The Spiritual World (2008) Movie Script

Each one of us has the ability
to communicate with the dead.
My wife and kid
hasn't been reborn yet, right?
So scary
Remember this.
You must let it go
and you will feel better.
Last month
my sister was murdered here.
Please help me find out
what her spirit wants.
You can see her, right?
What does her spirit want?
Bitch! You cheated on me!
The truth.
The truth.
I cannot make out the memory.
It's lifeless, endless and empty.
Without a breath,
only hopelessness co-exists with dreams.
The rhythm of life repeats,
but like a broken heart, it beats.
My every sense can feel the pain and dread
The Spiritual World
I want to let it all go,
forget all that] know, return my heart.
No more past, no more pain,
no more feeling hurt again.
They are memories that
only live in the spiritual world.
You want me to say goodbye to your mom?
That girl
moved out 4-5 days ago.
I found her a new place.
I'll write down the address for you.
She'd stayed here
for only a couple of weeks.
She's got some courage.
You couldn't pay me
to stay even for a day.
As for you,
you won't even dare
go up there in daylight.
Why is that?
That room is haunted.
You can hear crying every night.
The wife cheated on him,
so he killed them both.
Slashed their throats.
A bloody scene.
Couldn't wash it off
so they repainted it red.
By the time they found the bodies,
blood was all over the place.
It ran through the balcony
and seeped through floor.
It formed a red pool
and slowly dripped
Pen, you bitch!
Can't you close the door gently?
Scared the shit out of me.
Electricity is billed
according to actual usage.
For water, I charge a little extra
because I have to pump it up to the tank.
Otherwise, it won't run properly.
The laundry mat and the convenience store
is in the opposite building.
You can cook,
but be careful with the fire.
It's your choice to live here,
I didn't force you to.
I'll give you a discount on the rent.
It's not your room.
It belongs to them.
No one dares enter.
What about your room?
Does it belong to you?
I warned her that the room is haunted.
If if was the ghost,
why did she run into the room?
Oh, yeah.
The last guy jumped out the window.
The case has been with me for ages
until I retired.
The investigation
pointed to one conclusion.
No way.
I don't believe that.
How long has it been?
Over 15 years now?
There's no other new evidence.
Hey, kid.
Memories may be re-lived,
but time keeps on moving.
I'm an old man,
so I'm not going to tell you
some childish nonsense.
My dad did not commit suicide.
So why didn't you say
that from the beginning?
I didn't know then.
I was just a kid.
It's going to rain soon.
This is all I can help you with.
The girl you said is your sister,
often checks in there for treatment.
Here is the file on the case.
Find some time to read it.
And just let it go, kid.
She's your sister?
What were her symptoms like?
Someone in deep shock.
Her mind was severely damaged.
I don't mean her brain.
Lately, it has gotten better.
But her spirit
was in denial
and always rejecting something.
Frankly speaking,
it's like rape victims.
They want to forget,
or even better,
completely erase it from the memory.
Your sister
had been damaged psychologically.
And I think,
It's the reason for her breakdown.
I still can not find her
There's her address
in the patient's record.
When I saw her last month,
she said someone was after her.
I happened to see
someone was following you.
He's been here since the evening,
when you were moving in.
How many times have I told you?
It's your business.
I don't want to get involved.
Stop following me around.
Keep your money.
Help! Help!
Let go!
Help! Help!
Mom, don't leave me again.
It's here!
It's here! It's coming after me.
You have to protect me.
Don't let him,
Don't let him come in here!
You have to help me!
Why did you follow me?
I'm not a ghost.
You should find a new place to live.
This kind of place
can aggravate your asthma.
Thank you.
You know about my asthma?
You really don't remember me?
My name is Budd.
My name is Budd.
When we were kids,
our dads were good friends.
My dad took me to play
at your house every weekend.
And where have your been?
Why are you following me?
When my dad died,
the police said he committed suicide.
Can you ask him?
Ask who killed him.
High temperature?
Doc, the air conditioner is broken.
It's being fixed.
It should be fine in an hour.
Turn the light off for me.
It's distracting.
...are the leading cause of death
for people in their twenties.
In their thirties,
it's diabetes or liver failure.
Heart attack in their forties.
Doc, take care of your health.
Are you going to help me?
You have to help me.
You have to pay for what you did.
I just want to know where the body is.
Where is it?
Will knowing make you happy?
You must help me.
The world that
I see makes me unafraid of death.
It makes me afraid of living.
I'm more at home in the spiritual world.
Than in this world.
You really don't know?
Where are you taking me?
We're almost there.
Just across that bridge.
I brought toys for the children.
It's almost that time --
time for the spiritual world.
These children died in a crash.
It happened right by that bridge.
The villagers can still hear them crying.
Look, they're all playing in the school.
It's unbelievable.
It's unbelievable
that you can see the dead.
It's like
you're living in both worlds.
The window is open.
That day, I was waiting in the street.
That day, I was waiting in the street.
No, by the tree...
in the car...
playing in the car.
Yes, I was playing in the car.
My dad went into your house
and never came out again.
I don't even remember that
this used to be my house
What about your dad, Ming?
He's not living with you?
You're been sick
You think my dad did it?
that's not what I meant.
It's because they were close,
so I thought he might know what happened.
The doctor said that
the brain will erase unwanted memories
construct a different story
to fool itself
that it is real.
So he might not know then.
Get out!
You're not my daughter.
Get out!
How are you sir?
Do you remember me?
I'm your friend, Tot's son.
I remember, you bastard!
You should die.
Tot, you bastard.
So, this is where you've been hiding.
You're the one who killed my dad.
You're admitting that now, right?
It's scary. It's here. I can see it.
Don't! Ming, Ming, where are you?
You must die.
Tot, you bastard.
No, not him.
Who did it?
This damn headache.
Who killed him?
It can't be.
I don't believe it.
A one year old
can die from digestive problems.
A ten year old
can die from brain cancer.
Jumping off a building?
No broken legs.
Hit the ground head first.
Obviously was thrown off the building.
Shot himself?
but why shoot himself
with the right hand?
Here's another one.
A Murder.
Clearly a murder.
How did you get here?
How did you get here?
Where are your parents?
The nurse brought my dad in here.
It's alright.
Don't feel sad.
Your dad won't be here long.
The nurse will
take your dad out of here soon.
Where is dad?
Your dad is dead.
Budd, come to mommy.
You're no longer here.
Where have you gone?
I will have to be
on the move again, then.
You killed her.
I didn't.
I just want to know where the body is,
so that I can cremate her.
You had raped her.
She got pregnant. Then you killed her
and threw her into the river.
You killed her and her unborn child.
Her and her child?
Close your eyes
and you can see her more clearly.
Close your eyes.
If I'd known you were pregnant,
I wouldn't have done it.
I killed my own child.
Mas, where are you?
Go to your next life, Mas.
Let him live in the world of the dead.
I'll find you a new place soon.
why don't you stay here with me.
It might be old,
but it's cozy.
Can I think about it?
Are you afraid?
Someone died in this house.
Son, please forgive me
Why didn't you buy meat
that's already been cut?
I'm good at cutting up dead bodies.
No difference between
a pig and a human corpse.
If you can do it yourself,
why let someone else do it?
When are you going to ask my dad
who killed him?
I'm not sure,
maybe he has been reborn.
You can do it.
My dad was buried here.
Have you communicated with my dad?
Why does it seem strange?
You must know.
You were there that day.
I was there that day?
Your dad was there too.
Your dad has been released.
Ming, I found dad's body.
It's coming.
What's the matter, Ming?
Wait, Ming!
Wait, Ming!
Why are your running away?
Who's chasing you?
Wait, Ming!
What is it, dear?
Father, please help me.
What happened?
Somebody, help get me out of this world.
Not Ming.
She couldn't have done it.
A 5 year old couldn't have killed dad.
Come on, help me think!
You have a lot of worries,
a lot of tension.
Try this simple exercise.
Left index finger right thumb,
right index finger on left thumb.
Again quickly-.
Now another exercise.
Write 1 to 100 with both hands.
Write 1 with the left,
1 with the right to make 11.
1 with the left,
2 with the right to make 12.
Keep going
until you get to 9 with the left,
9 with the right, which makes 99.
Your mind will be more focused.
That's all right, thanks.
You're here to help me.
Come to mommy.
What took you so long?
Mom, please help me!
The ghost of Budd's mom
is coming to get me.
There's also a male ghost.
Why do I have to see dead people?
Why me, mom?
No! No!
You're not my mom.
You've forgotten what you saw?
Forgot what?
I don't remember anything.
You are evil.
Your mom was also evil. Die!
You didn't do it, right, Ming?
Who did it?
Ming didn't do it.
Doc, are you OK?
The relatives of the dead doctor
are here for the body.
Take it out
Where are you?
Give me the medicine.
Come on.
Hand it to me.
Let go!
Give it to me.
I cannot breath.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Let go!
Ming where are you going?
Let go!
Ming. Watch out.
Ming. Watch out.
Budd, come to mommy.
You hate me, right?
The investigation pointed to
one conclusion.
I don't believe
My dad did not commit suicide.
Stop playing with your toys
and listen to me,
Please forgive me.
I know that
it is unforgivable.
I really didn't mean it.
I really didn't mean
to do it or to lie to you.
I really don't remember
anything that happened.
I didn't want to remember it.
Forgive me.
I was the one who killed your dad.
Dad really didn't kill himself.
Help me!
He") me!
There's no one..
No one to help me any more.
Ming, give that thing to me.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Give it to Daddy,
You must obey me.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Give it to daddy.
Give it to daddy.
Give it to me.
Where have you been, you bastard?
Why? What do you want from me?
How can you do this to me?
I love my daughter.
And I don't love mine?
Mom, don't leave me again.
Mom, I want to be with you.
Stop following me around.
Help! Help keep him away from me!
Mommy, come and take me with you.
Can you hear me?
Mommy, come and take me with you.
I didn't mean to do it.
I didn't mean to.
I'm not running away any more,
I'm not running away any more.
I'm going to stay with you.
Budd, wait for me here, son
Stop playing with your toys
You're here for revenge.
Wait for me here, son.
I'm coming back soon.
Stop playing with your toys
and listen to me,
Why are you here? What do you want?
Come on.
Come stay with me.
I won't let you take my daughter.
the truth is...
I know, she's your daughter.
You knew?
You should be with
that dead lover of yours.
Go live with your dead lover then.
That bitch deserved to die.
She didn't kill herself, right?
You!I How can you do this to me?
You Die
What are you going to do with me?
You killed her
Even though she is
your biological daughter,
I was the one who raised her.
That child belongs to me.
She is my daughter.
Magic moon lead me clown a way,
that takes me to a brighter clay.
Don't take me to dark places
with no moon in sight.
I can't avenge dad's death.
But I know
dad wouldn't want me to harm you.
Dad always said to me
that parents love all their children.
My brother...
Thousands of roads of pain all paved
with hopes and dreams.
We never have the right to choose,
it's left to destiny.