The Stalker Club (2017) Movie Script

Oh, my God, I'm so excited to go.
Well... and if we
get there early,
the lineup shouldn't be so bad.
And what are we gonna
do after anyways?
We can go out to dinner
with Luke or Joe.
Yeah, I'll meet you
in front of the theater.
Enough already, all right?
I'm getting sick of this.
Anna, if you guys are
trying to freak me out,
it's not working.
So this is it?
So, what, I... just
pull your mask off
and then I win?
Come on.
I think we both know
that this is over.
Okay, enough, I'm not
having fun anymore.
I'm done.
- You jerk!
- What, you guys are scared
of a little alligator.
Oh, stalked by an alligator,
like that could really happen.
What's up, baby?
A girl in my old high school got stalked.
By an alligator?
No, not by an alligator.
- Who did it?
- Ah, some guy.
She got a restraining order
and he seemed to go away
and then... she graduated
and went off to college and...
he killed her.
- That's awful.
- Yeah.
I think I heard about that.
Wasn't he waiting like
outside her apartment?
- Yeah, he was...
- No.
He was hanging out in
the backseat of her car.
Just goes to show
you have no idea
who you're dating...
or marrying for that matter.
Just when you think
you know somebody.
I've seen this movie before.
- I gotta get home.
- Me too.
Hey, Ashley... haven't
seen you in a long time.
Ashley is Darren's new flavor.
She's just here by default.
- See you at practice, dude.
- Yeah, sure, man.
- All right, I'll text you.
- Bye.
I can't wait.
I did not say that, I...
Hey, Ashley.
I didn't think you were
coming home till later.
Yeah, I guess not.
Uh, Ashley, this is Trevor.
Hi, Ashley, it's nice to meet you.
Got a lot of homework to do.
- Sorry.
- No, no, no, no.
Don't worry about it, it's okay.
I'll catch up with you later.
Look, I was gonna tell you,
but Trevor just stopped
by unexpectedly.
So, what, is he like
your boyfriend now?
No... we've just been out a few times.
That's all.
Well, I guess he doesn't
know what day it is
because it would be
really insensitive of him
to just drop by.
Unless, of course, you forgot.
It's been two years to the day
and it doesn't seem
like you care.
Ashley, you know
that's not fair...
'cause I would never forget
the day your father died ever.
Hey, Mer, what's up?
Wanted to see how you were doing.
I know today is kind of hard.
I can't believe
it's been two years.
Thanks, but I'm good.
So what are you doing tonight?
Hanging out with Darren
or Chloe and them?
Yeah, uh, look, Mer, I gotta go,
so I'll see you at
school tomorrow, okay?
Who do you think sent it?
I don't know, but I checked
the number, it's unlisted.
Don't you guys think
it's a coincidence
that we were talking
about stalking
and then we got that invite?
You're the one who talked
about being really stalked.
Hey, it wasn't me.
Did anyone click
on the link and join?
'Cause I didn't.
Not me.
What about you, Ashley?
No, no way.
Hey, I gotta go.
We're doing some type of
college orientation assembly.
You're so lucky
you're graduating, man.
I'll catch up with you
later, okay, Chloe?
See you, Chloe.
I'll see you after third period.
So I told you all when
I first started teaching here
at the beginning of the year
that this was going to be
part of my curriculum.
So, start with your scalpel,
and if you need to,
you've all been given
a pair of scissors.
Yes, Sadie?
I have a note from my doctor
that says I can't do this.
Fine... you can go
to the library.
But you still need
to present your project.
That's fine.
Kyle, your partner's not here.
Why don't you team up
with Ashley and Meredith?
Great, your biggest fan.
All right, everyone,
pull out your worksheets.
Okay, that's enough.
Now turn to page six.
I think we should do it.
- What?
- Join Stalker Club.
Was that your plan all along, Chloe?
Hey, I didn't send it.
- But I have heard of it before.
- From where?
Hey... I'll try anything once.
What about you, Sadie?
Are you kidding?
She's too scared to cut
open a little froggy.
I'm surprised, considering.
I'll do it.
I mean, it's obviously
just some game
like Candy Crush.
It's better.
We're not gonna be
playing a game...
we're gonna be living it.
Well, I doubt Ashley wants to play.
I mean, she's too
much of a good girl.
I'll join.
What's the big deal?
Well, I guess that
means I'm in too.
Let's do it.
Grab your phones.
We're all gonna click
the link on three.
The rules that
were sent to us say
that we all draw a piece
of paper from the hat.
If you get "stalker,"
you have to stalk
the rest of us,
the victims.
You can strategically throw
people off your scent,
but if you unmask the stalker
and you're right... you win.
If not... you're out.
What do we win?
The right to not be called
chicken all your life.
There's one more rule.
It says as soon as you
join Stalker Club...
you can't tell anyone about it.
Good luck.
It's just a stupid game.
And I'm gonna win.
What are you doing up?
I had a bad dream.
Oh, sweetie.
Well, if you're not too sleepy,
how 'bout we sneak a little
late night ice cream, huh,
for old time's sake, yeah?
Okay, come on.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Did you get one... a mask?
- Yeah, you too?
- Yeah.
That makes all of us.
Who do you think sent it?
Whoever sent that club invite.
And even though
she said she didn't...
got a pretty good
idea who it was.
The poison dart frog has
only one natural predator,
a snake called...
Leimadophis epinephelus,
which has become immune
to the frog's poison.
The next slide
that I have is of...
Uh... um...
I, uh...
This is not my slide.
I, uh...
This is a mistake.
I'm sorry, I don't know
how that got there.
All right, everyone, just settle down.
You know that was some
kind of cruel joke, right?
That flash drive's been sitting
in my locker for two days.
I bet you Chloe and them
broke in and took it.
Look, just forget about it, okay?
I really don't care.
They're jerks, Ashley.
They always have been.
I get that you're thrilled
to be going out with Darren,
You don't have to
hang out with them.
They're his friends... Meredith.
He didn't even know anybody
until he started playing
soccer with Mark.
My mom's making your
favorite casserole tonight,
and it's been a while
since you've been over.
I heard about what
happened, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- I'm so sorry, that's not cool.
- Even if it's part of the game...
- Look, it's not a big deal.
What's up with that slideshow?
Somebody trying
to mess with you?
Hey, she's good, Kyle.
I'm fine... thanks.
There's a guy who can't take a hint.
But I mean you are
pretty irresistible.
You still coming over tonight?
My dad won't be home
till later and...
I've got a way to make
you forget all this.
- Of course.
- Good.
You know...
we were best friends.
So, when did your parents get divorced?
Um, a year ago.
You didn't want to live
with your mom and brother?
Well, my, uh, brother and I
never really got along...
so it's just easier this way.
Plus, my dad's really cool.
My dad was too.
He was actually rushing home
to help me with
a school project...
the night that he died.
He was driving too fast
and a woman...
stepped onto the road
and he swerved so that
he wouldn't hit her...
and he ran straight into a pole.
They said he died
almost instantly.
I can't imagine
how hard that was.
It's the "almost" part that
I have the hardest time with.
Hey, I'm gonna go
put on some music.
I'll be right back.
What do you think, huh?
Is it me?
You scared me to death.
Sorry, I brought it out
to see if you got the same one.
Hey, uh, I'm sorry,
I was just messing around.
Were you? Because I
saw somebody outside.
Maybe I was being stalked.
So are you trying to tell me
that you're not the stalker?
I know we're not
supposed to tell,
but I figured I could tell you.
You're not just saying
that to throw me off?
I swear.
Well, I'm not
the stalker either.
How do I know you're not just
saying that to throw me off?
Where's yours?
Threw it out.
I don't think you
were supposed to.
Who cares? It's just
a stupid game, right?
Now come here before
my dad gets home.
So... does anybody have
any good stalker stories?
Although those slides
were pretty good.
I thought I saw someone
at Darren's house last night.
Ooh, Darren,
did you see anybody?
Uh, no, I was getting
something inside.
Well, that's suspicious.
Well, what about you, Sadie?
I've had someone
banging on my door
and no one's there.
Well, obviously, we're all going to say
that we've been stalked
because if you haven't been
then it will seem
very suspicious.
But that's part of the game.
Hey, I love it, man.
It's a total rush.
So whoever's the stalker,
don't hold back.
The scarier... the better.
Oh, I'm all in.
My mom says you're a counselor?
That's right.
Um... I help people
work through things
like grief, um...
managing an injury.
I even help students
work their way
through high school hell.
You hit on my mom while
helping her get over my dad?
- Ashley!
- No, no, no, it's okay.
Your mother and I actually
met at the hospital
in the line for the cafeteria.
How 'bout I get dessert ready?
Ashley, would you
like to help me?
- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Actually, no, it's not.
Ashley, I understand
you miss your father,
but I'm allowed
to be happy again.
And with Trevor...
for the first time
in two years...
I don't feel sad, so...
maybe you can manage
to kindly ask him
if he'd like a cup of coffee?
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
What? What happened?
I don't know, I just
thought I saw something.
Do you see anything?
It's probably nothing then.
Just my reflection
or something, I guess.
Sorry, I've just been
a bag of nerves lately.
Where's Trevor?
I don't know.
He wasn't in the house.
I'm right here.
Oh, gosh.
Sorry, I needed to grab my phone.
I've got this patient who
likes to call at all hours.
Everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
Um, except my dessert
is a bit of a wreck.
- Excuse me.
- It's okay.
I'm full anyway.
Whose do you think it is?
I don't know.
The only person I know
who has any medical
issues is Mark.
What does he have?
Allergies, I think.
The guy ate a granola bar
in practice one time
and his whole face swelled
up like a balloon.
- Jeez.
- Yeah,
he's lucky he had his EpiPen.
- Yo.
- Hey.
Uh, is this Mark's?
Oh, he's got one like that, why?
'Cause I found it in
my backyard last night.
I think the stalker
was there too.
So it's Mark?
Are you surprised?
I mean, he said
he loves the rush.
He's really good
at being sneaky.
You know, he's probably the one
who started this whole thing.
So should I confront him?
Actually, let's all
have some fun.
You look so hot in this bikini.
Actually, I am dying of thirst.
Can you get me a soda?
I think I'll be more
energetic once I'm hydrated.
Oh, I will hydrate you, baby.
Where's Sadie?
I don't know.
- Do you have the masks?
- Yep.
Okay, good.
Put them on and go hide
around the corner.
We're gonna give him
a scare of his lifetime.
Agh, get off!
My God, what is it?
Mark, what's going on?
What? What?
Oh, my God, oh, my God.
Chloe, where is his EpiPen?
Where is his EpiPen?
Go look in his bag!
Come on, Mark, hang in there, buddy.
Come on, come on.
Got it!
Come on, man.
Where were you?
We had a plan.
I had an appointment
that ran late.
Is he okay?
Well, thanks to Ashley's quick thinking,
he's okay for now.
I would have gotten that pen.
I don't think this is
anybody's fault, all right?
We're just gonna have
to monitor him closely
for the next 24 hours and hope
there's not a second reaction.
Can we see him?
Hey, man... how are you feelin'?
Never better.
Thanks to all you guys.
What were you doing
at my place anyway?
Well, we know you're
the stalker, so,
we were gonna play a joke
on you to set you up.
That's nice of you, but...
I'm not the stalker.
But I found your medical
bracelet in my backyard.
Somebody stole it, I swear.
Check my wallet.
If it isn't you, who is it?
Whoever stashed a beehive
in my gym bag.
Well, dude, come on,
you don't really think
that was part of
the game, do you?
When I went to soccer
practice the other day,
it sure as hell wasn't there.
Who would do that... Chloe?
Well, you were all in.
You, accusing me
of doing something
so messed up when you're the one
who almost strangled
your brother to death.
Yeah, don't look so surprised.
I heard you with your
guidance counselor last week.
I wouldn't hurt anyone.
Yeah, except yourself.
Let's just forget about
the whole thing, okay?
Let's forget about all of it.
The club, everything.
So it doesn't matter
who the stalker is.
The game is over.
Yeah, I'm all for that.
Well, I'm obviously out.
Fine... we'll end it.
But we all delete that text
so nobody knows
anything about it.
And from this day forward,
we don't talk about it.
Who do you think it was?
I don't know.
I can't believe any one
of us would go that far.
It's crazy, right?
What did Chloe mean
when she said
that you strangled your brother?
Both of my, uh,
parents worked...
So my brother and I
were on our own a lot.
And he used that time
to torment me.
And one day I just snapped.
And it didn't matter that he
made my life a living hell.
I was the one that got
sent to the shrink.
And that's the real reason
why my parents aren't together.
Because of what I did.
You don't talk to
your brother anymore?
Not if I can help it.
I get it if it freaks you out.
That's why I don't
really talk about it.
But I mean, we've all got
skeletons in our closets.
At least now you know mine.
I'm just glad we're
done with the game.
Me too.
Well, hey, um,
I better get home.
My dad's gonna be
wondering where I was.
Guys, I'm so sorry, but
visiting hours are long over.
I tried to leave it
as long as I could.
Okay, we're leaving.
See you in the morning.
We're gonna take real
good care of him, okay?
I'll be looking in
on him all night.
Don't worry.
What are the chances of him
having another reaction?
Well, there's always
the possibility of that,
but it does lessen over time.
Linda, I promise you,
I will make sure we monitor
him very closely, okay?
He's just never been
this swollen before.
Oh, I understand.
Believe me, I know it looks bad,
but it's not as bad
as it looks, okay?
Thank you for
being there for us.
Of course.
And I'll continue to be, okay?
Get some rest.
Doctor, did you need something?
Doctor, doctor!
Oh, God.
Get him some albuterol
and oxygen now!
- Go!
- Yeah.
Mark, listen to me,
we'll get you through this.
Come on, come on, Mark.
Where is it?
I need oxygen and albuterol now!
Come on, Mark, you can do this.
Come on, stay tough.
All right, Mark, we've
got you, we've got you.
You can do it, come on.
It's okay, it's over.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Ashley
Happy birthday to you
Thank you so much.
- Good.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- One more, one more.
- One more?
Who did this?
We agreed it was over.
Whichever one of you this is,
it's not funny anymore.
What are you doing home?
They let me go early.
Let's talk inside.
I don't know how
to tell you this.
Honey... Mark died.
Yeah, he went into what's
called anaphylactic shock.
I'm so sorry.
I need to tell you something.
Sweetie, what is it?
And from this day forward,
we don't talk about it.
- What is it?
- I...
I'm just... I'm really...
I'm really glad
that you're here.
I love you.
And I will always
be here for you.
Now I know it's hard...
but you have to get some sleep.
Okay, goodnight.
I'm sorry that I have to be
the one to inform you all
on the untimely passing
of your classmate...
Mark Hernandez.
And I know it's hard to
understand a death at your age
because it shouldn't happen.
Yes, Meredith?
I heard the bees
were in his gym bag.
Isn't that weird?
It is unusual but not unheard of.
Bees will nest indoors or out.
My guess is they were attracted
to something in his bag
and they began to
build their hive.
We had a hive in
our pantry once.
Thanks, Sherlock.
Regardless, it's just a horrible accident.
Okay, so let me get
your papers out.
I took a look at them
over the weekend
and thought they
were mostly good...
although some of you need to pay
a little bit more attention.
When did you get it?
Last night.
- Me too.
- Well, who sent it?
God, Ash, chill.
How can I chill
when Mark is dead
because of our stupid game?
Okay, we don't know that
for sure, all right?
I mean, you heard Ms. Glynner.
It's not uncommon for
bees to build their hive
in a bag or wherever.
So as long as we
don't talk about it,
nobody knows about the game.
It's over.
Then why am I still
being stalked?
I guess I'm the only one then.
You're just being
paranoid, Ashley.
No, I'm not.
Because there was somebody
in my house last night.
What about Sadie? Where is she?
She's probably all
freaked out about Mark
and decided to stay home.
Ha, I mean, you'd think he
was her boyfriend, not mine.
But she is a head case.
Well, she didn't show up
yesterday to Mark's
and she didn't show up today.
So maybe it's her, maybe she's
the one taking this too far.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Why don't you take
one of my pills?
It'll help you feel better.
I know it's hard.
Especially since
he was a friend.
But you'll get through it.
How do you know her combination?
She uses the same number
combo in all her passcodes.
Okay, what are we looking for?
That slip of paper, anything.
What is that?
My dad.
Somebody broke into my
house and cut it out.
Okay, then it has
to be Sadie, right?
I always knew she was crazy.
Well, we should go talk to her,
because if it is her
she needs to stop.
Fine... when?
We'll go to her house
and confront her.
Has she ever done
anything like this before?
No... not that I know of.
It's been two years.
Not that she will ever
get over losing him,
but I mean why act
out like this now?
- I...
- Well,
there have been a few
changes in her life.
You really think it's us?
It's hard to say.
Look, the only thing you can do
is just talk to her about it.
No, you're right.
She should be home
from school soon.
- Then I should probably go.
- Yeah.
She's gonna be okay,
you know that, right?
I hope so.
She will.
- I'll see you later.
- Okay.
- Hi, Ashley.
- Hey.
Why would you do this?
I just... I just had a moment.
- I'm fine now.
- No, this...
this is not okay.
Mom, it's just...
That's just because
of the anniversary.
Really, 'cause
this makes me think
you're really angry
about something.
Oh, what, is that
what Trevor said?
Stop it.
You and I made a
promise to each other
after your father died
that if anything,
anything bothered
either one of us,
we would always tell each other,
so if it is about Trevor
then you need to tell me!
Mom, I already told you, okay?
It's just because it's
the time of the year.
I'm okay.
Just promise me you
will always talk to me.
I will.
I love you, Ashley.
I love you.
Sadie, Dad and I are going out!
We'll be back soon!
Fine, Mom!
I thought you guys left!
I'm fine, okay?
God, I thought you
guys were leaving.
What are you doing?
It's me, I'm the stalker.
If this is you,
this isn't funny.
I'm serious.
I don't want to play anymore.
Please just...
Sadie, are you here?
Ashley, what the
hell are you doing?
You were supposed to
meet me out front.
- I saw someone.
- Who?
I don't know, I think
it was the stalker.
Well, duh, it's Sadie.
I mean, that's why
we're here, right?
Do you hear that?
Oh, my God.
Nobody says anything
about the club, got it?
Don't you think
we kind of have to?
I mean, we don't even
know why Sadie did that.
I know I saw the
stalker in the house.
Oh, my God, seriously, Ashley?
It was her, okay, it was Sadie.
She obviously felt guilty
about what she did to Mark
and she cut herself.
This time she just went too far.
Chloe's right, Ash,
I can't afford to get
into any more trouble.
I mean, look at my track record.
If you say anything,
I will put this all on you.
I'll tell them that
when I got here,
you were already in the
house, which is the truth,
and I'll make them think
you're the stalker.
- Officer?
- Or you can keep
your little mouth shut
and we can stick to the story
that we talked about.
Sweetie, sweetie, are you all right?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah... I'm great.
Now that your mom's arrived,
we have a few questions
for you, okay?
It's okay.
- You think she'll spill?
- I don't know,
but she's your girlfriend,
you rein her in.
So you were the first one
to arrive, is that correct?
No, we pretty much all
got here at the same time.
And how'd you come upon Sadie?
We had all made a plan
to meet at her house,
and, um, when she
didn't answer the door
I got worried, so I
came in the window...
and then Darren
and Chloe showed up,
and we all went in together.
Okay, and why were you
all meeting her here?
Um, she wasn't at school
so we figured she was
sick or something...
and we just wanted to
make sure she was okay.
She... clearly had some issues.
No, you can't take her.
She's my baby.
Please, please.
Uh, officer, if you're done,
um, I think my daughter's
been through enough.
- I'd like to take her home.
- We'll be in touch
if we have any
further questions.
Come on, honey,
we'll get your car
in the morning, come on.
It's okay, let's go.
Now, there you go.
All snug as a bug.
Sure I can't get you anything?
I'm fine.
You're not fine, Ashley...
and it's okay not to be.
You know...
A girl died when I
was in high school.
It was horrible.
How did she die?
An accident.
But it doesn't matter how.
Just no parent should ever
have to go through that,
and I understand that...
so much more now.
So... if you're not careful
I might just follow
you to college...
and really embarrass you.
- Night.
- Night.
- Where were you last night?
- What are you talking about?
We were supposed
to meet at Sadie's,
and then you texted
you were running late.
Yeah, I had to help
my dad with something.
- What?
- Something in the garage.
Ashley, why are you
giving me the third degree?
We never proved that
Sadie was the stalker.
Well, it wasn't me, all right?
'Cause just so you know,
I'm still being stalked too.
What happened?
When I got home last night,
there was a noose
hung in my backyard.
Why didn't you tell me?
You haven't been
answering my calls.
Really? Or are you just trying
to throw me off your scent
because that's what
the game said to do.
And I am so freaked out
right now, Darren,
and I wish we had never
joined that stupid club.
Look... I would never do
anything to hurt you...
or Sadie or anyone else.
Come on, Ash, I
thought you knew me.
Someone is taking
this too far...
and it's not me.
Come on, Mark, hang in there, buddy,
hang in there, come on.
I'm sorry about Sadie.
Yeah, well, she obviously
had some problems.
People are saying that
you and Chloe are the ones
that found her, is that true?
Then why doesn't
Chloe seem more upset?
I mean, wasn't Sadie
her best friend
or is she really that cold?
Meredith, really?
I'm serious, Ash.
I mean, you're obviously upset,
but Chloe seems fine.
Even after her boyfriend
died, she seemed fine,
and it's just... it's weird.
It's all weird.
Ever since you started
going out with Darren,
everything's changed.
You've changed.
I just want my best friend back.
What's going on in here?
Hey, I just wanted to say
I'm really sorry
about your friends.
- Yeah, me too.
- Well, look,
if you ever wanted to talk
or, I don't know, hang out,
I... I've got an extra
ticket to the tech expo.
Maybe tomorrow after school...
Are you seriously
asking me out right now?
No... I just thought you've
been through a lot and...
I'm sorry, Kyle.
Maybe another time, okay?
So, has she agreed to
speak with anyone yet?
Well, I suggested it,
but we haven't discussed
it at length yet, no.
In fact... I've been thinking.
Um... I'm not
entirely certain
this is the best time
for you and I to be
seeing one another.
I need to focus on Ashley
and what's going on
with her right now.
Look... if you think there's
something going on with Ashley
and she's not telling
you about it...
I recommend you make her
business your business...
otherwise you might
regret it later.
If that's you, Chloe, you
better stop or I'm gonna tell.
I don't care if you
say it was my idea.
Who are you?!
The Stalker Club?
- What is that?
- It's nothing.
Well, it doesn't sound like nothing.
What is it, some type
of online group or...
No, no, no, no.
I thought it was just
the name of a movie
someone told me about,
but... it's not.
Is everything okay
with you, Ashley?
Yeah... everything's fine.
All right.
Well, I'm off for the day,
so... try not to burn
the candle, all right?
You're kidding me.
Is anybody here?
I'm done.
I'm not playing anymore.
Do you hear me?
I said I'm done!
Help, help!
One last birthday.
Kiss and hug, kiss and hug.
- Good.
- Wait, wait, wait.
You say this was a game?
And they were wearing a mask?
- Yes.
- So, it could have been
one of your friends
just messing with you.
No, they had a knife.
I got that, and I understand
that being locked in school
after hours is scary,
but we've done a sweep and
there is no one in there.
Trust me, there was
somebody in there.
This was not a prank.
Okay, I'll talk to the
other two you told me about...
Chloe Michaels
and Darren... White.
We'll let you know
what we find out.
Ashley, where have you been?
I've been calling you.
I got... I got locked
in the school.
Where did that come from?
You tell me.
I found it in your room.
I'm sorry for going
through your things,
but I'm worried
about you, Ashley.
It was so stupid, Mom.
We all got this text
to join this club,
the Stalker Club, and it
was just supposed to be
this, like, game and then...
and then things just
got out of control.
Who sent you the invitation?
I don't know.
Whoever it was, they... they
sent us all these masks
and then they started
stalking all of us.
And it was kind of
funny at first,
and then... and then Mark
went to the hospital,
so we all decided to drop it,
and it just... it didn't stop.
- What didn't stop?
- The stalking.
The next thing, Sadie dies.
She killed herself.
No, she didn't.
It was the stalker.
I saw the stalker in her house
right before we found her body.
Now they're after me, Mom.
They locked me in the school
and... they had a knife.
Okay, that's it, we're
going to the police.
I did.
They just think it's
someone pulling a prank.
Chloe and Darren, they're
the only ones that are left.
It has to be one of them.
Stay right there.
I don't think she wants to
talk to you right now, Darren.
Ashley, please.
What, did you get stalked again?
My mom knows, Darren.
I told her after
I told the police.
The police?
Because someone tried
to kill me at school.
I... I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Yeah, well, now you do...
so you'll know what to say
when the police question you.
- What do you mean by that?
- The five of us were
the only ones who knew
about Stalker Club, Darren,
so figure it out.
I'm glad you told the police.
And I'm glad that you're okay.
I mean that.
- Hello?
- It's Karen.
- We all need to meet.
- Yeah, I think you're right.
I don't know what she's talking about.
So you never partook in this game?
No, I don't know
anything about it, really.
I mean, she was the one
who brought it up.
I thought it was really weird,
but, you know,
it's kind of typical.
What do you mean by that?
A few years ago,
Ashley's dad died...
and ever since she's
been a bit... off.
Everyone knows it.
All right, well,
thank you for your time.
I'll be in contact if
I have any other questions,
and in the meantime...
be careful what you
join on the internet.
Crazy world out there.
Yes, it is.
- Thanks for coming.
- Oh, no, thank you
very much for your cooperation.
And, again, give me a call
if anything comes up.
I will, thanks.
Why are you lying?
- I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
Ashley wouldn't have come up
with something like that.
Ugh, well, I didn't
come up with it.
- Yeah, who did?
- You.
What are you talking about?
On one of your drunken rants
you went on and on about
this Stalker Club game
that you played
when you were a kid
and how it ruined everything.
What else did I say?
Don't lie to me.
That's all I heard, I swear.
It wasn't me, Mom.
I didn't start it.
So who was it?
This Darren kid?
I don't know, but we all
swore that we would stop...
that the game was over.
I guess it's not.
- Are you following me?
- What?
You're following me, aren't you?
No, I... I was just
going to class.
Where were you
yesterday after school?
I was at the tech expo.
Geez, Ash, what's
wrong with you?
Can you prove it?
I thought you were cool.
You're a real bitch,
you know that?
I guess you talked
to the police.
Yeah, and I told them it was
all in your crazy little head.
Chloe, don't forget
you have detention
after school today again.
You were here after
school yesterday?
Really, Ashley,
you think it was me?
You're such a headcase.
Nobody would believe you.
But if you get any
more bright ideas...
I'll make sure you're
the one that goes down.
She's such a bitch, Ashley.
I mean, don't you remember
all the cruel stuff
she used to do to us
when we were younger?
Putting worms in our lunch bag,
locking us in that shed,
putting a beehive in our fort?
That's right.
The bees, that...
that was Chloe.
Yeah, I know 'cause I got stung.
She was a bitch then
and she's a bitch now.
So it has to be her.
What are you talking about?
Um, it's a long story, Meredith,
so I'll tell you later,
but... will you come with
me somewhere tonight?
If you help me... we can
finally bring her down.
Hell yeah.
We have to tell the truth.
It was 30 years ago,
Karen, it's done.
It's not, Anna, and you know it.
I mean, my daughter
just got chased
through the school last night.
How do you know that had
to do with what we did?
You think the masks
are just coincidental?
Oh, my God, Luke.
Look what happened
to your daughter.
Karen, stop!
Those masks could be in any
dollar store in any state.
You're being an alarmist
just like you were back then.
- Really?
- Really.
Well, obviously, if
you'd all listened to me
and not started the
club in the first place,
nothing would have happened.
- You played the game, too.
- Yeah.
No, I didn't, and I told
Anna I wasn't gonna play...
yet she told all
of you that I was
so I could continue
to be stalked
which is her idea of having fun,
like it was her idea to go
too far with the stalking.
What happened to Teresa
was an accident.
Then we should've told the cops.
Look, we were teenagers.
And I don't know about you, but
I was scared to say anything.
So was I.
Well, someone in
this room was there
the night Teresa died...
so someone in this room
knows what really happened.
How are we still talking
about this 30 years later?
And how did our kids
find out about it?
We were the ones
that made it up...
and we swore never
to tell anyone.
Maybe someone did tell.
Okay, well, it doesn't
matter how they found out.
What matters is that we
finally do the right thing
and tell the police so
they take what's happening
to our kids seriously.
I mean, Linda has lost
Mark, Luke lost Sadie,
and I already lost my husband.
I'm telling you right now,
I'm not losing my daughter.
All right, everybody,
let's sleep on it.
We can make a decision
tomorrow, okay?
I've had a long day too, Mom.
Okay, so... you're gonna call
Chloe and then tell her
that I've gone off the
deep end or something,
that I've threatened
to go to the police
and tell them that
she's the stalker.
And then she's gonna
get really pissed off...
and she's gonna
want to stop me...
and I'm gonna videotape her.
Sounds good.
- Meet back here?
- Yeah.
- Good luck.
- You too.
Stop, Mom, stop yelling at me.
Look, this is your fault, okay?
If you hadn't told me
about this stupid club
in the first place, my friends
would still be alive,
my boyfriend would
still be alive!
I hate you!
Mom, Mom, Mom!
- Stay away from me.
- I just wanted to talk
and tell you I'm sorry
I lied to the police.
Of course you lied...
because it was you,
you killed Mark
- and Sadie and Chloe.
- What are you talking...
Don't, just don't!
Ashley, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Mark wasn't an accident and
Sadie didn't kill herself.
It was you.
You... you killed both of them
and you killed Chloe.
What? This is crazy.
I videotaped it so
you could stop lying!
Go ahead and think
what you want.
I'm not gonna stay
here to get accused
of something I didn't do.
Mom, Mom, Mom!
- What are you doing?
- Mom, it's Darren.
He was here and then... and then
I heard him scream outside,
and then... and then
I can't find him,
- and, Mom, Chloe's dead!
- What?
Mom, I think Darren is hurt.
- We need to go inside!
- Okay, shh.
Go inside and call the police.
I'll find Darren.
Go, and lock the door!
Oh, my God.
Who are you?
What do you want?
- Where's Ashley?
- She's in the house.
Darren, we have to get
you to a hospital.
It's in there.
The stalker is in the house.
I don't want to play anymore.
Neither did my sister.
Mrs. Glynner?
Congratulations, Ashley.
You win the game!
Why, why are you doing this?
Because 30 years ago,
your mother and all her
friends got together
and formed a clique...
called the Stalker Club.
I found out about it
two years ago...
after my parents sold the house.
I was helping to pack
up my sister's things,
and I found it.
It was just an old
school journal...
but it was all there.
The rules of the game...
the pact not to tell anyone...
and the torment she
was going through.
It all made sense then.
The late-night phone calls...
the jumpiness...
What's wrong?
the notes that she would
crumple up and hide,
and the fact that she started
sleeping with the light on...
and the mask I caught
them all wearing...
all leading up until
the day we found her.
- Teresa, come on, wake up.
- I'll call an ambulance.
The police, they said
it was an accident,
that she tripped on her shoes
and fell down the stairs.
Operator, I need an ambulance.
But I know the truth.
It was them.
They killed her.
So now I'm taking from them
what they took from me!
The ones they love the most!
Get the hell off my daughter!
You take one more step and
I am gonna slice her throat.
Beth, listen to me, I'm sorry.
I told them not
to play the game,
but they wouldn't listen.
You're a liar!
It was you, too,
you were one of them.
Beth... once I realized
how horrible the game was,
I told Anna I didn't
want to play,
but she wouldn't listen to me.
And when your sister
fell down the stairs
because Anna took
the game too far,
I told them we had
to tell the police,
but they all told me
that we would go to jail.
Beth, I'm sorry.
I was scared, I was 17.
You took her away from me.
Do you know how that feels?
Please, Beth.
It's been 30 years.
Don't you think it's
time to end the game?
Please, give me the knife.
You know the rules.
Once you join the Stalker Club,
you can never leave.
She was my sister.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
All right there,
tough guy, come on.
You're not supposed to be
walking on your own yet.
I know, I know,
but I needed an excuse
to get close to you.
Hey, did you, um, did
you hear about the club?
What about it?
It's everywhere.
I mean, it's all over social
media and the internet.
- How?
- I don't know,
but it's become this, like,
international phenomenon.
Why would anybody want to join,
especially after
everything that's happened?
Beats me.
Well, I never want
anything to do with it.
Hey, Darren, you keeping an eye
- on the barbecue for me?
- You bet.
So... do you think you can make
better burgers than my mom?
- Well.
- Wait a second.
You really think you can make
better burgers than I do?
- It's kind of my specialty.
- Oh, we'll see about that.
It's my specialty
too, ask Ashley.
Okay, I'm sensing
a cook-off here.
I'm gonna go get the buns.
It's on.
Here you go, you're welcome.
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh