The Socialite (2018) Movie Script

Hi, Miss Silva.
- Thanks
- You're welcome
so much money,
so many jewels
so many outfits
and it goes with the shoes
so many cars
and I relax when I cruise
I cruise on the floor,
just watch how I move
Direct deposit. Got to stack
the Benjamins. Direct deposit
Sorry, it's not going through.
Do you have another card?
What do you mean?
It always works. Try again!
No good, sorry.
- No good, sorry. Here you go.
- Thank you.
Hey, lady your change!
Ms. Silva.
My name is Esmeralda.
Esmeralda, would you
unpack my luggage for me?
Hello, John.
Is this how
Americans say your name?
You should change
your name to John,
it sounds so sophisticated.
Why are we speaking in English?
Because I want to improve myself.
My school starts tomorrow.
Well I'm in
Come and join me.
Take it easy for a change. Come on,
working is for the little people.
Yeah, I'll pass.
- Are you lost?
- I don't know, maybe.
- This is English? -It better
be, I'm professor Harris.
- Please, after you.
- This way?
Of course, you'll have a great
class, wonderful.
- I'm excited.
- Oh, that's nice.
Ms. Silva,
shall I cook for you?
No, I feel like take-out.
It always works.
You must be putting
the wrong numbers.
Fine, cash.
Just come!
Come in!
Ms. Silva.
Your food is here.
We're sorry, your
call can not be completed as dialed.
...what is becoming
known as the Red Star
Governor Antonio Silva has been indicted for his role allegedly diverting campaign funds
to Brazilian businesses incorporated
under his family members' names.
Ms. Silva.
Are you alright?
I'm sorry, I...
- I do not understand. -They say
that I can't stay here now.
I can't go home.
No worries.
Everything will be okay.
If you need to stay with
someone, you can stay with me.
I couldn't do that.
No problem.
My home is simple,
but you're welcome.
Would you do that for me?
Ms. Silva.
Tomorrow you come home with me.
- That one, please.
- There you go.
Got it?
Are you sure?
You keep going.
Today I'm gonna cook for you.
And tomorrow we'll figure
it out, okay?
We both came here very young.
That's where Acapulco is.
I love Acapulco.
- How is your soup, do you like it?
- It's delicious.
My husband, Alexandro,
he married me for it.
He was handsome too
and a very hard worker.
Is he working now?
No. No, he died in an accident
on a farm in Florida.
- He hated to leave, but no work there.
- When I come here.
Eat, you eat.
I'm sorry.
It must be sad to be alone.
I'm not alone.
When Alexandro died, I...
I'm a single mom.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry.
No, no, no.
The Virgin knows my heart.
And Alexandro and I work hard.
To make good things for Jose.
But he quit school.
Something easier to do music.
Please forgive me.
Today I welcome you to my home.
And we forget all troubles.
It's okay.
I know the kind.
He's bringing in no money, but
always with the bright tennis shoes,
new cell phones, new computers.
How he get them without a job?
How he get them?
How he get them?
- You might not want to know.
- I know.
The drugs.
The gangs.
I have to lock the doors.
Had to change the locks,
or they rob me.
They come and go
even when he not here.
I tell him he's not like them.
I plead him, I plead him
to go back to school.
Be something.
I begged him and he not listen.
He not-- He not listen.
Yeah, of course. I changed bed
for you. Very clean.
- Aha. - Does she have any
experience in dry cleaning?
I don't--
I don't think so.
God morning.
Esmeralda you're being so kind to me.
I don't have anything to give to you.
Don't worry.
I know people,
and I can get you a job.
I alone once.
- Excuse me. -Hi, I'm a
friend of Esmeralda Huete
and she's wondering if
you're looking for help?
Oh, okay.
Hi, I was wondering
if you're hiring?
- Did Bobo put you up to this?
- Who?
No, no I'm a friend
of Esmeralda Huete.
No, we're not hiring.
Okay, thank you.
- May I help you? -Esmeralda Huete
was wondering if you're hiring?
Oh, Esmeralda!
I'm sorry she doesn't remember,
but my daughter just graduated.
I hired her.
Okay, thank you.
- It's not my fault. -Obvious it's your
fault, you're the night shift manager.
We're way to busy and Brian doesn't
want us to working overtime.
OK, well, Brian also says that
the day managers sets policy.
Girl, who are you telling about policy?
I've been here so much longer than you.
- So then what are you waiting for?
- For you to do your job.
Hello, welcome
to the Sundown Saloon.
Table for you?
Hi, I saw a sign outside
that says your looking for help.
Yes, we are hiring
for busboys and dish washers.
I can do that.
For real.
Who can't wash dishes?
- Great, when can you start?
- Whenever you need.
Well, my name is Shamila.
I'm the general manager.
This is Dolores
the night shift manager.
You'll be working for her.
Thank you.
We need people.
Hi, Esmeralda.
I found a job in Greenwich,
it looks like
a really nice restaurant.
I can't wait to tell you
everything over coffee tomorrow.
Okay, I'll be home late.
Oh, you're here.
Oh, you're not
the regular woman, are you?
What does it take your agency
to keep someone on regular?
You're sure
you know what you're doing?
Yes, ma'am.
I hope so. The last one
made a mess of things.
It was polish all over the rug.
For goodness sake, don't even
dream about stealing anything.
Do yourself a favor. Everything
is marked and registered.
Yes, ma'am.
Is that what you're wearing?
I know, I'm sorry, but I didn't
have time to go home and change.
- The kitchen is back there.
- OK, thank you.
OK, Dolores want's
to make you quit.
It's a long story.
But you're competition.
- Competition for what?
- Here, put this on, okay.
If you make it through tonight, I promise
you I'll find you something better, OK.
- Better?
- Hush... Okay.
Trash can full.
Take out now.
Ay, ay, ay.
You smell good.
You know how to cook?
You help me cutting.
You'll do real good.
Where are those onions?
That's all you've cut?
What have you been doing?
We need these now!
Move back!
This is mine!
Who are you?
Do you know how
expensive this is?
Yeah, you're fine.
You're here to sleep with me?
YOU can't just go through
peoples things like this.
Oh, they're in my room.
They're mine.
Your room?
I live here. Who are you?
What do you mean
you're living here?
I've changed the locks.
How long have you been here?
I sleep a couple of days
in a friends crib.
- You rent out my room?
- It's not a couple of days.
You disappeared, you don't follow
the rules. You're not welcome here!
You not welcome here, mom you
really got to work on your English.
What you think when
you'll see the nice luggage.
Maybe you're having a sale
for that stupid church
you go to right now.
She lives here now. You go.
You're throwing me out.
I throw you out before.
You could have had
this all night long.
My feet hurt so much.
And these were my favorite shoes
because they never gave me blisters.
Welcome to my world.
I have plenty.
Do you want to borrow?
- Are you sure?
- Mhm.
Marta, she lives next door.
I just love how cute
your uniforms are.
Do you wear them
for your job interviews too?
- My jobs.
- You already have another job?
All care service.
When one home is done,
one job is done,
they send us to another home
with another family.
- Wow, that's a good job.
- I always have work.
- Wow!
- Here, look she's very--
- Nice to meet you.
- Bye.
Are the people
you work for kind to you?
Nah, not always.
But those are the one
I feel more sorry for.
Esmeralda, do you wanna unpack
my luggage for me?
Ay, I forgot!
What is this?
I'm bringing this to celebrate
your new job.
- Yes, what are we drinking?
- Mezcal.
It's perfect for your first day.
So when are you guys
gonna play here?
Soon as I can get Brian
to listen to us.
I know someone who thinks she
could put in a good word for you.
When are you gonna stop
torturing her?
When Ms. Dolores stops thinking
she's Brian's girlfriend.
Can't you just tell her
that Brian is not interested?
Oh, you know it and I know it.
But it's way more fun this way.
- It's the last one.
- Oh, you are killing me, Massy.
I'm sorry, Ben.
What was going on
in the kitchen last night?
The dishwasher.
You haven't seen her yet?
No, should I?
Oh, you kick yourself
if you don't.
I pass. Dolores says she's
gonna fire her tonight anyway.
Huh, I can't wait to see who
will be most surprised then.
What are you up to?
You should
be on your knees, brother.
You should be begging and
pleading, I'm telling you.
Luiza, thanks for coming.
We were gonna call you this
morning, but I thought we should
tell you this in person.
I'm sorry to tell you that
we gonna have to let you go.
Because we're promoting
you to waitress.
- What, since when?
- Since one of your waiters
called in sick, and we don't
have time to find a replacement.
What, she can't be a waitress.
She doesn't even
have the right uniform.
And she is an eyeballer.
Welcome to Sundown Saloon,
gentlemen. My name is Georgia.
Can I start you off
with something to drink?
Well, hi there, Georgia.
What I like to know
is who is your friend there?
That's Luiza.
She's trailing today.
Luiza, trailing?
- Hell, no.
- She's trailing?
- Come over here.
- Yeah!
Front and center.
Luiza! Luiza! Luiza!
OK, guys. Shall I be offended?
Who, me?
Excuse me, you're drooling.
After all I'm only
your waitress
and she's
obviously your destiny.
Or your next ex.
It's cool, it's cool,
I'm not proud. Let's compromise.
I take your drink orders,
she delivers them.
- Please.
- Deal.
Luiza! Luiza! Luiza!
He likes it when you
call the drinks out.
- Call them out? -You know,
tell you what they are.
- Hi!
- Thanks, Ben.
How, how are you?
I'm fine.
- Hi, you got an order there?
- Yeah, I do.
So, we need, I need a Corona,
a Pussy Charger, Doggy Style on
the Beach and Over the Rainbow.
These guys yanking your chain?
- They're messing with you?
- I'm sure they are.
Well, you tell that guy that
Rainbow shivers are for sissies.
Okay, you know, you can use some
Chambord and a bit of cream instead.
These guys would never notice
the difference.
What goes on top?
Strawberry and sliced peach.
How do you know all this?
Oh, I know many things.
Alright then.
One Over the Rainbow
coming right up.
- OK.
- For you, though.
Not for him.
That is the last one.
Luiza, you're
suppose to be trailing.
I'm sorry, I know, but Georgia
thought it would be a good idea
if I brought them the drinks.
- Make them quiet.
- It better.
This is a family restaurant,
not a frat house.
There you are.
Here you go.
- What is this?
- It's yours, you deserve it.
Biggest tip
I ever got in my life.
Do you know who those guys were?
Let's just say they
weren't from the neighborhood.
- This was on the bar for you.
- For me?
It's got your name on it.
My name on it?
- Look, it's all good.
- No, no, no.
No doctors, please.
I appreciate that,
I appreciate that.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Hi, you...
- You made it.
- I did.
It was so crowded
I stood in the back.
You were wonderful.
Thank you.
I'm glad you thought so.
Do you want to
get out of here or..?
Yeah, let's do it.
- Great!
- Let's go.
- So, how is everything?
- Good.
- Are we walking?
- Yeah, I don't know.
Walk into the sunset?
Why don't we
just stick together?
This is my car, right here.
- Really!
- Right there.
- Are you warm enough?
- I am, thanks.
I come straight from the work.
It wasn't too busy.
Georgia covered
my tables for me.
She's great, isn't she?
The place is really
good for that.
- It is.
- Hey, close your eyes.
Go on!
Come on, close your eyes.
- Close your eyes.
- Okay.
Alright, just relax.
You are on board my yacht.
- You have a yacht?
- No, I have yachts, plural.
More than one.
It's what you're used to, right?
- Can I confess, not really.
- No?
- Seasickness.
- Sea--
No, this is my country.
I decree that will be no
seasickness in my country.
Oh, so you're a prince?
I guess I am
because you are my princess.
- You have to get that?
- No, not really.
But I should.
- Oh, shit!
- Good news?
I forgot I'm supposed to drop off
some sound equipment in the city.
- Tonight? -Glamorous
like a Rock Star, right?
I'm so sorry. Let me drop you
off on the way, though.
Oh, no it's OK. My girlfriend is meeting me
at the club and she's picking me up there.
I'll walk.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
It's okay, please don't worry.
I'll catch you When I get home.
- See you.
- Bye.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
Is this it?
I'm taking you to the hospital.
No hospital.
I have no insurance.
But I have money.
I have a job.
I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of you.
Medicine it helps.
I'll be better now.
Medicine will help.
Here you go.
This is good for you.
And a hot tea is on the way.
But don't you suppose
to go to work?
Esmeralda, it's more important
for me to take care of you.
No! That's more important.
That's why you're here to work.
You must go.
You eat.
Is it good?
So, if there
aren't any more comments?
No? Really? You usually
have much more to say.
OK, our fearless leader Mr. Brian
Steal would like to say a few words.
Let's give it up for Brian!
Please stop, no. No, please
I said stop! I said stop!
Thank you, Shamila for that
lovely physical introduction.
And yes, I am fearless when it comes to
saying that we have an amazing team here.
What, come on!
Word, word!
You're late.
- There was a line.
- Mhm.
Hope you brought
enough for all of us.
- I, I... Sorry I'm gonna...
- Sit.
Can I grab a chair?
- Holy...
- Free dental work.
Sorry, it's my coffee.
Okay. We'll take that
off your pay check.
Okay, where was I?
We had a good summer.
I want to thank you for that.
Now we want to keep
that momentum up
as we start into the fall
season and on into the holidays.
And we know many of you have
other interests you're pursuing.
We're fine supporting those.
As long as
the shifts stay filled.
What's up?
Do you know where your
base is yet? We have no base,
we have Helena, Rossmore...
- Good evening, may I help you? -We'll be
three of us. The other two are coming.
- Okay, just wait right here, please.
- Sure.
I'm gonna put them
in your section, Luiza.
It is you!
I knew it!
Everyone is dying to know
what happened to you.
I mean
- Do I know you?
- Don't worry.
Your secret is safe with me.
I mean, who hasn't
stashed a little
rainy day offshore fund, right?
Table is ready.
Follow me.
Let's go.
Oh, I'll have a Vodka Stinger.
- Come on. You got it?
- What you mean, you got it?
We already spoke about this.
I told you I was gonna go down.
Told them, OK.
I know.
Then why are you
shitting me right now?
Why are you trying to flee me?
- You gotta stop, OK.
- Stop what?
- I just wanna leave the group.
- Why are you getting
all soft right now, man?
What the fuck is going on, man?
- Just chill, man.
- I told you it was good.
- Stop it, alright! -You and me
don't understand each other.
- What you're gonna do?
- Yo!
Did you think you could get
away with it?
Your table is ready, Brian.
Georgina is on tonight.
Hey, seat me the in new girl
section, will you?
I wasn't sure I should bother
telling you about her.
Shamila hired her
against my recommendations.
It's OK, I'll take care of it.
Ouch, she was late for
the meeting this morning.
And we've had nothing but
problems with her.
You should have had a matre d'.
I've tried my best
to cope with it.
Is the calamari's gluten free?
She's being very careful.
She just started.
I don't think so, it's breaded.
Luiza, would you like to go
with me to the Polo Club
for the match tomorrow?
These two zombies here
are terrible bored.
Do you have any other seafood?
You're so close to the ocean here.
See? I obviously need someone who appreciate
the finer things in life to go with me.
You have a new table over there.
Hi, my name is Luiza.
I'll be your
server this evening.
Can I start you
with something to drink?
I already have a beer.
Can I tell you
this evening specials?
Where are you from, Luiza?
I can't quite place it.
- Do you like the US?
- I love it.
It's beautiful.
Greenwich is so beautiful.
How long have you lived here?
Am I in trouble?
What makes you think
you're in trouble?
I can totally explain
I was late this afternoon.
- I take the bus.
- Someone like you takes the bus?
I like it. I can read and I don't
need to worry about parking.
Ah, yeah, I think
he should be ashamed of himself.
- What?
- Your boyfriend.
I think he should be ashamed
that he doesn't
drive you himself.
- I think he should.
- Yeah.
If I was your boyfriend,
I would drive you myself
every day,
what do you think of that?
Maybe you could give me a car, and
I could drive myself to work.
I'm sure that can be arranged.
Are we still talking
about my boyfriend?
Is he in the picture?
Should I be speaking
to my boss like this?
Sure, if your boss wanted you
to be more than an employee.
Excuse me. Should I call in Andrea
to come in and take over the shift?
I think that's a good idea. I'll be
driving Luiza home early tonight.
I'm glad you're working
at the restaurant.
You'll make
it a much better place.
I love working
at your restaurant.
Thanks for the ride.
- Jose! -Esmeralda, I will-- Let me!
Let me!
Hello, who is this?
Why are you whispering?
I am listening.
What? I--
I can't hear you.
Are you Okay?
Where is it?
150 3rd and Gleason.
I know someone who can take me.
Okay, okay!
I'll come alone!
- Why would I call the police?
- No, no police! No Police!
- It's OK. Esmeralda! -He's a good
boy, Please help, no Police.
I'll take care of it.
It's okay.
Let's just get you back in bed.
- It's Ok. Let's go, come on now.
- Please.
I think I see
Gleason Street now.
I want you
to call the police, OK.
No! I promised Esmeralda I wouldn't.
Alright, I'll come
and meet you there then.
I think it's coming up.
153 Gleason, right?
No, no, no. Stay in the car.
Don't get out of the car.
I'm here. Thank you so much for your help.
No, Luiza don't
get out of the car.
You're gonna be fine, Jose.
Just wait, okay?
Just stay quiet.
Jose, relax. I'm telling you
it's gonna be fine.
Why're you worrying about it. I'm here.
I'll take care of everything.
- OK, just relax. - It doesn't
make sense what you just did.
- Please, just-- -You're
just gonna get me arrested.
You gonna get us in trouble
if you don't stay quiet.
Hi, officer.
- How many--
- Is everything okay?
- How many people in the car?
- Two people.
Could you please not wake
him up? He's had a long day.
License and registration
for me please.
- Fine here.
- Thank you.
So, my aunty is sick.
so I went to pick him up.
He's Jose.
Where is this from?
This doesn't look Spanish to me.
It's Portuguese, I'm from Belorizonte,
Brazil. Have you visited?
No, I haven't.
How long are you here?
Less than a week. I'm supposed
to go back tomorrow.
But my aunty is sick. So I
don't know when I'm going back.
You know,
this isn't a safe area of town.
- How far are you going? -Thompson
street, do you know it?
Thompson street, OK.
You know, I think
I better escort you, OK?
We have some check points set up. It
could take you a while to get through.
Just give me a few seconds to pull out
in front and then you tail behind, OK?
That's really nice of you.
Thank you, officer.
What good does that do? He'll
arrest me when we get there anyway.
Jose, I promise you he's not even
gonna notice you. Don't you worry.
I got this.
It's fine. I got it.
Yeah, if...
If you ever need anything
don't hesitate to call, okay?
This is a pretty rough
so I know how it can get.
- Bye now.
- Thank you.
- Good night, officer.
- Good night.
- Thank you.
- Good night.
I hear a car and I didn't see you coming.
I thought you were dead.
- I'm here, mama.
- Jose!
I help you
clean up in the bathroom.
Mom, I'm here, okay?
I'll sleep in here
on the floor, okay?
Thank you, Jose. It's better
if I sleep with Esmeralda.
You sleep in your room tonight.
I have to tell you something
If I had a daughter,
I want her just like you.
Oh, everything is right, Luiza.
Georgia called,
she says she's on her way.
Thank you too.
And Dolores.
We should have
called you this morning,
but we'd thought
it would be better
to tell you this in person.
We're sorry, but we've
gonna have to let you go.
To the party!
Why would I want
to go to the party?
Mr. Robles!
Happy birthday!
Thank you.
Hello, gorgeous.
I am looking forward to
the party today.
We are glad to have you.
Who is this
beautiful looking lady?
I hope you will be free tonight,
for at least a drink at my table.
Mr. Robles. Let me make
sure your table is ready.
People paint a picture
of a perfect world.
And it doesn't turn out,
their lives fall apart.
But if you make home
wherever you are,
you find happiness even
if it's not what you planned.
I think this is true
even for Burguesinha.
Ben got his chance to sing
at the restaurant whenever he liked.
Jose started his own music
production business.
Esmeralda is even
started to date.
It's Portuguese,
I'm from Belorizonte, Brazil.
Have you visited?
Are you having a sale for that
stupid church you go to? No!
What is a "inter locker"?
You're fine.
You're here to sleep with me?
Oh, you should be
on your knees, brother.
- Is that what you're wearing?
- I know, I'm sorry
I didn't have
time to go home and change.
You can change back there.
Can I start you
with something to drink?
I already have a beer.
Uh, uh.
This is my country. I decree
that there will be no
seasickness in my country.