The Stone Tape (1972) Movie Script

(eerie electro music)
(groaning and whispering)
(horn sounding)
(loud growling)
- Colly!
- Peter.
- The big day yeah.
- Don't expect too much
it's all in a mess.
If only we'd had another month.
- Not a chance.
Looks good.
I mean it looks as terrible
as ever but stronger.
- Why didn't they tear it down?
- Colly.
- Well it would have been better.
They had to degut most
of it, rip out floors,
replace nearly all the timber.
Wasn't much worth keeping.
- Colly he found it.
- [Colly] Even so.
- Himself.
- I mean I can understand
about the park there,
at least it's big but this.
- [Peter] Ah he liked the style of it.
- My God.
- One look that's all he
needed, his mind was made up.
He said it spoke to him.
(in Irish accent) It
spoke to him so it did.
I know what it said,
"Mr Ryan for pity's sake
don't knock me down."
- He could've built from
new at half the cost.
- How long have you been down here?
- Three, four months.
- Got someone stashed away in there?
- Mm?
- Why not?
- Hardly.
Quite like it, it's quite snug.
(car horns sounding)
(loud music playing)
Eddie Holmes is a great help.
He's got most of your gear in position.
I'm glad you were able to spare him.
- Ah he's a good man Eddie.
- Hi Peter, setting a good example?
- Conscientious boss, always the first in.
- [Peter] See what I got, a bunch of kids.
- Mascot!
(cheering and shouting)
- [Peter] Stew, is that Stewart?
- [Mascot] I come in peace.
- What are you doing to him?
- [Man] We're sacrificing a martian!
- [Peter] Right that's enough
come on break it up now,
break it up.
Just a bit of clowning.
- Innocent clowning sir!
- Innocent you lot?
- You missed all the fun Jill.
- We sacrificed a martian.
- You're late.
- It's the bride's privilege.
I beg your pardon.
- You're shaking.
- I was nearly in an accident.
- How, where?
- Outside here.
I had a sort of momentary.
I don't know.
- Blackout is the usual word.
- It wasn't that.
- You should've been with me,
I should've been driving you,
I'm sorry I couldn't make last night.
- Peter please.
- So now you get accident prone hmm?
- Nothing happened.
- Welcome to Taskerlands.
- [Man] Thank you!
It doesn't look much now
but wait 'till it's finished
then you'll get the full horror.
- Don't put them off.
- Everybody know Roy Collinson,
house master and bunny mother.
(wolf whistles and laughing)
Any problems connected with the move,
finding digs in the area,
housing wives and harems, see Colly.
- Why's it called that?
- [Colly] Taskerlands?
- Yes what's it mean?
- Work?
- Well it was built by
a man called Tasker.
- [Man] Original I like it.
- Thank you, these were his lands.
He made a fortune out of iron railings.
- It's not ancient then?
- Sorry to disappoint, no
it was built about 1880.
Mostly owned by the one family,
requisitioned during the Second World War
by the American forces,
derelict ever since.
- Right let's butter their paws.
Lift soon to operate I hope
because my office is up there.
- And very palatial.
- Of course or why be boss?
- Reception desk with Sergeant Paterson.
Sergeant get to know these faces.
- I know some already sir.
- From here on we're
secret so no chums in,
no parties in the canteen,
which by the way is through
there and extremely decent.
- And working.
- Loos that way, also working.
Right follow me.
(singing and laughing)
This is lab one, soon
there'll be two others like it
to spread in to.
And if that's not enough
there are 500 acres outside.
- [Man] Who else is coming here?
- [Peter] Nobody just us
- But it's enormous.
- We'll get bigger.
I'll expand the team with people I choose,
handpicked, the best,
same as you're the best.
- Aye flattery Pete.
- Get's him a lot of places.
- Absolutely fantastic.
- What about the others
the washing machine crowd?
- [Man] Here.
- Forget it.
- [Man] What that lot here?
- No can't you get it through
your heads you're special.
Incredible as that may seem you are.
I'll spell it out for you.
This place is ours, it is all for us.
Because we are on the big one.
Do you want a pep talk
is that what you want?
- About the Japs.
- He's a bit simple, he's
brilliant but simple.
- Cliff it is always about the Japs.
In 10 years time they're going to have us
by whatever part of our anatomy they pick.
There will be no electronics
industry anywhere in the world
but theirs, unless--
- I think we've got a good chance.
- [Peter] We've only got one chance.
We've got to play cards
so high they can't top it.
- Ah so!
- [Peter] A completely
new recording medium.
- [Stewart] Have here in honorable pocket.
- Oh shut up Stewart.
- [Stewart] What about tape?
- Tape's finished.
- Well you can still improve it.
- No its day is done.
- Magnetic tape is compact, responsive,
all the sales chat up says it is.
Also, delicate and prone
to lose its memory.
- Like Clifford here.
- [Peter] As you so rightly say.
Nice time gentleman, for a breakthrough.
Just record me, say, the
whole of Wagner's Ring Cycle
inside a ball-bearing with
instant playback of course.
- [Man] Can you give me 'till lunchtime?
- And you can name your own royalties.
- Oh it is royalties then?
- Yep, forget about bonuses.
You'll be right in there,
got his word on it.
- Himself?
- Yesterday.
"Just put the boots into old Nippon"
is how he delicately phrased it.
So if you want to be millionaires
it's a crash program.
Find the medium, everything else follows.
- [Eddie] Hardware?
- We'll take the lot.
Computers, TV, home recording,
satellites, they all follow.
Then Ryan Electrics
becomes Ryan International
becomes Ryan Interspatial.
It's up to you.
- I love this man's modesty.
- Thanks to Eddie you'll
find all your junk
in familiar order.
- Disorder.
- Obviously sorry.
- All this string.
- Now your pet projects
will go on as before.
Eddie's digital crystal and so on.
But we're going to try something new.
We'll correlate all results together.
- What if there's no connection?
- The computer might spot.
(talking over each other)
Every clue counts.
- Puts a lot on the programmer.
- [Peter] Jill's ready.
She's gonna try something
very sophisticated.
Projections, extrapolations,
a sort of randomized mix
with an accelerated uncertainty principle.
How's that?
- Something of the sort.
- You alright?
- Yes I, what about data
storage, are these all we've got?
- Colly computer storage
room when do we get it?
- Ah yes well--
- What?
- There have been problems.
- You were here to solve them.
Colly how much have they done?
- Nothing.
- Let me see.
Five months and not a single.
Why didn't you report it?
- I knew there were reasons,
they had to finish the priority jobs.
- Colly, this was priority.
- To be fair it wasn't in phase one.
- Refacing an air conditioning and wiring,
did they just forget it?
- No.
- What then?
- Problems with the men
they claimed it was,
well I don't know, dirty job.
- There's dry rot, do
they think its catching.
Look at these panels, I could
shift the lot in half an hour.
- Yes they saw those.
- So.
- [Jill] They don't lead anywhere.
- Oh surely that wasn't?
What else did they find a skeleton?
- No about 30 tins of
spam as a matter of fact.
- Spam?
- And a letter to Father Christmas.
- US Army issue.
- Doubt if it's fit now.
They must've got forced
in through the paneling.
The Yanks used this for a store.
- Painted it khaki.
- Trying to quell the rot.
- Even then?
- It was empty before the war.
- When the rot gets really going like
this they call it weeping.
Weeping fungus, good word.
- "Christmas Eve."
- Oh yes that's it.
- "What I want for Christmas."
- Kid's writing.
- Even the stone's got
it, it's just very old.
- That's when they paneled
it in but those walls
are a lot older than
the rest of the house.
They've just been built on to.
In fact they must've been
knocked down and rebuilt
and generally messed around
a lot in the last 1000 years.
- What?
- [Colly] Oh yes the
foundations might be Saxon.
- Saxon?
- Just an amateur opinion.
- [Peter] Oh my God.
- Informed amateur.
- If you're right you see
what this means don't you?
They'll be in here the environment boys,
the conservationists,
nailing their little notices
on the door and writs and,
they could stop everything
if they get on to this.
What about the architect?
- That architect?
- Didn't he spot anything?
- Not him he quit.
- Right if we move fast get
everything concreted over,
get the machines moved in.
Where are the men now?
- Working on the back.
- C'mon.
Don't worry love you'll
get your storage room.
(she shivers and gasps)
(footsteps approaching and running)
(Jill gasps for breath)
- Peter!
- It's alright, it's alright now.
Oh Jill.
- I hate this place, I can't stay here,
take me away Peter.
- Jill, Jill, Jill easy.
I'm sorry I didn't listen to
you before, tell me about it.
- What?
- The accident.
- It wasn't that.
- Oh come on tell me.
- I hit a pile of sand that's all.
There was some vans and I
couldn't have been watching.
Oh I hate I here, I
didn't want to come here.
- No, no you didn't.
Give me the wet hankie.
- Not the hankie.
- Oh it's the Father Christmas letter.
"What I want for Christmas
is please go away.
"Martin Tasker."
- Not what you'd say.
- Oh I don't know one
of my kids is like that.
Hates the idea of him
coming down the chimney.
- It wasn't to Father Christmas.
- Who then?
- I know.
I think I know.
- What do you think of the place?
They've done a bit since
we came down that time.
All the shelving and everything.
I quite liked it even without
the shelving, didn't you?
You know what this is
about, you're getting at me.
Mind you I quite enjoyed
your previous ploys,
"How are Christine and the
kids, how's Timothy's mumps.
"How's the dog's toothache?"
Oh my Jilly you're a very female one.
I need you.
I know you weren't keen to transfer
but I need you for your brain.
Now if you're in any doubt
you ask Eddie and the boys.
What's in here is so rare and valuable.
Do it your own way you
commute home to old mummy
or stay here.
Stay, mm?
Sometimes anyway.
- I saw a ghost.
- We'll get out of here for a while,
leave Colly to fight
the labor relations huh?
- Let's go.
- One super, one lager.
- [Peter] And one for yourself.
- Ooh ta.
- No thank you.
Is it really true they're
making poison gas up there?
- We aren't.
- That's what I heard.
- Not a whiff.
- I mean germs, you know what I mean.
- Do you know the place?
- No I've only been here a month.
That'll be with the bread 1.80.
- Oh.
- I mean it won't do us any good.
People they don't like that sort of thing.
- It's nothing bad.
- We all know what secret means.
- Cheers.
I believe it's been made very nice.
- Do you know it?
- Well I used to, sort of.
- You went there?
- Not actually in.
It was during the war
when the Yanks were there.
I was a good time girl.
- Hooray for you.
- Well why not?
They was nice boys, and the nylons.
- Did they talk about it, about the house?
- It was all Generals and people.
Some headquarters.
Eisenhower was there once.
- No I mean what it was like inside?
- No, no.
Very posh I expect.
There was one boy, he was
a proper caution he was.
He said, now let me think.
Oh dear he had all them
funny words you see.
He was a colored boy.
Oh I know, guppy.
He said there were guppies
in the store where he worked.
- Guppy's a fish, tropical.
- Oh dear, duppies.
- He must've meant rats.
- You don't know Alan.
- Taskerland's full of rats.
We used to play up there when I was a kid.
- Oh yes, you and that Jacki--
- Yes old Jackie.
We used to do dares.
- The end room, do you know it.
- Yes, stand there in the dark long enough
you'd hear them all noising
about and squealing.
- Did you see them?
- What was there to see if
they was behind the woodwork.
- Who else would know
about it, about the house?
- You've seen the Parish registers.
Not many Taskers there among
the births and marriages.
They were not statistically prominent
but apart from the registers I haven't--
- We're wasting your valuable time.
- No please.
- It's quite alright if I can--
- I just thought there might
be something more personal
about the family in the house.
- Yes, uh, now.
Old sermons, now who on earth
would want to hear today--
- Did you know them, the Taskers?
- Oh they'd all gone
before I came, died out.
That last one was a recluse I believe.
- Now there must be some odds and ends
from my predecessor's time
I fancy, somewhere here.
You know it came to me the
other day about pollution.
It's the modern rediscovery of sin.
Well it's the only form it can
take in a materialist world.
All the rubbish and mess,
now that's the new wickedness
and they can see it.
The sudden conviction of, well
of non-returnable bottles.
- Yes, yes I, Jill I think--
- Then sackcloth and
ashes, oh plenty of ashes.
- I think we'd better be going now.
- Oh dear.
- It was just a thought.
- Well I, come again and perhaps by then--
- Thanks anyway.
- They must have been funny people,
there was something
about an exorcism once.
- Exorcism?
- Oh I can't approve of that.
I know it's in the prayer
book but oh dear dear.
- You do mean laying a ghost?
- Well it was either there or, now was it,
I may be maligning them.
- [Jill] When was it?
- Oh long, long ago.
I feel I'm obsolete but not sinful.
I cause so little pollution
apart from tea leaves--
- [Colly] Come in.
- How did it go?
- Well they've made a start
clearing the old paneling out
I'm just making a report.
I'd leave them to it, they
were decidedly tricky.
- Any reason given?
- No they just don't like it.
Come in have a drink.
- That's a good idea.
- How's Jill now?
- I've sent her home.
- Just as well, nasty shake up.
- Oh it's just the car.
Bloody women.
(he sighs)
- I've em, only admired her from afar,
but I'd say that she's the
type that hurts easily.
- Colly, were there any rats.
- [Colly] Where?
- In that end room.
- No.
- Any sign there'd been any?
- Rats wouldn't have left that spam,
they'd have chewed those
tins open in no time.
- They could do that?
- The teeth of a hungry rat, yeah.
- Cheers.
I've got some work to finish
I think I might stopover tonight.
- Break in the Director's suite a bit eh?
I was up in town last week.
Dropped in on the Legal Department,
one or two things I wanted to
clear up about the house here,
covenants and so on.
They've got boxes and boxes of stuff,
passed over by the Trustees I suppose.
I brought one back.
One or two curiosities in it.
How do you like this?
"Application for holding
a service of exorcism."
- What?
- "August 1892"
- Let me see.
- Full record of the alleged haunting,
evidence I suppose.
- Louisa Hanks.
- That's her.
There's also report of a death, here.
- 1890.
- Two years before.
- "Sad mishap at Taskerlands.
"Louisa Hanks, under-maid in
the employ of Mr Horace Tasker
"yesterday fell to her
death from a flight of steps
"while engaged about her duties."
That's all?
- Pretty good press for an
under-maid in those days.
- And they thought that she's--
- Well more than thought.
They kept a note of all
the dates and times,
went on doing it for ages afterwards.
You see the ghost laying didn't take.
- Colly have you seen it?
- Only heard.
(eerie electronic music)
- Christine, hello honey.
I'm still at this place I won't be home.
Yeah, yes, yes I've eaten all I should.
How's what's his name, the horse.
Yeah yeah Chuffy.
Yeah, yeah.
Was it inside the hoof?
Oh good good good.
Love to the kids then.
Bye, bye darling.
(loud echoing footsteps)
(woman screaming)
(woman screaming loudly)
- Try going down two nano seconds.
- [Man] Down two.
- [Eddie] Right.
- I've got something to tell you all.
We got a ghost.
- [Eddie] Oh I'm glad to hear that Peter
- [Man] Every home should have one.
- [Man] Every stately home.
- You had me worried this lack of class.
- There's not a chance.
- Talk to them yourself?
- Yes I did, push it any further
there'll be a general walkout.
- That's it then.
- What's this about Peter?
- [Stewart] Well you did say ghost.
- Oh silly word don't be put off by it.
Call it a phenomenon if you like.
Anyway it's real,
it's got possession of
the computer storage room,
and it's stopped all work there.
- [Colly] The men won't go back.
- [Stewart] They were going
about something in the canteen.
- [Cliff] Yes I thought it was the muck.
- [Stewart] Yeah I wondered.
- Well whatever it is, I've
heard it, Colly's heard it.
And Jill's seen it.
- Jill?
- Is that what got you?
- Yes.
- What did you see?
- A woman.
- Oh come off it.
- [Jill] No really.
- No she's not kidding.
- None of us are.
- [Stewart] Let's go in there.
- Alright thanks for the enthusiasm
because I intend to use it.
- What do you mean Peter?
- They once had a go at it
with bell, book and candle.
Well we're rather better equipped.
I'm going to chuck the lot at it.
- [Eddie] Do you mean go
after it with electronics?
- Then find out exactly what makes it,
well it doesn't tick it
patters feet and screeches.
Everything we get Jill's going
to program in the computer.
- Analyse a spook eh?
- Let's say it's a mass of data,
waiting for a correct interpretation.
No-one's ever managed it
before, I think we might.
- [Colly] Can you spare the time?
- No choice Colly it's got us stuck.
(talking over each other)
- [Peter] Yet this is still strong here.
- [Cliff] Which mike Pete?
- Stereo.
Where did you see it?
- Near the top of the steps.
- Where she fell off.
- [Jill] There must've
been an upper floor.
Where those holes are.
Do you suppose she was going up to it?
- No it was total ruin
when Tasker bought it.
It's all in the deeds.
He just roofed it and patched it
and made it part of the
house, a sort of folly.
- [Jill] Then where was she going?
- [Peter] Probably a
big aspidistra up there
and she had to water it.
- [Jill] And died.
- [Peter] Yeah.
Odd that, you would
have thought she'd just
break a leg or something.
It's not high enough.
- High enough for poor Louisa.
And then they paneled
it over to hide it all.
- Big echo in here Stewart,
we ought to measure it.
Now something to make a loud noise with.
What's all this?
- Spam.
- Somebody been feeding the ghost?
- Perhaps they were.
- [Hargrave] I think I'll get my coat.
- [Maudsley] Oh get mine will you.
- [Stewart] Oh spare us will you.
- [Hargrave] What?
- [Stewart] All this act
this ghostly shivers.
- [Hargrave] It's no act.
- [Maudsley] It's just chilly.
Why don't you feel it?
- [Stewart] Oh do you mind.
(banging of sticks)
- How's that?
- Alright I'll take it.
Testing room wavelength take one.
(Eddie banging sticks together)
- Stop it, oh stop it!
- [Peter] Alright Eddie that's enough.
(woman screaming)
(footsteps running)
- [Hargrave] That was it, that was it!
- [Peter] It was by the steps.
- It was by the door.
- No no it wasn't.
- [Stewart] Well what did you hear?
- It was over here I'm not crazy.
It was deafening.
- It wasn't loud.
- [Eddie] Not loud I heard it!
- Just close.
- That's right, there's
no perspective on it.
- What did you hear?
- Nothing much.
- I didn't hear a thing.
- I saw her, again.
- [Peter] Same place?
- No there.
White clothes.
- Solid?
- Yes quite solid.
- Was she moving?
- I think so, there was something
wrong the way she moved.
- [Peter] How?
- Sort of twisting.
- Let's hear it again Cliff.
(talking on tape)
- It's not there, it didn't record.
- I got them on my headphones.
Look I don't get this.
- Here let me test this thing.
- She got away.
- It's the screaming.
- Yep.
- Could you hear it from your hut?
- No only when I went into the room.
Well I just can't stand a woman's screams.
- Soft-hearted.
- I was with my wife in a car crash.
- Killed?
- No divorced.
Might have something to do with it.
But this is even worse in a way.
- Worse?
- Well a living person in that pain
you can try and help them.
Here you can't.
I'm going to be very
old and stuffy and say
drop the whole thing.
- No.
- If you really see something
it must mean extra sensitivity.
- I'm a medium?
- That makes it sound ridiculous.
- Knocks on the table
one for yes two for no.
- I'm serious.
- Get all Colly's data
on file and stand by
to take real time from next door.
- [Stewart] Okay.
- Jill can you start
blocking something out.
Heuristic stuff.
Those won't touch it, book
time on the central computer.
If you need it get through to Chicago.
All in code Colly it
stays our little secret.
- Who pays?
- Himself, sure he'd love it if he knew.
- [Colly] There's a full
account of the first five years
from 1890, and also the past six months.
- Well what about the bit
in between the odd 80 years.
- We got a witness.
- Cameras what's all
this stuff what's it for?
- I told you ignore it.
- I didn't want to come.
- Just a few simple
questions it won't take long.
You remember this room?
- Oh I was just a kid.
- You did come in here?
- I suppose so.
- [Peter] You're not sure.
- Well I did then.
- How often?
- We knew we weren't--
- How many times?
- I don't know.
- In a year say.
- Ten times a dozen.
- You said between 1952 and 1955?
Maybe a total, what, 30 visits?
Did you get that Stew?
- I got it.
- And you heard rats.
- Sometimes.
- Only sometimes.
- Nearly every time if we waited.
- Nearly every time.
- We made these dares out of it see.
All rats are dirty customers
they'll go for you.
We used to fool about all over the house,
smash it up a bit.
- You're a country lad you
know the sound rats make.
- I reckon we must've
bust all the windows.
Real bad we were.
We used to see who could find
a pane of glass still whole and smash.
Cost you a lot to put it right did it?
Look I'd better go now
they'll be trouble if I don't get back.
That old cow down there she.
(he gasps)
I reckon I'll just get along.
(loud footsteps)
(woman screaming)
- It's there can't you hear it?
(woman screaming)
(Alan screaming)
- I don't want to be like Jackie.
- [Jill] It's alright it's over.
- [Paterson] What happened sir?
- [Peter] Get some water, whisky anything.
You've never been in that room have you.
No no you're lying!
- [Jill] Peter!
- You stayed at the door and listened,
you knew what it was.
- [Jill] Leave him alone!
- You were afraid of it.
- Why not why shouldn't he be.
It's a normal human reaction.
He's the sane one we're the freaks.
- [Eddie] Nothing.
- What happened to Jackie?
- Eh?
- You said just now--
- We never done nothing to him.
It was the door got stuck, that door.
- He was inside the room?
- We never meant.
We couldn't help it could we.
He's alright old Jackie.
- Did he see it?
- He made out it spoke to him.
Then the others come.
- The others?
- It was just his talk see.
- What happened to him?
- He's alright he's
got this job hasn't he.
- Can I meet him?
- What for he don't remember.
- They took him up the County.
- Where?
- The County you know, they put him right,
they can do that.
He don't care a button he
just laughs all the time.
He's alright.
(phone ringing)
- Hey hang on I'll get a car--
- Let him go.
- Reception.
Yes he is.
Mr Ryan's office sir.
- Brock.
Oh hello Helen my love how are you?
Yeah we're settling in fine, fine.
Crawshaw, but that's all
settled there's no question.
There just isn't room for him here.
Talk to him?
Look I don't want to see the man.
I'm right in the middle of an experiment.
Look is he there?
Himself, the old grey widowmaker.
Oh, when will he be back?
Alright then, under duress, tomorrow.
- Experiment.
(electronic noises)
I don't know what you'd call that,
the time since she died.
- [Peter] Quasi-life
- Alright quasi-life.
During it she must've made
8000 appearances minimum.
- [Peter] Sound only?
- Yes.
In vision about a tenth as many.
- Sounds a hell of a lot.
- [Jill] Spread over
all these year it isn't.
And there's a cyclic factor
Bursts of activity.
- [Peter] 1905 looks a
good year, around there.
- [Jill] The time of the letter?
- [Peter] Yeah it could be.
- What letter?
- A letter to Father Christmas,
except that it wasn't.
- From Martin Tasker, aged eight.
Later to die a recluse
- You see that, concentrated
patches of haunting.
- Can we scrap that word?
- What haunt?
- Yes.
- It blows in his mind.
- Get's in the way,
like all the jokey talk.
- Saw a ghost eating toast
halfway up a lamppost, boom boom.
- Oh shut up!
- Eddie's right, let's cut
out all the loaded words.
Ghost, spook, apparition, phantom.
This isn't some little shade
that couldn't get into heaven
because the pearly gates were shut.
It's something else,
something interesting.
- You don't want her to be alive.
- Do you think it is?
- No.
- [Eddie] Well then.
- I might be wrong.
- Is anybody here religious?
- I don't mean that just,
respect, for her I suppose.
- [Hargrave] Old Louisa?
- She wasn't old she was 19.
- You've demolished her.
I know you love, I know
the way your mind works.
You're on the track of
something that serves her up
as a very dry dish indeed,
and you feel funny about it.
C'mon give.
(murmuring of agreement)
- Well it's just the first rough model.
I took the sudden coldness as basic.
A temperature drop of
at least three degrees
or we wouldn't notice it.
- Fair enough.
- Taking the volume of air in that room
and varying times from 10 to 90 seconds,
what we get is a power flow
of between 20 and 200 kilowatts a minute.
- [Eddie] Eh?
- A furnace in reverse?
- Peter you see what's coming out here?
Heat drawn rapidly from the
surroundings and concentrated.
- [Eddie] Ionization?
- hotspots forming in the air.
- Like fireballs.
- Converting into other forms of energy.
Sound waves, light, be quite a process.
Crude energy forming itself
into regular, recognizable patterns
I don't know, Eddie.
- Well let's make a practical start.
Trace those hotspots see if they exist.
- [Stewart] Hotspots!
- Now we've got heat
sensors and we can do it.
Two stages, a broad scan then home in.
Now there is the crossover stage
but we can improvise there.
C'mon then!
- Lead me to the casbah!
- Well Eddie likes it.
- Early warning.
Any quick temperature change
and this light comes on.
Now four of these should cover the whole--
- [Peter] Watch it!
- Following in Louisa's footsteps eh.
- One's enough.
- Nope
- Oh I don't buy it either.
I've never felt cold in there.
- Never once?
- Not a goose pimple.
- And you're skinny
you're a natural shiverer.
- Yeah, "Wrap up warm
Stew," my mum always says.
Struck another bug.
- Okay re-run.
- How's it going?
Trying more variables.
- There are some we've missed.
- Such as?
- The strength of people's reaction.
- To it?
- Everyone's is different.
One hears it loud, another
hardly at all, why?
- It's what you'd expect.
Strength of faculties
like eyesight or hearing.
- Well what about Stew?
- Yeah I still don't get a thing.
- We'll he's ghost-proof,
like color blind.
- Good I'm running a fresh program
and I'm putting him in it.
- Why?
- I'm running Stew as a parameter.
- Fame at last.
- What's the idea?
- He's significant.
- [Peter] How?
- Oh don't mind me.
- Suppose Stew was your only witness.
In that case would she walk.
Do you see what I mean.
Would she walk for him?
(woman screaming)
- [Jill] Look!
- There it is.
(woman screaming)
- It was there right there.
Sort of creeping.
Well you must have seen her?
- Just you and Jill.
- [Cliff] No warning.
- Now it works.
- I saw her face this time.
She's so frightened.
She's running from something.
- The footsteps?
- Always running.
- Probably old Tasker
coming to pinch her bum.
Three times around the table
and the girl is mind ha ha.
- She died.
- It's really getting to you isn't it.
- To be afraid like that.
- You afraid of all this?
- No I don't think so.
- What then?
- It's just the thought of it.
Of there being nothing left of you
but just enough to repeat
the worst moment of your life
over and over again.
- That doesn't happen.
- But if it did she knew.
- We talked about it we all agreed.
- Could there be anything
there that knows?
- Not in my book.
- Just a dead mechanism?
- That's all there is left.
- It's horrible, but
it's better than knowing.
I couldn't bear it if she knew.
- There there it's alright.
It's alright, it's alright.
- Oh Peter to be so alone.
- Alright that's it you
said it and got it over with
your moment of superstition.
- It wasn't.
- What you need's another drink, come on.
(phone ringing)
Oh hell.
Oh hello Christine darling.
I meant to ring you earlier
but, you know problems.
Oh something slightly
interesting for once.
Yeah I'll tell you all about it when.
Oh probably tomorrow.
Kids in bed are they?
Is she, give her my biggest kiss then.
A what?
A drawing, I can't wait yeah.
Look about Chuffy is his hoof alright?
Well what did the vet say?
- Nothing Jill.
- She's about, I can tell.
- Mr Crawshaw sir.
- Hello Brock.
Oh excuse the hands, I've
been doing some dye tests.
In very inadequate conditions.
You never been to my
place at Slough have you?
That's hardly more than a shed.
The interview chair.
- [Peter] Do the test yourself?
- Yes.
- Is that so?
- Make it a rule.
- Never delegate?
- Responsibility, no never.
- No.
- I'm a plain nuts and bolts man.
- What?
- My own hands.
- Oh he'd like that.
- Who?
- Old Patrick he was a
nuts and bolts man himself.
Started with electric irons.
- I know.
- Yes of course you do.
It's a good ploy.
- I don't like that word.
- Gambit then.
- He said we should have a talk.
- We're having it.
- Meaningful.
- No.
- Hmm.
- Not meaningful.
Since we're being fussy about words
that's not one he uses.
- Oh Brock I need more working space.
Now this place you've
got here is enormous.
If I could just have a look around--
- Sorry.
- Some corner that you're not using.
- Not a chance.
- Well let me tell you about my--
- I know the world's first all
electronic washing machine.
- Domestic.
- Domestic.
The first to sort it's own
wash and program itself.
The first to sniff out items
with non fast dyes etc etc.
- It'll do all that.
- When it works.
- It'll work.
- When it does that triumph
of over-sophistication
will cost 900 nicker per
machine just to make.
- Now that is a lie.
- I've seen the costings.
- Where?
Who showed them to you?
- Guess.
(in mock Irish accent) Now
we'll not beat old Nippon
with the like of that at all at all
- He'd never say that.
- He did he saw the point.
This place is for fundamental research
not for patching duds.
- But he wouldn't have sent me down--
- For me to tell you, yes he would
he's got a kind heart and I haven't.
Right chat over.
- No wait a minute Brock.
- No more time.
- Just listen to me a minute.
- The nature of observed reality,
that's what this program takes in.
- [Maudsley] Old philosophy stuff?
- It might apply to her.
- Does she walk when there's nobody there?
- [Peter] That's it.
- Makes a hell of a difference
to the number of times.
I mean all those years
when the house was empty.
- [Stewart] A version with added Stewart.
- Hey.
- Oh no, I didn't spot
that I should've done,
I just didn't spot the connection.
- [Eddie] Well let's have it.
- If this means anything.
- Well I'll run it again.
- Why?
- Well it's wrong.
- Why?
- It must be.
- No no no I like it it's got the makings.
It's what you really wanted
you shaped it that way.
- I didn't.
- You couldn't help it love
the old intuition right on the button.
- Oh for pity's sake.
- Beautifully simple.
- No no I'll start again.
- Peter!
- It's the room.
- What?
- Just the room itself, nothing else.
- Well do you mind telling me.
- There is no ghost.
(talking over one another)
Alright try this for size.
The room holds an image
and when people go in there
they pick it up.
What you hear or what you
see is inside your own brain.
- Oh no.
- That would be why the sounds don't echo
and why we can't locate them.
That would be why they don't
record no machine hears them.
- I got them on my headphones.
- You got them in your head.
- What about the hotspots?
- Forget it Eddie.
- I mean the whole temperature thing?
- There isn't any.
- Look I know when I'm cold.
- The body's reaction like allergy
and just as quick your
whole physiology's affected.
- [Hargrave] By what?
- By what's in there.
- But I thought you said--
- Don't you get it yet.
It must act like a recording,
fixed in the floor and the walls.
Right in the substance of them a trace
of what happened in there.
And we pick it up.
We act as detectors, decoders, amplifiers.
- A recording.
- It would have to be in the stone.
- [Eddie] I wonder.
- [Hargrave] Some kind of natural process.
- [Cliff] But freaky.
- Perhaps it only occurs
under extreme conditions,
some kind of extreme human output,
emotion, terror and that prints off.
- [Maudsley] Like the shadow of the people
from the big bomb blast.
- [Eddie] And we're sensitive to it.
- What about me?
- You you've got no playback that's all,
some transistors missing.
You're the exception that
proves the rule thank God.
I'm waiting for the penny to drop.
If I'm right this could
be it, the big one.
- A new recording medium.
- The boot in the guts of old Nippon!
(laughing and cheering)
- If it's true.
- If it's true baby you found it.
Here's to the big one!
Colly we're wetting the head of an idea
that could be the big one!
The more I kick it around,
direct injection into the human brain
of both sound and vision.
No intervening apparatus at all.
- I read about some research--
- The Japs of course.
They got nowhere, it's
going to be ours all ours.
Television without the TV set.
No box, not even a visor
in front of the eyes.
- Just a sort of clip.
- Yeah costume jewellery
the 13 channel earring.
- (in mock Japanese accent)
Ah so honorable Nippon
have met great defeat.
(laughing and cheering)
- Go now to cut honorable belly.
- Berry, you can't say belly!
- I can say what I like!
- But when it goes wrong the repairman
will have to operate on your head.
- Hey don't mention that
not in the sales brochure.
Let's keep it positive.
Coronation Street, Double
Your Money, Come Dancing,
War and Peace, porn channel
one, porn channel two.
(laughing and whistling)
That's alright.
Channel 10, Home Doctor, Do
it Yourself, Urban Gorillas.
(phone ringing)
Helen yeah.
Hang on I'll take it in the other room.
Oh shut up a bit!
Yeah okay put him through.
Hello Patrick!
Fine yeah fine.
I meant to ring you earlier.
I told Crawshaw the facts of life
as I gathered you wanted me to.
Yeah, did he now.
Give him time he'll get used to it.
Yeah, yeah it's what you've always said,
fundamental research or nothing.
Surely that's all settled?
Patrick, Patrick look here.
Look the proof of it is.
Oh now listen.
Patrick will you listen to
me, I think we've got it.
The big one.
- Kentish rag.
- What?
- It's called Kentish rag, ragstone,
it's a kind of greensand.
- Is it rare?
- Good grief no it's been
quarried ever since Roman times.
Used all over the south of England.
Most of medieval London's
built of this stuff.
- Better and better.
- How?
- Could explain a lot of ghost stories.
- Oh I see what you mean.
- Colly it all keeps clicking together.
(footsteps echoing)
(woman screaming)
- I saw it again for just
a fraction of a second.
- I seem to be getting words.
- [Peter] Words?
- Yes I wondered too,
couldn't make them out.
- Vibration, you game to go on?
- [Hargrave] Without Eddie?
- [Cliff] Where is Eddie?
- [Maudsley] He's gone to
find some special triodes.
- Colly you help out?
- I'll do my best.
- We'll show you how.
- How long do you intend to--
- As long as it takes.
- Alright.
- Get your stuff set up.
Jill, Stew shall we make a night of it?
- [Stewart] Okay Pete.
- [Jill] What do you want to do?
- Get control.
- Not yet how could we possibly.
- [Peter] The essence of experiment Jilly.
Put it to the proof.
- 740.
- Right give me that 10 seconds.
(loud buzzing)
And another 10.
(loud buzzing)
- [Jill] We haven't enough data.
- We're getting data all
the time and building.
(mechanical humming)
Right, back to the steps.
Laser plus sound.
(intermittent buzzing)
Cut them.
Right, run number 17, laser
plus five second bursts.
- Peter what's the use?
- We're on the right
track just keep going.
- You've had a response.
- No!
- But we've heard it twice tonight.
- Not because of anything
we did, it didn't relate.
It's got to relate Colly.
Alright now.
Break for 10 minutes,
I'll get some coffee up.
Just another hour if we
don't get anything by then.
Bear with me?
- [Hargrave] You're the captain.
- I think you're right
it's a vibration thing.
- I know it is.
- But Peter it'll take huge
programs to analyse it.
- Of course.
- I'd like to develop them.
- Fine.
- Well then why this tonight.
- I've got to know.
- Peter I don't think any of us is quite,
well we've all been under
a strain these days here.
The more rational we've tried to be--
- What are you driving at?
- Well we're all past it.
- Not me love.
- Yes you.
- Now don't say that, don't do it.
I've got a feeling about this.
You get this exact grip on
the thing this clarity--
- What have you promised Ryan?
(loud buzzing)
- Nobody?
- Oh what's the use.
- Nerves jangled.
- [Colly] What do you think?
- That may be good.
(intermittent alarm sounding)
Hold that UV on the steps!
(alarms and machine noises)
(Hargrave screaming)
Right on the next run we'll-
- Stop it you don't know
what you're doing anymore.
- I want to pull the trigger just once.
Or what the hell are we into
a tape that only plays back
when it feels like it.
- It's insane!
- Quit then, go back to your little hut.
- Don't you talk like that
to me Peter, not to me.
- What the hell.
- That's not computer language.
- It's your code number you fed it in.
- But I didn't.
- You must've done.
- There are words.
Well they might be words.
See pray.
- Soul, that's soul there.
- Pray.
- It's in the computer!
- No!
- [Hargrave] It is, it is.
- Bloody fool Jill picked up words.
You've got words yourself
that's how it works.
I told you.
- [Colly] There it is!
(footsteps running)
Come when I tell you!
(loud buzzing)
(rumbling and growling)
- It's different.
- [Peter] What?
- She's gone.
- How do you mean?
- Completely, I can tell.
- I'll tell you what he's done.
Do you know what he's done hmm?
He's wiped the tape!
- Leave it at that we might
try another run tomorrow.
- Run what she's gone.
(eerie electronic music)
- Morning Miss Greeley, or
should I say good afternoon.
- That's up to you.
Where is he?
- Look Patrick I'm sorry if I
gave the impression that we.
Yes well perhaps I
shouldn't have done then.
No no no I'm not backing down at all.
I just don't want your wasting
time coming down here when.
I've got every confidence, I
know we're on the track of it,
it's just a matter of getting
the bugs out that's all.
As usual.
What, well of course
you've got a right to know.
It's a mineral medium.
Now don't pin me down Patrick
I can't be more specific
at this moment of time.
Patrick please.
It's a variation of Eddie
Holmes' digital crystal.
In fact that may turn
out to be it after all.
I just can't give a more
technical explanation right now.
Yes of course I will Patrick.
Of course, yeah.
Don't say anything, it's
over, it's finished.
If I can just walk away from this one.
He's a funny man you never
quite know what he's,
you can't tell from his voice.
Just as long as he doesn't.
Oh he's devious of
course but what the hell.
I've seen him be treacherous,
but not to anybody that he really.
No, no he wouldn't do that.
Whatever the effect was it's
obviously gone for good.
- [Eddie] Obliterated.
- Yes.
Now we've had time to
take it in I'm glad it's,
it's what I wanted to
do in the first place.
- [Eddie] Oh come on Peter.
- To be fair I did.
Let's regard it as a bit of a nonsense,
part of the house-warming.
It got out of hand, I plead guilty.
Now the room is clear
we can set it up for
computer storage and get on.
Now I've working on the new schedules.
- Beg your pardon sir.
- What is it?
- Where's it to go sir?
- Crawshaw.
The old bastard did it,
he's putting him in here.
- Ready for my data Stewart.
- Yeah just clearing the decks.
- What after the other night?
- Yeah.
- Get rid of it.
Things are now, get rid of it fast.
- Stew if she simply fell--
- What have you got there?
- The words that came through.
Why these words?
Pray, soul, pray again, prayer, save.
They're nothing to do
with falling off steps.
- Oh forget it.
- Save.
From what.
- Jill forget it.
- The others.
I'm going to show him this.
- Oh not Peter.
- Of course.
- No love not today.
- What?
- Crawshaw the great invasion.
- Oh yes.
(talking over each other)
- Well at least he's not getting this.
- He'll be fine in the other wing.
- It's filthy dump.
Jill have seen this location
of the store core units.
- Peter I've got something
I want to show you.
The other night.
- Oh no no.
- The words.
- I don't want to see
I don't want to know.
- [Workman] Guv!
(voices echoing)
(rumbling and growling)
- Jill, what's the matter
come on, what is it.
- Get her out of this.
- What's the matter girl?
- You didn't hear it.
Pete it wasn't her this
time it was different,
it was something else.
- You'll have to stay out of this room,
it's the association.
- It wasn't her.
- You keep out of here.
- Peter you've got to listen to me.
- Things went too far
my fault I know it was.
- Peter listen to me.
- You've got to rest, unwind
go home and take it easy.
- Peter--
- We can't have you cracking up.
Now will you do that for me eh?
- He's right Jill.
- Good afternoon.
- When they come they're
not allowed in this room
in any circumstances at
all, do you get that.
- [Paterson] Yes.
- [Peter] Right.
- Mr Brock there you are.
I tracked down that exorcism.
- What?
- I went to the museum.
- Oh not now.
- And there it was.
- Colly cope will you, please cope.
- It wasn't easy to discover.
- It's very kind of you very helpful
but just at the moment I've got business.
- Well Brock.
- This way.
- That really was a little short.
- You said an exorcism.
- Yes.
- Well he knows about it.
- Oh?
- We had the documents, 1892.
- No no no.
- It was.
- 1760.
- 1760 the house wasn't built then.
- Indeed not there was just
some sort of ruin here.
Nevertheless there had been complaints
so a service was performed.
Quite useless apparently.
That's if you accept there
had been anything there
in the first place.
- What about tackling mine Jill?
- Give me a chance Eddie.
- Hey what is this?
For God's sake don't let Peter see that
we've got work to do.
- Soon Eddie.
- I give up.
- Well?
- It's the concept of a tape that's wrong.
It's more like a great depth, a core.
- What the stone?
- He erased her but she was
only in the surface layer,
the most recent.
- What 1890 recent.
- There would be much older
impressions underneath.
Much deeper.
- How far are you trying to go back.
- A long way.
- Of course I shall need an office.
- I'll do all I can.
- I've got a great deal
of paperwork to do.
- Costing?
- Peter have you got a moment.
- This is Jill Greeley
who programs our computer.
William Crawshaw.
- Ah I shall have need of you young lady.
- How do you do.
- Your little machine.
- Peter it's very important.
- Listen I got that crack about costing.
Now this machine of mine is viable
and I am going to prove it.
- [Eddie] What do they
think they're doing,
colors like that.
My wife's old machine would
just spit them out naturally.
- [Stewart] Yeah those blokes are curious.
- [Eddie] You're telling me.
- No no no I mean one of them said,
"What was this about a ghost?"
- Careful.
- Oh yeah don't worry I was.
- [Eddie] Jill, Jill.
- Come in.
- Colly.
- They're still working on that room.
- I'm glad to say.
- Nobody thinks there's anything wrong.
- Well not now.
- There must be a decay.
- Of what, what decays Jill?
- Whatever is stored the
stone, the recording.
Otherwise it would be
like perpetual motion
an impossibility.
It would have to corrode
and lose definition.
Over a long enough
period it would have to.
But then if you boosted it.
Colly I think that's what he's done.
- Boosted?
- Some deep level record.
Much older.
So old.
And shapeless.
- Jill there's nothing.
- I know there is.
- Remember I'm on your side.
- You're not any longer.
- Then sit down and talk.
- Am I the only one?
Am I?
- Jill.
- Full facilities he said, and
full facilities I will have.
I'll accept nothing less, and
you can stick that up your--
- Oh go and make some coffee will you.
- Peter I've got to talk to you.
- If it's what I think it is.
- Even if it is.
- You won't give up will you.
You started this whole thing
and you're going to keep it going.
You're determined, you're
getting to enjoy it.
- Enjoy?
- Oh not healthy yum yum enjoy.
Some people like to destroy people Jilly
and you're turning into one.
If you can't take me for my family
it's got to be destruction.
- It's not true.
- That, that creature who
went out here just now,
that baboon with the dyed hands.
He's got his foot on my neck through you.
- Peter you were right
about the recording.
There are more things on it.
- Oh no no.
- I can prove it.
- Sweetie you're in to fantasies.
- You've got to listen to me.
- Unless we're careful you
could get very very sick.
You're going on leave for a month.
No make it two months, starting now.
- I can't.
- Stew can take over
he knows the computer.
And he's level-headed he's up to it.
- Peter!
- Go home and rest now.
- Hello Jill.
What are you doing?
- I think someone else
did know about this.
- Who?
- Louisa.
The others.
(eerie electronic music)
- Goodnight miss!
- This hour?
- I think she's having a breakdown.
- Yes.
I'll send her on leave.
- When?
- Today I told her to go.
- Just like that, just go?
- Well what else.
If you feel strongly about it go with her.
- Take Jill?
- Yes, you've been under a
bit of a strain here lately
all this extra work.
Spot of leave's what you both need,
so why not the pair of you.
Get it all out of your system.
(rumbling and growling)
- Peter!
(buzzing and rumbling)
Help me, help.
(very loud growling and rumbling)
(Jill screaming)
- [Colly] No no.
- Get all that fancy stuff
cleared out of that cocktail
cabinet in the office.
Get some Scotch put in there,
and I want a new fridge in there as well.
What was it?
- [Colly] Accidental death.
- Oh by the way Brock those
environment chaps have been back
looking for you.
- Oh.
- Clapping a preservation
order on that room are they.
- Pleased with the verdict?
Why did you have to say
all that, about her?
- Her mental state, they had to know.
- Did they?
- Look it wasn't just the fall
that did it they knew that.
- They said shock.
- Total inhibition.
It's when your whole system packs up.
She brought it on herself.
- I'll go and get my lab coat Stewart.
- You were lucky.
- What's he doing in there?
- Just what I was told sir, ask Mr Brock.
- [Peter] We had to get rid of it.
- That's what she'd just been working on.
- [Peter] It had to go.
I'm not suppressing
anything it's not evidence,
it's all computer language.
- It's all her work.
- Leave it to me hmm.
- Mad stuff Colly.
- It's gone now.
- You saw it, well you
wouldn't understand it.
7000 years it said.
I mean insane stuff.
- Look here sir.
You alright sir, are you.
Shocking behavior, shocking.
Mr Collinson too.
Want I should do anything about him sir?
Made off as he sir, disgraceful.
Sure you're alright now sir.
Before I forget sir, them
conservation inspectors
was here again.
- Yes.
- In there a long time they was.
They said there would be a summons,
and before they went one of them said,
"Did you know about the room?"
- What?
- Just that sir.
- What did they mean?
- That's all sir, just "Did
you know about the room?"
Feel okay now sir?
- Yes thanks you can go.
- Thank you sir goodnight.
- [Jill] Help me.
(screaming) Help me!
- Jill?
(various screaming)
(Peter screaming)
(eerie electronic music)