The Sin (2024) Movie Script

Hey, don't you turn off the siren?
Mojiri bastards, really.
1.8km left
I am now the director
About the work you are preparing
There is no prior information at all.
Well, if there is no script
A simple synopsis
I think it would be nice if you could give me something like that.
It's a dance film.
Ah yes
Well, then how
Even if I prepared it
Can you show me?
What I once posted as a graduate
No, no, please sit down.
Let's do it together, work.
Oh, fuck, really.
Open your eyes
Open your eyes
Are you all there?
Hey there, driver.
Is this right here?
Why didn't you take the meter?
How much is the round trip fare?
I'm turning the medagi.
Driver, please give me a receipt...
What a fucking bastard, man
The receipt is
What kind of receipt is this?
- Is there a receipt?
- no
There is a card machine
Why not?
Hey, no cards.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Was it difficult to get here?
Oh no, it's okay
It's October
It's already a little chilly, right?
By taking you all the way here, we
It's right to pick it up.
There are a lot of things to prepare and no people
Oh, actually, we too
Some came down last night
I slept roughly in the car.
The situation on site is so bad
But the director is here
Arent you a bit famous?
Yeah, a little bit like this
Are you unique?
Well, at that age
A completely auteur-centric movie.
Berlin, Sundance?
Well, I got an award from a place like this.
Stay in the lobby
I will bring the director with me.
Ah yes
Hello hello
- hello
- hello
- Uh, hello.
- hello
- hello
- hello
Put it there
Siyoung Han?
- Ah yes
- Thank you for your hard work.
That, over there
I'm sorry, Siyoung.
before shooting
I'm going to try dropping it in advance.
Well, I was testing it.
on the radio
There must have been a problem, this
walkie talkie battery
Didn't you check it?
I checked, I checked
Well, it's not a battery problem.
This is old
fuck it now
Are you talking about words?
Ana, Mr
Hey, you hit someone.
Let's all fight together
You almost got screwed.
No, radio battery
Is it my fault that the discharge is gone?
Who is responsible for this?
Our scene
What kind of 5 billion commercial movie is this?
Managing radios
Is there a separate production department?
That's you
Shouldn't you have checked?
radio check
Why do I do it?
I'm not in charge of the radio.
Director now
I need to rehearse the route.
I also brought the actor pickup.
Ah, sir
What are you doing now?
Go to his dorm
Let me get some rest
Lets start by taking pictures of inserts and other quantities.
Even if I adjust my schedule a bit
I think that would be a good idea.
Anyway, it was our mistake
Well, you have to say it straight.
Is that my mistake?
- yes?
-What kind of insert is it?
Without our lead actor
I can't take even a single picture.
About the work properly
Do you understand?
The rent here is 500 per day.
Oh my, is it already eleven oclock?
We don't have lights
I can't take pictures when the sun sets.
It's early October now and the place is
Moving from one to three or four places...
Actually, we
I don't have that much time.
The camera director
Our assistant director
If you will pay the rent here
I'm waiting too
Ah, um
- But tell me something...
- I'll take a picture, I'll take a picture.
What now, lets go right in?
Oh right
What about costumes? Where do I change?
Mom, I'm sorry
Isnt that Siyoungs sister?
Has it been 7 or 8 months? Right?
Anyway, not long after the performance ended.
Chanyoung oppa, thats how it happens
actors and staff
I had a complete mental breakdown.
My sister suddenly took a dive
I can't even contact you
Yeah, I had a lot of work to do.
She couldn't reach me, sorry
But the news about Chanyoung
I heard it too
Do you know what's going on?
What, what
Acute lymph, what
Wow, did you say leukemia?
Hey, I brought this up for no reason.
Anyway, what's going on?
Not my choreography storyboard
I received nothing
I didn't even know who the other character was.
It's so amazing that it's my sister.
Iknow, right
I am the opposite role
I didn't even know it existed
I also know an older brother in the field.
I heard it a little bit
Originally Director Jang
For being unkind to actors
You're famous
Are there any videos of you dancing?
Like Sias Chandelier
A music video or something
Besides the familiar video grammar,
How to capture dance in a video
It's very diverse.
But ours is
It's not that typical dance film.
In terms of movies, it's like a mixed genre?
Department of Modern Dance
The world beyond our consciousness
It is a combination of exploratory and experimental films.
I think you can think about it.
I am
Our work had a huge impact
I think it will happen
Mr. Siyoung
He is the right person for this work.
thank you
But that Director Jang
When I asked to do it together
It felt really good
Still, people around here understand it.
The lobby has arrived
- Team leader, because of the delay.
- Me, director.
- 10:30 Barasi, huh?
- 10:30?
- sorry
- All right
That the director sent me
Watch the video and dance storyboard
She's been practicing her moves
Well, separately
Since you never gave it to me, I
Simply choreograph
I'm afraid it will just look like I'm following along.
You can't do that.
It's okay though
Are you feeling a bit uncomfortable, Siyoung?
Oh no, no
Well, not like that.
I told you everything before,
What I can tell you is
I told you everything, Siyoung.
There are other actors besides me
You didn't tell me
The main character of this work is
This is Siyoung.
One of Siyoungs hand gestures
Every foot movement
This will be the message of this work.
Any other avant-garde art film
Well, its based on modern dance.
like movie
Deconstructionism, utopia
Something like a romantic anti-capitalist movement.
It's not a frivolous piece of work.
Just as I practiced
Just do what you practiced
A very dynamic picture
she will come out
How many takes?
uh Six takes.
Oh, I wish I had gotten that much.
Siyoung, I love you so much, fighting!
Fan, fan, where is the exhaust fan?
Oh, okay, I found it.
What is this...
production team
Fuck, this is a surprise, sir.
Is there an exhaust fan yet?
If you can't hear the sound of the rooftop vent,
I can't film
Lets hurry, the sun is setting
Okay, let's fix it now.
My sister was so cool
Oh really
It looks better on screen
It's a lot more plausible than I thought
Honestly, I was a bit surprised.
I think the director had a different opinion.
I'm honest
What should I do?
I do not know
What am I doing wrong?
I don't know
So openly
I'm making a sad expression
I don't even know what's okay
She must have done it because she deserved it.
It was really cool in my eyes
Chaeyoon, what do you do if you like it?
The director must like it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- No, no, it's okay.
- No, I'm sorry, I
I need some words
It came out sensitive.
- Oh, it's really okay.
- sorry
That painkiller
Do I have to keep eating it?
Yes, if you don't eat it
I have a bit of a migraine
- yes
- oh my
Put me in this shabby place
- Uh, no.
- It's okay, it's okay...
It's meal time
I'm sorry I couldn't give you much.
The director said he was rehearsing.
Ah, ah, yes, yes, yes, yes
Sister, then I will go up first.
Ah yes
At the time the accident occurred
Even if no specific symptoms appear
Over time, after-effects symptoms
There are cases where it happens
When you are traumatized
Memories before that
Some retrograde forgetfulness or
Aftereffects such as anterograde amnesia
It can happen often
The same goes for Siyoungs migraine.
Actually, this is enough
Even if there is no religion
This is the board you should have.
Han Si-young is now
Because its a miracle that youre alive like this
I do various things
- here is
- Come this way?
Didnt the youngest come up?
- Mr. Park Young?
- uh
You said you went downstairs?
Turn off the rooftop fan
So why arent you coming up?
There is no radio
Because it's underground
It won't explode, right?
Am I coming down?
You're the assistant director.
Where are you going, man?
Lady, when will it end?
Oh, well, I took the picture according to the schedule.
There isn't one
Wasnt the rooftop scene tomorrow?
Hey, just
What is normal in this scene?
Don't expect progress
That makes me feel at ease
Oh, you're so annoying
Really, shit, shit.
Me, director
This is an unplanned scene.
What should I write in the script?
Bara cries
yes? What is bara?
Hey, never mind.
Go ahead and get on with it.
Sister, sister, are you okay?
Come on
Did you pretend?
Hey, someone please get me some water.
no, now
I'm not kidding
Anyone can see that this is fake.
It's too obvious, huh?
Oh, you're really filming this?
Ah, well, CG processing.
I think I did it
It's not 'well', assistant director.
If you thought it was going to be CG
Take a picture against the green in the first place
What the fuck are you doing now?
Filming a school workshop, now?
Yes, I will contact you.
What kind of service-free area is this?
Oh, did the cameraman explode?
It's on mine
What, are you using a cheap phone?
Hey, let's take a picture from afar.
Uh, sister
Are you okay, sister?
Some clothes...
are you okay? Sister, please give me some more water.
What are those people?
Oh, fuck, that dog bastard
I'm just getting older
Ah, I'm good at taking pictures.
You're so fucking blabbering, fuck.
Oh, that chewy, that's
Mr. Park Young?
Mr. Park Young?
What are you doing there?
The PD was looking for me earlier.
I'm not feeling well
I beg your pardon?
Oh, what's wrong with it?
Why are you sweating so much?
I got chills
Ah, suddenly
Ugh, Mr.!
That's not our staff
Mi-gam-nim, didnt it explode?
Yeah, no, it went well until now.
- What kind of desert island is this?
- what?
to my mom
I need to call
It doesn't explode
Hey, I'll do it
I'll do it, I'll do it, Mr.
Is it okay bro?
What are you, huh?
- what?
- Is that blood on your face?
Are you hurt?
PD, why is he like this?
What is it, boy? Hey, do you have a towel?
Bring a towel and see.
yes, yes
- Hey, where are you hurt?
-Stay still, stay still
Bring a towel, someone quickly!
medicine, medicine
People with medicine, medicine, medicine!
Are you dressed up?
Why are you up there, man?
Hey, Park Young-ah, hey!
- what are you doing?
- What, what?
Hey, hey!
Fuck, I'm fucked
Hey, try reporting it.
- uh?
- Report it quickly.
Uh, report it.
Here before
I heard it doesn't explode very well.
Can you call me?
Fish oil, Mr
- what?
- What is that?
Move, move
- Um, are you moving?
- hey!
I lived
Are you okay, Park Young?
Oh my, sir!
what are you doing?
Hey, what is that?
What the fuck, zombies?
What the fuck...
I think he's coming here?
- why?
- It's coming this way.
Why are you here?
- I can't call you, can you?
- Oh, fuck.
Fuck, ah!
P, PDs voice
Hey, sleep, wait a minute.
Hey, who can make a cell phone call?
I have to go down
You have to report it first
No, us?
Just stay still, then
Let's just destroy it all at once.
yes, that's right
No, fuck
There's only one person anyway, right?
- Are you coming down?
- Director!
Oh, what should I do?
- oh my god
- I'm going, Mr.
- Driver, brother, lets go together!
- Sir!
- I'm coming with you too!
- Wait!
- Sister, sister!
- uh?
What should we do?
Get down now, now...
I think I need to go down
- sister
- Siyoung, dont go.
Hide here with us!
is it so
There are more people here!
Siyoung, where are you going?
Wait, Chaeyoon, wait
Wait a minute, wait a minute!
It's safer here!
What about other people?
Didnt anyone else come?
yes, up there
- Shh
- Say you'll be there.
don't run
don't run
Director Jang
That bastard from earlier
Youre the youngest member of the production department, right? huh?
No, if you fall from that height
How can you live? fuck
Usually they die
Well, died and came back again
I don't even know what happened
What would you know about me?
Where, where are you?
I don't know if it's up or down
Now, just wait
- Well, what are you doing
- Director
What now...
This is
Don't worry about it, just okay.
Now, naturally?
Do it naturally
Are you doing it naturally?
Better than the picture I thought
It's a little dull
Oh, what do you mean? now
You fucking psychotic bastard
Usually in this situation
The characters' facial expressions
They're so similar
If you get chased, then what?
The pupils get bigger like this
Facial muscles twitching
I think you're a little crazy right now.
That thing is blinking
That thing is working, right?
I heard this school is closed?
rooftop, rooftop
Come down
Oh, really!
Oh, don't come!
Lock it quickly, quickly!
Fuck, the door won't lock!
How do I stop it now?
Oh, keep going there
Are you going to stay still?
Bring something to block it off!
Fuck, I should have gone down earlier.
No no
I don't have time to clean up
Why, why, what else?
Assistant director
- Assistant director
- Fuck
Didn't you see that bastard's face?
- Why, why?
- Why, why?
Lock the door, Mr.!
Who's out there?
assistant director
This bastard
This guy knows how to use the handle
I don't think I know
Come gently
Is this okay?
Hey, there's no battery.
Go down, go down, go down
Director Jang
What's so fun?
- I'm not very happy.
- You're laughing so hard.
Hey, do I look happy?
Oh, fuck
Damn you, really
No, no, no.
It's too crowded
Wait a minute, bro.
Let's send the girl first
Here the woman and the man
Where are you, fuck!
Come quickly
Because I will support you
Quickly, quickly, I will support you, quickly
go first
Go quickly, go quickly, don't look!
Go quickly!
Is this something like that?
Pick people at random
Just lock me up in a place like this
What kind of human experiment are you doing?
Sacrifice and fuck, something like that?
Ah, Mr.
Just get over this, okay?
Ah, what is this?
it's crazy?
No, are you crazy?
You don't know if he'll end up like that too.
Scream loudly
While I can't do anything
It's rude, Mr.
Why are you going there again?
Go get the car, Mr.!
Push all the damn things away
What about other friends?
Oh, no, I can't see it.
If there is anyone on the way...
So what?
If you see it on your way
Should I go out and pick it up?
Fuck, really, mr.
sitting there
feel lucky
In this shitty situation right now
Who takes care of whom, Mr.
Get out of the way, Mr. Lee!
uh! There's the back door.
Do it, cell phone, cell phone
First check to see if your phone explodes.
Do it, cell phone
I left it on the rooftop.
damn! Really, Mr.
Do it evenly, Mr.
Those people will come to kill you soon
help me
help me
Who takes care of whom?
Jin, calm down, calm down.
What are you doing?
I'll change the battery
To take a picture
That crazy bastard, Mr.
I never thought you would be like this
Did you know?
no, i
What did you know?
In Siyoungs eyes,
whatever i do
Do you look like you know?
Jang Hwi-wook, arent you talking straight?
- Because of you, those people earlier...
- Be honest.
You, your small sense of guilt
Trying to blame it on me
That's what it is
So somehow, I'm struggling
I'm going to try living alone
A colleague who was abandoned says he doesn't know me
When do you run away alone?
Now it's like that
Can you use it to scold someone you care about?
You fucking bitch
I didn't know it would end up like this either.
Is that you?
You fucking bastard!
Me too, those bastards
Why are you working so hard?
I don't get it
Those bastards?
What kind of woman was she
um, old
They offered me quite a bit of money
I refused at first
It's such an absurd amount.
Something sucked.
Well, there is something like that.
It looks like it's going around
With ordinary people like us
A different world?
People like us?
A psycho bastard like you?
Pretending not to be like you
Rather than a bitch peeling pumpkin seeds from behind
Wouldnt it be better for me to be honest?
You crazy bastard...
Are you sure you want to hear what I have to say?
What was that?
Some kind of strange exorcism ritual?
Oh, strictly speaking
Not an exorcism, yeah
Because it's calling back a dead person.
What, necromancy, necromancy?
It's like necromancy
I guess I'll have to do it, hmm
What is consciousness?
The dance you danced all day long
That dance you mentioned
dead person
calling out, what
It's a ritual, now?
Uh, right, right
Are you saying you're going to do that now?
You just said you refused earlier, huh?
No, I saw that
I can't refuse, kid...
This is
It's real, real
- Oh, fuck, what should I do, Mr.
- The real, raw, me
Ah, when have I ever seen something like this in my life?
I'll take another picture, okay?
I'm going to kill you, you
If you kill me
Well, how can I be alone here?
Do you think you can survive?
Do something called thinking
This is a trap
No, no matter how much this place is
Even if you're in the middle of a mountain
A country with a strong IT infrastructure.
In Korea
My phone doesn't work
Where do you think it is?
This is thorough
It was planned, everything
huh? Just one hour
huh? just one hour
If you help me take pictures
Siyoung, Im getting out of here too.
I'll help you, okay?
Promise, huh? okay? ruler
There's no other choice anyway.
Or not
There's one more thing
It's a woman
Buy, buy...
What kind of shit is this again?
Is it a situation?
Something like that disappears
I don't think there is one
What are you guys?
Why, why, why are you like that? I
Ah, these bastards.
I brought it with a GoPro.
- Oh really?
- GoPro? What?
Camera, camera
It's attached to the chest
It's a body cam.
It's so fucked up.
Oh, I'm screwed.
It's a mess
Are you a reporter?
Ah, ah, no
Oh no
If so, get reported
Aren't you here?
Report what?
Report what? Fuck this
Why dont you speak straight?
sleep, wait a minute
Please save me, please save me
Hey, fuck bitch, what are you?
Are these Chairman Yoons kids?
Sir, I checked everything.
On the door
Other than the detection sensor
There is no trace of being touched and it is clean.
I'm not that reporter.
The person you just mentioned
I do not know
Please get me out of here
Please take me out, okay?
Please take me out
I guess you really don't know
Oh, I dont think its Chairman Yoons side.
I'm just a civilian
Why did you come here?
Baby, fuck
Why on this vast campus?
This container is packed
Create an uncomfortable situation for each other
We need to get out of here quickly, okay?
I need to get out quickly.
Quick, really, huh?
Ah, this dick
What is it?
older brother!
older brother!
Oh, what is it?
- older brother!
- What?
This, fuck, this!
Ah, what is it?
That, that, that
What is that?
uh! mom, fuck
- What?
- What is it again?
Hey, hey, what is this?
Oh, I don't know.
Lady, what is this?
- what is this?
- Run away
run away
Run away, now, run away
Hey, hey, get out of the way
What the fuck
Get it, you bastard.
Get out of the way, Mr. Lee.
Oh, fuck
Baby, why are you running away?
I'm going to my wife and it's a shame
I need to get out of here
yes, gotcha
But what was that pronunciation just now?
I need to get out of here
I need to get out of here
why why why?
Why, huh?
Ah, why so
You want to get out of here? uh?
Ah, so
dead people
Come back to life again and make us...
- I see
- Dead people...
dead people
You just came back to life?
Inspector Baek
I caught the girl
But what was that pronunciation just now?
Is everything okay?
Um, are there people left on the rooftop?
Ooh, with the staff who came to film us
other people
still, still there
- Is there anyone else?
- Uh, uh
- where?
- On the roof, that
A five-story building, that
Why aren't you giving me answers?
There are more people here at school
There, there
Wow, I'm going crazy, really.
Hey, make sure it breaks
Otherwise, I will live and run wild again.
Fuck you guys
Hey, what are you guys doing now?
You are Manager Park.
Isnt this what were doing here?
Oh, well, should I know?
Do you know who I am?
At someone elses workplace
The bearer of mulberries?
- Raw lamb?
- Fuck you.
Yes, representative.
It was just sorted out.
It's not a shotgun
Two, they're following me
Keep the rest of the seats
It was you
It looks really ordinary
Sister, sister, it's me, it's me
Sister, what are you doing? quickly
That's enough now
Sister, sister, sister, sister
Cell phone, did you bring your cell phone?
I think I fell somewhere too
It was you
It looks really ordinary
Mom will protect you
Mom will protect you, okay?
It's okay, it's okay
If people know you, you
I'm going to kill you
Mommy has to protect you
The person who protects me
Why did you try to kill me?
Oh, sister, I'm sorry.
I reported it to the police
They say they come this way
We also sent people to school
Mr. Chaeyoon
I left it like that earlier...
are you okay
Who takes care of whom in that situation?
are you okay?
I do not know
a little
I feel dizzy
You said it was a car accident, right?
How did you get out?
Treatment is over
Talk to me
So suddenly
You decided not to come.
A moment with mom
Let's talk outside for a moment
I actually don't remember much
Not everything
There are things I remember
There are some that don't fly
I have memories
Because it's hazy like fog
I do not remember
I think it would be really comfortable
What does it mean to be comfortable?
Ah, ah, I'm sorry, Chaeyoon.
I'm not sure what that means.
Unni, Siyoung unni
Sister, are you okay?
I kinda
Maybe it's because I'm very tired
Is my understanding poor?
Four, five
Six, Seven
What do you want to hide?
I wonder who will come looking for me
Who is coming?
People trying to kill me
my daughter is okay
It's okay, it's okay
Hey, over there.
What are you doing now?
Please save me, me, please
please save me
That shaman bitch
I guess it wasn't a lie
The kid who made our Junhee like that
it's you?
I am
I'm not sure what you mean.
He was only fifteen
Thanks to
A mother who lost her only child
He said he would follow too.
I did something foolish
I really...
I'm not sure what you mean.
Chairman, you need to stop sorting things out
little bit more
There have been years of waiting
Miss Han Si-young
I want you to deal with this situation
more terrible
more painful
more hopelessly
I hope you accept it
Thanks to
'Cause we've all become monsters
At some point it goes away
You must have realized it
'If I hate someone to death'
I guess God is punishing me
She must have thought it was a special ability
But our Junhee
I rejected your handwritten letter
It happened that way just for a reason.
That bright and kind kid!
That humble pride
Just because I touched it
three and four and five
Six, Seven and Eight
One, two, three
He's your friend
Why did you do that?
Why did you do that, Siyoung?
I'm unlucky
Really to God
Do you forgive me for all my sins?
Like drugs or something like that
You weren't going to die easily
are you okay?
Are you Mr. Jeong Hyun-nam?
came from the
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Where were you this morning?
Me? at dawn
- It was jaywalking.
- Who is the driver?
on yellow signal
I was entering the intersection
I'm not drinking
I have over 20 years of accident-free experience.
The taxi driver too
I felt like I was suddenly hit by something.
I don't understand either.
- Please agree.
- yes?
and that bastard
Bring it to me right now
Regardless of means or method
What are you going to do?
With the expansion of pachinko
The atmosphere is already chaotic.
next week
Until the board of directors
Staying quiet...
Oh, what? Hey, what is that!
Ah, it's still warm.
Junhee's mom
Junhees mom, huh?
Open your eyes, just this once
I feel like I'm alive here, huh?
There's someone alive here!
It's me, me, huh? Come on?
Open your eyes, okay?
Chairman, think again...
At that time
Take responsibility for that damn situation
I needed someone
whoever that is
And after a while
I somehow can't die
By the time I became worthy of living
she came to see me
What's going on?
Did you know the lady?
I came to visit you about student Go Jun-hee.
Lady, with me...
at first
It was so absurd
What the heck
I wondered if there were all these crazy bitches out there.
Is it a cursed evil spirit or slander?
This can only be done by the Chairman.
I can't do it
It seemed pretty plausible to be nonsense.
The example of speaking and the look in your eyes
I've been doing this for a very long time
It looked like it was prepared
When I think about it again
It's really a bit creepy though
In our class too
There were about four or five people.
Those kids who died like that
Then their mom
bring it to school
Force him to transfer schools
recent cause
There are many unexpected deaths among teenagers...
Just finished in 1 or 2 weeks
Because children suddenly die
It wasn't a big deal because it was on the news.
He started the fire, I'm sure.
Fuck, well, no evidence.
The alibi is clear
So I was acquitted.
So from behind
Everyone was whispering about it.
That bitch is a witch
She is 'the daughter of Satan'
We went to school together back then
All my friends know
It's strange just looking at it.
Your journey over the years
After looking at it in detail,
Then I realized
Often people around me
Because I'm dying
very hard
Looks like he transferred to a new school.
Among the friends around me,
In fact, even children who are suspicious
There was
I'm sending them away
I had to live alone all this time
The reason
A demon born of hatred
Just the power in this world
I can never kill you
some physical force
man made tool of killing
intentionally trying to kill or harm
a whole series of attempts
Nothing helps at all
So what should we do?
People who have already died once
it's the only way
I'm cut off from the outside world
No one will notice
I need a large space
I'll take care of that
The entire process was conducted by Siyoung Han.
enough to convince
It has to be natural
Even before I was conscious of it, I
When you know you've fallen into a trap
she will probably fail
There will be many innocent victims.
Child molester, perpetrator of school violence
adulterous man
From adulterous women to original dating
This is enough
It's not very innocent either.
Yes, Mr. Chairman, yes.
all right
Main gates 2 and 4
back door
Main building 7 and 8
We have to block it well from here.
Definitely, you know what I mean?
That bitch body, mind
I'm going to destroy everything.
how is it?
I prepared really hard.
Do you like it?
Is this all you need?
Help me
Help me
It's so funny, this is
Please save me, I did something wrong.
That story
my nephew and my sister died
Should have done it 9 years ago
Help me
please save me
Help me
Incinerate it
say it
Why did you help me?
I didn't help
I took advantage of the chairman.
If you have committed a sin
I need to be punished
That's it
yesterday morning
In a collision at Suncheon Interchange
Following the mother and son's disaster,
Early in the morning today
Mr. Lee, a taxi driver in his 50s
On the side of the national highway in Seobong-dong
colliding with a road curb
an incident occurred
Mr. Lee suffered cardiac arrest.
After being taken to the hospital
She died about two hours later.
Passenger Park suffered abrasions and other injuries.
With only minor injuries
It is known
At that time, Mr. Lee was just before the accident.
Signs of abnormalities such as leaving the lane...
Siyoung's sister
Sister, are you okay? Siyoung's sister
Sister, are you okay?
are you okay
I fell asleep, yes, I'm sure.
Even though it's outside the barrier
If you see me losing my breath like that,
Please wear all hoods.
Even if your strength is temporarily weakened
Once branded,
There is no way to erase it
Die anytime, any way
Was it something like that?
I finished the last rites
As time goes by
At that time, the chairman
You can handle it yourself.
I want you to call me again
I thought you were really worried
I was so thankful that I almost cried, Mr.
no wonder
I feel so fucking disgusted from school.
I felt dizzy
What are you doing, that kind of magic?
Well, that was it.
You really almost got lost.
You fucking bitch
It's no use now
I figured it all out
They know all your weaknesses, they
How much do you think you know?
Please save me
please save me
Help me
-Please save me.
- hey
- Please solve this for me.
-Please save me.
- Please save me.
-Please save me.
Hey, please save me
help me
please save me
please save me
To that bitch
I'm being deceived
I'm being deceived now
as far as possible
away from people
You devil...
You're coming to kill me soon
So I'm going to kill them all
A child who will go like that
It wasn't
People are born and die
It's a set day
There is no set time
It's going to be ignored
Death never happens
There are no holidays
She was Master's new daughter
It's a child
Are you upset?
I tested it as per the visit.
Indeed, it came back to life
Even though the logic is
I couldn't figure it out, but
I saw the effect
Oh my gosh
The visit was against God's providence.
It's blasphemous
Don't you know it well too?
That cursed demon
Are you going to leave it like that?
With strange pagan sounds, etc.
It's not the power to wield
The time will come
When the wait gets longer
The fear of the abyss raises its head
In the end, fear
our rational reasons
you will be ahead
Even if I can't come out on the surface
Even in the Archdiocese
We are watching closely
What are you going to do, sister?
No more like this
I can't just leave it alone
Waiting is
It only makes us weaker
I will do it, mother.
I am
Mother's path
won't go