The Sky Is Pink (2019) Movie Script

Seeing them now you wouldn't guess
their sex life was once quite active.
I know it's wrong to talk about
your parents' sex life.
But the argument about right and wrong
started ages ago.
I feel guilty for one thing.
I was the reason they argued.
Nineteen years ago, after marriage
and two kids,
their sex life was both active
and complicated.
Niren, wake up!
Let me sleep, Aditi. It's Sunday.
Sleep later. I'm so tense right now.
Get up...
Now I'm half awake, thanks.
Let me be, please!
Niren, just look!
I'm pregnant.
How's that possible?
I told you, "Don't be too smart.
Use a condom."
How's this my fault now?
We planned it together.
You said the rhythm method
was scientifically proven.
So, you expect me to pop a pill every day?
Even if it makes me dizzy?
How convenient.
You enjoy your oats every morning
while Aditi pops pills.
What's this racket?
Think of the neighbors.
Nothing, Papa. Sorry.
-Ishaan is up.
Ishlu, good morning.
On one side, North Delhi's
karate champion, Niren Chaudhary.
I called him Panda. Kung Fu Panda.
On the other, the "almost" Miss India
from South Delhi,
my Mummy, Aditi Chaudhary.
This tyke is my elder brother,
Ishaan Chaudhary.
I call him Giraffe.
The poor boy has no idea about
the hot water his parents are in.
Mom, Ishaan is up.
Please serve him breakfast.
You too come now.
The breakfast is getting cold.
She was a tigress, but I called her Moose.
Not the chocolate mousse,
but a soft-hearted animal.
Google it later.
Moose was a Hindu.
Only until two years of marriage.
Then she had a vision and got converted
to Christianity.
Like a true Hindu,
Panda did not object to her conversion.
But he didn't realize
that in her reading of the Bible,
abortion was a sin.
Aditi, we can't risk it again.
Sorry. An abortion is the only option.
What are you saying?
You know I can't do that.
Keep it low, Papa will overhear.
We have Ishaan.
We were lucky to have him.
We don't want any more kids.
We didn't plan this, right?
I know there's a special reason
this child is coming.
Stop! I don't believe in all that.
It's in our hands.
It's your body, so it's your decision.
-What if--
-It's a girl?
What if she's like Tanya?
I don't have the courage, Aditi.
Don't you feel incomplete without Tanya?
Call her a tigress or a Bible follower,
Moose always gets her way.
Moose was an ace emotional blackmailer.
Poor Panda!
Panda was like Moose's little poodle.
Here I am! Their third harvest!
I shouldn't be praising myself
but, what a beauty!
Don't be scared. Have faith in God.
He won't make you suffer again.
We're calling her Aisha.
Aisha means life.
Wow! Perfect name.
Take it from me.
She'll live a hundred years.
You're right, Papa.
Why are you all morose?
Your granddaughter is here.
It's not like I flunked in Math again.
Let's celebrate! Sweets for everyone.
You first.
-Yeah, there's my effort too.
-Yeah, of course.
She was destined to come home.
Let's take a picture.
-Okay, everyone let's say Aishi.
Grandpa had overreacted slightly.
If I could make it,
could I tell you this story?
By the way, my life has ended
but their story hasn't.
Just because I'm dead,
it doesn't mean the story lacks suspense.
Before I move on, I have a request.
Please don't imagine me as some ghost.
I still have killer looks,
but not the scary one.
Forget about me.
Listen to their story.
They didn't have the money
to honeymoon in Nepal,
but thanks to me, they got to see London.
London, bro, London!
The absence of tonsils
and your family history
lead me to conclude
that the Indian doctors were right.
I can't guarantee anything.
But there's a treatment for Aisha.
The best match is a sibling.
We have a son, Ishaan.
Here. This is his blood report.
We'll test you both too.
Of course.
With a deficient immune system,
she is prone to infections.
Keep her isolated as much as you can.
The treatment's very expensive.
It could go up to 120,000 pounds.
I have some savings.
You've already done so much for us.
Hardly! Why are you being so formal?
The bedroom is yours.
No. We're fine here.
I'm so sorry I'm here without any notice.
We were in such a hurry...
Even if your dad has to beg,
he won't give up.
It'll take time. But we aren't leaving
until you recover.
Until then stay with me, okay?
If it wasn't for me,
we wouldn't have come to London.
Panda made the rounds of London
with his lunch box every day.
He'd put up posters in shops
and leave appeals for businessmen.
It was tough enough
paying for the flight here.
Now we had to find the price of a trip
to the moon!
Niren Chaudhary. Sorry, I'm late.
I had to take a train.
Relax! You're not at the BBC.
You may not get big donations.
Even if you get 20,000 pounds,
consider yourself lucky.
Raise your hopes too high
and you'll be disappointed.
And keep it brief.
This is a music program after all.
This is your host and friend, Arjun Gill,
from Sunrise Radio.
Friends, today I want you to hear
a heartfelt plea.
This year on the 27th of March,
Aisha Chaudhary was born with SCID.
Today we have her father,
Niren Chaudhary, with us in the studio.
Niren, what does SCID mean?
Severe Combined Immune Deficiency.
A rare genetic disorder. A baby is born
with a deficient immune system.
It's impossible to fight infections
with this condition.
Within a year of their birth,
such children...
I mean if they do not get the treatment...
they won't survive.
Our first born, Tanya,
suffered from the same deficiency.
She did not survive.
No, sir. It's okay.
What causes SCID?
My wife, Aditi, and I have a rare gene.
It's a faulty gene.
There's a 25% chance
our children will inherit this gene.
One in a million couples have this gene.
We happen to be that couple.
The doctors say if she doesn't have
a bone marrow transplant in two weeks...
our Aisha won't survive.
Aisha's parents have
managed to collect 60,000 pounds
including their life savings.
But they need a whopping 120,000 pounds
in total.
How will they find this amount
to save their Aisha?
Who will help the Chaudhary family?
Who amongst us?
Please help us.
Remember Sheetal Agarwal?
Malvika said she's divorced.
She was nuts about you in college.
Marry her.
Divorce her once you've got
the 120,000 pounds.
That's the cost I'll have to pay
to a divorce lawyer.
I'll get you married to Singhania,
the fat owner of Ramjas College.
He must still be single.
Aisha and Ishaan will stay with me.
-You can see them on weekends.
-Stop it!
I'm sure he'd go on a diet for you.
What do we tell Ishaan?
That his sister has become
a star in the sky?
I should move to my mother's.
Before you and Ishaan get
too attached to her--
No one's going anywhere.
Focus on one thing at a time.
Come on. Goodnight.
Aditi, the doctor is on the line.
Just hold her.
Mrs. Chaudhary...
the report is a little odd.
-I'd rather not discuss it on the phone.
-You can tell me.
Niren is not Ishaan's father.
What do you mean "what?"
Obviously, it's a mistake, Niren.
Who else could be Ishaan's father?
We'll have to repeat the tests.
Thank God Anshu is bringing Ishaan here.
He'll be a 100 percent match.
Now even his life is getting disturbed.
If kids don't do well in primary school,
passing the ICSE exam is impossible.
I know. ICSE exams aren't easy.
Who's giving the ICSE test?
Ishaan. When he grows up.
What are you talking about?
I'm suing that hospital.
Converting rupees into pounds
has wiped me out.
What about Ishaan's airfare?
Tell me.
It's nothing, baby. It's a small prick.
Like the tip of a pencil.
Look at Mamma.
Aishi will say,
"My brother Ishaan is so brave.
He didn't even cry."
That's what Aishi will say. Right?
It'll feel like an ant bite.
Sorry, Mamma. Sorry, Dadda.
You're my brave boy!
Kids from North Delhi don't cry.
-Who don't cry?
-Kids from North Delhi.
-What was that about?
-Let's not create a scene.
What scene? No one knows us here.
-Talk in Hindi. Who'll understand?
-Please stop it, Aditi.
What if someone told you
everything you believed was a lie?
How would you feel? Acting so cool.
Don't beat around the bush!
Out with it.
I'm not stupid. I know why Ishaan is okay.
Because he's not my son.
It's obvious.
Tanya and Aisha got SCID from me.
So, it's my fault?
I cheated on you?
Take your suspicious, narrow mind
back to North Delhi.
I had no idea your brain
was still stuck on that note!
-Must I prove my chastity next?
-There's such a thing as science.
Fine! Then sit here and use your science
to judge my character.
If it wasn't for Aisha,
Ishaan would not have been retested.
I've nothing to prove to you,
or to anyone. Go to hell!
They needed money for one kid
and proof for the other.
Amidst the crisis,
the one having a blast was Giraffe.
Oblivious to the fact that he may not be
a Chaudhary after all.
But Uncle Anshu knew.
And yet he gorged.
London, bro!
I did tell you that their sex life was
a little complicated.
At least the doctors guaranteed
I was a Chaudhary.
Or else they would've gone home
being single.
Sir! Can you do me a favor?
Taxis can't park here.
There's a baby named Aisha Chaudhary
in the hospital.
Please give this to her father.
-Any news on the money?
-We're trying hard.
We have Ishaan and your blood reports.
There was some mix-up
at the Indian hospital, apparently.
I'm sure you knew that already.
You are indeed Ishaan's father!
So, the reports are in?
I knew it. I always did.
There was no need for a retest.
I told Aditi it was a waste of money
but she never listens.
You know her.
Quick to judge, easy to apologize!
You're right to be angry.
I behaved stupidly.
But you're not stupid.
Forgive me now.
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
I am sorry.
-How did you find this in London?
-Love has its ways.
Arjun Gill.
Niren, turn on the radio.
Stay on the line.
-The radio...
-Turn on the radio.
Beloved friends in London,
this is Arjun Gill from Sunrise Radio.
We're far from our homeland
but close to the heart.
Thanks for the donations and prayers
from your hearts.
We have received 250,000 pounds
for baby Aisha Chaudhary!
Oh, good God!
You've donated double the money
they needed. You have made me proud.
Aisha's father, Niren Chaudhary,
is on the line.
Niren, I'd like you to know that
Indian and British listeners
have given generously,
but also, people from Pakistan,
Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan
and many other immigrants
have also contributed.
Would you like to say something?
I'd like to tell them...
You people have treated my daughter
as your own.
I could not have saved her on my own.
Now I'm sure she'll live a long life.
Aisha's mother and I want...
to give you our heartfelt thanks.
Thank you, Arjun.
Thank you, Niren.
Goodbye and good luck.
Imagine a room filled with pounds
from floor to the ceiling.
Two pounds, five pounds and some checks.
Some even sent their piggy banks.
Such people exist!
I couldn't say it then,
so, I'll say it now...
Thank you, Sunrise Radio.
And thank you, London.
Ishaan and Uncle Anshu's ice-cream party
was over.
Ishaan turned out to be a Chaudhary.
But his bone marrow didn't match mine.
This task too was in Panda's fate.
Aisha may join your sister, Taanu,
in heaven.
Anyone else might've hidden this news
from a 4-year-old ice-cream loving kid.
But Moose never hid anything
from her children.
Why would she?
My name had been entered
in the medical annals of Europe.
I was the first SCID patient to be given
both a bone marrow
and stem cell transplant.
-Thank God you're here.
Hold her.
I hope they haven't taken him in yet.
Take care of her.
She's crying a lot today.
It wasn't easy for Panda
to go through the surgery alone.
But you need practice to run
between two hospitals.
If you compare Moose with Milkha Singh,
the sprinter, that's not fair.
Who knows how long will it take
for her new cells to grow.
I should be here with you both.
You just watch, Aditi.
One day I'll make so much money,
we don't have to worry about anything.
Once Aisha gets well,
we'll rob a bank together.
Until then you'll have to be
Ishaan's mamma too.
I hope the chemotherapy
has no side effects.
Bye, Tootsie.
Hello. How are you, Mom?
I'm fine, dear.
How's Aisha?
Aisha's fine.
Has Niren left?
Yes, he just left.
Are you all right?
Is Ishaan still up?
As though he ever sleeps!
-Hi, sweetie.
Miss Dipti scolded me
and made me stand in the corner.
Because I colored the sky pink
in art class.
Mamma, isn't the color of the sky pink?
Miss Dipti is absolutely wrong.
You can paint the sky any color you want.
Always follow your dreams.
My friends called me a fool.
They said the sky is blue.
Stop crying and listen to your Mamma.
Miss Dipti...
There's no need to change the color
of your sky for anyone. Ever.
Everyone has their own sky.
I painted my sky the color I wanted.
If you believe your sky is pink,
then it's pink.
That's it.
Guess what I sent for you with Dadda?
Mamma loves you, Ishlu...
and your pink sky.
Bye, Mamma.
Bye, son.
I always thought Moose loved Giraffe
more than me.
Giraffe believed the opposite.
Honestly, I was more eligible
for a full-time care.
Here comes the big plane.
And who's flying in it?
And the plane flies like...
Hospital psychiatrist recommended Moose
to send home videos of our lives.
That was the start
of my first modeling gig.
We came to London for my treatment.
But Moose ended up being the patient.
Head, shoulder, knees and toes.
What's this?
-That's your shoulder?
I'm going to show you our London home.
My tiny cupboard, Aishi's pram.
We must keep it covered
so, no germs or bacteria get through.
Our weekly planner.
On these days we go to the hospital...
If Moose hadn't made these videos,
she would've sunk into depression.
I was taking the injections
while Moose missed Giraffe.
Not that Giraffe was dying to watch me!
Aishi! Look, the plane
has landed from Delhi...
Wow! She's started to walk.
Niren, see that?
After eight years of marriage,
this was their first time apart.
Moose was counting the days.
Cuteness has its limits.
And babies are a mess.
But my Moose never gave up.
She had no option.
Come, baby.
Hi. Where are you?
Buying stuff for the house.
It's freezing here.
My hands are frozen.
What are you doing? Has Ishaan eaten?
Give him the phone.
He's at your Mom's.
-How come?
-My parents are in Jammu.
So, I made lunch plans.
Who's coming over?
Sonia, Ishaan's--
Who's this Sonia?
Put it upstairs.
We met a few times at Ishaan's school.
She's going through a divorce
and wanted some advice.
Hang on! What do you know about divorce?
Either she's fooling you
or you're fooling me.
Why solve her problems?
Are you some expert on divorce?
Are you blind?
Can't you see what this is about?
Cozying up to a single dad.
Aditi, telling you anything is dangerous.
How am I a single dad?
She should know her rights.
We're just discussing that.
Are you a divorce lawyer now?
A social worker?
What's she paying you?
Actually, what are you wearing?
What are you wearing?
A shirt and jeans.
What do you expect?
Which shirt?
The purple one.
Oh! Your cool shirt?
So, you want to impress her
with your dude shirt?
Niren, if you wear that shirt--
I'm not changing.
I doubted you.
I was wrong.
Are you taking revenge now?
-Come on, Aditi. Rise above it.
-Rise above it?
Should I rise above the world too?
-Your guest has arrived.
-I'm off. She's here.
Don't you dare hang up!
-Hi, Sonia.
-"Hi, Sonia!"
Tell her your mother's ill
and you have to see her. Now!
I'll call tomorrow. I'm hanging up.
Sheela, Sushma, Mamta.
None of these names would've
stirred Moose's suspicions.
But Sonia!
There's so much oomph in that name,
even the Prime Minister gets shaken.
Before they got married, Panda was ready
to crawl through the phone line
into Moose's arms.
Let's get married.
How much longer must I kiss
this damn phone goodnight?
How many people in your neighborhood
must I seek permission to marry?
Uncle, Aunty, Papa...
the milkman, the newspaper man,
the baker...
Don't flaunt your upper class
South Delhi attitude.
You used to once like my family values.
And now they are anathema to you!
Why don't you talk to your family?
I'm not afraid of anyone.
I could come over and even talk
to your parents.
You're dangerous. In a sexy way.
Papa! You?
What's up? Can't you sleep?
I'm sending her father our phone bill.
Go to sleep!
Something wrong with you boys.
Grandpa was worried about the phone bill.
There were many places in Delhi
for romancing. Lodhi Gardens,
Hauz Khas Lake, Majnu's Tila,
but at night none were open.
That night Panda was deprived of
Moose's goodnight kisses.
Panda was scared of Grandpa...
but not as much as of Moose!
No girl had entered the Chaudhary home
before marriage.
And Moose loved a challenge. So...
Put your helmet down.
The only thought in Panda's head
was the bedroom.
He didn't know Moose had planned to see
the whole house.
These lanes
These alleys
These lanes
These alleys
Longer than hope
Deeper than faith
These winding lanes
Intriguing are the paths of the heart
The heart is a heart after all
The heart is a heart after all
The heart is a heart after all
O heart
Why impose conditions?
O heart
Why stir feelings?
Why make me cry?
The heart is a heart after all
The heart is a heart after all
My great-grandma used to make
chili pickle here.
Looks like it's my turn!
Shall I crush you into a pickle?
-You're so cheap!
-That's true.
-Technique matters, you know.
-Technique's nothing.
-I could father a cricket team in one go.
-Really? Isn't the stadium a bit small?
So, I need less of a run up!
Gutsy, eh?
Let's stop hiding then.
I feel a little apprehension
As I make my way through
This old house alone, fearful
What is there to fear?
I'm right here
There are new hearts
In this old house
The heart is a heart after all
The heart is a heart after all
I want to fly a kite from every terrace
My heart wants to soar in the sky
Free, without judgment
The heart is a heart after all
I didn't watch my first Bollywood film,
I heard it.
When Moose went to watch
Shah Rukh Khan in "DDLJ."
Our family tradition was to sing hymns
to a fetus.
Instead I heard the famous line,
"Go, Simran! Go, live your life."
If you have a lovely dream
Make sure to share it with me
You fill my eyes
Let me sleep in your arms
Niren, how are you?
Fixing the antenna.
A lot more needs fixing here!
My mother misses you.
Come over.
I miss her too!
My heart is spinning
It never stops
It can't hear, does not listen
To a single word I say
The heart is a heart after all
The heart is a heart after all
The heart is a heart after all
The heart is a heart after all
When people marry out of caste,
the society judges them.
People would tell Grandpa that
my SCID was caused by their love marriage.
Now what has SCID got to do with it?
But Sonia...
The name had so much oomph that Moose
stopped picking up Panda's calls.
Moose knew exactly how to extract
an apology.
Look who's here!
Aishi, how are you?
I've been calling you for five days.
Why didn't you pick up?
I didn't hear it ring. Try again.
Haven't slept for days.
I can't share you.
You must solve only my problems. Okay?
Besides you...
who would I want to impress?
This long-distance relationship
isn't working, Aditi.
So, I've got a transfer.
Ishaan and your mother are arriving
in two days.
I talked to his teacher and said
we'd be away for six months.
And not to give his seat to anyone.
Remember we queued up at 5 a.m.
for his admission?
Careful, your mother has sent parathas
and pickle for you.
-Not six months, Niren.
-Six or eight. We'll see.
We can take a buffer of
a couple of months.
Ten years.
Are you kidding?
It'll take time for the T cells
to grow in her body.
And until they do, her body is a war zone.
Even going to the airport could be
life-threatening. She could collapse.
For us, it's just ten years, Niren.
For her, it's her entire life.
O life!
You played a game of heads and tails
Come, Ishlu, bath time.
Mamma has to go to work.
O life!
You played a game of heads and tails
Sometimes the nights are full
Other times the days are empty
It'll only take five minutes.
Aisha's crying too.
Let me bathe you quickly.
Dadda's just coming.
What took you so long?
You know it's hard alone.
I wasn't partying.
It's okay, baby.
Imagine if we had a cricket team!
Go to Dadda.
O life, every day you give us
Sustenance to live
You count all the breaths
You give us to breathe
It feels so empty
Even when you're in a crowd
How did you get hurt?
John pushed me at school.
-Why did John push you?
-He called me a Paki.
Sometimes you soothe us
Other times you scare us
And then he slipped into a dream...
Sometimes you soothe us
Other times you scare us
You keep the lamp of hope burning
For so long have we endured
The pain you inflicted
O life!
You played a game of heads and tails
Sometimes the nights are full
Other times the days are empty
You played a game of heads and tails
Hearing my high-pitched cries you'd think
I was the main cause of their woes.
And Giraffe was the good child.
But what I can confirm is the smartest
family member was Moose.
She had backed the right horse.
It took 13 years, but Panda minted money.
Without robbing a bank!
Moose, the Moosical!
Moosical was absolutely clear.
When life hands you lemons,
you make lemonade!
But we differed in our tastes.
The main villain of this story.
The doctors told them to keep me away
from crowds.
So, Moose moved us to a London suburb.
Too much, right?
Would a germ dare take on Moose?
But Moose had decided so.
"Chaudhary family, about turn!"
When people visit London,
they go to Buckingham Palace,
London Eye, Big Ben.
But me? I was more partial
to Great Ormond Street Hospital.
They are here. I'll have her call you.
Aisha, please, the dog could give you
an infection. Get off!
Can't you two see?
What's the big deal?
Anyway, her allergy level is 3/10.
It won't kill me.
Okay. Let's go inside.
We'll check your blood reports first.
What good will that do?
I'm either lacking in T cells or B cells.
I'm done with this immunity program.
-To hell with the blood reports.
Come. It's okay.
Every six months, I'd show up
at the hospital...
to consult my horoscope.
Even 13 years later,
our lives were running in slow motion.
Everyone would try acting casual...
but as we entered the hospital,
we were holding our breath.
The exam was mine,
but the tension of failure was theirs.
They've lost it.
You too!
Can you imagine?
I can't believe it.
Aisha's absolutely fine.
Her test results are good.
She'll have a life like you and I do.
-Pinch me!
-Once you...
Once you fix your mind on something,
it's done.
I didn't do it alone. We did it.
Are you done?
-I've been promoted.
We must move back to India.
Country Head.
-But how can we move now?
-It's a huge offer.
Aisha's tests are normal.
For how long will we stay here?
I've talked to my boss.
Are you asking me? Or telling me?
Not asking or telling.
We're discussing it.
The past 13 years have been difficult
in terms of career.
And it's no fun here.
I know.
-But if we have to come back...
-Then we will.
No one's seizing our passports.
Poor Moose. Just when she could've
had a normal life in London...
Panda said we were going home.
In London it was the burbs.
Now it's the back of beyond in Delhi!
We had a private swimming pool,
but give me the city any day.
I felt I was like Mowgli!
But the highlight for me was
not being home-schooled anymore.
I felt I was entering the sequel
of my life through these gates.
In the name of learning Hindi,
I binged on Bollywood movies.
It was show time!
-Aamir Khan!
"Babes, talented kids like you..."
"are like bubbles in a soda bottle."
"You rise one by one."
As Kareena said,
"If you're gawking at me instead
of working, it's not my problem!"
Gym class today!
Half of you go this way,
the other half that way.
You ought to be on a talent show.
Do you ever study? Or is this it?
I'm the school's entertainment show.
Okay, Aisha, see you later.
That was the first time
I noticed Karan's eyebrows.
I was a good student but I became
a better one when I met Karan.
I wanted to study Karan's history,
Karan's geography... every inch of him.
Fun fact... I didn't wash my hands after
I shook hands with him.
All thanks to "rajma-chawal"...
the CEO of India's biggest
pizza company's favorite dish.
If Panda had told Moose
he missed Delhi's "rajma-chawal"...
she would've exploded.
And Giraffe?
For some people, getting a girlfriend
was as tough as waking up early.
If they make it, they're sorted.
Did he have to be my brother?
Dengue fever claims lives in Delhi.
Dengue spreads through the capital city.
I told you! Don't wash Aisha's plates
with tap water. Use boiled water.
Fruits, vegetables or plates.
Wash everything with boiled water. Please.
She's fragile.
Jeet, don't cut vegetables without gloves.
Remember? Gloves are a must.
Please wear them.
Dengue mosquitoes breed
in clean water too.
Jeet, we'll have to fumigate
the farmhouse.
Dengue mosquitoes can survive
from July to October.
Hi, beautiful. You're looking lovely.
Sit here.
Come. Sit here.
Thanks, Moose.
My baby. It's the Tree of Life.
You're so innocent
O my innocent one
Your innocent ways
Take my breath away
You're so innocent
O my innocent one
Your innocent ways
Take my breath away
Your innocent ways bewilder me
Your child-like ways
Take my breath away
You surprise me still
With your childish ways
Your childish ways
Now that you have stolen my heart
Don't turn away from me, darling
You have changed my life
Don't you now change
You took away my heart
O my heart
O my heart
I just knew...
Mom! Dad!
That's Ishaan.
-What happened?
What's wrong?
Mamma's here. What happened?
She was just lying here.
Lift her up.
-Aishi, turn the TV off.
-One minute.
Are you guys getting a divorce?
If you are, then I'm living with you.
Moose drives me nuts.
It's about your lungs.
You have something called
Busulfan lung damage.
It's led to a condition called
Pulmonary Fibrosis.
-Have you seen the pollution in Delhi?
-That's not the cause.
It's the side effects of chemo.
But that was 14 years ago, right?
We knew the side effects of chemo
could show up years later.
But we had no choice, Aishi.
How long does it take to cure
this Pulmonary Fibrosis?
It's a serious condition.
There's no cure yet. But...
the doctors have said with good care--
You mean I'm going to die?
Answer me, Moose.
Moose knew there was a chance
I'd be born with SCID and die young.
So, should she have aborted me?
Moose had no words to say for six months
after my death.
And Panda refused to talk about it.
So, when his London office called,
Panda's answer was obvious.
You made a very wise decision
to move back to London.
It won't be easy. I know.
We also have been through this situation.
We know exactly how you feel.
As you know, Vivek's mother passed away
a month after Aisha died.
She was only 73.
Running from pillar to post.
The treatments, doctors, hospitals,
we did it all.
To no avail.
If you just excuse me, I'll be right back.
Let's order. Or I'll faint out of hunger.
-Should I go check on her?
-No, it's okay. She'll be fine.
My wife's right there... can I?
Please move outside.
Just two minutes, please.
Is her mother-in-law's death
and Aisha's the same?
Obviously not.
Leave it now.
Once we move to London,
she'll be out of our hair.
I'm not going anywhere, Niren.
What are you saying?
Have you thought about Aisha's clothes?
Do we take them? Or throw them out?
What if her paintings get damaged?
And her school bag?
Do I junk her books?
-Stop it, Aditi.
-Why should I?
I will not leave Aisha alone here.
London is Aisha's home too.
I can't live without you.
-For how long do I keep following you?
-I came to London for you.
You didn't come for me.
You came for Aisha.
And even if you did, so what?
What are you implying?
You came for your family.
Want a medal?
If it's too much, why marry?
You could've escaped all this.
What has gotten into you?
Making a mountain out of a molehill.
We were just ordering dinner.
Then go and eat!
Your food must be getting cold.
I don't know who I'm talking to sometimes.
Do I even know you?
What have I been doing
for the last 20 years?
Looked after Aisha, 24/7.
And now that I'm 50, what am I left with?
She's gone.
Ishaan's busy with his life
as he should be. But you?
You're all busy.
Where's all this coming from?
I'm always here for you.
What do I have except my work?
Are you there for me?
I'm not. That's just it.
I don't know how to be there
for anyone but Aisha.
Why are you running away, Niren?
Stop for a moment.
Talk to yourself. Talk to me.
To Aisha.
-So, what if she's dead? Chapter closed?
-Look, do what's right.
I did what I could...
You of course think I did nothing.
Because you did everything for Aisha,
not me.
It's the limit.
How easily you say we should live apart.
If I had my way, I'd rewind life
and change every scene.
Fun fact is I can neither rewind life now
nor could I then.
When the doctors said
I had five years more to live...
Moose fast forwarded
her feelings of sadness.
Ishaan, sir?
Ma'am's calling you.
She wants you to hurry up.
-What is it?
-Put your shoes on. Hurry!
-Because I said so.
Where to, Mamma?
We'll have a fifth family member!
We're adopting.
I want you two to meet him
before your Dad does.
Ishaan, Aisha!
I'm waiting in the car. Now!
-Hi, Tara.
-Hi, Aditi. How are you?
-What's his name?
And the other babies?
-We've come to pick ours. So excited!
-They're at the back.
What's Moose up to?
-Let's go?
Come on.
We're a family of five now!
Go see which one you like.
You made such a fuss about a dog
in London.
You said Aisha was allergic.
Now you're getting her a puppy?
She can take anti-allergy pills.
Now the risk is greater.
There's a risk in everything, Ishaan.
Besides nothing matters to me
more than her happiness.
Did you hear me? He's my Rolo.
It's okay if I die now.
Come, let's meet Rolo.
Aishi, bring Rolo outside.
He'll break something in there.
Your grandma is scared of dogs.
Let's show her.
No! Get away!
He won't bite.
All three of us lived here.
Now look at you, spoilt rich brat.
You can say that now.
When we moved to London,
I thought Dadda would sell my toys.
I thought I'd have to earn money
for Aishi's operation.
But they were good days, Mom.
You know I didn't keep you away
from us on purpose?
I know.
You know that boy in your class...
What's his name? Karan.
You know everyone's name?
I know everything!
Aisha has a crush on him.
How do you know?
Checking our phones?
Haven't checked yours yet.
Tell you what...
ask Karan to take Aishi on a date.
How on earth
did you concoct this stupid,
ridiculous, weird plan, Mom?
If Aishi finds out we've set up
a date for her, she'd go ballistic.
Who'll tell her?
Do as I say. Or I'll do it.
Aisha thinks he likes her too.
And maybe he does.
Or maybe because of her illness...
I don't know.
But there's no harm in asking.
Worst case, he'll say no.
You'll be marrying her off soon!
If only I could, Ishaan.
You're an ace at emotional blackmail.
Tell me... do you and Karan...
Does he brush his teeth regularly?
If he does, no harm kissing him.
-He's just a friend.
-It's just a kiss.
Look at this sweater.
I hope they've got my size.
They don't.
Excuse me.
One second, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Do you have a small?
-It should be on the rack.
-It's not. I checked.
Maybe it's out of stock.
You'll have to order it.
Here's a small.
Ma'am, you can't take that off.
Why not?
Ma'am, you just can't. Store policy.
We do have other styles.
Please have a look.
Moose, it's not that great.
Let's go. Come on.
-What are you doing?
-Keep an eye out.
Must you prove to the world
that you're crazy?
Tell me if someone's coming.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Do you need any help?
-No, thank you.
-Please call me if you do.
Moose, hurry up!
Aishi, don't go beyond kissing,
I'm telling you.
No sex! You're too young.
Anything you want to discuss,
we can discuss it.
Please don't give me a heart attack
and say you've done it.
Moose, please!
You haven't done it yet, right?
How old were you when...
-When? and Dad did it for the first time?
Talking about sex is against our culture.
But to permit a couple to have sex,
the whole family is invited.
The priest reads powerful mantras.
And they play wedding music too.
-Do you know what they're all thinking?
That we'll have sex tonight.
Imagine the performance pressure!
I'm taking full advantage
of the presidential suite
your colleagues gifted us.
Actually, Papa has spoken
to his brother...
you know he owns a hotel in Chandni Chowk?
We're staying there tonight.
They'll be hurt otherwise.
Please understand.
It isn't that bad.
It's big enough for us.
Anyway, it's not as though
we're sleeping tonight!
Your hair is so beautiful.
Like my hair?
Then sleep with it.
Take this. And this.
-Not my wedding turban!
Hail Moose the Tigress!
Moose wanted me to experience
everything in life...
before I ran out of time.
You know like love, sex...
But hearing about her wedding night,
I didn't want a crash course from her!
I'm Aisha's friend. Karan.
Karan! Hi, come.
Hi, Karan.
-I think that's Karan.
-You go now, please.
-Hi. Is that Rolo?
-Want some?
-No, thank you.
Can I get you something?
-Double espresso.
Ishaan, now listen to your mother.
Hello, Ishaan.
Get Karan to see Aisha's artwork.
An excuse to send them to her room.
Are you listening? Hello.
Giraffe knew Moose would drive him crazy
if he stayed in Delhi.
Education was just an excuse
to escape to London.
But I had no excuse or way out.
I missed Giraffe a lot.
He was my partner in dealing
with Moose and Panda.
As soon as he left,
the house turned into a training camp.
Project Aisha.
Husband and wife got busy
pumping my lungs.
They meant well but... poor me!
No matter what I wore,
the oxygen pipe was my accessory.
Because Panda had to go to work,
he would sleep at night.
But Moose!
She didn't have much confidence
in doctors.
Then Panda was having feelings of FOMO.
So, whenever he could,
he'd work from home.
To be specific, in my room.
Clearly, living in London taught them
nothing about privacy!
A bit late to teach them.
Karan's visiting. Mum, Dad, out!
They acted as if their love marriage
had taken place ages ago.
Hi, Uncle. Hey, Moose.
-Hi, Karan, how are you?
-I'm good.
Why did he use that door?
He should use the main door.
Hush. He's a friend.
I don't like this.
-A portrait of Rolo?
-No, a self-portrait.
Ma'am, your tea.
Santoshi, I'll have the usual.
The usual?
In a minute.
Don't you understand art?
-Meaning? Where are you?
-Take a closer look.
I can't see you.
Right there, on the bed.
When I'm not around,
I'll still be here. Forever.
Don't you guys think Aisha could be
a great inspirational speaker?
As if I wasn't tortured enough,
the training camp acquired a new goal.
Tell ma'am we're leaving in five minutes.
Thanks, Karan.
-Hi, Uncle.
No bananas?
-I beg your pardon! Do forgive me.
-It's okay. I'll go get Aishi.
In any case, what did I ever do in my life
to inspire people?
Ladies and gentlemen, Aisha Chaudhary.
There I was in front of a thousand people.
Sure, I was nervous.
But the audience were more nervous
than me.
They knew I knew I could die at any time.
So, whatever I said would be a hit.
By force of habit...
I threw them a trump card...
Some people even cried.
I was only 18...
and my happiness hormones were exploding.
Love, sex, deceit hormones.
I was worried their Project Aisha
would end with Karan becoming my brother.
I hear things hot up in your 40s.
That's if you survive till then!
But I could hear my life ticking
like a time bomb.
It was now or never.
Aisha, what's wrong?
Come here.
What's wrong, baby?
Never mind.
Go to sleep.
Gradually, Project Aisha expanded.
First, they pumped my lungs...
then they thought I had a hole
in my heart.
Because they never had a heartbreak.
They were soul mates since
their school days.
They called Ishaan home from college,
on an emergency vacation.
What nonsense!
She has a medical condition,
so, she can't parasail.
We're taking responsibility,
so, what's your problem?
It's still risky, right?
If she has a medical emergency,
we'll be making the headlines.
That's nonsense!
Moose, it's okay. You guys go ahead.
-Of course not.
-No way.
We all go, or none of us do.
He was right.
I didn't feel like dying that soon.
But keeping me happy became more
important than keeping me alive.
Giraffe had umpteen breakups.
But he was never taken
on an emergency vacation.
It wasn't easy making me happy.
In the air there was
the air pressure problem.
Underwater I could only handle
two minutes. But what's two minutes?
It was pointless arguing
in the middle of the ocean.
They were trying so hard,
I thought let's get over with it. Jump in.
There are moments
when you live life to the fullest.
And when you're in that moment...
you realize that life is
a most wondrous thing.
Life didn't give me those moments...
Moose and Panda created them.
Baby, look at Mamma.
Oh, God, please.
Her oxygen levels are dropping.
Aishi? Is the machine working?
The pilot must make an emergency landing.
Ishaan, ask the stewardess to get us
their spare oxygen tank, Now!
You can't enter the cockpit.
Ma'am, it's an emergency,
I must talk to the pilot.
-What's wrong?
-My daughter can't breathe.
-I need oxygen for my sister.
-Sir, please don't run.
Just look at Mamma.
Keep your eyes open.
Her lungs are weak.
She can't handle low air pressure.
Please lower the plane's altitude.
Ma'am, calm down.
What is your name?
I know Captain Kapoor. Let me talk to him.
Have you noticed where oxygen cylinders
are kept on a flight?
Moose always did her homework.
But when I had to sign
a life risk form at the airport...
Panda was shaken.
He said, "Aishi, let's not go."
After my heartbreak over Karan,
I was in the mood to die.
I insisted we travel and even signed
the airline waiver.
As a spirit I believe we remain on Earth
until we learn certain lessons.
I guess I wasn't done learning yet.
There's no other reason
I didn't die on that flight home.
What happened?
Don't let Aisha's smile deceive you,
her condition is worse.
It's a natural progression of her illness.
We must go for a lung transplant now.
We discussed this when Aisha was
first diagnosed.
Maybe it's time.
You know I'm against a transplant.
It'll prolong her life
by ten years, Aditi.
Start the process.
Tell me where to sign.
And how much it'll cost.
-We're doing it.
-No, we're not.
-We're doing it, Aditi.
-Over my dead body!
-What nonsense?
-Let's discuss this somewhere else.
Why would Nirvick suggest
a transplant needlessly?
He's a doctor. Let him do his job.
Answer me then.
A lung transplant is challenging
even for a healthy body.
She's so unwell. How will she cope?
You want her to end her days
tied to a hospital bed?
Will she be able to walk?
Will she be happy?
Could you face such a life?
Or must she live for your peace of mind?
Do we let her die?
She's not only your child...
she's mine too.
This time your stubbornness won't work.
-I'm being stubborn?
I've researched her medical condition
for years.
I badgered the doctors over every detail.
So, what if I'm being stubborn!
Sorry. This time I'm not backing down.
We're going for a transplant.
It's my final decision.
So, you'll blindly follow the doctor's
advice and not use your own brain?
Our know-how is irrelevant here.
Their training and experience
is what matters.
What did you do when it came to Tanya?
You listened to the doctors.
And what happened?
They aren't always right.
No doctor can guarantee a successful
outcome. Will you guarantee it?
When I was a kid if anyone gave me
a chocolate, I'd share this secret.
"I have an elder sister, Tanya.
She lives with Mother Mary."
It was a secret because Moose never talked
about her in Panda's presence.
Panda wanted to forget
that their first born was Tanya.
I once asked Moose if Panda
would forget me too.
Will they not have photos of me?
Like Tanya?
Niren's blood was meant to increase
Tanya's hemoglobin...
instead it has made her worse.
Tanya has SCID,
Severe Combined Immune Deficiency.
If only you had come earlier, I would've
suggested you take her to London.
But now it's too late.
Not more than 24 hours.
I've been telling you
for the last 5 months...
something's seriously wrong with Tanya.
But neither you nor those ten doctors
listened to me.
"Children always get fever.
Have a Valium. Stop worrying."
It's all your fault.
No, baby. Please.
Don't cry. Please.
Mother Mary understands your pain.
Then why doesn't she save my Taanu?
Because she understands her pain too.
Don't cry.
Mamma may be selfish...
but not that selfish
to ignore your suffering.
Go, my baby.
Next time come back healed.
So, this is when Moose had her vision
and became a Christian.
That vision was Mother Mary.
I love you, Panda.
Where can we find husbands like him...
who love their wives unconditionally?
Fun fact, I owe my existence
to my sister's death.
Your paintings should be in an exhibition.
What do you want?
Honestly. They're really good.
Cut to the chase.
Tell me what you really want.
Uncle Nirvick suggests you have
a lung transplant.
It'll prolong your life by ten years.
Shouldn't we take that chance?
Why? You think it'll be easier to die
at 28 instead of 18?
We'll get to spend
ten more years together, Aishi.
I want you for as long as possible.
This isn't enough.
I've had enough, Panda.
I don't want any more problems.
Who knows what happens now, Anshu.
Niren's with her. I'll call you later.
-Where do you want to sit?
-Near Moose.
Come, my baby.
Moose, sit here.
I want to paint you.
No, no, please. I don't like posing.
You'll treasure the painting after I die.
Nonsense! You are not going to die.
Obviously not this minute.
Sit down, please.
-Moose, cover your head.
-I never cover my head.
Let the painter do her job. Go on.
Over your shoulder.
Okay now?
Stop. Statue. Don't move.
Don't make such a sad face.
I'll tell you what...
think of something nice.
Like when Panda kissed you the first time.
Or when you were pregnant with me.
You were round like a football.
Hey, Internet Queen!
I was just checking...
Aish, what's wrong?
Giraffe, I don't want to die.
How can I leave you, Moose, Panda?
Okay, Aish.
I know this is a horrid, shitty situation.
I understand that.
Remember you won't be alone for long.
Mom, Dad and I will join you very soon.
We'll be together again.
A new family isn't created every time.
The same family gets reincarnated.
Like in this lifetime, you're my sister...
maybe in the next, you'll be my Dad.
And Mom will be your wife.
No, wait. Let's not make Mom your wife.
Let's make her Jeet, our cook.
Our extended family is reincarnated too.
So, she won't enter our rooms
without knocking!
You know what?
Next time you can be Rolo.
Eat, sleep, poop, bark, even bite,
if something enrages you.
Don't forget to call.
Every day.
Moose got advice from Indian doctors...
British, American, Australian
and even Canadian.
She worked day and night.
My coughing fits helped.
They gave her a little break,
but not a full night's sleep.
This week she slept for 16 hours only.
You must know what happens
when people don't sleep.
They don't absorb dopamine.
Their glucose processing shuts down.
And finally their brain's
neural connections short circuit.
Aditi, what's wrong?
What are you doing?
Stop it. What's going on?
Must be a bad dream.
-Go back to sleep.
-I want some tea.
All men are bastards!
You'll wake Aisha. What's this drama?
Get off me!
Get off! Control yourself.
Come, let's go and have a cup of tea.
-She wants to have some tea.
-Yes, sure.
Grab her legs!
Don't let her go.
She'll be fine.
-Take care of Aisha.
-I'm here.
Jeet, open the car door.
-What's wrong with her?
-We'll have to take her to Vimhans.
-The mental hospital?
-She's having a psychotic breakdown.
Will she be okay?
Don't worry, Panda. Moose will be fine.
I'm not thinking about her.
I won't kick the bucket
until Moose comes home.
I can't bear to think...
how miserable she'll make your life
when I'm gone.
I'll talk to Ishaan.
Maybe she'd feel better if he came home.
Panda, there's only one sane person
left in this family.
Let him be.
Jeet, where's Aisha?
Upstairs with sir.
-Anshu, I'm going up.
-I'll just come.
Please give me a cup of tea.
Guys, control!
It's only been a week.
I've missed you.
You're back, my drama queen.
A gift for you.
Someone had to look after the house.
And Panda.
So, I did.
I even finished writing my book.
Not everyone can
avoid responsibilities like you.
Niren, let's look for a publisher.
By the way, the publisher
really liked her book.
I should do double drama next time...
so, you'll write a sequel!
Here you go. You're okay.
Breathe, baby.
Try and lie back.
I'll tell Santoshi to make
chocolate waffles for breakfast.
Niren, come home. Quick.
Ishaan, wake up.
Aisha's not good. Stay with her.
I have to make a few calls.
I know the book launch is tomorrow...
but I must have a copy
of Aisha's book today.
I know, but please understand...
time is precious for her.
Hey, Sport.
You called and I came.
Hello, Nirvick.
She's using a lot of oxygen.
I've ordered four more cylinders.
How soon can you get here?
Please hurry.
Aishi, can you tell whether
this is Ishaan's hand or mine?
You've grown old, Panda.
You should use Moose's anti-aging cream.
You know...
I act like I'm very strong...
like things are cool with me.
And everything is okay.
But in my heart...
a day doesn't pass when
I am not thinking of you.
Giraffe loves you, Aishi.
What is it?
Careful, baby.
And my kissy?
-Only two cylinders? We ordered four.
-They're in the car.
Go get them and clear out the empty ones.
Ma'am, the soup.
Come to me.
Your book.
"Aisha Chaudhary."
I arrived with a bang
and I leave with one too.
But the crowd's bigger this time.
You feel so special
when people cry for you.
But did you notice Moose's wardrobe?
She seems dressed for a birthday party.
That's the way it should be.
Death-days are like birthdays.
They must be celebrated.
Moose stole my Tree of Life necklace
as a return gift.
Fun fact, it seems parking lots in Delhi
have higher premiums than graves.
So, I was buried double-decker style.
Luckily atop my sister's coffin.
What can I say? I completely forgot
I used to play in a band.
Having a blast.
-A grand farewell was a must! Right?
-Thank you.
Aditi's coming, right?
Excuse me. A whiskey soda, please.
Niren Chaudhary.
You've always had the last word
at every meeting. So why not here?
So, before you run away to London,
you could do your apologizing now.
Here's your chance.
Come on up here, Mr. Chaudhary.
Thanks for this joyous
and amazing farewell party.
If I knew you'd enjoy
my farewell so much...
you should've given me a hint,
I'd have left ages ago.
The first time I went to London
was in 1996 for Aisha's treatment.
I had no money for the airfare.
Someone at the office heard.
And soon an empty lunch box
was passed around.
You gave me whatever you could
and bid me a warm farewell.
As your boss,
you were my responsibility...
but it's you guys who looked out for me.
Then don't go, Niren.
Aditi doesn't want us
to leave Delhi either.
But pain leaves you so empty.
It wears you down.
The only difference is I deal with pain
in one way, Aditi in another.
Our home here...
so, filled with memories of Aisha...
haunts me constantly.
Maybe that's why I can't bear
to look at photos of my children.
Ever since she left us...
I can't enter her room.
I feel scared...
that if I entered, I'd lose her again.
But last night I did go in.
I sat down.
It felt as though she was there.
I looked at her drawing books.
She had this habit of hiding stories...
in her paintings, writings and videos.
After Aisha passed away, no one had
the courage to open her laptop.
But maybe we should have a long time ago.
This means one of you knew my password.
I always suspected Moose.
Actually, any spy agency in the world
would recruit Moose.
Missing me?
Want to cry? Okay, cry.
But don't throttle Panda's neck
again, in your sleep.
I promised Panda...
until you were back from
the mental hospital, I wouldn't die.
The promise is slightly risky,
so, I'm recording this video.
If I do die, then we won't
get to say goodbye.
I've thought about death every day.
I've literally gobbled life up.
So, death doesn't worry me.
Don't let it worry you either.
I've lived life to the fullest.
Moose, thank you for not aborting me.
And Panda, you spent your entire life
slaving away for us...
for party-crashers like us.
Giraffe, a part of me
will always be with you.
Please none of this "survivor's guilt"
or I'll whack you.
I'm sorry, Panda.
I couldn't go for that lung transplant.
Remember my self-portrait?
Even when I'm not around, I'll be there.
Don't worry about me.
I'm chilling with Tanya...
while you all are watching this video.
We're partying together...
in the sky.
The Pink Sky.
Take care of my Rolo.
That's nothing.
Look over there.
Moose had said, next time she'd do
more drama so I'd write a sequel.
Take this movie to be the sequel
of my book.
So, it's written, Moose.
Panda, find a publisher!
Looking at them now, you'd think
their sex life is still active.
I know it's wrong to discuss
your parents' sex life.
It is still wrong!
Aishi, are you listening?