The Spy: Undercover Operation (2013) Movie Script

Somalia, Africa
4 days ago, a Korean fishing vessel
was hijacked by pirates
off the coast of Africa
Its 9 Korean, Thai and
Filipino crew members
are being held hostage
Your job is to conduct the negotiations
and end the crisis ASAP
Hands up
Your position move
Do you have the money ready?
The first rule of negotiation:
Never avoid eye contact
Of course
A million dollar so that
the series number won't be consecutive.
I think one more zero is missing
Rule two:
Never show your emotions
I'm quite sure that I told you
It's a million dollars!
Yes, you did,
but I changed my mind
Cause, I thought
It's a losing business
That's beyond my powers
That's not possible?
Rule three:
Never, under any circumstances,
say "No".
I'm not saying that
it's impossible.
I'm just saying that
I will need some time.
My cellular phone
It seems like very busy man
Pick up the phone
I am this close to killing you
Where are you?
Honey, I'm in a meeting
A meeting? At this hour?
Oh! No!
Did you just say
Rule four:
If all else fails
resort to force
Go, go, go!
We're from the Republic of Korea
Come with us
You're safe now
Lee! Untie them
Can't you stick
to the plan for once?
Oh, Shit!
Did you hang up on me?
I asked where you were!
Just got out of the meeting
Are you kidding me?
What's that noise?
- I'll be on my way soon
- Are you in an arcade?
Okay. bye
Kim Chul-soo!
Is this right?
Is he on his way?
Things must be crazy with work
He'll be here soon
I wouldn't worry if I...
Oh, look at you
I told you not
to trouble yourself
Why don't you
go lie down, darling?
I'm okay
Don't be silly
You're sweating like crazy!
Go on
We've got plenty of helping hands
But I feel bad
Don't worry
The two of us can handle it
Get some rest
Is that Seung-il?
Look in on the boy
Help him get back to sleep
He always does this
whenever I try to do some work
Well, he is a good son
Doesn't want mommy to work
Can you take over from me?
Just leave it to me
Women must have children
to earn respect
These are all burnt
Did you make these?
Oh, boy...
You can't eat these
Tianjin Military Airfield, China
North Korean Vice Foreign Minister
Pleased to meet you
The pleasure's all mine
We'll soon be flying here
directly from Pyongyang
Shall we?
Landing gear off
From now on ying CA2
is Air Force Three
Target in sight.
Doesn't he have
any sense of responsibility?
What good is raising children
if you don't teach them
about filial duty?
They've been married for years
and still no children
I know
Is she trying to
end the family line?
He must be busy
Representatives of the nuclear
disarmament talks have arrived...
How late are you?
About an hour and a half
Your wife must be
foaming at the mouth
That's not the problem
It's my mother's 70th birthday
Step on it, will ya?
Perhaps we should start
Guests are starving
How can I start
without my oldest son?
You wouldn't be childless
if you had any sense
I am so sorry
I'm late
My Son!
What took you so long?
The traffic was terrible
My Poor boy
I'm hungry, mom
Let's go inside
Look at the time!
You must be starving
Are you happy?
How can you be acting
as if nothing happened?
Well, the meeting
went on for hours
Forget it
I'm not in the mood for that
Just eat your supper
Do we have the coordinates?
Any survivors?
Did you place a flying ban
during the hour?
Yes, sir
There were no other
aircraft in the area
What does the Navy say?
Nothing out of ordinary
was detected
We have confirmation that
it was a ground-to-air missile
What are the coordinates?
It's a building near
Seongnam airfield
We're on the rooftop
Situation report
It's a stinger missile
Is it my fault that
we don't have children?
The first rule of negotiation:
Never avoid eye contact
What are you staring at?
Well, talk to me
Rule two:
Never show your emotions
What good is having a husband?
When he is always
away on business
How am I supposed to make a baby
all on my own?
Rule three:
Never say "No"
You know best
Are you even listening to me?
Why should I put up
with this crap?
How can I have a child
without a father?
I'm so sorry, sweetheart
I'll do better
Forget it
I've had enough
and I can't take it anymore
No more
Rule four:
If all else fails,
resort to force
You always try to
get off the hook like that
Well, it's not going to work
this time
wives are an exception
There seems to be information
that Baek Seol-hui
who's in Thailand has been in contact
with people from South Korea
Is this related to
the recent terror attack?
It would seem so
Please follow me
It was North Korea
Their typical tactics
First make a friendly gesture
then strike!
Making it a popular dating spot
Who the hell was it?
North Koreans or the Americans?
We're still trying to confirm
We've detected suspicious movements
on Baek Seol-hui's side
In Beijing, they're planning
an independent operation
What about South Korea?
They don't seem to know
what to do
Can't do a thing on their own,
can they?
Baek Seol-hui?
She is the daughter of
the deceased North Korean minister
She requested asylum
in South Korea
We assume she knows something
about the airplane bombing
Where is she now?
In Thailand,
attending an energy conference
Why aren't we bringing her over?
She is under a heavy surveillance
by the North Koreans
Shouldn't we reschedule
the six-party talks?
We must stick to the original plan
But we have so little time
Launch Sejong Trading
Last night, an Air Force training jet
crashed near Seongnam
due to a suspected
mechanical problem
It is reported that
the crashed aircraft
attempted to make
an emergency landing
but subsequently failed and
crashed into a mountain
Great job
Wasting tax-payers' money
on a fight in a foreign country
Sorry, sir
We have a new package
Bring in Kim
He took a day-off
for an important family matter
More important that
the national security?
I'm afraid so
In many infertility cases,
the problem often lies
with the husband
Let's start with a semen analysis
Semen analysis?
You mean now?
I really think I'm fine
How can you be sure
unless you're tested?
Is this the best we can do?
In this day and age?
Just focus on doing your job right
Hey! Open the door
Who is it?
It's me
What are you doing?
- Hello
- Open the damn door
- Good morning, sir
- That scanner doesn't work
Collect the ejaculate in this cup
How am I supposed to...
Watch the screen
Whoa, wait!
I'm not ready
I'm not there yet
Hard work, isn't it?
Who are you?
I'm a Yakult lady
Take all the time you need
They could do with an update
Oh, you're not done yet
Please continue
Excuse me
What are you doing there?
What the hell are you doing there?
For crying out loud,
I'm trying to have a kid
That's what
Why bother?
Get a dog
Get yourself a dog
Life's a bitch for all men
living in this country
First your wife will spend
all your money on bags and shoes
Later, when the kids come along
it's not even funny
Hey, hey!
Didn't I say no hand-written receipts?
I put my life on the line
for this job
It's taxpayers' hard-earned money
Maybe you should give me a raise
What do you think you're doing?
Stinger missile?
Launched from a rooftop in Seongnam
They used radar homing
to extend the range to 10Km
What's that mean?
That's right
At least two working together
A week from now,
a North-South joint declaration
will be announced
at the six-party talks
On what?
Complete abandonment
of the nuclear program
Establishment of diplomatic offices
and the gradual opening of the border
for free civilian crossing
It's the stage right before that
And this happens
at this critical stage
The daughter of the assassinated
North Korean minister
contacted us from Thailand
What does she want?
Political asylum
We believe she has information
about the attack
Only one week to six-party talks
and we're running out of time
We must bring her in
You are to y to
Thailand immediately
Right now?
Hey, I'm out
It took you an hour to do it?
It's not as easy as
you women think
Doctor tells me that
tomorrow is the big day
Come home early?
You know
I have to go on a business trip now
I'll be like 2-3 days
Are you kidding me?
You're practically running
the company on your own
If you'd shown a fraction of
this commitment to your wife...
Don't touch me
I don't want to see you
I won't be long
Don't bother
Don't you pretend you care
- I'm only going to Busan
- You and your business trips!
- Married to work!
- I'll be home in no time
Go away
Leave me alone
You're supposed to be off today
He's away on business trip again
When are you gonna try
for a baby then?
I think I'll just forget
about it
Maybe get a puppy instead
Do you know anyone
who can get me one?
You are okay?
Yes, I'm fine
Thank you
And you?
I'm okay
Yes, this Pinot Noir is very rich
And, we have also two ice...
No no no...
dessert wine
Stop looking at me like that
Would you like a drink, sir?
- I'll have water, please
- I see
There you go
Do you have papers?
Here you go
Can I get an orange juice?
Good afternoon
Name Baek Seol-hui
She holds the key
to the recent bombing attack
She might seem young but
she is a genius nuclear physicist
and the brain behind the nuclear program
along with her father
We gotta get her
before anybody else does
She's staying
at Golden Sky in Bangkok
The operation will commence at 4 pm
Bangkok, Thailand
Comrade Baek, we should be
on our way soon
The cuckoo is in the shower
Commence operation
Plumbing, check
Room one four one three.
Hotel Golden Sky information
representative, Mr Kwan
What can I help you?
Something is wrong in the water
Yes, I'm sorry
We'll send the representative
right now
Please, wait for a minute
Check, please
He's on the 14th oor
Good afternoon
All done. Good bye
Cuckoo is on 14
Collect the bird on the 13th oor
and transfer to parking D-4
on, sorry!
Thank you
Oh, sorry
Excuse me
Cuckoo is on the move
How did it go?
Cuckoo is on the move
Not a single call
He's always like this when he's away
He must be busy
Hey, you know it's a new trend
for wives to have secret lovers
Wanna check out the clubs tonight?
I know a few good places
Why the hell not?
Maybe I'll pull tonight
What just happened?
I don't know...
Just the flying newspapers
I think we have company
What's taking her so long?
Comrade Baek,
we'll falling behind schedule
Comrade Baek!
The base has been ambushed
What them?
Come on
Get out!
My luggage! Hey!
The guard are gone
Thirteen floor!
Target in the cart!
There is a gun shot!
Here is thirteen floor
Yeong-hui, look
Oh my god!
What are they doing?
They must be crazy
Look out
Hold on
Hang on, you son of a bitch
Hey, police
That's him
I saw... I...
Get that crazy bastard
He's getting away
What a terrible man!
Get him
Oh my gosh
Did you get it?
Bring it over
Damn it
What happened?
I don't know
What about Baek?
I don't know
Was she actually here?
Last time I checked, yes
Is she still alive?
I don't know, damn it
The CIA took her!
A coded text from the CIA
was received in Thailand an hour ago
I believe there was an operation
What are you talking about?
Cuckoo... The rice cooker?
It's a code name for Baek Seol-hui
How is the CIA involved in this?
It could be at the request
of North Korea
or it could be
an independent operation
In any case, they couldn't have
gotten her out yet
Where are they keeping her?
If she is still in Thailand,
she has got be here
CIA South-East Asia Regional
headquarters in Satenthai
Shall we go in?
No, wait
We're to wait for approval
from the Tile-roofed House
We believe operatives
from different agencies
are after Baek
for their own reasons
ls there a face
that you recognize?
It seems as if the North Korea
hard-liners were responsible
for the airplane terror attack
that occurred in South Korea
It's going to be dangerous
if you enter North Korea now
But, we can protect you
Has this been approved
by the North Korean authorities?
The fact that you tried to get asylum
from South Korea
has spread almost everywhere
It's probably best
for you to rely on us now.
That's most likely
the wisest method
It's the Americans
who have Baek
Then why aren't we doing
anything about it?
It's between the two Koreas
What are you talking about?
If we start getting involved
It could tangle things up terribly
Please follow me
This is Chirashi
High-value information leaked
from the Korean stock exchange
Foreign investors are pulling out
The airplane bombing
and kidnapping of Baek...
North Korean hardliners
were behind them
In order to consolidate
their holds
they'll try to launch
an attack on the South
This means war
You took your time to call
I've been busy
Where are you?
What about you?
I'm in Busan
You must be having fun
Don't be silly
I'm here on business
Well, I...
I'm in Gangnam
You heard me
What are you doing in Gangnam?
Just chill-axing
Looking around,
having a great time, you know
You couldn't chill-ax at home?
It's not the same, is it?
Where in Gangnam are you?
Cheongdam? Apkujeong?
Garosu Street?
Where? Tell me
Since when were you
so interested in what I do?
Always and very much, baby
By the way,
have you ever been to Thailand?
I'm a flight attendant
Of course I've been to Thailand
Of course...
That's great
It's fantastic that
you've been to Thailand
What's the matter with you?
What have you got in Thailand?
A secret lover perhaps?
Stop it
When are you coming home?
Do you miss me?
Just so I know
when I can kill you
Unfortunately for you,
I've just got too much work
I have no time for that
Are you the only employee
at your company?
And yet, they pay you so little
Small world!
Yeah! Hi!
Who are you talking to?
Ice cream?
Oh, thank you...
I love ice cream
Hello? Yeong-hui?
Thank you
What the hell?
Oh, your phone...
I told you all men apart from
your father and I are bastards
What them?
I can't hear you
That's okay
Yes! I'm okay
Has she lost her mind?
So, where are you going?
I don't know
Go together?
Where are you going?
Where is Kim?
He said he needed air
What the hell?
When national security is at stake
From the airport you follow me?
I saw a beautiful girl
I thought may be
I should talk to her
Stop smiling like that
You're torturing me
Goodness, please
You got off the flight
You worked and on the way back to the hotel
You accidentally saw me again?
You are there
Beautiful girl was there
Oh boy
What did I do to deserve this?
It's kind of like destiny
You're like a living piece of art
This is a beautiful necklace
I know destiny... beautiful
you are absolutely playboy
You've got it written all over
I know a player when I see one
There is something
I... I think tell you
I was actually born in Korea
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Anything new from the airfield?
We're still waiting
Video transmission from Thailand
What's that?
Kim sent it over
Who are they?
I'm running a check
Kim must have found a lead
- I wanna know who they are
- Yes, sir
You don't have to check the woman
Why not?
It's Kim's wife
What's she doing?
With another man?
Kim must be curious
about that, too
What are we,
private investigators?
When the country is
on the verge of war,
Kim is shooting an episode
of a soap opera
What do you want me to do?
You're asking me?
Bring him in right now
If you screw up again
I swear I'll fire you both
- I can't anymore, you know
- Okay. We're almost here
Careful! Okay?
You really gotta
look out for yourself
Easy... Come on
What the fuck!
He shut the door
I'll kill them both
ls there a fire?
Damn you
Let me go
Let me go
Let go of me, you bastards
Thank you so much!
No problem
See you again
- You only live once, damn it
- How much did you drink?
Chul-soo, you bastard!
Baek Seol-hee.
It seems as if our guys
have seized her!
Of course!
South Korea doing?
Nothing much
Just trying to search for clues
The state's authority and
the military group are very quiet
They can't seem to feel
what's going on.
Complicated a country that
can't even grasp what is going on
Oh, hi!
You speak Korean well
Then as we have discussed in our meeting
check the schedule and dates
Got it
Baek Seol-hee, it seems as if
our guys have seized her!
of course! No matter
how hard China and Japan tries
It's completely useless!
We have a long history
of experience
Are they taking us for fools?
What do we do?
Kim is on standby, waiting for your call
The Tile-roofed House gave us a go
We're taking back the Cuckoo
Give Kim the go-ahead
Yes, sir
What shall we do about him?
The jerk that fooled around
with Kim's wife
Is he a terrorist?
You wouldn't want to be a terrorist,
when you look like that
What's that got to do with it?
He is Chinese-American
All personal details check out
He works at
AJ Corporation's Seoul office
A Stanford graduate
He's been living in Korea
just over 3 years
In every aspect,
he's a completely different
breed from us
The educated ones are the worst
How dare he make a move
on a married woman?
It's the same
with all married couples
The bastards name is
He's Chinese-American
A Stanford graduate
Give her a scolding and move on
Women are all like that
It's menopause...
or the seven-year itch
Have a drink, man
Right now, you body isn't yours
National security depends on you
Think only about that
I'm the one who should be crying
Damn you
Why are you crying?
You're still young and capable
All these years, I've been picking up
after you and I'm old now
If I lose this job,
I've got nowhere to go
I was gonna open a chicken place
when I retire
but I lost everything
in the stock market
All I have left to look forward to
is my little girl
If I lose this job, I won't even
be able to pay for her college
My poor baby
Cut it out, man
You'll make money and
put your daughter through college
and save up too, you know
Thanks, man
Damn it
What am I earning a living for?
Check, please
It looks like an ordinary restaurant
on the outside
but it's a cover
for the CIA': regional office
Baek is being kept somewhere
in this building
Proceed with plan A
I feel like shit
You alright, man?
Put these on
What are they?
These are 3D x-ray glasses
At the push of this button,
what you see will be
transmitted to us real time
Give me those
The image will then automatically be
rendered into 3-D imagery
So, just push this button?
Yes, sir
Couldn't you just say that?
Give Kim a pair, too
Yes, sir
Here you go
Let's go
Video transmission, check
Cowboy in sight
Be careful
We have North Korean visitors
And the Chinese
Even some samurais, too
This is a spy reunion
Excuse me! Waiter!
I'll take over here
Go check out the kitchen
Yes, sir
Excuse me
ls there any progress on...?
After you.
Just go
What do you think?
It's a beautiful restaurant
Why did it freeze?
Is it broken?
No, sir
Kim is not moving
167cm, 48kg, 34-24-35
Do something
if you stop, it automatically loads up
data about the object
Is that Baek Seol-hui?
No. It's Kim's wife
I've always wanted to come here
But it's such an expensive place
I'm afraid I might be
a little over-dressed
Don't worry
You look beautiful
Oh, thank you
One moment
The nation is depending on you
Where is he going?
If you'll excuse me
Hey! Kim
Hey! What are you doing?
That's one extremely dangerous man
Shall we bring him in?
I'll do it
You kidding me?
We gotta bring him in
Did you wait long?
I promise I'll get the son of a bitch
and kick his ass
Can we please focus
on the mission at hand?
Let's do this
That looks good, too
It's delicious
There is a space behind
Judging by the depth, it could be...
An elevator
An office
Are you alright?
I'm fine
Who the fuck is this guy?
What the hell he's doing?
That looks like restaurant waiter
- Go! Check it out!
- Aright. I got this
I'm going in now
Please look after my wife
Go where?
Where are you going?
Wait for back up
Kim Chul-soo!
What's the matter with him?
Probably because of the wife
Let's go!
What's going on?
We need back up.
Back up
I'll repeat
This is so good
Cowboy's on the move
Americans are on the move
Come on
Let's go
Contact headquarters
Shit, everyone is on the move
This is an emergency situation
We have an emergency on level one
What the hell is going on?
Don't move!
Don't move!
Come on! Let's go!
Sir, they got us
Let's go!
I represent the Republic of Korea
You'll be placed under
our protection from now
- What's going on?
- I'll explain later
Proceed with plan B
Check up!
Cuckoo is gone
I got men down
I need back up state
Sir, they are on third floor
- Damn it
- Sir, look at this
- What!
- Third floor
Let's go
I apologize for that
For what?
Mission accomplished
What about my wife?
She's alive but...
Damn you, wife
How many?
Four or five
Don't shoot
Hold fire!
Don't shoot!
Are you okay?
Get down
Get down
Get down
Hurry! Hurry!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Good job! Well done
Great work
Well done
This is incredible
What is?
You know
Kim's going to be a dad
Wow! Bravo
Perhaps you should
give him a raise
What's she doing?
You know
He saved me at the hotel that day
and again, at the restaurant today
He risked his life to save mine
Just some guy
What guy?
An incredibly handsome man
He is following me around
saving me every time I'm in trouble
like a guardian angel, you know
But why?
I don't know
He says it's destiny
He said it was love at first sight
He couldn't help but to follow me
Am I that irresistible?
It's not surprising
I've always had these men...
Can't hear any more of it
What's this?
You're going to be a father
You should make a lot
more money from now
Is she crazy?
Stop! You can't
Can't what?
You shouldn't drink coffee
It's real bad for you
What are you on about?
I just had a terrible dream
You were about to drink
poisoned coffee
Have you been poisoning my coffee?
Since when were you so interested
in your wife's well-being?
I worry about you all the time
Yeah right! Do you know
how I've been these few days?
I barely escaped being killed
I hardly ate anything all day
because I feel sick
But the ice cream seemed fine
Ice cream seemed to
go down just fine
What the hell
are you talking about?
L gotta go
Just don't drink coffee
You're a dad
Man, you should really be
making more money
You're a father
Aren't you going home?
DS Chemicals is dropping like crazy
What? DS Chemicals?
What did you buy that for?
They said they'll be exporting
tear gas to Afghanistan
That's called inside trading
You wanna go to jail?
We're not civil servants
We're quasi-civil servant
Where is Baek?
She's in a meeting
with the Chief Secretary
Not at the National Intelligence
Services headquarters?
she requested the meeting
Her late father and
the Chief Secretary were close
They drew up the draft
for South-North agreement
Just wait and see
Something will come out of it
We have new information
about Cuckoo
Bring in all the tourists
Alright, class
Well done
Hey, what are you doing?
Where are you taking me?
Where are we going?
- What's going on?
- I don't know
Good afternoon
- What's going on?
- What are you doing?
Who are you?
What are you doing?
- What's going on?
- Who are you?
You've been through a lot
Let's start right away
We've got no time
Thank you for your cooperation
Mr. President!
What's the matter?
She vomited blood and passed out
The medical confirmed
that she died on the spot
I'll come right in
Cuckoo is fall down
Finally, cuckoo has died
Soon, we can start officially
the hostile M&A plan
attacking Korean companies.
We have a problem
It's a national emergency
We're placing you under arrest
for high treason
Don't touch me
AJ Corporation
An organization of greedy capitalist pigs
pillaging the world economy
Chief Secretary was one of them
My father sold weaponry to AJ Corp
in an effort to help tackle
the financial crisis of the fatherland
they just used him and betrayed him
Their financial firepower is
beyond your imagination
Their scheme is to maximize
the risk of potential war
and cause shares in South Korean
companies to fall
then buy off profitable corporations
at a fraction of the price
Like Lone Star did during
the IMF crisis
Their ultimate plan is
to run South Korea
The biggest problem is
that this is not the end
It's more like the start
With just one day to go
before the historic six-party talks
Susan's Nurimaru convention
center is bustling
- with last minute preparations
- Everything will be alright
Let's hope so
Come and take a look at this
Share prices are plunging
Just like Baek said
Foreign investors are
selling out fast
No! My 70,000 dollars
will vanish into thin air
What's going to happen now?
Can't we just arrest the AJ Chairman?
You're right!
According to Baek,
there is another man
who will carry out
the last mission in Seoul
But AJ thinks Baek is dead
We'll catch the bastard ourselves
How? When you don't
even know who he is?
We've got Kim
Kim! This operation...
Where is he?
He went over to escort Baek
When did he leave the country?
Right after the airplane terror
And when did he get back?
Blow up that image
Son of a bitch!
He knew who Kim was all along
That's how Kim
got tracked down every time
The terrorist attack
and the Bangkok restaurant
It was all him!
So he approached
Kim's wife on purpose, too?
I knew something didn't add up
She showed up everywhere
Hound him
off the tip you got yesterday
We tracked down the number
where the call was made
and went through the CCTV footage
within a 1km radius
It's this guy
I thought he was an AJ
why is he tipping us off
about A.J's spy?
Beats me
Pier 6, lncheon Port
What is that?
No. 3, stop unloading immediately
Yeah! Yes, sir
Let's start the party.
Wrap it up them.
Don't worry
There'll be no problem
Start our own party
What have you got there?
It's nothing
A baby?
After being married
for 7 years, finally...
You're becoming a father
- Congratulations
- Thank you
And the mother-to-be?
Just a house wife
She must be kind-hearted like you
You are okay?
Who is it?
I'm a Yakult lady
Mrs. Kim Yeong-hui!
Do you have any idea
how your irresponsible actions
put this country in crisis?
I don't understand
Answer carefully to
what I ask you
You recently visited
Thailand, correct?
You did, didn't you?
You're scaring me
Did you meet this man in Thailand?
Listen to me very carefully
This man known by the name Ryan
is a terrorist
What? A terrorist?
Don't you know
what a terrorist is?
He's like best buddies with
Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda
The man who you had an affair with!
What are you accusing me of?
You had drinks with him
and fooled around
and cried on his shoulders
How else would you describe that?
Shame on you
Your husband, Kim Chul-soo,
has become Ryan's target
My husband? But why?
That's for us to look into
Anyway, he approached you
with an intention
Why else would such a man
be interested in a woman like you
For what possible reasons?
Oh god...
It's him
This is a transmitter
Looks good on you
It's our latest gadget
Freshly arrived two days ago
We used to get glasses
but technology is advancing so fast
So I should wear this
and meet Ryan?
That's right
Let's do this
Shouldn't we at least notify Kim?
You want him to kill us all?
Maybe I should have gone instead
Shut up
My lord!
Calm down, Mrs. Kim
I'm calm... I'm calm
- Hi
- Hi
You Okay?
I'm fine
Chul-soo, you idiot!
Why didn't you tell me?
That you're married
I didn't?
I didn't mean to lie to you
If it weren't for your husband,
do you think
we could've had a chance?
Oh yes, baby
What the heck?
If he wasn't there
then maybe...
Then I should just kill him
Shall we
go somewhere else?
I know a good place
Hey, wait! Wait!
Wow, this is a really nice car
Is it a BMW? And... black
It's black, right?
It would be nice if you tell me
where we're going
Don't get too close
Did you bring a friend?
Hold tight
Hold what?
Step on it! Come on
Damn it
Get out
Why didn't you answer the phone?
Who are you?
Bring me the Cuckoo in 30 minutes
Or your wife dies
Who the fuck are you?
How dare you threaten me?
Besides, Baek is dead
30 minutes
On your own
- What?
- You gotta tell me where to meet
Ah, sorry
What's this?
See you soon
Son of a bitch!
Ryan called Kim
What do we do now, sir?
You're asking me?
Don't you know Kim's temper?
Do everything you can to stop him
- We've got the coordinates
- Where?
It's in lncheon
But we have a problem
Don't move, you bastards!
Are you crazy?
What do you think you're doing?
I'll open fire
Stop or we'll have to shoot you
Go on! Shoot me!
Come on, man!
What's wrong with you?
Are you trying to
get us all killed?
I said don't move, you bastards
Come on, man
Remove the magazines
Toss the guns over to me
Didn't I tell you stay close
to Baek at all times?
Are you doing your jobs?
If as much as a hair on Baek is hurt
I'll kill you all
What are you standing around for?
Go get him
I'll make sure we get them back
Man, my wife has been kidnapped
Your wife? How?
I don't know
That Ryan fucker has her
Didn't I say that something
was up with that bastard?
I gotta bring Baek to him
in 30 minutes
or he'll kill
Where is Baek?
She's with me
But you can't bring her to him
I have to!
Or he'll kill my wife
Okay... Where is your wife now?
I don't know
He gave GPS coordinates
It's the lncheon Industrial Complex
Is it?
Hey, how do you know that?
I happened to be in the area
Oh... Why?
I'm at my in-law's
I see
It's great!
So you're already there?
I'll see you soon
I knew I could always count on you
Don't mention it
You're the best
You didn't know that before?
Call me when you get here
What? What! What, man...
Nurimaru, Busan
Hello? Hello?
Can't you hear me? Please?
Thank you
Can I just ask...
What did my husband do wrong?
He stole something important
There's gotta be a mistake
He's not someone who'd
do something like that
He's a good man
once you get to know him better
He's a bad man
You're wrong
He's a good man
What did you steal, you idiot?
Oh my head...
We're getting a visual
I think we're close
Yeong-hui, can you hear me?
What's that?
I hear you now
It's a missile
What are you talking about?
I just arrived, too
Holy Mary!
- Get me Sales ll
- Yes, sir
Thank you, captain
If anything happened to Baek,
I swear I'll shoot all of you
right there and then
I'll sort out the mess with my life
I'm sorry, Miss Baek
But I'll keep you safe
Trust me
It's curious
How do they know that I'm not dead?
I thought AJ believes
that I was killed
Who called you the day before yesterday?
We are set
Everyone is in Busan
We don't worry about
the just get the money ready
Did you hear that?
It's Busan
Can you hear me?
She says Busan
Busan? Why Busan?
The six-party talk
Put Susan's Nurimaru on the line
Nurimaru is the target
We've got to get
everyone out of there
Cancel the talks immediately
Put Busan Nurimaru on the line
And get everyone out of there
- Now!
- Yes, sir
My god...
This looks like a missile
Cool, isn't it?
Isn't this a missile?
Is it real?
Where will you shoot this?
To Pyongyang
She says Pyongyang
War will break out
- I know
- Pardon?
Nothing will happen
if I blow it up in South Korea
It's not aimed at Busan
It's for Pyongyang
Get all Pyongyang citizens evacuated
Who the hell is this guy?
His real name is Kim Min-cheol
A former North Korean operative
working in the US
His mother is Russian
In the early 2000s,
the CIA was after him
He asked North Korea for help
but they turned a blind eye
Afterwards, he sought political asylum
in South Korea
but the request was also rejected
Later, he went over to Europe
and became a mercenary for AJ
but it appears he is actually
connected to General Martin
the world's biggest
military arms developer
Who is he then?
A double agent
A.J's objective is to create the fear of war
on the Korean peninsula
but General Martin
has different agenda
They want a full-blown war in Korea
How is Baek relevant in all this?
She is an authoritative scientist
in the field of AVLIS
The first thing you need
to build nuke is uranium 239
Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation System
known as AVLIS
is what you need to extract 239
Say that again in plain Korean?
You can make nuke
if you have Baek
She is worth hundreds of billions
Of course,
General Martin is interested
Can I ask you
why are you doing this?
You don' t look like the type
Ask your husband
Because he is a spy, too
You've got something
terribly wrong
My husband is just
an ordinary office worker
If one of us were a spy,
then it's more likely to be me
North Korea has already
denied your existence!
South Korea rejected your asylum!
Neither one of them
gives a shit about you!
How did it go?
This way, please
Our men are already on the case
- It's white
- Pardon?
A nuclear warhead
Code red! Code red!
Ryan has a nuclear warhead
I repeat
- Ryan has nuclear warhead
- A what'?
Get Tile-roofed House on the line
Call military headquarters
Have all forces dispatched to lncheon
Don't worry
Nothing will happen
Let's go
Don't rush
Wait for a cue
This is building A,
where the warhead is kept
The hostage trade will
take place in building B
Sales ll will proceed to A
and secure the White
Team I will rescue Baek
We've got 10 minutes
One at the rooftop entrance
One by the tower
Team ll, stand by
Enemy detected on rooftop
Eliminate target
We'll proceed rooftop
Complex B rooftop secure
Entering the target area
Enemy elimination confirmed
Good job
Get into positions
Hostage on sight
Cuckoo enters
Team ll proceed toward the warhead
Oh dear
I'm sorry
Let's go
Is that a gun? Jeez!
Stay down
Where did you get that?
Drop it
Turn yourself in
Alright, alright
Release your hostage first
You first
We'll do a simultaneous exchange
Aw! That hurts
Stay calm
Bye bye
Team ll, proceed
Counting down, 5
5,4, 3, 2
Launch grenade
Hey! I know you
My husband came
- He's here. My husband's here
- Come on
You alright, baby?
Don't you worry about anything
This is all part of an operation
We've got people from NIS, too
Nice to meet you
Who is this woman?
I'll tell you later
You know her?
Covering on third oor
Proceed to level 3 now
Stay right behind me, okay?
Hurry, please
What are you doing? Hurry up
10 minutes
Go. Go
You've got nothing to be afraid of
This place is surrounded by
NIS agents all over
Stay close to me
Stay focused!
I'll kick their asses
Get down
What a crazy bitch
There is no disarming device
It's active
but I can't tell
when it will be launched
There'll be a missile control box
I'll cover you
Go over there
Oh my god
Who are you?
Tell me
Are you really a spy?
Oh gosh
What's going on in here?
Cover me
Where are you going?
My God... Kim
Is he really a SPY?
Comrade Kim is carrying out
an important mission for the country
My husband?
And who the hell are you?
Get in
Go, go
Hey! Chul-soo!
- What about Baek?
- Sir?
Is she safe?
Of course
We are going to the position
Do you copy?
Roger that
Your way
See you there
What do you want?
You crazy bitch!
Damn it!
Don't shoot
Helicopter found
Game over!
Missile is launched
Kim is inside the helicopter
Baby! Oh God...
You alright?
The missile changed course, sir
Where to?
Open sea
It's headed toward open sea
This is the destiny!
Nobody wins,
nobody losers...
nobody cares
Good bye, my friend.
Ryan is falling
Ryan fell off the chopper
Land it! Now!
Kim's wife is hanging off the chopper
Don't you let me go
if you do,
I'll follow you around from hell
Stop talking!
I'm barely hanging on
We have to get to them
Increase altitude
Press from above
Yes, sir
Pull up!
They fell off
They fell off, sir
Kim, his wife and Baek
AH of them
Look out
You poor thing
- Can you come over for a sec?
- Can you hold the bandage?
Is this how you've been
living all this time?
Risking your life everyday
for how much?
60,000 after taxes
For only 60,000 dollars?
Wait a minute. 60,000?
Not 40,000?
- I'm gonna kill you
- Ah, no...
Don't get mad over petty things
It's bad for the baby
What baby?
You'll be a mother soon
What are you talking about?
How do you know that?
I just do
I'm going to be a mom?
The government filed a suit against
the multi-national investment firm
AJ Corporation
and General Martin
at the International Committee of Jurists
for conspiring to incite war in Korea
for financial gain
What are you doing?
I was watching that
From now, we'll accept
hand-written receipts
for up to 50 dollars
Just got the approval from above
I'm serious
First daughter is like a seed money
for the family
You'll have many more children,
won't you?
Thank you for coming
Thank you
Mom, this is my boss
a senior colleague and Doctor Baek
Oh, you shouldn't have
taken the trouble to come
Thank you so much coming
Many congratulations, ma'am
What a good-looking fella
Looks just like his father
It's a girl
Wow, what a gorgeous
little girl you are
You'll grow up to bewitch many men
She's beautiful
Thank you, Doctor Baek
Excuse me
How's it going?
How are you?
How much is it?
No, I should treat you
How much is it?
It's free
Promotional giveaways
Then give me a few more
There are so many of us
Can you watch her
for a little bit?
Do you need the toilet?
I need to be somewhere with
With me?
Come on