The Stolen (2017) Movie Script

Last night I dreamt
I could shoot like you.
That's why we're here.
It's a good skill
to have.
It's just so heavy.
They're making them
lighter now.
I'll get one for you.
Squeeze the trigger.
Just squeeze it,
I am.
You're going to have to
squeeze it harder.
But I'm squeezing it.
Ooh! Whoo!
I pulled the trigger
at least.
You're aiming for the tins.
You really need to be prepared
for life out here, darling.
I am prepared.
I pulled the trigger.
Oh, Betty.
I hate guns.
A nice sweet tea,
Yes, thank you.
Thank you. Betty!
When a lady perspires,
she uses her handkerchief.
Thank you, ma'am.
So, he says, "Why wasn't Jesus
born in New Zealand?"
And the other chap says,
"Because they couldn't find
three wise men and a virgin."
So, Charlotte,
how are you settling in?
She's doing superbly.
I know it'll take time.
It's a beautiful island,
but it's just...
- Oxfordshire, yes?
- But born in London.
Oh, dear, that place
would spoil anyone.
My wife knows how much
this farm means to me.
It's been a long time coming.
And a dream
come true.
Well, my husband
can talk me into anything.
You'll get used to it
soon enough.
Aye, move on, we did.
When I saw my first weta bug,
I thought it was a cat.
- What's a weta bug?
- -Not to mention the natives.
Who are not
as frightening
as they look.
No, but if they look like
the type that could eat you,
then more than likely, they are.
Oh, George, please.
Charlotte needn't worry.
I mean, look at her.
Not nearly enough meat
on her bones.
- And how far along are you?
- Uh...
Will the grounds be finished
before the baby's born?
That's the plan.
So, it will just be
the three of us.
No more farmhands.
Hello, you beautiful baby.
Could you please
just stay in there
for a wee while longer?
All nice and warm.
Until we get the roof on?
And then the house is all yours.
How about that?
Oh. Oh!
Whoo! David!
Oh! Oh, David!
-Oh! Oh.
Drop your gun!
Back over there!
David, don't!
just stay calm.
Please, move over there.
P-Please, don't hurt my son.
Back over there.
Arthur, darling.
Now, the safe.
We don't have a safe.
- All right,
just please...
Why are you doing this?
After I helped you.
Everything in it.
I gave you work
when you needed it.
That is everything.
A roof over your head.
Food from our stove!
Shut your mouth now.
Back to bed!
If either of you
leave this room,
your boy is for the worms.
Am I understood?
And you say he worked for you?
Why do you keep asking
the same questions?
This is madness.
My husband would
take in strays.
He always said he was
willing to help anyone
who would work
an honest day,
so yes.
He knew him.
They all knew him.
Will you find my son?
Well, it's a, uh...
It's a lot of land to cover,
Mrs. Lockton.
We'll do our best.
If my husband knew him, then
you must have known him too.
I've seen how you've befriended
each and every one of them
that came through.
Ma'am, I didn't.
I swear.
They were your friends.
I was only being welcoming like
Mr. Lockton would have wanted.
-Tell me who it was.
Look at me!
Tell me who it was!
I don't know who it was.
-I didn't seem 'im up close.
Then pack your bags! Now!
Ma'am, please!
Ma'am, it's been three months.
And we're sorry,
Mrs. Lockton.
We've looked
high and low.
We've combed
the entire district.
My advice...
is it's...
It's time to move on.
-Mrs. Lockton?
From the post office.
Rider, wait!
"Your son is alive and well.
Your son is alive."
"If you want to see him again,
place 500 pounds
in the Bank of New Zealand
by Friday next
to the account set up
in your husband's name.
Attempt to trace the money
or go to the police
and you will never see
your son again."
W-When was this
delivered to you?
Three days ago.
From where?
Pass me the envelope,
This was launched in Corktown.
South of here.
About half a days away.
How would I get there?
There's a train
from Little Hills.
But Corktown, Mrs. Lockton.
Will you be traveling alone?
As soon as I can.
Excuse me.
Where's the post office?
It's just there.
Can I help you, miss?
This was posted from here,
I believe.
I believe
it would have been, yes.
Did it originate here?
Not so sure about that, miss.
So it might have been shipped
from somewhere else?
May well have done
exactly that, yes.
No idea.
This town is
the end of the line.
The other side of those hills,
people are scattered
every which way
for days on end.
Sorry I couldn't be
of more help.
Where might I find
the Bank of New Zealand?
Well, you're looking at it.
I'm the closest thing you'll
find this far from Nelson.
You hold an account
in the name of Lockton.
Looks like I can
finally help you today.
Goldtown Hotel?
All those accounts
are held there?
Goldtown Hotel.
Diggers' money.
It's held at hotel
before it gets sent to bank.
Can I get there from here?
If you're willing to travel
for a week.
Maybe more.
Only way through is
that mountain, see?
Plenty of lunatics
heading over that way,
chasing their fortune.
Plenty heading back too.
They're starving to death,
they are.
But I can get over there,
from here?
Ask the Frulein.
She'll know when there's
a party heading out.
Across the street there.
No journey for a lady, miss.
If you don't mind
my saying so.
Give the women the vote.
Votes for women.
Take a flyer.
Votes for women.
Looks like we just picked
the wrong time to leave.
Don't mind me,
I'll see you later.
I'll even pay you extra
if you keep that
pretty little hat on.
No, I'm not going down
any lower.
No, no,
don't be cheeky.
Oi! Copping a feel
without paying?
Get off me.
I'm looking
for the Frulein.
Are you working?
Are you the Frulein?
No. Right.
Come on then.
No! You'll
have to wait.
Come along.
Come here, darling.
I don't bite.
I was told there
might be some gentlemen
heading to Goldtown.
There are
none of those here.
You're a digger?
Then only one other thing
you can be.
And if you are,
you and me need a deal.
No woman in Goldtown
makes money
without dealing with me.
I'm not a digger,
nor anything else.
I just want
to get to Goldtown
for my own reasons.
Ten pounds.
To get to Goldtown?
Ten pounds!
Tell Bully where you go.
Excuse me?
The Frulein says
you're heading to Goldtown.
In the morning.
Taking supplies.
Girls too.
-Well, I'd like to come along.
-Would you?
I've paid her to get there.
No, you haven't.
You paid Frulein...
to get to me.
So to get to Goldtown?
Can you do that?
Hmm? No.
Or even that?
Everything will be fine!
Everything will be fine!
No. I can't.
I can do this.
You know,
you shouldn't be flashing
your jewelry around like that.
Not in a place like this.
And, uh,
you've just been fleeced.
Not if you take me
to Goldtown.
You still coming?
That's what we discussed.
See any whores on your way out?
When you're ready,
get in that one.
Thank you.
Easier without this, miss.
Thank you, ladies.
I'll have a look.
Good luck!
One day, we're gonna vote.
Women are gonna vote
and two fingers to anyone
who tries to stop us.
You'll still be
a two-bit whore.
A two-bit whore with a vote,
though, eh?
Two weeks in that shitbox?
You really know how to make
a girl feel special.
So you're a dancer?
She look like
a bloody dancer?
Never turned a trick
neither, I bet.
What's your name?
That's a pretty name.
I'm Heather.
That's Flamenco.
Well, we call her Flamenco.
What's your real name again?
Maria Theresa
Angelica Evita Pasimos.
What are you doing here?
There's plenty of people
who need Goldtown's money
more than the likes of you.
What would you know
about the likes of me?
You're a snotty bitch,
that much I do know.
That's Honey.
What do you think you're doing?
Those are mine.
I asked you
what do you think you're doing?
Those are my shoes.
Looks to me like
you've got plenty.
You have no right to steal.
So take them back.
Go ahead.
Take them off me.
It's a matching set.
If you're feeling generous,
I'll take the petticoat.
Give me back--
Where's my...
You stole my money!
First night.
She stole my money.
I take her shoes.
-My shoes and my money.
-Is it in there?
No, but she's wearing my shoes,
so she must have taken my money.
Someone else
must have taken it then.
Aye, so, uh,
now you're accusing
the rest of us, eh?
No, but all the money
I had in that bag is gone.
Oh, would that be the stash
that you were flashing around
last night?
Like it was everyone else's
but your own?
You stayed the night
at Madame Frulein's.
The moment
you closed your eyes,
you waved good-bye
to everything you own.
Just be thankful
we're going to Goldtown,
You wouldn't believe
what some will pay
to see you flash your titties.
We should bury him.
Waste of time.
Birds gotta eat,
same as worms.
We're moving on.
Shoot it.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Let's make this easy,
eh, fellas?
All we want is the food.
And the whiskey.
Maybe these lasses for the ride.
And we'll be on our way.
-It's not gonna happen, pal.
-Then you've just come
to the end of the line, pal!
It's all right.
You might want to look away.
You've got the wrong leg!
Oh! Ah!
And then what
at the end?
It's finished!
We'll practice, okay?
Come on,
Let your hair down
for once in your life.
You're alive.
You mind?
I would like that.
There must be
something special...
in Goldtown.
For a lady like you
to do something like this.
My son. He was stolen by
the man who killed my husband.
And you think
he's in Goldtown?
You know who he is?
The man?
If you start knocking on doors,
you see, word will spread fast.
So you need
to move faster.
Do you live there
in Goldtown?
We work for the boss,
but we're not diggers.
So, say you find this boy.
I will find my son.
Then what?
I was gonna pay him.
The man.
You think it would
be that simple
after he killed your husband?
Well, it'll be 10 times
less simple without money.
I don't know.
I will steal him back.
You got a gun?
Do you even know
how to shoot it?
In the name of the wee man.
Well, we're still
a week away.
We'll have to do
something about that.
Thank you.
Don't thank me.
Not till the boy's
back in your arms.
And for what it's worth,
what you just told me there...
you shouldn't have told me
any of that.
Not a single word.
In case you don't know
who I am.
Yes, I do.
You saved my life.
Even someone who saves
your life, princess.
You don't tell them stuff
like that, okay?
I'd make some friends.
Christ, eh? You're gonna
need them where we're going.
We're a man down. We gotta
know you can defend yourselves.
You can act fast.
He's not gonna stand there
waiting for you to aim,
so shoot your bloody guns.
Well, at least
one of you will live.
You're thinking too much.
Come on. Again.
I'm gonna count to ten.
One, two, three...
When you gotta shoot, shoot.
Don't think.
Reload. Again.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Come on.
Come on!
Come on! Come on.
Step off!
Come on.
Let's get a move on.
It's not the river.
It's the wagon.
Matai, Klaus,
unhitch the wagon.
Everyone out.
Because we're stopping here.
Move your asses.
Come on.
Don't tell me
there ain't an easier way
to get to Goldtown than this.
It's the axle, boss.
We'll figure it out.
It's busted.
we'll figure it out.
What's that on her neck?
It's a tattoo.
A tattoo of what?
She spent
six years as a maid.
But being told what to do
her whole life
sent her spitting
in the master's food.
And a lot else besides.
Locked up for three years.
Was Flamenco in prison too?
Shipwreck or some such.
She survived,
but her family didn't.
Pretty girl
like that though.
She can make her way.
If she can stomach
what it takes.
And you?
All right, pull!
Got it?
Just get it in there.
Hold on, one second.
Come on! Faster!
Put your back in it, man!
That's it!
Hey! Hey!
The axle.
It's pinning him down.
He was stuck on the axle.
Lift it! Lift that pole!
Lift it up!
Get it off him!
Come on!
Get him off the axle!
One, two, three!
Go! Pull!
Please, God.
Get him up!
Come on!
Come on!
Get this stuff off!
Hurry up, hurry up!
Help him, please!
Lift! Lift him!
Ain't you ever lifted, boy?
Come on!
Get it off! Come on!
Clear that stuff!
Come on! Come on!
Come on, man!
Two, three, go!
Come on!
Come on, man!
We get the wagon loaded
with whatever we can manage,
and we move on.
We're never gonna make it.
So what are you suggesting
we do instead, sweetheart?
Turn back.
Get home alive, at least.
You saying I can't get us there?
Are you saying you can?
Turn back.
I'll bury you
on the way back.
I need to get to Goldtown.
There's no point
in arriving dead.
I'll show you dead,
You want to see dead?
I'll give you dead!
Hunter! Hunter!
Leave her be.
All right.
We make the wagon good.
We move on,
and we camp by dark.
See, here's the thing.
You don't look like a whore.
You don't smell like a whore.
I wonder what you do
do like a whore.
Hola, guapo.
Thought I your seorita.
Vamos, mi amor.
Thank you.
Honey told me
you lost your family.
I lost mine too.
No talk of family.
They're here, boys!
The girls are here!
Hello, lads!
What you got there?
I'll take it all.
My cases are in there, love.
How are we?
Nice to see you all.
Have you had a bath?
Oh, then you might
need another one!
They're here!
The lasses are here!
Well, ladies, ladies, ladies.
Welcome, welcome.
Well, well, well.
What a divine selection.
I'm Bertie Russell.
At your attendance.
I trust your journey
treated you well?
No. It was shit.
Oh, well, uh...
Let's hope that your stay
with us proves to be
just the opposite.
Delightful, in fact.
And fruitful to us all.
Uh, Mr. McCullen
has a meeting
at West Port,
so it's my honorable duty
to escort you to...
well, your boudoirs.
Ah, an English rose.
I like it.
You're gonna go down a treat.
All right, gentlemen.
Give the ladies time
to freshen up,
and after that, you can
throw all your money
and yourselves at them.
Soon all this will be out
of here, and we'll have
more rooms for more girlies.
This is just the beginning.
Look at that stage, ladies.
Drapes will make it nice.
A touch of class.
Now where's
the English rose?
Ah, there you are.
She was just the sort
Of creature, boys
That nature did intend
To walk around the world
Me boys
Without the Grecian Bend
And did she wear a chignon
I'll have you all to know
That I met her in the garden
Where the pretties grow
I'll be doing the negotiating
on your behalf.
Make sure you're well kept,
safe and well fed.
And all for a mere
35 percent of your takings.
Are you the boss?
Mr. McCullen is the boss.
Then it's Mr. McCullen
we work for.
As do I.
It's his 35 percent,
not mine.
Twenty percent or I glue
my bloomers to my ass.
Well, perhaps we could come
to some kind of
quid pro quo arrangement.
Just show us the rooms,
you dirty little bastard.
It's good to have a friend
sometimes, you know.
Aye, it depends on the friend.
Onwards and upwards.
This is just like the big house.
How many bloody stairs?
Here's where you'll be
providing your fleshy pleasures.
And over here,
yet another little love grotto
from which to sing
your siren songs.
And over here,
we have the grand suite.
And the last
but not the least,
the not so grand suite.
Very funny.
Hey, what happened
to the dresses?
We were promised good dresses.
If Mr. McCullen gave his word,
he'll keep his word.
Right. I'm gonna leave
you lovely ladies to make
yourselves even lovelier.
You won't be shy
of work tonight.
That's for certain.
Oh, shit.
Won't be making anything
looking like this.
They never leave you,
do they?
She was three.
Both the drink and the ladies
await your unbridled
Well, it appears there are some
things more desirable than gold.
So pleased to meet you all.
Ooh, buy us some drinks.
Buy me a drink?
Another one.
I'm so excited!
Thank you.
Oh, thank you.
So who's going to help me?
Oh, sorry.
Are you for sale?
-But why?
Stop it!
Give you good money.
Stay with me.
-Are you leaving?
-Job is done, miss.
I wanted to say thank you.
You be safe, now.
Are you leaving too?
This is not my home.
I never asked your name.
How often do you come
to Goldtown, Matai?
When somebody needs
to get over the mountain.
And say somebody did.
Already you don't like it?
It's not my home either.
I was never
planning on staying.
I'll need help leaving.
I can return.
I don't know
how long I'll need.
Are you in trouble,
Miss Charlotte?
I can be back in three days.
Three days. Yes.
Thank you, three days.
- Give reason
I no pull trigger.
I'm sorry. I heard crying,
and I thought the baby was sick.
No sick.
I'm sorry.
- Are there any other families
You go now.
You no come again.
Who took that portrait?
Who took that picture?
- I say go!
- I have the same picture.
I'm going!
I'm going!
Oh, there you are.
I thought you might be upstairs,
earning yourself some money.
A lot of the fellas
want a taste of your wares,
walk with me.
If you want a bed,
a nice roof over your head,
lovely fires
to keep you warm,
then you do what
the other girlies are doing
that you rode in with.
Either up there on the stage
or flat on your back.
Because it's either that,
or you're out the door,
and you don't come back.
That's how it works.
Show's in an hour.
Oh, did you
see their faces?
They look loaded.
Very nice.
Is there a dress
I can wear?
Go on, girls.
Oh, keep it comin'.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
-Marry me!
-Which one of us?
Any of you! All of you!
Oh, Mr. McCullen.
We weren't expecting
you back tonight.
How was your day?
Good, Bertie.
Thank you.
So, uh, all this is yours,
the hotel? You got a wife?
Mr. McCullen
prefers his toffees with
the wrappers untouched.
But a horse is a damn sight
easier to ride
if it's been broken in.
What about Bully?
He didn't make it.
The gorge.
We lost some supplies too.
We lost too many lives
in that pass.
We'll say prayers
for him Sunday.
I'll send the Jameson brothers
for the supplies in the morning.
I think
these ladies need a drink.
What do you cost me?
-You don't
like my money?
-That's not what I said.
-You don't like me?
-Actually, I do quite like you.
-My money's good, Bertie!
-I know that, Freckles.
But you heard the lady.
What the hell
kind of a place is this?
I've got good money
to spend here
for Christ's sakes!
That's the last help
you'll get from me.
From now on,
you'll fight them off
Here. On the house.
Help you to relax.
Maybe loosen you up a little.
I don't think so.
Dangerous out there,
Mr. McCullen doesn't like
his ladies getting into trouble,
losing their looks now.
Wouldn't mind us
getting a bit of fresh air,
now, would he?
Got a window in my room.
All the fresh air you need,
That's the kind of name
you just wanna...
wrap your mouth around,
now, isn't it?
First honest days' work
you've ever done
in your life, eh, princess?
So what's he up to,
this McCullen?
That's "Mr. McCullen"
to you.
And what he's up to is
making a life for himself
after all he's been through.
Losing his wife
and his child,
and all that he had.
Some folk would simply
fall to pieces.
Others stand up.
They look to their future.
That's what
your man's done.
He's got some big plans
for Goldtown.
Some grand old plans.
It's time for work.
Get those
fucking chairs down.
Right, gentlemen.
The house is open.
One pound
for the English rose
over there,
just sitting there
doing nothing
the whole time.
One pound for a dance.
Yes, well, fair's fair.
After all, business is business.
Two pounds.
Two pounds.
Any advance on two pounds?
Come on, Bertie.
Three pounds.
Three pounds!
Four pounds, Bertie.
I believe we have a winner.
Oh, come on then, love.
I'm the luckiest bastard
in the room!
make it a fast one, boys!
Don't do that!
I'm flushed today, love.
I can pay extra!
That's enough.
It's just
a misunderstanding.
give the man a refund.
Will you play a slow one?
You from England?
Are you from
the North?
The North?
Yes, I am.
And proud.
Do you have family there?
I'm an only child.
So what brought you here?
To Goldtown?
No, to the island.
My husband.
He was killed.
We try to make
a life for ourselves,
but it's hard.
Happiness finds a way, though.
I pray for it every night,
Mr. McCullen.
Can I show you something?
Marry me.
I've got good diggings.
Just ask Bertie.
I'll give you six sons.
You won't find
more decent than me.
Have you got a ring?
Come back
when you've got a ring.
That's Goldtown.
It's beautiful.
It's what I want home
to look like in a year.
Very ambitious.
But these men have left
their families behind.
endured great hardship
to be masters
of their own destiny.
The least I can do
is provide them
with what they need.
They can make a life.
Better than anywhere else.
Yeah, I suppose
that does make me ambitious,
doesn't it?
Endured great hardship.
I don't think I ever understood
the meaning of those words.
What did you expect?
I don't know.
I expected everything
to be perfect.
When we went up to bed
Hey, ding doorum
When we went up to bed
Me being daft
When we went to bed
He lay like he was dead
Maids, when you're young
Never wed an old man
For he's got no faloorum
Fadidle eye-oorum
He's got no faloorum
Fadidle all day
He's got no faloorum
He's lost his ding doorum
Maids, when you're young
Never wed an old man
For he's got no faloorum
Fadidle eye-oorum
He's got no faloorum
Fadidle all day
He's got no faloorum
He's lost his ding doorum
Maids, when you're young
Never wed an old man
English Rose
has got Freckles!
Go, Freckles!
You fellas are gonna be
so jealous of me.
So jealous.
You fellas gonna be
so jealous.
There you go.
Good boy.
Yeah, well...
Lie with me.
Don't pretend
you know
what you're doing.
You're the best
of any damn whore
I ever laid eyes on.
Thank you.
There we go. Shh.
Guys are gonna be so jealous.
I know you said
I'm not welcome.
-I know you said
to not come back.
-I say no come back!
I have
the same photograph.
This is my son!
He's here in Goldtown.
It's the same photograph.
The same as yours.
This is my baby. See, here.
You have the same photograph.
She says the tree people.
Yes, tree people.
Three people.
A woman beyond tree people.
Where's the tree people?
The woman with baby.
I saw him.
Bush. Tree people.
Yes. Yes.
Baby, through bush.
Through the bush.
Um, I'm looking
for a woman with a baby.
Um, do you speak English?
Um, excuse me.
Do you speak English?
-Ah, morning! Morning!
You buy.
Ah, yes, yes.
Ah. You buy.
No, no.
Um, I'm looking for a woman
with this baby.
A woman with...
You... You buy.
No! I need to find
a woman with a baby.
I need to find the woman
with this--
You buy.
Go up.
Woman and baby.
They go.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Oh, child. Arthur.
Hey! Hey!
No! Arrt!
He's mine!
The mother is dead!
He's my son.
That'll do now,
You give that little one
back now.
You want to do this
the hard way?
Why did you take my baby?
Why did you take my baby?
You done good, Chiney.
Come here.
Joshua. Um...
Hunter has my son.
There's a lady.
Needs more milk.
You have absolutely no idea
who I am, do you?
Mrs. Lockton.
I had a dream
just like your husband.
I came to this country
with a promise
from my government
that the land was as ripe
as the opportunity.
Everything I had,
I lost.
Just a lucky few,
likes of your husband,
Thinking he was doing
the likes of me a favor.
I made
my own opportunity.
Now that requires
still does.
So I'll be needing
your generosity
a while yet.
You killed my husband.
He'd have done
the same.
He almost did.
You took my son.
He's such a sweet boy,
Knows his own mind
You'll see.
I said...
Needs more milk.
You can have Oxfordshire.
And all the land
and the house.
I know I can.
Thank you.
You and your son
could be safe here.
I just want my son.
And that's
what I'm saying.
You understand.
That is what I'm saying.
Just obey the rules.
You can go now.
What in God's name
are you doing?
Why would you do this?
I don't understand.
Don't you love him?
Of course I do.
I would die
for my son.
And so you might.
Why won't you let me
see my son?
This isn't good
for business, darling.
Not good at all.
He's a bad man.
There's a lot of people
who owe their lives
to Mr. McCullen.
Why won't any of you
let me see my son?
I know nothing
about the lad.
why don't you just
be a good girlie?
Mind your mouth,
and get back to your work.
I need your help.
McCullen has my son.
He killed my husband,
and he has my son.
I'm not loco,
Maria Theresa.
He has my son.
Well, I ain't seen
no kid around here.
He's here
in this hotel.
He's in the room in the corner,
but McCullen's watching me
all the time
so I can't move!
he knows.
can you help me?
Can you help, please?
Can you help me?
Can you help me get the key?
The key to what?
The key to the rooms.
You're in there all the time
with the diggers.
You can help me get to him.
-And then what would you do?
-I take my son, and I go.
Yeah, but we stay here.
- If what you say is right...
I am right.
Then they'll know soon enough
that you needed help.
And it won't be
long before they work out
who helped you.
We live here now,
We found ourselves
new stories here.
Please, please.
Let's to bed, Fred!
I like your hair down.
When I lost my family, I...
I cursed the heavens.
When I took your son,
I cursed myself.
But then I saw you.
You'd come for him.
To me.
You're too beautiful
for makeup.
We all want another's
heartbeat against our own.
Uh, gentlemen, gentlemen.
We have a very special treat.
Flamenco and I
have prepared something
very special for you.
I always knew
you were gonna
be trouble.
Jesus Christ.
Put these on.
You just don't listen,
do you?
You gonna die!
Die, bitch.
I'm gonna kill you!
Gonna kill you!
Oh, you're dead, bitch!
You can't outrun me!
Shut up
or you're next!
Where are you, girl?
What are you looking at?
I'm gonna find you.
Think I can't find you?
You can outrun me?
Where are you gonna run to, huh?
All the way back to England?
I can smell you!
You think about what's gonna
happen to that little one
when you die?
That's the last thought
that's gonna go
through your head, sweetheart.
Do you have family?
I was fishing.
They came from the North,
and they killed
the whole village.
The English?
Maori with muskets.
Where will you go?
I don't know.
It's not really your world,
is it, Charlotte?
What was it you said?
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
You expect everything
to be perfect.
Well, that's the thing,
isn't it?
It's not.
You need protecting
in this world.
David knew that.
So do I.
Come on.
Put my son down.
Aw, come on,
Put... him... down.
Come on, look.
He's happy in my arms.
Can't you see?
When you came to me...
you don't... you don't think
that was destiny?
Put him down.
All right.
Tell you what.
I'm gonna count to three.
Put it down.
Life goes on.
Drop the gun.
I mean it.
Oh, Charlotte.
Thank you.
Can't see you in the dark
Tryin' to find your light
Can move through the dust
Getting lost in the night
Storm may come
And the rain fall
Fire and pain go hand in hand
What more?
The sun will rise
And I may fall
The earth will shake
But I will not be moved
Don't you worry
I'm running, I'm searching
I'm trying to find you
Hold you
I need you
Won't give up
Till I can't breathe
No longer
I believe
I can't stop, won't stop
'Cause I'm gonna find you
I'll find you
I'm gonna find you
No, I can't give up
'Cause I'm gonna find you
I can't feel you anymore
Can't hear
Through all the noise
I'm waiting for your call
I'm searching for your voice
The storm may come
And the rain will fall
Fire and pain go hand in hand
What more?
The sun will rise
And I may fall
The earth will shake
But I will not be moved
Don't you worry
I'm running, I'm searching
I'm trying to find you
To hold you
I need you
Won't give up
Till I can't breathe
No longer
I believe
And I can't stop, won't stop
'Cause I'm gonna find you
I'll find you
I'm gonna find you
No, I can't give up
I'm gonna find you
Come closer
Come nearer
And I'm stronger
I'm better
I'm comin'
I'm running
I'm tryin'
I'm here now