The Small Woman in Grey (2017) Movie Script

So Mr Paul Michaels
What was it that made you
decide to come round tonight?
Well Miss.... Tiffany...
...I've forgotten your last name
Rose, Tiffany Rose
Well Miss Tiffany Rose
I uh... guess I had nothing better to do
Oh, charming!
Why not be completely honest and
just say there's nothing good on TV
I didn't want to be rude
But... Seriously
We've been messaging each other for ages
Why today?
It took me a while 'cos it's
a bit awkward, you know...
With you being Stacey's
friend, one of her best friends
And, she's my ex
Yeah, well, I wouldn't really consider her
to be my best friend, I mean we're more like
Friends of a friend
Laura is my best friend, Stacey
just happens to be one of hers
Ah it's still awkward though
But anyway, where were we?
I think you were about to tell me
how attractive you find
me and how much you like me
Oh yeah? Well, we could do that
or we could skip that bit
Hold that thought, I'll be right back
What are you doing?
I'm waiting for you
Yesh, you know you want it
I thought you wanted to...
Fuck someone I hardly know?
Seriously! What kind of
a girl do you take me for?
You know, some girls do like
the chase and all you know!
You think that one little kiss leads
to an instant leap to penetration?
[Sigh] um...
Err, um...!
You know what, just get
your stuff and just go!
Alright, I got it wrong, I thought...
I thought that, you know...
I didn't mean to...
Didn't mean to what exactly?
You know what, Stacey said you were a prick
I thought maybe she got it
wrong, but clearly, she didn't
Just get out.
Stacey would have been up for it
Yeah well Stacey, is a slut
I'm not.
[distant whispers]
[distant woman crying]
You ok?
[ghostly voice] Get away from the house
Are you alright?
[ghostly ramblings]
[ghostly woman crying]
[floorboard creak]
Jesus fucking christ Mark,
what the hell are you doing?
Oh, come on, that was priceless!
You should have seen your face!
You think that's funny?
Oh yeah, really fucking
clever, well done Mark!
Lighten up sis
Go fuck yourself
You know you really are the most immature
dickhead of a brother I could have asked for
You really are.
Where you going now
This immature dickhead
brother is going for a smoke
[distant ghostly whispers]
[background TV noise]
Mark is that weed?
If you think I won't tell Dad, I will!
It stinks Mark, it's really strong!
Seriously, if you think I'm falling
for your pranks twice in one night
I'm not falling for your pranks again
I'm calling your bluff Mark
You can come out now
I know you're out here
[ghostly voice] RUN!
Wake up sleepy head! Today's the day!
Jack! Wake up, it's camping day so get up
get ready, and we'll go and get pissed!
[voice mail] Hey, this is
Tiffany, I'm unavailable right now
but if you leave me a message
then I'll get back to you
as soon as possible.
Where's Tiffany? I've called her
like 6 times, she said she'd be here!
[rope creaking]
[rope creaking]
Ah she's blatantly with Stevie, he
said he'd meet us at the site later
and you know she wants to
...fuck him senseless?
Oh yes!
Yeah, I'm sure they'll come
together, that's if Stevie isn't
too high to find us of course!
Can we just go already?!
I don't care about Tiffany, or Stevie.
If we're actually going to do this
camping shit, then let's just go!
Please, let's not fight
we need this weekend
It's been rubbish for everyone lately
and I just want to have
everyone I love together
having a good time.
Yeah Richie Rich, don't be a prick!
And let's not forget who
wasn't actually invited
this weekend was about
friends spending time together
Do you get what I'm saying?
Like I'm going to let my girl spend
the weekend with you delinquents,
a slag, a bender,
two blokes I haven't even met yet
Well this is going to be a fun car journey
Can you at least try to be nice to them?
Why? They're not my friends
They may not be your
friends, but they are mine
Listen babe,
you don't need them,
you've got me now
If I play nice I expect
you to do me a favour
Get in the car
Not until you make a promise
Fine! Just get in,
be nice and
try to have fun
This is going to be fun
Just so you know, I'm
planning on drinking about
60 percent of all the
alcohol we brought with us
Good for you!
I doubt Richard will let me drink that much
he doesn't like me drinking too much
Seriously Laura?
I love you and you're my
best friend, but seriously,
why are you with him?
He's not all bad.
Well, I've met him at least
5 times now and I've yet to
identify any redeeming qualities
He's the only guy that's wanted to
stay around for more than just a shag
And I know I'm not exactly
Britain's Next Top Model
hey, babe
You're beautiful alright?
And, I'm telling you,
you can do so much better
Yeah I...
could get a nicer person but...
look at that!
Doubt I'll get better looking
Yeah ok...
he is fit
in a...
weird kind of way. I'll
give him that, but...
Nah, I couldn't put up with that.
What are you two talking about?
Nothing much
except how much I want to have sex
with you, you shirtless hunk you.
Fuck you
I'm sorry! You want to fuck me?
Dude, your girlfriend's right here!
Stop it!
Oh, so I'll just...
I'll just go shall I?
I've put the tent up now, how
about you make good on that promise?
Not now
Stevie should be here soon, I'm
hoping he brings his friend Alex
Who's Alex?
Just one of Stevie's friends
I don't like that you
hang out with that Stevie
or Jack for that matter
Don't like the idea of you being
around all these men when I'm not around
what if they try something?
Look Richard, I know you care but...
Jack's gay, he's my best
friend. I'm pretty sure
trying something is the
last thing on his mind
I've known Stevie since I was 4
We were neighbours and
he was like a brother growing up, doing something
with him would be like doing something with
I still don't like it, and this Alex
I'm assuming that's another guy?
Yeah but, also gay.
Oh man, that's all I need!
Please tell me it isn't Alex Winter
I fucking used to doss around with
him until he told me he was a bender
I'm sure he wanted to fuck me
Those two going at it in the
next tent all night, great!
I'm sure they're not going to and...
What's wrong with that anyway?
I can't stand it, it
makes me feel a bit ill.
Richard! Seriously.
Look, I can't help how it makes me feel
I don't like it, it's not natural
It is natural
Hey Loz
How's it going?
Stace, how's it going?
Good, you?
Very well cheers
How's it going bud?
Good you?
Very well cheers, very well.
So, when's this party starting?
I've been asking the same thing!
Where's Tiffany?
I have no idea
Oh, I thought she was coming with you?
I haven't heard from her
Wonder why she didn't show up then?
[ghostly whispers]
The reason she's not here is
because she never wanted to come
That girl is a flaky as they come
And the only reason why
Laura is asking you Stevie
is because she assumed
that you were making babies
I have not seen her or
spoke to her in a long time.
We haven't even hooked up since, February?
Anyway, let's forget about
Tiffany and let's get a drink
OK sure
Were you not bringing a friend?
You said you were bringin a friend, Alex?
Oh yeah, he's coming
later, he had to work today.
Who's Alex?
He's a mate of mine
Funny guy, you'll like him
think you will!
Oh please tell me this isn't a set-up
No! It's just
Stevie's friend
visiting us
What was that look for?
And how do you know him?
Oh, when I hang out with
Stevie, Alex is always there
He's fun, cheeky but
funny, you'll like him.
Ah can we speed this along
so we can get to the drinking?
OK, here is the short
bullet-pointed version
Stevie here has a homo friend
Laura, here
being the sweet innocent angel that she is
thought that getting you two
out into the wilderness together
would mean that you would get to put your dick
near something other than your own right hand.
Firstly, screw you Stacey!
Secondly, seriously Laura? How
desperate do you think I am?
I don't! I just thought
you two might get along
I thought you said you
spoke to him? Awkward!
Yeah, you're telling me!
Look, he's just a nice guy
I thought you'd like him,
I thought we'd all like him.
I'll vouch for Loz, he's a good guy
lives at the end of my road and
throws the most awesome house parties
known him for years
and I so knew he was gay before he came out
Well, he turned me down once, so I assumed
Yeah, that was definitely it
So am I the only one that doesn't know him?
You've never even mentioned him before
Yeah well we weren't friends
until I was doing that
that stupid Paul Michaels
[rope creaking]
Anyway, he was best
friends with psycho Richard
who now is Laura's every so
lovely and sweet boyfriend,
and Alex
Wait, I'm confused, I thought
you said he was your mate Stevie?
He is
No, they weren't friends
until after my ex, Paul and...
decided they didn't want
anything to do with him anymore
because he came out loud and proud
So how do you know him?
I met him at a pub one
night when I was singing
Good guy, we had a few beers
Did you do some
man-on-man lovin'?
No! No I'm not gay
I don't care about all that shit though
I take them as they come
He's a good guy
Wait a minute Laura, didn't you say
that he thought Jackie boy here was cute?
Oh my God, this just gets more humiliating.
He did, I'm sorry, I thought
I was doing a good thing
So how does he know what I look like?
I might have shown him your Facebook
So he knows what I look
like, what does he look like?
Is he fit?
I'm not gay,
but he's a good looking lad.
You got any photos?
Yeah I think I've got some from
the festival we last went to
Oh I have!
We went to a party last weekend,
I was his hag for the night
Hmmm OK
That's him wasted, so he's
got to look better sober
Yeah, well, I'm still not happy.
Oh shut up, he's hot!
I suppose I should go and
say hello to, is it, Rich?
Yeah, Rich
Hi, Rich, is it?
It's Richard.
Richard, I've been...
hearing good things about you, that you
were getting pretty close with my Loz?
It's my Laura
things are very serious, mate
I didn't mean anything by it
you know, she's a friend of mine.
I just think it's a bit weird that my
girlfriend's two best friends are men
Does it matter?
It does to me.
I didn't mean to upset you, we're
just here to have a good time
Chill out alright?
Don't fucking tell me to chill out!
Woah, come on...
I don't want us to fight or
for you to get all aggressive
Well maybe I do!
Fucking walking up to me, calling
me your mate, telling me to chill out
I'll fucking beat you! I don't know you!
What's going on?
Dunno, your boyfriend just exploded
I only came up to say hello.
Fucking dick doesn't think I know his game!
Game? What Game?
You fucking know man, nobody wants
you here, why don't you just do one?
Hey prick! Let's keep it real yeah?
We're all mates here, not including you
You're the one no one wants
here you arrogant fuckwit!
Stop it please!
Everyone calm down,
we've barely been here an hour
I just wanted this to be
a nice weekend together
It's supposed to be fun
Richard, I love you, I'm
not going to cheat on you
Stacey, Stevie
Please, can we just start this over again?
For me?
I'm going for a walk
Don't go!
Oh no, please don't go.
Did you have to antagonise him?
I didn't do shit!
You know he's a hot-headed prick!
Can we just chill now?
I'm sure he'll be back with
his tail between his legs
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do anything
I know. You didn't do anything.
I'm the one that's sorry, he's
really insecure and super sensitive.
Right, come on, let's have some
drinks, let's have a good time
I'll say sorry for any
offence I may have caused.
What, like words like hello?
OK, let's just move on
Come on Laura, let's get some
drinks, I'm sure he'll be back later.
So Stevie, what do you like to do for fun?
Err don't know, drink?
I also write some songs
Really! Can you sing me a little song?
Maybe later yeah?
It's about time!
Ah come on, give us a song
Come on Stevie, you're good!
Maybe later
Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
Alright! Alright!
I wrote this one earlier
OK, see what you think
[singing] It's summer time
and the start are out at night
I know this moment, well
it couldn't be anymore right
This feeling insides like a
million butterflies taking flight
We hold each other
close, under the moonlight
What do you think?
Yeah, you're good!
You've got a smoking voice
Ah cheers cherub
Right, I'm just going to wonder
off and see if I can get some signal
Yeah this is lame. I told my
mum I'd call her when we arrived
Ah mummies boy
Yeah, shut up, she worries
alright? I'm her only child
Well get going then so we
can get the party started!
I want all the classics tonight,
songs by the camp fire
truth or dare
Truth or dare, are we five?
Not when I'm playing
I rise to every challenge
I never back down
Oh God!
I'm so sorry, I thought you
could hear me coming so...
No, sorry, I was in a world of my own
Well I'm Alex
Sorry, err, I'm Jack
AS creepy as it sounds I...
I know
Oh, yeah I've
only just learnt this.
Yeah, that just sounds bad!
You know what? Let's just start again
I'm Alex
It's fine, don't worry
So where's everybody else?
Oh I just came out here to see if
I could get some signal to erm...
Actually, never mind. I can take
you back to them if you want?
No rush
We can just chill here
for a bit if you want?
I'm pretty sure that's what they
for us to do anyways
So, what are the plans for tonight?
Err, from what I just
heard, signing, drinking
and truth or dare
I'm always up for a good dare
Damn it!
Who's there?!
Cut it out!
Fucking show yourself you slut!
[ghostly whispers]
[ghostly scream] RUN!
[ghostly whispers]
[ghostly whispers]
So err... What do you do for fun?
Oh God sorry, that was lame!
But, no, I... I was trying to be funny.
Oh God I'm such a dick
That's fine!
Shame it isn't true
It couldn't be further from the truth
Wait! No, that sounds bad too. Shall
I just take you back to the camp
before I put you off liking me for good?
Big head!
Thinking I liked you in the first place!
Oh shit.
I'm terrible at talking hot guys
I should like, just be banned. Just
Confined to my house
I err...
I didn't mean to imply that you liked me
So you think I'm hot?
This is the point where the ground
should just like, swallow me all up
you are a good looking guy
I was just checking you out and...
all I heard was...
I'm kidding, I'm kidding!
You're hot man
and you've got a cute smile
Nah I'm, I'm far from cute
You calling me a liar?
No, polite!
I've no reason to be polite
So um...
What made you agree to come?
Told you man
It's not every day your best friend tells you
that he's got a good looking friend who's single
Thank you
Right! Take me to this camp
We need to get you a drink
and calm you down a bit
[ghostly whispers]
Hey guys!
Where the hell have you been?
Ah, a mysterious stranger
has appeared! Alright Alex?
Alright Stace? Recovered from last week?
You bet! Ready and raring to go again!
Hell mate, nice to see you
Take that
Alright Laura
nice to see you!
Good to see you
So what are we doing?!
Wait, did you guys seen Richard
anywhere? He's been gone a while
Nah, we didn't see him anywhere.
Can't say I'm unhappy about that.
Hopefully he's got the message he
wasn't wanted and he's gone home.
What car was he driving?
I parked next to a red Honda
Nah that's mine. Was it the blue Picasso?
Yeah, that's his.
there was only a red one
See! He's done the sensible
thing and he's left.
But, why would he leave?
Half this stuff is his,
he was our ride home
Ah it's alright, I can give
you a lift. It's no hassle.
Yeah, same!
Look, do you want that
prick to ruin the weekend?
No! But...
This weekend is supposed to be about fun!
We came here for you, and to have
fun, so let's just do that already!
So where am I sleeping?
Well it just so happens that
you've got a couple of choices Alex.
Choice number one,
you can come and crash with me,
choice number two,
you can sleep with the lovely Laura,
or, choice number three,
which I think is going to
be your preferred choice,
is bunking down with your hot blind date.
So where's Stevie sleeping?
Ah, I'm hard-core! I'll
sleep under the stars.
Loz, did you bring that sleeping bag?
Yeah, it's in the tent
That's alright
I think I know where I'm sleeping!
[ghostly whispers]
Right, I need to pee!
I want to go now before it gets dark, because
otherwise I'll trip over and wee all over myself!
Don't forget to wipe!
[peeing noise]
Stevie, is that you?
Ahh if you're trying to watch me pee, that's
creepy! I'm not into that sort of thing!
Excuse me!
Jesus fucking Christ! Who the hell are you?
Um, hi, I'm Marcus
Well I'm sure it's very
nice to meet you Marcus!
Why are you watching me trying
to pee, and who the hell are you?
I'm not, I'm not! Honestly, I'm
just glad to have found someone.
Sounds very suspicious to me!
Well, I was with a group,
and they went off to look
at something and I lost them!
A group?
Yeah yeah!
A dogging group?
No No! It's a ghost hunting group!
Ghost hunting...
You have got to be shitting me!
No seriously, look!
Oh this is tragic!
I don't know where your group
is, but can I borrow you?
Look what I found!!
Who's this?
Hi I'm...
This is Marcus,
and no,
he's not a stripper
unless you want him to be!
But no, anyway, Marcus here
is a professional ghost hunter!
Yes Jack! Let's not judge.
I think that's cool.
You would!
So come on the love, fill them in
on what you've been investigating!
Um... OK
Are we really doing ghost stories?
Is this not a camp site tradition?
Is this not what I promised you tonight?
it's about a death
that happened in these very woods!
Come on, fill them in!
OK so, where to start?
This is getting beyond corny
I could just leave, I just want to
find my group before it gets dark
No it's fine, come on.
Yeah, I want to hear it!
OK, OK...
So, 25 years ago, there was a
young teenage girl called Jessica
who got pregnant and had a baby
she was bullied by the kids in
her school and in the neighbourhood
and then one day...
just a few days after giving
birth she snapped and ran away.
She ran into the woods, these
woods to precise and hanged herself!
The baby was left and died of hypothermia.
She left a note behind, simply
saying "Just leave us in peace".
Ever since
These woods and the roads and streets where she lived
there's been reports and sightings of hearing a baby cry...
and a small woman in grey walking
through the woods and streets
Why grey?
Apparently that's what she
was wearing when she died.
So where did she live?
In the Bracknell area.
We did a ghost hunt in
the roads where she lived
can't remember the name, but we didn't find anything. As we
were leaving someone found a grey scarf on a street sign...
It wasn't there when we started.
How do we not know about this?
It's an old story, but as with a
lot of news reports they come and go.
The sightings have become quite frequent and Jessica has
become a bit of legend in the ghost hunting community.
That is beyond creepy!
But that's not all either
there's a farm shop at
the end of these woods.
The two shop keepers one day saw
a small woman, dressed in grey
walk in and pick up a pint of
milk and walk straight out again.
The two shop keepers couldn't believe it...
then two weeks later the same happened.
The small woman in grey walked in, picked
up a pint of milk and walked straight out.
This time they followed her, but
they couldn't see where she went.
So when it happened the third
time, they followed her instantly.
They followed her to these woods. But
they couldn't see again, where she went.
But they could hear a baby crying.
So they followed that noise.
And eventually came upon a memorial
plot for Jessica and her baby.
The crying immediately stopped and they noticed
on the ground three empty bottles of milk.
Oooo... spooky!
Thank you Marcus, that was brilliant!
You can go and find your gang now.
You can stay if you want? Sorry
Stacey lacks people skills.
Do you want a drink?
No I should really find my friends
before, before it gets dark.
[woodland noises]
[faint ghostly rambles]
Guys, is that you?
[Marcus is breathing heavy]
[Faint ghostly noises return]
Look... I came and told you
the story because you asked!
Don't take the piss, yeah?
Jessica, is that you?
Show yourself?
Jessica, say something?
I can help you...
Where are you?
[intense music builds]
Stupid fucking thing!
There coming for you!!
Go on Stevie, give us another song...
No, I'm far to wasted...
[group pushing him]
Honestly I'm knackered, I'm gone.
I want to hear you singing.
Would it make you happy Stacey?
It would make me very happy!
And me!
Do a different one from before.
"Birds flying high, you know how I feel"
"Sun in the sky"
"You know how I feel"
"Breeze driftin' on by"
You know how I feel, that's drunk!
I love your voice!
Cheers Cherub!
[Stacey groans]
I officially have the smallest bladder...
known to man.
Remember to wipe again!
That ghost hunting guy
freaked me out a bit.
I just don't like the idea
of someone feeling that alone.
can you imagine feeling
like everyone is against you,
so much that kill
yourself and your own baby.
I know...
but it is just a story. I mean we
don't know the whole in's and outs.
For all we know it might not even be real.
It must be based on something.
Don't let it bother you.
I won't, don't worry.
I am having a good time. It's
just it freaked me out a bit.
And then with Richard disappearing on me.
I just feel a bit...
Ohh... I don't know.
I am having a good time. And
you got to meet Richard. So...
now you know what he's like.
He wasn't what I pictured though.
No, he's not all bad.
It's just.
He hates me having friends
that take me away from
him. And he worries a lot.
That's not good.
I think that's classed as emotional abuse.
No... No, I know he seems a bit...
It's not all bad, he treats
me well when we're alone.
I thought about breaking
it off with him in the past.
But then I just think...
or feel that he needs me
You just got to ask
yourself one simple question.
Which is?
Does he make you happy?
That simple huh?
So you enjoying your time in the woods?
More than I expected.
Now that I'm sharing a tent with you.
Gives me something to smile about.
I'm like
way beyond my limit right now.
All part of my master plan!
That sounded rapey!
You love it!
So um...
a kiss is out of the question then?
Are you trying your luck?
I'm not really a great kisser.
Why you always putting yourself down?
I don't mean too, I'm
just not very confident.
We have only just met... I mean
I'm a lady after all, I wouldn't
do such a thing on a first date.
I can help you with that!
And believe me
you ain't no lady.
Yeh well...
I have enjoyed your company.
To be honest, I have not
smiled this much in a while.
How come?
Really want to get deep?
You tell me?
No... I didn't...
I'm kidding!
You take everything to literal.
But on a serious note.
Why haven't you laughed?
Nah, you don't want to know.
I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to know.
Tell me.
It's been a rough year.
My mum and dad got divorced.
And then my mum got sick, so...
It's been a pretty tough time.
Sounds shitty.
Don't worry.
I've got a few things to help you
keep your mind off it for a while.
Oh yeah?
Try me.
I think I've got a pack of cards somewhere!
Fuck the cards!
I'm sorry.
I thought you wanted me too, so I just?
It's not that I didn't want to.
We just met...
No, I get it.
I'm sorry.
please don't be sorry.
Ahh Man...
It's just me jumping the gun as always.
You know what?
Just forget it.
I'm going to get some sleep.
[woodland sounds]
[Stacey yawns]
[subtle music]
[ghostly noises]
[ghostly whisper] Get out of the woods!
[music builds]
[gasping for breath]
[frantic gasps]
Come on, in you get
girl. It's late. Come on.
What about Stacey?
It's fine. She's probably
passed out somewhere.
I'll go and find her in a
sec. Get yourself in, come on.
No... But
Ahh, no buts.
In. Go on!
Nighty night.
Thanks Stevie, you're the best!
I know!
I'm going to go and find Stacey.
Ready to share that tent with you!
[ghostly whispers]
[ghostly whisper] Get out of the woods!
I could be your big spoon.
You know you want to!
[ghostly whispers]
Where are you?
[ghostly whisper]
[Ghostly whispers and baby crying]
Stace, come on this
ain't funny now. Come on!
Where are ya?
Come on...
[arrow shot]
Fuck, shit!!!
Fucking hell.
Fuck. Arghh!
[arrow shot]
[whispered] Stace...
[arrow shot]
[Stevie is screaming in pain]
[Grunting in pain]
[Moaning in pain]
[flesh and bone cracking]
[arrow shot]
[arrow shot]
[crying in pain]
[gasping for air]
[arrow shot]
Are you asleep?
It wasn't that I didn't want to kiss you.
It was just a shock.
Nobody has ever really been
that interested in me before.
So I just assumed that
I don't know.
Things like that wouldn't happen to me.
And you're like way hot, and I'm just...
You're hot man.
No, I'm not.
You are.
Not long before my mum got ill,
I saw my mum and dad break up.
She was heartbroken and
I guess her low self-esteem
just rubbed off on me.
And next she needed someone
to look after her and...
I had no choice.
I never really had time
to take care of myself.
That's heart-breaking man.
This whole
confidence thing you see.
It's all just a cover up.
I live with just my dad.
You know he wanted me to be like him.
And all of that shit.
He's the only one that
don't know that I'm gay.
When I first saw you
I knew I wanted you.
You were different.
I kissed you out of nerves, and
to be honest I just
kind of scares me a bit.
Nerves over kissing me?
That's a first.
And this is why I don't
express my feelings.
Is this some kind of fucking
joke to you or something?
- I'm sorry.
Can we just...
start again?
Hi, I'm Jack.
Shut up you idiot.
I think I'm ready to redo that kiss.
You sure?
Don't play games.
I like you Alex.
A lot.
And it's not everyday
a sexy superstar stud like
you goes for a guy like me.
Fuck me!! Shh...
If we do this, don't hurt me yeah?
not speak to me again.
[Romantic music]
[unknown person heavy breathing]
[Laura groaning]
[Laura vomits]
[ghostly sound]
[Rustling in the bushes]
[Dramatic music increases in volume]
[Laura screams]
[Intense music]
[Soft music]
[Alex is unzipping his trousers]
[Alex is urinating]
[Alex is zipping up his trousers]
[Rustling in the bushes]
[Dramatic music builds]
[Alex is breathing heavily]
Jack wake up!
I'm not ready to go again.
Jack wake the fuck up!
We need to get out of here.
Jack wake up, get dressed!
Alex what's going on?
Just get dressed.
We need to get to the car.
We need to get the fuck
out of these fucking woods!
Why? What's going on?
Jack listen to me.
It's Laura.
She's gone Jack.
What do you mean she's
gone? What are you on about?
Listen to me, she's dead.
What? Who?
Listen to what I'm telling you.
She's gone.
She's fucking dead!
If we don't get the fuck out of
these woods, we are going to be next!
Alex you're scaring me.
Listen to what I am telling you.
She is gone Jack.
What do you mean?
Where is she?
Jack what the fuck!
Jack stop!
[Dramatic music builds]
Jack, Jack look at me!
She's fucking dead!
Jack look at me, look at me.
If we don't get the fuck out now -
we're going to be next.
We need to go.
Leave now.
Jack we need to get to the car, alright?
[rustling in the bushes]
Come on.
Jack come on!
[Heavy breathing]
Alex wait, what about the others?
Listen the others will be fine.
We need to get the fuck out of here now
or we're going to be next. Listen to me!
They'll be fine, I promise.
Do you think they're together?
They'll be fine.
I promise. Alright?
Check your phone.
There is no fucking signal.
Shhh... Shut the fuck up.
[Ghostly whispers and a
baby crying can be heard]
We need to be quiet.
What the fuck was that?
Jack we need to go...
[Dramatic music builds]
[Music increases in intensity]
Jack come on!
I can't Alex, I can't...
What are you doing?
No listen to me, you need to move
- we need to...
[Ghostly whispers]
[ghostly scream]
[Alex is breathing heavily]
Oh fuck!
[Alex is breathing heavily with panic]
[Rustling in bushes]
[Disorientating music]
[audio slowed down]
[Music intensity increases]
[Disorientating music continues]
[Mobile phone ringing]
[Phone call] Hello?
[Phone call] Alex are you there? Hello?
[Phone call] Alex are you okay?
I'm alive, I'm just...
I need help!
[Alex is breathing heavily]
[Soft music conveying safety]
[Door opening]
Can you help me?
Oh my dear, oh my goodness!
What has happened to you?
Are you okay?
What has happened?
There is something out there.
Out where?
In the woods?
My Friends...
They're dead.
There's a ghost out there!
Oh my dear, just calm down.
What's in the woods?
Your friends?
Have you lost your friends?
There's something out there!
They're dead!
Oh my darling...
That isn't possible.
You must be mistaken.
Why don't I go and get my phone.
And we'll call the police -
and get this all cleared up.
Look, you'll see.
Nothing to worry about.
You just wait here.
And I'll be right back!
[Ghostly noise]
[Ghostly whispers]
We need to get out of here, now.
It's coming back!
It will be easier for the
police to find us right here.
We are perfectly safe I promise.
[Ghostly whispers]
Don't tell me you didn't hear that?
I didn't hear anything.
My dear.
You're just hearing the trees
that's all, and the dark woods.
It's making you all upset.
No, no
- we need to get out here now.
It's coming!
Why don't I lock the back
door, make you feel safer?
Why do you have a key?
I work here my dear, I help
run all the scout groups.
The alarm went off a little while back -
and I came over as fast
as I could to investigate.
[Ghostly noise]
[Scratching on the wall]
[Ghost noises
- faint]
There, we're safe.
The police will be here soon
- and I am sure that they can sort all this out.
Can we please leave?
Don't you have car?
Are we not near a road?
I have my own car.
I do have a car, but I think
it's best if we remain right here.
Can I get you a drink?
Would you like to sit down?
I want to leave.
I don't want to stay here.
[Mobile phone ringing outside]
That's my phone...
My dad.
I dropped my phone.
I need to get it.
Why is the other door locked?
Can you just settle down.
You'll make this whole process a
lot easier if you just calm down.
We need to get out of here...
We're all going to die!
I don't think so...
the only person who is going to
die here tonight little one....
[Walking stick hits the floor]
You my little one
will be my final victim.
Then after all these years
we can all finally be at peace.
I don't understand?
You wouldn't.
It was a very long time ago.
So long ago
You weren't even born.
My poor girl.
My sweet, innocent girl
What girl?
My girl!
The one you hear screaming
and bellowing in the woods.
In pain.
In purgatory.
Because of what they did to her.
Because of what they made her do.
Please, I haven't done anything.
You didn't do anything
an innocent party I admit.
But what your parents did.
My parents?
No please!
I don't understand.
Your parents made her do it.
I had to watch as my daughter
cried herself to sleep.
Afraid of the ridicule that
they would bestow upon her.
[Scratching on the wall]
I need the keys...
You're not going anywhere!
Not until I can finally free my daughter
and her child from their torment.
The memorial in the woods?
That's your daughter?
The baby in the woods...
Perished out there
because of the barbaric things
your parents made her do.
They bullied her, made her feel disgusting.
silly mistake.
Just one silly mistake.
And as the baby grew
inside her the worse it got!
My parents?
All of your groups parents.
I have had to live
with the pain, anger
devastation of that day
ever since.
Your parents got to grow up
Have lives
All the things my Jessica
should have been doing.
They moved on with their lives.
wallowed in darkness.
I saw my Jessica you know?
And I realised that
she was trapped here.
And I realised what I had to do.
The only thing I could do.
Give that
same pain and hurt
to those who had wronged her.
Killing them
would have been too easy.
But taking away their children.
Making them feel the pain and hurt
that I have felt all these years.
would finally have allowed
my daughter and her child to rest in peace.
You let her kill all my friends?
And now you want to try and kill me?
That won't free her
That won't change anything.
You're fucking insane!
Don't be ridiculous
My daughter is but screams in the night.
I killed your friends.
and now...
I am going to kill you!
I've seen her.
Seen who?
Your daughter.
The girl dressed in grey.
She dragged Jack off into the darkness.
I saw her do it!
You saw my daughter?
Then she's here
fully here.
Helping me, helping
herself to finally be free.
You are killing people.
How do you think that's going to
bring anything other than more pain?
We'll soon find out!
Then you'll have to catch me first.
[Dramatic chase music]
Soon my little girl...
Come on.
It's time to give it all up.
Embrace your destiny.
End this cycle.
If you want to kill me -
you're going to have to fight me.
It won't take long!
[Ghost of Jessica] NO!
Jessica, my baby.
You've come.
Let me finally end this boy.
It's time!
[Voice of Jessica] No!
[Voice of Jessica] Stop the killing.
My darling.
[Voice of Jessica] Stop this now!
[Voice of Jessica] You
blame others for my suicide.
[Voice of Jessica] But it was my choice.
[Voice of Jessica] They all wronged me.
[Voice of Jessica] But
you are no innocent mother.
[Voice of Jessica] That
night when you banished me.
[Voice of Jessica] From my own home.
[Voice of Jessica] You told
me I wasn't your daughter.
[Voice of Jessica] You looked
at your grandchild with disgust.
[Voice of Jessica] I needed you.
[Voice of Jessica] You
were just as much to blame.
[Voice of Jessica] You turned your
back on me when I needed you the most.
No Jessica.
I was upset.
You were so young.
And I knew how hard it was to be a mother!
All the things people were saying
about you, about our family.
[Voice of Jessica] You banished
me through fear of others.
[Voice of Jessica] And then through
your own darkness trapped me here!
My darkness?
[Voice of Jessica] You
plotted this for 25 years.
[Voice of Jessica] How could I rest
knowing the pain you would cause?
[Voice of Jessica] The darkness
grew inside you every day.
You helped me?
Your presence was always near, I felt it.
With each of the ones I
killed I felt you there.
This boy told me that you took one of his
friends and that you wanted me to do this!
[Voice of Jessica] No!
[Voice of Jessica] I tried to
warn those that you tried to harm.
[Flashback] Hello?
[Flashback] You okay?
[Voice of Jessica] Get away from the house!
[Voice of Jessica] They're coming for you!
[Flashback] Stacey?
[Flashback] Stace?
[Voice of Jessica] Get out of the woods!
[Voice of Jessica] I warned them!
I don't believe you.
No, you were helping me make
them pay for what they did.
[Voice of Jessica] What they did?
[Voice of Jessica] You did!
[Voice of Jessica] Easing your conscience.
You are wrong!
You are not my daughter.
If you were, you would understand my pain.
I will finish what I have started!!
[Alex screams]
[Voice of Jessica] I'm
taking you to hell mother!!
[Ghostly demonic noises]
Alex are you okay?
My stomach...
[Emergency services sirens
can be heard in background]
[Dream, Stacey speaking] Jack wake up, it's camping
day, so get up, get ready and we'll go and get pissed.
[Dream, Jack speaking] This is going to be fun, just so you know I'm
planning on drinking about 60% of all the alcohol we brought with us.
[Dream, Marcus speaking] 25 Years ago there was young
teenage girl called Jessica. Who got pregnant and had a baby.
[Dream, Marcus speaking] She was bullied by the kids at her school and
in the neighbourhood and one day, just a few days after giving birth
[Dream, Marcus speaking] she snapped and ran away. She ran
into the woods, these woods to be precise and hanged herself.
[Dream, Jack speaking] Are you
enjoying your time in the woods?
[Dream, Alex speaking] More than I expected,
now that I'm sharing a tent with you.
[Dream, Mrs Corman speaking] I
will finish what I have started!
[Phone notification]
[shock music]
[door creaking]
[loud scream]