The SpongeBob Musical: Live on Stage! (2019) Movie Script

'Ahh, zee theater!
'A magical place
for all to enjoy,
'so long as we follow
a few simple rules.'
Oh, hi, Squidward!
'In case of emergency,
'always take a moment
to locate your nearest exit.
'And try to find your seat
before the show begins.'
Excuse me.
'Please do not disrupt
the show for others.
'This means no gum-chewing.
'No bouncing.
'No armrest-hogging.
'No jelly-fishing.'
'No hamboning.'
'No gargling.
'No play-fighting.'
Sit down and stop ruining
my night off!
'And, of course, no talking.'
Enjoy the musical, Patrick.
Shh! You're talking.
'Ahh, bonjour, salut,
'and welcome to this quiet
corner of the ocean floor,
'teeming with all the many
kinds of undersea life.
'It is here we find
the sub-marine habitat
'known as...
'...Bikini Bottom.
'Let us observe now
'as the sun rises
on a new nautical day.
'Here, we see an ordinary
cluster of kelp.
'And here...
'...a common clumping of coral.
'And here... a pineapple!
'This fruit is home to one
'of the most fascinating
sea creatures of all.
'Aplysina fistualis.
'The yellow sponge!'
Good morning, world,
and all who inhabit it!
Jump out of bed
Mix up a breakfast
for my favorite pet snail
Full steam ahead
The S.S. "I Am Ready"
is about to set sail
This kind of day
couldn't get much better
But it keeps on trying
Ahh! I'm on my way
Somewhere there's a krabby
patty that needs frying
Who's the lucky sponge
in the mirror
Who is living his dream?
Who's always extra careful
with his dental hygiene?
Gary, it's me!
Happy just to be here in the
world-renowned Bikini Bottom!
How I love this town,
Bikini Bottom
When the sun shines down on
a beautiful Bikini Bottom day...
- Good morning, Patrick!
Is it morning already?
Yep, and I'm singing
an opening number!
Ooh, I want a verse!
I want a verse!
I missed a snack
This busy schedule
makes it hard to be me
To stay on track
Now I'll have to eat it
while I'm watching TV
There might not be time
for a nap
But I'll do what I can
They're showing
all the episodes of...
"Mermaid Man"
Every single one!
I'm spending all day
underneath my favorite rock
- Favorite rock
- Bikini Bottom!
- Now what rhymes with rock?
- Rhymes with rock
- Bikini Bottom
- Nothing rhymes with rock!
It's a typical
Bikini Bottom day...
No, Patrick,
it's a beautiful day.
And a lot of things
rhyme with rock.
- I don't think so.
- Sure.
- Clock, smock, electroshock...
- Ooh!
Pop 'n' lock!
Would you two
please keep it down?
Good morning, Squidward!
Another day, another migraine.
When I want some quiet,
there's nowhere to go
A sensitive artiste can't get
a moment's peace with these two
Idiots in stereo!
They never go away
A typical
Bikini Bottom day...
It's a great day, Squidward.
In fact, I'd say this could be
the best day ever.
You say that every day.
And it's always true.
Bye, Patrick!
I'll see you at work, Squidward.
What have I done
to deserve this?
'We now follow
SpongeBob past the Treedome,
'home to a creature seldom seen
here on the ocean floor.
'A squirrel... from Texas.
'This is Sandy Cheeks
the scientist,
'hard at work
on her latest invention.'
- Hiya, Sandy!
Howdy, SpongeBob!
Gee golly, that was close
It's just a little smoke,
a minor setback
A few more hours at most
And I'll be done with this
here brand-new jetpack
And then this Texas squirrel,
this country girl
Will spread her wings and fly
My bushy tail a comet's trail
clear across the sky
Above the town
and looking down
On a typical
Bikini Bottom day!
- Day!
- Hey!
What in chicken-fried tarnation
was that?
I dunno.
But I kinda liked it.
'Scuse me, SpongeBob.
I'm gonna go power up
the ol' seis-o-mograph.
I'm off to work too,
at the greatest restaurant
there is!
'Ah, yes, the Krusty Krab.
'Bikini Bottom's most popular
dining establishment,
'home to the Krabby Patty.
'Owned and operated
by Mister Eugene Krabs.
'And across town,
the least popular restaurant,
'the Chum Bucket,
run by Sheldon J. Plankton.
'Two arch nemeses locked
in a fast food Cold War.'
Winds from the west
Everywhere you look
the skies are clear and sunny
Good weather's best
When you're in the mood
to make a ton of money...
Ha! Ka-ka-ka-ka!
Laugh while you can
Until the day
you laugh no more, forever
I've got a plan
And I went to college
so you know it's clever...
With you, there's always
another plan.
Quiet, computer wife!
This time it'll work!
I'll make everyone love
my chum burgers
through the power of hypnosis.
It's almost too easy.
Soon they'll all see.
I may be small,
but my genius is immense!
Come on, Sheldon.
It'd take forever
to hypnotize the whole town.
You used to enjoy
my evil schemes.
What can I say?
After twenty years of marriage,
the magic's gone.
They say that money doesn't
matter when you love your work
Ha! Who would say that?
Probably some penniless jerk!
Soon the day will come
when they'll all love chum
- It's just a matter of time
- Bikini Bottom
- Till I get them in line
- Bikini Bottom
And this town is all mine
Just a typical
Bikini Bottom day...
Good morning, Ms. Mayor!
Oh, pipe down,
I'm governing here!
Hello, Mrs. Puff!
SpongeBob, please,
I almost spilled my kelp-accino.
- Hiya, Larry the Lobster!
Watch where you're going,
puny dude!
I'm getting these claws swole!
Hi, Old Man Jenkins!
Get off my lawn!
Hello, lawn!
Hello, street!
Greetings, Maestro!
Hello, guy making
all the sounds!
Hello, everyone at home!
Hello, sky!
Hello, flowers!
Hello, Bikini Bottom!
On my way! Hey!
The pulse is pumping
and the traffic's fin to fin
What a day, hey!
Looks like the weather is
the best it's ever been
We've got the best sun ever
- Sunny weather
- Sunny weather
In the flow, whoa!
Swim with the current
till it carries you along
Here we go, whoa!
Another busy day
where nothing will go wrong
I will always vow
and pledge allegiance to...
This town that I hold dear,
for all are welcome here
Bikini Bottom blue,
yes, I'll stay true
- To the Bikini Bottom way
- Bikini Bottom way
- Bikini Bottom way
- Bikini Bottom way
Bikini Bottom way,
Bikini Bottom way!
Bikini Bottom way!
- It's the best day ever
- Ahh!
Hey! Hey!
In the world-renowned
Bikini Bottom
our own home town
And the sun shines down,
the sun shines down
The sun shines down,
the sun shines down
- It's a typical
- Incredible
- A regular
- Exceptional
- An ordinary
- Extraordinary
Bikini Bottom...
- Day!
- Hey!
Bikini Bottom day!
I can't wait
for another fine day
at the finest
eating establishment
ever established for eating.
And here I thought
it was a third-rate greasepot.
The finest third-rate
where I am proud to be
Fry Cook of the Month.
You're the only fry cook!
Well, I, for one, have my sights
set far beyond this place.
I've been developing
a one-man show
starring an as-yet-undiscovered
young, handsome,
and very leggy talent.
I call it...
Tentacle Spectacle,
the Musical.
My mother... she always said
I belonged on the stage.
You'd make a great tree.
Now look sharp, boys,
my precious
whale daughter is here.
Soak it in,
me darlin' daughter.
One day, all this'll be yours.
As soon as you graduate
high school,
I'll start you as manager.
But Da-a-a-a-d!
- I have my own dreams.
- Like what?
Listenin' to that boy band
fourteen hours a day?
They're called
the Electric Skates.
Uh, Mr. Krabs?
If she doesn't want
to be manager,
I know someone who would be
great for the job.
Ha-ha! A fry cook is all
you'll ever be.
You're just
a simple sponge, boy.
And yet, you don't seem
to absorb very much.
Ha! Ka-ka-ka-ka-ka!
Why can't they see?
I wore my good shoes
and I've got my tie on
Maybe it's me
Am I just a simple sponge
you can't rely on?
All I want is someone
to notice who I am
Do you have make me
say it out loud?
Come on, Mr. Krabs,
this is more than just a job
Let me show you,
let me make you proud
I've been waiting patiently
To be the sponge
I'm meant to be
Won't anyone believe
in me-e-e-e-e?
Um... is that something
we should worry about?
Breaking news!
That is something
we should worry about!
After today's second
unexplained tremor,
smoke has been sighted
at the top of Mount Humongous,
the long-slumbering
volcano of do-o-o-o-o-m!
Impending disaster.
A special bulletin.
We've just learned that
Bikini Bottom is under threat
from a terrifying
volcano of doom,
And now, a live statement
from the mayor of our town.
Ladies and gentlefish,
if this mountain erupts,
orange rivers of steaming lava
will obliterate
all we know and love!
Don't worry, your government
has everything under control.
I'm starting an initiative
to assemble a committee
to identify a strategy
to evaluate the situation.
In the meantime,
all citizens must report home
and remain indoors.
The threat level
is now Code Orange.
I don't understand
why everyone is so worried.
Sure, that volcano might
destroy everything.
But on the other hand,
it might not.
When are you gonna learn,
The world is a horrible place
filled with fear,
suffering and despair.
Also dashed hopes,
shattered dreams,
broken promises
and abject misery.
But it's our horrible place
with the best
abject misery there is!
They'll see, everything
is under control. Right?
No fish knows the future
Not a single shark or sole
It's all deranged
No control...
Don't you think you're being
a little negative?
The town is under curfew
The fish-police
are on patrol
It's all deranged
- No control
- No control!
Stuck here at home
But I'm not upset
An evening alone
with my clarinet
This could take a while
So I should relax
But the stores
are all closed
- And I'm out of snacks!
- Out of snacks!
No control!
La la la la la la la la...
SpongeBob, what are you doing
out of your pineapple?
Everyone's supposed
to be inside!
It's going to be fine, Sandy.
The Mayor said she'll handle it.
And everyone knows, you can
always trust the government.
Well... I've got news
hot off the griddle.
I did some calculations,
and that volcano is gonna erupt,
as sure as a rhinestone cowboy
at a disco rodeo.
I figured out when, too.
It's gonna happen
at sundown tomorrow!
OK, Sandy,
but I don't think...
I'm serious as a guacamole
shortage at a taco party!
I determined the timeline
through analysis of...
seismic activity, gas emissions,
geomagnetic and gravimetric
Over the next 36 hours,
tremors will increase
and boulders will fall,
eventually leading
to a cataclysmic eruption
which will completely
destroy Bikini Bottom!
The End... nigh.
The end end?
The science is clear
I'm afraid it's true
The end's really here
There's nothing we can do
And if I read
these numbers right
Our time is up
Tomorrow night!
Tomorrow night!
- No control!
- The end is coming!
- We have no control!
- The end is coming!
- No control!
- The end is coming!
The end is coming!
The end is coming!
The end is coming!
The end is coming...
- Patrick! Patrick! Patrick!
- Aargh...
Patrick! Patrick!
Patrick! Patrick!
- Patrick! Patrick! Patrick!
- Aargh!
You have to pull
yourself together.
Breathe in and out.
Eyes here. Eyes!
But you don't understand.
I'm stuck inside and I can't
watch any of my shows,
because there's nothing on TV
but this...
'The end
is coming. The end is...'
I get it, buddy.
I get stressed out too
Like when Mr. Krabs says
I'm not manager material.
Manager material?
You mean like polyester?
He says I'll never be more
than a fry cook.
You just want some respect.
I get that.
I got a lot of great ideas, but
no one ever pays attention...
We're getting off topic,
The point is, we're gonna get
through this emergency together.
We don't need television,
as long as we have...
- ...imagination!
- Ice cream... Imagination.
Because we're B-F-F.
Best Friends Forever.
I still don't get it.
I got you, and you got me
I don't need my glasses on
to see we're both pretty lucky
Stuck inside with no TV...
Still I'm stuck with you
So I'm as happy as can be
Let's have some fun together
We'll be best friends forever
B-F-F, that stands for us...
There's nothing as fun
as mindless entertainment,
Maybe so,
but all I know
Is right here
we've got all we need
To make today pretty special
Let's explore,
open every drawer
Hey, you found
my long lost cheese!
Well, that's what
friends are for!
Let's have some fun together
You're my best friend forever
B-F-F, that stands for...
We're best friends
and this is the friend dance!
We're best friends and this is
the friend dance!
We're best friends
and this is the friend dance!
We're best friends and...
Every little thing
that I can think of doing
Just sounds better
doing it together
Every little thing
that I can think of doing
Just sounds better
doing it together
Doing it with yo-o-o-o-o-ou
Hey, Patrick, check this out.
The Incredible Stretching Sofa!
It's alive!
It got away!
- Are you OK, SpongeBob?
- Sure!
What's a minor concussion
between friends?
Oh, I have an idea...
I love me some bubbles
in my bath.
I love me some bubbles
OK, since you're so
into bubbles,
I'm gonna make you the biggest
baddest bubble ever!
Floating high
like a bubble in the sky
Feeling good
just like I should
And you're the reason why!
Let's have some fun together
We'll be best friends forever
B-F-F, that stands for us
This can't get any better
You're my best friend forever
B-F-F, that stands for us
B-F-F, that stands for us
B-F-F, that stands for...
SpongeBob and Patrick.
That stands for us!
'Will SpongeBob
and Bikini Bottom survive?
'Can zee power of BFF
save the day?
'Find out when
"SpongeBob The Musical
'Live On Stage" continues.'
All citizens report
to the town square!
Ladies and gentlefish, we only
have until sundown tomorrow.
But I will lead us
through this crisis
by setting meetings
to encourage dialogue
about drafting proposals
for eventual action.
- So, we're doomed.
- I'm scared!
We need someone to save us!
We need to find whoever's
to blame for all this.
Does anyone have
an actual plan to propose?
Ooh, ooh, I do!
Call on me! Me, me, me, me!
Yes, enthusiastic sea star?
If we all close our eyes,
maybe nothing will happen.
So. Deep.
No, it's not! It's the stupidest
thing I've ever heard.
Hooray! Wait...
I've got it!
We can find a way to halt
the exponential increase
of pyroclastic flow in the
subterranean magma chamber.
Yeah, what she said.
La la la lah!
- What did she say?
- Ha-ha! Science, y'all.
That's the answer!
I have a new scheme, Karen,
my best one yet.
But for it to work,
I need them to stay scared.
What're you talking about?
The end is coming!
This is no time
for one of your schemes.
Oh, yes, it is.
What you said was true,
it would take too long
to hypnotize each of them
into loving my chum burgers.
But when fish are scared,
they school together.
If I get them all in one place,
trapped where there's
nowhere to run,
I can hypnotize them in bulk.
First, though, I need
to shut down that squirrel.
- Excuse me!
- Yes?
- Oh, speak up, tiny citizen.
- Grrr!
Do any of you actually believe
that science can save us?
- Of course we do.
- Oh, come on!
Next she'll tell us
tidal warming is real.
I'm been studyin' Bikini Bottom
for years now.
- If you'd just trust me...
- Why should we trust you?
- You're not even from here.
- Yeah, you're a land mammal.
Since when does that matter?
Things are different now.
Our town is under attack.
You know what they say, folks:
when the going gets tough...
The tough...
...get going!
The tough get lost.
Dude, that is not the saying.
I need to sell them on my plan,
Karen, but it won't be easy.
I'm going to need to do it
in song.
Gimme some music, please, Karen.
hey-diddy, ho-diddy, hey-ha...
That won't win over anyone.
Skatta, de-booby-de-doo,
'A' for effort, but no.
I need something with mass
appeal. Give me a beat, Karen.
A hip-hop beat.
Come on, Sheldon. You couldn't
rap if your life depended on it.
Oh, yeah?
This task force is for losers
I've got the perfect plan
Right now, the gettin's good,
so let's get out while we can
Look, lava's pretty hot,
let's give in to our fear
Disaster's on its way
That means we can't spend
no more time in here!
You all know who I am
Evil genius, giant brain
You can't stop a volcano,
I mean, are you all insane?
The ones who stay will all be
vaporized without a doubt
Before that sucker blows,
we've got to get the fish out!
So let's go, and be gone
So let's go,
and be gone
So let's go,
and be gone
So let's go, and be gone
Cos when the going gets tough
When the going gets tough
That means it's time
to get lost
It's time to get lost
- When the going gets tough
- When the going gets tough
That means it's time
to get lost
So let's go and we gone,
let's be gone!
Hold on, Plankton,
I am simply shocked
Bikini Bottom is our home
I can't believe you'd talk
about just walking out
Let's figure out a way to stay
today, tomorrow
I feel sorrow, I feel fear,
but I'm not leaving here
- Who's with me?
- I am!
The simple sponge is talking,
Fascinating, do go on
The fry cook has a plan
Good luck with that,
cos I'll be gone
You don't just wait around
when you're under attack, no!
- Run like crazy
- Out the back
You got one day left,
go home and pack!
Cos when the going gets tough
That means
it's time to get lost
When the going gets tough
That means it's time
to get lost
- So let's go and we gone
- Let's be gone!
Of course, mass evacuation
is no simple feat
We'll need to leave together
In a vessel that can
trap us all...
I mean... fit us all
A Giant Escape Pod!
This Pod will take us
far away from here
To build a new home
We'll call it...
Hold on, tiny dancer!
I wasn't hatched yesterday.
This sounds like another one
of your schemes.
At a time like this? How could
you think such a thing?
You've got something up
your sleeve.
I'm a one-celled organism.
I don't even have sleeves.
- Ohhhhhhhh!
- Ohhhh!
Watch this, Karen.
Break it down now!
Coming up as one of many, mom
and dad had plenty more of me
And 20/20 vision, never had it
so I had to be
A devastating conversating
luminous communicator
Hoping later every hater of
this little nerdy me would pay
You never heard of me?
OK, I am a giant!
I don't give it up,
I live it up
I'm floating in the saline,
running from the balene
I'm a celebrated single cell
of ciliated cerebellic genius
Heh! Heh! Heh!
Cos when the going gets tough
The going gets tough
That means it's time
to get lost
Time to get lost
- When the going gets tough
- When the going gets tough
That means it's time
to get lost
Time to get lost
Let's be gone, let's be gone,
so let's go!
Well, Plankton, it seems your
plan is the will of the fish.
No! Wait!
We'll order the escape pod,
cash on delivery.
Expedited shipping by 6:00pm
next business day.
Just in time to get us out
before sundown tomorrow.
And it only costs...
Neptune's Trident!
There aren't enough clams
in all Bikini Bottom
to pay for this!
- I guess we'll have to stay.
- No!
We can, uh...
We can raise the funds.
Before sundown tomorrow?
There's not a chance in kelp.
Yeah, the only way I ever give
money is if a celebrity asks.
That's it! We could have
a benefit concert!
I have an idea. We could have
a benefit concert.
One of those charity
I have the perfect piece
for the occasion!
I call it:
Tentacle Spectacle the Musical.
Let me give you a little taste.
Look out, world,
Cos here I come...
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
You are not a celebrity.
But the Electric Skates are.
We should get them to play!
Who loves the Electric Skates
and is old enough to vote?
Ah, then the Electric Skates
it shall be.
I'm going to meet them!
You're not meeting anyone,
young lady.
You are staying inside.
And don't worry, Squidward,
we won't leave you out.
You can be Official
Concert Organizer,
and cater to the band's
every crazy whim
and unreasonable demand.
- Actually, that doesn't...
- Start packing, everyone!
It won't be long before we kiss
our Bikini Bottom goodbye!
Oh, wait, everyone!
We can't abandon our home.
They've made up their minds,
About me, too.
We can't just give up.
Let it go, boy.
There's nothing you can do.
I told you before,
you're just a simple sponge.
Simple sponge, simple sponge,
simple sponge...
Sure, I spend my days
floating around
Head in the bubbles
and my feet on the ground
But there is more to me
than just my name
Give me a chance
and I could change the game
And maybe one day,
Mr. Krabs, you'll say
"The Krusty Krab's yours,
it's your lucky day!"
That is what
I've always wanted
Then I can finally say
I've done it
Let me have adventure,
be a contender
And more
Cos you're not
a simple sponge
I wish he'd see I'm not
just the sponge-next-door
No, you're not
a simple sponge
There's got to be
a better way
A way to save
this town I love
But how can I stop
the end of the world?
Am I just a simple sponge?
No, you're not
a simple sponge
So what if I'm a sponge?
It's what I want to be
There isn't anyone
who stretches like me
Employee of the month
two years in a row
Undisputed master
of my own dojo
And everyone here knows
that they can depend
On this expert jellyfisher
who's a trusted friend
I can eat a lot of ice cream
I can even play my nose
Let me have adventure,
be a contender
And more
Cos you're not
a simple sponge
Can't they see I'm not just
the sponge-next-door?
No, you're not a simple...
I wish that I could
turn back time
I never thought
my world could end
I only wanna hang out
with my friends
But fear I fear
is dragging us down
And now there's panic
that's run amok
In my simple town
No! No! No! No!
Just give me adventure
I'm a contender
And more
Cos you're not a simple sponge
I will show I'm not just
the sponge-next door!
No, you're not
a simple sponge
I'm gonna find a better way
A way to save the life
I love
And I am gonna stop
the end of the...
You're just a simple sponge...
I'll find a way to stop
that volcano, Mr. Krabs.
We can use Sandy's Jet Pack
to get to the top.
Wait... pretty sure
it's only built for one.
You are a simple sponge...
We'll have to climb it, then.
With Patrick's brawn
and Sandy's brains and my...
a very simple sponge...
I'm not sure what I bring
to the table,
but that won't stop me.
When the going gets tough,
this sponge gets going!
No, I'm not a simple sponge!
I am not a simple sponge!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Now at last,
I have found a way a way
A way to save this town
I love!
I am not a simple sponge...
'Can the town
be saved by a simple sponge?
'Find out
right after the break.'
One, two, three!
Hey, Mr. Krabs!
We're not going to have to
leave Bikini Bottom after all.
I'm putting together a team
to save the town.
Good luck with that.
We're packing.
I can't decide which one
to wear for The Electric Skates.
For the last time,
get it through your blowhole.
You are not meeting
those sting-ray degenerates.
But Da-a-a-a-ad...
You've got your priorities
all wrong.
We're in a crisis here,
and when you're in a crisis,
there's only one thing
you can depend on.
- You mean family?
- No.
You're kidding, right?
When time is short
and the end is near
It's important to identify
what you hold dear
It's clear, Pearl, your daddy
always knows best...
You don't understand me.
I know we're not
the same species,
which is pretty weird
now I think about it...
Let me show you what counts
more than all the rest.
Close yer eyes, boy,
this part's not for you.
Money money matters most!
Money money I can boast!
Money money make a toast to...
Money! Money!
I should be my daddy's
greatest prize
But instead he's got
dollar signs in his eyes
Daddy, you just don't
All I care about is rocking
out with my favorite band!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!
- Oh, the feeling it creates
Yeah, yeah!
When I hear
The Electric Skates!
- Can you hear it, Pearl?
- Money money money money...
- Daddy, can you hear me?
Can you hear me at all?
- Oh, Daddy!
- Money money in the air!
- Can you hear me?
- Money money everywhere!
- Can you hear me?
- Money money do not share
- Daddy!
- Money!
- Daddy!
- Money!
- Daddy!
- Money! Ha!
- Can you hear me?
- Money money I'll stay true!
- Can you hear me?
- Money money just us two!
- Can you hear me?
- Money money I love you!
- Money money
- Daddy!
- Money money
- Daddy!
- Money money money money...
- Daddy! Daddy! Daddy...
I'm sorry, Pearl. Were you
trying to say something?
Excuse me,
can I open my eyes now?
Oh, hey!
Oh, don't cry.
Now ya see, Pearl,
I'm launching a new ad campaign.
"One More Krabby Patty
Before The End!"
Buy your Krabby Patties now,
before it's too late!
Come on, everybody!
Get in here!
Little does he know,
the tables will soon turn.
Once they're all trapped
in the escape pod,
they'll be easy to hypnotize.
By the time we reach Chumville,
everyone will love chum!
You know, I'd forgotten how
much I like hearing you gloat.
Oh, Karen, it's been years
since I've felt this close.
Gazing into your screen
right now,
I feel the very earth
move under my feet.
Oh... Oh, it is moving!
Breaking news!
A giant boulder is rolling
down from Mount Humongous!
And it's headed this way!
Don't worry, I've got it!
- No, it's gonna be...
There's gonna be...
If you would just...
- I'm putting together a...
- There's gonna be...
- If you...
I guess everyone was right.
This will be the end.
Unless I can stop it!
I gotta get my team together!
You are not a simple sponge!
You are not a simple sponge!
You are not a simple sponge!
You are not a simple sponge!
You are not a simple sponge!
Get ready, Patrick!
I have a plan to save the town
and I need your help.
- Are you with me?
- I'm right here, hello.
Well, then,
welcome to the team!
Mr. Star!
Mr. Star!
Were you expecting
all these sardines?
You said, "If we close our eyes,
maybe nothing will happen."
And we understood,
it's only by shutting out
the turmoil of the world
that we can find salvation.
Give us more wisdom, O Pink One!
So. Deep.
Life smells weird!
Life smells weird!
What was that all about?
Finally, someone understands!
The inner machinations
of my mind are an enigma.
Come on, Patrick! We gotta
go get Sandy on the team!
a special report.
Just 28 hours left
before the end.
How will you spend them?
I'm gonna do all the living
I should've done before.
Gimme another kelp juice,
Carpe diem!
Who're you calling a carp?
I'm gonna find someone
to blame for all this.
What about the squirrel?
That whole "science" thing
is pretty suspicious.
Not only that...
she has lungs.
This is a gill town!
Land Mammals Go Home!
We don't want her kind here.
Let's blame the squirrel!
Blame the squirrel!
Blame the squirrel!
Blame the squirrel!
I thought this was my home.
I guess I was wrong.
'Let us now follow Sandy
'as she takes refuge
in Jellyfish Fields...
' of the great wonders
of the undersea world.'
Sandy! Oh!
Oh, we've been looking for you
We have a volcano to beat
and we need you on the team.
Brains, brawn, and though
I don't have any special skills
to bring to the table,
I'm coming too.
This town doesn't want my help,
they want me gone.
- And I can take a hint.
- You can't leave.
- This is your home.
- No, it's not, SpongeBob.
Let's face it,
I never fit in here.
Then again, I never really fit
in Texas either.
I was always the odd rodent out.
No one knew what to make
of a girl squirrel
who was into science
and martial arts.
I've never felt at home
anywhere, really.
And now it's time to dig up
my acorns again and push on.
Oh, that's terrible, Sandy.
But, please, don't leave.
We need you on the team.
If the world is gonna end
Wallowing in sorrow
isn't where I want to be
Cos there isn't a catastrophe
Uh, hello?
That could ever
measure up to me
Sandy, just try it and see!
- Come on!
- Try what?
Hero is my middle name
Ooh, Patrick!
- Fixing trouble is my game
- It's a good game.
Just give it
the old know-how
There's no better time
than now
Don't give up
and don't give in
- Oh!
- Yeah!
If you're thinkin'
sink or swim
The right answer's "swim"
Courage is your claim to fame
When hero is your middle name
And hero is our middle name!
That's nice, boys,
but mine's Jennifer.
And no one believes
my science is real.
Your machines,
they made a real prediction
It's not science fiction
But no one wants
to listen at all
When the writing's
on that old sea wall
But your friends need you
to heed the call
All for one and one for all!
We need you, Sandy.
Patrick can help us
climb that volcano,
but you have to handle the
stopping-it-from-erupting part.
Because we have no clue how,
and time is running out
really, really fast.
But no pressure.
Pressure! Yes!
I think I have an idea.
Figure 1: Diagram
of a volcanic eruption,
caused by rapid
pressure build-up
in a subterranean magma chamber.
Figure 2: if this pressure
is released,
no eruption will occur.
Ipso facto, I can design
an explosive device.
Figure 3: to drop in the mouth
of the volcano.
Figure 4: with a timer set
to detonate
at the precise moment
of eruption.
Figure 5: unleashing
a deluge of bubbles
that'll release the pressure
and prevent the blast!
You lost me at 1.
The point is, this could work.
I reckon I can have
this bubble device
built by tomorrow morning.
So you'll stay and help us?
Boys, I'm still gonna push on
from this town of yours.
But you're my friends, so I say
we give this idea a shot.
Three heroes to the rescue!
Team of tres
to the top!
Us... go!
So come on!
Hero is our middle name
Fixin' trouble is our game
I'm up and I won't back down
And we're gonna save
this town!
I am Sandy, hear me roar!
I won't be playin' sweet
no more!
Courage is my claim to fame
Cos hero is my middle name
And hero is our middle name!
Hero is our middle name!
Hero is our middle name!
'Can SpongeBob
and his friends be the heroes
'Bikini Bottom
so desperately needs?
'Find out when we come back.'
Alright, I gotta get
this concert organized.
The drumkit will go here.
The confetti cannon there!
- Oh...
Oh, and posters, of course.
"The Electric Skates..."
"...with very special guest:
Squidward Q. Tentacles!"
Oh, I can still remember
that night.
My third-grade talent show.
All the other fish calling me
"Loser! Loser! Loser!"
To this day,
whenever I hear that word,
something inside me just snaps.
But you got me through it, Mama.
You told me someday I'd play
the Bikini Bottom Bandshell.
Well, before time runs out,
I will prove you right!
I'm a pretty squid, Mama,
and I'm gonna show 'em
what I got!
Hit it!
Oh, look out, world...
Hey, Squidward, good news.
We're going to save
Bikini Bottom!
What're you talking about?
Explain yourself,
rhombus slacks.
Sandy is going to build
an ingenious bubble device
to stop the volcano.
Then all we have to do is climb
to the top of Mount Humongous
and drop it in.
You're kidding, right?
Nobody has ever reached
the top alive.
When you say nobody,
do you mean that
as a figure of speech or...?
I mean nobody ever, period,
full stop, exclamation point.
Don't worry, buddy,
we can do it.
I'll be with you the whole way,
no matter what.
That sponge is the biggest
threat to my plot.
If somehow they do manage
to climb that mountain...
We have to make sure
they don't live long enough
to reach the top.
I like how you're thinking,
And I'm so glad you want
to scheme with me again.
It's just like the old days.
I guess it took a little
apocalypse to spice things up.
We got this, boys.
Come tomorrow,
we'll be on that mountain
like a smoked sausage
on a hickory grill.
Patrick Star!
Patrick Star!
Hey, do you hear that?
Patrick Star! Patrick Star!
Sounds familiar.
Patrick Star! Patrick Star!
Patrick Star!
It's the sardines.
And they're wearing
great outfits.
I believe
I found the star
I believe I found
the super star
We believe we found
the super star sea star
Who will save us all
Patrick star!
I am sorry to interrupt,
but we have some
very urgent business to...
We've been hoping,
we've been searching everywhere
And we finally found
the answer to our prayer
He said we should
close our eyes
Which made us realize
That Patrick is the one
Who will save us
from our demise
- So give it up
- Give it up
- Raise the sound
- Raise the sound
- Tell everyone
- Tell everyone
To gather around
For we have found
our shining star
Yes, he is, oh, yeah!
Super sea star savior
Patrick Star!
Guys, I think
they're singing about me.
We hadn't noticed.
Come on, we have a mission here.
This is weird, you guys,
but I like having all you around
How profound!
Hey, look at all the new
friends that I have found
We've been found!
We've been found! Oh!
- And give it up
- Give it up!
- Raise the sound
- Raise the sound!
Tell everyone
Tell everyone
to gather around
For I might be
your shining star
You're a shining star!
Super sea star savior
Me! Patrick Star!
Oh, Patrick Star!
As your leader,
I will complete ya
- Glad someone's following me
- For a change
Now where we'll go...
I don't know.
I'll know it when I see it!
Great pink one,
you are everything!
There's great pink wisdom
in all you sing!
Like this:
Figaro! Figaro...
- Shout it out
- Shout it out!
- Shout it out!
- From the mountain high!
- To the valley low!
- Shout it out!
I feel it,
my brothers and sisters!
Shout it out! Shout it out!
Shout it out!
Shout it out!
Shout! Shout!
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Y'all praise pink!
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Y'all praise pink!
Shout! Shout! Shout!
Shout it out!
Shout! Shout! Oh, oh!
Shout! Shout! Shout!
Shout it out!
Super sea-star savior
No, no, no, no, no!
You can't leave!
We have a mountain to climb.
That was before I was a savior.
You said you'd be with me
no matter what!
Unless I became a savior.
- I'm pretty sure I said that.
- What about our team?
This is my moment, SpongeBob.
Try not to ruin it.
Fine, then.
I don't need you.
You don't?
Well, I don't need you!
Well, I don't need you more!
At least I don't live
in a fruit!
At least I don't
have a conehead!
At least I'm not square!
Square! Square!
- Pink! Pink!
- Yellow!
- Fine! Fine!
- Fine! Fine!
- Fine!
- Fine!
- Fine!
- We're out.
What are we gonna do now?
Patrick's the brawn.
There's no way we get
up that mountain without him.
'At that moment,
night falls.'
The last night before the end.
And as hysteria spreads
through our streets,
many have begun to question
the government's ability
to handle this crisis.
- Come on, what you got?
- Stop it!
Don't believe the media.
Everything is under control.
Oh, tartar sauce, look!
More boulders!
Oh! Oh!
We can't give up now.
We only have tomorrow
To try to save the day
Our world could end tomorrow
we have to find a way
A way
I only have tomorrow
To show them what I got
We only have tomorrow
So get 'em while they're hot!
Small, yes, but devious
I feel ten feet tall
If I succeed
The sponge will fall!
The sun has sunk below us
The dark of night is here
The hands of time keep ticking
Tomorrow's almost here
Almost here, almost here
We only have tomorrow
Before our town is gone
We only have tomorrow
Before we must move on
- From the world renowned
- We only have tomorrow
- Have to save this town
- We only have tomorrow
- As the sun goes down...
- We only have one more...
...on a beautiful
Bikini Bottom...
'Will SpongeBob save
Bikini Bottom?
'You will find out...
'after these messages.'
Get your programs!
Help an old lady through college
by buying a program.
There you go, dearie,
it's free for you.
Programs! Can't tell the
characters without a program.
Oh! Ha-ha! I made it!
Yes! Ha-ha!
They can't keep me out,
I'm Patrick the Pirate,
SpongeBob's number one fan!
You know, after they wouldn't
let me in because I'm a pirate,
I wandered the streets,
until I happened upon
a Pirate Dive Bar,
and it was there,
talkin' to me fellow buccaneers
that gave me the courage to
come back here with a message,
on behalf of all victims
of pirate prejudice.
In fact, I wrote
a protest song, ha-ha!
Yeah! Got the sheet music
right here.
Ooh, you brought your accordion,
isn't that convenient?
Let me begin
with a hardy ho-ho
And a tale
that nobody tells well
I've not come all the way
from EN-C-I-N-O
To be treated
like sewage that smells
Some of us
just want adventures
The open sea wind
in our earrings
Why are we constantly
Don't you know
pirates have feelings?
Poor pirates, P-O-O-AAAAAR
Poor pirates,
Poor pirates
Can't deny this simple truth
Poor pirates
People, too
Me friends from the dive bar!
Think of how hard
we have had it
Out on ships
there is not much to eat
And dentists
hate pirate insurance
Which is why we've
so many gold teeth
Me laundry stays damp,
and me boots start to stink
And me fingernails
filthy and dirty
Me internet loads
unbelievably slow
And me bedtime's
around seven thirty
Poor pirates, P-O-O-AAAAAR
Poor pirates,
Poor pirates
Have it so much worse
than you
Poor pirates, P-O-O-AAAAAR
Poor pirates,
Poor pirates
Can't deny this simple truth
That pirates
...people, too
Hey! Hey!
Everybody off the stage.
No, you can't kick us out.
We're making a stand,
am I right, boys? Avast ye!
- Hey!
- Wait, what?
There are no tyrants
allowed in here.
No, I'm not leaving
till I see SpongeBob. Mm!
- You got ten seconds, sir.
- OK, alright...
- You got five seconds, sir.
- Can we talk about this?
- You got one second, sir.
- Don't rush me!
Alright, you lowlife,
you'd better hold on
to your booty.
OK, but I'll be back!
- I'll be back!
- Come on!
- I'll be back! I'll be back!
- Come on!
'Let us now
return to our story.
'It is the next morning,
'and we find ourselves
once again in Bikini Bottom.
'Here we see SpongeBob,
'sound asleep
in his pineapple home.'
Oh! Oh!
Oh, Gary,
I had a terrible nightmare.
I dreamed the end was coming
at sundown today,
and Patrick abandoned me.
Neither of which could ever
actually happen, of course.
Good morning, Bikini Bottom.
Our top story:
The end is coming
at sundown today,
and friends
are abandoning friends.
So it wasn't a dream?
'Ten minutes later...'
'One hour later...'
'Fifty years later...'
Oh, this?
Comes right off.
You're right.
I need to get moving.
Sandy and I
have a mountain to climb.
You need to be strong now, Gary.
If I don't make it back,
and... I may not,
you have to go on without me.
And I carry you in mine, Gary.
State your name!
SpongeBob SquarePants.
You know me.
Just following procedure, dude.
Is that a jellyfish
on a stick?
Don't make me zap you, bro.
I've declared
a State of Emergency.
You're either with me
or you're against me.
Now move!
Out of my way, SpongeBob,
I have a concert to organize!
Clear off the road!
I have a bender to go on!
Praise pink!
Praise pink! Praise pink!
Praise pink!
Blame the squirrel!
Blame the squirrel!
Blame the squirrel!
Blame the squirrel!
Are they gone?
Then let's get moving
while the coast is clear.
Do you have
the ingenious bubble device
to stop the volcano?
Took me all night,
but it's ready.
Will you look at that!
The ingenious bubble device
to stop the volcano.
Oh, I came up with a name, too:
"The Erupter Interrupter".
Very catchy.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Cos I wasn't sure.
- I think the rhyme is great.
OK, enough yammering!
Duty calls.
To the mountain!
Heroes, march!
If they reach the top
and save the town,
my whole hypnosis-in-the-escape
pod scheme will be ruined!
And I still don't have
a plan to stop them.
Well, Karen,
my evil genius is exhausted.
Don't worry, Sheldon.
I've got just the thing.
My Avalanche Maker 3000!
We can use it
to start a landslide
that they'll never survive.
Then Chumville, here we come!
Oh, Karen.
It's evil.
It's diabolical.
It's lemon-scented.
Gloat for me, baby.
Alright, everyone clear out.
This is a closed soundcheck
for the Electric Skates.
The concert is this afternoon,
so why don't you go...
Come back this afternoon.
Are you ready to rock?
If you wanna rock
and feelin' alright
Bikini Bottom Boogie
all night
Getting sick, skatey,
sweet, rad, gnarly and tight
Bikini Bottom Boogie
all night
Toeside, heelside,
how do I look?
It doesn't really matter
cos it's so "off the hook"
Long hair, short hair,
mohawk or bald
Or shavin' off your dorsels
when your grandmother called
There's no magic potion,
we'll jump in the ocean blue
- Jump in the ocean blue
- Yeah!
Nice wail, whale!
You heard me singing?
- My daddy never hears me.
- You know what?
We've been looking for a backup
singer to go on tour with us.
I think we just found her.
I'd follow you anywhere!
- Will you sign my skateboard?
- Nah, but I'll ride it!
So if you wanna rock
and feelin' alright
Bikini Bottom Boogie
all night
I'm feelin' alright tonight!
Bikini Bottom Boogie
all night
My dreams
are comin' true tonight!
Bravo, gentlemen, bravo.
That was some soundcheck.
Rock and roll!
Given the great importance
of this concert,
I've been thinking
about a special guest.
I'd like to suggest myself.
You? No way.
That reminds me.
We have a rider.
My leg!
"Two pounds of seahorse radish.
"Three cases of kelp juice.
"Nineteen assorted
shiny objects."
- Whoa!
- Yeah, there's no way
I can possibly
get all of this for you.
Look man,
we'll make you a deal.
You get us what we want,
we'll let you open for us.
- Really? You mean it?
- Sure, Pillword.
Oh, actually, it's Squidward.
Catch ya on the flip side,
- No, it's Squidward.
- Rock and roll!
Oh, forget it!
it all comes down to this.
"Three cases of kelp juice.
"Five quarts of..."
'Let us now
journey to Mount Humongous,
'towering above Bikini Bottom
'in all its great
and fearsome majesty.'
When you get right up to it,
it looks even taller.
It sure does.
Alright, SpongeBob, it's time
to climb this here mountain.
Hey, check out this sign.
"Voted Most Likely to Kill You,
Seven Years in a Row."
I can't do this...
I can't do this!
Snap out of it.
I'm scared, too,
but we have to keep going.
Just remember the number one
rule of Ka-ra-tay.
"Let not the sands of time
seep into your shorts,
"for it shall chafe."
Sorry, meant rule number two.
"Keep your mind clear,
your spirit strong,
"and your hands free."
What are you doing, Sandy?
We're too heavy when we're
holding on to all that stuff
Why load up on trouble,
when there's trouble enough?
You gotta chop to the top
that you aim for
Get some gumption
and you won't turn tail
Just keep your eyes
on the prize that you came for
And use ka-ra-tay
and you cannot fail, and
Chop to the top
Chop to the top,
come on and keep it movin'
Don't stop till you drop
Come on and chop
Come on and chop
It feels better when you're
kicking that fear away
you can't make it happen
But that won't happen today
If you wait, it's too late,
you're defeated
Push yourself
just little bit higher
You want to win?
Don't give in, you can beat it
Find your mojo
and set it on fire, and
Chop to the top
Chop to the top,
come on and keep it movin'
Don't stop till you drop
Come on and chop
Come on and chop...
Ground so far below...
Sponge so high above...
Don't be afraid
I'll be with you all the way
Come on and chop to the top
Chop to the top
Come on and chop to the top
Don't ever stop
Come on and chop to the top
Chop to the top
Come on and chop
Come on and chop
Come on and...
Follow me!
Grab my hand!
I can't reach, Sandy!
SpongeBob, where are you?
I don't know,
but it's really dark!
Hold on, I'll find you!
- Oh!
Hey! Ooh-ooh-ooh!
We did it! We did it!
- Uh, SpongeBob?
- Yes, uh, Sandy?
We're only halfway.
Are we going
to be doing this all day?
- Yes!
- I have a better idea.
We should head back to my rock.
I got a great couch there.
It can stretch.
- We don't have time for that.
- OK.
We could go
That was SpongeBob
and my's favorite hobby.
Once we caught
this great, big one, and...
Oh, We had a time.
No! You have a mission,
O Guru.
You have followers.
What else do you need?
What else do I need?
Never thought
that I could ride so high
Without you
Everything I've got's
so good but not
Without you
And suddenly
nothing feels quite right
Why does the sunshine
feel like night?
I'm only pretending
I'm alright
Without you
Now what's a macaroni
without the cheese
Or peas in a pod
without the peas
That's the way it feels
when there's me
Without you
Guess I miss you
It doesn't really matter
how high I climb
Without you
Oh, I can't enjoy
this lonely view
when I'm without you
No one can make me
laugh like you
Nobody turns my one to two
Maybe that's why
I feel so blue
Without you
Now tell me what's the apple
without the pie
Tell me what's the French
without the fry
That's the way I feel
when I know I'm without you
- I...
- I...
- I...
- I...
- I...
- I...
- Guess I miss you
- Guess I miss you
Won't you get here,
my friend?
Bring my sunshine back again
Cos life's no fun
when you don't come around
- I...
- I...
- I...
- I...
- I...
- I...
- Guess I miss you
- Guess I miss you
- I...
- I...
- I...
- I...
- I...
- I...
- Guess I miss you
- Guess I miss you
Come on, SpongeBob!
This mountain
won't climb itself!
You know what, guys?
Maybe I can save you...
but this isn't how.
The guru's gotta go.
And just in time.
You know what to do.
There you are, Billherd.
How's it going with the rider?
Oh, I got everything
except the seahorse radish:
it's out of season.
- Now, I'd love to have...
- Wait!
Did you say
no seahorse radish?
Man, you got a radish problem.
- I can quit anytime I want.
- Gentlemen, please...
Listen Millnerd,
there's no way
you're opening for us today.
Ah, but I got
all of this for you!
Oh, don't make me beg.
Seems like you're begging
already, Four Legs.
You are such a loser.
What did you just call me?
Oh, no no no no...
I... am not a loser.
You're the loser.
Loser! Loser!
I can't work like this.
We quit! Loser!
Fine! Go!
Good riddance!
Don't let the kelp hit you
on the way out!
I'm not a loser
I don't secretly hate myself
I'm not singing this
to no one
It's not the case
that no one cares
I'm not a failure
I don't not have talent
When others see me
They can't see
the nobody that isn't there
No, wait a minute,
that's a triple negative.
You can't not see nobody,
because I'm not nobody...
which can't not be seen.
Let me start over.
My life's not empty
They don't not like me at all
I don't not leave the house
Cos I don't not prefer
to stay at home
I don't stink
I'm not a waste
I'm not all alone
in thinking
That I am not all alone
Maybe I am a loser.
Hey, Squidward!
You're not delirious
with despair
And you're not calling
true things false!
- Hey, Squidward!
- This is weird.
You're not hallucinating this
sea anemone chorus line at all
I'm not?
You're not a failure
- You don't not have talent
- Thank you.
- When others see you
- What?
They can't see
the nobody that isn't there
I'm not a loser!
Not a loser!
They don't
not like me at all
I don't not leave the house
Cos I don't not
prefer to stay at home
- I don't stink
- You don't stink
- I'm not a waste
- you're not a waste
I'm not all alone in thinking
That I am not all alone
Clarinet solo!
Look at me now, Mama!
I'm not a loser
You're not a loser
They don't
not like me at all
I don't not leave the house
- Cos I don't not...
- ...not prefer
To stay at home
I don't stink!
I'm not a waste
I'm not all alone
in thinking that I'm not!
Not all alone!
You are not alone
You are
not alone
You are not not not not
not not not not not not not
You are not not not alone
You are not alone
- You are not alone
- I'm not alone!
You are not not
not not not not not...
Come back.
With one hour left
on the Doomsday Clock,
the benefit concert
is about to begin.
Our phone lines are now open.
It's up to you,
our viewers across the ocean.
We need your donations
to pay for the escape pod
and get out before the volcano
blows us to oblivion!
And there,
you can see them now,
the citizens of Bikini Bottom,
led by the Mayor
through the streets
of our beleaguered town,
on the way to the bandshell.
It is a truly historic exodus.
Bikini Tevka
Bikini Tevka
Alright, alright,
that's enough.
Luggage there,
escape pod will go here!
Where's the band?
- They should be here!
- Oh, they quit.
- What?
- Artistic differences.
They left me behind?
But he said
I could go on tour with them!
You were going to run away?
Pearl Krabs!
If we survive,
you are grounded.
I'm sorry if that sounds
cold-blooded, but I am.
We won't survive!
Without the band, we'll never
raise enough money for the pod.
Oh, no! Not again!
It's another boulder!
Everyone stay calm!
No! No!
This is the government's fault!
This is the media's fault!
It's your fault!
'high on the treacherous slope
of Mount Humongous,
'SpongeBob and Sandy are
ze only hope for Bikini Bottom.
'Will they reach the top
'before Plankton and Karen
can stop them?
'Zut alors!
'It is a race against time.'
It's a race against time,
Remember what I told ya:
don't stop till you drop.
let's definitely not drop.
We got this.
Eyes on the prize.
Is it just me or is it getting
kinda toasty up here?
I'm sweatin' like a snowman
in a steam room.
We're almost at the top,
come on!
Alright, now's our chance.
Let's do this. Goodbye.
- Ready.
- Aim.
Sandy, do you hear that?
It's an avalanche!
Uh! Ooh! Uh...!
I'm slipping!
I've got you!
Uh... Ooh! Ooh!
I think this is goodbye, Sandy.
These are my last words.
No, SpongeBob, please!
Look over there!
Those are your last words?
No! It's Patrick!
And he has your jetpack!
I'll save you!
- SpooooongeBoooooob!
- Paaaaaaaatriiiiiiiiiiiiick!
You came back!
Of course I did.
I hope it's OK
I borrowed your invention.
Mi jetpack es su jetpack.
Aw! I don't know
what that means.
I realized something today,
The total devotion of adoring
masses is pretty awesome,
but they're not really
there for me.
Not like you are.
Hey, we're BFFs.
Being there for each other
is what we do.
We're best friends
and this is the friend dance!
We're best friends and this is
the friend dance!
- We're best friends...
- This is real sweet,
but the town's gonna be toast
if we don't hurry up.
Team, let's move!
Boys, we have a problem.
We do?
Oh, you mean
this giant unclimbable
volcano mouth of doom.
No way can I fit
through those squeezes.
Oh, me neither.
But I bet you could,
Done gone it, that's right!
You can squeeze
through anything.
Look at that thing!
I can't do this.
Mr. Krabs was right:
- I'm just a simple sponge.
- No!
Remember when we were
stuck inside
- and there was nothing on TV?
- Yeah?
I thought it was
an epic life-ending disaster,
but you got me through it.
You always see the bright side.
And you never give up.
When I was ready
to bail on y'all,
you kept me going.
That's what you bring
to the team, SpongeBob.
Management skills.
- Really?
- You are manager material.
And you can do this.
Give me the Erupter Interrupter.
I am not a simple sponge
I am not a simple sponge
I am not, I am not, I am not
I am not a simple sponge
I am not
I am not
I am not
I am not
I am not a simple sponge
Whoo! I'm here!
And it's really, really hot.
- Throw it in!
- On the count of three.
- One, two...
- Wait!
on three or after three?
I don't get the question.
Like, "One, two, three,"
or "One, two, three, uh!"
One, two, three, uh,
One, two, three, uh!
Got it.
One, two, three, uh!
Now we wait until sundown
and hope that it works.
What do you mean, "hope"?
I think my calculations
are right,
but as they say in Texas,
the proof is in the cowpie.
I love pie.
We'll know for sure
in ten minutes.
Hey, what's that sound?
It's coming from down there.
They're all attacking
each other!
That was the Krusty Krab!
Volcano or not,
Bikini Bottom's
gonna destroy itself.
'It's a big finale
of "SpongeBob the Musical",
'live on stage. Next!'
If we don't stop this,
Bikini Bottom's not going
to last ten more minutes.
But it'll take hours
to climb down.
Guys, I have an idea.
We could roll down.
It might hurt a little.
- I have an idea.
- If we tuck in our heads...
Pay attention to me!
This jetpack,
it has a parachute.
- Of course!
- See?
My ideas are worth
listening to.
You can say that again.
- See? My ideas are...
- OK, boys!
Let's do this thing!
Us, go!
What are you doing?
Is that a rhetorical question?
Quick, everyone!
Those fools perished
in an avalanche!
We have to get
into the escape pod now.
They're alive.
- They are?
- Yes, we are.
But thanks for worrying
about our safety, Plankton.
Seems you're the only one
with some decency left.
We made it to the top
and dropped the bubble device
into the volcano.
In seven minutes,
we'll know if we saved the town.
But if you keep going like this,
it won't matter either way.
There won't be anything left
to save!
Deep thoughts, SpongeBob,
I'm not finiiiiiished!
At a time like this,
we should be coming together.
Instead, you're all looking
for someone to blame
or to follow...
to exploit or control.
You're all so scared
for yourselves
that you're turning
against each other.
That's just as dangerous
as any volcano.
It doesn't have to be like this.
We might only have
seven minutes left,
but we could make them
the best seven minutes ever.
The whole town is in ruins!
Like I said before, SpongeBob:
the world's a horrible place
filled with fear,
suffering and despair.
And you didn't believe me.
I still don't.
Just look at the sun.
It's still shining.
Look at the kelp.
It's still...
Look at us.
We still have each other.
Just six more minutes left
We've done all we could do
And whatever happens next
I'm glad
I'm here with you
Mr. Sun came up
And he smiled at me
Said it's gonna be
the best day
Just wait and see
Volcanic doomsday
caught us unaware
But we're still here
and Mr. Sun's up there!
Could be the best day ever
Best day ever
It still could be
the best day ever
Best day ever
I'm so lucky,
got nothing to do
Dum, da-dum, dum, da-dum
I can spend five minutes
just being with you
Dum, da-dum...
Every flower,
every grain of sand
Is reaching out
to shake my hand
- It's the best day ever
- The best day ever
It's the best day ever
The best day ever
These past two days
The world's been
closing in on me
But when I'm feeling down
I can lose that frown
Just stick my head
out the window
And look around
Whatever comes
There's just one thing to do
Make the best day ever
With all of you
Make the best day ever
With all of you now!
- It's the best day ever
- It's the best day ever
The best day ever
It's the best day ever
The best day ever
- Best day ever
- Dum bop, dum bop...
- Best
- Bop
- Day
- Bop
- Ever
- It's the best day
- Best
- Bop
- Day
- Bop
- Ever
- Dum bop, dum bop...
It's the best day
It's the best day ever
There's one minute left.
The sun's about to set.
Come on,
Erupter Interrupter.
Come on.
It's the best day ever
Best day ever
It's the best day ever
Best day ever
It didn't erupt.
Look... Sandy.
It worked,
just how you said.
You did this?
We did.
Thank you.
This just in -
Bikini Bottom is saved!
I should apologize
for my flagrant abuses of power.
- Mistakes were made.
- Yeah.
Like your avalanche idea,
for one.
Unbelievable, Sheldon.
Yes, it's so wrong,
but I wanted to finally
get lucky with one evil scheme!
They all heard me say that,
didn't they?
I knew this was
one of your schemes,
you lousy...
How dare you call me a...?
Stop it! Stop it!
We have to work together now,
to rebuild our home.
You know...
I was wrong about you, boy.
I think you could be
manager someday.
Told you.
I'm ready! I'm ready!
I'm ready!
At the same salary,
of course.
We should celebrate!
Let's have the concert!
We don't need some boy band
to rock for us.
We can do it ourselves.
Pearlie, I had no idea
you could sing.
Yo, count me in!
Me too! I play
a mean glockenspiel.
Ooh, ooh, is mayonnaise
an instrument?
Squidward, you'll be
on clarinet, of course.
You want me to perform?
My moment has come!
How about you, Sandy?
Oh, I think it's time
I push on from here.
Find someplace
I'm a little more welcome.
The Bikini Bottom Way says,
"All are welcome here."
I will always vow
and pledge allegiance to...
That should mean you, too.
Appreciate that.
But I'm not sure
I can trust y'all again.
But all are welcome here
They need it, Sandy.
Bikini Bottom...
Give us another chance.
This is your home.
It's where your team is.
Well, someone get me a guitar!
places for the concert!
- Ugh.
Is this thing on?
- Ooh!
Thank you, Maestro.
Are you ready to rock?
One, two, three, four!
Busy day
Stopped a volcano,
kept a town from frying
We found a way
Everything gets better
if you keep on trying
A sponge can be handy
When you're
cleaning up spills
Sometimes you need a hero
with some management skills
Hey there, that's me!
Happy just to be here
in the world renowned
Bikini Bottom!
How I love this town
Bikini Bottom
When the sun shines down
On a beautiful
Bikini Bottom day
I told you I'd be back!
Ooh! And there you are!
- Three...
- Four...
- In the world renowned
- Bikini Bottom
- How I love this town
- Bikini Bottom!
- When the sun shines down
- Shines down
Shines down, shines down,
shines down...
I love beautiful
Bikini Bottom...
Bikini Bottom
Who lives in a pineapple
under the sea
SpongeBob SquarePants
Absorbent and yellow
and porous is he
SpongeBob SquarePants
If nautical nonsense
be something you wish
SpongeBob SquarePants
Then drop on the deck
and flop like a fish
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants