The Stepmother 3 (2023) Movie Script

[tense music]
[Michelle] I actually really started to like you.
All you had to do was be momma's boy.
But, no.
[ominous music]
So, you ask me about my son.
Well, he's 16,
super amazing basketball player.
He's ranked, like, number three in his district.
I'm so proud of him.
[ominous music]
Why did you take something
that wasn't yours?
That's the only good thing I had.
I'm telling you, I'm sorry.
-Frank?! -Now you know.
Now you know I'm not Frank.
[suspenseful music]
I would never hurt you.
I killed you.
I killed you.
You didn't kill me.
If you did, I wouldn't be here.
I beat you.
We all beat you.
[ominous music]
[Bobby] What the hell is going on, pop?
-Michelle she's crazy. -What?
Bobby, watch out! Watch out!
[ominous music]
[suspenseful music]
[Sam] All right.
Time to eat.
This food looks amazing, Mr. Collins.
Oh, thank you. But I can't take any of the credit
'cause my beautiful wife, Michelle, did all of this.
Well, Mrs. Collins, this is amazing.
Thanks. [laughs]
So, Bobby, let's get right down to it.
The basketball program at Texas State
is top three in all the nation.
We're really looking forward to having you.
I'm excited as well, sir.
I did my own research and Texas is where I wanna be.
Well, Texas is where you need to be.
-[Sam] That's right. -[laughter]
Your mother must be so proud
to have raised such an amazing son.
Yeah. My mother, she passed a few years back.
Michelle is my stepmother.
[Troy] Oh, my apologies. I--
[Sam] No, no. It's okay.
No need to apologize.
But I'm like his mother.
We have such an amazing relationship.
Michelle, you don't have to put all the extras on it like that.
[Sam] Bobby.
My father and Michelle got married three months ago.
And we're all still trying
to get to know each other better.
And so our relationship isn't amazing yet.
But my father's happy, and I'm happy for him, you know.
[Michelle] Well, pardon me.
I'm gonna check on the biscuits.
I think they're ready.
So, Mr. Collins, did you play ball in high school?
Yes. As a matter of fact, I played football
until I blew out my shoulder and that was that.
[Troy] Oh.
Liz, calm down.
That wasn't that serious.
He didn't mean anything by it.
You must stay calm.
Michelle is not like the rest of you.
One, two, three,
four, five.
You okay, babe?
Oh, honey.
I'm fine. I just...
I know Bobby didn't mean that. [sighs]
I just...
I just look at him like he's my son.
And I just wish he would...
look at me like his mother.
I know.
I know, but it's just...
it's gonna take some time, Michelle.
He's going off to college soon.
All I want is that bond before he leaves.
Yes. I know. Listen. Come here.
Everything is going to work out the way it's supposed to, okay?
Are you sure?
I promise.
Do you remember the first day we met?
How could I forget? [laughs]
It was at the art gallery.
I was talking so badly about your favorite artist.
Ugh, I was so embarrassed.
[dramatic music]
Now, this does not make any sense to me.
Why paint something so big in such a little canvas?
Well, they say that art is whatever
the artist wants it to be, right?
Yes, but this just isn't art.
[sighs] In fact, I would like to know
who painted this so I know never to buy their work.
Wow. That's pretty harsh there.
Sam Collins.
Well, Mr. Sam Collins,
you'll never get any of my money.
Yeah. He's probably some lame dude
that didn't have any friends in high school,
so he tried to reinvent himself to pick up women.
Sam Collins.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, my gosh. I'm...
I am so sorry.
No, no, no. It's okay.
I get it. I suck. [laughs]
It just reassures me that art should just be a hobby of mine.
I'm Michelle.
Very nice to meet you, Michelle.
You know, I was going to offer you
this painting because I thought to myself
that I have never seen such a beautiful woman before.
But since you hate it, I guess I'll just...
I don't know, give it to my son
because unlike you,
he loves my paintings.
What about your wife,
does she support your painting Picasso dreams?
Actually, I lost my wife a few years ago to a car crash.
I feel awful again. I'm so sorry.
No, no, no. It's totally fine.
You didn't--you didn't know.
Well, it was nice to meet you, Sam Collins.
Very nice to meet you, Michelle.
Man, it was your boldness
and your honesty that drew me to you.
And that is the woman that Bobby needs to know.
So, don't be afraid to talk to him.
Tell him how you feel
'cause he's just like me, you know.
He's gonna love that honesty.
Oh, baby.
Thank you.
You always know how to fix every situation.
Give me a hug.
The biscuits, those buttery biscuits.
[suspenseful music]
[Troy] Thanks again for the lovely dinner.
Yeah. No problem.
-Bobby. -Yes, sir.
-We'll see you soon. -You too, sir. Can't wait.
Thank you.
[sighs] Man.
Congrats, man. You're going to TSU.
No. I couldn't have done it without you though.
Hey, no. This was all your hard
work and determination.
I appreciate it, pop.
But, you know, mom wanted me to play ball.
You wanted me to be Picasso.
-Whatever man, come on. -Crazy, man.
Man, thankful for her, right?
[sighs] Yeah, right.
[Bobby] I wish she was here right now to see me.
A scholarship to TSU, her dream really came true.
I miss her, man, you know.
I know.
I miss her too.
Hey, look, man.
We got a beautiful family here
and Michelle, she's really trying.
-She really loves you. -I know.
You're right, pop.
I mean, she's cool for what I know.
But I'm getting older, pop, and I'm going to college
and I'm starting a whole new life.
And, you know, I'm too old to be thinking
about a replacement mom right now.
But I'm happy for you though, man.
[Sam laughs]
[Bobby] She's perfect for you,
-for real. -[Sam] Yeah. Thanks.
-[Bobby] I appreciate you, pop. -[Sam] Hey, I love you.
[Bobby] I love you too, man. All right.
Well, you know, Jenny upstairs, so.
-Hey. -I'mma go up there.
-Take it easy. -I got you.
-Be safe, okay? -[Bobby] Pops, I got you.
-Bro, I got you. -You got me?
-[Bobby] Yes. -You better got me.
[Bobby] [laughs] I got you, man.
Boy. Man, we did it.
He's going to college.
[suspenseful music]
[birds chirping]
[alarm clock rings]
What the hell?
Good morning, son.
Michelle, what are you doing here?
It's 7:00 AM.
Look, Jason.
I know we got off to a rough start.
And I'm sure with me and your father
getting together so quickly,
it probably has been a lot on you.
-Jason? Who-- -What?
You called me Jason. Who is Jason?
Jason was my son.
Then he passed away.
You just remind me so much of him and...
Michelle, are you good?
All I ever wanted was a real family.
And you and your father,
you've given me just that.
So, I wanna thank you.
And I know I can never replace your mom. I...
maybe we could build something of our own
with you going off to college soon.
Oh, I just want your blessing.
Look, Michelle.
I don't mean this in a bad way,
but...I already had a mom and she passed.
But like I told my father, I'm happy for him
because you make him happy.
But you, being my mother, that will never happen.
We can be good friends, though.
If that's cool?
Well, that's a start.
Things will change.
I'm going to the grocery store.
Would you like me to pick you up
your favorite Cheez Doodles,
maybe your protein bars or--
No, no, no.
-[Michelle] Protein shakes? -No, I'm good.
Thank you. Right.
Great talk?
[Bobby] Yeah. Yeah.
[Kelly] Liz?
Elizabeth Carter?
[laughs] I thought that was you.
It's me Kelly, Kelly Hanks from Florida.
Ma'am, would you relax?
I am not who you think I am.
[Kelly] Well, uh, Lizzie?
-[Michelle gasps] -I'm sorry.
I was just so excited.
You look just like my best friend
from high school.
I don't know, it's crazy, I mean,
just with red hair, though.
I'm sorry to disappoint but I have to go.
My God, it's been like 20 years or something.
I think I have her number in my phone somewhere.
Yeah, it's got to be...
oh, I'm so sorry again.
Have a nice day!
-Thank you. -[cashier] You're welcome.
Have a nice day.
[door shuts]
-Hey Granny. -Hello dear.
Did you pick up the carrot juice?
-[Kelly] Uh-huh, sure did. -[Gale] Uh-huh.
-Interesting day though. -[Gale] Uh-huh.
When I was at the store, I ran into this woman
who looks exactly like Elizabeth Carter.
Little Lizzie?
-Your old high school friend? -Yes.
I tried to talk to her and say hi
but she ran out of there like she had an emergency
or something.
Oh her?
I see her all the time.
I didn't realize that was her,
but now that you mention it she's always looks familiar.
Her and her husband live across the street.
-Really? -Uh-huh.
Wow. I mean, they are like spot on, right?
It's crazy.
Oh, I hope I didn't startle her.
I legit thought that she was Lizzie.
Hmm. Look, go over and introduce yourself
and apologize for assuming she was someone she isn't.
You probably frightened that poor woman
at the grocery store.
That is such a good idea.
And I'm gonna go grab
some photos of Lizzie and I when we were kids
so she can see how much they resemble each other
and then maybe she won't think I'm some crazy Karen stalker.
I got all the old photos in the photo albums there
in the cabinet as well.
-Perfect! -Hey, I just made apple pies.
You should take her one, I'm sure that will help.
That is so sweet. Thank you.
It's a pleasure. I love you, honey.
-I love you. -Mwah.
-Mwah, mwah. -Mwah.
[knocks on door]
[Kelly] Hi!
My name is Kelly, my Grandmother lives across the street.
-I'm just, uh-- -[Bobby] Okay.
--visiting from Florida.
Is, um, your mother home?
Nope, I'm here home alone.
-Oh. -Uh-hmm.
Well, I ran into your mother at the grocery store
and I just thought I would come on over and introduce myself.
Okay. Great. Well, I'll let her know that.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
-Okay. -So sweet of you.
[Bobby] Yeah.
-What was her name again? -Michelle.
Wow. [laughs]
I'm sorry it's just so weird.
-It's just your mother-- -Uh, stepmom.
-Stepmom, oh sorry. -[Bobby] Uh-hmm.
She, uh, she looks just like my best friend
from high school, Elizabeth Carter.
-Really? -[Kelly] Yeah.
-Oh. -Woo.
Well, anyhoo, I think I might've spooked her at the store
so I wanted to come on over and bring this pie,
and this little note apologizing.
I appreciate you. Thank you so much. Thank you.
My grandmother says that her and your father,
are just the nicest people, so I thought I would
come on over and see for myself.
Cool. Well, thank you.
Well, it was really nice meeting you.
Yeah. You too.
See you. Oh, you should have some of that, it's really good.
Uh, oh, okay.
Yeah, she can really talk.
Elizabeth Carter?
Is everything okay, son?
Uh, hey. Uh, yeah.
I'm actually finna head over to Jenny's, all right?
See you later.
[Elizabeth] Aww, Kelly,
I remember you.
You always did talk so damn much.
Michelle, you know what needs to be done now.
The boy knows.
[Michelle] Liz, no.
Just calm down.
[Elizabeth] You know what you have to do.
[Michelle] I always did love pie.
[knocks on door]
[gasps] Oh, my Gosh!
What a pleasant surprise.
May I come in?
Sure. Wow.
It is mind blowing how much you look like Lizzie.
Granny, guess who's here?
Ah! Come here.
[dog barking]
[suspense playing]
[Bobby] A killer, Jen?
I Googled Elizabeth Carter
and she's wanted in four different states
for murder.
I mean, look at her mug shot, man.
Baby, calm down.
You don't know if it's her.
I mean, they do look alike.
Babe, they're identical.
Look, they have a whole article about this woman.
She kills widowed men with teenage sons.
My father is a widow and I'm his teenage son.
I mean, how much more proof do you need?
You need to go to the police.
[Bobby] I know. You're right.
I know.
You're right.
But I need to make sure that my pops
is safe and out of the house first.
The boys, they never die.
But Bobby,
oh, Sam,
he has to go.
-No! -Oh, Sam.
Don't touch Bobby!
Yeah, forget about Kelly.
Yeah, does she talk so much!
Who would've thought, sweet old Kelly--
What are you talking about?
It's not your fault, Sam.
That's why I had to kill Kelly,
oh, and that sweet old lady.
Gosh, I'mma miss her pies.
Why did you
take something that wasn't yours?
I killed you.
I killed you.
You didn't kill me.
If you did, I wouldn't be here.
I beat you.
We all beat you.
Look, just meet me
at the police station in 30 minutes, okay?
Okay. I got to warn my pops without her knowing anything.
-All right? -Bobby, you can't go back there.
Babe, I have to.
I'll be okay, though.
Just meet me in 30, all right?
All right.
That's all you care about,
you didn't care about my feelings.
Huh? Did you and Bobby care about me and my feelings?
-[groans] -Shut the up.
You know what, Sam?
I was actually really starting to like you.
The sex was good,
you and your stupid finger painting.
[Sam groans]
Pop? Pop! Pop!
Pop, hold on.
What the hell is going on, Pop?
Michelle, she's crazy.
-What? -Bobby, watch out!
You said everything will work out
exactly how it's supposed to?
[metal clanking]
[shower gushing]
[speaks Spanish]
[clicks tongue]
[dark music]
[singer] Reminiscin' 'bout the times
We was going through the struggles
Since a young boy you were sending out to trouble
Hanging with the crowd that your daddy couldn't...
[man] Woo!
[singer] Tell me what is on your mind
-I never could imagine... -[indistinct chatter]
You all need nothing, though.
-[woman] You okay? -[man] Yes.
So, what's up, Eric?
Your usual?
You know, I've been coming to this bar
for a few weeks now, right?
I order the same thing.
Hennessey, no ice and a splash--
And a splash of coke.
Funny thing is I don't even drink.
So what's your point?
My point is I only come to this bar
for one reason.
Hmm? And what's that?
You. Or your number.
-[phone rings] -Give me a second.
Let me take this.
What's up, son?
[Jared] Dad, we're gonna be late to the movie.
[Eric] Look, I'll be leaving.
You know I hate missing previews.
Come on.
Okay, dude. I'll be there.
-Okay. -All right. But hurry.
You got a son?
Yeah, Mr. Impatient.
What about your wifey, your baby mother?
No, she not around.
It's just he and I.
Oh, you know I do.
I do.
[priest] The rings, please.
I now pronounce you, man and wife.
You may kiss your bride.
Mama's boy.
I'm so excited about our life together.
So you like it?
Do I like it?
Babe, this is everything.
Jared, go grab these boxes, man.
Yes, sir.
I promised you the world.
That is just the beginning.
Oh, baby.
Thank you.
Had you got a chance to handle that business
you need to handle the other day?
You know, you was gone for quite some time.
You know I did.
I got us.
I'm officially all yours, Papi.
Hey, you know I love it when you call me Papi.
Jared, I actually have something for you.
You wanna see?
Yo, stop playin' with me.
You did not get me the new Js.
Yo, people have been wrapped around blocks looking for these.
Well, now you know why I took so long the other day.
[Eric] Oh, I see.
-Hmm. -Oh, that's crazy.
Uh, thanks Chantel.
So, can we officially say
your mama's boy now?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're not there yet.
One day at a time.
But, uh, for real,
thanks for the shoes.
No problem.
Look, baby, he'll come around.
Are you sure?
He will.
Baby, I've always wanted a real family.
So I'm gonna do whatever it takes for my boys.
[police siren wails]
[indistinct radio chatter]
Who's in charge here?
How can we help you, sir?
My name is Harrison Linbrook
and my brother Eddie Linbrook has been missing for 48 hours.
And I already made a police report
and I still don't have any answers.
Mr. Linbrook.
Detective Nolan of Phoenix Police Department.
We've been investigating Elizabeth Carter
for the past eight months.
And we believe she has something to do
with your brother's disappearance.
Now, we assure you we're doing everything we can
to find your brother.
Well, you're not doing enough
'cause it's been two days already.
Whoa, whoa.
You have no idea how much danger
your brother is actually in
and you might be able to help us if you just calm down
and listen to what we got to say.
Mr. Linbrook, we have an APB out on Edward.
My team and I have been working around the clock to find him.
Now, like Detective Nolan said,
we think this may be connected to a Ms. Elizabeth Carter.
-And who the hell are you? -Agent Jennifer Conner, MPU.
What is MPU?
Missing Persons Unit.
Now, I'd like to explain to you
why I think Ms. Carter is involved
with your brother's disappearance,
making this not a missing persons case,
but a possible kidnapping.
Detective Nolan, could you please explain?
[Nolan] Around six months ago, one of his neighbors
spotted Elizabeth across the street of the Linbrook home.
And what's that got to do with anything?
That's already over six months ago.
Well, that same neighbor spotted someone
who fit the description of Elizabeth
but with different hair lurking outside of the Linbrook home
the night your brother went missing.
Now she was also spotted out at the Linbrook lanes.
When's the last time you saw your brother, Mr. Linbrook?
Like I stated in the police report,
last week at the Linbrook Bowling Alley.
[Nolan] Makes sense.
-She's been stalking Eddie. -[Rodriguez] Uh-hmm.
Mr. Linbrook, this is Ronald Rodriguez of the LAPD.
Could you please tell Mr. Linbrook
what's been going on with the investigation?
Two months ago, Ms. Carter was living
in Sacramento, California under the name Michelle Collins.
She was married to a Samuel Collins.
The marriage was short-lived,
as all of Ms. Carter's previous marriages.
She killed Sam and his son Bobby.
She also murdered the neighbors who lived across the street,
Kelly and her grandmother Gale.
And then three months before that,
she was living with Kevin Smith.
She killed Kevin's friend Chris,
tried to kill Kevin and his son Dustin,
but was unsuccessful.
By the time my team and I got there,
she was already gone.
We believe she came back here
to Seal Springs
to stalk, harass, and kidnap your brother.
So why isn't law enforcement across the nation
not looking for this psychotic woman, huh?
You wanna tell me that?
Do you have any leads?
Scott, he's missing.
What do you mean Scott's missing?
-Scott's missing. -He was supposed to meet up
with us to post some missing fliers
but he just never showed up.
When was the last time you seen or spoke to him?
Last night.
We were all planning it at my house.
Hey, Jess, Mikey, my phone died.
I came as soon as I got your text.
I went to the house to see if I could find anything.
There's nothing.
Oh, please, don't ever do that again.
I just thought maybe I could find him there.
I don't know, it just feels like a bad dream.
[Conner] All right. Everyone, we're going to find Eddie, okay?
I think you guys are worrying yourselves
a little bit too much.
If everyone could just relax?
Who are you telling to relax?
You must be crazy.
Elizabeth Carter is the most dangerous woman on the planet.
And she has a personal vendetta
against my boyfriend and his dad.
You're talking about some relax.
His dad been missing for two days.
Miss, I have a 98% success rate
when it comes to discovering missing persons.
So when I tell you to relax, I mean it, okay?
Now, this is an all-out investigation.
I want all hands on deck.
We find Ms. Carter, we find Mr. Linbrook.
[train engine chugging]
My head.
Oh, where am I?
Uh, Scott.
[suspenseful music]
[birds chirping]
[suspenseful music]
[alarm clock ringing]
Good morning, honey.
It's time for breakfast.
What is--what is this?
What...where am I at?
Why am I chained up?
Well, I wouldn't want you to leave,
so I chained you up.
But I also want you to be comfortable as well.
How long have I been here?
Just a few days.
Zoey, I have a family, okay?
They're gonna come looking for me.
You need to let me go.
This is crazy.
That part.
See, I thought to myself... [laughs]
they wouldn't even know the first place to look.
Oh, Eddie.
Now get dressed and meet me in the kitchen.
[exhales] I made breakfast.
And I made your favorite.
Somebody help me.
Somebody help me! Help me!
-Help! -Would you calm down?
You do not have to scream in our house, honey.
Besides, no one can hear you.
So you're asking me for help, honey?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm asking.
Can you let me out of these chains, honey?
Breakfast is ready, baby.
My Eddie is home.
[chains clinking]
[suspenseful music]
[Zoey] Oh, Eddie.
Do you love it?
It's our new home.
I did it all of this for us.
Please, baby, have a seat.
It's your favorite, remember?
I used to make this for you.
Eggs, hash browns, wheat toast, sausage.
I even got your blueberry muffin.
And I didn't forget your side of spinach.
I used to make this for us all the time.
Back when we were in love.
Before Scott ruined everything.
And you let him!
Oh, Eddie, I know you didn't mean it.
But now that Scott's out the way,
I have the love of my life all to myself.
I'm not hungry.
Oh, Eddie.
You're such a kidder.
You know you have to eat your greens, baby.
That's how you become strong, you know,
like Popeye when he eats his spinach?
Babe, come on.
You are home, baby.
Zoey, just let me go, okay?
I promise I won't tell anybody.
I'll keep it between us.
I'm sorry about this, Eddie.
But I absolutely do love you.
In fact, I love you more than any man
I've ever been with on this planet.
But I just don't trust you.
And I'm not letting you go.
Besides, here is where you need to be.
We are a family.
Now please eat up.
It's been two days.
And you know I need some lovin'.
I'd rather starve than give you the pleasure.
Suit yourself.
I actually have to run some errands.
Do you need anything from the store?
-No. -Are you sure?
I'll get you that burger from Tom's Diner.
No, Zoey.
I just wanna leave.
Finally, I have the family I've always wanted.
Zoey, Scott is my family.
As long as I'm breathing, you'll never be my family.
Things will change.
[door opens and closes]
[suspenseful music]
[chains clinking]
Help me!
[suspenseful music]
[birds chirping]
[Mikey] You think the crazy chick did this?
[Jessica] I know she did.
[Mikey] I just wish the cops would have done their job
and arrested her.
I don't trust the police.
What are they even doing to find your dad?
I don't know. But we need to find him ASAP.
I read on Google that if a person is missing
for more than three days, it's a wrap.
It's already been two days.
Which why our time is short.
I just hope he's okay.
He's all I got after my mom.
Hey, you got me, baby.
[Scott] Thanks.
All right. Let's get these pictures up.
Okay. All right.
Grab those over there.
[Shumaker] Well, guess what,
six months ago,
when the neighbor saw Elizabeth
outside the Linbrook home,
Eddie and his son received
a handwritten letter from Ms. Carter.
That's what she was doing outside the home.
What did the letter say?
Um, well, LAPD is holding that information.
And how did you find this out?
I spoke to the son and his girlfriend,
-they were both there. -Okay.
And why am I just now finding out about this?
Because this is my investigation.
The information from my department
is strictly confidential.
We're not ordered to share any details with you,
and we definitely don't need you and your team interfering
with our investigation.
Okay. I'm sorry. This is not a pissing contest, Detective,
because if it were, I would win by a long shot.
Now I need all the information that you have on Mr. Linbrook
in order for us to find him, because like it or not,
you need my team.
It's been months of this woman on a wild goose hunt,
killing whenever she gets tired of a family,
leaving breadcrumbs, getting shot,
waiting to be captured, and your team still has yet
to even get close enough to sniff her.
So excuse me if I'm not too confident
in your team's ability to do their damn job.
I need all the information you have on Mr. Linbrook,
Ms. Carter, and every other family
she's been in contact with for the past six months now!
[siren wailing]
[Conner] Tell me about your experience with Ms. Carter.
I actually thought what we had was real.
Can you believe that?
I had no idea she was this person.
She killed my best friend.
She tried to kill me and my son.
Can you tell us where she may have gone,
anything that will help us find out where she is?
[Dustin] I mean, I'm a teenager.
I don't know where this lady went.
All I know is that she's crazy
and I really hope you guys find her.
Is there anything at all you can remember?
I mean, she tried to kill both of us.
She kept calling me Eddie.
At the time, I had no idea who that was.
I mean, I do now but,
she just seemed so obsessed with this guy.
Mr. Smith, Eddie was her ex-husband before you.
She tried to kill him and his son as well
but didn't succeed and now Eddie's now missing.
And we're currently looking for him.
Are you sure there's nothing at all you can remember
that she may have said, anything she may have done
that could possibly help us track her down?
She did always talk about going away to a cabin,
just me and her.
She knew some place where nobody could find us.
Did she give you any indication where that cabin might be?
She loves the sounds of the trains there.
Th-that could be important.
How long were you two married again?
[train chugging]
[indistinct chatter]
All right. Listen up, everyone.
Nolan and I got some new information
that could help us or could be a dud.
Either way, I want all of you on it right away.
Kevin Smith told us that Elizabeth mentioned
going away to some cabin where she could be alone.
Now, there's hundreds of cabins in the Los Angeles area alone,
so let's start narrowing them down.
Hold on. That could take days.
Yeah. Well, we don't have days,
so let's get on it.
[train chugging]
[Eddie] I don't wanna be alone
I just...
Hey, Dad.
-What's up, son? -What's up?
How did you find me, man?
It was easy.
I followed Zoey the day she took you.
Police are on their way, we gotta move quietly
if we're getting outta here alive.
Okay. You got the keys?
-You mean these? -[chuckles]
We're gonna have to make it to the train.
-Okay. -If we make it to the train,
-we'll be safe. -Aight, cool.
We're gonna beat her again.
Speaking of Zoey, where is she at?
She's not here right now. Let's go.
Come on.
I'm not getting out of here, am I?
[dramatic music]
You know...
Zoey hates me but she doesn't hate you.
What are you saying?
I'm saying use that to your advantage.
Gain her trust.
You taught me that, Dad.
Follow your teachings.
And when she's least expecting it,
that's when you make your move.
All right. You're such a smart son.
It all starts with the food.
If she wanted to poison you,
she could have done it already.
I don't think she wants to hurt you, Dad.
You promise me that if I get out of here alive,
you make sure I do a full criminal background check
on any woman I date.
I got you.
Now when, when you get out of here.
I love you, son.
I love you too, pops.
Don't play with my bloodline.
[both] You know we come from Kings and Queens,
but they got a thug side too.
Making a promise of breaking the rules
and breaking me down, down.
[chains clinking]
Are you talking to yourself?
And here I am thinking
I'm the only one that's crazy.
Oh, Eddie.
I love you so much.
Sorry. Wait, wait, wait.
[suspenseful music]
[Harrison] Yeah, I understand that,
but do you have any updates?
[Conner] Well, we think we may have something,
could be a stretch, but maybe it can lead us to something.
Something like what?
[Conner] Well, we spoke to Kevin Smith and his son,
and they were the last family that we know
of that Elizabeth tried to make her victims.
He said that Elizabeth mentioned something about a cabin.
Does that ring any bells to you?
Agent Conner,
I didn't hang around Eddie and Zoey like that.
You mean Elizabeth.
Elizabeth, Zoey,
I don't really care what you call her.
But what I do care about
is you bringing back my baby brother.
Well, that's why I'm here, Mr. Linbrook.
That's the plan.
Well, they never talked about no cabin
and I'm not really sure how that matters.
I don't know.
Maybe it's a place that she likes to take her victims.
I did say it could be a stretch.
You never know just how easy it is
for criminals to slip on something that simple.
So let me get this straight,
are you looking for my brother
or are you looking for Elizabeth?
We'll be in touch, Mr. Linbrook.
[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
[banging on door]
[Chantel] Who the hell is that banging on my door?
Oh, hell now.
[banging on door]
Excuse you.
Can I help you?
[Tamar] No. Excuse you.
My name is Tamar and I'm looking for Eric Riley.
-Is he home? -And who the hell are you?
You don't hear too well, lady.
My name is Tamar Riley.
Little girl, who the hell you think you're talking to?
[chuckles] I'm talking to you.
Now I'm asking one more time.
Is my father here or no?
[Eric] Tamar, what are you doing here?
Mom kicked me out because I wasn't getting along
with her trash of a boyfriend.
So you think that you can come over and just stay in my house?
Come on, I got a full life here.
Yeah. I can see that,
which is something that I wish I was included in
because you also have a full daughter.
A daughter, Eric?
A daughter?
Yeah, a daughter.
Look, Chantel, look,
I'm so sorry, as you can see,
this is my daughter Tamar.
Tamar, this is my wife, Chantel.
Look, I met her already, okay?
Pops, you ain't on the block no more?
I changed that chapter in my life.
[Chantel] The block?
A daughter?
When are you gonna tell me
you had a whole drug dealer life,
and a daughter that's rude as hell?
Look, first of all, that was my past.
Secondly, me and her mother had a really messy divorce.
Per court agreement, I took my son
and she was gonna take her daughter,
and we would never speak again.
And that was 14 years ago.
I don't know why the hell she would pop up here.
But I know one thing,
-her mom is crazy. -Well, that's obvious.
The apple didn't fall too far from her tree.
You know this ain't right.
We can't have no teenage daughter
ruining our happy home, Eddie.
Who's Eddie?
No. You said Eddie.
Ed, Eric, it sounds the same.
Plus my uncle name is Eddie,
but that don't even matter.
What are we gonna do about your evil child downstairs?
Listen, let me figure it out, okay?
I just don't need you to stress or worry.
All right?
Just when I thought we had the perfect family.
And then this happens.
And then to find out you're a whole drug lord?
Now you're being a little dramatic.
Listen, years ago,
I used to sell for this guy I knew named Bingo,
but I got out of that lifestyle.
I took some of the money I made
and I invested it into this company
that distributes legal cannabis
throughout the United States.
So no, baby,
I don't be banging no blocks.
And no,
I'm not a big-time drug distributor.
It's not about your past,
we all got one. It's about the fact
that I'm just finding out about yours.
I know, baby, look, and I'm sorry.
I'm not even supposed to be around her per court orders.
So this is all crazy to me.
Look...but if you want,
we can let her stay with us for the night
until I can talk to my attorney,
maybe call her auntie Cheryl, uncle Craig,
maybe that she can stay with them or something.
She is not staying here.
Are you serious? Come on, baby, just one night.
Hell no. I don't do surprises.
You got one night to figure this out.
I'm staying in the hotel.
Baby, it's just one night though.
[Chantel] I'm out, Eric.
Figure it out.
Nice meeting you.
Get your dirty feet off my $2,000 couch.
Chill, okay?
I got you.
-Evil brat. -Yeah. Whatever.
[suspenseful music]
[train chugging]
[chains clinking]
Oh, Zoey.
[chains clinking]
[suspenseful music]
It's not okay.
It's not okay.
[Elizabeth] This man has a daughter.
[Zoey] Oh, please.
You've always wanted a girl.
[Chantel] That thing is a little gremlin.
[Zoey] A little princess.
[Chantel] She better watch herself
'cause I'm so ready to drag her ass
out of that house and put her in the trash can.
[Zoey] Chantel, why must you be so mean?
And I'm so sick and tired of you
always trying to make it seem like
I'm the one that's mean.
[Elizabeth] Both of you, just shut up!
None of you know what the hell you doing,
and I'm always having to babysit you both!
Hi, Eddie.
Hey, I hate to break up your conversation
but I'm kinda hungry,
was wondering if you can make me something to eat now?
Oh, Eddie. [laughs]
Eddie, my love,
whatever it is you want.
Are you okay, Zoey?
You seem a little upset.
I want you to know that
you can talk to me about anything.
No matter what, I'm here for you.
[Chantel] Don't trust him, Zoey.
All he's gonna do, like Frank did.
Not my--not my Eddie.
My Eddie would never do that to me.
Eddie. [laughs]
[suspenseful music]
I mean, I don't know what else to do.
We put up posters and we went to the police.
Nothing's worked.
I don't know if I'm gonna find him, you guys.
Look, I just wanna find my uncle.
Why don't you post something on, like, YouTube,
or IG, or something?
He's on to something.
I got an idea.
-Come on. -All right.
Let's go, guys.
[Mikey] Are you sure about this?
I don't want pops to trip, man.
If it helps us find Eddie, he'll be happy.
-Yeah. -All right, let's do it.
All right.
[Scott] [clears throat]
My name is Scott Linbrook.
Just a few days ago, my father, Eddie Linbrook, went missing.
The six months before that, we endured a tragic survival
of a serial killer named Elizabeth Carter,
who made her way into my family,
and almost took our lives.
If you've seen her,
or you've seen my father,
please contact the local police department.
Thank you.
That was perfect.
Upload it.
All right, y'all, it's live.
It's done.
Good job.
Good job.
[Scott] Thanks.
[singer] I'mma just what you like
May want take a ride, yeah
Dang, sis, you're good in math.
Thank you. I tried.
[Chantel] Hey yo, momma's home!
She's alive.
Yeah, where you been?
Excuse me,
but I thought I was the parent here.
And why are you still here?
You were supposed to been gone.
Nope. Still here, baby girl.
Little girl, you better start minding your manners.
And from now on,
you're gonna call me Mrs. Riley.
Mrs. Riley is right,
'cause I ain't never gonna call you mom, all right?
You won't be around long enough.
I'm sorry?
Jared, where's your father?
He went out to the store,
but he'll be back soon though.
Did you do your homework?
All done. Tay helped me with it.
Your little sister helped you with your homework?
Yeah, it's math. I suck at math.
But she's always been good at it, so.
Kinda like a tutor.
You know you're mama's boy, right?
Mama's boy, yeah.
Oh, come on.
-Come here. -All right.
[indistinct chatter]
That little demon child.
Who the hell does she think she's talking to?
Hell no,
I gotta get rid of her, ASAP.
Who you talking to, babe?
I'm sorry, I'm just super-stressed out.
And when I'm stressed out,
I tend to talk to myself.
Can we talk?
Sure. What's up?
What you gonna do with Tamar?
What you mean what I'm gonna do about Tamar?
That's my daughter.
She has no place else to go,
so legally she has to stay with me.
Over my dead body. Hell, no!
[Eric] Chantel, don't be like that.
I know it's not the life you expected, but hell,
I didn't expect her mom to kick her out
and leave her here with us either,
but that's who we are.
Look, Chantel, I love you more than anything.
I hope you do love me the same,
enough to accept this and work through it with me.
But our family was so perfect.
Jared was just started to like me, babe.
It's like I can't ever catch a break.
We were doing so good,
just the three of us.
Me, you, and my Jason. That's it!
What? Who is Jason?
Look, Chantel, is there something you need to tell me?
See, because the other day, you called me Eddie,
now you're talking about some Jason?
Chantel, are you seeing somebody else?
No, baby, it's not like that.
Then who are these other guys?
Can you sit down, please?
Long story short or whatever,
I was once in love.
His name was Eddie.
We had a baby, baby boy.
That was Jason.
About 15 years ago,
they both died in, like, a really bad accident,
and they left me so alone and so depressed.
Babe, I'm so sorry to hear that.
I don't even know how I've been able to move on
since then, I'm being honest with you, babe.
I had no idea.
And I know it's been 15 years since it happened,
but I think about them every day,
like every day.
Look, baby, you're safe here, all right?
You and me now.
And I would never let anything happen to you.
You're never gonna leave me like my Eddie or my Jason?
I will never leave you.
Listen, I'm tired.
I'm stressed. And this is a lot at once.
We've only been married a week, Eric.
And I'm sorry, if I'm not gassed up about all of a sudden
having a teenage daughter pop up on us,
and now I gotta live with her!
No, baby, you're right. Look, I'm sorry.
This has been a bit much on all of us.
Look, this is what we do, look,
how about me and you go out?
Hmm? Just me and you.
We can just go out
and just leave the rest of the stuff behind us, right?
Just be free.
Just you and me.
Just think about us, all right, Eric?
I know that's your daughter,
but she's so damn rude and disrespectful.
-Look, I-- -She doesn't fit in this family.
And I don't want her rubbing off on mama's boy.
Listen. Not mama's boy, Eric.
-Listen. -Not my baby.
-No. -Not mama's boy.
I'll talk to her, okay?
Okay. No, for real, now.
-No, I'm gonna talk to her. -Okay.
So now what is it you wanna do?
I wanna go see this movie that just came out.
What movie that just came out?
Just make the arrangements and that's what we'll do, okay?
-Okay. -All right?
[Tamar] [clears throat]
So, I overheard y'all talking about going to the movies?
Can me and Jared go too?
-Come on now, listen-- -Little girl,
didn't you hear me and your father talking?
Why you gotta be so damn rude all the time?
Look, sweetheart, I wasn't talking to you, okay?
I swear you got one more time, little girl.
-One more time. -Or what? Hmm?
You'll go ahead and go run back to your little hotel?
Be my guest.
Listen here, Tamar.
If you're gonna stay here you have to respect Chantel
'cause she's the woman in this house.
And I'm not just gonna sit back
and just let you keep disrespecting.
-Now apologize-- -Fine.
--to my wife.
[Tamar] I'm Sorry.
Can we go now?
Yeah, you can, and your brother,
all three y'all can go as a matter of fact.
Whatchu mean?
-I ain't going. -What?
I can go back to a hotel or somewhere.
Come on, this is about me and you, baby.
All of this ain't for me.
That woman is a trip.
[train chugging]
[Zoey] Honey?
[Zoey] I'm home!
Zoey, what's wrong?
I never...
wanted it to be like this.
All I--all I ever wanted...
was a real family.
And I know I'll never have that,
-so now I wanna kill myself-- -Look...
--and I wanna take you with me.
No, no, no, no, no. You don't--you don't wanna--
you don't wanna do that, Zoey.
What are you doing with that razor, Zoey?
I keep this razor close
every time it's a full moon.
Zoey, it's not a-- it's not a full moon.
It's a crescent.
You can it's a full moon, Eddie.
Every time there's a full moon,
I think about what Frank did to me.
Sometimes I just wanna end it all.
Sometimes I just don't wanna wake up
from this nightmare we call life.
No, no, no.
Zoey, don't...
you got so much to live for.
You wouldn't wanna hurt me, would you, my love?
I would never hurt you.
Not my Eddie.
I don't trust Liz.
Hey, I don't trust Liz either.
Zoey, if you just untie me or unchain me
and me and you can...
we can leave Elizabeth here.
We can run away together.
We'll always have that
perfect family you always wanted.
Just me and you, Zoey,
happily ever after.
Oh, Eddie,
I promise...
this won't be forever.
If I was you...
I wouldn't go to sleep tonight.
[Zoey] I'm out here, Eddie.
Good morning, Eddie.
Thank you.
For what?
For taking the cuffs off my hands.
Look, I'm sorry about all this, Eddie,
but this will all be over very soon.
Sit down.
Have some coffee.
Enjoy the fresh air.
what do you mean by it'll all be over soon?
I'm tired, Eddie.
Tired of running.
Family, to family.
These voices in my head.
I just wanna be normal,
happy, like my mom and dad.
But I just wasn't dealt those cards, you know?
So what happened to you, Zoey?
Well...if we're gonna have a real talk,
you probably should meet the real me.
My name is Elizabeth Carter.
Zoey is who I wanted to be.
She was who I was when I was with you.
She made me feel normal.
But I am not normal, Eddie.
Yeah, I think I gathered that.
nice to finally meet you, Elizabeth Carter.
So why not just give up?
Turn yourself in, if you're tired of running?
Because I know what they do to people like me.
That's true.
Tell me...
who's Frank?
You have some time?
Let me check my watch.
Yeah. I don't think I'm going anywhere any time soon
so I'd say I got all day.
Frank was the first man to ever hurt me.
Baby! [cries]
My Jason was all...
I ever had that was good,
and Frank took him from me.
He was a child.
He was innocent.
He had to watch me be defiled
and treated like trash!
I'm so sorry, Elizabeth.
Nobody should ever have to deal
with such pain, trauma.
You know what's the worst part?
I knew Frank.
I trusted Frank.
Hey, what do you mean?
I was once with this man named Michael.
He was a crime boss.
He was a vicious man,
a married man.
He took Jason in at four years old.
He raised him like his own.
When Jason turned 15,
on his birthday, I found out I was pregnant.
When I told Michael about it, he had other plans.
But he told me I had to abort it.
If not, he will kill me.
And if he didn't kill me,
his wife would have killed us both.
I wanted to keep my baby, Eddie,
so I decided to run.
And I asked Frank for help.
Frank decided to come with us.
Eventually, from all the stress,
I lost my baby.
Frank stood with us until I got on my feet.
Then one day he decided to go for it
and hit on me.
Frank definitely wasn't the brightest crayon in the box.
He didn't take no lightly and--
Then he took advantage of you?
Yeah. He took advantage of me, but I guess it was my fault.
I should have never asked him for help.
No, no, no, no. Listen, it's not your fault.
It's never the woman's fault if you get taken advantage of.
I don't care how mixed crossed the signals are.
I can see why
Zoey is so in love with you.
I guess you're not such a bad man after all, huh?
Well, other than you being a serial killer,
you're not too bad yourself, Elizabeth Carter.
what do you say you take the rest of my chains off?
I guess not.
No, silly.
It's me, Zoey.
I thought so.
Oh, Eddie.
Oh, Zoey.
Wake up, y'all. Scott, you going viral, bro.
Mikey, turn it down like five notches, bro.
Why are you up so early?
Look at this.
What? [Scott] ...who made her way
into my family.
-If you see her-- -This is crazy.
This is genius.
What are you talking about?
Now that this video went viral,
everybody is gonna know what she looks like,
so she's not gonna be able to move around as freely.
-Exactly. -Yes.
That's true. It's working.
Oh, my God.
Bro, this video is going crazy.
It's already at 20,000 just today.
-Oh, my God. -Wait. How is this happening?
Well, let's just say I know the right hashtags
and I promoted the video.
So what, like a paid promo?
Mikey, where did you get the money?
Look, bro, don't worry about that.
Just know that the important thing is that it worked out
and this female killer is more popular than we thought, bro?
-Uh-hmm. -So y'all think
this is gonna help me find my dad?
What I do think is,
is that when Elizabeth sees this,
she's gonna come after you.
And when she does,
this time we'll be ready.
Tamar, what you doing out here?
Where's your father? Where's your brother?
Dad took Jared to football practice.
All right. Well, we need to talk anyway.
Look, wait,
I'm sorry for all the hell I put you through, okay?
It's just been hard with my mom kicking me out's just a lot to deal with, you know?
I guess that could be tough,
but that doesn't give you a reason
to be flipping out all the time.
You're right, Mrs. Riley. I'm sorry.
Tamar, are you okay?'re being hella nice.
Everything's all G, all right?
My pops just talked to me and told me
how I gotta be nice to you and all.
I mean, you're a little dope girl.
All right. Truce.
Come on.
Well, I'mma go inside and cook for my boys.
Can I get some too?
You want some of my cooking?
Yes, Mrs. Riley.
All right.
My name is Scott Linbrook.
Just a few days ago,
my father, Eddie Linbrook, went missing.
Just six months before that, we endured a tragic survival
of a serial killer named Elizabeth Carter,
who made her way into my family and almost took our lives.
If you see her
or you see my father,
please contact your local police department.
I gotcho little girl, Ms. Carter.
There you go. Okay.
Do not act like...
you did not notice
that evil child downstairs is acting weird.
She knows about us.
We've been down this road before.
Do you remember Chris?
What's your real name?
Okay. Look, just be honest with Kevin, okay?
He'll understand.
Thank you, Chris.
Don't mention it.
I just want a better life, Chris.
I'm sorry. I didn't... thank you, Chris.
Thank you for understanding.
[ominous music]
Or how about good ol' Vanessa?
Hey, Vanessa.
You look like you've seen a ghost.
Hey, Zoey.
I was just about to call you.
I decided to personally bring you my paperwork.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Oh, okay.
No, you didn't have to do that.
Eddie, I got some information on Zoey.
We get rid of anyone
who finds out about us.
[Scott sighs]
Yo. Yo. Yeah, it's me Tamar.
Yes, I'm the one who sent you the DM.
Yes, I'm positive it's her, okay?
And she's living in my house with my dad.
I have to call the cops.
Fine. Fine.
I'll wait till you guys get here.
The address is 5716
Floresta Avenue, okay?
But y'all better hurry up
or I'm calling 911, all right?
All right. Bye.
All right. Bye.
That was Tamar.
[Chantel] So who were you talking to?
[Tamar] Excuse me?
[gasps] Oh, hell no!
I like that.
Didn't I tell you,
you're supposed to respect your mother?
She said Elizabeth is staying at the house
-with her dad and her brother. -Oh, my God.
They found her?
You think it's really her?
There's only one way to find out.
You're not thinking of doing nothing stupid, are you?
We need to go to the police, bro.
He's right. No.
No cops this time.
She's too smart for them.
No, this time, it ends with us.
I don't know about this one, bro.
Yeah, I'm not...
I don't think this is smart.
Baby, I'm home.
[ominous music]
Hey, are y'all sure this is a good idea?
I mean, like what are we gonna do when we find her?
It's obvious this chick is like a superhero that won't die.
She already whooped your ass once, Scott.
Who's to say she ain't gonna do it again?
Mikey, not now.
Look, I'm just saying. She had y'all beat.
And if it wasn't for Jessica, you would've been a goner.
She knocked me out too.
[Scott] Okay, y'all for real.
It's no time for jokes.
Let's go over the plan.
I told Tamar to put a tracker on Liz.
Cool. Well, me and Jess will just wait
on your word to call the police.
Hopefully, she leads me to my dad.
If y'all don't hear from me in a certain time,
activate the tracker and alert Conner.
-Cool? -No.
What if it doesn't work?
What if she spots you?
I mean, it has to work.
If it doesn't, we all SOL.
I gotta get out of here.
Baby, can I go with you?
-Jess, it's too dangerous. -Babe.
It's safer if you stay with Mikey.
[dramatic music]
I ain't gonna lie.
You was a good dude.
So it is what it is.
And I ain't gonna hold you.
If it wasn't for your evil daughter,
you'd probably still be alive right now.
We probably would have been upstairs right now
doing it.
Hmm. I'm gonna miss that.
But I never get what I want.
It's always whatever!
Mama's boy,
you should've kept your sister in line.
Goodbye, boos.
[tense music]
Dad. Dad! Dad, please.
-Please wake up. -Hey, what happened?
Look, I told you Chantel was crazy.
[suspenseful music]
Hello? Yes, my house is on fire.
Elizabeth Carter just tried to kill us.
Yes. Okay. She's in a gray Hyundai.
She's leaving! Hurry!
It's okay.
Are you guys okay?
The fire is out, the house is safe,
and the family can go back inside.
I should've listened to you, Tay.
[Tamar] No, it's okay.
We made it out alive.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Hold on. Dad, I'mma be right back, okay?
Who's that?
He's a friend of mine.
But I promise I'll be right back.
-Hey. -Tamar?
Yeah. Wait, are you sure you wanna be doing this?
Without the cops too?
This chick is crazy. You know this.
-She tried to kill us. -Us too.
But obviously ain't none of us dead,
which means she's slipping.
All right.
[Scott] Did you do what I asked?
[Tamar] Yeah. Yeah.
I'm tracking her right now.
It's under Liz's Tracker in my phone, all right?
Check your phone. I'm sending it to you right now.
Turn on your Bluetooth.
All right. I just got it.
Listen, get this chick.
-I will. -[Tamar] Okay.
[suspenseful music]
-Dad, we did something stupid. -What?
We found where Elizabeth is and Scott went to follow her
and now he's not answering his phone.
-We don't even know where he is. -Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down, son.
What are you talking about?
[suspenseful music]
Jess! Jess, you scared me.
If you thought I was gonna let you come here by yourself,
you're out of your mind.
Bingo. Conner, we got something.
-What is it? -Okay.
We've narrowed it down to 12 cabins
in the Arrow Springs area.
Now, these cabins all have one thing in common.
This metro rail travels through all of them
and it's the closest woodsy area to Seal Springs City.
So we figured that this metro rail
is the only way that Elizabeth had access
back and forth
from the city to this place.
Narrow it down to one and we got a win.
I can't do anything with 12.
I need one cabin.
[Harrison] Agent Conner.
Mr. Linbrook, what's going on?
Tell her exactly what you told me, son.
-We know where Elizabeth is. -Wait. What do you mean?
Me, Scott, and Jessica planned
to catch Elizabeth and stop her.
Scott thought he could do it by himself.
So when this video went viral,
a girl named Tamar told us
that Elizabeth is living with her and her family.
Why would you withhold this information from us?
You realize you could be putting your cousin
-and your uncle in great danger? -I know. I know.
But the plan was that if I didn't hear back from Scott
by 8:00 PM, we go to the police.
[Nolan] You're not a superhero, son.
That's not a smart decision.
Where's Scott now?
He had a tracking tag on him.
And where's the location of the tracker?
Tamar. She's the one who set everything up for us.
Do you know where Tamar lives?
And what about Jessica?
She went with Scott. She didn't want him to go alone,
so she just hid in the back of his truck.
All right. Well, you did a good thing by coming to us.
I wish you would've came sooner but it's fine.
We're gonna get your family back safe.
-Let's go. Come on. -Agent Conner,
-we're coming with you. -Oh, no, Mr. Linbrook.
I need you to stay here. It's not safe.
You're gonna have to throw me under the jail
if you think I'm not going to get my brother.
All right. You can come.
Just stay back, let us do our jobs, please.
I'll be right there.
Let me call for backup.
[sirens blaring]
[Tamar] Hold up. Are y'all trying to arrest me
-for helping Scott? -No.
We just need help locating her tracking device.
Here. Any of y'all got your Bluetooth on?
-Yeah, I got it on. -Here.
I'll send it to you right now.
It should be under Crazy Lady's Tracker.
-Got it. -[Tamar] Look,
when y'all catch this chick,
make sure she get a triple life sentence
-for her crazy ass. -We got the location.
-It's one of the twelve. -All right. Let's move.
-[Eric] Let's go in the house. -Okay.
Jess, it's too dangerous. You shouldn't have come.
I don't want you to get hurt.
And I don't want you to get hurt.
So we gotta stick together and have each other's back,
-all right? -All right.
Look, I'll go around the back.
You watch the front.
This ain't no movie. We are not about to separate.
It's better if we go from two different points.
Just trust me.
All right.
[Scott] All right. Go. Go.
[dramatic music]
[Eddie] Scott.
Just when I was starting to trust you, Eddie,
you go and call Scott?
You know how much
I hate him, Eddie!
[Jessica] Scott!
Is that more company?
[Eddie] Wait.
[suspenseful music]
[Jessica screams]
[tense music]
[Jessica] Scott!
wake up.
Wake up, baby.
Oh, baby, you're okay?
Jess, where'd they go?
Where'd they go?
-[sirens blaring in distance] -Baby, you hear that?
[Scott] Jess.
You hear that?
-It worked. -Yes.
Jess, my plan worked.
Come on. Let's go find, Eddie.
Come on, baby. Get up.
Eddie, why?
-[Scott] Dad! -[Elizabeth] Oh, Eddie.
Freeze! Everybody, on your knees!
-Drop your weapon! -[Nolan] Drop your weapon!
-[Conner] Drop it! -[Nolan] Drop the weapon!
Arrest her.
Get those two to safety.
Not my Eddie.
Why my Eddie?
Elizabeth Carter, you are under arrest.
Anything you say or do will be held against you
-in a court of law. -[Elizabeth crying]
-Hey, wait, wait, wait. -Wait, wait, wait.
-Wait, wait! -That's my brother.
-Dad! -[Conner] Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
-Dad. -That's my...that's...
-now, listen. Listen. -[Scott] Dad!
-[Harrison] Eddie! -[Scott] Dad!
-[Harrison] Hey! -[Scott crying]
-Dad! -[Shumaker] Get in!
[radio chattering indistinctly]
[Harrison] Eddie!
-Dad! -Eddie.
[Scott] Dad.
[dramatic music]
-[Elizabeth sobbing] -How does that make you feel?
I can't believe he's gone.
I'm so sorry.
I loved Eddie so much.
Are you ready to talk now, Elizabeth?
[suspenseful music]
Let me take you back...
to the beginning...
when I became a stepmother.
I was once with this man named Michael.
He was a crime boss.
He was a vicious man,
a married man.
[Michael] My beautiful Elizabeth,
I found you.
[nurse] Sir?
You know you shouldn't be in here.
My name is Michael Esposito.
And I could assure you I could be anywhere I want.
[ominous music]