The Steel Trap (1952) Movie Script

"I left the same house at about the same
hour every working day for 11 years."
"I caught the same car."
"I emerged from the same terminal
and dodged the same traffic."
"Rounded the same corner."
"Entered the same bank."
"My name is James Osborne."
"I started here as assistant teller."
"Now, I'm assistant manager."
"Today, I break in another assistant."
"In another 11 years he might have my
job and I might be head guy round here."
"Who knows."
I'm all ready to take over, Mr Osborne.
Good, Mr Boyle tells me
you've caught on quickly.
Thank you, sir.
He gave you your of the combination?
- I have it memorised.
Down, please.
Come in, Rex.
You see, Raglin, there are six of these
small inner safes. One for each teller.
Most banks use this
dual-operation system.
I know only the ..
First half of the combination.
Each teller knows only the last half
of the combination of his own safe.
This one was Stuart Boyle's.
It's yours now.
Go ahead.
- Alright.
That's all there is to it, huh?
"Yeah .. that's all there is to it."
"How often had that
thought entered my mind?"
"What a cinch it would
be to watch a teller."
"And memorise his
half of the combination."
"It must have occurred to others."
"I wondered if anyone had
ever taken advantage of it."
You borrow whatever money
you need from the head teller.
This is his safe.
At times, it contains nearly a
million dollars. - Really?
Friday, for instance.
When the Federal Reserve
makes its delivery of the ..
Month-end payrolls.
"Think what I could do
with a million dollars."
"The idea of robbing the safes
had occurred to me often, in fact."
"As an amusing thought to dwell
on while shaving or riding to work."
"That's all there is to it, huh?"
"Funny how that innocent remark acted
on me like a psychological blockbuster."
"Slowly, insidiously, an idea began
taking possession of my mind."
Here are the statistics we'll
need for that conference, Jim.
Did you also want me include any data
on that new Burbank housing project?
Jim, did you hear me?
I said did you want me to include
anything on the Burbank housing project.
Why, I don't think it will be necessary.
Everything we need seems to be there.
Have you got a problem, Jim?
Is something on your mind?
You know Ken, I was just thinking.
I've got a wonderful wife, a
wonderful daughter, good health.
A steady job.
A reasonably secure future.
I should be a pretty contented man.
So ..
That's what was on my mind.
"Yes, there was a strange fascination
to the idea of stealing the money."
"It was exciting to think about it and
I couldn't get it out of my mind."
"There it was. There it grew."
"And there it stayed."
Gentlemen, we all seem to be here.
If you would take your places.
Jim, you might as well begin with that
report on the Burbank housing project.
On March 18th 1952 stockholders
authorised an additional 250 shares ..
At a 25 dollar ..
"Then I began to speculate whether there
was any country without joint treaties."
"Where a man could find
refuge from the American laws."
"Of course I wasn't serious
abut this wild scheme."
"But I had an uncontrollable
urge to probe its possibilities."
"And what could I lose?"
I'm writing a thesis called Forensic
Banking for my MA degree.
It covers all the phases of crime
in connection with banking.
I see.
And this is the place to come to get the
information I need on extradition laws.
I'm afraid we can't be of
much help to you here.
I suggest that you write to
our office in Washington.
How long will that take?
- A couple of weeks.
However, this much I can tell you.
At best, extradition is an extremely
complicated proposition.
Loaded with red tape, treaties
and involved court procedure.
Then it is not a cut and dried affair?
- No, to say the very least.
Unless the crime was of a serious nature
like murder or narcotics smuggling.
I doubt if the government would
be inclined to take any action.
As a matter of fact,
if you are that interested.
You can find all our treaties
in the Statutes at Large.
Why not look them up in the library?
- Good idea.
Thank you.
"There were moments during
the afternoon when I was .."
"Shocked by the enormity
of my own thoughts."
"And a cold fear would come over me."
"Then again, I would find
myself restlessly watching."
"Watching for 5 o'clock so I could go to
the library and look in those Statutes."
"In all the years we'd been married,
Laurie and I, I'd never lied to her."
"I hated to begin now."
Hello darling.
Sorry to call you so late.
They just pulled a meeting on
me and I have to stay over for it.
Oh, should be home by eleven.
Don't worry. I'll get dinner somewhere.
"I checked every country in Europe."
"In the British Empire."
"Mexico and Central America."
"And in South America."
"All had extradition treaties."
"I had a notation to look
up a Brazilian amendment."
"It was the last possibility."
"And there it was. In 1913, for
some unaccountable reason."
"Brazil revoked her extradition treaty."
"So there actually was a
country without extradition."
"A choice country."
"Close enough to be reached between
the bank's closing on Friday .."
"And its re-opening on Monday."
"This was the turning
point in my thinking."
"The idea had now become an obsession."
"Next week was the start
of the winter season."
"The bank would again
be open on Saturdays."
"This weekend was the deadline."
"My last chance for a 48-hour getaway."
Where did you have your dinner?
As a matter of fact,
I didn't have time to eat.
Darling, what am I going to do with you.
How about some scrambled
eggs and coffee? - Good.
First I'll pop in and see Suzie.
What have you been up to all day?
Well for one thing I had
the television set fixed.
And was that something.
- What happened?
The first man I called
in wanted 18 dollars.
The next, 32.
And the third one said all that
was wrong was a loose wire.
He didn't charge a thing.
- That's typical.
Like what we read in the Reader's Digest
about the lady who removed a spark plug.
And took her car to a bunch
of garages to get it fixed.
She saw that most of them wanted
to make a big deal out of fit.
Oh, I don't know. Integrity
seems to be a thing of the past.
I even suspect my own brother.
Thinking of it, he did say there's more
money fixing cars than selling them.
What was the meeting all about?
- Yeah.
Let's sit over here.
There is a big deal
cooking down there and ..
The bank has selected me to go.
Do you mean it?
Definitely. It's only
for a couple of weeks.
I don't understand.
You're only the assistant manager.
That's why it's such a great
opportunity. If I make good at it ..
It might be a first step to
being made a Vice President.
Well .. wouldn't that come more
under Ken Woodley's department?
Actually, yes.
That's one of the reasons I'd
rather you not broadcast it.
The bank has given me a kind of ..
"Jump" over Ken. They
haven't told him about it yet.
Besides, it's a confidential mission.
Oh darling, that's terrific.
You're a dog. Why didn't
you call and tell me?
You haven't heard it all yet.
There is more?
- Hmm.
Well, what is it?
- I'm taking you and Susan with me.
You wouldn't kid about
a thing like this?
We leave by plane for Rio Friday night.
Darling, that's so exciting coming
just suddenly out the blue like that.
How does the bank feel about
paying our way down there?
Well, I'll pay it.
What difference does it make?
Darling, there is nothing I'd
rather do than go, naturally.
You want to put an awful
hole in our savings?
I wouldn't go without you.
If you said "no" I'd understand.
We've never been separated. That's the
way we planned it before we married.
And I still feel the same way about it.
Even more so, I guess.
- Do you?
I want you with me always.
Oh, holy smoke.
That only gives us two
days to pack everything.
Can we get our passports that quickly?
In an emergency they can rush
them through in a couple of days.
I have to be at the Passport
Bureau at 9 in the morning.
I want you and Susan to meet
me there. Here is the address.
Jim, do you really think
it is wise to take Susan?
After all, it is only for two weeks.
She'd love it.
Maybe for the first day or two, but ..
No, it just wouldn't be right to
take her on such a long trip.
Too many things can happen.
- What can happen?
Strange food. Strange water.
No. I just wouldn't feel right about it.
I really want her to go.
No, Jim. It would be sick.
"I could see that Laurie's
mind was made up but .."
"Then I rationalised that
once we were in Brazil .."
"No-one could stop me from
sending for my own daughter."
So your bank feels this
business in Brazil is urgent?
I have to leave on Friday night.
It is of the utmost importance.
I see.
So you understand our procedure
for processing passports in 24 hours?
It is intended only for emergency cases.
I realize that, Mr Greer.
A lot of red tape involved.
So we screen applicants very carefully
or everyone would ask for this service.
I can see your point.
I don't want to embarrass
you, Mr Osborne.
But I will need more
verification than this letter.
Would you mind giving me the
telephone number of your office?
Madison 5-0-8-4-8.
Thank you.
Hello. Do you have a Mr James
Osborne working there?
Will you connect me with
Mr Osborne please.
Why, he's standing right here.
I'm sorry, but it is my
business to verify that.
May I speak to Mr Osborne please?
I see.
If you've any doubts, why not contact
Mr Tom bowers. He's the branch manager.
It's not necessary.
Never mind. Thank you.
I'll have your passports here
by 4 o'clock Friday night.
Gives you time to pick them up and have
them stamped by the Brazilian Consulate.
Can we definitely rely on that?
- I think so.
Fill these out over at the table. Then
you have to have your photographs taken.
We'll be right back.
Thanks for everything.
You're welcome.
I want two tickets on
your quickest flight to Rio.
That will be Flight 12 out of here to
connect with Pan American at New York.
On what day are you leaving?
- This Friday night.
Well I'm sorry.
The connecting flight departs only on
Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings.
Besides, it is booked five
or six weeks in advance.
There must be other direct flights.
- Only one other.
That's our new direct interchange
Super Constellation flight to Miami.
And Braniff out of there.
- What about that?
I'm sorry, but Sunday morning
would be your earliest possibility.
Possibility? I've got to be
in Rio on Sunday night.
Your only chance would be
Chicago And Southern's Flight 501.
Leaving New Orleans at
8:30 Saturday morning.
It isn't a direct route.
But it makes connections at
Caracas with other flights.
I'll check our waiting list.
What about our
reservations to New Orleans?
That's no problem.
We have several flights which make
connections through New Orleans.
I'm sure we can take care of you.
- Good.
However Flight 501 is
full up at the moment.
But there will probably
be cancellations.
I'll have to phone you.
What is your name please?
- James Osborne. Here.
I'll give you my number. At home.
Did TWA call?
Yes. They cleared us straight
through to Brazil. Isn't that terrific.
Ah, that is terrific.
We leave tomorrow
night at 7:30 on Flight 6.
When do we get to New Orleans?
A kind of a funny hour. 3am.
That couldn't be better.
Gives us a five and a half hour
leeway to catch the other plane.
I've had the cleaner do a rush job on
your blue suit and you want your tuxedo?
I suppose so.
- I think I've attended to everything.
Even of putting a bottle
of champagne on ice.
That's perfect.
Say, what happened to your knee?
- I fell down.
Mummy read me all about Rio De Janeiro.
From the encyclopaedia.
And you know what?
- What?
It has the most beautiful harbor
in the whole wide world.
What's a harbor?
- Where the boats go in and out.
The excitement is catching.
Susan is as thrilled as I am.
Here we are.
Everything is working out beautifully.
Mother is coming down from
Santa Barbara to take care of Susan.
You didn't tell her we
were going to Rio, did you?
Of course I did. She'd
have to know where we are.
Suppose she wanted to reach us
or something happened to Susan?
Oh, sure.
Well, to our trip.
I've arranged to have the passports
sent direct to the Brazilian Consulate.
I can't get away to pick them up.
It's very important you be there
before five o'clock tomorrow.
We'll meet later at
the Biltmore for dinner.
Please try to get to the Passport Bureau
early. Make sure everything is in order.
There must be no
slip-up on this, Laurie.
Alright. Don't make it sound so grim.
Grim? Me?
Give me a kiss.
A box of candy for the wife?
Could be.
Mr Osborne. Mr Bowers
has been looking for you.
- Hmm.
He's upset about something.
He wants to see you.
You sent for me, Tom?
Jim, where have you been?
- Been out to lunch. Why?
They tell me you left before twelve.
I had an errand to attend to.
You also had a one o'clock appointment
here, with a man named Farrington.
I forgot it. I'm sorry.
I understand he is pretty annoyed.
I think you'd better ..
"It's Mrs Osborne."
"She says it's important she
talks to her husband."
Put her on. It's your wife, Jim.
I'll call her later.
- It's alright. Go ahead.
Excuse me.
Hello dear.
Let me call you back later.
"No it can't wait. I have
bad news. Mother just phoned."
"Her car broke down on the way in. She
may not be able to get here for hours."
How far away is she?
- "At Ventura."
"I've had no luck finding anyone I trust
to stay with Susan until she gets here."
Okay. Keep trying.
- "Just a minute, dear."
"If I don't find someone right away
I'll never make the consulate by five."
You'll have to.
I'll .. I'll call you later.
Something wrong?
No. You know women. They ..
Get upset over the least little thing.
Be sure to call Farrington
and straighten it out with him.
I'll call him right away.
Jim, we've less than 15 minutes
to get to Benson's office.
Just got to make this call first.
- We're late now.
Why don't you go ahead and find a cab.
- Oh, we can walk it quicker.
Well, make it snappy.
There. That does it. Come on.
I've got to make a phone call.
Oh, Miss.
Yes, sir?
Hello dear. Sorry I didn't call sooner.
Held up at a meeting. What happened?
"Mrs Cook said she'd come
over. She's on her way now."
Did you get Abbie to
pick up the passports?
"I expect her any second.
She promised to come right out."
Can you rely on her?
"Please darling, everything
is going to be alright."
I guess so. Sure.
I'm sorry I sounded coarse.
I've had a gruesome day.
Bye, dear.
Meet you at the Biltmore
as soon as I can get there.
Passport Bureau please. Mr Clark.
Hello Mr Clark. This is
James Osborne speaking.
I'm checking to make sure our
passports came through.
Good. You are definitely sure they are
on their way to the Consulate?
No question about it?
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
"Three forty-six."
"The vault guard would leave as soon
as the tellers had put away their cash."
"All I could do until then was wait."
"My margin of time was slim at best."
"It never seemed to take
them so long before."
"Now that the vault guard had left."
"My way was clear."
"This was it."
"But if a teller returned for
a re-check of his cash."
"I'd be through."
I'm sorry, Mr Osborne. I can't
seem to get my cash to balance.
Let me see.
Why, I don't want to bother you.
- Oh, I'll find your mistake.
I'm sure it will be better
to recheck the cash.
No, no, no. Not so fast.
This is a challenge.
Now look the vault is right here.
It's much easier to check.
It'll only take a second.
- Wait a minute. I think I've got it.
Look .. yeah, there is your mistake.
You can't read your own figures.
That's a seven, not a nine.
By gosh, you're right.
- Yeah.
"I didn't dare stay any longer."
"At any moment, Tom Bowers might leave."
"His last act would be to supervise
the closing of the vault door."
"Hello Jim. Mrs Cook just arrived."
"I can't possibly get to
the consulate in time."
What are you talking about?
"Even if I took a cab, it's too late."
I'm counting on you.
"I don't understand. Surely the bank
can send someone to pick them up?"
Okay, okay, I'll manage.
Hello Brazilian Consul, this is ..
James Osborne speaking.
I may not be able to get there
by five to pick up our passports.
"You realize we close at five?"
"Yes, that is why I'm calling. Will you
please have someone wait until I arrive."
"We will do the best we can, sir."
Oh, alright. Thanks very much.
What do you say we close
the vault and call it a day?
[ Telephone ]
Aren't you going to answer your phone?
[ Telephone ]
[ Telephone ]
It's for you.
Oh, hello Dick.
Sure, I plan on going
to the club Sunday.
Now wait a minute. That's a little
early in the morning for me.
Yeah, I suppose I could make it by nine.
By the way, did you hear about
Charlie making a 68 last week?
Yeah, I know. Well he'll
have to drop his handicap.
Well Al's got a 4 handicap and
he never shot a 68 in his life.
Well, I'll be darned.
Say, that was alright.
Yeah, it's okay with me playing a
mixed foursome for a change.
Sure, Ellen's improved a lot.
Okay Dick, see you both Sunday.
All set?
"The dual-operation procedure means we
both see the closing of the vault door."
"The two big wheels merely
fastened the door into position."
"The actual door locking wasn't complete
until the combination dial was flipped."
"But if it wasn't flipped .."
"The door could be opened any time."
"Then I could get the
rest of that money."
"Perhaps it could be faked."
Well, I've got some work to clean up.
Goodnight, Jim
- Night, Tom.
Did you hear that?
Yeah. Maybe we'd better look.
Yes, I guess so.
Oh it's you, Mr Osborne.
Yes. I was upstairs changing my clothes.
I am going out of town for the weekend.
- Ah.
"It was now five twenty-five."
"How long that clerk at the Consulate
would wait, I could only guess."
Here, driver.
Here's an inducement to
get me there. But quick.
Twenty bucks?
You've hit every red light so far.
Take it easy, mister.
We only got two more blocks.
This is hopeless, driver.
Next car.
Please, I'm in a terrific hurry.
Is there a telephone near?
- In the barber shop, sir.
"Transworld Airlines."
Hello. Reservations, please.
Hello. This is James Osborne.
I have two reservations on
Flight 6 for New Orleans tonight.
I can't make it. What's the next flight?
"Ten o'clock."
- Ten o'clock? Well ..
I have to make connections in
New Orleans with another flight.
That only allows me two hours leeway.
"Sorry, it's our only other flight."
But we've got to get on it.
"I'll see if there is any
available space."
"It's okay, sir. What was
the name again, please?"
James Osborne.
"The flight number is 88. It leaves from
International Airport at ten o'clock."
"I'm transferring your details."
- Thank you very much.
How do I get in the Brazilian Consulate?
It's locked and I must get my passport.
I'd say you're out of luck.
- Where's the building superintendent?
His office is closed now.
Who can help me?
- I've no idea.
Look, come here.
There's a hundred dollars.
We must get those passports tonight.
Say mister, you're not kidding, are you.
Do you know the name of the Consul?
- Sure. Miguel Fernandez.
He's in the phone book?
Doubt it. He hasn't been here long.
- What can you suggest?
Best bet is for me to phone the building
superintendent at his home. He'll help.
Can you do it right away?
- Sure, but ..
Quit worrying. I'll get
your passports for you.
Look, why not wait for me next door in
the restaurant? Have a cup of coffee.
I'll telephone my wife to meet us there.
Good idea.
What can be taking that fellow so long?
We've got until ten o'clock.
- Nine o'clock.
We have to leave at least
an hour to get to the airport.
The Brazilian Consul lives
at the Claridge Apartments.
That's his number.
- Oh, good.
I'm sorry it took me so long.
What his name, Fernandez?
- Fernandez.
Hello. Claridge Apartment?
Mr Fernandez, please.
"Mr Fernandez isn't in."
Do you know where he can be
reached? It's extremely important.
"Sorry. Mr Fernandez gave no details.
Would you like to leave a message?"
Yes, will you please have him call this
number, Hudson 22181. Say it's urgent.
You must find someone
who works in that office.
I'll ask the janitor and the rest of the
elevator operators. - Please hurry.
What's the matter, dear?
I've never seen you so jittery.
I'm worried about the plane.
It's not that tragic. We can
always catch a later plane.
You forget one little detail.
Can you please get me
a dollar's worth of dimes.
At 8:30 in the morning we're supposed
to get another plane out of New Orleans.
Alright. You don't have
to snap my head off.
Laurie, I'm sorry. Really I am, but ..
All the planes to Brazil are filled up.
We must catch this one.
Can I have my change. Thank you.
It may be days before we
get another reservation.
I've got to be there Monday.
Hello, Claridge Apartment?
Has Mr Fernandez returned yet?
"Just a minute sir,
and I'll try him again."
"The line does not answer."
"I told you I gave him your message."
Yeah. I know, I know.
That guard is an imbecile. Certainly,
by now he's had time to dig up someone.
Jim, getting this upset
isn't going to help.
Laurie, please lay off will you.
Besides, I've cause to be worried. It's
twenty to nine. I can't wait any longer.
Here. You find a cab.
Be sensible. There is no way
you can get in to that office.
I'll find a way.
Sign the register, please.
Who are you?
And what are you doing here?
I know this looks bad.
I had to get these passports.
I got here late. The office was closed.
My wife and I leave for Brazil tonight.
The plane takes off at ten o'clock.
I can't go without these passports.
You understand that don't you?
You broke into the premises. I'm afraid
I'll have to take you to the police.
The police?
Naturally, I mean to pay
for the glass. Here.
Here is fifty dollars.
That will more than cover it.
I'm sorry. You'll have
to come along with me.
Besides, I haven't done anything
wrong. These passports belong to me.
Look. Here is my photograph.
That will identify me and ..
Here is my card.
I am assistant manager at the down-town
branch of the Los Angeles City bank.
I'm sorry, sir.
You'll have to come along.
Come on, let's go.
It's worth a lot to me
to make that plane.
Are you offering me a bribe?
Listen mister, you're
only getting in deeper.
Why don't you check with the Consul?
His number is Madison 67800.
There's time enough for that when
we get down to headquarters.
There is the clerk who
took care of my visas.
He'll identify me.
Remember? I'm James Osborne.
That's my passport.
You were shut when I got here.
I had to have it.
He broke into your office.
You shouldn't have done it, Mr Osborne.
I told you I'd dig up someone.
Do you know this man?
Yes. Those are his passports alright.
I'm sorry I had to do that.
I just have to get
that 10 o'clock plane.
There's fifty dollars. That will more
than cover the price of the glass.
How about it?
I don't know.
I guess it's alright.
We'd better go see about
locking up the office.
International airport. Hurry.
Yes, sir.
You got the passports?
Yeah, I got them.
We've got just 40 minutes to get to
the airport. Think you can make it?
I could if we had wings.
There is fifty bucks in it
if you get us there by ten.
Fifty bucks?
You heard me.
Mister, we got wings.
Jim there is just no sense in this. We
can't possibly get to the airport by 10.
Can't you go any faster?
If you think you can
do any better, you drive.
Who do you think you are talking to?
- Jim, for heaven's sakes, calm down.
The road is lousy with
cops this time of night.
If you get stopped, I'll pay the fine.
[ Police siren ]
Oh no.
Pull up and stop.
We can still make it. We've got to.
If you get to the airport on
time I'll double the fifty.
A hundred bucks?
You heard me.
A hundred dollar tip?
Are you out of your head?
I know it sounds crazy Laurie, but ..
A fortune is involved in this deal.
It all depends on my being there Monday.
What I spend to get there is immaterial.
Jim, you're getting hysterical.
Looks like I missed by just six minutes.
- There still may be a chance.
Oh thanks. Thanks a lot, mister.
Excuse me, please.
I've got to catch a plane.
Can I still make the Flight 88
to New Orleans?
I doubt it sir, but I'll check.
Please hurry.
Gate 14 please.
I've got two passengers for
Flight 88 to New Orleans.
Yeah, I see.
What did he say?
- Okay.
You're in luck. They've been delayed
but you'll have to make it fast.
Your suitcase weighs a
hundred and fifteen pounds.
Please step aboard, sir.
May I take your coat please?
- Thank you.
Please fasten your seatbelts.
Well, here we are.
We're really on our way.
- Uhuh.
I had no idea these planes
were so big and comfortable.
- Hmm.
Silly, isn't it.
- Not at all.
I was scared to death when I made my
first flight only I wouldn't admit it.
We're starting.
Good grief, our bags! We forgot
to pick them up at the Biltmore.
I'll send for them.
- Oh, darn.
Laurie, I'm sorry. I ..
I know how you looked forward
to this. It's our first trip really.
It's not getting started
with laughter and confetti.
It has been a hectic scramble.
Well, I was a little edgy, I guess.
You can't really blame me.
I know.
- Oh, you understand.
I'm on a very important mission.
There's a big conference
I've got to attend.
It's quite involved.
And important.
It must be.
Jim, on a deal this important.
You would think they'd send
one of their Vice Presidents.
It's jobs like this that
make Vice Presidents.
That's quite a tribute to you,
darling. I'm proud of you.
And I really admired you tonight.
- Yes.
No matter how impossible
all this passport mix-up got.
You kept right on trying.
I would have given up hours ago.
So would anyone else.
Here we are. In the
plane and on our way.
I think you're wonderful.
It will be hours before
we get to Amarillo.
Why don't you close your
eyes and get some sleep.
Is that better?
Much better.
[ Tannoy ]
"Trans World Airlines
Constellation Flight 88."
"Now arriving Amarillo at TWA
concourse Gate number 4."
"Departure of TWA flight 88
will be delayed one half-hour."
I wonder why.
Just a minute. I'll find out.
Excuse me. Can you tell me
why our flight is held up?
Bad weather between
here and New Orleans, sir.
Is the delay apt to be
more than half an hour?
That's hard to say.
- I've got to find out.
If you ask the passenger relations man,
he'll take you to the meteorologist.
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
This man is a passenger on your
flight, Captain. - How do you do.
He needs to get to New Orleans in time
to catch Flight 501 from there for Rio.
I'd hoped the storm would break
in the next half hour, but ..
These latest reports aren't
too encouraging.
Can't you fly around it?
The storm area is too big.
I thought in this day and age with
pressurised cabins you fly over a storm.
Not bad electrical storms.
They interfere with our
radio and instruments.
That makes it dangerous.
- I simply must get there.
I assure you if the pilot felt
it safe to go through, he would.
Listen, Captain.
I know how you fellows bend
over backwards to play it safe.
But suppose you went through that storm,
how much risk would you be taking?
It would be a risk.
The degree doesn't matter.
Mr Osborne, the Captain is very busy.
I think we'd better go.
"Constellation Flight 88 now
boarding at Gate number 5.
It's nearly half past six.
We've only got two hours
to catch our other plane.
Darling, don't be so dramatic.
Will you please shut
up and close that door.
We are waiting from clearance
from the control tower, sir.
I'm sorry.
It might help a little
if you'd say something.
What can I say?
I guess you're right.
Hello? Okay.
Thank goodness.
I'm worried about you.
That just wasn't like you at all.
Sorry Laurie if I made a fool of myself.
This is my one big opportunity
and I don't want to blow it.
What is this business in
Rio all about anyway?
I told you. It's ..
An important deal I'm
handling for the bank.
I mean more specifically.
It involves a big loan on a construction
job there and Monday is the deadline.
Why all the questions?
I didn't mean that.
It's just that.
Just that it's very confusing?
Yes, I guess that's it.
Neither of us has slept a wink.
Don't you think it's about time we did?
I'm exhausted.
You must be too.
- Sure.
I am.
Darling, wake up. Wake up, we're there.
- New Orleans, silly.
New Orleans?
- Yes.
Ten minutes to nine. We're twenty
minutes late. What happened?
The pilot said we were bucking
headwinds all the way.
Please remain seated until the
plane comes to a complete stop.
When you saw we were late,
why didn't you wake me?
There was only one thing
to do and I did it. - What?
I got the Captain to radio ahead and ask
Chicago Southern to hold our plane.
Will they do it?
The pilot said he didn't know about
Chicago Southern but his line do.
I'll run ahead. You meet me
at the Chicago Southern gate.
- It's Flight 501.
- Excuse me.
Has flight 501 left?
- Yes, it left right on time.
Our pilot radioed ahead to hold it up.
We're off the flight just in.
I'm sorry but we can't do that.
- Why not? Why can't you?
It's a through-flight, sir. It makes
connections with other planes.
To delay it would throw the schedule.
But it's vital, absolutely
vital I get that plane.
The best we can do is to put you
on one of our flights tomorrow.
Take your place in line and
we'll see what we can do.
I've got to get out today.
Afraid there's no other flight.
If you wait your turn.
Maybe you can fly out of Miami?
Oh, that's booked solid.
Maybe I can buy tickets off some of the
other passengers. Why not for a price?
That's not possible, sir.
It's strictly against company policy
to give out passenger names.
What about chartering a private plane?
That's quite a procedure.
You must get police and health
certificates of countries you fly over.
Okay, okay, That's out.
How about one of your ships?
You don't mean one of those big planes?
- Sure.
Do you realise that would cost
you over twenty thousand dollars?
Twenty thousand dollars?
Besides, all of our
ships are in service.
Charters have to be
arranged for well in advance.
I wasn't serious about it. How was
I to know it would cost that much?
It was a silly question.
As a matter of fact, your
chances aren't too bad.
We've only ..
Four names ahead of
you on the waiting list.
We can always count on more
cancellations than that coming through.
At any rate, I don't know
what else you can do.
"What else could I do?"
"Absolutely nothing."
"I had a million dollars in my
suitcase and it didn't help."
"Everything now depended on the
whims of four complete strangers."
"Whether they cancelled
their reservations or not."
Do you have a reservation, sir?
No, I'd like a double room
and bath, please. - Yes, sir.
Oh, that bag contains
some valuable papers.
I'd like to put it in the safe.
It's rather large I'm afraid, sir.
Can't you put it in the office vault?
I'm sorry sir, but we don't like
to assume the responsibility.
I assure you it is essential.
Very well.
Bring that bag up here please.
There's been a mix up
with our personal baggage.
To be sent later.
I'll take the key. We're not
going to our room right away.
There you are.
I'll take that.
Here is the receipt for your bag.
- Thank you.
I've got to get some shaving things.
I want to get some postcards for Susan.
I ought to send a wire to mother
and tell her where we are.
That's not necessary.
We're only here overnight.
I'd feel better about it if
she knew where to reach us.
Would you charge that
to room 430 please.
Maybe I'd better send
a wire to the office.
And have them ship
our bags direct to Rio.
Why don't you go and get the postcards.
Just a minute.
I want to cancel that message.
But the operator sending it now.
- Well stop her. I want it cancelled.
Well, it may be too late.
It's part sent.
I can't help it. I don't want it to go.
Block this.
But the lady wanted it sent.
- Do you mind.
It's worth one thousand dollars to me.
- Of course.
Oh, that felt good.
I hate to put on the same
dirty clothes though.
Do you suppose our bags
will get here soon?
That's what it's worth to me.
- That's okay by me, mister.
You must want to get out
of the country awful bad.
Who were you talking to?
- The head porter.
They always have connections. I told him
to try to buy someone else's tickets.
Are you sure there isn't more
to all this than you've told me?
Laurie, you know I've never kept things
from you, Why are you so concerned?
Mostly because of the way you're acting.
Darling, please don't make
me go over all that again.
You've done everything humanly
possible to get to Brazil by Monday.
The bank can't expect more than that.
How could they hold it against you?
It's you.
You just don't understand.
No Jim, I don't.
Come here.
Sit down.
What's on your mind?
I wish I knew what was on yours.
I suppose somehow or other being
this upset makes sense to you.
Will you please stop trying to
make something out of nothing.
Look. We've only got
24 hours in New Orleans.
I've always wanted to
see the French Quarter.
Let's make this a day to remember.
We've gotten off to
a good start, darling.
There is nothing more I want than
to make every day a holiday.
Every day an adventure with you.
You crazy man.
I don't understand you.
But I love you.
Look at those beautiful old antiques.
Oh well, they're not for us.
Maybe someday when we're rich.
Look, Jim. Will you stop
worrying and have some fun.
You said the hotel porter had good
connections. What did he tell you?
He said there was a pretty good
chance of getting our seats.
There. That should relieve your mind.
"If not for his parting word that I must
want out of the country awfully bad .."
"It could be others would have the same
reaction if they heard of a $1,000 tip."
"We saw the famous Absinthe House
and all the historic landmarks."
"A siren a mile away and
it gave me a cold chill."
What's the matter?
"We did all the usual
things that tourists do."
"Strolled down Pirate's Alley."
"Bought a flower from a vendor."
"And Laurie loved every minute of it."
"Dinner in the seclusion of a private
dining room at Antoine's, no less."
Laurie thought it extravagant."
"But it thrilled her."
Pardon me, sir. Is your
name James Osborne?
There is a gentleman asking for you.
How did you know who I was?
He described you perfectly.
- Who is he?
I don't know sir, but
he was most insistent.
Show him in.
I don't understand how anyone
could know we were here.
What do you suppose he wants?
I don't know.
Here he comes.
What's he look like?
He seems very business-like.
He's a grim-looking fellow.
Mr Osborne?
- Yes.
I'd like to talk to you.
In private, please.
Excuse me.
Is it true you offered $1,000 bonus for
tickets on tomorrow's flight to Brazil?
Well, we've just never heard of anybody
offering that kind of money before.
Who are you?
- My name is Valcourt.
How did you know I was here?
I got your description from
the porter at the hotel.
It doesn't take much detective work ..
To find strangers in New
Orleans at dinnertime.
What do you want?
I'm with the Bayou Travel Agency.
Then we can have our seats?
- Well, not exactly.
There are four people ahead
of you on the waiting list.
By switching places with two of my
clients I can put you first on the list.
What's it worth to you?
On the list?
- Yeah.
Well, I don't know.
That's not the same
as getting two seats.
I suppose it would improve our chances.
It will cinch your chances
of getting on this flight.
At least two people always
cancel out at the last minute.
Here. I'll let you talk to
the clerk at the airport.
How about 250 dollars?
He'll tell you the same thing. Hello?
Chicago Southern?
This is Valcourt speaking.
"We wound up the evening
at The Court Of Two Sisters."
"Laurie thought it was the most
beautiful place she'd ever seen."
"She never looked so happy."
It's beautiful.
Would you like to dance?
Supposing this day never ended.
Supposing we could
go on like this forever.
I'm afraid all dreams must end.
Perhaps not.
This Rio thing could develop into
something beyond a two-week assignment.
The opportunity is there.
Of course, it would mean
living in Rio permanently.
As long as we're together, darling. You,
Suzie and I. That's all that matters.
I mean for the rest of our lives.
We'd have each other, wouldn't we.
Of course.
What do you mean it will probably
be okay? It's got to be okay.
You had no right leading me to
believe it was definite unless it was.
I'm sorry, Mr Osborne.
When I spoke yesterday, I believed
the cancellations had come through.
Most unusual that they haven't.
As a matter of fact Mr Osborne your
chances seem to be excellent.
Generally everyone who is going
to show appears by this time.
We are short two passengers.
I suggest you check your baggage
now and save that much time.
Think it will be alright?
I believe so, Mr Osborne.
- How can we make sure, I mean?
115 pounds.
115 pounds?
We can't be sure of the leaving time but
I wouldn't worry about it, Mr Osborne.
Your plane leaves from Gate 2.
- Thank you.
The Customs Inspector, please.
Hello. This is Briggs. Chicago Southern.
The fellow going out
on 501 named Osborne.
Has been acting suspiciously.
One of his bags weighs 115 pounds.
I thought you'd like to know.
[ Tannoy ]
"Passenger Osborne. Passenger Osborne."
Oh no.
"Please report immediately
to the Customs Office."
I'm James Osborne.
Oh yes.
This way please.
This is Mr Osborne.
And Mrs Osborne. You wanted to see us?
Yes. Have a seat please.
We're just about to board our
plane. There is not much time.
Please be seated.
What do you want?
We're constantly on guard for people who
try to smuggle gold out of the country.
What's that got to do with us?
I was just explaining why
we opened your bag.
You opened it?
When we heard it weighed 115
pounds we were a little curious.
What's this all about?
Mrs Osborne, your husband's bag
contains almost a million dollars.
A million dollars?
We didn't count it of course, but
it appears to be nearly that much.
That's why I was jittery. I didn't want
you to know as it might frighten you.
It's in currency.
That's not against the law.
You must admit carrying that much money
around in a suitcase is a bit unusual.
I work for the City Bank of Los Angeles.
The money belongs to them.
I'm transporting it to Rio for them.
Prove it.
- Why should I have to?
Because banks don't transfer
money in that manner.
Alright. Here is plenty
of identification.
Driver's licence.
Everything else.
Obviously the bank has
the money insured.
Don't tell me any indemnifying company
ships a million bucks in that manner.
Why, they'd require armed guards.
At least three.
These could be phonies.
- That's ridiculous.
Anyway, a bank transferring
this kind of money to Brazil.
Would operate through
the American Express.
If time didn't matter.
In this case it was imperative that
the money be there by Monday.
That's tomorrow.
Who is your boss at the bank?
I want to phone him.
It's Sunday. The bank is closed
- At his home.
No reason to bother him.
On the contrary, I think there is.
Unless you have some reason Mister
Osborne for not wanting me to call him.
His name is Tom Bowers.
But you won't be able to reach him.
He plays golf every Sunday.
Operator. Get me Los
Angeles Information please.
I'll save you time.
His number is Crestview 5-4-1-2-4.
Get me Los Angles Crestview 5-4-1-2-4.
And I wish to speak to a Mr Bowers.
Don't you understand? The bank
couldn't wait for American Express.
There wasn't time.
So they sent it uninsured, no guard?
They had to, there was no other way.
Then why did you tell me it was insured?
I didn't have time to argue.
Yes. I want to make sure I
have the right Mr Bowers.
Ask her where he works.
Yeah .. that checks.
Ask her if she can give you
his club phone number.
Try him there, please.
Yes, I'll wait.
"Passengers now boarding Chicago
Southern flight 501 for Caracas."
"At Gate 2."
If you make us miss that flight I'll not
only get damages from the government ..
But from you, personally.
I'm well aware of that.
Hello .. yes?
No, never mind.
He's on the golf course.
- How about it?
You win.
- Come on, Laurie.
Didn't you tell the guy?
On what grounds?
He didn't break any customs law.
Why should I stick my neck out?
Sure. If you're right you
get a pat on the shoulder.
If you're wrong, the guy sues
you for everything you've got.
I've got enough worries now.
"Did you ever have a nightmare where you
try to run from danger and can't move?"
"That's the way I felt then."
I'm sorry Mr Osborne, you've got to
report to the ticket office. - Why?
I don't know, sir. Those are my orders.
You'd better hurry, sir.
Look, I'll call you right back.
Unfortunately Mr Osborne, the other two
passengers showed. We had to bump you.
I must get on that plane. I have to.
- Jim, please don't make a scene.
We can definitely get you on tomorrow's
flight. Will only be another day.
You'll be out of here in 24 hours.
- Can I buy someone else's tickets?
I'll offer them anything.
I've got to talk to the
passengers on that plane.
You can see, its too late.
Have you a room and bath for tonight?
We have a sunny front room for $4.50.
- Fine.
The porter will be right along
to show you up to your room.
Shall we wait in the garden.
It's hot in here.
From the balcony, you'll get a nice
view of the French Quarter, Mr Casey.
Here you are.
Thank you.
- I'll take this.
Why did you register under the
name of Casey? - I didn't.
The clerk made a mistake, that's all.
Why should I use a different name?
I can think of only one reason.
Like trying to make it
more difficult to find us.
Wouldn't that be a silly thing to do?
Not if you were afraid.
Afraid of tomorrow.
What the bank would find out.
Find out what?
That the money in your
suitcase was stolen.
Oh, you did steal the
money, Jim. You did.
Alright, I stole it.
I'm a thief. I'm anything you want
to call me. I did it and it's done.
But why? Why Jim, why?
- Laurie.
We've only so many days, so many
hours so many minutes to live.
And we're suckers if we don't cram in
all the happiness we can get away with.
Regardless of how we do it.
- Jim.
You actually thought we could find
happiness on stolen money?
Suppose Laurie, you hadn't found
out the money was stolen?
That's how planned it. I meant to call
the bank the minute we got to Brazil.
They couldn't touch us ever.
Because there is no
extradition treaty with Brazil.
There'd be no need to call the police.
It wouldn't even have got in the papers.
Neither you nor anyone who
matters would have found out, ever.
And the money? Why, I could
have alibied it in a dozen ways.
With a dozen more lies.
As long as you didn't know
what difference would it make?
I would have known, Jim.
I would have felt your lies.
And Susan. What about her?
We've sent for her. They
couldn't have stopped that.
You had it all figured out, didn't you.
You robbed and betrayed
the people that trusted you.
The bank has the money insured.
It would cost them nothing.
Does that excuse what you did?
Perhaps not.
But the difference between the
honest and the dishonest ..
The stupid and the smart
is a debatable line.
It's clear and defined.
- How about the men who ..
And there's thousands like 'em, who make
a big deal of fixing a wire on a TV set.
They were dishonest.
Then again, maybe they were smart.
The honest one, the man
who got nothing out of it.
Maybe he was just dumb.
No, he was right. The others were wrong.
At least they didn't break the law.
- The law?
That's a laugh.
It's okay to place a bet at a track, but
give it to a bookie and you're a crook.
You can shoot the works in Nevada.
But get caught playing so much as
Penny Ante at home and you go to jail.
Everybody! Everybody breaks the law.
How can you compare placing bets and
playing Penny Ante with what you've done?
Alright, I've committed a crime.
Last New Year when I drove the car after
too many drinks. That was a crime too.
Only in that case I was pushing my luck.
It could have been manslaughter.
No matter how you twist or
turn it, stealing is wrong.
Terribly, horribly wrong.
- So is drunk-driving wrong.
You didn't object then. The
stakes were only a drive home.
Now there's a million dollars. Security
for life. All we hoped and prayed for.
Prayed for?
Stealing can never be
the answer to a prayer.
Laurie, what difference does it make?
Who's right and who's wrong.
I'm in it now. In it all the way.
What can we do?
I don't know, Jim.
All I know is ..
I can't be part of all this.
If I go to Brazil, I ..
I go alone?
Do you think it would
be any easier on me?
Look, Laurie.
Laurie, why leave me? Why?
Jim, do you know what you're asking?
You're asking me to
give up my self-respect.
My country. Everything I believe in.
There are other things to believe in.
Yes. Jim.
And there are other men besides you.
Only I could never love anyone else.
Don't you see?
A woman who could walk
out on her ideals can ..
Walk out on her husband
if she had another man.
You can't walk out on me like this.
After all these years.
We're too much a part of each other.
You don't break up a marriage like ours.
You have it backwards, Jim.
I'm going home.
To our home, to our child.
You're walking out on us.
Oh, hello.
We're friends of the Osbornes.
Are they home?
No, they're away.
- We brought them these cherries.
Please come in. I'm Mrs Kelly,
Laurie's mother.
How do you do. I'm Ken Woodley.
I work down at the bank with Jim.
This is Gail, my wife.
- How do you do.
Look at all those
beautiful red cherries.
Well, why don't you take one?
- Hi, Susan.
Hello, Mrs Woodley.
Susan, suppose you and I put
these in the other room, eh?
My uncle has a big ranch up state.
He gave us so many
cherries, they'd only spoil.
We thought maybe your mum
and dad would like some.
But they won't be back for a long time.
Oh, what do you mean?
They've gone to Rio.
That's Rio De Janeiro.
Rio De Janeiro?
That's where the big harbor is.
Where the boats go in and out.
Did you know that Jim and
Laurie had gone to Brazil?
Why, no.
- I don't understand it.
He didn't say a word to
me about it on Friday.
How very odd.
Is it true?
But surely if you work at the same
bank as Jim you must know about it.
He went on bank business?
And as long as Susan mentioned it, I
can't see a reason in your not knowing.
But anything to do with foreign business
would come under your department.
Wouldn't it dear?
- Yes.
I'm afraid we are going to
have to be running along.
Goodbye, Mrs Kelly.
Goodbye, Susan.
- Goodbye, Susan.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
What do you make of it?
- I don't know.
The fact that nobody even
mentioned it to me at the bank.
Is quite a kick in the teeth.
When we get home, why don't you call Mr
Bowers and ask him what it's all about.
I intend to.
"It was strange to realize I could walk
into a store and buy anything I wanted."
"Stranger yet .."
"The idea had no kick."
"I was learning fast what
it meant to be alone."
"Mr Bowers' residence."
- May I speak to Mr Bowers please.
"I'm sorry. He is still at the club but
I expect him back any minute."
I see.
Would you please ask him to call
Ken Woodley as soon as he returns.
"I certainly will, Mr Woodley."
Thank you. Goodbye.
I hope he calls back soon.
I want to find out
what this is all about.
How about a little gin rummy while
you're waiting? It will quiet you down.
Alright. I'll set up the table.
Hi, baby. How is my girl?
Where is Daddy?
What's happened?
Why are you back?
Are you going to stay now?
One question at a time.
But where is Daddy?
Why isn't he with you?
Where is he?
Daddy couldn't get back tonight, but ..
But he sent you a big hug.
You mustn't ask so many
questions, Susan dear.
Your mother is tired.
She's had a long trip.
Now run along, honey.
It's your bed time.
Mummy will be in in a minute.
What's wrong?
Please, mother. Not tonight.
Of course, my dear.
Have you had your dinner?
No. I'm not hungry.
How about a cup of coffee with me?
I was trying to preserve these
cherries before they spoil.
Where did they come from?
Some friends of yours
dropped by and left them.
Who were they?
- The Woodleys.
I guess they were surprised
to find that we'd left town?
They seemed to be.
You didn't say where we went, did you?
- Why yes. Was that wrong?
No, of course not.
Susan blurted it out.
I didn't see why the
Woodleys shouldn't know.
"I walked and I walked."
"And with each step I realized more
and more what it meant to be a thief."
"A man without honor,
without self-respect."
"A man without a wife."
"Without a daughter."
"Without a home."
I'll bet that maid didn't
give him my message.
I'm going to call Bowers again.
Let's finish this hand first.
- No, this can wait.
Yes, this is Mrs Osborne.
"Hello, Laurie."
Jim .. Jim.
If I get to the bank before the guard
arrives, maybe I can put the money back.
"I've only used our own funds."
"The bank's money I've not touched."
How soon can you get a plane?
Where are you?
"I'm at the airport. The plane
leaves in just a few seconds."
[ Tannoy ]
"Passenger Osborne."
"Passenger Osborne."
- They are calling my name up.
Got to go. Goodbye.
I love you.
Good luck.
- "Hello, Ken?"
"Jim and I want to thank
you for the cherries."
"Very thoughtful of
you both to think of us."
"It was already 8:14 and a certainty I'd
not be the first employee to arrive."
"This meant I had to appear casual at
a time when speed meant everything."
- Morning.
Been away for the weekend.
- You look kind-of done in, Mr Osborne.
Just got off the plane, actually.
- What's the matter with you?
I'm okay.
"There wasn't time to
return the strongboxes."
"This was a storage vault.
The currency was tallied as a whole."
"The boxes were used merely for
convenience. Their number varied daily."
"There was a good chance their
absence wouldn't be notied."
What's the matter, Jim? Are you ill?
No. I ..
Look fellah, you'd better
knock off and go home.
I think I'll have to.
Have .. Thompson take care of the safes.
Excuse me, Ken.
You look like you've come down
wth the flu or something.
"I left the same bank."
"Rounded the same corner."
"Dodged the same traffic."
"Entered the same terminal."
"I arrived back at the same house."
"But never did the world look so good."
T-G o