The Star City Murders (2024) Movie Script

Son of a bitch.
Right this way.
Jesus, Frank.
Leave it out, Kate.
You look almost as bad
as our vic.
What are you, my mother?
Fortunately not.
Your poor mother
can't divorce you.
-How is she, by the way?
-She's good.
So, why have you dragged me
out here so early?
Homeless guy.
That's it?
You'll see.
I'm good out here.
Suit yourself.
Morning, O.C.
Brody. Always a pleasure.
Maybe you can tell me
why I'm here.
That's different.
Indeed it is.
Pre or post-mortem?
Post, definitely.
Not nearly enough blood for pre,
unless of course he was moved.
Initial guess?
If I had to hypothesize,
I'd say he died of exposure.
Local wildlife got a free meal.
No rigor mortis,
so he's been here
at least 36 hours.
But he's not bloating yet,
so less than six days.
-I don't think so.
There'd be more full and
partial-thickness lacerations
if that were the case.
Wild fly?
No reason to suspect so
at this time,
but you never know.
As always, I'll have more
information after the autopsy.
All right.
I guess I'll take it.
You say that
like you have a choice.
Let's get some breakfast.
First, let's run it through
one more time.
Come on, Ed. It's me.
No such thing
as too prepared, T.
-What up, brother?
How's the trial going?
You put that scumbag away yet?
Almost there.
Just the all-star here
about to take the stand.
Brody, you know what time it is?
Uh, it's almost nine.
And you're here.
We caught a body, and get this.
-The face is missing.
-For real?
Otherwise known as
"dead homeless guy in alley."
Morning, partner.
-And that faceless part?
-Oh, that's true.
Yeah, there's definitely
something going on
with this one.
Okay, Mulder.
Leave me out of this.
Watch out, boys.
SWAT's in building.
Hey, Bullock, don't shoot.
It's a bit early for misogyny,
isn't it, McQueen?
Oh, Bullock,
I'm just having a little fun.
What, you guys
don't have fun up in SWAT?
If someone gave me shit in SWAT,
I'd kick their ass in training.
You want me to kick your ass,
Can I get some help here?
No, this grave's
all yours, buddy.
So, what do you think?
You and me?
Grow up, Bullock.
I don't want to fight you.
I wouldn't either.
Maybe you want
to fuck me instead.
-Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I did not mention
anything about--
You're right, this is fun.
I think she won that round.
All right, all right,
that's enough.
Let's get back to work.
Brody, get Bullock up to speed.
I'll brief the captain.
So, what do we got, partner?
Told you to knock it off
with that partner crap.
Oh, wow.
What happened to him?
Don't know yet,
gotta wait for the ME's report.
But you got a theory, right?
Do I really do
some Mulder conspiracy thing?
Kinda, yeah.
But it's understandable
after what happened.
You should have seen
the look on this guy's face.
It was priceless.
That's always
my favorite moment.
That moment when they realize
they aren't gonna win and--
You see that cocky,
smug bastard expression
slowly replaced with one of
far too late
understanding and fear.
They suddenly know they've lost
and it is so satisfying.
Mm-hmm, right?
And to that moment I swear
he never believed
anyone would dare point
their finger at him.
To one more bad guy
off our streets.
And our future DA.
Wait, what?
Come on, man. All these wins?
You must have thought about it.
Everyone else has.
I mean, of course.
But I'm a trial lawyer.
Do you know how many cases
the DA personally
prosecuted last year?
None. Not one.
So, while I appreciate
the votes of confidence,
I have no interest
in the politics of all this.
I love being on the ground
with you guys,
getting the work done.
And we appreciate that.
Sure, would be nice to know
the guy at the top
shared the same convictions
as we do for once.
Hell, I'd even
vote for you for mayor.
And, on that rather
crazy note...
What, you're leaving already?
Yeah, T.
You're not the only one
who likes to celebrate
the end of my big cases.
-You know what I mean?
-Mustn't upset the breadwinner.
Oh, you laugh, but we all know
if it wasn't
for Emily's success,
I'd be some soulless
corporate leech by now.
But you just make sure
you thank her for us both.
Enjoy your evening, Ed.
Nah, I should probably
be getting home too.
You'd just leave your partner
to drink alone?
One more.
It's been a long day.
Speaking of long days,
where's Frank?
He's usually here by now.
I'm sure it's nothing, she says.
Star City?
What are the chances we hold
two bodies with the same thing?
I'm sure it's nothing.
Doc, we gotta stop
meeting like this.
Nothing would make me happier,
Detective Bullock.
You guys
are gonna want to see this.
Come on through,
the area's already
been processed.
Just like
the homeless guy?
Initially it seems so,
but I'll have to confirm that
when I get it back to the lab.
Well, what can you tell me?
Well, it's not as old
as the other.
Probably 48 hours
at an early estimate.
Supreme mortem this time?
Yeah, based on the amount
of damage and blood,
it certainly seems so.
And what's this?
-I don't think so.
First off, the consistency's
all wrong for saliva.
Plus, it has an odd odor.
-Jesus, Bullock.
Any more idea
what did the eating?
Well, for your guy in the alley,
with a small bite radius.
Perhaps a rodent.
And on first inspection,
this does look quite similar.
Like, rats?
Sure, could be.
Okay, Doc, let me know as soon
as you find out anything else.
I'll have a report
for you both by tomorrow.
- Great.
- Thanks, Doc.
Don't stay out too late.
-So, back to the station?
Okay, I'm done.
Time to trade partners.
-You're a lucky man.
-That I am.
Got the two best partners
in the world.
Yeah, okay.
Don't lay it on too thick.
You know,
you can still reconsider.
Don't start.
We've been over this
so many times.
I know, but...
have you told Brody yet?
Still haven't found
the right time.
He's just
not in a good place, you know?
You think he ever will be?
But take that board of his.
Hasn't touched it in
I don't know how long.
Can't tell me
he's gotten better, though.
Exactly my point.
I think we have to face
the fact that...
we may never get
the old Frank back.
Everything that happened,
it just took
too much away from him.
He wasn't the only one.
Now I really gotta go.
-You're not driving.
Ordered a ride.
So, this guy, Jackson,
was a lifetime security guard,
worked all over
from airport to sideboard.
Even spent a few years
as a prison guard.
Guess you could say
he was a security vet.
If there's such a thing.
Even applied to the force
a few years back.
-Quite the opposite.
Passed the intake
with flying colors,
just never took up the post.
Why take the test, then?
I don't know,
maybe his plans just changed.
Find next of kin?
An ex-wife in Florida.
No kids.
Parents both died
a few years back.
All right.
I'll make the call
in the morning.
-Anything on our John Doe?
-Not really.
Reached out to the shelters,
but without a face...
Fingers were too decomposed
for usable prints, too, so.
Looks like
we'll be waiting on dental.
We're gonna be waiting
on the lab
for a lot of things
in this case.
Fuck, it's been a day.
Two bodies.
Who would've thought?
Cap's gonna shit the bed.
So, what now?
We go home and go to sleep.
We'll pick back up
in the morning.
Uh, damnit.
We missed McQueen
finally buying round.
I've been
waiting for you, Mr. Hirsch.
Should I be afraid?
Oh, you should be very afraid.
Well, I am here now.
What are you planning
to do to me?
Whatever I want.
I swear, you get
more beautiful every day.
I mean it.
How did a simple lawyer like me
end up with a goddess like you?
I think it probably
had something to do
with lines like that.
Come on.
You in there?
Did you die?
You have to be across town,
like, now.
Morning, partner.
My partner's dead.
Fuck, Brody.
How many bodies
are rotting in here?
Just mine.
What the hell
are you doing here, Bullock?
Phone is going
straight to voicemail.
-And Captain Aikman is pissed.
I'm here to save your ass.
Come on, let's go.
-What's the rush?
-No idea.
Only that we have to meet him
at a residential in the heights.
-Aikman's at the scene?
Do you think,
could we have a serial killer?
I thought
I was the conspiracy nut.
Oh, come on.
Try not to get too excited
about people losing their lives.
I know, I know.
Can you imagine?
You want to be taken seriously,
I get it.
But stop acting like
-such a damn rookie.
You know what the best day
for a detective is?
The day
you close a career case?
It's the day
you don't get a new case.
Ask any vet.
The day nothing
comes across your desk,
those are the best days.
Those are the days
we do days like today for.
Tell that to McQueen.
Whatever issues
the two of you have,
Terry will tell you
the same thing.
He's a good guy
under all that bravado.
You know he turned down the NFL
to become a cop?
Yeah, whatever.
Come on, let's go.
The charge is over there.
I'm going to go take a shower.
Just hurry.
So, where's the parade?
I don't know.
-Since when do you--
-I don't.
Just needed something.
What's going on?
Captain's inside.
He'll fill you in.
Tell him to get
another couple of patrol cars.
We've got to canvas the area.
And make sure to tell him,
no silence.
welcome to our new nightmare.
What's going on, Captain?
It's Ed Hirsch.
-He's been murdered.
-What the hell happened?
We don't know yet.
Dr. Canavalle's still
working the scene.
It's not good, Frank.
I haven't seen anything
like this since Iraq.
I take it we're trying
to keep it from the press?
Where's his wife?
Emily, right?
Yeah, they took her
to the hospital.
Is she okay?
Physically, yes. She's in shock.
She's on her way to
the psych unit for observation.
-Potential witness?
Where's Terry?
He went with Mrs. Hirsch.
This scene was too much,
even for him.
Too much? For McQueen?
Holy hell.
What the fuck happened?
Mr. Hirsch was stabbed
multiple times.
His abdominal region
heavily mutilated.
Blood loss and trauma
resulted in his death.
Wait, he was still alive?
Sadly, this volume of blood
loss suggests so.
Is there anything more
you can tell us?
Not really.
Anything more at this stage
would just be
presumption and conjecture,
I'd really rather not.
We'll leave you to it.
Needless to say,
this has just become
a priority case.
Brody, Bullock.
I need you
to brief the department
on your previous findings
at 2:00 p.m.
Smith, coordinate the canvas
and then head over
to the hospital.
See if you can get
any kind of statement
out of Mrs. Hirsch.
If not,
just head back to the station.
And bring McQueen with you.
Nobody says anything to anyone
outside the department.
Period. You got it?
And the canvas?
Just have them say it was B&E.
All right, let's get to work.
Hey, Doc.
You got those reports for me?
Autopsies take time, Brody.
So you got nothing?
would you grab that file
off my desk for me, please?
Causes of death?
As you know, Mr. Hirsch
died of massive blood loss
due to multiple stab wounds
and subsequent mutilation.
Well, what about
the security guard?
What about that weird substance?
I did a preliminary analysis
and also sent a sample
to the state lab.
It revealed large amounts
of testosterone,
methamphetamines, epinephrine,
as well as some
chemicals and hormones.
So he poisoned them too?
No, it wouldn't be absorbed
through the skin.
At least not fatally.
And you found this
on the guard and on Ed?
I found it on all three.
It was just more dried out
and less obvious
on the initial body.
So we can pretty much confirm
at this point
that all the murders were
committed by the same person,
which means
we have a serial killer.
Let's not get ahead
of ourselves.
Come on, Cap.
There's no way
two nutjobs came up
with this crazy rat shit
at the same time.
Rats? Seriously?
I didn't think
we had cause of death yet.
Sorry, Cap.
We may not have
exact cause of death,
but look at the facts.
Victim one, homeless guy.
Died approximately 45 days ago.
Subsequently mutilated
at the face
and neck post-mortem.
Victim number two,
security guard.
Died three days ago.
Subsequently mutilated
at the torso,
specifically the ribcage.
And our third victim, Ed Hirsch.
Died last night.
Confirmed stabbed and mutilated,
both pre and post-mortem.
Wait. Ed was alive?
Canavalle says so, yeah.
And victim two, most likely.
Hopefully, we'll confirm
with the witnesses
at some point.
Sick son of a bitch.
Okay, at the very least
they're all connected.
Um, it all seems personal.
You know, the stabbing,
the weird rat thing.
One thing's for sure,
it's every two days.
So tomorrow night,
someone else is gonna die.
That's a lot of
conjecture, Frank.
Did we get anything
from the canvas?
No. Neighbors aren't exactly
packed in up there,
and no one heard or saw
anything out of the ordinary.
Hm, Jackson's boss was the same.
Full of praise for the guy,
but nothing out of the ordinary.
No calls for him,
no one checking on him.
Nothing from the canvas
for that night.
And there was no evidence
of any defensive wounds,
or that he even drew his weapon.
So either he knew the guy,
or he got jumped somehow.
So, what's the link?
What does a homeless person
and a security guard
have to do with Ed?
That's what
we have to figure out.
Unfortunately, Hirsch
was so damn good at his job,
there's a lot of
potential suspects out there
from past cases.
It's gonna take some time.
That's one thing we don't have.
Sorry, Cap.
All right,
the two of you need some facts
to go along
with this theory of yours.
I want an ID
on the John Doe, ASAP.
But more importantly,
we need suspects.
I'm gonna have the mayor
so far on my ass
I'll be able to taste
his hair wax.
Yes, Cap.
Oh, while I've got you here.
You should know
that Detective Smith
is gonna take the lead
on the case.
What? Why?
Because I believe she's the best
person for the job.
This is our case.
We landed it,
we should get to see it through.
What part of this
makes you think
it's up for discussion?
-Come on, this is some bullshit.
-Detective Bullock.
Let me be very clear.
Every case that comes through
this department
belongs to the entire team.
Especially a high-profile case
like this one.
-Yeah, exactly.
-Jesus Christ, Bullock.
I thought you were sharp.
Brody's in no shape
to take on a big case,
and you're a rookie.
One that some people inside
and outside the department
question even being here.
So quit acting like
a spoiled brat
and get on with your job.
this case is gonna be rough
on all of us.
It's not gonna make
anyone's career,
I can promise you that.
Could we succeed or fail
as a department?
-Yes, Cap.
-Yes, Captain.
Brody, meet me.
What the fuck
did I tell you this morning?
Have a seat.
Look, we all...
myself perhaps more than others,
understand what you went through
before and after
your partner's death.
I mean,
the effect it can have on you
is not easy to deal with.
I still consider it
my greatest personal failure
we never closed that case.
Look, Brody,
you were and you still are
a good detective.
It's just that,
given your recent history,
I can't have you
as a lead on this case.
You understand that, right?
Don't worry, Cap, I get it.
I mean, normally I'd put McQueen
and his moneymaker up there,
but he's too close to it.
With Detective Smith's transfer
coming up,
-it would be a boost for her--
Yes. Out of the department.
I assumed
it was common knowledge.
Well, that being said,
it's all hands on deck,
so I need you to rein in
your partner a little
and point that hothead of hers
in the right direction.
Come on, Cap.
I don't want or need a partner.
You don't have a choice.
It's the way the system works.
Personal issues or not,
you have to have a partner.
I did fine without her.
Did fine?
Brody, you've been coasting
on the bottom
for some time now.
We both know that.
When's the last time
you closed a serious case?
whether you want one or not,
you're going to need a partner.
And I'm going to need you
as part of the team.
Because this case
cannot go unsolved.
Not this time.
Is that all, Captain?
Yes, Detective, that's all.
You're dismissed.
Don't worry, Cap.
I hear you.
Hey, Alison, it's been a while.
Too long. Get in here.
I was so sorry to hear about Ed.
Yeah, me too.
Well, dinner's almost ready.
You're going to stay, right?
Depends who's cooking.
I am.
- Then I'll stay.
- Great.
Terry's out back.
-Hey, bud.
-Hey, Frankie.
Hey, man.
Sorry about the briefing.
-Don't worry about it.
-You sure?
It's just still a bit raw,
you know?
You know Kate's leaving?
Oh, she finally told you?
-Nope, Cap let it slip.
-Oh, and?
And she should have
told me herself.
I mean, what the fuck, man?
You know, she wanted to.
-Yeah, I'm sure she did.
-No, really.
She just didn't know how
or how you'd react.
How I'd react?
If I wasn't the last
to find out,
I'd be happy for her.
She deserves it.
I'm walking it here.
You know, there's a lot of water
under that bridge.
A lot of history.
For all of us.
You ever think about
the old days?
Of course.
We were together a long time.
Nah, man,
I mean, high school, college.
Uh, sure.
A little too often if you ask
my department-appointed shrink.
We thought
we had it all figured out.
Too bad you went
to the wrong high school.
But remind me.
-Who won state?
-Yeah, yeah.
But for real.
All the trophies, awards.
All high school.
It was you or me.
We shared the honors,
and we made each other better.
I guess.
Then we ended up
on the same team in college.
And what did we win?
This much bigger pond.
And it was your choice
not to go pro.
But we didn't win anything.
Where's all this coming from?
You know,
I went to high school with Ed.
Even played
on the same team full-on.
He was a good guy,
even back then.
Way smarter
than the rest of us jocks.
Then he went off
to his Ivy League law school.
And came back
the best of all of us.
He could have worked
at any of those private firms.
Could have made a fortune.
But that just wasn't Ed.
I knew you were friends
a long time.
Shouldn't have been him.
I mean...
Never mind, I'm-- I'm rambling.
You know, I've known you
long enough to tell
when something's bugging you.
Just spit it out.
What mischief are you boys
getting up to out here?
Just reminiscing
about the old days.
Robbing it in, you mean.
Leave poor old Frank alone.
Dinner's ready.
You know the rules.
All right, baby.
We'll be there soon.
Old Frank.
You're older than me.
And rules?
No football talk
at the dinner table.
Walk out
or you might get carried out.
What-- what the fuck
are you doing?
Hey man,
I'm just looking for strings.
Ha, ha, ha. Very funny.
But seriously, I know you.
Please don't--
You know, if you ever
need to talk about anything.
Same goes.
You're always here this early?
It's not that early.
If you say so.
Anything new?
Still on hold with the lab.
They promised dental, but I
they're just coming up
with their next excuse.
Did you get a chance
to go through Ed's old cases?
We really need a suspect today.
Actually, yeah.
Hold on.
Uh, fuck it.
Of the cases Ed successfully
prosecuted in Star City,
total of 34 currently
on a parole release.
That's not too bad.
-Violent offenders?
-Quite a few.
All parolees.
I put a call
into the parole department.
I'm just waiting to hear back.
That's a good start.
Any stand out to you?
Honestly, not really.
None of them were homicides.
Mostly assault,
domestic violence.
All the really bad guys
are still locked up.
Okay, so we need to look
into those murder cases too
when they're not
locked up associates.
Alcohol donor records
have been pulled.
You hear anything new from--
Wow, great timing.
-Excuse me?
-I was just saying--
Never mind. How can we help you?
I have a report
from Dr. Canavalle.
Great, anything else?
No, that is all.
You're welcome.
They got the results back
from the state lab.
-Drug cocktail?
Packed full
of pheromones, hormones,
extracts of all sorts
on top of the drugs.
According to the doc,
this stuff is probably
why there was so much damage.
It would have driven the rats
absolutely crazy.
So, it was deliberate.
Yeah, but why?
Destroying evidence?
Maybe, but everyone's seen CSI.
if you can find these chemicals,
why not get some acid or lye?
aren't always the sharpest.
Yeah, it just
doesn't feel right.
It's a lot of effort and
a lot of chemistry to go through
just to not know you could
still find the stab wounds
after you removed the skin.
So, it was symbolic?
But of what?
Seems you were right.
Homeless guy was stabbed.
Single wound, ribcage,
right to the heart.
Would have been quick.
Guess he was asleep
or incapacitated already.
All we need now is a name.
Hey, Frank. No soup?
Going through Ed's old cases.
-You good?
-What's with the getup?
Press conference this morning.
How is our asshole mayor?
Slimy as ever.
Cap did what he could,
but the idiot
still promised everyone
we'd catch the guy soon.
Come on, this way.
So, where is Terry?
Said he couldn't face her yet.
- Detectives?
- Smith and Brody.
Jane Trent.
We spoke briefly on the phone.
-Dr. Trent, nice to meet you.
-Oh. Jane is fine.
It's pretty informal here.
Sorry to jump straight in,
but you said
Emily was talking again today.
That's right.
Uh, she asked for you, actually.
This way, please.
Maybe it should just be you.
Truth is, he's better equipped
for this than I am.
He's been through
something similar.
-Thank you.
Hopefully this
doesn't take too much time
and Emily can get back
to her recovery.
Emily's in this room.
I'm afraid I must be present,
but I'll stay
just inside the door.
You going to be okay with this?
Think so. Besides, no choice.
For Ed, right?
- Hi, Emily.
- Hi.
-Nice to see you again.
-Where's Terry?
I'm sure he'll be along later.
He had some things to do.
Hi, Emily. I'm Frank Brody.
It's nice to finally meet you.
I'm very sorry
it's under these circumstances.
You're here to talk
about the other night?
If you think you're up to it.
Whatever it takes to help
catch the guy who did this.
Can you tell us
exactly what happened?
It was already quite late
when Ed got home.
Everything was normal.
Until we went out to the bedroom
and found the bed was all wet.
I went to the bathroom to get
some towels and that's when--
I didn't see anything.
I didn't even hear a footstep.
I just felt a hand
go across my face...
and everything went dark.
What's the next thing
you remember
after you woke up?
I had been gagged.
And my hands
and my feet were tied.
The floor was cold and hard.
And I could hear...
It was so odd.
There was this...
strange roaring sound.
He had this gas torch
and he was burning a bucket.
Ed was lying on the floor...
the bucket was on top of him.
His body twitched and moved,
but he...
I tried to call out.
To yell.
I know
I was making noise, but he...
just ignored me.
Like it didn't even matter
that I had woken up.
I tried to move towards Ed...
...but the floor was slippery.
It was covered in--
I thought it was water.
When he turned off his torch
is when I heard it.
The sound.
There was this screaming sound.
This horrible...
terrible high-pitched screaming.
It was the sound of--
It was trying
to escape the heat.
Okay, Emily. What else?
What about the man?
He just...
sat there...
and watched.
I screamed through my gag,
but he didn't even look at me.
Did you see his face?
He wore a mask and a hood.
What happened at the end?
For some time, he just...
sat there.
And then...
when the noises
finally stopped...
he just left.
After all that...
He just picked up his bucket
and left.
He never spoke?
He just left us there.
I wish he'd killed me too.
She saw everything.
She laid in Ed's blood
and had to watch.
That's big time personal.
And specific.
Even ritual, maybe.
You know...
it's like a calling card.
A twisted,
fucked up calling card.
But there's got to be
more to it.
I mean, no one just thinks
something like this up.
We should both write this up.
We don't want to risk
missing anything.
And I don't think
I can bear asking her again.
All right.
You headed back to the station?
In a bit.
I got some questions
about the psychology
of all this rat stuff
I want to ask the doc about
when she comes out.
I'll see you tomorrow, then.
Damn it.
Why didn't you tell me?
-Tell you what?
-Come on.
About your new job.
-And leaving.
I know we're not married
anymore, but come on.
Didn't I deserve to know?
Seems like everyone else knew.
I'm sorry, Frank.
You're right.
I should have told you.
I really just didn't know how.
After everything.
I'm not some broken little kid
you all have to keep protecting.
-I know.
-Do you?
It doesn't seem like it. What?
You didn't think I could take
the idea of you leaving?
You ever think maybe
it's not just about you?
Maybe telling you
would be difficult for me, too?
Make it all a bit too real?
You're not the only one
who still cares, Frank.
I know that.
I'm never going to
not love you, Katie.
You know that.
I'm sorry, okay?
You're right.
I should have told you.
I really just didn't know how.
It's okay.
I know
it's a little late, but...
If anyone deserves it, it's you.
Just promise me one thing.
-You'll keep in touch, okay?
- God, you're an idiot.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
Seriously, does anyone
-actually work here?
It's usually us asking
if you actually work here.
Oh, we finally got a name?
Yeah. Dental got a match.
Ken McCready.
Born in Star City,
a vet, two tours.
Kind of fell off the map
after he came home.
Most recent records
are from the VA
from a couple years back.
Why do I know that name?
-What else does it say?
-Not much.
If we want more,
we're going to have to do
some digging ourselves.
Can you stay on that?
I got an itch.
You know,
you can get a cream for that.
Yeah, it's called McQueen.
Where is he anyway?
-Hey, partner.
You okay?
Come on in.
So, what's up?
You've been kind of a ghost
these last couple of days.
Yeah. Sorry.
No need to apologize.
We all understand.
That's not what you think,
You want a drink?
-It was us.
-What was us?
And now I'm the last one.
Okay, you're really
going to have to stop
being so cryptic.
Back in high school,
we all played football together.
Me, Ed...
Ken and Cam.
Cameron Jackson
and Ken McCready?
And not just that.
We were close.
I mean, as close
as high school kids get.
You're saying you were friends
with all three victims?
And that's not all.
I think I know
who's behind this and why.
Terry, is there a chance
you shouldn't be saying this
without a lawyer?
It was high school.
We were kings
of the football team.
Of the school.
Hell, by our final year,
we were kings
of the whole goddamn city.
We could do anything.
So when some kid is pissed,
because we wouldn't allow him
on the team...
he decides to rat us out
for smoking a little weed.
Well, we reacted...
like kids react.
Ed took the blame.
Even back then,
he knew how to work the system.
He had his Ivy League spot
all locked up tight.
And he somehow
convinced the school
to let us off with a warning.
I'm guessing somehow
that wasn't the end of it.
Of course not.
We were dumb kids.
Between the name-calling
and the bullying, we...
we ostracized the kid.
Eventually, he left the school
and rumor has it, he...
ended up in a psych ward.
So 20 plus years ago,
you bullied this kid
and now he's back for revenge?
-I just can't believe that--
-Look, I told you. Okay?
Now you need to do something
about this guy before I do.
Because if I find him,
I'm going to kill him.
So I need you to.
What we did was wrong. No doubt.
But I'm not that person anymore.
Neither was Ed.
Hell, none of us were.
We made amends with the lives
of the servers we chose to lead.
None of the guys deserve this.
But Ed...
Ed would have wanted justice.
Okay. I'm going to need a name.
Matthew Rose.
Got it.
You and Frank need to do this.
For the guys.
Don't worry, we will.
I'm going to change, then head
right back down to the station.
Wait for me?
No, I-- I need to get home.
I'll have a protective
detail put on your place.
This isn't up for debate.
I'm putting that car on you,
whether you like it or not.
It's not necessary.
This guy's killed
three people already.
One, at least, was also armed.
They didn't know he was coming.
Argue all you want.
You're still getting that car.
I'll see you soon.
That's it.
I knew I remembered that name.
Lay it on me, partner.
All the victims went
to high school together,
same year and everything.
I remember McCready
from football.
I used to play against him.
Guy was a hell of a receiver.
You think
this could go that far back?
Maybe, yeah, something.
You know who we should speak to?
-Apart from McQueen?
-The school's principal.
If anything went down back then,
the principal would know.
In my experience,
they always do.
Here we go. Geraldine Preston.
I'll get us an address.
It's a little late
for a house call.
Let's go first thing tomorrow.
What's that?
Just a little homework.
Damn it, T.
Where the hell are you?
Still nothing?
Come on, let's see
if this principal
can shed a light
on our connection.
Hello, can I help you?
-Geraldine Preston?
Detective Bullock.
This is my partner,
Detective Brody.
What can I do for you?
You were principal
of Star City North in 1996.
Wh-- what is this about?
I think it's better
if we speak inside.
Oh, o-- okay. Come-- come in.
Please, sit down.
-Mrs. Preston--
-Uh, Miss.
-I am happily unmarried.
-Right, sorry.
We're investigating a case
involving some of your students
from that year.
That's a long time ago.
I don't know what help I can be.
Uh, which students?
Cameron Jackson
and Ken McCready.
Is there anything
you could tell us
about their time in high school?
Uh, I'm not really sure.
What-- what are they
being investigated for?
If you don't mind me asking.
It's a murder investigation,
Miss Preston.
They murdered someone?
A writer, huh?
Uh, what?
Uh, yes.
Uh, after I quit teaching.
Wait, did someone
kill Cameron and Kenny?
So you do remember them?
And if you know
a link between them
and ADA Edward Hirsch?
Ed Hirsch is involved, too?
We think so, yes.
We're trying to establish a link
between the victims
and ADA Hirsch.
Well, they were
all football stars
of varying degrees.
It started off normal enough.
Sports team hazing.
Schoolyard disagreements.
Kids who simply
didn't get along.
But it escalated so quickly.
Beyond anything
I could have expected.
Long story short,
it ended with a student
being hospitalized
and eventually being admitted
into a psychiatric facility.
As far as I know,
he never returned to school.
How does schoolyard bullying
end in hospitalization
and sectioning?
I never learned
what caused the final break
for the poor boy.
There were rumors, of course.
Or maybe it just
built up over time.
I don't know.
But I do know
that we failed him.
And the perpetrators?
Were football stars.
State champs that year, too.
It's like diplomatic immunity.
These schools rely
on their boosters,
the board for sports funding.
And stuff like this
just gets buried.
Unfortunately, that's true.
All I could do
is turn in my resignation
and no longer be a part of it.
That's not all
you could have done.
And do you remember the name
of this unfortunate student?
Of course.
Matthew Rose.
Okay, Miss Preston.
We're gonna need
a full statement.
We'll need you to stop
by the station later today.
You may want to bring a lawyer.
I understand.
Out of curiosity,
any other students involved?
Um, only one
that I was aware of.
He was the football captain.
Terry McQueen.
Thank you.
We'll see ourselves out.
McQueen was a part
of this the whole time?
Look, you know
I'm no fan of the guy.
-That's hard to believe.
-Makes sense.
Ever since he learned
the name of the second victim,
he started acting strange
like he had no interest.
And after hearing
the name of McCready,
he vanished altogether.
He was told not to investigate.
And if you were told
not to investigate
a lifelong friend's murder,
would you listen?
Right. Come on.
We gotta head back and find
this Rose guy and McQueen.
What are you
gonna tell the Captain?
I have no idea.
What the hell
are the Fed wannabes doing here?
Hey, bureau boy, get your
grubby little hands off my work.
Brody, my office.
What the hell
are the staties doing here, Cap?
Come on in, I'll explain.
And Bullock,
just don't start anything.
Close the door, Frank.
Frank? I must be in trouble.
There's no easy way to say this.
-Kate's been stabbed.
-Is she okay?
-She's in the hospital.
Lost a lot of blood,
but she's in surgery
and the doctors are optimistic.
-Which hospital?
-Now, hold on a second.
She's not gonna be conscious
for at least another 24 hours.
-What-- what if she--
-We got an early lead.
Someone saw a guy
running from the house.
Was it him?
-Was she--
-We don't know.
And no, it was just stab wounds.
It must have been him.
You and the greasy idiot
on that press conference
and advertised her.
We don't know that.
She had a lot of cases,
open and closed.
You said the same shit about Ed,
and look how much time
that cost us.
You know, all this paper chasing
because nobody wanted to admit
these cases were connected.
We've been chasing
cold dead leads for nothing.
And now Kate, too?
Calm down, Brody.
We don't know--
Yes, we do. It's McQueen.
He's the link.
We found out this morning.
We even have a name.
A proper suspect.
So of course
it's the same killer.
-It has to be.
Where is he?
Where is that fucker?
He's taking some personal time.
What-- what do you mean
it's McQueen?
Just-- just calm down
and explain.
McQueen and the other
three victims
were involved
in some incident in high school
that drove a kid
to the nut house.
We talked to the old principal
and she confirmed it.
McQueen was the team captain
and he was untouchable.
He's the link and I think
he's known it for a while.
That's a serious
accusation, Brody.
No, these are
the facts, Captain.
We need to speak with McQueen.
Hell, we need to find him
and keep him safe
from the nut job and himself.
-I'm sorry, Detective.
-Yeah, you keep saying that.
But this is no longer our case.
Are you
fucking kidding me?
There's no way
I'm giving this case
to an FBI wannabe from upstate.
-No fucking way, Cap.
-You are and you will.
You're too close to this thing
in a hundred different ways.
You can't begin to be objective.
Objective? Who gives a fuck?
I'm motivated. That's what I am.
What, you think I'm going
to pick up some car theft case
while this guy's out there
trying to kill Terry?
Don't make me
take your gun and your badge.
-Just try it.
-Come on, Brody.
It's part of the job
and you know that.
Look, just go home.
Go to the hospital.
Do something.
But you can't be here
until this is over.
Fuck you, Roy.
The fuck you all looking at?
Don't you have
someone else's job to do?
So we're off the case?
Listen, I need you
to get Rose's records.
Criminal, psych,
whatever we got in the system.
-Got it?
-What's going on?
Meet me at my place
as soon as you got the files.
I'll fill you in then.
-What about the Captain?
-Just get it done.
Okay. Okay, I'm going.
You tell her?
Make sure
you're handing your report
from this morning
before you leave.
Yeah, yeah.
Agent Davis?
A word?
- Brody?
- In here.
-Did you get it?
So this is homework.
Sorry I didn't tell you
this before.
Kate's in the hospital.
What? Uh, how? What happened?
He stabbed her.
-She's in surgery.
Is she gonna make it?
She's a fighter.
Okay. What's our move?
We're gonna catch this bastard
before he can get to McQueen.
That's what.
Oh, shit.
Speak of the devil.
-About time.
Bolo got a hit.
I'll read this on the way.
You're driving.
Well, this is
a lot thinner than I hoped.
But it seems like
this guy's a real product
of a broken system.
A lot of intake, outtake dates,
but not much of actual use.
They diagnosed him?
Oh, it's a variety of things.
PTSD to start with.
Various neuroses,
eventually schizophrenia,
along with severe depression.
How did he end up
back on the street?
Seems he got transferred
from a psych ward
to a prison upstate
after some violent incidents.
Then after a few years,
they just let him go.
Just as a release date.
Overcrowding's bitch.
Guess there's
another file somewhere
that's doctor-patient
but no way
this is all there is medically.
Sorry, it's all
being out of the system.
Oh, pull up here and let me out.
Hey, Frankie.
Remember this place?
Of course I do.
First place I ever got drunk.
-That hasn't changed.
Me and the boys
used to come here all the time.
So what are
we doing here, Terry?
Thought we might
have a drink, you know.
-For old time's sake.
While we're at it, you can
tell me all about Matthew Rose.
So you know.
Bullock and I
pieced it all together.
You're gonna fill
in the rest for me.
-Starting right now.
-Kate didn't tell you?
Kate's in the fucking hospital,
you asshole.
-I-- is she okay?
-She's in surgery.
He got to her last night
because of you.
I should drag you back to
the station in cuffs right now.
But first,
you're gonna tell me exactly
how this all fits together.
And exactly what you did
to Matthew Rose
back in high school.
It all went down
our senior year.
We had just come off
a great season as juniors.
And we had
a real good chance at state.
And out of nowhere
comes this transfer kid
giving it all the talk.
None of us wanted
any changes to the team.
Not even the coach.
But rules were rules, right?
So we got the tryout.
We made it impossible for him.
He got hit every chance.
No help. Bad throws from me.
We embarrassed the kid.
He complained
to the principal, of course.
His parents did, too.
But coach and a couple
of boosters got involved
and it went away.
At least for a couple of weeks.
Keep going.
He caught us smoking a joint.
Of course, he saw this
as a chance for revenge
and took it.
Held it over us
for quite a while.
-Eventually ratted us out.
-Cute story.
But I don't see
how this turns a kid
from disgruntled teen
to permanent
psych ward resident.
The rest of the year
he was the target
of all the high school shit
we could muster.
His nickname, Matt The Rat,
stuck pretty easy.
His high school life was rough.
But that's not what did it.
A couple of days,
after we won state,
there was this big party.
I don't know why he showed up.
I guess
most of the senior class did.
But still.
Man, we were so drunk.
The oldest of excuses.
Yeah, but it isn't.
Late on in the night,
I found him and Cam,
Cameron Jackson,
going at it outside.
I jump in
and Ed and Ken
got involved, too.
We beat them pretty good.
And Cam got this idea.
He had this pet rat
and he had just seen
some documentary
on medieval torture.
We stuck him in a truck.
I forget whose.
We took him
to this deserted house we knew.
Ken didn't have a stomach
for this sort of thing
so he just sat back and watched.
And then Cam sat on his chest
and held him down.
And Ed and I, you know,
we set about discovering
that this medieval rat trick
actually worked.
How could you even--
The problem was he was
already writhing and screaming
before we even started.
So we had no idea
how far we had gone.
Which turned out
to be way too far.
The moment we moved that bucket,
even a little...
there was so much more blood
than we expected.
We freaked out.
Cam grabbed his rat
and he just ran.
I remember
running in the screaming.
He didn't stop screaming.
I had to get out of earshot.
Jesus Christ, that's messed up.
I'm amazed
the kid even survived.
As soon as I heard
Cam's name that day.
And you didn't say anything.
What kind of cop are you?
One who spent his entire career
trying to make up
for this mistake.
Find a fucking job.
I know.
I know.
This is on me.
-All of it.
-Damn fucking right it is.
That's why I wanted out.
I-- I told Kate the truth.
I knew
I couldn't be on his case.
Oh, come on.
We both know
you've been looking for this guy
ever since you stormed out
of the briefing.
-So where is he?
-I don't know.
I couldn't find him.
It's Allison.
Hey, baby.
I gotta go.
You can't leave, McQueen.
You're under arrest.
It's Allison.
Don't make me
go through you, Frank.
Son of a bitch.
I just need to know
where his car is.
Of course he has a tracker,
what cop wouldn't?
Sorry, Cap, we can't do that.
Come on, you know
how long a warrant would take?
I'm fine with that.
You want to be the guy who could
have saved a cop, and didn't?
Copy that.
You find McQueen's car?
Yes, Captain.
We're way out in Race County.
The old mill area.
You got our GPS.
There's McQueen's car.
You catch that, Captain?
Okay, we'll be waiting.
That took way too long.
Backup's at least
20 minutes out.
All right, let's go.
Hold on.
We have to wait for backup.
-You've got backup.
-No, I mean actual backup.
Ten years, Brody.
-But what if it goes--
-Like last time?
I know how you feel.
You don't think we lost people
in SWAT over the years?
You can't think like that.
It's not the same.
Isn't it?
Those people are my family.
You think
you've got survivor's guilt.
Imagine having it
multiple times in a career.
I'm trying not to.
Ah, listen, Brody.
I know you don't want a partner,
and that's fine.
Right now, you don't have one.
What you've got is a decorated,
pissed-off specialist
itching to take down
a wannabe cop killer.
Whether you like it or not,
I'm going into that building.
I still outrank you.
It's my call.
Remember what you told me about
always arriving after the fact?
About which days
are the best days?
Well, this is a chance
to avoid having that file
dropped on your desk tomorrow.
McQueen may have fucked up,
but for now,
he's still one of us.
No one else
is here to save his sorry ass.
So are you with me?
Star City Police. Don't move.
You're early, Detectives.
Down on the ground,
hands behind your head.
No, I don't think so.
I said down on the ground!
Hands behind your head.
And I said no.
- Get on the fucking ground.
- Brody, stand down.
Yeah, stand down, Brody.
Where is he? Where's McQueen?
Hmm, let's see now,
where did I put him?
Tell us where he is, Matthew.
Matt! My name is Matt!
Only my s-- stupid
parents c-- call me--
Okay, Matt.
Where's Detective McQueen
and Alison Gossard?
Tell us now,
or I'll put a bullet
in that fucked up head of yours.
Do it!
No, no, no, wait, wait, wait.
Hey, how about this?
Now, isn't this a dilemma?
Let's not do anything hasty.
You sick fuck.
No, no, Detective,
let's not stoop to name calling.
I don't like it.
So what do you want, Matt?
I want you to listen.
McQueen already told us
what he did to you
-back in high school.
-I'm sure he did!
I'm sure he did!
Probably left half of it out
like he did
when he told that lady cop.
Did he tell you
how he and his friends
invited me
to the big post-season party?
How they jumped me out back?
How they beat me, and beat me
before throwing me in a trunk,
and dragging me
to some abandoned building?
They threw me on the ground.
That big one sat on my chest.
I could barely breathe,
I had no idea what was--
That little one just sat there
laughing the whole time.
And then they started.
They put a rat on my stomach,
and covered it
with a metal pail.
A goddamn rat!
Then they lit the blowtorch.
And it didn't stop
when I screamed.
It didn't stop when I begged.
They just chanted,
"Matt the rat,
Matt the rat."
When it begins
to tear at your flesh...
you can't
understand the-- the pain.
The fear.
Yeah, actually, I can.
Oh, bullshit!
Seventeen hours of surgery.
I died twice during that time.
My partner wasn't so lucky.
So, yeah, I know how it feels.
You think you've suffered?
They left me there.
Not knowing if I'd live or die.
When it's quiet,
when I listen...
all I can hear
is their laughter.
I'm genuinely sorry.
You know what, Detective?
I actually believe you are.
But you see, it wasn't the scars
that did
the real damage, was it?
It was the screams
every night after that.
My parents couldn't cope.
So they sent me to doctors,
and when that didn't work,
they just threw me away
into a facility.
And you tried to kill my wife.
Oh, I didn't try to kill her.
No, I just
needed her out of the way.
It was McQueen's fault.
If he wasn't such a coward,
he would have come for me
himself instead of sending her.
She could die.
Well, I'm genuinely
sorry, Detective.
I didn't want that.
I even called 911 for her.
But McQueen,
he had to be the one to find me.
He had to be punished.
I already
charged him with obstruction.
He'll be arrested.
You did?
He'd get away with it!
He always does!
Do you-- Do you know
he told the doctors
not to let me out?
Then-- then
he had me transferred
to some prison facility.
Cops don't have
that sort of power.
-So why didn't you--
Why didn't I what, Detective?
Tell someone? Anyone? Who?
Who the fuck should I tell?
but there was--
there was this one doctor.
You know, he gave me some ideas.
You know, kind of-- Kind of like
the 12-step plan the addicts do.
It felt good
to have some goals, you know?
To have a plan.
I know what you mean.
It's easy
to be stuck in the past
until you have
something to live for again.
And I had them.
They stole my life from me.
So I resolved
to do the same to them.
Sure, I had to pretend to be...
cured for a few years.
You know, model--
model prisoner.
Nothing crazy.
But it was worth it to see
the looks on their faces.
Was it though worth it?
Oh, yes, Detective,
it really was.
All right, Matt, we listened.
Now where's McQueen?
He's alive!
Like I said, you were early.
Time to drop the knife.
Go on.
Do it.
Trust me, Detective,
all those people
who say it hasn't helped...
oh, no.
Revenge feels so good.
Get on your fucking knees!
Or what? You'll shoot me?
Where's Alison?
Holy shit. You don't have her.
You didn't hurt Emily.
You didn't want to kill Kate.
And you have
no reason to hurt Alison.
Now that's some fine
detective work, Detective.
Oh, shit.
You stupid son of a bitch.
kill me.
Like hell.
You're gonna pay for this
for the rest of your life.
I've already paid.
Now kill me.
He lost too much blood.
There was nothing I could do.
Damn, I really wanted
to take this asshole in.
He didn't deserve
the easy way out.
I'm sorry, it was you or him.
No, it was always just him.
You heard him,
it was his plan all along.
Suicide by cop.
Twenty years he was thinking
of one thing, one goal.
And tonight,
he finally pulled it off.
And Alison?
Either he let her go,
or he never had her.
He just needed McQueen
to believe that he did.
Come on.
Calvary's almost here.
-So how does it feel?
-Shooting someone?
No, solving your first big case.
I haven't thought about it.
Well you should start
thinking about it.
You're gonna have a lot of
people to explain it to.
-Where are you going?
-The hospital.
Are you good?
You know what, partner?
I think this time I will be.
I'll see you tomorrow.