The Silent Enemy (1958) Movie Script

Ship: " Queen Mary"
04:00 About: " Welcome".
"Queen Mary " and " Valian"
sank into Alexandria...
of six men,
of the 10th Italian fleet.
They came out of submarines,
but with sophisticated weapons.
Human torpedoes...
Underwater chariots.
They had them, two divers
and tied explosives...
which they were tied with ropes
below the target ship.
These weapons have shaken
balances in the Mediterranean.
It is possible, to change,
the outcome of the war.
They have already chosen him
their next goal:
Gibraltar, gentlemen. The gate.
We like it or not, we are
the gate to the Mediterranean.
If they close us, Malta
Alexandria is isolated...
If the army loses its
we are losing North Africa.
That's why we have to stay
open. So simple.
In time of war, the gates
have a " lock "...
called Safety. We do not have.
That's the difference.
Let me show you.
From the Algeciras,
someone is following us.
We call him a spy duty.
It is 4 miles from the bay,
in neutral Spanish territory...
and sees what is done,
on this rock.
He sees us and the ships that
they come out of the bay.
-No question;
-But how; From where;
The enemy has consulates
there. Fortunately, we too.
That is, they are informed when
comes a fleet...
and their men attack?
The sooner we go to
Malta, the better.
They also get from elsewhere
information. The runway.
Behind them, they are,
the Spanish border.
Hundreds of men pass
daily for yards.
Every night, they turn
back in Spain.
We do everything to them
we control, but in vain.
Fortunately we will stay here,
only a few nights.
At least now, gentlemen,
you have an image.
You are anchored here.
And here underwater.
We will do everything to
we protect you, but...
you have to be careful too
your ships, all night.
No question? Fine!
Let's get into the details.
We take regular
logos from home...
And sometimes, a smart boy
from London telling us...
how to make war.
Probably also in this,
to be one of them.
Grab! Wake up!
- Manager! We arrived!
- What happened; Where's the fire?
- Don't do that!
- We are over the rock.
- What's the rock?
- Gibraltar, of course.
Everyone is excited about it
the first time they see him.
I am an exception
and I am tired.
I can not imagine why?
They sleep on the journey.
Nor did the night-
you can imagine.
-'You have family; -Yes.
Lucky. 'You have
someone to care.
I am alone and come
many to see me.
Many do not know them and
I probably will not see them again.
That's it is Gibraltar?
- What are these ships?
- It's anchored.
And there they put them
the mines underneath.
Big words!
They've ever managed to get back
nothing in the harbor?
They tried... but the
situation is under control.
- Divers, you know.
- On ships? How many divers?
We are landing. Hold on tight!
If we get down quickly,
we will go for a drink.
I know the rock from the outside.
If you want any information...
I want.
Where will I find the Admiral?
In the headquarters.
He is busy...
but will leave it all,
to welcome you.
I got a new outfit from
when the war began...
with that I will go, to the admiral.
And now... how many divers?
- Two.
- You will see me.
Come in!
- You have an appointment, sir?
- 'No.
You must first see
his secretary.
Officer Rein Masters.
This is her office.
- So where are they?
- Inside, with the admiral, sir.
If I have to see it before,
and this is already in...
how am I going to get in?
This is a problem. It can-
wait for it to come out.
Can you tell me...
Even if it comes out, I doubt it
if you can get in.
- Unless you have an appointment.
- 'Oh really;
I have come to this rock,
to continue the war.
If you think, I will
Rees stops, Fans...
and I do not know who else,
you are making a big mistake.
Crazy cough!
Officer Rein Masters?
- The same.
- I want to see the admiral.
-'Name; -Krab.
- Christian name?
- Lionel Philip Kenneth.
Undercover Marine
of the Chinese army.
- Manager of YP.K.K.
- ID card;
Thanks. For what reason,
do you want to see the admiral?
I arrived an hour ago.
I'm a pyrotechnist. Answer-
I work through holes, I find them!
Fireworker. Oh yes.
They have notified us.
- Shall I go now?
- I'm sorry. It is impossible.
- What does he say?
- I.
And without help, Women's Body.
I'll wait.
It does not benefit.
'Has a lot of work.
Why do not you go anywhere.
I did not come to fight them,
so tell the Admiral...
Did you see what I mean?
- What about the waterfront?
- Me walking, I guess.
-From where; -Of shipbuilding.
Unbelievable guy!
- Stamata! Nice to dive?
- Lovely.
The rum of divers.
Take this from the middle,
do not confuse.
If he does not work, he will
with goodbye to the bottom.
You are the person in charge of it
diving team;
I'm the officer Navy fleet...
but I like swimming
and I said helped.
- Biley. Hello.
- Grap. Fireworker.
There are no bombs.
We have no raids.
'Quiet place.
We find him a mine
to disable, Noah?
Gladly. As long as
"we're getting killed" first.
Sagittarius Noah,
from the diving team...
and sailor Morgan,
he lives his fortune at the bottom.
Total diving potential
in Gibraltar: 2 people.
-You too; -Food swim.
- I'm in my country, tomorrow.
- We'll make it, sir.
- Have you examined any mine?
- But of course.
You stick to the holes with one
type of inner tube...
cut the pipes
and the mine is submerged.
Unless it's with a magnet.
Then, we just pull them.
Some are erupting before them
find. Not at all strange.
It is strange that they do not crack
when you find them.
You've never been
to disassemble any?
Three persons,
for the whole bay!
We do not manage to
solve in the lab.
We do not have a lab.
I can try; It seems easy.
- You're doing it again?
- No, but I know swimming.
- What about you, Nools?
- All, somewhere they start.
And you're going home...
Noah will show you
mechanism. 'I am late.
Good luck.
You will go down the ladder and you will
you rejoin. Easy.
See, if you breathe, right.
Best of all, in case
that can not. Hello.
Here's the oxygen bottle
You get air here.
If not, turn the bottle
and gives you extra oxygen.
Breathe from the tube,
so put it in your mouth.
Keep it tight. Slowly. This is.
And now the glasses.
Wear well and tightly.
Put the security. This is.
Shame that Mr.
There must be another.
Maybe you can
replace it yourself.
It would be nice to have one
officer for the job.
One last thing: Protective nose.
You have to wear it, why
otherwise you will drink the ocean.
Let's put it and the rope now.
I'm sorry to do this...
but do not miss you,
we have not yet found you.
Remember: You breathe normally
and I will make a signal...
when you're out.
Ready. You will also find him
Morgan. He is trained.
Gramp you said
that they are telling you?
There is no better,
for this job.
-Siman Noul Group of the North.
-What are you doing;
- I get the rope, sir.
- I see it. What have you got?
- A crab... officer.
-Is a diver? "No, sir."
- Are you choking him?
- I do not, raise him.
I think it's going up.
- Design Master change!
- She's wearing her underwear.
- Sorry.
- Get, Miss Masters.
Why did you fuck me up? I have not
have fun, so in my life.
You got a new diver.
Wait for me to get dressed.
I will see the admiral,
even if needed...
to hang upside down,
the female dragon.
Water filled these glasses,
I can not see what... drink.
The officer I was telling you,
Lieutenant Grab.
It came from England, yes
work as a pyrotechnist...
You ought to know, that
we do not greet without a hat.
- No without pants. Walt.
- Yes Sir.
Do you want to disable,
yourself, the mines?
I do. First, let's see
the guy and that...
Yes. I know all of these.
Physically and psychologically,
do you want to diving?
- In fact.
- Why;
Sagittarius Noah will tell you,
the technical details.
I do not want technical details
I want an answer. Well;
You saw his face,
when he came out.
You took her the job. I want
reference to my officer...
and will tell you what
you need to know.
- I want other men.
- And I.
Come, if you find a mine. After
make an appointment first.
Grab, it's important
work. Do not fail.
You have to wear heavier shoes.
Last time,
who does not wear them.
Stop laughing and
bring my shoes.
Do not rest? 'We have got
another 18 to clean.
We will rest, the evening.
I'll believe it when I see it.
A new type of sleep. I have not
see it again, again.
Under the engine room,
on the right side of the stern.
Turn on the headlights.
We arrive in a few minutes.
-You are well; -Yes.
I do not get tired when I swim,
it catches me when I go out.
I understand perfectly.
- I'm sorry to call you.
- Let's break out sometimes.
- What does this mine look like?
- There is a torpedo shape.
He has a propeller and
two metal handles.
This is the ship.
Our Morgan
waiting out of the way.
It's exciting to
we live with you the bay.
Typically, the night passes by
the hope to find something.
And we are invited to
we're disconnecting.
Come on, Noah.
Good luck. If you find it
diver, drown him.
- I'll come with you.
- I will notify you. Crew;
All except the captain.
- The last port?
- Lisson. He had a problem.
- What about now?
- In fact.
Be careful. 'It might be
trap, pipes.
You will find out,
when I know it too.
I'll tell you when to
throw the rope.
It's a bad thing,
Ratler, terrible.
Sweetheart, a cigarette.
The divers should not
to smoke, you know.
Not even die...
Are you saying traps?
I'm going inside.
He pulls firmly. We have one
torpedo at the other end.
We have to go, in the beach.
-We'll see. 'A cigarette;
Everything OK down there?
Did you find her?
'All OK. Give us 10
minutes and then you leave.
It would be a shame not to arrive
in Malta.
-Why. What's the matter with him; Food;
-'No. Explosive. Good night.
Take it slowly. Wait for it
next wave. Trava.
- He's Morgan.
- He was good.
I said the tools and the phone.
- Is it in the basket?
- Under. I brought breakfast as well.
Remind me to you
I make an officer.
I think he stuck in the sand.
I'm going to get it.
Nice to get out one
mine. How will we pass it?
I stopped asking him,
three hours ago.
Like the mother with her child.
You say it and it will sneak it.
Get away.
You tell us to get it over
wires? If they see us?
Shall I throw her away? Not
I can go elsewhere.
Commander you scared me more
far from any bomb.
And now that I bring you,
you tell me you do not want them.
I'm not saying that. Simply,
they do not fit on this boat.
-Why not; -There is no space.
Everywhere there are aircraft
full of fuels...
I can not risk it
security, putting explosives.
- I'm sorry.
- Sure it is not?
-Gramb! What are you doing here;
- Good evening, Holford.
- We have breakfast. Get a banana.
- Thank you very much.
Dressing up the wrong outfit.
The divers start in the morning.
And what exactly are you doing in
my airport?
We are transporting mines
at the sea.
We would not want to
damage to your craft.
Indeed! Well done. Thanks
very. Let's go to Holford.
I'm going to take the clock out.
Bring the phone here...
and write what I say. Go.
I'm taking the last one
screw, now.
If it explodes now, we will
Bury in Spain.
Shut up.
I'm taking 3rd and
last detonator.
And calm down. If
fall now fuck her!
K. Gramb, the Admiral
sends me to...
It's safe now.
- Thanks to have lunch together.
- Then I have to change my outfit.
How does the mechanism work?
It will not be complicated.
The mine has 3 detonator-
and 2 watches...
which are regulated,
for 48 hours later.
But it is not the basic one
part of the job.
'Aside from watches...
the propeller is spinning as well
a ship enters the water.
After a few pivot-
fire, sparks the caps.
They blow it on the water while
we believe they hit it.
Why did not it blow up in
Lisbon, when they put it...
before entering Gibraltar.
He went to Lisbon because of
machine problem.
It is impossible to do
there the job.
You say he puts it here and he will
was he on the way to Malta?
- In fact.
- The admiral told us...
that, for one week now,
underwater actions.
Say what you think, Grab.
You are the British
consultant, in Algeciras.
Okay, George. Can we
tell him our suspicions.
He will guess them, too.
Did the name Tammilino,
does it ring a bell;
- Tenton of Atlanta?
- Yes.
The best designer
ships in Italy...
and by older ones
marine wars specialists.
As far as we know, it works
for the 1st fleet.
Very good information said Grab.
But you do not know that marry-
a year ago...
His wife is called Conysi-
and they want sea air.
He bought a villa and built it
windows on the walls.
It is in Algeciras,
overlooking the Gibraltar.
There are 10 months.
Big honeymoon
even for an Italian.
If the 10th fleet, indeed
acts from the Algeciras.
They'll have divers, some
remote beach.
They will not use chariots
why they need a base.
- You caught it, I guess!
- U.S. too...
And the Spanish government. Not
we know if there are divers.
We only know that he lives there
Tammilino and his wife.
Do anything beyond that?
Graham, you probably forget,
that the Algeciras...
is a neutral ground.
I can not invade
in the Tamillo villa...
and ask him if he has
invite home divers...
- You keep track of them all the time?
- Of course.
I have a couple of good German-
binoculars, at the consulate.
Now watch them, one
Spaniard from my staff.
Anything else you believe
that I have to do Mr. Grab?
Kansolini, come and drink
wine with us.
There are no women in Gibraltar.
There is something more interesting.
They make it in the harbor.
Kits like a projector, I think.
He will only be quiet
after the war.
Where did you say you found these?
Bizarre bizarre?
- In a shop.
- I do not believe you.
I would say, lies,
to a beautiful woman?
Of course. But my husband
will learn where they came from.
I hope not. As a husband no
he's missing nothing...
but as a commanding officer
he has no humor.
Totally the opposite of you.
As an officer you are a clown...
Your husband, you'll be crap.
That's not it, Fellini.
Only blind and cute,
he can marry him.
In Florence, I have one that
it's not a bucket...
- Did you hear news from Maria?
- Yes.
In a while I get permission...
and for 2 weeks,
we will forget the war.
We'll be back again
together, androgynous.
When I get back, I'll fight
harder for her sake.
How far away is Gibraltar?
Four miles.
I suppose that there the English,
they think the same to us.
With these binoculars, you can
look up to their faces.
- I have to talk to them.
- Of course.
Come on, Fortune, sit down.
A British ship will
goes to Gibraltar today.
Our job is, never again.
We will attack the night,
when the moon falls.
Until we supply, we will
I only take out one chariot.
Fortinini and Fellini.
Chelone, Neta, Neoli and others
Mario in a bribe...
in case they come,
and other goals.
- Tellon, you drive them.
- In fact.
- Sir...
- You will not participate, Rosati.
- We're taking Fortune with us.
- You heard me.
Go now. Leave
from home to 15 minutes.
Security. See you later.
Rosate, I crossed the British-
embassy coming here...
I noticed that they are missing
their binoculars.
If one of them got it
mine, will be punished.
It is a neutral port. Not
there must be thieves.
Anyway, the telescope
we are much better.
But I'm sure,
that they will be returned.
No sense of humor.
It is our duty to
we turn their ships...
but we can not borrow-
we live their binoculars.
- "Have you heard the rumors, Sid?
- Vera Lins, ranked."
'No. Seriously. We will invade,
in North Africa.
We have already entered. What do you think
that the 8th army does?
From here. From Gibraltar.
Along with the Americans.
We will meet it
Monty and his fleet.
- What about Eisenach?
- A ship comes in the evening.
The ship is coming to
before going to Mal.
And all the American
to go to Africa...
your job is, yes
clear the cannons...
and not gossip.
'Ah! You're done!
So you do when you eat me
admirers. Bad habits.
- The ship entered the port.
- Fortalini will find it.
Before he leaves, I'm fine
this is what he says.
The most sophisticated Italian
base in hostile waters.
-What are you writing;
-Good to my nephew.
-How much is it; - Four.
Born in Gibraltar,
before the war.
- What would he say now?
- He liked it.
Outside of his home,
m. Caobidians and Indians.
- I want to meet him.
- I hope so.
Open Fire!
Come on!
Come on!
- That's it! There it is.
- Cycle them.
Stop the engine.
First time I see the enemy.
-Where are you from;
-Felini, he replied.
You've been asking me for two days.
I can not say anything else.
The submarine is called Abra.
Now he is in Italy.
- We'll pick up your chariot.
- I will not tell you anything.
- Who is the governor?
- Captain Diosetto Arillo.
- Where did you come from?
- I can not answer that.
Come in.
Sorry. I can speak
to Lieutenant Grab?
Yes. Now tell me Fellini...
- Did you find the chariot?
- 'No.
We're diving all day long
no trace.
Continue until you find it
t. Once, it will serve.
- The same and a little sleep.
- We had anything?
Okay, Fellini. See you
again in half an hour. Take it.
Please, when it is
the Forcellin Funeral?
It's his job support section...
will "arrange" the corpse.
'So... they'll fix it.
Why do you want to learn?
He was my friend.
He had courage.
Are you a diver?
Then you understand why
I want to say goodbye to him.
Through the depths,
I called you...
Lord, listen to my voice.
"Listen, my supplication."
If You, you watch injustice.
Sir, who will it suffer?
Eternal rest, give
to them, Lord...
and an everlasting light,
to shine on them.
- Who is the officer?
- He's a good man.
We found the chariot, sir.
- Did you ever find a mine?
- 'No.
- For your job?
- 'No.
- I will confess you something.
- What;
- I'm tired.
- And I. But so much.
I do not mind where
we dive every day...
but we also have the Italian-
freak hours, free time...
go a long way!
- We do not have people, that's why.
- You're yesterday at Grambie.
So what;
- We're tired.
- That's what, Graby?
- Why do you want to be a diver?
- From the label, for volunteers...
I have had 18 months,
9 prisoners...
and unjustifiably absent in 4
different cases.
Do not listen to that, sir,
write awesome things.
In their political life, they
accused of defamation.
Here, he is a Navy.
Why do you want to become a diver?
The charm of a hidden one
world under the sea!
Move freely, like
the fish in its element.
I always wanted to try it...
To escape from gravity...
To fly, up and down,
or around...
with colors alternating
constantly, to be free...
free, like birds in the sky.
- Thanks. Hello.
- I was born, for that.
I think he is the only one
reason of my existence.
Unless you leave this
office, in 5 seconds...
will be, the only reason,
of your sudden death.
At least, I tried.
Good luck. Sorry.
After the war, probably me
I will ask him for a job.
After you took office
I have to feed you.
Bring us, some sandwich please.
If it was not us
and our explosives Sid...
the ship did not escape from it
port. I would be at the bottom.
We can work hard,
but now with the assistants...
I would not change anything
work on a ship.
Shoot all day to
I'm giving an officer.
One of them, maybe
my guardian angel.
Misfortune! But you have to
to obey the doctor.
Service on land, now.
It happens to all of us.
- Good luck in Malta.
- Thank you, Thorpe.
I'm sorry to lose you.
If you throw the cigarette, maybe
understand why I'm here.
Good luck. I wish a ship,
to turn you back to A...
it is enough for us not to
we are in.
Where do you think you are?
'Straighten your hat.
Do not come back, but I think
your angel is licensed.
- Underwater chariot, sir.
- This is yours;
- It's an oxygen bottle.
- And you will use it?
I do. Anyway, technical
an issue for you.
What's your oxygen?
As far as I know, nothing.
I was trainer in
mechanical equipments...
and I tell you that this one
bottle is empty.
When did you change the absorption
oxygen tube?
Ten days ago.
You have not read the
the Admiralty?
The bottle should be refreshed
after use...
when used for later practice.
You may not be the next
who will wear it...
in urgent need
you can cause murder.
- I know who I'd choose after.
- Where do you work.
- The divers team.
- Small, suicide group.
- Who is responsible?
- Commander, Grab.
He does not know much
for oxygen solutions.
Then, you have to
let me know. Where is;
Usually, I was with us.
Maybe, it's sucking up
molecules from the middle valve.
Very funny. 'Come here.
Throw your cigarette.
Let's go and see him
your officer...
otherwise, you will get granules
like peanuts.
This is the Sid judgment.
And get my suitcase!
Sailor Fraser...
Sailor Thomas...
I decided to make you members,
in the diving team...
of the Submarine Navy Group.
You begin training immediately.
No question;
I've deactivated bombs,
do they differ from mines?
Not at all. An error:
Ties. The same result.
Did we get her the job?
Do not change your mind now?
Unless you change it. "No, sir."
There is a small point,
which I may have to mention...
I do not know swimming!
We were looking for you everywhere.
The Officer...
Undercover Thorpe. Specific
Diving mechanisms.
I just got fired from the ship
to serve on land.
Descending the mole,
I saw these two...
- Special CM?
- Only! 15 years...
- Would you serve on land?
- Installation!
- So you're looking for a job?
- Installation!
You want to work, in
naval diving group?
- In fact.
- I'll make the papers later.
You said we were few, Noah,
now we have 2 new divers...
and an officer,
in the position of the instructor.
- Very lucky.
- To work, do not I swim?
He wants to become a diver, but
he does not know how to swim.
Do not worry.
Most, they did not know.
- Let me over.
- Okay. You're head.
Go to the men accommodation.
Change! Turn to the door!
Where are the accommodations?
Miss Masters. Problem.
The team has no accommodation.
'He's got. I arranged it. It's all
amenities and sea views.
-Where is; -I'll show you.
- Follow me, gentlemen.
- Group, front Mars.
The fort is called
" Captain Jamber, Lenox".
One of the first, when
Britain has invaded here.
Better to be on board,
and to do his job.
- Oh Fortress!
- Be careful! We have ladies.
Here we are.
All comforts and sea views.
It's primitive, but only
two are on the rock.
- Which was the other?
- The old prison.
It has electricity and water.
Are you ok;
Let's close it before
the rock is blasting.
- This dog.
- Yes what;
It is big... Look.
We will train them to smell-
Italians live. And the cat.
- Would you like kittens?
- Only fleas.
Nice gift for the leader.
- We'll drink tea.
- And the tea maker.
Do not worry. With the help of
aunt of volunteers...
in a while it will shine.
Fine. You and you
out, for decoration.
And you. 'Come on. Let's go.
Caution! We have rubbed and
cleaning. Change! Let's go!
Wake up! Get up! Come on.
We should have begun
training 1 minute ago.
Ela Thomas. You will not know
to swim in there.
- Good morning.
- Where did you see her?
Good morning, parrot.
What are you doing with me?
Water, do you drink it?
Outside everyone! And when I say
everyone, I mean it.
By training you do not
only the muscles drain...
but also the head.
What happened; For kuna the capital-
li. Do you hear anything metallic?
- "No, chief.
- Put your hands on."
Diving training,
begins tomorrow.
Resurrection! Breathe in!
Keep the air.
- We, we are being trained now.
- 'So you think.
Steps on the ground!
Very well. Another half an hour.
Thanks. Now we will be looking
and that is why in Gibraltar.
I do not want you to pick them up tomorrow
or the other week. Today.
Move over.
Come on fast. 'When
Tomas goes up, you go.
If you have something to tell me,
say it. Do not look.
Me and the Rottler swim-
we have all night.
For three hours.
- What is your little one?
- You know. Sid.
You and Rattler think so, that
you know the dives.
I met divers who did them
and they believed they were all dried up.
They became drowsy.
The result; One day
they were hated, they were forgotten...
they did a great deal of effort
and poisoned.
They came instantly. It's a matter
discipline, as in all.
Now that I know your little one,
I will write it in the coffin.
-You are with me;
-What are you talking about?
- Door the dive?
- Then them a penny.
In the Navy, learn to swim
at the expense of the state.
The Royal Navy, you
he pulled out of France...
and that will take you back.
This will examine the
you and you will love it.
- What are you laughing at?
- With the divers.
They are looking for mines to find
they do not exist. Very funny.
- Heavy.
- And the boat.
I'm the boat. What are you looking for
for mines? I have not.
Every day, I go to Algeci-
for water and turn around.
Algehir, Gibraltar.
Gibraltar, Algeciras.
- That's why we're looking for Miguel.
- You're late!
I am Spanish! Neutral! Protest!
- 'All OK.
- We say tomorrow, Miguel.
Why Franco does not give it
Gibraltar, to the Japanese?
Today we will have a job.
Look over there.
Ships with ammunition for
Little. Tonight they will stay here.
We are still waiting for chariots
and missiles, Notary...
but we swim well...
and a mine is doing great
damage to an ammunition ship.
- Anybody else left?
- We are the last ones.
This will give better
taste in your tea.
Tell me when it's over.
Drink it slowly.
Come on, Rattler.
What the doctor said, right?
Come on, Dook.
Drink it, that.
Here you go sir.
Rum for two days.
Thank you, Chief.
Cursed murderers!
- Thomas!
- Do not talk to him, better.
It happens the first time,
taking action.
Great first time!
- Three ships, sank.
- But others.
That would not be a defeat,
in any language.
The car came. Come children.
'Come on boy.
Go home.
Left right-left
Front Marshall - Change!
Vadim - On the shoulder.
Head high. Trohadh!
- Forward.
- Left-right!
Excuse me, buddy.
I have an officer and 4
divers, with only 2 hours of sleep.
- Great, Mary!
- I would be grateful...
I say, I will be grateful to you,
if you go elsewhere, your land.
Lochos al t!
Really, buddy?
Yes, my friend!
Tell me when I wake up, for
to bring tea and biscuits.
Thank you, buddy.
Rest! Two hundred meters more
below. You are free to go!
- Excuse me.
- Does not matter.
In time, we will fight
with silencers...
especially for royal Navy.
Diving Team " Jambers Bay-
you ". Undercover Thorpe.
Yes I saw it.
The Loggier Grab?
She still sleeps.
- I will not wake him up...
- What happens;
One minute, sir.
He's coming, sir.
- The shift officer.
- Yes...
'She dropped an airplane on
bay that carried...
the Polish general Sikorski
in England.
- You want for...
- This to talk to me.
Okay. We go right away.
The corpse, went into the foam,
but the suitcase is at the bottom.
It is full of official documents.
We have to find it before
to come out on the Spanish coast.
They're tired.
I want them completely ready,
in 1 minute, on the beach.
- It's an order! Take care of it!
- Yes Sir.
Come children.
Everyone, upright.
Okay, Tom.
- Any ready!
- Here, it must be.
Stop the engines!
We start from the ruins
of " Berkshire ".
The plane, no it must be long.
- Any ready?
- Yes Sir.
We did not. Sorry.
Rosa, come get something.
In every battle...
one has to win
and someone to lose.
- You did what you could!
- Well, two good men.
And somebody must
to die. Not your fault.
Rosate, it's over. Now,
we have to think of others.
From today, the enemy knows,
that we are acting here.
- I do not know how.
- 'No!
And must not, to discover it.
The 8th British Tract,
comes from North Africa.
Very soon they will fly
another army, there.
In Morocco and in Algeciras.
And they will meet both here.
This army will sail
from Gibraltar...
unless we stop him.
-What are we going to do;
-I'll ask men...
chariots and missiles
then, just like the English...
We will wait.
Wait! Wait!
That's what I hear. Wait!
6 weeks passed by
aircraft reference.
And what has happened? Nothing!
Except you, you are writing
that the outfit became blue.
Close the door.
I sent your report,
in the admiralty.
They pointed out that the A lover
is a neutral ground...
and of course, the Spaniards,
do not help divers.
We act, only by command,
of the governmental authority.
And that's the right decision.
- But the danger, sir...
- I know well, the danger.
And indeed, too better than you.
The next army is
perhaps the most important.
- The invasion of North Africa.
- That's not what I said.
I said, perhaps the most important one.
-Never; -Soon.
Allies are not ready
to invade Spain...
but they want to protect us
the fleet, from attacks...
as long as it is in Gibraltar.
No question; Very well.
He continued.
Well; 'All OK.
- 'All OK.
- Impossible!
- What is...
- All right here too, Miguel.
All right, both inside and out!
You searched my cabin!
I'm already late!
That goes a long way!
I will complain to the government-
Note! And on the Red Cross!
You've been Christmas
gift Miguel. True Whiskey.
Christmas? But Christmas
we have in two months.
Take it now. Until then,
we may be blasted.
And one for you.
Sincerely...; For me;
To thank you, who
let us look for the ship.
Amigo! Good man!
To live in Britain!
- Scotta forever!
- Let's drink!
I thought you were late.
- We got late?
- Yes.
So what; We'll go later!
- Life Spain.
- Good King Jorge!
Franco's health.
His health, Roosevelt.
- Friend!
- Friend!
- E, Miguel.
- Yes, buddy Grab.
How much do you want me to go
Algeciras in the morning...
and come back to me in the evening?
-Did you understand;
-Yes Yes. Excuse me.
I have to talk to you, sir.
Do not look so good
anxious, Thorpe.
We will be thrown into Algeci-
with Noole...
and we will see how it moves,
the 10th fleet.
- Why is the evil?
- You have no license from a senior.
And forgive me, but not
I'll let you go that way.
-Truth; -You're my commander...
I do not want to
go to military court...
The regulation, expressly states,
that officer in war...
Do not tell me, the regulation!
I will go and it will not
to stop me.
I did not intend, to stop you.
- You must apply for permission.
- You know I will not get it.
I did not say to take it,
I asked you to ask her.
Write the request but make sure
you do not get it.
- Do you understand what I mean?
- 'No.
Leave it to me. What time
do you start for Algeciras?
- 45.
- 45! Fine!
In the morning, you will write a request
in the Admiral who says:
"I'm asking for permission to go to
Algeciras, for one day..."
To investigate, the actions
of the 10th fleet.
Knowing how much you are busy...
if, until 12:45, departure time
I do not receive notification...
I will assume, that my license
It has been given.
Write: " Extremely Urgent"
and send hand by hand.
- He's the hand.
- Without name, no one is blame.
Maybe I can talk a little
in Spanish... but...
how do I look;
Completely... sucks!
- You look like a real Spaniard.
- Very encouraging.
Supposedly, we are Swedes.
- You got no coffee to go?
- Cafe Esteted.
Everybody goes there.
All kinds of people.
Good luck, buddies.
- What, all kinds of people?
- We'll learn soon.
- I speak, only Swedish.
- Oh talk we will do.
- Do you feel the difference?
- What about?
No war. 'Another world.
'You are right.
I did not mean that.
Your mind at work.
Here we are.
Brown " Estepoana ".
If anyone hears us
we will talk inconclusive...
Otherwise English. And we're looking
for anyone who looks like an Italian.
-What should I bring you;
Two red wines.
-Cigarette; -You idiot!
Sorry. I have never done,
espionage lessons.
We are, Swedes.
Appropriate place
for spying, do not you think?
- You can not concentrate...
- 'Not this. His hand.
- The tattoo!
- Italian!
Drink it fast.
We will follow him.
They look like sailors who have lost
leave with a little leave.
The way he kissed it
girl, it's probably a long time here.
It does not look much like me
the 1st fleet, that.
We look very much like that
with British sailors.
Let's take a look.
Look over there.
What do you say? The barrels?
Oil, probably.
We will learn shortly.
Indeed, oil.
We made a hole in the water.
These barrels, can be made.
Put on one oil pipe...
and the rest, something else.
Good luck, sir.
Good luck, you said?
Did you see their faces?
There is more
from oil, to barrels.
- We have to learn!
- What are we on the ship?
Who said we were going?
How much can you keep her
your breath under the water?
Nice voice, does not it?
We will go alternately to
we make small dives.
The top holds chillies.
We will look for it as a skier.
We're leaving in half an hour. No
I would like to stay in the evening...
even if Karuso,
lunches me all night.
I'm going first. Stay close to
water, head low.
Sorry, sir, but
I did not see anything unusual.
I'm going for a last one.
I found it. A hole,
under the beams.
There must be,
a tampered part therein.
If something goes wrong, it will
you. You will go back to the base.
-You too; - It's an order, Noah.
'Ready; Let's go.
Oh my god!
How smart and how easy!
No one sees them!
They pass through the hole and
they do not smash soils.
I 'd like to get back
one of them.
'Come on, lets go.
To see what is, behind the wall.
You were right about the barrels.
They are full of explosives.
- We have to go.
- Quiet.
They're coming here.
Let's go! In the water!
We're leaving! 'Come on!
A huge factory,
on board the ship.
Tomalino will design it
and they built it.
The Spaniards did not know anything
that's why we do not.
Now, we know where
and how they act.
What are we doing now;
I would suggest you learn about
your bicycle officer.
The delayed messages Disliked.
Next time, you'll go
military court, did you understand?
I do.
- Can I leave now?
- 'No.
- Have a drink. You won.
- Thanks.
- Sorry, for disobedience.
- The fleet we're waiting for...
is perhaps, the most important.
Half came today. I will
tomorrow and tomorrow.
The next day, the other arrives
and the next, they leave.
At least, I hope so.
Did you understand;
- Yes but...
- Is useful, what you've been...
but your role is to
protect this fleet.
I do not think they can attack
today. They are not ready.
But tomorrow and the day after tomorrow
for sure. No question;
- 'No.
- Oh. Let's take care of it.
The ships that came today
have commissions and so on.
The fleet for North Africa,
arrives in the day after tomorrow.
Thank you for letting me go.
- Make we hit today.
- Guest, Rosetti.
- Take these, tomorrow.
- You'll be ready.
Yes, because he wanted so much, it
Italian chariot, to work.
- Look at him.
- I'll try it tomorrow.
He always said he would serve.
Especially the missile.
- I do not understand Sid.
- You said yourself in Oltera.
You know what he's thinking. Instead of
waiting to attack him...
to go to Algeciras
and shake them all.
But he explained it. Spain,
is a neutral ground.
We respect the rules,
of the International Procedure.
Dose, this one bomb, please.
Nevertheless, we are
civilized, is not it?
'Ready! What will happen to anyone
eat it, on the head!
Good luck, Rosette.
The worst thing. The waiting!
- Did you come?
- I'll come!
Oh, another one oxygen bottle.
That ship!
- You stern, I bow.
- Gladly!
- Let, they're quieter.
- Good.
Shake, Sid!
- Look, the other tanker.
- Why;
They take it out before
catch fire from the other.
Noah there and Sid there.
Sid there in the big one!
Are many. We do not end,
Before Dawn.
It will be alright. It will be saved
foot. Do not worry.
I got to the headquarters, the others,
are well. They sleep.
You have to rest. No
it's going to go on like that.
'Six chariots and strong
missiles, until the afternoon.
This forum, you do not need,
instructions for the target.
You did a good job.
'All of you. Very well.
But if we destroy this
the army...
it will be the longest success.
No job.
The net was repaired,
Bottom bombs, ready.
He's getting dark overnight.
He works, Chief! The test-
scoff. Works properly!
They see ships, like us.
Yesterday's night will not
compared to today.
- I have to do it, Chief.
- Okay.
Together with Noah,
the bomb in the 'All Monster'...
and blow it up.
- Before the chariots start.
- And the fleet will be okay.
Essential! Oracle!
- I'm not licensed.
- Take it, this time.
All right, Thorpe.
Good luck.
Come in.
I know it's late, but
I have to see the admiral.
He is on board,
with the Chief of Staff.
- When will he return?
- At least, in 2 hours.
She asked me to go
the letters in his home.
It will be too late, then.
Wait for another attack
today. 'Is not that right;
It does not stop them.
Easy smooth.
You have to very tired.
- Do not take a lot of risk.
- Why not;
- You can become a habit.
- I still intact.
You have many friends,
who likes you.
Whatever, if any, what
if you do, remember it.
It must be below net now.
They will come to the surface
and then in again.
I hope they do not
our own ships.
With such a bomb
they carry, better not.
We will stay on the surface,
to save oxygen.
Why are you laughing Noah?
One of these ships
he is also the admiral.
I was saying I could ask him-
with permission to continue.
- We'll leave at 9 o'clock.
- Oh!
NATO. We'll be there
in 5 minutes.
Stay in the chariot
I will put the bomb.
I will regulate security,
in the minimum time.
I do.
Dive now.
Set the letters. And that
are the last signals.
- So important as I missed it?
- 'No.
Mr. Gramb wanted you, but
could not wait.
- Morning, morning and morning.
- In fact.
Regulate these and then you are
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Ready, Chello?
- 'Ready.
Ready all? We dive in a minute.
We just learned that the award-
with the "George" Medal.
From me, Shimon Norah,
Morgan and Freser...
and sailor Thomas, the
warm congratulations to us.
To all of you, merits a medal!