The Square Ring (1953) Movie Script

Evening, Tom.
Evening, Danny.
Kid Curtis tonight, eh?
The great comeback.
How you gonna get him into the ring?
He'll be there.
Last week we could've put him on skates.
Ever see him when he was good?
See him?
I was in his corner right there
when he won the area championship.
And I saw him win the British
and Empire title at Harringay.
The Culross fight, got me
up there for luck, he said.
What's he wanna come back for?
They never make it.
Once a champ, always a champ.
Evening, Danny, here's
the list of runners.
Thanks, any news yet, Al?
Last night, boy, that makes eight.
How do you feel?
A bit tired.
I'm not surprised.
two, three, four, testing.
Hello, Danny.
Hello, Flo, what about it?
Okay Harry, save it.
Evening, Frank.
Hello, Danny.
Come on, who do you think
you are, Dennis Compton?
Ah, don't come the old acid
just because I've got my self-respect.
You've got too
much, it warrants cutting.
Now get busy.
Okay, okay, who have we got
in this dressing room tonight
beside Kid Curtis?
Well let's see, the first
one on is Whitey Johnson.
Not Whitey, I thought he was dead.
Whitey'll never die.
There's Rowdie Rawlings, Happy Burns,
now there's an up-and-coming boy.
Rick Martell, and a novice,
a Welsh boy, first time in.
Oh dear, oh dear.
Well, I suppose they
gotta start somewhere.
I don't know why it always
has to be in my dressing room.
Is Alf there?
Is Alf up there?
Hello, lookin' for somebody?
I'm fighting here tonight.
Yeah, which corner?
Number two, I, I think.
Well first door down on your left.
I'll be seeing ya.
You blokes got my gear ready yet?
It'll be ready when you need it.
He'll need it, all right.
We've got a novice in tonight.
Oh no, I only got last
week's blood off yesterday.
Oh, it's all yours son.
Hi, I-I-I'm Lloyd, Eddie Lloyd.
Pleased to meet you,
make yourself at home.
There's the lockers, take your pick.
First in, best dressed.
First out, best dressed.
Keep your eye on your clothes, chump.
They've got you fighting second tonight
with Ern DeGrazos.
Who got that fight for you?
Oh, it was Mr. Warren.
He said if I did well he might take me on.
Good boy, DeGrazos, savage puncher.
That's right, that's
right, cheer him up.
I'm just telling him
the truth, that's all.
DeGrazos happens to be good, that's all.
With a left hand like a kick
from a mule, that's all.
Well, well, I reckon my
left hand's not too bad.
"Deadly," they say about DeGrazos,
deadly with that left hand.
Now, turn it up.
You'll have him scared stiff
before he gets in the ring.
Evening, has Happy Burns shown up yet?
Not yet, Mr. Lewis.
When he comes in, tell him
I'll be across in the pub
and I'll see him later.
the boy is up and coming.
I told you to come by train.
But Lou, you can't run
out of petrol on a train.
Now if I'd known you were
travelling with my favourite woman.
Hello, Happy.
Come on
girls, I'll buy you a drink
before I clock on.
No, you go on in Happy, I'll
take care of the debutantes.
That's it son, get 'em
ready for presentation.
Oh, isn't he fresh?
He's not as fresh as I'd like him to be.
Come on.
Evening, Happy.
Evening, Colonel.
- Watcher, Happy.
- Watcher, my son.
Hey Happy, just a minute, mate.
My kid wants you to sign his book for him.
Here you are.
I'll make me mark.
Ah, come off it, Happy.
You oughta treasure that, son.
What's the other cross for?
My manager, he can't write either.
Hiya, Happy, how're the girlfriends?
Ah, they're just crazy about me.
I've gotta knock 'em back
now with a thick stick.
- Get away.
- It's true,
I'm thinkin' of puttin' an extra man on.
All right, let the revels
commence, I'm here.
Well you can ruddy well go away again
and let us have a bit of peace.
Hello, Happy, how are you son?
Hello, Happy.
Oh, my two favourite people!
What've you been doing with yourself?
What's the matter, son,
don't you read the papers, eh?
17 fights in six months, that's all.
17 fights, Danny, and look
at me, would you guess it?
Look at that nose, son, straight
as a die, not a dent in it.
Not a little teeny, weeny mark.
17 fights in six months and not a mark
on my beautiful kisser.
Oh, blimey, I'm beautiful,
you know, I'm beautiful.
17, that's too many fights, boy.
I know a bloke who got double
vision from working like that.
You must be rolling in money.
Oh, I've got too much.
I'm giving it away to the poor people.
Here, cocko, go careful
with that, it's paid for.
Happy Burns, how are you, son?
Oh, E-E-Eddie Lloyd,
pleased to meet you.
Look at that nose, son, will ya?
Look at that nose, straight
as a die, not a dent in it.
Oh, no wonder the women
claw each other to death
just to be near me.
Uh, when do I change, sir?
Now, in case Whitey's late.
Oh, I see Rick Martell's on the bill.
Yeah, he's making a fortune.
What, him?
The best horizontal
heavyweight in the business?
Yes, he sells the soles of his boots
for advertising space.
All around papers.
Evening papers, extra papers.
Just buy a paper.
Uh, see you in there in a minute, Rick.
I gotta meet some fellas first.
See ya, Frankie.
Get your paper.
Paper, paper.
He'll go in the fourth.
Tell the boys to help to
themselves, and get me a price.
Paper, paper.
You're gonna win tonight,
Rick, I know you are.
Uh now listen, Frankie,
why don't you wait for me somewhere.
I'm gonna watch you are you're
gonna win, I know you are.
I've got a feeling tonight's the night.
You've had enough bad
luck, haven't you, Rick?
Yes, yes, I suppose I have.
Like your last fight,
everyone thought you was winning
until you got that unlucky one.
A man sitting next to me
lost five pounds on you.
He was ever so surprised.
You should've heard
what he said about you.
I was that mad, I turned
right round him and said,
"If my Rick heard you say that about him,
"he'd knock your teeth right
in the back of your throat."
He soon
shut up, I can tell you.
You know a boxer can't win every time.
Darling, I can't hardly
bear it when you lose.
It doesn't seem right, somehow.
Tonight, you've got to win.
Like this.
Uh, you got me.
I'll see ya after the fight.
Yeah, does anybody know
anything about this Watson bloke
I'm suppose to be fighting tonight?
Yes, I do.
All right, let me tell him.
Got a wicked right hand, they say.
Ex-marine, commando,
a terrible right hand.
Oh, come off it, Danny.
That's the truth, Happy, right hand
like a stick of dynamite, plain dynamite.
Shut up, will ya.
I'm not kidding, Happy, it's the truth.
See, so you better keep your
nose out of the way, Happy.
If he flattens that, you'll be
losing all your girlfriends.
Well I'll still have me
charm and culture, won't I?
Hey, look who's here.
Don't tell me you've
still got your licence.
You talk too much.
Hello, Rick.
- Hi, Danny.
- Hi, Rick.
Now come on, Eddie,
what'd you do, fall in?
I want to bandage you.
Yes, your hands before you fight,
and the rest of you afterwards.
Oh, you're new, eh?
Oh yes sir, I've been
fighting as a amateur.
What'd you turn pro for?
Oh, I don't know, I
thought I'd have a bash,
and the money's good.
So's the bash.
All you amateurs come into the pro game
thinking it's gonna be easy.
You should know.
What's eating him?
What a programme, eh?
Kids and has-beens.
Which are you?
How's any manager got
Kid Curtis top of the bill?
He still draws the crowd.
Especially in this town,
he married a local girl.
Yeah, and he's still a has-been.
That's better than a never-will-be.
I'm a never was.
15 years in the ring and I end
up nursemaiding you blokes.
Now hold still Eddie
while I fix your nappy.
Well, if ever you hear
about me trying to go on
when I'm past it, you can
take me outside and shoot me.
Why wait?
I'll come up
there and clout you.
Come on Rowdie, come on, you're late.
Watcher, Rowdie boy.
That's a nice haircut.
Yattitee, yattitee, yattitee,
he'll get lockjaw the
way he keeps on talkin',
I'm not kiddin'.
Where's Whitey, doesn't
he know he's on first?
Whitey again.
What is this, old favourites night?
Don't you worry, mate,
you'll see, you'll see.
Snap into it, Whitey, you're on first.
What do they mean, pushing me around, eh?
I'm no mug.
First, you wait till I see
Mr. Adams, I'll give him first.
Just you wait till I see him.
Who does he think he
is, putting me on first?
Johnson, you're late.
Yeah, Mr. Adams.
You want this fight, or don't ya?
Get moving, you're on first.
Yeah, that's right, Mr. Adams, first.
Boy, you told him.
- Ah!
- And how.
Don't sit around,
Eddie, you'll get cold.
Start warming up, son.
Hey, Whitey, where have you been?
Nevermind where I've
been, first, first, first,
they're always putting me in first.
I'm no prelim fighter, these
geezers oughta know that.
The mugs oughta be first.
Here, I told old Adams,
see, I just told him.
Did you frighten him?
Oh, I'm no mug start, man,
I was fighting features
afore you was born.
Before who was born, old Moore?
Yeah, listen you...
Now come on, Whitey, cut it out son,
stop wasting time, we're
late enough already.
Yeah, I'll give 'em first.
Yes, you give 'em first.
Hey, you scared?
No, no, I'm, I'm just
a bit nervous, like,
I want to put up a good show.
I got my mom and dad out there, see.
Don't worry, son, it's
the same for all of us.
Don't tell me you've got a mom and dad.
Get out of it.
Ah, you see, it's always
been a bit of sport before.
You'll learn.
Don't mind him, son,
he's taken more dives
than Esther Williams.
Where's my boy, Martell?
He's in there, Mr. Warren.
Oh, Mr. Warren...
Later, son, later.
Well the money's on for the fourth.
And remember to make it look
better than you did last month.
I didn't wanna do it then,
and I don't wanna do it now.
Listen, when you wanted the
money bad I worked it for you.
If it hadn't been for me, you'd be inside.
I don't care.
This is the last time.
Rick, we're in too deep.
There's others making money
outta you and they wanna go on.
This is the last time, I'm telling you.
And who's been telling
you, that skirt of yours?
Cut it out!
What good do you
think she's gonna do ya?
She's proud of me, she
thinks I'm wonderful, see.
Come off it, I can guess the sort she is.
What, you keep your dirty mouth off her.
We're gonna get married, see.
C-c-congratulations, Rick.
I didn't mean anything, honest, I didn't.
Then don't say it, that's all.
Excuse me.
Uh, righto Rick, see you in your corner.
Keep warm now.
Well why don't you stay with him,
you're reckoned to be pretty hot.
Oh, I'm here, Mr. Warren.
Who are you?
Eddie Lloyd, remember,
you saw me at the gym.
Yeah, look, I'm busy just now.
Oh well, I just thought I'd...
Later son, later, see how you go, eh?
First, first, first, they're
always putting me on first.
I know more than all of 'em put together.
I've won more fights than
this lot's had hot dinners.
Now come on Whitey,
give us your hands.
- First, first,
I'll show 'em, mate, I'll come back.
They're lettin' Jim Curtis
come back, aren't they?
They're featuring him, ain't they?
Well why won't they give me a chance, hey?
What have you come for?
To see my wife.
Haven't you done her enough harm?
What do you mean harm,
it wasn't me who left her.
No, and how long before
you noticed she'd gone?
Just let me see Peg, will ya?
And where's all the money now?
The great comeback.
Please, Father.
Come in, Jim.
Four teas and four cheese rolls, please.
Hello, Jim, I wondered if you'd come.
Well I couldn't very
well be fighting here
and not look you up, could I?
Well, sit down, Jim.
Well, I've missed ya,
Peg, all these years.
You knew where I was.
Yes but, I didn't wanna see ya until...
Until what?
Well, I was having a bad patch.
But, I'm coming back, Peg, I,
I've won three fights already.
And lost two.
Well I was robbed the last one.
You've been following it, have you?
Have you?
What if I have?
Why did you come, Jim?
I suppose to, to see if
there was anything left
between you and me.
There isn't enough to
make you chuck it, is there?
Fighting's my job, Peg.
And I'm on my way up again,
and if you were back with me...
I'll never come back while
you're still in the ring.
I told you that when you were champion
and I'm telling you now.
And I'm telling you I'll
be in the money again.
It'll be big money for both of us.
I've told you Jim,
that's not what I want.
We were happy enough
before you turned pro.
You didn't like being
broke anymore than I did.
And what did the money ever do for us?
I didn't leave you because
you lost your money
or your title.
You had them both when we split up.
I left you because you
weren't my husband any longer.
The crowds and the cheering spoiled you.
And the other women.
There was never any
woman for me but you, Peg,
and you know it.
At least not until after
you walked out on me.
Anyway I've, I've learned my lesson now,
it'll be different this time, you see.
I'll, I'll save money,
I'll be able to give you
anything you want, Peg.
All I want is for you to stop fighting.
That's all I ever wanted.
But I can't stop now, Peg, not now,
I've got the chance to get
back and I can do it too.
You, you don't believe me, do ya?
Well just you watch tonight,
I can lick that Deakon
with both hands tied.
And after that, after that, Peg,
you see there'll be no stopping me.
That's right, Jim, no stopping you.
Well if you don't believe
me, come and watch me tonight.
See for yourself.
I can see all I want from here.
Good luck, Jim, I know when I'm licked.
So tell your boys to expect
some good, clean fighting tonight.
Clean fighting?
Of course, Mr. Reynolds, naturally.
The control board weren't too happy
the way some of the
decisions went last week.
Neither was I, Mr.
Reynolds, not a bit happy.
Yes, we must try and be more cheerful
in the future then, mustn't we?
Yes, Mr. Reynolds.
Come on.
Yeah, they've got no right
to put me on first, man,
I'm tellin' ya.
Will you turn it up,
Whitey, now change the record.
Now listen boys, I want it good tonight
and no funny business.
The boxing board's here
and they expect to see
some nice, clean fighting.
And that's what they're gonna see.
Any questions, anybody
here not seen a doctor?
Okay, keep 'em moving, Danny.
Good luck, boys.
Now remember, no rough
stuff out there tonight.
Keep it nice and clean and
we might get on television.
He was lucky I kept my trap shut.
After tonight I won't be no first in.
I nearly told him.
That's it Whitey boy, you tell him.
Hey Rowdie, that must be some
book you're reading there.
Here, Danny, listen to this.
"A magnetic impulse drew her
irresistibly towards him.
"His strong arms unfolded
her in the darkness.
"Through the thin nylon of her spacesuit,
"she could feel the rhythmic
throbbing of his heart.
"He drew her close, closer and closer,
"then suddenly, there was a sharp buzzing
"on his Geiger counter."
You see, she's radioactive at the time.
I'll say she is.
Who is?
Cynthia, the Uranium Lady.
You see.
Atom Man's met Uranium Lady.
What're you doing outta class,
you just miss old Adams' pep talk.
I don't seem to miss any of yours.
You see me in a month's time, mate,
I won't be doing any
first in, I'll show 'em.
That's right, the last
of the bare knuckle boys.
What's that?
What did he say?
Nothing, nothing.
How old are you, Whitey, 33, 34?
Uh, 34, I think.
34 and still in this
racket, you must be barmy.
Anything's a racket if
you like to make it one.
I don't know about you,
but I went into boxing to make a living.
Like a lot of other
blokes before and since.
All right, it's a hard
way, we all know that.
And we all know it's the
people who talk about rackets
that muck boxing about.
The blokes that don't go into the ring,
they're the ones that
get rich outta boxing.
Good evening, Kid, you're in number two.
It's Kid Curtis.
Good luck to you, boy.
Going to lick this
Barney Deakon tonight?
Sure, and anyone
else, you just watch me.
- Good luck.
- Good luck to you, boy.
Get lucky myself.
Good evening, Mr. Lewis.
Hello, Kid.
Didn't expect to see you here.
Oh, I get around.
Saw you at Darby last week, bad match.
But I won it easy.
Too easy.
Bouts like that won't get you anywhere.
I uh, I've got a bad manager.
Heard you were managing yourself.
That's just what I mean,
now if you were handling me...
Sorry Curtis, I've got my
hands pretty full at the moment.
Sure, sure I just
thought maybe that you...
Did you order me one?
I think you know my wife, Curtis.
Good evening, Mrs. Lewis.
Hello, Kid.
Your drink.
Lou, um, go back to your
pals, I want to talk to Kid.
It's been a long time.
You haven't changed much.
I take care of my looks.
Do I look that bad?
No, not really.
Almost like the man I used to know.
The man you ran out on.
That was the man who
lost the championship.
I mean the man who won it.
And I'll win it again too.
I wonder, Lou says you're too old.
He could be wrong, couldn't he?
He's a good manager,
but he could be wrong.
I wonder.
I asked him to manage me just now.
What did he say?
Said he was too busy.
I could talk him into it.
Do it if I asked him.
Why should you?
Why do you think?
What about him?
I can manage him, he'll manage you.
If you win tonight.
I'll win all right.
I could be champion again
with Lewis behind me.
And me.
Sorry, Eve, I've got other plans.
Anyway, good luck, Kid.
Well, well, well.
Just suppose he was good tonight.
You could get him some
money fights, couldn't you?
What'd be the point?
For me, I mean.
Now please, now quiet.
Your attention please.
Before this evening's programme commences,
introducing the Hon. Treasurer of the
St. Mark's Boys' Club and
Gymnasium, Mr. Coleman.
Now please, now quiet now please.
Collection boxes will be passed around
during the opening bouts.
Give freely and generously,
I thank you, huh?
Oh yes, and once the
collection boxes are out,
I will accept donations
here and now, please.
Please, your donations, please.
One pound, Ashley.
One pound from Mr. Ashley of Ashley's
the high class family butcher.
What, no offal?
Now please.
Two pounds, Bower.
And two pounds from Mr. Bower
of Bower's, the cycle stores
of Queen's Road.
Now quiet, now please.
Three pounds, Cardew, anonymous.
And three pounds
anonymous from Mr. Cardew
of Cardew's Funeral Parlour.
Any empty boxes?
Now, please.
Now, quiet.
Vaseline, Danny?
Help yourself.
Well, you reckon I won't
win tonight, don't ya?
I tell ya what, I bet I'll
win before the sixth round.
There you are, anything you like.
Go on, go on, bet a quid.
Here, here, a quid.
It's a bet.
There you are, see?
Now you all heard him, didn't ya, hey?
Yes, Whitey boy, we heard him.
All right, here we go,
number one, Whitey Johnson.
That's me, mate.
Good luck, Whitey.
That's me.
They're waiting for ya.
Ah, let 'em wait.
Here now, y'all heard him, didn't ya, eh?
Here, he bet me a quid I
couldn't beat this geezer
'fore the sixth round.
Come on, Whitey.
It's a quid, isn't it, eh?
Good luck, Whitey boy.
Oh, ta, mate.
Yeah, I'll show 'em, mate.
- Come on.
I'll show 'em.
Got a good crowd in
there for you tonight
so give 'em a good show.
Don't you worry.
Hello, Kid, remember me?
Whitey Johnson, we fought the
same programme once, remember?
Go on, get in there.
Oh, yeah, sure, sure, how are ya?
There y'all, he
remembers, he remembers me.
What did I tell ya,
sendin' me in first, I...
Get in there.
- There ya are.
- Come on, Whitey, will ya.
Hey, wish me luck, mate, your old China.
Come on.
Gentlemen, when
the collection boxes
have been returned to the ring,
the sum total...
- Don't do that.
Will be announced by Mr. Coleman.
And now, the first bout of the evening.
Look at him, they're
robbing the graveyards now.
This won't take long, they
can keep his place open.
What'll you give me on Whitey?
He'll lay ya five pound to one.
Take it.
You're all right.
I hope ole Whitey
does all right tonight.
All I hope is that I'm
not a burned out ring comic
at 34 like him.
That's Kid Curtis, he's no different.
Jim Curtis was a big name.
People don't come
to see the big name fight,
they come to see him getting beaten up.
Hello, Danny.
Hello, Jim, nice to see ya.
Let's have a look at ya.
I'm Burns, Happy Burns.
Ah, I've been reading
about you in the papers, hi.
I got ya fixed up in this room, Jim.
It's good to see ya again.
Well, how are ya, fit?
Huh, never been fitter.
Yet according to Peg, I'm
licked before I get in there.
You've seen her?
Just now.
Oh yeah, I see her quite often
since she came back to the Caff.
Oh yeah?
Yes, we have a bit of
a natter about old times.
Yeah, so did we.
And a fat lotta good it did either of us.
Well, I'll see ya later, Jim.
You uh, you fought
Tom Culross, didn't ya?
Yeah, that's right.
Why, were you there?
Oh no, I was too young.
You took the title from him, didn't ya?
My old man always talking
about that fight, he saw it.
I saw most of it through one eye.
Ah, he still talks about it.
Culross going down only 15
seconds before the final bell.
Gee, that must've been a fight.
It sure was.
Oh, you must've felt terrific.
Winning the title and that.
How did it feel?
I don't know how it felt.
It was a week before I
remembered my own name.
Kill him, kill him.
Tear him to bits.
Good, ain't it?
Please tell me Johnson
passed the doctor.
Yes, I think so.
Better make quite sure, hadn't we?
Yes, Mr. Reynolds.
Which one?
I don't know.
Kill him.
Somebody's getting it.
My quid's safe.
How many rounds is Whitey
suppose to be fighting?
Six, Eddie, same as you.
Oh well he, he oughta last
out six rounds, didn't he?
Not at his age, he won't.
He's younger than I am, so
you wanna make something of it?
No, but you've been out of the game
for some time, haven't you?
Well now I'm back into
the game, any objections?
Here, here, a girl comes
up to me the other day,
she said, "Why ain't
you got a broken nose?
"I just adore men with broken noses."
You see, there's no pleasing
females of the opposite sex.
I knew a woman who was crazy
about blokes with no hair.
Well the dame in this book's
crazy over a man from Mars,
12 feet tall, with
green hair on his chest,
and a radioactive space gun.
Well it says here, it says,
"Then beneath the trembling,
"ak-akakia," that he kissed her.
Well, so what?
Well, what I wanna know is,
whereabouts is her akakia?
Whereabouts is her what?
Her akakia.
Akakia, that's a tree, an acacia tree.
Oh, it's a tree is it?
Well I wasn't expecting that.
Well not on Mars.
Go back to your trance, Rowdie.
H-how many rounds is Whitey
suppose to be fighting?
We told ya before.
Oh, oh yes, six, that's right.
Sorry, I forgot.
How many has he done?
Oh four, four.
That's another two to go.
Another eight minutes.
What does that mean?
It means the fight's
over and I've won a quid.
- One, two,
- There you are,
too strong you see,
too strong.
- Three.
- I seen it coming.
- Four.
What did I tell ya?
Eh, hey.
Well get him another one,
it's charity, ain't it?
On the table with him, Frank.
Take it easy, Whitey, take it easy.
Well, what did they
hit him with, a hammer?
You should talk, he knocked Grendon out
in the fourth round.
Good ole Whitey.
You lose a quid.
What, do you mean he won?
Good boy, Whitey, you
said you'd do it, didn't ya?
Good boy.
Yeah, I hit him, mate, I hit him.
A perfect right hook.
Who see it, eh, anybody see it?
Yeah, Whitey, I saw it.
Oh, it must've took his
blooming head off his shoulders,
mate, must've lifted
him right off his feet.
It was dynamite, boy what a punch.
It was perfect, mate, a
righto, fourth round, wasn't it?
Hey, I knew I'd get him,
you know, I knew I would.
Here, who bet me I wouldn't
win, eh, who bet me?
It was a quid.
Come on you, who were ya?
- Sit still, Whitey.
Who was it, eh?
Well why don't you pay up, Martell?
It won't break me.
Here, we can still
show 'em, can't we kid, eh?
Us old 'uns, eh?
Yeah, we can show 'em, Whitey.
Here ya are, Whitey, stay lucky.
Yeah, I should've made
it five, shouldn't I, eh?
He, he never
knew what hit him, mate.
He was working on me eye, see,
that was bleeding like a flaming fountain.
But I let him work on it.
I knew he'd leave himself out
when he thought he had me, see.
Here, so I steps to one side,
so it gives him a short one, see.
He comes forward, mate, so
I brings a right across.
He fell right in it.
Look, I tell ya, it must've took his head
right off his shoulders.
Here, here, who seen it, eh?
Any of ya see it, did ya?
Yeah, this eye'll need a stitch.
It don't need no stitch, mate.
It's always being stitched,
always busting open.
Now sit still, will ya.
Number two, Eddie Lloyd.
Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
Good luck, son.
Well thanks.
Hey, Eddie, you got anybody out there?
Yeah, that's what I'm scared of.
I don't wanna let him down, see.
My old man's there too.
He'll be proud of ya.
Now look Eddie, don't worry.
You just go out there
and do the best you can.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
There's nothing else to it.
Come on, Eddie, let's go.
Remember Eddie, chin down, hands up,
and keep yourself outta trouble.
Good luck, cock.
Going for a breather,
Danny, be just outside.
Okay, Jim.
Here, I bet I lifted him
right off the floor, mate.
And I was seeing so perfect, you know,
none of that seeing fuzzy.
Oh, I won't be fighting no
more lousy prelims mate,
I'm tellin' ya.
Ooh, blimey, what you
tryin' to do, kill me?
Eddie Lloyd of Wales.
Seconds out.
- Come on, Eddie, come on.
- Come on, Eddie boy.
Keep after him, keep after him.
Don't you worry, Mother.
That's it, go on Eddie boy.
Get in there, Eddie boy.
Well, what time do
you think he'll go on?
Can't tell, Peg.
Might be 9:30, 9:45,
depends on the others.
Thank you.
Peg, uh...
Jim, Jim, I didn't mean to,
you know, say that to you.
That I was licked?
I didn't mind, 'cause I'm not.
I don't ever want you to be licked.
I won't be.
Ah, come on, Peg.
You don't understand, do you?
I don't put it right.
I never understood why you left me,
if that's what you mean.
I could've given you anything
you wanted then, Peg.
Money, diamonds even,
if you'd wanted them.
And I still can if you wait.
On days like after you won the title,
half crazy and blind
and your jaw wired up.
You think I want that again?
Why not, if I can take it?
Peg, listen to me.
I only want one year, that's all.
Just one year at the top
then I'll get out for good, I promise.
That's all I need, just one year.
And if I win this fight tonight,
I'll really be on my way back.
So won't you come, Peg?
I need you, you know.
I always needed you,
I always fought good when you were there.
And I hated every single
moment of every single fight.
But I knew you wanted
me there, I loved you.
Every time you took a
beating they were hitting me.
I went on taking it as long as
I could, but I can't anymore.
If you win tonight you'll never give up.
And that'll be the end of us forever.
I hope you lose.
Okay, if that's how you feel.
It is, Jim.
Well I won't lose, I'll win tonight
and I'll go on winning till
I get to the top again.
You'll see.
Oh, what a punch that was.
I wish you'd seen that, Danny.
Mate, I just wish you'd seen it.
Yeah, I wish I'd seen it, Whitey.
Yeah, that lifted him right
off the floor, I reckon.
You goin' out to celebrate now, Whitey?
No, you ain't got no
time for celebrating, mate,
when you're making a fresh start.
Well, if I bump into any of you blokes,
don't be shy, will ya?
Come up and talk to me, I'll speak to ya.
That's big off you.
Good luck, Whitey boy.
Yeah, I knew I could do it, mate.
Hey Whitey, the boss wants to see you.
There you are, see,
what did I tell ya, eh?
You wait till I see old Adams, mate,
I won't be doing no more first ins.
Come on Whitey, he's waiting.
Let him wait.
How's the boy
doing out there, Joe?
He's ahead on my scoring.
DeGrazos is watching himself
with the boxing board out there.
Hey, is that true, Danny?
You weren't here, the boss told us.
There's three of 'em.
One bloke does it,
we all get a bad name.
Yeah, they'll be taking saliva tests
after each fight soon.
What do you think they are, greyhounds?
Hey Jack.
Go down ringside and tell Jim Warren
I've gotta see him right away.
I'll wait here.
Come on, Eddie, come on.
Lead with that left, give it to him.
What do you think this is, chapel?
What's up?
Listen, Jimmy, I'm not
gonna do it, I can't.
I told ya, didn't I, you got to.
There's some blokes from
the boxing board here.
I'll lose my licence, so will you.
Oh but they won't tumble
if you make it look good.
I tell ya, I'm gonna win tonight.
But you can't, Rick.
Listen, go out there and tell your pals
I'm going in there to win.
But the money's on now, Rick.
I'm gonna win.
Frankie, there's trouble,
trouble for Rick and you.
What do you mean?
You've gotta make him see sense.
Keep up.
Keep up.
Come on, Eddie.
Eddie, come on!
Go on, and another, and another.
Go on.
Pick it up.
Take him out.
box on.
No, oh.
- Come on.
- Come on, Eddie.
Get back in it, get back.
It's a
carve up, it's a carve up.
Mark this one for report.
DeGrazos and the referee.
Ah, what did I tell ya?
Dah, amateur.
Gentlemen, please.
Ladies and gentlemen, as usual,
all-in wrestling will take place
on Wednesday next, with prices.
Give me a hand with
him, will you, Danny.
Blimey, what hit him?
- All right, all right.
- All right, son,
snap out of it, take it easy.
Number three, Rowdie Rawlings, ready?
Don't any of you touch
this book when I'm out.
I don't wanna lose the place.
'cept you, Eddie.
You can read if you
want to, smashing story.
Take your mind off things, you know.
Come on, Rowdie.
Good luck, Rowdie boy.
What happened to you, Eddie?
I was, it was going along all right.
I reckon I was ahead on points.
And, I had him down, and
then I don't know what happened,
the whole place exploded.
I-I-I don't know what happened.
Ah, it's happened to all of us, Eddie.
He just caught you napping.
It was like, my eye
was filled with sand.
I-I-I couldn't see a thing.
He got off the floor
with resin on his gloves.
Caught the ref napping too.
Aye, and he, he jammed
his thumb into my eye
and I, I couldn't see a thing
and he cut me with the
inside of his gloves.
I, I did everything they told me to do.
I did everything they said.
You go to the washroom and
have a good sluice down, Eddie.
You'll feel better after that.
It was just bad luck, that's all.
I don't know.
My family and all the
blokes were there, see, and,
I, I don't know what to do.
Ah now, look Eddie,
you do as Danny says.
It was just bad luck for
your first fight, that's all.
Everybody knows what DeGrazos is.
The dirtiest in the game.
Let's hope the board nabs him.
You go and have a good shower, son.
I'll give you a hand.
Ladies and gentlemen, this
is a heavyweight contest.
Your attention please.
Gentlemen and sportsmen all,
one of the collection boxes
has not been returned.
Quiet please, now quiet.
I'm offended.
I say, let's have that box back now.
We're all here to see fair play.
What do you mean, where is she?
Hey, just a minute.
What're you doing matching
Eddie Lloyd with DeGrazos?
You don't think I'd have put him in
if I didn't think it was right, do ya?
I'm crying, I'm crying.
You've got nothing to do with it.
Rick, he said if you don't do it,
they'll be waiting for me.
I'm frightened Rick, who are they?
I don't know, I've never seen them.
He said they want you to
lose in the fourth round.
And he said...
Shut up a minute and let me think.
He said you've done it before.
And I said he was lying.
Warren wasn't lying.
Now listen Frankie,
where are you sitting?
Rick, you've got to do something.
He said they'd beat me
up, he said they'd cut me.
Now listen, just stay in
your seat until it's all over.
Sit tight, they daren't touch ya.
What am I gonna tell him?
He's waiting for me.
Tell him, tell him it's all right.
What's the matter, Martell?
You look as if you...
Shut up Burns, or I'll...
Tellin' you, he don't like me.
That don't seem possible, does it?
What's the matter,
Martell, you look sick.
Leave me alone, will you?
Is it all right if I go now?
You go whenever you like, Eddie.
Hey, Eddie, come here.
Look you uh, you don't
wanna worry about tonight.
You were unlucky, that's all.
The game isn't full of dirty
fighters like DeGrazos.
It'll be different next time, you'll see.
No, no there is not
going to be any more.
Ah, come off it, Eddie,
we've all said that.
What did you say after
your first fight, Jim?
I said I was gonna be world champion.
I hadn't even won the fight.
See, we all say silly
things after the first fight.
No, I mean it.
I don't mind being beaten by anyone.
I've been beaten plenty of times before.
But I've been beaten fair.
I always reckoned that fighting
was the fairest game in the world.
Not like tonight, it
wasn't fair, that's all.
It's happened to all of us,
Eddie, you don't wanna worry.
Better be going now.
I just wanna say thanks, you know.
Okay, Eddie, any time.
- See ya.
- See you here again soon.
No, no you won't.
You're a pro now, can't
go back to amateurs, Eddie.
Oh it's, it's different than
what I thought it would be.
All the blokes at the
factory and my old man,
they reckoned I'd win easy.
Aye, and I would've done too,
only it wasn't fair,
that's all, it wasn't fair.
Well how's that, the stiffness gone?
Yeah, that's fine, thanks Danny.
Okay Rick, let's get the tapes on.
He was a funny kid, wasn't he?
He took it bad.
He was lucky to find out it was a racket
as early as he did.
No, he'd never have been any good.
Why, useful little boxer.
Yeah, boxer maybe, but
he'd never make a fighter.
A fighter's got to have killer in him.
He's got to act and think like a killer.
Only one thing that
stops him being a killer,
and that's these.
Ah, sounds crazy to me.
No, it's not so crazy.
I remember reading in a book one time
where they used to have fights
way back in ancient Rome,
just like we do now.
They went in the ring with lumps of brass
tied to their fists and
they killed each other.
Well, the boxing board
would never stand for that.
Well that's over, by the sound of it.
Are you all right?
Your hands are like ice.
I'll be all right when I get in there.
I knew a bloke who went into the ring
all cold like you one night.
What happened?
Without a blow being
struck, in the third round
he dropped stone dead.
How'd you get on, Rowdie boy?
Knocked him out in the third round.
I was dead lucky.
Good fight, he's a good kid.
That was short and sweet, wasn't it?
Well, he hit me.
Okay, number four, Rick Martell.
You sure you're all right?
I'm fine, I tell ya.
Well, good luck, son.
Good luck.
Good luck, Rick.
Okay, Rowdie.
Where's the Welsh boy?
He's gone home.
Ah, a shame, wasn't it?
Before announcing the next contest,
I have to appeal to you again.
Somewhere in the aisles, a
collection box has disappeared.
Now, we're all gentlemen
and sportsmen here.
So let's have that box back.
I thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, this
is a heavyweight contest
of eight rounds, three minutes each round,
between Joe Dunne of Dublin.
And Rick Martell of Brixton.
Seconds out.
Rick Martell, he looks
in pretty good shape.
Yeah, first rate.
I'll have an even fiver on Joe Dunne.
Okay, you're on.
How long have you been
seeing double, Johnson?
What do you, what do
you mean, seeing double?
I see as good as you, mate, and better.
Is that why you carry
your head on one side?
There's no need to get personal.
I'm sorry, Whitey, I
know you have to do it
to try and get your eyes
in line with each other.
Don't you?
Well, what if I do?
You can't go on taking punishment.
Who says I can't?
Hey ya, you've seen me doctor's
certificate, Mr. Adams.
He passed me all right
to start work again,
didn't he, eh?
Did you tell him what your work was?
What's that gotta do with you, eh?
I'm trying to help you, Johnson.
- Ah, phew.
- Now, listen to me.
A man can take just so much.
Every time you take a hard blow,
your brain hits against your
skull, then it gets bruised.
And if you go on, one day
even quite a light blow
could kill you.
That's why I'm going to
recommend to the board
that they take away your licence.
You've gone on too long,
you're too old, Johnson.
But I, I won me fight.
I won it, I tell ya.
No hard feelings, Whitey.
It's not up to me, you
know, you've had a long run.
You, you can't do this.
I won me fight, I won it.
Come on, Rick, come on, you hit him!
Come on.
Kill him, knock him down.
Finish him off, Martell, finish him off!
Why don't you finish him off?
You're doin' fine, Rick.
What do you think you're doing?
You're killing him.
Well, you told me to make it look good
until the fourth, didn't you?
Yeah, but watch your step,
these boys mean business.
And I bet the limit, ooh!
Blimey, something's
gone wrong, listen to 'em.
Quick, get these gloves off.
What's the matter, what happened?
Will you get these gloves off.
Well what's the blood
pressure up for, did you win?
Dirty crook, he laid down on me.
I hardly touched him.
I just shoved a left in his face
and he folded up like an old deck chair.
You mean he laid down?
Get this glove off, will ya?
Anyone could see
the fight was fixed.
I don't know what was
the matter with the ref.
Should've got him on his
feet and made him fight on.
You should've had a rehearsal.
Cut it out, will ya?
Well what're you moanin'
about, you won, didn't ya?
Keep this for me, Danny,
I'll be back for it.
I'm glad you won boy,
surprise is the spice of life.
You keep your nose outta this.
Not gonna change your shoes,
what's all the rush for?
Ah, intermission.
Let's pour beer on the troubled waters.
Coming over to the pub, Frank?
Yes, keep it dark, Happy.
Excuse me, miss.
Where's she gone, where is she?
Frankie, Frankie!
Rick, I'm here.
It's all right, Frankie,
it's all over now.
Oh Rick, I had to run, I had to.
I couldn't stay there.
I know.
All right, Frankie, they can't
find us now, it's all right.
We're getting outta this for good.
Stadium Caff.
I want to speak to Peg.
Who is this?
It's me, Jim.
Jim who?
Jim Curtis, of course.
We don't want you here.
Now wait a minute, all I
wanna do is to speak to her.
Well, I've got a right.
She doesn't want to.
Oh yes she does.
Look, will you please tell
Peg I wanna speak to her.
She's gone out.
Oh, well, well when she comes in,
give her a message will ya?
Tell her...
Tell her I...
Tell her what?
Oh, what's the use, forget it.
Wrong number?
Yes, I think it is.
Kid, you haven't changed
your mind, have you?
I think I'd like Lou
Lewis for my manager.
Good, but remember Jim,
you've got to win tonight.
Got something to fight for.
So you'd better be good.
Good luck, Kid.
Oh, Kid, I don't want
you to get any wrong ideas.
Eve likes to go around with a
fighter who can go in and win.
Okay, I like 'em that way too.
If a boy's got metal, I can make it gold.
But just remember this, Kid.
Eve and I are both on
the outside, looking in.
You're the boy in the ring.
When you've gone, there'll
be another and another.
What Eve and I have got for
each other'll go on forever.
So if you still want me to
manage you, Kid, go in and win.
But don't get any wrong ideas.
You know, there's another bloke
I can't understand, Curtis.
What about Curtis?
Well you just said, "I
can't understand him."
That's funny, neither can I.
Oh, gee.
Hey, where's my book?
What book?
Me book, the one I
was I reading, you know,
"Queen of the Spaceships."
I don't know.
Well, I've gotta have it, Burnsy.
I just come to the best part
where she's about to succumb.
Who is?
Cynthia, she's in the
clutches of a hostile vegetable.
Hostile vegetable?
Blimey, she don't half
get about, don't she?
Hey uh, Burnsy, what're you sitting on?
I'm sitting on me, what
do you think I'm sitting?
Oh dear, oh dear, look son,
put it in your pocket will ya,
like a good little boy.
Well, bye Burnsy.
See ya, Rowdie, have a nice
time with the Uranium Lady.
Keep an eye on your Geiger counter.
You look in pretty good shape.
Hey, oh, not bad.
I get a bit lazy sometimes.
Who doesn't?
Oh, you can't afford to be lazy,
not when you're after the title.
What do you think you'd
do, suppose you won it?
I've got it all figured out.
I'll win that title, I defend
it three times, I retire.
Simple as that, huh?
Oh, I know it's not simple,
but whatever happens, I'm
not finishing up like Whitey.
I see too many of these
boys hanging around the gym,
picking up a quid here and
there as sparing partners.
Or getting five pound to fight for prelims
in joints like this,
not me, not this kiddy.
If I get to that title,
three fights, and I'm out.
You'll never get out, not
when you're on top you won't.
Why not?
I spent a lotta time learning
a trade, the boxing trade.
And when I quit,
I'm gonna see that I've
got something out of it.
And I'm gonna get
married, have a few kids.
And when we start out, boy, we
won't owe the world a penny.
Well, that's as good a dream as any.
Ah, don't you believe it.
That's no dream, Curtis, that's real.
Things change when you
get to the top, you know.
Well, maybe things don't
change so much but, but you do.
Perhaps I went up too
fast, it was too easy.
For awhile there, it looked
as if I were gonna be
undefeated champion forever.
Then the Belgian stopped me,
then three more after him.
I retired.
Most people retire when they're 60.
I was 29.
Hello, Fred.
Hello, Danny.
Peg, I uh, I've been talkin' to Jim.
What's the use, Danny?
Why don't you come in there tonight?
It'll make all the difference to him.
Why, Peg?
I told him.
But there's no good telling him.
Once you've been to the top
like him, the dough spoils you.
Thousands of quid a fight,
and it doesn't matter
how much you spend, there's
plenty more the next time.
He'll never get it out of his mind, Peg.
If you love him, you'll
have to take him as he is,
because you'll never change him.
All set, Happy?
You bet your life, Danny.
Anything you want?
Yes, but Adams wouldn't let me
bring her in the dressing room.
They're giving six to four
against you outside, Happy.
That so?
Yeah, that said that
Watson was gonna spread
that nose of yours all over your face.
Oh no he won't, mate.
He can hit me where he
likes, but if he so much as
touches my nose, there'll be trouble.
That's all I'm tellin' ya.
Somebody's gonna spread
it sooner or later.
Yes, well you can
start takin' a collection
for the first geezer
that does it, that's all.
Okay, number five, Happy Burns.
Get a move on Happy, will ya?
All right, all right, tuck
your shirt in, I'm coming.
Good luck, Happy.
Well, on you way, Happy.
Yeah, up.
Good luck.
All right, open the cage,
start the music, I'm comin' in.
Good luck.
For the last time now, please.
I've been asked for that
collection box to be returned.
Now I ask you.
Oh no.
Gentlemen, please, please.
Gentlemen, please, one
of these collection boxes
is still missing, and
as treasurer of the club
I must ask you,
if you return it to me
here now, personally...
Now come on, you heard what
the geezer said, didn't ya?
What do what me to do, come
down there and sort you out?
Here, I'll tell you what I'll do.
Don't go away, stay right where you are.
Here, hold this.
I'll be the first one to be searched.
He's got what they want,
all right, they love him.
Yeah, they love him, while he's got it.
Well come on, Jim,
let's get the tapes on.
Gentlemen please,
ladies and gentlemen,
this is a special contest...
Tell me something straight.
You'd give me another year, wouldn't ya?
If you keep out of
trouble and use your head
and don't try and slug it out
with some of these
strong, young kids, yes.
I'll give you another year.
If you're dead set on it.
That's all I want, just one more year.
I'll lay two to one on
Watson, he's got it easy.
Cocking Happy to death.
Ah, what did I tell ya?
Look at that, I'll lay
five to two on Watson.
Five pounds to two.
You got it, with him.
Take it in there with a knee.
Come on, Happy!
Gloves off!
You're letting him
get ahead of ya, Happy.
Don't fight his fight,
you're letting him rush you.
Do you wanna change places
and let me sit down there
with a dame by the side of me?
Do what I tell you,
useless, I'm dying by inches.
I know, I know, you worry,
all I gotta do is bleed.
Doesn't Happy look nice in shorts?
Oh don't be common, Jackie.
Danny, Happy's in
trouble, in real trouble.
I doubt it.
From here he doubts it.
From not seeing any of it, he doubts it.
I know what I saw, don't I?
Nevermind what you think you saw.
Happy's my boy, he'll
be lightweight champion
inside two years.
You don't know anything.
Oh, I know what I saw, trouble.
Watson's left-handing him to death,
murder, oh.
Not bad for an old one, eh Danny?
Looks pretty good.
Here, don't catch a cold.
Uh, are you dead set on another year?
The way I've got it worked out now,
another year will give me all I want.
Might lose you all you've got.
What do you mean, what have I got?
Peg, if you want her.
Have you been talking to her?
Well, yes I have.
I'd like to see you two
together again, Jim.
Oh, it's no use, Danny.
It's too late, we're all washed up.
She's always hated boxing.
Even when I was going good,
she tried to make me swear I'd
quit when I took the title.
You think she'd be proud
or something, not walk out.
Sounds as if it's all over.
Suits me, quicker I
get in there, the better.
Danny, Danny.
What's the matter, what happened?
It happened so fast, I don't know.
Watson landed a stiff left to the face,
Happy let out a yelp and
suddenly started hammering him
into the floor like a tack.
But who won?
Happy, of course.
He's a genius, you should've seen him.
Oh, can we pick 'em
Danny or can we pick 'em?
He shouldn't have done it,
he shouldn't have done it.
What happened, Happy, did he hit you?
Yeah, right on the ruddy nose.
Before announcing the
main bout of the evening,
I have to make one more
last, and final appeal
to all you gentlemen,
sportsman, and ladies.
For the return of the collection box
of the St. Marks Boys' Club.
I could do with it myself.
Get outta here.
And now, the management
takes pleasure in presenting
as our feature attraction tonight,
a boy whose professional career...
Good luck, Kid, you'll lick him.
He's only got his Sunday
punch, Jim, he's nothing.
Okay, ready?
Deakon's just going in.
Good luck, Jim.
Good luck, see ya around sometime, Jim.
Kill the people.
Come on, Jim, that's us.
Come on.
Gentlemen please, for the
main event of the evening,
ladies and gentlemen, this
is a contest of 10 rounds,
three minutes each round,
of a match made at 12
stone and four pounds.
Between, and introducing you firstly,
the former British and Empire
light heavyweight champion,
Jim Kid Curtis.
And the unbeaten, East
London cruiser-weight,
Barney Deakon of Bethnal Green.
The referee officiating for this contest
is Mr. Tom Blattner.
Come in.
Curtis and Deakon, you both, at the bell
come in fighting and may the best man win.
Seconds out.
Come on, the old 'un.
- Come on!
- Come on!
- Come on the old 'un.
- Come on.
Lay me seven pound to four, Deakon.
You're on.
He's a mug, Curtis'll
run rings around him.
If he doesn't, you'll
run a noose round my neck,
I tell ya.
- Nah.
Keep at
him, Curtis, keep at it.
Come on, Curtis.
- Come on, Curtis.
- Go on, Curtis,
let him have it.
Come on,
Curtis, come on, finish him.
Hit him, Jim.
Those lefts don't hurt.
Get him.
Box on.
Get him, Barney.
What I'd tell ya?
Young Deakon doesn't know
his arm from his elbow.
He's falling for that old trick.
That's all right, I've seen what I want.
He can hurt Curtis, but
Curtis can't hurt him.
Ooh, ooh!
Well, I don't know.
I just don't know how five ordinary blokes
can make such a mess.
We oughta get spittoons for this room.
Listen, most of these geezers
can't hit a full-size man,
so what chance you think they've
got of hitting a spittoon?
Well, the spittoons
wouldn't be moving about.
How's the nose, Happy?
Ooh, that feels as big as a melon.
Broken it, I shouldn't wonder.
If he has, mate, there'll
be trouble, I'll tell ya.
I'll get a return fight with
him and I'll murder him.
Come here, Happy,
let's have a look at it.
I've seen one or two broken
noses in my time, sit there.
Well come on, sit there.
No, don't, don't, don't
touch it, Danny, it's painful.
Now you keep quiet.
Well I've gotta get hold of it.
Yeah, well don't hang on.
Does that, does that hurt?
Course it hurts.
Well, it doesn't click, it's not broken.
Oh, I don't know, I heard
of a bloke once, he had to...
All right, all right.
Well, I ain't takin' any chances,
I'm gonna get an x-ray tomorrow.
I don't like broken noses,
they're, well, they're uncouth.
What round's that?
Eighth coming up.
Well I think I'll go and have a look.
Good luck, Happy.
Cheerio, Frankie boy,
see you around sometime.
Oh, I wouldn't be too sure.
You'll wanna take care of that nose.
A blow like that could finish ya, forever.
Well, I hope old Curtis wins tonight.
Well, I hope he doesn't.
You hope he doesn't, why?
He asked me tonight if I'd
give him another year at it.
One year, might as well ask for 50.
Every fight he has now, he'll
be taking more than he gives.
And a year from now, his
brains'll be punched so loose,
he won't know whether
he's in there or not.
And how will the money help him?
Some fighters are just
businessmen who go to work
with boxing gloves when the
price is right, not him.
He has to fight.
And he must end up a loser.
Go on, Barney.
He's still got it, Lou, hasn't he?
Hasn't he?
Has he got as much left as him?
You and your seven to four.
Deakon's a three to one on shot.
Me and my seven to four?
The boy's too strong for him.
Curtis has had it, what did I tell you?
Seconds out.
He seems to be lasting.
He'll hang on
somehow, he always did.
Oh well, cheerio, Danny
boy, take care of yourself.
Cheerio, Happy, you
take care of yourself.
Don't you worry about me.
Here you are, Danny, show
that to your grandchildren.
The night you had Happy
Burns in your dressing room.
Ta-ta, boy, all the best.
Come on,
box him, Jim, box him, Jim.
Go on,
get stuck into him, Curtis.
Go on, Barney!
Come on, Barney,
you've got him on the run.
- Ooh!
- Come on, Barney.
Box on.
Let's get out before the rush.
Get up, Curtis!
He wants to quit.
Shut up, big mouth, he won't quit.
Come on, Happy, you don't
wanna see any more of this.
Come on, Barney.
They should've stopped him long ago.
Ah, maybe the whole job's a mug's game.
You don't have to do it.
No, you don't have to do
it, but you always think,
"I'm different, it can't happen to me."
Now don't you worry.
Ah, that's cruelty to
animals, that's what it is.
Poor old Curtis.
Are you all right, Curtis?
I'll manage.
If you can hold on, Jim, you
might just get the decision.
Now come on, breathe.
Seconds out.
on Barney, take it over!
Box, Barney!
Shake him up, Barney.
Stick it Kid, stick it.
on, Kid, come on, Kid,
get him ruffled up, Kid.
This aisle, down the front there.
Come on Kid, keep it up.
Come on, Barney,
you've got him on the run.
- Come on, Barney!
- Come on, Barney!
Come on, Barney!
- Come on, the old 'un!
- Come on, the old 'un!
- Come on the old 'un!
- come on, old 'un.
Go, Barney.
on, Barney, take it over.
- Break.
- Good job, Barney.
- Take him.
- To the head, to the head.
Get him, Barney, go on.
Come on!
Good job, Barney.
- One,
- Come on, Jim.
Box on.
- Come on, Barney.
- Come on, Barney.
- Come on, Barney.
- Stick it!
Come on, Barney.
Get on
him Curtis, get on him!
Get him, Barney boy.
- You got him, Jim!
What'd I say, what'd I tell ya?
You, you never learn.
Tom, Tom!
That's our boy, Jim!
Get him, the winner.
Ooh, what a fight, Danny, what a fight.
Jim, you were smashing, smashing.
I, I, I don't know.
Now take it easy, son, take it easy.
Frank, better get the doc.
Why, what's the matter?
Nevermind what's the
matter, get the doc.
Adams has gone for
him, the ref told him.
Come on Jim, son, smell this.
Come on, son.
What's the matter with him, Danny?
Come on now, son.
No, don't touch him, don't let him move.
Where's that doctor?
Blimey, Danny.
How long has he been like this?
Just now.
I'm afraid there's nothing I can do.
He's dead.
I'll be all right, Danny.
I'd rather be alone.
Okay, Peggy.
Well, goodnight Happy,
got your fighting done for the night.
Are you kidding?
All right, I'll take three.
Three girls, you and Bob go by taxi,
and I hope you'll be very happy together.
Hey, stop shoving.
Anymore for the Skylark?
Hey, Danny, don't forget
tonight's the night
you put the gloves on Happy Burns,
the next lightweight
champion of the world.
Cheerio, cock.
Off we go!