The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story (2023) Movie Script

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Columbia Pictures
Marvel in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation
-...unacceptable. - Such assessments are unacceptable, Miles.
- Focus, Miles. Focus. - Unacceptable, Miles.
Jeff: Miles, you need to make an effort.
Yo, I'm home.
Sorry I'm late.
You're not going to turn around and check the right one...
What do I always tell you, Miles, huh?
- You must hold... . - Keep your head on top. I know, dad.
...head on top, yes.
(LAUGHTER) Oh, that was a good joke.
Okay, okay, we bought pizza on the way,
ice cream in the freezer...
Also, Miles, check this out!
I rented three scary movies that we can watch. Three!
Rent? Did you come all the way to Jersey to do this?
Ah ha, now you have jokes. This is good.
I call you to the sofa.
No, I would love to, but...
I'm just tired. See you next time.
Are you okay, son?
Yes, everything is fine.
Fine. Accepted.
-(Door Slam) -Yo, Miles! Let's.
Don't slam my door, buddy.
Yes, sorry, Pope.
WOMAN: You always seem so distracted.
WOMAN 2: Such assessments are unacceptable.
Jeff: Miles, you're late again.
Where have you been?
No sense of responsibility.
Are you okay, son?
Oh man, I'm already overeating.
What the...
Wait! I'll never step on a spider again, I promise!
Hehehe. Hey.
Hey, Pop.
Do you have a minute?
Yes, what happened, son?
Can we get some fresh air?
Of course we can, yes. Take your jacket.
(Sigh) I have so much on my mind, you know?
I heard that, yes.
So tell me what's going on.
Miles: It's as easy as homework.
Girls. Well, one girl...
And wherever we are tonight
You know I'll be there for you.
Turn darkness into light
And we will get out alive.
There is a war outside, we are fighting demons.
They're always plotting something, plotting against me for no reason
I think I told the youth that we are playing ball today. Hey
Let's rise, we won't fall today, yo.
Are you ready for a ride? Let me know.
Hold on tight and I won't let you go
You know who to call in case of trouble.
And you know that I will always be by your side.
I've struggled all my life.
But I can't do it all alone, all alone
And wherever we are tonight
You know I'll be there for you.
Turn darkness into light
And we will get out alive.
When the flames get hot
We will walk through the fire.
If we burn bright
And we will get out of there alive.