The Sisters Karras (2023) Movie Script

[light music playing]
-[Helen] One-handed. And--
-[Peter] One-handed?
Of course, she lost her arm.
And she could do it better
and more beautifully
than anyone else.
Even the Queen of Greece,
Queen Frederica,
recognized her work,
knew how special it was,
knew how beautiful it was,
and she whisked her away
from Lefkada.
Brought her in a grand tour
of all the royal homes
of Europe.
Can you imagine?
This little one-armed
village girl.
That's almost
too incredible to be true.
Well, the story
of beautiful things often is.
-That's what makes them
so beautiful.
-[Peter] That's incredible.
And the thing
about antique textiles
is that you then become
part of the story too.
It's not just that the story
ends now, it becomes...
-...a part of your life.
But I just--
I just need to make sure
I'm buying the right thing.
-You know,
my wife is kinda picky.
-Oh, absolutely.
Well, you certainly
couldn't go wrong with
the Karsaniki tablecloth.
-What kinda coin is that?
-I mean, it's--
Yeah, the real deal.
-This is Byzantine.
Speaking of old things.
-I guess it's pretty old then.
-Yes, it is. Yes, it is.
-It's perfect.
My wife would love it.
Do you have any others like it?
-Oh, unfortunately, no. That's--
I don't suppose you'd be
willing to part with that one.
No, unfortunately,
this one's not for sale.
It belonged to my mother.
I have some really
great jewelry, though.
Also antique pieces
and all the handmade pieces.
-And she-- No, no, no.
I'll-- I'll--
- If you prefer to go--
-I'll think-- I'll think
about the tablecloth.
-Sure, sure, sure.
Just keep in mind,
we can gift wrap it.
My wife would love that coin.
Thanks for coming in.
Take care, have a good day.
[calm guitar music playing]
[George speaking Greek]
[Maria speaking Greek]
[George] So, you know the words,
but what do they mean?
Mean that sometimes
you have to go out
looking for what your heart
and soul really want.
Dad, if you're going away again,
can I come with you?
I wanna go on an adventure, too.
Do you remember your yiayia
Irini's adventure?
She was from
a small village, Touliata.
[George] And one day there
was a really bad earthquake
and it knocked down
her house and she lost
everything she owned.
Everything, except for her...
[both] Beautiful toulitiko rug.
[George] That's right.
At first, she was really scared,
but she knew she had to leave
to start a new life.
So she took the toulitiko rug.
She got on this
little rickety boat,
and sailed all the way
across the sea to the big city.
[traffic din]
[calm music playing]
[Maria] Hi, I am Maria Karras.
I'm here for George's, my dad's.
Thank you, Maria.
My condolences.
Please have a seat
in the waiting room.
The lawyer
will be with you soon.
[Helen speaking
in other language]
[Maria] Hi.
Hi. Um...
Hi. [speaking Greek]
-[laughs nervously]
I'm-- I'm your--
-I know who you are, Maria.
My God, okay. [chuckles]
-I'm Helen.
-I'm Maria.
-I know.
-Are you okay?
-[Maria exhales]
I'm totally blowing this moment.
Oh, no. It's-- it's...
You know what? I'm sorry.
Do you mind
taking a picture of us?
Of course.
[camera clicks]
[Judy chuckles]
-Thank you.
-You two are sisters?
-[Judy] And you're Greek?
-Oh, half Greek.
I saw the name
and I assumed. [chuckles]
I went to Greece once.
Mykonos? It was beautiful.
Old, but beautiful.
You don't look Greek.
You do, kinda,
with the eyebrows,
but you...
not so much. [chuckles]
-[Marco] Hello? Hello.
-[Marco] I'm Marco Sabbatini.
-[Helen chuckles]
-[Judy] Are you here for...
-She insulted me. [laughs]
-I think she's insulting us.
[both laughing]
We can-- we can sit down.
-Sure. [chuckles] Okay.
Yeah, so how are you holding up?
Oh. I mean,
he had been gone so long.
I just wish
I had a chance to say goodbye.
-Did he ever try to contact you?
-[Helen] Mm, mm-mm.
I hadn't spoken to him
since I was eight.
Oh, me too.
It's kinda weird symmetry,
leaving your eight-year-old
daughters eight years apart.
-It's not weird. It's cruel.
-I wrote him a letter a week
until I was 18.
To be honest,
if this was a funeral,
I don't even think I'd be here.
I just didn't have
anywhere to send them.
[Mr. Burton] Before we begin,
I'd like to offer
my condolences.
Now, George left a brief letter
that he requested be read.
-[paper rustling]
"To my lovely daughters,
Helen and Maria,
and to my oldest
and dearest friend, Marco.
I wish we could have
spent more time together.
circumstances beyond our control
rendered that an impossibility."
That's one way to put it.
"Please know that although
it has been decades
since I have seen you,
I have been with you in spirit.
As the great poet,
Constantinos Cavafis said..."
Um, I'll just read this
little bit in-- in English,
Um, "Your soul..."
[both] "...longs for something,
it aches for something else."
Uh, Yorgos.
-[paper rustling]
-[Mr. Burton clears throat]
to the main business of the day.
Last will and testament
of George Karras.
August the 15th, 2000.
"I, George Karras,
at the time of the writing
of this will of New York,
being of sound mind
and not acting under duress
or undue influence,
do declare this
my last will and testament.
My mother's toulitiko,
the only real possession
I've chosen to keep
over the years,
is what I leave
to the three of you.
Its perfect symmetry
has been carefully divided
into two equal halves.
One representing friendship,
to be left to Marco Sabbatini.
And one representing family,
to be shared
by my two daughters,
Helen and Maria Karras."
-[Helen] I'm sorry.
-If you'd just like to sign,
-that will--
-I'm sorry. Excuse me. Can I...
Can you read
that part again, please?
-Which part?
-[Helen] The part
about splitting it.
[Mr. Burton] Um...
[chuckles nervously]
But it is
what your father wanted.
Unbelievable, I can't...
Uh, Helen, uh, Maria,
uh, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Allow me to introduce myself,
I'm Marco, uh, Sabbatini.
I do wish we could have met
under different circumstances.
How did you know my father?
[Marco] Uh, I lived in Greece
for a few years as a boy,
and we-- we were friends.
Unfortunately, I'm--
I'm in an ungodly hurry,
preparing to leave
for the winter.
Oh, thank you.
Um-- Oh.
Um, perhaps we can get together
before I go, uh...
Uh, no doubt
George would've wanted that.
Good afternoon, everyone.
[door closes]
Um, please do sign here,
I need both your signatures.
[scoffs] Why am I surprised?
-It's so perfectly predictable.
-[Maria] Helen.
-36 years old.
I can't believe--
-Still doing this to me.
Do you wanna go somewhere
and open this together?
What's the point? He ruined it.
This-- this perfect thing.
The one thing he could have
done for me, and he ruined it.
Yeah, I don't know
what he was thinking, but...
we owe it to him to at least
open it together like he wanted.
-He was our family.
-I owe him nothing.
-We owe him nothing.
-[line ringing]
[Sasha] Sasha DeLabbe.
Leave a brief message.
-[phone beeps]
-I really gotta get going.
He ruined this
for a perfect stranger.
Well, he is a perfect stranger
to us, but he was dad's friend.
That should tell you everything
you need to know about George.
I don't even wanna see it.
I'm gonna live with the memory.
Wait, hey.
You can't just be
giving it to me.
I don't understand.
I don't either.
But I really do have
to go to the office.
Uh, what train are you on?
-The Q.
-Okay. I'm on the two.
Just, um, call me
sometime or something.
What, uh...
[line ringing]
[Helen] Well, he ruined it.
It's no good to me now.
-[Charles] What about Maria?
-[Charles] Your sister?
-That's family.
[bell dinging]
-Sasha! Hello, hello.
-[Sasha] Hello.
-You're here. You're... early.
I guess I was a little too
excited to see that toulitiko.
Oh, ha! Um, Sasha.
There was...
There was just a little snafu,
um, just a little hiccup
in customs.
You know,
just one of these things.
Greek government ministry,
civil, cultural stamp
they have to do
just to get it through.
Last-minute paperwork, you know.
My guy in Greece,
oh, my God, he is the best guy.
He gets the best pieces,
but he's just
a little bit peculiar, so--
So what you're saying
is you don't have it?
No, no, no. I do, I do.
I do, it's just not here yet.
Um, really,
last-minute paperwork and--
A governmental stamp.
Yes, you said that.
Exactly, exactly.
So annoying, but, um, you know,
out of our hands,
but under control, um--
That is an interesting necklace.
-Oh, yeah, thank you.
It was my--
-Can I try it on?
Oh, it was-- it was my, um...
Yeah, of course.
Oh, this is perfect
for what I plan
to wear to the opening.
Okay, yes, just-- this...
-It was-- it belonged to--
-I'm assuming it's available.
It's-- um, was--
it was my-- um, my mother's.
-Think about it.
-Yeah. Sure.
We're going to need
that rug in three days.
Do you think you're
going to be able to solve
your custom problems by then?
Absolutely. Absolutely.
Not a problem.
-Let me know when you have it.
I would prefer not to have
to come here again for nothing.
Sasha, thank you.
Okay. I'll be in touch.
-[bell dinging]
-[Charles laughs]
[car horn honking]
[engine rumbling]
[dog barking]
[Eva] And you told me
I was coming over to drink wine
and look for apartments,
and most importantly,
a job for you, Maria.
I wanted us to open it together.
But, um, clearly your time,
and mine, I might add,
is better spent
staring at a package.
I don't understand
why she didn't want it.
Just open it.
It's not gonna open itself.
-He wanted us
to open it together.
-[Eva groans]
Fine, don't open it.
It just isn't how
I thought it was gonna be.
Um, if I had no job, no money,
and was about to be homeless,
I'd be in shock, too.
Well, I'm not in shock.
Denial, coping, projecting?
Okay, I'm gonna get another job.
I'm not a child. I just need
-a few days to figure out.
-You're not just gonna
get another job, Maria.
Do you remember the part
where I told you why
Jake and I are leaving?
I'll get
an apprenticeship, then.
You don't even like
costume design.
You're a fashion designer.
You only got into this
because I got you the job
and then you never left.
-I left 'cause of Gary.
-Exactly, that's what you do.
-I'm gonna open it.
-Maria's latest obsession.
[paper rustling]
So, what is it like?
Is it, like, valuable?
Of course it's valuable, Eva.
It was my dad's.
I didn't mean it like that.
Okay, I am here for some wine.
Eva, are you talking
some sense into...
Is that your father's rug?
What did he do to it?
[Helen] Hi, Jim.
Hi, Jim, this is Helen Karras
from New York.
Yeah, yeah. I-- I know, I know.
No, no, the payment's coming
for the next one.
This is just something else.
I have this really
important client.
It's a-- it's a sure deal,
but I need a toulitiko.
[trumpet music playing]
[Helen speaking Italian]
Yeah, I-- Yeah,
I know they're very rare.
Yeah, I-- Yeah.
I-- I know, I know.
They're very expensive.
What-- You can?
[speaking Farsi]
Oh, you can't.
[speaking Farsi]
Charlie! [speaking in Italian]
-Toulitiko! Charlie!
-[trumpet music playing]
Ali? Ali?
[intense trumpet music playing]
Angele. Angele. Angele.
-I need a toulitiko.
-[Angelos] A toulitiko.
Heleni, those are-- those are
very rare and very expensive.
I know. But it's-- it's very--
It's extremely important
that I get one now.
[Angelos] I will--
I will see what I can do.
I-- I cannot promise.
I know a man,
there is a small possibility.
Oh, my God. That's--
that's amazing, thank you.
There is a small possibility.
Okay, thank you, Ange.
We'll be in touch.
[Angelos] Yeah, I will--
I will let you know, yeah.
[soothing music playing]
[Charles chuckles]
-Any luck?
-Tiny ray of hope.
Do you remember that voice
you did this afternoon
with, uh, Sasha?
-Shut up. I do not.
-[laughs] Do it.
-I do not do--
-Do a fake Helen.
-I do not do a voice.
-Yes, you do.
-Fake Helen, she's gorgeous.
-Shut up. Shut up.
[Charles laughs]
Can I ask you a question?
Since when do you ask me
if you can ask a question?
You're laser focused on Ourada,
but your father just died.
-Yeah, I know.
-You barely acknowledged it.
I told you about that.
This deal,
which I know you're gonna get,
$300,000, that's a lot.
But it's not retirement money--
-It's not just about the money.
-What is it about then?
People like Ourada
buy expensive things.
Things-- things with--
things with no value, no story.
But because of who they are,
they get to decide.
Decide what? I don't understand.
They decide what's beautiful.
They think just because they buy
something it makes it beautiful.
But some things
already are beautiful,
they always have been.
So you wanna tell him
what's beautiful?
[train rumbling]
[traffic din]
[Helen] I really wish
you hadn't shown me this.
My mom and my friend
keep talking about getting it
appraised or whatever.
It's worthless. It's ruined.
It might be selfish,
but I really wanted
to show it to you because...
I need some wine,
do you want some wine?
Uh, always. [sighs]
[glass clinking]
Oh, my...
Mmm, yes.
-This is a gorgeous Chapan.
Thank you.
I'm surprised you even know
what a Chapan is.
Yeah, well, once upon a time,
I was studying to be
a fashion designer.
I was really into Central Asian
designs, and textures,
and colors.
-Well, try it on.
I-- Mm.
-Go on.
-[Maria sighs]
-Go on.
[Maria exclaims]
[calm guitar music playing]
That looks great on you.
-Let's see.
-Because she is--
-She is really good.
-That looks great on you.
-Keep it.
-No, Helen. No way.
-I cannot.
-Keep it. It was made for you.
-It's way too--
-Way too what?
-Too beautiful?
-Yeah, actually.
Believe me,
you'll be doing me a favor.
So what did happen
to fashion design?
-Oh, I don't know.
-It just wasn't for you or--
Oh, no, I loved it.
I mean, I still love it.
So, what happened?
Why are you a costume designer?
I don't know,
I was just young, uh, alone.
Me and alone
don't do well together.
-You have really
beautiful things in here.
-Oh. [chuckles]
Thank you.
Most people don't even notice.
Do you have any associates
or people who--
Well, Charles,
he's my boyfriend.
You'll meet him.
You know,
mostly it's just me, so.
-It's hot. [laughs]
-[Helen chuckles]
-I wanna contact Marco.
-Hmm, I think there's a reason
he gave us a card
with no contact information.
he said he wanted to see us.
I mean, and he knew Dad.
We know next to
nothing about him.
Which is exactly
how I want to keep it.
-If I do find him,
will you come with me?
-Um, yeah.
There's just a lot of work
I have to do just right now.
Totally, totally.
I have to figure out how
I'm gonna find him anyway, so.
Is it okay if I take it with me?
Of course, it's a gift.
No, no, no, sorry,
the toulitiko.
Yeah, it's yours.
It's ours.
Mom, did Dad ever mention
knowing somebody named Marco?
How many glasses
of wine is that?
Mom, focus. Is Marco, you know?
I'm glad to see you've gotten a
lot done since you've been here.
Marco Sabbatini is a childhood
friend or something like that?
[grunts] Marco.
I don't remember any Marco.
Remember when it used to
be quiet around here?
[Alice] Do you remember
anyone named Marco?
Of course. I taught in Italy
for five years.
-I know a thousand Marcos.
-Not from your stupid teaching.
Do you remember anyone George
would've known named Marco?
Unfortunately I have no
recollection of George's Marco.
What I do have is a fascinating
book on the Piazza Maggiore.
Did you have this appraised?
-I showed it to Helen.
-[Alice] And she didn't want it?
We're gonna share it,
like Dad wanted.
I see.
I don't understand,
how do you have a website
with no contact information?
[phone buzzing]
[intense music playing]
Hello, Angele, Angele, Angele.
-[Angelos] Heleni,
we got good news.
-Good news?
[Angelos] Yes,
with much difficulty.
Uh, mmm.
Uh, uh, send me--
send me a photo.
Send me a photo.
Where's the photo?
Uh, I have sent you a photo.
I'm looking now.
Uh, Angelo,
the photo's not very good.
Um, uh, it looks right, though.
-How old?
-[Angelos] 1870, approximately.
Okay, "approximately"
makes me nervous.
[Angelos] Helen, well,
this is Greece, you know this.
-Everything's approximate.
-Okay, um... Overnight it.
It's 60,000 euro, Helen.
I need half before I send it.
Angele, this is--
look, I have a client.
This is-- look him up.
Dominique Ourada.
I can pay you
as soon as he buys it.
-Plus 10%.
-[Angelos] 20%.
Done. Do it. Send it.
[Helen] You didn't have to bring
that back so soon, you know?
[Maria] I really did, actually.
I left it
at my mom and stepdad's
so it would've ended up
in New Mexico, so.
What are you doing today?
Um, I'm gonna see the lawyer.
-Uh, like, the estate lawyer?
I'm gonna get
Marco's contact information.
-Can't you just call?
-I did.
The receptionist was being
a real "see you next Tuesday."
Remember Miss--
uh, Miss Mykonos?
Oh, yes, oh, yes.
Our dear friend.
She, uh, said I have
to talk to Burton directly, so.
I was also hoping that maybe
you'd be willing to come...
with me.
Maria, I mean, I know
it doesn't look like it,
but I actually do have
a lot going on right now, so.
-Can your boyfriend help out?
He only comes when he can.
I can't ask him to help.
-That's kind of our agreement.
-It would only be an hour.
I just have to focus.
I have this really
important client coming in.
-I gotta get ready.
-Oh, that's awesome.
-Are they coming today?
-Uh, no.
-It's actually tomorrow.
Maria. [grunts]
-Is this our first disagreement?
-Do you wanna take a picture?
-[both laughing]
-Okay, fine. Whatever, you suck.
-[Helen laughs]
Can you please--
can we just not--
can I leave this here
so not get it mixed up
-with all your stuff, please?
-I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.
-Thank you.
-Okay, here we go.
-I'll see you.
Uh, hey, wait, Maria.
What are you doing for dinner?
Probably stale pizza.
Why don't you come over?
-Wouldn't have said it
if I didn't mean it.
-Should I bring anything?
-Just your sweet self.
-I'll bring wine.
[Maria] I'm looking for Marco
Sabbatini's contact information.
Yes. Judy mentioned
something about that.
-Well, do you have it?
-Mmm, of course we have it.
Is this a situation
where I'm gonna have to say
"please" or something?
Miss Karras, in my experience,
"please" always helps
facilitate negotiations.
Especially when
one of the parties
is in the middle of their lunch.
-How is this a negotiation?
-Mmm, mm-hmm, mmm.
It's a figure of speech.
You'll have to forgive
my old lawyerly ways. [chuckles]
Now, um, Mr. Marco,
Marco, Marco, Marc--
Sabbatini. Yes.
Oh, here we go.
Oh, we don't have
his phone number.
-You just said that--
-But we do have his address.
[Mr. Burton snorts]
Is law school hard?
-Incredibly so.
Now, uh, we don't normally just
hand out a client's information.
-Oh, my God, please?
-But in this particular case,
it's all right because
Mr. Sabbatini called us
yesterday and asked us to
share his address with you
if you requested it.
I feel like we could have
started there, but that's great.
There you go.
You're coming with me, right?
[Helen] Mmm. Maria, that can
be your thing, not mine.
Aren't you just a little bit
curious to find out about Dad?
I haven't exactly made my
feelings about George a secret.
Look, I understand
your resentment, I get it.
I even understand if maybe
you resent me a little bit.
No, I-- I don't resent you.
You know, like,
"You left your mom for my mom."
You had nothing to do with that.
Well, he left me, too.
You're making
this sister stuff difficult.
So what'd I miss?
Just a little
sisterly extortion.
Oh, great.
Sounds like me and my brother.
[both laughing]
So, I have to go to practice.
It's been a pleasure
meeting you, Maria.
-You, too.
-You're now family.
And what that means
is you have to come
to every gig I ever play.
-Oh, absolutely.
-[chuckles] Great, thank you.
And you're gonna have
to bring her with you,
because she's racked up
a lot of absences lately.
-I think I found her soft spot.
-[Charles] Oh.
-Bye, baby.
Wait, didn't you say
you needed a place to stay?
-'Cause we have this awesome--
-Don't you gotta go?
-You don't wanna be late.
-Do you see what I put up with?
Take it easy.
[cutlery clacking]
[door closes]
[spoon scraping]
[spoon scraping aggressively]
Can be pretty convincing,
can't I?
-[Maria chuckles]
[tram whirring]
-[car horn honking]
-[sirens wailing]
keep looking.
What do you think
his place looks like?
I don't know.
Oh. This is it.
[intriguing music playing]
I don't know what's wrong
with me. I'm so nervous.
Yeah, I can tell.
Just ask him about George.
That's what we're here for.
-I need to stand up.
My stomach hurts.
[Maria sighs]
I'll be outside.
-Helen, come here.
It's Dad.
He looks so happy.
-Oh, I see you found it.
-[chuckles] Yeah.
-How old was he there?
about ten, nine, ten years old?
It was a few-- a few months
before I, uh,
moved to, uh, Sao Paulo.
Oh, so you're not
originally from Greece?
[Marco] Oh, goodness, no.
I-- I look even less Greek
than the two of you.
No, uh, I lived there
as a boy for a few years.
Uh, my father, he was
in shipping and oil sometimes.
Well, so,
how did you meet my father?
[Marco] At your grandmother's
alteration shop.
Uh, I had a hard time
making friends
and, uh, well, yeah,
moving every few years or so,
it made me quite shy.
So I used to tag along
with my mother everywhere.
What was he like
when he was a kid?
Was he fun? Was he funny?
I mean, what did he like to do?
I-- I know he liked poetry,
of course,
but did he like sports
or was he, like, kinda--
Breathe. Maria, breathe.
Let the man respond.
He's drowning in
your questions. [laughs]
Maria, your father
was brilliant...
and eccentric,
but for a time we were--
we were thick as thieves.
I hope you don't mind my asking,
but why did George leave you
the toulitiko fragment?
Well, I-- I suppose
it was 'cause of my mother,
um, a show of gratitude.
Uh, first time she saw it
in your grandmother's shop,
she fell in love with it.
I mean, it's quite
a display of gratitude
for simply
appreciating something.
My mother saw
that George was special,
and, uh, poor.
And she had a big heart,
and she arranged
to have him transferred
to a very expensive and
very exclusive private school.
Can we see it? The toulitiko?
Uh, certainly, if it were here.
I'm having it appraised.
You're gonna sell it?
No, not necessarily. No.
Then why have it appraised?
Well, you would,
as well, wouldn't you?
Well, just out of curiosity.
Well, let's just say
it's prudent for someone
in our, uh,
line of work to, you know,
know the value of these things.
Mr. Marco, you can't sell it.
I didn't say I was going to.
But you're getting it appraised.
If I see something that I think
is genuinely beautiful,
I like to know its value.
It belonged to my father.
That's its value.
[Helen] Maria.
[Marco] Maria,
I didn't mean to upset you.
Of course it has value,
Unfortunately, in my business,
sentiment has no tangible value.
-[Maria] Then let us have it.
-Oh, no.
-Give it to us.
It obviously doesn't mean the
same to you as it does to us.
-I don't believe I said that.
-[Maria] Yes, you did.
-The very act
of getting it appraised.
It's-- it's a betrayal.
I'm sorry, Maria.
I simply don't see it that way.
Mr. Marco, you clearly
don't need the money.
Give it to us.
It is our inheritance.
And mine as well.
Mr. Marco, we appreciate
you having us here.
We didn't come here to try to--
You're betraying
the memory of my father.
[Maria scoffs]
Okay, I can't.
[door slams]
I can't imagine
what that must be like.
That's a little embarrassing.
No, I mean, meeting a sibling
for the first time as an adult.
It must be--
Ugh, God,
I can't even find the word.
Um, fascinating?
Invigora-- invigorating? Um...
Unsettling? Unsettling.
It's unsettling.
[traffic din]
-Hey, hey. Oh.
-I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
can I get one of those?
[gentle music playing]
Wow, your phone number.
Oh, I-- I feel obligated
to do what I can.
Okay, there's no need.
You're very much
George's daughter.
Maria would love
to hear you say that.
Yeah, but I'm saying it to you.
Call me if you or your sister
need any help or advice.
You know,
what little I have to give,
I-- I'm here for you.
-What are you doing?
-Well, where--
What took you so long?
I was cleaning up
the mess you made.
The-- the mess I made?
That man betrayed
our father, us.
Maria, I was there.
I heard it. All of it.
How can you be
so calm about all this?
George knew what he was doing.
He wanted Marco to have it.
But there's no way he would've
wanted him to sell it.
-To some, what? Some artsy--
-Look, Maria.
Stop trying to understand it.
I stopped trying
to understand George years ago.
It's not the memory,
it's just a thing.
The memory is
attached to the thing.
Okay, well.
Obviously my memories
are different than yours.
Did the package arrive?
Is there? Yeah, good.
No, no. Wait. I wanna open it.
Okay, bye. Bye.
Did I embarrass you?
-Is this about the cigarette?
-You're stupid.
-Did you make this?
-Mmm, yeah, yeah.
It's beautiful.
-I love it.
I designed the leopard.
Once upon a time,
it was gonna be my brand logo.
Maybe it's time to remove
the "once upon a time."
-What are you doing now?
-Meeting up with Eva.
She's, like, my BFF.
You should go home and rest.
Calm down a little.
I can't handle my mom right now.
Go to my place.
-What about Eva?
-Bring her.
You go, take a-- take a shower.
Rest. Have a drink.
I know you like those.
[paper rustling]
No, no, this is--
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
-No. No, no, no.
-Baby, what happened?
-No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
-What happened?
No. It's-- [mumbling]
-[phone ringing]
-Pick up, pick up, pick up.
-Pick up the phone!
-[Angelos] Hello, Heleni.
Angelo, what the hell is this?
What the hell is this?
Did you receive the shipment?
Helen, do you want me
to talk to him for you?
I'm good, I got this.
What the hell is this?
This is not 1870.
This is--
this is closer to 1970.
[Angelos] Heleni,
these things are approximate.
This is not a toulitiko.
[Angelos] It is what you bought.
You saw the photograph.
I'm not paying for this.
I am not paying for this.
[Angelos] Heleni,
this was our agreement.
I need the full payment plus
the 20% by the end of the day.
Helen, can you talk to me now?
-Charlie, what time is it?
-Like, 1:30.
Um, this is--
it's not the right thing.
-I don't understand
what you mean.
-It's not the right thing.
-What does that mean?
-It's not a toulitiko,
it's not--
-[bell dinging]
-It is so hot outside.
-[sighs] Sasha.
-Thank God for LA
and that dry heat.
Early again.
I'll spare us both the thing
about the early bird.
Where is it?
I just opened
the package, actually.
It's Ionian.
-What is that?
That looks nothing like
the toulitiko you showed me.
I-- I know, um...
I know, this has-- this has
never happened to me before.
This is an outrage.
I wasted my time with you,
and this is gonna make me
look so bad with Ourada.
Wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
-Wait, I--
-Just so we're clear.
There's no fixing this.
I have one.
It's beautiful.
It's a toulitiko.
[Sasha] Is this normally
how you conduct business?
Let me show it to you.
[Sasha sighs]
-It's almost perfect, it's--
-Well, it is exquisite.
But it's only half. [scoffs]
I can do nothing with half.
But you haven't heard
the story yet.
Ourada likes pieces
with stories, right?
This one has
an incredible story.
There were...
two sisters,
and they were weavers
in Touliata, Kefalonia.
[poignant music playing]
And their mother,
she died in childbirth.
And their father, Fanasis, he...
He became a monk
out-- out of sorrow, and...
the women of the village,
they-- they took pity on him
and they gave him the most
beautiful toulitiko they had.
But then there was a fire
in the monastery,
and-- and he dies.
The daughters,
they were left alone.
They-- they were just 17.
They had no future.
They had to leave.
Sophia, she was
the more ambitious one,
she was the older one.
She-- she wanted to--
to leave to go to the--
To go to Athens, to the city.
But Anna, she was heartbroken
and she didn't wanna leave.
They fought
and the village elders
had to intervene.
And they decided
the only solution was to--
to sever the rug...
right down the middle.
Each sister took her own half...
and they never spoke again.
Well, it is a wonderful myth.
I know where the other half is.
And if you acquire both halves,
you will be reuniting
the sisters.
Okay, you're pushing it.
Know your audience.
But it is sentimental
and sentiment sells,
especially with Ourada.
-I'm going to need it
by Saturday.
No, Friday, for the exhibit.
[sighs] And no later than that.
He's very fickle.
Absolutely, two days
is more than enough.
And I'm assuming that
that necklace
is also going to be included.
-O-- of course.
[footsteps tapping]
-[door creaks open]
-[bell dings]
-[door shuts close]
-[traffic din]
I don't--
You know, if I do do it,
then I'm gonna have to ask
Morty for a loan, right?
Like, that's--
Oh, I mean, cross that bridge
when we get there.
But at least
you're on the right track.
-[door creaking]
-Hey, guys.
[Charles] Hey.
[TV playing in background]
Don't worry about cooking.
I'll order.
I'm going to the back.
[TV playing in background]
-[Maria] Is everything okay?
-[Charles] Yeah,
everything's fine.
Helen's feeling a little dizzy.
-[Maria] Is there anything
I can do?
-No, she'll be fine.
[TV playing in background]
[keyboard clicking]
[phone buzzing]
[sighs] Angelos.
Helen, I'm calling you all day.
Yeah, uh, I'm sending it back.
There-- there is
no sending it back.
[calm guitar music playing]
[phone ringing]
[both speaking Turkish]
[Altan] Toulitiko?
[Helen speaking Turkish]
[Altan speaking Turkish]
[Helen speaking Turkish]
Oh, hey. Hey.
-Can I get my stuff?
-Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, God, I didn't realize
I left that out.
No, it's okay.
Um, I just, like,
passed out when I got here.
Are you sure
you're good to go home?
-Yeah. No, no, no, no.
-You're welcome to crash here.
That's fine, it's fine.
I'll get outta your hair.
-No, no.
-Um, I need to talk
to Morty anyways, so.
It's your--
uh, your stepdad, yeah?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. He's the best.
Um... He, uh-- he might be able
to help us out.
Huh? Uh, help us with what?
Um, well, I don't know.
I-- I need to talk to him
and then we can talk tomorrow?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Thanks. See ya.
-[door thuds]
-Oops. [chuckles] Okay.
-Oopsies. All right.
-[both laugh]
[door shuts close]
[traffic din]
[man on TV] I didn't think
I'd ever see you again.
You didn't sound too good
on the phone earlier.
[TV playing in background]
Yeah, sorry about that.
[woman on TV] You know.
You know
I'm always here for you.
-It's not gonna change.
-Yeah, I know.
[woman on TV] Yes.
Because I'm going
to have a baby.
What are you thinking,
I hate it when you call me that.
I know,
but I can't call you Mariana.
[Maria chuckles]
[man on TV]
Why don't you sit down?
So you want him back?
-He'll never come back.
-Why not?
You and Mom are okay, right?
Other than your mother
finding me insufferable,
we are doing well.
I mean financially.
Oh, well...
The house in Albuquerque
isn't cheap.
Things are tight.
You got it covered, right?
We can afford
to keep the lights on,
if that's what you're asking.
[man on TV] You got any money?
Do you remember
when we talked about, um...
When I asked you...
-How much do you need, Maria?
-I was just curious.
-[Alice] You two never think
I can hear you.
How'd your meeting go?
I wanna hear
what this Marco character
had to say about your father.
Not much actually.
It was kind of a dead end.
[man on TV] Okay, Mr. Miller,
I'd like to know...
Oh, that's too bad.
I'm sorry, honey.
I know you were hoping that--
It's fine. I'm fine.
How are things going with Helen?
-My sister?
-She thinks we should let it go.
-And you agree with her?
I agree she wants to let it go.
[calm guitar music playing]
[woman on TV] Do you still...
[TV playing in background]
[Marco] So, I'm sorry, uh,
Maria couldn't make it today.
She's got a lot going on.
-By the sound of it, so do you.
-That's why I'm here.
So you've got this deal that's
in trouble with this Sasha?
Yeah, uh,
she works for Dominique Ourada.
[gasps] Oh, hah.
I understand your sense
of urgency a bit better now.
There's also the issue
of my mounting debt.
I owe well over 150,000.
I'm sure I don't have
to tell you, but, you know,
businesses are always in debt.
-Especially this--
-Yeah, well, with this deal,
it's not just about the debt.
-You'll lose the shop.
[string music playing]
Hmm. All right.
Are you--
You're asking me for money?
No, I don't want charity, um...
It's just you're
the only person that I know
that could possibly
understand my situation
-and I don't even know you.
-[both chuckle]
You're saying you want to know
what I would do.
Well, of course,
I mean, you're obviously more...
experienced and...
successful than I am--
I'm-- I'm simply older.
And besides,
that's neither here nor there.
[Marco sighs]
What is it you want?
I thought
I made that perfectly clear.
I don't just want,
I need this deal to happen.
What do you want?
-I want what you have.
-Look, all right. Listen.
Um, I'm assuming you had
the toulitiko appraised.
It's my job to know
what it's worth.
And did you anticipate
having to share it?
-Of course not.
-And if you hadn't had
to share it?
It's not an option,
I need a different one,
a whole one.
Hmm, then it sounds like
you already know what you need.
Knowing what I need
and being able to get it
are different things.
And Ourada
isn't interested in half?
It's-- it's Maria's, it's yours.
-It's not an option.
-[Marco chuckles]
[soft poignant music playing]
What's funny?
Your father used to say that.
You bring up George a lot.
Only when you remind me of him.
I-- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I-- I-- I know it bothers you.
All right. Uh...
I think I understand
your problem a bit better now.
So what did I do?
Tell me, I'm curious.
You sure
you want me to tell you?
I wouldn't have said
if I didn't mean it.
He had a habit of coming to me,
you know, looking for advice.
But I think he thought
I could see him being better
than he saw himself.
What do you see?
That he always knew exactly
what he was going to do.
What does it have to do with me?
He was debating about
going back to see your sister.
And I, of course,
being a man who...
didn't have a family,
I urged him to go back
to his eight-year-old daughter.
To which he kept saying,
"That's not an option."
And then I reminded him...
that he had
a 16-year-old daughter.
[traffic din]
-Why are you sitting
on the garbage?
Where were you?
Were-- are you okay?
Yeah, of course I'm okay.
Figured out
how we're gonna get it back.
The toulitiko?
-When did we decide
we're getting that back?
-When he decided to sell it?
He's not selling it,
he's just getting it appraised.
Yeah, but if we get it back,
then we don't have
to worry about it.
-Look, I don't have time
for this right now.
-Oh, you know, guys like that,
all they think about is money,
it's all they understand.
Maria, even if you could
come up with enough money
to make him an offer,
you don't have enough money.
It's-- you don't have enough.
-No, but we do.
-We do?
Let me tell the landlord
and give him the good news.
Can you stop?
Just listen to me
for a second, okay?
We're gonna go to the bank
and we're gonna get a loan.
-You have the store,
they'll give you a loan.
Weren't you gonna ask
your stepfather for something?
Yeah, but this
is just a better idea.
And I can help you pay it back.
Oh, you're gonna help me?
Oh. This is your idea?
Oh, okay, fine.
I will pay it back.
But we just need the store so
that they'll approve the loan.
Well, you don't even know
what you're talking about.
Yeah, I do, actually.
I got a loan for my wedding.
Yeah, and look
how that turned out for you.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it
to come out that way, so...
It's just that...
this is a business.
This is my business.
I'm gonna pay you back.
This store makes no money.
No bank is gonna give us a loan.
What are you talking about?
This store is great.
It's beautiful.
Everything in here
represents money that I owe.
-Do you have any idea
how exhausting that is?
-What about this big sale
you're supposed to be doing?
-Right, okay.
-Isn't that supposed to help?
-So what am I supposed to do?
I make this big deal,
and then what?
You expect me to turn around
and give the money to you?
Give it to us.
It's our inheritance. We--
-It's not for sale.
-He's not selling it.
-You don't know that.
-It's his to sell
if he wants to.
[Eva] Okay, what's this?
This is so cute and familiar.
-Maria Karras Couture.
-It's a pouch
with a leopard on it.
With your leopard on it.
You know what?
I'm just gonna ignore
this negative energy
and focus on the positive.
Can-- can you do that?
I don't know.
It just kinda
sounds like you can't--
What it sounds like is you're
finally focusing on the future,
your future,
and it makes me happy.
Oh, that makes--
A little pouch makes you happy?
You have really
low happiness standards.
[both chuckle]
Okay, okay.
Actually though, actually.
What do we think
I can get for this?
Uh, let me think.
-Bed bugs.
-I'm serious.
No, you're not.
And I know exactly
what you're thinking.
I need money.
No, what you need
is to listen to your sister.
Like, I don't understand.
Why-- why is it
so important to you?
You have so many
other things going on.
-You have a family.
-So do you.
Last names and weird Greek rugs
don't make people family.
-I'm not asking you
to understand.
-No, Maria,
we're not doing this today.
I-- I'm not with you.
You're not gonna be
the victim again today, no.
I'm gonna get a loan.
But you just said your sister,
your-- your half-sister
said she's not gonna do it.
I have other family,
like you said.
[upbeat rock music playing]
Maria. No, no, no.
Absolutely not.
You cannot ask him
for more money.
-He asked me. I didn't--
I didn't ask him anything.
-Yeah, okay, yeah,
and I'm sure
you didn't do anything
to facilitate that offer.
Mm, I don't-- Okay.
I don't know
what you're insinuating.
Uh, he's gonna give it to you?
-He'll do anything for you.
-It's just a loan.
-He doesn't have
that kind of money.
-You're thinking of a full one,
-it's-- Marco only has a half.
-You're gonna go, and
he's just gonna go into debt
-the same way
you did the last time.
-I'm gonna pay him back.
The man loves you
like you're his daughter.
And I love him
like he's my father.
So then act like it, okay?
Just because somebody
offers you something
doesn't mean you actually
have to accept it.
[traffic din]
-[Marco] Did I wake you?
-No, no, of course not.
I spoke with Ourada.
Can you meet me
this morning at my place?
Uh, yeah,
I can be there in an hour.
[Charles] What's going on?
Well, I got a meeting.
That you just arranged
right now.
Uh, yeah, um...
It was, um--
The client was outta town.
But now, um, change of--
last-minute change, and--
What's the name of the client?
What's going on here?
I just wanna know
what you're up to.
I'm meeting with Marco.
-Is your sister going?
-Mm, no.
Uh, she couldn't make it, but--
Besides, this is about business.
It's about Ourada.
Okay, so it's about
the toulitiko.
That's good, right?
Yeah, but not the one
you're thinking of.
But he might have the answer
I've been waiting for.
This is wonderful news.
-How can I help you?
-Actually, there are some
deliveries coming in today,
I know you don't like it
when it's last minute,
but could you
open the shop, please?
-Thank you.
Oh, and we're asking
your sister to move in with us.
Don't fight me.
-Well, don't you think we should
just think about--
-That's a good thing.
[birds chirping]
[Marco] You know
what happened to the two of you
was always a dream of mine?
Uh, discovering
that you had a-- a sibling.
That you weren't an only child.
I always knew
I had a half-sister.
I used to make up names
for my brothers and sisters.
I imagined
different ways we would meet.
It's-- Hmm,
sounds like you were lonely.
Oh, very much so.
Weren't you?
Not lonely.
Just alone.
But, uh...
Wasn't George like a brother?
He certainly was.
[upbeat drum music playing]
[music stops]
So the secret of, uh,
dealing with someone like Ourada
is to be the first person
to plant an idea.
-I don't follow.
-Well, usually I can convince
the Ouradas of the world
that some random
piece of rubbish
is really
some obscure object of beauty.
But somebody got to him first.
I don't follow.
That story you told Sasha...
it-- Ourada won't stop
talking about it.
He must have
mispronounced toulitiko
30 times in 20 minutes.
But I just made it up.
Of course you did.
[chuckles] That's what we do.
I suppose the silver lining
in all of this
is that someone like him
actually wants the right thing.
But the right thing
that I don't have.
I don't understand.
On the phone it sounded
like you had a solution.
I said I had options,
I never promised a solution.
-[bell ding]
-[door clicks open]
Hey, Charles. [chuckles]
-Is Helen around?
-She's at the meeting.
She goes to a lot of meetings.
Please tell me
one of those are for me.
-You could get one of Rippon
Boswell for less than that.
-Possibly but--
And you don't have
a lead on another one?
I-- even if I did,
he wants this one.
But if--
if we could find another one,
I could probably
make up another story.
I definitely could,
it would be even a better story.
So one sister makes
another toulitiko and-- and--
and she pours all of her pain
and her sorrow into the design--
Ourada wants ours.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, you need a place to stay.
We-- we're trying
to save on rent.
-It's pretty simple.
I'm already sleeping on a couch.
You'd be in the office, dummy.
There's a bed. [laughs]
What does my sister
have to say about all that?
She's your sister. [laughs]
I don't want any charity.
You're family, it's not charity.
That's what you do.
What's the other option?
You do nothing.
You let it go.
And lose Ourada?
And the shop.
On the one hand.
And on the other?
[Charles] You look good in that.
You should get one.
I actually have one.
Helen gave me one the other day.
[Charles] Did she?
Blatant nepotism.
What do you mean?
Well, I asked for one
and she gave me a discount,
which I don't even think
was a really good one.
[Maria chuckles]
I think I should be offended.
When she gets back from Marco's,
we're gonna have words.
What do you mean when
she gets back from Marco's?
Marco, the guy,
your dad's friend.
Yeah. I know who he is.
Why would she be
meeting with him?
Split evenly.
[phone buzzing]
And you are comfortable
with selling--
It's-- it's a thing.
I loved your father
like a brother,
briefly owning a thing's
not gonna change that.
[phone continues buzzing]
Who would actually
make the deal, who--
It's-- it's your deal.
You get the credit.
Ourada doesn't know I know you.
I-- I made sure of that.
[ethereal music playing]
What would you do?
You're really asking?
I want what you have.
[phone buzzing]
[Marco chuckles]
I want to sell it.
-I'm contacting Sasha right now.
This is what you really want?
You really wanna do this?
All right.
Let's, uh-- Let's drink to it.
It, uh, cleanses
the business aftertaste.
[glass clinks]
[cork pops]
[floor creaking]
I think that's on
the island of, uh, Euboea.
Is everything okay?
Well, don't just
jump to conclusions.
-She went behind my back.
-You don't know that.
Not telling you
and keeping things from you
are two different things.
Wow, that's a really
good example
of you splitting hairs.
Your whole life
can't be wrapped up in this.
This is what you do.
You did this with Gary.
-Listen to me.
-The only person
that gets hurt is you.
-Listen to me.
-Are you staying for dinner?
-Listen to me!
-What do you want me to do?
Just get loud and yell,
will that help?
I want you to listen to me.
How do you know
she didn't get another one?
Didn't you say
he's an art dealer?
Yes, he is an art dealer
and she needs a toulitiko.
-It is basic math.
-Have you talked to her?
Just asked?
I've been calling her all day,
she's not picking up.
-What should I do?
-I just told you what to do.
-It's you
that doesn't listen to me.
-Mom, this is--
Maria, I don't know Helen,
but she's just a person,
and this is just a thing.
It's not just a thing.
She's my sister.
-She's family.
She was a stranger
just last week.
And now she's not.
Sometimes that's worse.
-What's this?
-I'm done with it.
You'll like it.
Hey, roomie.
Hope you like Italian,
that's about all I can cook.
[bag thudding]
Why weren't you picking up
your phone?
I was probably on the subway.
Charles told me, Helen.
Yeah, yeah.
He said he was gonna tell you.
I talked to him
this morning, um...
I hadn't time
to clean out the office yet,
but I figured
we could do it together.
Maybe this weekend?
Did you sell it?
-Sell what?
-Did you sell it?
I was tempted.
But I didn't.
We still have our half.
Should I ask?
It wasn't worth it.
But it would've helped.
With what?
The store,
this deal with Ourada?
And he only wanted a toulitiko.
Our toulitiko.
What, are you leaving?
I'm gonna go to bed.
I live here, right?
[Maria sighs]
[calm guitar music playing]
[traffic din]
Hey, Helen. It's me, uh, Maria.
I am downstairs.
Uh, do you mind helping me?
Uh, do you mind coming down
and helping me
take my stuff upstairs?
-You know that bedroom
only has one closet, right?
-Yeah, yeah.
Uh, well, I'll put
some in-- in storage and...
-[Helen chuckles]
You are not gonna put
anything in storage.
-No, it's fine. It's fine.
-Come on.
Oh, gosh. Stuff is life.
-Oh, my gosh.
-Can you grab it?
-I got it, got it, got it.
-Thank you.
Look, I can even get this one.
Really? Are you sure?
Okay, I'll--
-Karras girls are strong.
-Yeah. [chuckles]
-I'll get-- I'll get these.
Oh, my gosh. [laughs]
-Got those?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Second floor, right?
-Uh, yes, still the same place.
You're not getting back
together with him, you know.
Why does everyone
keep saying that?
[TV playing in background]
Because you keep
bringing him up.
Okay, is it my fault that
I landed someone
who looks like Cary Grant
and we just happened to be
watching Cary Grant movies?
You chose the movie.
So it's my fault?
[Helen chuckles]
I hate it
when you watch me sleep.
But you look so calm.
[Helen moans, chuckles]
Gross, you smell
like a distillery.
-We had a few after the set.
-Mm, I can tell.
I miss going with you.
[Helen speaking Turkish]
[bell dinging]
[door closes]
[Helen speaking Turkish]
-How's it going?
Yeah, I just, um...
Packing up the shop.
I've decided
to go online exclusively
until I-- I don't have to be
online exclusively.
That's unfortunate.
And something that I know
a thing or two about.
You-- you lost your business?
Oh, well, more than one.
But I always managed
to bounce back.
So will you.
Yeah, hopefully, um...
Can I get you a drink
or can I offer you something?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I-- I won't be staying long,
-I spoke with Ourada.
He's still stuck on that piece.
I would have expected
he'd have moved on
to the next thing
whispered by now.
I don't think I'll be hearing
from him anytime soon.
Well, I wouldn't be too sure.
He wants to buy half.
[scoffs] The toulitiko.
There are others.
He offered to buy mine.
He offered $75,000.
Huh, I assume you took it.
I know you don't like it
when I tell you this,
but you remind me
of your father.
Yeah, you're right.
-Except for this time.
-No, what's this?
You surprised me.
You did what I would do.
He left it to you,
what are you doing?
I want you to have it.
You and your sister.
I don't know when
I'll be able to pay you for, I--
Maybe I could--
I want you to worry about
getting your shop back,
or the next one.
I don't know when that
would even be possible.
It'll happen, I know it will.
I don't just believe it,
I know it.
You have my card
with my phone number.
[Helen chuckles]
I would love to see
the two pieces together, um,
before I go.
I-- I have it here.
[guitar music playing]
Oh, I wish people like Ourada
could see something like this
and see that it is...
unequivocally beautiful.
Without having to have
someone explain it to them.
Oh, that's what you're here for.
Can't believe he did that.
[Helen laughs] I guess
you were just wrong about him.
No, I think you just got to him.
-No, I doubt it.
-Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
You know the symmetry
represents the soul
-and the eternal or something?
-Oh, really?
Interesting, yeah, I think maybe
I read that somewhere.
[both laugh]
Okay, and that's when
Helen takes the nice thing
-and puts it away.
-Sorry. Sorry. [chuckles]
I'm taking it to the repair guy
first thing in the morning.
I just, uh--
I need to find his number.
[Maria grunts]
Okay. [sighs]
-What are we watching?
-Why do you even ask?
You know
you're just gonna pick anyway.
-Let's watch something old.
Where they talk really fast
when it's--
And they're talking about sex,
but they don't actually
saying it's about sex.
Why don't you just say you wanna
watch the Cary Grant movie?
We can-- Well, okay.
-[Helen laughs]
-Shut up.
Nah, you're not the only
one with good taste.
Oh, ouch.
[TV playing music]
You know
I have seen this before.
Yeah, but not with me.
-Where I pour you wine.
-Oh, what service.
-Thank you.
-Oh, oh, okay. Wow.
[Helen laughs]
For you.
[dreamy music playing on TV]
Movie stars were just so much
more attractive back then.
They just had better stories.
Cary Grant, it's beautiful.
Like, objectively beautiful.
-I-- Is that even a thing?
-Look at him.
I need you to be better
at watching movies.
-I'm sorry.
-[Maria laughs]
-I-- I just--
-You're missing--
Come on.
[music fades]
[calm guitar music playing]
[music fades]