The Stand (1994) Movie Script

Containment breach.
We've had
a major containment breach.
God. Oh, my God.
The security system
appears to be malfunctioning.
Seal the base, Campion.
If the main gate's still open, shut it.
Yes, sir.
We're dying like flies down here.
Use the manual gate override, Campion.
Do it now. Do it now!
Sally, Baby Lavon.
Campion. This is a code red.
We've lost one of the bugs.
Repeat, we've lost one of the bugs!
You have to close the gate!
Sally! Sally!
We gotta get out of here.
What's going on?
You know what.
Get the baby's stuff. Let's go.
Oh, my God.
Come on, let's go.
I'm coming!
Let's go, come on.
Let's go.
We'll be okay.
Give me the baby.
All right. I'll get it.
All right, let's go.
Come on, baby.
Slow down, Charlie.
Charlie, slow down.
Charlie, you're gonna get us all killed!
Sorry, baby.
Brought to you right here on Blackout.
And now here is the host
of Blackout, Tom Leary.
All right, coming up next,
we got Kathy Camen Goldmore,
America's new country sweetheart.
Sure wish she was my sweetheart.
Why don't you listen to me,
you old man?
Been listening to you
more than 20 years now, ain't I?
All that wisdom and I ain't rich yet.
Yeah. Well, if you learn
some simple economics.
Oh. Old man Vic thinks
"simple economics" is
some new breed of I rishman.
Hey. Ain't you ignorant?
I think licking the glue off the back
of all them food stamps
has finally done something
to your brain.
Well, I gotta feed
your daughter, don't I? Ha-ha-ha.
Hap, shut off the pumps.
Hey, you all right?
Damn, Stu.
You don't think he did that to his face
falling out of the car, did you?
I doubt it.
Hey. Just take it easy now.
Calm down.
Phone rescue services
in Braintree now. Hurry up.
Go on.
Just take it easy, friend.
It's gonna be all right.
Just lie still now.
It's all right.
You'll be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
Ambulance will be here
in 10 minutes.
My wife and my baby
are sick. They need help.
Help my wife and baby.
They're sick, they need help.
They're okay. They're fine.
You just wanna sit right there.
The ambulance is on its way.
We didn't get out in time after all.
Just try to rest yourself, okay?
Just take it easy now.
Gate malfunctioned.
Otherwise, we'd have died
in the compound.
Project Blue.
Take him aside, Stu.
He's gonna toss it.
Put your head down.
Come on.
And I told you I ain't got
time to throw a line on that dog tag.
You mind me now.
What's he got? You got any idea?
Maybe it's food poisoning.
You know, he's got California plates.
He may have got some bad chow
at a roadside stand or something.
I hope you're right.
We've seen cholera back in '58
down near Nogales.
This is what it looks like.
Sally and the baby,
they were sick since Salt Lake City.
But I felt fine till this morning...
Boy. Are you sure
Sally and my baby are okay?
There was a man with us
some of the time.
He was a dark man. He--
I was looking through
the rear-view mirror
and I'd see him just sitting there
grinning at me.
I thought I could outrun him. Ha-ha-ha.
You can't outrun the dark man.
Not now. Millie.
Put this on the board.
General Starkey, sir.
Close the door and drop the bull, Len.
Yes, sir.
They killed them in a hurry down there.
Telemetry suggests even the ones that
managed to get their respirators on
died within 12 minutes.
The rest of them were gone in five.
You believe that?
Do I have a choice?
Apparently, none of us do.
It's nothing but a souped-up version
of the flu.
Herbert Denninger of the National
Disease Control Center,
the Pentagon's bright boy of the week,
says once we find Campion,
we'll know if it's actually gonna jump
to the outside.
He says it'll probably mutate.
But that's not gonna help
the people that catch it.
General, I have what might be something--
It'll just take them longer to die,
that's all.
Most people are gonna think
they've got the plain old non-lethal flu
right up to the very end.
And that's the biggest break
we've had so far.
All because a gate malfunctioned
and some glorified TV repairman
got his family and ran for the hills.
I'd like to get that guy,
string him up by--
We found him.
We located Campion.
Crash-landed at a gas station
on the outskirts of a one-stoplight town
in East Texas.
He made it
halfway across the country?
How'd he do that?
I don't know.
But the important thing is, right now
we got a shot at containing this.
Is he dead or alive?
He's dead.
Oh, God. Denninger says
this stuff has a communicability level
of over 99 percent.
You understand what that means?
Any chance we had of containing it
went by the boards
when Campion bought
his first takeout hamburger.
We can't think that way, Billy.
Yeah, you're right.
Of course you are.
What about the rest of his family?
They're dead, sir.
Contact with townspeople
was minimal.
That doesn't matter.
We gotta shut that town down,
lock it up, dig a moat around it.
That operation's already
on the launching pad, sir.
What kind of coverage
you come up with?
New strain.
Ha-ha. Hey, that's a new one, all right.
It's real new.
It's very good at its job too. Too good.
Well, it's bad, general,
but it could be worse.
Ha. How's that?
What's the name of this town?
Arnette. Arnette, Texas.
All right, men, it's up.
Here you go.
Cold got you down? Chills, fever?
Sounds like you need a buddy.
Flu Buddy.
Fast-acting Flu Buddy.
Available at pharmacies everywhere.
Flu Buddy.
And now, let's get back
to the Lone Star Matinee Movie.
State patrol, Hap.
Looks like your cousin Joe-Bob.
Hey, Joe-Bob.
Want me to fill her up for you?
No, sir. I come by on other business.
Was that old geezer here last night
when that guy took out your pumps?
Vic? He's here
just about every night.
Well, maybe he ought to
hear this too.
Hear what?
There's strangers
crawling all over Braintree.
Supposed to be
U.S. Health Service guys
but they came
in a C-58 transport plane
and they look like
regular Army to me.
And then there's been three more
big transport planes
land over at Starland in Arkansas
since noon.
It was cholera. I knew it was.
Well, I don't know
nothing about that.
I'll tell you one thing, though.
If the feds are thinking
about a quarantine,
then you might have a little bit more
to worry about than cholera.
I just thought you ought to know
what's stirring in the weeds, Hap.
If any of them other old boys
here last night come by,
pass the word along to them .
Just don't mention my name.
You ought to take care of that,
Them summer colds are the worst.
What if it ain't a cold?
What if I got whatever he had,
that guy last night?
Oh, it's probably just the sniffles,
that's all.
Maybe I ought to close up the station
for the rest of the day.
Call the other fellows,
see how they're feeling.
Might not be a bad idea.
Uh, this is Unit 16 to base.
I'm seeing a lot of Army traffic
on, uh, State 17,
westbound in the d irection of Arnette.
You heard anything about that? Bye.
Please advise if you've been
anywhere near Arnette today, bye.
Uh, negative, base.
I've been over
by the Arkansas state line all day.
Well, that's fine, then.
Suggest you let the Army
mind their business
and you mind yours, Unit 16.
Well, you don't have to be
so grouchy about it, Cynthia.
Unit 10 over and out.
All right. Let's move it out.
Get up there, get up.
Come on, boy, force it.
Take a shot.
Right here.
He's outside.
Shoot it!
We're sucking, you guys.
Hold it right there, now.
Arms in front, we'll pull in from the left.
What do you think you're doing here?
Oh, don't hurt me.
I can't leave my store.
Hey, what right have you got
to push me around?
Stuart Richard Redman, sir.
He was at the station.
People, let's go. Come on, now.
Easy, there, easy.
Sounds like
you're having a busy day.
Dr. Herbert Denninger,
Mr. Redman. Will you come with us?
Wanna get your hand off my arm,
He had direct contact with Campion.
Put him in the back of the truck.
If he resists--
I ain't gonna resist.
Cou ntry don't mean dumb.
I ain't going. I ain't, I ain't.
Get you hands off of her.
Stay where you are,
Mr. Redman. That's not your affair.
Stu! What's happening?
They want us to go--
They wanna take us to Vermont.
Mr. Redman , I insist
you get into the truck right now or...
Or you'll shoot me?
That don't scare me much, hoss.
If we got what that guy Campion had,
we're dead already.
Well, our flying time today
will be three hours and 40 minutes
and Uncle Sam is buying all the drinks.
What the hell's wrong with us?
Is it cholera?
Absolutely not.
You'll be getting all the details.
Shortly after you land.
I ain't been this scared
since the Mekong Delta in '69.
Well, that ain't true.
I've never been this scared.
It's just the ones that was there
when Campion croaked, ain't it?
Us, our families,
people we've been around since.
Right now, yeah.
What do you mean, right now?
Okay, people, saddle up.
Let's go, let's go.
You're on Uncle Sam's time now.
Move it.
Move them out.
Arnette's been canceled.
You serious?
What do you think?
I don't know.
I think we're in big trouble.
And now, by request from Bay Ridge,
Larry Underwood and
"Baby, Can You Dig Your Man?"
Well, baby, can you?
You look beautiful.
Aren't you glad to see me?
Should I be, Larry?
Well, I can be happy
for the both of us.
If I have to be.
Come on inside, Larry,
before the neighbors get an eyeful.
So you know the record
cracked the top 50?
You heard it, right?
Of course I have. You sound black.
Well, that brown sound
sure do get around.
So I'm in L.A.
And all of a sudden,
everyone is my friend.
I mean,
everyone's got a can't-miss deal.
So I had to get out of there
for a little while, you know?
Take a little time off.
How's your back, Ma?
Pains me some, but I got my pills.
What kind of trouble
are you in, Larry?
Well, maybe I overspent my advance
a little.
I didn't know the record company
was gonna be so cheap.
It's no big deal.
Except I, uh...
I borrowed a little money.
Not from any bank
or you wouldn't be here, right?
The leg breakers any different
out there on the West Coast
than they are here?
Do they give you a Perrier and Valiu m
before they start hurting you?
You're just like your father.
I am not just like Pop.
You sound pissed off.
Well, I am pissed off, Ma.
It's good to know that there's still
a real person in there some place.
How deep a hole are you in?
And don't lie.
I've seen your car.
About 40,000.
Jesus wept.
But the record's number 21 this week,
Ma, with a bullet. Bam.
The album hasn't hit
the Hot 100 yet, but it will.
Forty thousand's nothing.
And I'm not gonna let them
make me a one-hit wonder either.
Your son's here to stick around.
I'm gonna be famous, Ma.
Even better, I'm gonna be rich.
The bed's still in your old room.
I'll make it up.
And I have to go to work.
I'm gonna be late as it is.
All right. Thanks.
Thanks, Mom.
Welcome home, Larry.
Ah. This is interesting.
Now, watch this.
It's so damn quick.
Uh, the only two left
from the gas station
are Bruett and Redman, correct?
Bruett's critical and sinking fast,
which leaves only Redman,
who's not even sick.
Now, how in God's name
is that possible?
I don't know. We're going to find out.
We have to find out.
And soon.
We will.
In other news,
U.S. government health officials
claim there's nothing strange
in their decision to quarantine
a small East Texas town,
where a new strain
of what's believed to be swine flu
has got half the population in bed
and the other half
down with the sniffles.
At the Vermont
Center for Disease Control...
Hello, Mr. Goldsmith.
Hello, Harold.
Is Fran around?
Uh, she's in the kitchen, I think.
Hi, Fran.
Hi, Harold.
Thanks, Daddy.
Don't mention it, sweetheart.
I brought you something.
Oh, you did?
Oh, is that you?
Of course, Everleaf
is just a small literary magazine.
Small but prestigious.
And they only pay
in contributors' copies.
Look, Daddy,
we know a published writer.
How about that?
Oh. My poem is called
"The Crushed Rose."
I marked it for you.
I actually sent in three.
But, of course,
their space is very limited.
Well, Harold, I'm gonna read this
just as soon as I get a chance.
In the meantime, congratulations.
Thank you.
I had another reason
for stopping by as well.
Uh, I was wondering if you would
care to accompany me
to the Railroad Cinema
this Friday in Boothbay.
They're having a Bergman festival.
I've always found Cries and Whispers
to be especially moving .
Well, you see,
Amy and I already decided
to go to an R.E.M. concert in Portland.
So... Sorry.
Oh, well. Maybe some other time.
Harold, I'm sure you'll find
somebody to go with.
You know, maybe somebody
even your own age.
I mean, I didn't mean that...
I really--
Don't worry about it.
It's okay. I understand, really.
I hope you enjoy the poem.
I will.
And the rest of the magazine,
of course.
Why don't you stay
and have iced tea or something?
No, thanks.
I'm actually in sort of a hurry.
Well, I really handled that great,
didn't I?
Considering that Harold Lauder's
had a crush on you
since he was 9 years old,
yeah, I think you did okay.
Oh, let me see that.
"I have stridden the fuming way
Of sun-hammered tracks
And savage hobo jungles"
Stop. Stop.
Frannie, are you okay?
I'm the object of a young poet's
unrequited love.
What else could a girl want?
You and Jess haven't had a fight?
I haven't seen much of him
this summer.
Well, actually, Jess and I have decided
to spend some time apart.
It's like that, is it?
Yeah, just like that.
Come here.
Give your old man a hug.
What about you?
How are you doing?
Why, I'm fine. Fine.
I woke up this morning
missing your mother,
so I came out here.
After seven years,
there's a lot of places
in the house where she ain't.
But this ain't one of them.
Sometimes when I'm out here
yanking weeds,
I can almost see her.
I love you, Daddy.
I love you too.
Although I've resigned myself
to losing you
to Harold Lauder someday.
You okay?
And how are you today,
Mr. Redman?
Well, we're just gonna do
a few routine tests.
If I could have your arm.
No, I won't be doing any more tests.
Please, just your blood pressure.
Doctor's orders.
No, I wanna talk to a doctor.
I wanna talk to a doctor in person.
Well, I'm sure that you will be
talking to a doctor very soon.
Yeah, I'm sure I will too.
No more tests!
I'm sick of it.
Mr. Redman, if--
I think you better get in there.
Don't you?
Well, say.
If it isn't the man
with the little clipboard
and the armed escort.
No, no, no, we don't
shake hands here. Just a precaution.
A precaution? Uh-huh.
Patty Greer says you've given her
quite a bit of trouble.
She's quite upset.
Well, that makes two of us.
Being hijacked by some
government sons of bitches
in space suits
does that to me every time.
If you don't wanna see
how quick I can rip a hole in that
before you can get out of here,
you better give me a little information.
You tell me why I'm not sick.
Mr. Redman, I hardly think--
Talk to me, damn it!
I'm sorry, but you--
Mr. Redman , be reasonable.
Just get out of here,
you little weasel.
You send me someone
who can give me some answers.
I don't think you quite appreciate
your position, Mr. Redman.
You're wrong about that.
I do.
Go on, get out.
Here he comes.
We're not really gonna
hurt him, are we, Ray?
Quiet down , Rick.
Get him!
What the hell are you waiting for?
Next time I yell, friend,
you're gonna pay attention,
I guarantee it. Unh!
Hold him, hold him. Hold the sucker.
Hold him. I'm gonna mess him up.
How come he don't
say nothing, Ray?
By the time I finish with him,
he's gonna sing
"The Battle Hymn of the Republic."
Sucker almost ruined my favorite shirt.
I'm gonna mess him up.
Stop it, Ray. You're killing him.
Ray, car.
No! Ray!
Heads up, sucker.
I can hear.
I can talk.
And he walks with me
And he talks with me
And he tells me I am his own
I can hear.
I can talk.
I know, Nick.
Praise God.
How did you know my name?
Come to me in a dream, I reckon.
Is this a dream?
Well, mayhap it is, and mayhap it ain't.
Who are you, ma'am?
Abagail Freemantle.
But folks arou nd these parts
just call me Mother Abagail.
I'm 106 years old
and I still make my own bread.
I've been living right here
in Hemingford Home, Nebraska
all my life.
You come see me, Nick.
You and all your friends.
You got to hurry, though.
There's a storm coming.
His storm.
Some people have even taken
to wearing protection on the streets.
Why are you wearing this mask, sir?
I don't know. Just to feel safer.
Okay. Thank you.
Katie, the folks at the Atlanta
Disease Control Center told me
that these masks wouldn't stop
a flu germ with a hangover.
I guess we can thank
our lucky stars
that this outbreak of super flu
is just another of those...
I don't know about all
those people down in Texas,
but you sure sound like you got
a dose of the flu, Johnny.
You better let me take a listen.
Forget that.
Oh, come on.
You know how hot it makes me
when you take your shirt off.
When I was a boy,
we caught ourselves a mountain lion
back up in the hills.
We shot it
and dragged it back to town.
What was left of that critter
when we got home
was the sorriest-looking sight
I've ever seen.
You're the second sorriest, boy.
I'm gonna get somebody
to take his shirt off
before I go home tonight.
It's okay, son. I'm a doctor.
I'm also the guy
that damn near ran you over.
You got a name, Babalugah?
What the hell?
It means that he's deaf and dumb.
Yeah? That hurt?
If you're deaf and dumb,
how the hell am I gonna find out
what happened to you tonight?
Can you read lips, Babalugah?
Well, thank God for small favors.
Now you tell me this:
Would you know the three boys that
jobbed you if you seen them again?
One of them had a ring like that?
Oh, man.
That's a fraternity ring, my silent friend.
And the only two people around here
who have them
are our esteemed sheriff
and Ray Booth, our town bad boy.
The sheriff here
married Ray's baby sister.
Janey's gonna just love this.
Welcome to Shoyo, Mr. Andros.
It's a veritable hotbed
of Southern hospitality.
Get away from me.
I don't know how many different ways
I can say this.
This so-called super flu does not exist.
Then what is it?
Why is everybody talking about it?
I don't know why
everybody's talking about it.
I don't know where
the rumors are coming from.
It must be a figment
of the press' imagination.
I don't know why I'm up here
answering these questions.
I don't have the answers.
Because there's no such thing--
Good afternoon, Mr. Redman.
My name is Dietz.
I'd like you to meet a friend of mine.
Meet Geraldo.
Geraldo, huh?
Now, the virus
your fellow townspeople contracted
passes easily from human
to guinea pig
and vice versa, presumably.
But Geraldo has been breathing
your air via convector
for the last three days.
And Geraldo is fine and frisky,
as you see.
I'd call that rather comforting,
wouldn't you?
I see you're not taking any chances.
That's not in my contract.
However, it does appear
that there is absolutely nothing wrong
with you, Mr. Redman.
Or may I call you Stu?
Just don't call me Geraldo.
I like that.
Now look here, Stu,
let's try to get through this
as painlessly as possible.
What do you say?
Here's number one.
The testing schedule
we began earlier this week
is going to resume,
with your cooperation or without it.
We got a hell of a mess
on our hands here
thanks to that imbecile, Campion.
So I don't want you
to get the idea you're a volunteer.
You've been drafted.
What about the folks I came in with?
From Arnette? All dead.
Which is why we can't afford--
What did you do?
What did you people do?
Stu, please...
No! Stand clear!
All right, now you listen up.
I'm not responsible for you being here
or for the dead people
in your home town .
Neither is Denninger or the nurses
who come in
to take your blood pressure.
Then who is?
No one, everyone, God.
Who knows?
All you have to do is resign yourself
to a few more pokes and pricks.
Well, what if I--?
Dietz, calm down.
I was just faking.
Why would you do a thing like that?
You talk about this thing in here
like you were outside of it.
I just wanted you to get a little taste
of what it's like on the inside.
How did you like it?
You stupid son of a bitch.
Get the hell out of here.
Don't forget your damn guinea pig.
Reports of
the supposedly lethal flu epidemic
continue to spread.
Many downtown shopping areas
in Southern Florida
are virtually empty this morning
and the flu rumor
actually seems to be
gaining credence
despite statements from health
officials in Atlanta and Vermont.
In Vermont,
Dr. Herbert Denninger said, quote,
"Let me put it in five simple words.
Captain Trips does not exist. "
How's the sexiest bartender in L.A.?
Larry, is that you?
Yeah, Arlene, listen-
You better get this first.
Wayne Stukey called.
He said your album's going up
nine spots this week.
Your single's number three
on the Billboard Chart
and you're nu mber one on VH1!
Sounds to me like you might just be
king of the world.
What's it sound like to you?
Victory! Ha-ha!
Arlene, I love you.
Oh , don't I wish!
Listen, I'm gonna try
and get the afternoon flight back.
So you put on your sexiest number
and I'm gonna take you out to dinner.
Then I'll take you out dancing.
Then maybe I'll just take you.
You might want to consider
delaying your trip back a few days.
Why, what's the problem?
Things are weird.
People are really scared
about this Captain Trips thing.
Yeah, the radio here says it's just bull.
Well, the radio out here says the
hospitals are filling up with sick people
and some of them are dying.
What, people are dying of the flu?
There's a lot of soldiers around.
Suddenly, I.A.'s
a really creepy place to be, Larry.
Maybe I'll stick around New York
a couple of days then .
Yeah. Well, just don't forget what
you promised when you get back.
Dinner, dancing
and all the paparazzi I can smile at.
Yeah, yeah, you got it.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, man.
The Rat Man forgive you, this time.
Bring out your dead!
Bring out your dead!
Bring out your dead!
Bring out your dead!
Bring out your--!
He's coming for you, Larry!
The man with no face.
Bring out your dead!
Bring out your dead!
Turn that up!
Give me that!
It's a dead soldier.
Dead company. Ha-ha-ha!
Whoa! Whoa!
All-star bowling!
Come on, Poke.
Well, you know what time it is?
What time is it?
Time to make a cash withdrawal!
I heard that.
And if anybody,
I mean anybody, says anything
or does anything to stop us...
We gonna Pokerize them .
That's right, damn straight!
Look around.
Look around.
If we're gonna do this, do it fast.
I know what you mean, jellybean.
All right!
Hold still and won't nobody get hurt!
Heh-heh-heh. That's all, folks.
Look out, Poke!
Did you see it, Lloyd?
That old bugger tried to shoot me.
Hold it, hold it!
Hold it. Hands up.
Deputy Sheriff Owen
Kingsolving, officers, coming out.
Who's he? What's he doing there?
You got this coming out the door.
That's enough!
That's enough, Owen!
Pop Jones,
Betty Diamond, both dead.
It ain't never gonna be enough.
No, we will not do that.
We have a rather large problem
in Wyoming, sir.
What large problem is that, Len?
News team got out of Pine BIuff
with some
potentially damaging videotape, sir.
Flu victims? Body dumps?
A little of both.
And our ops, I'm told.
Oh, well, we can't have that.
No, sir. I know.
Showing footage like that
would not be in the national interest.
Absolutely not, sir.
Well, do we know
where these news people,
these rabble-rousers are now?
Yes, sir. We do.
Get that videotape, Len.
Any means necessary.
Make it a priority.
Yes, sir.
Any means necessary.
Everybody, out of the van.
Mike, are you getting all this?
I don't like how this looks. Be careful.
Come on! Out right now, let's go!
You're gonna have to surrender
the video camera
that gentleman's holding
and any videotape
you have already shot.
Can you tell us why, major?
You don't seem to understand
the situation here, ma'am.
Martial law has been declared.
We don't have to put up with you
and your pinko friends anymore.
Mike, are you getting all this?
Get him, get him!
Now, can we have a comment...?
Get the camera, get the driver!
Mike, no!
Put her in the car, in the car!
Cut the power.
I said--
Thank you.
Looks like our problem in Wyoming
has been solved.
That doesn't change the basic fact
that our goose is pretty well cooked.
Things fall apart
The center does not hold
A man named Yeats said that.
I didn't understand
that poem in college, Len.
But I must be getting smarter
in my old age
because I understand it now.
And one other line from that poem:
What rough beast,
Its hour come around at last,
Slouches toward Bethlehem
To be born?
I think that beast
might be on his way, Len.
What do you think?
Is that Hungarian goulash?
It might be, sir.
Yeats was right. Things fall apart.
Hey! Who died and made you God?
You don't think we're gonna eat that,
do you, dummy?
You could have poisoned it.
You blue-eyed pretty boy. I'm gonna
mess up your hair, pretty boy!
I'm gonna ride you like a lame bronc.
You're mine, sucker!
Sorry, guy, I can't. I'm sick.
We're not gonna eat it, dummy.
None of us! We're on a hunger strike.
I'm awful hungry, Ray.
You son of a...
Hey, dummy! Wanna drink?
Hunger strike! I am on a hunger strike
until you let me out of here!
Now, you come on over here,
because I'm not done with you yet.
Has there been much
of that foolishness?
Sorry, John and his wife are dead.
A lot of people in Shoyo are dead.
And a lot more are gonna die.
In fact, you and I
may be the last two healthy people
in western Arkansas.
What's he talking about, Ray?
Shut up!
Our government
is still denying everything.
But the radio says
the hospitals are filling up
and the Army's burning bodies
in waste treatment facilities. Ha-ha.
It's the ultimate recycling program.
Hey, doc, you gotta let me out of here!
They're both sick.
Keeping me in here with them
is cruel and unusual punishment.
I got a little cabin up in the hills.
And I'm gonna try to wait this out.
And so I was--
All right.
My responsibility as a doctor.
Hey, don't make me laugh.
I took an oath to treat my patients,
not die with them.
You could come with me
if you want, Nick.
Joe got sick
and made you responsible for them?
But that doesn't mean that you
can't let them out now that he's gone.
Hey, Ray, if he lets you out,
are you gonna mess with him?
No. I swear.
Me neither!
They'll leave you alone.
I got something for you, mutie.
Been saving it up, you might say.
Things have changed, Ray.
You might do well to remember that.
You might see me again , mutie.
So, what do you say?
Wanna come up country with me?
God, you're nuts.
He's as good as dead.
Water, please. Thirsty.
Although city
and government spokespersons
vehemently deny it, reliable sources
continue to report to News Radio
that troops opened fire earlier today
on unarmed pedestrians
attempting to flee New York
by way of the Lincoln Tunnel.
As many as 60 persons
may have been killed
with hundreds wounded.
Although travel to some
of the outer boroughs is still possible,
News Radio advises you
to stay off the streets.
I'm so hot.
You're gonna be fine, Mom.
Let's just put you to bed.
Larry, go find your father.
He's in the bar.
He's in the bar
with that photographer.
Okay, Ma.
Take a little sip of this.
Come on. Pick your head up.
Just take a little bit,
you swallow it down .
Okay, there you go. There you go.
Larry, watch out for him. The dark man
coming for you.
What did you say, Ma?
How can a hospital phone be busy?
Ma, just get back here. Sit back.
Okay. Sit back.
You're gonna be fine, Ma.
Everything's gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be fine.
Bring out your dead!
Bring out your dead!
He's coming! Bring out your dead!
Oh, God. No!
You're right, Billy.
The center doesn't hold.
Sure doesn't.
How's it going , mutie?
What's shaking?
You're gonna be in hell for 30 seconds
before you even know you're dead.
None of this happened
till you came along.
I'm gonna kill you, mutie!
Bring out your dead!
The monster's coming!
He's coming!
Bring out your dead!
Bring out your dead!
The monster's coming!
Bring out your dead!
The monster...
Here you go, Dad.
Here's some toast
and some Jewish penicillin for you.
Chicken soup,
to the great unwashed.
Oh, that looks good, darling.
How you feeling?
Better. Quite a bit.
I think I might be beating it.
Well, that's good, because
I still can't reach Dr. AIbertson.
And the Rent-A-Doc in Wells
is still not picking up the phone.
I just keep getting a recording.
You know, this flu is everywhere.
It's really scary.
Oh, you look okay.
Well, I feel okay.
Great in fact.
Well, hey, turn on the radio, will you?
It's time for Rae Flowers.
Oh, not that sarcastic little woman.
Well, I like her.
Hello, there. This is
Rae Flowers on Speak Your Piece.
And I guess this morning
there's only one topic of conversation.
You can call it the super flu
or by its West Coast name,
Captain Trips,
but it means the same thing
either way.
There've been some horror stories
about the Army
clamping down on everything.
The Army?
Just be patient with me.
Remember I'm running this show
all by myself.
Everyone else called in sick.
The numbers are the same though,
555-TALK and 555-CHAT.
So let's go.
Hello, there. This is Rae Flowers
and it's time to speak your piece.
I'm calling from Portsmouth, Rae.
What's your name, Portsmouth?
Listen, Rae,
I just want everyone to know
that there are soldiers burning bodies
across the state line, in Kittery.
Also, my little girl died this morning.
I guess she's with Jesus now.
I'm sorry as hell, Leonora.
Rae, I think the soldiers did it.
I think they made a bug
that's, like, killing people.
That wouldn't be very American,
now, would it?
No. I guess not.
Of course, it's never stopped
the real patriots among us, has it?
You try to hang in there, Leonora.
I'm trying, Rae.
But have you ever smelled
bodies on fire?
I can't say that I have.
It's awful, Rae, it's just...
You just try to hang in there, hon.
This is Rae Flowers. You're on the air.
And it's time to speak your piece.
Rae, first of all
I just wanna tell you
that I love your show, Rae.
You say you saw these GIs
gunning down unarmed civilians?
Open in the name
of the United States government!
Tell you what, Portland,
the Marines have landed,
and they don't look happy.
This is a joke, right?
I mean, this has gotta be a joke.
I don't think so, Frannie.
I really don't think so.
Hi, there. You're on the air.
Rae, are you all right?
To tell you the truth,
doesn't look good for the kid right now.
Several soldiers
have just broken into the studio.
They're fully armed and dressed
in some kind of protective clothing.
They're wearing respirators
on their faces.
Shut it down!
Hey, Bluto!
You ever heard of a number
called freedom of speech?
Bill of Rights? Any of that ring a bell?
Folks, I've just been ordered by my
uninvited fascist guests to shut down.
And I've refused , I think
All right, that's enough.
Oh, my God! What's happening?
Daddy, what's happening?
I don't know, honey.
I don't know.
He's closer now! The hardcase!
The dark man! He's coming!
He's closer now! The dark man!
...thanks for the grub.
He's here! He's here!
The monster's here!
The dark man's here!
Hello there, East Texas.
What kept you?
I was lost in the corn.
Then I heard the guitar.
It sounds so sweet.
I ain't been able to make
a decent F chord in 20 years.
But thank you kindly.
Who are you?
Where is this?
I'm Abagail Freemantle.
And this is Hemingford Home.
Stuart, those folks who got you
won't leave you to live much longer.
You know that, don't you?
I reckon maybe I do.
The beast is loose
in the streets of Bethlehem.
The rats are in the corn.
I don't follow you, ma'am.
Ma'am? Ma'am? Where are you?
Folks around these parts
just call me Mother Abagail,
East Texas.
Mother Abagail?
Well, how we feeling, Stu?
Always fine.
Now, just think.
All the tests we ran on you
and we never found
a single immunity factor, not one.
Now, I'm curious.
How would you explain it, Stu?
Have you been touched by God?
What you got behind your back?
I see.
Do you?
I think I do, yeah.
I wonder.
Where's your buddy, Denninger?
He's dead.
They're all dead.
Everyone except for me and thee.
And you're here
to take care of me, is that it?
Hole in one.
Because I've decided
a piece of chicken-fried crap like you
doesn't deserve to live.
Not with so many good men dying.
Those good men caused this mess.
Come down
and eat chicken with me, beautiful.
It's so dark!
You come and see me, Stu.
You and all your friends.
We got to get started. Time's short.
Abagail Freemantle.
Hemingford Home.
You come see me.
You and all your friends.
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved
A wretch like me
I once was lost
But now I'm found
Was blind
But now I see
I love you, Daddy.
Frannie loves you.
Mr. Goldsmith? Hello?
I'm here, Harold.
Come in.
It's my father.
I'm gonna bury him in his garden.
That's his favorite place.
I think he'll be able to rest there.
I really do.
But I'm so hot and tired.
Could you please help me?
Of course.
Here you go.
It's a little warm but it's not too bad.
That's okay. I like warm lemonade.
Harold, it's so strange.
It doesn't even seem like
the place I grew up in.
It seems like a different planet.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
I've always hated it here.
All I ever wanted was to escape.
All those guys who used
to give me wedgies in gym class,
all the girls who used to laugh
at the way I walked,
they're all gone.
And I want them back.
For two people
from the same town,
two people who know each other,
to both be immune
to something this big,
it's like winning
the Megabucks lottery.
It has to mean something.
Well, there's gotta be other people.
And we just gotta figure out
how to find them, don't you think?
We have to go to Stovington.
Stovington, Vermont.
There's a government
communicable disease center there.
If anyone's still alive
and trying to find a cure for the flu,
that's where they'd be.
Immune cases as well.
Harold, you're a genius.
That's a great idea.
Of course,
Stovington might be deserted too.
Roads are jammed.
Can you ride a motorcycle?
Yeah. Jess taught me.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that's your boyfriend.
Well, not anymore.
Do you think that maybe...?
You know, maybe I could be--
we're always gonna be friends.
Oh, I forgot.
It's a surprise. Wait right here.
I found it in the garage
when I was looking for the canvas.
It runs on batteries.
I thought maybe it would cheer me up.
Cheer us both up.
Okay, what do you wanna hear?
Crowded House.
Is anybody here?
Is anybody here?
Giddyup, boy.
Is anybody there?
Is anybody anywhere?
Over here.
Keep shouting.
I don't believe I need to.
You're not gonna shoot me, are you?
Are you dangerous?
I don't know.
No. No, I'm not dangerous.
Oh, man.
I can smell your perfume.
I'm glad to see you too.
Except for the birds, we may be the
only living creatures in this entire city.
Don't you believe it.
Because there are a lot
of dangerous people out there.
Some of them
are every bit as healthy as we are.
So my gun
might not be such a bad idea?
You know something?
I've seen this guy before.
In Times Square,
just before everything went to hell.
Screaming about monsters.
Now, he said they were coming.
He was right.
How rare did you want it?
Just run it through a warm room.
You know,
I was hoping you'd say that.
Ohh. Wow, ta-da.
Thank you. Thank you.
It's barely breathing.
Oh, I think I lost my appetite.
We gotta get out of here.
I beg your pardon?
I mean, we gotta get out of the city.
I mean, it's not just the odds
of getting shot.
Do you have any idea what it's
gonna smell like in two weeks?
Five million people
rotting in the July sun.
Okay. I need a...
What is that?
Vitamin C.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
It's none of my business.
Apology accepted.
Mostly because I think you're right.
The Big Apple is baked.
Do you really want me to go with you,
Well, yeah. You betcha.
...I'd say the sooner, the better.
We go west.
Towards Nebraska.
There's a town
called Hemingford Home.
Nebraska? Why Nebraska?
I've been having
these dreams about it.
An old black woman,
calls herself Mother Abagail .
Town's real enough.
I checked the road atlas.
You mean you're having visions
of an old black woman?
You haven't had dreams like that?
No, I don't dream. I never dream.
Wait. Nadine.
We should...
We should get out of this graveyard.
How I love to love Nadine.
Hey, can anybody hear me?
Hey, let me out.
Let me out of here.
You have to.
I'm gonna starve if you don't.
I'm gonna starve to death.
Just in case.
Just in case.
Emergency supplies.
Hey! Hey!
Can you dig your man?
He's a righteous man
He's a righteous man
Baby, can you dig your man ?
He's a righteous man
He's a righteous man
Baby, can you dig your man ?
Bombs away!
And I didn't come here
And I didn't come here
And I didn't come here
Hey, Trash.
What did old lady Semple say when
you torched her pension check?
Who's there?
People who play with fire
wet the bed, Trash.
Gonna stick you in the
nuthatch up in Terre Haute, Trash.
Stick you in the nuthatch
and give you a few thousand
shock treatments.
Shut up!
Aah! Keep him away from me.
Hey, Trash,
why did you burn up the school?
No one's there, Trash.
They're all dead.
They can't hurt you anymore.
Can't hurt me.
Can't tease you anymore.
Can't tease me. Not anymore.
My life for you.
There. Bumpty-bump.
Go, Trashy. Run, now.
My life for you!
Trashcan Man.
Trashcan Man.
What? Where are you?
I will place you high in my councils,
And I will set you to burn.
My life for you.
My life for you.
All right, Lord. Whoo.
Those prunes did the trick.
But my, don't they taste nasty.
Once in every generation,
the plague shall fall among men.
That's what it says in the Book.
Seems like you maybe went
a little too far this time, though.
Rats in the corn, Lord.
And the rats are his, ain't they?
I feel them
coming in my direction.
Some of them will be going on to him,
won't they?
I hear you, Lord,
and I'm in the way of doing your will,
but I don't much like it.
A hundred six years old
seems a might long in the tooth
to be leading the children of Israel
out of Egypt.
Or the children of America
into Colorado.
Doctor said cut out the coffee.
But I just have only one cup a day.
He had two cups a day.
Besides, he's dead and I'm alive.
Oh, I'll do what you say, Lord.
Don't I always?
But even your own son prayed
that the cup be taken from his lips.
And I'm praying the same thing.
Probably get
about the same answer too.
What a friend we have in Jesus
I got the Lord to protect me.
I'm ain't scared of the likes of you.
I think you lie, old woman.
Get thee hence, low spirit.
Turn them away if they come, Mother.
Take my advice. Turn them away.
What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs to bear
Your blood is in my fists, Mother.
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer
Dear Lord,
take this evil vision from my sight.
If it's your will
to bring them on, God,
better do it before I lose my guts.
Anybody home?
Help me!
I'm down here.
Please. Please, help me.
You sound pretty hungry, rabbit.
Could you let me out of here, mister?
I'll do anything you want.
You poor guy.
You look like ca-ca.
Tell me something, Lloyd.
How do you know my name?
Lucky guess.
How'd you stay alive so long?
I saw it coming down
and I saved up some food, that's how.
Br'er Rat. How'd he taste?
Poke should be here, not me.
Everything was Poke's idea.
And you got stuck
with nothing to eat but rat tartare.
Bad luck.
Worst damn luck I ever heard of.
But it could just be that your luck's
on the change, Lloyd.
Look here.
My God.
Wait a minute, son. Wait a minute.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
Not bad, huh?
I never even introduced myself, did I?
Pleased to meet you, Lloyd.
Hope you guessed my name.
Just a little classical reference.
Actually, my name's Flagg .
Randall Flagg.
And before I open up this cell door
and take you out
for a couple of cheeseburgers
and fries,
I think we ought to have ourselves
a little understanding.
I'm gonna make you my foreman,
I'm gonna slip the keys to the kingdom
into your hand.
I pick you.
Do you understand that?
I pick you.
Anyone ever done that for you
in your whole miserable life?
Not even Poke. We just,
you know, sort of fell together.
And then, I just...
After that, I just kind of, you know,
got left here.
Kind of got left here.
Well, that's one way of putting it,
I suppose.
Would you like to get back
at the kind of people
who'd leave a man to die
in a jail cell like a-- Well, like him?
Yeah. Yeah, you bet I would.
Of course you would.
But I got a feeling
you're somebody special, Lloyd.
A real find.
Not exactly a quiz kid,
but you are the first.
I'm even gonna put you ahead
of Trashcan Man.
Never mind.
All I need is your word
that we're gonna stick together.
No backstabbing,
no falling asleep on the watch.
Just you and me, Lloyd.
Win or lose, stand or fall.
You give me your promise,
I give you the key.
I promise.
You're free, Lloyd. Come on out.
Is that mine?
Shall we bite some chow now?
Bite some chow? Yes, you bet.
There's a lot to do.
And we have to work fast.
But we can do it, can't we, Lloyd?
Yes, you bet.
You and me, soldier. You and me.
Larry, I can't do it.
I can't do it.
Sure you can. I'll be with you.
No, no, no, you don't understand.
I can't do it.
Dark, confined places.
I can't do it, I'll go crazy.
That's great.
I'm sorry.
That's just great, Nadine.
Why you didn't tell me this
before we got 60 or so blocks
from the George Washington Bridge
is beyond me, but--
Because I thought I could do it.
Why me, huh? Why me?
And you've had plenty of those,
thank you very much.
Give that back.
No, ma'am.
I'm not gonna stand here
in the middle of 5 million dead people
and watch you commit suicide.
Damn you.
Okay. Where are you going?
Going to the George Washington
Bridge by myself.
I don't need
this prima donna act, missy.
I really don't.
You have fun
getting raped and murdered
back on 7th Avenue, sweetheart.
Nad ine. Come on back.
This is crazy.
I'm sorry, okay?
If it has to be the bridge, that's fine.
Just don't do it alone.
The hell with you.
I'm going in now.
Come on, don't look at them, stupid.
Who's there?
Identify yourself.
Come on, identify yourself.
You better start talking
before I start shooting here.
Come on! Come on.
Come on.
Larry. Please stop shooting.
You stay where you are,
do you hear me?
Larry, Larry, Larry.
Are you hurt? Did I shoot you?
No, but I felt the wind.
I-- One came so close,
I felt the wind of it.
And the chips, tile chips,
they got on my face.
I think I cut my face.
Oh, God. I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You okay?
Oh, Nadine.
Are you still mad at me
about the pills?
No, no, no.
Because I won't take the pills, Larry.
It's okay.
It's okay, Nadine. It's okay.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Oh, dear God.
I tell you,
Jersey never smelled so good.
Baby, can you dig your man?
He's got a righteous gland
Baby, can you dig your man?
I don't think you're singing that
just right.
Take it easy.
It's okay. I'm a friend.
Well, I certainly hope so. Uh...
Oh. Well, just think of it
as home defense while on the road.
All right.
All right, I certainly will.
Glen Bateman at your service.
Stu Redman,
originally from East Texas.
Kojak, say hello to Stu Redman.
Such a miserable dog. Ha-ha-ha.
Well, don't be too hard on him. Hey.
He's the first dog I've seen in...
Well, since the third week of June.
Yeah. The super flu
took most of the dogs.
Right along with their idiot masters.
Most unfair.
Say, uh...
Might not be a bad idea
to paint with your glasses on.
Not when you paint like I do.
Mm. I... I can't do this.
Sorry, I'm just...
Sure, you can.
You know, I just...
You can.
Sure, you can. You can do anything.
You can do anything.
No. No, I can't.
I want you.
I know, but--
Do you want me?
I know you do.
So, what's the problem?
I just...
...need more time.
It's the dreams, huh?
No. I told you, I don't dream.
Come on, Nadine.
Come on.
I have the same dreams.
Well, I don't know anything about that.
I just...
I just, um...
I just need more time.
Yeah, sure.
Time I got.
Thank you.
What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs to bear
Folks around these parts
just call me Mother Abagail.
You'll be coming along to see me,
won't you, Larry?
Hemingford Home.
Or Boulder.
One place or the other.
So cold.
No. He's warm, not you.
But I'm the one you belong to, Nadine.
You are the promised one.
Why me? Who promised?
It doesn't matter.
Nadine. My love.
As long as you hide your mind
from the old woman, you'll be fine.
But when you come to me, we'll be
But I want you to leave
the one you're traveling with.
I can handle Larry. He's just a boy.
Leave him.
Leave him.
Oh, God.
You hear me?
Oh, no!
Leave him.
Nad ine?
Larry, by the time
you read this, I'll be gone.
If I stay, we'll end up
sleeping together
and I can't have that.
I have my reasons.
Thanks for being there.
I'll see you again.
Much love, Nadine.
You were right about the dreams.
Hey, mister, watch out!
Holy gee, mister.
Oh, but you took a tumble,
didn't you just?
My laws.
I'm sorry if I scared you, mister,
but you scared me too.
You're the first person I've seen
in just about forever.
I made that, mister. You like it?
You bet!
I got them dummies
from the window of Lannens
on highway to Okie City.
Thought a few decorations
would cheer up Main Street.
It's been awful sad
with everyone gone.
Do you like them?
Decoration is my hobby.
M-O-O-N. That spells hobby.
Do you want to go on up the street
to the drugstore and get a Band-Aid?
We can just take it if we want.
Everyone's gone.
So it's not like stealing.
Sure don't talk much, do you?
I'm sorry, mister. I can't read.
Just a few little words is all.
I went to school.
I made it to the third grade,
but then I kind of pooped out.
Oh, I could read
some Curious George when I left,
but since then I kind of forgot.
I'm sorry, mister. I don't get you.
My daddy always said
I was a little slow on the upchuck.
That's a joke.
Oh, my daddy
was always joking around.
I got it, mister! I got it!
You're just like
old Albain Packlot's hired man.
Tom Cullen knows what that is.
M-O-O-O-N ,
that spells deaf and dumb!
When are they all coming back,
Oh, I know where they went.
Laws, yes.
They up and went to Kansas City.
Everybody's, they're always
talking about what a dull town this is
since the roller rink went bust.
And there's just the drive-in theater
out on Route 61
and all they show
is them dilly-dally pictures
and they're all rated X.
M-O-O-N, that spells X.
So they all went
to Kansas City and...
Except my mama.
She caught a cold and died.
I put her in the cemetery my own self.
So she didn't go to Kansas City
with the rest of them.
She's up in heaven.
She's eating the bread of life
with Jesus.
Mister, if you're going to Kansas City,
can I go with you?
I ain't never been.
I don't wanna stay here anymore.
It's lonely and it's scary at night.
Drive a car?
Tom Cullen? Laws, no!
I guess you can't drive
a car either, huh?
I got just the thing for you, ma'am.
Hey, mister! Nice bike.
Who's it for?
You want me to go with you?
To Kansas City?
To see the old black lady?
That's right.
She lives in a little house in the corn.
She plays her guitar on the porch.
I don't mind going to see her,
but we won't go see the other one,
will we?
The one who turns into a crow
and flies away?
Oh, he wears boots and jeans
and a jacket with special buttons on it.
Face buttons.
He looks like a man,
but I don't think he's really a man.
We won't go near him,
will we, mister?
Well, okay then !
All right, I'm ready! Laws, yes!
M-O-O-N, that spells ready.
M-O-O-N, that spells Nebraska.
Time to get going, Stuart.
You come see me.
Who are you?
Who are you, really?
Your last hope.
If you miss me in Hemingford Home,
we'll be moving on to Colorado.
I think you know where.
Boulder, but...
The rats are his.
Stay away from her, East Texas.
Stay away or you'll all die!
The plague!
You come on along and see me.
You and all your friends.
The damn dreams are gonna
drive me crazy
if I don't do something.
So I'm gonna go to Nebraska.
I gotta find out what this means.
You wanna come with me?
Why not?
Always assuming we can find
a motorcycle with a sidecar.
I'm not leaving Kojak.
Well, you don't sound
very enthusiastic.
Well, when I lose sleep, I get cranky.
Bad dreams?
The name of the guy in the desert
is Flagg.
And I think he's crucifying anyone
who gets in his way.
Let's say we go out there to Nebraska
and the old woman is there.
"Folks around these parts
call me Mother Abagail.
I'm 106 years old
and still make my own bread."
Yeah, that's her.
Let's say she's real. Then what?
Well, it's obvious
she's some sort of magnet.
So I suppose we start building
the whole sorry mess up again.
Using her as magnetic north.
You hear that?
How you doing?
I'm Stu Redman.
This here's GIen Bateman.
And that furry one over there,
that's Kojak.
Fran Goldsmith.
We're glad to meet you.
And we're glad to see you.
Aren't we, Harold?
Well, I don't know.
I mean, do we assume
that they're all right
just because they remember
how to shake hands?
No harm intended here, mister...?
Lauder, Harold Lauder.
Oh, Harold, I don't think I'm ever
gonna get these calluses off my fanny.
Where are you folks headed?
To Stovington.
What's wrong?
Going to Stovington
would be a waste of your time.
I hardly think
you're the best judge of that.
He was there.
And he knows. They tried to kill him.
Look, uh...
Glen and I were about ready
to head to Nebraska.
We've been having the same dream.
The dreams are an aberration.
Well, maybe.
But, uh, we're all headed
in the same direction.
Why don't we go together?
I don't like the looks of them.
This one in particular.
Come here.
Can I talk to you for a second?
Come on, come on.
Okay, I'm gonna talk straight
to you now.
Okay? Between you and me?
I do not want to cut in on you here.
I mean, that's the last thing
in the world that I want.
Relax. The last thing in the world.
Here you go.
No, thanks.
You sure?
Not bad. Cold.
Enjoy it.
I have a feeling there's gonna be
a shortage of cold beer this summer.
I still wanna check Stovington .
Oh, Harold, why?
Let's just say I'm from Missouri.
And I don't always take the word
of people I just met as gospel.
All right.
But there isn't anything there
you're gonna want to see.
Still from Missouri?
You was right.
I never should have eaten
all them apples. Laws, no.
Where are you going?
Don't worry. I ain't going nowhere.
My legs feel all funny.
My God.
Are you real?
If you're real, say something.
Are you a deaf-mute?
Somebody finally shows up
in this crappy town
and it turns out to be a deaf-mute.
Well, hi. My name's Julie Lawry.
Oh, can't tell me yours, can you?
Poor you.
Does baby have a sad tummy?
Ain't he a moose?
"I'm Nick Andros.
My friend's Tom Cullen.
He's mildly retarded. We're go..."
Oh, a retard and a deaf-mute.
Just my luck.
Get over here.
Do all deaf-mutes
have such big guns?
They do?
What? What?
Hold me. You gotta hold me.
I've been lonely.
No, no, no, what's that?
No. He's just a retard.
He doesn't feel things
the way that you and I do.
He can wait.
He can wait.
He can wait, he can wait,
he can wait.
No, no. What?
Get out.
Stu pid dummy.
It was those apples. Laws, yes.
Oh, I don't want it. No, sir.
I-- Say, who's that?
How you doing, cutie-pie?
I heard you weren't feeling too good.
Your name's Tom, right?
Tom Cullen.
M-O-O-N, that spells Tom Cullen.
Yes. Mm-hm.
I don't want medicine, mister.
That's right. You know
what I know about that stuff?
That stuff's poison.
No, sir!
Tom Cullen doesn't drink poison.
Daddy said don't you ever.
Daddy said if it could kill
the rats in the barn,
it'd kill me too.
Don't make me drink it, mister.
His daddy said don't do it.
Don't make him do it.
I got Mighty Mouse here
with pink lips
and a big old moose over there,
crying just like a baby.
Dummy-brained bastard.
Yeah, that's right. You wouldn't dare.
Please, don't fight. Don't fight.
It's-- I feel better now.
I can go on. See?
Oh, fine. I'll read your crappy note.
It was just a joke, dummy.
It was a joke. Aha-ha-ha.
Joke, stupid.
It was a joke.
I'm gonna get you.
You and your stupid freak friend.
I'm gonna get both of you guys.
I'm sorry, mister. I cried like a baby.
But she scared me. Laws, yes.
You too?
Laws, yes. Let's get out of here
before she comes back.
She's shooting at us! Mister!
Come on, mister.
We gotta get out of here.
Ha-ha! Go on! I wanna see you run!
If I ever see any of you two
in my face again, I'll kill you!
Hot. Laws, yes!
What is it?
Oh, mister.
Mister, we gotta go. We gotta hide.
What if it--? That could be her.
Oh, she's back there. Oh, laws, yes.
Tom knows that,
but what if that one's like her?
He might be like us? Nice, like us?
Holy crow!
Am I glad to see you fellas.
You boys headed to Nebraska?
My friend can't talk.
He's deaf and dumb. But he's smart.
Well, I bet he is.
He got that look, don't he?
Name's Ralph Brentner.
I'm Tom Cullen.
M-O-O-N, that spells Tom Cullen.
I don't know his name
because I can't read it.
Sure wish I did though. Laws, yes.
Your friend's name here
is Nick Andros.
M-O-O-N, I guess that spells Nick.
Nick Andros, how you doing?
Why don't you boys climb on in?
We got some miles to turn before dark.
Yeah, don't you understand
What I'm trying to say?
Yeah, can't you feel the fear
That I'm feeling today?
If the button is pushed
There'll be no running away
Yeah, no one to save you
From the next grave
Take a look around you, boy
It's bound to scare you, boy
So don't tell me
Over and over
And over again, my friend
That you don't believe
We're on the eve of destruction
Yeah, you don't believe
We're on the eve of destruction
Oh, thank God! I'm so happy.
We're so happy to see someone else.
Right, Joe?
I'm so pleased to meet you.
Yeah, same here, believe me.
How you doing, son?
Put that away.
Nice kid.
Has he had his rabies shots yet?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
He's been traumatized.
Haven't we all?
I suppose so.
I'm Lucy Swann.
Yeah .
The boy, I found him
in a supermarket in Iowa City.
He was just wandering around
eating sweet stuff.
Back then he was almost feral.
Well, you took him with you anyway?
He would have died on his own.
So, what do you think
happened here?
I mean,
do you think it was lightning or...?
It started around dusk.
It was a whole series of explosions
on the west side of town
where the tank farms are.
And then later that night,
there was a wind
and by morning,
the rest of the city was gone.
I'd say it was set.
You think somebody deliberately
burned Des Moines to the ground?
Who'd want to burn a whole city
to the ground, for God's sakes?
My life for you.
And I will set you high in my councils
and I will set you to burn.
Oh, thank you.
Cibola. The city that is promised.
Thank you, Lord.
I didn't drop it on the floor.
Now, Lord, I ain't picked the corn yet.
Maybe some of those men
you're sending me will help me out.
Thank you, my Lord,
for bringing them through.
Hello, Mother.
Ralph Brentner.
I'm so pleased to meet you.
We never made a single wrong turn.
Nick here knew just how to come.
Hello, Nick.
Glad to see you.
God bless!
You've done it, Nick.
You brought them through.
You're the first of many.
Y'all welcome here.
Our time is very short,
but we'll break bread together
and have some fellowship,
one with the other.
What, honey?
Are you the oldest lady in the world?
Shh. Gina, that's not polite.
Mayhap so, sweetheart.
Mayhap so.
That was a dilly of a meal, ma'am.
Wasn't bad.
Birds was a little toug .
But it's a hell of a lot tougher
where there's none,
my old mama used to say.
Now, I've made up a cot
for the little one in the back room.
The woman,
what's her name, Ralph?
Susan. Susan Stern.
A goodish name.
Well, she can bunk with the tot.
How did you know to come to me
in the first place?
We dreamed of you, Mother.
Of you and the other fella.
The other fella.
Okay. Come on, you, time for bed.
I'm not even tired.
Too bad.
God bless the child.
God bless the child
that's got her own.
I was told that we're gonna be
like a snowball rolling downhill .
Picking up other people
as we head west.
Told? Told by who, Mother?
Told by God.
I tried not to hear
what God had to tell me
but you can see all the good it done.
You been drafted too, Nick.
God has his finger on your heart.
And he's got more fingers than one.
It's dark work ahead
for his chosen ones.
Dark and bloody.
Well, ma'am,
what if this dark man
we've been dreaming about isn't real,
or what if he's a whatcha-call-it,
a bogeyman?
You dreamed of me,
am I the bogeyman?
No, ma'am.
He's real, all right.
And it's our lot to deal with him.
God don't explain his will
to the likes of Abby Freemantle.
Nick says that--
He says he don't believe in God.
God bless you, Nick,
but it don't matter.
He believes in you.
Oh, I'm fine.
Just thinking some long thoughts.
My daddy owned all of this once.
As far as your eye can see.
And my brothers lost it
piece at a time after he was gone.
Finally, the only thing left
was the home place.
What I said to myself was,
"Don't worry, Ab,
they can have the rest.
I'll hang on to the home place.
Come what may."
Now look at this.
Look at my things, sitting up
on the back of that damn truck.
And look at me.
Getting moved on like a vagrant turned
out of a boxcar by a railroad dick.
Is that what God is?
Just a big old railroad dick?
Who'd like to whop you
upside your head
if you don't step as lively
as he wants you to step?
Oh, Jesus!
Oh, Nick.
You guys coming? Daylight's wasting.
Come on, Nick.
Ralph's waiting.
All right.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Boulder, here we come! Yeehaw!
My life for you.
Aah! Cibola! Aah!
Wonderful city of gold!
Bumpty-bump! My life for you.
Anybody here?
What are we gonna do with him?
Let him sleep. Flagg wants him.
Where is Flagg, anyway?
You that anxious to see him, Barry?
I just, uh... I just thought...
Flagg will be around.
He's been waiting for this guy.
This guy's something special.
My life for you.
Thank you, Lord,
for bringing us across the prairie.
Into this place
where the mountains begin.
Please take care of us
in the days and weeks to come.
And help us to love one another
and do your will,
however hard
it may sometimes seem to us.
Tom! Tommy, come look!
What is it, Gina?
A parade. Come on up and look.
Gosh, it is!
M-O-O-N, that spells parade.
Help us to be true, dear Lord.
Help us to stand.
No, there's so much blood here.
Damn it. Still not enough light.
I turned them all up
as high as they'll go.
Never mind.
Frannie, wipe my forehead off.
I'm sweating like a pig.
You okay?
Wait a minute. Give me the scissors.
Can you see it, East Texas?
That's his appendix right there.
No, the small one.
What, Dayna, what?
You don't need to.
What do you mean?
We're almost there.
He's dead, Stu.
...cover him up.
I am the resurrection and the light.
Whosoever believeth in me
shall not perish.
There's more, I suppose,
but I don't remember it.
It worked for me, judge. Amen.
Good morning, Mr. Lauder.
Where the hell is everybody?
Dayna's still asleep.
I don't know where Fran is.
I think Stu went fishing.
Off catching lunch
in the big two-hearted river.
I beg pardon?
Oh, nothing.
The judge and I thought
we'd take a little ride into town
and go CB shopping.
Wanna come?
I'll pass.
Just as you like.
Still thinking about Mark?
It's not just that.
I had a dream
with the scary one last night.
It was by far the worst one yet.
There were all these crosses
on Highway 15.
Oh, yeah. Made out of barn beams
and telephone poles, right?
With people hanging off of them.
You too?
And Dayna and Glen, Judge Farris.
Okay if I sit down?
Yeah. Of course.
I dreamed about him
the night Mark died.
Last night, I drew the old lady.
Oh, that one's much better.
Yeah, a whole lot better.
She was on a porch,
but it's not the same one as before.
I think she and the first bunch
have finally made it to Boulder.
Oh, I know they have.
She said:
"You got to move them along
faster still, Stuart.
One day off's all you get.
Mind you, keep picking up strays
along the way."
It's so weird.
How can we all be having
the same dream like this?
I don't know.
Uh, you know,
Glen's got some sleeping pills
in his little traveling pharmacy.
You want me to ask him
to give you one?
Thank you, but no.
You sure? You'll get a good night's rest
before we have to hit the road again.
I can't.
Why not?
I'm afraid it'll hurt the baby.
Have you told Harold?
When are you due?
We have something to tell you. Um...
I don't know really how to say it.
I think I have a pretty good idea.
Fran thought you might be a little...
Jealous? Angry?
Something like that, yeah.
Well, jealous, yeah.
That's life.
I've got something to tell you.
Couldn't say it up until now.
I love you, Frannie.
Thank you, Harold.
And I believe I owe you an apology.
Hey, that's all right.
Still friends, right, guys?
Of course.
Good deal.
You need any help with that?
No, everything's under control.
You sure, now?
Perfectly under control.
My life for you!
My life for you.
How are you feeling , man?
I'm okay.
Who are you?
This here is Lloyd Henreid.
He ain't bad
for a slice of Wonder Bread.
I'm the Rat-Man.
Bold, black, beautiful.
Pleased to meet you, Trash.
How'd you know people back home
used to call me that?
Gotta do something about
that talking-in-your-sleep thing.
I didn't know your exact sizes,
but these ought to be okay.
Am I going somewhere?
Yeah. Flagg wants to see you.
My life for him. Yes.
My life for him.
Dude's crazy.
Like we're not?
Get dressed.
The Trashcan Man.
How good it is to see you.
My life for you.
I don't think it'll come to that.
There's work for you in the desert,
Great work if you want it.
Anything. Anything.
My life for you.
I love you.
I know. I know you do.
And I'm gonna
fulfill all your dreams, Trash.
Let's talk about your future.
Mother Abagail.
I dreamed about you.
I know you did.
Come on up here.
Just you and your man to start with.
Come on.
You're with child, little girl.
How did you know that?
How do, Stuart?
Welcome to Boulder.
Nice to meet you, Ralph.
Nice to meet you.
That there's Susan Stern.
Good to meet you, Susan.
How'd you know my name?
You're all welcome here.
Come on in. Let's us visit a spell.
Seems there were more here before.
Harold's gone.
Well, come on in , now.
I made some lemonade.
Very pleased to see you.
I'm here.
I came to you.
The bride cometh to the bridegroom
as a flame to the wick of a lamp.
Is that the Bible?
Danielle Steel, I think.
Look here.
My love.
You okay, ma'am?
Um, of course I am. Why?
Well, you were having a bad dream.
Must have been a real wowzer
by the sound.
Was it about him?
The Walkin Dude.
I don't remember.
We're making real good time.
They must have cleared the road
all the way from Julesburg.
How long till we get there?
Two hours. Three at the most.
Look, you can see the mountains.
Summer's almost gone.
Can't believe it.
How the time flies when you're
having fun, right, East Texas?
Big day today.
How so?
Oh, the power station. Oh, yeah.
I can't believe you forgot that.
I didn't forget it. I blocked it out.
The plague took the people, but it
couldn't take the gadgets, could it?
No, they're all still out there.
Everything from electric can openers
to cobalt bombs,
just waiting for someone
to come along and pick them up.
And the scavenger hunt starts today.
Now, hell, professor.
What's so bad about putting
the rocks back in people's Scotch?
It's the old way.
And the old way was a death trip.
That's a little heavy, don't you think?
Do you?
There's an old woman down there who
might tell you different, East Texas.
If she'd talk about this end of it at all,
that is.
What's the problem?
I don't know if there is one.
But I know I'm very concerned
about the way things are going.
She wants a mass meeting.
Except she says it's really God
who wants the meeting.
We say, "Fine. You're fine, Mother.
God's fine too."
And then we go right back
to tinkering with the power station,
trying to re-create the world
that damn near choked
the human race to death.
What's wrong with this picture?
Well, take a look at that.
You're all welcome here.
Come on, now.
Come on up and say howdy.
Go to her.
You're real. You're really real.
No, get up. I ain't no God.
And I ain't gonna be
no golden calf either.
Dave Zellman.
Rouse's Point, New York.
I dreamed of you, Mother Abagail.
Oh, I'm so glad to have you come.
I'm Marcy Halloran, Mother Abagail,
from Cleveland.
I dreamed of you too.
Mother Abagail, I'm...
She's so gray, Stu.
I know her.
Hey, hold it.
All right, dear.
Come on. Oh, yes, yes. yes.
Who's this woman who comes?
Go to her.
My name is Nadine Cross.
Mayhap it is and mayhap it ain't.
I'm from New York.
Mayhap you are.
And mayhap I ain't.
I won't keep you long.
You look so tired.
Of course, anyone your age
is bound to tire easily, isn't that so?
Mother Abagail.
Hello, Joe. What do you know?
What the hell?
Leave me alone, please.
Hello, Nadine.
You gonna leave again
without saying goodbye?
I said I had my reasons.
I didn't wanna answer
questions and still don't,
so just leave me alone.
I'm ready, Brad.
All battery power is up and running.
Listen up, folks.
We're about ready to go for it here.
It might not be such a bad idea
to keep the nearest exit in mind.
Okay, sweetheart. Let's light them up.
I'm scared.
I'm a little scared myself.
Green board. I've got green across.
All right.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back!
There was something
in that woman this morning.
Was it him?
I don't know, Lord,
she passed on by so quick.
No. That ain't it.
And I'm too old to be making excuses
to the God of my understanding.
I have sinned in complacency
and sinned in pride.
Sitting back in my rocker like a queen,
and letting them come to me.
Letting them do everything
but bow down before me.
Oh, my Lord.
Oh, what am I to do?
Show me how to go, Lord.
I'm listening.
This ain't on the--
Guess we're all gonna
have to get used to this again, huh?
Uh, what I started to say was,
I wonder if maybe we couldn't start
by singing the national anthem .
O say can you see
By the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's last gleaming
Whose broad stripes
And bright stars
Through the perilous fight
O'er the ramparts we watched
Were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare
The bombs bursting in air
Gave proof through the night
That our flag was still there
O say does that
Star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free
And the home of the brave?
Thy will be done, Lord.
Well, I'm pretty nervous up here,
so I hope you'll all bear with me.
We will, Stu.
Hey, I'm on this.
I'll make this as painless as possible
so we can all get out of here
and have a beer.
First off,
I'd like you to meet the man
who got the juice on again.
Brad Kitchner, stand up, take a bow.
Okay, next thing's
this so-called Free Zone committee.
The names
came from Mother Abagail.
Where is Mother Abagail?
I haven't seen her all day.
But this is still America...
I'm sure she's around some place.
...and I guess whatever starts with her
still has to end with us.
That means a vote.
First, though, I'd like you to meet
the folks you'll be voting on.
I'm one of them.
Stu Redman from Arnette, Texas.
Next is Nick Andros,
originally from Ridley, Pennsylvania.
And Ralph Brentner from Okie City.
Miss Frances Goldsmith
from Ogunquit, Maine.
Stand up, Frannie. Let them see
how pretty you look with a dress on.
Brad Kitchner's good friend,
Susan Stern
from Tacoma, Washington.
Mr. Glen Bateman
from Woodsville, New Hampshire.
And Larry Underwood
from New York City.
You see where Lucy and Joe went?
Those are the names
Mother Abagail told us
to put on the list.
Maybe she took him to the bathroom.
If any of you other folks
have any other ideas...
Mr. Chairman. Mr. Chairman?
Chair recognizes Harold Lauder.
I move that we accept
Mother Abagail's Free Zone committee
in toto.
If they'll all serve, that is.
Brilliant, utterly brilliant.
Judge, can we do that?
You're damn right, you can.
And I, for one,
think it's a damn good idea.
Folks, it's been moved
and seconded that we accept
the entire committee
as listed on the agenda.
I guess I ought to ask
if there's anybody on the list
who wants to step down.
A voice vote will do just fine.
Well, those in favor of accepting
the committee as it stands?
The committee is so adopted.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
She can't.
There ought to be
a turning-off committee.
Having the power back on is great,
but you gotta realize
people didn't
get out of their sickbeds
and turn off all their appliances
before they died.
She's gone.
She's gone.
Mother Abagail, she's gone.
Lucy, what is it? What happened?
"I must be gone a bit now.
I've sinned and presumed to know
the mind of God.
I must try to find my place
in his work again."
She scribbled a reference
at the bottom.
Proverbs 11, Verse 3.
When pride cometh,
then cometh shame.
But with the lowly is wisdom.
All right, what now?
"This doesn't change much,
if anything.
We dreamed of Mother Abagail
and she was real.
That makes it a pretty sure bet
that the other guy is real too.
But we have to find out
all we can about him.
That probably means
sending spies west."
"It's a nasty thing to think about,
but we will do what we have to do.
Flagg is our business right now.
And we'll have to trust Mother Abagail
to her God."
Our friend in the cowboy boots
and jean jacket
isn't gonna just sit over there
on his side of the Rockies
playing mumblety-peg, you know.
If he's planning to come east
and attack us--
Or nuke us.
--We ought to know about it.
All right. Let's talk about Flagg.
How do we look
into his part of the world?
Damn kid.
Mess with my guitar.
Yeah. Go inside, baby.
I have to talk to you, Larry.
Yeah. Come on inside.
Out here.
Is she the woman
that came out of New York with you?
Yeah. Go inside, baby.
I'll handle this.
What are you doing here, Nadine?
Messing up your happy home.
Maybe I came to say I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry for the way I left you.
And then for the way I said hello.
I was just so surprised to see you.
Yeah. Fine.
Okay. Apology accepted.
That was easy, wasn't it?
Is she nice?
She's the best.
I'm glad for you.
I made a mistake when I left you.
I know that now.
The way it was tonight
at the meeting.
The love...
...and the light.
I wanna stay here, Larry.
Make love to me
and I can stay here.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
It doesn't matter.
Make love to me, Larry.
Make love to me
and everything will be all right.
And we'll take care of each other.
You come here
and you look right through my wife.
Your wife?
Yeah, that's right. My wife.
Don't you understand? It's too late.
Do you understand that?
Yes. I suppose I do.
You work it out, Nadine.
Did you come back for your things?
No, don't.
She's gone.
I don't know what she wanted,
but she's gone now.
I love you, Lucy.
Just work it out.
Oh, you are so wise, Larry.
Very, very wise.
So very, very wise.
Now, go to Harold.
But remember
who you really belong to.
Hey, chow. Bring it on.
Consider it brung.
You're the perfect American male, Stu.
We get the power back
and you decide to barbecue.
Yeah, well, as soon as they bring back
pork rinds and Monday Night Football,
I'm gonna be in redneck heaven.
Nick's proposal is that we send at least
three people west to Las Vegas,
which we all seem to feel
is this Flagg's base of operations.
The purpose is to try and find out
what Flagg's plans are for us.
Anybody wanna kick it around
a little bit?
Well, we haven't been elected
one whole day yet
and already we've managed
to, uh, reinvent the CIA.
Who needs Monday Night Football?
Well, what the hell else we gonna do?
All he needs is one guy
to target some Scud missile
with an A-bomb on it.
And if he's got one, what then?
Somebody will have to try
and stop him from using it.
I wanna be one of the three.
That's commendable,
but I'm afraid it's out of the question.
Because we don't know
if any of our scouts will make it back.
Meanwhile, we seven have
the not inconsiderable job
of getting the Free Zone
on a paying basis.
That's the job you took last night,
You may not like it,
but that doesn't change it.
Oh, my God, I'm a politician.
This isn't Colorado, it's hell.
If that's the way we play,
I nominate Judge Farris.
That old man? You must be nuts.
Now, wait a minute.
He is old , but he's sharp.
He's not in bad health either.
You know,
I don't think Flagg would suspect
we'd send a old fellow
like the judge.
If I can't go,
what about asking Dayna?
Yeah , that's a good idea.
Wait, wait, wait.
I'm not being serious here.
Well, you better get serious.
I can't believe we're doing this.
Hey, if you didn't wanna get
your hands dirty,
you should've stayed off
the committee.
We're probably sending people off
to get killed.
Yeah, that's right.
Making decisions like that
is what being in charge is all about.
Either grow up and do it or get out.
You're awful cute
when you get angry, Stu.
Okay. All right.
So who's the third goat?
Er, scout.
You got any ideas?
Well, Nick here has got an idea.
And it's a dilly.
Ten. Nine.
Eight. You're getting drowsy, Tom.
Drowsy. That's right.
Laws, yes.
Seven, drowsier still.
Soon you'll be fast asleep.
Six, five, four,
three, two, one.
Are you asleep, Tom?
Yes, Tom is asleep.
Rock-a-bye baby
Can you hear me, Tom?
Yeah, I hear you, Stu.
Nick's here with me.
Fran, Larry, Ralph, Sue, Glen.
They're all here with me.
All my friends, laws, yes.
We need you to do something,
Tom. It's for the Free Zone.
It's dangerous.
It's him, isn't it?
Yeah, Tommy, it is.
The hardcase.
The Walkin Dude.
He can call the rats.
He can see
all across the long miles.
But he's afraid of us.
Are you the same Tom
that Nick met in Oklahoma?
Yes. No.
I'm God's Tom.
We want you to go west, Tommy.
Can you do that?
West. Yes, Tom knows west.
That's where the sun goes down.
We need you
to keep your eyes open.
Wide open.
We want you to look at the airfields
and see if people
are getting planes ready to fly.
Or maybe missiles.
Do you know what missiles are, Tom?
Yes, that's right.
We want you to see
if people are being trained.
Like soldiers?
But most important,
we want you to listen.
Listen to what people say about Flagg .
And about the Free Zone
here in Boulder.
We need to know what Flagg
means to do about the Free Zone.
If he means to:
That's right, Tom. You got it.
Can you do all that, Tommy?
Look, listen.
I'll be afraid, but I can do that.
And then you come back here
to Boulder
when the moon is full.
Do you understand?
M-O-O-N spells moon.
Come back and tell.
Unless they catch me.
If anyone asks questions
why you came, this is what you'll say:
They drove you out of the Free Zone.
Drove me out.
Because you were feeble-minded.
Feeble-minded, laws, yes.
And you might have a woman,
and that woman
might have idiot children.
Idiot children, like Tom.
Go ahead, finish.
Don't leave him out there.
Tell it back to me, Tommy.
What will you say
if they ask you questions?
You drove me out because
you were afraid I might have a woman
and fill her belly up
with a retard like me.
When you come back here,
you'll walk at night
and sleep in the day.
Walk at night. Sleep in the day.
But someone might see you anyway.
If it's one person that sees you,
kill him.
Kill him?
If it's more than one, you run.
Come back when the moon is full,
not the half moon,
not the fingernail moon.
Walk at night. Sleep in the day.
Don't let anybody see me.
Go ahead, Stu, wake him up.
Please wake him up.
Would you like to see an elephant?
Did I do all right?
I stand on my head like before?
No, Tom.
You did some even better tricks
this time.
History teaches us that
when the Great Plague hits
those who don't die alone
usually die in church.
So we may find nothing in this one,
but if we do,
try to think of the bodies as cordwood.
It'll make it easier.
Come on in.
It is your house, after all. Isn't it?
Who the hell are you?
I'm Nadine Cross.
I saw you at the meeting
the other night,
and I believe you saw me too.
What are you doing in my house?
And how did you get in here?
And what's that smell?
And the rest of the Q&A
will have to wait until it's on the table.
I put two jugs of wash water
on the back stoop
and, frankly, you could use it.
What have you been doing?
Stuff I'd rather not talk about,
if it's all the same to you.
Don't even think about leaving.
Absolutely not.
Tinned beef, I'm afraid.
Hardly the choice
of French chefs, but...
It was wonderful.
Thank you.
The supermarket is full of deer.
Did you know that?
Now that the produce is gone
they're sticking mainly
to the cereal section.
Mmm .
To friendship.
Are we going to be friends, Nadine?
Very good friends.
You're planning on going west,
aren't you?
To him?
What would put a crazy idea like that
in your head?
Oh, I got lots of crazy ideas.
Just wait and see.
You're a virgin, aren't you?
It's all right. I am too.
And I'm gonna stay that way
because it's for someone else
to change it.
Don't be dense, Harold.
But we can still do things.
Things you wouldn't believe.
Everything but that one thing ,
and it's such a little thing really.
How would you know?
Pull tab A, Harold. And shut up.
To new acquaintances.
And absent friends.
The disappearance of the old woman
might just be for the best.
People should be free
to judge for themselves
what the lights in the sky are.
Or if God sometimes
does speak in the thunder.
You think she's dead.
She should be.
But I don't think she's done yet,
or done with us.
Look, uh, judge,
I wanted to talk to you.
There's no need
to twist yourself into knots, Larry.
I know why I'm here.
And I accept.
How do you know that?
If someone on the committee's
leaking information--
Nobody's been leaking anything.
At least not to me.
I merely asked myself
what my first priority would be
if I were in your shoes.
The answer, of course, is information.
That means spies.
Well , we like to call them scouts.
Scouts, by all means.
And each of we scouts
is to be ignorant of the others.
In case of capture or torture.
If you don't think you can make it,
you just say so.
You're not gonna be
much good to anyone
lying dead of a heart attack beside
some ranch road in New Mexico.
I'll leave tomorrow
in that four-wheel drive of mine.
North to Wyoming, then due west.
I'll be cold. I'll be lonely.
My bowels will not work properly,
but also, I will be clever.
Yeah, I suppose you will.
Did you enjoy that, Harold?
But it couldn't have done much
for you.
Au contraire.
You know, it looks like blood.
Guess that's why they use it
in communion services.
Drink up, Harold.
How did you get into my house?
He told me there would be a key
under the stoop, and there was.
Aren't you gonna drink your wine,
Flagg told you
how to get into my house.
He also said
you have reason to hate them.
All of them.
It's the woman, isn't it?
You loved her.
But that didn't stop Redman,
did it, Harold?
Well, she was mine.
And the committee.
That old woman left me off
and she let that hick Brentner on.
I'm surprised she didn't
let his feeb friend on as well.
There's someone in the west
who will never take what's yours,
and he's waiting for us.
I know. I know he is.
Then drink your wine.
I guess this is it, Tommy.
Tom? You all right?
Time to go and see the elephant.
That's right.
Travel at night. Sleep in the day.
Come back when the moon is full.
Tell what I saw.
That's right, Tommy.
Nice of Ralph
to loan you his hat, huh?
He said to take good care of it,
and give it back to him
when I come home.
That's just what I'm gonna do.
Wish you were going with me,
old pal.
I wouldn't be so scared.
Thanks, Nick.
I always forget stuff like that.
I hate being retarded.
See you later, alligator.
After a while, crocodile.
Relax, Miss Goldsmith.
Okay. Please call me Fran , okay?
Have you gained any weight?
Oh, just 5 pounds or so.
Is he gonna be all right?
He or she is going to be fine, Fran.
I wanna see you
as soon as you're dressed.
Okay. Thank you.
You are so lucky.
Brad and I are already trying.
How lucky I am
remains to be seen, doesn't it?
The flu. Who says it's gone?
And who knows
if our babies are gonna be immune?
Hey. You're a card, huh?
Yeah, a wild card.
Do it, Harold. Go for it.
Harold, were you dreaming?
They'll be having regular meetings,
won't they?
I mean, they'll have to.
In fact, they probably already started.
Their committee, Nadine.
Oh, I don't know. I guess.
And there's dynamite
in the city storage shed.
Tons of it.
He told me. He showed me.
Harold, what are you talking about?
A surprise. A big, loud one.
Probably not next week, but soon.
Nadine, you look so tasty.
So juicy.
Do I?
Come here.
All runways clear.
That's a good morning's work.
What I'd like is a nice nap.
Yeah, right.
How come the big guy
wanted the runway cleared anyway?
Do you wanna have a nice life
in Vegas, Ritchie?
Good working conditions,
retirement benefits?
Then don't ask why Flagg does things.
That's the best idea. Believe me.
Hey, Moose. Moose.
Hey, Moose.
Stick this cooler
in the back of the truck.
Oh, sure.
And get the toolkit out of the cab
and take it into the hangar office.
You bet.
M-O-O-N, that spells toolkit.
Oh, God.
Easy, easy. I'm on the wing.
Watch it, Trash.
I am, Carl.
It's okay, man.
Be careful, Trash. That's a bomb.
We want you to look at the airfields
and see if people
are getting planes ready to fly.
Or maybe missiles.
I told you
to put the toolbox in the office,
not be in here snooping around.
I just heard something--
I don't wanna hear
your retarded excuses.
Now, get the hell out of here.
Everything all right, Barry?
Yeah, fine.
What the hell are you doing?
Don't screw with my disco, Nadine.
Is everything all right?
If I had dropped this,
you would be washing my guts
out of your pretty white hair
for the next two weeks.
I'm sorry.
Let me make a suggestion,
my little disco queen.
Take a walk.
A walk?
Yes, a walk.
Because, you see,
I have no idea how old this stuff is.
I do know that old dynamite
sweats pure nitroglycerine.
So take a walk.
And if you hear a very loud bang,
that will probably be me going
to that great disco inferno in the sky.
All right. if you're sure.
Yes, buzz.
Make like a library and book.
Hello? Fran?
Anyone home?
We're damned.
I know.
Larry, come on.
Okay, order.
Yeah, I'd like to call this meeting
to order.
Grammy Abagail?
Oh, my God, it's her.
Grammy Abagail.
She's come back.
Grammy Abagail, Grammy Abagail.
Let's go, we better go on.
Use this. It's perfectly accurate.
All right. But--
Nadine, just tell me when it's 9:15.
Until then, keep your yap shut.
It's going to look beautiful
from up here.
The law committee
held four meetings last week,
and will hold two meetings this week
in order to finalize the regulations
and procedures to establish ...
The meetings
are going very slowly...
Nick's house...
What the hell?
Listen, we have to get out of here.
Right now.
Ralph, what is it?
He's right, something's wrong.
It's in the closet.
The closet.
Nick, Nick, don't--
Out, my dear.
We gotta go, we gotta get out.
Do it, Harold. Do it.
This is Harold Lauder.
I do this of my own free will.
Go, go!
Nick, Nick!
No. Don't!
Frannie? Frannie?
Help me!
Am I dead?
No, child.
You ain't dead.
Then why am I here?
You're here to do God's will, child.
Just like everyone else.
God didn't bring you together
to make a committee or Free Zone.
He brought you together
to send some of you further.
It's Stuart who must lead
now that Nick's gone.
Lead? Lead where?
Why, west, little girl.
You're not to go. Only these four.
Stuart, Ralph, Larry and Glen.
You'll buy--
No, Stuart's not going. He's gonna
stay with me when I have my baby.
Neither one of us is gonna have
any more to do with your killer God.
The Devil's Imp has called
his bride to put her with child.
Will he let your child live, little girl?
Father, mother, wife, husband.
Set against them,
the prince of high places.
I have sinned in pride.
So have you all.
But that's past now.
It's time now to give over your will
to the will of God.
It's time to make your stand.
Frannie, wake up, honey. Wake up.
Did I lose the baby?
No, no.
The baby's okay.
Oh, my back.
Doc says it's whiplash.
You won't be running the
hundred-yard dash for a few months,
but I think you'll be all right to move.
Try to sit up.
Here. Come on.
Nick's dead.
How did you know?
She told me.
Who else died?
No, we can talk about that later--
No, who else?
Chad Norris.
AI Bundell.
Andrea Terminello.
Dick Ellis.
Susan Stern.
Twenty or so wounded.
Who did it?
It looks like Harold Lauder
and that Cross woman.
Where are they? Are they gone?
Send them out.
All but those
that are left of your committee.
All right, ten minutes. No more.
Come on, people. If you're not part
of the committee, out. Let's go.
This concerns you and Fran
as much as these men
who have to go into the wilderness.
What do you mean
"into the wilderness"?
This is God's will, given me
as I wandered
into my own wilderness.
Draw close around me.
Tell us, Mother.
You four men are to go west,
to take no food or water,
but to go this very day
in the clothes you now wear.
You are to go on foot.
I'm in the way of knowing,
one will fall by the way,
but I don't know which it will be.
And I'm in the way of knowing
the others will be taken
before this Flagg,
who isn't a man,
but a creature from beyond the world.
I don't know if you will defeat him.
I only know God wants you to go.
And with God's help,
you will stand and be true.
And what if we say no?
Frannie, come on.
Your will is as free
as that of Eve in the Garden, child.
"Go where ye list"
has always been God's way.
But this is what God wants of you.
Be true.
It is finished.
White magic. That's all that's left.
Stuart, please say no. Please.
Frannie, I think if even one of us says no
then maybe we all die.
Take care of yourself.
I love you, you know?
Swear to me that you'll come back.
Come on, God can't run all of it.
Swear to me you'll come back.
I swear to try.
That's not good enough.
We have to go.
Tell me you love me.
You know I do.
But I need to hear you say it.
I love you.
I love you.
All right, Kojak. Come on, boy.
Time to go.
Come on, Kojak. Let's go.
Please, God, if you're there.
Please take care of them.
Are you all right, Stu?
It's not me.
I think it's Harold.
Something happened to him.
Help me.
Help me.
You said it yourself, Harold.
We're damned.
You can't just leave me.
You can't leave me.
You can't leave me.
My ribs are broken. My leg.
Come back.
Come back.
Come back.
You go out on me, Bobby Terry...
Post 9, Post 9,
if you can hear me, come on back.
That's Henreid.
I know it is.
I'm right here, Mr. Henreid,
but we haven't seen anything yet.
Not a single vehicle.
Well, keep your eyes open.
And remember what I told you.
Don't mark him .
Right. I mean, copy.
Just remember it.
We want all the people over there
to know exactly who they're looking at.
So stay alert.
Roger that.
Oh, man.
If black powder were brains,
that guy couldn't blow his nose.
Lloyd, are you coming back?
Oh, yeah.
Thought you were going to sleep.
I might need a sleeping pill.
Call me the doctor.
You're the one that threw them.
You should have to pick them up.
You're just a sausage brain,
you know that?
You're just a sore loser.
That was him.
Come on, he's getting away.
Remember, in the guts.
He wants his head.
Oh, man. When I hit him with this,
won't be nothing left but the head.
Stay right there.
Get that lettuce cutter out of sight.
Okay. Here we go.
Doesn't mark his head.
You wouldn't shoot an unarmed man,
would you, old-timer?
Were you back at Copperfield?
Yep, we seen you go by.
Dave Roberts.
Oh, God. You bastard.
Got him dead on, Dave!
I killed his ass, Dave.
You in a heap of trouble, son.
I told you not to mark him.
I told you not to mark him.
All right, all right. Shut the hell up.
This is Lloyd, come on back.
The judge is a wash.
A wash. A wash.
A total washout!
Do you copy, you idiot?
Yeah, I copy.
It's time to take their number two.
You know who it is?
I've known all along, actually.
Listen to me, Lloyd.
Listen to me very carefully, soldier.
Wake up.
Come here.
Get dressed, you lying , spying bitch.
Uh-uh. Forget about the bathroom.
Do it here.
Yeah. Do it here.
Lloyd, you have seen me naked
for the last time
in your short, miserable life.
I'm going in there,
and if you even try and stop me,
I will do my very best
to give you a sex-change operation.
Excuse me.
Let her go. Let her go.
If she tries to lock the door,
break it down.
You do know that I faked it every time,
don't you, Lloyd?
What the hell are you laughing at?
I wasn't over here risking my life
and sleeping with you, Lloyd, for fun.
Do you people know
what your tin god is up to?
What is it that you think that they're
doing out there at I ndian Springs?
If you're not out of there
in 30 seconds,
you can give your sermon to Flagg
in your panties.
He says "frog," you jump.
Isn't that the way it goes?
He's the biggest
and the strongest, ma'am.
You're wrong.
And you're a fool.
Come on.
I've got her, R.F.
R.F. How perfect.
Send her in, please.
Hi. Come in.
You expected Charles Manson
at the very least, didn't you? Ha-ha-ha.
I don't know what I expected.
Poor Lloyd had a very bitter experience
in Phoenix not long ago.
It marked him.
Sit down, Dayna.
What happened to the chairs?
Oh, I had them taken out.
Liars sit in chairs, you know?
Truth tellers just sort of hunker down.
Your friends in Boulder sent you
to spy out the land. True?
I suppose.
You, the judge and someone else.
I can't quite see this third person.
Sometimes-- Usually, in fact.
--I can figure these things out
for myself.
I'm one of those lucky people
with a little psychic twinkle.
But every time I try to see
this third spy,
all I can see is the moon.
M-O-O-N. That spells moon.
Does that mean anything to you,
Not a thing.
What about the judge?
Oh, never mind the judge.
Now, pay attention, dear.
I'm disposed to give you your things
and send you back to your friends
in Boulder.
And when you get back,
I'd simply like you to tell them for me
that we are just trying
to get on our feet again,
as they are.
That we mean them no harm.
Then what's Carl Hough
and that weirdo Trashcan Man
doing out at Indian Springs?
Are you planning to turn the missiles
stockpiled there
into New Age water fountains
or something?
Never mind the Trashcan Man.
Let it go, dear. There's no reason
to hang on to this spy business.
Your old black witch is dead.
Your people are in confusion.
If there was ever any reason
for your being here, it's gone.
Mother Abagail is not dead.
I'm afraid she is.
I don't believe it.
She died in a coma
without saying a word.
Well, that's it, dear.
You mean I can just go?
Oh, there is one more thing.
What's that?
The moon man, dear. Who is he?
I don't know.
I think you do.
No, really. I don't know.
I didn't even know about the judge
until I heard Lloyd talking about him
with some guy in Idaho.
That makes perfect sense.
But all the same, you do know.
You know and you will tell me.
Do you understand?
Why don't you know?
Why don't you know already?
I don't know.
Tell me, you bitch! Tell me!
Eat this!
Oh, my dear.
You will tell me what I wanna know.
Before I'm through with you,
you'll beg to tell me.
Come back when the moon is full.
When the moon is full.
M-O-O-N. That spells moon.
Watch out, would you?
Hmm. The feeb.
What is it, Stu?
It's Harold.
He's dead.
I don't know how I know or why,
but he's dead.
He blew his own head off.
Gun oil.
My mouth's full of the taste.
May God have mercy
on his poor excuse for a soul.
Hey, Trash, what did
old lady Semple say
when you torched
her pension check?
People who play with fire
wet the bed, Trash. Ha-ha-ha!
Leave me alone.
Shut up about old lady Semple.
And leave me alone.
Ew! Keep him away from me.
They're gonna stick you in the
nuthatch up in Terre Haute, Trash.
Stick you in the nuthatch and give you
a few thousand shock treatments.
Trash. Hey, Trash.
I've been looking for you everywhere.
Damn firebug. I don't trust him.
Wait a minute.
Wait just one damn minute.
Oh, my God. No.
Leave me alone!
I couldn't help it!
I couldn't help it. I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry!
Nadine needs a ride.
Nadine needs a ride.
Over here.
Over here, my love.
That's right. This way.
Is that you?
I waited so long.
The waiting's over.
No. No.
Oh, it's too late to say no, dear.
Much too late.
No. No.
Oh, God ! No!
Didn't come to make a fuss
Or pick a fight
Just want you to tell me
if you think you can
Baby, can you dig your man ?
He's a righteous man
I'll bet you haven't been in this good
a shape since you was a kid.
About a hundred years ago, right?
Come on.
There's a perfectly good reason
for this little stroll, you know.
And Mother Abagail knew it
when she sent us out the way she did,
with just the clothes on our backs.
Our bellies are empty.
And more importantly,
our heads are empty.
Hell, mine was pretty empty
to begin with.
Yeah, well, I'm serious.
We're out here in the middle
of the great American nowhere,
minus all the baggage we used to carry
everyplace we went.
She wanted us cleaned out, empty,
ready to be filled up again
by some new thing.
Maybe a great thing.
And almost certainly the last thing.
Come on, Kojak. Fetch, boy.
Go on, go get it. Go.
Welcome to Las Vegas, ma'am.
So if the feeb's important,
you make sure that he knows
it was me who told you, okay?
Yeah, I got it. Don't worry. All right.
Me, me, me.
Good to see you.
Thought we might see you last night.
Oh, well.
You know how it is with newlyweds.
Listen, we haven't managed
to pick Trash up.
We're concentrating
west of I ndian Springs,
but it's a big cou ntry.
It might take a while.
He'll come back in
on his own eventually.
When he does,
I want him put away, but mercifully.
I doubt you can understand,
but I felt a certain kinship
for that boy.
I don't want him to suffer.
I just thought--
Tell him.
Such a rude child.
Come, dear.
This might be important.
This girl thinks she saw something.
Later, later, later.
Come up this afternoon.
One o'clock should be fine.
In the meantime...
She's crazy about me, Lloyd.
She can't get enough.
Wave bye-bye.
Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
We are dead,
and this is hell.
Unh! You promised me
you were gonna tell him.
Shut up. Shut the hell up.
Baby, can you dig your man?
He's a righteous man
Tell me, baby
Can you dig your man?
Can you get that, sweetie pie?
Ooh. Guess not.
Lloyd. Come in.
Come in, come in, come in.
I don't believe I've introduced
my wife to you by name.
I'd like you to meet Lloyd Henreid,
my number-one soldier.
Pleased to meet you, ma'am.
Oh, no, no, no. Shake hands, kids.
Shake it, Nadine.
That's nice.
You can put it down now, my love.
My wife is indisposed.
She also has a bun in the old oven.
Perhaps the two are related.
Care to gargle a little firewater, Lloyd?
A libation to little Randy Jr.
Yeah. I'll have a gin and tonic.
The drink of champions. Make it two.
You can sit down now, my love.
I'm sorry, my dear.
The surgeon general says
that pregnant women shouldn't drink.
Or did before he d ied of the flu,
right, Lloyd?
There are four men on their way here
from Boulder.
Strolling right up Route 73
for some mad reason
known only to themselves
and their dead witch.
I want them bagged
and I want them brought here.
Send out Barry Dorgan.
A dozen good men.
You want me to have
some crosses made?
I think something slightly
more inventive may be in order here.
Natives seem restless, you know.
What about that skinny little
bat-faced girl downstairs?
What's her itch?
Well, she thinks she spotted
their third spy night before last.
Says she saw him in Kansas
in the company
of a young deaf-mute male.
I don't know, but this deaf-mute
sure sounds like the one on their--
Come here.
Come here.
What did I do?
And you let me go upstairs
without telling me?
I could pop your neck like a tick.
Maybe I should.
I tried to tell you. You cut me off.
I hate this.
What in the...?
How's that drink, Lloyd?
Oh, it's great. It's all over the wall.
I gotta tell you something, Lloyd.
For a guy who almost turned his
cellmate into canaps,
you got a yard of guts,
you know that?
Thank you.
Doesn't he, Nadine?
She says yes.
This guy the girl with the big hair
thinks she saw...
What's his name?
Tom Cullen.
Probably doesn't matter much. Still...
Send out a hundred men.
Put Russ Dorr in charge.
Maybe they'll get lucky
and stumble across him.
What about Trash? What do you
want me to do about him?
Just remember,
when he comes in,
it's to be quick and painless.
Listen, R.F., is everything all right?
Fine as fiddlesticks.
Why do you ask?
Well, I just...
Some of the folks
are a little bit worried.
I'm a little bit worried myself,
tell you the truth.
That's all.
Everything's fine, Lloyd.
Everything will continue to be fine
as long as you remember
who's the boss
and who's got the power.
They're coming for you, you know.
The old woman sent them
before she died.
Get your ass back in here.
Everything you've made here
is falling apart.
They're saying a simple retarded boy
outwitted Randall Flagg.
They're saying Judge Farris
got away from your man in Idaho.
He's as dead as Judas Iscariot.
They're asking questions
about Dayna too.
It's all slipping through your fingers.
And they're whispering, Randy.
I can see them leaving their posts
in the dead of night
and your eye can't see that.
And when they come here,
and Ralph
and Glen
and La--
When they get here,
your time will end.
And I'll be watching.
I'll be watching from hell
with your baby in my arms.
Come back in, Nadine.
I'll give you everything
you could ever want.
Can you give me Larry again?
Your seed is cold.
You liar.
It doesn't matter.
No backing out now.
I'm staying right here.
Do you hear me?
Right here.
The fire.
The big fire.
Bumpty, bumpty, bump.
if you love me, you'll give me a bump
A great big, big bumpty bump
Call me a Christian
Or call me a Jew
My life for you! My life for you!
So why'd you get me out here, Whit?
Walls have ears, huh?
Me and some of the others
are cutting loose.
Man, I must be crazy telling you this.
It's all right.
Cut loose where?
South America. Near Rio.
Jenny's been there
and she says it's nice.
Fresh water, fresh fruit, ocean air.
And just plain folks.
Ones who wanna forget they ever
hooked up with His I nfernal Majesty.
So, what do you say?
Me? I'm sticking.
It's going bad here. Can't you feel it?
Maybe. But he saved me
from starving to death.
And that's not even the main thing.
I mean...
He changed me, you know?
And he trusted me.
So, yeah, I'm sticking.
Man, you're nuts.
You're probably right.
You know,
I thought there'd be whores.
I haven't seen any whores.
The man don't even
want you to have a drink.
And dope? Pfft. Forget about it.
I've been thinking,
I might not go back to Vegas at all.
Mexico ain't but 300 miles
in that direction.
What was that?
Just a deer. They're all over.
Maybe we should go look.
Go ahead.
Why should I be out there
wandering around in the dark,
maybe break my leg
for that freak in cowboy boots?
You ought to watch it, Rich.
Man has a way of hearing things,
seeing things.
Flagg don't scare me.
Billy, toss me another one.
I gotta sit out here
and freeze my butt off.
M-O-O-N. That spells moon.
Oh, man.
Someone ought to call the Utah State
Highway Department about this.
Must've been a flash flood.
A damn mess.
Think you can make it, GIen?
I think so.
Now, what do you think, Kojak?
Whoa! Hey, hey! Whoo!
Won't any of us
do better than that, huh?
Well, here goes.
All right.
Yeah , go.
Go for it, professor.
Go for it.
Shoot that curl.
All right.
Come on, guys. Come on.
Whoo! Whoa!
Look out, boy.
Come on, Stu.
Piece of cake.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe we were just lucky.
It felt to me like
if you put one foot wrong,
the whole embankment would go.
Yep. And this side's not any better.
Okay. So who's first now?
I'll go.
You guys wait till I'm all the way up.
Be careful.
Piece of cake.
There he goes.
He's all right. He's all right.
You see?
I told you, piece of cake.
Oh, my God.
Oh! Aah. Aah!
Easy. Go easy. Easy.
Oh, it's not my head. It's my--
Just don't move. Don't move.
My leg.
Don't move.
Just don't move.
I'm okay. Go ahead.
There. It's done.
Hey, hey, hey.
That's a good way to kill yourself,
Where'd you get the soda?
Tour bus.
About a quarter of a mile
west of here.
They had beer too.
But I didn't want you taking these
with alcohol.
I brought them with me
for my arthritis.
Down the hatch.
Ralph and I'll go next time, Glen.
Stay here with Stu and rest up.
Go where?
We gotta make you
some kind of stretcher.
Get you out of here.
Hole up some place.
I think Green River would be best.
No, Larry.
I'm not going.
What are you talking about?
I'm saying no.
No trip to Green River. No stretcher.
It's against the rules of the game.
This is no game, Stu.
Stu's right, Larry.
Mother Abagail said
one of us would fall by the way.
What does that mean, huh?
What are you saying?
You're a college professor,
for God's sakes.
Not anymore.
In case you hadn't noticed , Larry,
school is out.
Look, I thought he was your friend.
Of course he's my friend.
But that doesn't matter now.
It's God's plan.
Shut up about God.
I'm sick of hearing about God.
This whole trip
was based on the idea
that Mother Abagail
knew what she was talking about.
That's right.
It's not right.
It's not right.
This isn't God's will or God's plan.
It's a washout.
And you got a broken leg, Stu,
and I'm not gonna leave you here.
Larry, Larry, listen.
I'm not gonna leave--
When we came on this trip,
we put our lives in the hands
of Mother Abagail's God.
Now, that hasn't changed.
If he wants me to eat,
he'll send food.
If he wants me to drink,
he'll send rain.
It's his business.
Yours is to go against Flagg.
Now, you got to do that.
You got to go without me.
do you know how crazy that sounds?
Do you know how totally damn crazy
that sounds?
Come on.
More than three or four
would probably be fatal.
Do you know that?
Yeah, I suppose so.
Goodbye, Stu.
It's been good knowing you.
If we ever get back this way--
Yeah .
If you do.
In the meantime,
let's just leave it at "So long," okay?
Kojak. Come on, boy.
Go on, boy.
Better come back and get him.
Mother also used to say,
"All things serve the will of God."
Maybe that goes
for big, dumb dogs too.
Take good care of him, East Texas.
Good dog, Kojak.
That's a good boy.
What, you want this?
I guess it's about that time, isn't it?
I'm getting worse, boy.
It looks like I'm gonna die of the flu
after all, huh?
That's pretty funny
when you think about it.
Here, boy.
You go on. I lost my appetite.
Go on.
I miss you, Frannie.
I miss you.
So here it is.
I will fear no evil.
I will fear no evil.
Yo, yo, let's go!
Hold your fire.
Flagg wants them taken alive.
Halt, right where you are.
Halt, he said.
How you doing?
Where's Stuart Redman?
He met with a slight accident
on the way here, Mr...?
He's Paul Burlson, my first deputy.
I'm Barry Dorgan,
chief of Vegas security.
What kind of an accident?
He stubbed his toe.
Look, Mr. Drogan,
Chief Dragon, Captain Droogan,
whatever you wanna call yourself,
why don't we just get on with this?
All right. By virtue of the power
vested in me, smart-ass,
you're under arrest.
In whose name?
You know who I speak for.
Then why don't you say it?
Well, I'll say it for you.
Calls himself Randall Flagg,
but who he really is,
is an apostate of hell.
Now, you got that on your
little clipboard there, Mr. Burlson?
I wonder if you men might give me
your social-security numbers?
All right. I want them split up.
Take laughing boy and the old man
and put them in the back of my car.
Take, uh, Farmer John,
put him in the back of yours, Ace.
Come on. Come on.
You don't need those.
That's why we came here.
We got a message
for your little tin god.
Tin god?
Tin god.
Man, that's funny.
I spent 22 years
on the Santa Monica P.D.,
and I know what happens when
guys like you end up running the show.
We haven't got a single addict
in Vegas.
Can your people say the same?
Mr. Dorgan, even a man
of your apparently limited intelligence
should be able to see
that your experiences
with a few battered babies
and drug abusers
doesn't justify your embrace
of a monster.
Oh, that's great. Very good.
You get the Rodney King Humanitarian
Award for the day, pal-- Aah!
It's almost over for them now, Larry.
Can you feel it?
Yeah. I can feel it.
All right, never mind the cuffs.
Just get them in the cars. Now.
Now. Move!
You're quite a piece of work,
Mr. Cockroach.
We could take a lesson from you.
Especially in light of recent events.
I have an idea that I'll be gone
come this time tomorrow,
but you'll still be trucking, won't you?
Running your little roach errands.
It's a wrap on the roach.
Randall Flagg.
And not half the bogeyman
we expected.
I'd like you to meet my associate,
Mr. Lloyd Henreid.
Lloyd, meet Mr. Glen Bateman.
Pleased to meet you.
How's that arthritis, Glen?
May I call you Glen?
It looks painful.
I could fix that.
Would you like me to?
No more swollen, screaming joints
for the rest of your life.
All you have to do is ask.
What a deal.
Just ask.
Ask me to relieve your pain.
It's not so bad, really.
And as for the rest of my life,
how long might that be, anyway?
Six hours? Twelve?
Actually, uh, I've decided to let you go.
Of course,
I couldn't go without my friends.
Oh, of course not.
No, you'll all go together.
Tomorrow morning.
Tonight, if you prefer.
And once again,
all you have to do is ask.
Only, for a favor of this magnitude,
I really think
you ought to do it on your knees.
Stop it.
Stop laughing at me.
Sorry, it's just that--
It's just that we made such--
Such a business of you
and it turns out you're nothing more
than another cockroach,
scurrying around,
running little roach errands.
Shoot him.
You heard me.
Shoot him, you idiot! Shoot him!
He's an old man.
Can't you do anything right?
He's standing right in front of you.
If you really feel you must
shoot somebody, Mr. Henreid,
I suggest Flagg.
His world is crumbling
and we both know it.
I think we also both know he can do
a lot of damage on his way down.
You could change that.
Well , shoot one of us, anyway.
I'm the one who got you out of jail
when you were starving.
Guys like him put you in,
let the super flu loose
in the first place, for that matter.
But you choose, Lloyd.
He lies, Mr. Henreid.
You know that, don't you?
Mister, he told me more truth
than anyone else
in my whole lousy life.
It's all right, Mr. Henreid.
You don't know any better.
Shut up, you mouthy old bastard!
Think they just...?
Yeah, I do.
Our father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done, on Earth...
thy will be done, on Earth...
Behold a pale horse,
and him who rode upon it was Death.
You must see what's coming, Stuart.
And take back such news
as will never be forgotten .
Now wake up.
Wake up.
I can't. I can't, Mother.
I can't, Mother.
Wake up!
I can't. I--
I got to get up there.
I got...
I got to get up there.
I got to get--
Stu .
Take my hand.
Take hold of my hand.
Aah! Ow. My leg.
Hi, Stu.
I was way east of here
and Nick told me
I had to double back.
He can talk in my dreams, Stu.
Isn't that the limit?
Yeah, Tommy.
Yeah, that's the limit.
Are you sick?
Boy, you sound sick. Laws, yes.
It's the flu, Tommy. Heh-heh.
Ain't that a bitch?
I gotta get you inside somewhere.
No, not yet.
Why not, Stu?
I don't know.
But I think
we're gonna find out soon though.
Okay. We'll just wait.
We'll just wait here.
So why did you have to kill Glen?
He tried to escape.
You know, one of these days
you're gonna get shot
trying to escape, Dorgan.
You too, Ratty.
One less Rat-Man in the world.
Shut up that honky voodoo.
Don't be an ass!
What's that?
You're gonna see.
Soon enough.
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Get off.
Come on. Move out of the way.
Come out.
Get down, gray meat.
Disco's dead.
Kill them. Kill them both.
Man, you better stop them.
Only Flagg can do that.
Unless he shows,
they'll take them if they want.
Here you go, gray meat.
Play us a little traveling music.
Because where you going,
you gonna be chattel,
and I guarantee.
Keep back.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Keep back.
Get out of the way.
If they move in any closer,
blow a few heads off.
Hey, ain't you famous?
Now I'm famous too.
Hold on.
I'm trying.
Hold on.
I'm trying. I'm trying.
Tie them up. See what they've got.
I'm trying.
If I could just think about my mother.
Put the cuffs on.
You think that scares me, Dorgan?
At this point, a shot in the head
looks pretty good to me.
Don't make this harder
than it has to be.
You think I could do that?
Tell me something, chief,
they teach you this one
at Santa Monica P.D.?
You propose nothing
in the sight of God.
I will fear no evil.
Listen to me, all of you!
I don't expect you to stop this,
but you better remember
what you see here tonight,
because the next time,
it may be your turn to die this way.
Finished, Mr. Underwood?
You're the one who's finished.
I take that as a yes.
I, Randall Flagg,
do hereby state that these men--
Why don't you tell them
your real name?
Do hereby state that
these men are the insurrectionists
responsible for the destruction
of our unarmed scout planes
at Indian Springs
and for the murder of Carl Hough.
For these crimes, they are sentenced
to death by dismemberment.
It is the duty of each of you
to witness this punishment.
However, those of you
with small children are excused.
Take it, Barry.
Hey, you people.
This ain't how Americans act.
We gotta stop this.
We gotta stop this.
You should've kept still.
I would've let you go.
Why would I wanna keep
a jellyfish like you around, anyway?
Sort of gives a whole new meaning
to the phrase "my lips are sealed,"
doesn't it, Whitney?
Bumpty, bumpty, bump
The fire for you.
The big one for you.
The big one for you.
Bumpty, bumpty, bump
Oh, my God. It's a bomb.
He's got a bomb!
Get him out of here, Lloyd.
I brought it for you.
For you.
Get him out of here.
My life for you.
That you, Lloyd?
I can't see very well.
My eyes. They're all funny.
It's me, Trashy.
What do you have there?
The big one.
The A-bomb.
The fire for you.
Listen to me, Trash.
You have to get that away.
It's dangerous.
Come back. Come back, you cowards.
Shoot him, Lloyd.
Kill the crazy bastard.
The promise has been kept
as God has willed it. Amen.
Do you see it?
The hand of God.
Get away.
The fire.
The fire for you.
Amazing grace.
You done good, boys.
Come on home.
Take us home.
I saw a pale horse.
A pale rider upon it.
The name of the horse
was Pestilence.
The name of the rider was Death.
What was it, Stu?
It's the end of Las Vegas, Tommy.
And the end of Randall Flagg,
if God is good.
What about Glen and Larry?
What about Ralph?
Are you ready, Tom?
Oh, please, God.
Just a little help.
Okay, let's give it a try.
Okay, hop in. Come on.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Okay. Here goes.
All right.
Is--? Is it?
Is it gonna be okay, Stu?
Is it gonna be okay?
I think maybe
we just caught us a break.
This'll make you feel better, Stu.
It's peanut butter and jelly.
That spells "peanut butter and jelly."
My mom always made it for me
when I was feeling poorly.
Always perked me up.
Stu. Please eat, Stu.
You gotta eat.
Stu, if you don't eat, you'll die.
I'll be alone, Stu.
You gotta eat for me, Stu.
Please, Stu, don't die.
Is it really you?
Stu said you were dead.
Stu is very sick, you know.
I know. He's got the flu.
I tried to feed him
like my mama used to,
but he wouldn't eat.
I'm scared, Nick.
It's all right. I know what to do.
Come on, Tom.
This'll make you better. Laws, yes.
How'd you know to get this stuff,
Nick told me.
In my dreams, he can talk.
Did I ever tell you that?
I think you did.
Tommy, what's wrong?
Can't remember
what Nick looked like anymore.
He was the best friend I ever had.
Gave me a bike,
was always good to me.
I can't remember him anymore.
I'm so stupid.
Can't remember nothing.
There's a lot of important stuff
you didn't forget.
I'm still alive.
I wouldn't be if it wasn't for you.
Really going home, Stu?
Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?
You bet. We're going home.
This is nuts, you know it?
Won't be anybody else
in here this winter.
It is winter.
It's early, but it is here.
Now, be careful.
It could be Stu or it could be--
Hell , it could be anybody.
Hey, who is it there?
You guys identify yourselves
or we're gonna shoot.
It's them. It's them.
Hey, Teddy.
Tom Cullen.
Hey, there, Bobby.
Man, I don't believe it.
What happened to your leg, Stu?
I broke it. Never mind. Never mind.
We're frozen. Let's get in the truck.
Then I want you to take me home
to see Frannie.
What? Come on.
What's wrong?
What is it?
I don't exactly know
how to tell you this, Stu.
What? What is it?
Well, it's the baby.
It's come early and it's got the flu.
Is this a dream?
No, darling. It's no dream.
I can't believe...
I can't...
So now I'm just waiting
for it to be over.
Then maybe you and I
can think about starting all over again.
But George says
that there's no way of knowing
if any of the babies
are gonna be immune.
Let's not think about that now, Frannie.
I can't help it.
I have this big black hole
in the middle of me.
I can't help thinking,
what did we all do this for?
You propose nothing
in the sight of God.
Come on.
For now, there's us, at least,
you know.
I know.
Stu, I can't tell you
how glad I am to see you.
How glad all of us are.
Hey, doc.
The baby's dead, isn't it?
No, quite the opposite.
I believe the crisis has passed.
You mean she's going to be all right?
Yes. I think the baby's gonna live.
It was a tough battle.
And a lot of the year-one babies
may not do as well as this one.
But when both parents are immune,
you will see the last
of Captain Trips.
It's a miracle.
Yes, indeed.
You got a beautiful daughter there,
Fran. You take good care of her.
I will.
We will.
We can come back later.
Oh, no.
You're limping.
And I hear you're pregnant.
Hey, Joey.
No. I know.
I know what happened.
I'm sure that when the end came,
they met it on their feet.
And that's what they were
sent out there to do, wasn't it?
To stand.
I reckon it was.
He's gone,
but I'll have his baby.
Maybe it's not all I wanted
or all I dreamed of having,
but it'll have to be enough.
Don't cry. She's gonna be just fine.
She's so beautiful.
No, I'm not crying for her.
It's all of the others.
All those empty cradles.
Pink baby.
Ooh. Ooh.
I know, honey.
They're looking at the baby.
Ain't you beautiful?
Just as gorgeous as dawn in Eden.
do you think people can change?
Do you think that's possible?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
Maybe she does.