The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow (2013) Movie Script

Sorry I crashed the cart, guys.
I swear I saw something coming right at us.
That was the road, Panicky.
Hey, Hefty! How's it looking?
Lookin' good. Nice size. Excellent definition.
Not your muscles. The wheel.
That's busted.
We're all gonna die!
Maybe. Or we could all mp out hare,
walk back homo In the morning.
Hey! Why don't we tell ghost stories?
Mo you out oi you! mum?
You want to tell me a ghost...
Hey. How ya doin'?
Ghosts aren't real, Panicky.
Or are they?
It's even scarier out there!
- Okay. Who said that?
-Yeah, who's there?
- It's a ghost!
-No, I'm not a ghost.
It's that guy with the big voice.
He always says what just happened.
That's Narrator Smurf to you!
- Yeah, that's you. How you doin'?
-I'm doing quite well, thank you.
And if it is a ghost story you seek,
I know one that is smurfsolutely true.
It': jun the nerves.
Help me!
The story takes place beyond
the old covered bridge,
in a place no Smurf In their right mlnd
would dare to enter,
and where a vengeful, restless spirit
is trapped forever.
You mean the Headless Smurfman?
I mean, the Smurfless Headman?
The Headless Horseman.
Excuse me, the Headless Horseman,
that ain't real. No disrespect.
Oh, but It ls.
There are some Smurfs
who have actually seen him.
- Oh, yeah? Who?
- Yeah Who?
You moan you don't know
the Legend of Smurfy Hollow?
The story begins the year
of the Golden Harvest.
The Smurfs were celebrating the arrival'
of autumn with games, music and dance.
Gather around, Smurfs.
It's time for the event
you've all been waiting for...
The fashion show?
Hey! Stop foraging in my harvest hat!
No, Vanity. It's time for the Smurfberry Hunt!
The rule: are the same u every your.
The Smurf who brings back the most
smurfberries before sundown wins!
Sorry, I didn't catch what she said.
I'm having trouble hearing her over
the clanging of these victory medals
that I'm wearing from the past nine years
of smurfberry hunts.
Yeah, joke it up, laddy, because
this is the year I'm going to win.
HI. hi, ha, and ha!
That is the sound of me scoffing
at the very notion of that impossibility.
Reporter Smurf with the Smurfington Post.
Brainy, you've won nine times in a raw.
Do you think anyone has even
a smurf of a chance against you?
Good question
Let me survey the competition.
Looks like you'll all be treated
to a new Brainy victory dance this year
as I am officially retiring the smurfomotion.
- Go, Brainy!
-You're the best!
You're too kind!
- Thank you for your adulation!
-You're awesome!
Crikey, what a showoff!
It just doesn't make any sense,
him winning all these years.
I'm bigger, stronger, braver,
and I don't wear any pants to slow ma down.
There's something rotten
in the state of Den-smurf,
and I'm gonna get to the bottom of it.
Let the games begin!
- Look, over there.
- Holy Smurf, look at than barrios.
- How's it going, Greedy?
- Hey there, Lazy!
I'm exhausted.
Easy there, Clueless Smurf.
That there's the old covered bridge
that leads to Smurfy Hollow!
- The Headless Horseman lives over there!
- Oh, I had no clue.
No one tells me anything.
There we go. Much better.
Smurfy Hollow?
I hate this spooky stuff.
Come on, Gully.
Your name I: Gully, for Smurf: sake.
Why did it have to be bats?
Great Smurf!.
He has his own secret stash!
He's been coming here every year,
hogging all the bounty for himself!
The very notion of a Headless Horseman...
How would he navigate? He has no senses!
And if it ralns,
wouldn't hls body ill with water?
The other Smurfs don't know
how to think than things through.
Your after your,
ha': been making a fool of ma!
But I've got an idea
that's gonna put him rlght!
Just one more bucket, then I'm going home!
What was that?
Must have been a dead tree branch.
It's quite common in windy conditions.
Just relax, Brainy.
It must be a harmless animal,
maybe, like, a toothless ield mouse
or a legless weasel, or a...
A tall zebra?
No! Horseman! I'm the Headless Horseman!
No, no, no, no! It can't be!
He's totally buying it!
I've been pumpkined!
It worked!
It's a berry bonanza!
Whose medal will be clankin' now?
That's right, little smurfberry!
I've won fair and square!
Or at lam, square.
What's that? Brainy?
Oh, don't you worry, he'll be fine.
My glasses!
It seems my frenzied sprinting
and hysterical shrieking
was a shrewd course of action.
It definitely smurfed me to safety.
Oh, boy!
This cage has Gargamel written all over it.
All right, Smurfs!
The Smurfberry Hunt ls officially over!
Lazy, how many smurfberries did you get?
I have one.
Very good. That's two more than last year!
And what did you get, Vanity?
Even handsomer...
Hey! You again! Bad goat!
Stop it! Not my cornucopia.
And you, Greedy? How many did you get?
A lot.
Brainy! You've outdone yourself this year!
Think again, Papa.
- Yes!
How do you like them smurfberries?
Well, this is unexpected.
- Consmurfulations, Gutsy!
- This is unbelievable.
Gutsy has won the Smurfberry Hunt!
Gutsy has won the Smurfberry Hunt!
We have a new champion!
That's right. And how about a victory dance?
- Gutsy! Gutsy!
- Thank you!
Who's on top and who's on bottom now?
Good for you, Gully!
You've truly earned this your': modal!
Yeah, of course I did.
- Why did you say it like that?
- Like what?
- Nothing.
-Hey, Wait a mlnute!
What is it, Suspicious Smurf?
Where's Brainy?
It's not like the reigning champ
to not show up.
That's very strange indeed.
You don't thing something happened
to him out in the forest, do you?
- Do you think he got lost?
- What if he fell in a ditch?
Maybe a legless weasel got him.
You know what, I think I might have
spotted Brainy in the woods earlier.
I'll go and see if he needs help
with his baskets, shall I?
Off I go. See you.
Oh, for Smurfs sake, why did he have
to run away like that?
- Come on, Brainy!
-Hey, Gutsy!
I mean...
Hey, what are you doing here, lass?
I thought I'd help you look for Brainy.
Where'd you see him, exactly?
- Oh, you know, he was jun over there...
- By Smurfy Rock?
- No, no, more... You know, that
- By Smurfy Crook?
No, not Smurfy Creek... More...
Why are you looking at me like that?
Stop grilling me, woman!
I can't take it anymore!
It was just a wee little prank, that's all.
A prank? What kind of prank?
It may have involved a fake
Headless Horseman...
- What?
-I only wanted to teach him a lesson.
But he ran off like a banshee
into Smurfy Hollow and...
Brainy is in Smurfy Hollow? Alone?
It's almost dark. Come on!
I never should have gotten out
of bed this morning...
Assuming a wooden bar has
a circumference of 18 emurimetere,
the force required to snap It
would be precisely...
- Gutsy! Smurfette!
-Oh, my Smurf, Brainy! Are you okay?
Well, I'm trapped 30 feet in the air
in a sinister Gargamelian cage.
- This ls not what 'okay' looks like.
-Yes, come on, come on.
Let's get him dawn from there
end get out of this creepy forest.
Hold on, Gutsy.
We need to think this through.
Yes, a classic Gargamol tactic tactic is
to set additional traps around...
We don't have time to overthink this!
Now we've got plenty of time
to overthink this.
- Do you think Papa's looking for us?
-Not in Smurfy Hollow.
I hate to further complicate things, guys,
but the Headless Horseman is out there.
Searching. Without senses.
I know it defies all rational explanations.
- Okay, fine.
- Yeah, he tricked you!
This is all your fault!
It's not all my fault!
I'm not the one sneakin' around,
keeping all the smurfberries for myself.
- Why you...
- What was that?
It's Azrael.
He's going to get Gargamel!
Oh, boy. What are we going to do?
Listen, guys. I have an idea.
But It's gonna take guts and brains.
Do you think you two could work together?
Just one drop. I've got to be very precise.
Two drops would be bad.
Three drops...
I don't even know
whet three drops would do.
Azrael! Can't you see that I'm working?
Control yourself.
Get off of me, you frenzied feline!
What did you say? How many?
Three! Excellent! Excellent!
You welt here. You'll only get In my way!
I don't know where they are.
Are you coming?
- Gutsy, do you have enough momentum?
- Aye, Smurfette! I'm giving it all she's got.
Brainy, we need perfect coordination.
Yes! Gutsy, it's crucial that you shift
your weight at exactly T mlnus zero.
- And when is that?
- Just about now!
It's working! It's also making me sick!
Brace yourselves!
Oh, no, Smurfette is still up there!
It's okay. We still have time
before Gargamel shows up.
Come on!
Do you even know where you're going?
Hello, Smurfs!
Wait. I thought you said
there were three Smurfs.
Go look for the other two!
Why hello, my dear daughter.
Finally, we meet again, eh?
I always knew you would be
returned to me someday.
You know, there's this magical
new device called a toothbrush!
My grooming ls perfectly up to 16th century
standards. Thank you very much!
- Hey, Gargasmell!
-There's a nose on your wart!
Why you!
Not bad!
Come on! Now's your chance!
Come here!
$55 Fm E
- What do we do?
- I think we might be done here.
It was an honor smurfing with you.
Azrael, what is that?
Oh, Headless.
Crikey! He really does exist!
He's gaining on us! We're doomed!
No, we're not! The legend sly:
the Horsemen I: trapped In the Hollow!
Since when do you believe in legends?
Since they started chasing me
with aming pumpkins...
- So you're saying...
-If we can get to the bridge, we're safe!
Brilliant! You're a genius!
- We're never going to make It!
-Yes, we will!
But we need better transportation!
I got you, laddy!
Come on! Climb aboard the red-eye!
Nice work, Smurfs.
we did it!
Azrael, look at that!
He can't exit the Hollow!
What's the matter? Scared?
'Oh, I'm such a tough ghost!
I can't even cross a tiny little bridge!'
What's that for?
Get off of me! Let go, you foul furball!
What? What is a "water-ball"?
Azrael, are you dead?
I'm starting to like that Horseman.
Especially when he's riding away.
There you are!
We were getting worried about you.
Now, Gutsy, are you ready
to receive your medal?
That's nice and all
but I think Brainy should have it.
Look, Brainy.
I just want to say I'm sorry.
For scaring you like that and all.
It's just... I tried so hard every year,
and you always won.
I'm sorry, too.
I shouldn't have kept all those
smurfberries a secret.
And I may have gotten carried away
with the whole winning thing.
Seems to me, laddy,
that we let winning a medal got in the way
of what's really important here.
- Family.
- That's true.
See, you guys,
when the two of you help each other,
well, that's what family is all about.
Still, you should have it.
Negative, I have not exactly been playing fair.
- No, come on new, lad!
- No, you won.
- You should have It.
- You take It!
- No, It has to be you!
- No, It has to be you!
- You...
-Just take It!
Lazy, how does it feel to be
this year's Smurfberry Hunt champion?
- Come here, ya big sook!
-Okay, Gutsy...
- I love this wee little lad!
- That's a little much...
Too much momentum.!
Van] ma.
Hey, Drummer Smurf, give me a beat.
Good job getting them home safe.
I guess I should change you back now.
You must be hungry.
Okay, let's go find Vanity's hat.
So the Headless Horseman was a goat?
Wall, sure, I mun,
what also could It have been?
Just to set the record straight,
Hefty was completely unscared
the entire situation.
Not scared. Not even one little...
Hold me!
It's just a bat, Hefty.
Hey! Give a guy a break.