The Silent Thief (2012) Movie Script

Come on, you little bastard.
I'm here about the room.
Candi, you finally got one.
Come on in, I'll be right out.
That's better.
One more minute,
I would have burst.
Hi, I'm Candi Henderson.
My hands are clammy,
but it's just water.
Brennan Marley.
Nice to meet you.
I love your accent.
You sound like 0-0-7
Ha. James bond.
Sean Connery was my favorite.
Did you ever meet him?
Uh, no, he's, uh,
actually Scottish.
Mmmm. This is our daughter,
- Hi.
- Hey.
Honey, don't, don't, don't,
don't, don't spoil your lunch.
Would you like to join us?
Oh, I don't-I don't wanna
intrude or-
Oh, nonsense. Come on. Put it
over on the table.
Hot stuff! Coming through!
Hey, that was funny, come on.
That was hilarious, Howard.
Is your burger
not cooked enough?
No, no, it's great.
I just eat one thing at a time.
Is that an English thing?
Howard, leave him alone.
I've just never seen
anything like that before.
No, it's fine. It's-It's not an
English thing, it's a me thing.
I'm a little bit weird.
It's not weird.
Catfish search for food with
their beards.
No animal talk at the table.
And we run a nice house here,
no drugs, no overnight guests.
Understood, absolutely.
my id if you want to check it.
Sorry about the hair cut.
Oh, dear.
Yeah, it was a phase.
Um, do you mind if
I use your toilet?
Oh, it's right down
the hall. You'll see it.
Thank you.
Mike's coming home tomorrow;
He'll want his room back.
He'll sleep on the couch, just
a couple of days.
You know, thanksgiving's a
short holiday.
Excuse me.
I'll take her burger.
You got the room.
Oh... well, I haven't...
seen it.
Jesus, do you pack
everything you own?
This your brother?
Yep, that's mike.
Elise, you better take your
shower before the hot water's gone.
You wanna shower?
I mean, if you're gonna shower after me,
I'll save you some hot water.
No, I'm okay, thank you.
It's the two percent rule.
Sorry, that-What?
Gotta be two percent smarter
than what you're working with.
Thanks for the tip.
No problem.
So what is all this?
These are fish.
I mean why do you have so many?
These three tanks are salt water
And, uh, see that fish, the
purple and blue fin?
He's a beta or a Siamese fighting fish,
which means he doesn't play well with others.
So, are you some kind of...
fish scientist...?
Or something?
Marine biologist?
Yeah, I'm going to school for
it in a few months.
Would you put some clothes on?
I mean, you're scaring my fish.
You don't have to do that.
Actually, I do.
How'd you sleep?
Good, thank you.
Here's two weeks worth of rent.
Should be all there.
Thank you.
Smell this.
Wow, thanks for that.
Smells normal.
Ah, no help,
A bit manly for you?
No, it's for mike.
We don't even have the same parts
and I'm the one who's supposed
To be stocking up his bathroom
before he gets home.
This one better?
Why don't you
just wait for mike to get back?
Let him decide.
Yeah, well, it's because it's
the first time he's been back
Since he's left
home for college.
My mom wants everything
to be perfect.
Yeah, he's her favorite.
Alex would know!
Who's Alex?
Mike's best friend.
Hey, loser.
Hey, do you know what type of
deodorant mike likes?
Okay, yeah, got it.
Yeah, yeah,
we did rent out the room.
Yeah, to a photographer
named Brennan.
Yeah, he's from England.
Okay, bye.
I gotta go finish my chores.
Here's a gift.
Look at you!
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You must be Brennan.
- How you doing?
- Good.
- Mike.
- Mike.
- I just came to grab a clean shirt.
- Sure, yeah.
How you liking it so far?
It's good.
How-How-How's the journey?
Oh, it was good.
Mom's excited to have you.
So welcome. To America.
Yeah, uh, yeah.
Alright. Well, uh, listen,
you need anything, let me know. Okay?
Okay, alright.
- See you out there.
- See you down there.
Elise, I thought I told you to
burn that thing.
Yeah, I did.
Yeah, well, I bought
another one.
Well, I haven't
even eaten yet, so-
No, no, he's hungry.
I left you a plate in the kitchen, honey.
Look at the muscles on that
kid. He doesn't need to eat.
Yeah, well,
constant nutrients keep your muscles toned.
Oh my god, she
does have a brain.
Alright, fine.
Go eat, but hurry back.
Oh, and can you bring some
pencils too when you-
Oh, what about Brennan?
What about him?
Oh, uh, hi.
If you play, the teams
will be uneven.
No, no, dad,
he can be on mine and mike's team, right?
He can actually just play for me. I don't
really feel like playing right now anyway.
Oh, don't be scared, mike.
I'm even giving you an extra player.
Dad, are you really
that eager to lose?
Last time mom said you cried
yourself to sleep.
Well... Elise said you had a nightmare
and screamed like a little girl.
This seems like a family thing.
I'm gonna go find
something else to do.
- No, no, Brennan.
- No, it's fine.
Join us.
No, no. You guys have fun.
- Seriously. I'll see you later.
- Hurry it up!
Okay, my turn first.
What are you staring at?
Where are your shoes?
That's a story, kid.
Give me that roll,
I'll tell you.
Alright, show's
over. Go on, get out of here.
Go on, get out.
Go on!
Sorry, I just need to
get my bag.
So, who won the game?
Me and Elise.
You in college?
That's right.
Some kind of running
Uh, no, actually,
I hurt myself halfway through
senior year.
Must have been gutted.
Yeah, sort of...
but, um, I decided to go to
college anyway.
I'm gonna be a trainer.
Good for you.
Hey, listen, you can,
uh, you can have the room.
You know, you are paying rent
after all, it's my pleasure.
Nah, it's your room.
I insist.
It's fine, really.
No, no, okay, let's play rock,
paper, scissors for it.
One, two, shoot.
Alright, best two out of three.
Alright, um, I guess
I'm on the couch.
Sleep well.
Done hibernating for the winter?
Hello, good morning.
Afternoon is more like it.
This always confuses me.
Hey, could you
scoot over London?
Yeah, sorry.
Well, it's an American sport.
I just meant I don't understand why you
play American football on your holidays
If baseball is
your national pastime.
Baseball is our pastime,
but football is our sport.
There's a difference.
Let the big dog eat!
You know, I think some of those
guys enjoy that a little too much.
- What, the butt slapping?
- Yeah.
I bet you'd be surprised how
many gays there are in The NFL.
Mike, watch this kid eat.
Howard, leave Brennan alone.
It's amusing!
Is it?
I'm kidding.
It's a joke.
You got burned, dad.
Yeah, that was,
that was good, I like that.
So, what's so amusing about
the way you eat?
Oh, I like to eat one thing
at a time.
You know, it's better
for you anyway.
It's good for your
digestive system.
Honey, have you met any nice
college girls?
Mom, none that you'd like.
Any that I'd like?
So, anyways, after we're done here,
I'm gonna go over to Alex's, if that's okay.
I'll come too!
That's a great idea.
You'll love Alex.
Hey. How's it going?
Yeah, it's good to see you.
Uh, this is Brennan.
Hey, uh, Alex... Nixon.
No relation.
To who?
Good one
What's this?
They're, uh, cacti.
What a fag.
Your turn?
Oh, no.
I'm okay.
I'm not really...
you ever lifted before?
Come on, give it a try.
No, I'm-
Come on, sit down.
How much do you weigh?
Well, this is 155 on here,
So a perfectly healthy person
Should be able to bench their
own body weight.
Can you?
Yeah, I'm one-Eighty and I
can bench two-Sixty-Five.
Just straight back.
Okay, you ready?
Hands out here.
Don't tuck your thumbs in.
This, uh, feels weird...
It's alright. You know who
Arnold Schwarzenegger is?
This is how he lifts.
Alright you ready?
Wait, no, no, no,
no, no, no-
- You got it. You got it!
- Hold on
Alright. Relax.
Why are you forcing Brennan to
sleep on the couch?
I didn't force him to do shit.
Alright, we played rock, paper,
scissors for it tonight and he lost.
Yeah, well, you forced him
to lift weights.
Did he come home crying to you?
No, Alex called me.
Look, he could have
hurt himself.
You, out of all people, know what can
happen if you push yourself too far.
I know you don't like
anybody staying in your room,
There's something off about
him, Elise.
I mean, did you guys check him
out at all?
Mike, he's a really nice guy.
Oh my god, you like him.
Admit it.
Mike, good night.
Admit it!
Do you know what
that feels like?
To be disrespected?
I know. I did it. I'm sorry.
And what about the fucking
cacti? You like cacti.
I know.
Okay... I was being
an asshole.
how about a thoughtless and arrogant prick.
Okay. I deserve it.
But I was just pissed off.
Alright, but I'm leaving
and I want to be with
you tonight.
What is your problem with
Brennan, anyway?
He seems like a nice guy.
I just don't like him.
That's not like you, mike.
You need to relax.
I'm gonna be back
in a month, alright?
I'll make this up to you,
I promise.
She does this every time
mike leaves.
It's why we rented out the room.
Where are you going?
To help.
Mike's back in a month, he's counting on
you to have this house ready for Christmas.
Don't want to disappoint him
now, do you?
No, of course not.
Did Elise put you up to this?
Trying to make me feel better.
No, it was my idea,
Mrs. Henderson.
You know, I never really knew
my mother.
She died of cancer when I was
very young.
You know, you remind me of her.
Smell like her.
Ah, so sweet.
I'm so sorry about your mommy.
It's okay.
I'll take these clothes up to mike's
room for you, Mrs. Henderson.
You can call me Candi.
How about mum?
Of course.
Call me what you like.
Cheer up, mum.
Who's your idol?
Six time Mr. Olympia,
Film icon, governor of
And you're obsessed
with his pecs.
Just admit it. I have pecs.
But his are better.
I'm gonna pretend
you didn't say that
Because I definitely have
better hair and a better ass.
I have a casual ass.
You have a casual ass?
What does Schwarzenegger have?
He's got a serious
ass, obviously.
Name something that
grosses you out.
Peanut butter.
Peanut butter, you poor child.
Yeah, I'm allergic
to it, asshole.
And secondly, I... I don't know,
the texture is just like, you know.
The texture's what?
Okay, who would win in a fair fight:
Superman or wolverine?
Is that your final answer?
Yeah, it's no contest.
Clark Kent is so not cool man.
He's only cool when he's
No, I get it,
but that's what I like about it.
You know, it's like...
all of his potential is hidden
When the shirt comes open, and
the dorky glasses come off,
And the hair changes...
it's kick ass time.
Don't hide that face.
Come on.
I've got so much footage of
pillows, I don't need anymore.
Who's your idol?
When the shirt comes open...
shirt comes open.
- Dorky glasses come off...
- Dorky glasses come off.
- Hair changes...
- Hair changes.
-'s kick ass time.
- It's kick ass time.
What happened to your shoes?
They were stolen off my feet.
Georgia rest stop.
Stolen off your feet in a
Georgia rest stop?
You know, you should
be more careful.
Take it easy.
There you are!
Where have you been?
Just out for a walk.
Well, if you boys get to bed now
you can go fishing in the morning.
Uh, I don't know, uh, he's a
late sleeper.
Sounds great!
I'll set my alarm. What time?
I'll set my alarm for 4.
I know, I know.
Catch and release.
You don't have a pole.
He can use mike's.
He can try.
Great. I'll see you
in a few hours.
- Sweet dreams.
- Good night.
Oh, I got one!
Okay, alright, reel it in.
Slow, slow, slow.
Been here all day
we haven't had one bite.
That pole's a bigger tease than
any woman on this planet.
Mike's the only one
who can use it.
We'll see.
So, I forgot to ask.
Why here?
Thought I could get
some nice pictures.
What part of England did
you say you were from?
Family there?
I don't have a family.
My father died in a plane crash
when I was three.
Mother worked a lot.
One day, she didn't pick me up
from school.
Spent a lot of years
in foster care.
Sorry, Brennan.
It's alright.
You didn't know.
I got you guys now.
Isn't he great?
How do you know he's a he?
Don't be a smart ass!
He's ugly.
Don't hate!
Hermit crabs have a hard enough
time as it is.
You know, they constantly
outgrow their shells because
They're never happy with their
place in the world.
my dad got you this morning.
I was wondering if you wanted to
go out with me tonight.
You mean, like a date?
Well, no, that's
not really-
No, no, it doesn't
have to be a date.
I just, I just
didn't think that-
Yeah, I'm just playing.
I can't believe you're still up.
You and Brennan must have left
the house at 4:30 this morning?
Hey baby, I still got it.
Did you catch anything?
Poor Brennan.
Growing up without a mother. Can
you imagine?
You mean a father.
What are you talking about?
His father died in
a plane crash.
His mother died of cancer.
I thought she walked out on him.
Maybe she left and
then she died.
That's so sad.
Good night, honey.
Good night.
I'll race you to jenny's pier.
You mad?
You can have a head start
if you think I'm gonna beat you.
Shove off.
Come on, I thought
you said you could beat me.
You okay?
Hurt my ankle.
How bad is it?
I don't know.
Let me see.
You a doctor?
Then back up and
let me see if I can stand.
That was bad, wasn't it?
Two percent rule, right?
Yeah, something like that.
Wanna hear a scary story?
Oh. Sure.
I'm going to blind fold you.
Can you see?
Okay. Come on.
I do not want to do this
Why did I let you do this again?
We're almost there.
Watch out, watch out...
okay, alright now
take a big step up, big step up.
- Are you laughing at me?
- Yes, I am. Turn around.
Are you good? You got your
Yeah. Got it.
Now, I want you to imagine
A man and a woman
Standing on a pier.
The man's name is Frederick
And the woman's name is jenny.
Now, I want you to
imagine them kissing.
What happened to their clothes?
Well, it sounds like they're
kissing naked.
- That's me, I don't...
- Ha, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, Frederick is
wearing a suit
And jenny is wearing
a white dress.
Okay, so they're newlyweds.
Okay, jenny is wearing
a blue dress.
Blue dress, got it.
Frederick, jenny, blue dress.
Now I want you to imagine them
passionately kissing
Like forbidden lovers.
But wait!
They're not alone.
Someone is standing, watching
them on the pier.
Another man.
And suddenly, he charges them
And pushes jenny in the ocean!
Was that it?
That didn't scare you?
Huh. It's kind of lame, huh?
Yeah, but I'll forgive you.
Yeah, well, it's actually true.
Body get sucked out to sea?
Sharks ate it.
Get off it.
No, I'm serious.
It's a primary feeding place,
'Cause the shrimp boats come into
the current in and out of here.
They actually shut off the pier in
the summer times for the swimmers.
So what's your dad got against you
being a fish scientist anyway?
Oh, my dad was a football jock.
He dislocated his shoulder.
Mike was a track star,
blew out his knee.
And I was the swimmer.
And I gave it all up
to study fish.
At least you know
what makes you happy.
What about you?
Are your parents okay with you
being a photographer?
I don't know.
Died when I was eight.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Got hit by a drunk driver.
Car got pushed off
a bridge into a lake.
Yeah, give me my scarf back.
Hang on, I need to like untie
it after your little...
your little fantastic trick.
It was good. That was good!
I had a really nice night.
Me too.
So we're like brother and
sister now, huh?
No, mike's my brother.
You're more...
like that.
I got the devil
on my right shoulder
and this halo
hanging over
and these hands
ain't got no plans
and there ain't nothing
that's going to save them
and you cut your tie
and I'll cut mine
they can't cut
out what's inside
I got the devil
on my right shoulder
and this halo
hanging over
and these hands
ain't got no plans
and there ain't nothing
that's going to save them
and you'll cut your tie
and I'll cut mine
they can't cut out -
I got it.
Thank you.
Oh good!
Let's go. Give it two more.
It's all you.
Good boy, Brennan.
Getting stronger.
Yeah, thanks.
Did you get new shoes?
Uh, yeah.
Anyway, I'm gonna go, man.
Catch you tomorrow, okay.
Hey, you can shower here
if you want.
Mike does it all the time.
No big deal.
Yeah, sure.
Can you pass the soap?
What the fuck are you doing?
I thought you might
like company.
Well, then fucking ask then.
Would you like company?
It's okay, Brennan.
I'm not gay.
You lied.
Those aren't your shoes.
They're mike's. I gave them to
him for his birthday.
Let me guess, you found one of
my letters to mike.
You know, the scar,
The clothes, your hair,
The accent.
You want to impress me.
It worked.
I'm impressed.
It's okay, Brennan.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Fuck you, fucking...
Merry Christmas.
Thank you.
You okay?
I'm dying.
You scared?
Well, maybe...
I'll get to see them.
I took that out of a frame in a
department store in Pensacola.
Just seemed like what a family
should be like, you know?
Ah, you keep it.
Got some other options in here.
Why does it always have to be
this goddamn sports juice?
You're the runner, not me.
What else do you want?
Beer. Huh?
A beer?
A beer.
I'll see what I can do.
Here, I don't need this.
I would take that one.
I like this one.
- There's a few more over here.
- Oh, good.
- Yay!
- Thank you very much for this.
This is great.
- This is yours.
- What did you get me?
- Oh, thank you.
- Oh, a big one.
- Put this under the tree?
- Yeah.
Merry Christmas, guys!
I'm sorry I'm late.
We open presents at 8 am on the dot.
Henderson family tradition.
- Here, mommy.
- Thank you, honey.
Sorry man, gotta get in there.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Nice shoes.
Nice accent.
Oh my gosh, look!
Oh, mike, that's beautiful.
I didn't get her that.
Don't look at me.
Thank you, Brennan.
Sure, of course
- Wow, that's sweet.
- Yeah, good job.
Alright, I've got a surprise.
Mom, close your eyes. Elise,
close your eyes. Dad, close your eyes.
Brennan, close your eyes.
Okay, open!
Oh my goodness!
That thing better be
house trained.
- Oh my...
- Hi!
What's his name?
Hey, let's go to Alex's, mike.
Mike, let's go say hi to Alex.
Yeah, why don't you kids go
see Alex.
And take him some food.
Okay? We've got plenty.
Jesus, what happened
to your face?
Yeah, man, what happened?
You okay?
What happened?
I was mugged.
By who?
Let me see. By who?
I don't know. I don't know.
Well, where...
did it happen here?
Yeah, mike, it happened here.
And they left everything
in my apartment.
Okay, well how the fuck am I
supposed to know?
What happened?
- Where did it happen?
- On my way home from work.
Would you just forget about it?
- Are you lying to me?
- Just drop it, okay?
I got fucking jumped on my
way home from work, okay?
You using my bench?
A little.
Every day.
How much do you lift now?
Let's see.
What, that's 205?
Yeah, not bad.
Let's do 255.
Come on. It'll be fun.
Hey, hey, hey!
You know this, this is
a badass knife.
I lift that,
Would you give it to me?
And if you can't?
I'll give you my camera.
Mike, your dad gave you
that knife. Don't-
Alex, relax.
Yeah, Alex, relax
I just ah... I wanted to
tell you something.
What are you doing??
What do these mean?
Tell me a secret.
You first.
I asked you first.
Yeah, well I'm better looking.
When I was thirteen
I shared a room in a foster home
with a couple of twins.
Child prodigies or something.
They read all the time.
When one finished a book,
They'd give it to the other.
One day they started talking about
a book I thought sounded cool.
So I asked if I could read it.
And they said no.
Fucking right they said no.
They started carrying on about
how I was too stupid to read.
That I should stick
to picture books.
Kids can be mean.
But I got them back.
When I left, I gave myself a
little going away present.
I gathered every book they owned
And I burned all of them.
Except the one they wouldn't
give me.
That one I kept.
What book was it?
Catcher in the rye.
Did you read it?
Tried to.
Every time, I'd just
get more angry.
It didn't have enough pictures.
Is that you, Brennan?
Yeah. I was getting a drink and I
heard mike talking in his sleep.
He hasn't talked in his sleep
since puberty.
It always feels so right
when he's home.
Sweet dreams, angel.
I've always wondered
what that's like.
To be part of a family.
Goodnight, Brennan.
Get some sleep.
- You have a casual ass?
- You have a casual ass?
He's got a serious ass,
Name something that
grosses you out.
- Peanut butter.
- Peanut butter.
Peanut butter. Poor child.
- Yeah, I'm allergic to it!
- I'm allergic to it! Asshole.
Okay, who would win in a fair
fight: Superman or wolverine?
Yeah, no contest.
Clark Kent is so not cool, man.
I get it, but that's what I
like about him.
All this potential underneath.
Shirt comes open...
glasses come off...
hair changes...
it's kick ass...
that's twister.
Charades is just-
- That's right, that's right.
- Moving around from the waist up.
You go first.
Brennan made these cookies
especially for you.
What? Why?
It's a small thank you to you
guys for your hospitality,
And to you mike, for everything
you shared with me.
- That's sweet.
- I know!
I can't. I'm stuffed.
Oh, mike.
No, really, mom, I ate too much.
Mike, you can eat one.
Honey, you're being rude.
What's the matter you?
I didn't raise you to be this way.
Have a cookie.
Mom, I'm not hungry.
He's not hungry.
Fine! I'll eat a cookie.
Oh, it's not that bad.
Mike, here.
Oh my god, mike.
Oh my god, mike!
Thanks, kid, you're the best.
Your parents?
Died when I was twelve.
Tough break.
They were shits.
What are you keeping it for?
Throw it out.
They were alright when I was
I want to remember them.
Kid, I've lived a long time.
I've done some things.
I've watched people.
I don't know shit,
I don't know shit,
Except this.
You can't change what you are.
Is he okay?
He's fine.
What happened?
He had an allergic reaction.
There was peanut butter
in the cookies.
Oh my god, it's my fault.
You're goddamn right it was!
I want you out of here!
I didn't know.
How would I know?
Get out!
Nice going, dad.
I want that kid out of this
house tonight!
That's not our problem, and
stop making excuses for him!
Sorry about my dad.
Mike's just his whole world.
He's really protective
of the family.
I understand.
You know, when
I was a little girl,
Dad used to say our family was
like a sand castle
And that all our problems were
like the tides.
Even a strong enough castle...
can withstand any tide.
What, are you afraid someone's
gonna see us?
You shouldn't touch
me like that.
It's not appropriate.
You're back.
Look, I'm sorry man, I really didn't
know you were allergic to peanut butter.
Like hell you didn't.
You stole my medal,
You took my knife,
And you just tried to kill me,
I swear I didn't know.
Look, I really don't think
he knew mike.
It's good to have you back.
He tried to kill me,
and you're still on his side.
I'm not choosing sides.
I just think he made a mistake.
There's something really wrong with him,
He didn't have a family, cut
him some slack.
You should really
try to rest up.
Brennan, thank you for letting
mike sleep in his own bed tonight.
It's the least I could do.
Sleep well.
It's mike.
Can you meet me by jenny's pier
in 15 minutes.
It's about Brennan.
Who are you talking to?
I was just mumbling to myself.
What are you doing?
Well, you seemed upset the
other night so...
I'll forgive you.
I wanted to come
and make it up to you properly.
What are you doing?
What does it look like?
Look, stop, alright. Someone
might catch us.
Yeah, well, that didn't stop
you the other night.
Look, I'm sorry.
It was a mistake.
What was?
Grabbing me or fucking me?
Stop following me.
Where are you going?
What's the rope for?
Go home.
Goddamn it, Brennan!
Don't you care about me?
Of course, I care about you.
I care about you a lot.
I needed someone the other
night, and you were there.
Then what's the problem.
You're like a sister to me.
I like it like that.
You're the sister I never had...
to protect and
share secrets with.
Yeah, well you don't
have sex with your sister.
At least not in this country.
Not in mine either.
That's why it can't
happen again.
You have to be my sister.
I don't have to be your
Mike was right about you.
I'm sorry you feel that way,
But your dad doesn't like fish
How's he gonna feel about having
a little slut...
for a daughter?
You wouldn't.
Try me...
now go!
Like a sister...
for once, I'm the punctual one.
What did you want to talk
to me abou-
Mike! Mike! Wake up,
something's going on!
it's Brennan, he's not here.
You were right, something's
really wrong with him.
Stay here.
Bad dreams?
Get the fuck out of here,
you're not welcome.
Alex asked me to say goodbye.
What did you do to him? Come
on, tell me what you did.
Here's what you're
going to do-
No! Here's what
you're fucking...
you fucking touched him,
I'll kill you!
Go ahead.
And then you'll never find him.
Like two star-Crossed lovers.
So sad.
Fuck you.
Now here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna go inside and tell
everybody the truth about you.
And if you're still here when I get
back I'm going to fucking kill you.
Go ahead.
Tell them about me and I'll
tell them about you.
What about me?
About you and Alex
Being fairies.
Where is Alex?
How bad you want to know?
You know how bad.
Go tell them you're gay.
Tell your parents you're gay and I'll
help you get your lover boy back.
They're going to
know you put me up to it.
Oh really?
Even if I show them pictures of
you two kissing.
They'll disown you mike.
And I'll be there to pick up
the pieces.
I'll be the son they need,
A brother to Elise.
I'll be you.
You're fucking crazy.
You better hurry
if you want to save Alex.
Candi... Candi.
I'm gay.
I didn't want to tell you
like this,
But I've been dating Alex for
the last three years.
Fuck. I'm sorry.
I know how disappointed
you must be.
But I'm gay.
Now where is he?
Don't rush mum and dad.
It's a sensitive subject.
Mum and dad need a moment-
Oh wait, hold a second.
I'm not your mom. This is not
your business.
I love you,
So does your dad.
No matter what.
I like Alex.
Dad, I do too.
Look, you're not thinking, okay?
Where is he?
You're not thinking-
Where the fuck is he?
I'm the son you want! Don't
you see, the son you need!
What did you do to Alex?
No! Where the fuck is he?
Alex! Alex!
Alex, it'll be okay.
Hold still, hold still.
Open this goddamn door or I'm
gonna break it in!
Open this door this
goddamn instant!
Oh, Elise!
Get him! Get him in here.
Take Elise to the hospital.
Dad, mike can just wrap it up.
I'm not leaving!
Hold on, honey.
Hold up.
Mike! Get some rope!
Hold him.
Please let me go.
Tie him up.
Let me go.
He's a murderer.
He tried to kill Alex.
We can't let this happen to
anyone else.
Search the house, gather all of
Brennan's belongings. Everything.
All of it, okay?
Can you build a fire
in the fireplace?
Alex, mike.
Get some weights.
Let's go.
That's my family.
Well, this is mine.
lost little voyager
you ain't speakin' now
you ride all alone
oh, oh
fine little navigator
you keep reaching out
but you can't
find a home, oh, oh, oh
so you drift along the road
the sun sets our path and
You you follow it
till it's gone
oh, but the gypsy said you
were wrong
the cave is ten miles west
and you'll see it there
when you go
oh, oh, oh
traveler strict as a penny
your minds' slipping out the
trip is unknown oh, oh, oh
journeyer I'm your leader
Can you take me where the
grass is gold?
So you drift along the road
the sun sets our path and
You you follow it
till it's gone
oh, but the gypsy said you
were wrong
the cave is ten miles west
and you'll see it there
when you go
don't go the trip has your
weary soul
it leaves nothing alone
don't go we may never see you
it wont leave you alone
drift on home