The Sound (2017) Movie Script

Are you Kelly?
Come in.
Thanks for coming.
That's my ah, my grandson, Evan.
Well, the sightings have been
happening in his bedroom.
Here, let me get you some light.
There you go.
Evan, do you always
see the ghosts at night?
Evan, Evan!
Evan, come on back, come on.
Come on.
You know, he hasn't been the
same since his mother died.
He, ah started having
these sightings.
Our family has lived
in this house for,
oh, 150 years or more.
My great great
grandparents built it.
I never heard any talk
about any ghosts or nothing.
Do you mind?
No, no, go ahead.
Is there an airport near here?
Ah, no, not nearby, no,
couple of hundred miles,
where you came in.
Anything smaller, like
a helicopter landing pad?
Ah, no, not that I know of.
And this is mostly
farmland, right?
What do your neighbors farm?
Wheat, few other
grains, mostly wheat.
Have your neighbors
recently started dusting
their crops at night
instead of during the day?
Yes, they have but
what's that got to do with?
There is no such
thing as ghosts.
Oh hey.
I'll eat in a little bit.
I have to go.
It's a lead on a story.
Toronto, i
have to go to Toronto.
Well when will you be home?
I'll be back in time
for the party tonight,
I promise.
Jesus, kel, take
a day off already.
Soon, I'll do that soon.
Lower bay station, please.
Don't you mean upper bay?
There's no lower bay
anymore, you know?
I know, I just need you to
get me to the station entrance,
that's the closest.
Hi mom.
So, how are
you doing today, honey?
I'm fine.
Are you sure?
No, I've been fine
on this day every year
for the past 30 years, really.
I'm okay.
Is that it, 'cause I really,
I need to go.
Sure. Um,
if you need me.
Yeah, I know.
So what
brings you to Canada?
I'm doing a story on the
abandoned subway station.
What about it?
Well, the fact that
people say it's haunted.
Yeah, that's why
they call it the ghost station.
Have you been down there?
Actually yeah,
but it was a long time ago.
Just a few years after that
lady was killed down there
on the tracks, right.
It was like 1969.
Do you know anything
about that woman?
The one who died.
You know, some people said
she was at lakeshore asylum,
which connects two
of the stations
through these
underground tunnels.
But I don't know any of
the facts, like I say,
I just know what I heard.
Anything else?
Some say
she was pregnant.
She had twins, one was
stillborn and the father,
he never came to visit.
I think one day
she just snapped.
Something happen when
you went down there?
My friends
and I snuck in and.
What are
you doing down here?
I could ask
you the same thing.
Do you ever feel
anything down here?
Like what?
Like a vibration or
a pain in your ears?
Do you ever see anything?
Like a ghost?
Like the lady in red?
That's what they call her,
the lady that jumped.
She was covered in blood
when they found her.
But we never go that far
down to, where she died.
Where is it?
We have to go that way.
But it's pretty far.
Are you going?
Yeah, I'll see you later.
Not if she
sees you first.
Didn't your parents tell you?
There's no such
things as ghosts.
Is someone here?
Come on.
Come on.
Uh, hello?
You the lady that
reported the dead body?
your name, miss?
Kelly Johansen.
Okay, why don't you
just lead the way?
Got a call about a body?
I was just about
to check it out.
Detective Richards.
This who called it in?
Well I'll
take it from here.
You can go.
All yours.
Let's go.
After you.
So what exactly has you
hanging around down here?
Didn't you see the signs?
Yeah, I saw the signs.
You're just not
big on following the rules.
Look, I'm just
down here backpacking.
This is it.
He was here.
Are you sure you
got the right place?
I'm sure I know
what I saw.
Well we're seeing otherwise.
Why don't you tell me again
why you're really down here?
Okay fine, you're not
buying the backpacking thing.
For one thing you
don't have a backpack,
you have a duffle.
Which looks pretty big and bulky
with a creepy doll inside.
Wanna tell me what else
you got inside there?
Does it matter?
There was a dead body
there now there's not.
Fine, I study sound waves.
Paranormal activity,
that's what I do.
I write books, I blog.
Alright, now we're
getting somewhere.
Well, if you're the expert,
how do you think the
body disappeared?
All right, you buy
yourself one night down here
to prove or disprove
whatever you like.
Or what, you're gonna
throw the book at me?
Yeah, something like that.
Be careful down here.
Those danger signs are
up there for a reason.
Well, I didn't
mean to scare you.
It's okay.
I didn't know anyone
was down here.
Oh, I just set down
here every once in a while
to change bulbs.
They all usually burn
out at the same time.
Seems like a waste,
since nobody's supposed
to be down here.
But I just do as I'm told.
I'm Clinton Jones.
Kelly Johansen.
I better get on
to the next one.
Have you ever seen
anything down here?
What kind of anything?
What are you doing down here?
Trying to catch
yourself a ghost?
Something like that.
Come on.
Let me show you something.
This is where the cemetery ends.
This is a graveyard?
I thought you knew.
Lots of people
come down here now.
Looking for ghosts.
Since news came out
that the station
was built on Potter's field.
Potter's field
was a graveyard?
No, it was a cemetery
for the faithless.
The poor.
And friendless.
So they just
built right over it?
Something like that.
Some people call it the
stranger's graveyard.
Cemetery officially
closed in 1855.
The next of kin was
given the option
of either claiming the
body or having it moved.
So the bodies were moved?
Those that were
claimed were moved.
And the strangers
were left behind?
That's the rumor.
About 5,000 or so unclaimed.
What exactly brought
you down here?
I thought I knew, but
now I'm not so sure.
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
I better get on.
Maybe I'll see you again.
Help me.
Will you help me?
Help me.
you know who this is,
then you know what to do.
Damnit, kell, come on.
You're not real.
Help me.
-Help me.
- Emily?
Help me.
Help me.
How can I help you?
Yes, I'd like a flight
from Detroit to Toronto.
Miss Johansen?
Miss Johansen?
Are you still down here?
Miss Johansen?
It's me.
Detective Richards.
We met earlier.
So what happened?
I don't know.
I saw a woman.
What'd she look like?
Just an image, like
smoke with no eyes.
Did you see anything else?
No, nothing else.
What about your research?
What'd you find?
Something I've
never seen before.
It's below any infrasonic
sound I've ever recorded.
What does that mean?
It's a type of sound,
sound that's below
the threshold of human
hearing, can't really be heard,
but it can be felt.
There are researchers,
people like me,
believe that this
type of tactile sound
is what causes ghost
sightings, which are really
just hallucinations.
How would that be?
Well, the sound
causes vibrations.
Vibrations that cause
subtle eye movement,
movement in the
matter around you.
If this type of sound
is strong enough,
it can bend metal,
it could crush a car.
Here's a different
school of thought.
People that think the sound
is caused by the spirits.
That the frequency opens
up some sort of portal
to the other side,
which is, of course,
completely ridiculous.
So you don't believe
that ghosts are real?
I've spent my entire
career proving they're not.
Why would this place
have that kind of sound?
This station,
because it's under
other functioning stations
serves as a sort of vessel
for this tactile sound.
So how would you
prove that these waves
of what these people
are seeing down here?
I've been looking over
the map of the tunnels
and there's an area,
it's at the farthest end
of the station, I think the
waves, I think they should be
the strongest there.
The location of that
room's where all three
tunnels converge.
I think they'll be so
potent we may be able
to record the hallucinations.
I'm game if you are.
Hey, I let you sleep for awhile.
Thought you could use it.
You sure you're up for this?
Yes I'm sure.
You sure?
You could be home in a warm bed.
No, I'm an insomniac.
- Let's do this.
- Alright.
So what are we looking for here?
Zep, here.
It's at the end of the station.
That room there.
Alright, I see it.
And then what?
Then we hope to
record infrasonic waves
to prove to the paranormally
curious, once again,
that there is no
such thing as ghosts
and that this thing they
call the ghost station
is really just a
rat infested pit
with some interesting graffiti.
Then I suppose people won't
come down here no more, right?
Sure, unless i
can't prove it's fake.
But that's not a
possibility, is it?
So what are you?
A believer or non?
I really haven't
given it much thought.
So annoying.
I get perfect Internet
from the upper bay,
but down here, my
phone signal drops out.
What are you doing?
I'm documenting my activity.
I like to put pictures
with my stories.
And what does graffiti
have to do with your story?
This isn't just any graffiti.
This is the infamous
lady in red.
And how do you know that?
I saw some photos online.
Some photos?
No, there's no photos.
And how would you
know that, detective?
I thought you weren't
interested in ghost stories.
What happened?
That just looks
like a light fell.
Oh, old fingers.
The light's still
out in the back.
Oh, I'm working on it.
I'm sure there's
no rush to fix them.
Since no one's supposed
to be down here.
I'll get on it.
Come on, let's go.
Take me to the
lower bay station.
Guess you don't need the map.
Who are you?
It doesn't matter who I am.
All right?
The only thing that
matters is that you and me
want the same thing.
What do you want?
And why did you lie to me?
Why did you act like
you didn't know anything
about this place?
Look, there's only one
thing I'm interested in.
And that one thing
is for you to prove
that there's no
ghosts down here.
What if I can't?
And why couldn't you?
I mean, that is what you do,
is it not?
Unless you changed your mind and
you believe in ghosts.
Do you?
I don't believe in ghosts.
Then you can do this.
- Why do you care so much?
- It's none of your business.
I just need you
to prove this, ok?
And I don't need any
pictures of that graffiti
or videos leaking out.
Oh my god.
You're the one.
It was you.
That sent me the
photos, you that
contacted me, it was
you that messaged me.
How do you even know?
It wasn't that hard
to find out.
I understand.
It must have been scary
for an eight year old.
I mean, they never did
close that case, did they?
And that is why you ended up
in the institution.
Look, just follow the plan,
and you'll walk away from this.
Why are you doing this?
You know why I'm doing this,
I want you to do what
you came here to do.
You tell all those
people that it's those
sound waves and all that
crap that you write about.
Come on.
I don't want to hurt you.
But I will.
So just stick with the
plan, and we'll both
walk away from here.
Get up.
This is it.
How do you know?
I can feel it.
So what now?
You read the sound, right?
Right, well, fortunately,
one of us has to stay out
here to measure waves while
the other goes inside.
What's going on?
I don't know, there must
be some kind of accident.
You ready?
Yeah, I'm ready.
Detective, get out of there.
Come on, let me go.
Come on.
Detective, detective.
Detective, get out of there.
Get out of there.
Help me.
Jesus, kel, I've
been worried sick.
There's something
going on down here.
I need help.
All right, all right.
Just try and stay calm, ok?
Can you get out?
I don't know.
I need you.
I'm coming for you,
ok, just hang on.
I want you to focus on
finding a way out, ok?
Which way do I go?
On foot, are you crazy?
You're like four miles out.
Just humor me.
See those buildings?
Head for them.
Claudette Irving.
Ophelia larue.
Colin Jones.
They're not real.
- 911 emergency.
- My fiance is
in the lower bay train station.
I think she's stuck.
- Is she locked in, sir?
- I don't know.
- Is your fiance's name
Kelly Johansson?
-Yes, yes, it is.
-Apparently she called in
a false lead earlier.
Sir, need I remind you
that misleading an officer
of the law is a crime?
- Hello--
- fuck.
- Sir, are you there?
- Fuck.
Who's there?
Are you afraid, Kelly?
You don't need to be.
We are here to help each other.
Mythology moths
represent a spirit not
at rest, a lost soul.
Oh, thank god.
Are you okay?
I'm supposed to help her.
I'm supposed to help them all.
I think that's why
i was brought here.
Help who?
The spirits.
Kell, honey, you're
not thinking straight.
Just wait 'til i
get there, okay?
I'm close.
I'm inside the tunnels.
It has to be done.
I'm running out of time.
Is it somehow
connected to Emily?
Yeah, I'm here.
I don't know.
I think so.
I didn't realize
what day it is.
I'm sorry.
Do you think I'm
imagining this?
I'll be there soon.
Just wait 'til I get there.
Just tell me how to find you.
There's an exit sign.
It's lit up.
I saw it when I came down here.
Find that door.
I'll meet you there.
Somebody there?
Is that you?
Ethan, she's down here.
Who's down there?
I have to do it now.
Kell, please.
No, look, there's a room.
She led me there.
She led you there how?
I followed her.
Kell, please.
No, look, I need
you to believe me.
As long as it's not dangerous.
I'll be there soon
and I'll find you.
The sound is the
strongest in there.
Kell, no.
Take thee to the place
where the highest
has appointed thee
and take your leave.
Take thee to the place
where the highest
has appointed thee
and take your leave.
Oh, now, take thee to the
place where the highest
has appointed thee.
I got you.
I have to go.
I have to save Emily.
No, no, no.
Kell, stop, it's over.
It's not over, she's
gonna die in there.
Oh, Jewel, please.
Emily's gone.
Don't make me do this.
Listen to me.
Emily didn't die.
There was no Emily.
Oh, no!
Oh, my god!
She saved me.
Yes, she did.
She saved you.
The reality
is that there are ghosts.
They are all around us.
Some are there to help guide us.
They help us get
to the other side.
And we help them get there, too.
Their sound makes us see
whatever we need to see.
What is inside our minds.
Sometimes life's too much,
so we go into something else.
Somewhere else.
But that other
place is very real,
and there are others
there with us,
helping us to let go.
Signing off for the last time,
Kelly Johansen.
So, now what?
So, now I look for a new job.
Hang on, I gotta
think about this.
I didn't sign on to
marry an unemployed girl.
So, now you want me to work?
Well, what would Kelly
Johansen do without her work?
Sad, but true.