The Silver Chalice (1954) Movie Script

Between Jerusalem
and the Greek city of Antioch...
...endless caravans plied their trade routes
across the desert.
By sea, ships from Rome and Athens
sailed to and from this thriving seaport...
...whence the treasures of the East,
even from far-off China...
...were shipped
to all parts of the Roman empire.
Of the people of Antioch...
...only a few would have known
what you were talking about...
...had you told them that a crucifixion
in Jerusalem only 20 years before...
...was soon to change the course
of the world they knew.
They preferred to leave politics to Rome,
religion to the gods...
...and history to historians.
Because history is what happens to others,
never to ourselves.
To the men of the first century,
as in our own century... was business as usual...
...nowhere more so than in Antioch's
famous Street of the Silversmiths.
Theron, where's the boy?
Over there.
Stop that. Stop that, I say.
Get away from here.
They've broken my carving.
Why would anyone wanna do that?
Well, never mind. Never mind.
My son, this is my Lord Ignatius.
We were boys together...
...though you wouldn't believe it
to see us now.
He deserves something much better
than a stick of wood to work on.
And admirers, not tormentors.
Yes, you're right, Theron.
I am a rich man, but I'm poor
because I'm childless.
How many times have I offered you this?
Come, take it now...
...and well proceed
with the adoption tomorrow.
But you would soon tire of him.
ALL he wants is to make Little statues
from clay and wood.
He's only a dreamer.
Why does everyone belittle dreamers?
What do we get from men of action?
War, trouble, taxes.
Now, my older son, you would Like him.
While he's not exactly a dreamer,
he has a head for figures.
He would be much more suitable
in the home of a rich merchant.
My heart is set on the younger one.
Come, take the gold.
My house will be desolate without him.
Do not grieve, my old friend.
What father would deny his son
a Life of Luxury and high position?
My dear friend Theron, sit here.
Kester? They're here, we're ready.
Good. No more delay.
You may have time to waste,
but I, Kester, have none.
Instead of squandering hours here,
I should be at my armory...
...forging swords and spears
for the Legions of Rome.
The world will never be at peace...
...until every enemy heart
is stilled by a Roman spear.
Well, for the sake of the world...
...perhaps we should not delay
my good friend Kester.
Let us proceed.
Master Theron, in the presence
of these five witnesses of which I am one... you give this son of yours
to my Lord Ignatius... be the son of his house?
If you agree,
say yes each time I strike the scale.
My boy,
pay your respects to your new father.
Ignatius, welcome your son
and Legal heir.
My son.
From now on, your name shall be Basil,
my father's name.
It's the highest honor I can pay you,
for my father was a great man.
May the gods smile on both of you.
The blessings of the gods
be on this house.
Wine, my friends.
-Have some wine.
Yes, my Lord.
Why do they Let him do that?
Because I'm a slave.
Marcos often whips me.
I'm glad you're here.
I'm glad too.
You shall have
beautiful things to carve, Basil.
Marble, silver and gold,
when you have need of them.
I have always wanted a son
who will see things as I do.
We are Greeks.
We have a great heritage of art and beauty
to give the world.
-Is that the boy?
-It is, my Lord Linus.
Welcome home, my brother.
Brother, indeed.
Is it brotherly to wait
until I am away in Rome... adopt this ink maker's son?
He is my son now.
Why did you find it necessary to tell him?
That was my privilege.
Forgive me, my Lord Ignatius,
but I met my Lord Linus at the ship.
And when he asked me for news, Well...
...I could not Lie to him, could I?
What difference does it make?
Are you afraid to have me know?
This is a family matter,
not to be discussed before strangers.
There's no reason
for us to quarrel, Linus.
What I have done
has made me very happy.
My happiness will be complete
if you will be friends with Basil.
You dare give that nobody
our father's name?
He will be worthy of it, I promise you.
You have no right
to bring a stranger into our house... share our name and our wealth.
I have every right
because it's my house and my wealth.
And because I've always wanted a son.
Although Basil is my heir,
you are still my brother.
You will never be neglected
now or after I die.
So please be friends
with my son and your nephew.
Please, Linus, as a favor to me.
Soften your heart.
Why, it's finished.
Do you think I Look Like that?
That's the way I see you.
Like a great Lady.
That's what I would Like to be,
not a slave.
When I'm with you, I feel free.
But when I return
to the house of the slaves...
...I hate it.
That's why I'm running away, tonight.
But they'll catch you.
Then I couldn't stop them
from whipping you.
I told you that when I'm master...
...the first thing I'll do
will be to make you free.
But that will be such a Long time.
Could you wait?
I want you to be free.
These are pieces of silver.
You will need money.
I made this for you.
How beautiful.
It's only wood.
If I had time, I would copy it in gold.
I'll never, never part with it.
My handsome boy.
Will I ever see you again?
Oh, yes.
The gods could not be that crueI.
My Basil.
Always remember,
you were my first Love.
I shall never forget it.
It is as though
my dead master could speak.
There is magic in your hands,
my Lord Basil.
I hope these hands never again
have to perform such a sad duty.
There is your man.
What is the meaning of this outrage?
Leave my house at once, all of you.
Since when is a slave
master of the house in which he Lives?
Slave? What madness is this?
The only madness is yours
for deceiving yourself.
Look among the writings of Ignatius.
You will find it set down
that I am his Legally adopted son.
I have examined his documents...
...and there is nothing.
Ask him.
He was a witness to my adoption.
You wish me to tell the truth,
my Lord Linus?
Of course. Speak up, man.
Then I shall speak bravely, my Lord.
You were not adopted.
You were bought as a slave
by my Lord Ignatius.
To that, I was a witness.
And I have sworn it before Jabez,
the magistrate.
How could you, a Roman magistrate,
believe that perjurer?
A sniveling Little toady.
Look at him fawning on Linus,
waiting for his reward.
There are two sides to every question.
Even a Roman magistrate
may believe only one.
I believe that man, not you.
But there were other witnesses,
five in all.
Quite true.
But three are dead, unfortunately.
My Lord Linus has tried to find the other,
a man called Kester...
...but he is not in Antioch.
Where he is, no one knows.
He may be dead too.
We have had enough discord
in a house of mourning.
Let us have done with it.
If you will not go peaceably...
...take him to the man
to whom he has been sold.
You have no right to sell me.
Why not?
A master is privileged to sell his property.
May I wish Long Life and good health... the new master of the house.
I'm at your command, my Lord Linus.
It is quite true.
That perjurer is a sniveling Little toady.
My Lady, our silver pieces are famous.
They bring the highest prices.
You will see them in the finest houses
from Damascus to Rome.
That is why I've come to you.
They tell me that all this
is the work of your slave.
May I speak to him?
Because I want him to fashion
a medallion similar to this one.
Where is this slave of yours?
You need not trouble yourself.
I will show it to him.
Oh, no. I must explain to him
how it is to be done.
I'm very particular about it.
Is this your workshop?
I have something to show you.
My Lady wants
a perfect match to the medallion.
No more work. I have done enough.
I demand that I be set free.
He's trying to escape again.
Do something.
This time I will escape, or I'll pull
the place down upon your head.
Will you give me my freedom?
This is your Last chance, I warn you.
Are you going to give me my freedom?
Answer me. Freedom.
Are you waiting for him to murder
your poor wife? Call the guard.
Guard! Guard! Guard!
Guard! Guard! Guard! Help!
Guard. Help.
Is it really you?
My poor dear Basil.
I couldn't believe it
when I was told you were a slave.
I'm glad the world
has been good to you, Helena.
I've seen most of it
since I Left here years ago.
I have a great deal to tell you.
Last night, I met Linus.
He was drinking with some Roman officers,
friends of mine.
He's going to have you killed.
Why? Is he plagued by the fear
that I still might claim my fortune?
Be careful of strangers,
for they may be sent by Linus.
Stand back.
Stand back!
You can see for yourself
our slave has run away.
Head of mutton.
Wasting my time with your alarms.
Open up.
The hour is Late,
but if you wish to buy something-
I do.
You have a slave who is called Basil.
I thought you said
you wanted to buy something.
-I want to buy your slave.
-He's not for sale.
Not even for 50 Roman aurei?
Which is more than double
the amount you paid for him.
How do you know what we paid for him?
-I know more than you think I do.
If our slave is valuable to you,
then he is even more valuable to us.
Wait here.
The years have made you
addled in the head.
Let us take this man's gold.
But what will my Lord Linus do
when he finds we've sold Basil?
In the morning,
we shall go to the authorities...
...and tell them that a valuable slave
has run away...
...demanding aid of the Law
in finding him.
Then we shall have
both the money and the slave.
But hell ask me
to sign a document of sale.
Sign it.
we will denounce it as a forgery.
What a comfort to have
such a thoughtful wife.
There's a man to see you.
-Who is he?
-A stranger.
What does he want?
Slaves are not supposed
to ask questions.
I warn you,
keep strangers away from me.
You may go up now.
Here, take these to break his chains.
Who are you?
My name is Luke.
Who sent you here?
I've come to set you free.
Although you're a slave in chains,
your fame as an artist... a worker in silver,
has reached Jerusalem.
-I have been sent to bring you there.
-What for?
I am bound to a measure of silence,
but this I can tell you.
There's a sacred Christian relic which
must be enshrined beautifully in silver...
...and given to the world
in all its holiness.
No man has ever been entrusted
with such a sublime task.
Do you Live in Jerusalem?
No, but I go there often.
I am a Greek, Like you.
A physician of Bithynia.
Also a Christian.
I do not believe that is the real reason
you have come to me.
Since when are Christians devoted to art?
They ignore beautiful things man has made.
I've seen them do it countless times.
Christians can change their minds
about everything.
Except God.
Every Christian you meet
has changed his mind...
...or he wouldn't be a Christian.
You talk Well...
...but I believe
you were sent here to kill me.
No, I was not sent to kill you.
But others were,
and unless I am badly mistaken...
...they are here now.
I'd hoped you would be gone
before they arrived.
-How did you know they were coming?
-A Little knowledge.
And a healthy instinct for danger...
...which every Christian
must have today to survive.
Forgiving our enemies is not enough.
It is equally important
to know what they are Likely to do.
Open up!
Why did you keep me waiting outside?
Forgive us.
We were sleeping, my Lord Linus.
Where is your slave?
-What have you done with him?
-He must've escaped While we slept.
-He's tried to escape so many times.
-How could he break his chains?
He may have friends
who could Help him secretly.
I saw a stranger Looking about tonight.
There's no doubt of it.
That's the way they went,
over the rooftops.
An outrage, my Lord...
...that a man and his property aren't safe
even in his own house.
This is a matter for the Roman command.
Now that he's a runaway slave,
hell be put to death when he's found.
Hall, Cesnel.
Simon the Magician
has started his entertainment.
Our brave officers are waiting.
A woman should always
keep officers waiting, but not too Long.
Laugh, Laugh when we tickle you.
He doesn't Like it
when we tickle him.
-Let's try it again.
-That's better.
Helena. Helena.
-My Lady.
-Rest your swords, my heroes.
Only sport.
Why should officers have all the fun?
Rest your swords, I say.
I am called Mijamin.
I've come to see Simon the Magician.
It's a matter of great urgency.
Why do you wish to see Simon?
Come, you may tell me.
We've been together for many years.
I'm willing to pay for his time.
I've told my slave to show you
to our Lodgings down the road.
Wait for us there.
-May I borrow your helmet?
-My pleasure, Simon.
As you can see, it is quite empty.
What have we here?
There was no rabbit there.
I swear on my children.
-Helena, my pretty one.
-Helena, my Love.
Wine will taste better
if our beautiful Helena pours it.
Come, give my wine
the magic that is you.
Have I ever failed you, my hero?
-Over here, Helena. Over here.
Hall, Lucius Niger.
My curly-headed ram.
Where is there anyone Like you,
my Lovely?
And you saved
the Last of your wine for me.
Don't be too sure of that.
Ah! Hey! Oh!
What maddening perfume is this?
It will reek of wine from your Lips,
and then you will find me distasteful.
Your jug is empty again, Helena.
Trust me.
Would I neglect such a brave
and handsome soldier?
Let me Lose battles, but not you, Helena.
-And I still have some Left for you.
-Helena, over here. Helena.
Ah! Someone new.
Peach fuzz.
My Little vestal virgin in armor.
What manner of man will you be
when you're full-bearded?
Helena, Helena.
Make a mess for me, Simon.
Pour it, pour it into me, Simon.
Simon, Simon, over here.
To Bacchus, who has given us wine.
To Mars, who has given us warriors.
And to Venus, who has given us Helena.
Noble Romans, since you have all Lost
your heads for the fair Helena...
...I think it is fitting
she should Lose hers for you.
-No, Helena.
-Rest easy.
She will feel no pain.
She is closing her eyes,
not as one in sleep...
...but as one who has been transported
to the netherworld.
Can you still hear me, Helena?
-Yes, your voice still reaches me, Simon.
Now that I've found her, I've Lost her.
Fear not, my eaglet of Rome.
The magic of Simon
will restore me as I was.
This ointment, is it magic too?
My slave girl brought the secret with her
from her tribe in Nubia.
With these wounds,
do you wonder I hate the Romans?
You must be a brave man
to speak such treason.
Or a desperate man.
A determined man, Let us say.
-A rich man?
-I have enough.
For whom, Mijamin? You or me?
For what I want, I pay Well.
In that case, shall I speak my treason?
In that case, I would be a traitor
to myself if I did not Listen.
For years, Jerusalem has suffered the
humiliation and agony of a conquered city.
The Romans are not gentle conquerors.
Their judges imprison and kill
without justice.
Their tax gatherers rob without mercy,
their soldiers ravish and destroy.
Most of Jerusalem's meek and Helpless,
relying on God to deliver them.
But not all of us.
There is a brotherhood of determined men
ready to resist.
I am their Leader.
We are called the Sicarii.
You've heard of us?
We are sworn to drive out
the Roman tyrant.
Knowing the Romans, I would be inclined
to place a wager on them.
-Not with you to Help us.
-Simon is no soldier.
And we prefer to keep the Romans
as our friends.
We are not paying Simon
to carry a sword.
-Or die by it.
-Or die by it.
I have a plan in which you will Help us
in your own way to raise men.
But that's what we need:
men, fighting men.
Why can't you raise your own army?
There are many men in Jerusalem.
You call them men, pious Jews...
...devoted to the Law of Moses
and those others who follow Jesus?
I have no Liking for either of them.
No more have I, for any religion.
They do not Like my methods...
...I do not Like theirs,
with their preachments of Love and mercy.
True, you cannot fight Romans
with those weapons.
It's all because of this Jesus,
who sapped men of their virility...
...and courage
and beguiled them with his miracles.
Do not make Light of those miracles.
Many of them were very good.
As a magician myself, I know.
That's why I've come to you...
...but it's true magic I seek,
not mere tricks.
You think I would waste my powers
on those wine-soaked Legionnaires?
They are too bemused
with vying for the favors of Helena.
She makes each one think
her smile is for him alone.
What of those mystical powers
of yours?
Will multitudes marvel?
Can you work miracles
such as the world has never seen?
Greater than any man ever performed?
If you mean the miracles wrought
by Jesus of Galilee...
...there are many
I am certain I can match.
Even excel.
Come to Jerusalem.
Show us new miracles
that will wean the people...
...from the milk and water teachings
of Jesus and give us men again.
Men willing to fight and kill
instead of pray.
Leave Antioch?
Does not a journey
to Jerusalem please you?
No city means anything to her.
She has but two Loves:
...and gold.
Give us some wine, my fairest flower,
and we shall talk of miracles.
And money.
Peace be with you.
And unto you, peace.
Do you know
where that caravan is going?
To Jerusalem.
They are the camels
of Joseph of Arimathea...
...a rich merchant of that city.
A holy city to us.
And to us Christians too.
There is the temple of Solomon.
And there, close by,
is my master's house.
They've come, Grandfather, they-
And who are they
who so excite my daughter?
-My good friend Luke, did you see him?
-Yes, Grandfather.
-Did he bring someone? A young man?
Who is this mysterious young man?
Oh, I see.
It has something to do
with the new religion.
I wish you could understand
why I've become a Christian.
It has brought me
so much peace and happiness.
It is all your doing. Since she was a child,
you've tried to win my daughter's affection.
No, that's not true.
While she should have been at home,
she was with you on your journeys.
Visiting lands whose people have
no understanding of our way of Life.
She heard you preach your stories of the
Nazarene in their own barbarous tongues.
Why is it wrong for me to know something
of the world outside of this house?
Why, Father?
Because you do not know
that which you were born to.
You know other peoples, other creeds,
even other Languages, better than your own.
She is Like a stranger in our own Land.
If you think I spend too much time
with Deborra, don't blame her.
I only wish to share her Love with you,
Aaron, my son...
...but for one thing I make no apology.
If I try to persuade strangers
to follow Jesus...
...then why should I not persuade
the one I Love most in the world?
Hear me, brothers.
Our struggle to overthrow
the Roman conqueror is not going Well.
The Jews of this city have disavowed us.
So have the Christians.
We need a new ally,
and I have brought you one.
So Let us bid welcome
to Simon the Magician...
...who, by the force of his miracles...
...will turn the hearts of strong men
away from the preachers...
...who rob them of their manhood
with sermons on Love and peace.
You are men of valor...
...but you are not men of wisdom.
-Why is this?
Because you are known as the Sicarii,
which is a word of contempt.
In the Language of the Romans,
this means ''assassins.''
-We rejoice in the name.
-Therein Lies your folly.
Assassins is a harsh word.
If you wish to ennoble your cause, give
yourselves names of grandeur, not of crime.
Call yourselves liberators, friends of
justice, redeemers of freedom.
Like most men who Live by the sword... overlook
the greater power of the word.
What is this?
We brought you to Jerusalem
to perform miracles... convert the people to our ways,
not to preach.
You will have your miracles,
but that is only the first step.
A good miracle is only a good trick.
Unless it is made part of a new faith,
a new religion...
...then it becomes a holy mystery
and wins devoted followers.
People must be made to believe
before they can be made to act.
Then Let them believe in revolution.
Why be afraid of the word ''religion''?
It can be made to serve any purpose.
Our purpose is recruits, men who will
not shrink from spilling Roman blood.
What is yours?
To set yourself up as a new messiah?
To Lull the people
into even greater weakness?
Do I Look Like a man
who would preach weakness?
What, then?
What is this new religion of yours?
Since you call it that, my religion
will be an easier path for men to follow...
...than the Jews or the Christians offer.
It is not natural for a man
to Love his enemies.
Nor is it natural for lusty men
to give up the joys of earth...
...for the sake of a dull eternity
of angels singing.
Men are only too willing to hate
and lust and kill...
...if they believe it is not a sin...
...or that they will be held guiltless
in the eyes of their god.
I will exalt the real nature of man
and call it good, not evil.
If you cannot recruit your soldiers
from among these converts...
...then you are not a worthy captain.
Lead, Simon, and we shall follow.
Not only must the people forget
the miracles of Jesus and accept mine...
...but all the symbols and relics
of his supremacy...
...must be crushed out of existence.
I am told one such exists in Jerusalem.
A wine cup which he used.
I charge you to find it and bring it to me,
and together we will crush it.
Now Let me see those knives.
It is now time to tell you
why I brought you here.
I am ready, my Lord.
As to what I'm about to show you,
I bind you to silence...
...because there are men
who would move heaven and earth... destroy that which I have guarded
for many, many years.
You are very generous, my Lord Joseph,
to have such faith in a stranger.
You are no stranger. I Like you.
Luke is sure of your skill.
I am prepared to rely on your courage.
And courage is important because
there will be danger in what you are to do.
In this box is the cup...
...from which Jesus drank
on that Last Passover Eve...
...saying, as he gave it to his disciple:
''Drink ye all of it...
...for this is my blood
of the New Testament...
...which is shed for many
for the remission of sins.''
This cup must be preserved for all time.
I want you to design a silver chalice...
...a carved framework
in which it can be set.
-Now comes the difficult part.
-Yes, my Lord?
On your chalice,
youll carve the heads of Jesus...
...and the men
who were closest to him... that all who Live after us
will know how they Looked.
-Do I model them from Life?
Others we will describe to you.
There will be James and John,
Peter, Philip...
-And you, Joseph.
-I am not worthy.
If the man who took Jesus
down from the cross...
...and Laid him in the sepulcher
is not worthy, who then is?
Deborra is right.
I know this work is dear
to the hearts of all of you... I shall use all the skill that my gods
have given me.
I hope it will please your God.
I'm sure it will.
Come with me, Basil.
I will show you to your workroom.
I'm glad you're here, Basil.
That cup. It excited your adoration.
It's ordinary and Like many others.
It has no beauty of design.
-Did you not see the Light around it?
No, I saw no Light.
From our friend Mijamin.
How many miracles
have you promised for that?
It will be as the spirit moves me.
The spirit, Simon?
That's a new word for you.
It was always money that moved you.
Take the gold.
Do your tricks and wash your hands
of those Sicarii...
...or whatever they're called.
I'm not pleased
with being only a trickster.
It is time I was something more.
What do you want to be?
A skulking man
going to secret meetings?
Ending your Life as a criminal
on a cross?
I was about to say, ''Or another messiah.''
It's a small enough payment
to erase the memory of a Christ.
It is not only the gold.
It is the glory of revenge.
I have never told you,
because I was ashamed...
...but many years ago,
when I Lived in Samaria...
...I asked the disciple Peter to teach me
the power that he had received from Jesus.
I even permitted myself to be baptized.
When I offered him money,
he dashed it from my hands and said:
''Thy money perish with thee.''
I have never forgiven that man.
How can such revenge serve you?
It is said that Peter is in Rome.
News travels.
So shall I one day, even to Rome.
There, before his eyes...
...the world will hall me when
they have seen my powers at work.
Simon, Look at me.
Because miracles made one Christ...
...surely you're not thinking
they can make another.
I'm not thinking anything...
...but stranger things have happened.
First, Deborra...
...I model the heads in wax.
And then I mold silver palettes
on which I shall carve their faces.
When they're all done...
...I shall fuse them around the chalice.
The others, I can do-
Andrew, James,
Philip, Matthew, Thomas.
but with the face of Jesus, I failed.
Your grandfather has described him
many times.
If I could only Help you
to see him as I do.
He was not at all Like other men.
He was dark, very dark.
He did not wear his hair Long
as most people think.
His mouth was sensitive and kind...
...but there was no trace
of weakness in it, oh, no.
It was strong and firm.
His brow was very wide.
And his eyes...
I've always been able
to see them in my mind.
So gentle and compassionate.
So very, very wise.
That is the image
my grandfather has placed in my heart.
How can the hands of any artist
create that image?
He would have to have
your great Love for your God.
You should be a priestess in your temple.
A holy woman.
But I'm not.
Although I try to be a good Christian,
I don't always succeed.
How can one be better than you?
Because I should be thinking of the joys
of the next world.
My mind, I'm afraid,
is too much on this one.
A man to see you, master.
Who in Jerusalem knows I'm here?
He says he has a message
of great importance.
Tell him to wait, please.
If it's so important, you should see him.
My name is Benjamin ben Eleazer.
He's Benjie the Asker.
Benjie's a gatherer of information.
O Lady of the house,
I am more than that.
I am Also a disseminator of opinion.
I burrow under surfaces.
I fish in many waters.
I am in the confidence of all Leaders,
and at the same time...
...belong to brotherhoods
of the Iowest levels.
I hear religion from some
and revolution from others...
...and this I can say without boasting:
Few doors in Jerusalem are closed to me.
What information have you?
And what is the price?
You are Like your grandfather,
always coming quickly to the point.
It concerns a man called Kester.
-Is he here in Jerusalem? I must see him.
-How much will you pay?
-I have no money.
-Youll be paid what it's worth.
Now tell us your news.
This Kester was a witness
to your adoption.
-He Lives here in Jerusalem.
-He was in Jerusalem...
...but he went to Rome to supply arms
for the Legions of Caesar.
But tell me, how did you know
of my need to see this man?
-Oh, a traveler from Antioch.
-What's his name?
-He has no name, because he is a Lady.
-A Lady?
To come quickly to the point,
a beautiful Lady.
A very beautiful Lady.
I know of no beautiful-
Is she in Jerusalem?
I had seen her only fleetingly
before I Left Antioch.
It seems to have made a deeper impression
on the beautiful Lady.
Don't go.
I've kept my part of the bargain.
What of yours?
Where can I see this Lady?
Tonight, if you Like, when she will appear
with Simon the Magician.
-It's growing.
-It's ripe.
-Is he not marvelous?
-Yes, he is.
-Hey, hey, hey.
-Here, here, give it to me.
-To me.
-Here, to me.
-Throw it to me.
-Throw it here to me.
-Give it to me.
-Give it to me.
-Me, me, please.
If you find it sweet...
...think of me,
and hunger for even sweeter fruit.
A simple trick.
Any trickster Living can do it with ease.
I offer it first, so that you may judge
better of what follows.
Strange things I shall now show... not depend
on the quickness of the hand.
Hear me, O people of Jerusalem.
There is a true magic.
A magic of the spirit
which has been divinely given me.
It is said that on one occasion...
...Jesus caused tongues of flame
to appear above the heads...
...of those men
whom he called his disciples.
Is it desired that I, Simon...
...demonstrate my powers
by repeating this miracle?
Yes, yes, show us, Simon.
Shall he not do it?
Shall he not do it?
Show us, Simon, show us.
It shall be as you say...
...but three citizens
will be needed to assist me.
So that there may not be
any suggestion of collusion...
...I ask that only those
of established reputation...
...and who are known to you take part.
I would have you certain
I practice no deception.
Banish all thoughts from your minds.
Be receptive of the power
I shall send you.
And suddenly, there came a sound
from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind...
...and it filled all the house
where they were seated.
And there appeared unto them
cloven tongues as of fire...
...and it sat upon each of them.
So it is written, so it shall be.
A miracle.
My eyes have seen a miracle.
A miracle.
-A miracle.
-A miracle.
-A miracle.
-A miracle.
Who is she?
A trick, a sinful trick.
Who is she? Who is she?
Pay no heed to that woman.
She's demented, possessed of the devil.
Let me go.
Help me, my friends,
to denounce this sacrilege.
Be still, woman. Do you not see
you are in the presence of a holy man?
People of Jerusalem,
tell this woman we believe in Simon.
Yes, yes, we believe in Simon.
We believe in Simon.
Come, Let us tell him we believe.
We believe! We believe! We believe!
We believe! We believe!
Stop. Stop!
There are some here who know me,
and many who know my grandfather.
Hear me.
Do not turn to this false prophet...
...who would make you believe that
our savior was a mere magician Like him.
That the divine miracles were tricks.
-Yes, down with Simon.
-Down with Simon.
-Down with Simon.
-Down with Simon.
Down with Simon.
Let us tell this unbeliever to be gone!
Be gone.
If there be any among you foolish enough
to doubt my powers...
...Let him take one step more.
Then will I turn him
into a pillar of stone...
...never to breathe
the breath of Life again.
Let me pass. I'm not afraid.
Do not go further, Deborra. I beg of you.
He can turn you into stone.
He has the power.
No, Basil.
Only God has the power.
Punish the unbeliever.
She scoffs at holiness.
Punish her, punish her.
Punish her! Punish her!
Where is he? He came with me.
She did it, the one with the red scarf.
There are many Christians in the valley.
Oh, my Leg.
Thank God, Basil.
Thank God.
Why do I do these foolish things?
If anything had happened to you...
I shall never forget your courage,
and your strength and your gentleness.
The other soldiers seem
to have given up the search.
I'm afraid this bandage isn't very good.
On the other side of the valley
is the house of Miriam.
She's my old nurse,
and I can stay with her.
She is used to bandaging me.
Even as a child, Basil,
I was not peaceful.
Drink this infusion of herbs.
It will ease you.
Aaron, tell me quickly, my son,
have you seen the Roman governor?
Will he take the gold,
stop the search for Deborra...
...allow her to come out of hiding
and back to us?
Speak, Aaron.
Don't torture me.
You have tortured me enough
by teaching my daughter dangerous ideas...
...that have made her a hunted criminal.
I want Deborra.
If the gold is not enough, take more.
Whatever the Romans demand.
If you Love your father,
do as he bids you.
Be merciful.
I have been a good son...
...but you and your friends
have robbed me of a father and a daughter.
I know you Well, Aaron.
You have good news for me...
...but you are trying to punish me
by keeping me in this agony of suspense.
They have taken the gold, they have.
I know it.
You think it is easy
to crawl on your belly to the Romans.
To be spat upon as a mangy dog.
To give them gold
which is as much mine as yours.
She will be home tomorrow.
You've had your best medicine, Joseph.
Now you must rest.
There will be an eternity to rest.
Here is the chalice.
You have done splendidly, my son.
I've completed the faces of those
you've described to me and those I've met.
With the exception of Jesus.
It is everything that I expected.
Oh, now, I am ready to fuse their faces
in the openings here.
There is still one to meet.
Peter, who grows old.
He is in Rome,
and I would Like you to go there.
Are you unwilling to Leave Jerusalem?
I must confess that Jerusalem has a greater
attraction for me than I ever imagined...
...but if it is necessary, I shall go to
Rome to complete my promised task.
Oh, Aaron has told me that I'm to go
to the place where I took Deborra...
...and bring her home tomorrow.
My everlasting blessings on you, Basil,
for what you did for her.
I'm deeply devoted to her.
I have been blind.
This great attraction
he spoke of in Jerusalem...
Whom could he mean but Deborra?
Basil Loves Deborra.
Yes, he made himself
as clear as he dared.
I've Longed to see her married.
Had she a husband,
he would be her guardian...
...and the money for our church
would be safe from Aaron.
But do you think Deborra Loves Basil?
Deeply, I'm sure.
I've watched her.
She will be happy
when we tell her of Basil's Love.
It will be a joyous gift
for her homecoming.
Day after day,
my mind is restless until this hour comes.
And night after night, I cannot compose
myself to sleep until I see you.
Helena, I Love you.
You must Leave Simon
and come to Rome with me.
Why should we Leave here?
We're perfectly happy.
Because I am being sent there,
and I will not go without you.
I Love you
as I've never Loved any other man.
Simon would know
if I were even thinking of Leaving him.
He's not called a magician for nothing.
-If you are afraid of him, let me tell-
-Afraid, no, not afraid.
He's as gentle as a lamb
when he is lamblike.
So I keep him that way.
Be comforted, my Basil...
...for I tell you, Simon thinks Less
and Less of me as a woman...
...and more and more as a magdalen
to serve him.
See the new savior.
Send your able-bodied sons to me
to serve the secret cause I bless.
Do this...
...believe in me...
...and I will end your wretchedness.
Go ye now and keep my faith.
I have no interest in Simon.
But you should, my sweet...
...because it is through him
that I may be able to join you in Rome.
There's only one way.
Tell me you will come with me.
He is a better way.
Perhaps I can persuade him to appear
on a grander stage than these dirty roads.
And for a Nobler audience
than the ragged mobs at his heals.
Rome, the center of the world.
And Nero, the ruler of the world.
If you Love me,
why must you stay with Simon?
Oh, because he might Well
become the favorite of Nero.
And that means great wealth
for him and me.
And you.
Oh, you're a gifted artist, Basil,
but there's no harm in being a rich one.
I don't want Simon's money.
Now you talk Like a man...
...and I wouldn't have you otherwise.
Don't go when you're angry.
Only when you come to me with Love...
...and Leave me with your kisses
stinging on my mouth do I find Life sweet.
We shall meet in Rome, I promise you.
Do you know a certain rich man
called Joseph of Arimathea?
I've heard the name.
How Long do people think
they can keep secrets from me?
Who would dare try?
But, Simon, what could there possibly be
in the house of Joseph that concerns us?
The cup of Jesus.
Joseph has it.
I shall order Mijamin to search
every corner of the house until it is found.
It would be a good trophy to show
to those who still waver.
When they see me crush it
before their eyes.
Why waste such a trophy on a multitude
of sun-baked barbarians in Jerusalem?
Have you so soon forgotten
your desire for revenge on Peter?
You must take it to Rome.
What could stab him
to the heart more cruelly...
...than to see the cup in your hands?
You are right.
Peter must see the cup.
It will be worth going to Rome
just to Let him see it for the Last time.
When I close my fingers over it and bend it,
twist it beyond recognition.
I cannot believe I'm home again.
When you awakened me this morning
in Miriam's cottage...
...I thought it was a dream.
You were very sleepy
and just a Little cross.
That was because you did interrupt
a beautiful dream.
I've just spoken
with Grandfather and Luke.
They told me
about the things you said to them.
About your not wanting to go to Rome.
That Jerusalem held
a greater attraction for you.
Did you mean that, Basil?
Yes, I meant it, Deborra.
Then I can tell you my problem.
You see, Grandfather has deposited
a Large sum of gold at Antioch...
...which I'm to use for the benefit
of the great evangelist of Christianity.
And there's none
who could do it better than you.
Well, it's not so simple.
According to the Law, until I'm married,
my father is my guardian...
...and the money would be placed
in his keeping.
The Law is clear.
In matters of property,
a woman must have a guardian.
A father or a husband.
Oh, Basil, how am I to say it?
I can't find the words.
Please, say them for me.
But, surely, this is no surprise to you.
Did Grandfather and Luke
misread your thoughts?
O merciful God.
I shall die of shame.
Oh, Deborra.
You know how much I Love you.
And Joseph and Luke.
Is it the beautiful Lady?
I'm so glad for your sake... have found someone
you can say those words to.
I wish you a perfect marriage.
There is no question
of marriage with her.
Do you Love her?
Do you?
Yes. I will not deceive you about that...
...but I will Help you.
Do anything I can.
Even marry me?
On my way to Rome, we can appear
in Antioch as husband and wife.
Then you will have the gold
for your church.
Oh, Basil.
The Lord bless thee and keep thee.
The Lord make his face to shine upon thee
and be gracious unto thee.
The Lord Lift up
his countenance upon thee...
...and give thee peace.
Please, be qulet.
My master Joseph Lies ill.
We have business with your master,
sick or Well, and are not to be put off.
Aaron Ben Joseph,
we seek the cup of Jesus.
We know it's in this house.
Where is it?
We intend to find it.
If youll not tell us,
well find it in our own way.
I know nothing of this cup of Jesus.
I know nothing of anything
that belongs to Jesus.
Where is your master's treasure room?
The treasure room.
Where is the silver cup?
There is no silver cup in here.
There is only gold.
Make sure he's telling the truth.
No, you may not enter.
My father Lies near death. Be merciful.
No, I beg of you. Take anything,
but Leave my father in peace.
Awaken, Joseph.
Give us the cup of Jesus,
and we will not disturb you.
He is dead!
This marriage canopy.
There was to be a wedding?
There has been one.
My Lady Deborra
and the artist who's called Basil.
Joseph would not part
with the cup even in death. Search.
This should have been
a night of celebration, not defeat.
He comes to me empty-handed.
The cup which he should have brought me
is being taken to Antioch.
How do you know?
Because in searching the house,
Mijamin found this document... which Joseph states
he has ordered his banker there... deliver gold to his granddaughter,
Deborra, upon her marriage.
She was married tonight
and is now on her way to Antioch.
Married to whom?
-A Greek called Basil.
-But what does it matter?
Follow them...
...and bring the cup to me in Rome.
Rome? You have not yet
completed your work here.
I have already won you
many brave and strong recruits.
And when the Christians hear that their
precious symbol has been destroyed... the presence of Peter himself,
they will not long cling to their faith.
Their young men
will gladly join your forces.
Soon you will be master of Jerusalem.
The cup will be yours, I take my oath.
-Peace be with you.
-And unto you, peace.
This is my Lady Deborra...
...granddaughter to the merchant Joseph
of Arimathea, and her husband.
If it please my Lord.
-Are you certain this is the woman?
Where, then, is her husband?
We search before he returns.
Your wife be as barren
as a withered fig tree!
The cup has been stolen.
I recognized the men.
They're of the brotherhood of the Sicarii.
Why didn't you cry out for Help
if your husband was unable to protect you?
We were both sleeping.
They overpowered Basil... he lay by my side.
They have a Long ride back to Jerusalem.
There will be no trouble overtaking them.
They are not going to Jerusalem.
They went north, toward Antioch.
You and Luke
must remain with Adam until I return.
But you don't know the desert.
You would be Lost, you will die.
There's no need to worry, Deborra.
I shall go with your husband
and protect him for you.
I shall not rest until I see you safe again.
The wind is fair.
We're ready to sail, my Lord.
A husband of Antioch
about to Leave on a journey...
...usually makes a sacrifice to the gods
for his wife's safekeeping.
Did you do so, Basil?
I wouldn't want you
to place your dependence on a pagan god... I've arranged with some Christians
to keep watch over you While you Live here.
There will always be two on hand.
To guard the cup?
But I've hidden it Well in my house.
To guard you too, Deborra.
I couldn't rest in Rome
if I thought you were in danger.
Wait, and I shall soon be ready
to return home.
When you see Peter in Rome,
to add his face to your beautiful chalice...
...ask him to bless me
and to bless you too.
Will you see Helena
While you are in Rome?
-How do you know she's there?
-From Benjie the Asker.
There was no need to pay an informer.
I would have told you had you asked.
Forgive my being so much a woman.
See her, please. I urge you, Basil.
I cannot be put to a test of Love
between you and Helena.
As though it were
something to weigh in the scales... see which side
outbalances the other.
No, I suppose Love
is not so simple as all that.
It would have been very easy, Deborra,
when we were in the desert... yield to the temptation
to be your husband.
It is not difficult for a man
to delude a woman about such things.
Even a more worldly woman than you.
But you Christians set such
a great store by conscience that...
...I wanted to be conscientious
with my Christian wife.
I confess
I was trying to take advantage...
...of my Last hour alone with you.
To sway you from Helena to me.
Perhaps I shouldn't have done that.
You see, I've suddenly acquired
a Christian conscience myself.
Thanks to a pagan.
Godspeed, Basil.
Hail Caesar. Hail Caesar.
Hail Caesar. Hail Caesar.
Hail Caesar. Hail Caesar.
Hail Caesar. Hail Caesar.
Poppaea, my dear wife.
If it please you, Caesar.
If it please you, Caesar.
Roast peacock from the Land of Egypt.
Wild boar from Caesar's preserves
in Dalmatia.
Succulent dormice,
saturated with poppy juice.
Oysters, surrounded by damson plums,
sprinkled with cumin and benzoin root.
Sausage, stuffed with golden plover's eggs
and the breast of pheasant.
Aged grasshoppers, fried in honey
to a Light golden brown.
Eggs, made of crushed pearls colored
to a golden hue and filled with yolks... which we've nestled
fat Little ortolans roasted to a turn.
I sent my slave to you today, Simon,
for my Love potion...
...but she returned empty-handed.
I no Longer traffic
in such magic and spells.
-Dear, what am I to do?
-Rely upon your beauty.
But not too heavily.
The best people in Rome are at our door.
ALL they want are charms and Love potions,
and they all have gold.
I did not come to the center of the world
to be a peddler of tricks.
My time of greatness is at hand.
No one dares be great in Rome
except Nero.
He is god, not you.
And remember, Nero is a jealous god.
-Yes, Caesar.
What new illusions have you to show us?
O Caesar, I have words in mind
rather than tricks.
Words of a new wonder
for your learned ear.
Meanwhile, Caesar, my hands
do not forget their trade.
Come on.
You please me, Simon.
Now you have my permission
to speak the words you wanted me to hear.
''Words of a new wonder,'' you said.
O Caesar.
There is a test I desire to make,
a test of power.
Match me, O Caesar,
Like the gladiators in the arena...
...against the Leader of the Christians.
And you be the judge as to which of us
can work the greater wonders.
A match against the Christians?
What do you say, Tigeillnus?
You might find it amusing, Caesar.
-Simon against the Christians.
-It would be a change from the lions.
Their acknowledged Leader
is here in Rome.
He is called Peter.
It is said wherever his shadow falls...
...the sick become Well
and the lame walk.
Summon him before you, Caesar,
to give proof of his powers...
...and I will give proof of mine.
You have my consent, Simon.
These Christians
are becoming too numerous.
They're hiding all around us.
By all means,
Let us bring them out of their holes.
Find this man Peter
and bring him before me.
Caesar be praised.
-Bring me wine.
-Yes, master.
Hall Caesar. Hall Simon.
Hall Caesar.
-Hall Simon.
I have found where the man
from Antioch is, gracious Lady.
Where, Idbash? Tell me where.
At the end of the rock,
under the Collina Gate.
-Is he alone?
He spends each day at the forge
of Kester, the armorer...
...awaiting his return from the wars.
Every morning, he goes there
and stays until evening.
-How Long has he been in Rome?
-More than a month.
Let me deliver this man to you,
gracious and beautiful Lady.
He will regret his neglect.
No, I'll deal with him in my own way.
It is two hours since the dawn.
You slept Late.
I scarcely slept at all.
May I get you some bread and milk?
I'm not hungry.
Have you heard from Peter?
You must continue to be patient,
my young friend.
Why does Peter deny me
a meeting with him?
What more assurance does he want
than the Letter that I brought from Luke?
Peter will reveal himself to you
when he's ready.
That I can promise you.
May I be of service to you?
I am Cephas, the porter.
This is not the way Lovers meet.
That is not the way Lovers kiss.
Why? Has your wife cast
some evil Christian spell over you?
Has she given you a charm to wear
to turn you against me?
She's not a sorceress.
But she has done something.
Then she's bewitched you.
Or do you Love her?
Tell me to go.
Tell me you never
want to see me again.
You're not beyond practicing
a Little witchcraft of your own.
I seek one Basil of Antioch.
That is my name.
-Son of Ignatius?
-I am Kester.
-Kester, at last.
I have searched for you
from Antioch to Jerusalem.
-From Jerusalem to Rome.
-I have only today returned from the wars.
What would you say if I told you
that Linus had me sold into slavery?
You, a slave?
I call it an outrage, a travesty on the Law.
Why was I not told of this injustice?
Since I have found you,
will you testify for me?
That I shall indeed. Look.
Here is the buckle of silver
with five points...
...that Ignatius gave to each of us
as a memento of your adoption.
There is his name and yours,
inscribed upon the back.
It's perfect proof.
It must convince any magistrate.
Oh, well go far beyond magistrates.
I'll have my doctor of Laws draw up
a document that shall give all the facts.
You shall have a copy,
I shall have a copy.
We shall send another copy
to the governor of Antioch.
And another copy
to the senate here in Rome.
That's the way we do it in the army.
Oh, you're rich now.
You must settle down here.
There's no place Like Rome, my boy,
and I've seen them all.
I could be very happy here,
but with this proof, I must go home.
Yes, to Antioch.
Well, a man can do very Well
for himself in Antioch too.
I remember a time once there was a...
But no, another time.
Come, shall we dine?
A juicy capon, stuffed with lotus seeds
and the tongues of hummingbirds.
A dish that Nero himself might envy.
If it's that Lovely young Lady
you're Looking for, she just Left.
Your Little honey sweet?
I see you haven't been spending
all your time waiting for me to return.
Rise up and walk.
Rise up and walk.
You know me, then, my son.
Was it what you saw just now?
I suspected from the first who you were.
You see?
I modeled your head at night...
...While I waited for you
to make yourself known to me.
ALL the dear faces I knew so Well.
But where is the face of our Lord?
Believe me, Peter,
I have tried to see the face of Jesus.
I've tried desperately.
Let me Help you.
It would be useless.
I've done all I can with it.
Where is the Landlord?
In the name of Caesar, where
is the Landlord, the porter or someone?
I suppose they've come for me.
I've been expecting it.
My prayer is for you
that you may one day see the face of Jesus.
Where is the Landlord?
Are you deaf, or does the name
of Caesar mean nothing to you?
How can I serve you?
Where is Basil the Greek?
What do you want of me?
You are summoned to the emperor,
and without delay.
Caesar does not invite. He commands.
Courage, my son.
I will Look after your room
and your possessions until you return.
Do not be so generous.
He might not be returning to that room
for a Long time.
-Hall, master of court ceremonies.
-Hall, guard.
Hall, artist.
Why have I been arrested
and then dressed Like this?
You are to sit within close range
of Caesar's blinding magnificence...
...and make a model
of his divine head and shoulders.
Follow me.
Fortune has smiled upon you, Basil.
If what you do pleases Caesar,
you will be summoned...
...into his august presence.
And if it is not to his Liking?
Then Caesar will punish it as a deadly
insult to his godly perfection.
But that will not happen,
because you are a gifted artist.
And if I succeed in pleasing Caesar...
...then I suppose I will be free
to return to my home.
To Antioch? Oh, no.
Delight Caesar,
and your future's assured permanently.
You will be kept in the palace
as court sculptor.
Who is the influential patron I must thank
for this opportunity to win undying fame...
...or die in failure? Or is it a patroness?
Your witchcraft alone
might have been enough... keep me in Rome.
But now...
Tell me, Simon.
What of this contest with the Christians?
O Caesar, I am ready...
...but your guards
have been unable to find Peter.
But with Caesar's gracious permission,
I will perform a miracle...
...such as their own Jesus could not do.
What is it you propose?
I will fly.
But no man has ever flown, even gods.
Even I might find it difficult.
O Caesar, it is only by the inspiration
of your divine presence...
...and by the power of your will
that I can do this miracle.
Well, in that case,
I promise to smile upon your effort.
Then Let me build a tower, O Caesar.
Higher than any building in Rome.
And Let me build it with Christians
who infest the capital...
...of the ruler of the world.
When they see me fly high over Rome
with no wings to support me...
...they will turn away from Peter
as a false Leader...
...and from Jesus as a false god.
Build your tower, Simon.
And build it here
in the gardens of my palace.
And do it quickly. Work day and night.
Spare no slaves and no Christians
until it is ready.
Caesar be praised.
-Hall Caesar.
-Hall Caesar.
Hell fly. By what magic, I don't know.
And many good Christians will suffer.
Be neither slave nor Christian,
but an artist and my Lover.
And from the ground to the top,
it will be a full 200 cubits.
From there, I shall soar higher from earth
than any man has ever been.
To my eyes, it does not appear safe.
Illusions of magic
are not meant to appear safe.
And this is what the roof of the tower
will Look Like.
And here is the wheel which you, Idbash,
will turn from underneath.
I shall fasten myself to this rod,
which is bronze.
Drawn so thin that it cannot be seen
from the ground...
...yet strong enough
to hold the heaviest body.
And this is Simon.
Under that cloak
which I shall wear are these hooks...
...which fasten to the end of the rod.
As I fly wide
beyond the edge of the tower...
...the rod will extend outward,
farther and farther.
Simon, you are the greatest
of all magicians.
You will transport the wheel and the rod
to the tower...
...the night before I fly,
and set it on the roof.
Yes, master.
Can you carry it alone?
Once you are in the tower,
permit no one else to enter.
He would bar even Nero himself
if I asked him to do so.
It fits me Well.
Pick up those tools and go to work.
Caesar will endure no delay.
The master of the imperial kitchens
honors me.
Work or crucifixion.
If you Love the cross so much,
you shall have a taste of it yourselves.
What do they gain
by sacrificing their Lives?
If the tower is not built by Christians,
it will be completed by slaves.
I always thought that Christians
were meek and humble.
Instead, I find them stubborn and proud.
They're stubborn in their faith...
...and proud to die for it.
I, too, am a Christian, Basil.
I know I can trust you. Peter told me so.
He sent me to you.
Your wife is with Peter.
-Deborra's here?
-Her ship arrived yesterday.
-I must go to her.
-No, wait.
You dare not.
If they permit you to Leave the palace,
you'd be followed.
You'd only Lead them
to Peter and Deborra.
Tomorrow is Simon's great day.
The grounds will be filled with people.
I can mingle with the crowds
and no one will see me go.
But be very cautious.
Nero would willingly send you
and Peter and Deborra to the cross...
...Like those dear brothers out there.
Jesus, guide my hand.
I've never seen our Lord...
...but it is truly his face... only one who Loves him
is given to see it.
Jesus, master, you have given your servant
this great privilege.
I have Looked into your eyes.
I've seen you.
Now is the time for you to Leave, Basil.
I'll see that it's placed
in Peter's hands.
Hail Simon. Hail Simon. Hail Simon.
Hail Simon. Hail Simon.
Hail Simon. Hail Simon.
Hail Simon. Hail Simon.
Hail Simon. Hail Simon.
Hail Simon. Hail Simon.
Hail Simon. Hail Simon.
Hail Simon.
Has everything been set up properly?
Yes, precious Lady.
Did you hear the crowd when I came in?
''Hall Simon,'' they shouted.
They sense the moment of my greatness.
They're ready to accept me.
Share your greatness with Caesar
and give him the Lions share.
I need no wires, no buckles.
I need no wheel to be turned.
I shall fly by the power of my own will...
...and all the world
will wonder and worship.
Are you out of your mind?
See that he flies safely.
Listen to me, Simon.
Listen to me, Simon. Stop.
Quicker, Idbash, quicker.
Simon, Simon.
Hail Caesar. Hail Caesar.
Hail Caesar. Hail Caesar.
Hail Caesar. Hail Caesar.
Hail Caesar.
Simon, put on the cloak and Live.
Simon, Simon. Simon!
Listen to me, Simon.
Stop. Stop!
Put on the cloak. Don't fool yourself.
There is no need to worry, my Helena.
You do not know
what manner of man I am today.
For I am no Longer a man.
I am God.
Quicker, Idbash. Quicker.
Simon, Simon.
Hurry, Idbash. Hurry.
Look, there he is!
Fly, Simon.
Fly in the name of Caesar
and to his everlasting glory.
Fly, Simon, fly!
Fly, Simon, fly!
Fly, Simon, fly!
Fly, Simon, fly!
Fly, Simon, fly!
You Let me pass. Simon has gone mad.
Only Caesar can stop him.
Why should Caesar stop him?
He's just ordered him to fly.
Fly, Simon, fly! Fly, Simon, fly!
Fly, Simon, fly! Fly, Simon, fly!
Fly, Simon, fly!
Fly, Simon, fly!
Fly, Simon, fly!
He didn't fly.
People of Rome have been robbed
of the spectacle they came to see.
That is not good for them, or for me.
O Caesar,
I speak as a free citizen of Rome.
You have ordered Simon to fly
and he could not.
It may be that only a Christian
has the power to fly.
Bring us Peter
that he may do this miracle.
-Shall I disperse them, Caesar?
No, that would not be good politics.
We must not Let our people go home
in a grumbling mood.
We must give them something to watch.
Something they will enjoy.
Romans, I have discovered that Simon
was a victim of Christian treachery.
This woman of his secretly conspired
with Peter to bring about Simon's failure...
...knowing Well that his success
would destroy their blasphemous religion.
No, Caesar, it is not true.
It is not true.
Take this woman to the top of the tower
and throw her off.
If she can fly, her Life will be spared.
Oh, Basil.
I'm not hurt.
Oh, Deborra, Love me.
Forgive me and Love me.
For I Love you with all my heart.
He stole the cup of our Lord.
Deborra brought it to me from Antioch.
I just placed it in your silver chalice...
...but we didn't even hear him come in.
The holy cup has been taken,
and your chalice too.
Don't go, Basil.
Please don't.
Simon's house is empty.
Simon's house is empty.
There are other houses.
It's time for them to come aboard, Peter,
or we shall miss the tide.
They are ready, my good Maximus.
Be happy in your Love for each other...
...and in your Love of God.
And now I wish you fair winds
to your home in Antioch...
...and a Long Life together.
If only I'd been able
to restore the cup to you.
It will be restored...
...but for years,
and for hundreds of years... will Lie in darkness.
Where, I know not.
When it is brought out
into the Light again...
...there will be great cities
and mighty bridges...
...and towers higher
than the Tower of Babel.
It will be a world of evil
and Long, bitter wars.
In such a world as that,
the Little cup will Look very Lonely.
But it may be in that age...
...when man holds Lightning
in his hands...
...and rides the sky
as Simon the Magician strove to do... will be needed more
than it is needed now.