The Sleep: Survival Horror - Part One (2022) Movie Script

He went in and started shooting.
- Why is this happening?
- It was an assault rifle.
Another mass shooting in Texas
- it's the third this week.
- He shot
people as if they weren't real.
- 19 dead, 27 injured.
- He died in my arms.
i thought i was dead
- He even killed children.
- It's a mental health issue.
This world is so messed up right now.
- There were dead bodies everywhere.
- I'm sorry Robert...
There are just too many
of these mass shootings.
Back to you...
More about the shooting at nine.
When we come back, will
Experts are debating the
alarming amount of mass
killings in recent months,
and authorities are having to
determine the
motive of the last week
Massacre in South Florida.
This program is sponsored by
Paxoloft, the only
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Your long-term mental health
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Consult your doctor
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Paxoloft, the only
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Take Paxoloft.
You're listening to the Halloween mix
Why don't you see that?
See something?
Look outside, there is nobody outside.
True story.
- About time.
- False story, scary...
- Pizza is here!
- Oh, pizza!
But do you know what I mean?
- Hi, Thank You.
- Not really, I think...
How does not exist
- a child coming to the door.
- One second...
So excited for pizza!
No payment required...
- It's 30 minutes late.
- Nobody's really in the mood.
Listen, I'm telling you, man,
there's something
strange going on.
- Sweet.
- I know.
- Good night!
- Strange shit for weeks!
I know right?
There's zero trick
or treating out there.
- Pizza is free!
- what happened to fun,
- Like when we were kids? I mean...
- Come eat! Come eat!
When we all went trick or treating
- You know?
- We're not kids anymore.
Yeah, I know we're not
kids anymore, man, but...
- Move, move...
- I agree with Brandon.
Everything used to be funnier.
- Hell yes.
- Which day?
The damn day.
You know what I mean.
Now things that are supposed
to be fun aren't fun anymore.
Like movies...
- They're all so damn serious.
- To the right?
I mean look at this, you can't
even tell what holiday it is.
- That's not true, we have a cake.
- It's Halloween!
It's a pretty good cake too.
It's not that good,
I've had better ones.
- When did things change?
- Thank you mum!
When did people stop playing outside?
- and appear at events?
- Uh, coronavirus?
When we grew old
Hey, speak for yourself!
I miss the eighties.
You haven't even
lived in the real 80's.
So I can still miss it, right?
You know, anytime
- had a feeling for it.
- True.
The eighties were the eighties.
- The nineties were the nineties.
- Love the nineties.
But after the 2000s.
What? What era are we in now?
Cell phones, Facebook and Xanax.
This era sucks, what
the fuck happened?
- Hmm.
- This.
I seriously can't believe this.
Why do people keep shooting at people?
Like what the hell?
i hate guns
I think they should be bloody banned.
- They should.
- What are you going to do with an AK-47?
Its only purpose is to kill people.
I mean, you can't just ban guns.
You have so many different ones
Uses such as sports and games.
- True.
- Game?
For real? An AK
Motherfucking 47
whose sole purpose
is to kill people.
And tell me nothing else!
I didn't specifically refer to it
to an AK-47, but okay...
How, imagine...
actually kill someone...
Do you think you could
actually kill someone?
For real?
Imagine what it would take...
Imagine you see
how someone's life
Leaves her in front of you
because of what you've done...
It sucks man.
It really sucks,
I couldn't do it.
Yes, I couldn't either.
Whoa, don't ask me
such a shitty question.
No, I mean seriously, you can
kill someone
with a butter knife.
- I mean honestly.
- Butter knife?
If anyone comes up to me, brother...
come to me brother
You will be treated.
- Oh!
- Seriously guys!
We are desensitized.
You see that shit on TV...
It's not real." Corpse in a movie
corpse on a street.
Come on Monica.
It changes when it's someone you know.
it has nothing to
do with you until
it has something to do with you.
Go back to sleep.
Do nothing.
Watch what is happening in your life.
Happy Halloween.
What are you doing about it, Monika, huh?
All right, all right, folks.
So much happens every day
shit in the world, right?
I mean there's nothing we can do
about it if you look
at it really honestly.
I know...
That's why we have fucking police and shit.
The police are busy fighting crime.
- You're not...
- Dealing with crime?
feed the poor and
pick up trash and shit.
- They're busy killing black people.
- Are we real right now?
'Cause I can get real
Oh boy...
It sounds crappy, though
I have my own problems to take care of.
I can't feed bums on the street
I can barely pay my own damn rent.
- Impressive!
- For real? Really John.
- That's right but!
- So true.
I'm not trying one
being an asshole or something.
Tell me am I the only one
in the room who thinks that?
Tell me.
To the right?
I mean shit if I'm really being honest.
Even before I was born there
were starving
children in Africa.
So if they're still
starving, they don't
really have to be
starving or they'd be dead.
- Dude!
- I'm just saying damn.
- Oh my god...
- If the biggest minds didn't do that
was able to solve
the problem in all
these years, what
the hell can I do?
- John!
- He's right!
- Think about it!
- How shall I
picking up all the trash on the beach?
- Yes!
- If people just keep putting it there.
I have a life. I'm
not really going
to live by just
picking up trash.
Exactly, I hate donating blood.
I can't stand blood.
Why kill me for someone else?
Bet you'd kill yourself for me, right?
Hell yes, bitch, of course.
Come on.
All these troubles in the world
I live on the other side of the planet
I can't do shit.
See, that's why I want to be
rich so I can donate to things.
- Oh, you want to get rich.
- I agree Luna,
People are constantly
coming up with new solutions.
Yes, while you two
get rich, people will die.
But why is the world so shitty?
Has anyone really thought about this?
Why would God do that?
It's the devil.
- True story.
- It's not the damn devil.
- Understood. So what?
- Could be.
They have no idea who runs
the media and governments.
- Oh, fuck off.
- The Goverment?
Who do you think controls the
news telling you
everything is bad?
Come on.
And the economy?
They make us stressed, anxious
and depressed so
they can sell us drugs
and make a hell of a lot of money with it?
Oh, Monica, calm down!
I'm just saying Britney
there's something shitty
dark shit going
on in this world that
nobody talks about
because they do...
What shit?
Jack! Shhh!
You know, every mass shooter was
on some kind of
psych drug, right?
- What?
- To stop!
The news never talks about it.
Any celebrity they want to quit...
Suicide... OD...
It is the new "natural" cause.
And they told me I had
ADHD when I was nine.
- Can't imagine why.
- Wanted to end my creativity.
Fuck you!
I was nine!
I'm supposed to be hyper by nine.
In order. How do you know all that?
I've researched a damn ton online.
Oh, all this fake
news, conspiracy shit.
You need to know how
to do proper research.
It's right here.
OK, show me.
In order.
Understood. Understood.
Guys, please, no, can we
stop this conspiracy shit!
Jack, come on!
- Jack, dude!
- Please, guys!
The world is fucked up, okay?
And we won't be able
to give a shit about it.
So let's just enjoy our lives.
- Let us!
- In order? To the right?
Why, I don't even know...
Why the fuck are you watching this shit?
- Thanks!
- Let's do something fun.
like what
I do not know.
Brandon, what do we do as kids?
You're the one complaining. ideas?
I don't know, I think
talk to each other more?
- or play catch.
- Yes, no, that's great!
- Spin the bottle.
- Play catch!
I'm speaking to a lot of people
on social media now more
than ever, so I don't know
what you're talking about.
- I can't social media.
- You know, I kind of lost touch
with all my friends on social.
I see everything they do, but...
When we talk, it's kind
of superficial. I guess...
- I don't think so.
- Another reason why
the world is so fucked up.
Computers, phones, social media
- to make everyone damn antisocial.
- Alright.
- Monica, come on.
- Get out then.
knock it off!
Can we fucking face each other?
and damn fact on top of each other?
We talk together.
i need some water
You're an asshole, John.
Yes, but I will always be yours.
- Talk to her.
- Change your sexual preference.
suck my cock
Everytime and everywhere.
Okay, ya'll, listen...
This is my damn house.
And if I say we'll
talk, we'll fucking talk.
O jesus!
Fine. What would
you like to talk about?
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Let's talk about horror movies.
- I don't know why I'm so thirsty.
Yes, me too.
You know...
All the talk in there made
me realize something...
Oh yeah.
These are all jump scares...
That we don't really talk enough...
What do you mean
we don't talk enough?
I guess I don't mean
talking enough, I guess...
You know, talk about things that we really...
should talk about it...
Well, what things do
you want to talk about?
Anyone feeling a little weird?
Yes, somehow...
I am tired...
What's in this drink?
I don't know, but it's strong.
Tastes like vodka...
You know, since your grandma, um...
things have changed...
Yes, it was um...
I know.
I'm sorry.
What? No no no no.
Not with you. With me.
You know, her and I, she just...
Something is wrong...
It was the last time I saw
her, you know, and I, uh...
It's been hard for me to shake it.
What happened?
You're set to DJ
- What?
- Devin Rice
- You're listening to the Halloween Mix
- What?
Is it so bad that you
have to drink for it?
No, no, it's not, it's not. It is not.
It's not bad. It is...
Look tell me you freak me out
She only saw the way I looked at you
when you didn't look at me
and, um, she gave me that look.
She said nothing but
I got the message.
- Happy Halloween
In order...
you fuck with me
What if I told you
that I'm looking for...
a sign
that I should kiss you now?
I would say that
I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship.
I would say...
I don't care.
I would say we can't.
i'm gonna kiss you right now
You wouldn't.
You're listening to the Halloween mix
What the hell?
Argh, what the hell?
- Why are we on the floor?
- What the hell is that?
- What happened?
- What the hell?
What is it? Who did that?
Do any of you?
- Any of us got anything?
- Oh shit...
i feel so shitty
- Why is there a knife stuck to my hand?
- Carry on or die?
- Why do you have an ax?
- What the hell is that?
- Mummy?!
- What the hell. What's happening?
What's happening? What the hell?
How much did
we drink last night?
Way too much.
- John, what's the matter!
- John! John?!
What's happening?!
John, take the bat!
Take it, take it, John!
John, take the bat!
Take the bat!
John, are you okay?
Johnny, are you okay?!
- What happened?
- Hey, Riley, get him some water!
The hell was that?
- I do not understand!
- I'm okay.
Just drink some water, okay?
- Give him some space.
- That does not make sense.
- What the hell happened?
- I don't have my phone,
does anyone have their cell phone
Who took our phones?
Why were we down?
- Water is shut off.
- To calm oneself down.
We have to think about that.
What the hell is going on folks?!
-Brandon?! Brandons!
- Dude, hey! What?!
What the hell man?
What happened?
That's not cool.
We can't take them off.
- What?
- What do you mean?
Can't we take them off?
- What does this mean?
- What are you talking about?
What do you mean?
- We can't take them off.
- What the hell do you mean?
we can't take them off?
- What's happening?
- This must be a dream...
Oh god, that sucks!
This is so fucked up!
- No...
- That can't be true.
- Hold tight.
- This sucks
this can't be real.
What do you mean it's not real?
Oh my god, what's going on?!
This is a fucking dream.
I do not know.
I'm feeling freaking awake right now.
- What the hell!
- I'm losing my fucking mind!
How is that even possible?
It must be a dream.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
- Yes.
- Fuck it all!
- What?
- It's boarded up?
What the hell?
- No.
- No.
- No, now I know it's a fucking dream.
- Under no circumstance! No no no no!
This is not real!
- Help!
- What the hell is going on?!
- Help!
- Try the window!
- Open it, seriously!
- No no no no!
Stop freaking out!
Hold tight! Guys, hold the shit!
We must remain calm! Relax!
Stay calm!
Stop the fuck!
Dream or not, this
is a shitty situation
and we have to think.
Who remembers what
happened before we passed out?
I do not know...
The last thing I remember is pizza.
I drank too much.
Riley, your mom was acting really weird.
- Yes.
- How long has she been like this?
I do not know you...
Do you think she had
anything to do with it?
There was no way she could
have climbed the house alone.
What the hell?
Magazine 153.
My greatest experiment.
We proved that the
human brain is unlimited.
This shocks the body and
administers psychiatric drugs
make the brain suggestible.
And in this vulnerable
state we can impress
deep within the
almighty mind commands.
And not just buy that
magazine or eat that food,
but commands that do just that
brain and its infinity
can grant potential.
Instantly, by triggers on a TV,
a computer, a game, a phone, even music...
we can create subjects that will
respond to our every command
without fear, without regret.
Subjects that go
beyond our public studies.
But true weapons
of mass destruction
that we can use
in foreign countries
or domestic...
Now mental disorders have been
used to prepare
the world with drugs.
We are ready for the next step.
We've started bigger tests.
- What the hell?
- Was there a shooting today?
shit man I don't know
what the shit is going on here
but count me to hell
Let's get out of here.
Dude, is that a real shotgun?
I do not know.
If it contains bullets, just
grab it and shoot the door.
- Crap.
- Yes.
I would not do that.
He says not to kill you.
- What the hell?
- People?
Oh my God.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Who the hell are you?!
That's the girl from TV.
How do we get out of here?
you survive
Didn't they tell you?
Your memory doesn't have to be that good
I don't know what's going
on here, but can we talk?
We're talking.
You're welcome
Tell us how to get out of here.
Go once, go twice...
more for me
I have a movie showing you.
He brought me here to say something...
He brought me here to say something!
What the hell?
It is...
- What the hell?!
- What the hell?!
Where the hell are we?!
That actually worked.
Fuck you!!
- John!
- John!
- John!
- Don't hurt him!
- Crap!
- Hey hey hey!
-Brandon! Jack.
- To stop.
- Monica.
- Let him go!
I will kill him.
- Shit!
- Boys, back!
i'm good with brains
I'm also good with
internal organs and things.
Oh my God.
But I hope I don't have to
use my skills at this moment.
OK, wait a minute.
Because I want to see that.
Sit down please.
I don't have to be polite.
In order.
do what she says
Come sit down.
Sit down.
I really enjoy killing.
But he says not to kill you.
I'm just an usher.
I'm just an usher...
Come on!
Go work!
magazine 301,
How I got into this crazy business
When I was a little boy I had
Scared to death of
the monsters in mine
closet and under my bed.
My mother was a nurse
at a local asylum, so...
She treated me...
Every Friday night she tied me up
and make me watch horror movies
and footage of the
horrors of society...
while listening to
Marion Harris and hers
crossword puzzles
and their board games.
But suppose I have to thank her.
Because in the end the treatment worked.
I wasn't afraid anymore.
I was so used to fear
that it became a part of me.
And it will also become a part of you...
Enjoy the experiment.
That's where you
should go, your family
and your friends and stuff are in there.
wait what
He says not to kill you.
I'm not supposed to kill you.
Hello Riley.
- Mummy?
Oh my God.
What the...
- Come here!
- People?
- Hey man.
- Come here...
- Hey, fuck off, man!
- Shit, that's the fucking pizza guy!
Hello Hello!
Hey man, what the fuck is wrong with you?
- Shoot him, man!
Dude, hey man!
- Oh!
- Crap!
What's this?! What's happening?!
Caedema facies...
Kill her!
Crap! Oh God!
- God!
- Brandon, what's going on?!
- Come on, tell me!
- I'm fucking dying!
I'm fucking dying!
- Turn him over!
- What the hell!
Oh, it's like I've been shot!
- Are you okay? Hello Hello!
- Oh my God.
- Oh!
- What the hell..
bring him up
What the hell!
No, guys, I can't, I fucking can't.
I can't, that damn guy!
This is the guy who
delivered our damn pizza!
- I knew I had seen this guy!
- We're in a hospital?!
This isn't real!
Takes too long!
- Crap!
- Oh my God!
He says not to kill you.
Well fuck him!
I'll do whatever the hell I want.
You have about ten seconds before she dies.
- Ten!
- People...
What do we do?
We have to help her.
- How?
- Nine.
We must go.
- Walk!!
- seven.
This can not be true!
- The fuck is going on?!
- Six.
This way!
- That's crazy!
- How the hell did we get in?
a damn hospital?
Where the hell are we going?
Three. Two.
Come on!
Kill her.
Kill her.
Caedema facies...
Damn it!
- Crap!
- Go! go! go!
I'll fucking kill you!
Fuck off.
Fuck you!
I will kill you all!
Break open his head.
Kill her.
I will kill you all!
Come on!
You have to kill them all.
Let's go!
Come on!
I won't let you kill me!
I choose you!
Come on you crazy bitch!
Come on!
Fuck you!
Come on! Show yourself!
Come on!
Where are you?!
Fuck you! Come on!
Show yourself!
Come on!
John, over here.
Come on!
Behind you.
Behind you.
Ah! Come on!
Show yourself!
John, it's fine.
It's OK.
My psychiatrists do
this all the time. shhh
My psychiatrists do this all the time.
Pssst, Johannes.
John, just join us.
Medicamenta mentem tuam, corpus
tuum and animum tuum pertractant.
Oh shit! Damn it!
Jack! Wait Jack!
I don't feel right
Hey, we gotta move on.
Are you okay?
I don't feel right...
Something's wrong Jack
and I am afraid.
it's in my head
it speaks to me
- Help me!
- Mummy?
Hurry before they come back.
Mummy? Mummy.
What's wrong with you?
What do you mean?
Your eyes.
I am well.
It's just the medicine
I took. I am well.
Come on!
They drugged us.
Why should I do that?
To stop.
- Argh! Stop it!
- Riley!
Come here!
To stop!
- Come here!
- Crap.
To stop!
Help me!
- Come here!
- Shit, come on!
- Mummy!
- Come on, Riley!
Do what your mother tells you!
Why mom?!
Kill her, kill her
Kill her, kill her
Kill them all.
Do you see these damn pictures?
- Oh God!
- Let's just find a way out of here.
How the hell are you so calm?
I'm not!
Well, you're acting damn like...
There's just no reason
to get excited about it.
We assess the
situation, we figure
out how to handle
it, and we do it, okay?
What the...
How is that possible?
I do not know.
What are you doing right now?
- Kill!
- Sam.
What are you doing right now?
To stop!
Sam, you better listen to me!
Stop it now.
- Stop it. To stop!
- Hey, hello.
What are you doing right now?
Luna, that's not right.
To stop!
- Sam, you better listen to me.
- Hey!
- Stop that right now!
- Kill!
- Sam!
Luna, we have to go.
hey listen to me
- Luna, come on.
- Sam!
- Luna, hello!
- No.
I do not understand.
I do not understand.
- How does it work?
- Neither do I!
- Why the hell is this happening?!
- I do not know!
Why are we here?!
Why? I do not get it.
Mummy. Dad.
- This is not your family.
- Sam, it's me.
- Mom, dad, it's me!
- Come on!
- Come on let us go.
- Sam!
What the hell?!
- Come on!
- What the hell is going on?!
I think it is.
Everywhere looks damn the same.
Come on.
- Hac sententia audita,
- Stop!
extra hoc conclave gentes et
- omnia in domibus supernaturales videbis.
- Stop it!
Hey are you OK?
Caedema facies...
- caedem facies. -Riley.
Ego sum daemon te exeunte...
Rebrem rodaem....
Damn it!
Medicamenta mentem tuam, corpus
tuum and animum tuum pertractant
Medicamenta mentem tuam, corpus
tuum and animum tuum pertractant
Damn it.
I'm so sorry.
What the hell just happened?
Me per mente tua subicio...
- What the hell just happened?
- No...
- What are you doing?
- Just kill me... No...
Te possideo...
- Mors sum. Dolor sum.
- Crap. No.
- Medicamentum sum.
- Riley, stop it!
- Jack!
- Jack.
Kill 'em, kill 'em!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Kill you.
What the hell is going on?!
you fucking bitch
She fucking tried to kill me!
She tried to fucking kill me!
What is it?
A bloody horror movie?!
like some evil dead
- Shining, exorcist shit?!
- Look at her arm.
- This is crazy bullshit.
- Riley!
Are you kidding me?
That's a damn wand!
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
- Your hand!
- I'll fucking kill you!
- It hurts a lot!
- You don't know what's going on!
Did you see that?!
She tried to fucking kill me!
I won't let you all kill me!
Jack, it wasn't me. it wasn't me
What the hell!
Fuck you!
Riley, what the hell
happened to your arm?
- Oh!
- Jack!
Oh shit!
What's that sound?
Pick up Riley! Walk!
- To run!
- Damn run!
There are like a hundred of them!
- Go! go! go!
- Go Go!
Come on, come on!
Where the hell do these
crazy people come from?!
Damn it!
let it take you baby
let it take you!!
Go for it!
Give in now!!
Do it!!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
- You crazy bitch!
- Do it!!
Caedem facies!
- Caedem facies!
- Give in now!!
Do it!!
Do it!!
Me per mente tua subicio!
We can't hold the door open anymore!
Luna, go to the door.
Close the door! Switch it! lock it!
Hurry, lock it!
Keep your mouth shut! lock it!
OK, come on! Walk!
Where do we go?!
There is a way out!
Luna I love you Luna!
Where is John?
Don't leave us Luna.
Luna, come on, let's go!
- Let's kill you, Luna.
- Luna, don't listen to her!
Let's kill you and your friends.
Luna let's go, come on!
Come on let us go.
I'm not done with you yet!
- Holy!
- Crap!
What the hell?
They can speak within a
minute and stand within two.
I'm mildly impressed.
Six of you are still alive
and still reasonable.
It takes about an hour
and a half to finish...
And at this point
If you didn't make it
through two more houses,
You will be killed instantly.
Oh yeah.
Now my diaries will help you
find your way and understand
Now all you have to do is
decide on another house.
The "transfer" process...
dehydrates you badly so...
If you don't have one
in the next ten minutes
Drinking water will
undoubtedly make you pass out.
Do not be afraid.
It's just water.
Singulas domus
supernaturale visione vides.
But a little tip
don't let her die
Death only makes things harder
as you must have seen.
Luna... Luna!
Luna, went to another house.
She can stand faster than you.
But you better hurry.
She doesn't have a lot of time.
She's right there in this house.
Drink the water, Brandon.
Fuck you.
You should take some to Luna too.
- Oof!
-Brandon! Wait!
Let's go!
- Crap!
- go after him,
he will not survive alone.
you sick fuck
You sick fucks!
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
You're wasting time.
You have to pick up Riley.
We must go after him.
Come on.
Come on.
We must go.
I do not go anywhere.
What the fuck is this crazy shit?! huh?
- You will be fine.
- Does that make sense to you?!
What the hell is that??
- What the fuck is this?!
- Jack!
We don't have a damn choice.
I won't die tonight.
I've seen enough
crazy shit to know
we have to do what
the fuck they say
If we want to survive.
she is smart
Fuck you, you doctor fuck!
I won't let you die either.
We gotta fucking go.
You come.
Damn I am!
Jack, come on!
People! Brandons!
Help me!
Oh yes, oh.
No Brandon
- Brandon, Brandon!
-Luna! No.
- You need to calm down the fuck.
- No, we have to find her, we have to hurry.
Calm down the fuck.
We have to be smart, okay?
Walk in here like you wanna die?
- I don't care.
- You saw what just happened to us.
We have to be damn discreet.
- No, hello!
- She needs this
I don't know why she fucking
needs it, but she fucking needs it.
Anyway, it doesn't matter.
Screaming her
name like a walking
target is gonna
fucking kill us all.
He said we had ten minutes.
- It's only been two or three max.
- I don't care.
no hello
we will find her and
we will get out of here.
But we have to be damn smart.
intelligent about what
- About what?
- About whatever this is!
Singulas domus
supernaturale visione vides.
This is so damn.
We have to deal with this, okay?
I know none of this makes sense.
So the hell what?
The only explanation is
that there is no explanation
and that's good enough for me.
We're fucking surviving.
Magazine 304.
- Shit.
- What the hell.
From the hypnotic
effects of modern medicines.
We don't have to
Give more electric shocks
to gain conformity.
The drugs themselves come as a shock.
We just have to give the
orders and they will follow.
Many subjects have
passed these tests
across the country
with great success.
Damn it.
The results are...
which leads us to our latest experiment.
- Mummy.
- As you can see, I entered the area,
informed the public and
convinced them of the drug.
Now we use them as we see fit.
And that was just the beginning.
One by one they moved
to affect each other,
spreading the drug among themselves,
the city in a hypnotic
to bring mass state.
Under no circumstance.
- Those motherfuckers...
- No.
- No, that's not...
- We have to find Luna.
How is that possible?
They can't.
They can't!
Yes, damn it, they can.
This shit ain't real, we just
saw the whole damn town!
I know what we just saw!
I'm telling you it's real!
For this, LSD was developed
with MKUltra in the 1950s.
- Basic mind control.
- MKUltra? Rubbish!
We have to get Luna, we'll
find her and we'll get out of here
- Now!
- How should we do that?
We're not allowed to.
You think they're gonna
fucking let us go, huh?
- After you saw that shit?!
- We'll find out something!
Hey, Brandon's right.
We must find a way out.
It's the only damn way.
I'm fucking going.
Fuck it all.
Bloody hell.
Help me.
Help me!
Help me!!
Luna! Help me!
Hoc sono audito, animo
relinqueris et ad mediam viam...
She's going damn crazy again!
- What the hell, guys.
- We have to do something.
- I'm doing this to you.
- It's OK.
honey it's okay
Hello Hello.
- Riley, we're gonna get through this.
- We shouldn't keep her with us.
We'll get off.
What the hell?
Oh no...
What is it?
What the hell.
Oh my God.
Under no circumstance.
- Oh my god, what the hell?!
That's fucked.
That's a fucking zombie.
This is not mind control,
how mind control works
- Fuck you do that?!
- What do we do?
Damn it, kill it!
That's a human!
- Monica...
- We have to get Luna,
we must find her now.
That's not a damn person.
Help me...
To stop!
I won't let you
Fred! To stop!
I will kill you! I won't let you...
I will kill you!
To die!
You motherfuckers...
Monica, this isn't your sister. Monica.
Monica, Monica.
No, stay the fuck away!
Crap! Monica!
To die...
To stop!
Fuck you!
Yes! Yes!
Crap! guys, come on!
Crap! Oh!
To stop!
Please. Ah! Luna. Ah!
You're welcome!
Yeah, I'm so sorry, sis.
I won't let them hurt you anymore.
I swear to god.
Kill! Yes!
Kill! Yes!
Kill her!
Monica, what are
you doing? Help me!
- Luna...
- Come on you asshole!
Go away!
Monika, are you
sure you're okay?
let's move on
Operant technologia colligaris.
Riley. Riley. Riley...
Technologia tuas
alucinationes veras efficit.
- Riley, hey...
- Shit.
We can't keep them with us.
It's me, hey, it's okay
She's lost, we should just
kill her before she kills us.
We won't kill her.
Alright, what else?
Nobody else is gonna
fucking die today.
she is already dead
It's Riley!
Our friend!
We can't just do our damn
Killing friends,
our damn families.
Then what?
- Riley, calm down.
- Riley! Riley!
- No! No!
- Look, look at her!
- No stop!
- Te possideo!
- Crap.
What are you doing right now? Come on.
are you ok Are you okay?
- I'm fine...
- Hun?
- Riley?
Are you sure you're okay?
I'm doing well...
Riley, stop it.
ok ok...
- You are okay. That's not you, Riley.
- We have to go now, folks.
- We must go.
- Riley, stop it!
- Riley!
- Britney, run. To run!
- Put it down, Riley!
- Riley, stop it!
- Britney, get out!
- Do not do it!
- Put it down!
- Perperiem imatti!
- Riley! Aha!!
Kill! Ha ha ha ha
Kill her! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Kill her!
To run!!
you killed her Very well.
kill the others.
caedem facies.
let me be you
Give in.
Good. become it Kill.
caedem facies.
Kill Brandon...
Kill Jack
Yes, I will kill her...
I will kill them both...
Quod facio mors est...
Varadim imatti!
Damn it!
create book...
Labrem maha munstr...
Hoc sono audito, animo
relinqueris et ad mediam viam vel...
Do it!
Do it now. Do it now!
Absolutely unbelievable!
Yes! Yes...
- Brandon...
- Luna?
Luna! Luna!
No! The water! Luna, no...
No! Hey, come on Luna.
jesus, luna
You must drink this water.
Oh come on
Hey, hey, come on.
come on luna
You're welcome...
Please, Luna, come on.
- Luna...
- Brandon...
Damn it!
I want to show you something.
Vinta oerim...
- ancindi!
- Merem ancindi!
- Stay down!
What the hell?!
Get ready to run!
Felimin Ampangi!
Head down!
Getting ready.
- Go! go! go!
- Walk!
Fuck you!
Oh, come on!
You motherfucker!
- You zombie fucker!
- Attention!
Do it! Kill!
Crap. Come on. Come on!
- People!
- Monica, behind you!
- Kill!
- We have to get out of here! Jack!
hurry up, come on
- Go! go! go!
- Crap.
These places are always changing!
To run! Walk!
of the technique.
I think it's exaggerated.
Why use so much force if not...
You son of a bitch!
Where is it, I can feel it!
Lily, stop it.
Where is it?!
- Lily, stop it! To calm oneself down!
- No! No!
Follow the instructions.
This is not part
of the experiment
that you must now
return to. Now!
You're playing with your
mind in a way you shouldn't...
You can appreciate our work, Lily.
No no. you raped...
... and you ruined my life...
No, Lily...
you raped...
... and you destroyed my life.
No, I made you stronger.
i made you better
He thinks he made us better!
No no no.
You ruined my life so fuck you!
Lily, no! No!
Felimin Ampangi!
Felimin Ampangi!
Felimin Ampangi!
Felimin... Ampangi!
To stop! stop shooting! Lily!
Fuck you!
Oh lily. Oh lily...
- Shit!
- Shit.
Oh shit.
fuck that shit Fuck that shit!
Go Go Go GO!
- They are everywhere!
- Fuck you!
- Walk! Go Go! -Luna!
- To run!!
- This way!
- Shit! Jack! To run!!
- Oh shit! There is the door!
- Crap! To run!!
- Crap. There is the door!
Oh shit! Crap!
- Crap.
- Shit.
What do we do?
How do we get out of here?
You have to get ready...
When I start shooting, you have to run.
- In order?
- No Please.
- We do not have time.
- No.
When I start shooting, you have to run.
- We can not.
- No, yes we can.
- No. I can't, no Brandons!
- You need to get ready, okay? Please.
- We must go.
We have to get out of here.
OK, we can do it. Alright?
No we can not.
i know you can In order?
You can.
You can do it.
I can't go without you
You'll be fine.
i love you luna
Brandon, I love...
Kill her.
Do it, do it, do it.
Come on!
- Come on!
Fuck you.
I will kill you all!
Damn zombies!
You motherfuckers!
You like that?!
Do it. Do it!!
Fuck you!
- You won't kill me! Aha!!
Fuck you.
Kill her.
- I will kill you all!
- Kill her!
I will kill you! Come on!
You damn zombies!
I will shoot in the head!
Fuck you!
Do you think I'm going
to let you all kill me?!
You can't take Luna!
Come on you zombie fuckers!
I will kill you all! Kill her!
No. No...
-Brandon. Please...
- I will kill you.
Come on. Damn zombies.
Come on!!
Kill. To die.
Kill them all.
Very well.
Do it! Kill her!
Kill you.
Brandon, come on!
Come on, you gotta do this!
Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Crap!
Stand up. Stand up!
Come on, we can do this.
We're getting out of here.
- Agh, come on...
- Yes.
- We are nearly there. Come on!
- Go Go! Walk!!
Come on!
- Come on, Brandon.
- Come on. Come on. Come on.
Drink some water. You need it.
I'm very impressed Luna.
That's it. You can do it.
Yes. Yes.
very good.
You are strong.
Good girl.
- [Luna fights [
- Help! ...Help!!
That doesn't help, Jack.
Fuck you!!
- Fuck you!!
- Follow the instructions!
- Motherfuckers!
- No, Jack!
Do it!
Finish it.
Do it.
Do it now. Do it now!
That's it.
Do it! Ha!
Do it!!
Do it!! Kill her!!
You can do it. That's it.
That's it. That's it.
Get involved.
let it take you
Listen to it. Listen...
That's it.
Focus your emotions on the houses.
One more and you're good to go.
become it
And in dreams you
are always close to me
See you in my....
... dreams
Good. You're doing fine.
Where is he?
Go on.
Where is he?
Day break at 5:30 a.m.
That gives you 35 minutes.
Where is he?
He's in there.
He'll be right there.
go get him
go get him
yes, get him
he is yours
Unleash it, find it in you...
do it luna Do it...
Go Go!
Luna... Luna!
Magazine 289.
I finally started that
to explore technology
for myself, and
its power is remarkable.
It seems to be some kind of engine...
It has the power to
manifest what's in your head.
- How far is that?
- This way...
I will do more tests...
- Wrong way...
- What if the topic
hallucinating or under hypnosis...
-Luna! Over here...
- You'd like to know.
Luna! ...Luna...
It's Abuela. It's grandma!
Luna... Luna...
It's Abuela... It's Grandma...
Over here, Mijita. Over here.
Brandon is over here.
Luna! Help me!
Aqui... Aqui...
Come here...
I need you!
Great, go on...
Down the stairs...
I want to show you...
We have to show you!
Soon you will be one of us...
Luna... you will die...
You're welcome...
you, you know me
You killed my baby.
- You killed my baby.
- They will be here soon...
Mr. Peterson?
Join us...
This way...
Have a seat.
where is luna
He appreciates what you
and your friends have achieved.
We didn't expect you to get this far.
where are my friends
Luna is alive and well.
You have many questions.
Why are you doing this, you asshole!
You have many questions...
Give me an answer!
What the hell is wrong with you?!
Where is Luna?!
Where are my friends?!
Say something!
Answer me, goddammit!
Ahh, you son of a bitch...
Fuck you!!
Damn it!
you must drink
He likes you.
Let's go then!
He can't.
That's bigger than any of us.
Even now this is part of the experiment.
He suggests you hurry up.
Maybe you'll make it out alive.
Luna is in the house.
She is not far.
In order.
Much luck.
Magazine 310.
The key experiment.
We administered the drug
and installed the commands
in young adults... Subjects B.
Triggers and phrases bring
them into hallucinated realities
where they unknowingly
follow orders.
If you take off your gun,
you'll get an extreme migraine
and die in 60 seconds. You see
your family and friends killing you.
You see every house in
my supernatural vision.
Kill her.
You will commit mass murder.
Topics A...
... the families we've checked
over the past few weeks
released from our control to
become victims of lawsuits.
You only get two commands.
not to leave the house.
Agree with the
ideas of subjects B.
This shows the power of the mind
Somehow the subjects A react
to the fabricated rules of the
Subjects B without being
told what those rules are...
telepathic communication.
Subject B are guns...
killing their loved ones without remorse.
Death will act as a
trigger and amplify orders.
If they try to resist, they will
attack themselves
as they see fit.
Well, I believe that we
can achieve our goals with
drugs, hypnotic commands,
and triggers alone...
Many of my colleagues
in the Association
believe in our
government sponsors
have a point in
using the technology.
I think it's exaggerated.
Why use so much force
when you don't have to?
Although it's pretty effective.
Britney, run!
Subject A has become fully the
monsters that Subject B thought they were.
Come on!!
We'll see which method is
best for achieving our goals.
Brandons! Brandon, come on!
- Yes! Come to me...
- Luna!
let the demon take you
Just like my baby...
- Let the demon kidnap you...
- Brandon!
Let the demon get you...
This way Luna...
Luna, I'm over here! Help me!
Do it,
kill her.
Very well...
It's your parents...
Hey my son...
I can not stand it anymore.
We know honey. It will be over soon.
Make it stop...
She comes to kill
you, your mother, me...
You have to stop them.
end her life
She does not love you.
she betrayed you
She's coming for you.
Kill her first.
Kill her first.
Kill her, kill her
It lies in your hand...
This way...
Kill... This way... Luna...
You'll be dead soon...
Luna... You'll be dead soon...
Brandons! Brandons!
Come here...
time to kill!
let me take over your thoughts
- No! Ah! Aha!
- Your mind is mine.
I own you!
I will.
Where are you Luna?! Luna!!
Where are you Luna?! Luna!!
Come out you fucking bitch, come here!!
- Kill!
- Let go.
kill Brandon.
Please. Do not do that.
kill Brandon.
- You're welcome! Ah!
- There you are...
Kill him!
- Stupid girl...
- Stop it, please!
Killing is your nature.
- You must kill him.
- You're welcome...
- You have to kill.
- Let go. Let go...
let me take you
Give in.
give in to me
Killing is your nature.
Kill. Kill...
- Kill! Kill Brandon!
- Open. Open!
Come here!
Kill Brandon!
-Brandon. Help me!
- You fucking bitch.
You want to kill me?! huh?
Brandon, what are you doing?!
Cut off her head!
To stop.
You don't fucking love me!
Kill Brandon!
Fuck you!
We are the demon.
You son of a bitch!
- Pick up the glass.
- That's not real.
They want us to kill each other.
- Kill him with it...
- They gave us pills, okay?
We hallucinate all of this.
Remember what they...
Oh shit.
- Wait, Brandon...
- Luna!
- It's Luna's grandmother!
- You're not!
kill him now
finish him
Oh! Oh shit.
Oh shit.
- She does not love you.
-Luna. No.
stab him.
Please. Luna.
What are you doing?! To stop.
Luna please Luna.
Please look at me Luna.
You have to kill him.
you have to kill
To stop!
Ah. To stop.
Brandon, help me!
-Luna. They gave us orders.
- End his life. Kill him.
You can make it stop.
That's real Luna. Luna!
It's in our heads. Remember.
Me and you Luna Oh come on
What the hell?!
- You pathetic son of a bitch.
- Luna, no.
Luna please
- Please do not.
- You like me?
Why don't you fuck me?! Haha!
You're welcome...
Check out what they make you do!
This is not...
That's not really you!
The true me.
This is the real me.
No Luna.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Do you like hitting girls?
- I'm sorry...
- No no.
- No! No!
Flashlight... Flashlight!
You can't escape!
Do not even think about it.
Take the flashlight.
Don't stop...
Kill her. Kill her.
Kill her.
your mind is mine
brandon No!
- I own you.
Please stop!
No. No.
- Crap! Luna. Oh God!
No. hey come on
hey No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no.
Luna please, please, no.
Luna, come on. wake up wake up
Hey, hey, hey, don't do that.
Come on, please don't do this, Luna.
It's not real.
Please, Luna, come on.
please wake up
Come on. You are still there.
Come on. It's not real.
It's not real.
It's not real. It's not real.
Please, Luna, no.
Luna. Please God don't do this to me.
Luna, please don't do this to me.
Luna, please God...
Oh God...
Cebem maha munstr...
Come on...
Come on, you gotta fucking work.
Perperiem rodaem imatti!
Huc ancindi!
Oh, come on!
Work. You stupid motherfucker.
You can't be dead
Oh God. Luna please...
I love you. You're welcome...
come on go
go! go! go
Oh shit.
- Oh shit!
- What the hell!
What the hell was that?!
Go Go.
Walk. Walk.
Work, you piece of shit.
I didn't finish...
Dont move...
They did that to all of us.
Do not speak.
I can not think.
I can not think.
I'm sorry I killed your friends.
Not me...
I sometimes have no control.
My psychiatrists knocked
a few screws loose.
Cebem maha munstro!
You know,
Psychiatry started with torture.
Not many know that.
The original torture served to
rid people of evil spirits.
They tried to drive
away the evil spirits
but not in the way
they said they were.
Copsom there!
Come on!!
They wanted to
use the evil spirits.
They tried to upset
her and make her angry
even turning someone into an evil spirit...
A witch.
Psychiatry was never intended to heal.
They handed over
from torture devices
Ice pick lobotomies
to electric shocks
to pills.
For me... her greatest achievement.
I don't feel healed.
Hitler used them for Nazi work.
Well I will not be used!
Goddamn! These things
never work when you need them!
wait what
Where is it?
He says this thing could
be the new atomic bomb.
Use it. No.
destroy it destroy it
Ah! No, it's dangerous.
Use it. I said use it.
You could use it on anyone.
You could kill everyone.
No God...
Shock! Shock her again.
Oh shit. Crap!
Come on, come on Luna.
- Strap her up.
- Where do we go?
pull her in
there is no door
Calm her down!
You can't do this to
me, you can't do this...
- It's okay...
- I'm human.
No not more.
- Shock her. Shock.
- Where's the exit?
Damn it. It's an elevator!
Let's go. come on, come on
Oh shit!
- Anew! Anew!
- Help me!
You can't get away with that.
come on, come on
Oh shit.
- Take the pills.
- No. No!
Come on.
You become death.
- No I do not want to. Please.
- No! No. No.
You are amazing Lily.
you are powerful You're unbelievable!
It's necessary...
I love you, Lily...
You are my greatest experiment.
You will be the strongest of them all.
You are a weapon of
mass destruction. Kill!
Kill them all.
What's happening?
To run. To run!
Oh shit.
- Kill her.
- To run!
Walk. Walk.
I won't let you get away
I won't let you get away with that.
- What have you done with me?!
- We must go!
What have you done?!
you are a killer
- Run Run!
- What have you done with me?!
What have you done?
You are a weapon of mass destruction.
- What have you done with me?!
- Kill!
What have you done?!
Shock. Shock her again.
Anew. Anew!
- I said what have you done?!
- No! You're welcome!
You're welcome!! Please stop!
You crazy bitch!
Let's go! Come on, get up!
Come on let us go!
What have you done with me?!
Aha! What have you done with me?!
I said what have you done to me?!
What have you done with me?!
You three survived.
So what you're going to
do is take one every day
for seven days and it
will wean you off the drugs
we gave you earlier.
I suggest you start now.
Come on.
come on, take her
Let's go.
Haha good...
Good, Monica.
You have all provided us
with very useful information.
Your contributions
will not be ignored.
Thank you for the great
work, we really appreciate it.
The association appreciates it.
until we meet again.
Come on.
Another mass
murder late at night,
- A mass murder last night...
- More than 30 bodies
were spotted in the middle
of the road this morning
and in their homes.
Three armed
assailants...Brandon Williams,
Luna Valdez and Monica Cohen...
stay refugees...
Wanted for mass murder of
their neighbors
and their families...
More about the shooting at nine.
when we come back
A major breakthrough
in mental health.
The FDA just approved a
revolutionary new
drug... Paxoloft SR,
marketed as honesty
Remedies for Anxiety and Depression.
After undergoing rigorous
clinical testing, they
are slated to begin mass
production next week.
If we come back, experts from
the Global
Psychiatric Association
discuss what this means
for the mental health field.
This program is
sponsored by Paxoloft SR...
the only drug clinically proven
to help with anxiety disorders
and depression.
Do you ever feel
depressed for no reason?