The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) Movie Script

- Hey, take it easy!
- What'd I win? A hundred dollars?
You won... You ready for this?
Your own KDED T-shirt!
Trish, honey, where are you?
Coming, Mom.
We're leaving, baby.
A little music for Friday morning.
And now here's the news
with Emma Chapman.
Our top story: The police are still
searching for escaped murderer Russ Thorn.
Thorn was convicted of the brutal slaying of
five people in Venice, California, in 1969.
More news in a moment...
How about my blue jacket?
Did you remember that?
- It's in there.
- Okay.
- The plane tickets, where are they?
- I have them.
Trish, the chips are under the sink
and there's soda in the fridge,
and our number at the hotel
is right by the phone.
Okay, Mom. Everything will be fine.
Annette, we have to
go right this minute.
Mr. Contant will be home all
weekend and he'll look in on you.
Hi, Mr. Contant.
Don't worry, I won't let the
girls get into any trouble.
- Bye-bye, baby.
- Bye.
You lock all the doors and windows.
Mom, I'm 18 years old, remember?
You'll always be my baby.
- You gotta be more aggressive
- Okay, who should I ask?
Well, how about Kim?
Nah, she wouldn't go with me.
- Um... how about that new girl?
- Me, ask Valerie?
This is the real thing.
I think I'm in love.
Give me five minutes.
Hi. My name's Jeff.
Can I help you with that?
Sure, thanks.
You know, I've been having some ringing
in my ear... I mean, in my phone, and I
thought maybe a phone woman could help
me. Are all phone women this pretty?
I wouldn't know.
Would you ever consider
dating a younger man?
You know what they say
about younger men:
- Try it, you'll like it.
- I hadn't really thought about it.
- Well, my number's on the board.
- Your number is zero.
Alright, girls, it's late.
Now stick to your zones, try to keep
open. Diane, don't hog the ball.
Now hustle. Downcourt,
okay? Downcourt.
- Two seconds!
- Diane, pass the ball!
- Come on.
- Oh!
Oh, shoot!
It's not a smart move,
Jackie Larry Bird you ain't.
Now get in range and
give yourself a chance.
Boy, that new girl
sure is good looking.
Let's go Valerie, come on!
Let's go, Val!
Alright, Val!
Nice layup, Valerie!
Teacher's pet.
Alright, this is the last week of varsity
basketball. Next week, we start tryouts
for baseball.
Cool down now and
head for the showers.
You know, I think your
tits are getting bigger.
- Hey Linda?
- Yeah?
- You like watching basketball on TV?
- Yeah.
I love all those great big guys in their
cute little shorts. How about you?
Yeah, I do. But I love football.
- How come?
- Brian Sipe is a doll.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
I wish he took his
helmet off more often.
- Want to go to a party tonight?
- Where's it gonna be?
My house.
I don't know. I've gotta study.
I've got a test on Monday.
Trish, pass the soap. Thanks.
Hey, Jackie, I could kill
you for what you did today.
Hey Trish, remind me: Next time I have
the ball, don't throw it to Jackie.
If I do get the ball
to you, don't shoot.
Valerie, you played such
nice basketball out there.
Thanks, Trish.
The woman gets up there and
she throws her baby down.
And the guy catches it.
And, like, the crowd is going crazy.
And the guy goes, "Touchdown!"
Oh, God!
I think we should invite
Valerie to the party.
I thought it was supposed to be
for the game, like old times.
It is. No boys, by the way. Got it?
Eh, we'll talk about it.
- No way, my parents would kill me.
- They won't find out.
Look, what do you have
against Valerie, anyway?
She drinks too much milk.
Wouldn't have anything to do with how good
a basketball player she is, would it?
Or how pretty she is?
She works at it. Do you ever notice
how perfect her eyeliner is?
- There's no reason to be unkind.
- I don't like people I have to get to know.
Hey, it's her problem she
transferred here, not mine.
Diane, you're a snob.
Hey, only the best
people are, you know?
- Well, I'm going to ask her.
- Fine. Just go right ahead.
Hey, Valerie!
I'm having a few girls over tonight,
and I was wondering if maybe you...
I can't, Trish. I'm sorry.
- Oh, come on
- I have to go.
She heard.
I don't know if I can go, my mom
is on my case about my grades.
That's tough. Mine,
too, but I'll be there.
Jeff, you forgot one small
detail: You weren't invited.
Trish, I don't let the little
details get in my way.
Guys, I forgot something.
I'll catch up with you later.
Okay. Bye, Linda.
Hey guys, I've got some
provisions for the party tonight.
What are provisions? You know, Doritos,
No-Doz, bennies, crystal meth...
Oh, Linda. Where are you going?
I forgot a book in my locker. There's
a test on Monday; I have to pass it.
Ok, but hurry. They'll be
locking the building up soon.
Hey, thanks Mark.
See you tomorrow.
Holy shit! I think
you broke my back.
John Minor, what are you doing
scaring me to death like that?
I won't try it again,
that's for sure.
Better learn to fall better.
You could get hurt.
What about tonight?
Well, I don't know. The party's
supposed to be for girls only.
- For old time's sake.
- You can get out of that, can't you?
See you around. Take
it easy on that back.
Back in 1969, our own beach community of
Venice, California, was shocked by a string
of brutal murders
The man who committed these crimes,
Russ Thorn, is the subject of a...
Oh, hi, Rachel!
- What are you doing?
- I was just putting in your peephole.
Thanks. Did the telephone
repairman come by today?
- Yeah, I saw his van across the street.
- You haven't seen my cat around, have you?
Not all day.
By the way, your bookshelves'll
be ready next Tuesday.
- Thanks, Pam.
- Sure.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Diane, what's happening?
- Well...
But you know Mom's gonna be real
bummed if you bring him in the house.
Just a sec.
I think someone's
here, I gotta go.
Trish, my god, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
The door was open and I didn't see you
anywhere. I got worried, so I came in.
I was just checking the house out.
I'm okay, I guess being alone had
me more spooked than I realized.
Look, why don't you just come
in and sit down for a second?
I'm okay.
No, come on in. I'll stay with
you until your friends get here.
Oh, kitty! Muffin, I'm sorry.
Oh, Muffin. Kitty?
Here, kitty. Muffin.
Oh, yes. It's okay.
- Let's go by and scare the girls tonight.
- But we're not invited.
Just a baby scare. I mean,
you know girls love to scream.
I don't know.
What's the worst that can happen?
I mean, so they get mad at us.
- They could beat the shit out of us.
- Like they did in the fucking gym.
Three times.
That's them now.
Go ahead and finish your coffee.
- Who is it?
- We're here for the orgy.
Open the door, let us in. Hurry!
Look what I scored from my older
brother. And that ain't the half of it.
Gee, that's swell. Soda pop.
What's the matter with you?
Cast your eyes on this.
Maui Wowie, 100% seedless
primed bud. Oh, hi, Mr. Contant.
I was just leaving.
Trish, I won't tell if you don't let your
parents know I scared you to death, okay?
- Hey, go easy on the Maui Wowie.
- For sure, Mr. Contant.
And if you need me
I'm right next door.
- Thanks.
- Good night.
- Big doings next door, I see.
- It's none of our business.
How come you weren't
invited to the party?
I was. I just turned them down so I could
take care of my darling little sister.
Like hell.
As the famous Jim
Jones once said...
Shut up and drink your Kool-Aid.
Yeah, hold on. It's some boy.
Hi, Gordon.
Quit glommin' all the chips.
This is the best time to do it, before
Diane gets here and eats them all.
Quit glommin' the joint.
- What does that guy see in her, anyway?
- She's beautiful.
I think she has a big mouth.
Hey, it's not how big your mouth is.
It's what's in it that counts.
What I don't see is what
she sees in John Minor.
Maybe it's what we don't see.
Hey, it's not how big
it is, remember?
It's what's in it that counts.
I left the burner on.
- Will your mom be mad?
- I'll have to replace it. It's okay.
At a recent Tinseltown bash, the lovely Brook
Shields shocked everyone by turning up
with a new frizzy hairdo.
I thought she looked
like Charles II.
And her close friends thought she
stuck her finger in the wall socket.
- Dog's in the trash again.
- So go take care of it.
What do you think I am, stupid?
I'm not going out there
alone in the dark. You go.
It's too bad Mom and Dad didn't get
a divorce before you were born.
I love you too.
Talking about getting caught in the
act, guess who got caught in the act?
- Who?
- Got caught in the act?
- Yeah. In bed.
- Who?
- Stephanie and Joe.
- What? Are you kidding?
Oh my god.
You know what? That must have been the
reason she didn't show in class Friday.
I have her in my third period
class. She wasn't even there.
Well, you know why?
Because she was sore.
They were in bed, and guess
who came up the stairs?
- Where were they?
- They were in her house.
- Her parents' house?
- Yeah, her parents' house.
And her parents came up the stairs.
Oh my god. What'd they do?
So they just made it.
They didn't get caught.
They just kind of
flew out really fast.
There she goes.
I'm glad I've never been in
that situation, aren't you?
Me too. How embarrassing.
What's the big deal?
I don't get it.
Her parents walked in on them
while they were screwing.
I don't think I've been giving Kim
the attention she deserves.
Who would have guessed?
But Stephanie didn't show
up to third period, right?
Yeah, yeah.
- And Joe hasn't been in class for...
- God, I bet they're grounded forever.
- Well, they didn't get caught, right?
- I know, but they almost got caught, Diane.
- Well, it's their fault.
- You've never been in that position, Diane.
- What did we do to deserve this?
- I think we died and went to heaven.
Courtney, what are you doing?
I'm upstairs doing
my biology homework.
Why do I find that hard to believe?
Don't laugh, I have to concentrate.
Ok, but do me a favor and don't
tear out the centerfold this time.
What do you say we order a pizza?
- No anchovies.
- Mushrooms and olives.
Hey, since I'm the only one dressed
I'll go get wood for the fire.
Bring it in through the garage
so you don't scuzz up the rug.
Hi, Mr. Contant.
Hi Diane, I hope
I didn't startle you.
- No, not at all. You're on a snail hunt?
- Uh-huh. That makes 53 tonight.
And this is the only
good way to get 'em.
They come out after dark and
they eat up my vegetable garden.
My dad goes on snail hunts too.
He doesn't like to use pesticides.
It's not organic.
- Right. Goodnight, Mr. Contant.
- Goodnight.
A-ha. Number 54.
Hey, did you hear something?
No, I didn't. Look, I've got
an idea. Come on.
Hey, listen to this: Boy, 10,
sucked down sewer but survives.
Why don't you read this
thing's horoscopes?
- Sign?
- Scorpio, of course.
Of course.
Your power with the opposite
sex will get you ahead.
Not too bad.
Depends on whose head.
You'll get the rest you deserve.
Relax and enjoy it.
Hey, is it getting cold in here?
Sort of.
Why don't you read more
about that sewer boy?
In Fort Wayne, Indiana, a 10-year-old
boy who was swept into the...
Poor kid.
Diane. Did you remember to close the
garage door when you brought the wood in?
I don't know.
Oh my god, what is it?
My doll, I... I threw
it away this morning.
- It must be those boys.
- Close the curtain Jackie.
The garage door...
I have to go check it.
I'll go with you.
Shit, the lightbulb's out.
- See? I closed it.
- Yeah, but you didn't lock it.
My dad's got a lot of
valuables in here.
- Come on, hurry up.
- You have to step on it, like this.
Everything is okay, come on.
Let's get down to some partying.
- Fork it over, shortcakes,
- Why not? I already finished it.
- Pervert.
- Look who's talking.
- Courtney!
- Leave it alone.
Jason is the athletic type.
He enjoys bike riding and
tennis and surfing at dawn.
He's a straight-A student and
planning to be a veterinarian.
He'll do.
You faker. You were beating
off boys in the fifth grade.
I was not, you creep.
Donald is a fly fisherman
and a gourmet cook.
Hey Val, did you tell mom?
Tell mom what? About the
fifth grade? I made that up.
You did not. I hate you.
I hate you, you creep!
I'll get you for this.
Hi, boo boo.
Boo boo?
I love you, too. I miss you.
Yeah, it's okay.
Trish doesn't mind.
I love it, too.
Do you think I'm getting better?
Shh. Hold on.
I think our first
amendment's been violated.
Not the word I would have chosen.
Very immature, you guys.
- Oh my god.
- What happened?
- All the lights went off.
- Just a minute.
Strangers in the night...
Where's that flashlight?
- Where's the flashlight?
- I'm looking for it.
I'm over here.
- Kim, where are you?
- Here it is.
What do you think happened?
I know what happened.
We must have blown a fuse.
Where's the fuse box?
In the garage.
Cut it out, you guys!
What's going on down there?
Oh, we'll take care of it. You
stay here and talk to Boo Boo.
Kimberly, your days are numbered.
- It's right this way.
- Wait for me, I've got the flashlight.
- Be careful.
- Boo Boo! Can you believe it?
Jeez. High school boys.
Hold it, hold it.
- Who's there?
- Me, bimbo.
Okay, let's go.
God, it's dark.
Where is it?
It's right over here in the
corner. Come on, Kim.
- Is that it?
- I think so. Yeah, this is it.
- Hold the beam steady, your hand's shaking.
- It is not.
Grow up, you guys.
That's weird. None of the fuses are
blown but some are missing.
- Holy shit.
- Terriffic.
- Hey, don't kill me. I give up.
- Here are the fuses.
- Wow, can't you guys take a joke?
- How did you get out of the third grade?
I can't believe you two.
- Look, this was all his idea.
- Oh, sure.
I'll kill you guys.
Get outta here.
Not again!
Get off me, you creep!
Are you crazy? You could have
hurt me with that knife!
Not really, it's very dull. Besides, you
deserve it after what you said to me.
I apologize, okay?
You have to admit I had
you really scared.
- I admit it.
- You won't tell mom, will you?
Kid, you're a case!
- Hi, gorgeous.
- So let's go.
I can't go right now. We'll work something
out. Why don't you come into the garage?
You mess up my hair and
you're dead meat, Val.
Don't worry about it.
Do you think I'll
ever be beautiful?
I don't know. Look at me.
No, not a chance.
Not if I have the same genes
as you, anyway. What's this?
You're just a pest
today, aren't you?
You weren't invited to
the party, were you?
Don't put on so much eye shadow.
It's already way too heavy.
Do you think there
are boys over there?
Yeah, there's always boys
around Trish and Diane.
Well, let's crash the party.
Why don't we change your hairstyle?
This one's not working.
Anything is okay with me.
We can try the Brook Shields look.
You know, the frizz look?
Just make me look like you.
So Zachary at least made it to
the fourth inning, with no runs.
The first bad starter past
the third in this series.
Then Darrel Thomas doubled,
and Dusty Baker doubled him in.
- So much for Zachary.
- I think you're gonna have a shiner, Jeff.
How are you going to
explain it to your mother?
Aren't you supposed to
put something on it?
- Have you got a steak?
- I'll go check and see.
- So then Cey Homer...
- So far we're agreed.
I don't have a steak.
What else can we use?
No, we can't. Not here.
No one can see us.
The girls could walk
in here at any second.
It's been like Grand
Central Station all night.
Come on, baby.
You're driving me crazy.
I can't do it.
Then come on over to my place.
My parents won't be home for hours.
The girls would kill me.
Trish is very understanding.
Hold on, I'll be right back.
Come on and try it!
That's ridiculous! Nobody puts
a hot dog on a black eye.
Don't be so self-conscious.
Hi, Diane.
- What are you making?
- Strawberry daquiri.
We can't figure out who made
the runs at last night's game.
- Cey Homer.
- We got that.
- Trish?
- Where's Mr. Right?
- We're gonna go out for some beer, okay?
- Hey, don't you want a strawberry...
- She wants a beer, I think. Right?
- Yeah, right. We'll be back.
You don't have to ask
my permission, Diane.
It just goes to show you can't
bring back the old days.
That was a bitch,
but now it's done.
What'd you hear?
Some honking, and
then some screaming.
It seems pretty quiet now.
Do you think they're doing something,
you know... funky over there?
No, they're just playing games.
Forget about them. They're not
worried about us, after all.
- You know who'd remember?
- Who?
Coach Jana.
I don't know why we let you guys in
with the stunts you pulled tonight.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Here we go!
- House specialty.
- Thanks, Kim.
Yeah, that barbie doll
trick was pretty gross.
What barbie doll?
Holy cow. The pizza. I almost
forgot. I'll get some bucks.
We'll get the door.
Hey, let's go ask Jana,
before it gets too late.
- What's the damage?
- Six, so far.
Six, even.
Hi, Coach Jana?
This is Kimberley Clark.
- I just wanted to ask you a question.
- What's up?
Did you happen to catch
last night's ballgame?
Sure did, it was a rout.
We're trying to figure out
where the six runs came from.
- Well, you've got Cey Homer, obviously.
- Yeah, you've got Cey...
- Here's four.
- Okay, here's one.
Here, I'll take all this,
you pay with the ten, okay?
Kimberly, is this
some kind of a joke?
We've got to call
anything, anybody,
There's been a murder,
we're all alone. Please send help.
- Where's Diane?
- Please send the police.
We are in 3664 of...
Hello? Hello?!
The line is dead!
The line is dead.
Well, I don't know, coach. My little
sister did hear some screaming,
but it seems perfectly quiet now.
Do you think you can go
over there and take a look?
Well, if you want me to, I guess.
But frankly, I'd rather not.
Oh, never mind, it's a bad idea.
You shouldn't go out of the house.
Maybe I'll go over there by myself.
I bet they're having
a blast over there.
Well, let me know if
there's anything I can do.
Okay. Take care. Bye bye.
I'll go. I'd love to go.
You just want them to see you with
your hair up like that. You can't go.
It's out of the question, alright?
Courtney! I'll tell mom.
I think we should turn off a lot of the
lights, close the curtains that aren't
already closed, and make sure
all the doors are locked.
Ok, it's a beginning. Let's go.
Jeff, we gotta do something
to help the girls.
Okay, what can we do?
Perhaps it we should make a run for
it. Valerie Bates lives next door.
What if we don't make it?
Maybe we should split up.
One of us'll make it, even
if the other one doesn't.
Here, this is a good one. I almost took
my finger off chopping carrots yesterday.
I wish I hadn't dropped
out of Cub Scouts.
Maybe I would have learned
what to do with it.
Jeff, think this is a good idea? Maybe
if we all just stuck together now...
It's the right thing to do.
I know it.
Are you guys set?
You have to go through the garage,
then Mr. Contant's house is right there.
You know he's home?
Yeah. If there's anything
I know, it's that.
- Ready?
- Ready!
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
Hi, is Michelle there?
Hello? Anybody?
Valerie! Anybody home?
Oh! Candy, you scared me!
You know what I told you in school? You know,
what Val told me about the French kissing?
You know, with your tongue
and everything like that?
Valerie, open up! Come on!
Hey, Candy. Come on.
Hey, you're freaking me out.
Oh God! Oh, God, please open up!
Oh, God, Valerie! Open up, please!
Oh, God! Please, Valerie!
He started kissing me, and he stuck his
tongue in my mouth. I could have died.
I thought I was gonna
throw up or something.
No, I didn't throw up,
I just felt like it.
It was so gross. It was
all slimy and everything.
Oh, I just wanted to die.
Four! Shit.
How long are we gonna have to stay
like this? My arms are getting tired.
Until help comes.
If it comes.
You know what? I'm hungry.
- Me too.
- And what are we gonna do with him?
Maybe we should cover him up.
- He's dead, alright.
- No kidding.
- He's so cold.
- Is the pizza?
Well, life goes on after all,
and eating makes me feel best.
And I feel bad. Boy, do I feel bad.
Ugh. Ew.
I feel better already.
Really, I do.
Did you hear that?
What if it's Neil?
Or Jeff?
- We'd better open the door.
- No!
Come on!
Courtney! Telephone!
We have to let her in.
Help. They can't get in.
Jackie, wait, Jackie!
The knives!
Sorry, I didn't mean to
scare you this time.
Courtney, I've been looking
everywhere for you.
Let's go home. As far as I can see, nothing
much is happening around here at all.
I don't know. Seems
pretty weird to me.
I mean, why don't they answer the door?
And why is the house so dark?
Maybe they're just not home.
Look, you stay here. I'm going around
to the front just one more time, okay?
Trish, I know that's Valerie.
We have to answer.
Remember what happened last
time? We should stay right here.
- If she's here with help they'll find us.
- Trish?
Yeah, and if she's alone
maybe that guy'll find her.
Maybe they're friends.
I don't hear Valerie anymore.
Well, she didn't bring help.
We know that much.
Maybe she's dead, too. Or do
you think she's in with that guy?
I can't believe that.
Kind of an extreme reaction to not being
invited to the party, wouldn't you say?
When she called before, when Jackie...
I don't know what to think.
God, that was so horrible
what happened to her.
- I can't stop thinking about it.
- Well, maybe we shouldn't talk about it.
Oh God!
Maybe Diane went to get help.
If we ever get through...
- Oh my god!
- Quick, quick!
Hurry! Come on! Hurry up. Come on.
Get the door. Get the door.
- Courtney!
- What happened? What's wrong?
Come on, there's no one here. Let's
lock up the house and go home.
Boy, was this a wash.
Yeah. The party must
have gone someplace else.
Well, I think we ought get something
out of this. Let's raid the fridge.
Oh, come on, I want
to get out of here.
I don't know what it is, but something
about this house gives me the creeps.
Spoilsport. I never have any fun.
Just one little beer?
Courtney, you're underage.
Negative. Now come on, let's go.
Courtney, come on!
What's wrong?
Courtney! Run!
Trish? Diane?
Anybody home? It's me, Ms. Jana.
Kim? Jackie? Anybody
home? It's Coach Jana.
Hey girls, Thomas
singled in the sixth.
You're pretty.
All of you were very pretty.
- Please don't do this.
- I love you.
Please! I didn't mean to hurt you.
Please don't do this.
It takes a lot of love
for a person to do this.
You know you want it!
You love it.
Why? I don't even know you.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
I love you, Val.