The Spy Gone North (2018) Movie Script

After World War II ended, South Korea and North Korea were influenced by US and Soviet Union forces. Both countries sent spies to continue the war without bloodshed.
Films are inspired by the true story of the South Korean agent "Black Venus" in the 90s. All characters in the film are fictional.
Kim Il-sung died Kim Jong-il ascended the throne
North Korea prepares to build nuclear weapons.
The International Atomic Agency ordered the inspection of North Korean nuclear reactors.
North Korea announces that it is no longer
subject to the "Nuclear Peace Agreement".
US and South Korean parties,
hold emergency meetings.
The North Korean statement makes the US and
South Korea need to be careful in responding.
The North Korean statement made the situation
on the Korean Peninsula again heated up.
Catch him!
Why is this?
Mr. Hwang Byung-chul.
- Take off!
- Do not move!
Who are you?
I am responsible for foreign affairs
at the State Intelligence Agency.
You have to come with us.
January 1992
The staff of the State Intelligence Agency
offered me to work as a special agent.
Only because "Stopping North Korea's nuclear development...
Is the only way to
save South Korea."
I decided to become that special agent.
From that day on, I need to prepare for the mission.
I have to get drunk every day,
also goes in and out of gambling.
I have to erase my footsteps
as a former soldier.
This is 10 million.
I also use the reason for wanting to start a
business, and borrow capital from old friends.
You used to rarely get drunk,
why does it turn out like this?
Why did you leave the Army too?
If it lasts a little longer,
you're already a Colonel.
You're the only Colonel.
At present, I would rather
be a Corporate Leader.
Thank you, I will use it well.
Over time...
My loan has piled up into hills.
The result is that my credit record is very bad.
(Beware, Military Special Areas)
It's all for my smoothness
to be a spy to North Korea,
to cover my real identity,
that is my first mission.
I'm leaving.
As a special agent, my second mission is...
Looking for new information on North
Korea's nuclear development...
via a South Korean Nuclear
Physicist, Professor Kim Jang-hyuk.
(March 1993)
Space for Interrogation by the State Intelligence Agency.
No, what exactly is this?
Sit down.
Mr. Hwang Byung-chul.
As you know, because of the
North Korean nuclear problem.
South Korea is in panic.
I don't know about that.
Mr. Byung-chul, you might not know,
But Professor Kim Jang-hyuk, your teacher.
He really knows about that.
Recently, Dai has repeatedly visited
Pyongyang for this purpose.
What about my friend you caught?
He is a spy sent by North Korea.
North Korea?
Even though you aren't aware,
but you've met spies,
that is enough to imprison you.
You will also be punished for
violating the National Security Law.
Wow, bad!
Then what should I do?
Thank you for coming even though it's busy.
Why is that awkward?
How can I reject your invitation?
Even though I want to fill out the event...
actually, I came because I wanted to see you.
Thank you.
Okay, let's go
The International Trade Symposium was
held to promote peace in Northeast Asia.
Please sit according to the invitation number.
- Professor - Yes?
There are important people who want to meet you.
Cleaning is complete, close all access.
For security reasons...
guests are expected to exit through
the nearest security door.
For security reasons...
guests are expected to exit through
the nearest security door.
invited guests...
I'm a nuclear physicist.
I work at the Chinese University of Technology.
I have no connection with Pyongyang.
(North Korean Capital)
Nuclear experts who went to Pyongyang
26 times in the past year.
Saying nothing about nuclear matters in North Korea...
what is not strange?
I have to go.
The conference will start soon.
Just relax, you don't need to go there.
From the beginning...
it's just an excuse to
provoke you to come here.
Drink it.
University of Chinese Technology...
pay you around 4.5 million.
Compared to your ability,
that's a very small number.
If you want to work together,
we will directly pay you 1 billion.
Pay me that much...
even though your offer is tempting.
But how can I know
something I don't know?
I heard your wife is having
a headache lately...
Because the campus entrance selection
for your child is very strict.
We can also help with that.
Child problems or 1 billion?
You asked me to choose one?
1 billion as well as the child's future.
One plus One
~ PatrickStar ~ / font
North Korea's nuclear development...
Started since the development
of Eastern Europe in 1989.
(Nuclear Reactor, Yeeongbyeon, North Korea)
The reactor is located in the northern border with China.
The development was carried out by professors
from the Kim Il-sung Technology Institute.
It's been four years.
You ask if North Korea
is developing nuclear?
Instead of developing...
North Korea already has nuclear.
You mean...
North Korea has nuclear weapons?
Want to use it as a weapon or anything...
Only North Korean Chairman, Kim
Jong-il, and officials who know...
Even though it is said only for Energy,
but if there is new technology.
Turning it into a nuclear
weapon only takes a short time.
You have to investigate North Korean officials.
Go and find out
what they will do.
Go to Beijing.
He is the Director of the North Korean Foreign Economic Committee.
His name is Ri Myeong-un.
Graduates of the Kim Il-sung Technology Institute
He is responsible for all North
Korean foreign trade affairs.
He is not a military person, even though
he does not have a military position.
Its influence in North Korea is very extraordinary.
If you can cheat it. You
can even meet Kim Jong-il
directly To attract his attention,
You have to pretend to be a successful businessman.
Who knows about your real identity...
only 3 people, including me.
This will be a battle of minds.
May I ask who are the other 2 people?
Me, Head of the Intelligence Agency, and also...
'Code One'
The day you made it into Pyongyang,
hopefully we can meet again.
... through the Foreign Economic Committee
to infiltrate Pyongyang, North Korea,
Confirming the development of nuclear weapons.
Operates with a code
name, "Black Venus".
(March 1995)
Traditional market, Beijing.
Dozens of spies in Beijing and
Dandong disappear every year.
Some were kidnapped to North Korea.
Someone was killed immediately.
You have to be a real businessman.
Expressions, clothes, behavior, if there is something strange.
The enemy will immediately know your real identity.
Kampung Halamanmu Masan, Gyeongnam-do?
Here, come in.
These are all items that
cannot be found elsewhere.
You won't know what the original price is.
This toy shoot will make your enemy
run scared when you pull the trigger!
Run before I shoot!
There are also attacks with other modes...
Run before I shoot you
guys, jerk capitalists!
How is it?
His name is Kiyohara.
Infiltrate the interior of China.
He has a connection with the North
Korean Foreign Economic Committee.
What about the representatives of
the Intelligence Agency in Beijing?
This is a list of people you can contact.
He knows a lot about Beijing.
Ask for help with him,
he will help you.
He was called Dr. Jang.
There are rumors that he defected to North Korea.
But this person is only a mercenary.
He does not side with North or South Korea.
So using Kiyohara, do you have to provoke
the attention of the North Korean side?
Yes, you take care of yourself.
Wait, wait!
Look at this Xindeshan bottled water.
This water has high purity,
is rich in ions and minerals.
Good for the body!
What's good?
Did you make me go home behind
Beijing just for that pesky toy?
Do you think I'm looking for
souvenirs for my child?
If you were me, would you
buy it for your child?
Who wants to do business like that?
What's wrong with children's toys?
In Pyongyang now, these toys always run out
of stock because of their strong behavior!
This jerk is crazy!
Find a bigger business, jerk!
Import cars or cigarettes!
First of all...
If this is a big success...
will be looking for a bigger one.
How much have I sacrificed
to wait for you?
Hey, Kiyohara!
You're Out !
Get away, jerk!
Wait a minute!
That's not it, Director Kim.
Are there no other acquaintances here?
I'm really upset!
Nothing from North Korea is right.
Everything is small!
Don't make money!
Yes, wholesaler... wholesaler.
Items that are only sold on the roadside.
Can be crazy me.
Ah, you don't know, huh?
My wallet is thick!
I will pay the import
fees, no matter what!
But I can't get a good item.
This, this.
I have to buy something,
I'll call again later.
Sir, this is Rolex.
Make you more handsome!
Beijing, Millennium Hotel.
I only saw one item today.
What are you talking about?
I'm here to work.
What can i do?
Are you afraid of being cheated?
Yes, I'm thinking about it.
Here you don't get any business.
Said Hong Kong will return to
normal within a few years.
(Returning to Hong Kong)
I will consider.
(Returning to Hong Kong)
How long does it take?
At least half a month.
Half a month?
Can you do it in half a month?
Of course!
If you get good news,
tell me right away.
Call me often.
Ok, fine.
Ok, I'll call again later.
Ah, Director Park. Please
complete this time smoothly.
If I remember last time, it was very...
Don't mind a lot.
I know.
Then I'll call again later.
See you later.
Good luck!
I approach Kiyohara, who has a connection to the North
Korean Foreign Economic Committee, for the past 6 months.
But there has been no response from the North.
But today...
Someone tapped my room.
The strands of hair I put
everywhere also moved.
Their supervision of me means...
Reports about me have reached
North Korean officials.
The North Korean Foreign Committee
does business in China.
Now is the time to make them
financial difficulties.
(Counterfeit Product Report)
Give feedback that cannot be rejected.
Pier 4, Incheon Port.
(Seoul Pacific Company Director's Office)
South Korea has run out of stock at the end of the year.
Peanuts and jujube.
Total 4 billion.
Make sure it's written with North Korean origin.
I send the details via Fax.
Hello, is this news editor?
I want to report something.
Just in Incheon Harbor, fake North
Korean products were found.
Agricultural and fishery products
become deceptive products.
Suppliers come from China, then products
are falsified by writing from North Korea.
Auntie, is this made in China?
This is the result of our garden.
This is from Seoul Pacific.
How do you want it now?
Don't you watch the news?
Because you are incompetent, it was finally
discovered that you were from China!
All products were confiscated.
I lost a lot.
What did you say?
(North Korean Product Trading Office.)
Calm down first.
We will resend with
the original item.
It's easy to just talk!
Send compensation, if I won't report the police!
- What did he say?
- What should we do?
If you don't immediately send product compensation,
they will contact the police.
"The ideology of our nation is the best."
~ Kim Jong-il ~
Hey, count right.
Don't move!
Bring him!
I will pay compensation.
Come with us.
(North Korean Foreign Economic Committee)
As per your direction. Vice Minister!
From Pyongyang?
Minister Jang Sung-taek's nephew, Jang Sung-hoon...
He faked Chinese products
with frills from North Korea.
But it was discovered, and entered the news in South Korea.
He said he was detained by officers from China.
What is the order of the boss?
News about this issue was broadcast 3 hours ago.
But the Principal does not yet know.
So we are ordered...
resolve the issue of Jang Sung-hoon immediately.
How much compensation must be paid?
2.5 billion.
Our savings?
At least 1 billion.
Nothing can be lent money?
First of all...
Report to Director Ri.
If North Korea has nuclear technology,
serious problems will occur.
North Korea's experimental missile last year...
Its reach reaches 1000 km.
If North Korea successfully
develops a nuclear bomb...
Japan will be affected too.
Mr. Park Suk-young?
I'm Director of the North Korean
Foreign Economic Committee,
Director Ri.
I want to meet you.
Ah, now?
Where do you want to meet?
Now go to the main entrance of the hotel.
I'll send a car there.
Location change.
Exit through the back door of the hotel.
Get out of the back door, walk
about 10 meters to the left.
You can see the market gate.
Buy the interest, buy the interest.
Enter the market, and find the exit.
Don't have eyes, huh?
Turn right.
You can see the entrance 3-2
at the Huijia Building.
If you walk along the corridor,
You can see the Goryeo
Restaurant at the exit.
We meet there.
No one followed.
(Goryeo Restaurant)
We have to check on you.
She's an important guest!
What are you doing?
Recently, many spies
are wandering around.
My colleagues are sensitive.
If you are offended,
please forgive them.
It's okay.
If you want to get honey,
it needs to be stung first.
A good parable.
This way.
I'm not a great person...
I have nothing to show.
Just call Director Ri.
I do business overseas.
I'm Park Suk-young from Seoul.
Our meeting today could be the
first or the last time...
I don't know how.
There is no definite answer in this world.
Just relax.
Before talking about business,
Can you help me with Jang
Sung-hoon's product fraud case?
Ah, right!
I saw it on the news.
He said he was detained by the police.
How is that?
We are still one nation,
of course I will help.
Because we have agreed on the
direction of this conversation.
I went straight to the point.
To review the business content you
want, answer my three questions.
I heard that you previously
worked in the government.
I entered the National Military Command.
Debt everywhere after leaving the military?
Ah, money, for some reason this thing is very strange.
Disappeared very quickly.
Absolutely unpredictable.
Very good.
Are members of the military also taught Capitalism?
Ah, sorry, I choked.
Second question.
What do you want to do business in North Korea?
In which business are there rules?
Anything that can make money!
Last question.
Can you provide South Korean intelligence?
Our discussion is serious.
It's not the time to joke around.
I'm not kidding.
Do you want me to sell my country information?
If you know something, isn't
it better to be divided?
I just want both parties to trust each other.
Don't get me wrong.
May I ask one thing?
Director, right now you're in politics,
or doing business?
Soldiers who were fired went
to China to start businesses?
If I believe that.
But the officials don't necessarily believe.
I understand what you mean.
But I'm not fired.
I'm proud to resign.
Find out the correct info.
(National Intelligence Agency meeting point)
Not an easy person, he is good at reading people's emotions.
The ability to persuade, threaten, and bribe.
It seems that he is difficult to fool.
This is the file you need.
Any state intelligence agency will know
that this is not vital state information.
Can you convince them of this?
They just want to see my truth.
From the packaging to the model...
Perfect imitation, even the Rolex
Company itself cannot distinguish it.
Use it correctly!
I emphasize once more!
Choose a business that allows
us to infiltrate North Korea.
For business reasons,
request access to Yeongbyeon, Pyongan,
and areas near nuclear facilities.
For example iron or zinc mining business.
First, let's first hear
what North Korea wants.
New I will arrange the right project.
Now is the time to tap them.
As evidence.
For example voice recordings.
This is 2.5 billion for Jang Sung-hoon's problem.
There are also 100 million to bribe the police.
Become 2.6 billion.
This is the state secret document that you requested.
This is Jung Moo-taek, from
the Ministry of Defense.
Ah, hello.
I'm Park Suk-young from Seoul.
I'm Jung Moo-taek.
You two talk first.
Kim Sang-tae, South Korean lawmaker,
has another home for mistresses...
she is actress Ahn Soo-shin.
What is this?
Yes, like the document said.
I mean is this true?
It used to be like that,
but now it's somehow.
Ahn Soo-shin?
Surprising too.
But how is this Park?
Is there no satellite imagery or military info?
I need that information.
I haven't said it before.
I've been out of military
service for years ago.
This is my limit.
Oh, please understand.
I'm tired.
I work for Foreign Defense,
this time it was assigned with the Economic Committee.
In other words, me and Director Ri...
have a different purpose.
How about you?
Do you just want to make money?
Of course!
I'm here to make money.
Then there's no need to look
for business in North Korea!
Just give away military secret information.
Depends on the level of confidentiality,
if the secret is 'top'.
I will give 3 billion for each info.
Hey, shit, how many times have I said !?
Hey, I'm out of the military.
To support my child and
wife, I slam my bones.
20 years as a soldier, I was taught anti-communist!
Just talking to communists is scary!
But, damn, you're this...
want to tell me to be a spy?
No offense.
If business people reject that kind of money...
means that your intention is not to make money.
Although it depends on the decisions of the top brass,
it looks like your business will not be accepted in North Korea.
Oh, yeah, I understand. I understand.
Talk to you guys just waste time.
Is it only here where you make money?
Communists really can't do business!
Mr. Park, go not tell
me it's not good.
Are you kidding me?
Do you think I'm playing around?
It seems you are easily angry.
Do you want to eat together?
What do you eat? IM not hungry.
Are you still staying at the Millennium Hotel?
Do you know why to ask again?
I want to pack and go home.
Insert your time to meet for a while.
30 minutes more.
See you at the lounge on the top
floor of a Chinese restaurant.
- Hello!
- Hello!
Please help me take this.
- On whose behalf?
- Mr. Park.
Mr. Park?
We have to check on you.
Eh, what's this?
This is to ensure state security.
You are this.
Sorry, Mr. Park.
Wow, beautiful.
Oh, how about this?
Sorry, but I can't drink alcohol.
All I know, after leaving the military,
your job is just getting drunk.
Do you want to fool us?
Not so. Fool?
I used to drink a lot...
but for personal reasons,
I stopped drinking.
What if I pour drink for you?
If you give, you also have to accept.
If you don't want it, it means you
aren't serious about this business.
We are North Koreans...
Will not do business with
people who do not drink.
If it's offered, I want it, but...
I don't want to say this.
Actually, my father died because he often drank.
During his funeral,
my mother holds my hand,
and say...
never touch alcohol.
Only about 1 drink, family
business is sold too?
Since birth, it's an outside capitalist!
What did you say?
Selling my family?
This child, just made me upset.
How old are you? Little
communist, be careful...
Do you have to be shot first and then realize again?
Ah shit, this kid is crazy.
Just shoot, asshole!
Did your parents teach you this?
Jung Moo-taek!
Your job today is just to sit.
Being a little offended, want
to make a mess of business?
Do you want to mess up the orders of the higher ups?
Mr. Park is right.
Parents' words are the most important.
I learned a lot from you.
I'm sorry.
I should hold back,
but my temper is bad.
Wow, my head gets hot.
I have to cool it first.
Excuse me for a moment.
Comrade Jang!
Don't need the money?
When Mr. Park returns, give
greetings and get out.
Damn it!
Something is strange.
Please give my bag.
Mr. Park.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
Mr. Park!
Cool your old head too, huh?
Don't touch me, jerk.
Hey, not once or twice.
We want to do business, how
many times do I check?
Business problems are Director Ri's business.
Protecting the country is my business.
- Search - Take
it off, you jerk!
Take it off, jerk!
Let me go!
You are unlucky communists!
I don't want to do business with you anymore, unlucky Communists!
Damn it!
What are you doing?
Director Ri.
I just do my job.
There is a protocol that must be done.
I know.
I know your work is very good!
But do you know what the problem is?
You disturbed the orders of the
higher-ups to serve Mr. Park well.
God! This is not Rolex?
This expensive thing is why it's put on the floor!
Mr. Park!
Have you prepared three?
No, that's...
On behalf of our beloved Chairman, Kim Jong-il.
Park Suk-young is an important guest
who brings the country's prosperity!
We welcome you respectfully!
Thank you.
If you want a cigarette or car business,
usually made in China or Japan.
Repackaged in North Korea, then exported.
Everything is controlled by the
Minister of Industry, Kim Byung-ki.
With business partners in 3 provinces.
It's difficult to explore the business.
The benefits for North Korea are also small.
That means your business offer,
it seems like it can't be done.
Are there no other products?
From my side.
Mining materials such as Iron
and Zinc may also be allowed.
According to us, rather than
certain product businesses.
We are looking for a long-term
business, which benefits both parties.
I hope you have a project suggestion.
Like introducing North Korean resources
to the South Korean industry?
Simply put, something like that.
Many South Korean companies
want to penetrate North Korea,
It may not be a big company.
That's a special order from
the Chairman of Kim Jong-il.
If it's not a big company,
where can you benefit from it?
That's where we need your role.
As you say...
Understanding of capitalism...
... you who are experienced, must understand.
If you get a good project idea.
I'll make sure you get an exclusive
business channel to North Korea.
I've been here for two years.
Only 2 years, but the changes are extraordinary.
Do you think they open themselves to the world?
This was excavated at the Imperial Tomb.
Antiques from the Goryeo Dynasty.
I don't understand how to handle it...
I hope you can convert this
into money in South Korea.
As an antique,
the price is very expensive.
But it's very strange.
Is it true from North Korea?
It seems impossible.
What is the selling price?
Yes, if it's original...
can be up to 5 billion.
If they sell at a higher price, they
will be suspicious of my background.
If you sell cheap prices, fear
that the project will fail.
That must be a test.
The family of Chairman Kim
Jong-il, indeed sells antiques,
for Kim Jong-il's secret funds.
That is an open secret.
If it's original...
means that they really need funds.
But it seems like it's fake.
It must only be a test.
How is the business project?
What can make access to the
North an advertising business.
This plan will be submitted and reviewed by the
President Then it was reviewed by the CIA.
Look for a production team...
Browse various areas there.
And in the end maybe you will find the nuclear reactor.
They will continue to
threaten us with the reactor.
So, the advertising project...
is like putting a virus in an enemy area.
If you want the ad
project to happen...
need approval from North Korean officials.
I need to find a decent production team.
Han Chang-joo, 43 years old.
Has been in advertising
business for the past 15 years.
Building his own company 6 years ago.
He really wanted to shoot ads in North Korea.
My first project was a Coca-Cola
advertisement for Korean production.
Actress Shim Hye-jin is the star.
That's my work.
But now, compared to famous artists...
I want to go to North Korea...
and filming on Mount Baekdu.
(Democratic Party Support Increases)
The Democratic Party says this election...
able to be won by the opposition party.
(Kim Dae-jung)
In the future, the opposition party will replace the ruling party.
I just moved next door.
I brought a little rice cake.
Ah, yes, thank you.
He said he just moved here.
She's my husband.
Nice to meet you.
Ah yes, greetings.
This ad is a hot topic. Hot topic!
If it is successfully implemented,
I can enter the news.
Thank you.
Can enter the headlines!
But how?
I can't even go north.
Just make money and time out.
Oh my, you.
You should be looking for me since time immemorial.
Do you mean the export business?
Do you work in North Korea?
Mr. Park, what if we work together?
I don't understand the advertising business.
What cooperation is that?
No need to know much.
There is a product, there is a model,
there is a location, you can shoot an ad.
Leave it to me.
I've been for years...
Mr. Park?
Director: Han Chang-joo
Investor: Park Suk-young
Democratic Party, led by Kim Dae-jung...
shows increased electability ahead of the parliamentary
elections and the April presidential election.
= Whereas the Liberal Party as the ruling
party, is sure to win the election.
Thank you.
Who do you think will benefit us?
(Lee Hoi-chang)
Chair of the Liberal Party
I don't know, I don't know much about politics.
First, I'm going to Beijing first.
Think about that later.
Yes, you are right.
Damn, our project hasn't been approved yet.
Why do you even think about the president.
(Kim Dae-jung)
Chair of the Democratic Party
(Office of the Head of the Intelligence Agency, Seoul)
(Office of the Head of the Intelligence Agency, Seoul)
Chief Choi.
When the election is near...
why has Kim Dae-jung's support continued to increase?
Public opinion about Kim Dae-jung
is only a moment, no need...
Do you think this is a moment?
Do you think public opinion is not scary?
Just as terrible as the communists.
Finding other country secrets is important...
but now think about the condition
of the country itself.
Now people want to choose a communist.
As an Intel, do you want to stay quiet?
If the ruling party loses...
and the opposition party has power.
Even until the next election.
Do you think this Intel Agency won't be deleted?
Chief Choi.
I say one more time.
This community support for Kim Dae-jung,
don't stay silent.
The number must be pressed.
Millennium Nightclub Hotel Be careful!
Deputy Kim, hello!
Director Ri, how are you?
Wow... all of our hands glitter!
No need for expensive products.
You only need a good location.
In 10 years, North Korea will get big profits!
This is an amazing project!
The idea isn't bad.
What's wrong?
Do party officials still object?
Not that problem.
Advertising projects that symbolize corrupt capitalists,
want to shoot in our country?
It doesn't make sense!
Chief Jang, we are already family!
Don't provoke me anymore.
Comrades, go dance.
Director Ri,
Advertising projects are just the beginning,
after being applied,
other projects will arrive.
The benefits for North Korea will be many times!
Mr. Park, I'll be honest.
Determine whether this project works
or not, far beyond my control.
I have to go to Pyongyang first.
Just prepare first,
I'll give you news in 3 days.
Can you wait for me?
Eh, sure!
I've been waiting for years.
What is the difficulty of waiting 3 days?
Ah, this...
The results of the sale of antiques that you requested.
Director Ri!
You embarrass me.
Because I gave an imitation watch,
I was given an imitation too?
As an apology,
I bought some drugs that
are rare in North Korea.
Wait for news from me.
(Ceasefire zone)
(ceasefire zone)
Attack Unit, enter! Enter!
(Panmunjeom, North side)
Moves towards 133.
(Panmunjeom, North side)
Immediately after arriving, location acquisition.
We have entered the north side of Panmunjeom.
Passing the Songhua River Bridge.
Moving towards 133.
All units move there.
Be sure to acquire locations.
Report immediately when you arrive.
Hurry up, get ready to shoot!
Ready to shoot!
Get ready!
April 5, 1996, 6 days before the parliamentary elections.
Around 1:25 this morning,
(Armistice Zone Command Room)
as many as 260 North Korean soldiers,
(Armistice Zone Command Room)
attacks in the northern zone,
and provoking the demilitarized zone (DMZ).
The North Korean government has
not issued an official statement.
While the joint US and South Korean
military units are on standby,
to prepare to counterattack.
Hundreds of military units deployed...
to various locations in the Panmujeom area.
This overt provocation makes...
the level of government oversight of North Korea,
improved from level 3 to level 2.
Increase this surveillance status...
is for the first time since 1982.
The UN believes...
This is intentional provocation
to the ceasefire agreement,
(150 armed soldiers in North Korea...)
to spread fear to the people.
The President believes this action...
Hello, this is Chief Choi.
What happened at Panmujeom?
What's more?
The communists are acting up again.
Fortunately, you haven't used nuclear weapons.
We must immediately complete the project.
Why isn't there news?
I'm also waiting
Because it asks about Panmunjom,
I'm worried,
it can disrupt the project.
You must obey state orders.
Hang in there!
Complete it as soon as possible.
Do you understand?
The Democratic Party led by Kim Dae-jung,
suffered defeat in parliamentary elections.
(Calculation Results: Liberal 140, Democracy 15)
Political observers suspect,
(Calculation Results: Liberal 140, Democracy 15)
North Korean attack recently,
making the public afraid of the
change in the ruling party.
Chief Choi.
Make people worry like this,
don't overdo it,
Anyway, good work!
VIPs are very satisfied with the results of the election.
Keep watching until the presidential election arrives.
(Millennium Hotel)
April 21, 1996, 10 days after parliamentary elections.
Parliament sent secret
documents to North Korea.
The contents of the document are written
in Chinese, and sent via Beijing.
North Koreans, Jang Soo-pyung, was found
dead on the outskirts of Beijing.
I have a strange feeling that is hard to explain.
Pyongyang and Seoul.
Why do you have to go to Beijing?
Even though it has nothing to do.
Who ordered Dr. Jang
met with Director Ri?
(Kim Dae-jung)
His death and North Korean action.
What is the relation?
Mr. Park!
This is from Pyongyang.
Director Ri, long ago you don't hear you.
Sorry to make you wait a long time.
It's okay.
What about the business plan?
That question?
Looks like you have to go to Pyongyang.
What? Pyongyang?
Our leader, General Kim Jong-il,
I really want to meet you.
April 27, 1996, Sunan
Airport, Pyongyang.
~ PatrickStar ~ / font
(Longevity leader Kim Jong-il)
Guesthouse 32, Pyongyang.
This way.
If you want to meet the highest leadership,
You must be clean of disease.
If you carry an infectious disease,
will endanger the security of our country.
Think of this opportunity...
to check your health.
Before the test results come out,
You have to wait here.
For reasons of savings, there
may be a power outage.
Don't worry.
April 27, 1996,
Head of the North Korean Foreign
Security Bureau, Jang Moo-taek.
Will interrogate unexpected intruders,
Mr. Park Suk-young from South Korea.
State the name and organization,
Give a name and organization!
Name... Park Suk-young,
South Korean Military Command Service...
Mr. Park!
Please change your clothes.
Do you sleep well?
Your health test results are no problem.
If your identity is revealed,
Countries and Intelligence Agencies
will deny all allegations.
If an emergency situation,
kill yourself.
Enter the hill route.
Get ready!
Tell where and who are you working for ?!
Organization and position!
Agent A23.
If it's an agent...
why did you come to Pyongyang?
I received instructions from my boss.
What is that?
Who gave you instructions, who?
I don't like you from the start.
I feel strange about your past.
An intelligence soldier who is a businessman.
But there is no strong evidence about that.
But... if you hate it from the start...
will not disappear.
Once again I warn you.
If you have other intentions besides doing business,
not only you, but the people
around you will also be miserable.
My boss?
A businessman...
Do you have a boss?
Money, money, money is my boss.
Line up! Open!
Take off your coat.
When viewing generals,
don't look at his eyes.
Look at the number 2 shirt button.
Don't cut it off, and
don't argue with it.
The general will enter.
Sit down.
Mr. Park doesn't drink alcohol, right?
I'm sorry.
Instead, I will pour one glass.
If you have reached an agreement,
I will be happy to
accept your drink offer.
Oh my, answers that make me curious.
Then, let's talk openly.
Advertising business offered by Mr. Park,
how much profit for the country?
Initial contracts worth 6 billion,
then fortunately it can reach 50 billion.
But, depending on your decision,
the business can be bigger.
Then, what's the problem with the business?
Tell me.
If you want big profits, you must advertise
the products of large South Korean companies.
But, they want to make a tourist attraction for
our country as the location for the shooting.
For this reason, we need free
access to areas in North Korea.
If you agree,
and filming went successfully,
the benefits that you can get in
5 years, amount to 120 billion.
And this is just the beginning,
Mr. Park will develop other
businesses in the future.
Please... let us show the plan.
This is the design of the construction of
a hotel on the slopes of Mount Geumgang.
From hotel accommodation estimates,
it is estimated that it can get a profit of 130 billion.
All profits will be channeled
to the State and you.
Comrade Ri Myeong-un!
Yes, General?
Good, General.
Legacy of the Goryeo Dynasty.
The results of previous sales are good,
selling to South Korea.
I will look for the highest price.
In the future, we will be able to see
products advertised in North Korea.
Recently, an advertising company,
negotiating with North Korea, for
making joint advertisements.
This opens a new chapter in the relations
between North and South Korea.
News reported by reporter
Han Young-sik, in Beijing.
Cooperation contracts will be
valid for the next 5 years,
Filming was held April
to September this year.
'The virus' has been successfully planted into North Korea.
Just a little more.
But, Gen. Kim Jong-il has one condition,
we have to help
sell all relics...
Goryeo and Joseon dynasties.
There are 23,000 artifacts,
the sale value can be up to 1.5 trillion.
The problem is...
who wants to buy at that price?
If it's smooth, as long as they open
access to Mount Geumgang and Baekdu,
there must be large companies that will be interested.
This is the result of sales in South Korea,
not everything has been sold yet.
The rest, after the ad project
is finished I just managed.
Good work!
Mount Geumgang is a North Korean treasure.
There, there.
North Korea is currently being
inspected by the Int'l Atomic Agency.
Chances are, nuclear development is being stopped.
As long as you can find the reactor.
Whether it has stopped operating or not.
That is enough to prove they
really develop nuclear.
Currently only tourist
attractions are approved,
But, if the sale of antiques is successful,
I will look for ways
to access Yeongbyeon.
(Yeongbyeon, 27 km)
It is not possible to enter the
Yeongbyeon reactor inside.
Professor Kim Jang-hyuk called me.
If it's within a 10 km radius of the reactor,
one of them will give the code.
Kim Myung-soo
We find people to help you.
Just wait.
Get a family tree near Kim Jong-il,
looking for spy help.
(North Pyong-an, Gooryong Guesthouse)
Mount Geumgang and Mount Baekdu are good.
South people really want to see that.
But, if it's been shown once or twice,
they will be bored.
I mean for certain products,
It's better to shoot elsewhere.
Where do you want to go?
First, we finish from
Mount Geumgang to Baekdu,
Then last a little
west, to Yeongbyeon.
Can, right?
~ Yeongbyeon to Yaksan, flower Jindal ~
The poem is great,
very famous in South Korea.
That's impossible.
Yeongbyeon is under the control of a military unit.
Impossible to expose.
Anu... Bureau Chief.
Can I talk to you for a while?
I'm still not sure,
actually, before I came here,
I met the Professor of Archeology,
he said 5 km from the main Yeongbyeon
road, near the Gooryeong river.
many Goryeo artifacts that have not been found.
What's the connection with me?
Of course there is!
Goryeo Dynasty artifacts are
very expensive in the South.
Selling one piece,
minimum can be up to 300 million.
Do you mean you will
dig North Korean soil?
You know,
the way Director Ri works about selling
artifacts is rather inappropriate.
I can't explain it.
But I think Head Jang is a bit different,
so I come and tell this.
That means we want to shoot
Yeongbyeon actually.
Unfortunately, artifacts are just left.
why don't you just meet the
General, and tell him.
Why do you have to ask for my help?
Ah, it's hard to explain.
If for example the General agrees,
then when I dug it did not
meet, I didn't find anything.
Will he forgive me?
So, we ourselves must make sure
first, is there or not? Where is it?
Then we report it to the General,
Can your reputation not
increase in the future?
I can also make a profit.
Mr. Park is truly capitalist.
Because you really want to,
I will convince Director Ri, we
go near the Gooryeong river...
Approve or reject the
visit there is my right.
Just listen to me.
Wow, our head is indeed a real soldier.
Really a young soul!
Not the same as Director Ri.
(Near the Gooryeong, Yeongbyeon,
North Pyeong-an rivers)
Mr. Park.
Are there really artifacts in this place?
Anyway, look slowly.
I and my members cannot come,
there is another matter.
Comrade Ri Myeong-un and Kim
Myung-soo will accompany you.
This is a symbol given by the ruler.
This sign means,
You have passed all the tests.
You have become part of us.
The North is simple,
if you believe, you will continue
to believe until the end.
Thank you.
I will wait here.
Go with Comrade Kim.
Neat lines.
Don't cut the queue!
Those bad boys!
Catch them!
Those kids only know to steal!
Little one!
Talk a lot!
Hurry up!
Don't look at them, just keep walking.
You know,
The professor gave you that clue,
now under military supervision.
So, don't contact him for a while.
Even so,
I will still take you to that place.
Try to postpone filming in a few days.
Mr. Park
I also really love my country.
But, I also don't want my homeland,
converted into a prison by
Kim Jong-il and his family.
What are you talking about?
What military supervision? What do you mean?
What delay? Why is it delayed?
We must quickly explore this area.
Don't bullshit, let's go.
~ PatrickStar ~ / font
Mr. Park!
Oh, yes.
I want to say hello to you.
This is Mr. Park Suk-young,
from South Korea.
This is my son.
This is my wife.
Hello, lady.
You're very beautiful.
How old are you? You are so handsome.
Good thing like your mother.
Because everything is here,
let's eat.
Deputy Kim didn't come?
He isn't visible from before.
From now on it will be difficult to meet Comrade Kim.
He was transferred to the Vladivostok
Economic Committee in Russia.
why don't you say?
Where is he now?
Mr. Park
Our cooperation,
after the split of North and South Korea,
is the first collaboration in the last 40 years.
I don't know why and
on whose orders,
Comrade Kim does this.
But the General came to know, not
only was this project destroyed,
Me and you...
our lives are all threatened.
Remember that.
Right now, I don't care if
you're a businessman or a spy.
Advertising business must continue to run normally.
Next time, pay attention to your words and actions.
December 1997, 15 days before the presidential election.
A month after the incident in Yeongbyeon,
I'm very worried.
Does Director Ri know my real identity?
If he knows, but behaves as
if nothing has happened,
means that he wants to protect the
project that the General has agreed to.
I have difficulty deciding.
Candidate Kim Dae-jung from the Democratic
Party, still leads the survey results,
Candidate Lee Hoi-chang from the Liberal
Party, tried to catch up in second place.
Let's look at survey conditions,
Reporter Baek Soo-hyun reports.
Candidates Kim Dae-jung 32.1%,
and Lee Hoi-chang 29.8%.
Positions 1 and 2 are only 2.3% different.
This initial survey...
shows that the election will be
centered on the two candidates.
Professor Kim Jang-hyuk's
testimony is our main basis,
for verification of evidence.
It is known that they have sent
experimental weapons to Pakistan.
Even in the final development of nuclear weapons.
The situation is urgent.
So, what evidence are you talking about?
When will you wait for concrete evidence?
Give information that is proven correct!
I'm sorry.
Do not temporarily give North
Korean information to the CIA.
There is no clear evidence,
and the election time is near.
Don't make it complicated.
This is a secret document that we tapped in China.
(Intel Agency Dissolution Proposal)
What we worry about will come true.
If Kim Dae-jung is elected, in 1998 the State Intel Agency will be deleted, and changed to become a National Security Agency.
At this rate, we can die.
You and me.
If the regime changes,
everyone in this organization will be destroyed.
Meet the North Koreans, there's no time.
I've contacted several of my connections in the North,
but no one has responded.
Are there no other connections to the North?
"Black Venus"
How much money has he spent on him?
He has a special mission to complete.
The main command, the second mission!
Whose order?
State Orders! Country and People!
Chief Choi.
Let's win the election first.
We will be destroyed!
There is no other solution.
I want to think about it anyway,
I still don't understand.
Why do I have to bring letters from
certain parties to North Korea?
Just send it.
Insert with a gift or anything, don't
open it, once opened it can't be closed.
I'm just an entrepreneur in their eyes.
Why do employers bring letters from political parties?
They will be suspicious of my identity.
Advertising business can also be disrupted.
Ah, I won't.
Entrepreneurs and politicians
are always interconnected.
Only 2 weeks before the election.
You also have to play a role.
I'll be honest.
This letter reminds me of
the previous election.
A letter written by the ruling
party that is being pressed...
Do you want to let Kim Dae-jung become president?
Do you want to give this country to the communists?
No, I'm just...
do not understand our relationship with election matters.
The organization has been established for 37 years,
As long as we keep an eye on Kim
Dae-jung's behavior, you also know, right?
That shows he is a dangerous person.
If he is in power,
the happiest is North Korea, right?
And also,
if Kim Dae-jung is elected,
He will give our country
to North Korea.
As dangerous as nuclear weapons,
No, it's more dangerous than that, right?
Director, the advertising business is not without problems,
but the project has just begun.
Within 5 years,
if the project runs smoothly,
not only can they know
they have nuclear or not,
but we can monitor all their movements.
Don't grumble at me, just deliver the letter!
Agent Park, this is not my idea.
This is our organization's idea,
this time... just obey the organization.
9 days before the presidential election.
December 8, 1997,
3 days after I brought the
letter to Director Ri,
lawmakers from the ruling party,
come to the Millennium Hotel,
and open a small meeting.
They don't come out for 2 days.
(Seoul Economic Committee: Father Kim Chul-ho dies,
buried December 9 at 7, Medical Cemetery
Seoul National University)
(Seoul Economic Committee: Father Kim Chul-ho died,
buried December 9 at 7 am, Medical Cemetery
Seoul National University)
The main headquarters suddenly issued an order,
Now is the right time,
to find out what I used for?
Hello, Director.
I'm in front of your room,
Can you meet for a while?
I was near the hotel, but there was a 5 pm meeting appointment.
I carry important files,
draft ads from South Korean companies,
Hasn't it been told before?
About parents returning...
Sorry but I can only
meet for a while.
Yes, it's okay.
Then, I'll wait in your room.
The director asked
me to wait inside.
Which room does he mean?
Where is Mr. Park?
As instructed, he
is waiting inside.
I told you don't allow anyone to enter.
Watch him.
Mr. Park?
Mr. Park?
Oh, did something happen?
We were ordered to accompany you.
Who knows you need something.
Ah, is that so?
Sit down, relax.
Hello, Director!
It's been difficult to find you lately,
You didn't accidentally dodge me, right?
Mr. Park, sorry if you are offended.
I'm just a little busy.
Next time, let's eat together.
(Asia Communication)
Look at this draft and give your opinion.
About families that were separated
during the Korean War, and reunited.
Good luck.
Guests have arrived.
Get ready.
Introduce, I'm Park Sang-tae.
I'm Yoo Won-yang.
I'm from the State Intelligence Agency,
Foreign Affairs Bureau, Choi Hak-sung.
Please help.
We have discussed,
less than a week before the election,
whether it's television news,
or newspaper, Kim Dae-jung
is still a strong candidate.
The effect of yesterday's attack was too weak.
Finally we have a new conclusion.
What conclusion?
Same as the previous election,
fishing for a military attack, how?
But this time, not just a small attack.
Must be excited about the news,
so that people are aware,
ah, maintaining state security is important,
So... they didn't choose Kim Dae-jung.
Let them wake up.
Election = Military attack
Not just training...
Election intervention = Kim Dae-jung lost
Then, just use nuclear.
This is being serious, don't make jokes.
Wait a minute,
Does North Korea really have nuclear?
There is or not, it's not important!
Originally until the election arrived the community continued to believe,
if we have nuclear. Isn't that important?
After all, the attack on Panmunjeom,
and the attack with the submarine...
it's too ordinary.
By the community it is considered normal.
This is something that is beyond our authority.
Ah, why do you talk like that?
We are all people who have
authority about that.
I hope we talk to each other honestly.
Sorry to interrupt the conversation.
Your opinion, the members
of parliament have enough.
Now it's time for Intel to talk.
Can you come out for a while?
anyways I want to smoke.
I went straight to the point.
North Korea's nuclear issue, is
very disturbing to our regime.
If North Korea really has nuclear
weapons, and wants to be used now,
then the current regime will also be blamed.
It doesn't help us in elections.
Just use regular attacks,
You mean like the last
attack on Panmujeom?
No, don't be that small.
The exercise is complete.
Time for the main show.
This time...
Baengnyeong Island, Daecheong, Socheong,
Yeongpyeong, and Soyeonpyeong.
On those outer islands, give big
attacks like real war conditions.
Everything has limits.
The advertising business is currently
warming North-South relations.
If the attack is carried out again,
it is not just advertising business,
North-South relations that
have been 'cold' for 40 years,
it will be 'frozen'. Do you understand?
You have to know the limits!
I mean...
How should I say this?
Communication with people of different ideologies
is indeed difficult, making you upset too.
However, North-South relations have indeed
been 'frozen' in the last 40 years.
The ice thickness is too thick.
If it's frozen a little more,
isn't it different?
Director, in the end we will
obey the ruler's order,
Submit the plan, and wait for instructions.
However, because you are very
obedient to your leader,
just try asking first.
About the cost of the operation,
this time not using Won.
We use US Dollars, with numbers like this...
Very good!
Director Ri.
I will submit this to the
Minister of Defense in Pyongyang.
400 billion
The weather is cold outside.
How is it? Have you agreed?
Not long ago, I heard rumors about North Korea,
he said North also didn't want Kim Dae-jung to be elected.
In front of your eyes we are North,
what are you talking about?
Our officials also think,
South Korean political veterans
are indeed difficult to handle.
(North doesn't want Kim Dae-jung to be elected)
I hear the ruling regime considers,
(North doesn't want Kim Dae-jung to be elected)
Candidate Kim Dae-jung is communist.
Many have doubts about their ideology.
If he comes to power,
we are afraid the North has
no enemies, and looks weak.
Jang's head, no bullshit!
That's right,
so that it still looks strong, the
North needs enemies who are 'scared'.
If the communist Kim Dae-jung gets elected,
you have no opponents.
How is it? Isn't this going to
be shared with North and South?
Jang Moo-taek!
And also Kim Dae-jung's body is high,
General Kim is short, must
look up if you want to chat.
Such a thing should not happen.
Jang Moo-taek, National Security Bureau.
It has been approved.
The minister instructed, 40 billion
be inserted for the Security Bureau.
As instructed, Comrade.
The senior has agreed.
Thank you very much!
North Korea saves us!
Come on party,
we will win big.
Live Korea!
Sorry, Chief Bureau.
The situation is emergency, so I broke through.
Want whatever it is,
as an undercover agent,
isn't this too dangerous?
Head, North Korean regime,
led by a communist,
it's clear, right?
100% very clear.
And Kim Dae-jung can't be president,
because you think,
he's also a communist, right?
Why talk again and again?
But North Korea... doesn't agree
that Kim Dae-jung was elected.
The communist regime, hates
prospective communist regimes?
Do you tap?
You haven't answered me yet.
Why does the communist regime want
to oppose the new communists?
You are...
I understand.
The Intel body and parliament meet the North...
That's enough.
Why are you talking?
You have to rest,
cool your head.
You will also understand
why we did this one day.
This is real politics,
accommodating ideas...
Please speak clearly!
Just be honest with me.
Parliament and the Intel Agency
conspire to ask for North's assistance,
so that the election results are according to your wishes,
and you don't want to lose your position, right?
What are you talking about?
do the duty of nation and
state, stop Kim Dae-jung.
For nations and countries?
Or for the ruling party?
During this time, you risked
my life and my family,
fulfill the duty of the nation.
So to finish this task
until it's finished,
Please... help me.
Park Suk-young, I sent you
to trick the communists,
but it seems you are being fooled by them.
Stop! Agen Park!
While looking at the sights
of Beijing, you told me...
China after opening up to the world,
many changes in a short time.
But there are also more problems in China.
But at least, that's a decent price, right?
Director, this advertising business is not just about money.
But for,
prove that North and South, can
work together, don't you think?
That's right.
Mr. Park also saw it for himself,
there are 3 million people in this
country, dying of hunger and cold.
Children who cannot walk,
and can do nothing,
not only sick and dead,
there are also those sold to the border.
Why do you trust me?
Because I have no other choice.
But now it's over.
The military has begun to move.
There is still one way.
Director, the business we
do has two meanings for me,
First as a business, the
second is adventure.
Director, do you want to 'adventure'
with me one more time?
Southern people,
absolutely nothing.
Every time you want an election,
always come for help here.
"Please demo provocation".
"Please launch the missile".
What do you want to do?
If I am asked for help, then I help.
Isn't that right, Mr. Park?
I'm worried, you're not helping them,
but even blinded and fooled by them.
Mr. This park is brave too.
That human,
can learn to talk a few
months after birth,
but many years of life, not
learning how to shut up.
That's what the saying goes.
Thank you for
worrying, but leave.
What I want to say is,
if the attack is done at this time,
not just advertising business,
but the sale of relics
will also be disrupted.
I always think that Mr.
Park is a smart person.
but if I pay attention,
turns out you have a weakness.
As a former country,
they asked for my help.
Why will it affect our business?
If the survey results are tight now,
does not change until the election later,
what do you think will happen?
I mean, what if Kim
Dae-jung stays elected,
even if you continue to carry out military attacks.
What did Mr. Park has a point.
From the information I obtained in the South,
in the last attack,
the community is doubtful about the
authenticity of the attack on Panmujeom.
Therefore... General,
if until Kim Dae-jung is elected,
and he knows your military intervention.
There will be a conflict with the South,
the advertising business will be stopped,
then large companies will withdraw,
and the sale of antiques will also stop.
Are you the Head of the Jang Bureau?
Report! I'm Jang Moo-taek.
You must have heard their words,
give your opinion.
If the order to carry out a
military attack is withdrawn,
Southern people will underestimate
us, and consider us weak.
If anyone opposes the decision,
it must be anti-communists,
and disloyal traitors!
Head Jang's words,
about that disloyalty,
not completely wrong.
But I think, those who aren't loyal...
it is precisely those who support
the military attack itself.
What do you mean by that?
You must be thinking,
as a cost for mobilizing
military attacks,
the south gives 360 billion, right?
But, the South actually gave
a total of 400 billion.
Can you guess where the
remaining 40 billion goes?
You mean there is one of my people,
who wants to cheat by
hiding state money?
You hooligans!
Head Jang! Do you know about that?
Currently being confirmed.
Not checked?
This means there is a possibility that is true ?!
I'm sorry.
This is... because we are busy
taking care of military attacks.
General, your decision was right recently,
brings a lot of kindness to the country.
Starting from advertisements on Mount
Geumgang until separate family union,
shows the beauty of our country,
Also, it shows that we can be
in harmony with the South.
Let's make the world see that,
with this opportunity.
But General,
if you continue to carry out armed attacks,
all of that will be destroyed in an instant.
For 400 billion,
Do you want to waste the opportunity
to get multiple grades?
Hey, Ri Myeong-un.
This makes the shame of our Republic.
Plan for a military attack on the border line,
pull the order, and investigate
who the thieves are!
I'll do it!
Before that,
other than military attack matters,
the advertisement and antiques project,
stop it temporarily.
After all, we need time.
Advertising business relationships with election results,
has it been proven?
(Intelligence Agency control room)
3 days before the Presidential election
The North Korean side has
so far not been moving.
Are you sure you checked correctly?
From the demilitarized zone 38, to the east.
Check everything. Understand?
We have confirmed,
they have flown from
Beijing back to Pyongyang.
Damn it!
Damn it!
Candidates Kim Dae-jung leads
in Gwangju and Daejeon,
and superior in Gyeonggi.
Whereas Lee Hoi-chang gathered in Ulsan.
Following are the results of temporary votes.
Who is the new president?
(Kim Dae-jung)
(Kim Dae-jung)
(Kim Dae-jung)
After 50 years of independence, the party regime changed.
President-elect, Kim Dae-jung,
voicing for harmonizing relations
between North Korea and South Korea.
The community I love, thank you very much.
The world pays attention to our elections.
People are faced with difficult choices.
What choices are made by the community?
The world is very curious.
Here, I emphasize again
on one specific plan.
That is a plan to harmonize relations
between North and South Korea.
If necessary,
I will have an open meeting
with General Kim Jong-il.
A community that I respect and love,
with you,
I will work hard, for the
development of South Korea.
I always wanted to give you a present.
Although it's very simple,
but not too bad if used.
Accept it.
He said you would go back to China.
When will you come again?
Of course when the ad business is running again.
It won't change much.
Ah, do you want to drink?
If offered, of course you want!
Come on.
For a successful ad business,
along the Korean Peninsula.
- Cheers - Cheers
Questions about plans for armed attacks on the border,
who knows?
I and you two are here,
Also, Mr. Yoo, and one more...
Total of five people.
Who is the other one?
Our undercover agent is in Beijing.
When doing business with North people,
he overheard it.
Can he be trusted?
I'm not sure.
Find a way to close his mouth.
That's the only way we can live.
Don't mention nuclear questions,
Parliament also has problems,
he wrote visiting North Korea, and
disseminating state confidential information,
... without the knowledge of the Intelligence Agency.
State him violating the
National Security Law,
National Security Law?
Is the advertising business company "S"?
Yes, right.
Write this information
leaked by a rival company,
who feel jealous,
and want the ad project to stop.
Foreign intelligence reports.
Personal files of a foreign intelligence officer,
with the code name "Black Venus",
spread by an advertising company.
This agent has secretly visited
North Korea several times,
leaking state secrets to the
North Korean government,
This agent is an undercover agent,
he is very smart, rumored
to have met Kim Jong-il,
to manipulate business in North Korea.
Agents disguised in the Economic Committee
Black Venus!
Do you know what will happen?
Deceiving the National Security Bureau,
meet directly with the highest General.
Nothing will change.
Nothing will change?
It's easy to talk!
Do I need to tell?
I can explain everything.
No need!
After all, you and me,
both work for the country.
I don't keep personal feelings.
In this way, your safety,
and your family's safety can be guaranteed.
Just like you have one country,
I also have one country.
I believe you will guarantee
my family's safety.
South Korea is truly an attractive country,
how can an Intel Agency divulge
information on its own agent?
I want to think about it, I don't understand.
Officials don't know about this,
but it's only one hour longer.
With this passport,
nothing will stop you
from leaving Pyongyang.
Cross the border as quickly as possible.
Then what about you?
Who understands capitalist economics,
maybe I'm the only one in this country.
So... they won't kill me.
Remove identity.
Remove identity.
Remove identity.
"Comrade's identity confirmed"
~ Kim Jong-il ~
I didn't expect you
to be on this train.
Remove identity.
I hope we can meet again.
The dreams that we hope for must be done.
I will try my best
to solve this.
If you are destined,
you will meet again.
Entering China territory
North Border
Since then,
Director Ri and Chief Jang,
never seen in Beijing anymore.
Comrade Ri Myeong-un.
Parliament calls you.
Goryeo Restaurant
Here three years ago.
My first meeting is Director Ri.
He said one day North Korea will change.
Is it possible that Director Ri can come here again?
Whether he is alive or not,
I don't know either.
Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office, officially...
begins an investigation into a series of
cases during the Election of last year.
The Prosecutor's Office also stated that it would
re-investigate the military incident in Panmunjom.
Will this investigation by the Prosecutor's Office
open the original face of the previous regime?
All people pay attention to,
the internal investigation process.
In addition, the Intel State Agency is specifically examined for
alleged espionage, and also the leaked information of a secret agent.
Unification of families that
separate countries is returned,
The State Intel Agency was removed, and the
National Security Agency (NIS) was formed instead.
Me, why am I a special agent?
I'm always haunted by thoughts, who am I struggling for?
(5 years later, 2005) Studio
shooting, Shanghai, China.
50 years after the Korean war, the North
Korean model will star in South Korean ads.
For the first time, the North Korean
model will star in a South Korean ad.
It is hoped that this will be a new chapter,
relations between North and South Korea,
and open opportunities for
more intense cooperation.
Lee Hyori! Lee Hyori!
Slimmer than on TV!
I should say hello before shooting.
Ah, why are you shy, just say so.
It takes 10 years to get to this point.
Are you acquainted with the model?
As a representative for South Korea,
please express your feelings!
Lee Hyori!
Lee Hyori!
This is Jo Myeong-ae, from North Korea.
This is Lee Hyori, from South Korea.
Introduce yourself to each other.
How old are you?
I was born in 1980.
Oh, I was born in 1979. I'm older huh?
Is your trip tiring?
It's okay.
Please shake hands.
Nice to meet you.
~ Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain ~ / font
5 years later, "Black Venus" is active in various career fields. In June 2010, he was arrested for violating the National Security Law.
The demands are espionage, disseminating state information, wiretapping, etc. Almost all articles of the National Security Law are prosecuted to him.
May 2016, "Black Venus" is free after 6 years of detention.
Two years later, in May 2018, a meeting of the North Korean Leaders and South Korean President was held.