The Shift (2023) Movie Script

This is not my world.
Ive never been
to this lake before,
Never walked
its shores.
This is not my world,
but I will find my way home.
And I will find my
way back to her.
...Wall Street is
in shock today
as a liquidity crisis sees
Bear Stearns balance sheet
reduced by 16.1 Billion dollars
in less than three days,
crushing investor confidence.
Stocks tumbled, and the
once stable housing market
has taken an unbelievable
turn for the worse,
resulting in the collapse
of Bear Stearns
and the firing of
all its employees.
Shocked ex-employees say
theyre dumbfounded by this
turn of events, citing the
three year housing...
Here you go, boss.
When we first met,
I had lost almost everything.
and I was about to throw
away what was left.
Well, there's the
saddest, most pathetic man
I've ever seen.
I'm sorry. What?
You just look so sad
sitting here like this.
I'm in a hotel bar.
How--how am I supposed to look?
No, no, no. It's fine.
I happen to like sad men, so.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
Okay, well,
you see, that's pathetic.
Your flirting game leaves a
lot to be desired, my friend.
Flirting, is that--is that
what we're doing?
Because you--you know,
you came up to me.
Only because they dared me to.
They just...
they forced me to.
What...what was the dare?
To talk to you,
find out what your deal is,
and get you interested
so you asked me out.
It's actually
quite a dangerous dare
now that I think about it.
How so?
- You could be a serial killer.
- Oh!
Trapping women with your
sad, lonely, tortured soul act.
Wow. May I buy
you a drink?
Oh, no.
Actually, you know what?
Have you met my friend, Sharon?
She would have a drink
from you.
She's a lush.
So are you!
- Trying not to be...
- Really?
...these days, yeah
Same, actually.
So, what
am I a serial killer?
Yeah. What's your deal?
Yeah, that right there.
That's me.
Yeah, some people think
I'm worse than a serial killer.
Ooh. Fair, though.
Kevin? Molly. Hi.
I didn't come over here
honestly expecting a date.
But, you know, I feel like
that's where this is going.
I do find you attractive,
oddly enough.
Oh, gee, thanks.
Okay, so the idea
is what we, ah...
We go on a date and
we have some fun,
And maybe we kiss.
Okay, I can get behind
that. Fifth date...
Whoa. Hold on,
fifth date already?
Try to keep up.
Fifth date...
We are really a part of
each other's lives now, right?
So it's a real
thing, right?
You're introducing me
to your friends.
We're shopping for dinner
in, together.
I'm taking you
to my church.
But do you even like church?
Do you even go?
I mean, when
I was a kid.
But I guess I could...
go back?
You're sweet.
Sounds like a huge
Yeah, the biggest.
Does that scare you?
Me too.
And that's what
I'm trying to tell my friends.
Is that having someone else in
your life is so much,
and I already have enough
going on in my life.
And then there's the bad thing
that happens
Now wait, hold on,
time out.
What's--what's the bad thing?
I have no idea,
but it'll happen.
Life will happen
and we'll be tested.
It's inevitable.
And when
two people come together,
They just have that
much more to lose.
- Exactly.
- Right
Can we weather a storm
together, Kevin?
You know,
if you asked me this
a few hours ago,
I would've said, no. No way.
But the worst thing,
literally, the worst thing
that's ever happened to me,
just happened to me.
And now I'm sitting here,
And I'm talking to you,
And it, it doesn't
seem so bad anymore.
Here's the thing, Kevin.
I actually
really am busy.
I am busy
I don't have time
for all that.
Especially with a sad, fired,
hedge fund bro with a
drinking problem:
Yeah, no, it's the worst.
So thank you
for being a good listener,
but I-I think you can see
this is a bad idea.
There's this place...
it's like right
down the street.
And you're not allowed to fall
for anybody there.
They have
this weird rule.
Seriously, it's like,
It's a tea house.
Do you like tea?
I would love some tea.
Where were ya?
training meeting.
This morning...
I brought donuts.
I missed the donuts?
That's, that's too bad.
My office...
Guys like you...
Are why my parents
lost their house.
But, it's like
my yoga instructor always says:
"We all get what we deserve."
Yeah? But it doesn't mean that
we can't...
You know what?
Why don't you take the
rest of the day off?
And then, bright and
early tomorrow morning,
you and I will have a good talk
about your future here.
Hey, honey,
Where are you?
Um, I'm in the car.
I'm stuck in traffic.
It's early, what's wrong?
Hey, listen, about
this morning.
I'm sorry,
I just miss him so much.
I'm not home. I'm not
sure when I'll be back.
Did you pay
the bills yet?
When am I supposed
to pay those?
I'm at work all morning
And now I'm in the car...
Hey, you're okay.
Right here.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Hey. Hey!
There we go.
Welcome back.
You okay?
You alright?
Yeah, I'm okay,
I guess. Yeah.
Hey, drink this.
Come on.
You got a nasty
gash right there.
I had a kit,
so I bandaged it up for you.
You seem okay otherwise.
- Thank you.
- You remember your name?
Yeah. Kevin. Garner.
Good, Nice to finally
meet you, Kevin.
I'm the Benefactor.
My ears are ringing;
I can't hear you.
The Benefactor.
I don't understand.
Is that a joke?
N-no, I wouldn't do that.
Look at you.
I wouldn't joke at a
time like this.
I appreciate your
help, man.
I've gotta...
I gotta...
I gotta...
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
Stay with me.
Keep talking,
Keep talking.
I'm here
to help you.
You okay?
I'm fine.
I want to talk to you
about business.
What business?
I want to
offer you a job.
I have a job.
Well, not for long.
I appreciate your help.
I'm gonna go find my car.
All right. Oh--easy!
I'll walk with you. C'mon.
Where is everyone?
Where's my car?
Where's the accident?
What happened?
Nothing happened.
There was no accident here.
What do you mean
there was no accident?
What day is it?
How long was I out?
Just a little while.
Check your phone.
I'm calling my wife.
That won't work.
Well, I'm going to
call the police.
Well they won't help.
Who are you, man?
The police. Seriously?
That's very funny,
that is...
Who are you laughing at?
Are you laughing at me?
No, no, I'm sorry.
It's just not your usual go-to.
This isn't the first time
we've done this.
You are certifiable.
I have never
seen you in my entire life.
No, of course
you haven't.
Who are you!? Huh?
Who are you
and where did everybody go!?
They didn't go anywhere.
You did.
Are you sure you are
where you think you are?
I'm hungry.
Let's get some dinner.
I'm buying.
Mark, how is little Josh doing?
Like we
talked about.
Who am I?
Tina. Thank you.
Right this way.
After you.
Sit, please.
Who am I?
Fine. You're the Benefactor.
No. I mean, I'm
called many names.
Most of them not
as nice as that one.
Who am I, really?
Wha...what can
I get for you?
The usual, Tina.
Steak and eggs, with
a tall glass of milk.
That's right. Kevin?
I just want a water, please.
Oh, come on.
Kevin will have a beer.
I think the truth is
that you're a liar.
I think your goal...
is misery.
Wow, that's straight
out of Sunday school.
religious, then.
That's different.
None of the
rest of you were.
Why don't we talk
about your marriage?
What about--
what about my marriage?
You know the number one reason
for broken marriages?
Can you guess?
Lack of
communication. Misunderstanding.
are the reason
for conflict in this world.
Wars are fought over it.
lucrative professions
are built around fixing it.
Once the communication
breaks down...
Oh, wow.
So prompt.
Thank you very much.
Steak and eggs, with a
tall glass of milk, and...
one beer.
Is there anything else
I can get for you?
No, come on, join us.
Stay. There's plenty of
food here. Join us.
Oh, no. I really...
It's good, isn't it?
This morning you had
a fight with your wife
about paying some bills.
Did you promise
to pay some bills?
No, I didn't.
I don't think I did.
Two people see
a car accident,
but their accounts differ
wildly. Why?
It's because we see each thing
from our own perspective,
our own bias.
They both see two
different accidents.
They're both telling the truth,
but they'll never agree.
Wait... what?
For every
choice you make,
there are countless
other realities,
where you make
a different choice.
Choice breeds
infinite possibilities.
Choice breeds realities.
There isn't anything that
you can imagine
that doesn't exist...
Somewhere, somewhen.
Imagined having the power
to move people
from one reality to the next.
To swap a person out
with their doppelganger
From another earth,
to shift them.
That's what I do.
Are you telling me that
I never talked to Molly
about paying the bills?
No. No, you didn't.
I shifted her.
I replaced her
with a version of your
wife whose husband
did actually promise
to pay the bills. - Why?
One tiny little difference.
Where's my wife?
Oh, I shifted her.
Well, the first time
I shifted her,
was when you gave her that
ridiculous pendant.
No, wait.
No. No, no, no.
She threw that away.
Not the
original Molly.
You know what?
I don't believe you.
I don't believe you.
Prove it.
- Prove it?
Prove it. Shift somebody.
- Um...
Who would you like me to shift?
I don't--I don't care.
I don't care.
Her, shift her.
You want me to shift Tina?
Are you sure?
Prove it.
Where did she go?
Somewhere else.
I would have
swapped her with another Tina,
but you wouldn't have noticed.
She's in a world
where her parents never met
Or fell in love.
Where there is no Tina.
You see, small deviations
work best.
But this was a big shift.
And big shifts take people
out of the game
and into psych wards. It...
makes me sad.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Don't be broken by that.
They have lots of daughters,
or they did.
Maybe it's time to
find a new cafe.
What do you want with me?
I can't do this all by myself.
It's a big job.
Big job.
In every other world
I have Shifters
strategic positions
To do the work I
would do if I were there.
What work?
You know,
the fun stuff.
What, murdering people?
What is this?
No, no, no.
That's not me.
You're a halfway
decent guy. Sit.
But, it's the
other half that I'm...
particularly fond of.
All the other Kevins
have made this choice,
And so will you.
No, that's not me.
You don't know that.
I can make you
a captain of industry.
A King.
I have a thousand
versions of you in a thousand
different worlds,
all working for me.
Not being hampered
by a combative spouse
Or some idiot
supervisor on a power trip.
I can give you a
Molly who is exactly
what you want,
who will do anything you want,
be whoever you want,
as a reward for working
as one of my Shifters.
Come on,
let me lift you out of that
embarrassing farce
you call a life and give
you something glorious.
Just say the word.
Heavenly Father,
it has been a long time
since I've come to you.
Are you praying?
I'm sorry, but I
need your help.
Well, that's a first.
I'm in trouble, and I
can't do this alone.
Amazing. I love it. I love it.
I love this. I really--
He's still praying.
Do you honestly think
that He will help you
after what you just did?
You are tainted goods.
You're not even worth
His effort anymore.
Even if He did help you
do you think I will ever leave
you alone? Ever?
There is nothing that
I won't do to you.
No temptation, no
low that you won't sink to.
I know you, Kevin.
And you are nothing.
Nothing. I am greater than Him.
I am certainly
greater than you.
Jesus Christ. Amen.
I don't really know if
I thought that would work,
or if I just
didn't know what else to do.
But it did work.
And now...
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
And now I knew
I would never be the same.
I'm so sorry.
That nothing would be.
Ever again.
This is not my world.
Five years
I've been here now.
Left in this dark place.
The people here,
almost destroyed everything
with war and hate.
Then, the Shifters showed up.
They worked in secret,
using their deviators
to exile politicians,
pastors, soldiers--anyone
deemed "problematic."
Billions of people, gone.
Peace, restored.
And then, he arrived.
The leaders that were left
gave him control.
And he made the world
over in his image.
No hope.
No faith.
Here, he rules. And it's here
the Benefactor
chooses to recruit
the many Kevin Garners
of many different worlds.
Until I came along.
It has
now been nearly five years
since the unlawful prayer at
the Korban Family Restaurant,
the last public appearance
of the Benefactor,
and the disappearance
of the Kevin Who Refused.
Viewers might recall
that the Korban
was used a record
seven times for the stagings.
In other news, multi-phase
viewing technology
sees widespread adoption
as more than half
of all the city's multiplexes
have now been converted
into Vica-Viewer Theaters,
providing entertainment,
and enlightenment
for a much greater portion
of the population.
How many times have you viewed?
I--a few, I guess.
-A few? Be honest.
Okay. I am a big fan of
the Vica-Viewer.
-Yes, you are.
So, yes, more than a few.
Lancer forces
under the direction of Mayor
Navarro are now executing
morning clear outs to help.
People say the
secret Shifters have left.
...have continued to
raise concerns that
drastic steps will be taken
if the rule of the Benefactor
is not respected.
They say that,
but I'm not so sure.
No one knows
who they are.
They can move themselves
and others between worlds.
If I can get my hands
on one of their deviators,
I just might find a way back.
Back to my Molly.
Lunch time.
Thank you, Kevin.
Shh. Don't call me that.
- Sorry.
- Call me Daniel.
What happened the first
time we met?
The Kevin Who Refused?
You know, your voice carries.
Who did I tell? No one.
I can't be the first person
to tell you that.
I know how to
keep a secret.
Yeah, a secret that you spin
out to the entire room.
Hey, these pages? They're
giving hope back to South End.
Now, I don't really
go in for it,
but they inspire a lot of
people, you know?
Have they given
you any new intel
to help me get off this world?
One lady did say she
saw a deviator on a guy's arm.
Look, I don't think
they're just gonna shift
you back to your wife
because you ask nice.
Then I'm not gonna
ask nice.
You find me a Shifter,
I'll find a way.
That is a terrible
plan. Terrible.
Engle! Asada!
Lunch time is over.
Sorry, boss.
- Dad, is this our room?
- Is this our room?
Is it gonna have a bed?
Is it gonna have a bed?
-Come on!
Come on, dad. Hurry up!
What is taking so long?
Mom, are we gonna have a bed?
-Come on, dad!
Hurry up!
The people here
have nowhere to turn.
Nothing to live for.
Only dreams of a life
they never lived.
Another world
they've never known.
It's all they look forward to.
Thank you.
I try to do what I can.
Try to help with
whatever I have.
Thank you.
All suspicious
activity must be reported to
the nearest Lancer precinct.
I search for signs.
Glimmers in the darkness.
Well, there's
the saddest,
most pathetic man
I've ever seen.
Scripture is illegal.
I write what I remember.
What she brought
back into my life.
Lots of heavy lifting today.
Teachings and words
largely forgotten.
Only whispered here.
Thanks, Kevin.
I'm sorry.
Your flirting game leaves
a lot to be desired, my friend.
Flirting. Is that--is
that what we're doing?
This little light of mine...
I'm gonna let it shine...
This little light of mine...
nourish our bodies so they
will be strong and be able to...
thank you
...loving wife...
-It was you!
He did it!
What are you waking me up for?
-It's Saturday.
Anything you want.
Oh. Ah...
You need rest, Daniel.
Not work.
-I need food. Please.
What do you think they need?
You ain't special.
Oh! You got it.
Well, I got something for you.
Well, the word is
there's a guy.
He's a new guy.
Kind of keeps to himself.
And he passes through
now and then.
Nobody new
goes to South End.
You see what I'm saying?
How are you holding up?
You don't look good.
I'm fine.
Who you are,
what you did.
You think you'd be getting a
little more support from...
I'm fine.
I got a good friend.
I'm having a
delicious sandwich.
What do you think
you're doing wrong?
If I would've...taken out
the Benefactor like you did...
Hey, I didn't do that.
It was Him.
You're so sick, you can't work.
You're still looking for
that wife of yours.
If I was you, I'd be
thinking to myself
maybe I did something
to tick Him off.
I don't know.
Maybe He was never even
there in the first place.
Maybe it was some
kind of a trick.
Hey Gabriel,
do you ever read
these pages that I give you?
Does the mailman read the mail?
Maybe you
should some time.
He puts his people
to the test.
If that's what you think it is.
He requires patience.
You've been here
for five years.
How much more patience you got?
Gabriel, what do
you believe in?
What keeps you going?
I don't know.
I believe in myself.
I guess I believe
in a higher power.
But I'm not
really sure.
I don't know.
You oughta'
do something
nice for yourself, y'know?
You ever view anymore?
Why not?
I don't like what I see.
Well you ought to go
back there and try.
You never know.
Life is hard enough,
without having to
live in it all the time.
Girly girl, Amelia!
Stupid furball.
Hey, Russo.
Are you still looking
for that cat?
Long time, man.
What's it look like, anyway?
A cat.
Yeah, all right.
You're in luck.
I had a cancellation. Come on.
Yeah, well, actually,
things have changed a bit.
Used to be people just wanted
to see themselves happy,
you know.
Live vicariously, forget
their crap life and this
garbage reality in favor
their high life in another.
The way it's intended, right?
Good old fashioned,
wholesome pacification.
Yeah, well,
now more... No.
What people want to see now?
The dark stuff.
Yeah, the kind of stuff
you used to get.
They ask to see their dopps,
down and out, mutilated,
in prison. Oh, man, they rave
when they get a prison view.
I tell them, I tell them all,
Hey, it is random.
It is totally random.
I got like,
zero control, right?
I can't pay.
Don't insult me.
Come on, you
know the drill.
All right.
The sequence
occurs randomly.
Push the button
to call the next one up.
Neither myself nor this fine
establishment are responsible.
for the content
you are about to view.
All views are 100% real
looks into realities
which we do not
currently occupy
and are limited to your direct
Questions or concerns.
Still no wireless?
Ha! Wireless.
Wireless. You want
wireless, man,
you go to one of those
fancy multiplexes.
You come to my place
for peace and quiet.
You get old school.
What are you doing
back here anyway, man?
Maybe I'll see her this time.
Thanks, Russo.
Come on, Kevin.
Hi, I see you.
Time's up.
Hey, hey, Russo!
Hey! Russo, get down here!
Hey, did you see what
I just saw?
Did you see that?
-That was her?
That was Molly?
Yes. Well,
I mean, it was a Molly.
You were not in the frame,
man at all.
That is not possible.
Again, I want to
see her again.
- Yes.
- No
Alright look, If, if...
I'm a business man.
I don't care who you are,
I keep your secret.
So if, then you have
to do this for me,
you will not tell anyone
about that. You promise?
This is a businessman
thing, it's a quid...
- Quid pro quo.
- Quid pro quo.
All right, Quid pro quo.
All right.
I promise. I promise.
All right.
You cannot go again now.
through Wednesday.
Thursday. I'll see
you Thursday.
No one enters
the South End.
Get behind the line!
I said back.
You back.
By order
of Mayor Navarro...
What's going on?
Looks like we're
taking the long way home.
South End is
scheduled for demolition!
-No, you can't!
I've got kids in there, man!
Get back. You! Back!
Stop, or we'll shoot!
It's the Shifters!
Now! Back
behind the line!
Death to the Benefactor!
We've got dissidents--
round them up!
Get them! Find them!
You asked me...
You asked me,
what do I believe in?
Well, you know what, Kevin?
I want to believe in God.
I try to believe in God.
But He has abandoned us.
He's abandoned you.
It wasn't God that
took that man away.
It was a Shifter.
Wait a minute, really.
Yeah. You don't have to act
so excited about it.
But I didn't see a deviator.
Well you wouldn't, they hide.
No one knows who they are.
They could have jobs,
they could have families.
they have all the same faces.
But I don't know
and I can't tell.
They could be anybody.
I think it's safe
Hey, when I prayed,
The Benefactor
told me that
he was never going
to leave me alone.
It's never safe.
He needs
IB Profruen...Naproxen...
He uses an inhaler...
IB Profuren,
and Naproxen.
Hey, ma... Ma'am. Ma...
Ma'am, do you have any
idea where your son just was?
Excuse me?
Your son, he left,
and you didn't know.
You didn't even notice.
He's right here.
No, ma'am. It takes a
second. It's just one second.
Just like, pfft.
Just like that, and he's gone.
Are you threatening us?
What? No, No. What?
Who are you?
Who are you?
And look who it is babe?
- Remember the Christmas party?
Make sure you stay close
to us, okay?
Who am I?
So you guys are in a new home?
That's amazing, when did
you guys move in?
I was a husband.
I was a father.
Hey sweetie...
I failed them.
And I lost you.
You're acting like
it's not even happening.
What do you
want me to do!?
Nothing! It's like yesterday,
it just happened!
I couldn't save him.
I couldn't save her.
I couldn't save us.
You've got to let him go,
Kevin, he's gone.
I can't.
Just grieve with me.
Maybe there's a chance
that he's not dead.
Maybe he is alive.
Give me the necklace. Just give
it to me. Give it to me.
I will wear it.
Don't tell me to let go.
What good am I now?
It might have
been better,
if I'd never been born at all.
Are you hungry?
Come on.
- Daddy!!
- Ah, my angels!
What's in the bag?
I bring the goodies.
Priya, we have a guest.
- What's in the bag?
- Come here, I'll show you...
The city has spoiled you.
What happend to my
desert possums, eh?
Where did they go?
You come from
beyond the city.
No one lives in the reaches.
It's not that bad.
It's mostly just people
like us out there.
Looking for a little hope.
I've been to the reaches once.
I've never seen anything
like it in my life.
I would rather live
in the gutters here,
then spend another night
cowering in some rusty,
abandoned tank out there.
I want it.
Here, take this one.
I've gotta go.
No, I want it!
It's the exact same.
Kevin. wait.
What did you just say?
Kevin, please sit.
Hold on.
Give it!
Girls, quiet.
-I got it first!
What's going
on right now?
Stay where you are.
I'm not whoever you think I am.
You're the one we've
been looking for.
Ever since Gabriel called you
by your real name, I knew.
I see what you give him.
Okay, those are docu--
they're just some documents.
They're scripture.
I'm not him.
But you are.
Are you a Shifter?
Huh? Are you both Shifters?
Is that what's
going on here?
Is that what you think?
I don't know. I don't know
what's happening right now.
What is happening?
Kevin would like
to hear your song.
Go ahead. Quietly.
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine.
This little
light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine.
Let it shine, let it shine,
let it shine.
Even when I'm afraid,
I'm gonna let it shine.
Even when I'm afraid,
I'm gonna let it shine...
Even when--
-Hey, that was--
that was great.
I'm sorry. I don't mean to...
No, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
What do you want?
How can I help you?
Will you teach them?
Tell them a story.
They're not...they're
not word-for-word.
They're just what I remember.
what are you working on
right now?
All right. All right.
let's sit down.
Oh, all right.
I got one for you.
There was a righteous man,
and his name was Job.
there was a devil.
And this devil,
he believed that
Job only praised God
because God protected him
and blessed him.
And one day,
God decided
that he was going
to take away His protection.
And He was going to
allow the devil to hurt Job.
So the devil,
took away his wife,
and his children.
Took away his money.
Took away his health.
You all right?
So, in the end he gets
it all back?
Money, a new family, all of it?
All that he had and
more besides. Yeah.
Twice as much.
I bet that really pissed
the devil off.
I bet it did.
What's that?
What's, what?
The tattoo.
Oh this?
It's a tomb.
Empty tomb.
Turn to channel 4,
you idiots.
Good evening.
we bring you the good news
that at long last
the Benefactor has returned.
His primary purpose,
as always, is
the staging of a Kevin
In two days,
these citizens
chosen by random lottery,
are to report to
McLellan's on Olive street,
for their outfitting and
their instructions.
I remind all those
called to McLellan's
that to serve in astaging
is a civic responsibility,
a sign of fealty
to the Benefactor,
and ensures the
continuation of the peace
that we all have enjoyed
these past decades.
Now, for those
required at the staging,
failure to appear
is death.
Peace unto all.
And good night.
We're closed.
What is this "we?"
It's Thursday,
we made an appointment.
Closed on Thursdays.
Come on, Russo.
Let me in.
Cut it out. All right,
look, he is back.
He is back. All right?
So I do not know you
right now.
Now, go away.
You hear that?
I found your cat.
Open up.
I'll give him back to you.
- I don't have anything.
- Hey, you know what, man?
You're a jerk!
Couldn't steer clear for
a couple of days, man?
Let me ask you
something, Russo.
How long has
your cat been gone?
Four years.
Four years.
And maybe you're thinking
that she's not coming back?
Yeah, well,
maybe the Shifters took her.
Maybe she's still out there.
If she's still out there, then
she can come back. All right?
Yeah, I guess so.
I guess she could.
What are the chances?
Of seeing another Molly dopp?
Zero. The other day...
That was a fluke, man.
All right,
The sequence occurs randomly.
You push the button
to call the next one up,
neither myself...
Things on this world
don't often happen
for a reason,
but today, right now...
it will.
I'm going to get in
so much trouble over this.
I can feel it.
Hey, Russo!
Russo, do you see this?
I don't believe it.
I don't believe it.
That's her?
Yeah. Yeah, that's her.
Look it, on this world,
she must be a,
uh, a nurse. Huh.
And a single parent.
How do you know that?
no ring.
Kevin, are you all right?
Ah, that was her!
That was my Molly!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
That was my Molly.
What do you mean, your Molly?
The one before he shifted her.
Oh no, man, you can't
be certain of that.
Oh, I am certain.
I gave my Molly a
necklace when our son...
I gave her a necklace,
that had a pendant,
a symbol of resurrection.
And my Molly kept it.
She kept it.
And that Molly had it.
That was her. Where is she?
How can I find her?
I don't know, man.
It moves too fast for that.
Just show me.
Which one is she?
I can't show you.
C'mon, Russo! Tell me,
how do I find her!?
I don't know. All right.
I don't know.
You left the room.
The feed turned off. The feeds
are localized to the viewer.
No viewer, no feed.
Well, then let's just
go reset the feed.
We'll find her again.
Can we do that?
No. Listen.
The chance of finding the
exact, same Molly dopp?
It's a miracle
it happened once.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Listen to me. Please.
Help me.
We are way off
the map here, right?
How long have I
waited for a sign?
This is Him,
And He's turning His face
towards me.
And you said it yourself.
It's a miracle.
Fine, it's a miracle.
It's a miracle.
And this is your second one.
Wow! Oh, I always thought
miracles were rare things.
What makes you so special?
Listen to me, okay?
Even if you found
the Molly again,
and you got the right code,
to the right world,
and that is a huge if,
you still wouldn't be able
to do anything without the
wristy thing, with the, the,
the... the denominator.
It's a deviator.
I don't care what it's called.
Without that,
you ain't going nowhere.
The only people that got 'em
are the Shifters.
Oh, the Benefactor's back
Maybe you could ask him.
No, no, no, no, no, man,
that was a joke.
Kevin, you can't do that.
Hey, be ready.
Just be ready.
Because when I come back,
I'm probably going
to be in a hurry.
You can't get close to him.
What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?
Great, thanks.
The following
citizens are to report
tomorrow at 7 am
to McLellans on Olive street
to be outfitted for the staging
of a Kevin recruitment.
Erin Belle.
Bradley Cena.
Johanna Schmidt.
Saida Osman.
Ashley Davis.
Mohammed Wang.
Andreas Hoffman.
Kadesia Ahmed.
Maria Schneider.
Carlos Perea.
Christopher Williams.
Jack Lee.
Gabriella Olivera.
And Lucas Becker.
The penalty of your absence
is your immediate execution.
Shhh Hey, hey.
I need you to give me a gun.
A gun...they're illegal.
Listen, go to South End.
Find me a gun.
I need it tonight.
No, what are you talking about?
I'm not going to get you a gun.
He's back.
And I need it to make him
give me what I want.
The Benefactor?
That's suicidal.
What do you think the
people here are gonna think
when the Kevin Who Refused
shows up with a
gun in his hand?
They're all
gonna see you.
Every Lancer,
everyone's gonna...
that's insane.
You know what?
You're gonna have
to choose a side
for real one day, Gabriel.
These are the last pages
that you're gonna get.
I'm always packin'.
I read some of the pages.
Thank you.
You can't just shoot
the devil.
The last time he was here,
five years ago,
I held him in my hands, and
I pushed him against a wall.
Yeah, and he can shift
you to another dimension
and turn your brains
inside out.
But, I'm just saying.
I'm not going
to shoot him.
I just needed to think
that I'm going to shoot him.
What makes you think
he'll let you get close enough?
He wants me close.
That's all he's ever wanted.
the Benefactor
welcomes you to the staging.
Your view of our protector must
be from behind the barricades.
Be courteous, and
rotate to the back
once you have had
a vision opportunity,
to behold his fullness.
So that all can be...
Stop that. Stand down.
You are in violation
of Benefactor Peace
Protocol 120-77.
Got you.
Where are you, huh!?
I know! You're testing me!
I know that!
I know that! I know that!
I know that--you don't think
I know that? I'm trying.
I'm doing everything
I know to do.
What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
Sorry to
make you wait.
I had some business
to take care of.
I'm sure
you understand.
Ooh. Where did that come from?
Oh, never mind.
I think I know.
Yeah, and
so I said--Ah!
Benefactor, sir.
Is this your gun, Gabriel?
I found it here
in Kevin's room,
and Kevin says it's yours.
I don't know him.
Kevin. The ah...the
one who refused.
Everybody knows Kevin.
I mean, I don't know him,
know him.
I don't know Kevin.
So, that's what a
gun looks like?
So you've never
met Kevin before?
This is classic.
Deny him again.
One more time, for me. Come on.
I, I, I don't know him
- You don't know him.
- No.
This is the guy that you trust
with your precious pages?
You're killing yourself
to help people in a world
that doesn't care about you.
Oh, I'm not going to shoot you.
Come on.
Gabriel, clean this up.
Come on.
Okay, sir.
Do you know what
evil really is, Kevin?
When you break it down,
it's not scary.
It's not
blood rights
and red demons and horns,
none of that nonsense.
It's just
Self above anybody else.
It's the purest motivation
there is.
It's why I respect it
so darn much.
Hear that Gabriel?
I respect you.
Come on,
just sit. Sit.
Thank you, sir.
Time out chair.
Oh, -I wasn't expecting
Yes, you were.
You've been
expecting company
for five years.
See, that's your problem,
You keep expecting Him
to show up.
And why shouldn't you?
You prayed, He came.
You knocked, He answered.
Isn't it
reasonable to expect
that He should hold
the door open for you?
But He doesn't.
He never does.
When are you finally
going to wake up and realize,
He doesn't take care
of his own?
Come on, sit down.
Oh, He says that He helps you
and that He loves you,
And then...what?
What does he say? -What?
He'll always be with you.
No, He's gone,
and he left you holding
the bag, alone.
It's a test.
Have you listen to anything
that I've been saying?
You passed His test
five years ago.
How many tests do
you have to pass?
You're never going
to be good enough for Him.
And my
offer still stands.
You'll never have to eat
baked beans out of a can again.
Unless, of course, you like
eating baked beans
out of a can.
In which case,
I will get you a truck full.
I don't judge.
- Yeah.
- And...
unlike Him,
once you're with me,
that's it.
I got your back for life.
Where's my son?
Did you shift
my son away?
You know,
you're the only Kevin
who's ever refused me.
You're not a good person.
And I'm going to
prove that to you.
And then,
you'll be free.
Go ahead.
I told you over and over again,
I don't know any Daniel Asada.
Where is Daniel--? -Hey!
That's not him.
Please--whoa, whoa!
Gabriel, get down!
You're not supposed
to be here.
Oh--whoa, whoa, whoa!
Some Shifters hide
No one knows
who they are.
They could have jobs,
they could have families.
Supposedly they all have
the same faces,
but I don't know,
they could be anybody.
Hey, Tina.
Tina, do you know where
you are today?
Of course.
Tell me.
Hey, Tina.
Do you remember me?
Kevin at the table.
That's right. It's me.
It's Kevin.
Kevin at the table points.
The multiplicity of
everything opens up.
I am eaten in the words.
Far, far away I go.
Sooo very far...
I had a family.
I had a husband.
I had a daughter. I had a life.
What has he done to them?
What has he done to them?
-I don't know.
You have to take me
away from here.
You have to take me
out of this place.
You have to take me--
-I don't know how, Tina.
I don't know how
to take you back.
No, you have to take me back!
Take me back! No!
No! No! No!
It's okay,
we're okay. Hold on.
We're okay--we're just
having a conversation.
No, you have to
take me baaaaack!!!
Let her go!!
Just give me a second!
-You have to take me back!
Yeah, you know,
Italians like their spaghetti,
right? Haha.
Now, watch this right here.
It's great,
it's about to blow up
and when it does the people,
they don't know about it.
A guy died.
Actors, right?
I'm hungry.
Do I want cereal,
or do I want a sandwich?
I think I want a sandwich.
Do you want anything?
Do you want anything?
You're too skinny,
both of yous.
How about um...
How about um...
Want some beer?
I'll be right back.
Who sent you?
No one.
Who are you?
Do you know whose
house you're in?
And what you are
into just by being here?
Huh? Did they tell you?
I, I, Shut up,
and get on your knees.
Just let me explain.
- You're...
- Yeah.
What are you doing here?
You're the Kevin
who refused.
I know this is confusing.
I said, what are
you doing here?
This is my world!!
This is my world.
Look man, I don't want
anything you have.
Just put your gun down
and I will go on my way.
You got one?
Why would he give you one?
He didn't.
He didn't?
He didn't.
Give it here.
Um, I can't do that.
Give it here!!
Please don't.
Aqui esta!
Aqui esta!
Suspect spotted.
Aqui esta!
In pursuit.
Aqui esta!
...something else, sorry.
It's me.
Are...are you alright?
Do you do need help?
No, I'm fine.
I'm fine now that
I'm here with you.
Hey, I don't know
how much time I have,
and there is too much
to explain, but the one thing
that means more than
anything--I love you.
Don't. Do not do that.
No matter where,
no matter when,
- I love you so much.
- Do not do that.
What are you doing?
You were the one
who ended things, remember?
I know, it wasn't me.
It's fine, it's...
it was hard and
I've moved on. Okay.
I found someone else.
And I'm happy now.
And you found someone else
too, so.
Hold on a second.
Hold on a second.
I know this is going
to be really hard.
It's impossible
for me to explain,
but whoever it is that you're
talking about, it isn't me.
When I left, there was a new
Kevin and he was shifted in.
You're not making
any sense.
Look, I can get you in
touch with my sponsor.
Is everything okay over here?
We're good. Look,
I would never.
I have never given up on us.
But you did.
Kevin, it's over.
You need to learn to let go.
You're wearing the pendant.
Sir. Please. I need you
to exit the mall.
Just give me a second,
please, Sir. Please.
I thought you hated it.
I don't hate it.
I wasn't ready for it.
I know that.
And I'm so sorry that
I didn't give you that time.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Why are you still wearing it?
Because it reminds me that...
one day we'll be
with our son again.
Molly, I hold onto
that hope, too.
That and that one day
we will be together again
All right, let's go.
I wish that I could
take back everything
and change everything that
happened to you
and to me.
But the one thing that is
and was and
will always be right is us.
There is no reality.
There is no reality, where if
we want it together?
Where we can't make it work.
Listen, I know that.
And what I need to know
is that there is the
smallest part of you
that knows that too.
I, I, I...
You need to let me go.
Stop telling me
that. I can't.
You really need to go.
I told you not to
trust him with your pages.
As if I would
let anything
you write find its
way to South End.
Kevin. Kevin. Kevin.
I keep you safe.
I keep the heat off
you all this time.
I, I, I give you
delightful violence.
I give you a
way back to Molly
and now you want to leave
without as much as a
thank you?
It's not cool, man.
Not after I've worked so hard
to give you
this second chance.
Second chance.
What second chance?
Hi, Tina.
Hey! hey!
Leave her alone!
Haven't you done
enough to her?
Oh, I think
there's enough blame
to go around here, Kevin.
Seriously, you worry
so much about
being good and resisting me
when you know,
you know
it's not me
that you're fighting
it's yourself.
Stop it.
And you
think you can just
drop a couple of coins
into some old woman's cup or
give the bread to the needy?
And that makes you
other than what you are.
I am not the worst
things that I've done.
Are you sure about that?
Cause you're
certainly not the best either.
Where is my son?
Oh, come on,
not this again.
Did you have
anything to do
with what happened to my son?
Where is he?
Bring him back!
Kevin, I'm sorry.
But where your son is,
I can't just shift him back.
No, you can't.
Stop it. Stop it.
You know what? You're right.
What if I let you put Tina
back with her family?
Would you like that?
- Yeah. Of course.
- Great.
All right, bring them out.
Bring them all out.
Actually, wait...
What if,
I just put you
back with Molly?
that's right,
Despite the fact that you look
like absolute crap,
I do think she still has
something for you.
I know, love is blind.
I don't understand it either.
What are you saying?
One or the other
Molly or Tina?
Right an injustice
in the multiverse
and win back
the woman that you love.
Put the broken girl
who will be a burden
to her family back
to where she's from,
and never, ever
see your wife again.
Why do you worry
so much about Him?
Why? I really ask
yourself, why?
Because He doesn't
care about you, Kevin.
I do.
I mean, there's a way
to get out of this
where everyone gets
to be happy.
I will make sure
that Tina is not mistreated
and she gets
three square a day.
That is my promise to you.
it's Molly who needs you.
And just because it's
something that you want
doesn't make it wrong.
Why not make the
choice that you know
will make everybody happy?
Because it is
what I want.
And I'll make that choice more
and more
and more.
And if I choose that,
choose you,
that's the last choice
I'm ever going to make.
No, no,
that's not true at all.
You know me now.
I'm all about choices.
No, you're not.
You're a liar.
That is the second time you've
called me that.
I'm not a liar,
You've seen it. You
know what I can give to you.
Do you want to know who
the liar is?
Do you want to know?
He's the liar.
He lies to you when He says
there's hope and goodness
in this world.
He lies to you
when He says He loves,
He forgives,
He cares.
If He cares so much
then why am I allowed
to do these things to you?
Look at what He lets me do
to you, to Tina, to everyone.
If He really loves us,
why doesn't He stop me?
Why doesn't he just stop me?
Haha, Amelia.
I missed you so much.
I knew you'd come back.
I knew she'd come back.
I knew she'd come back.
Hi, girl.
You're right.
There is so much evil,
and horror,
and betrayal,
and inhumanity
in this world. Yes.
But even on this world,
and even,
even in me,
there is also goodness,
and kindness,
and so much beauty,
and hope.
God is here
and everything
that I've ever witnessed
and everything
that I have done,
everything that I've done,
and everything
that you've put me through,
just makes Him that
much easier to see.
Molly or Tina? Choose.
Tina. Of course, Tina.
Goodbye, my Molly.
Well, if this isn't
the saddest,
most pathetic
looking woman I've ever seen.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry. It's a ...
somebody used that line
on a dare once, and it worked.
And, so...
It worked?
- Yeah.
- For real?
- Sorry.
It is a terrible line.
It really, really is. Wow.
As it came out of my mouth.
I realized how bad it was.
My name is Kevin.
I used to be really...
I mean, I was pretty good
at this. It's been a lo--
No that's...
That's great, Kevin.
That's good for you. I am.
I, um... I am coming off a
17-hour shift right now.
So, if you don't mind...
if you don't mind.
Nurse, right?
- Yeah. I'm--I'm so sorry.
- Right, but if I could--
Hi, Ma.
No, I'm coming home soon.
Well, I'm
in a public place right
now, so I--I can't.
No, I'll do it. No, it's fine,
mom it's fine.
Just put her on. After
this, it's bedtime. Okay?
Hi, Sweetie.
This little
light of mine.
I'm gonna let it shine.
This little
light of mine.
I'm gonna let it shine.
Let it shine. Let it
shine. Let it shine.
I love you, Sweetie.
Goodnight. Mm-wa.
Yeah, just the one.
Just her and me now.
What's her name?
Um... Lucy.
My son.
His name was Daniel.
You are very lucky
to have Lucy.
I bet she is amazing.
I am lucky.
And she is.
She's sweet.
May I buy you a drink?
Yeah, I think I'm covered.
Yeah, that's not
what I meant.
Is there any chance
that you drink tea?
sure, I mean, I,
yes, why not?
I know a--a great place nearby.
We can...
Rarr! I'm gonna get you!
Whee! Whee!
I gonna get you. Oh...
Hey! C'mere!
This is not my world.
But this...
This is my home.
Hi, I'm Kristoffer
and I played Kevin Garner
in the movie
that you just watched.
Thank you so much for being
here to watch our film.
I was drawn
to the story of "The Shift"
because it's a story
that inspires
you to do something.
Kevin is lost
in a world of darkness,
and he is looking for hope
that he's not sure is there.
And I think we all know
that feeling.
I mean, I know in my
life I have.
"The Shift" is a reminder
that finding our way through
darkness means shining
the light that we have
for others.
And we can shine our light
with little acts
of kindness,
whether that's stopping
to truly listen
to the people that you love,
what little you have.
Sometimes it means
comforting someone in grief.
Kevin is more than
the worst things he's done.
So are we.
And I think
that's beautiful.
We all know
there are countless
opportunities to be kind.
But I want to give you
another chance right now.
Feel free
to take out your phone
and scan this QR code.
You can share this movie
with others.
It's that simple.
Thank you for watching our movie
and thank you for sending
a message to the world
that stories
like this matter.