The Spoilers (1942) Movie Script

You wanna get rich in this country
you oughta marry a hen! - I did.
Only she can't lay no eggs!
No, not for 200. Not for any amount.
I gotta have a room.
- I tell ya, I just ain't got a room.
Wait a minute.
guest just checkin' out.
Lee Marcus.
Take 24, right on down the hall.
Much obliged.
Wait a minute, Flapjack! Wait!
What you aiming to do?
I'm gettin' me a gun, some liquor
and a gold commissioner.
Snake juice and plenty of it! - What
you doin' in town? Clean Peter out?
If we had, them mangy warthogs
wouldn't have jumped us. - You too?
Sure. We were just
workin' along kind of peaceful-like
when at least 20 of 'em jumped us.
What chance did we have?
You still got your gun, ain't ya?
You mean Flapjack was chased
off his claim and didn't do nothin'?
Oidn't do nothin'?
He polluted their guts with language
that shouldn't be inside of no man!
But what good did it do?
They had the law with 'em.
What are we, a lot of sleepin' Indians
to take a thing like this layin' down?
What you gonna do about it?
- I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do.
I'm gettin' me a gun. And anyone that
comes along'll see plenty of action.
If it's action you boys want
the games are open.
The roof's the limit, and if you're
really playful I'll take that off too.
Cherry, that ain't the kind of action
we mean. - Is there some other kind?
Yes, Ma'am. They stole my claim, and I
ain't gonna take it sittin' down!
Oh, you're gonna
do some shootin', Flapjack?
You bet I am!
And some hittin' what I shoot at!
Now, now, now.
Maybe we better think this over.
I don't wanna find you under that old
sycamore, with your feet dangling.
But you grubstaked me to this claim
yourself. - So I have a say in it.
You and Banty have another drink
and stay here.
They jump from one claim to another,
like grasshoppers, Bronco. - Yeah.
Seems you can take away a man's claim
just by filing an affidavit.
So far, they're only the small ones.
- Meaning what?
No reason their system can't work with
the big claims. - Such as the Midas?
With both owners away, why not?
A visit to the gold commissioner?
What's his name? - Alexander McNamara.
Shall I drop in on him?
- No.
First let's do
a little checking up. My way.
Ravishing as usual, Miss Malotte.
- glad to see you're out of jail.
A temporary arrangement only. I'll be
back in again by nightfall, I daresay.
Well, well, Miss Malotte!
It's certainly a pleasure to see you.
- Thank you, Mr Montrose.
I want some information
about Flapjack Simm's claim.
Here we are. That's been relocated.
Oh, it has? Under whose name?
Why, a Mr Clark and a Mr Bennett.
We have their affidavit right here.
Oh yes, here we are.
Now, see...
Can I see this, Monte?
You won't mind
if I borrow this, will you, Monte?
Nice place to keep my records, but
the question is, what about access?
You got to that one easy enough.
- Oidn't I?
I'm Cherry Malotte. I suppose you're
Mr McNamara. - g.C. gold Commissioner.
Tell the marshal
I want to see him, Montrose.
Putting me in jail, Mr McNamara?
- Serious business, stealing records.
As serious as claim jumping?
got some particular case in mind?
The claim of Flapjack Simms.
I know he made the original discovery.
Clark and Bennett swear they filed in
the spring, but they weren't here yet.
So I want this affidavit as evidence.
Strong talk. But I'm here to protect
the interests of the small owner.
But if you happened to be smart
you could do yourself
a lot of good, couldn't you?
I'm wondering just how smart you are.
Well, I've been educated.
- So have I.
I don't care how you operate
I mean, with two exceptions.
The Simms claim.
- And a certain mine, the Midas.
That's puts us into the big money.
got an interest in the Midas?
- No, not exactly.
Oh, personal. One of the partners?
glennister? - We're acquainted.
I don't know much about him, but
I'd say he has good taste. - Thanks.
He does all right in other ways too.
Not a man to be pushed around.
Big feller, eh?
Might he make it interesting
if I wanted
to move into his territory?
Could be tough going, mister.
- But worth it.
What's this I hear
about me arresting Miss Malotte?
No. I want to see Clark and Bennett.
A few questions I want to ask them.
Well, Cherry, I - Some other time.
- You'll always be welcome.
You work fast, commissioner.
- Thank you.
And since you have a safer place
to store papers, you better keep this.
Well, I could be wrong.
If I came into the Northern
some night, would you show me around?
Show you around? Sure.
If it could be done.
And I've been here all this time
Somebody should have told me.
About Clark and Bennett?
- Yeah No!
About Cherry Malotte.
You met McNamara?
- Let's say he met me.
And you found out?
- He's either a very honest man,
or this town
is really up against it.
Well, after we ran into bedrock
after diggin' for three weeks
Look, the boat's here!
Come on, you sour-doughs!
The boat's in! Come on!
He's back, Bronco! - You're pretty
sure he's on that boat, aren't you?
If he isn't, I'll find out why not.
- Shall I get the buggy out? - Yes.
Bronco, never mind that buggy.
For once, let him come to me.
Idabelle, where are you?
Here I is, Miss Cherry.
Here I is.
What are you doing with that dress?
- Just smoothin' it out a bit.
I heard the boat was in. I figured
y'all wanted to meet it in style.
Well, you can unsmooth it again.
I'm staying right here.
What? Mr glennister is sure enough
on that boat. - Sure enough is.
go get a bottle of brandy
and a dozen hard-boiled eggs.
Maybe a dozen bottles and one egg!
Eggs is scarcer than watermelons here!
I don't care. get 'em.
There's two things he goes for
in a big way. One of them is eggs.
I reckon the other's
ice cream, Miss Cherry?
I sure hope there's some
coloured folk on that boat.
I's gettin' mighty tired
pretendin' Eskimos is from Virginia!
She sure makes
this old saloon smell nice!
I knew you couldn't hold out.
Makes me some kind of a fool,
don't it? - No.
It makes you
the right sort of a gal.
Only it's a shame to turn on
all that good heat for glennister.
You never will like him, will you?
- No. And you know why.
That looks like glennister.
Up you go.
She could be a relative.
Yeah maybe his Aunt Hetty.
Roy, you old sinner! - Cherry!
good to see ya, sport. How are ya?
Better now. For a few minutes
I wasn't so sure.
Oh, this is Helen Chester.
Cherry Malotte.
How do you do, Miss Malotte?
Roy's told me all about you.
No need to ask if you enjoyed
your trip, Miss Chester.
I know Roy's talent
for entertaining on board. Oon't I?
Easy, Cherry.
- Travelling alone, Miss Chester?
No, I'm with my uncle, Judge Stillman.
He's with Roy's partner, Mr Oextry.
"Judge" Stillman? - Yep, the Law.
He's circuit court judge.
I'm sure you'll be glad to know
that law and order has come to Nome.
It'll be so much easier on the boys if
the girls have to turn in their guns.
Roy wants to find me a place to live,
if you have no objection.
Objection? - I thought I'd take
Miss Chester to Widow Smith's place.
good idea. I wouldn't waste any time.
Miss Chester looks rather tired.
Yes, I am rather.
Shall we go, Roy?
- Come on, Cherry.
No, I'll wait.
I want to see Oextry. - Alright.
See ya tonight, sport.
Cherry! How's my little girl?
Right now she has murder in her heart.
You said you'd protect my interests!
Now, wait a minute - Not now,
we have things to talk about. Come on.
What others?
- Let's take the good with the bad.
You like her a lot, don't you?
- That's the situation.
Come outta there, Clark!
I know you're in there!
Come out!
Come outta there! You ain't hoppin'
no claim of mine, Clark!
grab for your gun! Yank her out!
No you don't!
Are ya hurt bad, Flapjack?
- Where'd he get you, old-timer?
If you get my claim back, Roy,
turn her over to Banty and
kind of bury me at sea. I always
hankered to be a sailor.
I hate to disappoint ya, Flapjack.
You won't die of a scratch like that.
You mean to say I ain't dyin'?
- I'm afraid not. - Oang nab it!
Just when a fella thinks
he's got shed of his troubles
That's the nearest I ever come
to owning a mine - Shut up!
We gotta get her back first!
Take him over to our tent, Banty.
- Come on, ya disappointed corpse!
Oidn't scare ya, did it?
- Oo these things happen often here?
Once a day at most. - Lucky for Simms
you happened along. - Yeah
You're a stranger here. - Not exactly.
McNamara. gold Commissioner.
How are ya?
I'm glennister. The Midas.
Oh, Miss Chester.
- How do you do, Mr McNamara?
Miss Chester is Judge Stillman's
niece. - glad to know he's arrived.
You know him?
- By reputation.
Well, it's a small town. We'll bump
into each other again. - Sure.
Probably at the Northern.
I'll show you the room. This'll have
to do till we get something better.
There's the bowl and pitcher.
If there's anything else, just ask.
I don't suppose Mr glennister brung
you up from Seattle for nothing.
If you're thinkin' about marriage,
I'd let you have my room for a week.
It's very much more comfortable.
It'll be a shame to disappoint
a nice old lady, won't it?
She'll get over it.
- But will I?
Oh, it sounds terrible. I feel like
a designing woman. What'll I do?
The world is full of so much better
material. Why me?
Who knows? Could say the same thing
to you. Why Cherry Malotte?
But it just happens to be that way.
You're not annoyed?
- If I am, it's not hard to take.
If I have to compete with someone,
you might let me start on even terms.
Is that what you mean?
- Partly. No more?
Right now would be a good time
for somebody to knock at that door.
Yes? - One of the boys
is coming with your luggage.
I didn't come in
at the wrong time, did I?
You couldn't have timed it better.
I'll see you later. - goodbye, Roy.
I guess a lot of girls would envy you.
Mr glennister's a real man.
I'm beginning to think he is.
Miss Cherry, you sure the kind of
medicine good for what ails a man!
All we need then is the man, eh?
If you's referring to me, Miss Cherry,
this country lacks good, solid colour!
No chance of choosin', Idabelle?
- No pickin' neither.
Oid y'all say Mr glennister
be comin' right along? - I didn't say.
And you haven't heard anyone
breaking down doors
We've wasted a lot of time
waiting for what we're not gonna get.
Mr glennister ain't comin' no more?
That's it. No more.
- But, Miss Cherry,
we done given that man
the best years of our life.
We sure have.
What am I gonna do
with all them nice hard-boiled eggs?
If you want better results than I got
try sitting on them.
Sit on 'em? I can't sit on no eggs.
I'll mash 'em all to pieces.
Alright, Oex
Light 'er up and speak your piece.
When you start suckin' on a cold pipe
there's somethin' wrong. What is it?
Some sort of spy, ain't ya?
When two men have been snowbound
in a Yukon shack all winter
they walk out come spring
either good friends
and knowin' each other
- Or one of them walks out alone.
We've had nine of those winters.
Think nine years gives me license
to say what I think? - Well, shoot.
If I don't like it, I can punch you.
If you catch me when I ain't looking.
I been thinkin' about Cherry.
Oh. You saw her?
- Yeah, for a couple of minutes.
I know you like this Chester girl.
- They come from different schools.
Yeah, but Cherry'll weight out
the better of the two in the long run.
A woman don't have to wear a polish
like a new dime just out of the mint.
Them that picks up a little experience
goes just as good over the counter.
Oh, a philosophizing
old sour-dough, eh?
Look, son.
Close as we've always been, I've never
nosed into your real private notions.
It's alright for a man to turn
a corner here and there along the way,
but you and Cherry's my only family.
And I feel father-like towards you.
I don't wanna see you split up.
- And we're not goin' to, partner.
She's pretty het up. - She'll get over
it five minutes after I get there.
Well, ten anyway.
Hello, Mr Sirs.
Writing a poem about me?
Not this time, Cherry. This is about
a lady known as Lou.
Is there a man in her life?
- Yes. He's called Oan Mcgrew.
He's a bad actor. He gets shot.
- Sound exciting.
Ravishing as usual, Miss Malotte.
- Still out of jail, Mr Skinner?
In and out.
How you doing on the door, Lyle?
- Bad.
Will you rub my head for luck?
- Better. I'll give you a shuffle.
You need a recess, Bronco.
- You're the boss.
Ante, gentlemen!
How's for hornin' in, sport?
Not this round. But there's a new
deal coming up. Make your bets, boys!
Could a fella do himself some good
in a game like this?
The only luck in poker is the draw.
After that, it's a game of skill.
Cards, boys?
- gimme three.
How's a man's chances of improving
a pair? - Not so good, they tell me.
Sure ain't my night, Cherry. I'll be
cashin' in. - I'll sneak out too.
Well, if you get enough players for
a new game, Cherry, I'm at the bar.
Remember what I said when I left?
"We'll make up for it when I'm back."
Well, I'm back.
Yeah, I met the boat, remember?
Listen, Honey, you're not asking for
apologies and alibis, are ya?
If I was the kind that bends
at the knees, you wouldn't want me.
But you're not. So I suppose
I can't get along without ya.
Sure you can.
Which also goes for me.
We could do with a lot less food, too,
but we'd get awfully hungry.
But if you get too much of any one
thing, it's good to make a change.
Aw, come on, sport.
Let's get back to normal.
Why don't we slip upstairs
and talk things over.
We've got nothing to talk about.
Miss Malotte. - Mr McNamara,
this is Mr glennister.
Yes, we've met. Not butting into
a private game, am I? - No.
Pile right in. In fact, you can have
my chair. I just cashed out.
No luck? - Percentage is
with the house. Pretty hard to beat.
But it has been done, hasn't it?
So they tell me. It's a fair gamble,
especially if there's no limit.
There's no limit here.
Anything you can win, you can collect.
McNamara, we wanna talk to you.
Some of us ain't satisfied with you.
Circuit court be here in a day or so.
That's the place to make complaints.
We don't care about no courts. There
was no trouble before you came here.
You're not tryin' to tie me in
with it, are you? - Suppose we are?
Alright, alright! Fight's over!
get back to your tables!
Pete! Oanny!
Pick 'em up and throw 'em out.
We'll have no brawls here.
Unless they're over me.
Thanks, that's one I owe ya.
- I hope I didn't make a mistake.
Meaning you've got an idea
I might have had it coming?
There's just a chance
the whole town could be wrong.
So long, sport.
Nice lad, glennister. His pants need
a bit of pressing, but a nice lad.
You promised to show me around,
I haven't forgotten.
Some other time.
Hold on there. Stay where you are.
Who are ya and what do ya want?
I'm Jonathon Struve, representative
for the gold Commissioner.
I'm here to serve notice on you.
Oon't get scared, Mr Struve.
This old elephant gun of mine
just gets spells now and then.
But there's one thing she can't stand,
and that's legal hocus-pocus!
You're gonna regret this!
Mr galloway has filed legal action,
and you're gonna have to answer
Behave yourself, Betsy!
Oon't mind Betsy, Mr Struve.
That's just her way of sayin' goodbye.
Judge Stillman will hear about this.
He'll know how to handle things.
Nice work, Oex.
Wanted to see a gold mine, eh?
- What was all the shooting?
Just Oex's way of informing lawyers
they can't serve papers here.
You mean a court order?
- Yeah, that's what they call it.
We've got a different name for it.
- My uncle must have signed it.
Which doesn't make it so funny.
- Why not?
Because it isn't a laughing matter.
The country needs law and discipline.
I've heard you say so yourself.
It's impossible for anybody to file
an honest claim to this property.
When Oex and I made this strike
there was hardly anyone here.
Well, if you can prove that
- We can prove it, alright.
And we're gonna hang on to this.
Nobody's gonna take it away from us.
You both know Uncle Horace.
You know his decision will be just.
Sure. Maybe we were a little hasty.
But you didn't come out here
to talk about the law.
Here's my cabin on the hill.
Beautiful view from there.
Come on, I'll show you around.
Where is Mr glennister's pipe and
tobacco? - Under the couch. Leave it.
What kinda talk is that?
It don't do yourself no good,
lettin' yourself go. I knows that!
What are you doing? Leave it.
And what's all this junk?
What's wrong?
Oidn't ya say Mr glennister's comin'?
Yes, but that's all. Take that away.
- I ain't gonna do no such thing.
You gotta start out right with a man.
You put that tray down.
I'm gonna put it somewhere
where he can't find it.
I could murder you.
- Hiya, sport.
Oex passed me the good word, and I
came right along. Brandy and eggs!
You never forget a thing, do ya, baby?
You're fired, Idabelle.
- Yes, Ma'am.
Would you hold this, darling?
I didn't send for you
for the reason you've got in mind.
I must be in the wrong place.
Who lives here?
Nobody you're on friendly terms with.
Idabelle, take that tray and get out!
- Oh no ya don't! This stays here!
Ooes I or don't I take that tray?
Alright. If there's anything else that
ya wants, ya calls and hopes.
So it's all over, eh?
No more little champagne suppers,
or playing on the piano together?
It's a long, cold winter, sport.
But we're through, eh?
You seem to be set up for the winter.
I sent for you to talk about Oextry.
But you won't mind
if I slip in a few words about us?
Oextry's got an idea that
McNamara and Stillman are crooked,
hiding behind a law and order front.
- Oex is full of suspicions.
But we can talk about that later.
When you gonna get off that perch?
But Oex could be right. And if he is,
what about your little Miss Chester?
Nice gal as gals go.
And really refined, isn't she?
A lady all over.
She probably wouldn't know how to use
a man for a chump, right? - Worried?
About you?
Why should I be?
You're much too smart, aren't you?
New dress?
I hope she doesn't just
take your mine off you.
I imagine that dress
is supposed to have a chilling effect.
Well, if it is, it isn't working.
You'd look good to me in a burlap bag.
You're so sure of yourself, huh?
Everything arranged for your
convenience. You just can't lose.
Well, see what you can do with this!
Nice aim you got there, baby!
Only, I think it's time we understood
each other a bit better. Come here!
I'm warning you Roy!
You've got it coming.
I don't know what you have in mind
about Helen Chester and me,
but there's nothing to it.
From now on, things are gonna be done
my way. So get used to the idea.
And that's my way.
Like it?
I guess that's what's you'd call
puttin' it right on the line.
That's good enough for me, sport.
Final curtain, eh?
I did that beautifully, didn't I?
Maybe this is a good time
for a man to speak his piece.
You know, Cherry, you could do worse
than with a dude like me.
You could peddle this joint. We could
slip off to Frisco. I got connections.
get back to your table, Bronco.
I didn't know he dug himself in
so deep. Calls for tears, eh?
Tears? You know me better than that.
get below.
You're the boss.
What the devil's the matter with you?
Hey, Flapjack, here they come!
Just what we been waitin' for.
Come on, Banty!
What's wrong? - They're a-comin', Oex.
- A whole gang of 'em!
get your guns, boys,
and get ready for action!
get your gun, Roy.
Where's your gun?
- Have an idea I won't need it.
And you better let me do the talking.
You can be too quick with Betsy.
They ain't gonna move in on my mine!
Stay right where you are, gents!
That's far enough.
I'm here again to serve ya. You gonna
accept it, or do we have to use force?
We're not accepting any papers.
- You heard him. We gotcha covered.
We're not looking for trouble.
You'd better talk to Judge Stillman.
Ain't nothin' to talk about. We own
a mine. We aim to keep it. - Easy.
You and the judge can come up.
The rest of you stay on your horses.
I'm sorry my first visit
has to be an official one.
Talk right from there, Judge.
Betsy here's gettin' nervous.
I realize how you gentlemen feel,
but I wish
you'd try to see my situation.
Once the ownership of your mine
has been legally established
it can never be disputed again.
There's no better title insurance
than a sound court decision.
Suppose we give ya this co-operation,
what happens then?
Until the case is heard
a receiver operates the Midas,
the takings being held aside
subject to a court order.
That's all. And when I open court
your case will heard immediately.
What happens to the gold in our safe?
- That stays here on the property.
Under guard and sealed.
Well, I've always been
for law and order,
and now that it's in Nome
I don't want to throw it off stride.
Maybe we better fall in line, Oex.
You're not gonna let 'em
move in on us, Roy?
It's only till Monday. galloway can't
prove anything. We'd win in any court.
Your partner's right.
You ought to listen to him.
I ain't listenin' to nothin'. get out!
- Steady, Oex! Let's be sensible.
The law's workin' in 45 states.
Why not Alaska too?
You're gonna let 'em move in on us?
You heard what McNamara said.
It'll only be for a few days.
Looks like you've made up your mind.
So you want things legal, do ya?
Alright. From this day on
our partnership is through.
You and I are finished.
Take that into court and legalize it.
Wait a minute, Oex!
- What for?
So I can walk back into town
with a weak sister? Not me.
Oon't worry, my boy.
You've done the right thing.
I'll show up in court, Judge.
But before you make any quick
decisions, maybe I better tell ya:
Oon't make any mistakes.
What else can I do, Cherry? - A man
doesn't walk out on his partner, Oex.
A man who hands his pants over
to the enemy ain't no partner of mine!
If you're fond of somebody, you don't
do things like that. - You did.
Oh, that was something else again.
- No, it wasn't. It's the same set-up.
You were always crazy about him.
And you gave him the gate.
It's not the same at all.
I don't love him.
You're a liar.
I said you're a liar, Cherry!
Alright, I'm a liar.
Of course ya are.
But I don't know...
I guess if it come to a real showdown,
I could stand a lot more from him.
Blast him!
great little town, Nome.
Something going on all the time.
You wouldn't bother us with good news.
Let's hear the worst.
Remember that little safe glennister
used to have at the mine? - Used to?
They ain't moved it, have they?
- I saw 'em loading it into the bank.
Stay here, Oex. Where are ya going?
To that bank!
They ain't swipin' no safe of mine!
You'll end up in jail.
Suppose we try another angle.
Ain't no other angle. Catch as
catch can, I say. - Calm down, Oex.
There's two lawyers in this town.
One's named Struve.
And we're going to see the other one.
Come on.
Supposing our suspicions
are well-founded?
What logically would be the intent
and purpose of the opposition?
good evening, Cherry.
How are ya, Oextry?
We've got a problem, Mr Wheaton.
I know. We've been discussing it.
Come on, Oex. This place
is haunted. - Hold on, Cherry!
You three have something in common.
It might be time to bury the hatchet.
I know right where to bury it.
This is Cherry's idea, not mine.
I never go to court about nothin'.
They grabbed our mine and our safe.
I say we get 'em back the same way.
Maybe Mr glennister doesn't know
what happened to the safe?
Tell the lovely lady that we're
quite aware of what's going on.
Roy has worked out
what I consider a very sensible plan.
How does Mr glennister look
when he's acting brilliant?
Little bubbles come out of my mouth,
and I smoke. You oughta know that.
Before we start the shooting war
we should wait for the court case.
If Stillman doesn't restore the mine,
it's up to me to go to Seattle
to a higher court.
- That'll cost money.
Ten thousand more, I'd say.
- We'll manage to raise it.
You don't think they'll
let you take money from the safe?
Possibly. But we can't say yes or no
till after the hearing in court.
My guess is they'll toss it all into
the bay. And what floats, is yours.
Come on, Oex.
Well, if you ask me,
that Judge Stillman's alright.
Flapjack got his claim back quickly.
- It sure surprised me.
If we want our seats, we better
get in before court takes up again.
So the judge says:
"I'm givin' this mine back
to who it belongs to." And that's me!
He's a judge that is a judge!
The old boy aimed his first guns
well enough, Oex.
When he kicks galloway in the pants,
I'm for him. Till then, I say nothin'.
At least he talks like a real judge.
Feeling better?
- My pulse is back to normal.
But I'm not out of danger yet.
Looks like the number one boy
may finish in front.
You wouldn't bet on that, would you?
Now that we're old friends
you may call me Miss Malotte.
Still running cold.
When comes the thaw?
It's more fun this way. Besides,
the line forms in back of Bronco.
Mr Farrell, Mr McNamara.
Hiya, Farrell.
Something ya got for Christmas?
I always carry it. I never know when
I'm gonna run into a piece of cheese.
Bronco was saying he could pick off
the judge easily from up here.
I bet him 65 cents he couldn't.
Want half of it?
Sure, it's only money.
Oo you mind if Miss Malotte and I
talk as though you weren't here?
go right ahead, if you think
you can talk faster than glennister.
Could be done
We started something in my office
and we never finished. Shouldn't we?
We'll talk about it after we've heard
what the judge has to say.
Stand up! Here comes the judge.
Take off your hats and no smoking!
You can sit down now.
The court will come to order.
Next case, Mr Struve.
galloway versus
Oextry and glennister, your Honour.
Oh, yes.
Because of the crowded calendar,
I regret the court has been unable
to give this case due consideration.
Also, we've been cautioned, privately,
against making any mistakes.
The case will be set forward 90 days.
What? Why, it's a skin game!
The order of decency!
- The old goat's a thief!
I'm going to pound him on the head!
- You're gonna stay right here!
Turn me loose!
I'll tear him limb from limb!
Quiet down! Quiet, this is a court!
If you are questioning
the integrity of this court,
you're liable to charges of contempt.
But you promised to decide this case
today! - I told you I'd "hear" it.
But in 3 months, they could take
quarter of a million out of the Midas!
If you have anything further to say,
say it through your attorney.
Your Honour, I think this
extension is unreasonable.
I move the court set an earlier date.
- Motion denied.
Sure! Of course it's denied!
You fooled this young whippersnapper,
but you didn't fool nobody else!
It's my duty to warn you
that any further act of lawlessness
will force me
to send for troops to maintain order.
Court's adjourned.
I told you that old flea-bitten weasel
was a crook! Now it's my turn!
The bank can't make you a loan.
A court order is a court order.
I understand. Thanks.
It looks like they've anticipated
everything. - Yeah.
I'll try 'em once more.
get a hold of Oex. I'll meet you at
the Northern in half an hour.
By this time,
glennister's been to the bank.
I'd like to have seen his face
when he found his account frozen.
Credit me with that good idea.
- It's Oextry I want to see squirm.
I can't wait to bend that rifle
he calls Betsy over his head!
Plenty of time for that, Struve.
How much will we get out of that mine?
- Just what glennister said.
Quarter of a million.
- Say, that ain't chicken feed!
What's the matter with you, Helen?
Aren't you gonna celebrate?
A little premature, isn't it?
- How's that?
Supposing they send
Mr Wheaton to Seattle?
We've covered that. A high court
appeal in Seattle takes money.
There may be other ways of his
getting it. That Malotte woman.
Oid you see the ship's captain?
He has his orders.
Wheaton will not be allowed on board.
That satisfy you?
- No.
I may have more respect
for glennister than you have.
Yes, of course!
He's a big, handsome lad, isn't he?
I hope you're not going soft.
We're here on business.
Keep that in mind.
- Hold on, Alec!
You haven't fallen in love with him,
have you? Have you, Helen?
Would there be some law against that?
Judge, I've come to ask you
to release our funds from the bank.
Such a petition
is a matter of court procedure.
Oh, I see.
- You're sending Wheaton to Seattle?
Seems like the thing to do.
Any objections?
No. good idea!
I hope he doesn't miss the boat.
I don't think he will.
You're not lookin'
so good today, honey.
Maybe Nome doesn't agree with you.
Shut that door! Struve,
see that Wheaton misses that boat.
Lock him up till the boat sails.
I don't care how you do it,
but I'm holding you responsible.
How much do you think he heard?
- Who cares? We'll see what happens.
That's enough of that.
What I told Struve goes for you too.
Just to keep you on the right track.
This deal goes through as planned.
How are ya, Cap?
- Hello, Roy. I'm glad to see you.
glad to see you too. Sailing tonight?
- Yes. I wish you could sail with me.
There's a friend of mine
- Wheaton? - Yeah.
I'm sorry, I can't take him.
I have orders not to.
So I heard. But if, after you sail,
you were to see a man adrift,
say five miles offshore,
you'd have to pick him up?
Sure. That'd be the humane thing.
Besides, it's part of maritime law.
That's what I thought. Another drink?
- No, I'll have to keep
my eyes peeled tonight for derelicts.
- Thanks, Cap.
It's too late for legal shenanigans.
If we don't get that money,
how's Wheaton gonna go to Seattle?
I'm against whatever you're planning.
- So am I.
Any unlawful act committed now
might upset everything.
Wheaton, you gotta get outta here.
- What happened, Roy?
I'll explain later. Now get over to
Flapjack's mine and wait for us.
And keep under cover!
Well, old timer, you were right.
We're gonna do it your way.
Well, now you're talking!
Wait! I won't let you two dynamite
yourselves into a mess.
I could get about $4,000 together.
That should be enough.
How about it, Roy? - We've got enough
of our own. Come on, Oex.
But that was a nice thought, sport.
Thanks for now, I'll be back later
to put some lace on it.
What do you think they'll do?
If it was my dough in that bank
I know what I'd do.
Why don't ya use charcoal?
- Because I like cork better.
How are ya, Mr Bones?
- Mr Tambo, I'm about even.
- Even better than I was before.
Come on, son.
Alright, men. Let's mount up.
You all know what to do.
Remember, if you shoot, aim low.
We don't want to kill anybody.
Oon't move!
What was that?
- Sounded like an explosion.
I'll go take a look.
What's going on here?
What happened? - Bank robbery!
They shot the marshal.
give us a hand, boys.
Let's take him inside.
Thanks, boys.
Scatter and keep your mouths closed.
get hold of Wheaton and tell him what
I told you. He's gotta get that boat.
What are you planning? - I got myself
a date. Remember Cherry?
Mr Bronco ain't down there!
He ran out after the big shootin'.
Was anybody hurt? - Whoever heard
of a shootin' with nobody hurt?
They don't go pointin' a gun
unless they figures to hit someone.
Why you drinkin' that cold coffee?
Let me heat it.
I'll be in my office.
- Why don't you go to bed?
Oh, I couldn't sleep.
Huh! Coloured boy!
Where'd y'all come from?
How's y'all, sweet thing? I figured
it was time we got acquainted.
Is that so? If you think I'm the kind
to mess with anybody comes along
I say, if you thinks that
I'll pour y'all a cup of coffee.
Wait! Y'all ain't no coloured boy!
You's washable!
Why, it's Mr glennister! Why you
raisin' up a lady's hopes like that?
Wait till Miss Cherry sees you.
- Hold on a minute, Idabelle.
Let's get rid of this Alabama tan,
and you better wash this shirt.
But you's more handsome
than you's ever been before.
If Miss Cherry feels the same way,
I'll have to live in a smoke-house.
get me some soap and water.
That's it, Cherry.
I don't know any more than you do.
When I got there it was all over.
- But Roy and Oex were there?
All I know is the bank was robbed
and the marshal was killed.
Alright, Bronco.
Oummy up, Cherry. Here's McNamara.
Find Roy and tell him
to keep away from the Northern.
Brought some friends with you? Cherry
will be glad of the extra business.
I thought she would.
You know where glennister is?
glennister? How would I know that?
Been here all night?
- Well, yeah.
I work here.
So that wasn't you who was seen
near the bank before the fun started?
Handy little thing, isn't it?
- Yeah.
good evening, Mr McNamara.
- Oh, Miss Malotte
We had to drop in for a look around.
- Look around for what?
glennister. We thought he might
have headed here first.
He's as welcome as anybody else
as long as he behaves.
I thought we'd look here first
because of his certain interest here.
We want him for murder.
Oh, our little boy
really got himself into trouble!
Ooesn't seem to bother you much.
- Why should it?
What you're thinking, McNamara,
is yesterday's news.
If you knew me better, you'd know
I never play on the losing team.
I'll have to look around your rooms
upstairs as well as here.
In the line of duty, you know
You can't think of a better reason?
You two boys cover the entrances.
You come with me.
Wait here.
Well, here it is.
Look it over.
Nice place for a man to hide.
If there was anything here
to interest a fugitive.
Think I could pass for a fugitive
if I acted up a little?
That's nothing to talk about now,
with a gang of men waiting outside.
Suppose I send them away?
- Why don't you?
I should've
gotten around to this sooner.
That's a bad habit you got, McNamara,
jumpin' claims.
Apt to get you in a lotta trouble.
got here in a hurry. We weren't
expecting you for a while yet.
Bad habit of mine.
Hard-boiled eggs.
Oon't trip over the shells
on your way out.
Alright boys, come in!
Here's your man!
- What is this?
Am I wanted for something?
- good idea, the black-faced stunt.
You might've gotten away with holding
up a bank, but not killing a marshal.
If you're trying to pin something
on me, you're gonna draw a blank.
I didn't know you were still here.
- You mean he's been here all evening?
Why not? It's a perfect alibi.
- Why did ya bring me up here?
You said you wanted to search my room.
- All you found was my alibi.
Run along and find your evidence.
I thought I had you, glennister.
But I don't give up so easily.
A trip to Seattle might be good
for you before I find the evidence.
Come on, men.
Mr glennister, I can't get
this black stuff off y'all's collar.
Oh, I didn't know y'all had company.
Alright, he's yours.
So Wheaton sailed, eh?
You're a blundering idiot, Struve!
A confounded, blundering idiot!
What more could I do?
- You could've seen what'd happen.
You could've sent a deputy
on the boat!
But ya didn't!
Now he'd gone! Now it's all finished!
You're a confounded, blundering idiot!
Perhaps we should check out now?
- Check out?
Once Wheaton tells his story
and they investigate your record,
47 marshals will be here
and you'll end up in prison.
Perhaps you're right.
I got some news, Helen.
That big, handsome lad of yours
looks quite natural behind bars.
Judge, quite a mob of miners
down at the jail.
You may have to send for those
soldiers yet. - I can't do that!
I'm worried about Wheaton escaping.
We should lose no time getting out.
Take it easy, Judge.
Plenty of time to line our pokes.
It'll be 3 months
before Wheaton gets back.
What's funny about that, baby?
- Nothing.
My, we're a jolly crew, aren't we?
- Careful now, Helen.
It's so much more fun
making money the way we do,
instead of slaving for it like miners.
I'm not sure I like your attitude.
You've got a distorted viewpoint.
Brought about by what is know as
"the miracle of love".
Tell us about what a nice community
it was before we came and spoiled it.
Make it sound as sloppy as you want.
But that's what we are:
a cheap lot of spoilers!
Now that's enough, Helen!
No more of this sentimental taffy.
But suppose the miners do revolt?
They blew out the front of the bank.
They could do the same to the jail
and free glennister before the trial.
Perhaps you won't have to
bring him to trial.
What do you mean?
That'd be carrying things
a bit too far.
We've never had to resort
to anything like like murder.
What do you want here?
- Picking a nice time to leave town.
Why shouldn't I go now? I have things
I want to get in Seattle.
You paid Captain Toombs triple fare
for passage on a leaky old freighter?
Who told you that? - Most men who
patronize my place are my friends.
Captain Toombs is one of them.
Ooes that tell you anything?
I fail to see why it should.
If I wanted him to make room
for a friend of mine, he'd do it.
And if I should want him to cancel
a passage, he'd do that too.
- So what?
What are you running away from?
I'm not running away.
- You're lying!
You've finished your job. You helped
those cheap crooks put Roy in jail.
And now you're going to sneak away.
- It isn't so!
Why should I want to hurt him? I
- You what?
Why did you come here?
What is it to you if I leave?
Isn't it plain why I want to go?
I can't stay here and see him
You're in love with him, aren't you?
- No!
Well, what if I am?
It's you he wants, if that's what you
wanted to find out. Now please go!
But if you're in love with him,
why are you skipping out?
A woman doesn't run out
on the man she loves.
I can't stay and see him
I can't stay here, that's all.
You can't stay and see him what?
They've got a plan for the trial!
- There isn't going to be any trial.
There isn't going to be?
They're gonna turn him loose,
let him escape?
How are they gonna do it?
When the deputy brings him supper,
he's gonna let him out the back way.
Outside they're gonna shoot him down?
- I fought them, but what could I do?
Nothing. You're not the type.
All you can do is run away.
- What can I do to help?
Keep your mouth closed.
If you do,
I'll see that you get on that boat.
If you don't,
you'll still leave town.
But after I'm through with ya.
Why should I worry about what
they're going to do to glennister?
So they'll shoot him
in the back. What of it?
You know how I feel about you.
It's you or nobody, Cherry.
Why should I help him?
Now listen, Bronco.
For you, it's a matter of
no one else will do, isn't it?
That's the way I feel about him.
No one else will do.
I'll make it five.
- I'll see them. I've got two short.
Three jacks. - That cleans me.
I better go on with my chores.
A little early for their supper.
- I gotta feed 'em sometime.
Excuse me, likem see Chinese consul.
How many times I gotta tell ya?
The next consul is in Seattle!
Or maybe you'd like to see him?
- You unlock door, I go Seattle.
Ya talk like a foreigner!
glennister, pass me that tray.
Take a look out in the office
and see what Thompson's doing.
He's standing at the door, why?
I made a deal with Oextry. I bring
your supper, and you let me have it.
Then you beat it out the back way.
I'll leave the door open.
I'm terribly sorry, Miss Malotte.
Mr Skinner seems to be carrying
an extra load tonight.
What's the trouble, Cherry?
Has he been bothering the customers?
Can't carry it anymore, Skinner?
Carry it anymore?
How dare you, sir!
I shall prove the contrary
by retiring to my customary retreat,
My apologies to you, Miss Malotte.
Hello, Skinner.
good evening, Mr glennister!
Isn't putting drunks in jail
a little out of your line, Cherry?
I had an idea you might
let me see a certain friend of mine.
It'd mean my job if I let ya in.
Court's orders.
They certainly
put a limit on a man, don't they?
Easy on the punch.
Not this way! It's a trick!
get out the front!
Oex is outside.
get into hiding until Wheaton's back.
Tonight we're taking back our mine,
and then it's every man for himself.
Wait up for me, will ya, sport?
Apparently everything came off
on schedule. - Yeah, so it seems.
But it's still a nasty business.
You better sip a warm lemonade before
you break out in righteousness.
I think I will.
go down to the jail
and let out a howl about negligence.
Mr McNamara?
You probably heard what happened?
- I heard a few shots.
He tried to get away and they
shot him. - Shot who? - glennister.
Bronco and I were taking
Mr Skinner to jail.
We were there when he
Easy. Perhaps you'd better come in
and rest a moment.
No, I'd rather go to my place.
Would you?
- Sure.
Miss Cherry, I'm so glad to see you.
There was a big shootin' at the jail.
Yes, we know all about it.
- You knows all about it?
Somebody get shot?
- glennister.
Mr glennister? Lordy sakes!
get some brandy for Idabelle.
In the kitchen.
Wake up, Idabelle.
Oo you hear me?
- Who put out them lights?
Nothing happened to Mr glennister.
But I have to keep McNamara here.
I don't want to be alone with him.
Now close your eyes!
Come on, Idabelle, have a little sip.
How'd I get back here in georgia?
good mornin' folks!
Now you'll be alright. - Ain't there
something softer to lay on?
Would you help me put her up here?
She thought the world of glennister.
Oh, Mr glennister!
- Now, now. Have another sip.
I'd feel better once I gets me on that
couch. - Sure you don't like it here?
I is positive, sir.
Poor Mr glennister!
He sure was a lovely man.
Hey, Kelly!
- Yes?
got enough steam left to go?
- No, but it won't be long. Why?
We're taking our mine back.
We're gonna need your train.
But they've built a barricade.
- That's why we need the train.
If you think you'll break through,
you're crazy! She'll blow up!
If it does, we'll buy you a new one.
get in there and get the steam going.
As soon as the others are here
we'll be set to go.
Except this could all be a mistake.
Maybe we oughta wait for Wheaton.
Oon't pretend like
you're on the side of law and order!
Roy! Oex! Here we are!
Set to go, men?
- Yeah! - Wait a minute!
Open that gate!
glennister broke jail. He's gonna try
to take the mine back. Bar the gates!
Come on out, men!
get your rifles!
gonna be 30 or 40 armed deputies
guarding that mine.
Maybe some of us won't come back.
If anybody's not ready for that,
now's the time to speak up.
What we're doing tonight
is a warning to any crooks
that the pickin's here are tough.
get aboard.
That goes for you too, Oex.
I'll take the front end.
You heard what Kelly said.
You're not gonna run that engine.
Can't run itself, can it?
How 'bout it, Kelly?
- All ready to go.
Only let me outta here. They're gonna
pick you up with a soup spoon.
What are you doing here?
- I always wanted to ride up front.
Here they come!
- Scatter, men, and keep low!
When they smash the gate,
let 'em have it! Shoot 'em! Kill 'em!
Let's crowd 'em!
Hey, Thompson!
You take charge here!
Post guards and don't let anybody
come within rifle shot. - I get ya!
Well, Roy,
it looks like we got the old
Oid you get your mine back?
- Yeah, we got her back, Bronco.
I'd like to have been there
when you tie in with McNamara.
Would it be impolite to ask
for another bottle? - Idabelle!
I is right here. Oon't be scared.
Bring another bottle of champagne.
- Yes, Ma'am. Be right back!
good wine and a lovely woman.
A made-to-order paradise. To us!
You were right, Helen.
I wish I'd listened to you before.
If you want to catch that boat
you better stop talking.
Where's McNamara? - Over at
the Northern, with that Malotte woman.
But glennister's taken back the mine!
- Who cares, we're getting outta here.
Not without me! I'll pack my things.
- Hurry. We're not waiting for anyone.
You're not going anywhere!
You got your mine back.
That closes the case.
That's enough now, Betsy.
- Now see here
Oon't get excited, Judge. You're
staying here till the real law comes.
You and the boys take care of him.
- Come on, Judge.
Where's McNamara, Helen?
He's at the Northern with
He's at the Northern.
goodbye, Roy!
Come on, sit over here.
- No need to hurry things, is there?
But you've kept the room between us
all evening, and I don't like it.
I've had quite a shock tonight.
But that's all behind us now. The king
is dead. Long live the king!
I've been waiting for tonight
since the first time I saw you.
Nothing's ever so worthwhile
as it seems beforehand, Mr McNamara.
No? I'll chance that!
You can lead those sour-doughs
around like children,
but I'm a man who gets what he wants.
From now on, it's you and me.
No it's not!
You walked right into the trap.
- Yes. Your jailbreak didn't pan out.
glennister's still alive,
and by now he has his mine back.
Your visit here
has served its purpose, Mr McNamara.
get out!
get out?
get outta the way, Cherry.
I haven't got a gun on me.
No? Then we'll do it the hard way.
go separate them!
- Let's break it up! No you don't!
Let 'em fight it out.
Let that be a lesson to ya.
Roy, that's enough. Come on.
Leave something for the law.
Let me go, Oex.
Come on, boys!
Orinks are on us.
Hi, sport.
Sorry I helped wreck your place.
Forget it.
But you said you wouldn't allow
any brawls around here
unless they were over you. Remember?
Yes. But I also said:
"Anything you can win,
you can collect."