The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice (2016) Movie Script

Here's the safe.
Open the safe, amigo, or else.
Lo siento. I don't
even know the combination.
Give the signal.
Starboard to signal.
How do you like my opener?
Who the heck are you? Hello and good-bye.
They call me El Rollan.
I'm a legend in these parts.
I'll teach you to rob innocent people.
We know how to do that already.
You would look much more fearsome
if you had a gun or a sword in your hand.
Surrender immediately, or
I'll smite you with my...
Eh... uh... with this.
He's gonna smite us with his fish.
- Look at Rollan the legend.
- Rollan the loser.
Okay, I'll smite you with my tuna.
Nice dancing.
You remind me of myself when I was young.
I also dreamed of being a legend.
So someone gave me this book
and said, "Read it and go."
Here. I pass it on to you now.
If you want to become a
legend someday, read it and go.
Looks to me like the
girls are crazy about you.
No, they're just plain crazy.
I have nothing to do with it.
- I love you, Dad.
- Look!
Why do they envy us? We're orphans who
are forced to travel around like gypsies.
To them, we're legends. We defeated
the Snow Queen and saved the world.
Legends? Really?
Somehow I feel more like a circus
sideshow act, like a singing donkey.
The students are just arriving now.
We'll bring you out in about five minutes.
At least with these kids, there's
someone out there who needs us.
No one will ever replace
our parents, Gerda.
Here. I wanted to give you this.
- It's a drawing I made for you.
- Wow. Kai.
You drew this?
Thank you. It's beautiful.
It's amazing.
But you were so little
the last time you saw them.
How did you remember what they looked like?
Sometimes I see them in my dreams.
Oh, Kai, thank you.
We have very special
guests here today, children.
Here they are, the famous
defeaters of the Snow Queen,
the sibling legends, Gerda and Kai.
And that's how we defeated the Snow Queen.
Our parents would be proud of us now.
Kids, you have five minutes to
talk with our honored guests.
I'm afraid you're squeezing
in a little too tight.
Please, give us some space.
I want an autograph too!
So adorable.
Go, go, go!
I got a lock of his hair!
Wait! Stop!
You forgot your payment.
Here you are.
You gave such a great performance.
Looks like we'll go without dinner tonight.
Remember, they can't destroy our memories.
And this. Let me fix it.
Tough luck.
Okay, what's next?
Tomorrow we're speaking at another
grade school in the countryside,
and after that...
Let me see that.
- Kai!
- Scrambling around from town to town for peanuts.
This wouldn't be happening to us if our
parents were around, you can be sure of that.
But we don't have parents anymore.
What else would we do? Where would we go?
I've already thought everything through.
We'll stay with Orm for a while.
He'll be happy to have us over,
and the other trolls don't
really care who we are.
No one will ever play nasty tricks
on us or tear us apart for souvenirs.
- Stay with Orm?
- Yeah.
We'll stay with him and
then decide what to do next.
I guess it could work.
But if you didn't like the way we
lived, why didn't you say so before?
I tried. You just didn't listen.
Oh, Kai, I...
Looks like we're walking to Orm's.
Hmm. Hmph.
Cheer up. Just think of the
cool life we'll have there.
And a cool place to stay.
And no more Snow Queen stories.
Promise me?
I promise.
No one will know who we really
are, so let's keep it that way.
I think we even need to change our names.
Change our names? Why?
We need simple and unassuming names.
How about Hansel and Gretel?
We're regular kids, not some legends.
Or even better, how about pirate names?
You can be Cutthroat Carl and I'll be...
Kai, what on earth are you doing?
Sometimes Alfida goes
out skiing in this area.
She knows my signal. With
any luck she'll see us.
Alfida, the pirate girl?
So this is what you meant by skiing?
Looks like you lubbers could
use a lift. Climb aboard.
What are you doing here? Did you
finally decide to become pirates?
No way.
Will you take us to Orm's?
Sure. I'm all free now. I'm on my holiday.
I'll get you!
- Orm doesn't feel bored here.
- Luta!
Hi, Orm!
Kai! Gerda! Alfida! My old friends.
Load the cannons and fire!
Nice place you've got here.
By thunder, this is a right awesome cabin.
Yeah, well, Grandma became a queen,
and now I have some relatives
I didn't know about before.
I'm off to the mountainside. I want to
paint the landscape in the moonlight.
Buenas tardes.
Hey, didn't anyone
teach you to knock first?
Sorry, Orm, but you've promised
to tell one more legend.
Sure. Come on in.
Meet Gerda, Alfida, and Kai.
Guys, this is Rollan.
Hola, amigos.
So you're from Spain?
How did you end up here?
This pirate lady gave me a book that
opened my eyes and changed my life.
I'm fascinated by legends, so I
came here to the land of the legends.
Everyone knows that
trolls are famous for them.
Pirate lady? Oh!
That was my mom.
She told me all about
you, the legend fanatic.
The pirates still laugh about it.
I believe the old saying...
where there's smoke, there's fire.
Legends do exist. They're all around us.
Gerda and Kai are such beautiful names.
Straight from the legend Orm once told me.
Actually, our names are very
common where we come from.
Orm told you?
How interesting.
What legend is that? Tell us.
Fine, then.
Listen to my personal
favorite, which is about Gerda,
who saved all the trolls
from the Snow Queen.
Remember a couple of years ago we had
a very long winter and nobody knew why?
Someone blamed a global cold snap.
Someone else a conspiracy
of sled and ski sellers.
But indeed that was the doing
of the mighty Snow Queen.
No way! Really?
S, mi amigo.
And we would all have been frozen
if it were not for the
two heroes, Gerda and Kai.
- Wow.
- So here's how the story goes.
Then Gerda leaped to the
Snow Queen and yelled,
Then Gerda grabs the
Snow Queen by the collar,
really lets her have it.
- Ha!
- Uh... uh...
And the Snow Queen is like, "Oh,
little Gerda, please don't kill me."
And Gerda says, "You kidnapped
my brother. You froze my parents.
I'll destroy you."
And she beat her with
magic, magic, more magic.
Abracadabra! Scorky yorky!
Then Gerda throws the Snow
Queen right up into the sky.
Now there she is, the North Star.
Wow. That's amazing.
What was there before the North Star?
I-I-I'll go get
some firewood.
- It's getting pretty chilly in here.
- Orm!
- What?
- Were you trolling him?
Why are you blaming me?
Trolls all over our kingdom compete
to come up with the funniest legend
to tell the new guy in town.
I'm sorry, Rollan.
What a fool I was.
Wait. How do you know this
legend isn't really true?
Are you the very same
legends from the story?
Are you the unbelievable mix of
awesomeness and power that they call Kai?
And are you Gerda,
the most beautiful and heroic
girl in the entire world?
- Yes.
- No!
- Yes!
- No! You promised.
Yes, I promised. But lying isn't right.
Are you calling me a liar?
Both you and I decided to
keep it a secret. Remember?
He asked a simple question, so
I gave him a truthful answer.
I've had it with people like him.
Now they're coming all the
way from Spain to laugh at us,
to see the curiosities.
Everybody thinks that we're legends,
that we live this charmed life,
but we don't!
We move around from town
to town like vagabonds,
all for chump change.
But no more!
That "chump change" was
all we had to live on.
I can't hide any longer
or tell people lies.
Stop bickering, you two.
You're just a selfish narcissist.
And you're just ungrateful.
All right, then go.
Tell everyone about your
heroic feats. But without me.
Good. Maybe I will.
But who will look after you? Let's face
it. You're pretty helpless without me.
I don't need anyone to look after me.
- I don't need a sister!
- Oh!
If our parents were here, you would behave.
But they aren't!
Wait. What are you doing?
I'm buzzing off, away from here.
- It's my ship.
- Then help me.
I just don't understand how
Kai can behave like that.
You saved his life.
If somebody saved my life, I'd
be serving them peeled grapes.
I don't think Kai understands
how difficult it was for me
to make ends meet without
our parents around.
She didn't care about my opinion.
Your sister loves you.
She traveled halfway around the world
and defeated the Snow
Queen in order to save you.
That was a long time ago.
She changed a lot since then.
Now I think I'm just a burden for her.
I tried to provide a better
living for the both of us,
but without our parents
I'm afraid I failed.
Kai was everything that I had.
From now on I can fend for myself.
I'm leaving.
Have you thought that through carefully?
Yes, I think that it'll be
better for the both of us.
I understand your pain about your parents.
You know, I study legends
because I've been searching
for my lost mother too.
- Really?
- Yes.
It's still my dearest
wish to someday find her,
and I think I can now.
I know how to do it, because
there is this troll legend...
Wait. Did Orm tell you that one too?
No. Look at this.
It's called the wishing stone.
If a person finds it and makes their
dearest wish upon it, it will come true.
I've been searching for it for a long time.
The trolls couldn't help me
because they don't know where it is.
Omana's Caves, Lake Gao, the Temple.
The trolls all know about
these places as well.
It's just forbidden to go there.
- Forbidden?
- Of course it is.
You can get cursed, or cast spells there,
or cause trouble to the whole
city or even the entire world.
- Let's go.
- Where?
Let's find the wishing stone.
You're not the only one
who has a wish to make.
- But what about all the taboos and curses?
- Chicken?
I'd do anything for my mother.
It was the most amazing
thing I'd ever seen.
That's how it was.
This mirror helped me
to defeat the Snow Queen.
Hmm. Hmm.
That's it.
We're not tourists anymore.
We're professionals.
Do you know how to ice skate?
Don't worry. I'll teach you.
Hmm? Huh?
Two stones.
There is only one in the
legend, and we have two.
It looks too ominous to be
the wishing stone, doesn't it?
What are you talking about?
It's here to scare the tourists.
But we are professionals.
It's stuck.
Maybe it's a trap.
I don't see anything.
I'll check it out.
- What the...
- Rollan!
- Gerda!
- What's going on here?
Uh... Uh...
Rollan. Rollan!
- Huh?
- Rollan, are you okay?
I'm fine. Don't worry
about me. How are you?
I'm fine too.
I-I don't know. What's going on here?
Do you see anything there at all?
Yes! I found something!
What is it?
Uh... don't know yet.
What's going on, Gerda?
Maybe this!
Rollan, I've gotta get
you out of there! Hold on!
Ooh! Aah! Ohh!
Rollan, are you okay?
Thank you for saving me.
Uh, you're welcome.
Oh, wow.
It's so beautiful. Have you
ever heard of this place?
- No.
- Me neither.
It means no one ever
made it out of here alive.
Gerda, look!
The wishing stone!
I can't believe it. We did it. We found it.
Dear wishing stone,
please make my parents come back.
Glacium versus ignus.
- What's happening?
- I don't know.
You shall be hot like fire.
You shall be cold like ice.
The evil force inside you
will like a slave reside.
But the moment a star appears in the view,
the evil force will
make a slave out of you!
The Snow Queen!
Soon as the first star appears in the view,
my reign over the Earth will start anew.
Yeah. Oh, yeah, man.
Sitting out On this
cold, cold night
Watching the dudes
Fishing by the moonlight
With my horse, of
course It feels so right
Guess he just doesn't like reggae.
I guess no dudes here like reggae.
Oh! Ohh!
Rollan, are you okay?
I'm not sure.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Awesome!
Gerda, is it you?
I was afraid. You look like the Snow Queen.
- How did you do it?
- Uh...
Huh? What?
- Why are you looking at me like my head is on fire?
- Well...
What's happened to us?
Is it not my reflection?
The stone has something mixed up.
I just asked the wishing stone
to make my parents come back.
Those were your parents?
You should've warned me.
Don't be stupid.
It seems that the Snow Queen embodied me
and some kind of fire demon got into you.
In me? A demon?
Oh, my gosh.
- What are we going to do?
- I don't know.
Uh, this looks nothing
like our wishes coming true.
What now?
A long time ago Orm used to
be the Snow Queen's servant.
He should know what happened
to us. He'll help us.
- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.
And if I find out that he told you
about this wishing stone, I'll...
Got it.
Up, down, up, down, up, down.
Very good. Now stretch.
Back straight, chest out.
Now let's work those glutes.
And one, two, one, two, one, two.
What the...
- Oh, this feels great.
- Uncle Orm!
Hey there, buddy, come on in.
Wow. What's that smell?
I didn't do it.
- Me neither.
- Then who?
- Do you think we are still in the forbidden area?
- No idea. Keep quiet.
Your Majesty, the
celebration must be canceled.
And we have to think of
how to save our lives.
There is no escaping your destiny.
We can't spread panic.
But somebody dared to awaken
the ancient curse of Lake Gao.
The whole world is in danger.
Long ago my grandfather
died on the battlefield
trying to fight the lake's curse.
Trolls then hardly survived,
and now I'm given a chance
to fulfill his destiny.
What fool dared to step
into these forbidden caves?
We have to find him before
it's too late. But how?
We'll understand who
it is once we see them.
Do it then,
and I'll go to my people
and try to calm them down.
What have we done?
Hurry up to Orm. We need to
get everything back to normal.
What's more important, we
need to do that unnoticed.
Something has to be done
about our appearances too.
With your hair burning you won't go far.
And you look amazing.
No doubt. But what about you?
Huh! Ha!
Enjoy the show. Hey, look, what...
Aah! Oh, that hurts!
Quiet. It was just some water.
Water? It was painful.
Oh, please don't attract attention.
They'll notice us
because of you in no time.
Mmm. Mm-mmm.
Whew. Nobody noticed us.
Your Highness, there they are!
It's them! They're the culprits!
Ladies and gentlemen, trolls of all ages,
welcome to our one-and-only
performance in your fair town.
The Fire and Ice Show,
featuring that legendary
master of fire, Rollan.
That's Gerda, the one who
saved us from the Snow Queen.
Gerda! Gerda! Gerda!
Good thing I've always got a cool
head, huh? Now it's your turn.
You distract them. I'll find the way out.
Uh... Uh...
What else can you expect
from this clumsy chump?
Come on.
Rollan the legend?
Yeah, more like Rollan the loser.
It's him!
Capture them!
Catch them! I must know what's going on.
There's chaos and anarchy already starting.
Come on.
It's over. We're trapped.
Hold on tight.
- Uh... Uh...
- Huh?
- Huh?
- Uh...
Just don't ask how.
With the help of that caravan,
we'll get out of the city.
Watch and learn how to hitch a ride.
Hey, mister, will you give us a lift?
Hi, Gerda. How's life?
It could be better. We need to get
to Orm's as quickly as possible.
Come on in. We're also leaving.
No one here likes reggae.
I can't believe it was
Gerda. She saved our lives.
Maybe she regrets doing that.
Are you sure you didn't offend her somehow?
Is that a joke?
You're a shaman, not a clown.
What do we do now?
I don't know.
You should know.
If you don't know, what good are you?
There is one trustworthy way though.
Find out what happened
and report back to me.
You have a few hours until evening.
Otherwise, you'll be a clown
for the rest of your life.
Oh! Oh!
Oh! Oh!
- Huh?
- A giant!
Where is Kai now, I wonder?
I think he realized he
was wrong and came back.
Have you thought it over?
Are you sure you don't want
to go back and say good-bye?
Yes. It's all been decided.
She doesn't need me, and
I don't need her either.
Now I'm free like the wind.
Every minute counts. Only
what's most important.
Gerda, don't take it too much to heart.
He has nowhere to go but back to you.
I'll be the first pirate
painter in history.
I'll paint all the great sea battles.
Like always, can't find
it when you need it.
Doesn't mean a thing to
me what happens to her now.
Can't this thing go any faster?
Sorry, dude.
Only the doomsday itself could
make old Honey run faster.
Here it is, finally. Let's go, let's go.
Gerda, no!
Uh, maybe you should, like, slow down.
They're alive! Thank goodness you're okay.
- But where's Kai?
- We're okay, but only for a little while.
- What?
- There's the canyon up ahead.
Nothing fazes me, man.
I'm like a total Zen meister.
Everyone alive?
Where's Kai?
He sailed with Alfida. I hope they're okay.
Stop it.
Thank you, Rollan.
Can anybody tell me what's going on here?
Why are you so cold, he's
so hot, and I'm so confused?
That's what we want to know.
Was it you who told Rollan
about the wishing stone?
Was it some kind of joke?
Well, as you can see, nobody's laughing.
Who told him what?
I've never heard about any
wishing stone in my life.
Rollan, give me that picture.
Uh, I lost it, or burned it accidentally.
I can't remember which.
Well, about 80 percent that I lost
it and 20 percent that I burned it.
The wishing stone in the forbidden cave?
- Huh?
- Underneath Lake Gao.
Oh, you're freaking me out, man.
- We found it.
- Ah!
Except we didn't get what we wished for.
Instead, spirits of the
Snow Queen and the Fire King
got out of the wishing stone
and possessed Rollan and me.
Oh, Honey, the apocalypse is coming!
Apparently, he's not as
Zen-like as he thought.
Why did you enter the forbidden caves?
Don't you realize there's a good
reason why they're forbidden?
We'll talk about that later. Let's
focus on what we're going to do now.
How should I know? What am I, Wiki-Orm?
I was sure you'd help us.
Maybe I could, but I have
no idea what happened to you.
What's with you?
What on earth is happening here?
We're wasting our time.
That's what's happening to us.
With the rise of the first star,
our transformation will be complete.
It looks like we're doomed.
Are you serious?
If you kept your eyes wide open more,
you wouldn't be so darn gullible!
You believe anything you
hear. You're like a child.
You should try spending more time in
the library researching your facts.
I'm to blame? It was you who
pulled the wool over my eyes.
Did you say you have a library?
Of course we do. We're trolls, not
some sort of illiterate goblins.
- And you have legends there?
- No, only silly comic books.
Of course there are legends there!
All the troll legends are gathered there.
Hurry up then. We need
to get to your library.
But how? Even if we make it before
sunset, we'll get caught in no time.
We're right at the top
of their most-wanted list.
Don't worry. We'll make
it through all right.
It's our only hope.
- Ah!
- Ah!
Look at that! A locomotive
made of ice. All right!
We'll smash our way into the city.
We'll knock them out left and right.
Take that. Watch out! Rollan the legend.
Nah, let's use it as a distraction
- and get into the library instead.
- Mm-hmm.
All aboard! Your seat
numbers are on your tickets.
Hurry up. We need more water quickly.
Hurry up! Put out that fire quickly.
I simply must have those trendy pink shoes.
Move it!
Have they found Gerda yet?
We're looking for them,
but we need more help.
Half the city is on fire.
If we don't find them soon, the
entire world will be on fire.
They're getting away. Seize them.
But what about my shoes?
One, two, pull.
One, two, pull.
Pirates? Oh, no, they hate reggae. Oh!
For real? Do you really hate reggae?
Ugh, can't bear the sound.
Huh. Rahat, have you seen Gerda?
You can't even imagine
what happened to her.
Are you sure this is a library?
It looks more like some
kind of bakery to me.
Excuse me. Can you tell me...
- Grandma?
- Oh, sweetie.
What are you doing here?
Now this library is mine,
I'm trying to pose a scientific theory
that digesting cookies
helps you learn new material.
Who's that with you? Is that Gerda?
- And who is that?
- Ah...
- This is Rollan.
- Your boyfriend?
Grams, where is the magic
stones and legends section?
You need the magic section.
But be careful, and don't
forget to fasten your seat belts.
This elevator will take you
straight to the magic section.
All right. Who wants some cookies?
Oh, Grandma!
Uh... Huh.
Where are all the books and scrolls?
This is the magic section.
What else do you want?
Such magic in here. There it is!
by Professor Troll-lo-lo.
What could that possibly mean?
Some kind of nonsense.
You're some kind of
nonsense, and that's a link.
Help me out here, please.
I'll find the link,
and you find the number.
It's number one.
- I'm ready.
- So are we.
Now what?
That should've worked.
We're wasting our time.
Do you have any other options?
You dragged us here.
"The world is in danger,
and there's no time.
Hey, let's go to the library."
Stop it.
What's next, genius, the
aquarium or the theater?
Oh, maybe a fashion show.
It's not my fault you stuck your
noses where you shouldn't have.
Your big nose surely knows where we
shouldn't have stuck ours, sausage nose.
I'll poke you with my sausage
nose, and it won't be pretty.
- Please.
- Give it a try.
How do you want your
sausage nose to be cooked,
medium rare or well-done?
Stop it already. You're
as bad as each other.
- Huh?
- Huh?
If you desire to awaken the elements
and to see the world
descend into chaos,
then you must hurry on.
Say "glacium versus ignus"
and touch the wishing stone.
You shall be hot like fire.
You shall be cold like ice.
The evil force inside you
will, like a slave, reside.
But the moment a star
appears in the view,
the evil force will
make a slave out of you.
If you desire to free the world from
the chaos and the strain and the stow,
the evil force of the elements,
then hurry, you must return,
say, "Bochum, bonis, venis"
and touch the wishing stone.
It's that simple? But we must hurry.
We only have one hour left.
Your time is up.
- Seize them!
- We'll see.
- Uh, what's that?
- Huh?
What's that?
It's just old-fashioned pepper.
No magic at all.
Let us go. We're in a big hurry.
There is a simple way to
get things back to normal.
- Oh!
- Stop! Set them free immediately.
Huh? Oh.
You don't understand. We will
all die because of these two.
It is you who does not understand.
My grandfather used to solve
all his problems with power.
It led to the troll
people nearly dying out.
Whereas Gerda saved us when
our power seemed useless.
I am not following in
my grandfather's steps.
We won't fight evil with evil.
Instead, let us help them. This is my will.
Hooray! Long live Gerda!
- Long live the king.
- Hooray.
Gerda, I believe in you with all my heart,
and I also believe you'll do it,
but I can't be that sure of him.
Aye. Understood.
Then you'll have to hurry
up. The sun is setting.
If you don't do it before the time,
I'll have to give my final order.
It looks so marvelous that I nearly
forgot about that pair of shoes.
Huh? Oh!
Soldiers, our motherland is in danger.
I feel I'm turning into the Snow Queen.
Hold on. I'm with you.
Grandma Rosa, do you know
where Gerda and Orm are?
I forgot. Maybe a cup of chamomile tea?
- That way!
- Run.
Come on, my dears.
Bochum, bonis, venis.
Rollan, it worked. We did it.
Oh, Rollan, it didn't work!
The spell had no effect on you.
What are we going to do?
Oh, no. What are we going to do?
The magic didn't work. The
spell had no effect on me.
What if I didn't want the
spell to have an effect on me?
What? I don't understand you.
When I was a child, I
wanted to be a superhero,
but when I grew up, I realized
I just wanted to be super,
and I didn't care if I was a
superhero or a super villain.
What are you talking
about? What about your mom?
You said the only reason
you studied legends
was so that you could find her.
The only reason I studied legends
was to find a way to obtain super powers.
And now I got them.
Mama's fine. I lied about
her simply to win your trust.
How could you lie like
that about your own mother?
Actually, it's easy when
you know what you want.
You don't know what you're doing.
We have to stop this.
Stop it?
You could have stopped me while
you still had your magic powers,
but you were thinking only about love.
You're such a fool.
I'm a fool?
Could you remind me who of
us took a stranger's advice
instead of your brother's?
And he warned you about me.
It's not by accident that he ran
away from such a selfish girl.
It's not a gift. It's a
curse. You'll lose yourself.
This force will destroy you.
No, this force will destroy you,
and I'll become Rollan the legend forever!
Oh! Oh.
Orm, where is Gerda?
She must be with Rollan.
Hey, stop right there!
My name is Rollan, and I
am a legend in these parts.
Stop him before it's too late!
It is too late.
What's happening?
Line up the artillery.
Huh? Oh.
There's no way.
- Kai?
- Gerda!
Go back. You won't be able to help me.
It's only my fault. Go back. Save yourself.
She's right. You won't make it across.
That's the road to death.
Hmm. Oh!
Ooh! Aaah!
Kai, you came to save me.
You're my sister, and I'll
always have your back too.
Hold on. I'll get you out of there.
Are you okay?
- Aaah!
- Huh? Whoa!
Fall back. We're retreating.
But, Your Majesty, you can't retreat.
- Gerda?
- We have to stop him.
Otherwise, the destruction
he's going to cause
will make the Snow Queen look
like a sweet little schoolgirl.
Idiots! Save the queen!
No! My precious.
What else could we throw at him?
Right now there's nothing we can do.
Our weapons are useless to defeat him.
Thank you.
Oh! You don't need to defeat him.
You need to put him out.
We've been trying to put him out for a
whole hour. It's obviously not working.
- I mean, you need to water him.
- What?
For crying out loud! You
need to extinguish him.
Gerda, you're a genius!
If this works, I'm going
to make you a general.
You'll be fat and rich and
able to boss everyone around.
Careful, you. This is a
220-year-old loto chellollo.
Every drop of it is precious.
Quick, take it all.
I don't think he'll
appreciate the complex bouquet.
Load, ready, fire!
It worked. He's down!
Excellent swill.
Hey, you! I need a couple
of barrels for my next party.
Water this rascal down.
Just a little bit more, and we'll
knock him down into the lake.
Finish him!
We don't have anymore left.
- We're out of barrels.
- What?
- Uh...
- Uh...
Step back. Let's get out of here.
Come on!
Look out!
I... I can't believe she's gone.
She was so brave.
Aye, that she was.
A braver lass never walked
the face of the earth.
And she deserved a far better
fate than Davy Jones' locker.
She saved us again.
I hereby pronounce her Generalissimo Gerda.
I never thanked her for
everything she did for me.
Thank you, Gerda.
It's been my pleasure,
Kai. Don't mention it.
Funny. I can almost still hear
her sweet, kind, gentle voice.
Me too. It's almost spooky-like.
Uh, did anyone think about
jumping in there to go look for me?
No, because there's no way
that you could have survived that fall.
Actually, I might beg to differ.
She's right. I've gotta try anyway.
Gerda, you're alive!
I'm so sorry I told you I didn't need you.
Forgive me, please. You were right.
I was so egotistical.
From now on, you can
call us Hansel and Gretel.
It doesn't matter now. You're my family.
Although it's only a small
one, it's all that matters.
- Brother.
- Hooray!
- Yes!
- Hooray!
What makes me really confused
is that how this fragile girl
can be such a brave soldier at heart.
You acted very insightfully
from the very beginning, Your Majesty.
Your grandfather would have
been really proud of you.
- You think so?
- Everyone thinks so.
What should we do with them,
throw them into the lake?
Why throw them into the lake?
Throw them into the furnace.
We'll put them all to work.
So this is what you asked
the wishing stone to give you?
To make the trolls present us
with this huge pile of gold?
Of course not. That must
be King Arrog's gift.
I think he's thankful that
this whole story ended up well.
And now we're sailing away.
Tell me honestly what you wished for
when you found the wishing stone.
I wished for our parents to return.
Unfortunately, the legend about
the wishing stone was a lie.
- Gerda.
- Kai.
- Kai.
- Gerda.
We missed you.