The Stakelander (2016) Movie Script

Once upon a time,
a very long time ago,
back when the first
vamps showed up,
- there was a man.
- Mister.
Yeah, Mister.
Well, Mister
was the best hunter
that there ever was,
and he traveled
the Stakelands,
killing vamps.
And then one day,
he came upon this boy.
He was in real trouble.
You see there was
a big bad vamp
that was gonna
eat him up.
but Mister showed up
and they staked
that vamp
right through
his heart.
-And after that...
they came up north
and they met a girl...
Yeah, it was Mommy.
And the boy and this girl,
they fell in love
and then
you came along.
What happened
to Mister?
I don't know, baby.
One day, I woke up
and, uh, he was gone.
I found this necklace
hanging on the side of a car.
He left it so that
I'd always remember him.
They're dead.
-You're alive.
Act like it.
I'll be right back, baby.
Do you want me
to come with you?
-No, not this time.
I want you to stay with her.
-All right.
-Okay, bye.
They've got bezerkers!
They're gonna
kills us all!
-Not me.
So you stay close,
you understand?
-I want to stay.
-Hush, baby.
You have to stay quiet.
-Put it away, boy.
We don't do history.
The world didn't die
with a bang.
It died with a scream...
lots of them...
and I heard 'em all.
There's nothing left.
A dying landscape.
People stopped trying
to rebuild a long time ago.
We let it all fall apart...
and now everything's
quiet, empty.
You can go for weeks
without finding a soul.
Days come
and night falls,
and we survive...
or we die.
All you really got
are memories
and tomorrow,
if you're lucky.
New Eden was the only home
I had left.
And she...
She took it from me.
The Brotherhood
called her "The Mother."
Those vamp worshipers
finally found their messiah...
the one sent to wipe
the Earth clean of sin.
I was heading south
into the Stakelands.
If he was still alive,
that's where I'd find him.
The closest thing
to family I had.
People knew of him,
of his one-man war
against the Brotherhood
and the vamps.
He was legend.
He's the last hunter.
If I wanted to get to her,
I was gonna need his help.
Drop it, son.
They've been
coming out earlier,
chancing the light...
getting desperate.
Where are you coming from?
-Up north,
New Eden.
-You're a long way from home.
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for someone.
He's called Mister.
-Yeah, heard of him.
Thought he was dead.
The poor boy looks hungry.
-You try anything, son,
I'll cut you in half.
-Oh, shush, Karl.
Can't you see
he's a nice boy?
Come on.
She won't be satisfied
till you're fed.
It'll be dark soon anyway.
Best get inside.
-It's good, ma'am,
thank you.
-Sorry there's no meat.
We got to make do
with what we have.
-You, uh--
you're not eating?
-We ate already.
Our boy Walter
went to Canada...
had a child up there,
never came back.
Maybe you know of him.
Walter Armstrong?
Come on, Jean.
It's been years.
Walter's dead
or as good as.
Give up hope,
you might as well
lay down and die.
The boy's lost and alone
in a world of woe,
and yet here he is
looking for something.
That's hope.
Times like these...
it's all we got
to keep us going.
Make up Walter's bed
for him, Karl.
-Thank you, ma'am.
-Bad things happen
to good people.
The world ain't fair,
never will be.
But there's good
to be found.
People pass through
now and again.
I get what news they have,
update my maps,
write down their stories.
-Just a hobby.
Who knows,
if this thing ever ends,
people might want
to know what happened.
-Yeah, strange times
we're living in.
It's the New Dark Ages,
that's what this is.
You okay, son?
-Yeah, I just got a...
you should sit down.
Yeah, strange times.
You seem pretty tired.
Probably best
you sleep right here.
-Oh no, Jean! Honey!
Oh, honey, I'm sor--
Brothers, sisters,
the mother of our blood
has risen.
The devout will be saved.
The heretics will die.
Join us.
Join us.
Brothers and sisters,
we build a world
in her image.
You need not be sick,
hungry, tired.
The Brotherhood
will clothe you,
feed you, shelter you.
The Mother's love
knows no bounds.
Join us.
The Brotherhood serves her
and her alone.
Brothers, sisters,
the mother of our
blood has risen.
The devout will be saved.
The heretics will die.
Join us.
Join us.
Brothers and sisters,
we build a world in her image.
You need not be sick,
hungry, tire--
Hey there.
Shit, man,
you scared me.
-Where are you coming from?
-How's things here?
What do you got for trade?
-You keep that.
I'm just looking
for somebody.
-Yeah, nobody here
but me.
You-- you looking
for the hunter.
Yeah, you and them
Brotherhood boys.
Oh, they don't
like him much.
No, sir.
-What about you?
You seen him?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I seen him.
-A few months back.
-Wh-- Where was he headed?
towards, uh, Donnersville.
Where is that?
How do I get there?
-The quickest way
is up 71,
past the old brick plant.
Good folk, yeah.
That's the only safe place
around these parts.
-Okay, all right.
Well, thank you very much
for your help.
-See you around, Canada.
Don't worry, sweetheart,
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm Martin.
What's your name?
Most of the good
in the world is gone.
Hate seems to be the only thing
that grows anymore.
You don't need fangs
to be monster.
They're worse
than the vamps.
They chose this.
-Ladies and gentlemen,
feast your eyes
on the Behemoth!
-But first,
an appetizer of mayhem,
a mano-a-mano
no-rules death match!
And now,
the bane of bezerkers,
the viceroy of violence...
the undefeated...
the Stakelander!
Mister, it's me.
It's me, idiot.
-Fight or die!
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-Back up.
-It's a precaution.
Was it Brotherhood?
It was a she-vamp.
She was working
with the Brotherhood.
They ambushed us...
came out of nowhere.
-She had other vamps
with her, bezerkers...
and they were organized
like an army... she had some kind
of control over them.
I've never seen
anything like it.
I tried to save them, but...
Can we kill her?
-You've got your
whole life to die, kid.
No point in rushing it.
Let it go.
-I can't.
-A man spends his life
on revenge...
he might as well
dig two graves.
-I did.
We named our daughter Belle.
You remember Belle?
-I remember everybody, kid.
Most of them are dead.
-Hey, I want to be on the road
in about an hour.
-I don't know
what the hurry is, kid.
-What is with her?
-She's feral.
Probably raised herself up
in the wilds.
I've seen it before.
Come here.
Come here.
It's okay.
That's it, now...
- There you go.
-It's music.
It's good.
That's it.
- Martin, move the table!
-In there?
-Yep, in the hole.
-And the weapons!
-No, in the hole!
Girl, come on,
come on! Move!
That a girl, down there.
Down there!
Martin, here.
No, no, no, wait!
Wait, what are you doing?
He's in here!
Brothers, sisters...
-God damn it!
No. No, no, no, no, no.
Don't worry.
Mister ain't easy to kill
and they haven't seen us.
We'll get him back.
Come on.
-Oh shit.
-Oh! Ooh!
You mother...!
I hate vampires.
-Are there any more?
-I hope not.
Oh, nice shot, kid.
She put a claw in me.
-All right,
we got to get it out.
--It's plugging a hole.
-Yeah, but you're gonna
bleed to death.
-You're gonna have
to cauterize it.
There's a lockdown
north of here.
They got a doctor.
Oh, stop your crying.
I ain't dead yet, woman.
I'm ready, kid.
Slap iron to it.
-Find him.
Bring that heathen
son of a bitch back.
-Yes, sir.
-I'm sorry, Mother.
He escaped.
I don't know how.
He, uh...
He had help.
He won't get far.
I-- I've sent men after him.
My humblest apologies,
mother of our blood.
Please forgive me.
You ought to leave
me here, kid.ans)
I'm slowing you down.
-All right, shut up.
I got your back, pappy.
I ain't going anywhere.
-I got your pappy swinging.
-I saw a willow tree
a little ways back.
Try to cut some bark,
maybe it'll help with your pain.
Hey, girl.
I'm Mister.
Your name is Lady.
Mister, Lady.
You understand?
-Well, now,
isn't this sweet?
-Move and you die, Hunter.
- I see you got yourself
a squaw doggie.
He's a little
old for you, no?
-Ooh, I never had
a feral brat before.
--I bet you she bites.
You little bitch!
Oh, now you're gonna pay.
-Drop it.
I said drop it
or meet Jesus.
He's just a boy.
-You! Come here.
That's enough.
How many behind you?
-It's just us.
Me and the men you killed.
I'm not one of them.
I don't want to do
any of this.
I-- I really am not.
-You're wearing a robe.
-They made me.
Said they'd feed me
to the vamps.
I swear.
I'll do anything.
Please, I just don't
want to die.
-You better not
be lying boy...
because I'm in
a dick-shooting mood today.
-Yes, sir.
-Ten years ago,
you'd have shot him already.
I don't like it.
-You don't
have to like it.
-Over there.
Come on.
I want him closer.
Okay, here.
Here, here.
You, on the ground.
Hey, hey, on him.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's the-- Hey!
You sure about that, boy?
-That's up to you.
Where'd you find
a holy roller?
-We killed two of 'em.
He surrendered.
-Why is he still alive?
-Because he wouldn't
let me kill him.
-What's with him?
-He's got a vamp claw
in his lung.
Now are you gonna shoot us
or are you gonna help us?
-What's his name?
-They call him Mister.
- Hey, whoa.
-It's Bat.
You son of a bitch.
I thought you were dead.
-I look dead to you?
-Yeah, you look
a little dead.
How you doing,
old timer?
-You call me old timer again,
you're gonna find out.
-Oh, I know.
I'm so glad to see you.
Don't worry.
We'll get you fixed up.
There aren't a lot
of lockdowns left.
And the ones that
are still around,
they ain't places
you'd want to be.
There's still good out there.
I believe that.
But it always
finds you too late.
They had walls, weapons.
I should have been hopeful.
For the first time
in a long time,
something felt safe.
But I couldn't rest...
not while she was still
out there.
-We brought you
something to eat.
-Just push it back out
when you're done.
Oh, thank you.
Wait. What's your name?
-It's Billie?
-They named me
after my uncle.
-It's nice.
I like it.
I-- I'm Juda.
-I've got to go.
-It was nice to meet you.
-Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, girl.
He needs to rest now.
Hey, I'm Earl.
-How is he?
Well, he's mostly
mean and ugly,
but I think
he'll make it.
He should be up
and on his feet
in a couple of days.
-So you're a doctor?
-Yeah, that I am.
Well, I was a veterinarian,
but since the fall,
I fix people up mostly.
Flesh, blood, bone,
it's all the same shit.
-Mister said that you'd--
you'd patched him up before.
-That I did.
Bat and I were
with him in Mexico
back in the beginning.
Come on, come with me.
I'll show you to your room.
-Hey, Lady.
Lady, come on.
Come on, come on.
They ain't gonna
let me out.
What are they gonna--
Are they gonna kill me?
-Hey, come on.
-You're gonna be okay.
Just got to give 'em
some time to soften up.
-Can't you-- can't you
just let me out?
I mean, I don't
want any trouble.
I'll just run off, please.
-I can't.
-Please! Billie, don't go.
Well, it's an old--
it's an old convent.
The Brotherhood
took it from the nuns.
We took it
from the Brotherhood.
Now this was
a ways back,
before they got
so organized.
Everybody pulls
their weight here.
We got-- we got teachers.
We got a couple
of carpenters.
We got ex-military men.
They're all good people.
There's a barbed-wire fence,
surrounds the perimeter.
It doesn't look like much,
but it's electrified,
so that makes it fun.
-Yeah, we had a couple
solar cells in New Eden,
but never could have
drawn this much power.
-I got my twin girls for that.
See these two genys?
They power
the whole damn fandango,
but you ain't even seen
my favorite part.
- The shower's free.
- All right, Lady.
It's your turn.
Come on.
Come on.
Up you go.
There's some clean clothes
there for you.
-There you go. Go in.
Go ahead, Lady.
-All right, all right.
Take it easy, God damn it.
How you feeling,
old buddy?
-Oh, like a bucket of shit.
I could use a drink.
You carrying?
-It's a little early,
isn't it?
-Not in China.
You know me too well.
Here you go.
How long do
I have to lay here?
-Oh, I'd say just about
a day or two.
Give me that.
-This is for medicinal
purposes only.
Here, kid, you try it.
Go ahead.
Bat makes
this stuff himself.
Make your balls bounce.
-Oh, yeah, that stuff's nasty.
-Nasty, nasty.
-Let's the man rest a bit.
-Real good to see you again.
-Good to see you, Bat.
-Come on, you too,
little girl.
-Nah, leave her.
Thanks, Doc.
-Yeah, let me know if you
need anything for the pain.
You feeling all right?
Oh my God! Juda!
-When, uh, Mexico
went vamp shit,
we pulled out.
We headed north.
Mister had a wife...
and a child
close to the border.
It wasn't pretty down south.
It was bad,
bad as it gets.
So bad that something
snapped inside that man.
It's like a...
like a switch.
All he wanted to do was kill.
-Well, he never got the one
that killed his family.
So the way I figure it,
if he couldn't get the one,
he'd get 'em all.
Oh, we stayed together
for a while,
and then we split.
He wanted
to check on his folks
up in Maryland and...
Bat and I,
we headed north...
-That's right.
-with everybody else
who was running away.
Yeah, and then the shit
hit the fan in the States.
The whole enchilada fell apart.
-And on that note...
-how about we get
another drink?
-Yeah, bubba.
-Man, I got
ten o'clock watch.
I got to head up.
Now you knock back
a couple for me, young buck.
Come on, honey. Come on.
-Son of a bitch.
- Is Helios ready?
- Almost!
-Who's Helios?
-Sunshine in
the nighttime, baby.
They're gonna run the gate!
-Coming up quick!
Coming up quick!
Somebody cover me!
Helios, now!
Burn, baby burn.
-That's Helios
for your ass!
-Get away from
the God damned window.
You stay here
and don't you move.
You hear me?
You better move!
-Oh, yeah, take
your asses home.
-Let me go.
Let me go!
-It's not worth it, kid.
She'll kill you.
-I don't care!
-I do.
Helios held them back,
but we still lost six.
Hey, look who we found.
-Oh, whoa...
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Put him in the basement!
Don't worry.
We're gonna
squeeze him, slow.
You were right.
We should have killed
that holy roller
when we had the chance.
-How many of you
Jesus junkies are out there?
-Plenty more.
More than you could count.
Where you camping?
You're out of time.
- What does it matter?
- Look, Juda.
We can do this fast
or we can do it slow.
It's totally up to you.
-Everyone of you
is gonna die
and you can't win,
not while we've
got God on our side.
You know,
it's the small nerves
that hurt the most.
You know what I'm saying?
And do you realize
just how many
small nerves you've got
in your fingertips? Hm?
You got lots.
God has sent them!
God is great.
God is in me.
And she is his sword.
- Now, now, now, now.
-Who is this fanged?
And what does she want
with us anyway?
She's after me.
I wasn't sure last night.
She's something new,
a breeder.
I killed her squirt
a while back.
I took her eye out.
She used you to find me.
I'm sorry, kid.
That ain't worth shit, is it?
-Remind you of someone?
-You better get
your people up the mountain
before they get here.
Code one, code one.
All personnel will evacuate
at 1900 hours.
Pack only what is necessary.
Meet in the courtyard
for further instructions.
This is an evacuation...
- You got a plan?
- Yup.
I'm gonna wait until
that bitch shows up,
then I'm gonna take it to her.
-Dying ain't much
of a plan, boy.
-I really don't give a shit.
Dead's dead,
so long as
I take her with me.
-She wants to hurt me
like I hurt her.
-Yup, and you're leaving.
-Yeah, maybe not.
If I stay, we stake her ass
or we die trying.
Either way, we buy
these folks some time
to make it up the mountain.
You and me.
-No, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
You Stakelanders
think you're gonna
do this on your own,
just the two of you,
have all the fun?
You got another
thing coming.
We've been running
ever since Mexico.
I'm a little tired of it.
-This ain't your fight, Doc.
-Odds are, all four of us
are going to die.
-Yeah, well, I hear
that's gonna happen anyway,
so why don't
we make it count?
- Cheer up.
-Easy, easy.
I'm sorry.
-We got it all wired up.
It's good to go.
The blood bags
won't know what hit 'em.
If anybody's left
when it's over,
head for the mountains.
Let's kill some God damned
bloodsuckers, eh?
-Watch your back.
Pack only what is necessary,
and meet in the courtyard
for further instructions.
This is an evacuation.
Code one, code one.
I repeat,
this is an evacuation...
-Is she gonna be all right?
-My daughter's
name was Rose.
-Are you sure you're gonna
be able to shoot straight?
Couldn't shoot straight
without it.
What the hell?
They're coming
from the back.
-Oh, Jeez, it's moving
through here.
-Come on! Come on!
Come on, move it!
-Stay, here,
watch the gear.
-She's gonna pull
a fast one on us.
-Yeah, well,
they can come and get it
anyway they want.
-Let's wait till they're close.
We don't want
to waste ammo.
-What the hell
are they doing?
Why are they stopping?
-I don't give a shit.
Let's light 'em up.
We got a runner!
Up front! Hey!
He's heading for the geny!
- Hey!
-Get your ass--
-Well, shit.
-Okay. Get up front.
Get up front!
-Come on! Come on, get up!
Lead 'em this way!
-Come on, you bitch!
-You want me?
Come and get some!
Keep going, this way.
- You missed her heart,
God damn it!
-We're pinned down, man.
-If we get out...
-We're not getting
out of this one.
-No, we ain't.
-You got to do it.
-I got to do it.
-You have to do it.
-I'm over here, bitch.
Finish her, kid.
-You feel better?
But I don't feel worse.
-I feel like shit.
-You look like shit.
-Ooh, it's been
a great ride, Bat.
It's been a great ride.
-I love you.
-I love you.
Now let's take these
bloodsuckers to hell.
-Come on, old man.
Let's go.
-She's gone.
-She's gone.
-Lady, it's me.
It's Mister.
-You know me.
-Easy, girl.
-No, girl.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
- No.
-I can't do this anymore, kid.
-Don't even think about it.
-I'll buy you
as much time as I can.
No, I'm gonna stay,
and we'll fight.
A man wants his son
to be better than he is.
I don't know what
happened to him.
I guess it doesn't matter.
But I know
I'll see him again...
in this hell or the next.