The Stolen Valley (2022) Movie Script

- Buenas tardes.
- Buenas tardes.
- Hola, Lupe!
- Hola, Maria!
Just oil change and coolant.
Yes, sir.
Loose arms, Maria.
And then arch your back more.
You must dance with spirit.
When my mom taught me Flamenco,
she would say,
If you wanna dance on stage,
you gotta move
like you belong there.
My papa says
I can't learn Flamenco,
he says it's un-Mexican of me.
Well, my mama says that
when our culture stops growing,
it starts dying.
What do you say?
I say mi mama is always right.
Sir, it looks like
the expansion valve is clogg,
so I'm just gonna take it out
and clean it.
It might help the AC.
So do you?
Dance with spirit?
Well, mi mama and I
are saving every dollar.
And someday
we will finally have enough
to buy our own little sanctuary.
A home.
And there,
I will dance with spirit.
Five quarts of 10W-30,
a filter change,
and topped the coolant off
for him.
- Something wrong with the AC?
- Nope.
Just needed the coolant.
- Here's 60.
- Thank you.
The girl does really good work.
You would be smart to
treat her well, eh?
This is for you.
- Gracias.
- No hay de qu.
Hand it over, Lupe.
How would the other mechanics
feel if they knew you're
taking tips?
But I'm the only mechanic.
Well, how would I feel?
Or do you not really care
about that?
Clean the place up
before you close, alright?
Hey, uh, can you, uh, point me
to the rodayo?
Hola, Tio.
Hi, Tia.
- Lupe!
- Hey!
- Sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry!
- Come on!
No, Ma.
Yeah, s come on, maybe tonight.
We're working, Ma!
Uh, yeah. Right?
Ladies and gentlemen,
happy 4th of July weekend.
Welcome to the Cedar City Rodeo.
you're gonna see it all!
Barrel racin', steer wrestlin',
team ropin',
and the finest
rock and roll riding
in the state.
Alright, enjoy the meal.
- Have a nice meal.
- Thank you.
It's hard to remember a language
no one speaks, Ma.
that's why we must remember.
- Hi, how are you?
- Good.
Do you have any queso?
Last up for bronc riders,
Maddy Monroe will ride Inferno!
Hey, second place
still gets you paid, alright?
Just six seconds
and you're done.
Nope, gotta be eight.
Don't be stupid.
You want to go home tonight?
I ain't got a home.
So, it'll be eight.
Loose arms, Maddy.
Oh, not enough for first place,
but she'll still take home some
of that prize money.
Let's hear it for Maddy Monroe!
Damn it.
Gotta get off my feet.
Can you do me a favor
and take the payment over to
Mr. Collins, okay?
Hey, uh, this ain't
what we agreed to.
Loser shares the purse?
You're right,
it's more than generous.
Now keep movin'.
You promised travel expenses.
Where am I supposed to stay?
You're nothing
but a pretty warm-up act
for the real bull riders, okay?
Collins, I need that money.
And you lost.
So we'll talk expenses
next time.
Now leave.
- No!
- It's my turn.
- Stop.
- You stop!
- It's my turn.
- No, it's my turn.
It's my turn, give it back!
- It's my turn!
- It's my turn!
No, its my turn.
Ma, you feel okay?
Yeah, I just need
a good night's sleep.
How'd everything
with Mr. Collins go?
It was good.
He looked handsome tonight.
Ew, Ma! Hes awful!
Hes better than Hank.
- Oh!
- Ma!
Listen, you can't live
with me forever.
And the same goes to you,
Oh, trust me,
if I could be anywhere else,
I would be.
Yeah, if you could find a place
with free electricity,
free water, and free tamales.
Lupe makes the tamales.
And they are delicious!
And she watches your children.
And they're a joy.
Give it to me!
Hey, hey!
Dame el juguete!
When we have enough,
trust me, we'll leave.
I know, Ma, I know.
Hey, Lupe.
Time to get to bed, mija.
Mama! Mama!
Oh my God!
Qu pas?
Tio, Tio, no s qu pas.
Marco, Juanita, stay in the car.
Let her breathe,
let her breathe.
Mama, please wake up,
please wake up.
Call 911!
She's stable now,
but she's going to be
in and out of the coma.
This is very advanced,
and at this stage,
there's nothing we can do.
There is
an experimental treatment
available in Flagstaff,
but the success rate is low.
It's not covered by insurance,
and I know recent trials were
near $50,000.
If that's not an option,
we'll send her home
to be with family.
We have to tell her.
It's not our story to tell.
She could die if we don't.
She could die anyways.
Wouldn't you wanna know?
I can't.
Guadalupe, you can.
Try it.
Ah, s, s!
You would learn it faster
than your English
if you would just try.
But, Mama, I can't.
Oh, okay, alright.
When our people moved
to the reservation,
there were some elders
who wanted a different life,
on land they could truly own.
So a few Navajo families
did the unthinkable.
They left the reservation.
And after miles of walking
through the hot sun,
they found their new home
by a treasured spring
on a hidden hill
in the heart of Alta Valley.
Ah, s yes.
And he fell in love
with a young girl,
and he bought the land,
and he gave it to the tribe.
And I loved him dearly.
And I had you in my tummy.
But there was a fire that raged
through our home.
Papa was killed.
So I did the unthinkable,
and I left.
And I walked across the desert.
And I found us a new home.
where I could raise you.
And we'll dance together
every night.
What else would there be to do?
Good night, my angel.
Is she okay?
Lupe, come with me.
20 years ago,
when I first met Adamina,
she was runnin' from someone.
A cowboy from Alta Valley.
Your father.
That's... that's impossible.
He... he died in a fire.
That's why she left.
There was a photo.
There's a reason
that photo was lost.
That photo's over 50 years old.
That is your mother's father,
Not yours.
Why are you telling me this?
I did some diggin'.
Your father is alive.
He owns Alta Valley.
And it's worth a fortune.
I... I can't.
I... I... I can't.
I can't just show up
at his front doorstep
and ask him to pay
for all of this.
I... no, I... I can't.
I'm sorry, Lupe.
But this is the only way
to save her.
The bus will be here soon.
It's just a couple hours
to Alta Valley.
Bye, Tio.
Lupe, there's one more thing
you need to do.
You lost, Miss?
Hi. No.
Um, I'm here to sell...
Well, trade jewelry.
It's my mother's.
It's expensive Navajo jewelry.
if you promise not to shoot me,
I'll give you a fair trade
in this store.
Thank you, sir.
I'll be with you in a minute.
Don't bother.
I'm here for Antonio.
Yeah, head on back.
What are you lookin' for today?
That's all of it.
Anythin' else you want to say,
Maddy Monroe?
Buenos Dias, and Hasta Luego.
You got a lot of nerve walking
in here without an apology.
Without any type of remorse.
My cousin spent the night
in jail
while you walked away free.
And that, Maddy,
doesn't make me happy.
Oh, I'm sorry.
But your boys,
they were askin' for it.
You're not sorry.
Not yet, Maddy.
What was that?
Probably some ammo bein' tested.
How about this little guy here?
No one screws with my family.
Do you understand me?
10 G's, even.
Thank you
for bringin' back my money.
But you crossed the line.
So now you're gonna do it again.
10,000 more in three days.
Have I made myself clear?
Can I at least have my gun?
You're in no position
to negotiate.
Can we negotiate now?
You shouldn't have done that,
Get that out.
Drop the price on my head
or I'll blow his all over
the floor.
If you were a killer,
he'd be dead already.
I'm leavin' town.
No one follows me, Antonio!
You can't skip this, Maddy.
I can find anyone.
Of course,
if you do need to shoot,
just release that safety,
pull back hard on that trigger.
Shoot her, girl! Shoot her!
Well, aren't you adorable.
Boys, that Mexicans in on it!
It's time to run, girl.
Come on!
Get em, damn it!
Get in if you wanna live!
Who were those men?
The most dangerous man
in Cedar's after us,
and we just shot up his pawn.
Well, I didn't shoot anybody.
That's not how
they're gonna see it.
Unless you got 10,000,
uh, shit, probably now $20,000,
they won't stop
till they kill us both.
My God, do you think
they're gonna call the police?
No, he'll handle this himself.
Trust me, that's worse.
A biker bar.
Wait, what are we doing here?
Ah, I'm gonna steal me
a new ride.
Well, you can do
whatever the hell you want.
Shit, shit, shit!
What are you doing?
Here, take it.
I don't wanna shoot them!
Well, they don't exactly
share your morals!
Well, I'm not gonna do it.
The only way out of this
is to go out guns blazing,
you understand?
There has to be another way...
You wanna survive,
you learn to help
your own good self.
Maddy, put the gun down!
We ain't
in Little Mexico anymore, chica.
Go, go, go!
Well, I'll be damned.
Shit, Taco Tuesday.
They're inside.
Who the hell are you two?
I'll tell you who the hell I am.
We're in the show!
- What?
- What?
We're in the show.
Listen, I'm the one
who puts together
the list of the show,
and you two aren't in it.
I'll tell you what I can do...
My name is Lupe, and my friend
was a last minute add,
and... and we're...
Were with Las Seritas.
No, no, no!
I ain't stupid as I look.
You two get the hell
out of here.
- Hola, amiga!
- Amiga.
Who in the Sam Hill
is it this time?
Please these men
have been following us.
You know how boys are.
They don't know
how to take a hint.
Ah. I know how boys are.
- Get out of here!
- Alright!
You go around front like
everybody else!
This ain't no goddamn peep show.
Alright, Las Seoritas.
You're up.
Okay, muchas gracias!
Muy bien, muy bien!
Well, I think we can all agree
that tonight
has been extra especial.
You suck, Bill.
Thank you, Deb.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Is this a flamenco?
Well, it's more like folklico,
but trust me,
the audience
doesn't know the difference.
As I was sayin', our final act...
Get off the stage, Bill!
Is a real treat.
Hey, get dressed!
I am not climbin'
in a damn frilly skirt.
- Well, do you wanna live?
- Not in this!
- Are you kidding me right now?
- I'm not kidding you!
Well, I swear to...
So let's give a warm
Cedar City welcome
to Las Seoritas!
There she is.
Gotta get on!
Hey, you two sit the hell down!
What are we doin'?
Just follow my lead.
Follow your lead?
Alright, buckaroos,
here's how it works.
Miss a step, adis, muchacho.
Right, turn.
Oh, don't... don't mess up now.
He messed up!
They're out!
First one's out!
Only two left now.
Where y'all from?
Cedar City!
Cedar City!
By God, y'all,
we got a hometown crew
on our hands!
Hey, listen to me.
That girl over there,
she doesn't belong here.
No, you listen to me, muchacho!
That's my stage, and I know
who the hell belongs on it.
Sit your ass down.
Oh my God!
The Cedar City girls
have done it!
- Let's hear it for em, y'all!
- Come on!
Hey now!
Cedar City for the win!
Come on, everybody.
Bring it on home, girl!
Can we shoot our way out now?
Just back away slowly
and cut the lights.
What? When?
You'll know when.
Alright, folks, that's it!
Have a happy 4th of July.
Come back tomorrow.
Oh, wait!
Looks like we have ourselves
a solo performance, everybody.
Come on, one more time!
Holy shit!
Let's hear it! Come on!
Ooh, yeah!
God damn!
Cedar City!
What did we just see?
Everybody, hold on
a goddamn second!
Phew! Who wants a margarita?
Start the truck.
Let's go, come on!
She's blown out the tires!
Holy shit, that was something!
You are a terrible dancer!
Okay, well, excuse me.
I didn't know I was ridin'
with el maestro here.
La maestra!
Okay, yeah, whatever.
Where'd you learn
to move like that?
My mother.
Oh, damn, that was fast.
Listen, if it's money you want,
um, I've got
some Navajo turquoise,
and they're about like 200 each.
I'll give you one if you just
promise me we're gonna go
straight to Alta Valley,
meet my father, and ask him
for money.
And your dad lives there?
What makes you think
he's so rich?
He owns Alta Valley.
Let's make it the three pieces,
up front,
plus ten grand
when we get there,
and you got yourself a deal.
It ain't gonna be no problem.
Oh, relax.
I ain't goin' nowhere.
Besides, I'm just as guilty
as you are.
I am nothing like you.
Oh, okay.
I don't even know your name.
You can call me Inferno.
You're crazy.
Close. I'm Maddy.
We're a few miles
out of Alta Valley now.
You're drivin'
like you shot somebody.
What do you need this money
so bad for, anyway?
Lupe? Whoa!
I don't wanna talk about it.
Ah, you owe somebody some money.
Some dinero.
Something like that.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
People do crazy shit when
they're desperate.
That's how this whole
damn country got started.
Desperate people
doing crazy shit.
It's just medical bills.
That's all.
Oh, medical.
That's all.
Yeah. Alright.
Yeah, I get that.
You need some vitamin A?
A little Mary J?
- Lucy Mae?
- What?
No, mamacita.
You're in deep.
You don't need a fortune
for a sinus infection.
I mean, hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
I've seen my fair share
of stuff.
I know how it is, you know?
Girls gotta get by.
I got regrets. You got regrets.
My mother has a brain tumor,
There's a treatment available.
It's $50,000 and I...
I just wouldn't expect you
to understand.
No, you're... you're right.
Are you close to your mom?
Hey, uh, we better pull over.
Fill up and I gotta pee
like a pack mule.
- Shit!
- What?
- Get down!
- What?
Get down! Get down!
Go, go, go!
Get out! Get out!
don't make this difficult!
No one needs to get shot!
You think
I couldn't change the flat?
Where's that Chicana?
She get sick of you?
I don't blame her!
She's halfway
to Santa Fe by now!
You're running out of bullets,
And options!
Use it.
I'm empty, boys!
Come out of there!
She's empty.
You're lucky the boss
wants you alive.
How much is he paying you, huh?
I got six pieces of
Navajo jewelry I could part with
right now.
You can make away
with a little extra.
Tell him I made you do it.
Say I put a gun to you,
got you good and scared.
I am so sick of your bullshit,
Drop the guns. Now!
Okay, okay, okay!
His, too!
Okay, now give me the keys.
God damn it!
Give me the keys!
Okay, now let her go.
There's a first
time for everything.
I said, Let her go.
She is worthless.
- She is nothing.
- No!
She's helping me save my mother.
Now let her go!
Fine! Okay!
Thank you, sweetheart.
What are you doing?
Hey, you didn't need to do that!
You just can't shoot everyone!
You wanna go get this money
or not?
You think you're gonna get
that piece of shit started?
Try to keep up.
Good call on the bikes.
You speak Din?
Let's go, now.
Who are you?
I'm not the one you need
to worry about.
What you doin here, woman, huh?
Lizette, these friends of yours?
They were just leaving.
Well, Carl doesn't like
outsiders on the property.
I'll speak for my land.
I'll speak for the landowner.
You understand me?
Shit ass Indian.
And you two is trespassin'.
We're not lookin for
any trouble.
Yeah, not yet anyways.
My name is Lupe.
My mom used to live on this land
and she was close to the owner.
She... she needs help, okay?
She's dying.
Can... can you just take me
to the owner?
I could.
But it appears your friend
here is in violation
of state law.
Sancho, what's the penalty
for bringin a firearm
on someone's property?
Well, that all depends
on her manners.
Get her gun.
Drop it, girl!
Okay, please.
We're not here to fight.
Speak for your damn self.
Looks like we got a couple
of criminals here, Duke.
No, no!
I'm not here to fight!
I just need to talk
to the owner!
You wanna arrest someone,
take her!
Let's talk to the owner.
You're the landowner here?
Yes, I am.
Um, my name is Lupe.
I'm a mechanic from Cedar City.
My mom is dying.
Adamina Reyes.
And I believe you knew her.
Sir, I came here
to beg for your help.
I'm ashamed you weren't welcomed
with a warmer reception.
I loved your mother.
So this makes you my blood.
We get a lot of enemies here.
But I take care of my friends.
And nothing's more important
than family.
How much did your mother
tell you about Alta Valley?
Only that it exists.
When I met your mother,
I just inherited this land.
This is harsh country,
but the spring here
makes the desert a home.
It's the only water for miles.
The Navajo, they live here?
Before I came,
this land was dyin'.
Just like the people on it.
Now, they all have jobs, houses,
and fresh water all year.
And if you know anything
about the rez,
you know that that's more
than an Indian is gonna get.
When your mother left,
it wasn't necessarily
on amicable terms.
So you'll have to forgive me
if I'm quite cautious
about your intent.
I understand.
And, um, I... I'll try
to tell you everything
that I can.
Why are you here?
my mother, she's very sick.
Cancer. And...
You said that.
But why are you here?
There's a treatment available.
And it costs $50,000.
And... and I'm not asking
for a handout, okay?
I... I'll pay back every cent.
What makes you think I'd be
willin' to help a stranger?
A stranger?
I just thought you'd
help me out because...
Because you're my father.
I'm James' father.
I raised him since he was born.
I didn't even know you
existed until a few minutes ago.
But you said you take care
of family!
You think I'm your daddy.
But I'm just a guy that
screwed your mother.
Why are you here?
Okay, just...
Just please let me go.
Answer the question.
Please let me go!
Why are you here?
Please just let me go, okay?
I... I don't know!
I don't know, okay?
I don't know.
You came here
for the same reason I did.
You have nothin'.
And you own nothin.
You wanted somethin'
for yourself.
And you came here to take it.
And you ain't takin'
a goddamn thing from me.
Let's go.
No, no, no, please let me go.
Carl, please just let me go.
She's dying, okay?
Please just let me go to her!
Just because my blood
is in your veins,
doesn't mean I give a damn
about you.
No, please.
Please, Carl!
No, please.
You have five minutes.
One phone call.
You makin' the phone call
or not?
Forget it.
Day before we close,
and a girl shows up
on my doorstep.
You want me to pay her mama
a visit in Cedar?
Just keep the place locked up.
We don't need a little heiress
In 24 hours,
the deal will be done.
And she can't touch us.
You got somethin to say, boy?
What if you're wrong
about her, too?
What if Mom's alive?
Do not call her that!
That implies that she raised
you, and that's what I did.
Not her.
That woman is dead.
Yes, sir.
Adamina Reyes?
Who is that?
As far as I know, she's dead.
Besides, state law
and adverse possession
makes me the outright
owner of this entire property
I've taken care of this
land for over 20 years.
Her father loved me like a son.
And when he passed, she fled.
So it ain't exactly
a glamorous life up here.
What about the locals?
Me and my boy,
I think we'll be movin'.
I hear the Caribbean
is nice all year long.
No, not you.
The Indians.
It won't look good us
askin them to leave.
Well, they're trespassin
on my property.
And once the spring is
filled in for the easement,
they'll be runnin'
right back to the rez.
Besides, these Navajos
are used to long walks.
Of course, if you're unsure,
I'm sure the boys from Standard
will be a little more...
We have a deal.
But you fill in the spring
and you make sure they're gone.
You won't even remember
they were here.
What y'all doin over there?
Look like you
on a treasure hunt.
I got a little treat for you.
Come over here.
Don't be shy.
You guys look like a fun bunch.
Here you go.
Got one for you.
Kids, leave.
Some of your men were
on our land today.
They took a young girl
with them.
Your land?
Our side, yes.
Duke is just keepin' things safe
for you.
And the girl?
I sent her home.
And the Western Oil trucks
surveyin' our ridge
this morning?
Carl, we've been through this
We choose who we welcome
on our side, not you.
You seem to forget
you don't have a side
until you're paid for.
You understand that, right?
Don't forget what the state
would think
of what y'all done out here.
Carl, we're grateful,
but we don't
need your protection anymore.
The last six installments,
plus closin' fees.
We're ready to own our land.
Even if I could sell you
the land,
I'd have to think about it.
We've been payin' for
this land for almost 20 years!
Well, it's not mine anymore.
It's sold.
Your side, my side, all of it.
And it turns out
it's worth a lot more
than what you got.
Carl, you made a promise!
Bulldozers will be here
by sunrise.
And I suggest you don't be.
I will help you leave if I must.
This is our home!
Take it up with Western Oil.
Time to find a new home.
You must escape right away.
You said Adamina was ill?
Yes, but...
Wait, you knew mi mama?
I did.
Before she left us here,
she gave all the land to Carl.
At least
that's what we were told.
This land was hers?
Why would she give
the land away?
She wouldn't.
He lied to you.
For years.
And now he's selling
the entire valley
to Western Oil.
But what if we could prove that
she never gave away the land?
This could save her!
Let's get you out then.
Wait two minutes after I leave.
Follow the service road.
It'll lead you to the highway.
Thank you.
Tell Adamina I'm sorry.
And tell her I forgive her.
How did you know her?
She's my daughter.
Lupe, where have you been?
Tio, please listen.
I need your help, okay?
Something happened.
Lupe, wait.
Your mom, she's out of her coma.
No, no, no, Tio.
Oh, mija.
Mama, I'm so sorry
I'm not there.
No, Lupe.
It's okay, it's okay.
Mama, I met Carl.
He locked me in a closet.
And your mother
helped me get away.
Lupe, I'm such a fool.
Mama, how could you?
My father's alive!
You were never supposed
to meet him.
Why did you leave?
I did what I thought was best.
So you gave him the land?
Of course not.
You need to get away
from him as fast as you can.
No, mama.
I'm not running from this.
The money from the land sale
belongs to you.
Not to Carl.
He's selling it?
This can save you!
But I need to prove it's yours.
Okay, there's...
There's a property deed.
It has my name on it
as the owner of the land.
I left it with a letter
for my family,
but who knows
where that would be, mija?
If anyone would know,
it would be her.
I don't like you doing this
It's too dangerous.
No, mama.
I won't be alone.
I'm here to make bail
for Maddy Monroe.
Feisty blonde.
Bad attitude.
Oh, great.
She's a pain in the ass.
Well, aren't you adorable.
Maddy, wait.
Just... Maddy,
can you just listen to me?
Don't touch me!
Let me guess.
Daddy turned out to be
an asshole.
He didn't give you
a goddamn dime, am I right?
Yeah, he didn't.
Of course he didn't.
Just listen to me, okay?
No, I have wasted enough
of my time
on a clueless little half-breed.
Would you stop?
God, you are so damn nae!
You were never gonna get
that money,
and nobody, let alone
some old white asshole,
would go out of their way
to help you.
Then why did you help me?
You could have run away.
You could disappear
and nobody would notice.
So why did you help me?
You're nobody!
And you're too damn scared
to do anything about it.
God, you are just like your mom.
She's running you around
cause she can't face
her own shit.
You shut your mouth.
She's a coward.
You don't get to say that!
What are you gonna do when you
can't go cryin' to Mama?
At the pawn shop,
why did you help me?
It doesn't matter.
Oh, you just answer
the question!
Because I needed the money!
No, no, no, no.
You helped me out of the
pawn shop before you
knew about Carl.
You helped me before you
even knew he was rich!
You know, for someone
who doesn't care about anybody,
you did this little
half-breed a big favor!
No, I don't give a damn
about you.
I don't give a damn
about anybody!
Why did you care?
Because I don't have anybody!
And nobody
gives a damn about me!
Maddy, I...
Do you know what today is?
It's Independence Day.
The land of the free.
My family came to this country
looking for opportunity.
And we found oppression.
Antonio, I can explain.
Okay, then.
Explain why you deserve
better treatment than Mexicans.
I don't think...
Do you think you're special?
Do you think you deserve
more than my family?
More than my daughter?
What do you think you deserve,
Antonio, listen.
It's too late for that now.
Antonio, listen. Antonio.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Why don't you let Maria dance
But I need Maddy
to help save my mother.
She's my only family.
The only thing I have left.
Your mother raised a good woman,
But her...
Her people have taken so
much more than what they can
give back.
But she can't give anything back
if she's dead.
I believe Maddy deserves
the same thing
you have right now.
The chance
to do the right thing.
Her people
have a long way to go.
...nothing is more important
than family.
Thank you for your apology,
Lupe, save your mother,
make your abuelo proud,
and bring me my money.
Thank you.
Now get the hell out of here.
Gracias, Antonio.
Let's go.
So I, uh...
I lied to you earlier.
Can't say I'm surprised.
When I said she was a coward.
It's okay.
I can't say that
I know what it's like
or that I'm ever gonna know
what it's like
to love somebody as much
as you love your mama.
God, my mom...
I can't even picture her face.
She worked nights
most of the time.
Hell, she worked days, too,
and there was
this one mean-ass drunk that
pushed her around quite a bit.
I guess he paid well.
Anyway, we up and left town
one day.
We'd sleep in the back
of the truck bed, cuddle up,
look at the stars at night.
There was a stable outside town
that she'd leave me at
when she'd go to work.
She'd say,
I won't be long, Maddy Mae,
just wait for me.
Don't run away.
That always used to
make me smile.
One day didn't come back.
Maddy, I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
Yeah, of course.
Thank you for comin' back
for me.
The bulldozers will be here
at sunrise.
Our people can stay
in their homes,
but the children
need to be led away.
There are some caves
in the hills to the east.
They'll be
out of harm's way there.
You lead them, Manny.
Aaron and I will plead
with Western Oil
at the service road.
Is the dozer still here
at Carl's house?
It is,
but it's no threat to our home.
What are you doin' here?
She never gave the land to Carl.
I never should have doubted her.
She said
that she left you a letter.
I guess you never got that.
Well, it's still her fault.
We were the ones
who trusted Carl.
Adamina only did what
was best for her child.
It doesn't matter.
The land's already sold.
Well, that's where
I need your help.
There's a deed with
my mother's name on it.
What difference does it make?
The bulldozers will be
here in a couple of hours.
But if Lupe can prove that
Adamina owns the land,
we can save her.
You're gonna sell it?
Well, yeah.
That money can pay
for her treatment.
You wanna sell our land
to an oil company,
and you're asking for our help?
- Manny.
- No!
It's the same damn story
for 500 years.
Somebody wants our land,
and we're either moved
or murdered,
so people like your friend
here can grow up on it,
or sell it and get rich.
And marryin' a colonizer?
That didn't work out very well,
did it?
I married Ricardo
because I loved him.
And he gave us a good home!
And what was in the will
that he left?
When he died in that fire,
what happened to the land then?
Adamina didn't want
that responsibility.
No, but she got it.
She got everything.
Then she left it
to a damn vulture.
The choice Adamina made, Lupe,
it wasn't your fault.
Of course it is.
She only left because of me.
I just wanted to save her.
I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have come.
Lupe, if there is a deed,
it's in his house.
There's a lockbox
under the mantle.
The key is on the desk.
Get him out of the house,
and you'll find the deed.
But, Lizette...
The land is being sold
either way.
Our plan doesn't change.
I lost my child once.
I won't lose her again.
And you're runnin' out of time.
Get him! Damn it.
Damn it!
Aren't you a pain in the ass?
Dear Mother,
since Papa has died,
I've been lost.
I'm pregnant.
Carl has a family and a wife.
He's a liar.
You can trust nothing he says.
Who the hell are you?
I won't let my mistakes
ruin my baby's future.
She will never know him.
This land is yours
and your family's.
It was never mine.
I know you will protect it.
I must leave Alta Valley
and never come back.
I love you with all of my heart.
Forever your daughter, Adamina.
Help me understand
why you and your little
feisty friend here
shouldn't be shot right now.
Shoot your own daughter?
Or do you not even
recognize her?
What did you just say?
He took what he wanted
and he threw away
everybody else.
I'll be damned.
It was you.
You're the one
that hurt my mother.
Well, there are two sides
to every story, you know.
You bastard!
How could you even say that?
Easy now.
We don't need a mess here, boys.
The profit of this land
belongs to my mother
and this deed right here
proves that.
Deed proves nothing.
Well, I think Western Oil
might feel
differently once they find out
that Adamina's still alive
and that none of this
belongs to you.
Why don't you just
put the deed down?
And when the sale comes through,
I'll happily loan you the money.
Lupe, run!
You sorry soulless
son of a bitch.
You're gonna
kill your own daughter,
sell something that ain't yours
to put in a pipeline.
God, what the hell
is wrong with you?
Don't touch her!
Get down!
Hey, watch it now, watch it!
God damn it!
Don't worry, they'll be here.
Maddy, what are you doin here?
Lupe's in trouble.
Get Manny
and get to the house quick.
What? Where are you going?
20 years,
I've been waiting
for this moment!
Ain't nobody
gonna take this from me!
So if you won't leave,
you won't live!
Dad, what are you doing?
Shut up, son!
Let me out!
Please let me out!
Boss, the deed's inside.
If she ain't alive,
that deed don't matter.
Please let me out!
Let me out! Let me out!
Lupe! Lupe!
Oh God, Lupe!
It's just my shoulder.
Watch the window!
You just don't learn, do you?
Start it up, James!
It's too far!
What's the problem?
I'll take it from here.
Yeah, I'll make it real clear.
It's either leave now
or watch her die.
This land belongs
to Western Oil.
The oil.
Get the children to safety, now!
Let me guess.
Now you wanna ask
Daddy for a little money.
Fuck you!
Don't even think about it.
You're outnumbered, girl!
You're outgunned!
Are you crazy?
I'm Maddy.
Let go...
...of my...
Okay, stop!
I said, Let go of my sister.
That's enough.
Whole family's here.
Put the gun down.
Shoot her, James.
You know he threw our mom
out on the street?
I didn't know.
You have any idea
how many people died
so you could grow up
on this land?
Listen to me, girl.
You are killing her.
Stop it!
Or what?
I really don't like killing.
It's so damn messy.
So tell me
who wants to go first?
Dad, what are you doing?
Shut up, boy!
Are you gonna shoot him, too?
Dad, no.
Just let em go.
You don't gotta do this.
Everything I did in this world
has been for you.
And right now you're about
as ungrateful
as your goddamn mother.
What the hell is this?
This is Lupe.
The child of Adamina Reyes.
The rightful owner
of Alta Valley.
Wait. Adamina's alive?
You get off of our land,
you son of a bitch!
Look at you two.
Y'all wanted somethin'.
And you took it.
We're nothing like you.
And ain't nothin' more
important than family.
Do we have a deal?
I apologize that
we didn't verify the deed
or the rightful owner.
It's not personal.
It's just business.
I do understand what
your mother is facing.
If you sign now,
we can transfer the money
No waiting for anything.
You can have her
to the hospital tonight.
Look, you sign this
and you're set for life.
Nobody turns down
ten million dollars.
Let me talk to her.
She's in a coma now.
I don't care.
Let me just talk to her.
I got the land back.
Carl's dead.
The land is worth a fortune.
Enough to get you to Flagstaff.
And get you the treatment.
And take care of us forever.
I can save you.
But... But I can't.
Wait, what?
You know
what you're walking away from?
I'm so proud of you.
Let's go home.
Oh yeah?
Finally, we have our home back.
And you'll have it forever.
It's awful what our people
have gone through.
It just makes me feel so angry.
He got what he deserved.
I've spent much of my
life wishing for the end
of certain things.
But you've taught us something.
What's that?
The best criticism of the bad
is the practice of the better.
Do you mind if I inherit
a few things from the house?
We want nothing of his.
Still got a score to settle.
Thank you.
You're welcome here any time.
You know, Antonio is a good man.
I'm countin' on it.
I need his help with somethin.
With what?
I gotta track somebody down.
Somebody who's probably
all alone.
How far are you goin'?
Far as it takes, I guess.
I don't know.
Maybe I could ride along.
For the right price, of course.
How about I gave you 200
when the job's done?
Um, how about 200 up front?
200 when we find her.
And then 200 more cause
you're a pain in the ass.
That's more like it.
Talk about a pain in the ass.
You gotta call me
El Inferno, though.
How about Hermana?
Yeah, that's got a nice ring
to it.
That sounds pretty badass.
You have no idea
what that means, do you?
I know what it means,
I know what it means.
Oh, really? Hmm?
You'd learn Spanish as fast
as English if you just tried.
No necesita, mamacita.
No necesidad.
- Pogo.
- Poco.
- Poco.
- Oh!
Here we go-go!