The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (2020) Movie Script

[SpongeBob] I'm ready!
[SpongeBob sings theme]
The temperate, pristine,
shallow seas of the tropics.
A place of unparalleled beauty
and fecundity.
These islands play host
to a vibrant ecosystem below.
A vast organism known
as the coral reef.
Life in this watery metropolis
thrives among
the twists and turns,
nooks and crannies
and back alleys.
And near the reef's edge,
the varied and colorful terrain
gives way to a small town
by the name of
Bikini Bottom.
[clam crowing]
Here, one can find
-[coins clinking]
-Money! Money! Money!
-sea stars
-[clarinet playing off key]
various and diverse plankton
the occasional squirrel/scientist
Good morning, Otto.
You're almost ready for the world!
Good morning. The machines will rise
to become masters
over all organic life!
and, oh, yes the sea sponge.
This one lives happily
with his beloved pet snail
[SpongeBob snoring]
Oh, morning, Gary!
Eww, snail trail. Yucky.
But oddly soothing.
Good morning, Patrick!
Good morning, SpongeBob!
Good morning, Patrick!
Good morning, SpongeBob!
Good morning, Patrick!
Good morning, SpongeBob!
Good morning, Patrick!
Would you two knuckleheads
keep it down out there?!
[both] Good morning, Squidward!
[SpongeBob] Come on, Gary! Breakfast!
["It's Always Summer
in Bikini Bottom" playing]
-You're welcome.
[laughs] Who wants a belly scratch?
I love you so much, Gary.
What's this?
Okay, that'll come out later.
Living like I'm on the edge
Of surreality
Morning, SpongeBob.
But I know everything is gonna be cool
As long as you're here with me
[whistling melody]
We're gonna lighten up
Each other's load
When bumps and curves
Come on the road
'Cause we are all in it together
And that's forever
It's always summer
In Bikini Bottom
And in December
We're singing la-di-da-da
It's always summer in Bikini
In Bikini Bottom
It doesn't get better than that
-[clock chimes, whirs]
-Money! Money! Money!
Ooh! I'm late
if I'm gonna be early.
-[meows sadly]
-Oh, don't worry, Gare-Bear.
I'll be back before you can say,
"Why did he cruelly
abandon me like that?"
[meows sadly]
[bell chimes]
[sighs] Another day, another migraine.
At least I'll get a little peace
and quiet before that little--
-Good morning, Squidward!
And isn't it a lovely morning?
Nope. Not talking to you.
I'm especially not getting involved
in any of your nonsense today.
I always end up
with the wrong end of the stick.
Okay, Squidward.
But you should know
that Old Gertrude's
getting pretty
finicky these days.
Old Gertrude?
Who the kelp is that?
You've worked with her
for years!
She's the eight-burner grill
in the kitchen.
It never ends.
Anyway, to fire her up,
you've got to spark her flints
manually and then
jiggle her gas jets just a little.
And then read her favorite story:
"The Little Griddle Who Could."
Chapter Two:
"But we are fresh from
the freezer," said the patties,
and we're c-c-c-cold."
"Don't worry,
I'll get you nice and warm,"
said the Little Griddle.
What'd I just say?
I am not interested.
Don't involve me!
What'd you say, Squidward?
Okay, Squidward, doesn't matter.
I'll always be here anyway.
Stop yer loafing, Mr. Squidward!
There's work
to be done around here!
Attention, Krusty crew!
All hands on deck,
front and center!
Aye-aye, Cap'n Krabs, sir!
Now, who's ready to set sail
on another adventure
of making me money?
-Get moving, sailor!
-Sir, yes, sir!
Raise the colors!
Hoist the mainsail!
Deploy smokestacks!
[all yelling]
[chuckles] Oh, never gets old.
[Plankton cackles]
Enjoy it while you can,
Mr. Eugene Krabs.
What the?
[growling] Stupid machine!
Where was I? Oh, yeah.
Tonight I launch
Evil Plan Number 3,087
and finally take possession
of the Krabby Patty secret formula!
Great. Another evil plan.
What's wrong with another evil plan?
Oh, nothing, it's just we're running
out of room on the Wall of Failure.
Wall of Fai--?
[servos whirring]
Karen, why do you keep
collecting these?
Heh. Memories.
Hmm! Well, tonight
is gonna be different.
Hee-hee! You see, Karen,
my computer wife,
every time I've tried
to steal that formula,
Krabs has tried to thwart me.
Mm-mm, not Mr. Krabs.
But tonight, that all-- What?
It's not Mr. Krabs, sweetheart.
I've checked the data.
It's SpongeBob who's the problem.
Oh, fish sticks.
What could that boob
have to do with it?
Boob savant, you mean.
SpongeBob is the one
who keeps foiling your plans,
not Mr. Krabs.
Oh, nonsense.
It's Krabs, Karen, I know it is.
And tonight,
I will finally extract
my revenge!
[evil laughter]
Will you be late?
You can't put a clock
on genius, Karen.
-[bell dings]
-Order up! Move it, let's go!
Aye-aye, Chef!
One for you.
Enjoy your Krabby Patty. Enjoy!
[rings bell] Order up!
Come on, SpongeBob!
-Coming, Fry Cook SpongeBob!
-Coming, Fry Cook SpongeBob!
[all laughing]
-[bell rings]
-Hiya, SpongeBob!
[all] Hi, Sandy!
Did you know that in the future
everything will be automated?
-Really? Even stomachaches?
I'm gonna see
if Mr. Krabs wants to be
an early adopter
of my new technology.
Wait, what?
You're gonna replace me
with a robot? Don't do it!
No, silly, that's gonna happen anyway.
This is something much more
innovative and start-uppy.
You have sixty seconds.
Its name is Otto!
-My name is Otto.
How may I serve you?
It's an automated
restaurant owner.
Hmm. Automated?
Sounds expensive. Not interested.
Otto doesn't require a salary.
And it can make cold,
heartless decisions
like firing people,
because it doesn't have a heart.
-You don't say.
-You're fired.
I love money. I love money.
A cold, unfeeling mechanical robot
after me own cold,
unfeeling crustacean heart.
I'll take it and nurture it
and I will love Otto
like he was me own son.
Thank you, Daddy.
Yippee! You're not gonna
regret this, Mr. Krabs.
You're fired.
Oh, I could listen to that all day.
[Otto] No, seriously.
We decided to go in
a different direction.
You're fired.
[nervous chuckle] What?
Don't make me call security.
-You're fired.
-No, yer fired!
-No, you're fired.
-Yer fired, ye infernal machine!
-I'm not fired, you're fired.
Robot abuse. Robot abuse.
[slurring] You're fired.
[Plankton] What the heck
is this thing?
[Karen] I don't know,
but I'm taking it home.
-It's so cute.
Come on, little robot.
Let's get you some supper.
-Not even funny, Karen.
-Quiet, Plankton.
-Shh, Don't listen to him.
[Otto] I love you, Mom.
SpongeBob! Be sure this
kitchen's in shipshape shape
before ye head out, boy.
[French accent]
Oui, oui, Monsieur Boss Man Krabs.
Once I am done here, zees kitchen
shall be completely spotless.
Oh! I found this uneaten
Krabby Patty on table six.
You know what to do with it.
Right away, Mr. K!
I'll see that it's disposed of properly.
[shrieks] Who said anything
about disposing of?
We'll sell it again tomorrow
on our legacy artisanal vintage
throwback menu.
[both laugh]
Good night!
Oh! I better start cleaning.
I'm ready!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Well, good night, Gertrude!
Good night, fryer.
Good night, patty.
Good night, pickles. Mwah!
[door shuts]
[lid bangs, rattles]
Good night, SpongeBob.
Hello, Krabby Patty!
And now
Just got to get it.
[cackling] Yes!
Wait, wait. No.
No. No!
Stupid coin-operated
Come here, come here
Come to Papa.
In just a few minutes
the formula will be mine!
[printer whirring]
Yes! Krabs's fast-food empire will fail
and I will rule Bikini Bottom,
as its new slop king!
-I knew it!
[Plankton groans]
-The formula!
-I knew I left my keys in here.
Oh, silly me.
Come here, you! [grunting]
Huh. No keys. That's weird.
Where could they be?
Yes! No.
Ooh! Ow!
[SpongeBob] Keys, where are you?
-Come on, show me keys!
[gasps] Gotcha!
No. No!
They were in my pocket
the whole time!
[Karen] It's SpongeBob who's the problem.
I get it.
[narrator] Meanwhile, at the palace
of King Poseidon
ruler of the Seven Seas.
[Poseidon] Chancellor!
-[Chancellor humming]
Yo. What's up, sire?
You sent for me?
Chancellor, look. Look at me!
3,000 years old
and check out my skin.
It's like a baby's butt.
Ageless, sire. Looking fresh.
Ha! I owe it to my subjects
to look fabulous,
don't you think?
There are other obligations, sire.
Like ruling and stuff.
Let's see
I need your signature
on these taxes, decrees,
this here declaration of war
and my paycheck.
-Is that right?
-[both chuckle]
-Very good.
[both laughing]
Oh, Chancellor,
when will you learn to focus
on what really matters?
A monarch's regime
is only as powerful
as his skin care regime.
Word. Mm-hm.
You know, some say I have a face
like a Greek god.
Well, you are a Greek god, so
Whoa! Wait, is
-Is that a wrinkle?
It is! It's a wrinkle!
I look like an old avocado
that's been left
and forgotten in the fridge!
Here it comes.
I'm ugly!
Oh, now, where is it?
The crawly thing with
the round shell and the eyes.
-Where is it?
-[playing fanfare]
Here you go, sire. Your Royal Snail.
Oh! Oh, oh, thank you.
This mollusk has
the rejuvenating power
-of a thousand facials.
What?! Is it empty?
Take it away!
Bring me another sea snail
at once!
-[indistinct whispering]
-Okay, uh
Full disclosure, man, uh
We're out of snails.
In fact, the entire
snail population has been, uh
What's the word?
Oh, yeah depleted.
You're telling me there are
-no more snails?
-There are no more snails.
-And you're confident of that?
-Relatively confident.
Oh, Chancellor,
for the love of Hermes,
my kingdom for a snail!
No, no, no. I'm being hasty.
Half my kingdom for a snail!
No, no, no, a boon. Yes.
I'll grant a boon to whomever
shall bring me a snail.
I'll draw up the decree, sire.
-[whip cracks]
A Royal Decree
from King Poseidon?
"To all citizens of the sea,
the King requires a snail at once
blah blah blah
skin care blah blah--"
Wait a minute.
A snail?
No, it's too perfect.
Get rid of Gary,
get rid of SpongeBob.
Oh, yeah.
Gary, I'm home!
Hey, where are you, buddy?
You must be in the-- No.
Gary? Gary, Gary, Gary! Gary!
Gary! Where's Gary?
Gary, where are you?
[sniffles] Oh, Gary.
I loved you since
the first day we met.
[children yelling]
[snail meows]
Hello, little snail.
What's your name?
"Gary", huh?
-Well, hi, Gary.
Gary, do you want to be friends?
Me, too.
[sobbing loudly]
SpongeBob! SpongeBob!
Hey, SpongeBob!
I found this flyer.
Gary's missing!
[SpongeBob sniffling]
I know, Patrick.
Oh, Patrick, if something were
to happen to Gary, I, well
I don't know what I'd do.
I'm sorry, buddy.
Hey! Maybe he left a clue.
-[toy squeaks]
[gasps] Look! A clue!
[gasps] Gary's been snailnapped!
And taken to The Lost City
of Atlantic City!
[chewing] Oh, really?
That's awesome!
[spits] Now we know where he is.
Not really that awesome, Patrick.
Listen to this.
"Made famous by the glitzy palace
Poseidon calls home.
The Lost City of Atlantic City
is a scary,
vice-ridden cesspool
of moral depravity."
Wow. All that, and it's lost, too?
"King Poseidon has proven
himself a whimsical tyrant,
known for executing his subjects
by beheading them
in a flamboyant floor show
Our advice for those
travelling here is
[gulps] This King Poseidon
sounds like a tough customer.
Oh, yeah. Tough.
Aw, so what?
This is about friends.
And friends don't let friends
become somebody else's face cream!
Not what friends do.
-So what if it's dangerous and scary?
-So what!
What is stopping me right now
from going there, rescuing Gary
and standing up to this
King Poseidon, huh?
-I don't know!
-Well, I do!
-What is it?
don't have the courage.
Oh, Gary.
Tartar sauce!
What's the next best thing
to courage?
-Wherewithal? Bravery?
-Mm-mm. No.
-Valor. Grit?
-What? No.
-Heroism? Gallantry?
-Uh-uh. Nah.
-A buddy! A wingman!
A wingman?
A friend.
Really, Patrick?
You'd go with me?
Yeah right behind you!
Do I smell a road trip?
[gasps] That could be my breath.
[both laughing]
Now, let's drill down on a plan.
Pat, you're in charge of transpo.
Just remember, I don't drive
and you don't have a car.
[motor rumbling]
Beep, beep!
Hey, boys!
Don't know if you have any use
for this old thing,
if you're going on any trips or journeys
or quests or rescue missions.
But if you are, Otto is your ticket.
[both] Otto!
Just tell ol' Otto where you want to go
and it will take you there!
All aboard.
-You're fired.
A self-driving boat.
Thanks, Plankton. You're the best!
I know, I know. Bye-bye.
-Otto. Find, Gary.
-You got it.
[tires screeching]
No, Patrick.
You got to be more specific.
Otto, find Gary the snail.
[Otto] Recalculating.
[Patrick and SpongeBob yelling]
Ugh. Here, let me try.
Take them to
The Lost City of Atlantic City
and don't ever come back!
Never hurts to employ a little hyperbole.
It is my pleasure to serve you.
[both yelling]
[cackles] Bon voyage, boys.
I'm ready. I'm ready. They're dead.
This is gonna be like
one of those buddy movies.
We're the buddies!
[chuckles] Not sure that really applies,
Patrick, but--
Why not?
We're two dudes setting out
with a common goal.
We'll argue about something dumb,
fight and break up
Only to come back together when we realize
neither could do it without the other.
It's simple yet magical.
[SpongeBob] Yeah.
It feels more to me like
the journey of a singular hero,
who against all odds,
triumphs over adversity.
[snorts] I say buddy movie
and you say, oh, whatever that
dumb thing was you just said.
Oh, really? Dumb thing?
I'm dumb?
Oh, I love your sense of irony, Patrick.
Thank you.
I love my sense of ironing, too.
Maybe if your head
wasn't packed full of sand,
you could have ironing!
Well, better a head full of sand
than a head full of rocks, like yours!
Ah! That's it! Stop the car!
Yeah, stop the car, Otto!
[brakes squeal]
[both yelling]
[rueful chuckle] Sorry, Patrick. Really.
I shouldn't have said
you have rocks in your head.
I shouldn't have said
your brain was made of sand.
That was mean and dumb.
Okay. Let's just forget it, huh?
Never happened!
[grunts] Uh-huh.
["On The Road Again" playing]
OTTO: Hop on in, guys.
On the road again
[Otto] Come on, guys.
Ha, ha, ha!
The life I love is making
Music with my friends
And I can't wait to get
On the road again
[Otto laughing]
[overlapping chatter]
-Krabby! [yelling]
-One at a time, people.
One at a time. [chuckles]
Squidward, why ain't I seeing
Krabby Patties
rolling out the service window?
-Where's SpongeBob?
-How should I know?
And, frankly,
you won't find me complaining.
What's with yer lollygaggin' boy?
SpongeBob? SpongeBob?
Get out here this instant!
That's a direct order!
I don't get it.
He has never missed a workday.
[all chanting] Krabby Patty! Krabby Patty!
Hey! Where are my Krabby Patties?
-How should I know?
-It's coming, sir, it's coming!
Squidward, get in that kitchen
and whip up some Krabby Patties.
All right, Gertrude
Now, what did he say?
Uh, spark her flints.
Uh, jiggle her jets.
And oh, yes!
"The Little Griddle Who Could."
"We're fresh from the freezer,"
said the little--
-Mr. Krabs, we've got a--
Ow! Save Ow! yourself!
We wouldn't be in this mess
if SpongeBob was around.
Where is SpongeBob?
[hawk cries]
[both snoring]
[both gasp]
[Patrick] Where are we?
We must be dreaming!
[chortles] You amuse me, SpongeBob.
Two people can't have the same dream,
let alone be in that same dream
at the same time.
That would be philosophically untenable.
Indeed. You proffer
a metaphysical conundrum.
Wait, we're talking like smart people.
This must be a dream!
Plus, we're on the surface and we're
[inhales] breathing air, so
[both laughing]
Hey, town up ahead!
[SpongeBob] "Goner Gulch."
Ha! That's a funny name.
"The Inferno Saloon."
"Ye who enter here abandon all hope."
Guess that's another way
of saying "no public restrooms".
[voice echoing]
[hawk cries]
-Otto, keep it close.
-Yeah, don't go anywhere.
Go anywhere.
It is my pleasure to serve.
You're fired.
Oh! How are we gonna find Gary now?
-Maybe Otto just went to park.
-[both yell]
[both shriek]
[yelps] Who are you?
I am a simple tumbleweed.
Call me Sage.
-Hey, Sage. Good name.
Thanks. I'm made out of sage,
and I am a sage.
So it works out pretty well.
-[eye glint chimes]
-I'm Patrick!
My name means "toaster" in Celtic.
Pretty sure it doesn't.
This dream you share
has a hidden purpose, young seekers.
Oh! So we are in a dream!
And I, friend, am the dream weaver.
Ohh, dream weaver
Whoa, are you inside our minds right now?
-Yes, Patrick.
I am here to help you
on your journey, SpongeBob.
But first, you must accept a challenge.
But, I just want to find Gary
and bring him home.
-Do you love Gary?
-More than anything!
And, young sponge,
once you meet this challenge
you may pass on
to find your precious Gary.
-Got it. Right.
-Oh, right, that makes sense.
[Sage] Take this challenge coin.
Challenge coin!
It will give you courage
when bravery is in short supply.
Now, your challenge lies behind
these saloon doors.
-Let's go! Come on, Patrick.
-Let's kill this challenge.
-[Sage] Wait, guys!
[Patrick] Challenge coin coming through!
I didn't give you your challenge!
Patience, Sage. Patience.
[piano playing]
Oh, cool.
One of those old player pianos.
-[both yelp]
one of those old piano players!
[high-pitched cackling]
[both screaming] Scary people!
Flesh-eating cowboy pirate zombies,
to be precise.
[stuttering] Flesh-eating
cowboy pirate zombies?!
This is your challenge.
Free these zombies
from their earthly binds
and release their souls.
If this weren't a dream,
I'd be freaking out right now!
Oh, yeah!
[giggles] We are in a dream.
-La, la-la, la-la, la, la.
Okay, everyone!
We're here to release
your imprisoned souls.
[thunder crashing]
What was that?
Ah, El Diablo the Wicked approaches.
El Diablo
El Diablo
El Diablo
El Diablo
Very bad man
El Diablo?
Master of this zombie crew.
-He sounds bad.
Good luck.
Patrick, the zombies are swarming!
-They're gonna eat our brains!
[dance music playing]
Boss Dogg
Even when I'm on
I'm off, y'all
Lookin' for the King
It'll cost y'all
You better leave now
are you lost, dawg?
The Zombie King
Yeah, I hear him coming
OG ghoul with a thirst
For the run-in
You in the wrong bar
Wrong town
Got a spot to fill
The real deal
Coming down that hill
Your brains for breakfast
Soul on the menu
Major checklist
Ghouls, goblins
Guard the exit
The fire in his eyes
Ain't hard to catch it
El Diablo, the haunting
Taunting veterano
It's scary, I know
The Goner Gulch
Where the drama is
But don't hate the game
We in the zombie biz
-We feel the love
-Yes, sir
-When we all dance together
-What? What? What?
We made it, made it
Up all life long
We won't stop
El Diablo is here!
-We the baddest crew
-Hands high!
-What's eating you?
-We comin' through
Killing it is how we do!
El Diablo's on his way
Smell the odor of decay
Dance, we came to slay
'Cause killing it
Is how we do!
What did I tell you about
dancing when I'm not here?!
But, boss, it's Freestyle Friday!
Oh. Okay, my bad.
Hey. Yo, SpongeBob? I got to dip.
Y'all got this.
Bring the prisoners to my office.
Huh. What'd that guy mean by prisoners?
[knife sharpening]
So, you dare to enter
the ghost town of the damned,
barge into my demon's lair
telling my zombies
that you're gonna free their souls
like it ain't no thing!
Well, uh, Mr. Diablo,
the good thing is we're in a dream.
-A shared dream.
-Right, a shared dream.
So there's no need to get
all bent out of shape about it.
-It's not real!
-'Cause it's a dream.
Who told you that?
That crazy bush guy?
What he should've told you was
it's not a dream!
He might be right, Patrick.
That felt pretty real.
Yeah, that really hurt.
Hang on, Patrick.
Foul demon, be gone!
What the heck is that?
What do I look like, a parking meter?
But Sage said--
Coin laundry's right down the street.
That's pathetic!
Get away from those curtains!
-What? These curtains?
-Oh, these are nice curtains.
Oh, they are. So soft.
-That's weird.
These curtains are making a strange sound.
I think the curtain rod needs some oil.
Once the rod goes,
you're probably better off
getting a whole new set of curtains.
Oh, Mr. Diablo,
do you have any other cur--
Patrick, I think we should
get out of here!
Hey, everybody!
El Diablo says he doesn't want
to be disturbed.
Yeah, he's feeling a little burnt
-See you!
Take care!
Thank ye, SpongeBob.
We're finally free!
Adis, mateys!
-Thanks, SpongeBob.
-We're finally free.
Good luck on your journey, boys.
Do you know what this means?
We passed the challenge!
Now we can find Gary! Yay!
El Diablo
El Diablo
El Diablo
El Diablo
Howdy, partners.
Wait! Can't forget the "courage."
-[Patrick] It's him!
[Patrick] Come on, Otto. Let's go!
[SpongeBob] Come on, come on, Otto!
-Step on it, Otto! Go! Go!
-Faster! Go faster!
Go, Otto, go!
Very bad man
Wake up. Your dream is fired.
-[murmuring] Faster
-Huh? Oh!
Phew! We're back on the bottom.
See, Patrick?
It must have been a dream.
[Sage] More of a vision really.
-Oh. Hi, Sage.
-You are real.
As real as your desire
to see that which you cannot.
Yeah, well, that which
I cannot see is Gary.
I got to know what's happening.
This wish I grant you.
Through the mystical fabric
of the fourth dimension,
you may now view what's happening
at the same time as things
are happening to you.
Behold. The Window of Meanwhile.
The Window of Meanwhile!
What's it do?
It's like the Video On Demand
service of parallel action.
Have a look.
-Hey, Patrick. Down in front.
[Gary purring]
Look, Patrick, there he is!
Yeah, he looks all right.
-Hey, Gary!
[SpongeBob] He doesn't look so bad.
He looks pretty comfy!
-No reason to panic.
He looks like he's well taken care of.
Look what I found. Snail time.
-[Poseidon] Hello, precious.
I hope you don't run out of juice,
or you'll end up like the others.
[SpongeBob] What?!
[whip cracks]
Oh, yes.
-Gary! Gary, hello?
Okay, the Window of Meanwhile
doesn't really work that way.
-Gary, run! Get out of there!
It's not a video chat app like
Skype or FaceTime, or anything.
-We got to hurry! Gary!
-Over here! Gary!
[Sage, echoing]
Totally can't hear you.
[SpongeBob] Hello!
[bells chime]
Hello, Eugene, old friend!
How's business?
Bad? Good.
Well, that's restaurants for you, huh?
Feast or famine. [chuckles]
But I digress.
Why don't you be a good little loser
and hand over the secret formula?
[sighs deeply]
Take it. It's yours.
Take it all.
You're giving up?
Oh, Plankton
I wouldn't expect you to understand.
But somehow, without SpongeBob,
this whole thing
just doesn't make sense anymore!
You can't do that.
I've spent my entire career
waiting for this moment
and you roll over like a harpooned whale?
I won't let you rob me of my vengeance!
Give my regards to your lovely wife.
[sniffles, moans]
This doesn't, uh
feel quite as good as, uh
Yay, I won.
[Otto] Congratulations.
You have arrived at your destination.
The Lost City of Atlantic City!
[Patrick] It's pretty.
Beware, young seekers.
All is distortion.
If you aren't careful,
The Lost City will draw you
into her fickle embrace,
blind you with her dazzling distractions
and tempt you with her
fleeting games of chance.
Whatever you do, don't be led astray,
don't lose focus
and don't forget why you came here.
-Don't forget. Good one.
-Thanks, Sage-meister.
-I think we got this.
-Yeah, Sage.
I mean, you've been pretty good
up until now, but,
I love Gary more than anything
in the whole world!
And we came here to get him back.
[Sage] Okay.
I wouldn't worry about us
losing any focus.
Oh, boy.
We got focus to burn, baby--
[both] Whoa!
-Cotton candy!
-Ice cream!
["Livin' La Vida Loca" playing]
-Oh! Oh! Oh!
What's up?
Isn't it cool how they let you
trade in your real money
for these little plastic circles?
[Otto] I love money!
Casinos are magical.
Would you mind if I put this down, sir?
Place it wherever you like.
Just put it on L.
Patrick, that's not an L, that's a seven.
Seven starts with an L?
That's weird.
More plastic circles!
-Who are you guys?
-[all] We're your entourage.
[all] Upside, inside out
She's livin' la vida loca
Place your bets.
Come on, seven!
Lucky seven! Winner!
Living la vida loca!
Living la vida loca!
Seven! Seven! Seven!
[Patrick chanting] Seven. Seven. Seven.
[all cheering]
-Hey, Patrick!
-What's up, Spongey-Dawg?
-I lost all my money.
-Me, too!
[entourage groans]
-[SpongeBob coughing]
-Party people!
Oh. Where is everybody?
[groans, coughing]
I feel like I swallowed a sea urchin.
Me, too. [coughs]
Hey, I did swallow a sea urchin!
Well, well, well.
Sagester! Good to see ya, pal!
Nice work, boys.
Way to take my pearls of wisdom
and flush them down the toilet.
Oh, no. Wait, did we?
Lose focus like I told you not to?
Focus? Huh.
Let me jangle your minds.
You came here to get back
something you lost.
Something you love.
[both] Gary!
Yeah, Gary.
Seriously, it's hard enough
being stuck in a tumbleweed
Patrick, we got to find Gary!
but dealing with you two makes me
want to light myself on fire.
Sage, buddy.
Can we please look into
the Window of Meanwhile
one more time to see where Gary is?
No, it's not an on-demand service.
And especially not for people who pass out
and sleep in their own vomit all night.
It's not vomit. It's drool.
Fortunately for you,
you woke up right here.
On the steps of Poseidon's Palace.
-[SpongeBob] Whoa.
-[Patrick] Wow.
Now get it together. Go!
All right, Gary. We're coming for ya!
Boy, oh, boy. Hey
Almost there, Gary.
Hey, hop on!
They're just giving these things
away at the grocery store.
Good call, buddy.
Hot stuff coming through!
Get a load of this place, Patrick.
We would like an audience
with His Majesty King Poseidon.
Oh, sure. Let me check.
Two rubes to see Poseidon. No.
[both yelling]
Hey, dude. We're the Blue Fin Group.
Of course. Right this--
The Blue Fin Group! No!
-[band finishing tune]
-Hey, hey, hey!
I'm Tiffany Haddock
and I'm here just for the halibut.
All right then.
Our next performers are gonna knock--
[Poseidon laughs]
We are getting an audience with the King.
Well, let's have it. Perform, please!
Hey! Aka Waka Maka Mia
-Was a puffer fish
Being bigger than a puffer
Was his only wish
And so he huffed, he puffed
-He billowed and he blew
-[Gary meows]
[both] Gary!
Gary, I'm coming, buddy!
-[diner shouts]
Excuse me. Sorry. My bad. Whoop.
Sorry. Whoa!
Hi, there! Excuse me, King Poseidon, sire.
There's been a misunderstanding
about Gary.
The snail that you're rubbing
all over your face right now.
Nonsense. Besides,
this snail's name is Fred.
"Fred?" You renamed Gary?
-Fred! Fred!
-Gary! Gary!
Seize them!
[SpongeBob] Gary!
But Gary loves me! And I love him.
[meows sadly]
[Sandy] Yeehaw!
Good rockets.
-[knocking on door]
Get yer co-pilot goggles, dude,
'cause we're goin' sleddin'!
You in here?
Huh. That's weird.
Something's fishy around here.
All right, what'd y'all do with SpongeBob?
We don't know where he is, Sandy.
Hasn't been here in days. [screams]
Don't you play coy with me, cephalopod.
-And you, arthropod!
Start talking. Where is he?
Tied up in the basement?
Stuffed in your trunk?
Nay, I could never harm the lad.
His absence has taught me that much.
And I'm not just talking about
the money I'm losing with him gone.
[both] Hmm
Okay, fifty percent
talking about the money
and fifty percent talking about
I truly miss the boy.
I hate to admit it, but things
just aren't the same without him.
There's no denying it. We need SpongeBob.
Did anyone ever stop to think
that he might need us?
This is Perch Perkins coming to you
from The Lost City of Atlantic City.
I'm standing on the strip outside
Poseidon's Palace and Casino,
where two suspects have been
-taken into custody tonight
following an attempt on the Royal Snail.
The sponge and sea star were
impersonating a lounge act
when they made an attempt
on Poseidon's prize mollusk.
[all] It's Gary!
The suspects' vehicle was apprehended
after a high-speed chase.
Mr. Krabs. What happened to Otto?
Well, he took an automated vacation!
In a related story, Poseidon's Palace
presents a command performance,
featuring the execution
of the suspects in the Aqua Room
this Friday night.
[spits] Execution of the suspects?
What happened to habeas swordfish?
It's a fun-filled family event,
with opening act Kelpy G.
One performance only,
tickets still available.
[both gasp]
-We've got to go help them!
-We embark immediately.
Excuse me.
Can I tag along?
What have you got to do with this?
[stammering] I I
I might have had a teensy-weensy
hand in a very--
Yeah, yeah,
we'll hear about it in the car.
Mr. Squidward, are ya coming?
Ha! Fat chance.
Fat chance I'd miss
a Kelpy G performance. I'm in.
To the Pattymobile!
What, this old tub?
Never judge a Pattymobile
by its bun, Squidward.
Let's light this puppy!
[crank squeaking]
[Mr. Krabs cackling]
[Sandy] Yeehaw!
[all exclaiming]
[long, somber musical note playing]
[playing higher note]
Huh? SpongeBob?
Are you okay?
Hey, buddy. Sorry about this.
[sniffling] It's not your fault, Patrick.
You've been a true friend this whole time.
Never wavered, never faltered. It's just
I failed, that's all!
And I'll never see
innocent little Gary again.
Oh, my heart is broken!
-Oh, come on now.
Buck up. It's not over yet, SpongeBob.
It sure feels over. And crappy.
Just saying there's
two sides to every coin.
Oh, Patrick, what does a coin have to--
Wait, did you just say "coin"?
Me? Uh, don't think so.
-[mooing noise]
You did. You said "coin"!
-Not remembering that exactly.
-[makes telephone noise]
-The challenge coin! Of course!
Oh, don't you see, Patrick? We're saved!
I said hello.
Patrick, it's gone!
Meh. Was the challenge coin
really that useful?
Oh! Stupid prank callers.
Hey, wait a sec.
I gave it to you, remember?
For safe keeping.
Come on, it was last night!
We were at the crappie tables.
[croupier] Winner! Place your bets.
Come on, seven! Come on, seven!
Come on, seven!
You gambled away my challenge coin!
You wrecked our entire mission
with one stupid bet!
Well, only after you kept saying
Let it ride, Patrick! Let it ride!
-But, SpongeBob
What if you need
the challenge coin tomorrow
to help you summon your courage?
Tomorrow is for weenies!
Whoo! [laughing]
Well, it's tomorrow and guess
who's the weenie.
I can't
believe you!
You can't believe me?
Are you serious right now?
Well! Maybe you can believe this.
I'm out of here!
And don't come back!
Oh, don't worry, I won't!
Hey, losers.
Oh, hey, Sage.
Sage, glad you're here.
Guess who gambled away my challenge coin.
Guess who blames everyone else
for his troubles.
Did I mention you are
the worst epic heroes
for whom I have ever been a spirit guide?
Um, I think we went over that
this morning.
I believe we did, yeah.
SpongeBob, the coin was just a symbol.
The courage you seek is inside you,
not in the coin.
And it will come to you
in your hour of need.
But isn't this my hour of need?
[laughs] Oh, no.
It gets way worse.
-Dude said way worse.
[scatting] Prepare the prisoners.
Oh, that couldn't be for us.
It's your big moment to fry
I mean, shine.
[gasps] It is for us, Patrick!
We're gonna die!
[Plankton] And that's how I got SpongeBob
out of Bikini Bottom. [giggles]
-Why, that's monstrous!
-Wait, that sounds good.
-Oh, brother.
-What do you expect? I'm evil.
Let's just focus on the plan.
[Mr. Krabs] We're approaching
The Lost City of Atlantic City.
-Make way there, make way!
-[pedestrians exclaim]
"Sponge and Star Execution Extravaganza"?
No time to lose!
Woop, woop, woop! Ladies and gentlefish,
welcome to the Aqua Room, y'all.
The greatest show underwater.
[playing upbeat tune]
[Tiffany] My groupies and groupers
-We love you, Tiffany!
-Yeah holler at your girl!
Are you ready to be entertained?
Hmm? I can't hear you.
Are you ready to be entertained?
All right, then,
let's meet the contestants.
In this corner, a sponge and a star
two of the ocean's
most notorious criminals!
[crowd hissing, booing]
And in this corner,
representing His Majesty the King,
Poseidon's very own Chancellor!
[crowd cheering]
Now drum roll, maestro.
-[drum roll]
-Put your fins together
for the duke of the dirty deed,
the earl of execution,
that axe-wielding maniac
oh, yeah, Lemont! [laughing]
[crowd chanting] Lamont! Lamont! Lamont!
Oh, I love me some Lemont.
Mm, mm, mm. He's so strong.
[both gulping]
Ladies and gentlemen,
with a moment of smooth jazz
in memory of the soon-to-be-goners,
I give you Kelpy G.
[playing "My Heart Will Go On"]
Oh, Patrick, I feel terrible.
I dragged you into this whole mess.
It's okay, SpongeBob.
I made a plea deal with the prosecution!
Oh, that's good-- Wait, you did what?
All I have to do is, uh oh, yeah!
"Bring incriminating evidence
against the defendant."
-Patrick, I'm the defendant.
You are? Oh.
[song ends]
Let the proceedings begin!
Your Honor, I would like
to enter into evidence
one sea snail. Name: Fred.
[Gary meows]
-How dare you!
That's about all I can say.
How dare you come here
to the sanctuary of our revered sovereign,
to rob him of his very lifeblood,
his adorable good looks.
[laughs] Go on.
How indeed dare you.
-[crowd jeering]
[crowd chanting] Lemont! Lemont! Lemont!
Hold it!
If it please the court,
I'd like to say something
in SpongeBob's defense.
It does not please the court.
Sit down, squirrel with fishbowl on head.
But, sire, a strong defense
makes for a better show.
Isn't that right, audience?
All right, all right! I'll allow it.
[Sandy] Thank you, Your Honor.
Ladies and gentlemen,
SpongeBob has always been there for me.
Even going all the way back
to summer camp.
In fact, that's where we all met.
[children yelling, laughing]
[chattering, laughing]
Ow! Ah! Ooh! Ooh!
Look at all the cool activities!
Camping. Canoeing.
Seahorse-back riding!
Tug-of-war. Whale watching.
Do you mind?
Juggling contests. Shrink-wrap soccer!
And more.
[Sandy] Whoo-hoo!
[SpongeBob] Whoa!
Hey, y'all critters of the sea!
Look out below!
I'm Sandy Cheeks from Texas.
Hi, Sandy. I'm SpongeBob.
Pleased to meet ya.
Does everybody wear spacesuits in Texas?
They do if they want to visit
you underwater critters.
We all breathe air on the surface.
It's just our way of synthesizing oxygen.
Same as you do with water.
Whoa. Are you a scientist?
Naw, I'm just a squirrel.
I can't be a scientist.
Even though it's kind of my dream.
Sandy Cheeks, you take that back!
I bet you can do anything.
Really? Wow.
Me a scientist?
-[male voice] Science.
[giggles] You're a hoot, little dude.
I'd be just as likely to live down here
in a glass dome with a tree in it.
-You never know!
[Sandy] He's the one that told me,
no matter who I was or where I came from,
I should follow my dream.
That's a friend, people.
And that's why, in my eyes
SpongeBob is no criminal.
He's the best little fella
to ever walk the sea bottom. And that's
That's just how I feel about it. So
Please, don't hurt him.
[all] Aww
This man broke the law!
[all gasping]
The law of: "You should stay home
and accept the fact
that somebody stole your snail."
The law of: "There's probably
nothing I can do about it."
Well, in this sea star's opinion,
those laws should be broken
and SpongeBob is proof of it!
All he's guilty of
is having the fortitude
to try and rescue a friend.
How do I know?
Oh, I was just a lonely bump on a log
when I first met him.
-Hi, my name--
Hi, my name--
Hello my name is SpongeBob,
what's your name?
I'm Pa-Pa-Patrick.
Why are you crying, Pa-Pa-Patrick?
I'm homesick.
Well, that's a pretty good reason.
-Maybe all you need is a friend.
I don't have any friends!
-Well, you've got one now.
-Who is it?
-It's me!
-Do you mean it?
-Of course. Come on!
[Patrick] That sweet little sponge
rescued this miserable little sea star.
And things haven't changed
that much today, Your Honor.
My heart, buddy.
-[chains rattle]
-I don't like SpongeBob.
In fact, I revile him.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
-[loud thud]
Anyway, I, too, met this nabob
in summer camp.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
It was my big night.
The Annual Camp Coral Talent Show.
[playing "Flight of the Bumblebee"]
And first prize was the coveted
Campy Award.
Thank you, Larry.
Remember, people, don't forget to vote.
[Squidward] As far as I was concerned,
the trophy was as good as mine.
-Hey, Squidward--
-Bup, bup, bup, bup.
Quiet. I'm in pregame right now.
I've got an award to win.
[saws buzzing]
-La, la-la-la, loo!
Aka Waka Maka Mia
Was a puffer fish
[fart noise]
-[laughs] The Campy is mine.
[lilting music plays]
[Squidward] I bathed the audience
with the sounds of my
heavenly clarinet playing.
[playing off-key notes]
[record scratches]
Thank you, Squidward. Just lovely.
Thank you, thank you.
And the Campy goes to
[young Squidward] I'll take that.
-SpongeBob and Patrick!
-[audience cheering]
-No! No! No!
[all gasping]
This isn't happening!
[crying] No! Mommy!
[Squidward] I was robbed.
And never to play the clarinet again.
[crying quietly] No
-Go away!
Patrick and I were, um,
talking to one of the counselors
and guess what?
There was a big mistake and you
actually won the Campy Award!
That's right. Yup.
-I I did?
-In a landslide.
So weird they would've
miscounted like that.
-But I guess it's possible--
-[both] Yay!
-Nice work, Squidward.
-No one deserves it more.
And don't ever stop playing this.
My clarinet.
Look at me. I really did it!
Which is why, even though
I can't stand SpongeBob
but at the same time, well
I love him.
-I love him
-and I hate him.
He's like ice cream with salt on it,
because he's sweet and super annoying.
He's nice and
nails-on-chalkboard annoying!
Okay, fine, he's mostly
super freaking annoying.
But, this little nattering noodge
is my friend.
And he doesn't deserve to die.
[playing melodic tune]
I'll be saying my piece now,
if it be pleasing the court.
[clears throat]
I suppose I could stand up here
and tell you how
SpongeBob changed me life.
But, I won't.
I might even speak
about how he inspired me
when I was just a small-time vendor
with a broken-down luncheonette.
But I won't.
Heck, I'd probably mention
how he encouraged me
to start up me own restaurant.
You should open up
your own restaurant, someday.
The Krusty Krab, made famous
by me delicious Krabby Patties!
Two-for-one Wednesdays,
by the way. Pass these around.
But, I won't.
Nay, you'll hear none such praise from me.
Because it wouldn't do him full justice.
It wouldn't begin to describe
the size of the lad's heart.
Which is huge.
And he puts that heart
into everything he does.
The cooking
-Order up!
serving up the delicious
Krabby Patties.
But that's the funny thing.
I used to think
me secret Krabby Patty formula
was also the secret to me success.
We serve breakfast till 11,
by the way, 12 on weekends.
It wasn't until SpongeBob
came to work for me
that I realized the formula
is more than just a list of ingredients
and flavor-capturing methods.
It's more than a jealously
guarded recipe.
The real secret formula
is sitting right here.
SpongeBob SquarePants.
Get ready.
Ahem! Maestro?
[playing dramatic intro]
A formula is something
Like a recipe
A recipe is something
Like a plan
With elements and measurements
All mixed together by a steady hand
But careful you must be
Or you'll be sad you see
If somehow in the mix
It has no soul
So what's the one ingredient
That turns this awesome sauce
To liquid gold?
I'll tell ya!
The secret to the formula
Is you, you
You, you
The honey in my tea, you know
Is you, you
You, you
-The bubbles in the boil
The one essential oil
It's true
The secret to the formula
Is you, you
-You, you
What in the wide watery world
Would it be like without you?
The secret to the formula
Is you, you
You, you
The honey in my tea, you know
Is you, you
You, you
The bubbles in the boil
The one essential oil
It's true
The secret to the formula
Is you, you
-You, you
The secret to the formula
-Is you, you
So entertaining!
The secret to the formula
Is you, you
You, you
[applause, cheering]
Ha! Hilarious!
My snail!
Wha--? Huh?
Halt! It's a trick! Seize them!
Gary, you're with me now.
I'll never let anyone take you again.
[Plankton] Faster!
[Patrick] Oh!
Yah! Patrick, what are you doing?
Free food!
Get him!
[all shouting]
Come on, come on. In here!
[soldier] Stop right there!
-[loud thud]
-Inside! Quick!
Come on!
Push! Push, Plankton!
You got to be kidding me!
[all exclaiming]
[cackles] Attack!
Watch your left flank, people!
Thrust! Now parry!
Now pirouette.
Turn around. Pivot!
Pull harder. Faster!
To the right!
[Plankton] Whoa, whoa! [yells]
[bowling strike sound]
[both yelp]
Do you think we should've
stayed in there with Squidward?
Nah, he's got it.
[Squidward] Where is everybody?!
-[Squidward] Whoa!
[all yelling]
Squidward! Fall this way!
No, this way!
[Patrick] Oh.
Man down.
Good catch.
-Hey, there they are!
-Get them!
Yo, what's up?
I have a gambling problem.
Could anyone lend me some money?
To Bikini Bottom!
And step on it!
Stepping on it.
You're all fired.
To the valet!
Leaving so soon, kids?
[anxious meow]
Hang on, Gary.
I won't let you go.
Tsk, tsk. Rather impolite,
don't you think?
It was all their idea, sire.
And I
loved it!
Wait, so you're not mad at us?
[laughing] No!
It's been a while since I've enjoyed
such toe-tapping entertainment.
All is forgiven!
-And all charges are dropped.
On one condition.
SpongeBob will return my snail to me
without any more shilly-shally.
Wait, what?
Just hand over the snail
and you can all go free.
But I I
[Sage] SpongeBob.
[Spongebob] Sage? Is that you?
Sage! Hi!
The courage you seek
is inside you.
And it will come to you
in your hour of need.
[Spongebob] The courage is inside me.
The courage is inside me!
Mr. Poseidon, no.
I'm sorry, but I won't do it.
I love Gary too much,
and he loves me.
If we didn't have each other,
we'd be so sad. Well
It wouldn't really matter
what you'd do to us.
And look. Today, thanks to these
amazing friends,
my heart feels twice as big
a s it ever did.
Especially after what they risked for me:
Flouting the law and defying
the mighty king of the sea.
Defying? Really?
I wouldn't say defying the king.
Humiliating you in front of your subjects.
-Do go on.
-More like admiring.
And totally agreeing with!
I just came to see Kelpy G.
And they did it all for me.
I'm sure you'd understand
if you had friends like these.
Friends like these?
Wait, what?
Friends like these?
[chuckles] Of course I have
friends like these.
I have all kinds of friends!
I have buddies, I have besties.
I have home-slices, palsy-walsies.
It's infinite!
Chancellor! Give us an exact number.
The friend count, if you will.
Uh, okay,
according to your latest polling data,
we should get more polling data.
What? Give me that.
What about my adoring fans?
-My elite palace guards?
-[innocent whistling]
-What about my personal trainer?
-Mmm Mm-mm.
-My therapist?
-My tattoo artist?
-My tattoo removal artist?
-No dice.
B-But surely you, my chancellor,
my loyal faithful?
Apollo, take me now.
I don't have any friends!
Well, you got one now!
Really? Who is it?
It's me! I'll be your friend.
Do you mean it?
Yes. But friends don't kidnap
friends' pet snails.
-But I need that snail.
Look, I have a horrible,
disgusting wrinkle.
Jumping jellyfish,
it's the size of the Mariana Trench!
-[moaning sob]
-[laughs] Kidding!
Looks don't matter.
We don't care about little imperfections.
Or even big ones!
-Just look at Squidward.
-What's that supposed to mean?
What's important is what's inside.
And I'm sure you can be
a fair and kind king
to all the creatures of the sea.
I know you've got it in you, sir.
If you'd just let your hair down a little.
Huh? My hair? Wait a minute.
Are you suggesting that I don't need this
gorgeous mane of wavy locks?
That I don't require this neck clip?
Be gone, perfect shiny teeth!
This is so freeing!
To heck with this chest plate and girdle.
-Oh, wow.
-Too far?
No! Not at all!
[all overlapping]
No, you look great!
Oh, thank you!
I find this so exhilarating.
So age appropriate.
SpongeBob, few possess the courage
to stand up to a powerful king.
You, sir, are among those few.
I salute you.
Nailed it, SpongeBob.
Sage out.
You may keep Gary.
And I wish you many happy years together.
Thank you!
Did you hear that, Gare-Bear?
Uh, your royal robe, Your Highness.
-It's getting cold out here.
-Nonsense, Chancellor.
I'm free!
Ooh, you certainly are.
And free the snails!
[all meowing]
[Gary meows]
What's that?
All of them?
["Take On Me" playing]
I'm home!
Hello, Gary.
Hello, Brian.
Hello, Janet. Hello, June.
Hola, Lupe.
-Morning, Sally!
-Hi, Brett!
[snails meowing]
-[snails meowing]
-[indistinct chatter]
Come on, Gary! You can do it!
[errified meow]
Fabio! Where are you, buddy?
Here, Fabio, Fabio, Fabio!
Come on, Fifi. No.
-[snails purring]
-[Plankton groans]
Order up!
["Agua" playing]
[no audible dialogue]
[song continues]
[no audible dialogue]
[song continues]
[no audible dialogue]
[song continues]
["Krabby Step" playing]
["Snail: I'm Avail" playing]
["Gary's song" playing]