The Story of Temple Drake (1933) Movie Script

Before you retire to the jury room
to deliberate upon your verdict.
I must add one thing.
I don't want you all to hold against
your fellow townsman, Mr. Benbow here
Because he is acting as council for this defendant.
It wasn't that he wanted to take this case.
He had too as he was appointed by the court.
Objection your honor.
I take exception to your honor's charge.
It is clearly prejudicial to the interest of my client.
Furthermore, your honor's last statement is not the fact.
I had no objection to take this case. On the contrary...
Delete Mr. Benbow's last remarks from the record.
Well, you fix it. We haven't got a chance now.
We never had a chance after that charge.
You may withdraw to the jury room gentlemen.
Come in.
Well, Stephen.
Afternoon, Judge Drake. You wanted to see me.
- Yes.
What is the report on the "Bollow Case"
I've decided against you.
- So?
Yeah. Your brief was bad law...
...and it was bad morals.
The statute of the state have got to be inforced... matter what we may think of them.
But it is an obsolete statute, sir.
Totally out of key without time.
Now, Steven. You're always budding your head against the stone wall
And when will you stop giving your valuable to every lame duck in town?
Every penniless criminal
Aren't you exaggerating sir.
- Well, you're.
You haven't been around to see Temple lately.
Oh. I've been pretty busy and so is she.
I hope my granddaughter will never be too busy for you.
Thank you, sir.
...why don't you marry her?
Another stonewall.
She said no.
Uh, I'm too serious, unromantic.
Oh, nonsense!
Now you ask her again.
You know Stephen, I fell better about Temple.
If I knew that she had someone steady and reliable like you to take care of her.
She's a good girl, Stephen.
Do I...
Just me?
Men are so funny.
I said no.
Of course I like you.
But I'm not a wrestler.
Hey! You're too rough.
Good night.
- Why, granddaddy.
What hour at night is this to come in?
But is it late showin' up? You know, I didn't know.
But it's nearly daylight.
- Ohh...
How? Where have you been?
Whom who've you been with?
Won't you unhook me?
Who did you say you've been out with?
A boy called Gowan. Toddy Gowan?
Gowan? Oh. I don't remember meeting him.
He's the nicest boy, granddad, on his years. He's in m'own college.
So... Oh well, that's alright then.
- Goodnight, my dear.
Men, that drinkin'.
College men, ain't?
Yes sir. State university.
Hey, have a slug?
What's a glam about it?
I still far because a girl made a sucker of him.
Stop it.
Don't touch me.
You don't know what you're doing.
Just when I was going good.
Who cares if her grandfather is a judge.
You ain't the only one.
Are you referring to Temple Drake?
- Nobody else, but.
Well, you can't talk about her. Not around me.
Oh no?
- Oh, sit down.
My damns puddy.
They needs me in there.
Ms. Temple is sure hard on her things.
And ain't no wonder.
With nobody step in old grandfather, KC pass his own specks.
If he'd done a laundry, he'd know more about that child.
I don't know.
I've seen three generations of 'em in my time.
They're stiffneck like most of 'em.
Proud and all that.
There's a wild streak in 'em.
Every now and then when often comes along like Temple.
with somethin' bad in 'em.
somethin' wrong
Maybe Temple will get over it, but...
It's not one of them that's had it that didn't end in the gutter.
If I was the old judge I'd marry her off quick.
My ball of yarn, please.
Oh sorry, Aunt Jenie
You didn't hear a word I said.
That's possible Auntie.
I was talking about Temple Drake.
Yes, I know.
That's why I didn't listen.
That's enough.
Let's go in.
Not 'till you promise.
You're drunk.
- Sure, I am.
But it isn't the gin.
- Oh come on honey, be nice now.
That's what you always say.
It ain't fair.
Fire a man all up and poof! Put him out.
Do I do that?
Come on. Let's get out of here. Go somewhere.
Oh, I'm so sorry we are late. Toddy has a blow-out.
Hey, you funny. You did come. Oh, I'm glad.
You almost make me believe it.
There you go. You know I'm thrilled?
You bored darling?
No, there are rumors of a poker game.
Did you promise me a dance? Or was it only a dream?
A dream, but come on.
Will you check that sleeve?
- Sure.
Well, goodluck Judge.
Oh only know you wanted me.
You can't be arrested for dreaming.
I thought you'd folded up for the night.
I don't fold.
Don't talk when you sleep, honey.
Empty. Oiled, drained, and greasy. 'En runnin' in high.
I need gas. What do you say sugar?
Ah ah. You got yo' rich mixture now.
Why'd you do that? You know you don't like to dance with me.
Oh, I do.
But let's not.
Aren't you gonna kiss me?
Why not? Don't you like me anymore?
Well, I... Do you Steve? Best of everybody?
- Cut it, Temple.
Honey will you be honest with me? Just once?
Of course.
- Really? Man to man?
Yes, dear.
- Marry me.
- Why not?
Why do you have to ask that?
- I want to know.
Perhaps I like you too much.
And love me too little?
It isn't you Steve. It's me.
What do you mean?
I'm no good.
Don't be silly.
- Oh. I'm not. Let's not talk about it anymore.
But Temple...
- I can't explain this. It's just me. Just inside me.
I've wanted to marry you since I was little...
...but I won't
I can't
Hadn't you bet to tell me about it?
- No.
But I do love you.
And part of me does...
It's like there are two mes.
One of 'em says: Yes. Yes. Quick. Don't let me get away.
And the other?
I won't tell ya.
Of what it wants...
...or does...
...or what'll happen to it. I don't know myself.
All I know is I hate it.
Oh, I'm sorry Steve.
How's everybody, chicken?
- Oh! Toddy.
Take me somewhere.
- Huh?
Or anywhere.
I wanna get away from here.
- Hey.
What you need is a drink.
Yes, a drink. Lots of drinks.
Yey! Drake.
Yeah. I know a great spot. Big Goodwin's place.
Come on sugar.
Who wrote this?
- I don't know sir.
Toddy, where are you? Are you all right?
I'm alright.
Oh. Toddy.
Say. What's this stick up?
Where do you think you're going in such a hurry?
We're goin' to Lee Goodwin's for a drink.
I'm Temple Drake. My grandfather is Judge Drake.
Jack. Hey, Jack.
Take him up to the house.
I don't want to go up there. Please, can we stay here until he gets a car?
Ask her to lay off of me, Jack.
Go on with him.
Do you hear? Callin' me Jack.
He call's everybody Jack.
My name's Tommy.
Be ain't better than circus.
Come on.
Tell him, we won't go. We'll stay here.
I'd rather take care of the good Ms. Lady.
That's what Trigger says.
Oh sure. Anyway... I want a drink.
My grandfather is a Judge. I don't have to do what that man said.
He can't threaten me.
He ain't no little friend.
Trigger, he just cares.
Come on.
Remember when that old dog come out alon' the house.
Just like any dog.
Burn if you didn't whip out that little automatic.
Got that hound dog dead as a dog name.
Just an ol' dog.
Wouldn't hurt a flea.
I know.
'Cause he was my dog.
Keep your hands off me.
Who's in there?
Just a boy.
Come on.
I don't wanna go in there.
Oh. There nothin' to be afraid of.
I wanna go home.
Well, I wanna drink if you don't
Toddy, please. We can't stay here.
There ain't no need to fret.
Lee will get you back to town, I reckon.
Did it spill?
You don't know what happened.
... and line too.
Why the shootin'?
I don't know.
What's the matter now?
I thought that was you shootin'.
It's your own fault Lee for lettin' scum like him come here.
Whyn't you leave him in a city where he belongs?
Alright... alright...
Get back in there and make these drunks some coffee.
I'm with Mr. Gowan.
What did you come for?
I didn't want to.
Then why don't you get out.
It's raining and our car got smashed.
Couldn't your husband take us?
Who do you think he is? A chauffeur?
Anyhow, they gotta load the truck.
They'll haulin' the city tonight.
What'll I do.
Use those.
How 'bout that coffee?
She come with that drunk.
No. No. Leave me alone.
Let me go.
- You leave her be.
Keep your hands off of me you drunk.
A baby.
Why do you keep it in the wood box?
So the rats won't get it.
Leave it be.
I won't hurt it.
Temple won't hurt you, will she?
If anybody tries to help you, you tell Temple.
Her grandpa will tell the governor's soldiers.
What are you afraid of?
I'm takin' the light.
Of course, if you wanna stay there in the dark.
Sit here kid.
Ride my lap.
Leave her alone.
quit it.
Who's gonna make me?
Who's big enough?
I am.
Not bad.
He don't want nothing to do with her.
You all better get started if you wanna get that stuff to town and back before light.
You can take her and that drunk with you.
- Yeah.
I guess that's best.
You get him out to the truck.
You come with me.
- Nah.
You're takin' the drunk.
Not her.
Well, that's the way it is.
Fix her up a place to sleep.
Are you goin' on the truck?
Come on.
- No! I don't wanna stay here.
I wanna go.
Well, you comin'?
Take off 'em wet thing.
You can use that.
Give me that coat, I need it.
Darn, you fellows.
Whyn't you all quit pesterin'.
Always snoopin' around, ain't you, Tommy.
Ain't no need to fret.
I'll be watchin'.
You padded-faced little fool.
Now you're satisfied.
You got 'em all heightened of 'ya.
You nice women.
I know your kind.
You gotta kick out a plane with kids.
Burnin' their gas. Eatin' their food. Spendin' their money.
And what do you give 'em.
Always got away with it before, ain't 'ya.
And now you're scared.
Because these ain't kids. They're men.
If one of 'em laid a finger on you, you'd faint.
Well ain't let 'em Lee ran after 'ya.
He was mine before you ever come along.
I had him in Leavenworth once.
Shootin' a soldier. One of 'em foreign one.
I got him now.
And how do you think I pick.
Sure, you wouldn't do it would you.
Well, you leave him alone and get out of here in the morning first thing.
You doin'? Fearin' me?
I was just thinkin'.
One of few fellows were pestering.
Get out.
I could tell it was Trigger by the smell of that stuff on his hair.
You can come along with me down at the barn.
They won't bother you in there.
Come on.
Are they back yet?
Lee's back and going to sleep.
Likely, he'll take you to town when he wakes up.
Ah. I'll be out here watchin'
I just seen Trigger and that...
- You seen nothin'.
Where are you goin'?
Up the road.
To telephone the sheriff.
- Sheriff?
Tommy's shot.
Nice mornin'.
- Ten.
Want some coffee?
Take it.
Drink it.
A dollar ninety.
And a nickel for the coffee.
- Thank you.
Hey! Here's a change.
Fix yourself.
Miss Reba?
It's Mr. Trigger and he's got a girl with him.
A girl. Well, open the door.
I'm comin'
Come right in.
Come on.
Come on...
Got a room?
Oh sure, honey. Sure.
Course, he'd been fixed up yet.
But I'll send for Minnie. And she'll tidy things.
How long are you staying, dearie?
- We'll let you know.
No, I don't want to.
No, I don't want to stay.
I'm not keepin' ya.
If you wanna go back to that town, your grandfather...
...go ahead.
No, leave me alone.
I ain't hurt you none.
Spotted at the minute I seen you.
Your horror and your faint...
- No.
You're crazy about me.
You gonna stay.
You'll like it here.
Where is... Where is she?
Who... who is you?
How do I get here?
You ask me white man?
Blood, ain't it?
Where is this? What town am I in?
Dixon boss.
- Dixon.
That's it. Passed out.
How cold!
- Huh?
When is the next train out of here?
About 40 minutes boss.
Say... I gotta get out of here.
Judge Drake informs ye that his grand daughter...
...the popular Miss Temple Drake...
...has left unexpectedly to visit relatives in Philadelphia.
Don't believe a word of it.
If you ask me, there's somethin' smelly about it.
That boy you puttin' all 'em onions on it?
No. I mean, Temple Drake.
But tell me she hadn't been seen since the night of the dance.
Probably ran off and marry that you fella from upstate.
He just like it.
Not to marry him, it wouldn't.
And what do you think the Judge says?
"Oh sorry! Mrs. Lenam," he says.
"But I'm afraid she took that dress with her to Philadelphia."
"Ohh...", says I, without battin' an eyelash.
But sayin' to myself all the time...
"You old hypocrite!"
'course, she took it with her.
She didn't have nothin' else on when she ran away.
The defendant will rise.
Rise, please.
Lee Goodwin, how do you plead to this indictment?
Guilty or not...
- Not guilty.
Who's your attorney?
- Don't want now.
But you have to have a lawyer.
- Ain't got no use for him?
Nobody's got nothin' on me.
It's up to them to prove it, ain't it?
Besides, I ain't got no money.
Then the court is required to appoint council for you.
Notify Mr. Stephen Benbow that I've appointed him in this case.
How am I gonna defend you if you sit there with your mouth shut tight?
If you want me to save your life, you had to tell me what happened.
I didn't do it.
I wouldn't hurt Tommy.
Not a few.
The jury won't know that.
But you've got to face 'em.
Unless you talk to me, I can't save you.
Never talk to ya, nothin' can save me.
That's nonsense.
It is.
See that?
and that.
That was yesterday.
I was standin' at the window tryin' to get some air.
I come from the hotel across the street.
Zing, right passed my ears...
...flatten in the wall.
and when it went passed I got the message.
"Shut up, you."
That's what it said.
I ain't takin' no chances.
and you'll probably hang.
You better tell him.
That's right. Make him tell.
- Nobody can make me tell nothin'.
What you gotta do? Keep you face shut and swing?
I never cared nothin' for nobody except you. I ain't gonna let you swing.
I ain't gonna Trigger or no Trigger. I'm gonna tell.
- Get me shot?
Who's Trigger?
I don't know.
- He's lyin' to you Mr. Benbow.
Trigger was there that night with the gal.
Trigger and the gal.
They know who done it. You ask them.
- Shut up you...
Where can I find this Trigger?
You try Miss Reba's place down Emmanuel street.
In the city?
- Yes.
Emmanuel street.
Is uhh.. Trigger here?
Trigger? Who wants him?
It's alright. He's expectin' me.
Which way did you say?
Uhhmm... The second door to your left.
Thank you.
Who is it?
Temple... Temple Drake.
What do you doin' here?
Are you...
Did he...
They tell me you're a very tough guy.
Well, stand up.
First I'm gonna beat you to a pulp.
And I'm gonna take this girl home to her people.
- Wait a minute!
What right have you got to interfere Stephen?
This is none of your business.
- Get out of my way, Temple.
When I'm through with him I'm gonna take you home?
- What's got he got to do with it?
Wait. Listen to me.
He brought you here and I'm gonna kill him for you.
- He didn't bring me here.
I came because I wanted to come.
And I stayed because I wanted to be here.
You couldn't I don't believe you.
Well, it's true.
Oh Stephen. Go away and leave us alone.
You? Temple Drake? In this place?
With this...
- Yes.
This what?
Let him finish.
- No.
He shan't interfere.
He had just angry because I prefer him to you.
Well, that's how it is.
And you needn't say I didn't warn ya.
Don't pay any attention to him Trigger.
He's not really a busybody.
He used to be kind of crazy about me.
And he's just a little bit jealous.
Okay, kid.
You heard her mister.
Anything else we can do for ya?
I'm Lee Goodwin's lawyer.
Know anything about that case?
I don't read the papers.
I have weak eyes.
You and some woman ride his place the night Tommy Basset was shot.
Who said I was?
I know you were.
Someone's been givin' you a phony.
We was right here that night.
Right here in this place.
Wasn't we, kid?
So what?
This is a subpoena of the court.
I gave you both a chance to say that again...
...under oath.
Don't worry about this baby.
Nothin' to it.
Absolutely nothin'
I said they had nothin' on us.
I heard you.
You heard right.
Poor lad.
Bustin' in the air with that Frank Mary Wool stuff.
He don't know yet, and he came.
I don't let him have a shoe of you hadn't step in when you did.
He's stuck on you any.
I could tell that.
You came true for me.
Stood up for me against one of your own kind.
Honest, I never thought you'd do it.
Sometimes I thought you kinda look down on me...
...and hated me too.
when we wasn't together.
Honest, babe. That's how I had you figured.
I had you wrong.
When you kissed me... front of him...
...and him stuck on you...
that subpoena don't mean a thing.
We'll go to the big town until this case cools off.
Lights... Music...
Plenty of rocks on your pretty hands.
Hey. What are you puttin' on your head on for?
I'm leavin'.
You're what?
I don't get ya.
You mean, you're leavin' me?
Hey. It was a rib, huh?
You're puttin' the night for me so I wouldn't croak the boyfriend. Is that it?
Answer me.
Kissing me and double-crossin' me, and I fell for ya.
I got gabby and spill my brains and you have given me the laugh all the time.
No, I wasn't.
And now you're gonna put a finger on me.
Tell all you know to the hay shakers back home.
I'm not going back.
I'm never going back.
Nobody will ever see me again.
I'll just disappear.
You'll just disappear.
You ain't goin' nowhere.
Sit down.
You can't stop me. I am going.
Sit down.
I ain't through with you yet.
If you are a dirty little double-crosser, I still got to choose for you, see.
You can't stop me! You can't stop me!
Oh, yes I can baby.
I got your number and you know it.
No! No! Keep away from me!
I told you not to.
I told you not to!
Isn't it down here?
- I didn't hear anything.
I swear it was down here.
I think I heard Mr. Trigger go out a little while ago with that man that came.
I heard the front door slam.
Oh. Come on Miss Reba you are hearin' things.
Oh, I could have sworn I heard shootin'
Just as sure as anything in the world. I heard it.
Minnie! Minnie! Where are you?
I'm commin' Miss Reba.
- Well, come on.
Where to, miss?
How far is it to Dixon?
Ohh... About a 110 miles.
Can you take me there?
Sure, miss.
Now... and doctor...
Is this the bullet that you took out of the body of Tommy Basset?
It is.
The bullet that caused his death.
- And what caliber is it?
I now show you Colt 38.
Marked Exhibit F.
Which was taken from the pocket of the defendant.
I ask you...
If that bullet could have come from that gun?
It certainly could. It's a 38.
Thank you, Doctor.
Your witness.
- No questions.
The people rest, your honor.
Proceed Mr. Benbow.
May I please the court.
I moved that this indictment be dismissed in the case withdrawn...
...from the jury on the ground of insufficient evidence.
I submit to the court..
...that the people have made out more than the sufficient case.
We have proved that, not only the defendant had the motive...
...but also the means and the opportunity to commit this crime.
Motion to quash the indictment is denied.
You will proceed with your defense Mr. Benbow.
Exception, sir.
Better change your mind, Goodwin.
I can't save him if he won't help himself.
If you gonna influence him...
- Oh. and he sat there right now movin'
...but don't you realized.
Will the court grant me a short recess in which to prepare?
The defense has had several week in which to prepare.
The court will recess for 15 minutes.
What do you mean by this, sir?
Have you lost your senses?
Subpoening by grand daughter... the case involving bootleggers, murderers?
How dare you sir!
You know as well as I do. She's never laid eyes on one of them in all her life.
Is that what she told you?
Do you dare to imply sir that...
- I'm not implying anything Judge.
I'm only asking if you've spoken with your grand daughter on this subject.
There's no need for me to speak to her.
And I resent your impudence.
- Why don't you asked her sir.
Grand daddy, let me talk him.
Stephen misunderstands. That's all.
If you just let me talk to him alone.
- Oh. There is nothing to discuss.
It's unheard of. Dragging Temple into a...
- Please!
Won't you please just leave him alone with him for just a few minutes?
Perhaps you better had, Sir.
Very well.
I will leave you.
You remember this Stephen...
I'm an old man.
I am not too old to do what I'm abound to do.
If you persist in dragging my grand daughter's name into this case.
You understand me?
- Understand sir.
Stephen, you can't call me as a witness.
I must.
- If you put me on the stand, I'll lie.
I'll swear I was never there.
I'll swear I've never seen those people in all my life.
And they'll believe me too, you know they will.
Just the same, I have to call you.
- Why do you have to?
It's my sworn duty.
- That isn't true.
You don't really care about your bootlegged client.
You're calling me because you're angry with me.
You wanna hurt me.
I don't wanna hurt you Temple.
- Then leave me out of this.
Don't you see.
Nobody knows what I've done.
Nobody but you.
Oh, Steve.
Give me a chance to live it down.
Don't you say you've put me in the witness stand.
It'll all come out now, I'll be disgraced.
Won't you ask me to marry you?
Stephen, please!
If you ever loved me.
You won't.
You can't do this to me.
I'm sorry Temple.
Is it of you? Of me? How we feel?
Or even Goodwin. It's bigger than that.
It's our duty before God that we've... we musn't let Him.
No matter how much it hurts us.
Execute a man for something he didn't do.
Oh, you lawyer painting about your God, your duty to your client.
You don't know what you're asking me to do.
You don't realize.
I'm asking all that's good and fine in you to stand up and take your medicine.
Remember what you told me once about the evil streak in you?
Well, here's your chance to destroy it forever.
No, I can't. I tell you, I can't
- You can. You will.
I can't go on that stand.
Cause the man, Trigger, is dead.
And I killed him.
Killed him?
After you've gone, he tried to keep me there.
And I shot him. I had too.
But they'll question me on the stand, that'll come out too.
Now you know everything.
If you still think it's your duty.
Then call me.
They're waiting for you Mr. Benbow.
Oh. Alright.
Beter put the wipe on.
She's our only hope.
I doubt they'll believe in her.
You will proceed Mr. Benbow.
With submission to your owner.
Gentlemen of the jury.
I will not attempt to outline the defense.
But after you have heard it
I know that you will find the defendant, Lee Goodwin, not guilty.
Will Miss Temple Drake take the stand?
This is an outrage.
Miss Drake, your right hand on the bible please.
Do you solemnly swear... tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth...
So help you God?
So help me God.
Your name?
Temple Drake.
Where do you live?
Right here in town.
Your family... the Drakes.
have lived her for generations.
How long?
Since before the war.
The civil war?
Your father is dead?
He died serving his country in the World War?
You're proud of your family, aren't you Temple?
I object your honor.
I don't see the point of all this.
I ask the court to be patient with me.
This witness is a vital importance to the defense.
Won't, your honor, question her in my own way?
But it isn't necessary to establish the character of the witness.
It hasn't been questioned.
And I assume it won't be.
Do you understand the reason?
Don't you, Miss Drake?
Yes, I guess so.
You are proud of your family, aren't you?
Proud of that courage?
Their willingness to make sacrifices?
Their... Their love of the truth?
Won't you answer please?
Yes, I guess so.
I object.
Let's get down to this case.
- I'm about too.
Temple, once a Drake...
...had taken his oath to God...
..had... had sworn on the Bible to tell the truth.
He'd tell it no matter what happen.
Wouldn't he?
Yes, I guess so.
Even if in doing so...
...he destroy himself?
You're a woman.
But... You're still a Drake.
You want to act like one, don't you?
Will you tell us?
Where you were...
The morning...
May it please the court.
I withdraw the witness.
This is most irregular, Mr. Benbow.
I must say I find your conduct of this case to be frivilous.
Not to say, unwise.
You may step down, Miss Drake.
The court apologizes to you.
As I trust Mr. Benbow will.
For this unwarranted intrusion on your time.
You may step down.
Call the next witness.
I wanna answer.
I wanna tell everything.
I was there.
A boy took me.
Toddy Gowan.
Our car got smashed.
And it was raining.
Then he went away and left me.
Nobody had take me home.
I got frightened.
And that woman took me out to the barn.
She said I'd be safe there.
I couldn't sleep.
It was getting late when a man came in.
Trigger, they called him.
He came at me.
Tommy heard us. Looked in.
Trigger shot him.
I didn't see Tommy anymore.
And then...?
And then....
...and then...
He attacked me.
Trigger did.
If you saw the murder committed, why didn't you say so before?
If your honor, please.
Let her answer.
I didn't go home.
I went to the city with Trigger.
And stayed there...
Until this week...
You stayed there?
A prisoner, you mean?
Where is he now?
This man, Trigger.
Where can we find him?
You can't.
You'll never find him.
I killed him.
Be proud of her, Judge.
I am.