The Spider (2022) Movie Script

God is with us
Our hands are in His
Victory is with us
The Lord of Heaven will
protect us as part of our mission
Welcome, Talaat
Thank you, Saafan
show him the goods
Tell them that every
spider has its net
No one can see it or feel it
unless it twists around
his neck and burns him
Welcome back
My condolences
Thank you, Nour
I think youd better be available
more often, in the coming period
Welcome, Adam
My condolences
My condolences to you, Uncle
My condolences, Dalia
Thank you, Uncle
Wecolme, Talaat
Tell me, Talaat
in the delivery
operation yesterday,
you had men and weapons
in the middle of the desert
Despite that, the goods were
burned and the money was stolen
Can you tell me
how this happened?
We arrived on time, and
we agreed with the client
But, at the moment of making
delivery, he suddenly attached us
it looked like a whole army
Everything burned to the
ground, but he let me live
So that I could
deliver you a message
Every Spider has its net
No one can see it or feel it
unless it twists around
his neck and burns him
Have you seen
any part of his face?
I could only see the
tattoo on his neck: a spider
I wish you had killed yourself
with the bullet he left you
Instead of being humiliated now
My dear brother,
Gubran left us his legacy
He entrusted his legacy
and the group to me
Weve struggled for years
to get to where we are now
and to keep what weve got
Gubrans testament
is that we stay united
and focus on our mission
Ghassan Al Serafy
You know how much my brother fought
to keep his relationship with this man
Until Gubran died,
God bless his soul
Ghassan wasnt working
with anyone but him
So will we
and we should not lose him
we need to prove that we
are as trustworthy as Gubran
and we should get our work with him
going, just a Gubran did, if not better
You know well that security
is blocking all the suppliers
And Ghassan
he is the only one who can
smuggle the paste into Egypt, in his way
and without Ghassans
paste, everything will stop
Therefore, we need
to tidy our papers
and see how we can deal with him
If I may, Mr. Salah,
You know that no one
can find Ghassan Al Serafy
when he wants to work with someone,
he contacts them through his own means
If we suppose he will call
any of us to work with him
I dont think he will agree on
anything until we settle our debts to him
Fifty million dollars
I have one ton in my warehouse
Nahed can sell it to her clients and
we can give Ghassan part of the money
The clients youre talking about, Fathy,
end up robbed after every operation
We can only work with them if we
pay for the shipment and the money
I think we should stop everything
until we find out who the Spider is
and what he wants from us, Salah
As the old saying says: when
theres chaos, lets keep calm
I agree with what
the doctor says
We shouldnt rush
I think we should just calm down
until we tidy up
our internal affairs
Then, we can work it out
We must agree about which of
us will deal with Ghassan Al Serafy
Who do you think should
work with Ghassan Al Serafy?
Its me who loses all of
his men with every operation
but when things get serious,
its me that does everything
Do you know how
spiders catch their prey?
They weave a net made of strong
silk threads. Can you imagine that?
Then, they disappear
and they wait
But, as soon as the prey is
caught, the spider shows up again
It goes to the prey,
and it focuses solely on it
It forgets everything else
It weaves threads
of silk around it
And it squeezes it
It squeezes so hard, Mr. Fathy,
until the prey takes its last breath
and it dies
And, with every prey,
the spiders hunger increases
and so does its pride
but only until it
makes a mistake
and thats the time when
we can catch the Spider
Leave the Spider to me
Ill deal with it
Why dont we bring
in some insects, then?
It will be easier
What matters now
is paying Ghassan
so as, to show him that
the Gubran family is still alive
Marwan, I want you to prepare
the full sum within 48 hours
The closest sources of money for
the group are in Gibraltar and London
and theyre less than
30 millions dollars
Dont you have half a
ton of paste in your labs?
How much is it worth?
Its a bad grade
I wont be able to get more
than one ton, maybe one and half
If we add that to your ton, we can make
up for the losses of the last operation
Nahed, call your clients, and tell them
that their goods will be delivered on time
I will secure the operation
Any objections?
I agree
We agree
What do you say, Mr. Fathy?
Ive had my say
However, it seems
that it doesnt matter
Gubran died and left
us with a burden, Osman
His brother is
not up to the task
And Adam, who was basically born
yesterday, cannot boss us around
Adam was managing the
groups funds in England, Fathy
Hes been learning the
business since he was a kid
Weve all followed
paths that led us to hell
Instead of getting nervous,
lets see how it goes SMS:
you looked gorgeous today
You dad used to help his people
to get the work going
My dad is dead, Uncle
and Im not like him
Ive made you some breakfast
Im not hungry, Adam
Dont worry, Adam
You wont find anything
Youve spent so much
to cure me already
Why did you want to meet
me? Did something happen?
Gubran died
His son, Adam, will
lead the group now
I know him well, and
I know what he can do
What shall I do?
I want all of the contents
of Marwans computer
Thats impossible
Marwan got a foreign
company to update his firewall
He paid a huge sum for it
Connect this bug to the server
and it will break each firewall
so that you can enter the computer
and get me all of the data I need
Tomorrow at 6 am
The cargo is ready
I like the new phone, Fathy
Dont lose it like you
did with the last one
He thinks hes our boss now
and no one is able to talk to him
If Gubran himself woke up from the dead
he still wouldnt be able to deal with him
Why are you so upset?
If hes smarter than his
father, how does that affect us?
How come youre talking like
this, Marwan? Are you drunk?
Stay put, Fathy
Youre worrying too
much about Adam
Adam will search and search,
then hell come back to us
Why? Because, if the money
wheel stops spinning, he will need us
Stop drinking, Marwan, the
booze makes you talk nonsense
Let me show you Im lucid
You told Adam you
have one ton in stock
Wheres the remaining
half a ton, Fathy?
Half a ton?
What are you talking about?
The one you will take in your account
to buy your dream house in London
How did you know about
the home in London?
Because theres a small
house alongside it that I like
Little Fathy, we
will be neighbors
You know what, Marwan?
Im glad we will be neighbors
I dont like
respectable neighbors
Mr. Magdy, did you
forget something?
Yes, I forgot something
Go ahead Ill be quick
Cheers, Adam you really deserve
Thanks, Nahed
You must explain to your clients
that were turning a new page
Before that, Adam, we need to
see where we can get the paste
Everything at the right time
Ghassan Al Serafy
will show up eventually
and we must be ready by then
What are you waiting for,
Nahed? Your clients are all here
Come on
Excuse me
Good luck
Economics, bravo!
Why didnt you
finish your master?
Adam and I had to go back to
Egypt, but were not staying for long
If you stay for longer, you could join
our group and do some great work instead
Hey, Adam, are you hiding your
wife from us for fear of our envy?
Shes gorgeous
I invited her to join our
group, what do you think?
What do you think?
OK, Ill leave you two to have fun
on your own; I wont stay and watch
How many have you drunk?
Isnt that enough?
You know what the doctor
said, you cant overdrink
Lets just have some fun, Adam
Or, maybe you just
dont like me as I am now?
Mr. Adam
A small present from Mr. Ghassan
Mr. Ghassan
The new paste is coming
As soon as we pick up the
shipment, the labs will start working
Did Ghassan Al Serafy
agree to meet you?
He will
By the way, were
very proud of you, Adam
and were happy for what you did
But don't be so
confident in yourself
Until now
We still dont know
who the Spider is
Every spider has
its net, Mr. Fathy
Who knows how far he has
weaved it among your men?
My men
Thats true
The Spider
We got rid of him
and Mr. Gubran is dead
You suspect each and every one of
us, and will turn us against each other
So, you empty the field
and can do what you want
It seems that Mr. Gubran forgot to
tell you who Mr. Fathy Abul Ghayt is
These gentlemen will tell you
Ask them
Adam, I want to go home
Just a moment
Ghassan showed up. He
will likely cope with the group
Very good, wait for my instructions.
Ill keep them thinking that Im dead
Go quickly to the company
Get me this man,
fast, dead or alive
I hacked the firewall
of the company
I copied all contents from
Marwan Harbs computer
but I feel like I was caught
Im going to my
village now to hide there
I will send you the
location, meet me there
You, moron!
How come you didnt
find anything with her
I want you to pull the world apart if
needed to find the girl in the picture
But I have one small request:
can you bring her alive this time?
I dont want to see
you until you find her
Are you trying to take a seat on my
head? I dont condone such rude behavior
Whats wrong with you, sir? Arent
you going to make it up to her already?
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
You see, hell pretend that he
doesnt know why youre mad at him
Listen to me, honey, dont
let him control your mood
Itll only leave you sick or paralyzed,
and Ive already been through that!
Because of him, I got incontinence!
Listen to me: theyre not worth it!
I just dont know
what to do with him!
If I work, hed better have me home,
but if I stay home, hed rather I was out!
He must be an Aquarius, mood
changes are typical of them!
Im not an Aquarius nor Virgo!
If you want to stay home, so be
it! If you want to work, so be it too!
I just want to sit
down because Im tired
You should sacrifice things for
her! For whom else can you sacrifice?
Why would you tell her now
to stay home or go to work?
You shouldve said that
earlier! No wonder shes mad!
-No, wait a second -Talk to him
Yes, mom
He complained to you, how rude!
Dont take his side, you dont
even know what happened
Stop it
So, I should either come
to Canada to stay with you
or I should get
married and stay here?
No, I wont do that!
Whats wrong with Canada?
Everyone dreams of migrating there
You really do have
a difficult character
I swear Ill slap his face so hard
that itll turn around by 360 degrees
for as long as he keeps
complaining about me behind my back
No look, hes calling,
Ill add him to our call
Sameh, tell me what happened,
tell the truth, and dont invent it all!
Didnt I tell you I
was going to Luxor?
Yes, I did
Mum, what are you saying?
Listen, Im fed up
with both of you!
And you let her talk
like this to another man?
Oh my God
Are you OK? Yes, I am.
I think you shouldnt pick up
the phone while youre so nervous
Calm down and then answer it
Id love to offer you
something at the buffet?
Is that a yes or a no?
Eight spoons of sugar plaese
Waleed, throw me a sniper! I
have a scoop, be quick, Waleed!
I died, Waleed
Are you doing research about
The New Lord of Espionage
Are you on Facebook, Instagram
or any other social media?
Well, congratulations! You belong
to the lucky 10% of isolated people
Did you know that?
Everything you say is recorded and
can be seen through your mobile camera
You know when you get ads
or you find the profile of a
friend you were just talking about?
Its over, simply put:
we are all stark naked
We all spy each other
What? We all spy on each other
But without being aware
Are you laughing?
Do you think all those American
movies are just pure imagination?
or that PUBG is
just a video game?
I know by heart the
names of all weapons
American, Russian, Belgian
and I can tell you
how to use them
You must be very fond of this
No, Sameh says that
Im just a time waster
Its him
Dont answer unless youre sure
you really want to make up with him
Yes, Sameh
No, I was sleeping
Hes making up
Tomorrow we will have
dinner with the Chinese tourists,
you can join us and we can talk
OK, Ill tell you as
soon as Im home
Well, Im sorry I bothered
you so much today
Tell him to get me my tea
I have a helicopter
Ill just go to Bushenky
I think now you know
what he wants from us
Mr. Ghassan
I always have the right
estimation of people
But with you, it looks like
I need to reconsider things
Nothing has changed, and
well still stick to our deal
Our deal?
What deal?
Theres a proverb
Dont burn the house
down to kill a spider
You think you can play with the
Spider and get rid of him, just like that
while youre burning
everything else around you
including our agreements, Adam
Sir, Ive never seen that man before, I
dont know who he is or what he does
But she says hes your fianc
She also says she has
incountinence how can you trust her?
Can you translate
the tourists statements
All of them?
My shift is over
What about the people
with whom I agreed?
And the money?
Answer me before I get mad!
What should I tell you, Nahed?
Well have to see what Mr. Adam
will do now that he knows hes still alive
Do you know how hard it was
for me to get our clients back?
What will they say now?
Gubran and his son
put us in this mess
and if we stay where we
are, well be in massive trouble
Do you want to run? I didnt
realize you were a coward, doctor
Im not a coward, Nahed
Im alert
Tell Adam I cant make any
deal, until I deal with that man first
What about the goods
in your warehouses?
Isnt the mister who is listening to
us the one who thinks hes the boss?
Let him deal with this
I can only take care
of the stocking process
We dont need Fathy
No, Adam
Fathy is not an easy person
We cant go against him now
According to the information,
the girl on the train is his girlfriend
You dont understand, the whole
thing lasted just for two minutes
Look how he killed them
Youre not focused;
Ill show you again
Whats the matter?
Anyone in his place would have
done the same thing, me included
-Yes, me
Why are you so impressed? Youve
shown me the video seven times
Do you think thats normal?
A wanted criminal sat beside me
and then all these things happened,
and you think thats normal?
What do you want to talk about?
The not so well done
fillet steak you ordered?
Honey, he must be a thief
that the police are trying to catch
You dont understand
Put your phone away
My phone? Put it away
Hes a spy, a very
dangerous one, so listen to me
What the heck are you saying?
You are brainless, Sameh!
That Pubgi game
is driving you mad
Ive spoken with him, and
Im sure he's not just a thief
You talked with him? And
what did you say to each other?
Nothing special, he's a stranger
Hi, Layla, Hi, Sameh
Hi, how are you?
You said: nothing special, then
how does he know my name?
Hes a spy!
Layla, we need to run away now
Ill tell you on our way
What? Am I wanted
too? Help me, Sameh
No way! You can run away with him,
hold his hand, and go out to sea together
Sameh, this is
between Layla and me
Seriously? Im sorry if I interfered.
Go on, Ill wait for the fillet
Tell me, why do you want me?
We must go to your flat now
Your flat!
He can come to your flat,
but I have never done that
Listen, here is your
engagement ring
Ill call her mom, take the
engagement ring, youll need it
Why dont you also take the watch
you gave me for Valentines day?
And pay for my fillet!
Excuse me.
Wait, let me explain
Go away, swindler!
He charges 700
pounds for a visit
Im going to go now, Im busy, but then
Ill come back for an explanation later
Are you happy now?
How dare you
throw the ring at me!
Its better to lose you, moron
What the hell!
What the hell are
you doing? Oh, god!
Yes, mom
No, Im home, God saved me
There was a knife
Oh my God
Oh my God
Who is it?
Whats going on?
Oh my God!
God dave me!
This is my car
What are you doing?
Dam it!
Can you believe it?
Even though youve robbed
us and gotten us in trouble
and driven us nuts
Ive always respected you
Seriously, Ive
always respected you
Anyone who gives me a hard time
I respect them.
Now, you see how it ends
You came to me on your feet
And Im so proud
We want people like you
Many of you
Can I take a selfie?
Because there are some important
people who need to know whos in control
Yes, with your permission
Wheres Layla?
Look, captain
Lets agree first on how
our conversation will go
who asks the questions
and who answers them
Wont you tell me
who sent you after us?
Your mom
You could have said it earlier,
and it would have been a lot easier
Who do you work for?
You know, Fathy, the
only true thing you said
is that I was going to
come to you on my feet
As Adam says
Every spider has its net
Or shall we ask your mom?
Watch your mouth
Wake him up
Hi, Fathy Hi, Adam
Whats going on?
I just wanted to tell you, I know how far
the Spider has sneaked in among my men
He is really among them
In fact, he is with them
They hanged him in my warehouse
and theyre talking with him now
Fathy, dont do
anything. Im coming
Good evening, Miss Layla
Sorry if were bothering you
Can I call you Layla,
or is that too personal?
Call me whatever youd like
I just want to know why
Im here and what were doing
Look, Layla
Im a straight-forward person, and
I dont like to beat around the bush
Im a direct person too
So, hopefully, we
can agree on this
Tell me, Layla
Whats the relationship
between you and that man?
I dont know him,
I never knew him
Behave well like your boss!
I dont know him,
Im ready to report him
If you go and ask your colleagues
at the police for my statement
Youll know Im honest
The police?
It doesnt look like the police
Where are we?
What is this place?
I was having dinner with my
fianc, very calmly and safely
and the Chinese
tourists were with us
That crazy guy suddenly came
and it was all like: come on, lets go!
And I dont know him, I dont
know if he came to check in on me
about my issues with my fianc
or if he came for some other
reason, I really dont know
Youre trying to tell me that
the Spider was sitting with you
to solve the problems
with your fianc?
Is he called Spider? Of course
I told Sameh: he must be a spy
If he is a Spider, it means he
has a net, and he is everywhere
I told Sameh!
Who is Sameh? My fianc
Whats wrong?
What happened?
What did I say that
made you so angry?
You asked me questions, and I answered,
I didnt insult your mom or your dad...
Why? What did he tell you to do?
Untie him
Help me, Sameh, Im
in the middle of a war!
Youre such an idiot!
Damn you!
Lean on me
Come here
I would have been so
sad if he had killed you
Do you know why, Fathy?
Because youre an idiot
You are an idiot
I may be an idiot
but Im not a traitor
Fathy was an idiot! He
brought the Spider into this place
He destroyed all the stocks
and ruined our work with Ghassan
Adam, I think you should take
your wife and go back to London
You can stay there for a
while until I solve this problem
And Ill do it in my way
Do you agree, Marwan?
This war concerns me too, uncle
and I intend to win it
What matters now, Adam, is finding a
way to make Ghassan agree to meet you
I know a way to convince him
I just want his money
Mr Salah
Please stay close to Adam
Watch over him, he is our boss
Adams behavior will stop Ghassan
from working with us and hell kill us all
Congratulations on
destroying the warehouses
Damn you! Its you again!
What the hell do
you want from me!
Where are we? What is this lake?
-Tell me where we are!
-Ill tell you
I will answer everything but,
for now, youre in shock, Layla
Can you drink this coffee and eat this
sandwich first, so we can talk calmly?
You sneaked into my
house? And broke my car
I did
You killed people
in front of me!
In a way, I did
What do you want from me?
Why have you kidnapped
me? What have I done to you?
I swear I didnt kidnap you. If
you want to go, heres the world
The world is big, so while you
walk through it, I have to protect you
From what, exactly?
Do you want me to believe
that this is all you ever do in life?
Do you know how many wars
are started because of drugs?
How many people
die everyday for drugs?
How many homes are destroyed?
Of course, but killing every drug
dealer cannot simply be the solution
You have to go through
what Ive been through
in order to judge
someone like me
Ive seen a lot
of things, Layla.
Oh my God! Quick, take me
away now! Weve got to run!
Look behind you!
-Take it easy!
-Why are you laughing?
These are my men
OK, put me down
It seems that you enjoy it
How are you guys?
Give me the motorcycle
Whats this?
Oh my God!
What the heck?
This is unbelievable!
I cant believe it!
Are we inside PUBG?
What is this place?
Sorry if its a bit
messy, I live alone
My goodness! A
genuine war motorcycle!
This is too good to be true!
All the gear I use on PUBG and so
many other games, theyre all here!
Eight spoons of sugar
Wow, you still remember,
what a gentleman
I need sugar now because
youve completely boiled my blood
I need your phone, please
Why? Are phones forbidden here?
Yes, they are
Because, simply
put, if you make a call
they can track it and
come here, which is no good
If its for a security
reason, then OK, sure
But what if I want to call my family,
or if I need food delivered to me?
I cant help you to get
in touch with your family
But if youre hungry, you
dont need a delivery service
The kitchen is always kept full
with anything you might need
As for the bathroom,
the last corridor is to the right
So, make yourself at home,
but I have just one request:
dont explore the house too much
and dont touch things you dont know
because Ive planted
mines everywhere, OK?
Thats not kind with a guest
Listen you listen
Is Spider your only
name? It scares me
Hassan, thats my name
Thats less scary
Ive been looking
for you everywhere
Whose room is this?
When I was small, my father
never treated me as a child
He was very cruel
I wasnt able to
look him in the eye
I feared him more
than I loved him
When he was angry at me
I would lock myself here
This room protected me from him
I know youre not happy here
and I know you want to leave
But not now
Just give me some time
There are things I need to do,
accounts I have to settle
So yummy
Where did you learn to cook?
My mom taught me,
God bless her soul
Were you living alone?
Ever since she got
sick, we lived alone
That is, until she died
and then I just stayed alone
What was her illness?
She had the worst
illness there is
drug addiction
You know, Layla
You know what
really breaks a person?
Seeing the person you love most getting
lost without being able to help them
I tried to cure her
I tried to do everything for her
But, every time we
overcame the illness
the situation became
too heavy for us
I found out that the closest
people to her were making her sick
instead of curing her
But, unfortunately,
I found out when it
was already too late
very late
I could only accept the few precious
moments that we still had together
And when I needed
her hug the most,
she needed my hug more
The day her eyes saw
the light for the last time
I made my decision
Until my last day on Earth
I would work to avenge her death
I was just a small
kid with a wrong plan
I thought about harming
the man who harmed her
He put me in jail for ten years
just to teach me a lesson
But I learned a
lot in prison, Layla
I learned that everything
happens for a reason
I learned patience
Patience taught me to plan every
movement well, before taking action
Did any of your family
members came to help you?
Only one person
stayed by my side
But unfortunately,
he couldnt help me
Ten tons?
Its the first time weve asked
him for such a large amount
The cash we have, together with
Osmans paste wont be enough
If we cant get the sum,
we will sell the diamonds
What do you mean?
If we sell the diamonds,
we wont have any cover
After the operation, we
will buy new diamonds
and make up for all our losses
So, doctor, are you with us?
I told Marwan to
check all my accounts
I will transfer all
my money to Geneva
I have decided to end
my work with the group
Really, Osman?
After all these years?
Why, doctor?
Can you tell me?
I dont want to join Fathy,
nor does my wife, Adam
The troubles were in right now
happened because of you and your father
Youre not up to this task, Adam
You should have
gone back to London
But since you
dont want to leave
Then Ill leave
Before you drown
me along with you
You want to leave?
Ill buy your shares
But after the operation, not now
This is a 7.62/39!
Whats the matter?
You, tough man!
How did you get it?
Please let me take
a picture with it!
No way
If I post it on PUBG, my friends
will have a different opinion of me!
-For your mom and
dads sake -Yes but
Take me a picture, you have
my phone Im begging you!
OK, calm down, Ill do it
A nice one
You can only waste the
last bullet, do as I say
-Ill do it right -I hope
Ill strike a pose
Wanna learn how to shoot?
Lesson 1, eyes on your target
you and the weapon are one
OK, but listen
Lets try the M16,
as it looks lighter
We have to learn this one
first, then move on to the M16
Lesson 2
Set your balance so that
the recoil doesnt affect you
The what? The
recoil, the kickback
Im as stiff as a mountain
Fine, sister
Will it make noise?
Of course it will
Will it hurt, Hassan?
Youre not shooting yourself
For Gods sake, youre shooting a
target behind which theres a wall
Stop it, dont treat
me like an idiot
-Im talking about the requail
-Thats Turkish language
Go ahead
Come on
In the name of God
One two three
Damn it! Damn it!
For Gods sake!
This is all too much!
Calm down!
I want to kill someone!
-We will show them how to work!
-Show who?
Im sorry, its all my
fault, let me kiss your head
The adrenaline is
so strong, Hassan
-Im sorry -Thats incredible
Im sorry
-What was that?
-Calm down, calm down.
They say that people get hooked on video
games because theyre bored of real life
They may be right
Although I do so many things
in my life, I still always feel bored
Maybe because I
didnt choose to do them
Its my father who made
me become a tour guide
My mom chose that
dupe of Sameh, for me
The rest of the family
made other choices for me
Was it your mom
who chose that dupe?
Can you imagine me choosing him?
No, I cant
But, I would still
really like you to tell me
why you came after me and
why you brought me here.
Where are we going?
Because I really want
to burn those people!
Calm down. We said
we can only waste
-The last bullet
Yes, the last bullet
Ill do you a favor
You see this man?
What about him?
He used to work with me
He was supposed to meet me
in Luxor to hand me some stuff
But sadly
He was killed before
he could give it to me
I remember him. He was
the harasser, to hell with him!
Not at all, he was a poor guy
He was exceptionally unlucky
When they caught him, he
threw the stuff in your bag
He sent me your picture
and the bad guys saw it
so they thought that
you were working for me
They framed you
on that train, remember?
-Sure -And then at the bouffet
Yes, I was there
Then we went to the flat
but they had arrived before us
And we didnt find your bag
But my bag isnt at home
I left it at the hotel
with the Chinese tourists
Hi, Layla
Can you hear me? Yes, I can
Do as I say, if you feel like anything
is wrong, get down immediately
Watch out
-Not now!
-Let me get it
No way! Were not doing this!
There are ten tons in
the upcoming shipment
Instead of money,
Ill give you diamonds
So, Ill spare you
the money laundery
We can keep our
promise, or break it
But, if you dont pay, you know
you will lose everything, Adam
None of us will lose
out here, Mr Ghassan
To reassure you, I will deliver you
the diamonds with my own hands
But you too
You will give me the
paste with your own hands
What do you think?
Wait for my call, Ill
tell you what to do
No diamonds will be sent to Adam
What? Will Adam let you do it?
He can complain to my dad
What is your plan?
Nothing, Love
Ghassan only wants his money
I will give that to him
We take the shipment
while we watch it slipping away from
Adams hand and coming right to us
What if were caught? Or if
Ghassan refuses to work with us?
Then, you and I will be
on the first plane to London
With our money, our properties
No one can harm us
And what matters the most is
That we stay together
Thats my girl
What are you doing, Dalia?
Did you start again?
Youre back at it
We worked so hard
What difference
does it make to you?
You must be snorting it too
or are you not?
It is a bad grade
of course
Your level is far above this
Its not suitable for the
boss of Gubrans family
to sniff such bad stuff
It must be something
up to his level
among his group
Your gang of drug dealers
How long did you think
you could hide it from me?
You dont understand
anything about whats happening
You dont know what youre
doing to yourself and to me
Its you who asked
me to support you
Here I am, supporting you.
Consider me your first client
Or maybe not a client
Maybe you could try any kind of
new drug on me before selling it
and maybe you can
find me a job in the group
Look at me
You are going to stop snorting
You will quit, Dalia
And I wont leave you
until you come back to me
Do you understand? Even
if it means I lose my life
I dont want you to
do anything for me
If you must stay in this
war, just leave me out of it!
Dont ask me why I do this!
You know, it reminds
me of the Adam you were,
the one I loved
Im pregnant
Heres what Magdy
hid in your bag
What is all that?
Its the world that
I told you about
Dont worry about Dalia, Adam
I know a good doctor in Zurich
What matters is finding where she
got that crap from in the first place
Theres been a disaster
Our accounts abroad
have been zeroed
What the heck are you
saying? How did that happen?
An official email was sent
from outside of the group
All our money is being
transferred to another account
I didnt manage to
find out who did this
All our accounts, our tax records,
our companies are being uncovered
Who sent the email?
One of my IT employees
He put a bug in the system
and took all of the data
He turned out to be
working for the Spider
Do you know what this means?
This means we dont
have a cent to pay Ghassan
The diamonds are
our only option now
This is the account number
where you have your money
Now you have the
location of the labs
The last thing I could imagine
is that we would join forces
You did the right thing, Nahed
In the beginning, you
joined the wrong people
Do you hate Adam that much?
I mean Marwan
The contracts of your properties
abroad are all registered in Marwans name
He registered
them all in his name
Yes, Osman
Do you know the
worst thing about life?
That its treacherous
What are you doing to me?
The same thing that you
do to other people, Osman
The same one that you mix with
pure cocaine paste to earn more money
Ive always had a
feeling that it was you
When I saw your
face on the train
I knew it
and I knew that
whatever I do, wherever
I go, youd come after us
One by one,
just like you said
Wont you at least
leave me a bullet?
So I can deliver your message
The message was already sent
I cant believe you, Layla!
How can you live in
the house of a criminal?
Mom, Hassan is not a criminal
If you want to talk about
crime, look at Sameh!
He takes 700 pounds per visit!
Youre taking his side!
Listen, old woman, dont judge people
without knowing their motivations first
I shouldnt have
called you, anyway. Bye
Shes so annoying
Lets see if anyone shows up
Lets see
Rest in peace, Osman
How will we replace Osman, Adam?
Only he was able
to manage the labs
I wish we had listened to
him and stopped the deal
Osman was thinking
only about himself
He wasnt thinking
about Gubrans family
Uncle, did you want us
to succumb to his whims?
If I may, Mr. Salah,
Adam is right
If the Spider thinks that ruining
our labs means ruining our activity
Hes wrong
We can build new labs and find new
managers, better than Osman even
We wont do anything until we find
out how the Spider found the labs
From traitor among us
The same traitor that we
thought was among Fathys men
Now Osman is dead
Theres only us
and Nahed, too
Good morning
Good morning. Listen, we
badly need to go to a supermarket
There are no more fava beans,
eggs, even the bread is finished
Then, how did you cook all this?
I put together the left-overs
so that we can eat something
Whats going on?
-Whats up, Hassan?
-Did you call anyone?
Did you use the
Internet yesterday?
I had a Skype call with my mom
with a mobile data connection
Hold this, and do
exactly what I say
Walk through this corridor and, in the one
after it, youll find a door on your left
Enter the door, youll find a
room, lock yourself in it until I come
Left or right?
May God keep us
on the right side!
What the hell!
Hey, man!
They found my place
How come? Are you OK?
Im OK, but they took Layla
Do you want to stop everything?
Everything will still go
ahead, according to the plan
How are you, Honey?
What are you doing here?
You know, Marwan
I was so young
when I married Osman
I didnt even know
what marriage meant
I hadnt had the chance to meet
someone I love, or who loved me back
Thats why I loved you
Sorry, Honey, but Ive
got so much work now
Lets postpone this for now
Why, Nahed?
Why are you
pointing a gun at me?
Osman did everything for me
even though he was certain
that I would have never loved him
And he never thought
about cheating on me
He was the opposite of you
You were his
opposite in everything
Maybe thats why I loved you
Even though I
knew you were dirty
and you would betray me one day
Who are you talking about?
Im Marwan, your lover
Adam and Salah know everything
They know you betrayed them
just like you betrayed me
You registered all of the
properties in your name
What have you done?
What have you done, you
crazy woman? You told them!
You sold me to them I
betrayed you, like you did to me
I did everything for you
I loved you. Do you even
know what that means?
Stop with this nonsense! Where did
you get all of this fake information?
They swindled you
They brainwashed
you to separate us
and youre so stupid
that you believed them!
Come and see
Look here
Your bank account
Take it!
Look for yourself
Here, look!
Dont you dare point
a gun at me, you bitch!
Hi, Marwan
Youre so eager to finish
your home in London
Are you leaving
without saying goodbye?
Its a real issue, Mr Salah
Labor quality is a
problem all over the world
If you dont supervise your
laborers, they will rip you off
No one is honest at work
And do laborers today
get paid in diamonds?
With all my respect
Isnt this better than giving
them over to Ghassan Al Serafy?
The one who will
give us the raw paste
that we cannot store,
nor cut, nor sell to anyone
Here are the
diamonds, all of them
Theres your share
and my share
I was going to your
office to give it to you
Do you really think I
am so stupid, Marwan?
You are the reason why we find ourselves
in the disaster were currently in
You handed the group to
Adam, after his fathers death
The group for which my father,
Adam, and you spent your lives
Its now all lost
because of Adam!
Im not a thief, Im
just taking my share
Ive always been precise
with numbers, as you know
And numbers say that any deal
with Adam now will end up at a loss
But my counts say
that you should accept
the share between us
your share of diamonds
And, by the way,
The flat next to mine that
Fathy wanted to buy in London
is still empty, and I
could book it for you
But your father wasnt
a traitor, Marwan
The counts that you do on
your own will get you wasted
As I said, Mr. Salah, just
leave the counts to me
Yes, Adam
We must cancel
all of our deals now
That moron of Marwans
stole the diamonds and left
You and your wife
must travel to London
Ill deal with Ghassan Al Serafy,
and Ill tell him Im that in charge now
But you two must
get to a safe place
At last
As long as you respect our deals,
Adam, our cooperation will last
Hold the case of diamonds
Dont worry about Nour, Adam
I didnt hire him to track you
or inform me about your actions
But because I need to know with whom I
am making my deal for the cocaine paste
I didnt even think that you
were going to come in person
If you had doubted
that I respect our deal
one thing I know for sure is, you have
become the smartest among your people
I have no objection
in dealing with you
and helping you grow
until you become someone
However, you must know that I didn't agree
to meet you only to hand you the paste
and take the diamonds
No, Adam
I could send any
of my men to do this
I agreed to meet
you and talk to you
because the person with whom
I plan all thats coming next
should not lose the war
between me and Gubrans chair
God bless his soul
In a war like this...
in your opinion, Adam,
who will win?
or Hassan?
Did you really think I wouldnt
know who put the Spider onto us?
The issue between my brother
and me can be solved only with blood
Yes, Adam
The issue between your brother
and you can be solved only by blood
Im well aware
that youre not chasing
either coke or money
Youre chasing after Gubrans
family members, one by one
Ive got Adam
for you, right here
Surely you wont
miss this chance
Do you hear me?
Just like any insect
I attract you with a prey, so
that you will present yourself to me
Here, Hassan
We cant hear you
Only your conscience
will bring you here
Good evening, Layla,
and Im sorry to bother you
Who are you?
Im the one who can send
your message to Hassan
If you want to tell him something
I will tell him, so go ahead
Help me, Hassan! Help me!
I think now you know why
I agreed to meet you here
I couldnt miss the chance
to see you both, together
When was the last time you met?
It was during our
mothers funeral
It was during your
fathers funeral
Finally I meet you, Ghassan
You brought an army to protect yourself,
and you threaten me through Layla?
Youre a very cheap man
Very cheap
If I were weak, I wouldnt have
gotten you here in front of your now
Or maybe you think that the death of
Fathy, Marwan, and Osman scares me?
Or the death of my
uncle, that filthy traitor?
Ive had you in my mind since the
day I planned whats happening now
I was waiting to be
standing in front of you
to cut off the head of the viper
that took everything from me
that killed my mom
and turned my dad into a
devil who only cares for drugs
Ive been waiting to see
the viper out in the sunlight
And here you are: you swallowed the
bait and came on your own two feet,
Youd be an idiot to think Id let you
go without having your head in my hands
Adam, do you want to take
revenge on your brother?
Go ahead
Win the war
Ghassan, brothers may
disagree for a moment
When one of their demons
make him betray the other
There are many
different demons, Ghassan
The worst is the
demon of betrayal
Yes, Hassan
The worst thing that brothers
can do is betray each other
But we
were not those kinds of
brothers, and we dont like betrayal
-You told me youd only need
5 minutes -Youre a chatter-box
Shall we? Yes, we shall
Ghassan is running away!
Everythings lost without him
Cover me Sure
-Are we to die here, Hassan?
-Dont worry
I told you to not worry
Who told you I was worried?
Are you trying to say
that you werent worried?
Im sorry
I fulfilled our agreement, sir
The head of the viper,
Ghassan Al Serfay
Alive and kicking, as we agreed
You can get from him all
of the information you need
The cargo, with the
diamonds, and its owner
It looks like youre spending the summer
with us, Ghassan, maybe also the winter
As per our agreement, sir
I will clean everything
up, and a deal is a deal
Adam and you did great
Thanks, sir
This doesnt mean that
what you did is right
Everyone has their own way
Everyone, or every spider?
Lets go
Thank God
Are you OK?
Are you Hassans desert men?
Hows Hassan?
Hes doing very well
How did you find me?
Wake up
Whats going on?
Youre back together
I was waiting to see which one
of you would have killed the other
Yes, despite the evil you tried to
root inside us, even inside my wife!
Even my wife, who
is expecting my child
You forced her back to addiction
Your dad recommended
that I should keep all that weve
built with our own blood and sweat
I had to get rid of
your addicted wife
just as I got rid of
your mothers naiveness
and I erased her name
from your memories
But we didnt forget her
Hassan! Adam!
You sons of a bitch!
Im sorry, Layla, if I
messed up with your life
I tried as much as I can to
bring back everything like it was
You know
After my moms death, I got used
to never have affection for anyone
But Id lie if I told you that
I can live easily without you
How are you, Sameh?
I dont want you to be
sad because we broke up
Because the Layla
you know is dead
The Layla that came
back, is a different person
One who wants to be herself,
but she simply wont
be at ease with you
nor you will be at ease with her
just one fillet
Eight spoons of sugar