the one who made Beach Town possible.
He's a businessman with great connections.
Please! No! I don't know much about Kijang.
I think Detective Choi
should be the President.
He's out. Chief Choi should be President.
Then Chief Choi will be our only nominee.
Come on!
I nominate Mr. Koo!
- What are you doing?
- Please!
By a democratic process,
we now have 2 candidates.
Now, let's hear the two
candidates' speeches.
What speech? We all know each other here.
We're all like family.
We can just vote for
whoever we have in mind.
- Then let's just start voting.
- Wait!
- Make your speech.
- Please!
- Say something!
- Come on, please!
Everyone knows him, but
they don't know you.
Come on up, then.
Thank you.
I'm honoured and thankful
to even be nominated.
But a speech? Would it be okay, sir?
Go ahead.
I once heard this.
You all know the word 'change'. Right?
It means to modify or make new.
From here...
If we just erase this...
It turns into 'chance'.
Think about it.
Haeundae beach is close-by.
It's become a world-class tourist spot.
So why not Kijang?
Got the results?
Here comes the envelope.
I will announce the results!
The winner is...
It was a close race!
You won for sure, Chief!
He knows the locals well,
and I know him well too.
In my personal opinion, I think
the right candidate won.
The President of our co-op is...
I'm sure he'll work hard
for our businesses.
Stop stalling and announce the winner!
Now, I'll really announce the winner.
Our first co-op President is...
The ace of Kijang FC!
- Nice!
- He won!
He won, he won!
Mr. Koo Jong-jin! Give him a big hand!
- Get up Mr. Koo!
- Please give him a big hand!
Please, stop teasing me.
Let's go for refreshments!
Deok-man's restaurant, okay?
How about chicken for dinner?
I reserved a good place.
Chicken sounds good!
10 people.
I'm sorry. We're all booked.
Please come again next time.
- But we're a big group.
- Let's go.
Let's go!
Why aren't they picking up?
- Have a drink, sir.
- Thank you, Mr. Koo.
Come join us, Chief. You're
making things awkward.
Forget it!
Come on.
It was a close race!
Know by how much he won?
Just one vote.
I was so shocked! Who knew one
vote will change the game?
It's not because Mr. Koo is so great.
People voted for him because
he's close with you.
So just drink and forget it.
How dare you, little twerp!
Don't start telling me what to do!
Here's trouble.
What's with Chief Choi?
Know what he used to do?
That little...
Stop it, Chief Choi. You're drunk.
Go on, Chun-moo. Take him home already.
Let go! I'm not drunk!
I said let go! I'm not drunk!
Let go!
Detective Choi!
- I'm alright!
- Are you alright, Chief Choi?
Mr. Gwak, please get the car ready for me.
I should see him off.
No, let me take him home.
Don't worry.
Choon-mo will take him. Stay here, Mr. Koo.
- But I should go...
- It's okay.
Go back to your seat.
How about a toast to our new President!
You stupid jerks!
I'll show you who he really is!
Watch closely!
What's with you?
This can't be.
Where are your needle marks?
Detective Choi...
- Oh. Are they on your legs?
- Chief!
Let go!
Yes, that's right!
I'm an ex-convict.
It was to make a living. I'm sorry.
Know how hard it is to
live as an ex-convict?
I almost jumped a bridge 5 times.
I slit my wrist 3 times! But every time...
But you know what stopped me each time?
The beef soup Detective Choi bought me!
Don't you remember? You don't?
If you don't remember, then I'll just...
What good is living!
I'll just die!
Cut the act, bastard!
You may fool others, but you can't fool me!
Don't forget! I'm always watching you!
Detective Choi...
Let's go, Chief.
Got that?
Let go, pal!
I'm fine. I'm...
Hope you choke on the chicken!
MOKWON RESTAURAN Enough with your stories.
He's a hard working, good man.
Why keep bringing up his past?
Remember the bald laundry shop owner?
My dad got scammed by him 3 times.
That bald man! He swindled my dad 3 times!
Do you know what were his last words?
People don't change easily.
Never trust baldies.
Once a marine!
Always a marine!
Once a drug dealer,
always a drug dealer too.
- Help, help!
- Careful!
Is this really okay?
Trust my instincts!
Once they get the taste of
money, they can't give it up.
But I think this is going over the edge.
Marines have no fear!
If a rat digs a hole...
it gets tons of food.
See here?
This is a rat cave.
You watched too many movies!
If you eat that, you could...
High purity meth...
will turn to crystals once heated.
But this just burns.
Which means it's not meth.
We only have 2 hours left.
You fool!
What the hell!
What are you doing!
Fire extinguisher!
Fire extinguisher!
That's hot!
Go on! Blast it!
Give me that!
Shoudn't we call 911?
You nuts?
What's this?
What's burning?
Detective Choi?
Is it because I became the President?
Then let me just step down.
No. That's not really why.
I'll explain.
I must've lost my mind because of Il Sik.
Who's Il Sik?
He was at the motel with
you when you got caught.
The ugly bastard with those slit eyes.
The one with a tattoo on his neck?
That's right.
He's doing business with Popeye again.
Coincidentally, the drugs surfaced
around the time you came here.
I had no idea. It must've
been hard for you.
Why didn't you just be honest with me?
That jerk ruined my life.
My poor partner died too.
I really wanted to catch
them with my own hands.
But I guess I went overboard.
It's okay. I completely understand.
Are you hurt at all?
No, I'm fine.
I'm so sorry about your house.
Don't worry, sir. I can clean it up.
Detective Choi?
I got you a small gift. I hope you like it.
What's this?
I was looking for the right
time to give it to you.
Forget it. How can I accept it?
But you helped me with Beach Town and all.
I should thank you, sir.
Detective Choi?
I want to do bigger things with you.
Know how I feel?
Will you try it on?
- No.
- Try it on.
- No.
- I hope it fits.
Like this...
It fits!
Fermented soy bean soup,
in this hot weather?
I don't want it.
Why you!
Now you're complaining about food?
Then don't eat!
You went around like that?
Why not just go around naked?
It's just down the road.
Freeze right there!
What's this?
It's not a tattoo. It's hena.
It'll wash off.
When did you do this? It
wasn't here last week!
Everyone does it these days!
Who, these days? Show me!
Where's the scrub?
You let her do that? When did she get that?
It'll be gone in a week!
Don't run!
The one with a tattoo on his neck?
Take care!
Il Sik didn't have a tattoo 5 years ago.
Il Sik and Koo are in it together.
Why's he going so far?
It's because he needs to hide his stink.
How've you been?
They're just going fishing.
May I ask you something?
That boat there, do you
know where it's headed?
Out to a deserted island.
A hidden gem for fishers.
Do they come here often?
Must be a fishing club.
They stay there overnight.
Could you take me out there?
For what?
It's far. It'll cost you a lot.
Hold on.
Wait! Where's my wallet?
Where'd I put it?
Is it in the car?
- Go check the car...
- You're a cop?
A cop shouldn't be so
clumsy and lose things.
Oh, you found me out.
- I'll do it for $300, roundtrip.
- $300?
Minus $100, how about it?
See you later, sir!
Take care!
Who are they, anyway?
If you notice them up to
anything suspicious...
Please call me on this number.
Mokwon Restaurant Manager Lee Deok-man
Mokwon Restaurant?
Aren't you a cop?
It's an undercover investigation.
That's my secret agent.
Captain? Let's go to the other side.
Starboard! Check!
I smell meth.
So cold!
Bastard, did you doze off?
Hi, sir.
You dozed off, didn't you?
- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did!
Why didn't you call me before?
Where are the druggies?
They're about to leave.
Send the boat now!
Send me the boat, quick!
Why'd they come so far to fish?
There are plenty of good spots around Ulan.
They weren't fishing. They
synthesized crude substances.
Meth smells nasty during synthesis.
So they do it in remote places.
It's the norm.
Now what?
Summon the gang.
Chief! It's crackdown time!
Let's catch some druggies!
Call the SIU, now!
Everyone freeze!
Special Investigations Unit.
- Detective Choi?
- What is it?
You know why!
You right there!
We got a report of drug distilling.
But where's the warrant? This is too much!
It's okay Mr. Gwak. They received a report.
We'll cooperate.
- Start searching!
- Move it!
Start from the inside!
This is it, right?
I don't think this is it.
Check closely. Take a sample to forensics.
Look at him!
Why dress like this to
make fermented soy beans?
You try smelling this all day.
It stinks!
It's here!
Not the fermentation room!
What the...
They're all fermented soy beans!
Guess he's clean.
Chief Kang?
What are you doing?
Let's pull out!
No! Wait!
I saw it!
They synthesized meth on an island!
Dae-ho, let's just drop it.
You bastard!
Where'd you put the meth? Tell me!
I don't know what you mean, sir.
You bastard!
- You bastard!
- What's with you, sir!
Let go!
Enough already!
You've caused us enough trouble.
And why'd you open the fermentation room?
You ruined $30,000 worth!
Can you pay?
That's not what's important.
You have to investigate Koo!
He has connections to Il Sik!
You're crazy.
Come on, stop it!
Come here! You bastard!
Where's the meth!
He's totally lost it.
After losing the election
to you, he's lost his mind!
Mr. Koo,
Don't let him off the hook!
No, it must be a misunderstanding.
I owe my life to him.
I must've done something wrong.
Owe me your life?
You jerk!
Mr. Choi Dae-ho!
Enough already!
If it wasn't for Mr. Koo, you'd be in jail!
You! Follow me to school!
Follow him.
- You deserved to get hit.
- Shut up.
What's that?
You may fool others, but you can't fool me.
I saw you making the meth
on that deserted island.
I have no idea what you're
talking about, sir.
Think I'm joking around here?
Well, it looks like I got you really mad,
so just hit me all you want, sir.
I'll gladly take the punches.
Why you little!
Stand straight!
About your punches, sir.
Back at the factory too.
Your shoulder is tensed up, sir.
Relax your shoulders and
use your arms to punch.
Relax your shoulders and
use your arms to punch.
A quick snap of the arms. Try it.
Why you little!
That's not it!
Can't you do it right?
A quick snap!
Try it.
Come on.
Pull yourself together!
You jerk!
Where'd you go?
Already giving up? Come on!
- He rocks. It's game over.
- Game way over.
Let's go.
What silver medalist?
Come here.
- Recorded it?
- Yes.
Take a picture of us. Him and me together.
- Get our faces good.
- Yes, sir.
Let's see.
Can't see well.
Look at the camera.
Let go!
What did I do so wrong?
Everyone's making money thanks to me!
Don't view things as just good or evil.
The world is not black and white.
It's mostly grey.
Got that?
- God damnit.
- Let's go, sir.
Edit it good!
Damn it, Dae-ho!
I'm dead without the order
for 100 air conditioners!
You're not the only one.
Look! Here comes our old sheriff.
He's trouble!
I was right!
He's a major league drug dealer!
In this troubled time, we
gotta stick together and...
Drugs! Drugs! Enough already!
Damn it!
What's wrong with you?
Mr. Koo said he'll cancel
Beach Town and leave!
Whose fault is that?
Beach Town was not why he came here.
- He came for a big drug deal!
- Dae-ho!
That's enough already!
Why don't you meet him and try apologizing?
If he leaves, everyone
in Kijang will lose out!
Choon-mo's air conditioners,
Kang-gon's water purifiers...
and even Sun-chul's boat!
They'll all go broke!
It'll be all your fault!
I understand how you feel.
He came and took over your turf.
You must hate him.
I get that.
What are you saying?
You think I'm doing this
out of a personal grudge?
How frustrating!
Let's get this straight,
It's not exactly his turf.
You were born in Chang-won.
I heard you moved here at age 6.
Why you little...
Don't spread stupid rumours!
- You bastard!
- Go on! Hit me!
- Let me go.
- Stop it!
- I said, let me go!
- Stop them.
Stay still.
Let me go!
Wanna move away?
Why all of a sudden?
I'm worried about Mom living alone.
And things here have changed.
Sir! Come quickly!
Deok-man's having a fit!
- What's he doing?
- You're all dead!
What are you doing?
Stay out of this!
You call yourselves humans?
- What the hell did we do?
- Stop.
You bastard!
Are you okay?
Let go, fool!
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...
Get him treated with this.
I warned you last night...
Can someone call 911?
- Call 911!
- Mr. Koo? Are you okay?
- The brother-in-laws are the same!
- He's shaming us all!
What is it?
Why won't you tell me?
He should be ashamed.
Dumb and dumber brother-in-laws!
Aren't you mad?
You're going to just take it?
It's all useless.
Let's leave Kijang.
Shouldn't men with balls be loyal?
Damn those traitors!
I wish I could punch their lights out!
Sir? It's Detective Kim.
What is it?
We caught Shin Il Sik this morning.
We need you to come in as a witness, sir.
Forget it. You just fill in for me.
I'd love to,
but you're the only witness
from 5 years ago, sir.
I just need your thumb-print
at the bottom, sir.
I'm sorry to make you come so far for this.
- Then I'm done?
- Yes.
We're not drug traffickers!
Who are those folks?
They got scammed.
Some town folks transported and
sold drugs without knowing.
Popeye and Il Sik destroyed their town.
It's too bad, but they'll be charged.
He made us do it!
- Detective Kim?
- Yes?
Can I talk to Il Sik?
Long time no see!
Must be Chief by now. Congratulations!
Cut the small talk.
Know who he is?
That motel 5 years ago.
Oh! That newbie!
I recognize him now. The big head!
Ever met him since then?
Of course not.
I left for China after 2 weeks back then.
Popeye sent me a letter to
take the goods to China.
A letter?
He always gives the locations
and time through letters.
Who the hell is Popeye?
Don't know. Never saw him.
You've dealt with him long.
You must know something.
I heard he made a drug town to
make and transport the drugs.
Who's this?
That bastard.
Thanks to this bastard,
I'm in this shit now.
He took the air conditioners
packed with meth, and...
Air conditioners?
They're packed with meth.
We have to send him to the prosecution.
I didn't even eat.
But Popeye has a weird sense of humour.
He put two $50 bills in the
letter telling me to run.
Two $50 bills?
Yes! Where would I use that in China?
What, to grab a bite? Ha!
What did you do with the letter?
Of course I threw it out.
Not like it's a love letter.
Take care.
On the 7th, Dangseong
Ship at Incheon Port 2
That bastard.
He's Popeye!
Keeping an eye on Chief Choi?
Looks like he's on his
way down from Daejeon.
He's everywhere, isn't he?
Maybe we should postpone the deal, sir.
Il Sik's stuff was seized.
There's not enough time.
Trust means everything in business.
Work 24 hours! Hire the
locals, if you must.
There's also the transport matter.
Japan wants it via the boat.
Use their fishing boats!
- They'll be out fishing.
- They can take a break.
We're closed.
We sold the store.
Crazy old man.
What is it?
Something crazy about
secret agents and stuff.
Wait! Give me the phone.
Hi, Detective.
Many boats are going around
that deserted island.
They're boats from Kijang,
but they're not fishing.
It's really fishy.
Who cares if he sells meth or bathes in it?
They chased you out! They're on their own!
They're all happy about a trip.
A trip?
Everyone in the co-op are going.
Koo rented out a resort for them.
A trip at this time...
He's sending everyone
away to do a deal there.
Everyone in Kijang will
become drug offenders.
Innocent grannies and gramps, too!
Hee Soon, too!
Though they didn't believe us...
We know he's Popeye! We gotta do something!
This is nuts!
Are you on your way?
I'm almost there.
Checked out all the ports?
You're right, something's not right.
Come quickly. I'm so scared!
Wait! I'll have to call you back.
- Why?
- Not now! I'll call you back!
- Why!
- Hang up!
I'm so sorry!
Damn! That hurt!
You're a marine. Can't you
tell a friend from foe?
I can't see well at night...
God, you get me into all sorts of trouble.
- Let's unload.
- Yes, sir.
- Watch your back.
- Okay.
- Let's hurry it up!
- Okay!
Oh no. It's all spilled.
What's this?
What is that?
Do you know what this is?
All the boats went to a festival in Ulsan.
The cops went there too.
That's Sun-chul's dad's boat.
That's Chang-wan's boat.
- Koo bought them off.
- I knew it.
They're trading by sea!
What did I tell you?
The trip day is deal day!
Where's the gang?
Don't know. No answer.
- Thank you for everything, Mr. Koo.
- My pleasure.
It's too bad you can't
come with us on the trip.
I have to go away on business.
I'll join you right after.
Too bad.
But where's Sun-chul? I don't see him.
He left something at Beach Town.
A workaholic, that one!
I'll take him later. Drive out!
- Go on ahead.
- Yes.
See you later.
- Thank you, Mr. Koo.
- Sure.
Drive safely!
Yes, sir!
They've left Japan.
Quiet everybody!
Everyone's seated, right?
Let's go, bus driver!
Sir? Sir?
- What?
- We're going the wrong way.
What do you mean?
Look! We're headed back.
Right! Hey, driver!
You're going the wrong way!
Sir? The bus is...
What are you doing?
It's really Deok-man?
What are you doing?
It's really him!
You can't drive a bus.
I drove it in the army.
And we're on the highway!
Don't make me mad!
- What's happening?
- Calm down.
Hold on tight!
It's all done.
Nice weather.
- The shipment is ready.
- Good.
Then the deal's done.
Have a safe trip back.
I saw to the maritime police. Don't worry.
Is that right?
Let go!
Isn't that our bus?
Are you crazy, Deok-man?
What do you think you're doing?
Look over there!
What is it?
- Isn't that Mr. Koo?
- It is.
Wasn't he going away on business?
Business? He's selling drugs!
He put drugs on our boats
to sell to the Japanese.
Deok-man! Where are you going?
See? Sun-chul and the
others are held captive!
Sir! Help!
He's right!
Damn bastards!
What do we do?
How annoying.
- Now what?
- Dae-ho was right.
What's going on?
Don't worry and just go.
Start up the boats.
- What do we do?
- Hold on.
They're coming!
Come on! Take the tools!
Hee Soon, you stay inside.
It's dangerous out here!
What's that?
Hey, druggie!
You bastards are toast!
Still hasn't learned his lesson.
Captain! Now, please!
Now you drug dealers in a trap!
I'll handle here. Just go.
Your car is ready.
Die druggies! Die!
You bastards! Stop!
The hell?
Damn it.
Move the trucks.
We can't.
You can't?
It's all clear here.
We got the meth and the
maritime police are coming.
Great. Good work!
You boys can go.
He and I need to talk.
Yes, sir!
I don't believe this.
Stop there, fool!
It's all over at the port.
Now it's just you and me!
What's that you're doing?
So, you came here alone?
You're amazing.
Detectives are scary. I
underestimated you, Chief.
I'm so sorry, sir.
Now you understand who you're dealing with?
Of course. My life-saver.
I got out in 2 years instead of 20.
I owe you so much!
Shut up, fool.
Ready this time?
I taught you at that school.
Quick snaps.
Grabbing my suit again?
Well, your grip got stronger.
Did you work out?
Detective Choi,
You can't ever beat me,
not in your lifetime.
Ow! You bonehead!
Wow, no-one's flipped me in a long time!
Son of a bitch!
I was wondering why you're Popeye!
Why you!
You got nothing up here!
If you've got no hair,
just be bald and proud!
Why hide it?
Dad was right.
You shouldn't have done that.
You're dead!
A mirror...
Stop! Please!
It hurts! It really hurts!
I can't breathe!
Don't kill me.
Now this is class.
Damn drug dealer. That was low!
Winning is everything at war!
See ya!
Ugh... Damn it!
I thought I was a goner.
Let's see ya, fool!
Get up!
The world is grey, you say?
Still, to me...
Smile for me!
It's black and white.
An Asian drug lord...
who sold meth throughout
Korea, Japan, and China...
known as 'Popeye, ' has been arrested.
According to the police, Koo,
disguised as a businessman...
Of course.
Come in.
There he is.
Hi, Mi-sun.
Hi, Chief.
This is nothing much.
- That's a lot.
- Oh, is it?
Still, save some for later.
Chief? Are you okay?
This stuff is the best for bruises.
Don't take it. It won't work.
But it was hard to get.
I'll put it here.
We're sorry about everything.
Well, they say after the
storm comes the calm, right?
After the storm comes the holes!
Ever heard of sinkholes?
You're a Kijang man. Don't be so petty!
Didn't you hear? I'm from Chang-won!
That was a mistake, sir.
It's not where you're born,
but where your family is.
That's home.
Cut the act.
Come on, Chief Choi. Please forgive us.
- We're sorry.
- Forgive you?
For what?
What's to forgive?
Hate the sin, but not the sinner.
He forgave us!
- Thanks Chief!
- We love you!
Why'd you come here?
Get out!
Deok-man? Throw them out of here!
- Deok-man! We're sorry!
- Deok-man, you're our man!
Chief Choi?
Chief Choi?
You dismissed me as crazy,
and now the fruits basket?
Our reputation hit rock bottom.
What were cops doing while a
civilian caught a drug lord?
There's so much criticism.
What's that got to do with me?
Why, it all depends on you.
We've set up everything.
All you need to do is come.
We'll see to the rest.
Chief Choi? Ever heard
of an undercover agent?
The Sheriff In Town