The Shift (2020) Movie Script

It doesn't matter.
I'm exhausted.
It's the last exam,
we can do it, guys.
- Because then...
- Then what?
What will I do down there?
It's a wasteland.
Hey, you'd score big time there.
It's full of chicks.
Oh please, nobody gets laid there.
Forget about it.
You know what I should do?
Knock it off!
She snubbed you.
- You gross her out.
- No!
Don't even bother.
- She's not in the mood.
- Apparently.
See how pissed off she looks?
I give up, there's no hope.
Hey, pal!
- I'll show you how to get chicks.
- Yeah, right.
- This is my technique.
- A skateboard?
For sure.
They can't resist me.
- Come on...
- You can't even skate.
Yes, I can!
I've been practicing for three weeks.
What's three weeks?
I'm better than you.
- Better than me?
- Want to bet?
- Sure, come on.
- Here.
- Let's bet.
- Five euros.
- How much?
- Ten.
Let's see.
- You suck!
- Forget about it.
You suck, I lost.
- I should've shut up.
- As usual.
You suck,
just like you'll suck on the exam.
What a disaster!
If I fail, back to the homeland.
Where are you going this summer?
To Spain.
See you later.
How's it going?
Where are you?
You killed my innocent brothers!
On the ground!
We will have a great victory!
Why are these bastards running?
... Allah has bought from believers
their beings and their possessions.
Among the flames!
Your destiny is hell, you bastards.
Where are you?
Where are you, infidels?
Thank you.
Karim wants to go to his grandparents
in Tunis with his dad.
- What's the problem?
- No problem, but...
I break my back for his vacations
and he wants to be with his dad.
He's a boy, it's normal.
He's a boy.
It's normal, sure.
Is it normal that his dad
doesn't help me and I sweat blood?
- What did you say?
- You're right.
That's better.
Let's go.
Pit Bru 1, do you hear me?
Pit Bru 1, come in.
Dispatch 112, Pit Bru 1 here.
Code red,
medics needed in Schaerbeek.
Our shift is over.
Lancioni, we need all units.
There was an explosion in a school,
hurry up.
Which school?
Which school? Over.
Saint-Dominique School,
Chausse de Haecht.
- Karim's school?
- No, but his bus passes by there.
What happened?
- What happened?
- Possible terrorist attack.
On our way. Over.
He never answers.
Honey, it's me, is everything okay?
Call me back, please.
Answer, damn it!
Mesut, there was an attack
in Schaerbeek.
I can't reach Karim.
I've been called back on duty.
Go pick him up and call me
when you hear this message.
Damn it.
Dispatch 112, Pit Bru 1 here.
We've arrived.
Go, go...
Go inside, there are more wounded,
even by gunshot.
The bomb was loaded
with nails and screws.
the building has yet to be secured.
The beams might be damaged.
Relax, everything will be fine.
All right.
Miss? Come with me.
Hey, you! Come here,
there's another one inside.
He's breathing.
- Blood hemorrhaging from neck.
- Can you open your eyes? Hear me?
Squeeze my finger if you can.
Hold his head.
One, two, three...
- Compression?
- Done, let's go.
One, two, three. Come on.
Take this one.
I'll deal with it.
Press here.
He's barely breathing.
In his mouth.
All set.
We can go now.
With the helicopter
he'll have a better chance.
Wait! We have an urgency!
We'll handle it.
One, two, three.
Dispatch 112, Pit Bru 1 here.
Pit Bru 1, Dispatch 112, over.
Code red,
unconscious 16-year-old boy.
Blood hemorrhaging from neck,
he's intubated, we're heading
to Brugmann. Confirm?
Intubated, we can go.
Don't go to Brugmann, they're full,
go to Saint-Jean. Over.
Unbelievable, they're crazy!
They kill kids, too.
not even school is fucking safe!
Hello? Karim, how are you?
Where are you?
I'm on duty still,
your dad's coming to get you.
I don't know what to say...
I'll be back as soon as I can.
No! If you want to go out,
have your dad pick you up.
I don't know, I'll call you later.
Enough. No, I said enough!
I'll call you back, bye.
Calm down!
Calm down...
Everything is okay.
What's your name?
- Is he okay?
- He's breathing on his own.
Where are we? What are you doing?
What are you doing? Who are you?
Stay still.
Don't move, you've lost lots of blood.
Who are you?
I'm Isabelle, we're going
to the hospital, you're wounded.
You're in an ambulance.
- Understand?
- Abdel.
Is your name Abdel?
Abdel, stay calm.
Don't move, stay still.
- Don't...
- It's okay, I need to auscultate.
Like that.
Very good.
Don't move, stay still.
Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck!
He has... Adamo... Adamo...
Adamo! He has...
He has...
He has a bomb on.
- What?
- A fucking bomb!
- Adamo, don't.
- Isabelle, get out.
- There are children.
- No one move!
I can't stay here.
Don't touch anything, all right?
Wait, I'll help you.
- Drive.
- Stay calm.
- Don't touch me.
- All right.
I'll sit right here.
- Hurry up.
- All right?
- Drive!
- Why don't we talk?
It's okay.
Adamo, drive.
Let's go, ready?
Everything's okay, I won't move.
I'll stay here.
Yesterday we arrested Tariq Sina
and three of his men.
We've been questioning him for hours
about the school attack,
but he says he knows nothing.
He says their target
was the Etterbeek post office.
There's no way they are lone wolves,
not with those kinds of explosives.
I'll keep you posted, Minister.
Yes, thanks.
Do we have statements
from the survivors?
We don't have the 12th and 15th,
but we know who's responsible.
Luke, slides.
Abdel Hadji, age 16.
Orphan, lives with his uncle
in Molenbeek,
he's a student at the school.
Witnesses say he fired shots
before detonating,
and his accomplice
closed all the doors.
- Accomplice?
- Yes, Luke, second slide.
Eden Boufal, age 16,
from Molenbeek as well,
father electrician,
mother supermarket cashier.
He was in Hadji's class
but isn't amongst the victims.
Witnesses say that he had
a detonator in hand, too.
He vanished, no sign of him
on the CCTV footage.
Police blocked all the roads,
his photo has been sent to stations
and airports, we'll find him.
- Do we have another photo of him?
- Luke, third slide.
Block all social media,
we don't want his photo to circulate.
We need to figure out
if they're with Tariq Sina's cell.
We should've known yesterday.
Monitor his home
and call in his parents.
Everything okay?
Where are we?
Where are we?
In Schaerbeek still.
Shut that fucking siren off.
... in the name of God,
the benevolent, the merciful
they kill and are killed...
- You need to go to the hospital...
- Shut up!
You need to shut up!
Authentic, binding promise for Him,
present in the Torah,
in the Gospel and in the Koran.
... Allah has bought from believers,
their beings and their possessions,
giving them the Garden in exchange.
Authentic binding promise for Him.
Who more than Allah respects pacts?
Be pleased
with the barter you have made.
This is the greatest success...
All units, Saint-Jean
is in a state of emergency.
AS4, woman's in labor,
Do you take care of it?
- Over.
- Okay, we'll go.
- What are you doing? Give it to me!
- I didn't do anything!
I didn't send it.
What are you looking at?
Are you okay?
You okay, Isabelle?
Shut up and don't slow down.
- Isabelle?
- I'm okay.
Give me your PIN.
- Give me your PIN.
- 30... 07.
The number you have dialed...
is not available, try again later.
This is Central 112 to all units,
road blocks at Gare du Nord
and at Molenbeek.
Change route.
Adamo, do as he says.
- Take another road.
- I'm stuck in traffic.
Adamo turn on the siren
and go through.
Get out of the car, ma'am.
Adamo, the siren!
Adamo, please.
The siren!
Turn on that fucking siren.
I need it now.
Are you saying nobody there
speaks Arabic?
No... Hold on, I'll call you back.
Sina won't say a word,
but we found something out.
Before his arrest
he sent an encrypted email,
then someone logged into
the recipient's account.
The go-between for the two boys.
Youssef Eben Amir, age 38.
We're getting him now.
I want to know all about Youssef
and how he contacted the boys.
Why aren't Boufal's parents here yet?
They're not at home or at work,
we're searching for them.
Search harder.
- Hello?
- Youssef? It's me.
How can you still be alive?
I don't know,
it all happened so fast,
I don't remember.
I still have the bomb here.
There is no other God beside Allah,
do not fear.
What phone are you calling from?
A nurse's, I'm in an ambulance.
I'm scared they're setting
a trap for me.
Where are you exactly?
We just went through a road block
near Gare du Nord,
now we're near the Canal.
Okay, keep going to the soccer field.
Are you being followed?
Okay, I'm waiting for you.
God willing, it will all go well.
If God is willing.
Go toward Berchem.
Why do you want to go to Berchem?
To escape?
I'll do what Allah wants.
Pit Bru 1, 112 here, come in.
Pass her the radio.
Now! Tell him you're busy.
Do it!
Dispatch 112, Pit Bru 1 here. Over.
Why are you in Koekelberg? Over.
We dropped the victim at Saint-Jean,
we're stuck in the parking lot.
I need your vehicle,
come back to the base.
All right,
but it'll be at least 30 minutes.
Are you okay? You sound odd.
Is everything all right?
Yes, I'm just in shock
over the school incident.
Those kids are my son's age but...
Everything is fine. Out.
How do they know our location?
How do they know our location?
The ambulance has GPS, boy genius.
Central is following us.
Tell him to wait.
All right, I'll ask.
I'll call, don't worry.
We found his parents.
They were at the bus stop,
they're here now.
I'll talk to the father.
Anything on Youssef Eben Amir?
Clean record,
promising soccer player,
but an injury ended his career.
He coached younger teams
here in Brussels for a while.
But he's been on unemployment
for over a year.
There were explosives, weapons,
and cell phones in his home.
We're checking the numbers now,
one phone had Sina's video on it.
It could go online in a few days.
I'll handle it.
It's true.
Youssef recruited them.
... they fight on the path of God,
they kill and are killed.
... they kill and are killed.
Authentic, binding promise for Him,
present in the Torh,
in the Gospel and in the Koran.
... they kill and are killed.
Authentic, binding promise for Him,
present in the Torh,
in the Gospel and in the Koran.
Who more than Allah, respects pacts?
Be pleased
with the barter you have made.
This is the greatest success...
... God expresses himself with truth.
... Allah has bought from believers
their beings and their possessions,
giving them the Garden in exchange,
for they fight on the path of Allah,
they kill and are killed.
Authentic, binding promise for Him,
present in the Torh,
in the Gospel and in the Koran.
Who, more than Allah, respects pacts?
God has expressed Himself
with truth...
Be pleased
with the barter you have made.
This is the greatest success...
... God has expressed Himself
with truth.
My son goes to that school,
we can't get in touch with him.
We've called hospitals, the police...
Calm down.
Why have you brought me here?
Your son hasn't vanished,
he's on the run and is wanted.
Sit down.
But why?
Mr. Boufal,
we have reason to believe
your son and his classmate,
Abdel Hadji,
are behind
the Schaerbeek school attack.
No, that's impossible!
You must know where Eden would hide.
If you cooperate, there's a chance
your son will survive.
No, you're wrong!
You're wrong!
Eden's a good boy.
He plays soccer every afternoon
with the Berchem team,
he goes out with girls at night,
and comes to mosque.
He's not the kind of boy
who would do these things...
This isn't a police investigation
and your son's not a suspect.
I already know he did it.
We're getting ready,
we'll blow it all up
and non-believers will go to hell,
but we'll go to paradise, Inshallah.
- I hope they suffer.
- They deserve it.
take not your fathers
and brothers for friends...
Know the man who's placing the bomb
on your son?
Mr. Boufal?
If you help them escape, you'll be
guilty of killing those kids, too.
Where's my wife?
Where is she?
Don't worry, she's in the next room.
But you have to stay here.
Arrest me, too.
I'm guilty.
I wasn't capable of listening to him.
I wasn't capable
of understanding my son,
and now I can't help you.
don't kill him.
What are you looking at?
You're about to faint.
I need to medicate you again.
Pit Bru 1, come in.
Pit Bru 1, can you hear me?
Pit Bru 1, come in.
We're starting to worry,
what are you doing? Over.
Lancioni, Isabelle, what's the matter?
You've been silent for an hour.
Pit Bru 1 here.
Why are you on the other side
of the city?
Lancioni, answer, dammit!
We stopped to refuel.
Your route makes no sense.
There's been an accident
in the Lopold II tunnel.
If you're nearby, the firemen
are there already. Confirm?
What's going on? Pit Bru, respond.
Lancioni, quit joking around, respond!
Tell them we'll go.
I'm starting to worry.
Pit Bru 1 here. Roger.
Finally. Roger, thanks.
Do you fight often?
Yes... I mean, not with me,
mainly with his father.
Eden says...
his father is never home,
he comes back late,
then he goes out drinking
with friends.
This bothers him.
You know...
I don't know...
We did the best we could.
We wanted to educate him,
we gave him...
We gave it our best...
it's our fault.
I know.
It's impossible, impossible!
It's impossible.
No, I don't believe this.
Why didn't you ask questions?
They think we're fools.
His father doesn't seem clueless.
When you were 16,
did your parents know your secrets?
I smoked joints,
came home drunk on Saturday night,
but I didn't set off bombs.
No! They think we're fools.
He leaves the house
for school at 7:30.
He takes bus 129, right?
Alone or with friends?
He has two neighborhood friends.
Youssef Eben Amir, wasn't he
the Berchem junior league coach?
- I think they go together...
- Their names?
Oh, shit!
One is Abdel...
Pit Bru 1, I've lost your location.
Pit Bru 1 here, we're on site.
GPS doesn't work in the tunnel.
We have to go out.
I need our helmets.
And my jacket.
Good morning.
The driver is fine, still conscious.
We'll finish cutting the metal,
then you can get to work.
Adamo, I think I have a plan.
Relax, we're out here.
If he doesn't take something
he'll faint.
I put Midazolam in the IV.
- To paralyze him.
- You're nuts. Let's alert them.
He'll blow himself up right here.
Let's call the police.
We can't take her.
If it happens here,
it'll be a disaster.
We can't take
that woman with us.
Quick, we're losing her.
Give us room.
Isabelle, what is it?
She's gone,
there's nothing we can do.
I'll check the info
and be right back.
Sir, could you please
move your ambulance?
Fuck, what a shitty day.
Let's await orders.
Chief, Boufal's photo
is online and on TV.
Send in the special units.
They're coming toward us.
Don't do anything stupid.
Due to this morning's attack,
the judge can't come here,
we need to sort out
the legal matters ourselves.
You can go.
Okay, fine, we'll go. Thanks.
Are you okay? Wounded?
No, it's not my blood.
Julo, open up.
Shut off the GPS.
You, come back here.
- Happy?
- Drive.
Dispatch 112, Pit Bru 1 here.
The woman died, we'll stay here
until the judge gives us orders.
But after this morning's chaos,
he'll be a while.
If you don't let me help you,
you'll faint and have a heart attack.
Do you want that?
I can give you something
to help you.
But in exchange,
you have to let us go.
Abdel, do you play soccer?
My name is Hicham,
it's my convert name.
All right... Hicham.
You don't know what you're saying,
you know nothing,
not even about your religion.
The West destroys and starves
Allah's children
in Syria, Iraq, and even Europe.
Most Muslims don't care.
They're like this country,
pure shit.
This country welcomes all,
as an immigrant I know...
Shut up!
Give me something.
Hurry up! Come on!
Fine, I'll give you an IV.
Inject yourself first.
Happy now?
Do you hear me?
How long?
Three minutes.
Turn right over there,
go through the gate
toward the locker rooms.
You grab another IV
and some medicine.
What are you planning to do?
we have lots of tranquilizers.
If you want to escape,
you don't have to kill us.
Stop, damn it!
Move, move!
Damn it, Youssef, answer.
The satellite detected him
in the utility room.
Drive, now!
And Boufal?
You don't know how to take it off?
Youssef knew how, I don't.
Can anyone else help you?
Where are you?
What's going on? Are you injured?
Tell me what's going on.
Are you injured?
Dad, you have to help me.
What? I don't understand.
I'll go to the store,
you have to help me.
I'm not at the store,
I'm home.
Come home and we'll sort it all out,
all right?
Mom is worried about you.
Put her on.
She's busy now.
Eden, hello?
Where do your parents live?
They live in Molenbeek
He called his dad,
he's going there now.
He called from
Isabelle Verheyden's phone.
She's a paramedic with a son
who's 16, his father's Tunisian.
- An accomplice?
- Her shift ended at 8:00.
- Did you track the cell phone?
- Bercheem, near the sports complex.
There's still signal,
he must've tossed it.
Find out if Isabelle Verheyden
knows Eden and Boufal.
Vermalen? Are you there?
AS28, Dispatch 112 here.
We need a unit at Schaerbeek School
for the evacuation
requested by Civil Protection.
No! What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- Relax.
What are you doing?
Don't you want to go home?
I helped two paramedics put him
in the ambulance, it was him!
Who are the paramedics?
He had an Italian accent,
she was in her 40s.
No hospitals have a patient
who fits his description.
Why would I bullshit you? It was him!
We're in Molenbeek,
where do I go?
Turn right.
He's in an ambulance, Pit Bru 1.
They arrived at the school at 8:20,
left 10 minutes later
with a seriously wounded boy,
our suspect.
Is Isabelle Verheyden on board?
Yes, with Adamo Lancioni,
a new Belgian citizen,
they had the night shift and went
to the school before clocking out.
HQ says they've been
in the tunnel for 30 minutes
but the police on site
say there's no ambulance.
Find that ambulance!
You did the right thing.
Let me speak to him first, please.
I'm sorry, we deal with him first.
Edris, are you okay?
Open up.
Open up, damn it!
My son!
Are we almost there?
Straight ahead.
Authentic, binding promise for Him,
present in the Torah,
in the Gospel and in the Koran...
Who, more than Allah, respects pacts?
Be pleased with the barter you have
made. This is the greatest success...
God gives you glad tidings
for the task you have assumed...
Allah has bought from believers
their beings and their possessions,
giving the Garden in exchange,
for they fight on the path of Allah,
they kill and are killed.
- Hicham, look at me.
- Hicham, I wouldn't do that!
This is the greatest success...
Hicham, I wouldn't do that!
This is the greatest success...
HQ, there's been an accident,
an ambulance is involved.
Chief, we have an update
from the helicopter.
Put it on speaker.
An accident, an ambulance is involved
near the meeting point.
Check if it's them.
We'll approach.
Send images.
Confirmed, it's Pit Bru 1,
repeat, it's Pit Bru 1.
Evacuate the area
and send in all units.
Evacuate the area...
Get me on the ambulance channel.
No, Adamo!
- Fuck! Mister?
- No, no!
Get away!
It's dangerous, there's a bomb,
get away!
Pit Bru 1, can you hear me?
Pit Bru 1, can you hear me?
Pit Bru 1, respond.
Pit Bru 1, can you hear me? Respond.
Pit Bru 1, respond.
Pit Bru 1, can you hear me?
I'm Isabelle Verheyden.
Hello, Isabelle,
I'm Chief Meunier
with the crisis unit.
Is the boy with you?
He's here, he's alive,
he still has the bomb.
Keep everyone away
from the ambulance.
He'll blow everything up.
He got nothing left to lose.
Are you all right?
My partner is dead.
What the fuck do I do?
What the fuck do I do?
Special unit for you.
Listen, Isabelle,
let me talk to him.
Shut it off!
Shut it off!
He doesn't want to talk.
Police! You are surrounded,
come out with your hands up.
We're in place.
Do you have a clear shot on the boy?
Do we have a clear shot?
Try to get a clear shot
and move away,
nobody must go near the ambulance.
Everyone move away, now!
Move it!
We need to act.
Isabelle, do you hear me?
I ordered them all to move away,
let me talk to the boy now.
The boy...
that's what you are, Hicham.
You're a boy.
And you're scared.
I'm scared too, it's okay.
We're all scared,
you're no different.
Yes, I am! I'm a soldier!
I'm a soldier!
You're a soldier
in an army of zombies.
You'll be a dead son
for your parents.
See him?
Do we have a clear shot?
Hicham, look at you. Why?
They never understood me,
not him or my mom.
They don't know who I am.
They've always treated me
like a child.
As if soccer was all I was good at.
But that's not me.
I can do big things.
Life can have meaning.
- Time to act, Meunier.
- Okay.
Prepare to attack.
Prepare to attack!
Go on, get out.
Believers, take not your fathers
and brothers for friends,
if they prefer unbelief to belief.
Whosoever of you takes them
for friends are the evildoers.
- Meunier, give the order.
- No, not yet.
Let's wait.
Let's wait.
What did you do?
Go ahead.
Don't shoot, I'm coming out.
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot, Vermalen!
Don't shoot!
- Don't shoot!
- Come here.
I immobilized him.
Come here.
- Don't shoot!
- Come here
Come here, slowly.
Bomb squad go in,
let's secure the perimeter!