The Storyteller (2018) Movie Script

Abby, oh, come.
It's alright.
Well, where have you been?
Oh, you hungry?
It's just gonna go to waste.
They told me you were dead.
I knew you weren't.
How long has it been?
I'm not sure.
Well, we were just girls.
It seems like yesterday.
I guess I was a little hungry.
Thank you.
Do you remember that
beautiful, yellow sundress?
ABBY: I don't know.
It was so lovely on you.
I wanna show you something.
This is my favorite thing.
All children grow up.
(LAUGHING) Except one.
NURSE: Who is this?
Oh, you mean you
can see her this time.
This, this is Abby.
NURSE: We usually ask
that visitors sign in
at the front desk.
She doesn't have to sign in.
She's family.
I only have Margaret and Jen
on your visitor list, Rose.
Oh, for heaven's sakes,
she is my big sister Abby.
Can't you see the
family resemblance?
NURSE: What's your name?
Like she said, I'm Abby.
Excuse me.
Hello, Maggie.
She's from social services.
MAGGIE: Yes, I know
who she is, Grandma.
Do you know this child?
NURSE: I knew it.
Oh, don't be absurd, Maggie.
This is your Great Aunt Abby.
I see.
She says she's a
member of your family.
ROSE: Oh, of course she is.
Tell them, Abby.
That's all we needed to hear.
Thank you.
Come on, young lady.
It's time to go.
ROSE: She's tired.
She needs clean clothes
and a place to sleep.
You have a guest bedroom.
We need to figure
out where she came from
and if anyone is
looking for her.
No one is looking for me.
ROSE: Maggie.
You don't even know who she is.
Some things simply
cannot be explained
all in a rush.
Now please.
When we last spoke,
and granted it was a while ago,
Michael had mentioned
that you might have room
for an additional child.
Did he?
CAROL: It's late.
The office is closed.
What if you take her
home just for the night?
I don't know, Carol.
She can't stay here.
Just for one night.
ROSE: Abby.
It's my birthday soon.
Happy birthday.
ROSE: Will you come?
I'd like that.
Thank you for being so kind.
It's so good to see you again.
I love you so much.
I'll come back as soon as I can.
Sometimes life grabs us
and pulls us to places unknown.
All we can do is hope
that where we end up
is better than what
we leave behind.
There you are.
Here, let me take that.
ABBY: Is that your husband?
Yeah, let's get you a hot shower
and some dry clothes, yeah?
ABBY: Is he famous?
In certain literary circles.
Is he here?
JEN: He's dead.
MAGGIE: Jen, this is Abby.
Are you homeless or something?
Show Abby to the
guest room, okay?
Come on.
It's okay.
It's just upstairs.
Get settled in,
and I'll check on
you in a second.
Was that your cat?
Nothing here is mine.
Hey, she's just staying tonight.
She had nowhere else to go.
Hey, it's a school night.
A bathroom is down the hall,
just use whatever
you need in there.
Just make yourself at home.
I'll be downstairs
if you need anything.
I like your lantern.
Looks like Gizmo does too.
Peter Pan?
Oh, I love that book.
Looks like it's a
really old copy.
Yeah, it's the oldest.
MAGGIE: You getting
settled in okay?
Do you want to
talk at all about...
About what?
MAGGIE: Who you are,
how you ended up in
my grandmother's room
at the nursing home?
How long ago did
your husband die?
A year ago,
almost exactly.
ABBY: I'm sorry.
Thank you.
ABBY: You still wear it.
Everything happens for a reason,
don't you think?
Gizmo never lets
anyone touch her.
What's your name?
What's your real name?
My grandmother, she gets
things confused sometimes and...
She wasn't confused.
I'm Abby.
ABBY: You mustn't tell them.
Tell them what?
About me.
Honey, what are
you talking about?
Get some rest, okay?
And we will talk
more in the morning?
Good night, Maggie.
Good night, Abby.
JEN: Hey, it's Jen.
I'm not around.
Jen, it's 2:00 in the morning.
Where are you?
Don't do this to me.
It scares me to death.
I'll be back after my morning
classes to check on you.
I'll be fine.
I like libraries.
ABBY: Sometimes I
feel like I'm sitting
beside a rushing river.
I try to dip my feet in,
but the tide is so strong,
I'm afraid I'll be carried away.
Class doesn't
start for 40 minutes.
ABBY: I'm not in your class.
Where'd you come from?
I'm Abby.
What's your name?
Mr. Griffin.
Will you keep playing, please?
JOHN: Is there
someone looking for you?
I'm waiting for Maggie.
She's in class.
How do you know Maggie?
ABBY: She's looking
after me today.
Well, is there somewhere
you're supposed to be?
ABBY: The library.
A rebel.
That's beautiful.
JOHN: It's not finished.
I've had a few lessons,
but that was a
really long time ago.
Alright, show me
what you got, kid.
Not bad, I think I
can work with that.
Pages to read, things
to write, things to do.
Oh, there's the
bell, saved by it.
Have a great day (MURMURING).
You just have to
stretch your fingers
all the way right there.
I told you to
stay in the library.
I'm sorry.
Let's go.
Thank you for keeping
an eye on her for me.
Not for you,
she wandered in here.
Maybe she got tired of waiting.
JOHN: I gotta
get ready for class.
Abby, come on.
See you around, kid.
Did you know that Mr. Griffin
teaches private lessons?
Yes, I did know that.
Where are we going?
To talk with a social worker.
So you're trading me in.
Hi, Sam, I'm running
a few minutes late.
You can wait in my office.
Maggie, we can step in here.
So here's the situation.
There's no record of
her in the system.
I have nowhere to place her
until I find a more
permanent solution.
I know that you brought her here
because you were planning
to bring her back,
but I'm gonna ask you
to keep her just a few
more days until I find
a more permanent home.
I know it's more
than you asked for.
I think it's what's
best for her,
just a few more days.
Would you like to stay
with us for a while?
Yeah, I mean, only
for a little while
until Carol gets things sorted.
ABBY: Yes, I would.
Okay, good.
We'll just have to,
we'll schedule a
follow up appointment
with one of their doctors.
But why?
MAGGIE: Oh, standard
procedure, I think.
I don't need to go.
I'm fine.
Well, it isn't up to me, so,
it's nothing to be
worried about, I'm sure.
Stay here for a minute, okay?
Are you serious?
You would prefer I
just leave her here
to be put back into the system
like you were for
all those years?
It's not even like that.
It's like you don't even ask me.
You don't even tell me
what you're going to do.
You just do it.
Okay, I don't have to
run things past you, Jen.
Michael adopted me.
I'm a Stevens too.
Does that mean anything to you?
We adopted you.
Okay, if that's what
you need to tell yourself.
And what is that
supposed to mean?
Forget it.
JEN: We don't need
to add another member
to this screwed up family, okay?
What do you want from me, Jen?
Honestly, I wish Michael
were here instead of you.
You hungry?
I didn't mean to
cause problems for you.
Oh, no.
No, you didn't.
No, she and I had problems
long before you showed up.
We'll figure it out though.
So now that you are
officially staying with us,
I thought it might be fun
to set up some guitar
lessons with Mr. Griffin.
Yeah, it looked like you
were having fun with it.
Okay, and Jen, I'm gonna
sign you up for lessons too.
JEN: No thanks.
It's not optional.
I don't wanna learn the guitar.
Oh no, not guitar
lessons, voice lessons.
Well, you like
to sing don't you?
That doesn't mean that
I want to be a singer.
It's this or summer school,
your choice.
You sure this is where you
wanna spend the morning?
I can't promise a good time.
I'm sure.
Is she doing any better today?
Not that I can tell.
Are you sure this
is a good idea?
MAGGIE: Hi, Grandma.
Ah, hello.
MAGGIE: How are you feeling?
Oh, I can't complain.
You remember Abby.
Now that is a silly question.
I have something
I wanna show you.
Are you staying, Margaret?
Oh, no, I've gotta
run into school
and grade the kids' finals,
and so I'll be a few hours.
Oh, that's fine.
Are you sure it's
okay to leave her here?
I'm not crazy, Margaret.
No, I didn't mean...
We have a lot of
catching up to do.
I'm sorry.
It's just been an insane
few weeks with the finals
and Jen just challenging
everything I do and...
Well, that's okay.
We've got help now.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Okay, well, I'll be back soon.
Okay, well, I have to run, so.
I love you.
I love you too.
Is that you?
During the war, a lot
of us gals had to pitch in
when the men left to fight.
We built those bombers.
You look happy.
Oh, I was.
We were doing our part
to save the world.
Now that,
that was Greg.
I wish you'd known him.
He died in 1945.
He was shot down in Germany.
He was very handsome,
and this, this was Harry,
and this was little Benjamin.
You raised them on your own?
Well, they relied on me.
All I could do was
rely on myself.
Look, now that's
Maggie's mother.
That's Helen.
What happened to her?
Well, Helen got pregnant
when she was 17,
and she died in a car crash
when Maggie was three.
So you raised Maggie
as well, all alone?
Well, anyone would
have done the same.
That hasn't been my experience.
Well, anyway,
that's not what I
was gonna show you.
Of course.
This picture was taken a
week before you disappeared.
Mother didn't come out
of her room for weeks.
I'm sorry.
Why did you wait
so long to come back?
I couldn't remember,
so I just kept moving.
I'm happy I found you.
Can I keep this?
I thought you might want to.
I'm staying with Maggie.
They placed me there for now.
She doesn't know about me yet.
I don't think I'll be able
to keep it a secret for long.
Oh, she's a good girl.
I like her,
but most people
aren't like you, Rose.
They don't understand.
Abby, I need you
to make me a promise.
I need you to take care of her
and sweet Jen too.
Can you do that for me?
She can look after herself,
just like you did.
Well, perhaps.
And I might have to leave again.
Well, do your best
as long as you can.
You can see her, can't you?
My fairy.
I knew it.
Oh, I just knew it.
Oh, Abby, Abby, show me.
Show me.
Help me see.
John, can I talk
to you for a minute?
How are you?
Come on, Maggie.
I'm doing the best I can.
What do you want?
I want to sign up the
girls to take lessons
with you this summer.
JOHN: Why?
Well, Abby was
really taken with you,
and Jen needs something
to keep her distracted.
And I trust you with them.
I gotta go.
I will pay you for your time.
Just tell me what you charge.
40 an hour.
When would be good for you?
Whenever's good for you, Maggie.
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00,
and we'll just do
them back to back.
So, who wants to go first?
She can.
Okay, Jen if you wanna
wait out on the porch.
You have something to
entertain yourself?
I think I can
figure something out.
She's cheerful.
So, the guitar.
Can you play that song you
were playing the other day?
JOHN: What song?
You know, the one at school.
JOHN: Ah, yeah, that,
that's just something
I've been playing with.
It's not finished
I don't care.
Okay, but this is
your lesson, not mine,
so once I play it,
we work on chords and
finger placements.
ABBY: Sounds good.
So how's it going
over at Maggie's?
I guess you're staying.
For now.
JOHN: That's good.
Why are you so mad at her?
I'm not mad at anybody.
ABBY: Grownups always say that.
JOHN: And let's do one higher.
Okay, look, I don't wanna
sing like opera or anything.
Fair enough.
How much longer?
The warmup's really important,
just a few more exercises.
But it's good to start thinking
about what kind of music
you'd be interested
in working on.
I don't know,
like good stuff.
Good stuff, specific.
Okay, like the stuff
you used to sing.
Which stuff?
JEN: In your band.
Didn't realize
you knew about that.
I know a lot of things.
Okay, so,
we'll focus on some rock,
maybe some bluegrass.
I am a poor wayfaring stranger
Traveling through
This world alone
There's no sickness
No toil or danger
In that bright
land to which I go
I'm going there
To meet my mother
I'm going there
No more to roam
I'm only going
Over Jordan
I'm only going over home
I know the dark clouds
Will gather round me
I know my way is
a rough and steep
But beautiful fields
lie just before me
They lie just before me
And souls redeemed
their vigils keep
I'm going home
To see my mother
She said she'd meet me
When I come
I'm only going
I'm only going
Over Jordan
Over Jordan
I'm only going
Over home
I'm only going
I'm only going
Over home
That sounded great.
Right on time.
See you guys next week.
Good work.
You should get going.
They're waiting for you.
Okay, so you keep
working on that.
You're doing such a
great job, both of you.
You should come in and listen.
It's amazing how people can
make themselves feel invisible
right in front of your eyes.
They don't realize
how lonely it is
to not be seen.
MAGGIE: What's up?
I couldn't sleep.
Are you nervous about
going to the doctor tomorrow?
Could I sit in here
with you and read?
Sure, sure, climb on up.
Do you wanna read out loud?
"Mrs. Darling first
heard of Peter"
"when she was tidying up
her children's minds."
Oh, no, no, no, no, no,
now let's hear a proper
British accent, child.
This, this is Peter Pan.
"It is the nightly
custom of every good mother
"after children are asleep
to rummage in their minds
"and put things straight
for the next morning,"
"repacking into
their proper places"
"many articles that have
wandered during the day."
Your turn, Mum.
Oh, I mean Maggie.
"If you could keep awake,
"but of course you can't,
"you would see your
own mother doing this,"
"and you would find it very
interesting to watch her."
"You would see her on
her knees, I expect,
"lingering humorously over
some of your contents,
"pressing this to her cheek,"
"as if it were as
nice as a kitten,"
"and hurriedly stowing
that out of sight."
Okay, your turn.
"When you wake in the morning,
"the naughtiness with
which you went to bed
"has been folded up and placed
at the bottom of your mind,
"and on the top,
beautifully aired,"
"are spread out your
prettier thoughts,"
"ready for you to put on."
What's this?
I've seen this before.
One night, I heard my
parents talking about
what I was to be when I grew up.
I didn't wanna grow up,
so I ran away to live
with the fairies.
I thought that
time would pick up
where it left off,
but it hasn't.
It just keeps whirling
by without me.
Your secret is safe with me.
Thank you.
You think you can
get some sleep now?
Goodnight, sleep tight.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
See you in the morning light.
Where we'll do our
best with all our might.
Never say goodbye
because saying goodbye
means going away,
and going away means forgetting.
This won't take long.
Are you okay?
Hey, sweetheart,
tell me your name.
DR. GORDON: And your last name?
Just Abby.
Okay, Abby, I want you to know
that you are absolutely safe
to reveal anything
within these walls.
What if I don't pass?
Will you send me back?
Back where?
There's nothing to pass or fail.
I just wanna talk
with you a little bit.
They all say that.
you tell me your story?
DR. GORDON: It must
be quite a lonely life
moving around all the time,
not being able to share the
truth about who you are,
and for so many years.
Yes, it is.
It can be.
You look worried.
ABBY: I'm not ready to leave.
What if you didn't
have to leave at all?
But that's impossible.
Do you ever wish
you could grow up
like everyone else?
I wish always to be a girl
and to have fun.
There are wonderful
things you can only do
when you're grown up.
What about the terrible things?
I should be able to fly.
I just never got the knack.
Sometimes I have to run instead,
as fast as I can,
so fast it almost
feels like flying.
Did that hurt?
I'm going to need to take
you over for some X-rays, okay?
It's nothing.
It's not nothing.
You shouldn't be in here.
What happened to her?
The doctor will come out
and explain everything,
but you need to wait out here.
Yeah, okay.
Somebody should have
been watching her.
Okay, why don't you take the car
and head towards home,
and I'll walk around for a bit
and see if I can find her?
Hey, woah, man, you walk fast.
Slow down, Speed Racer.
Okay, home's that way.
Let's get some ice cream.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
it's hot as hell out here.
Come on.
I'll text Mom, okay?
ABBY: Okay.
Let's get some for Rosemary too.
I think she likes chocolate.
Rocky Road.
She likes Rocky Road.
Can we get a pint please?
Who did that to you?
Was it Michael?
No, that would be
foster dad number two,
and then yours truly,
the cuts, I mean.
Michael was the
first decent person.
How did you end up
with Maggie and Michael?
Turns out my
deadbeat birth parents
are second cousins to
Michael or something.
He found out after the fact
that they'd abandoned me.
He tracked me down.
He even became a foster parent
just so he could bring me home.
He adopted me.
So like I said, decent guy.
Shoo, fly, don't bother me
Shoo, fly, don't bother me
Shoo, fly, don't bother me
'Cause I belong to somebody
How are the music lessons going?
You should hear Jen sing.
She's wonderful.
Well, I'd like that very much.
Well, look at you.
Come here.
Now that's my Maggie.
The girls brought me ice cream.
And we have been
discussing my birthday.
I want to have a party.
I haven't had a party in years.
Sure, sure, I'll
speak with the staff.
No, no, not here.
Somewhere far away from
this stuffy old place.
We thought we could
have it in the backyard.
Yeah, with music and dancing.
We could decorate
with lights and candles,
reaching all the way
down to the woods.
And right into
fairy land. (LAUGHING)
Well, if the girls
will help me plan it.
We'll take care of everything.
Except for paying for it.
Oh, right.
Grandma, are you okay?
Maggie, I wanna come home.
MAGGIE: We talked about this.
I can't offer you
the proper care,
and then what if your
heart gives out again?
It's okay.
I'm ready.
I wanna be with my family
when my time comes.
Please don't talk like that.
ROSE: Tell her, Abby.
Thank you for taking
care of Abby today.
I really appreciate all you did.
Someone messed
her up pretty badly.
Are you okay?
What is it?
I miss Michael.
I could talk to him, I guess,
the way Abby can talk to you.
I'm sorry.
I miss him too.
JEN: It's kind
of hard to believe.
Jen, what?
I know about the
affair with Mr. Griffin.
You read my journal.
I had just started
feeling like I had a family.
Did you even love Michael,
or was it always a money thing?
MAGGIE: Oh, that's not fair.
He was like 20 years
older than you.
What was I supposed to think?
MAGGIE: It's complicated, Jen.
You think I'm not smart
enough to understand?
MAGGIE: I loved him,
but I was too young,
and I was just starting
my writing career.
What writing career?
I'm trying to
explain that to you.
You know, we never
had much in common,
and we grew apart
over the years.
I was invisible,
and he never took me seriously,
and I lost track of myself,
and then I met John,
and he saw me.
I messed up.
I messed up.
Michael was good to me.
He adored you.
You know, when Michael was
first trying to track you down,
he didn't tell me,
and then he came home with you,
and he said you
were staying with us
and that he wanted to adopt you,
and it was just like he
dropped a bomb on me.
Kind of like when
you brought Abby home.
I guess so, yeah, yeah.
I didn't know all of that.
MAGGIE: No, of course not.
How could you?
I didn't mean to ruin
your life or anything.
I didn't have a dad either,
and I know what that's like,
and I should have known
how much you wanted that.
It's not your fault, any of it.
I'm so sorry.
I like Abby.
I'm glad you brought her home.
MAGGIE: Me too.
Mr. Griffin still loves you.
It's obvious.
I don't know about that.
But you love him, right?
You haven't moved on?
Well, if he loves you,
and you love him,
it just seems pretty stupid
to not be together.
Shoo, fly, don't bother me
Shoo, fly, don't bother me
Shoo, fly, don't bother me
Cause I belong to somebody
Two, three, four.
Okay, sorry, we'll slow
it down a little bit.
You play the exact same strumming
pattern that I showed you,
and then I'll figure
something out.
Two, three, four.
Good, really nice.
What's this?
Did you write this?
It wasn't me.
Feels like a million
miles between us
A wall we can't break through
I want to say I'm sorry
Find a way to
make it up to you
I should have
had an open heart
Moved out of my own way
For too long we've been apart
Let's find our love today
Hearts broken, hopes shaken
You needed love
to help you heal
I was only thinking of myself
Wrapped in emptiness and fear
My heart is here
for the taking
Together we will be okay
I will always be here for you
I will always be here
I am here to stay
I want you to know
You're not alone
You can always count on me
I'm reaching out
With open arms
How can I help you to see
Trust doesn't come easily
But we'll have
to take a chance
I'll be here when you're ready
For us to begin again
Hearts broken, hopes shaken
You needed love
to help you heal
I was only thinking of myself
Wrapped in emptiness and fear
My heart is here
for the taking
Together we will be okay
I will always be here for you
I will always be here
I am here to stay
My heart is here
for the taking
Together we will be okay
I will always be here for you
I will always be here
I am here to stay
I am here to stay
I am home to stay
You kept it.
Mr. Griffin.
John, I have a favor to ask.
My great grandmother is
turning 90 next week,
and we're throwing her a party,
and I'm in charge of the music,
but I thought I
might surprise her
by being the music.
You wanna sing at the party?
If you'll sing with me.
I'd be honored.
See you soon, John.
It's a good day, Jen.
Yeah, I bet.
So, I got you pepperoni.
Oh, hi.
Hey, do you guys,
do you want pizza?
MAN: Yeah.
Here, just help yourselves.
Thank you.
ABBY: All children
grow up except one.
They all know that
they will grow up,
and the way that
Wendy knew was this.
One day when Wendy
was two years old,
she was playing in a garden,
and she plucked a flower
and ran with it to her mother.
I suppose she must have
looked rather delightful,
for Mrs. Darling cried,
"Oh, why can't you remain"
"like this forever?"
Are you okay, Grandma?
I'm fine,
just a little tired.
ABBY: This was all that passed
between them on the subject,
but henceforth, Wendy knew
that she too would grow up.
Of all the money
That e'ere I had
I have spent it in
Good company
And all the harm
That e'ere I've done
Alas it was
To none but me
And all I've done
For want of wit
To memory now
I can't recall
So fill to me
The parting glass
Goodnight and joy
Be with you all
Of all the comrades
That e'ere I had
They are sorry for
My going away
And all the sweethearts
That e'ere I had
They would wish me one
More day to stay
But since it falls
Unto my lot
That I should rise
And you should not
I'll gently rise
And I'll softly call
Goodnight and joy
Be with you all
A man may drink
And not be drunk
A man may fight
And not be slain
A man may court a pretty girl
And perhaps be
welcomed back again
But since it has
So ought to be
A time to rise
And a time to fall
Come fill to me
The parting glass
Goodnight and joy
Be with you all
Goodnight and joy
Be with you all
ABBY: I wonder
sometimes that eternity
can feel so short.
Before things really start,
they are already over.
Hi, Grandma.
MAGGIE: Happy Birthday.
ROSE: Thank you.
MAGGIE: Welcome home.
Happy birthday.
You must be John.
Well, it's nice to
finally meet you.
(MURMURING) Excuse me.
Happy birthday, Grandma.
This one's for you.
I felt alone and in the way
You said everything
will be okay
You took that step
and shared your heart
We finally had
a place to start
I was here waiting for you
Look Abby...
They're everywhere.
You were there waiting for me
No more waiting
Our lives away
Joyful hearts come out to play
It's time to be fearless
We don't need to run away
Let's live in the moment
Happy birthday, Rose.
I love you.
Lead the way
We've gone through the fire
And it's made our love strong
We can bend, but
won't be broken
Run away, dearest.
Fly away.
This is our time
And our story to tell
We're still holding on
No longer on the
outside looking in
This is where I'm meant to be
Meant to be
Because you love me as I am
You are my family
We were looking for
a way to be strong
But the strength was within us
All along
You found a way
to make a change
And showed me I
could do the same
We've gone through the fire
And it made our love strong
We can bend, but
won't be broken
Which way do I go?
This is our time
and our story to tell
We're still holding on
That bolt of lightning
we were waiting for
Turned out to be a
whisper in the dark
From someone
Reaching out in love
Compassion in their heart
This is our time
And our story to tell
We're still holding on
COP: Sophie.
You found her Ranger.
It's okay.
We're not gonna
send you back there.
You don't have to run.
Jen and I talked,
and we'd like to adopt you.
We were gonna tell
you after the party.
ABBY: Life isn't solid
when you get up close.
Everything blurs together.
Things you thought were
real become insubstantial,
and when you aren't made
of the stuff of this world,
it's easier to leave it.
You just flicker out.
To live would be an
awfully big adventure.
Oh, Abby,
Abby, you're back.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Rosemary
Happy birthday to you
Death is nothing at all.
It does not count.
I've only slipped away
into the next room.
Everything remains as it was.
The old life that we
lived so fondly together
is untouched, unchanged.
Call me by the
old familiar name.
Speak of me in the easy
way that you always used.
Put no sorrow in your tone.
Laugh as we always laughed
at the little jokes
that we enjoyed together.
Play, smile,
think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever
the household word
that it always was.
All children grow
up, except one.
Feels like a million
miles between us
A wall we can't break through
I want to say I'm sorry
Find a way to
make it up to you
I should have
had an open heart
Moved out of my own way
For too long we've been apart
Let's find our love today
Hearts broken, hopes shaken
You needed love
to help you heal
I was only thinking of myself
Wrapped in emptiness and fear
My heart is here
for the taking
Together we will be okay
I will always be here for you
I will always be here
I am here to stay
I want you to know
You're not alone
You can always count on me
I'm reaching out
With open arms
How can I help you to see
Trust doesn't come easily
But we'll have
to take a chance
I'll be here when you're ready
For us to begin again
Hearts broken, hopes shaken
You needed love
to help you heal
I was only thinking of myself
Wrapped in emptiness and fear
My heart is here
for the taking
Together we will be okay
I will always be here for you
I will always be here
I am here to stay
My heart is here
for the taking
Together we will be okay
I will always be here for you
I will always be here
I am here to stay
I am here
To stay
I am home
To stay