The Silent War (2012) Movie Script

Miss, your telegram
Hong Kong 1949
San Francisco meeting ended.
Shipper violated contract
Return with cargo ASAP
Intelligence from Devil
701 has intercepted
an American ciphered message
They wanted Guo Xing-zhong
to sell out Sparrow
Didn't Guo promised...
to send Sparrow to Peking tomorrow?
Sparrow is in missile engineering
The American government
drove him back to Hong Kong
Now they regret as
he's returning to China
So they want to bring
him back to the States?
They want him to disappear
Hong Kong is a British colony.
The Brits don't care?
Americans are in charge of London now.
The Brits can only follow
So does Guo Xing-zhong
All here?
You are here too?
Professor Xue-ning
Take a seat... take a seat
Tomorrow you are leaving me
Tonight you may not stay away
from me for a second
The great authoress wants to
give Professor a parting souvenir
How lucky! Professor must
have done good in former live
Oh, woe are our young heirs
of the 13 Trading Companies
she fancies none of them
And not to mention us
Master Guo deserves the most pity,
doesn't he?
After wooing her for so long,
he's become a matchmaker for Professor
Xing-zhong throws this party to
bid Professor farewell
Shouldn't we...
ask Professor to join us?
Here... Yes, Professor...
He doesn't drink. I will do it
Xue-ning, Xing-zhong and I...
are classmates, good friends
I must thank him for
introducing all of you to me
I am leaving tomorrow,
let me toast you
I will drink first. Bottoms up
You are all Xing-zhong's friends
You have to drink up
all his wine tonight
otherwise you don't
show due respect for him
OK... OK
OK... one more
For that one more,
I have to drink it with Master Guo
I am with Devil, follow me
Miss Xue-ning, I haven't seen you
for some days. Where were you?
Shouldn't you... drink as a penalty?
The brothers of 13 Trading Companies
are jealous of you
who should drink?
I Will drink it up
Leave the jealousy with them.
We will go drink
Why is Miss Xue-ning in
such a poetic mood today
bestowing this big favour on me?
Now my 5-year courtship
is not in vain
fetch Miss Xue-ning's
gift over here
No need
Helping me send Professor
to Peking is the best gift
That's beyond my power
If you do that...
I will be yours
What did you say?
I mean it
It doesn't matter
Mountain area in Southern China
Devil is waiting for you
Director, 200 is reporting
Come and take a seat
5 years ago, I had met Devil
Are you the stand-in?
Or was he the stand-in?
He left the country a year ago
Since then I have been
the Director of 701 Bureau
The identity of Guo Xing-zhong
isn't faked, right?
It's real, I am the son
of the shipping tycoon
The Guo family's fleet has always
been our underground channel
Your father also belongs
to the Bureau?
You don't need to know
Take your seat, 200
Has your knife wound healed?
Nothing serious,
Chang's stroke was deft and neat
If he was messy...
I would really have died
If so, let's talk about work
A month ago, the Intercept Unit
had a problem
For years
701 has been monitoring the
enemy's some 100 military channels
We have their
every move well in hand
However, at zero hour on 8 October
these channels ...suddenly disappeared
at the same time
After a good 30 hours
on the morning of 10 October
these channels reappeared
Monitor no. 18 detects something
93 as well...
But we no longer
hear secret intelligence
just the enemy's routine announcements
and weather reports
Did they change the cipher code?
Decipher Unit has read
all the messages
the codes have not been changed
That means there is
only one possibility
They changed the radio frequencies
We spent a whole month
and could merely find 9 channels
Just last week
3 of our overseas intelligence
points were destroyed
causing many casualties
While Chiang is making a new move
with the addition of this episode
would you regard it...
as a mere coincidence?
Definitely not!
So now I need...
a brilliant interceptor to
retrieve these channels
This man, Luo San-er, is in Shanghai
He is a piano tuner
He can tell which piano
is flawed from 100 meters away
I will go bring him back
Director, goodbye
Even higher...
I have worked here for 5 years
In the past, the piano was tuned...
once every half-a-year
After Mr. Luo came,
it became once every month
I heard that he also tuned
for Madam Sun
so no one said anything
I can tell you...
Madam says she likes music
Actually... she just likes to listen to
Mr. Luo tuning the piano
In tune with her?
Relax, I won't tell anyone
Who is that man?
Bing, Mr. Luo's
lackey He's blind
Brother San! Run!
You toy boy,
how dare you touch my wife!
Run, run Waste him, kill him
Hurry up, don't let them escape
Hurry, chase... chase...
Grab him Go That way, run
Here, up the stairs... quick
Here, come on
Quick, go down
Brother San, watch out
Chop him to death
And him too!
Where can you go?
You have no escape
Thank you You are welcome
What is your name?
Didn't that woman
in the theatre tell you?
You saw it?
You pretender You
are the pretender
I haven't seen a woman
so adept in fighting
and on high heels too
Sis, which gang do you belong to?
I am looking for Luo San-er
another of Brother San's women
Looks like you are really blind
I am blind So what?
Have eyes but see not
I have to go. Where is the door?
On your left
Turn right
What exactly do you want?
We are from the military
We know that people like you
would meet at a place
after dispersal
Where is your meeting place
with Luo San-er
We don't have one Fatso
take him away
We've arranged to
meet tomorrow morning
Can I tell you tomorrow morning?
Why can't you tell me now?
Will I survive if I tell you now?
I will tell you tomorrow morning
Are you afraid I will flee?
Pinwheel... drop by
and buy a pinwheel
Authentic Lanzhou noodle
Popcorn... popcorn
Watch out...
Watch out...
Can't you just leave me alone?
Did you come here by
tracing the sound?
Why do you bring me back here?
Aren't you looking for Brother San?
We agreed that we'd meet
at Zhu Jia Jiao
He'll be gone if
I don't get there soon
I heard that when
you were 13, on a tree...
you and your elder brother watched the
Japanese soldiers enter your village
They discovered and
shot you with guns
You both fell from the tree,
your brother died
and you fainted
The Japanese thought your were dead,
they didn't shoot again
When your mother found you,
a night had passed
Since then your eyes
couldn't see anything
but your ears became more
and more sensitive
At 16, even a mosquito flying by...
would give you the jitters
Luo San-er was your townsman,
he discovered your talent
and took you to Shanghai
to make a living
Is this your story?
Who told you that?
You blind idiot,
how dare you come here?
I'll beat you up, I...
you stay right here!
I...I'll beat you up...
I told you to earn money,
and you got people killed
If it were not these leaders
who bore with you
you blind idiot
would have been dead long ago
Don't you hear me clearly?
No No? He...
OK, let me tell you clearly...
tell you clearly
Son... you can't avert
this misfortune
Do you hear me clearly now?
Clear now? Clear this time
From now on we
will listen to you
We will always listen to you
No problem, my son's ears
are super sensitive
our country is developing,
it needs loads of manpower
You don't need to drag in
so many people to care for my mom
Though she looks old
she... is very nimble,
and has an agile mind
She can take care of herself
I know she is nimble and agile,
I fear she would escape
With me in your hands,
how can she escape?
With she in my hands,
you will not escape
It is my honor to
serve the country
why would I escape?
Alright, I'll accept fate
You all want to take
advantage of my ears
But you have to tell me what
you want me to do
Just think as if you are going
to tune a very big piano
Do you know how much I charge
for tuning an ordinary piano?
I will double the pay
How about my mom?
We have arranged quarters
for your mom, on the Bund
The Bund is good, beautiful scenery
But grocery shopping...
is a bit inconvenient
If she could have a small sedan,
that would...
Let's sign a contract
Why are you staring at me?
Who stares at you? I am blind
Close your eyes I
can't see anyway
what difference does it make?
Close your eyes
What do you see when
you close your eyes?
What did you say?
Nothing, I was just asking
Did you hear something just now?
When you slept, you didn't snore,
you didn't talk
your heartbeat was slow,
so was your breathing
but your hands and
feet were strained
as if someone were to touch you,
you'd kill him at once
Then why did you ask me
what I'd see with my eyes closed?
Let me open my eyes, then I'll tell you
When I close my eyes
I'd think of unhappy past events
Then you should sleep with
your eyes wide open
How is it possible?
I'd try to think of good things
Such as?
The good things I remember
all happened before I became blind
Things happened in my childhood
were all good things
What if there are
sad parts in the good things?
Just remembering
the good parts will do
Is it that simple?
It is that simple
What are you smiling at?
I am thinking of the day
you fell from the tree
Your must remember...
the part where your peeped
at Chun Jiao's bath, right?
Did my mom tell you that?
Blindfold him No
need, he cannot see
So many sentries...
Are we arriving soon?
Didn't you say he couldn't see?
Relax, he just hears it
And there are many cars
200, what is it?
Why isn't he blindfolded?
He cannot see
Don't talk nonsense
Aren't you supposed to
fetch the tuner Luo?
Why is this man here?
You dropped your cigarette
The examination will
start right away
How long do we have
to wait here?
What do you want?
I am hungry
Where is the exit?
What are you doing?
They are calling
Let's go
If you hear this broadcast,
leave from the right exit
If you hear this broadcast,
leave from the right exit
It was an ultra-low
frequency recording
we ordinary people cannot
hear that frequency
I have studied his file,
he is illiterate
Yes You can help him
in the next test OK
Are you hungry?
You didn't say there'd be a test
Are you scared?
Yeah... I am afraid to scare you
Ladies and gentlemen,
please put on your earphones
I don't need to,
just put it there
Let's start
Question no. 1
In the recording just now...
what did the woman next to
the bus say?
Damn it
What did you say?
The answer
Damn it
The answer...
how can it be damn it
Do you know what 701 is?
We are an invisible unit
You will fight an invisible enemy
on an invisible
battlefield What?
Isn't my mission...
very dangerous?
What do you want to say?
Nothing Director
This leader told me that
I came here for tuning piano
Now you ask me to fight a battle,
The charge would be very different
What do you think is
an appropriate price?
Our agreed price times 5
And it's impossible for
my mom to live in quarters
Living in a house is more
comfortable for an elder
Plus a small sedan
Imported sedan Deal
Director... softer please
I hope you can mend your ways
Mend what?
Who has never made a mistake?
Don't be so fussy
I am now sacrificing my life
for the country
that would compensate, right?
You aren't in a position
to bargain with me
As long as you do your work well,
no one can touch you
If you don't,
we will work according to law
Are you threatening me, sir?
I just want you to feel at ease
If you feel at ease,
you can work well
If you work well,
the price I offer you is reasonable
You have to learn radio
and Morse Code in one week
You don't have much time,
don't dillydally
Your Director is not amenable
to reason
To people like you,
he's already very kind
I am out of luck
Start working
It's all right to
put it on the table
Retrieve that particular one
This one on the far right
is the volume
When you hear sounds Put down...
what you have heard
Switch, frequency, fine tune...
volume, hear sounds
I've heard that you
and Bing haven't rested for days
You look terrible
What's the use of having
good looks here?
It's no use damaging
your health here
Take a rest, this is an order!
Of course I have to obey your order
but I also have to
complete my last mission
Put this on monitor no. 7
No. 11...more towards the left
No... my left
Is that OK? Yes
Like this
What are they doing?
Bing begins to locate the channels
He wants to start with
the whole airwaves
This is the sound of the airwaves?
Just 5 days...
has he learned
all the things he needs?
Radio is sound,
Bing doesn't need to learn that
He is illiterate
Morse Code is the first
written language he learns
I found it! I found it!
It's telegraphic code!
I have been monitoring this frequency
for 2 weeks but to no avail
I found it! I found it!
It's real!
Are you awake?
The doctor said your blood sugar is low
and need to drink more glucose
You had a high fever yesterday,
scared me to death
Come, take this medicine!
Good girl
Drinking glucose isn't enough
I'll cook you chicken angelica
soup tomorrow
I'll add wolf berries and red dates
What are you doing here?
Don't move
This medicine is very effective
Why is your hand so cold?
What did you say?
I said what are you doing here
Shouldn't you be
at the Intercept Unit?
Yes, I should go back
Director, you are late again
The director talks to
the doctor first everyday
He is not sick,
why talk to the doctor?
A waste of time I am leaving
She's taken the medicine.
Congee and food are on the cabinet
Ask the nurse to
heat them up before she eats
Remember, the congee
shouldn't be too hot
Cool it down a bit before drinking!
I'll go now
Oh... take the medicine with
lukewarm water
No problem
What is he up to?
In the past 2 days
Bing has found over 70 channels
After the Decipher Unit
deciphered the code
we discovered...
Chiang's spies are gathering
in several big cities
The Action Unit people
took off yesterday
Chang has spotted a few
of them in Shanghai
They are disguised
as patriotic merchants
The one taking the lead
is Zhang Guo-xiang
They have just formed
the New Chamber of Commerce
Bing has become the hero of 701
but, after all, he is not one of us
He is well disposed towards you.
You have to see him more
What are you talking about?
After you fainted,
he carried you to the hospital
nobody could touch you
You have been hospitalized
for 2 days
he visited you every 2 hours
didn't sleep a wink
Only one channel is left
all the 120 channels are found
You are in the mood for cooking?
Come. You've been cooking everyday,
must be tired
Come try my cooking today
I have bought you a
woolen vest try it on
Oh my! You shouldn't
have bought me gifts
How can I accept it?
Give it to me
The colour of this vest
suits you well
Don't you think so, Li-jun?
Nowadays, not many men can cook
Look at this dish...
so delicately done
Have a piece of meat
Tastes good?
The puppy was just killed today.
A newborn.
Isn't it tender?
Bing likes joking
Nowadays not many men
like to joke, right?
did you tell the lady
about all my problems?
Otherwise it would be embarrassing
Last time Mei-fen...
was so scared that
she was hospitalized for a week
Come on, let's have a drink
Bing, join us I can't
drink, I can't drink
Let us drink then
All right, bottoms up
Didn't you say
you could not drink?
Who said that?
Bottoms up
Bottoms up
Sorry, he...
He is fine. It's my problem
Don't like her?
Then I'll invite Yue-hua
of Archive Unit to come tomorrow
No need
The Director fears you'd be bored,
he wants me to find you...
Is it the Director's idea?
Thank him for me
Tell him I am grateful
for his goodwill
You are the best investigator here
Having you take care
of a blind man
is a task that is beneath you
I will talk to
the Director tomorrow
You don't have to
take care of me anymore
Are you looking for something?
just taking a walk
Jackpot! 3 ones,
4 twos and 1 six
Can you really hear it?
To be frank, in Shanghai...
all the casinos,
large and small, bar me out
Come again
You can hear it all.
What's the fun of playing?
Winning is always
better than losing
Then 701 is really
the place for you
People here like to win
Where have you been today?
Haven't seen you
for the whole day
I was learning
Learning what?
If there's nothing, I'll go home
You are wearing new clothes?
Doesn't it look good?
looks very good
Are you gambling on life?
I am gambling on
other people's lives
If I decipher a code wrongly
more than one life will be lost
Tossing the dice to decipher
you are gambling more fiercely than me
I have been quite
lucky so far Really?
Want to play again?
Then... I'll go
Come out
Learning codes from
Decipher Unit's people
how accurate
You aren't tired after
following me for one day?
No, now I can rest assured
That's nice
Chang and his men were ambushed
That night...
they followed the New Chamber
of Commerce people and found a spot
but when they arrived
the people had left
This spot...
had never appeared in
the messages before
I found this there
We have never
intercepted this message
I suspect that the enemy still
has several advanced channels...
for communicating top secrets
yet Bing had never detected them
which is the quietest place
in 701?
This is the acoustic
laboratory zero echo
The small sound box you ask
for is also ready
No sound at all I
can't hear the path
Can you take me there?
I'm fine doing it alone Sure
Bing... Bing... are you OK?
No sound at all?
What is he listening to?
It's already been 3 hours
Hear it?
This person hides in the most
crowded place, tapping very lightly
as if he's afraid of
breaking the radio transmitter
he's afraid of breaking his nails
It's a woman
One long sound, one short sound,
very even rhythm
This one is different
A chain smoker
Sending messages holding a cigarette
Often makes mistakes
Whenever he corrects his mistake,
he taps heavier
A very short-tempered man
Another mistake
The third one uses her left hand
to send message
But she isn't a
leftie a bit clumsy
She does it intentionally
and she likes adding 1
or 2 wrong codes in the message
The fourth one's codes
are intermittent
Sometimes heavy, sometimes light
as if he's standing on
an unstable place
He's sending message from a ship
This elderly gentleman
is different
All of his taps are heavy,
and accurate
this is a veteran
But he's a bit old
He has the least strength
The messages intercepted by Bing
are all encrypted advanced codes
It's exclusively used by...
the enemy's spy head Chungking
I suspect that he's
in Shanghai right now
Look at the files in your hands
There are 53 target persons in them
Chungking is definitely one of them
Are you Shen Jing?
I am
I've heard that
your parents are also in coding
After the war,
your father had another woman
Your mother left him
and took you to Yan An
When the Kuomintang retreated,
your mother died
Your father followed the
Chiang family to Taiwan
With such a father
do you feel bad working here?
I feel perfectly fine here
You know Bing is
a very important person, right?
And your father is the Director
of Kuomintang Decipher Unit
So what you want to say is...
I befriend Bing...
because I want to whitewash
my background?
Or are you worried that...
I'll have bad influence on him?
Miss Zhang
Do you know how many codes
I've deciphered for 701?
And many of them are coded
by my father
It's not accidental that
I can stay here
Bing is my only friend
Do you think I would hurt him?
That's good. I'll go now
So the investigation is over?
This is not an investigation
I just care about my friend
That simple?
What do you mean?
I don't mean anything
I am thinking too much
You are up?
I am leaving
Where to?
When will you come back?
I don't know
From now on Shen Jing will
take care of you
Zhang Xue-ning
Come back safely
Xue-ning has left 701
for half a year
No message from her
I understand that... when she works
she can't contact me
I marry Shen Jing today
I asked the Director...
to let Zhang Xue-ning return
for the wedding
but she hasn't shown up
till the wedding ends
You're holding another woman even
before warming up your wedding bed
what kind of husband are you?
I must entertain the good friend...
who comes to banter the newlywed
Good friend, I am late today...
because I was preparing
a big gift for you
Hear it?
Dr. Tan is an ophthalmologist
back from the States
I talked to him about your eyes
He thinks they may be curable
Very simple. Change the cornea
Won't that be dangerous?
Very complicated
May have a certain degree of danger
I can't see anyway
I won't lose if I bet
on this Let me try
I don't want you to
marry a blind man
In the past few months
we have dealt with the enemy
spies hidden in several cities
But we have never found Chungking
2 days ago Bing intercepted
a message
The encrypted codes in the message
was exclusive to Chungking
I think he'll take up the matter
himself this time
This book contains the name list
of 701 members all over the world
Burn it after reading
From today onwards, you are Devil
Thank you, Director
This is the superior's idea,
no need to thank me
How about you?
I have another mission
Do I need to know?
You are Devil,
of course you need to know
2 months from now,
I will go to Hong Kong
to approach the daughter
of Jardine's taipan
I wish you a successful mission
Thank you
I am your upline now
If I ask you to terminate your mission,
will you do it?
You will not
You haven't used
your eyes for years
Take your time, no hurry
I can finally see you
Do I look like what you imagined?
You are much prettier
than I imagined
How about me?
Much better than Chun Jiao
Who is Chun Jiao?
Chun Jiao?
That you have to ask your hubby
I gotta go.
That's why I come to say goodbye
Leaving again?
When will you come back?
When you invite me
to your baby's 1-month party
Thank you, Dr. Tan
You are welcome
Thank you
Come back safely
Let's go
I think Chungking
will take action soon
Let's go
Found them
Everything's ready?
In the message
He Bing intercepted
Chungking will come tonight
He wants to personally
verify your identity
Oh, you have eventually come
Come... I'll do the introduction
This is Mr. Cao
of the Transport Union
This is Captain Yang of
the Marine Union
Oh... and...
this is Mrs. Li, the wife
of Shanghai Railway Co.'s manager
How do you do?
Nice meeting you
This is Comrade Ye Ling, Shanghai
Customs Director's adopted daughter
Comrade Ye, you work so late,
what a blessing to our country
It's nothing
Liu, the tea is cold,
make a new pot
Let us start Sure, let's start
Comrade Ye, this seat is good,
good fung shui, you sit here
You take your old seat
I sat here last time
Well, fung shui may change
perhaps this time I am in luck
8 characters
2 bamboos Oops... Comrade Ye...
has a winning hand
Pure one-suit hand and single wait
Fork out your money
Comrade Ye won 4 games in a row
How lucky Amazing
You just let me win
No way, I am watching at the back
I know Comrade Ye is a master-player
They are the real master-players
Look at this This is
the class superiority
Comrade Ye is a proletarian
How can such a little trick...
of us capitalist...
have cheated her, right?
What proletarian and capitalist?
We are all making a living,
aren't we?
Yes, making a living
Where should we make our living then?
With the shortage of commodities now,
imported goods are most popular
My husband just found a batch
of foreign goods in the States
If they can come to Shanghai
we'll make a fortune
8 bamboos
Nowadays, it's not easy to import
American goods into Shanghai
We ship captains know...
we should talk to
Comrade Ye about import
For these few years, the Shanghai
Customs is her adoptive father's world
You mean my Godfather abuses
power for personal gain?
However, foreign goods can
boost the economy
it's also a sort of contribution
to our country
My Godfather never objects
to our doing business
If I can also have a share...
There are 5 people here
let's split it into
5 shares 6 shares
Doesn't my Godfather get a share?
If Mr. Ye can come,
he's most welcome Wait
Sorry I win again
You don't mind?
Of course not
No, no, how brilliant
Come, take out your money
I don't mind
I have no luck today
Smiling so sweetly.
Got a winning hand?
I have lost 4 games, haven't won any
Lost? Who won then?
Mr. Li?
Oh, he's my dance teacher,
Cheng Gang
Let me introduce. Comrade Ye
Comrade Ye
Mr. Cheng. How do you do?
Take a seat OK
Let's win it back
I should win it this time
The instrument of
ratification you wanted
This is a message on Chungking
intercepted by Bing yesterday
It's about your rendezvous
with him
Are you still not sure
who Chungking is?
No, there is yet one more person
Do you remember Luo San-er?
Now he's changed his name
to Cheng Gang
If Chungking
were there yesterday
he was also a suspect
If so...
let's catch them all
Not now
Mr. Li has not appeared yet
If we catch them all
Chungking would be alarmed
What is it?
Nothing. Have Bing pay more attention
to the codes these 2 days
Am I making too much noise?
You can't sleep?
I am thinking
tell me what this is
Hour Like in one hour, two hours
And this?
They are very similar
Before deciphering...
jade is... very similar to king
But after deciphering
their meanings are
totally different
I have to go back to the Bureau
You haven't slept for 2 days
It's OK. I have to go back
1 character
Your goods will arrive
in these 2 days
My Godfather has things arranged.
You can rest assured
With this instrument of ratification,
we can all rest assured
in 2 days, I'll have
the phase one bonus...
delivered to Comrade Ye's residence.
How's that?
Business matters should
all be handled here
Good. In 2 days...
we meet here again
5 circles
it's not easy to gain from you.
My turn now
8 circles Thank you. I win
What? Again? My goodness
Comrade Ye, you are really lucky
I have lost to her...
all the money I made from this deal
Come on, you are so rich
Losing a bit is nothing
Come, collect the money
You'll get used to losing Right
What round are we in now?
Mrs. Li?
Oh, West
Are we still in West?
I've only won twice in 3 rounds
Give me another cup of hot tea
I've only won once
How unlucky I haven't even won
3 losing to 1
I will win pure one-suit hand next time
Win off him You can
How long has he been here?
2 days
He hasn't gone out in 2 days
He said the enemy channels
are transmitting all the time
he has to monitor
The volume has been
turned up a lot
Yes, it's been like that
for the last 2 days
Bing just intercepted a message
Chungking's identity exposed. Act asap
That means one of them
is definitely Chungking
I have people watching
them None has fled
Tonight should be the time
to draw in the net
Comrade Ye, how are you
Didn't we say we'd meet
at the union?
It's not convenient to speak here.
Come, let's go in
Mr. Cao is being followed
We are afraid of implicating you
so we've brought the money here
This is what you mean by
afraid of dragging me in?
We are all in it
what dragging are
you talking about
Yang, shut up
We all do it for the money,
don't we
Comrade Ye, come here,
count the money
Count the money
Aren't you looking for Chungking?
I am Chungking
I am also Chungking
You haven't imagined that...
the 5 of us are all Chungking,
He recognized you.
We have revenged for you
How long have I been sleeping?
2 days
I'll get you some water
No need
Come here
You haven't slept for
2 days as well?
It's OK. I couldn't sleep
Tell me, what is this?
And this?
These 2 codes are very similar
Yes... very similar
We used to say...
this was a joke made
by the enemy...
when they designed the code
Making the names of
the 2 opposing heads...
almost identical
What happened?
You have mistaken Devil
as Chungking
Come back safely
How can it be...
How can it be...
I come back to cook for you
You don't have to go back?
I will accompany you
I found him, I found him.
He's here
Come here
Sorry to trouble you.
I found 2 channels
You are gambling with
your own life
I want a glass of water
My ears are wasted
Does it do any good being able to see?
Anyway, I don't need capital
to gamble this time
I am the one
who should say sorry
I won't make a mistake again
I have already found the 120 channels
Only 5 advanced channels are left
You haven't rested for
one whole day
Take a rest first, then
work again I am OK
If things happen to you
who would help me find Chungking?
Thanks for your hard work
What time is the action?
I'll ask them to send you home
in a while
I can't be of any help here
What the eye doesn't see
the heart doesn't grieve for
Then I won't be in your way
I have found a channel
a clean one
Comrades of the industrial
and commercial sectors
let's put our hands together
to welcome...
the leaders of the People's
Liberation Army
friends from different sectors,
please allow me to,
on behalf of the Chinese
People's Volunteer Army,
thank you for your support
of the frontline troops
In the past, we did not
have an air force
we just relied on compact MK rifles
to overthrow Chiang's dynasty
Today, as time advances
political situations
change continuously
in order to resist
the invasion of imperialism
we must have our own air force
Otherwise we will always be passive
Air force is our future
With an air force,
the People's Army will be stronger
and can better protect the new China
Ladies and gentlemen,
what you do today...
is contributing to the future
of our motherland
the new China has
just been founded
Imperialism has never cast away
the illusion of conquering us
It vainly hopes to stifle
the new China in its cradle
For the peace of the world
for the dignity of
our sacred motherland
our young air force must carry
on our military successes...
of overcoming the strong with the weak
during the people's liberation battle
The air force will demonstrate
their courage and power
The ultimate victory...
will surely belong to...
the people who love world peace
Let me go... let me go Let me go
Her tombstone is so simple
All the tombstones of 701
are like this
The people here, from birth to death,
are kept secret
Simple is good
Just like here...