The Squad (2023) Movie Script

What the fuck?
Well, what was that?
We were playing,
marry, shot, kill.
I was going to marry him.
Oh, well, then I took him out
of his misery with her death.
He was totally shaggable.
Ew, it's crooked.
Now it is.
Hey, why the fuck did
you pack so much shit?
Juicy peal, half
of this is Dani's.
Oh, not true.
How many lotions are yours?
Well, bigger boobs
mean more fabric.
Did you get the brick?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.
It's right here.
Checking out at 7B.
(SINGING) I got a job in the
Valley, but today I didn't go.
I need a day off, but
the boss says, hell no.
I'm going to get drunk and smoke
three packs of Marlboroughs.
Part of me thinks, I ain't ever
going to make it back home.
I got a wife at the house,
but she got no love for me.
Dropped on the couch, on
the phone, watching TV.
The woman I married wasn't
nearly so goddamn mean.
And she didn't suck down
so many benzodiazepines.
I'm going to go to the bank
and cash out my account.
Ride straight to the tavern
and drink a disgusting amount.
Spin my pistol, and baby,
you better watch out.
But wherever it points,
I'm coming to your town.
Been drunk since I left, and
chain-smoking Marlborough.
And part of me thinks I ain't
ever gonna make it back home.
How the fuck did Alpha
even find this place?
You know what she says--
there's riches in
the niches, bitches.
This place is certainly niche.
I do not know how many
more years I can do this.
Yeah, this work
schedule is killing me.
I mean, one full
week every year?
This real estate guy?
10x-- that's all we need.
One mission.
Town takeover.
(SINGING) Woke up in the desert
with the sun burning my eyes.
And I feel like I'm on fire
and they're all around me.
My, my, they're in my head,
the snakes around my bed.
And they're crawling
up my every thought--
I think they want me dead.
All I see is a pack of vultures.
All I need is just a
rock to bring one down.
What makes you feel
so damn confident?
I can't breathe with all
these wolves around me.
Like a cuff to my wrist,
I'm clenching my fist.
I think the worst is yet to
come, but I'm a give 'em one.
They're knocking at my door,
the writing's on the wall,
and they're setting
up the guillotine--
heads will hit the--
heads will hit the floor.
All I see is a pack of vultures.
All I need is a rock
to bring one down.
What makes you feel
so damn confident?
I can't breathe with all
these wolves around me.
All these wolves around me.
Hire them or kill them?
Set up a meeting
with the girls.
The new shit is everywhere.
We should start
stocking that stuff.
Roberto sent me a text.
Earl wants to meet those girls.
JC is bringing one of the
girls to Earl's tonight.
We'll get more.
I should get a ponytail.
The new stuff?
MAREO, "TEST ME"] This is not
a warning.
You think that I'm running
in place, job really testing
my patience.
Fight or I blow up the spot.
I had to get back to the basics.
What if my talent is wasted?
I'm sick but I'm
lacking the patience.
Fuck this, I rap
in the basement--
Hey, girl.
My new friend, Bella.
This shit is stellar.
So you're a retailer?
I'm more of a broker.
Ah-- well, I can get you a
lot of good shit to broker.
(SINGING) Don't make me lose my
mind don't make me let me lose
my mind like Wesley tells me
He's the retailer.
I'm Earl.
You like this music?
Like Earl, Earl?
Oh, you got to get yourself
a better drug boss name.
Like dirty Earl.
Or ooh, like Biggie.
It's U-R-L.
Like a fucking website?
Yeah, like fucking website,
for my own goddamn record
label, here making it.
Play the ladies one of the hits.
We don't have any.
I thought you
were a drug dealer.
Yeah, I got lots
of businesses.
You got to hide money
and spread it around.
Here, not that one.
The other one.
Oh, that's it.
That's the one.
You like that?
All the ladies like that one.
Right there.
Oh, fuck-- it's like a
crack a lantern in there.
Aren't you cute.
You and your little girlfriends,
you're in the wrong town.
Listen, you're here to
audition for a video.
OK, Harvey Weinstein.
Whoa, whoa, whoa--
don't you compare
me that fucking pig.
I don't force myself on anybody.
Girls fuck me because
I give them drugs.
You take the free huffed-up
samples and go the fuck home.
Let me give you a
market analysis here.
I've got better product.
Creates a stronger craving,
more repeat business, 10x sales,
a week from tomorrow.
No, why the fuck spring
breakers gonna pay 10 times
to get high?
Sales tactics.
What's your sales
tactic for this?
I'll take all your top
tier shit for free.
Maybe I'll let you live.
My sales training says, you
don't shoot your supplier.
You embrace your supplier,
and hire good salespeople.
Goddamn it, fuck!
Let's go!
URL: Shit.
Well, we got an opening.
Hey, work out the details.
Set it up.
She's got him.
Let's get out of here.
That is why he can't
pay child support.
It's like a bad spray tan.
We've all been there.
Once or twice.
You're a spray tan bully.
It's like he's driving
a prison jumpsuit.
Url, I presume.
That has got to be the no
pussiest-getting situation I
have ever seen.
Did you get all that?
Url is not the man.
100% a man without teeth.
You have two days
to take the town.
Spring break is short.
Hey, ponytail, you
coming in today, or what?
[TJ HICKEY & OLLIE JOSEPH, "BEIT RIGHT"] I been shining under
city lights.
All this doubt around me,
then but look, I got it right.
Don't you try to hit me.
Now you live a petty life.
All those nights I laid awake,
I prayed for better life.
Fucking meetings.
If the meeting goes too long,
can I start shooting people?
That might be bad for morale.
And team-building and shit.
All right.
Let me see 'em.
Ah, it's like you have
your own dairy section.
And I'm almond milk.
Oh, yeah, but you're tall.
We just grew in
different directions.
That JC chick says we're
meeting Franken-tooth tonight.
Can we meet at like--
what's that place?
Pints and Pies?
Yeah, no, we're
definitely going
to have to eat beforehand.
Can we bring pizza?
Maybe something softer.
No, this place definitely
looks like one of those places
where they're going to
pick us off one by one
until we agree to their terms.
Maybe they'll just
hold us hostage.
OK, that's called a meeting.
Fuck me.
That JC girl might.
You were crushing
on her hard, dude.
She held her own when the--
Look, I promise not to shoot
your little girlfriend, OK?
But the rest of these scrubs--
It's Alpha.
I made some calls,
and it's as I thought.
The guy you're meeting
is not the guy.
Called it.
Which is good.
If he was, I would pull you out.
Get rid of him tonight.
And we'll see if the
guy actually shows.
Let's party, ladies.
All right, gang.
Copy one.
Copy two, bikini.
We're a lot.
I find that just one of
us helps maintain focus.
I have a gun on me and the
safety isn't on, so be careful.
You knew we'd check for a gun.
It's part of my
sales training.
Safety first, and shit.
This way.
She came alone.
Wants a more short,
focused meeting.
Big Url.
Who the fuck are you?
Can I offer you a drink?
No, thanks.
You're never going
to get a girlfriend
with that whole rapey vibe.
It's all in the eyes.
Girls like kind eyes.
Try it.
Let's see.
Still a little sex-trafficky.
I just think a big
fun smile would help.
I sampled your shit.
You must have connections,
then, because we're sold out.
It's good, though.
It's addicting.
10x in sales.
Well, this spring
break is mine.
I want you to supply me for
the whole lake this season
for free, then
I'll buy from you.
Yeah, see, I came
here to negotiate.
But that's a shitty
starting point, Url.
Sugar, you are in way
over your head already.
She's wired.
Of course she is.
May I have your IFB?
Find them.
You already have my gun.
What do you want next?
My drugs?
Or my bikini?
I'll take that bikini first.
Are you sure?
Because the girls are
a little distracting.
See that's the whole
rapey vibe I was talking.
I'm reporting you to HR.
I told you they
were distracting.
Did someone say, bikini?
Did I hear three more shots?
You did.
I really hate your vocal fray.
Your words are like super long.
Super long.
I'm annoyed that you--
You just sound super--
Guys, he's here--
we got to go.
It's rude to stare.
My count is four.
Send my regrets to those three
spring breakers about Chicago.
I have a good man there.
We will take care of it.
How long till he can move?
A few weeks.
Thank you.
Can you communicate
with New York?
Not directly.
This guy-- this guy said
he's sending a crew.
Need to tell the
girls, tell the girls.
Maintain communication
with New York.
Keep momentum.
Don't show any weakness
in the operation.
I can handle the rest.
They are coming
by way of Chicago.
By way of Chicago.
Rest, rest, shh.
Under the mattress,
just in case.
Ah, yes-- just in case.
We need to talk.
I know that look.
Don't start with the whole,
this is my last year shit again.
Having a gun on my face
is giving me wrinkles.
How else are you
going to 10x, Bella?
I've been saving.
Maybe invest in some of that
real estate shit you're into.
Come on.
Less chance of getting shot.
Looks better on a resume.
You're applying for jobs?
You're still thinking
you'll find your parents.
What if I find them?
What would I say?
I'm a drug dealer
who shoots people?
No, they had forever
to find you, OK?
Look at all of us.
We're all foster bitches.
No one came looking for
any of us, except Alpha.
We are our only family.
But if you do find
your real parents,
you can tell them that you're
one of the top salespeople
in the country.
Pharmaceutical sales.
You guys don't ever
think about your parents?
We had you.
day Alpha kidnapped us
from those sketch fosters,
she saved our lives.
Three girls, all minors,
were kidnapped at gunpoint
today from their foster parents'
home on the city's South Side.
The foster parents
claim they didn't
know the identity of the
young female who kidnapped
their three foster children,
but as police investigated,
they discovered
the foster parents
were manufacturing and selling
meth out of their house.
The foster parents, Ronnie
Fields and Darla Haygood,
were taken into custody.
Authorities say the whereabouts
of the three foster children
is unknown, and a city-wide
search is underway.
Marie Kemp, News Now.
Who the fuck killed Alpha?
Who the fuck killed Alpha?
Get off of me!
I know you--
I know you know who
fucking killed--
We don't know who
we work for anymore.
Yeah, or who we can trust.
We've been with her
almost our whole lives.
You killed my boss,
they killed yours.
Oh, so we're even now?
One guy made it.
We need him.
Roberto, he's connected.
He was running shit
around here, anyway.
Who else?
Me, Taylor, and
a few other locals.
And who's coming?
There's a crew coming
in from New York City.
They're coming in
to restructure.
It's a lot bigger.
Thanks for the
career guidance.
When do they get here?
Roberto and I can keep
the momentum going,
but there's 23 locations.
It's much bigger.
Roberto and I can handle
it, and we'll get you in.
Greetings from the North Pole.
I have everything under control.
You have the
situation under control?
I had the brains, the
girl, she can do the rest.
Better than before-- her
also I sent to the inventory.
There's a girl-- she is clean.
She's strong.
She's smart.
OK, amigo.
I want to meet this girl.
Please, be my guest.
Have a seat.
She'll be here soon.
How soon?
You hand me my phone,
I can message her.
It's right there in my jacket.
What's her name?
What do I say?
Is there some kind of code
word I'm going to use?
Tell her my friends from
New York have arrived.
They want to meet at the house.
Gracias, amigo.
You can rest now.
I'm thinking.
Do you have family waiting
for you in New York?
Someone waiting for you
to come home tonight?
I won't feel so guilty.
Nice to meet you, JC.
Wish I could say the same.
We need a district manager.
We're spanning to 42
locations next week,
spring break is short.
Is this your job offer?
There's two guys with
bullet holes in their heads,
and your guy in
the hallway, he's
going to need a little
help getting into the car.
We need somebody who's smart.
Someone I can trust
to do good work.
I'm going to need people.
Good people.
The girls-- they're clever.
They have a pipeline
to better inventory.
You give me the
girls, you get me.
If they're as good as you
say, you just saved their lives.
You'll see.
Trying to stay out
of the line of fire?
What line of fire?
That one.
Could you have
walked any slower?
Where's the other guy?
What other guy?
Oh, fuck.
That one.
You are-- you're a sicko.
Why don' you put some
clothes back on, hmm?
What are you now?
A bikini bully?
It's about time.
Two, got it.
My apologies for the
lateness, ladies.
Had an out of town
housekeeping gig.
Let's get the
fuck out of here.
The team we sent is offline.
The numbers on this
spreadsheet, are they real?
They're very real, sir.
So my men are being killed,
our market shares are being
stolen by three
spring-breakers in bikinis?
They're persuasive.
Put their pictures up there.
The one on the left
goes by G. Loves to shoot.
That's Bella.
And this one is Dani.
Don't worry, my
men think up here.
I will run the operations.
I could use a
little spring break.
Let's go to Oklahoma.
There's a shipment
arriving at the docks.
We will intercept it.
Perhaps the young
ladies will be there.
Get up.
We've got a delivery
at the dock.
Fuck this shit.
If I just showed
up nude, do you
think they'll carry it for us?
Why do you say it like that?
It's nude, not nude.
Well, how about buck-nekkid?
It's naked with an A.
You guys are word bullies.
That's not a thing.
That is definitely
not a thing.
Need a lift?
Thanks for the help.
I've been busy.
Now let's ride, bitches.
I'm taking care
of the situation.
Go pick up the
remaining inventory.
Take the girls back
to my new office.
Shocklifters-- they're
headed to the warehouse.
So am I.
BELLA: You sure?
These guys are a
different level.
I'll shadow the new guy.
Happy Easter, motherfucker.
What are you, rejects
from the PURGE?
Put the money in here.
Show yourself, or I'll
kill them one at a time.
Put down your gun and
slide it toward me.
Take them to the car.
I'll deal with this one.
We have been unable to track
the source of your inventory.
You killed two
men at the dock.
Now one more.
I'm going to cut you
into several pieces.
You'll be alive
to feel all of it.
HEF: And when we are
unable to track the source,
it's because the
source has some pull--
typically, law enforcement.
Then I'm going to leave
you with one hand and a gun.
You decide how long
you wish to live.
That's really generous.
But I'm right handed, so if
you could leave this hand,
I'd really appreciate it.
Now, would you happen to
know anything about the source?
I don't know.
You've been under for a year.
I believe you do know.
I'm going to need some
very specific answers.
What is the source of
your special inventory?
I don't need to work with you.
I'll just kill your sisters one
at a time until you tell me.
Be shame to-- such
a pretty face.
Here, I'll set down the gun.
Maybe you can think a
little more clearly.
But I'm going to need an answer.
You have 10 seconds.
That's too much--
- -time.
You need to get
your shit packed.
Big boys are in town.
Who are the big boys?
Frosty the Snowman.
Frosty the Snowman sells coke?
Now, that's a
fucking drug dealer.
Thank you.
Throw your bags in the back.
Oh, shit, Jayce--
You should see the other guy.
I got a souvenir
back there for you.
What the fuck are these masks?
It's the number two guy.
His name is Hef.
His boys did a job one time,
they all wore bunny mask.
It became a thing.
Who the fuck is Hef?
The Playboy magazine guy.
So like Playboy Bunnies.
Those are creepy as shit.
He's got ass breath.
Guys, they have Taylor.
I tracked her phone.
What do they want with Taylor?
They want something,
or she'd be dead.
They want her.
They already think we're dead.
Too much spotlight.
HEF: Go home, boss.
I'll clean up here.
You've got two days.
We have no more use for you.
You have two options--
get the fuck out of
this town or die.
That was fucking bad ass.
Get the fuck out or die.
Love it.
FROSTY: Maybe we could
all work together.
I believe she said
you got two options.
You don't want to kill me.
I want to make you
a lot of money.
Everybody has a price.
Yeah, but we're kind of lazy.
Only good for
about a week a year.
And you really
fucked up our week.
Way too much work.
My apologies.
I'll take that first option
and get the fuck out.
How much more?
Let me give you
a presentation.
We'll fly to New York,
we'll sort it all out.
On the plane?
You three could run
the whole operation.
This is so stranger danger.
So don't take the candy,
don't get in the car.
Or get on the plane.
Very well, ladies.
Bianca is my chief
negotiator, and she's
my beautiful granddaughter.
You can work out the details
with her here in Oklahoma.
I'm down.
And your friend, JC, will
she be joining the party?
Just us three.
As I suspected.
Make them the kind of offer
that'll change their lives.
Fuck, yeah, Bianca.
If you'll excuse me, ladies,
I've got a flight to catch.
Hi, I'm Bella.
Gina, call me G.
I know who you are.
Let's talk inside.
What are the chances
there's more than one
of those in this town.
She's been here awhile.
Thank you.
So those three
bitches cut me out
after all I've done for them?
They won't make
it till tomorrow.
Fix yourself a drink.
Let me fill you in
on a little secret.
Any second now,
two federal agents
are going to pull up
next to this plane.
The cop your guy tried to
kill-- you know, cute blonde?
Name's Taylor.
First year out of the Academy.
She's here locally doing
an undercover sting.
They don't take kindly to the
torture of law enforcement
agents, cops.
Sadly, that little undercover
rookie isn't going to make it.
She's at the safe hours
with Lieutenant Hef.
We should take off.
So you're probably wondering
how I know all of this.
Well, you're plugged in.
You play both sides.
I get it.
You hear that?
Right on time.
Welcome aboard.
Mr. Fontini Arnaud Tetelli.
Just call me Frosty.
Get to the safe house, now.
Is that your orange truck?
Super cute.
Love it.
So pumpkin.
Yeah, but it's fucking ugly.
Gina hates long meetings.
I hate meetings, too.
This will be short.
Let's get out of here.
Slide the gun in front of
the door where I can see it.
It's just me.
You found the gun.
Let's get you out of here.
Save it.
As you wake up, you'll have
this excessive urge to escape.
But stay calm and
listen to my voice.
You're all going to die
today, one at a time.
No, I don't want
you to die, yet,
so I'm going to take
the tape off your mouth.
If I hear one fucking sound,
it's going right back on.
Now, I think each of you
cares for the other two.
So if you want to end things
quickly for your sister, Bella,
you'll tell me what
I want to know.
This is acid.
I'm sure you can smell
that from where you are.
This shit is strong.
It just melted
the fucking floor.
Now, as promised, I'm going
to keep this meeting short.
Let's get straight
to the deal points.
I'm going to ask you a question.
If you give me an
answer I don't like,
I'm going to stick
Bella's foot in that pot.
This is not my first time.
You guys should've stayed small.
Not fucked with my grandfather.
But here we are.
Now, for the good news--
if you give me an
answer I do like,
he's going to shoot Bella
in the back of the head
and end it quickly.
Now, since you've been
drugged, I'm going to recap.
Good answer, quick death.
Bad answer, boiled alive.
Here we go.
Question number one,
who manufactures
the pills and powders
you've been selling?
The manufacturing is done at
a warehouse on the Mississippi
River, north of New Orleans.
The man who runs it is Teague.
Never heard of him.
For good reason.
Most haven't.
Thank you for your honesty.
That was a good answer.
I love you.
It's OK, take it
slow, take it slow.
Who's Teague?
Hey, how's my girl?
Stay for a month if
they had better cable.
We brought down
Frosty the Snowman.
Welcome aboard Mr.
Fontini Arnaud Tetelli.
Just call me Frosty.
Today, we've cut
some flight time.
Instead of landing
in New York, we're
going to be landing at a
federal holding facility.
We're federal air marshals,
and you're under arrest.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you do say can and
will be used against you
in a court of law.
For now.
He's got so many people.
Are you bringing the girls in?
I've been trying to figure
out what to do with those three.
I kinda miss JC.
At least she's alive.
Yeah, in jail.
Not sure which is worse, jail?
Did you ever get
a vibe off her?
Like a hot vibe?
Like an undercover
cop kind of vibe?
Yeah, I got that vibe, too.
Well, I guess she's not.
Or we'd be the ones in
jail instead of her.
I've been thinking
about bringing them in,
but I've been
doing a head count.
They've been able to infiltrate
and put away more cartel
than we have.
I miss her so much.
Can we even do
this without Alpha?
We still have each other.
The Squad.
yeah, The Squad.
OK, I want to be--
Gina wants some love.
We'll let them
stay in the field,
keep supplying the drugs
we confiscate from Miami.
He intercepted.
It's the highest
grade stuff out there.
The more sounds we can
drip into with these three,
the more cartel we can attract.
Put away.
It's quite a team.
JC: Squad goals.
Do you think
they know about me?
And you?
JC: They're pretty intuitive.
They're coming.
You should go.
You should go.
She got off.
I have a good member.
We will take care of it.
I'll take out the trash.
Good work, Mac.
I'm dead.
It's going to
break the hearts.
You're all they have.
I'm going to make it
up to them next year.
Get back to Oklahoma.
My apologies for
the lateness, ladies.
Had an out of town
housekeeping gig.
I'll start prepping for Miami.
You think they're
ready to scale.
They're ready.
"TEST ME"] I don't care now,
it's pedal to the metal.
I can never quit now,
I will never settle.
Pump into the game, I'm
pulling strings like Gepetto.
We're in the same game, but
I'm on a different level--
I passed it.
Got to keep grinding till
I'm laid up in the casket.
No fake round me, you
feeling too plastic.
Yeah, y'all,
feeling too plastic.
This ain't my style, crazy,
but in the straight jacket.
Wow, why are you still
testing my patience?
Trying to turn me into
something I ain't trying to be?
All the haters in
heavy rotation,
you going to lose
yourself quit testing me.
Don't make me lose my mind.
Don't make me lose my mind.
Don't make me lose my
mind, like Wesley, test me.
Don't make me lose my mind.
Don't make me lost my mind.
Don't make me lose my mind,
because I'm making Wesley,
test me.
[TJ HICKEY & OLLIE JOSEPH, "BEIT RIGHT"] I was standing under
city lights.
All this doubt around me,
then but look, I got it right.
Don't you try to hie me
now, you live a petty life.
All those nights I laid awake,
I pray for a better life.
Now I wake up with a
baddie like I said I might.
This a better life, you
never tried, I bet it right.
This a better life, you
never tried, I bet it right.
You been stuck just where you
are because you never tried.
Wanted a better life, I
had to try, I bet it right.