The Sign of Zorro (1958) Movie Script

Out of the night
When the full moon is bright
Comes a horseman known as Zorro
This bold renegade
carves a "Z" with his blade
A "Z" that stands for Zorro
The fox so cunning and free
Who makes the sign of the "Z"
The fox so cunning and free
Who makes the sign of the "Z"
Well done, Seor de la Vega.
I shall miss these daily bouts.
I too, sir. They have made
the long voyage most enjoyable.
Your agility with a sword, sir,
should serve you well in California.
Why do you say that?
How long have you been away?
Three years.
(EXHALES) I am afraid
you're going to find conditions
quite changed when you reach Los Angeles.
Haven't you finished packing yet?
We'll be going ashore soon.
Yes, California is beautiful.
Where did you put my father's letters?
I want to read the last one again.
"My dear son,
it is with a heavy heart
"that I ask you to give up
your studies and come home.
"Certain matters have arisen
which I can no longer face alone."
You know how puzzled
I have been over this?
Well, now I know
what he was trying to tell us.
We're heading for trouble, Bernardo.
No, no, not Indians. Polticos.
I have just learned that our pueblo
is under the heel of a dictator.
We're certain to be searched on arrival.
Burn this.
No one must suspect that my
father has summoned me home.
We must find a way
to deal with this tyrant.
Ah, the direct approach? No, Bernardo.
When dealing with a powerful enemy,
we must play another game.
You know the old proverb...
"When you cannot clothe yourself
in the skin of a lion,
"put on that of the fox."
I must convince the new comandante
that I am perfectly harmless.
But how?
Ah! An excellent idea!
Instead of a man of action,
I shall become a man of letters,
an innocent scholar interested
only in arts and sciences.
Well, as for these
fencing medals and trophies...
They are no longer part of my life.
Throw them overboard.
No, Bernardo. Get rid of them.
Here. This, too. Go.
Bernardo, this is no time for sentiment.
Throw them out.
Now, get me my fanciest jacket,
the one with the gold braid,
and my walking stick.
It shall be part of my new character.
You also...
You also want to be something you are not.
Very well, you shall play the fool.
You want to pretend you cannot hear?
Even better!
You shall be the eyes and ears
behind my back.
From now on, you not only cannot speak,
you hear nothing.
Bravo, Bernardo.
Cochero, why are we stopping here?
All vehicles passing through Los Angeles
must be inspected, patron.
But this is an imposition.
We have already gone through customs!
All baggage to be opened!
Passengers have
their identity papers ready.
Don Diego de la Vega.
I thought you were still in Spain.
Obviously, I have returned, Sergeant.
Uh, what is this nonsense
about another inspection?
For you, Don Diego, a mere formality.
Oh, then my luggage does not
have to be opened again?
Forgive me, please,
but Capitn Monastario,
he allows no exceptions.
Is he the new comandante?
Ah, for over a year now.
Please, Seor, he makes the orders.
I only carry them out.
Very well, then, Sergeant.
Get on with it.
What is this?
Oh, I am instructing my mozo
to remove the luggage.
-He is deaf and dumb?
-Since childhood.
Would you mind helping my manservant
with the luggage, please?
S, Don Diego. S.
I don't like it.
Why has the son returned so unexpectedly?
What difference does it make, Licenciado?
The de la Vegas
are the most important family
in Southern California.
Do you think Don Alejandro
called him back?
Even if he did, there is
nothing to worry about.
If he is a troublemaker,
I shall handle him
as I did all the others.
Nothing shall stop me
from being the richest man
in all of California.
Out of the way! Clear the street!
Sergeant Garcia, that is
my neighbor, Nacho Torres.
Why is he being brought in?
The Comandante ordered his arrest.
MAN: One moment!
Why have you taken this man prisoner?
Help me, Seor Alcalde. I am innocent.
What are the charges
against you, Don Nacho?
They accuse me of treason,
but it is a lie.
I dared to speak out against injustice.
It is forbidden to speak to this prisoner.
Take him inside and lock him up.
Are you Diego de la Vega?
At your service, Comandante.
Capitn Enrique Sanches Monastario.
I'm sorry to inconvenience you.
Not at all, Comandante.
As a matter of fact,
it gave me the opportunity
to finish this last chapter...
"The effects of moorish culture
on Spanish poetry."
Have you read it?
No, I have not.
Oh, then I must lend it to you
when I finish.
Thank you. Some other time.
Would you please make yourself comfortable
in my quarters?
I shall not detain you long.
-Did he say why he has returned?
-I shall find out.
But, certainly, we have nothing to fear
from that fastidious seorito.
Get back to the inn.
We should not be seen together.
What are you doing up there?
You... Come down here.
I'll teach you to spy on me!
Come down, I say...
-Capitn, your pardon.
-What are you doing? You, speak.
But this man, he cannot answer you.
-He is deaf and dumb.
-Who is he?
Don Diego's servant.
He brought him from Spain.
Get on with the inspection, Sergeant.
Carry on, Sargento.
I know you are anxious
to be on your way home.
Yes, it's been a most fatiguing day.
Please fill out this brief declaration,
if you don't mind.
Your return is rather unexpected,
is it not?
Your father gave the impression
that you would be at
the university another year.
Well, I decided to forgo it.
There was an overemphasis
on gymnastics, swordsmanship...
You know, there were even duels
among some of the students.
(GRUNTS) How this Toledo blade sings!
A thousand pardons, Don Diego.
Your father would never forgive me
if anything happened to you.
Welcome home, Don Diego.
Juan, it's good to see you.
Is this pepito?
How is my father?
Have you taken good care of him?
-We have tried, Don Diego.
Juan, this is Bernardo.
He cannot speak nor hear,
but he would die for me if necessary.
Show him where my room is.
S, patrn.
-My son.
It fills my heart to see you again.
I send a boy to Spain,
and a man returns.
Diego, I have many things to tell you,
but they can wait until you have changed
and we have had supper.
Come. Your old room is waiting for you.
The vaqueros used to sing this
as they rode home from work.
You know, this piano needs tuning.
Are you not interested at all
in what I have been telling you?
Extremely so, Father.
I'm sorry to find
the situation so unpleasant.
Unpleasant? It is intolerable!
The rancheros are being taxed
out of existence.
Those who cannot pay are
flogged and thrown into prison.
The Indians are torn from their families
and forced into slave labor,
all for the benefit of one man...
Capitn Monastario.
I have met the gentleman.
Gentleman? (SCOFFS)
He is a black-hearted scoundrel.
If he remains in power,
our country faces ruin.
We must get rid of him, Diego.
That's why I have called you home.
Someone must do something!
You're right, Father.
I am going to sit down
and write a detailed letter of complaint
to the Governor.
It would never reach him.
Monastario's guards intercept
all mail into Monterey.
Our neighbor, Nacho Torres,
dared to protest,
and this morning
he was arrested for treason.
Well, have you... Have you appealed
to the civil authorities?
-Certainly, we have rights under the law.
-Monastario is the law!
He brought in
a crooked lawyer from Mexico City
to make his crimes appear legal.
Then I fail to see what we can do.
We can stand up to him! Fight him!
Calm yourself, Father.
The use of force
should be our last resort.
I hardly expected such discretion
from a son of mine.
You are tired, my boy.
Go to your room and sleep on it.
We shall discuss it tomorrow.
With your permission.
Bernardo, I've just had to do
something I'm not very proud of.
I've convinced my father
that I'm a spineless weakling.
But if I were to take open action,
as he wants to do,
his life would be in danger.
Now I'm free to act alone.
You remember what I said this morning?
"If you cannot clothe yourself
in the skin of a lion,
"put on that of the fox."
Well, from now on,
I shall be Zorro the Fox.
I brought you out here
to meet a third member.
An ally. (WHISTLES)
His name is Tornado.
An old shepherd
has been keeping him for me.
He was a colt when I left.
Here, I have a carrot for you.
Here, boy. There.
All right, it's been
such a long time, huh?
Hey, have you forgotten
the tricks I taught you?
Oh, you think you can kneel?
Come on. Let's see if you can kneel.
Kneel, Tornado, kneel.
Kneel. Kneel. (LAUGHS)
Good boy.
That's a horse, eh?
Well, Bernardo,
our second mission is accomplished.
Even my father wouldn't
recognize this horse.
Tornado, you and I are
going for a long ride tonight.
You went to town today.
Someone was hanged?
Someone is going to be hanged.
Nacho Torres.
In all California, Bernardo,
there is no greater patriot
than Nacho Torres.
Such a man hanged for treason
by a ruthless comandante...
No, Bernardo, it cannot be.
This shall be the disguise
of El Zorro the Fox.
I will not go out that way.
These old haciendas
have many secrets, Bernardo.
I will show you one I discovered
by accident many years ago.
Light the other lantern, Bernardo.
This will be our fortress,
guarding all of our secrets.
Over there, you will find a staircase
leading down to a secret cave
where I've hidden Tornado.
It will be his home.
We are now ready for the first assignment
of El Zorro, to rescue Nacho Torres.
After that, we'll see what we can do
about ridding Los Angeles
of the treacherous Capitn Monastario.
You can wait in my room.
10:00 on a warm, silent night!
All is well!
Sergeant Garcia!
At your orders, mi Capitn.
Bar the gate, dismiss the guard.
Leave one patrol saddled.
After final inspection, report to me.
Very good, Seor Comandante.
Bar the gate!
How long must we wait?
Half an hour or so.
By then everyone would be asleep.
Suppose something goes wrong?
Oh, you are more of an old woman
than you are a lawyer.
What can go wrong? And stop pacing about.
You will make me nervous.
Better still, wait in my quarters
until the Sergeant reports,
and don't worry!
All present and accounted for, mi Capitn.
Is the prisoner, Torres, secure?
He is a dangerous man,
Sergeant, full of much cunning.
I myself have just examined his cell.
I will mention you in this report, Garcia.
Gracias, Seor Comandante.
You may go to bed now, Sergeant,
and leave your keys on the desk.
Gracias, Capitn!
Seor Torres.
Who are you?
A friend. I've come to help you.
God love you, friend.
But how can you help me?
I am chained like an animal.
Who has the keys?
Sergeant Garcia.
Then I will relieve him of them.
Now, in a little while, you will take
the keys and release the prisoner.
But won't he suspect something?
Oh, you are a lawyer.
You will tell him
you have reviewed his case
and there has been a mistake.
When he crosses the courtyard,
you will give the alarm.
I will be waiting right here.
It is already in my report.
"Fugitive shot while
attempting to escape."
The slightest sound will be your last.
What do you want from me?
-The keys...
-The keys? the cell door
and the prisoner's chains.
The Comandante has the keys.
I just gave them to him.
Get up.
Go to that corner.
GARCIA: You're not going
to kill me, are you?
Not unless you move.
I'll be standing right behind you.
I have good news for you, Seor Torres.
I have come to set you free.
Why are you releasing me now?
You are the lawyer who
signed the accusation papers.
I have just discovered
that the charges against you were false.
Thank you, Licenciado.
You have most kindly solved
the problem for us.
I advise you to make no outcry.
Seor Torres, I do not trust this lawyer.
Chain him to the bars.
Now, I suggest we take our leave over
the wall. There's a horse by the tree.
Seor, who are you?
A friend of the people. El Zorro.
Escape while you can!
Sergeant Garcia!
Sergeant Garcia!
Beautiful coup to the wall.
You must show me that again, Comandante.
Now, will you please get inside the cell?
Lancers, to arms!
Our comandante is in danger!
Who is that masked demon?
I don't know.
He calls himself, "El Zorro."
Zorro? The fox!
Garcia, idiota,
pick up your sword and fight!
(GASPS) No, no, Seor.
Lancers! Guards!
Please, Seor, no, no!
Do not let him get away! After him!
To your horses, stupid ones!
They must not escape!
To horse! To horse!
After them!
Open the gate! (SCREAMS)
Go to the Governor in Monterey.
He will see that justice is upheld.
I do not know who you are,
Seor Zorro, but I owe you my life.
I will never forget.
What does it say?
"Until such time
as the traitor Nacho Torres
"surrenders himself or is captured,
"the members of his family
will be held as hostage
"and his lands and his holdings
"will remain in the custody
of Enrique Monastario,
"Comandante de pueblo Los Angeles."
And this says,
"For the capture
of the bandit Zorro, mil pesos.
"For the capture of the bandit
Nacho Torres, quinientos pesos."
GARCIA: Guard, open the gate!
Hurry! Get the cart inside! Hurry!
Oh, hurry!
Stop! Fools!
Is that any way to treat ladies?
A box. Hurry!
A thousand pardon, Seora Torres,
and to you, too, Seorita Elena.
The swine they send me
to make soldiers of,
they have the manners of pigs.
Please, ladies.
You look worried
about something, Licenciado.
I must prepare myself for
some legal advice, no doubt.
For what it's worth,
I advise you to listen.
We tell the people we are on their side
against the landowners.
If we throw Torres in jail,
that's one thing.
But to drag his wife and daughter through
the streets in a field cart
and to lock them up into one of those
stinking cells is another.
Those people out there may be peons,
but they're still Californians
with a deep respect
for California womanhood.
Have you heard
the way they're shouting out there?
Calm yourself, Licenciado.
Your fears are groundless.
-Of course!
The townspeople, let them scream.
The louder they scream,
the better it suits my purpose.
The only person
I'm worried about is Zorro.
He is the only one
who could ruin my plans.
Exactly. And you're giving him
ammunition to use against us.
My friend and worthy legal conspirator,
let us say I am forcing his hand.
Bait, the Torres women are in jail.
Let their cries for mercy be heard from
one end of the pueblo de Los Angeles
to the other.
(SNICKERS) The louder they scream,
the sooner Zorro must ride to save them.
When he does, I will be ready for him.
May I propound a question for the seores?
We know what is happening
to Seora and Seorita Torres.
Two kind and gentle Spanish women
who have been our friends and neighbors.
What do we propose to do about?
What would Don Alejandro suggest?
I suggest the only decent
and honorable thing we can do.
Let us go forth and demand the release
of those two gentlewomen here and now.
Let us back the demand
with force if necessary!
One moment, Father.
You speak of force.
But what force do you have against
the bulwark of the cuartel
and the soldiers manning it?
When the gauntlet is flung into your face,
you do not stop to appraise your weapons.
You will be marching to your death!
Sometimes it is better to die like a man
than to live like a coward.
Now, listen to me...
I agree with Don Alejandro.
The time has come for action.
The time for talk is past.
But I also agree with Don Diego.
Of what use is it to go and chop at the
gates of the cuartel with our swords,
to march like lambs to the slaughter?
Let us formulate a plan.
Let us use wisdom as well as courage.
It is not so easy to get
within the gates of the cuartel,
now that the Comandante has closed them.
Nor is it so difficult.
I was admitted just today.
S, s. This is the beginning of a plan.
MAN: Maybe they will open the gates
once more for Don Alejandro.
I was standing at the window
and I heard them plot it all, mi Capitn.
I heard every word of it.
Stupid fool! Why did you not remain there
to be sure you had the names
of all who attended?
There were two you did not recognize?
I dared not expose myself.
Uh, very well, it is no consequence.
I will have a trap all set
for them when they arrive.
Sergeant Garcia!
Yes, Capitn.
Sound the alarm. Prepare for a surprise
attack on the cuartel.
Capitn, would it be out of order
to ask who is going to attack us?
What difference does it make?
Do as you are told!
S, Comandante.
Father, I implore you,
please, do not do such a foolish thing.
I cannot stand here and debate with you.
They are depending upon me
to open the gates of the cuartel.
Do you ride with me or do I ride alone?
But won't you listen to reason?
You're not only going to your own death,
but those who ride with you will die, too.
Do you choose to remain here?
For a few minutes tonight,
I almost felt what it is like
for a father to be proud of his son.
Well, Sergeant,
are the men all properly hidden?
S, Capitn, I... I think so.
I did not ask what you think.
Do you not know?
(SIGHS) Well, no, Comandante.
I have looked. I cannot see them.
Did you see me just now?
Would they be well hidden
if you could see them?
With my own eyes, I have not seen them.
Good. See that they remain well hidden
until after the dons
have rushed inside the gates
and the gates
have been closed behind them.
Do they understand this?
Oh, s, Comandante. S.
There was always one fool
who moves too soon,
betrays the plot before the proper time.
Tell them I will have that man's ears.
Oh, no, Comandante. I...
I have taken a special precaution.
I have instructed each man
not to move until all the others
have moved first. (LAUGHS)
I know it is late, but I must see
the Comandante. It is urgent.
Go back! It's an ambush! Go back!
Go back! Go back!
It's an ambush!
Lancers, attack!
Over the wall. Quickly, come on.
MONASTARIO: After him! After him!
You're letting him get away!
Look out where you're going!
MONASTARIO: After him, you fools.
Capture him! After him!
S, Comandante.
Shoot, you fool. Shoot!
GARCIA: To horse, lancers!
Mount up, lancers, and follow me!
He must be hiding somewhere in the rocks
behind us. Follow me!
So strange.
It is almost as...
If I had known you.
You seem so much...
Like someone I know.
I am a foolish old man
with foolish dreams.
So often have I dreamed that my son
would come back from Spain
and he would be like you.
Now that you are so close,
it is so much like my dreams.
I feel almost
that I could pull aside the mask,
and there would be the face
of my son, Diego.
I would not pull away the mask.
I would not have the courage.
An old man must cling to his dreams
as desperately as he clings to life.
You will have many years left, my father,
to live and dream.
Thank you.
It... It is a bad wound, Seor Zorro?
The bullet is still in there.
I do not have the means to remove it.
I will get word to your son, Diego.
He will come and take care of you.
-No, no, no. No, don't move.
It would only aggravate the wound.
Look, Comandante! That is the jacket
Don Alejandro was wearing when he escaped.
S, there is blood on it.
They cannot have gotten far on foot.
Particularly with the old man wounded.
I must destroy him...
Before he destroys us.
Bernardo, my father's been wounded.
Get what medications you can
and the implements to remove the shot.
He'll be all right
if he gets the care he needs.
I will sneak out of the cave and draw
the lancers away from here. Go quickly!
It is him!
Comandante! Seor Comandante!
Look at him. There is the pig that tried
to raise the rancheros against me.
Here, give me that.
Let no one interfere.
This is my sport.
So there is still fight in you,
is there, wild boar?
I will give you some sport.
You want some sport? I'll give it to you!
Good. Throw him a lance.
BOTH: Hyah!
After him, you fools. After him!
Wait, Zorro, wait!
These are not Monastario's men?
No, Seor Zorro.
This is Sergeant Espinosa, under orders
from the Governor of Monterey.
He has guaranteed my safety.
Then you'll be good enough
to look after Seor de la Vega.
He's been seriously wounded.
Of course, Seor Zorro.
You are Zorro, the outlaw?
He is my friend.
He saved me from Monastario.
And that is my good friend,
Don Alejandro de la Vega.
MONASTARIO: Good work, Sergeant.
I am Capitn Monastario,
Comandante de pueblo de Los Angeles.
I will take charge
of all three of these prisoners.
I'm sorry. Seor Torres is under the
protection of the Governor of Monterey.
If he chooses to give safe conduct
to this gentleman, we will guard him also.
Do you, a mere sergeant, defy my orders?
I am merely obeying orders.
It is good to find someone
who can obey orders.
Perhaps, at last, justice
has come to California.
Does His Excellency, the Governor
also protect the outlaw, Zorro?
From what I have heard,
Seor Zorro does not need protection.
My orders are to provide
an escort, not to chase outlaws.
What you do with him, Capitn,
is your business.
At your service, Comandante.
Lancers, follow me!
After him!
How, Comandante?
He jumped it. You can.
Uh, I think I can,
but my horse, he cannot.
Stupid! Can't you even catch a chicken?
Visit as long as you like, Don Diego.
It is surprising to find you
in such good spirits, Father.
Why should I not be? Monastario could
not have treated us better.
And the doctor has made me
almost well again.
We have been served the finest of foods.
That chicken is to be our supper.
And I've had a pleasant visit
with my friend, Nacho.
DON NACHO: And my wife
and my daughter have been released
with the explanation from the Capitn
that they were merely held as hostages
until my return.
I will join them after the trial.
I am worried about that trial.
You know what justice
you can expect from Monastario.
(LAUGHS) You have no cause
for worry, my son.
Diego, when I surrendered myself
to the Governor, I told him the truth.
He sent me back here under arrest
with orders to Monastario
that I was to be tried on the 14th,
-which is tomorrow.
-I know.
but what you do not know is
that the Chief Magistrate of Monterey,
Judge Vasca
will arrive to preside at the trial...
Who is an honest
and respectable gentleman,
the personal envoy of the Governor.
Judge Vasca presiding,
the Comandante's
false charges will melt away.
(CHUCKLES) It would not surprise me
if, as a result of the trial,
Capitn Monastario found
himself in official disfavor.
MONASTARIO: Immediately, Garcia.
S, Capitn.
For a man facing official disfavor,
Capitn Monastario
does not appear too uneasy.
Do we dare go through with it?
The Governor himself gave the order.
There were two communications.
One, an order to try Torres
and his fellow conspirators on the 14th,
the other, a notice that Judge Vasca would
arrive on the 14th,
and to cooperate with him fully.
But the chief judge must preside
at a trial if he is in the area.
Exactly. But Judge Vasca
will not be in the area.
And by the time he arrives,
the trial will have been concluded
and the bodies of Torres
and Alejandro de la Vega
will be evidence
that justice has been done.
But will Sergeant Garcia be
a party to such a thing?
Sergeant Garcia knows nothing.
You heard what I told him,
that we need more time to prepare
a welcome for Judge Vasca,
and to delay him until noon tomorrow.
Will he not put together
the trial and delaying the judge?
Ah, Sergeant Garcia could not put together
two pieces of bread to make a sandwich.
Well, Sergeant. Off in pursuit
of Zorro again, eh?
Not this time, Don Diego.
I'm going to San Fernando
to bring Judge Vasca back for the trial.
Why does the trial begin so early?
Capitn Monastario's orders.
But Judge Vasca is not here.
Please, Seor Alcalde, it is not permitted
to talk to the prisoners.
Our prisoners have arrived.
It is time to begin.
Now, be as brief as possible.
Stand up for Judge Pina.
The Licenciado is not a judge!
In the absence of Judge Vasca,
let the record show that Magistrate Pina
presided in the case of
the Crown vs Ignacio Torres
and Alejandro de la Vega.
The charge is treason.
I protest this action!
You cannot begin
until Judge Vasca arrives!
Let the record also state that,
should Judge Vasca
arrive at any time during this trial,
I will gladly permit him to take my place.
Now, proceed with the evidence.
Learned Judge,
as Comandante de pueblo
de Los Angeles,
I accuse Ignacio Torres of high treason
and Alejandro de la Vega of
conspiracy against the crown...
JUDGE PINA: Order! Be quiet!
...and with the aid
of Alejandro de la Vega,
escaped capture.
That is irrefutable evidence.
In the name of his majesty, the King,
I demand the death penalty
for these traitors!
Wait! Order! Be quiet!
Have the prisoners anything
to say in their defense?
What good would it do?
This not a courtroom.
This is an execution chamber!
-Order! Order! Be quiet!
There being no further evidence,
I will consider a verdict.
This is the sword of
Seorita Justice pointed at your back.
She awaits your verdict.
Well, what is your verdict?
(STAMMERING) The... The verdict...
Not guilty.
What did you say?
Not guilty.
May I tell you how divine you are?
You are most kind.
Perhaps, you do me the honor of having
a glass of wine with me at my table.
Is this man annoying you, vela?
No. He has merely invited me
to have a drink with his friends.
Seorita Fuentes
is occupied tonight.
Who is this gentleman?
What is he to you?
Actually, if the seorita prefers to join
my party, it's no concern of yours.
You would be wise to keep out of this.
My friend, I do not wish
to provoke a scandal,
but the lady has made it clear
that she does not want
your company.
And I do not want yours.
Shall I stop the fight, Capitn?
Not yet. This may be interesting.
But the stranger is
too expert a swordsman.
This is an affair
of honor, Sergeant.
Let them go.
He has killed him!
Take this man to the cuartel
and lock him up immediately!
GARCIA: At once, Comandante.
Come in.
Let no one disturb us, Sergeant.
S, Comandante.
Last night you promised me
freedom in exchange for a favor.
What is the favor?
You are a daring, impetuous man,
quick with the blade.
Too quick, I might add,
for your own good.
I had to defend my honor.
Naturally, and the lady in question
is most attractive,
though I fear somewhat fickle.
Come to the point, Capitn.
What am I supposed to do?
You have heard of the mysterious outlaw
who calls himself Zorro?
The champion of the people.
His fame has spread even to Monterey.
He is a blackguard and a bandit.
Then why don't you put him
in your filthy cell instead of me?
Or can't you catch him?
I have not been able to catch him yet
because the people are protecting him.
They regard this scoundrel
as their friend.
When in reality it is you
who are their friend, eh?
Tonight, I am giving
a dinner at the tavern,
not only for the large landowners,
but a few rancheros as well.
You will appear,
without invitation, of course,
as the masked bandit Zorro.
Does this appeal to you?
Anything appeals to me
that will get me out of here.
Come into my quarters, please.
I have a copy of the disguise Zorro wears.
I should like you to put it on.
The cloak...
Now the hat.
Is it becoming?
MONASTARIO: Quite dashing.
-And now the mask.
Hardly the material
I would choose for myself.
It is better than prison garb.
How do I look?
The resemblance is extraordinary.
Yes, you will do very well.
Just what will I do?
You will rob my guests,
even the poor ones,
and make it a point
to mistreat the servants.
A blow with the flat of my sword, perhaps,
or shall I cut off an ear or two?
Anything that pleases you.
We must discredit Zorro
with all classes.
Then they will cease to protect him,
and I will easily capture him.
After I have thoroughly proved
what a monster this Zorro is,
I am allowed to escape?
You will vanish in the night, a free man.
Sounds very simple.
It is simple.
My guests will be unarmed,
and Sergeant Garcia will be
stationed at the front door
to see that you are not interrupted.
Suppose one of your guests
objects to being robbed?
Then you will, of course,
defend your honor.
I bow to a true friend of the people.
Honorable Alcalde
of de pueblo Los Angeles, caballeros,
it is indeed gratifying that
not one person failed to accept
my humble invitation.
All of our leading families
are represented here tonight.
Don Alejandro de la Vega was,
unfortunately, unable to attend
because of illness,
but he sent his son in his place.
You have perhaps wondered
why I have invited you here
tonight to be my guests.
The purpose, frankly, is to promote
a feeling of harmony
and mutual respect in our community.
During the year
that I have been comandante,
several regrettable misunderstandings
have taken place.
Some of you may feel
that I have been overzealous
in the administration of my office.
Caballeros, let me assure you
with my hand on my heart
that I have only done my duty
for the glory of Spain
and in devoted service
to our noble monarch.
Caballeros, I propose a toast.
To His Majesty, the King!
-To the King!
-To the King!
And now that, uh,
we have sealed our friendship,
drink and be merry.
On with the entertainment!
Everyone line up over there.
Move. Quickly!
You too!
Innkeeper, over here.
Pick it up, you clumsy lout.
Now, collect their valuables.
Never mind the musicians.
They never have money.
I'm sorry, Don Diego.
No violence, please, Seor Zorro.
You are making a mistake.
I'm a poor man.
ZORRO: Without your life's blood,
you would be much poorer.
Get me my clothes.
There's a man in there
impersonating Zorro,
and he's robbing the people.
Please, do not take my jewelry.
It belonged to my mother.
Would you rather have
your pretty throat cut?
I thought you were already inside.
Hurry up!
I'll hold the ladder for you.
I'll be in front when you escape.
Put it in my sash.
Stand back. He's mine!
You fool! What did you
come back for?
Fight me, and make it look good.
You're overdoing it! (GRUNTS)
Zorro! (SCREAMS)
What's going on here?
There are two Zorros.
Which one is ours?
I know the real one.
Don't interfere.
He is mine!
Adios, Seor Impostor.
This is not Zorro!
This is the stranger that killed Romero
in the duel.
This is the man who took our money.
Yes, and here it is.
But how did he get out of jail?
Sergeant Garcia, explain yourself!
But, Capitn, you know
very well that you...
Silence! Not another word!
Take this prisoner back to his cell,
and see that he does not escape this time!
Up, prisoner!
Oh, Seor Alcalde, here is your watch.
Oh, muchas gracias.
-Here is your jewelry, Seorita.
Oh, and this...
This ring belongs to Don Diego.
Don Diego?
Don Diego, where are you?
Here I am.
I saw no reason
in allowing that bandit
to get away with everything.
Don Diego, here is your ring
and your purse.
Thank you.
I think I'd better be leaving.
Oh, Comandante, thank you
for a delightful evening.
If you'll excuse me
for leaving so early, I...
Well, I just haven't been
myself all evening.
Ah, my guitar strings.
Someone died? Who?
Zorro, the second?
Martinez, the man
who impersonated me.
He died? How?
Garcia shot him escaping jail?
That's very strange, Bernardo.
Martinez was supposed to be
in a military jail
at precisely the same time
he was dressed as Zorro
and robbing us in the tavern.
It would be interesting to know
how he could get out of his cell
in order to do this.
Yes, Monastario
could have let Martinez out
in an attempt to discredit Zorro.
And when this failed,
he could have gotten rid of him
before anyone could question him.
And if that is the case, my friend,
it is cold-blooded murder.
It is taking too much of a chance.
I do not like it.
I do not much care
whether you like it or not.
Besides, what can go wrong?
What can go wrong?
You should have been
at the graveyard.
The soldiers dropped the coffin.
It nearly burst open.
But it did not.
I died a thousand deaths.
How could one explain
a coffin filled with rocks?
Have you finished quaking
in your boots?
We've a long ride ahead of us.
I am ready, but no good
will come of this.
How can you trust a man like Martinez?
I do not trust anyone,
Licenciado, not even you.
But I know
you will do my bidding
because without me,
you are nothing.
And I know Martinez will obey me, too,
because without my help,
he can never hope to escape
from this part of the country.
Just the same, I am afraid of him.
He has too quick a tongue,
too quick a temper.
And he knows that every
comandante in California
has orders to arrest him on sight.
He needs us even more
than we need him.
Are things well with you, Martinez?
I see you have made
yourself comfortable.
This time you even bring me
a black horse, eh, Capitn?
You think of everything... Almost.
What about the real Zorro?
This time, he will not interfere.
Licenciado, switch horses.
When we return,
you will ride the roan.
Now, I want you to ride to
the Mission of San Gabriel
and steal the crown of the
Virgin next to the main altar.
This way
you will have a fortune in jewels,
and the people will be
up in arms against Zorro.
I have done many things in my life,
I have never robbed a church.
Nor have you been hanged
by the neck until dead.
Which would you prefer?
When you have the crown,
come back here and wait.
Let no one see you.
On Friday, there will be a ship in
San Pedro taking on a lot of hides.
I will get you onto that ship.
And you have filed the report of my death?
No one will try to track me down
for my past escapades?
It is all part of my plan.
Everyone believes you are dead.
Zorro will never be able to prove
that he did not commit the crime.
Now, I return to my first question.
How can you be so sure the real Zorro
will not interfere again?
Until now, I have not told a soul
about the details.
There is no way Zorro can learn about it
and spoil my plans...
This time.
"...with no desires in our heart,
the fire of the holy spirit, oh, Lord,
"that we may serve thee
with a chaste body
"and with a clean heart
which is pleasing to thee."
Zorro! Don't take the crown!
Padre Felipe! Socorro! Help!
You overheard my father
talking with Padre Felipe.
Yes, I am sure that
Monastario's behind all this,
but I do not think he would
take such chances, personally.
Yes, but whom did he hire?
Listen, Bernardo.
Unless we can find this man
and expose Monastario,
Zorro will never dare to ride again.
What happens when you find
a coin on the floor?
Does not every man
immediately inspect his purse?
So, if some jewels are found,
will not the guilty man
be tempted to check,
just to make sure
that his are all right?
Yes, Monastario is desperate.
Maybe this time he's gone too far.
This is our chance to be rid
of this tyrant once and for all.
(LAUGHS) Oh, these.
I picked them up in Spain.
They are certainly not
the best imitations in the world,
but they will serve our purpose.
May I sit with you, Licenciado?
It is so difficult
to find a good table here.
It is my pleasure, Seor de la Vega.
I have seen this dancer before.
She is quite attractive.
She calls herself Pilar Fuentes.
But I must warn you
that one man
has already lost his life
in a duel over her.
I shall make sure to admire her
only from a distance.
Don't try to hold out on me! I saw you.
Take your hands off me!
-Here, here, here. Stop this!
Basta! Here! What is the trouble here?
She is trying to keep
some of the coins.
-I saw her.
-It's not a coin.
And I found it! It's mine!
Here, now. Open your hand.
Open it, or I'll open it for you.
It must be worth a fortune!
Who would toss a ruby to a dancer?
Some men lose all sense
of values after a few drinks.
You know, it's probably
one of the stones
stolen from the Mission.
But what a foolish thing to do.
Unless, of course, he...
Just wanted to get rid of them.
May I order you
another drink, Licenciado?
(STAMMERS) No. No, thanks.
I think I should go now.
Why, it's a diamond.
Oh, there is no doubt at all.
These must be some of the gems
stolen from the Mission.
Zorro, the man who took them,
could be somebody in this room.
If you'll excuse me, Seor,
I just remembered
I forgot something.
First the ruby,
and then I looked down,
and I saw the diamond
on the wench's tray!
I do not understand it.
I told you not to trust Martinez!
Obviously he has not
followed my instructions,
and this he will regret.
You are looking for me, Capitn?
This part of the plan
you did not explain.
You come to murder me
and take the gems for yourself.
I am sure that man is Martinez.
No, Bernardo,
he is very much alive.
If I did not value
my own life so highly,
I would take time
to relieve you of yours.
I make you a gift of it.
I cannot allow Martinez to escape,
even though the Comandante
is a witness.
Wait here.
What are you doing here,
de la Vega?
Apparently, I am seeing a ghost.
Do not try and stop him.
He will kill you with a single thrust!
I believe that's the man who robbed
the Mission dressed as Zorro.
I know my duty!
Out of my way
or I'll cut you down!
No. I'm going to see this through.
Now, if you want to surrender,
give me your weapon.
(CHUCKLES) My hat.
You are about to lose your life!
You are the luckiest swordsman alive.
I have never seen a man so awkward
who lived so long.
You see, Seor, luck is not enough.
Why did you have to kill him?
He was a dangerous criminal.
Perhaps it would have been embarrassing
to have had him captured
and questioned, eh?
Why, it's the crown of jewels.
Something wrong?
On, no. Nothing is wrong.
I shall return this to Padre Felipe.
And you would of course explain
that it was not Zorro who did this.
The people will owe a debt of gratitude
to their comandante.
Uh, just one moment.
Would you permit me one question?
How is it possible for Martinez
to have robbed the Mission
when you already officially buried him?
It was Sergeant Garcia
who made out that report.
I will see that
he is properly disciplined.
Uh, and now permit me one question.
How is it possible
that the most inept swordsman
in all of California
was able to defeat Martinez,
one of the best?
Well, perhaps Seor Martinez was right
when he said I am
the luckiest swordsman alive.
Don Diego de la Vega,
as ordered, Comandante.
If the Comandante is busy,
perhaps the Sergeant
could arrest me at a more convenient time.
Sergeant, close the door.
-With me outside?
-With you inside.
What I have to say
is of great interest, Sergeant.
Everything the Comandante
has to say is of great interest.
Sit down.
I have here a list of Zorro's offenses.
It's a rather long list, Comandante.
I think you must have been working nights.
One very interesting fact
has occurred to me
about this list, de la Vega...
Whenever Zorro struck,
you were always close at hand,
yet, whenever Zorro actually appeared,
you were never seen.
How do you account for that?
Well, I...
Diego de la Vega,
I arrest you in the name of the King.
But I am already under arrest.
You are Zorro!
What are you laughing about, idiot?
Your pardon, Seor Comandante,
but in all of Los Angeles...
In the whole of California,
there is no one less likely
to be Zorro than Don Diego.
Precisely. Your disguise is too good.
But you can't be serious.
MAN: I have an urgent message
for the Seor Comandante.
Guard, pass that courier in here.
Sergeant, draw your saber.
Now, keep it pointed at de la Vega.
If he makes any move to escape,
-run him through.
-But, Comandante...
That is an order, Sergeant.
Well, what is all the commotion about?
He is almost here, Seor Comandante.
In another half an hour at the most.
I came as fast as I could.
Who is here?
The Viceroy.
I challenged his party, myself.
MONASTARIO: What is the Viceroy
doing here with no warning?
I knew he was in Monterey
with the Governor,
but why here?
Perhaps he just wants
to meet you, Comandante.
-That is all.
-S, Comandante.
It is my political enemies
spreading lies about me.
Now, what possible lies
could they spread about you?
That I am incompetent and...
Never mind about the lies!
It is all your fault, Seor Zorro.
Yes. You are here at an opportune time.
I will publicly clean up
the only blot on my rule here.
Sergeant, I want a joyous reception
for the Viceroy.
Joyous, Capitn?
We have only happy people in Los Angeles.
We have no crime.
Our prison stands empty.
Empty? The jail is packed
like a keg full of dried fish.
Then empty it.
I declare an amnesty in honor
of the Viceroy's visit.
All will receive free wine at the tavern,
and they are to appear
cheerful and prosperous.
When the Viceroy arrives,
they are to cheer spontaneously.
Is that clear, Sergeant?
Clear, Comandante.
But how do you force the people
to be cheerful against their will?
your responsibility, Sergeant.
But I want them cheerful,
even if you have to shoot them.
The Viceroy will find this a model pueblo.
Quickly. You have very little time.
S, Capitn.
In fact, we are about a year too late.
And as for you, Seor Zorro,
you will remain here
as my personal prisoner.
Lancer, take him into my quarters.
CROWD: Viva!
Very well-drilled, Sergeant.
Very spontaneous.
Your Excellency,
it is with feelings of profound humility
and respect that I greet you.
If you don't mind, Comandante,
we will dispense with the formal speeches.
This is my daughter, Constancia.
Capitn Monastario.
I had no idea this poor pueblo
would be doubly honored.
Seorita, your most obedient servant.
I see we have gallantry
at even the most remote outposts.
I've been reading reports
on this pueblo, Capitn.
They spoke a great deal about crime,
corruption, packed jails,
and oppressive taxes,
and very little
about the contented people.
All I ask is that you look at the crowd.
Do these look like oppressed people?
Viva! Viva!
And as for crime,
may I presume upon
Your Excellency's patience
long enough to show you our prison?
This is more of a reception
than I had anticipated.
If only we'd been given
warning of your arrival,
we could have prepared a proper reception
with flowers and display.
The flowers Capitn Monastario
omitted at our reception
blossom on his tongue.
Here, Your Excellency, is our prison.
But the reports and the records I read...
I do not deny that
there was a great deal of crime
when I took over the pueblo.
But, possibly, the reports were written
by those who were in command
before I was appointed comandante.
I am certainly glad
I decided to make this trip myself.
I, too, Your Excellency.
I shall look more carefully
into the reports.
They spoke of problems
amounting almost to rebellion.
And what of this outlaw...
What is his name? Zorro, the fox?
Is he as false as the rest of the charges?
Uh, no, Your Excellency.
The lesser forms of crime
were easy to stamp out,
but Zorro is as clever
as the very devil himself.
But I will have more to say
on that subject later.
Please pardon me while I make arrangements
for a suitable suite
and servants for you at the inn.
How does our comandante strike you?
As a pompous fool.
He seemed very attracted to you.
Yes, unfortunately.
ALL: Ol, ol!
Ol, ol, ol!
Quite accomplished. Very attractive.
Yes, but contrasted with real beauty,
oh, it is difficult to concentrate
on anything else.
Oh, I trust I give no offense.
After such an excellent meal,
and such gallantry,
who could take offense?
Caballeros, a toast.
Excellency, Godspeed
and good journey tomorrow,
and I trust the rest
of your tour of inspection
will bring you as much happiness
as your visit has brought us.
Thank you.
It has been an extremely
instructive evening, Capitn.
Most enlightening.
But now that the hour is growing late,
and we must rise early,
I want to thank you for the entertainment
and bid you all good night.
Bring in de la Vega. Quickly.
Thank you, Seor. A delightful evening.
Excellency, you have been so patient.
I beg you grant me a few moments more.
I have been saving a surprise for you.
The comandante
is full of surprises, Father.
When I told you that I had stamped out
all crime in Los Angeles,
it was only partly true.
Indeed. Only partly?
But, Your Excellency,
I have the honor to announce that,
at this very moment, Zorro is my prisoner.
You have actually captured Zorro?
I have just sent for him.
So that you may all see him unmasked.
This should prove to be exciting.
I thought you said this fox
outwitted your soldiers.
But my soldiers, Excellency,
represent only military force.
But you do not catch a fox
by brute strength, but by cunning.
As you'll see, Your Excellency,
I have brought a fox to Earth.
Come with me, Sergeant.
Stand here.
Your Excellency, I will not trouble you
with a list of this man's
crimes against the crown.
You know them from the official reports.
Enough to hang him a dozen times over.
We need but one hanging,
and I propose we celebrate that tonight
in Your Excellency's presence.
You say that this man is a turncoat?
Of the worst sort, Your Excellency.
A man who held a respected
position in this community.
With your permission...
MAN 1: De la Vega!
MAN 2: Don Diego.
Father, it's Diego!
Oh, no, no, no.
There must be some mistake!
Actually, I'm very flattered.
But I'm afraid the Comandante
is suffering from a delusion.
It is a pleasure to see you both again.
You know this man, Your Excellency?
Why, of course we do.
Diego and my son
went to the same university in Spain.
We are very good friends.
Capitn Monastario, is this accusation
your idea of a joke?
(STAMMERING) No, Your Excellency.
It is no joke.
Diego de la Vega
is the infamous outlaw Zorro.
But what reason would Diego
have to turn outlaw?
The de la Vegas are the wealthiest
landowners in California.
If to turn outlaw
means to fight his tyranny,
there is reason enough.
Zorro has all of my sympathy.
Unfortunately, I...
Well, I do not share his abilities.
Seor Alcalde, you have been witness
to Zorro's misdeeds against the crown?
-You've had a good look at him?
-Is this man not Zorro?
I... I am not sure.
In this costume, he looks like him.
Sergeant, you have my permission
to speak freely.
De la Vega submitted without protest
when you arrested, did he not?
S, Comandante, but...
You, Licenciado Pina,
you have seen this bandit at close range.
Can you not identify
this prisoner as Zorro?
I am positive, Your Excellency,
this man, without a doubt, is Zorro!
Don Esteban,
would you permit me one favor, please?
What is it?
Send the comandante out
to, uh, cool his befuddled head
while I have a word with you.
Whatever the prisoner has to say
can be said in my presence.
Do not worry, Comandante,
I will not try to escape.
It seems to be a reasonable request.
Will you be responsible for him?
Yes, I will.
Very well, I...
I bow to your wishes, Excellency.
Come with me, Sergeant.
Guard the windows
and watch the roof and balcony.
If he makes a run for it, cut him down.
Has Zorro escaped already?
No, boboso.
It is such a pleasure
to call someone else that.
I wonder what lies de la Vega
is telling the Viceroy.
The evidence against him is overwhelming.
Certainly, the Viceroy
must realize he is guilty.
The seorita seemed quite
anxious about him, Capitn.
Hardly anxious.
It is merely difficult
for her to believe the facts.
Besides, you must have noticed that
the seorita seems quite smitten with me.
Ah, you think so?
Well, is this so difficult to understand?
Look at me, Sergeant.
You find me... Attractive?
No, you idiot, I mean, if...
If you were a woman!
If I was a woman and fat like this,
I wouldn't be particular.
Marriage between
the Viceroy's daughter and I
would be mutually advantageous,
don't you think so?
It would certainly be
a quick way of becoming a colonel.
Get inside and see what is going on.
S, Capitn.
Everything seems quiet, Comandante.
Eh, too quiet.
His Excellency wishes you to return.
Capitn Monastario, I have no doubt
as to your earnest intentions.
Thank you, Your Excellency.
However, Diego tells me
that you provided him with this disguise.
It is identical
with the costume Zorro always wears.
In all fairness to my young friend,
I ask you to look
very carefully at this disguise
and tell me if you could not be mistaken.
No, Your Excellency, I'm not mistaken.
But any man wearing this cloak and mask
might be mistaken for Zorro.
You've already heard a positive
identification that this man is Zorro.
That is true, but this disguise
does conceal most of his features.
Another man might have
the same build as de la Vega,
another man might be the same height,
another man might even wear
a mustache such as his.
But it is too much to expect
all of these qualifications
in the same person.
No, Your Excellency.
Without a doubt, this man is Zorro.
No one could ask
for a more positive
identification than that.
Capitn, this lancer put on
the costume on my orders.
No harm is to come to him.
But de la Vega is Zorro!
This is another one of his tricks!
You were just as positive
when you identified this soldier
a few moments ago.
But I know de la Vega is guilty.
He poses as a poet,
a weakling, an inept swordsman.
Yet, the other day
I saw him duel an expert
and vanquish him when he
thought he was unobserved.
The Comandante is more
confused than I'd imagined.
Why, this is becoming
an obsession with him.
The Comandante has not been well.
This matter of Zorro...
He has hardly slept.
Shut up, you idiot.
I do not need your advice or help.
You have made a fool of me once too often.
You give me too much credit, Comandante.
It takes no skill at all
to make a fool of you.
If I cannot appeal
to the Viceroy's reasoning,
then I will appeal
to the de la Vega honor.
I demand satisfaction.
Very well.
Sword, please.
MONASTARIO: Innkeeper! Clear the room.
Seor Comandante,
if you must fight, please fight outside.
Idiot. Lancers, get the table
and chairs out of here.
And now we shall show His Excellency
your ability with the blade.
Fight well, for I am going to kill you!
Father, you must stop them!
No, no, no. Diego knows what he's doing.
I shall force you to reveal yourself.
What, as a poor swordsman?
Everyone knows that.
Diego, that is enough! Stop!
Now, admit you are Zorro,
or your throat will never
utter another sound.
I give you one last chance.
GUARD: It's Zorro! Lancers, to arms!
"Sorry to have missed your fiesta. Zorro."
You put on a very convincing show,
Capitn Monastario.
But I had all the evidence I needed
against you and Licenciado Pina
before I came here.
You take the word of my enemies?
It seems that nearly everyone
in California is your enemy.
You're both under arrest. Take them away.
Diego, I knew you could not be this Zorro.
Oh, thank you, sir.
-Sergeant Garcia.
-Yes, sir.
You will take over
command of this garrison
until a new officer is appointed.
Yes, Excellency.
Yes, sir, Your Excellency!
Your Excellency, you will find
you have not made a mistake
appointing me comandante.
DON ESTEBAN: It's a pleasure.
Comandante, your hat.
Gracias, Don Diego! (LAUGHS)
And now,
what is your first order of the day?
My first order...
I declare a holiday
in honor of my promotion.
(LAUGHS) Bravo!