The Smoke Master (2022) Movie Script

[Chinese music]
A criminal faction, dissident from
the ancient Heaven and Earth Society,
used to pressure martial arts masters
to train their armies of crime.
[men fighting]
[dramatic music playing]
The Smoke Style belongs to no one.
My dear, all other masters bowed to us.
The smoke goes wherever it pleases...
and I'm leaving today.
Quit the mumbo jumbo.
Let's fight.
[man gasping]
Did you poison my weed?
Yes, my darling.
I hope your son is fine.
Because you won't be the only one to pay.
No, the Three Generations
Revenge, no!
Yes my love.
We're tracking your wife.
When your son reaches your age,
we'll kill him.
When your grandchild reaches your age,
we'll kill him, too.
That's your curse.
They shall not outlive you.
I guarantee a fair fight.
Both parties cannot
use weapons, only fists.
To be free, they'll have
to survive their 27th birthday.
Goodbye, my love.
[dramatic music]
Dani, let's go, we are late. Dani?
He's gone.
[dog barking]
[funk music]
-[brakes squeal]
-[men gasp]
What the fuck?
Can't you see me?
Hello, Master Abel.
How are you, Mrs. Wu?
I'm fine, thanks to your remedy.
I woke up much better,
my back pain is almost gone.
Great. I will order some more.
-[Wu] Thank you very much, see you later.
-See you later.
Gabriel, Fajin!
That boy seems to move well,
but not good enough.
He's a piece of shit.
You'd destroy him in seconds.
Of course.
You know, we've been watching
these guys for a month now,
they are fucking sheep,
waiting to be put down.
I know we are supposed
to stay here and report.
But I think I should have
a little bit of fighting.
Eeny, meeny...
moe. [laughs]
[tranquil music]
[man laughs]
Don't you fucking touch me!
Let's go now,
you're embarrassing me.
What is it?
We'll be back.
[dramatic music]
Growing some balls?
-What for?
-To face your father.
After your little fight today.
Ah, for God's sake.
Do you want some?
No, thank you.
Were those guys Triad?
These guys have been
watching us for quite sometime.
-They are always there.
-I doubt it's a coincidence.
They almost ran me over.
Then they show up in our training.
Obviously, it's not a coincidence.
They have a cool car, a thug's car.
Will they really come back?
Calm down, relax,
they won't come back.
But if they come back...
they will have to face Rebecca.
Girl, what was that?
-He destroyed him before me.
I heard this story
when I was about Gabriel's age.
Legend says a young warrior
stood in front of a temple.
And challenged
an old master to fight.
The young man was known
for his total lack of respect.
He always waited
for the opponent to make the first move.
Watched his mistakes
to strike back furiously.
He had never lost a fight.
Soon, the warrior began
to insult the old master.
Everything he did offended
the master's ancestors and style,
who remained unmoved.
By the end of the day,
tired and humiliated...
the young man gave up and withdrew.
Without getting a single reaction.
Everyone in the temple
was disappointed with the master.
Was he a coward?
Did he not have the courage
to face the young man?
To that the wise master replied...
"If you receive a gift
and you don't accept,
whose gift is it?"
Damn it Daniel, it's too early to smoke.
The smoke...
helps me think outside the box,
and act at the right time.
Yeah, great.
It's not even nine in the morning.
-What do you want?
That's stupid, I won't hit you.
-Come on, do it.
So, you are going to leave us
to move in with Kelly.
Then youll leave Kelly, to train
with this weird master, right?
What's up, bro?
Will you miss me?
Six months and I'm back.
Just tell me one thing.
How are you going to find a place
no one knows where it is?
No one has ever gone there.
I just have to go.
-[Abel] Daniel!
-Hold it for me!
No, get this away from me.
What a mess, Daniel.
Are you sure
you'll move out Saturday?
Yes, Master.
Were you training?
Yes, I was training.
Gabriel was helping me.
No, I wasn't helping.
Well, ok...
One more letter.
-Send it for me please.
-I will.
-You're an idiot.
-You shit yourself.
Idiot! That's what you are.
Those were Mom's, right?
I will take these beauties with me.
Okay. Take them.
They're worthless anyway.
Worthless for those
who do not practice.
Sure. It's worthy for those
who practice...
You practiced to become Van Damme,
now you'll train with this master
and what will you become?
Bruce Lee? Is this the next step?
You are jealous.
I'm leaving, I have to work.
Okay, you go then.
[tense music]
Come on, Gabriel, a little help here.
Are you here?
Focus on the training.
Sorry, I got it.
Shifu, what's going on?
Is there any reason
for you to be unfocused?
I want to know,
why the Triad is following us.
Yesterday, that guy...
shot me with his finger.
This idiotic gesture.
They want what everybody wants.
To see how far you guys go.
Fix that hair, take these rags off,
because tonight we party, brother.
Also, a shower won't hurt.
[dance music]
Let's do a J, shall we?
This is to celebrate the birthday.
Well, man, it's not that much
of a celebration.
This will only get you high.
I'm kidding.
-Yours is here.
Daniel, Daniel!
Let's dance. Let's dance.
[dance music]
Your parents
would be so proud of you.
You are my father.
I taught you everything I knew.
Now, you're ready to start your training
with the Smoke Master.
-Would you grant me this dance?
I know you're a Bruce Lee fan.
He used to say be yourself.
It's not about repeating patterns.
You must find your own style.
Tomorrow I will arrive
earlier for training
and I will find my Way of the Dragon.
-See you there.
-I deserve it.
[music on headphones]
[can clanks]
[dramatic music]
-[bone crunching]
[can clanks]
What a hangover...
Is that Hugo?
Hugo! Hey, Bro!
What happened?
-Give him some water.
Open your mouth.
It was my fault, I lost my focus.
Got carried away.
Who did this to you? Who?
They were three.
-I gave him space.
-Who was he?
-Let's go after them!
-Calm down, Gabriel.
Let's go after them!
Take him to the hospital.
I will take care of it.
Hey, pal, where are you going?
[cartoon music]
Fucking wanker.
[man] No weapons!
Only hands. I want him alive!
You got lucky.
[clinks weapons]
Your Bagua Zhang stinks!
Come on!
This does not belong to you.
Hey, babe.
What does the monkey speak?
Spanish, right?
No, honey, Portuguese.
Now, um, what do you think you are going
to accomplish by coming here?
You got a problem with me,
not my family.
Um, well....
This has been a family oriented
business for a while, boy.
So what do I got to do for you
to leave my family in peace?
You know,
at least for the next year.
you know, I am not
suppose to do this...
but I guess
I could use some action.
[imitating monkey]
Oh, boy, I broke up with the tradition
a long time ago.
I guess your shitty shifu
didn't tell you the whole story, did he?
All right, let's see
what you got, Lorenzo Lamas.
Get in there.
All right.
You know, I've been looking
for a decent challenge for a long time.
Come on! I'll tear you apart!
Come on!
Get up!
Finally, an enemy worth fighting.
Take him to the hospital, now!
-If he dies, you all die!
-Go, go, go, go!
[door closes]
So fake and easy.
Bang-bang, done.
Bang-bang, dirty.
It's okay. It's okay.
You do Wing Chun, right?
Wing Chun...
[tense music]
Let's wait for Daniel to see
what we'll do, okay, Hugo?
Male patient, 26 years old,
shot in the cervical spine.
Dani! Hey! What happened?
Our blood is cursed.
You must wait here.
-You have to wait here.
[phone ringing]
Yes, this is Caine.
What's happening there?
Madam Liu. Good to hear you.
Everything is going well.
Tonight we'll close the deal
with local politicians.
The police already accepted our proposal.
Businesses are running smoothly.
What happened today is unacceptable.
You weren't supposed to take care
of Jonas's first grandson
until he turns 27 years old.
Now, on the day of the fight,
and only then,
you will kill the two brothers.
No weapons. Only with your hands.
Remember, this revenge is personal to me.
Your return to America,
and your life, depends on it.
[hangs up]
-How is he?
-It's serious, Master.
-Lets go inside.
-No, let's solve this matter.
We must do something now, Master!
-Now is not the time.
-My brother got shot, man!
What do you want to do?
Get shot too?
I will kill you, motherfucker!
I've got a present for you.
Mr. Caine
want to try and contact.
This is good. Let's go check on him.
[dramatic music]
Who are you?
Wow, so strong.
You must train hard.
Drink with me?
No. Uh, I don't...
Who are you?
I came after you!
Did I invite him?
I really don't think so.
I am not going to waste my time
with a fucking maggot like you.
You see...
I only fight men.
Your brother,
he had something to offer.
Now, you...
not even for a warm-up session, boy.
Take him to the playground.
-You come with me!
[Caine] Ooh!
Go play.
All right, everyone,
enjoy the party.
Kill him!
Georgie, take him to the sauna.
Take the girls with you.
[Caine] Stop!
[dog barking]
Your brother will survive.
-No more bullshit!
[birds chirping]
[eerie music]
Dani, will you help me?
Go inside, son.
You kids stay here.
Leave only when Mommy
comes back.
It's gonna be okay.
[dramatic music]
What If he becomes paraplegic, Master?
What are we going to do?
That's the stuff!
That's enough, Big.
He'll be fine, bro. He is strong.
I just wanted to destroy those guys.
Be grateful, man.
If they wanted, you would be dead.
Sad thing, Daniel was so happy.
He was moving out,
about to have a child.
And he was going to start
training with the Smoke Master.
Big, don't start with
this Smoke Master shit again.
Do you remember Master Abel's stories?
About an unbeatable master,
that moves like smoke
and nobody can touch?
And he never teaches anyone.
[dramatic music]
What the fuck?
[machines beeping]
Shifu, what's going on?
Why did you get in their car?
With or without ice?
[Caine] He doesn't drink, babe.
Oh, and he doesn't fuck either.
And he doesn't finish his own fights.
Why don't you fight with me, then?
You know, you're lucky Mrs. Liu
honors the traditions.
But this vengeance
is not on you.
On Daniel's 27th birthday,
I will kill them.
I'll tell you what, though.
I will be happy
to take your life as well.
Our blood is cursed.
What curse is this, Shifu?
[machine beeping]
It all started with your grandfather.
He was also 27 years old
when the Three Generations Revenge began.
He was murdered by the Triad
for refusing to reveal
the secrets of the Smoke Style.
Your father always talked
about this curse.
But we never believed.
Until that day.
Your father put up a good fight.
Your mother shouldn't have died.
But she has your spirit
and decided to fight, too.
I promised her
I would take care of you
and I would prepare your brother
for when his time comes.
Take care of them.
How do we put an end to this?
I can fight in his place.
The Smoke Master can teach me.
It's not that simple.
You still have a lot to learn.
I trained your brother for this.
Your spirit...
is not ready yet.
Your spirit is not ready yet.
Mail Box: 024420. Payed.
[train whistle blows]
If I were you, I would disappear.
[upbeat music]
[train whistle blows]
[wind blowing]
[dramatic music]
What did you think was going
to happen, Mr. Effective?
You lost the younger one!
So, I guess youll have
to deal with Eva,
my second favorite
Colombian product..
[Caine laughing]
-That's my girl.
[dramatic music]
[upbeat music]
Good one!
Gabriel and Daniel are in deep shit.
I'm with them until the end.
No matter what.
Oops, my bad.
Get in here, you fuck.
[dramatic music]
You almost ran me over, brother.
Nice car.
Yeah, It's vintage.
Vintage. Cool.
[birds chirping]
[owl hooting]
[tranquil music]
Hello, good morning. Hey?
Can you tell me the address
of this mailbox, please?
The letters keep coming,
but I've never seen who gets it.
Good morning, do you know
where the Smoke Master lives?
I do not know.
-Do you know the Smoke Master?
-Never heard of him.
-We don't know him.
Good morning, do you know
the Smoke Master?
-You should go away.
There is no such thing.
Please, do you know the Smoke Master?
-Ah, I know.
-Do you?
-I've never heard of him.
-Who should I know?
-The Smoke Master.
-Ah, I know him.
-Do you?
-I never heard of him.
Who should I know?
I got it, thanks.
Good morning.
Excuse me, please.
Don't you know where
I can find the Smoke Master?
-Don't you know his name?
Do you know his name?
Smoke Master?
Grand Master Yan Wu.
The worst kind of blind mind
is the one who smokes
and does not inhale.
They are all crazy. Gracias.
Do you happen to know where
this kung fu master lives?
People say he lives
near the mountains.
Another applicant.
One more to cry out of here.
Look, you can get a bus right there.
It can take you far away from here.
-That way.
I just want to see...
[soft music]
Well, ahh, what's your name?
I'm Gabriel.
Thereza, don't you know where
the Smoke Master lives?
Bye, thank you.
Thereza, help him.
[soft music]
It's here.
Thank you.
[man speaking Chinese]
You know the Smoke Master, right?
Can you please tell him I'm here?
-I can't.
Master, you are the Smoke Master.
The smoke is my master!
My name is Gabriel, Abel's son,
a Bagua Zhang master.
He sent me to train with you.
This is not possible.
Your brother...
I am expecting him.
Not you!
But Master, I'm ready.
Please, test me.
You? All right.
Let's see what you can do.
Let's see.
Now it's your turn.
Smoke as much as you can.
Don't let the smoke out.
No matter what.
Take a deep hit,
fill your body with smoke.
I want to see you hold.
Please, one more chance.
Here, I can.
First, remove your foot off my doorstep.
Sorry, sorry.
-[tranquil music]
-Neither the mind,
nor the body.
Not even the spirit.
Are not ready.
I will not give up.
My father and grandfather died
because of this stupid vengeance.
I won't give up.
I will not!
Good morning, stranger.
Good morning, pothead.
I am Zhan, at your disposal.
-And I am Zhuang.
-Zhan, Zhuang?
I'm Gabriel, good morning.
What are you doing here?
Yeah, what are you doing here?
I will become a disciple
of the Smoke Master.
I will become a disciple
of the Smoke Master.
This is harder than me
letting my weed expire.
Yeah, it never gets old.
This one here.
Can you see?
This one I planted myself.
Is better than Zhan's.
It even tastes like guava.
Here. I feel pity for you.
Take it.
This will help your training.
Thank you, Zhan.
I am Zhuang. He is Zhan.
No, no, no.
He is Zhuang. I am Zhan.
You are confusing him.
I am Zhuang. He is Zhan.
No, it is not.
I am Zhan and he is Zhuang.
-Zhuang, Zhuang, Zhuang.
-Zhan, Zhan, Zhan.
[Beethoven 5th symphony playing]
Let's go.
Good luck there, pothead.
He has a lot to learn.
He will be there all the time, right?
[music continues]
[wind blowing]
Hi. You didn't have to...
Thank you.
Wake and bake, bro.
What's up? Giving up?
No, I'm fine.
No, I am fine.
-All right.
Hands on the wall.
Heads down!
Where is the stash?
Calm down. We're just students.
You are no student. You're a bum!
-What are you looking at? Head down.
-And this yellow finger?
-It is from hard working.
Hard working, my ass.
Open your legs!
And you, Ching Ling?
Where's the marijuana?
Will you show it?
We will find it one way or another.
No marijuana, no evidence.
I said open your fucking legs.
Are you crazy?
[dramatic music]
Welcome back.
First of all. My name is Yan Wu.
But outside this farm
I have no name.
Just like the smoke...
we disappear.
From now on,
forget your life out there.
But what about my brother?
You will not be able
to help your brother
thinking about him.
To train with me, how can I say...
it may take days, it may take years.
You are going to reap just what you sow.
Your blooming is up to you.
The training has no beginning and no end.
Train, train!
Smoke, smoke!
Drink your tea.
Smoke a joint.
Tea and food I am happy to provide.
But the joint...
it's up to you.
[laughs] Can you dig it?
It's up to you.
[upbeat music]
Now, roll another one,
and smoke again!
You can't roll?
Why didn't you tell me?
No. When I used it a few times
it was pre-rolled.
First lesson: To grind.
Use your fingers.
Start with this one.
I will be back when you are done.
[Abel] Calm down, trust me.
You can do it.
I expect you to be faster.
Now, second lesson:
To roll a joint.
There are many ways,
but you have to find...
Smoke this one.
Try to relax.
But, Grand Master...
why can't I use the pipe?
Pipe smoking is an art.
-[tranquil music]
-If you can't even use your fingers...
how will you control your body?
Grand Master, this will take ages.
Try to relax.
These three are more or less.
Do it all again.
From now on
you have to wake up
as early as the fog.
Uh-huh, what?
No. Yes, Master, of course.
Now, do Zhan Zhuang of the smoke.
And now?
You will stay in that position
until the next fog.
[wind blowing]
[tranquil music]
Learning to grow is mandatory.
In the beginning of the world,
there was smoke.
There is no life without smoke.
Hmm. Not so bad.
You have to control your reactions.
Use the fright to train
your Fajin abilities.
Push the ground.
Use the strength of the whole body.
[music continues]
All martial arts originated from nature.
Mainly the Smoke Style.
You feel the water, right?
Water is like smoke.
It can involve you on the outside
and fill you up on the inside.
Let's go.
It's taking too long.
Holy shit, I don't believe it.
[Yan Wu]
The history of the Smoke Style
and marijuana growing,
share the same ground.
They are like water and milk,
which mix perfectly.
This has been going on
for over three thousand years.
Now you will taste the medicine.
Come on, go in!
Grab balls, push.
It's my turn. My turn.
Ahh! That is wrong.
Practice more.
Not good!
Too weak!
Why can't you do it right?
Son of bitch.
You fucking pussies.
[upbeat music]
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
[music continues]
Think fast!
I will visit a friend.
-You are coming, too.
Better than training here alone.
I'm up to it.
Did you say train?
This is a great opportunity
for you to train.
You can see the mountains
and the rivers.
Relax and enjoy.
Wait a second, let me see if I understand.
Will I be the horse?
Horse. Horse. Horse. Horse.
Get up there. Come on.
-Put a little bit down.
Let's go.
[Gabriel groaning]
Stop, stop, stop.
Stop, stop, stop.
-Hello, my friend!
-How are you?
-Is everything all right?
Did you smoke well today?
Did you eat well today?
[both laugh]
He is my student, Gabriel.
-Have you been smoking?
Smoking, smoking a lot.
A lot. A lot.
Look how beautiful.
It is magnificent.
The quality is very good.
To reach this quality,
you need skilled hands.
You have to remove the oils
while the plant is alive.
This is the real Charas.
This is the real kung fu.
[upbeat music]
I will get some coffee.
What's going on, Gabriel?
I don't know what kind
of training this is.
Either you want me to become
a pack mule or just a stoner.
When smoke surrounds you
you can touch it
to feel the whole universe.
When you release the smoke,
you become the smoke.
Be smoke.
Be smoke, my friend.
[singing] The moonlight
Shining over my bed
Looks like ice on the floor
I look up to the moon
And remember my homeland
[man] Your master is unique.
He is one of the last Smoke Masters.
I know that, but...
Trust him!
He knows what is best for you.
Do you do Tui Shou?
-Tui Shou? Yes, I do.
-Let's go?
[continues playing]
Now, let's smoke from my personal stash.
I came here to avenge my family.
Not to be watering plants.
You said you were going
to teach me the Smoke Style.
So, why don't you teach me?
Good what?
[dramatic music]
[upbeat music]
He tricked me.
[laughs] Getting better.
Now it is your turn.
I'm here, you silly boy.
Don't bogart that joint.
You still have a lot to learn.
The bong is your strongest hit.
Your body has to be fully relaxed.
[Yan Wu laughing]
It's not too warm.
Perfect! That's all we needed.
Look at this, man!
Take this.
-Take it all.
Come on, give me that.
For love sake, bring it here.
I'm going to the city for some paper?
Not just paper.
The best paper in town.
There is always
a first time for everything.
Here, Master.
That is a joint.
Master, how can a sacred plant
be banned out there?
I have no idea.
I think this one hasn't kicked yet.
Let's roll another one.
You need to buy more bread.
What? No!
Some people feel...
the rain. Others--
just get wet.
Bruce Lee?
Bob Marley!
Now you have to gather all the puffs.
In one single Tao Lu.
The Smoke Tao Lu.
First of all, grind the weed.
Now roll the joint.
Light it up.
Smoke it!
Smoke Sativa of the Americas.
Smoke Indica from Asia.
Use the pipe.
End with hit from the bong.
[thunder crashing]
A storm is coming soon.
It smells like our pot.
[wind blowing]
You are missing your old life.
You will see your family pretty soon.
That is why you have to face
your biggest difficulty.
Your weak point.
Fear can blind you.
It breeds anger and suffering.
Take good care of your fear.
Gather your things.
Let's go up the mountain.
[drum beats]
[drum beats]
[wind blowing]
[bowl rings]
Everything is gonna be okay.
Our blood is cursed.
I trained your brother for this.
-I only fight men.
-[bowl rings]
[knife clatters]
[Yan Wu] Look.
This ganja I grew.
This Ganja you grew.
Just like your plants, you are ready.
This is your pipe.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
-Remember your friends!
Just roll one of each.
We would not miss this day for anything.
The two messy dudes arrived.
Do you see what happens?
[phone ringing]
See what happens
when you fuck someone
in the ass?
This is Caine.
-Mr. Co.
-Mrs. Liu.
I hope you have good news.
Have you found the younger one?
We are working on it. Don't worry.
You must ensure the Three Generations
Revenge's success.
In 3000 years we have never failed.
Everything is already prepared.
What about the situation
with the politicians?
It's done...
You look like a street rat.
Will you limp like your father?
Say bye to Daddy.
[pot shatters]
Gabriel still has a long way...
[tranquil music]
Hey! Come back here, you tramp.
-Yes, you.
Look who's here, Miyagi.
Today, that old pothead won't help you.
-Listen to me...
-Just a second.
-[upbeat music]
-Who do you think you are?
It's all cool. It's cool.
Want some?
It's good, you're nervous, you'll relax.
Just kidding.
Okay, it's okay.
[soft music]
[line ringing]
Gabriel, the time has come.
The Triad kidnapped your niece.
Where are you?
Gabriel? Gabriel?
[tense music]
Fucking Karate Kid.
[knocking on door]
Everything will be fine.
I am so glad you are here.
What's up, Big?
-How is Kelly?
-She is focused.
Tomorrow is Daniel's 27th birthday
and we'll face our destiny.
You choose to fight with us.
Remember, kung fu brothers are for life.
We will destroy them all.
[upbeat music]
Now that we started,
we won't stop anymore.
[calm music]
Give back my daughter!
The bedwetter?
She's here, come and get her.
You know, Mrs. Liu sent
this stupid little memory
from your dead grandfather.
Go fetch, boy.
Good dog.
We came to end this damn vengeance,
once and for all.
[tense music]
[intense music]
Did you bring the bedwetter's teddy bear?
Come on.
[music ends]
Oops. [laughs]
This time I will destroy you.
[intense music]
When I'm done with you
I'm going to finish your crippled brother
and the rest of your fucking family.
Today I will end
this reefer madness
kung fu of yours.
[Yan Wu]
When you exhale the smoke,
you become the smoke.
Be smoke!
[phone ringing]
You guys fought really well.
You have honored your ancestors
and the tradition was maintained.
Sorry we had to kidnap the child.
Now leave us alone.
The Three Generations Revenge is over.
But the Smoke Style
will still bow before the Triad.
We will see about that.
[gate squeaks]
[lighter strikes]
[tranquil music]
[wind blowing]
[upbeat music]
[echoing laughter]
[music continues]
[music fades]
[rock music]
[singing in Portuguese]
[music fades]
[Yan Wu singing in Chinese]