The Sinister Monk (1965) Movie Script

How long does it take for that idiot?
- Ronny!
- He can't hold out much longer.
And don't you think your rightful place
is at your father's side?
It was his wish to talk to the notary.
My daughter Patricia keeps Darkwood Hall,
so her girls' boarding school...
can continue. The remainder
of my property and my revenues,
I bequeath to my beloved granddaughter,
Gwendolin Francis Gilmore.
Let's go!
Where's Richard?
- Something surely held him up.
Otherwise he'd never have missed
his father's death.
Since no will and testament has been
found as yet, the law states clearly...
that the inheritance shall now be divided
fairly and equally among his next of kin.
You are to appear before the official
bureau of estates and inheritances...
on the 20th of this month,
bearing certificates of your identity.
You'll see the judge at the Town Hall
in Greensmothing at 10 o'clock.
You will send these forms to us as soon
as you have filled them out. Good day.
Good day.
- Good day.
So, that's how it is. If you want
Darkwood Hall for your boarding school,
then I'll content myself with Sea House
and the 3 buildings located in London.
Since there isn't any will, we'll wait!
- Just a minute!
Where did you get the idea
that there was no will?
This is only a photo-stat, of course.
I did it myself, actually.
Quite good, don't you think?
The original is locked up in my safe.
The will was in the notary's car.
It was destroyed!
No, no! Otherwise, how did I get it?
I received it in an anonymous letter.
You think I believe that?
- Can you prove the contrary?
What does it say? Let me see!
- Aside from Darkwood Hall,
everything else - all property,
investments, as both real and on paper,
in other words, our father's entire
fortune of nearly 4 million pounds -
is to go to Lord Gilmore's
beloved granddaughter.
Do you mean Gwendolin?
- Yes. Gwendolin!
The daughter of our brother, Reginald,
who's now residing in jail.
Does Gwendolin know?
- No. And she won't find out...
if you keep quiet and if I destroy
the will and the copy I have.
Well, destroy it then!
- I haven't finished what I had to say:
Read that carefully.
If I do destroy the will,
each one of us will inherit a third.
Since Reginald, as a murderer...
and convict is, alas, disqualified.
I'd like something more for my trouble.
You'll get 10% of your possessions.
The rest you'll give to me,
as your brother and lawyer.
And you will agree to give me
power of attorney over the entire estate.
What I do with the money is my concern.
What do you say? Will you all sign that?
And what if we refuse?
- In that case, I'll speak to Gwendolin.
Oh yes? Then what do you get out of it?
- Just as little as we will.
That's what you think.
If you refuse, I have an alternate plan.
I was thinking of you. Will you sign it?
- That's a lot to ask all of a sudden!
We've got to think about it.
Give us a little more time.
Yes, it's only fair!
- Sure. Just as you like.
And we'll meet again in a week.
I would say, right here.
You are very sure of yourself.
Aren't you, Richard?
I would say...
Dirty thief!
- He's mad! Completely insane!
If he doesn't destroy that will...
- Then he'll try to blackmail Gwendolin!
Yes. That's what he'll do.
That's got to be what he's planning.
- And what if she doesn't give in?
Don't be nave, Ronny. Your uncle has
unusual ways of persuasion.
If Gwendolin doesn't want to lose
everything, she'll be satisfied with less.
There's one way out of this, however.
- Either the will disappears,
or Gwendolin does.
You've got to invite her here!
Yes, I'll do that. But to protect her.
- From whom?
From Richard. From you.
And... from my own son.
But why, Mama?
Just 'cause I want to marry her?
- If it's Gwendolin who gets the money.
After the marriage, you'll persuade her
to sign it over to you. Is that right?
That's right, Uncle.
I'm going now. But I'll be back soon.
With my beloved brother, Richard.
Excuse me.
Here she comes!
Thank you, girls!
And I hope you all come back next month...
with the same smiles on your faces,
ready to go back to work.
But for now go home and relax.
I want you to have a wonderful vacation!
Goodbye Emily, Jean, Carol!
Have a good time.
And give my regards to your parents.
What's going on here?
- The girls are going on vacation.
All the girls?
- No, about 12 of them are staying.
Either they've no-one to go to,
or their parents are abroad. Excuse me.
Do you work here at the boarding school?
- Yes, Sir. I'm sort of the house butler.
My name's Smitty, if I may be so bold
as to mention it.
Listen. A girl will be arriving
Here shortly. A certain Gwendolin.
She's my niece. You let me know
The second that she arrives.
Here's my card.
My address is on the back.
Certainly, Sir.
Have you worked here very long?
- No, I've been here for 12 weeks.
I haven't been here in nearly 11 years.
I don't remember it very well.
This is the park gate.
- Ah!
Hello, Aunt Patty!
Gwendolin. I'm so glad you're here.
- You haven't changed one bit, Aunt Patty.
It comes from living with youth.
Take Gwendolin's luggage to her room!
How was your trip?
- Good, the countryside was beautiful!
It seemed to take no time at all to get
here from London. I usually drive myself,
but with Mr. Smith, I wasn't afraid!
- Thank you, My Lady.
Thanks for inviting me. Uncle Richard
asked me to stay with him, too.
But I decided I'd rather be here.
- I'm happy you did, Gwendolin!
But you let me help with the housework?
- Certainly! But the main thing...
is for you to feel at home.
- Thank you.
That's my niece Gwendolin. She's my guest
but wants to help with the housework.
Later on you'll get to know each other.
- How do you do? - Hello!
Would you show me
where my room is, now?
Oh, excuse me, Lady Patricia.
I was just going to get some food
for my pigeons out of the garage.
This is Mr. Short. He rents some rooms up
in the top of the tower. He's an artist.
You're too kind. But you must excuse me.
My little pigeons are getting impatient.
So she's going to clean the house for us.
- She looks very nice to me,
and very pretty.
- She's the daughter of a convict!
Well, how do you know that?
- I know it, that's all.
You can't know how wonderful it is to look
out of my window and see trees and grass.
That's your room. The 2nd door.
- How's Uncle William and Uncle Richard?
Oh, they're quite well.
Well, now who is that?
- Your cousin Ronny.
I'm delighted, Cousin! Delighted and
enchanted by so much charm and beauty.
And so on, and so on!
I remember you when you were that high.
Things have changed.
For us both.
Come on. Here's your room.
I hope you like it.
I must speak to you!
I know you, Ronny.
And I know what you're up to!
You feel sorry for her, you mean?
I do, too. How solid do you think this is?
Don't think you can get away with it.
I'm not going to cover up for you again.
Aren't you?
- No!
Just remember
that I intend to marry her.
Excuse me. Sorry!
Come in!
Your luggage!
Thank you, Mr. Smith.
- They all call me "Smitty".
And if you would too, I'd be honored.
- Thank you, Smitty!
May I help you with anything?
- Would you please open the big suitcase?
With pleasure.
There you are.
- Thank you.
Who's that?
- My father.
Your father?
It's funny... For some reason, I could
almost swear that I've seen him somewhere.
It was many years ago, though.
- It's very likely.
His picture was in all the papers.
- That's right! I remember it now.
He was indicted for murder and later
convicted and sent to prison for life.
I'm sorry. Forgive me.
But he's still my father.
And I... I am still
your faithful servant.
Thank you, Smitty.
Yes? Who is it?
Have you been at my door, Mr. Short?
- No, I wouldn't do such a thing!
The door handle was moving.
- Maybe it was the ghost of Darkwood Hall.
The Monk.
- Monk? What monk?
In the old days,
this castle was a monastery.
Many people have seen the ghost
of a monk walking in the moonlight.
It was undoubtedly the fog.
- Undoubtedly.
In any case,
all the girls are terribly frightened.
Come on!
Help! Help!
Hurry! Get in!
Come out of there!
Your game is finished, my friend!
Come out of there with your hands up.
I've got you covered.
I said come out of there!
Post C, this is Inspector Potter!
I have a present for Scotland Yard!
I want 3 men to report
to section MO298.
In other words, around 2 miles
from Darkwood Hall. Repeat the message!
Yes, Sir. 3 men to Section MO4...
- No! Not MO4! MO2!
Whoever is behind all this, those poor
girls are petrified by this monk!
I want you to send as many men
as possible to the school to protect us!
But really, Patricia!
Isn't this all rather fantastic?
I mean, why should your place suddenly
be overrun by sinister monks?
I'm not talking about a lot of monks.
Only about one monk!
But there aren't sufficient grounds to
warrant an intervention by Scotland Yard.
No? If something should happen to
One of the girls, my school would close!
And then I'd no longer pay taxes.
And one of you would be dismissed.
I hope that it's you!
- You hope that it's...
ls there anyone you suspect in particular?
- I can't imagine any reason why...
Oh, but I can! With all those
beautiful girls in one place!
Who would be eccentric enough to dress
like that! From the girls' description,
anyone at all could be the monk. Even you!
And maybe one day, you'll have to prove...
that you're not. Good morning!
- Good morning!
Information about the murder, Sir?
- No murder. She owns a boarding school.
That may be, Sir. But the murder...
- I'm telling you: No murder,
it's just a practical joke.
A monk who frightens young girls.
Oh, then you don't know yet?
Inspector Potter's been murdered.
Not true! Is it a fact?
- Yes. Here. On this road.
But wait a second. That road
is very near to Darkwood Hall,
the boarding school run by Lady Patricia
who was just here. Is there a link, Black?
I don't see how. Inspector Potter
was killed in such a way that no...
school girl would have had the strength
to do it. All the symptoms of a hanging.
Bruised throat, neck broken,
eyes protruding and so on.
Except he was killed standing up.
- Is that supposed to be a joke?
That's impossible, Black!
When do I get the autopsy report?
Doctor Howell is dictating it now.
But I see no connection...
between this murder and Darkwood Hall.
- Potter was working on a lead of his own.
And he asked me to give him a free hand.
I'm very sorry, now that I didn't go...
ahead with it. He once complained that it
was far harder to take care of a teenager
than a sack full of fleas!
And in Darkwood Hall,
there are more than a dozen active fleas.
I mean, teenagers dancing around.
What a drag! Who dances like this
nowadays? Who has a chance to kiss anyone?
And how about with Ronny?
- Yes. Or Smitty?
And, Mr. Short?
- I've had enough. I'm going into town.
Buy me a lipstick. Love Pink!
- I'll think of it.
I want to tell you how glad I am
that you came here.
Do you believe people are fated to meet?
- But, Ronny...
No, wait. Don't go away!
Now, I know why I've never married.
Even after all this time.
I've been waiting for you!
- You shouldn't say such things, Ronny!
Looking for someone?
Oh, hello, dear!
Have you seen Ronny?
What are you doing here?
- Waiting.
Who are you?
- My name is d'Arol.
I was engaged here as a French instructor.
- Oh, of course!
At the moment the girls are on vacation!
- I want to settle in good time.
My luggage is on the way.
This is my niece, Miss Gilmore.
I'll show you to your room. Please.
Thank you.
Have you seen Ronny?
- Yes. But I don't know where he went.
- Well, no monk costume today?
You don't seriously believe
I'm the monk?
Look! You'd better watch out!
- Who's going to make me watch out?
I am!
That's only a water pistol.
That's just a toy!
This pistol's no toy, I warn you!
Now, let me by, Ronny!
But I love you. I told you.
- Me, too?
Why do you say "too"?
- I know about a certain French girl...
with no pistol to protect her!
- You little...
Watch out!
It's loaded with sulphuric acid!
Be reasonable, Lola!
What have I done to you? Lola!
You little worm!
I know you through and through!
Now, get going!
And you'd better not forget...
that the Monk will get a taste of this
right in his face if I ever will meet him!
Just a moment!
Am I disturbing you?
- No. Not at all.
I'm bringing your towels up to you.
- Won't you come in?
I must apologize.
It's so untidy,
but I live alone up here
and we artists are...
Well, neatness isn't our greatest virtue.
You understand, I'm sure.
There. She was sick.
Poor little one.
But now she's quite alright.
Fly away, my angel!
Don't forget to come back!
Do you like music?
- Yes!
I have a thrilling recording
of the Opera Nabucco.
You're looking at my collection of masks.
Do you like them?
Yes, but they're a bit gruesome.
- Nonetheless, that's my profession.
I make death masks. Bereaved relatives
often want a reminder of their loved one.
I get in touch with them
after I read the obituary notice.
If a face is especially intriguing,
once in a while, I make a duplicate...
for my own pleasure. One of these faces
is a girl who's still alive.
A beauty. Here.
The most beautiful face in the school.
Lola Winters.
Would you allow me to make a mask of you?
Your features are exquisite.
Oh. I don't know.
I'd better go now.
Please don't go.
Listen to the music!
It's beautiful!
The scene in the prison!
Excuse me. I brought the mail for you.
- Thank you. Put it over there.
The towels.
- But wait a second. Your face.
You will let me make a mask of it?
- Yes, of course.
Have you got a light for me?
Help! Oh, help!
Let me go! Help! Help!
Chief! She's running to the castle!
Help! Help!
What was that?
- It was Lola!
The Monk!
Stop! Stop!
Are you out of your mind? Haven't you
got enough sense to get off the road?
I just wanted to show you the way
to Darkwood Hall. There's been a murder!
Disgraceful! We race out here because
of a murder, and this idiot comes along...
and almost kills the whole police force!
Just who are you, anyhow?
The school's caretaker. My name's Smith.
- You're coming with us!
I'm innocent, Sir!
- Why are you trembling then?
I'm not! I've had something of a shock.
I just found this note nailed to a tree.
"Keep out of this affair.
The Monk."
The Monk, the Monk!
If he's a monk, then I'm a nun!
Come now!
Tell me the truth. Before the police
get here and the investigation begins.
You're driving me crazy, Mama!
Please stop if you can!
Am I being unjust, Ronny?
- Now what are you talking about?
Are you the one who...
Now what would I do that for?
Maybe Lola learned something about you?
- Ah, what nonsense!
Maybe she found out about the accident.
The one in Lausanne.
So what?
She can't talk now.
Too bad. She was so pretty!
After that time with Jeanette Rouir,
I protected you. Year after year.
Day after day. Hour after hour.
This is too much. I can't do it again.
- I never touched Lola! Stop accusing me!
I sometimes wish that I had
never given birth to you!
Well? An eavesdropper, huh?
As you like.
Now, the question of this monk!
After Lady Patricia spoke to meat
Scotland Yard, I concluded that we must...
send 2 policemen as soon as possible
to the boarding school to protect you.
But Lady Patricia claims you turned down
her request because this was all...
Being caused by a practical joker.
- That was before I learned...
that Inspector Potter had been murdered.
- Yes, but then...
Did Miss Lola have any enemies?
I mean any reason to be murdered.
Please think carefully.
What is it, my child?
Why are you crying? Huh? There.
Calm down. It's alright.
If you know something that will help
solve the case then you can tell me!
If you know that Miss Lola had an enemy,
don't be afraid to tell me. Who was it?
I! I don't want to hurt anyone!
Yes, of course. I understand.
You're not sure you're right, and you
don't want to accuse anyone.
Well, just come and talk to me later.
Is Gwendolin here?
- No. Shall I look for her?
Oh, would you, Dolores?
- Lady Patricia. Sir John believes that...
Just a minute. Excuse me.
Who is Gwendolin?
My niece.
But Sir John, the most important thing...
- I beg your pardon, Miss.
But who's questioning who, here, huh?
You me, or I you?
Now, too much interference might cause
a person to seem suspicious.
That's right. The murderer wears
the disguise of a monk to conceal.
- Yes, Chief?
Look at this. A water pistol. Smell it!
- Sulphuric acid!
Here. Take it along.
- Right.
CM30, please come in!
- CM30 reporting!
Inspector Black, listen to this carefully.
- Go ahead, Chief.
All stations. Look for someone
who's been burnt severely by acid!
Report to me right away. Got that?
- Yes, Sir.
You wanted to see me?
- Please catch the bus into London,
stop by the milliners and pick up my hat.
And you wanted to go to the hairdresser's?
Yes, for the last 3 days.
- You can ride into town with Gwendolin.
Sorry, but I can't allow it. No one must
leave this area before I've finished...
with my investigation.
- I'm in command in my own house!
Or are we under arrest?
- No, but I have my own reasons.
I, too, have my reasons!
The only concession that I will make,
is that you can accompany them to the bus,
and afterwards pick them up again.
You can send the men
you refused me recently for my protection.
Good morning, Sir John!
- Good morning, Lady Patricia!
You old battle axe!
You can't deny
those prints came from your shoes!
I was the one who found the body.
- And just what were you doing...
in the park at midnight?
- You'll think this is silly, Inspector.
But I'm romantically inclined.
- That's not an answer to my question!
- No, thank you.
Lola Winters attracted me.
I went out to meet her at the bus.
I see. And do you know those men
who just drove up?
They're my mother's brothers. They live
in London. One's a lawyer, one's a doctor.
I may have a few more questions later on.
- I won't leave the house. Good morning.
He's a cagey one, isn't he?
The strangulation marks
around the dead girl's throat...
are the same as on Inspector Potter.
- That young man had very capable hands.
Did you notice when he offered
his cigarettes a minute ago?
Yes. I think Inspector Potter's case is
linked up with those girls...
who disappeared about a year ago.
- Yes. But this girl didn't disappear,
she was murdered.
- She knew something she shouldn't.
Or somebody.
Maybe jealousy. Or else, revenge.
Or else,
she was mistaken for someone else.
I won't stand for it!
- Get out of my room!
That's what you want, isn't it?
Miss Gwendolin?
Where were you just now?
In the conference room.
- And where are you going now?
To clean out the girls' room.
- And then?
Up to my room.
Wait! Miss. Gwendolin!
Sorry to ask, but what will you do then?
- And what am I doing tomorrow?
And the day after? No, Smitty.
What I do is my own business.
Of course, Miss Gwendolin. Forgive me!
I merely want to be near you, when I can.
To protect you. Please, Miss Gwendolin!
- That's very sweet of you, Smitty,
but you'd better let me look after myself.
Thank you.
No, Richard. I'll never sign!
And neither will I. You're free
to do what you want with the will.
I want you out of my house this minute.
- What you want, dearest Patricia,
doesn't interest me in the least.
- Get a hold of yourself, Patricia.
This is no time to lose your nerve.
- I'm afraid that your man mistook Lola...
for Gwendolin.
- What? My man?
Yes. Your man.
- What's this? Did you hire a paid killer?
Killer? You don't honestly believe
I'd be so clumsy, William.
I have very different plans.
Gwendolin's going into London later
and by the time she gets back,
I want you out of here. Otherwise...
- Otherwise, my dear Patricia?
I've got proof
that your darling son, Ronny...
strangled that French girl Jeanette Rouir.
After all, I was the one...
who defended him in court.
I wouldn't hesitate for a minute...
to use the proof I've got against him.
- And I wouldn't hesitate for a minute...
to use the proof I have against you!
- What proof are you referring to?
That the reason Gwendolin's father
is rotting in jail...
is on account of you two!
Explain that, mother!
Reginald was sole heir to the estate
and so you hired someone to kill him!
He killed his attacker in self defense.
Then you both swore in front of the judge
who considered it a premeditated murder!
The verdict of the jury was manslaughter.
And so they sentenced him to
life imprisonment, instead of hanging him!
Yes. You're quite right, Patricia, dear.
That's exactly what happened.
Have you gone crazy, Richard?
The whole place is swarming with police!
I don't think she can prove a thing.
Or can you prove something?
You see? The trumpcards
are really in my hands.
What you want doesn't interest us.
You will just have to do as we want.
So, I will remain right here.
With Gwendolin.
Pardon! Excuse me.
"Your father is innocent.
The proof is in this house."
You take your men
and form a cordon around the castle.
You drive around the park. 2 of the girls
are going into town at noon.
You provide them with an escort from here
as far as the bus stop and then back.
I was so relieved to hear that the girl
who was killed wasn't you, Gwendolin.
It was a total stranger.
- I was utterly relieved!
You should have accepted my invitation.
- If you ever need something,
you know I'm a doctor and will always
be ready to help.
That's kind of you, Uncle William.
- Did you see this monk, Gwendolin?
Yes, from the window.
- And now Patricia is sending you...
into London? I'll go along with you.
- Oh no, you won't!
Excuse me, Miss Gilmore!
- Yes?
I'm Inspector Black of Scotland Yard.
I take it that you are...
Lady Patricia's brothers. One of you
is a lawyer, the other a doctor?
Yes. But don't you think it's somewhat
rude of you to come bursting in here?
The Inspector naturally wants to ask
Gwendolin some questions.
Not an easy job, after all.
- That's right, Gentlemen.
Why were they in here?
- To welcome me. I'm their niece.
How long have you been here?
- Since last Tuesday.
Are you here as a guest?
- Of my aunt's, yes.
Otherwise, do you usually live alone?
Is that your technique? Asking questions
not connected with the actual crime?
It's not my technique, Miss Gilmore.
It's my profession.
You think it's such fun to poke your nose
into other people's private lives?
Well, you can ask me any questions
you please. I don't have any private life.
In the criminal sense, I mean.
But if it's a matter of life and death,
yes, I live alone.
And... are your parents alive?
My father.
Is this him?
- Yes. But I don't live with him.
I know you'll find out anyway.
I might as well get it over with.
My father is in the penitentiary
for murder.
How do you like that?
But I've got another surprise to show you.
This I just found it on the carpet.
"Your father is innocent.
The proof is in this house."
I thank you for your confidence,
Miss Gilmore.
Those two gentlemen and Lady Patricia
are your father's sister and brothers?
- So they inherit, too.
Thank you again, Miss Gilmore.
Inspector? Excuse me, but...
could I speak to you for a minute?
- I'll be right down.
Excuse me. Short is my name.
Alfred Short.
Lady Patricia allows me
to live in the tower room.
Of course, I do pay rent, regularly.
I don't know if my observations
will be of any real value to you.
Naturally, you don't know that. And if you
don't tell me what your observations are,
I won't know either.
- As Lola left the house that day,
I noticed Mr. Ronny out in the park.
He stopped her.
And then?
- They were having a violent argument.
And then,
incredible as this will seem,
she pointed a gun straight at his head.
And then she walked off alone.
And from where did you when see all this?
- Out of my window. Unexpectedly.
Show it to me, please.
- Have you discovered something new?
Maybe, Sir John. Come with me.
- It's this way.
You can make a fortune at anything.
Not quite a fortune, but a living.
- One man's death is another man's job.
A fine slogan for a mortician!
- What's this?
So you keep pigeons, do you?
- It's my hobby, Sir.
Ah, your hobby.
Carrier pigeons?
No, I wish they were!
I'm too much of an amateur for that.
But I'm happy enough just to have
these little ones. They're so gentle.
The dove isn't the symbol of peace
for nothing.
In a way, you might say,
I have my own kingdom of peace.
- So it is. Particularly when I think...
how much evil there is in the world.
It was from this window that I saw...
Ronny and Lola when they were having
their argument.
Black? The dead girl,
isn't this her?
Indeed, Sir. She generously allowed me
to make a cast...
of her lovely face.
- You said these were all death masks!
They weren't originally.
Alas, they are now all death masks.
Why don't you let us try on those
darling little helmets of yours?
We aren't allowed to take them off.
- That's too bad!
- Yes, I'm coming.
William! Are you mad?
- She's unconscious! Inspector!
The Monk! The Monk was here!
Inspector! Inspector!
Inspector. Someone's calling you.
Go on!
I came in to take her to town.
- You? I was going to go with her!
I wouldn't have let her go alone with you?
- Somebody called me? What happened?
The Monk was here! Can you imagine?
I walked into the room...
and saw this tall dark figure!
And before I recovered from the shock,
he ran over here
and disappeared over the balcony.
What were you doing here?
- I was coming here to pick up my niece.
When was it, exactly?
- About 2 or 3 minutes ago, how do I know?
Did you knock on the door first?
- Of course I knocked!
But I didn't get any answer.
And the door opened, and all at once,
I saw... you have to believe me,
it was the Monk!
Would you come to see me in 5 minutes
down in the conference room?
I'm going to make out
an official report.
I don't understand it! It's dreadful!
- Yes. It certainly is!
I'm not waiting a minute longer!
Otherwise, I'm going to miss the bus.
Let's go, Fred. We have to do our duty.
- We're to escort 2 girls to the bus stop.
Then, I'll come along with you.
I want to buy myself a new dress, anyway.
Alright, come on. Goodbye!
- Goodbye!
You haven't thought of anything stupider?
- Calm down, Richard.
It's bad for you. Take your medicine.
- Sure. You're so right, William.
I hope you'll forgive my violence.
It was terribly considerate of you...
to have brought this
tranquillizing medicine for me.
But you need it much more than I do.
So you take it. Here we are.
Come on! Open your mouth!
You coward! You want the will
to be of no benefit to me, whatsoever.
But you won't beat me out of it that way!
And as for Gwendolin, you'd better not try
that trick again! Otherwise, I might
make things very unpleasant for you.
Now, get out of here!
I think you're getting
a little too sure of yourself!
Thank you.
- Yes.
The first question I want to ask is:
Why did he do it?
I wonder what your attacker could possibly
be hoping to gain with this.
Not money, because I don't have any here.
- But you have no idea...
who it could have been, is that it?
No clue at all?
It was all so quick.
I didn't see anyone.
But your Uncle William.
He saw someone, so he says.
Oh, no! Oh, not again!
The Monk!
I just wanted to dust the room.
- Dust the room? - Yes!
The one discovering the body is suspected!
- But you were the first!
- Yes, Sir.
I came in and found you with the body.
You were staring at it!
I didn't stare! I was...
I was merely thinking.
- Go on!
The same strangulation marks
as the coroner found on Potter.
Only I wonder what...
what connection there can possibly be...
between this murder...
and those poor girls.
I haven't been here for weeks, as I know.
- Me neither.
Well, I think we're almost there.
So I'll go to the hairdresser, and you
go shopping. How long will it take you?
Two hours, I guess.
Alright then. I'll see you in two hours
at the Caf Brewster, right?
Good. I'll see you later, bye.
Oh, Miss? Could you show me the way
to get to the Tower?
It should be here, but I can't find it.
No! No, let go of me!
What did you say?
Please speak louder,
I can't understand you!
She never arrived at the hairdresser's?
Put me in touch with the dress shop!
Yes, I'll wait.
What is it?
- Mary didn't get to the hairdresser.
Yes, I'm still waiting.
Please, I can understand your excitement.
Talk a little louder.
They what?
Ah, I understand. Thank you.
Dolores had just gone back
to the fitting room in the rear,
when all at once, someone threw a cloth
over the sales girl's face.
Both Mary and Dolores
have disappeared without a trace.
And my brother brutally murdered!
It is outrageous that this could happen...
right in front of the very noses
of the police! The famous Scotland Yard!
Were you aware that the girls
were planning to go in to London today?
I suppose so. Naturally.
Why shouldn't I know?
And you, Ronny?
- I always know the girls' whereabouts.
Lady Patricia?
Obviously, you asked them to go.
Monsieur d'Arol?
No, monsieur.
- Thank you, that's all.
Sir John? I think it's about time
that somebody here remembered...
that originally Gwendolin was supposed
to go into London with Mary.
Gwendolin! Richard, where's Gwendolin?
- How should I know where she is?
And where's Mr. Short?
Thank you very much.
I realize this is an ordeal.
It's much easier when they're dead.
Oh... oh, forgive me!
It's going to come out extremely well!
He'll be very pleased. Very pleased.
Who will be pleased?
- Above me is a greater artist...
who accepts only works of art
which are perfect.
- Goodnight. Goodnight.
Thank you.
What do you think you're doing in here?
Get out, or I'll throw you out!
What are you looking for in my room?
- What's wrong, Uncle Richard?
I caught him snooping in my room just now!
- I was looking for you.
It's my fault. I should have told you
I was up in Mr. Short's room.
I began to get very worried about you.
- I'm sorry.
Did you lose something?
- Yes, a button from my vest.
It must have come off out here.
- Wait a minute.
Is this it?
- Yes, that's it!
I'll sew it on. Come on.
I noticed nothing unusual.
- Keep watching!
Connolly? Did any phone calls go in or
out of here at any time this afternoon?
Nothing, except for your own phone calls.
- And did anybody leave here today?
No one, Sir. Just the girls
who went to the bus stop...
with Carter and Bramly.
- Somehow or other, someone here must have
let an outsider know that those 2 girls
were going to be in London today.
Or how could both girls disappear
from two different places...
at the same time? Will you answer me that?
- I only wish I could, Sir.
Ever see one of these little things?
I think carrier pigeons take messages
in them. Where did you find it?
CN7? Please, come in!
- CN7, reporting.
Inspector Black. Got the scrambler on?
- Yes, Sir, it's on.
Tomorrow morning at dawn, I want
a helicopter to keep a permanent watch.
No police insignia! It's top secret!
- But won't they notice a helicopter?
There's always helicopters flying around
here from the training school at Rumsby.
Oh, and there's one more thing.
I can't really say why...
but I'll feel better
if we stationed a few men...
outside the girls' dormitory and
outside of Miss Gilmore's room, as well.
Goodnight, and thank you!
- You're welcome, Smitty. Goodnight.
Don't be frightened, Darling. I'm only
making sure nothing happens to you.
I'd better go with you to your room!
- What do you think you're doing?
Just why do you think I'm doing this?
Because I love you, that's why.
I want to marry you, Gwendolin.
- Let me go!
Aren't you afraid of the Monk?
Maybe I'm the Monk.
You shouldn't have done that.
"If you want to obtain proof
of your father's innocence,
take the 840 bus tomorrow morning
to London. Get out at James' Gate...
and continue walking west.
Alone. Do not tell anybody."
Miss Gilmore? Open up, please!
Orders from Inspector Black!
Two men on the balcony.
Two men posted outside your door.
Keep an eye on the park!
- Yes, but I...
They won't come in here unless you
call them. I wish you a good night, Miss.
Police in front of the door!
- Well, now it's getting exciting!
I am the brother of Jeanette Rouir.
The girl whom Ronny murdered so brutally.
I am here to seek my revenge.
What are you going to do?
- I don't know yet.
But your son will not escape
justice this time.
Helicopter 1-Y7 nearing Darkwood Hall.
Stay in alert position. Pay attention to
whether a pigeon flies out of the tower.
And report which direction
it's flying in.
1Y7, message received!
- Have you told Miss Gilmore...
she must report to me?
- Yes. I told her, Sir.
Alright. Wait here!
- Yes, Sir.
Oh! Smitty!
- Oh, I'm sorry!
Good morning. One of our men said
that you wanted to go out.
Is it forbidden?
- No.
But you must tell me where you're going.
- I can't tell you.
Then you're making a big mistake.
Because you're in danger.
Is there anyone in this house who isn't?
- Will you allow me to accompany you?
No. I must go alone.
- Just as far as the door.
- Goodbye.
There. Do you see the pigeon?
- Yes! 1-Y7, taking up pursuit of pigeon.
Connolly! So far, so good! Get the car!
- Yes, Sir.
Carter? 2 men on motorcycles behind
Miss Gilmore. Watch her closely!
Do you still see the pigeon?
- Yes, Sir. It's flying south west.
Keep us informed of your position.
We'll follow you from down here.
MO3, please come in!
- MO3, here!
Anything to report?
- Nothing yet, Sir.
We're following behind the bus to London.
- Stay with us.
Helicopter 1Y7 to Inspector Black!
- What's going on?
Pigeon has reached destination.
Storage shed of windmill.
Map location 17-11-21-C3.
Repeat: 17-11-21-C3.
I see it. You're to circle overhead
in alert position. Got it?
Message received!
Will do!
Wait here.
Do you mind if I look at your pigeon coop?
- What? What?
Your pigeon...
- They can't be disturbed. They're eating!
Harry, a visitor!
Good day. I wanna speak to your employer.
- Employer? In there.
Hey! He says that you should come inside!
- Right. Thank you.
This is the mill. They must have grain.
And that's why they have...
their pigeon coops here. Because that
means it's not difficult to keep them fed.
But it's hardly suitable for any extensive
operation. It's too much out in the open.
And you see what that means, Carter?
- No idea, Chief.
I'm afraid at the moment,
I'm not thinking very clearly.
It means, that this windmill
is nothing but a relay station,
where they send information on,
using other carrier pigeons. Yes.
We've got to get out of here.
- Can we, Chief? - Come on!
The helicopter.
Where's their transmitter?
When I fell, I must have dropped it.
We have to find it!
1-Y7, reporting!
Inspector Black, please come in!
1-Y7, reporting!
Inspector Black, please come in!
1-Y7, reporting! Inspector Black,
please come in! Please come in!
Here it is. That's where it's coming from.
- The transmitter.
Who is 1-Y7?
- How should I know? He wants an answer.
And we certainly can't give it to him.
- No, but Inspector Black will answer!
Put that gun on the floor!
Otherwise I'll kill you!
And guess again if you think I can't shoot
your toes off from behind you,
I'll show you! Look out!
- Come on out!
Don't make any trouble or you'll be sorry
for it. What's wrong with your friend?
You should know! He was hurt,
falling through your trapdoor! Here!
It's 1Y7 calling. Who is he?
That's a police helicopter. Haven't you
heard the engine running all this time?
Send him away.
Connolly, quick!
Lock them up!
Inspector Black. 1-Y7? Please come in!
- 1-Y7, reporting. What happened?
Did another pigeon start out from here,
after the first one flew in?
Yes. He started flying east.
But we had no orders to follow.
Keep your eyes open!
When another pigeon flies out, follow it!
Message received! Over and out!
I have been requested to welcome you,
Miss Gilmore.
First of all, I would appreciate
your explaining why I was brought here...
in this peculiar manner?
- That shall be cleared up, Miss.
Will you come this way, please?
The Master is not here, yet.
He sends his apologies and asks you
to be patient. He'll be here very shortly.
I repeat: pigeon flew
in to the scrap metal yard!
Map location KT67 L1357.3!
- Alright! Message received!
Blue corner, please come in!
- Blue corner speaking. We heard it.
Alright. Now switch over to B.
- Switched over.
Station 3 squads, fully armed!
500 yards from stated position.
Don't move until you have my instructions!
- Message received. Over!
24 hours. It's funny, that's midnight!
The delivery was never at midnight before.
- The boss comes at midnight, or the boat?
If the Chief comes: Are the girls alright?
- I'll go and make sure.
Whose turn is it?
- It's yours.
No use shouting. No one can hear you.
And whoever behaves,
gets a better cabin to South America!
I have just received a message from
the Master. Unfortunately, he was delayed.
You will have to wait a little longer.
- I received a note,
saying I was to learn something important
here. Can you tell me what it is?
I can't, Miss. The Master gave me no
instructions, whatsoever, in this matter.
Is there anything I can get you, Miss?
- No, thank you.
Here comes the Chief!
Give yourselves up! Hands up!
- You're surrounded!
It was a gun shot!
- Maybe we'll get out of here at last!
I'm scared. I'm so scared!
Keep shooting! Over here, quick!
Go on, shoot!
Let's get out of here!
Let's go! Down here!
Over here, Inspector! After that car!
You took a long time, Sir.
- I was unlucky with the traffic.
Is my niece here?
- Yes, she is, Sir.
Miss Gwendolin is waiting
in the drawing room.
Good evening, Gwendolin.
- Uncle Richard!
You seem very surprised.
- I got a note,
saying I'd learn something important here.
- And I received a call,
saying I'd find you here.
And that's important to me.
But who owns this house?
- You must know who owns it.
No. How could I?
Now, then. This is the will left by your
grandfather. He named you as sole heir.
And this is a document, giving me,
as your lawyer, full power of attorney...
over your estate. Would sign it, please?
- But, why should I?
If you don't, I'll burn the will.
I shall give you 10 %%% if you cooperate,
otherwise, I will destroy the will and
you'll get nothing. It's your decision!
What do you want? Who are you? Let go!
What do you want with me?
The Master has come!
And I wouldn't hesitate for a minute
to use the proof I have against you!
What proof are you referring to, my dear?
- That the reason Gwendolin's father...
is rotting in jail,
is on account of you two!
Reginald was sole heir to the estate,
and so you hired someone to kill him.
He killed his attacker in self defense.
Then you both swore in front of the judge,
who considered it a premeditated murder!
The verdict of the jury was manslaughter.
And so, they sentenced him to life
imprisonment instead of hanging!
Yes. You're quite right, Patricia, dear.
That's exactly what happened.
Have you gone crazy? This whole place
is literally swarming with police.
I don't think she can prove a thing.
Or can you prove something?
Inspector Black!
- Mary and Dolores are safe.
He was the head of a big kidnapping gang.
And Mr. Short,
the pigeon trainer, was his assistant.
Their trick was...
to find employment
in girls' boarding schools.
The next step was to learn, when their
victims planned to go in to London.
The pigeons were their means of
contacting the rest of the gang...
who would then ambush the girls
and take them to their hideout.
A whip is the murder weapon. This ball
on the end of it broke the victim's neck.
These whips are used by cattle herders
in Australia. It's quite likely...
that he lived there, once. A woman must
have hurt him deeply when he was young.
So he felt only hatred
against anything feminine.
That would also explain
his disguise as a monk.
But then he met you.
The notes you received came from him.
He was a criminal,
but he wanted to help you
prove your father's innocence.
He must have loved you very much.
He did it out of love for her.
- But why? He hardly even knew her.
I told you he was out of his mind.
- Then who was the chief...
of the kidnappers?
- The Monk. They were one and the same.
The pigeon trainer was his accomplice.
- Yes, I know. I've known that for ages!
Still, it ties in with those 2 girls.
The ones who vanished a year ago.
And Inspector Potter begun to suspect.
That's why the Monk had to murder him.
That was also the reason, Lola was
murdered. She was blackmailing him.
And Uncle William, and Ronny, and Richard
were also gently eliminated.
I'll be gentle. One swing, and bang!
- He killed half the family because...
they were trying to cheat Gwendolin
out of her grandfather's fortune.
Her father will soon be out of prison.
- Speaking of Gwendolin!
What's happened to Inspector Black?
- I think he's gone back...
to the scene of the crime.
- Back to the Darkwood Hall?
Why does this happen to me? I've had
3 good inspectors ruined that way!
When they hire someone, they should make
absolutely sure that he's...
What, Sir?
- They should make sure he's married.
Then I wouldn't waste
half my salary on wedding presents!